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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that an emergency call from cl r this house behind me, theseehin mayor's house, came in right around noontime and then personnel raced on the sceneece but they were unable to reviveov the mayor. th at this point, it's just being called a death investigation.tii they need to learn more about it. it detectives were here earlierar today and then the body underodu police escort was taken too baltimore for an autopsy. autopy let's get you the video righte r now. tony, you mentioned some of the mayor 's history. mayor walls started his careersi early at the age of 29 where w he served first as a councilncil mayor then as vice mayor andmayo then as mayor. as. we're told the council today t along with the vice mayor mete a near city hall. h they gathered to grieve and also to make plans to honor h mayor walls. take a >> mayor walls was elected ele when he was 29 years old one o of the youngest mayors in therse entire country and he just had a a birthday saturday.rt sat he just tur
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you know, he was well liked,ik well received, city liked him.ih he's a two term mayor. may he just got elected in may too his second term, so he will be well -- sorely missed and hesedn was smart.a he knew government he knew howeh to run the business of government.go >> reporter: so, not much iss known about the death itself.ts we were told by the policeic chief today that detectivesetecs were taken inside the home. they did collect some things, ti collect some evidence but theytt he said that that was justt standard operating procedure. pe whenever you have a death, haveh especially someone as young asss the mayor, that it needs to be investigated.ig once again, his body was taken t under police escort to baltimore for an autopsy.n aopsy those results should be knownldk in the near future.ut live in district heights, matt t ackland, fox5 local news. n >> also new developments nowlop in a deadly shooting blockslo away from an elementary schoolyh in southeast d.c. sou the incident happened around aro 3:00 p.m. just as those students were dealing missed.
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live on the scene tonight withit the latest. marina. >> reporter: sean, this seem s remains extremely active,emelyiv chief lanier just leaving thevie scene.scen we're fairly behind from where r this all allns it happened on the sidewalk here off of eli road when itwhei approaches minnesota andta a southeast. like you said we're only a block away here from kimballromb elementary school, the national youth baseball academy several other placesra where children come for afterfo school a there are a lot of people outlo on the scene including the victim's family. do not want to speak on camera m and at this point we don't don't know exactly what happened but the commander for 60 saying there were several mpd officers in the area when they n heard the gun shots. shots they arrived immediately andialy as soon as they did they foundhy the victim who had been shot s multiple times, was dead.ead. now, at this point still under investigation, still very muchn, an s active cream scene.. former d.c. mayor vincent gray g now on the scene as well. he says that here in his ward, r ward seven, last year at theeaae same time there had been six
6:03 pm in number at the same timeathe s this year has now tri tripled to 18 only here in ward seven ind e the it.the i >> a new czar on the job at metro. patrick lavin says exfix metroim because he played a central role in fixing new york city's subway after 9/11. 9 with a shut down threatened byh the u.s. transportationrtation secretary metro is trying to retool its massive rebuildingebn program which will cause major service interruptions forptns f riders for up to a year. fox5's tom fitzgerald isd i live at metro headquartersdquarr with more. tom. >> reporter: hey, tone, intoon o it's been an eventful week. wee remember, on tuesday theueay secretary of transportationnspon said he considers shuttinghuttin metro down an option if metro mt does not go along with the fta recommendations. on wednesday fta sent a letterta to metro saying that they cannot proceed on their safe track rebuilding program untilgr they address three criticalritil areas. ar to
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what there might mean and thatah work might start a whole lot sooner than we thought. where it stands right now iss ro that metro had planned to workok on a section of the blue, b silver and orange line fromine eastern market to benning roadnd and minnesota avenue. that wasn't supposed to happenpp until august. that would be a 16-day shutdown.utdo turns out fta wants that work done immediately.domm so, it could start, thatha 16-day shutdown, as early asarly june and that's only a coupley u of weeks away.way. so, what happened inside ofns this wmata board hearing heari today? well, the general manager, paul wiedefeld, he made it plain that he needs to s be a better job communicatingomu with the federal transportation administration after that letter came out he said that before he startsrts this massive smart track rebuilding program he now needs to fix these three areas which are along the red, blue, orange and
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fta only got wiedefeld'sfeld program when the public didlic last f stepping into all of thisf t today was metro's new safety chief. he is patrick lavin whorick l started on monday but held his first news briefing today.oday lavin said in his briefingri that the metro system is notms as bad as what he found as new york city transit system whenyse he start there had in the mid 1980's.19 he says metro has good people po in place to do this work but it simply has never given them t the time on the track to stopp running passenger trains and get in there and do all off this work. wk. the bottom line, we asked and ad passengers want to know cannow you fix this? both wiedefeld and lavin say they can.he c >> i think it's really goinging to start to change dramatically. his style is fantastic bute is more importantly hisis experience and both in termsner of, you know, the function heun
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career of 30 years, you know, ko he's seen a lot and it doesn't n give you any value to place -- to have a blame game and whate w you need to do is identify the resources you need, commit toom getting those resources, implement effective programs and that's how you turn the the tide. tide. >> reporter: he is blunderr: and he is from brooklyn and his -- he is blunt and he is ans from brooklyn and his job iss big.big. revenue down 6 percent on metro. ridership is down 5 percent dn e and of the 445 critical actionon plans that were placed on metro last year, we're told only eight so far have been completed. we'll get the final word onor o that shutdown on monday. m that's when the smart trackhen program is expected to beted toe finalized. for now live at metro at meo headquarters, tom fitzgerald fit fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> samaritan gunned downar outside the montgomery malle last friday was laid to rest last night family and friends
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gathered at a visitation in gaithersburg to remember malemba come winnfel.. police say eulal tordil shot and killed winnfel as he was w trying to help a woman thatp a t tordil was trying to tordil is accused of killingil two other people in a two day shooting rampage a go fund me me page has been set up to help winnfel's he lives lined a wife and two children. >> outside the courthouse a a handful of protestors marchedar to demand justice. j officer edward nero is chargedsd with multiple misdemeanor mis charges. a judge is hearing the caserings instead of a jury.e prosecutors said officer neroffn failed to follow protocol by unlawfully arresting gray and failing to buckle gray's seat g belt inside that van. the defense claims officeric nero didn't have much to do with gray's arrest oror transport. his trial is expected to lastxps five days.ays. >> the republican party tried to repair its
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relationship. what happened today duringne that closed door meeting between house speaker pauler pau ryan and donald trump. trump >> and it can be a pain tryingnn to find parking in the district. well, now you can add one more thing to that headache.t hea higher parking meter rates. rat sue. >> tony, shawn, the streak may be over and we're talking tki about the streak of rainy days d in a row where we've been ableea to measure at least .100 at reagan national. nio so far today clouds, a fews, showers off to the west butbu we're thinking this streak is i going to be be our rainy days may not be, though. i'll letter you know when toyo expect a bit more rain in theor forecast and some sunshine andnd warmer temperatures as well.pete we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> ♪
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>> hi everybody.eve pope francis says the vaticanis is willing to c sreate ae commission to study whetherth women could serve as deacons dea in the catholic church. churc the pope made the announcementnu during a meeting with a large group of nuns from around
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world. deacons can primary and holdca outside jobs butn they servey important roles during catholic mass some of which oic are currently off limits to lit women. >> it was an attempt to unitept a divided party but it's still not clear whether or not the closed door meeting betweenoor e house speaker paul ryan andaul donald trump achieved that. fox5's political reporter rep ronica cleary joins us nowca c with more. with m all eyes were on this meethis mt dag. >> they really/f were. a lot will to come out of itut f and i think progress wasess definitely made for ther republicans this anticipated meeting mee happened earlier today in today washington, d.c. you can see behind us we'vebendu got footage of some of thosese protestors that gatheredd outside that of closed door meeting between donald trump and speaker paul ryan. r so, why did they have this havet meeting? you might recall mig speaker ryan said last week he e was just not ready to support sp donald trump as the gop the presidential nominee.enti nom now, donald trump he soonmp h s responded saying that heded saya wasn't ready to supportpo speaker ryan's agenda.n's agenda so, the two met today in an effort to unify the party behind the
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who is now donald trump.ald tmp now, after that meeting ended e i attended press briefingssin hosted by the speaker. spe he told us a little bit more.itr >> it's no secret that donald trump and i have had our differences. we talked about thoseabout ose differences today. that's common knowledge. the question is what is that we need to do to unify theo uniy republican party and all party d strains of conservative wingse in the party. we had a very good and encouraging productive productie conversation on just thousandtio dhow to dothat. >> the speak called itpeak encouraging.en he said the prococess to unify the party can not be done in a 45 minute meeting and he also would not answer whether ort not he would endorse donaldou trump. saying it'sld encouraging looking like they're taking ay't step in the right direction d for the party but still not -- n >> some people are hoping it would go farther. f it's a process. a pcess they have been far apart.
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>> he said you can't do itan do overnight with what the party te has been through. very sincere from the speaker. >> we'll see what happens in see the weeks ahead. >> yes, we will. thanks, tony. >> we want to take you back to t breaking news at joint base joib andrews. there are reports right nowe that the mairen gate of jointato base andrews is currently on lockdown because of some sort s of security incident.ecc we are told all personnel and a residents should avoid thatvo t area until further notice. the information we're gettingn i came in just around -- after 5 o'clock. there was some sort of a sort a security incident reported at re the visitor control centervi which is by thsie front gate.rog anyone who goes into joint j base andrews or any sort ofy sor military base they have to go through the visitor controlor cl center. if you don't have a badge, if i you're not -- have credentials t to be on that base you have to e go through this emergency responders we'reers told right now are currentlyur on the scene. on the s againing we don't know whatt knw this particular security incident was.indent again, this is all happenings ap right now at joint base andrews which you guys know is in maryland. we are working to get moreo get detail
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for you. as soon as it becomes available we will share it with you. ♪
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>> new evidence that emotionalde eating -- nope, put it back --n starts in childhood.ts in chil >> yeah, i mean, usually it'sali more like ice cream and potatoot chips but psychologists atologit aston university foundn children who were given treatsrt as rewards are more likely to self indulge as they grow up gru because they seafood as a tool t to deal with emotions liketions boredom or even sad negligence researchers also suggestederalso that instead of force feeding children parents should teach them to eat ownological they'rto eat only when they arey full. >> i could see how that happens.happen >> give them a peach. >> what are you more scared ofu zika virus or genetically genetc engineered bugs.enneered bugs. have you been thinking about bee there. >> i have not. it's a first for me. >> many at the u.s. food and. fd drug administration aren are debating.bating. officials have until
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listen to this, to decideo whether or not to approve a new effort to kill the disease d carrying mosquitos by by releasing geneticallyly engineered bugs in florida. bs n >> what. >> created by the biotech firm oxa tech the nonbiting male mosquitos do not survive aftervr mating. this should sharply reduce theut mosquito population. it will also make a great science fiction movie in 10 mov0 years, possible destruction of the planet. >> so creatingth geneticallyen engineered mosquitos. mquit >> will help get rid of the -- - >> 3they'll mate with the zikait virus mosquitos and eventually they'll all die off. all die of. that's what they're lookingt th at. us uou don't need to tell that parking around d.c. could be a headache. heada you guys know that, right.ysnow this new story well it mightl im make you have more of a headache. >> next month it will cost more to park at all parkingar meters in the district. the d.c. department oftmof transportation will increase wis
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$2.30 an hour.n h wow. wo >> ready or not the plan isr no rolling out june 1st.t premium demand zones whichdend z normally cost two dollars ano do hour will also go up to the $2.30 an hour so not much. m d dot will be reprogrammingeprog the meters over the nextters orh several weeks. this is big news. n d dot says even at $2.30 an hour their meters are going tong be less than a lot of meters met in other big cities, new york, chicago, baltimore.
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reagan national, dulles 67 andnd we'll be into the 70'se 70' tomorrow with a bit more m sunshine coming your way.r way so, wanted to show you that youa temperatures are beginning to t respond to the thinning out of the clouds and into the mid 60's.'s frederick where you had aick little bit more sunshine still 72 degrees.72 des hagerstown 71. 71. winchester 68.ster and the rain that we have been watching out to the west is really fizzling out as it fizzl comes in our direction but it's still really moist outmois there, still a lot of clouds.f . raleigh at 79, pittsburgh atrgh 75. we're surrounded by all off these warm temperatures butratub that wind direction keeping usnu a little bit locked in justd ins for a few more hours because b we do think a warm front is going to be on the move later tonight. tomorrow we'll be back in thell warm stuff and also a little a l bit humid. tonight those sprinkles you ainy talking about they reallyea transform from thunder to just j some weakening showers s especially coming out ofouof winchester and also down to dowo the south those storms antos appear to be weakening buteake we'll have some clouds.haveclou there could be sprinkles or abe little bit of drizzle later l tonight but that does not
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count for measurable rain. forecast doesn't change too much tonight in that we still wl have clouds aroundly we'll probably have some fog fog developing if you're up early this morning you know whatorni we're talking about and maybeg a ablittle bit of drizzle. dri but overnight a warm front ist going to come through town and there is going to bring a bng chance for some showers and and storms first half of friday.fri second half of friday looks like it's going to magicallyic clear up and really be pretty nice.nice at 8:00 in the morning weng start out dry, we'll have someom fog and sometimes fog promotes drizzle. temperature of 63 degrees.e by the time we get tofo noon,o n showers beginning to rollbeginnl through, maybe a rumble of thunder, 69 degrees.9 de we're still warm by 5 o'clock 5o but we're drying out.dryingut. the sun is back. 76 degrees.76 d ought to be a really niceto b friday evening if you'rening heading downtown you'lldowntooul probably be able to park thek t umbrella and not worry aboutbo it but do take extra money forra the parking meters i guess. gue as the warm front goes throughhu we'll be in the ratherhe unstable air so that's why we tw have a chance for ahanc thunderstorm tomorrow.unto any of those could drop some coo heavpy rain. r the front swings on through.s on we'll have some late day
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sunshine and we're back intore b the 70's tomorrow. torro so that will feel great.. futurecast will give you thehe timing of the rain and againand at 11 o'clock tonight maybe there are a few showers out to t our west but they don't appear a to be getting into d.c.e gettg n tomorrow morning showersng swe beginning to show up north and h west at 8:00 in the morning, mainly a dry commute for us with the action being righting t around the noon hour or the hours either side of that and a nice clearing out for fridayry evening and for the first partat of saturday.da saturday also starts out with w sunshine and then brieflyri interrupted in the afternoonfter for another front that willhet bring a line of showers andwe storms the saturday front could haveda a little bit more energy withy y it and potentially some stronger thunderstorms. in fact, as that front approaches, we will likely seeee the possibility of some severeee weather popping up but itut i brings in our first fullirstul breezy sunny day on sundayn suna which is looking pretty good. g last thing i want to mention i w and then we'll show you thee' seven-day forecast, saturday afternoon, we're outlook forut r the marginal risk of severee storms.or that could mean gusty win o
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hail with the storms an with th saturday. a couple days with the possibility of storms butof ss b we'll also have sunshine inhi those couple of days.e co sunday starts a nice two-day two stretch of beautiful weathereatr with no rain to chase and then t maybe few showers next week, tuesday, wednesday andne thursday but a nicer warmingar trend heading in our direction.dire that warmth will not be stopped. that's it for your seven-day forecast. now are we going back to b anchors? i believe we are. i all right, tony and shawn backyb to you. >> thank you, sue. s it is prom season and it'spo such a memorable time for high schoolers but not everyone eve gets a chances to go to their t prom especially students with special needs.ed that's not the case though inheu fairfax county.fairfax cou for the 15th straight year y students with special needs attended the so-called day to remember prom in fairfax this morning. >> the purpose of it is tos teach the students how to --ow t what it takes to prepare forparf their prom, the regular promegup and it's hoped that they will attend the regular proms which are coming up along the way.. and we have all different diffee grade levels.evel we started out with four wh fo
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schools and even we had to h t split that even into two into separate days on the day prom.a but the kids love it. i >> every school that schoo that participates helps out with hel decorations and other specialpe prom moments. students at some schools help sh put together the corsages thatat the young ladies wear and the ae boutonniere that the young men g sport. very nice. [laughter] >> i think there was my nephewhe cooper right there.eright so, it's very cool.soit's they partner with the kidsheid with special needs.cial n >> yes. >> to put this on. what a great program. program all right. >> we'll be right back. t back.
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our coverage continues.rage the breaking news right nowews w joint base andrews.join getting reports now the main m gate of joints base andrews isin on lockdown.tson lockd we're learningow a woman whoan w showed up there claimed toer have a bomb. >> all personnel and residents should avoid the area untilntil further notice.ot this happened just after 5:00 this evening when this security incident was firstwas t reported at the visitors control center. joint base andrews itself isnd tweeting out some information.mi they say that joint baseointas andrews missions have not been impacted nor are flights being redirected. they are also reporting thatti t there's no impact to trafficoff on allentown road or to civilian property or property o businesses around the area, that coming from their twitterir account. >> again we have a crew headedve to the scene joint base andrews is in prince george's gg county in camp springs,ings maryland.maryla of course that is the samethsam base where air force one goes ge in and out of, the president pre goes in and out of but again it's not affecting any flights. again, this is at the visitor's center at the fronte gift joint base andrews.nte an >> marina marraco is headings ha to the scene.
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10:00. you can get updates on our webub site at >> all right. and sue palka here magically. ml >> few seconds left. secon lef >> 77-degree day tomorrow.ay too >> yes. we'll take it.we >> nice and warm. n. >> we'll take that, yes.e , y >> has a little bit of a caveat. might be a few more showers an rumble of thunder.rumb i think the streak is over att 15. >> all right. >> we like that.>> w >> we like it when the streaken ends like that. >> yeah, that's right. >> tmz is next. >> see you at 10:00.
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heyadded more nonstop airline straight-shot flights
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: no need to go to crate & barrel, because kylie jenner is now broke up with tyga. >> they'd already broken up by the met gala. apparently tyga had taken some random model chick out to lunch for mother's day. he's got a type. harvey: picture her with blonde, longish hair with jeans and high heels. >> and she's going into her junior year of high school. [laughter] >> selena gomez and orlando bloom. we obtained video of them leaving light nightclub together. >> selena really captures guys. where as the opposite seems to be katy perry. people break up with katy perry. harvey: you guys all look at a relationship when you meet somebody as it's got to be permanent and marriage, or else it's not right. >> no, i do not! [laughter] i do not. >> michael strahan, his last day


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