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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> straight ahead at 6:00 a direct order to all publicub schools from the commander-in-chief, the president taking on aa controversial issue addressingde the heated debate overeve transgender rights in school bathrooms.thro >> another headache for air travelers. commuter glitch leaves thousands of checked bags with nowhere to go this as t.s.a. officials get a grilling ong capitol hill. >> live look outside before o all that nastiness.tiss guess what? it's friday the 13th. 13 friday may 13th. may3th. weather and traffic on theic oth 5s at 6:05. 6 good morning to you, i'mou, allison seymour.liso >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm welcome to fox5 news morning. mi you had me at friday. not shower about the 13th part. first up at 6:00 this morningis white house taking bold new action in the national nio controversy over transgender trr bathroom use.bath >> the obama administrationma am will tell public schools that st they must let transgenderransged students use the bathroom ofoomo their chosen identity orr they'll face the fox5's melanie alnwick iswick is live from the department of
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mel, good morning.d morni >> reporter: good morningood and officials at the u.s. a the department of education sayeduc this all came about becauseause after north carolina passed pas its controversial bathroomalat access law and then there were w these dueling lawsuits back bac and forth between the white house and the state, so many m public school districts had questions about what they whath should do, how they should handle this situation and sosi now the answer is clear from the u.s. department of education and the departmentth of justice saying that public pb schools must treat transgender students according to their to t gender identity. now, this is not just in bathrooms but also in lockern lc rooms according to this letterrd that will be sent to publicinbes scenhools today. it will be accompanied by a 25-page document of questions and answers about bester practices and ways to make transgender students feeldes fe comfortable in the classroom thc and protect the privacy rightsht of all students in bathroomsooms and locker rooms. roo the controversy has caughtntrova fire since north carolina carin passed its law forcing for students to use the restroom rtr that corresponds with theirir
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many performers and some pform companies have boycotted thett e state in protest and the obama administration calls it a civil rights issue. iss >> this is about the dignity d and the respect that we accord c our fellow citizens and the laws that we as a people andepl as a country have enacted to protect them.hem. indeed to protect all of us.f >> reporter: now, north carolina's governor hasnor ha blasted the federal fer government's involvement as as blatant government overreach.ea. so, essentially what's w happening here is this is notthi passing a new law or new it's simply saying that theth t law that's already in place, inp which is title ix, thatha prevents discrimination basednas on sex in public schools orch any public school activitiesacts that get federal funding anddi the way that the government govn interprets that is that that t extends to transgendernder students as well but a lot of at comments about this on our our facebook page, a lot of peopleeo not happy with this ruling. other people
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is the way that it should beshle and this is a landmark dayproayr teching thday,protecting rightss transgender students. s >> mel, this sounds more like l a directive rather than a so you know there are going toth be challenges, right?s, r >> reporter: that's right. this is not a law and thishi also doesn't have any -- any particular requirements except r saying this is oureqying interpretation of title ixreta that is already on the books and as far as parents go, it also doesn't -- the way weay understand this letter, it's i saying, that you know, itw, doesn't require any sort of medical certification from aicar student's doctor, simplyimpl parents have to notify they school district that theirtricae child has an identity that isthi different from what is already a on record.on recor >> all right. thanks so much, mel.el as you can imagine people pl have passionate reaction toctio this major move by the obamabama administration and you'reraou sounding off on our socialur soc media accounts. on facebook donna writes it's such a fine line in this
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debate. true trans people have been peoa using bathrooms for years.. the problem i see he is withe w the perverts of the world w exploiting it.exoiting it. if this is going to work, the te government should give money to remodel all bathrooms where the stalls go floor to ceiling g along with the doors.g th t that way everyone is sara posted most children wholde are assaulted are done so by ay friend or family member.r. i don't think school bathroomslh are such a worrisome place.. we also have a poll going on on our fox5 d.c. twitter pages. it asks do you agree with the yu obama administration tellingst schools to allow transgenderrand bathroom access? we invite inv you to log on and vote andote please remember parents dopas have to send a letter saying sin that their child identifies with a certain sex. s >> let's get to other news. developing overnight police on g the scene of aht death dth investigation in prince princenp william county.wi here's what we know. k police were called to brazil b circle dale city just beforet b 9 o'clock last night. nig not a lot of new informationnfor this morning about the person who died but as you can seean s
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are still on the >> fairfax county now, police, p are searching for the driver dri responsible for a deadly hitdlt and run in burke. inur just before 9:00 last night a man stumbled into the roadtohe near the information of cappella avenue and ship let spt boulevard. he was struck and killeduc police say by a person drivingri a dark colored >> police also investigating a i slooting that claimed the lifeha of a d.c. man right in frontn fr of three children. cldren. this happened yesterdaystery afternoon as 28-year-oldyear sheldon robinson wasn wa apparently helping thoseping tho youngsters off a bus near n kimball elementary school inchoi southeast d.c. d.c police have not said whether or not the man was targeted. robinson becomes the 42nd2nd homicide victim in the district this year.r. >> ♪ >> the hawaiian shirts areir a gone. maybe that means we'll seethat s some sun today. wso >> we are actually, can you y believe it?bee it? >> yay! >> just in time for happy hour h wherever you may be going thisob evening i think the sun isg ink going o come out.come o >> good. >> make a guest appearance.ppra. won't be all day.ay. >> that's okay. >> but it will be a couplewill hours. hours. >> sometimes if you only seeyoue somebody for a minute you're min like oh, i missed
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end up wandering more. mor >> less is m we've proven that the last las couple weeks. >> that's true. t >> 63, mild, feels humid out there.ere. a little bit of mist and aist little fog across the area. a 63 out in dulles.s. bwi marshall 61.shall 6 believe it or not we'll get w into the 70's we do have rain showers in then forecast for the first half ofhe the day. there's still a few -- they're-e still a few hours to our west. w once they get in here we'llere l have scattered shower, maybe aes thunderstorm midday.rm mid we'll have measurable rain. rai we had no measurable rainmeas yesterday. the streak is broken.bron. >> really. >> that's right.>> >> wow, sure did feel like weik did. >> i know it felt like it felt i because it was cloudy and grayud all day but we never got any moisture. >> but it's over. but io >> it's over. ove >> today is day one of our new streak.reak 74. by this by cle clock the rainle will be over and it should be very pleasant by late this cnd afternoon.rn >> thanks you. >> all right. >> check in with erin como getig a look at the
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morning. hi, erin.ri >> it didn't rain because we had a beach party yesterday.estd we set a good example. example he willier arcing insulator under control. control. fire activity has cleared theit station.y however because of single tracking on the red line cae reline anticipate delays in both directions between friendshiprip heights and van ness.ight aside from that the rest ofthe your metro rail lines are onre o time this morning without any ay friday morning commute right cot now typical slow zone 295 nduthbound jams eastern toou pennsylvania. you'll need plenty of extraxt time there because of volume.olm new york avenue inbound slowsnbu by bladensburg as usual buts ust outside the beltway 50 still in good shape from nap miss. n volume increases but nothingutot causing big slowdowns. delays from monocacy boulevardou up in frederick this morning, mi 270 southbound jams by theut truck scales as usual and yourha virginia commute all yourr majors slowing down, 95 northbound in stafford slowsfors through 610, same story for for dale city
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with sluggish traffic as well.h back to you in the studio. >> problems keep piling up for t.s.a. at airports across thecre country.cotr >> latest miss happen inin phoenix, thousands of checkedans bags stranded due to a computer glitch and while things are slowly getting backga to normal there this morning this could not have can come cac at a worse time as t.s.a. t.s officials get grilled onal capitol hill. >> for more on that let's check in with annis ee yu lie t reagan national airport. air good morning, annie.good mornin. >> reporter: good morning,r: allison and steve.liso yeah, congress is stepping inten and after this intense hearingea yesterday with the house senate committee they're the demanding answers, the focusrstf being longer security lines att area airports across the country and the current practices within t.s.a.ithin t. now, the head of t.s.a. pete t. neffinger was grilled and willrw to answer tough questions fromns members of congresss of cs specifically about longerally ar security lines an report thateph t.s.a. gave one of its employees $90,000 in bonusesnon after overseeing failedeein faid screenings for banned weapons.ea also
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almost 18,000 complaints fromlan frustrated travelers travelers complaining of longer security lines, fewer staff members andbd a good number of those t complaints allege thatege that homeland security personnel sec engaged in misconduct so these o are all the reasons whyns lawmakers are stepping in and demanding answers.nswers >> at this time of yearth traveling public picks up. kids and families and people are traveling sometimes at record levels.ev people get frustrated, they gode to airports, there are long lines, there's frustration butre at the same time we have to'stio find a balance to make sure that those airplanes areirples properly secure because these enemy terrorists and whatnot, wt they only need to get by once o and they deal with millions ofso passengers on a weekly basis. >> reporter: now this isn'tr: going away any time soon.oon. later today secretary
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homeland security jeh johnson will be here at reagan be national along with the head of t.s.a. they're going to talk abouting the busy summer travel season,s, safety and also what they'rehey' to go to make sure passengersrer get on planes quicker andan that's really what passengers ps want to hear. in fact t.s.a. says movinga. smg forward they plan to hire moreir employees and retrain their screeners so they can expeditexe the process.. live at reagan national anniean yu fox5 local new >> an update on george zimmerman's attempt to auction off the gun he used to kill to trayvon martin. >> ozzie and sharon osbourne osn back together again. what's going on? the twooi shared the stage last night.nggi we'll tell you why. >> ♪>> >> first though, if you love l go-go music, it's a if weekend e to go to a go-go.o- today is the first annual d.c.. go-go new music day.ay the chuck brown band along with other go-go artists willill release new music today all in honor of the godfather of the g go-go, the late chuck brown. monday marks the fourth m the fh anniversary of his
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>> ♪
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>> concerns for athletes at this summer's olympics inme despite a canadian doctor's doc' call for the games to beameso be postponed or moved theedhe international olympicational committee says it willmmitte continue to closely monitoruecls the situation but the gameshe g they'll go on.they'll >> donald trump's former butler under investigation by secret service for death for deh threats that he made on aad facebook page againste aga president obama.presid anthony senecal once served as trump's march largo club inrch florida. trump's campaign released ampail statement last night saying s even though senecal has notal hs worked there for years we the completely disavow his statements. >> george zimmerman's attempter to sell the gun that he used to kill trayvon martin notiln going as he planned.. both the online auction sitescto that zimmerman listed the gun on pulled the firearm beforear f the bidding started. s one of those web sites united gun group says it will announce later this morninger tm whether it will continue withint the auction.the >> ozzie osbourne and his wife w sharon soon to be
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depending on what you believe wa appeared together again lastagan time for the first time they announced their split after three decades of marriage. mri sharon attended the event toveno introduce ozzie and the otherth members of black sabbath.abbath. they embraced on stage as youges just saw.t saw. they were still wearing theirg r wedding rings. this after earlier this week rumors surfaced that ozzie was having an affair and sharon and said no more, ozzie, get out: o we shall see.we shall see >> we shall see.>> we shall i love them together but no, she should not be disrespected of course. still ahead details about the postal service'sd lan ton stamp out hunger and how yououtu can help. h >> let's head outside right's h now as we head to break ono this friday morning. f another one of those kind of thk days. it will get nicer later,t cer promise you there but have toere deal with a little rain first. tucker barnes is up next. 6:13.
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>> really wasn't thatlly impressive. [laughter] >> i got to work on something. bus stop forecast, let's get les to it. hey, we got some changes. cng look what's going to beoing to happening after school today. the sun is going to peek out.k should be a very nice latee late afternoon period. pio little drizzle early.arly after school we'll get numbers t in the 70's and again we ain should get some sunshine laterut today. so, something to look forwardin to after weeks and weeks ofee of clouds and rain.n. 63. everybody nice and mild tonicenm start your day. annapolis 62. 63 definitely the winningit number here justel out to the te west manassas dulles frederickck all 63 degrees. we have plenty of cloud cover. v we've got a little drizzle aszze mentioned out there early anderl we have a cold front just out j to our not terribly well organizedrgand but the thinking is it will likely kick up a round of showers and thunderstormsrs a around here kind of middle ofki the day so between maybend 11:00 and 3:00 or 4:00 dependingdi where you're watching fromatchif we'll get some showers andshow
6:17 am
should get far enough east ofst us that we'll start to clear cle out pretty quickly. you can see the backside ofcksid that front is already workingdy its way into west virginia.irni this will get far enough east of us that we'll get a chance aa to dry out later this thi afternoon.rn weekend forecast.eken mild and dry to start tomorrowow morning. mornin very quickly we'll get a cold al front, yet another front movethr in middle of the day.of that will sort of be a repeatep performance of what we expect today. showers and thunderstorms middle of the day tomorrowf th into early afternoon and that too will get easert of us andfsa set us up for what will be at we very pleasant but cool sunday. daytime highs on sunday aboutbot 10 degrees below normal but it i should be dry. quick look at futurecast. futur there's your -- there we are at 1 o'clock again justgain scattered showers maybe ad sh thunderstorm will fire uptorm wl along that front and then we'll get that front east of us. that's 6 o'clock tonight so o'c going out to happy hour, nats park, i think it's teacher tea appreciation night down atia d nats park, expecting a big b crowd, should be ideal downde d there for the game.ere quick look at the rain that at n moves in tomorrow at 2:00. we'll get that out of here andnd then we're back in theack in the sunshine. well, thanks allison.ison.
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>> it was that bad, was it? was all right, are we going to do traffic? where did erin go.erig >> we d getting some newg updates for you.up that was very nice, allison. ais i unfortunately did nottely notice.ti i was preoccupied with metro.iem track problem at friendshiprienp heights. no longer single tracking onhe the resid line between friendship heights and vants ness. earlier arcing insulator butinga there are still delays in bothot directions. bob barnard is at the friendship heights stationip right now. still seeing flashing lightseing lined you bobbism yeah, metrobb transit police getting readyiset to leave erin they gave me themt update.update they put it on social media. med single tracking that had been b going on for about an hour orn o so because of that arcingrc insulator is lifted. metro saying expect somexpectom delays in both directions forecn a little time here. time h this was an issue again last night. there was a track problem lastol night here at friendshipri heights again an arcing arcing insulator this theyto seem to have it repairedp but this is an ongoing issue. i one of the criticallers that t federal authorities say metro m needs to pay attention to and they've had the problem againm this morning that apparentlyaren f
6:19 am
resolved.ed. erin. >> thank you very much, bob. bo. appreciate the update.te the upt right now aside from this metro we're dealing withli w problems on our roads. r let's take a live look outside o and show you what you're upe u against as far as travel timesam are concerned.ned. gw parkway southbound we are dealing with one lane beingla b blocked. left lane blocked on gwd g parkway by turkey run.y run give yourself time.elf t there's a pothole taking outg some lanes. this is the look 95 on theoo northbound side as you make sid your way up through dale city.l. you'll hit that congestion, ast little bit of congestion bytioy prince william parkwy also a crash the inner loop byep new hampshire.w hamphire more traffic in just a few few moments.nt whatting to you, steve ando yo >> thanks so much erin. e fresh not frozen.> fr big changes could be coming to your big macs. details next in today's business beat. >> first though an unusual thoau delay at a game in angels stadium. little kitty cat. >> looks like a fox. fox >> ran out onto the field and then in the stands. see y'all. ut
6:20 am
staff member did eventuallynt scoop up that cat. he was taken to an adoption center. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait.
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. >> 6:22 time for our business beat. xur business in newiness york mcdonald's testing out the fresh approach when it comes to beef patties but bf pab first we shall check thewe s che markets. joining us from the fox business network stug diosworktu lauren simonetti. sonet happy friday.happy fri good morningism friday theis 13th, what do you think that means for the market? m >> i'm not thinking good. >> reporter: well, you're however, historically friday the 13th ain't too bad for stocks. stoc there's actually only ones fridayac the 13th of this yearhs and it's today, so be careful.el only day you have to be extra careful. carefu dow futures down about 80l.ture points. the week little changed.wetl it's been a volatile week. it might end essentially flat.a. retail sales report due out in n about two hours from now.m n
6:23 am
we have heard from nordstrom's macy's and kohl's manynd ks ma retailers saying customers are not shopping at our stores.rtore what are we going to do? so,o, steve where do you shop for clothes? >> usually online i guess.e i g i'm not -- honestly i had this conversation yesterday withon y somebody. i said i have not been in a traditional shopping mall forng over a year now. >> reporter: okay. rep and this is why these companies are not in good shape. >> sorry. you make it sound like it's all my fault fault l i'm a little offended by that. >> reporter: you have a big responsibility, a big burdenigue to carry. car you need to prop up the bottomp line of the major retailers.ler. >> i'll see what i can to. apple shares downple something like 25 percent offg i their highs.ig but now they're trying to spread some of their moneyof thn around as well. w >> reporter: and at a twot year low for apple shares. s they're pouring a billion billi dollars, which is not a lot of f money for apple, they have hundreds of billions ofds o dollars,
6:24 am
money for them to put into another company. com they typically -- i mean theyea can because the beats forbeca $3 billion and that was likeon a the most expensive purchase i could think of for them butk fu they're investing a billionstinl dollars in a company called dd shoe she nfl uber's bigger b competitor in choo inin a.. apple wants greater access toata the chinese market.e chine ma it's tough to do business in china. iphone sales down in china. c ride hailing technology it'saili the the big thing right now.thin is apple going to come oute out with its i car and if so, is dd's expertise or technology or going to help them? >> interesting. we have a cool name dd i like. erat very catchy. v >> reporter: cha ching. rep >> so formal. mcdonald's trying to -- weld's only have a few seconds tryingcn to make a change. wendy's has done this for a ts long time.long t mcdonald's trying to makeld'sin more changes. cha >> reporter: fresh burgers.reshb big changes to the big mac andic that hamburger patti at somee restaurants in dallas is goings to be a freinsh hamburger not a
6:25 am
frozen one.frozen no word on if this is goings nationwide but we've seen wve multiple changes fromnges from mcdonald's in the past yearld or so.'s >> and it's helping them,hem, mcdonald's doing better with the changes. >> reporter: absolutely. the stock at a historic high. >> good to see. hey, look if we have to tryave them, we have to try them. the it's friday. fr see ya'. have a great weekend. >> reporter: i had amcdonald's for breakfast i b think it was tuesday.think it wt it was big deem i went out ofeei my way to get it.o g >> go shopping and help thehe industry and the world.ry a have a great weekend.reatee >> reporter: you too, steve. ste >> would that make the cost go up a little more.up >> it might. mig hardy's tried that and hey'trie tried a extra buck and a half. h top selling item.p s >> your you're kidding.u'reiddi >> people want fresh theseeopl days. >> do they give you a choiceey g on the menu. >> well -- w >> we can't vouch for thise ca one. on this one's okay. i guess it's cheaper than somear of the premium burger jointsurg that we've seen pop up. >> paying an extra buck andra b you know it's going to tastein better you're probably going to do it, right. rig >> you always talk sense into si me. >> we like options.
6:26 am
this show. i prefer frozen, steve.n, ste i know were i'm gettingetting overtime.ov >> exactly. i like same burger i've been eating eat for 30 years. winds out of the south at nine. we got a cold front just off off to our west that is pushing p the air, warmer air in ournur direction here temporarily soray warm and humid to start your sta day. hey, rain showers mid day.wers d rain showers, maybe a, be thunderstorm midday and then mie we'll get it east of us by mid d to late afternoon and i think if i had a drum i would drum wou roll it i think we're going totn get some sunshine later thishi afternoon with pleasant conditions developing. >> (drum roll).>> (drum r >> few showers midday for showe saturday. clear it outer saturdayr it outr afternoon. sunday looks great but a l little cool. >> did we break the streakak thk yesterday. >> yes, we did. streak is >> sadly we start a newrt aew streak. stre >> we do start a new streak.ea >> okay. >> hi, erin.rin. >> where are you.>> where a >> i forgot you
6:27 am
loft. >> missed you guys over ind youo studio a.stud right now 6:26. 6 no longer single tracking at friendship heights. police are getting ready totingy leave that location.av watch for residual delays at friendship heights. as we take a look at our roads gw southbound heads up, leftp, l lane blocked at turkey can runkr park. a large pothole reported therede and it's getting repaired so watch for delays as head towards the key bridge fromthe roslyn this morning. inner loop crash at new a hampshire blocking thehamp shoulder. outer loop still lookinglo pretty good. heavy traffic and driving by any 95 and then as you make yourn a way out on 70 eastbound weound still have a crash by 144.y 1 delays back to monocacy boulevard and 270 picking up u through the truck scales.truc back to you. >> erin thank you very much. you we appreciate it. it. coming up next, what thet, h mayor has to say about increased prices that you'llsed soon pay to park in the ithe district. >> also a live look outside onll this friday morning.thisriday mn got the windshield wipers on wir the to your cam once again.our e hopefully we will not need that for mourn the next few m hours. also
6:28 am
thell nationals are celebratingg max scherzer's big night on the mound this week.
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>> ♪ >> live look at reagan national airport on this friday the 13th. 1 are you superstitious? don'tsu worry about it.wo we only have to do this one t time this year a-friday the 13th welcome back to fox5 news s morning.morn weather and traffic coming upc on the 5s at 6:35.:3 that picture looking a little at gloomy once again.nce again. at 6
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william county police are at a a townhouse for a deathea investigation. here's what we know.'s police were called to brazilra circle dale city just before ber 9:00 last night. night there is not a lot of lot of information right now aboutowbo the person who died. d fairfax county policex co pl meantime searching for the for driver responsible for aesponsir deadly hit and run in burke i just before 9:00 last night. a man stumbled into the road tha near the intersection of cappella avenue and shiplet shil boulevard, struck and killedanie by a dark colored sedan. questions this morningesti surrounding the death of district heights mayor james walls. he was found inside his home.s h right now investigators haven't determined the causeterm of death.ea the vice mayor tells us that ust walls was the youngest persont r in the city's history to serveve as mayor. m soon parking at a meter inte d.c. for one hour will cost wils just as much as purchasing a gallon of regular gas.r g all meters across the cityth will go up $2.30 an
6:32 am
the change comes as metroet plans to shut down portions ofof the blue orange and silver line which means many people p may hit the roads and try to park and the fares are going a up. we asked a dmv resident what they had to had to >> i started recently biking.ik if that's going to start totarto happen we need a heck of a lot more bike stands i'll tell youan that much but in terms odsf terf parking you'll just see it go up and that's just more out of my pocket which means d.c. iswhe not a city that i'm coming to'mc live in its a city that i'm simply coming to exist.xi >> the department of transportation will adjust thett meters over the next couple ofoo weeks. tucker, tell me was said, s they're going up to --going to >> i think that they're going up to $2.30 an hour. h >> so that would be the cape the there, not going up thatp that amount.amnt. thanks tuck. tonight in the district itte is the 28th annual candlelightag vigil to honor the officers offs whose names were added to thewee wall of the national lawnaw enforcement officers memor
6:33 am
the names of 252 officers who have died in the line of duty dy will be formally tedy d indicated.incated. now this is video of last year's candlelight vigil.ig almost that time of yearst t pool season and d.c. council member mary cheh is visiting vig fools make sure they're okay. sr pool season begins memorial day weeken this year outdoor pools will p open two hours meantime more than 10,000100 cities and towns across the acrs country will come together tomorrow to starch ou to stamp n carriers will collect food donations and in the district. r this is happening tomorrow.rrow the drive has so far delivered v more than 1 billion pounds of food in the past 24 years. >> ♪ time for the morning line. tor let's start with the nbaith th
6:34 am
durant who scored 37 points s and that helped push theped push oklahoma city thunder over the top and take down the sanhe antonio spurs in game six. russell westbrook added 28st points and 12 the thunder now advance to the western conference finals for fr the fourth time in six years y with a date against steph curry and golden. ron grankowski will be the first patriot. pat there's a curse that comes along with that people sameeoe e we'll see how he does this season. capitals cleaned out theirls lockers yesterday. c they looked back atck the seasoa that wasn't meant to me.t here's what ovie and oshie had d to say about what started outtad so promising and ended so disapp pointing. pnt >> doesn't matter whether you lose first round, second roundnu your goal is to win the cup.
6:35 am
and of course it's hard to lose those close games. >> disappointing of coursepo it'sin disappointing. >> there's not a guy in there that you wouldn't go out toould dinner with or a guy that you wouldn't -- you'd feel't -yo uncomfortable sitting with at a pregame meal that you mea wouldn't have a conversatione with. we care so much about eachabut h other which makes it i thinkmakt hurt a little bit more thatt re we're not still playing. >> ovie not wasting in you time getting back in action i a with the russian national team t at the world championships. nationals with a four gamewi set this there's a makeup gameakeugame tomorrow, two games tomorrow.mes when the fans show up to natso n park this weekend the official c max scherzer strikeouts arerzers sexy t-shirts will be on sale to commemorate wednesday'smora historic win against the tigers. tucker i think you need one ofke those. there it is, 20k's alienedened deliberate fashion. the cutest story of the sto day no doubt about it. this is daisy.s daisy is a little seven weekn w old puppy. she is the new bat dog or
6:36 am
minor league savannah baseballal team. te the team owner, i love thise ts picture.pi the team's owner found her inouh the parking lot and took herer in. in. she's a little small to handlean the bat but something tells meee she's going to get by on herg to looks alone.s al they said they tone know how kw big she's going to get becauseec slaw a stray but they hope s that they can train her intotr n ing a bat dog. by the way the savannah teamannt one of the best flames ins in baseball. baseba they are the savannallh bananasn that is their officialr off baseball team name. n >> should be their mascot andt a not work at all. all >> the trenton thunder for 10 f years had a bat dog who wouldhou go pick up the bats. theat >> so cute.>> so c >> can i be lon nest?est? >> sure. sur >> it's my secret desire toesiro find a stray puppy.nd a >> a little puppy.>> a l >> that falls into your life. l >> then i have to have it. >> we can make that >> i'm borderline on a little issue here with the >> okay. >> so, if i find a dog it's i different. >> too much of a collector.olect >> right. they have a different nastyrents name for something like >> let's go to the forecast.
6:37 am
nobody wants strikeout t-shirt-s on the >> strikeouts are sexy.utare >> they're sexy. s >> okay. if you say so.if you reagan national 63 degrees.3 der dulles 63. bwi marshall 61. teacher appreciation night down at nats park. special peeks for alll peekfor teachers. >> tonight. >> yeah. >> all right. what do the teachers get. >> i was dow>>n thetere early ti week and working with somehom people about weather day anday they were concerned about a tonight but you said it's i going to be okay. >> we should clear out thiss afternoon. going out for happy hour, h played to late afternoon theftee sun should pop out.n sh it should be in the 70's.d be it's going to feel great byl t b late this afternoon but wewe have midday showers perhapswersr with thunderstorms. thust again take your umbrella here ym if you're going to be outo be middle of the day.mi 75 and again some late dayay sun. i'll have the weekende weend forecast.fore got a lot of college and highh school graduations coming up.ns we got to get these weekendse w forecasts >> yeah, we do. >> got to get some >> keep working on it.rking it. >> thanks, tuck. >> check in with erin como gette a look at your commute thiss morning. >> such a gray and drearh
6:38 am
friday morning. residual delays on the friend line another friendshipri heights. aside from that as we take ahat look at your commute into the district 295 southbound from 50 all the way down past down pt pennsylvania avenue slow traffic. same story 295 on thetory 295 o northbound side from theound bottom of the beltway throughhr laboratory outer loop jams 95 over to georgia in the usual spot and ul we also have a problem s on gw parkway southbound and turkey te run. left lane blocked at turkeyke run park because of reports ofse a large pothole. pothole keep it to the right and watchnh for delays bic pickin picking u. inner loop we have a crash at ca new hampshire blocking the shoulder. so that could slow you down asow well. 95 southbound bw parkway pkw southbound still looking pretty good. just typical volume picking up gw parkway southbound bybound powder mill. more traffic and a look atic and some of those additionalddional delays in a few. allison. allison. >> what's hot on the web thist morninong include wag cause incd a
6:39 am
the international space station. >> kevin will have some reviews coming up next. ♪ stand by me
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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>> ♪ >> we're back now with what isac trend on the web on thisk friday the 13th. first up t, a small crack in on of the windows at the international space station iss sending the internet into orbit. astronaut tim peake tweet addakw photo of the
6:42 am
caused by space looks like the old fashionon edwin dough with the pebble inhb the old fashioned one dough on n your car. before you panic it is worth i w noting at the windows at thewst iss are made of four separateure layers and only the outer mostur layer was the one scratched incd this accident. aid >> not going to passs inspection. >> steve says it's not goings to pass inspection. a lot of people don't knowas what we're talking about with aw the old cars.ld c johns hopkins appointed its first female president in its 127 year her name is dr. radonda miller.mier. she'll start on july 1st. sta she says she hopes her presidency sends a message toeso other women to aspire tospire leadership roles.leadership r it looks like queen bey and jay-z are making thingsin work after weeks of divorceor and infidelity rumors rum following beyoncé's release of lemonade.lemona a source close to the couple c told radar online that thee th t couple really wants to work w out their differences. differ hm.
6:43 am
all just for sales. sal i hope so. back to you.ou >> thanks al.nks already being called thead song of the summer and comingy up fox5's version ofsu jmmustin timberlake's can't stop the can feeling and justin jus timberlake's reaction to ourur little project and gift for g him. kevin joins us live froms france with there. and areand reminder as we go to breako t b share the with us, give us a a call or e-mail us fox5 tips at back in a minute.
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6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> bail see the capitol outsee there with all the >> got a lot of moisture out there, a little drizzle. >> feels that way, too, tuck. i'm driving in i don't know if it was the moisture coming in through the vents but it felt a little stuffy. stu >> yeah, sticky.ti >> humid.>> h got to get this thing cut. >> me too. >> you're going cut your hair. h >> at some point i am, yes. getting long. >> there you go.>> >> don't you want tucker's tke layer to grow long. >> i think it would be awesome. i think you should let it go. >> i'm going get someld hair h styles for you. in the meantime. >> second opinions about myopios hair. i want to go party at the white house.ou >> huge. >> let me do the weather wth forecast. showers, storms and then get this, i want to bring some to bg good news for the end of this t week. sun, sun will arrive by mid toy late afternoon.ftnoon >> today?>> t >> yes, today. >> all right. >> it will turn into a beautiful afternoon but we got to get through a few more few hours with clouds and mid atndid any showers. 63 in washington, leonardtowneon good morning 61 degrees. mor notice northnd
6:47 am
lot of 63's out there. hagerstown, manassas allwn, mass 63 degrees to start youreg nice mild start. sta a lot of cloud cover, fog mist m out there. what else is new? rainis new showers developing just out tost our west. this is a cold front, it's front good news because finallyin after a couple of weeks of not f a lot of movement, we'reent, moving things along in theal atmosphere. >> get it out of here. it >> you want things to kind of o get hung up for too long. the good news is this front f once it gets east of us we'll wl clear it out we'll bring some be sunshine out. >> what is so funny tucker,r, tucker is doing this cheshireher cat smile under the video. >> can't figure out what heig wants to make the analogy alogy about. >> no, i thought exactly whathte i want to make the analogyhe ano about. inappropriate for earlyr morning tv.. backside of the front in west i virginia. we'll clear it out later thisitt afternoon. very pleasant late afternoon and evening and then we'll doano it again tomorrow. aga we got another round tomorrowrow of showers and storms middayrmsa and then i think we'll get wll some sun late saturday afternoon.rn renday looks great by the way g so we'll take a look at the l sen
6:48 am
futurecast. want to show you the stormsow y trying to develop. del there they are 2 o'clock 2 o'clk already east of us. again midday once we clear it out that's this evening at 6 o'clock. look at that steve perfect if pf you want to be sitting out on a porch rooftop whatever whatevr you're do. fast forward to tomorrow at 3 o'clock, there's anotherre round of storms for us kind off mid to late afternoon tomorroweo and then we clear that one out as well so sunday looksday fantastic. >> okay. >> we will have periods of sunshine both today and tomorrow.torrow so, you know, basically withallw two weeks of clouds and rain ran showers, it's looking a little a little brighter.a li >> your inappropriateness isteni so endearing endearing should embrace it. tsh e let's check in with -- find out what's happening ons ha your commute this morning.ommu hi, erin. >> 6:48 right now.righ your commute into the districttc is slo usual spots of congestiongeio right now northeast new york avenue jammed from southrom so dakota to bladensburg.ladens suitland parkway inbound veryndv slow alabama to stanton.taon 95 southbound jammed easternboun to pennsylvania.a. 295 northbound from the bottom of the beltway to laboratory lor road,
6:49 am
395 inbound jams from thenbou bottom of the beltway close tobe the 14th street bridge. if you're headed out first of s all this morning, virginia vir nine eastbound is shut down between cider mill road. r detailing watch for delays four inbound inr upper moraler bro' heavy traffic from tra woodyard to to your dowerour do house in the usual spot. s branch avenue slows as you make your way towards ther beltway. gw parkway swaouthbound bigbod g problem. left lane blocked at turkeyke t run park. there is a large pothole potle reported. keep it to the right.ight watch for delays.for you don't want to start fridaydy the 13th with a flat tire. flat. inner loop this crash at newop t hampshire cleared.e clear outer loop typical delays topto of the beltway as you makes yome your way from 95 heading hea towards the spur. 270 southbound completely jammed in frederick by they truck scales and then again slow moving traffic as you as u make your way down towards the t spur through gaithersburg. no longer single tracking onckin the red line. earlier arcing insulatoror issue the friendship heightse frunder control.r control friendship heights to van nesse dealing with
6:50 am
more flask a few. few >> monday marks the 30th anniversary of the movie top gun. 30 years. >> come on, goose, man. goose, >> to celebrate maryland liveiv cass flow is welcoming thehe actor who played chester ind the film michael iron side irone will be there for the need forfo speed give away. items up for grab include maverick goose helmets bombermee jackets and the grand prize is i a porsche.a po there's your need for speedeed d right there. >> i loved that movie. lovedhat top five. >> very cool. thinking of movies kevinng k joins us. the fox5 morning crew going viral for our version ofersi justin timberlake's catchy newhn song can't stop the feeling.. >> summer 16.>>umme our kevin mccarthy showed it sho to him. him let's check in with kevin.. kevin i heard you got kickedot c out of one location so you're on the phone with us now from cannes france.rance. is that true. >> yeah, good morning to youood guys. here's the deal. long story short i'm stayingta here in cannes. i'm done with my
6:51 am
obviously so i'm now, i haveave no wifi connection so i'm talking to you on a phone.n a p i have no how much this isthis i cost me per minute it were that's okay. i'm sorry you can't see me ate m the moment but yesterday i wasrw in cannes and i had an an incredible moment with justinus timberlake. what we're going to do is g to o we're going to show theg tohow h audience real fast the videoideo he that you guys created backatd in studio. s you did an amazing job. j everybody involved coordinatedot this amazing video. video. for people who don't know d't timberlake released a song s last week that was amazing, ama, that was going with the movie mv called troll.lled tro so, the video he had a was a bunch of people dancing around gwen stefani.fa. everybody at the station had aoh wonderful idea of getting of everybody to recreate thatreateh video as a fox5 version. versi check this out. >> ♪ it goes electric crazylecti
6:52 am
all through my city, allll through my home, we're flyinglyn up no feeling when we in our iur zone. i got that sunshine in my pocket.pock got that good song in my feet ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
6:53 am
>> that song is going to makeoi me so happy this summer.umme kevin you showed it to justinus timberlake.timberlake. >> yeah, this was the most thish incredible thing i ever saw. i'm outside justin timberlake's room yesterday's rd and i ran into his publicistub who is amazing.mazi i told her about this videos vio and she's i can oh my gosh my g he's going lover this. so i walk in the room and i rood evenly have a five minuteive mit interview with him whichwith h turned into an eight minute m interview because of thisw becat amazing video and now here isowh the video of him reactioningctig and watching our video. v it was very, very cool.ery cl. he almost cried.ost cr watch this.watchhi >> so this film and theydhe created an entire video v everybody dancing. danci >> how cool is that. dude we got to get this -- >> they spent eight hours onent it yesterday. yesterday. >> eight hours? >> hey . >> [laughter]er]
6:54 am
bopping going on. >> some digital confetti.on >> is this your weatherman. >> that's our weatherman.n. >> i like him. i will to show it to you. >> i might cry. cry this is awesome.s >> ♪>> >> okay, sorry. sorry. >> wow. >> yeah, that's amazing.aming. yeah, i got to get a link to that. that >> you know, guys, i got tell you one of the cw,ool theoo things about watching thatbouta video with justin timberlaketimb i'm sitting right next to him the two people that he washat blown away by were ivan andvan a brad. kind of cool because there was s this -- 'cause the moment hese said i like that guy, it was the moment when brad was like dancing.da brad and i have been workingncen behind the scenes at fox5 for f5 our viewers who don't knowew they're incredible in whater they to but itcr was -- that'sha what timberlake was so happyap about. he was like i love that guy dancing. >> what, i thought it was t tucker in the fire hat. >> no --o -- >> i would have put my moneyave on that.on >> he said i love thesaid ie weatherman. he said he loved a bunch of buno different things.di
6:55 am
whole video available on our youtube. he was excited byhe w everybody.everyby. the moment that he saw people dancing on the couch allison i believe that was you andth holly.ho >> me and holly. >> law so excited to see that e as well.xc it was very cool moment and when i left th eco room, he wase so blown away by it. awa i wanted to say thank you tonk u you guys for doing.or that you guys did a wonderful job. joan or editor at fox5 whofox5 added in the digital confetti cn that was really, really cool. >> yeah. >> so everybody involvedo eryb wonderful work there.rk there you guys made timberlake timrl almost cry so very touching moment. mo >> his music makes us happyapy so. >> great song. >> we'll hear a lot of it this summer no doubt. thanks >> i'man going to get my wifi fixed and hopefully i'll have video back on from cannes live l at 8:47. 8 crossing my fingers. >> he's been there a coupleen t days. beautiful sunshine, something we have not seen here. >> right. >> but today hopefully. tod >> an appearance.pprance. >> we'll make that change if mak sun is going to app come over
6:56 am
63 this morning in warm sticky start to your day.od we got rain showers in the forecast can kind of late morning into the earlyininto afternoon so keep an umbrella ue handy. might be a thunderstorm too a t and then the front is going toro be moving along fast enough that we're going to clear it ouont and we'll have some late day sunshine.y 75.. we'll talk more about theore abe weekend forecast but we havecase some sun both saturday andurda sunday to look forward to as ts well. well we'll talk details in a minute. >> thanks tuck. >> let's check in with >> if you're leaded out inad frederick still tracking a tck crash 70 eastbound.asound. two right lanes remain blockedle at 1 because of that delays back to monocacy boulevard.ouleva in maryland a lot of slowt zones right now.zones outer loop 95 to connecticuton and then 270 south side 80 to the truck scales as you make your way out in urban have a hea trying to get down to the spur slow moving traffic because of congestion. coming from annapolis you'll hit that jam-up 50 on the-u50 oe inbound side columbia park to t 201. we'll take a look at thoset thoe virginia drive times as weri tim keep it to fox5 news morning.
6:57 am
coming right up.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.wsr >> right now at 7 o'clock the battle over transgenderra bathroom access headed to heade public schools.blic schools. the president taking on theid issue with a direct order toen scho dols all across thel the what will now be required. reque >> plus, we're learning details about the m
7:00 am
speaker paul ryan. rn. what really happened behinded bd closed doors and can the party p unite? >> also a nightmare for air what causeavd thousands of bags of checked luggage to miss their flight.rlight. t.s.a. officials are getting ati grilling on capitol hill onpitol other issues as well.r is we'll talk about it all encompassing. >> things moving nicely on thevl beltway at least in this spot s at 7 o'clock.lo giving you that live look outside.ou it's fry may 13th, 2016;, 26; friday may 13th 2016.6. weather and traffic on ther an 5's. good friday morning, i'm i'm allison seymour.allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning. mg let's get things started.get ins big story of the morning white house taking bold new action act in national controversyntro involving transgender bathroom use. >> it is telling public pub schools they must let transgender students use theder bathroom of their chosenosen identity or face theace the consequence.conseqe. fox5's melanie alnwick liean from the department of education now to explain. ela mel. >> reporter: good morning. good


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