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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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speaker paul ryan. rn. what really happened behinded bd closed doors and can the party p unite? >> also a nightmare for air what causeavd thousands of bags of checked luggage to miss their flight.rlight. t.s.a. officials are getting ati grilling on capitol hill onpitol other issues as well.r is we'll talk about it all encompassing. >> things moving nicely on thevl beltway at least in this spot s at 7 o'clock.lo giving you that live look outside.ou it's fry may 13th, 2016;, 26; friday may 13th 2016.6. weather and traffic on ther an 5's. good friday morning, i'm i'm allison seymour.allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning. mg let's get things started.get ins big story of the morning white house taking bold new action act in national controversyntro involving transgender bathroom use. >> it is telling public pub schools they must let transgender students use theder bathroom of their chosenosen identity or face theace the consequence.conseqe. fox5's melanie alnwick liean from the department of education now to explain. ela mel. >> reporter: good morning. good
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north carolina passed itspasseds controversial bathroom access a law and then there were theseere dueling bills and duelingnduelig lawsuits between the white b house and north carolina andolia that led so many public schoolso districts around the countryar to just barrage the u.s.ou department of education with questions about what does thatt mean for their schooloo districts and so today, the answer from the department ofm e education and department ofartmn justice is going to be clearisnt that public schools must allowlw transgender students -- must--us treat transgender students in the way that they would that corresponds with their gender identity. now, this does includenc covering to this letteret bathrooms and locker the directive will be sent to public school systems friday,l that's today. it will be accompanied by a 25-page document of questionsio and answers about bester practices and ways tos make transgender students feel moreor comfortable in the classroom clm also protecting the privacycy rights of all students in bathrooms and locker rooms.oo the controversy as we know has w caught fire since northin carolina passed its law pasd
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restroom that corresponds with their birth gender.then many performers and somefome companies as we know have know h boycotted the state in protestn and the obama administrationisat calls this a civil rights issue. >> this is about the dignitybo and the respect that we accord c our fellow citizens and thes ane laws that we as the people and as the country have enacted too protect them. indeed, to protect all of us. o >> reporter: now, north, nort carolina's governor as we know has said that their law is a privacy issue and calls the government involvement, federal involvement blatantinvom overreach but this is allh bu still working its way out. o the letter does remind schoolho districts that the way that the federal government interprets this is this all t goes back to title ix and that is a law that has been onhi thet books from quite some time saying that you cannot havet sex discrimination in public pub schools or public schoolc sch activities that get federalet fl funding. so, that's how the
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it and they interpret it to extend the transgenderransge students as well. wel we know that there's a lot of controversy so far, guys, d.c. andntgu maryland already have laws laws that protect transgender students so it's kind of not up for litigation as we know, virginia has been b sort of looking at this like ths north carolina does but there be was a bill in the legislature,ie it was defeated in virginia but as we know there have beenrn a lot of court cases andas controversies in virginia asin i well so the story does go on. o. back to you >> thanks very much.>> t a lot of you weighing in onou this a wnd as you can imaginecae very passionate over this major move by the obama administration on our socialn or media one twitter follower fol writes it's common it's not like transgender trage people haven't been using theuse bathroom they correlate with already. on facebook christie posted pos okay, so what i'm really rea confused about is if myut i if daughter changes for gym in i the locker room and a boyooand thinks he's a woman but hasas not had surgery yet will they allow this and let him change ac with her? we have a poll p going on our fox5 twitter
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asking do you agree with theh th obama administration tellingni schools to allowst transgender r bathroom access right a just a little over 200 votes.ot. a majority 62 percent does noten approve with that and we invite you to log on and vote at on our fox5 d.c. twitter account.count. >> ♪>> >> 7:04. developing overnight a princeric william county police are at a a townhouse for a deatha investigation. police were called to brazil circle in dale city just jus before 9 o'clock last night.tigt not a lot of information rightog now about the person who died. >> fairfax county policeairf searching for the driverchin responsible for a deadly hithit and run that happened inne burke. this was just before 9:00 lastas night a man stumbled into theto road near the intersection of cappella avenue and shiplet boulevard. he was struck and killed.uc police say ak person was w driving a dark colored sedan. sd >> police are alsoo investigating a shooting thatshn claimed the life of a d.c. manan right in front of threet t children. this happened yesterday as
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28-year-old sheldon robinson rio was helping the kids off of a bus near kimball elementaryleme school.hool police have not said whethert st the man was targeted. robinson is the 42nd homicide hc victim in the district thisdisti year. >> questions surrounding the suo death of district light heightsi mayor james wall.s w the vice mayor tells us walls u was the youngest person in thenn city's history to serve as mayor. >> it is 7:05.>> >> yes, and it's friday.s >> friday the 13th.the 13t >> we're right on -- we're--e're this close to the weekend. week. >> 13 is my lucky number. nbe i have no fear orve nfear superstitions about that.tions >> really. >> yes, 13 is my lucky numbuc nm i'll share it with you today. >> okay. let's go to the forecast. t great news. we got some sunshine io n the forecast later this we're going to get a chance toer dry out. gdr o we got get there. we do have ave few hours here midday wherehe me we've got the threat oft showers and storms with a cold i fro
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is going to move along unlike ul the last one and we should beshb looking at drier conditionsondii and even some sunny conditions n dare i say it by late afternoon.oo 63 now in washington.ow in shin 62 dulles. and bwi marshall.i m there's your cold front justyo out to the west.out he the green you see some rain soma showers. we think they'll move through th as rain and or thunderstorm activity again kind of middayin between about 11:00 and 3:00 k1 and then after that, we shouldd very quickly clear cle. winds will pick up.nds wi it will dry out and it will be l a very pleasant lateasant la afternoon. so, get ready for some s sunshine get some time to hit the porch after work and, you know, enjoy a cool beverage. >> uh-huh. uh. okay.okay >> okay. i'll have the weekend forecastra j just a i know there's a lot going onre and we'll try to squeeze some se sun out.ut >> thanks tuck.s tu. >> the district heights mayor we said the youngest that served that just died 39 yearsje old. >> i know. mystery.stery. >> erin decided to come playe pa with us in studio.tudi
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>> yay! flies to be home.! fl i've missed you you can see i have my microphone out in case anyoneasa asks i always get asked what w that is. we'll move on to traffic now. tn things backing up on 66 on the eastbound side by gallows.und si typical slow roll as you head rl into the beltway making yourin way through arlington.rlington. let's look at our maps.s lo i'll slow you all of youru all y drive times this morning.meor for virginia right now things really slow as you make youras way out in stafford.taffd. 95 northbound 630 to 610, 95 6, through dale city and then 66 east slow by 123 but 95 north5 r also keep in mind in fredericksburg south of sth stafford you'll hit that usualha congestion.congesti gw parkway southbound left lane blocked at turkey run park. there's a large pothole atotho a that location causing l problems.. keep it to your right lanes there. and then as you main your wayn r out on nine eastbound in purcellville closed been cideree mill road. police correcting traffic.ic and right now as you head out in upper marlboro heavyea traffic on four inbound inb woodyard road to dower housese road. tucker it's maryld.
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he says i say maryland we're a work in progress. pgr takes teamwork slow traffic there. givehe yourself extra time on branchn n avenue inbound as well. back to you guys. t >> donald trump meo t with w republican party leaders lders yesterday including houseng hou speaker paul ryan.l r this is him arrivingvin both said their meeting was a a positive step toward unification of the respectn of party. but ryan still not ready to... republican party but ryan rya still not ready to endorse trump but neither is the rnc chairman.rm >> this is a process.ross you don't put it knowing 45nowi minutes. >> i think it's safe for me tosa say that there's a heck of a a h lot more of agreement than any n disagreement so i sort of just j beckon back to ronald reagan's quote that is my 80 percent i friends is not my 20 percent 20t enemy. we get that here.e. >> secret service investigating trump's former butler over death threats hever made against president obama. >> fox5 political reporter
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ronica cleary joins us here in studio now with more on all o the dealings. dea hi, ronica.hi, >> good morning.>> g >> good morning. i guess let's start with the wit sort of old news what wehat w learned from the meetingeeng between ryan and trump. tru good news out of this meeting?se >> i think so.nk s i think good news for theods fo party for sure.ur now, there was a closed doorlos meeting so the things that wewe know are what we have been we b told after the meeting.ting speaker ryan he has a weeklyee press briefing and yesterday'sey just happened to take placened after this private meeting so the press was eager about thattt and he repeatedly said over and over again that theov t meeting was end can couragingen but he said you know theow the meeting was 45 minutes. minutes. we have a lot of differencesif that are no secret to anybody. o you can't solve that overnight which i think makes it seem s more genuine. g i don't know -- you know, we never know what these peoplehato are really thinking but itbu certainly seems like a more sincere evolutionist.lutionist. thought he said had only only spoken to donald trump for a few seconds prior to thison meeting so he said this isds mys first time chatting with him.chi heng said it was
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good meeting, theytith accomplished a lot but he said look i'm not going to endorseotg him yet. so, he seemed to say it's aeed work in in progres >> do you think that paul ryankh wants to run for president in i 2020 and is being carefularef about who he associates with right now? >> it's an interesting question. it wouldn't surprise me if hesu did and i think he's playingrpkp it quite i mean certainly people -- itplt also depends on how well trumpel does in this race. those establishmenten politicians who are much more mr career politicians than donalddd trump is they have to walk avewk very fine line because if becauf donald trump comes out of this m and doesn't do well, then theyhh can come out victorious andicto say look, i was hesitant but if we've got a president prede trump, then it's a very uncomfortable position forta them to be in.blem t so i think he's playing it well because he's sort ofort o straddling that line where hee can look back and say look, l will he eventually endorseeven him, i would be shocked if he doesn't but he can at least say there was some trepidationrn i thought through it i gavethro the guy a
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>> left question on this.t qu what's the window here becauseec you have at the trump ralliesmp you have thousands of peopleusas here. so, what is the window for thert leadership to say we are behind the presumptivehind the p nominee?re >> that's an interesting question i mean, we've never mnw seen anything quite like thisket and donald trump is certainly a candidate who has divided the party much more than we'veu seen at least in recent rect history. i don't think the window hasink to be overnight.rnig i think there were some peopleeo that predicted paul ryan wouldrn just come out of yesterday'steay meeting and say i endorsedd him.him. he played that well butthat welt certainly before theai convention. i would say he cannot do it at the convention.ntion. it has to be done before done br again. >> donald trump's butlerd stealing the headlines sayingesg terrible things about thele president. t the question i guess is how closely can you associate him, h his relationship with donaldti trump to trump and hisonnd campaign. >> you know it's funny i wasit thinking about that. tha i figured i'd ask you before i k came on. i never had a butler before sobe i can't tell you how close a butler is. >> i think they're very close.rv i think they work very closelysy together.ther >> they've been together quite a
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now he does work at the march m lag goal hotel which is owneds by donald trump in florida as the in house historian. histo seems like the relationshipns would be close. clo i don't think it is fair to say that an employer should bens held accountable for every, eve you know, opinion of an of employee but, you know, it buty does bring to light somee questions. donald trump did bring forth the birther debate and thingshi were very ugly that this butler said on facebook about the president. p the campaign has denounced the comments. they are separating themselves from them which is importanttant to do. but. >> but he's still an employee. . >> i believe so.>> >> at the march lag go.marc lag >> 84 years old now, so -- s >> yeah, i mean -- i don'tn -- know. >> but i agree you cannot link l the opinion because he stille s is an employee of someone, someo they're not sitting around,e you know -- know >> it's not a -- >> smoking cigars c >> exactly. i don't think so.don' >> we don't really know. k >> let me get a butler andutr then i'll tell you.'ll te >> still to come this morningrng a price hike that may makeay
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more upset. >> parking meter rates they're m going we'll tell when you and wher e and bob.and bob. >> reporter: allison anotheron a morning another arcingg othe insulator. we'll tell you about the new abe trouble on metro and the majoraj threat hanging over ourur transit system when we come back. >> ♪ z1zqkz
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z1zqkz >> i heard a rumor we're going to get some sunshine later today. today. >> i heard a rumor. i you like that song. >> i do. hli >> in the weather world we think it's fact. fac >> you think it's fact.s fact [laughter] >> that's as far as we can go. n >> depending on what happensdi it may or may not have been ang factno. fact >> if it's not fact you won't w see me until monday morning.y mi >> then it's just a rumor. rum >> let's go to it. yes, we're very hopeful we canef get some sun later today. later. i'll explain why in a second.
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steve, come on, let's go north and west up into canada. >> honestly i'm going to bey honest with you tuck it doeses not look like fun right now. >> no.>>o >> winnipeg is not on my list for this weekend. >> 28 degrees. how about new orleansab 76 degrees. looks great down there. mooust of the country he is very quiet.iet. we'll show you the national you scene here i tn just a second. that's our local look and wend got clouds, mist, fog, all ofllo the above to start your day. day what else is new? with rain wha showers just out to the west. a can cold front comes through during the middle of the day. td we think it will move fast iwilv enough that we'll get sunshineuh by mid to late afternoonlyftnooy we'll be done with the rain. don high temperatures will be in b the 70's and it should be a very pleasant late afternoon aer period for us with that front. t there's the national look ifooki you're traveling today. traveli most of the country is very very quiet with the question of the eastern seaboard where you see that rain showere th activity. weekend forecast around here 75 today.. again late afternoon sun. s tomorrow we wake up with sun.h s we'll cloud up. we'll have another round
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salvage the late afternoone th tomorrow afternoon.ow afteron. somebody tweeted me about college graduation tomorrow and a big cookout. big cooko i'm going to try to give youg to as many dry hours as i can as ic tomorrow. i can guarantee dry hours on sunday but it will be cool and breezy, 64: few showers.. >> we tried, though.ugh. okay. >> yes. >> thanks, tuck.s, t >> that could be fact or rumor. >> okay . >> [laughter] i'm so confused. erin, good morning.or >> i should just be in bedn b under the covers. cover heading out on the roads youout have delays to worry about in at the district. new yornew york avenue suitland parkway alabama to alaa stanton slow as you make yours u way to south a lot of heavy traffic overea the douglas bridge.vy 295 southbound jams eastern to pennsylvania and thennsy northbound side the beltway toew laboratory road. usual delays across the inners n loop as you make your way fromay prince george's maryland four over the wilson bridge so wil watch out for those slowdowns. taking a look at your overall o drive beltway outer loop jams 95 to connecticut.connecticu 270 south urbana
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slow as you pass the truck t t scales again throughsc t gaithersburg making your way to the spur no crashes topur report just a lot of jusa lo congestion by father hurleyur and those usual spots. sts 50 fibbed columbia park to 201 watch outer for those slowdowns from annapolis ors oma bowie. gw parkway on the southbounde su side left lane blocked by a blo large pothole at turkey run. r that is causing significantca delays inside the beltway. you jam from roslyn to the keynk bridge as well.bridges we it's just a gloomy friday the t 13th with a lot of trafficffic around the area. a bw parkway southbound inin laurel you jam after 198 to 198 powder mill road. r northbound side slows as well. d heading to bwi this morningor give yourself some extra time. t more traffic in a t back to you steve and allison.ll >> another metro mess. m m firefighters had to get to another arcing incidenting incit earlier this morning this one at friendship heights metds trees. >> thmetro station.atio >> bob barnard our bob barnard r live at friendship heightsip hgs metro station with more on the
7:19 am
anticipated repair work. wor sometimes you go far for your y job. job. sometimes you just walk toyo your good morning.od m >> reporter: good morning,morn allison. just around the corner, yes another arcing insulatortor situation here at friendshiphe heights but alsore morealso m immediate this escalator iste to not working and this is a i young fellow good morning but b you've seen some of the longn s faces on some of the older t o folks who are having to walko ar up the escalator that's notalatr working here this morning.rni. the arcing insulator happenedned very early this morning. mornin. they had it fixed by 6:15 this5 morning but they were single tracking until that point andhan it caused some ripple effectef delays. there was also an issue at friendship heights last night n so this is one of those threeee critical areas right in theas middle of one of those three tht stretches of rail that the feds have that identified asdend needing immediate attention.tttn the safe track progeria. program that'srogram t going to start later thiss summer they said, well, nowel nw because of the feds' threat to e shut the system down they arewn going to start moving up someine of these transportation secretaryreta anthn
7:20 am
problem shutting the system down to make sure it's safeke for riders. patrick lavin the new chiefhe nf safety officer says when heff worked for the new yorick city transit system for 33 years or o whatever, it was worse therehe in the 1980's than it is hereith now but riders we spoke toe spoe this morning say no, no, no, here it's pretty bad. b >> always leave early.le >> reporter: that's the key. k >> i don't have to be to work hv until 8:30.:3 you're smart. s >> always leave early.lways >> reporter: what do youepor think of all the problems. trobl >> what can you do? i could c drive up here but traffic is a mess, too. so either way. w >> reporter: you can't win. w >> nope. >> reporter: also you would w be on a train thouat might filll with smoke because of one of these >> scary. very scary because you don't know whether you going to lose your life or not so you just take a chance.ha >> reporter: many other many otr metro riders echoing whatchoi w wanda louis says. there's really no betterally nbr option but you are at least l they f
7:21 am
chances when you hop on metro, guys. >> all right.>> a lot of folks feeling theol same way bob.same way thank you. than coming up in the hot seat ha what happened when the man who runs the t.s.a. testified in front of congress. congr >> first though georgeirst t zimmerman not backing downhockdn from selling the gun that t killed trayvon martin despite at least one web site saying they don't want any part in wana it. the latest on the> the controversial auction comingrsiu up next. it's now 7:21.
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>> ♪ >> 7:23. a woman under arrest thisn morning after a bombun scare at joint base andrews. officials say the woman came cam to the visitor's centeror's cenr yesterday claiming she had aclai bomb. a bomb squad was called in andnd determined she had nothing.. authorities tell us base operations were not impacted. i. >> a u.s. navy officer who miss navigate flood iran and gotten crew members captureds at gun point on tv has been fired. 10 navy sailors were held in h iran after drifting intoin into iranian waters in january.wate the whole incident parkedt diplomatic standoff between betn the u.s. and iran.nd the sailors were detained for 16 hours before they were >> it's not clear if they're th' serious but bidding for thengor pistol used by george sim plan to kill trayvon martin is nowvo in then millions. milli the online auction is being hosted by united gun groupgu gro which picked it up after gun pulled out of the this morning bidding had passed $65 million.ed $ again it's no
7:25 am
are serious bidders. bders >> solar powered plane on a journey around the world solar impulse two landed at thee tw tulsa international airportrnato yesterday after an 18 hour hour flight from phoenix, arizona. aa the plane is completely coml powered by solar energy from so the sun obviously.bviously. it is manned by swiss pilot. p the solar impulse journeyse joun began in march of last year from abu dhabi trying to makeg it around the world just onus the power of the sun. s >> all right. headline says it all. it all so far so good.s tucker barnes, what'so up?p? >> that guy a obsessed withith that solar plane.lane he's already telling me where t it is. >> really. are you not interested. >> kind of. >> he has a whole year worth then.nt tnoinment >> maybe not that level.ev >> so do you. >> apparently yes, i know alltl, about that solar plane. p he keeps sending me articles. ae let's go to the forecast. looking at showers and stormsho today. for the most part it's goingar'g to be during the midday hoursngt and then things are going tong clear out late this afternoons and i think we're going to getgt some friday afternoon frida sunshine. i just tweeted out i'm very'm hopeful here we're going to we't end the week with so
7:26 am
positive energy and some niceomc sunshine and dry conditions.ondi this morning's storm tracker trr radar showers just out to our or west and again they'll bend moving through midday.ving there may be some thunderstormrm activity as well and thens well things should quickly get east of us late this afternoon withnn temperatures in the mid 70's. it will feel great out there oue by 5, 6 o'clock tonight. t. tomorrow we wak wake up with sunshine.ns another round of showers,d of s, could be a storm and then we a s get that out of here by latere afternoon. friday and saturday look very v similar sunday looks great.ay lks g it will be sunshine mid 60's. 6 that's wea erin's back and she's back in bc our studio with traffic. >> so nice to be home. >> yeah, welcoming. welco >> it's friday. unfortunately if you'reunat getting a start to your morning ride you'll hit slow s zone. slow traffic brandywinerandi inbound from brandywine roadfrob tora surratts road.s you can seal that red zonen seae across the inner loop there as you head from prince george'sro from about four across the wilson bridge into alexandria.xi typical coio taking the through lanes andan local lanes and making them very slow this morning. up in frederick we are dealingk with a csh
7:27 am
as well. it's just after 270 so bee prepared for that. tt. metro good news for you rightr r now no alerts from metro. we'll let you know if thatnow t changes. red line no longer single tracking. earlier arcing insulator atnsult friendship heights is underip h control. we'll let you know if thatknow changes. changes. montgomery county as you cross the outer loop from 95 over to georgia as well. wel we'll have more traffic in arafa few. 93 questions at erin fox5 d.c... >> coming up, for yearso yea pregnant women have been toldd to take folic acid to preventre birth defects but a new studytu suggests too much of theests supplement could be we'll explain.l ela >> and t.s.a. under fire.undeir. tough grilling on capitol hillng as o the travel nightmares pilee up along with the luggage. we'll explain.
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♪ coming up on 7:30 right now
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another day dave haze in they danation's capitol but changes s culling in just a few hours. hou we have rain on the way but thet should have some gloriousous sunshine if we remember what ita looks like.look >> right.>> r >> all be reunite. reunite >> what is this?his? >> problems keep on piling up for tsa alt airports across thes country.. >> latest mishap in phoenix. thousands of check bags stranded due to computer glitch. while things are slowly gettinge back to normal this couldn'toun' have come at a worse time.ime. tsa officials are gettinget grilled on capitol hill. hil >> for more on that let's checka in with annie yu live at reagana national airport this morning.o. good morning, annie.e >> reporter: gay morning, mni steve and allison.on the wait times have gotten soots bad across the country congressr is now stepping in demanding dei answers from tsa.swers t here in our region in the dc the area we have the three majorajor airports, dulles, reagan and bwb and we've all been there waitine in these lines, right it's onlyl get worse as we dive into the io summer travel season i got to go say you might experience longe
7:31 am
wait times at dullesles international versus here at a reagan.rean. nonetheless, eighths big problep and many travelers are sick ands tired of it.. yesterday in the hearing hri according inspector general johj roth in 2015 alone there were almost 18,000 complaints that's about 350 complaints a weeks a coming from frustrated people, l complaining of longer security t lines and fewer workers to get t them through security.urity that was just one of severalfev concerns brought up during the hearing yesterday.te tsa peter, had answer reallyea tough questions about the a the practices every tsa including a report that the agency gave one much its employees $90,000 in bonuses after overseeing failede operations for screenings fornir banned weapons. tsa employees also speaking outt saying they too are frustratedse due to mismanagement, and nevern injury said taken action tod tac improve conditions and does he argue that they have seen huge g increases in passenger volume vm
7:32 am
day in the country was about 1.6 million people going througg security checkpoints and now he's saying that it is more than 2 million passengers.ngers he also stressed that there ises relief on the way for passengerr they plan to higher morer mor employees as well as retrainet their screeners so that they can expedite the but an in depth plan is due outt in about 30 days from now. now. back to you in the studio. >> it is 7:32 right now. if you'll you've been it for ant amount of time this morning 1000 purse chance that you've look ak your phone in some way.e >> but the question we're posini this morning, is your smartmart phone so smart that it's that i listening to everything you say and then manipulating what yoult see on your social feeds? hollh is back with us with somee examples that may have you haveu saying, yes, that's exactly what they're doing they're spying ons us. >> i'm afraid of my phone righte here sitting here. h >> i know. >> i'm going to tell you these e are some examples that happenedp to people here in this buildingd right?rit? >> right. >> so we have one producer heodh was actually talking on his on phone talking with his
7:33 am
they were talking about a specific city and a specific spi hotel that they needed to make reservations at.rvat at. they're having that four hours later, he's checkingk his facebook feed, there is ansa advertisement for that exactct hotel in that city. >> wow! >> you might be thinking, oh, i, mean i listening but they b t were talking over the phone so o maybe that's a little differente these next couple of examples ee are perhaps even more alarminglg because we're not talking about talking on your phone we'ree're talking about your phone sitting here just like this, okay? isks it listening to what we'rehat w' having to say? well, we have h two writers downstairs they hadd their phones out they weren't oo them but they were having a ty e conversation about atlantis inai the bahamas just talking aboutna it, right? well, later on facebook, one of the writers als of a sudden had a bunch of deald on her facebook page to atlant atlantis. >> holly, i get those deals. >> well -- i don't -- youou haven't talked about >> i can't afford to go too atlantis. >> i think atlantis has a a
7:34 am
good -- i was blown away by thet first one.first on >> okay. >> i'm on the fence. >> you're thinking atlantis has good --go >> maybe. you haven't been searchingbe vacation options on yourns on computer? >> i'm just saying i feel like i see lost at lap tis. t >> we'll give atlantis a break. >> okay. here's another we have a planning editor.'sanne she's at home with her neither of them are on the phonp but their phones are out becausc we never go anywhere far without our phones.r phon >> right.. >> the editor is talking to hert sister and she's telling her about stitch fix how cool it ist and everything like that.eryt they're just talking about it. >> okay.>> >> no one is thrills but the very next day, our planning editor not only had an ad on her facebook page for stitch fix shs then had an e-mail in her work e-mail --e-ma >> stop it. >> pitching a proposal for us tt cover stitch fix.ix >> i'm a believer now. i'm a bel >> here's the deal.>>e's eighths little freaky i'm not it just telling you because it's b' friday the 13th. we are probably at we probably unable them to dohed this because wn
7:35 am
apps we sign up for facebook wek check off that we're going -- we're okay we've read the terms and conditions.dion >> a lot of those allow yourowou microphone to be enabled on your phone so they can listen to what you're saying they really didy e listen teaware you're saying.ayn on good day d.c. at 9:15 we havh an expert coming. cin he'll talk about the technologyg how this works.this wor why it's happening and mostos importantly how we can all disengage it. how you can turn it off and gaii your privacy back. b >> in the meantime, what again g were the secrets to winning the powerball? exactly. >> tell me -- >> give me numbers. numbe >> what are the winning numbers? >> right.>> right. exactly.extl >> that is so interesting,inrest holdly. >> kind of creepy.>> k >> i'll be watching 9:15. >> facebook is big brother.ig b that's what i've learned.veearn >> googles of the world say we y absolutely don't do this but, just got a google app. a >> stitch fix. clearly they're listening.'rteni >> you'll fine out in a few >> stitch fix. >> we value our privacy but it's
7:36 am
world. >> the thing is we are voluntarily giving it up. i but we don't know. kw. it's involuntarily according ton us you're signing off on it. >> thanks, holly. >> tuck, i don't even know whatw to know what your phone isne saying right now.ow. >> i'm very concerned about thet apps popping up on your phone. o >> what have you been talkingng about.ab >> nobody needs to know that.ned i'm very concerned about it. abo i'll leave it at that.t tha guess what, maybe sunshine latel this afternoon a little period p of rain here perhaps thunderstorm midday but by latet this afternoon 70s, maybe low l 70s with some sunshine to look forward to. 63 now in washington. wasng you know, it's really just beene the mid atlantic that's been t suffering through the clouds ano the haze and the fog. f as close as philly and new yorky yesterday they were in the 70stt with sunshine.. so here we government anotherno day starting with clouds andud d drizzle. rain showers just out to theo te west some of our viewers out tot the west out towards front royay along 81 there looks likeks winchester hagerstown you guysou will be getting rain showers swe here shortly.hort as this cold front moves through i think it will fire up a fewp
7:37 am
again, rain showers the nextheex several hours until midid afternoon.afte and then the front gets east ofo us we'll clear it out and we a should have some mid to latee afternoon sunshine and temperatures topping out in then mid 70s with winds picking up and dries us out out of the o ot northwest 10 to 20. i'll be back in just a minute am and take look at the weekendee most al good news forecast theos next couple of days.neple erin, traffic. >> you can see from the camera f on the beltway it's just grayt'y and gloomy start to friday thedy 13th morning. mor out by old dominion traffic isrc just little slow on the innerw loop. so watch out for that one. out t watch out for some light patchet of fog. fog use your low beams if it become a visibility problems speciallyl by waterways.erwa we'll switch it over for look at our maps. updates on crash we've been b tracking in frederick.deck. 70 on the eastbound side this s crash had been blocking twolock right lanes at maryland 144. 1 delays still back to, boulevarde only one lane is block rightck r now. aside from that as you make your way out turkey run things are jammed up on george washingtonge parkway on the sou
7:38 am
crash and it was blocking the left lane out there.ase out e so give yourself extra time.e also cones taking out for autor pothole on the left lane. so again george washingtonin g parkway slow clara barton jammea up as cabin john inside the the beltway.beltway. metro is on normal service resumed on theumt red line. more traffic in a few.raffic inw back to you. >> how about another challengenh for d.c. >> um-hmm. just when you thought parking iu the district couldn't get any ga worse, officials announce a huge price surge thousands of metersd across the city when and wherenw you'll see the hike.e. also the smithsonian's new museum of african-americanri history doesn't open for anotheo few months but this morningor we're getting a sneak peeksnk pe inside. those stories and more coming un next. next.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ we want to warn you about ao fishing scam targeting dc drivers. the department of motor vehicles sent out a note to driverssce ti alerting them about it. theabou the subject line is a fakee e-mail says, notice of overduevd parking violations. the e-mail asked customers to to pay overdue fine and late fee. dmv you weres drivers to ignore this e if you have an overdue fine theh agency will contact you by you regular male not e-mail.-mail >> soon parking at a meter inetr d.c. for one hour will cost just as much as purchasing a gallonag of regular gas at today's pricep at lst all meters across the city will go up to $2.30 an hour. h doesn't matter if it's hight's frequency zone or not. zone not the change comes as metro planst to shut down portions of theons blue, orang
7:42 am
that means more people will bee hitting the roads and nownd everybody is going to pay more m to park in the district. dtr i believe it takes effect in june.ju few short months from nowmoo the smithsonian national museumm of african-american history andy culture will finally be open to the public.the publi >> this morning we're getting aa sneak peek inside the museum. exhibitions haven't been haven'e installed yet, but items havemsh been moved in.n. many of the documents --ents document the roleheole african-american play inlay american history and also in thn history of entertainment industry.industry. >> you will notice that we talke about revolutionary war,, colonial north america, we talkl about the anti bell ham period.. we tell some of the familiar anr some of the new and some of that familiar we tell in new so we're excited for everyone ty see this. >> the new museum opens to thepo public on saturday,y september 2nd.ber 2nd >> you know we'll give you morem previews between now andws betew september. >> i hope so.>> >> it will be great. coming up 8:00 o'clock this morning the countrhiy's largestr youth football leagu
7:43 am
changes this morning.s what is banned to keep the kidsk save l >> a medical headline getting ag lot of buzz this morning.. a new study links high levels of folic acid to pregnant women ton a higher risk of their children z1zqloping autism. an expert weighs in next. vo: for dominion, part of andelivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
7:44 am
energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
7:45 am
z1zqkz ♪ friday the 13th and i doo believe i'll double check thek t calendar i believe this is thess only friday the 13th in this thi entire calendar year.r y isn't that something? so
7:46 am
through today, tuck, in manyn m ways it should be in betternet place. right. >> certainly by this afternoon.b we are forever hopeful we'll gyl sunshine i think it may actually happen later today.ater >> that would be great. tha >> we do have period of rain showers and maybe a thunderstorr kind of midday that we got toe g deal with. al >> i feel we need to emphasize a the sun more on this. t showers and storms in reallyn ra little letters and huge wordd sun. >> you just ask and you shall ys receive. >> that's awesome. >> that's the kind of guy i am. 63 in washington. in washing mild start to the day.o e d even little humid out there kink of feels sticky as we're waitini the arrival of our cold front fo just out to the west buto the everybody in the low 60s to 60s start the morning.orning. we're thinking low to mid 70sid for daytime highs and withhs and that's with a little sunshineunh building in later.dingn late rain showers not developing verv quickly off to our west and south and west.south and you can see those moving through the mountains. those will be on our doorstep by late morning and by early e afternoon. we'll have around of showers ana perhaps a few thunderstorms with expected rain showers only last
7:47 am
a couple of hours they'll movehl pretty quickly to the east andta we'll start to clear thing out.o look what's going on in west iwe virginia and eastern ohio thoset are clear we think we'll actually get in g on those before sunset tonightsn and very pleasant late afterno afternoon. so three, 4:00 o'clock we'llclow start to clear it up and again with temperatures in the low 70w going to the nats game tonighten going to be close to going to be out for lateate afternoon happy hour or grillinr tonight it should be very very s pleasant out there.plsant that's at 1:00 o'clock. notice there might be ace t thunderstorm as that line tha showers comes 32 and the and t clearing starts by four,r, 5:00 o'clock, 6:00 o'clockck, 6: tonight looking great.. overnight look quite and look l what happens tomorrow. tomorro >> i'd rather not. n >> okay. maybe we shouldn't.maybe we s another round of showers andhoun thunderstorms mid afternoon.ernn this too will move along quickli and clear it out saturday nightg sunday looks fantastic but agaia we'll have to deal with anotherh round of showers tomorrow t afternoon before brightrit sunshine, dry conditions for th day on sunday but and howeverndw after last two weeks, the next e couple of days are looking forog promising.g. >> i just took care of i jto everybody's plans af
7:48 am
a little something to eatethinge outside go down to the ballpark watch geo win tonight. got you y covered. >> there you go. >> sounds like a good plan,like right erin. erin >> sounds wonderful.nds erfu i like that plan. p i don't like what's happening hi with that friday morning commu commute. it's cloudy and damp around to town. george washington parkway w southbound very slow you can see you're backed up from the beltway on down left lane block at turkey runasacn park. p large pothole they're taking care of cabin john parkway and clara barton also slow as usuall four inbound not looking so hott heavy traffic woodyard too dowerhouse.dowe we're also seeing typical jamsim up as you make your way out on o five inbound branch avenuenbou towards the beltway.beltwa bottom of the beltway across ths wilson bridge very jammed up jd through and local lanes with wih congestion and then nine eastbound% seville still closedc between cidar mill road andn cil stoney point road. r police are detouring traffic aru around that location but it wili add extra time to your morningr commute. this is what i like to seem no s alerts from metro right across all six rail
7:49 am
red line.dine we'll keep update updated if ant pops you. typical jam ups on 395 inbound b through alexandria as you get to the 14th street bridge heavyt bd traffic on the eastbound side ot the freeway throughhe the third street tunnel as well. w more traffic in just few.. ♪ >> pregnant women and those trying to conceive areive a encouraged to get enough of the nutrients folate through fruits and vegetables or throughthroh synthetic form folic acid.. along with vitamin b12 the nutrients help development withp the crucial early months of o pregnant but new study suggestst mom who's take too much folic acid may have elevated chance oe their children developin develon autism diss or.. research hers studied about 1401 expectant mothers.ant mothe they found that the women whot had very high folate levels atet the time of delivery were up to 17 times more likely to have a v child with autism.. but there's a flip side.e. the s
7:50 am
whose mothers took folic acid ai supplements three to five timest a week were less likely to haveo a child on the autism spectrum. some of the experts we talked tt say much more research needs tot be done to establish a firm linl between folates, folic acid andd autism.. >> just little background there on what we're talking about. there is a study that's being bi formally presented today at an autism research meeting inetg i baltimore. since it hasn't been formallyo presenterred yet our next guestg can't really comment on the specifics of this particularculr research, but she is an expertn in all things relate to do maternal and baby health.. dr. rachel over cash is an obstetrician begin collingsin c specializing in maternal andatna fetal medicine high risk pregnancies at med star s washington center.wa welcome to the studio.ome to thu >> thank you for having me thist morning. >> hopefully we explained itef right.ul bout thet talk about the study yet until it's presented and we appreciate and acknowledge that. but we do want to talk about hot it just raised eyebrows when wen
7:51 am
heard before this is folic acid or folate is great for expectant >> sure. i think that's still the sameats message that the study is tryint to present. the folic acid or folate is a ba sight lynn a water solubleaterol vitamin that's really importantr for the growth and development p of cells as babies mature. specifically it really helpsyel with the growth and developmente neurological cells.el we recommend women take foliclic acid to prevent berm defects ins the spines of the baby.thsp the take home message womenessaw should be taking folic acid incn the recommended amounts. >> okay. >> in the recommended it's also -- is it as effectivee if we just get it from thet from things we eat?ings w >> that's good question.s goodso folate is found many things we eat. dark green leafy green vegetables, oranges and beans bs and fortified grains and cerealc products. pr we encourage women to eat t healthy diets, wee also recommend that the folate in fol
7:52 am
those when you take vitamin v supplements.le we encourage women in additionit to eating a balanced diet to t take those folic acid in thed it vitamin form also. >> doctor overcash bats thes the between between the folic acidoa supplement and the prenatall vitamin? >> many prenatal vitamins haveas folic acid in them already ilrea think lot of women don't doneon the bottle around and look to lk see how much. muc recommended amount is 400 micro4 grams a day.ay so all women if you are taking prenatal vitamins whether you'r pregnant or thinking to conceive, we recommend that youd just make sure you're prenatal e vitamin when ever you choose has the correct amount of folic acid in it. it >> has there been any researchnh before we can talk about withlkt any dangers with taking too muco folic acid?d? >> so i think this is a emerging topic and things people arepl a interested in. there are studies that showhat folic acid may improve out out comes. i look at studies that show that they maybe improved out coms
7:53 am
when it comes to cognitive andnd vocabulary development in young children, and also maybeo decreases the rate of somefom adverse pregnancy out comes such as pre term birth and low birthb weight babies. babie there may actually be benefit of it. it i think we're not a hundred% sure the studies are reallyre rl still very limited. >> okay.>> o what can you leave us with and d the viewers with as far as whats expectant mothers should behod doing as far as getting fruits, vegetables, the proper p supplements? what do you known? for sure? >> i think the message is stills the same that we should all be taking folic acid if you are ifu thinking about conceiving or if you're currently pregnant.regn that recommended dose is 400 4 micro grams a day.a day at this point, you know, we w still encourage women to take that amount and they are t concerned about taking excessive amounts or folate levels they le really talk their doctor about d that question. >> i'm sure we'll be readingurer every word of this when it comew out and hopefully we can maybe talk again and you can share sre your opinion. >> of course.>> >> before we let you go, havee e you seen all these women who
7:54 am
having children a little bit later, janet jackson is 50. 5 >> yes. >> and there's a woman out ofre india who 'sis 70-year-old who'w having a baby.ving ay. >> yes. >> yes. >> what do you think about thisu >> well, i think that's a wholew other topic to discuss and highh risk pregnancy doctor that'sgnao often much of the patients iieni manage. that question is very que independent of the mother whato happened her desires are.en i peedrsonally think ever womann have a baby if they want too there's obviously risks if you have a baby in, allergy you'regu older. older. >> right. >> and what that means to yourt health and, you know, potentially your ability to care for that child. >> that was a curve ball. when i i had you i had to asko you especially about miss janetn >> of course. o >> thank you so much. tha you're welcome. yore w >> we'll wait for other specifics of this research.s of yes. >> tucker over to you. >> allison, hoping for sunshineh later this afternon got cloud cover, fog, mist, we,w know this routine at this point early this morning and showersim out to the west.out the wes 63 now at reagan national.ationa dulles 63 this morning. 62 up in baltimore bwi marshallh so again these temperatures nica
7:55 am
feels almost little humid, hid sticky outside as we await the a arrival of our cold front which is just out to our west. w see the green that's rain showeo activity.ty and we're thinking as it arrivet over the next couple of hourst u not only will it bring showersns but you my hear a rumble ofef thunder. here the good news. t good n this is great news becauseau finally our frontal system and our atmosphere has got a littlet movement out there and we'll get this front east of us by mid tot late that means we're going to geto sunshine around here with highh temperatures in the low to mid 70s by probably four, fou 5:00 o'clock today. and it should be a very very pleasant late afternoon earlyar evening if you want to go outtoo and about or barbecue out on tho back deck that kind of thing.hi. there's bigger picture and again your seven day forecast. fecas tomorrow we'll do it all over ao again with another round ofernd showers midday tomorrow will not be a wash out the morning hourss should be dry and the lated the afternoon should be dry butry midday hours with rain showersno maybe a storm and then sunday sn looks great but cool. cool. temps in the mid 60s but again a lot of sunshine and drier and conditions for sunday.condions that is a weather erin has got,
7:56 am
don't know what erin has got h going on.go o >> whole lot of problems it's ls friday the 13th among othermongh issues. if you're waking up in i alexandria traffic lights are tl not working.. george washington memorialtoemor parkway and old down washingtong lane at slater lane. aater l watch for lot of extra traffic t in old town through alexandria city this across the bottom of the beltwab inner loop remains slow from slm prince george's across the g wilson bridge.lson bdg and problems continue gw parkwar southbound left lane remainsem shut down at turkey run park. p lover potholes are working on you can see that read leading l april side the beltway us a makm your way to the key bridge. key bridge slams jams froms f rosslyn into geo lot of slow traffic coming through glenn owe could be could through cab win john. clara barton usual volume rightt now. new york avenue jams south jam s dakota to bladensburg.rg suitland parkway remains slow.w. 295 you can see all that red on the map eastern to pennsylvanial and then 295 northbound bottom t of the beltway past lavatorytav road a lot of slow v
7:57 am
traffic. traffi same story top cidar beltway thy outer loop 95 to georgia.eorg metro is on time. on we'll keep updated on this friday i don't mind that it's't gray and damp because at leastt it's am the right, guys. >> amen to that, erin.>> a say that a hundred times this tt morning. mornin coming up 8:00 o'clock we'll sa' it again, also, kevin will joinj us. he's still in france. f french riff vera.f vera. he'll join us for a summer summr summer movie preview. ozzie and sharon osbourne back together after they just separated what's going on here.h >> why they share the stage and awkwardly kind of embraced last night.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. right now at 8:00, live looo outside on this friday, may 13, 2016. 2016 looks like it has for the last 14 days or so.s little gloomy out there. there we will have weather and traffid coming up on the 5's.'s there's some good news tucker has to share.has tore. we'll do that at 8:05.:0 good friday everybody i'mbo allison seymour. sur >> i'm instead of chenevey.teado welcome to fox5 news a couple of big stories comingom out of the white house includinc threats against the presidentns they have to do with the man yoh see right here, donald trump. actually trump's former butler b scene in this picture.piture how serious is this?hi >> all right.ll. answer serious enough for thenot secret service to get involved.e more on that in just a moment.on but we are going to start with h major controversial move by the white house in the battle ove
8:01 am
transgender bathroom use.m u the obama administration lookino to force public schools to let transgender students use theudet bathroom of their chosenho identity.identy. so how will that happen? meln? know alnwick is live at the at department of education withit more. more mel? >> reporter: good morning. yeah, so much controversyonovery swirling around this. now, it's important to note than here in our area d.c. andnd maryland have cleared gendered e identity protections in theirn t non discrimination laws.s. virginia does not. ds not. it's been controversial ineral several you may remember last may, a big fight fairfax county school board when it decided to allow transgender students to use thee bathroom of their choice saying basically that it was u.s.was u department of education policy. they were told that is the federal -- policy that's federad opinion and that's the way theye needed to go, and now the usowhe department of education and the justice department are making it clear to school districts acrosa the country that they
8:02 am
transgender students in a way that matches up with their withi gender identity.y. yes, this does extend to to bathrooms and locker rooms heree is what attorney general loretta lynch said of this opinions in "there is no room in our schoolh for discrimination of any kind d including discrimination against transgender students on thehe basis of their that includes bathrooms and and locker rooms according to thiso letter that will be sent towillt public school districts today.od it will be accompanied by 25 page document of questions and answers about best practices and ways to make transgendernsgeer students feel comfortable in the classroom and pro protect thehe privacy of rights of allf students in lockers and bathrooms.rooms. north carolina passed its lawaw forcing students to use thehe restroom that corresponds with their birth gender. many performers and some s companies have boycotted thes ho state in protest and the obama administration calls it a civil rights issue. so at heart here
8:03 am
interpretation of existing law.. this is not a new policy or a new simply the department oftmen o education, department of justice believes that title nine whiche prevents sex diss trim nation io public school and programs thatt receive federal funding they thy believe that that title nine n extends to transgender studentse so now they're saying it appliet regardless of what public school district or what public schooloo program you are in.n. we're expecting to get more on r this later today and so muchouc talk about this topic. live at the u.s. department of p education, i'm melanie alnwick,i fox5 local news. n >> all right. you know there will be many m challenges as well.le as we let's get to our other big story. st drum many's former butler threatening president obama andb the first family.rst faly >> anthony senegal under fireere for comments he made on facebo facebook. fox5's bob barnard is live at it the white house with more on thm threat. th bob? >> reporter: allison andison steve, secret service says it is investigating thee comments madd by this man described as as butlr
8:04 am
trump's home in palm beach,m bch florida for years. yea we can show i was photo of this gentleman with donald trump mucp this was taken from facebook.ebo that is him there. anthony senegal 74 years old. od it was on facebook that he made these alleged threats last yeary in one of them he wrote that the military should hang president e obama for high crimes. crimes. in another posting he said thed president should be shot for stf gutting our country. he used religious slur criticali of muslim faith to describe the president.president he also wrote that these weree his opinions, senegal's pins nop donald trump's pins. in a statement late yesterday,td the trump campaign wrote this. tenney senegal has not work at march rah logo for years but nevertheless we totally and completely diss a soy the horrible statements made by him regarding president and first af family. now, senegal and trump haveave apparently known each other for
8:05 am
17 so long-time friends but, againa the trump campaign is saying this guy does not speak for usoo at all. at the secret service is not detailing anything about itso i investigation just saying that a it is aware of the matter and that it is conducting the the appropriate investigation.ti no word on whether this man wilm be arrested or face any kind of charges.chges. guys?? >> no longer an employee. emplo all righty. >> 8:05 right time for weather and traffic onf the 5's. hi tuck. >> my on a friday -- >> hey. >> i was going to say we brokent the streak yesterday. >> the streak is gonree.. >> cal played for how many years he played for. >> 1600. >> it felt like it which was ahs good thing.good >> love it.>> >> now our 15 days in a row of measurable rain at reagan r national thing of the we received goose egg yesterdayy >> yay! it felt maybe i'm'm conditioned it felt like it raai rain. >> you're right. you're because it was gloom mow all waw day. >> right. we'll start new streak today.t d we have showers coming throughau midday.
8:06 am
however, i think by mid to latel afternoon there will be somee wb sunshine, and believe it or nott temperatures topping out in thei low to mid 70s. if you haven't had chance to gec to the playground or out on thee basketball court or barbecuingcn in the backyard.ckyar >> dancing in the streets.eets. >> dancing in the streets.eets you may be able to do it by latt afternoon. 63 now in washington.hington. mild start to the day. sta sticky, humid conditions outtion there. here's your storthm tracker radr we got rain showers just out tot the west those of you out in,n let's say see, winchester,ches martinsburg, front royal fro rol probably looking at light showeh activity right now.. there may be a thunderstorm as s this front moves through midday and then it will very quicklyui clear the coast.e coa if you're going at the beachesea this afternoon, that front willw hang along the beaches a littlet tnger for the rest of us weor shall get late day sun withith temperatures in the low to mid 70s. again there could beain thunderstorm keep an umbrella handy here.dyer won't need it late thist net lae afternoonly we'll clear it out.t >> looking forward to that.orwa. >> i'll have the weekend'll forecast in just a minute.e. >> it's friday.. the fifty one come out.fty >> i like everything about thatg >> we may have a great day.ay. >> aside from the fact it'st
8:07 am
>> eh.>> eh >> we won't let it stop us forpf good time.good tim >> not at all.>> little cute thing to talk about at the water cooler. cle >> i like that.hat. >> yeah. >> i like everything about thati allison i feel reassured now.edn thank you. than metro update for you. for y unfortunately earlier trainliert malfunction at landover residual delays to vienna on the orange g line. everything back to normalormal friendship heights on the redei line that is good newsgh there.e aside from that taking look at a your roads.oads. southeast southwest freeway onn the westbound side we do have av crash near main avenue soe s caution there.n t southbound side of 295 veryy heavy traffic from north of 50 o all the way down past eastern ee avenue. aven we're also dealing with bigith delays gw parkway southboundoubo left lane still blocked becausee of a large pothole out by turkee run. because of that from the beltwab as you pass that location you'll hit big slow downs. cabin john parkway clara bartonr also slow inside the battle wayw sluggish ride on the inner loop as you pass the american legiono bridge. typical slow traffic across thet bottom of the beltway on thetwae wilson bridge.. just because folks try to comeoe into prince george's you'll hite a lot of congestion.orof c
8:08 am
traffic lights are on flash in alexandria affecting george geo washington memorial parkway thet slaters and washington street aa treat those intersections aatsia though you would a stop sign ann watch for heavy backups. bacps back to you steve and allison. l >> all right.>> all right. eight minutes past the hour.tes still to come new developments in the death of joan rivers. rer details on a cement reachedt r between her daughter and theheut clinic where she died.he die. >> plus if you have child whoe o loves to play football, listen e up. a major move that will changeng the way the game is played. 8:08. stick with us.
8:09 am
♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. it is longer 8:08 ever. it was 8:08 when you said it. >> only 32nd break.nly 32nd >> i said. it i said it twice. twice >> all right.>> a welcome back.lcome huge news from the football ftb world this morning. morni >> if you're familiar with popit warner football of course.ou >> sure. >> the nation's oldest youth organization.nizati pobb warner announced they're eliminating kick offs beginningn this fall. th the initiatives aim ates significantly reducing thetlrede number of full speed head on impacts in the game. game trying keep little safer for thf youngest of the football mares out there. the family of joan riversjor settled a medical malpracticeale suit against the facility wheree she died.. >> the lawsuit claimed doctorsic performed unauthorized medicaldd procedures. they snapped a selfie witness s comedian and failed to act as a her vital signs deteriorated.eta rivers was under going a routine procedure at the time.e at tim the amount of the settlement hat not been disclosed.. ozzie and sharon o
8:10 am
appearing together last nightast for the first time since they t nounsed their split after 30t years of marriage.of marage. sharon tend the event introduce ross southern and members of black sabbath for their 20thh f0 anniversary of osbournef os performance.e they embraced on stage.race they are still wearing theirll w wedding ring.dd rumors surfaced oz so was havins an affair and sharon went publii in saying i kick him told him he had to leave. >> i'm sick of it. i coming up more on the raceot for the president including inci reports about who donald trump d is considering as one of his of possible running mates.ates live look outside right nows on this friday morning. mni if you can see through the haze, good news for you coming up. we got great musical performance coming outpatient good day today, too. we'll talk about that.
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8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ thank goodness for music onn these gloomy days. >> yeah.eah >> little go-go this morning. mi >> got a performance later,at right.ight >> um-hmm. like new go-go music comin comim in honor of four years ago we lost the godfather of go-go.. >> four years since chuck brownn passed away.wa >> maybe he rest in peace.. his music lives on. o >> good day will be lit as it'ss kids say. kids s >> all right. >> fire! >> speaking of lit, we're goingr to -- >> my first five? my >> yeah. let's do it. >> what's the present term one
8:14 am
is it it's going to be lit.'s gt >> cuteness. >> tyler is super is r u >> is that real --eal -- >> did he catch fish? >> let's read. >> okay.>>kay. hey, we're getting super cute. fox5 first five photo of the d day. queue the music.qu this is tyler,eu everybody.vebo >> it looks like he might have a shark or dinosaur in his hasn'ts this is he's three years old and --nd >> my >> here it comes. >> i don't understand. i d these young people are so well dressed.essed. this outfit is adorable.. his little haircut.. >> it fits him perfectly. perfe. >> it is so cute.>> it is >> look at that look.ook tha he's got that little, you y know --ow -- >> yeah. >> what am i thinking smile? an i being good boy right now? oro am i being a devilish boy right now.. >> tyler loves -- l >> he's being acute uteo that's what he's being.. >> he loves sharks and dinosau dinosaurs. >> okay. >> i can see why.>> >> looks locate maybe it's a i a little toy shark in his handd perhaps? >> i hope it's not real shark.. >> he got the best of it.t of i >> to send us your child'syourhl picre
8:15 am
fox5 d.c..c. tyler we love your picture.icre. love your >> so cute. s cut >> love everybody about theever picture. yes, we'll do it again monday. n >> to me three is the best age.e >> you think so. s >> three is the best age.stge they can talk about what's on wo their minds and they've gotthey their little opinion. opion. >> um-hmm. they cruise around. >> yup. >> yup trying to be independent. >> 63 now in washington. was all right. let's get right down to thehe weather forecast.ather forecast as close as philly and new york yesterday, it was bright bri sunshine we were so close yet se far away from sunny day.. we're waking up with very drearr look out there early this this morning. cloud cover, fog, mist all ofogl that. at and rain showers not moving intn parts of the area just out toa t the west.the we expect these to arrive in thv next couple of hours. couple ofu we'll have a period of rain perr showers maybe thunderstorm right around the midday.y and then here's the great news.n the front is actually movingy mn this time around and we'll get g east of us and allow things tohs clear out by late afternoon andd we'll be in for some sunshine a bit of a drying breeze out ofez the north and west and a very vr nice end to our friday so thingt are looking up from
8:16 am
weekend forecast we have rain hn showers in the forecast tomorr tomorrow. midday once again i think the t morning hours will be dry andl y late afternoon on saturday willt be dry. sunday will be beautiful.utif there's your weekend forecast.. >> sunday is beautiful.iful >> little cool and breezy but sunny and >> perfect.>> per >> i'll take that trade off anyf day. da >> erin como is is with us in studio. st >> i am. got a tweet that says we broke the rain occurs with our beachea day yesterday.esrd >> makes sense to me. >> yeah. yeah. tucker, you look at that., yo we did a good job.. >> we broke the streak. >> don't sound so enthusiastic. >> right now your metro update.u we have delays.ay. earlier train malfunction att landover delays to vienna on tht orange line and new problems onl the yellow and blue line. delays in both directionsirecti because of a signal problemem outside of king street. s so if you're headed out on metro from alexandria watch for that t one as well. is that so side from that takinr a lock aomt our roads southeastt southwest freeway on theay on te westbound side we have a crashdw out by main avenue. ave causing slow-moving tra
8:17 am
you can see as you head down towards 395 as you make your way to king street and also 295 295 south super backed up from souts of 50 on down past eastern witht congestion. we'll have more traffic for youo in just a few moments. momen back to you >> all righty. >> gop nominee donald trump metm with republican party leadersea yesterday including houseng speaker paul ryan.ul rya more reports about he may pickep as running mate that person isei on fox news sunday this weekende joining me now also on fox newss sunday every sunday morningy chris wallace.s e. hi, chris good morning.or >> every morning seems like mori sunday. good morning to you steve. >> of morning might be a littlee much. much let's talk about newt gingrichng and the possibility thatli t possibly he may be part of team trauma. >> he certainly is part of teamt donald trump he's supporting hit in the current or formerorme officials at a high level in thl republican party to support himm but, yeah, he's someone being talked about as a potentiall nominee. no we'll have an interesting debatd on sunday between newt gingrich former speak of the kerr of the house and
8:18 am
the house tim halls camp cam conservative congressman fromro kansas who says he's embarrasses and doesn't want his kid to k watch trump on tv because heaush doesn't know what trump is goins to s they're going to debate butto dt clearly we'll also ask newt askw gingrich about the possibilityoi that he might run or thehe vice-presidential pick. p >> what do you think, chris, donald trump would look for benefit most from quality wise e in a vp pick? >> i think the thing he's got tt look for and he is in effectff said this somebody who gives him some sense of credibility anditn seriousness in washington.ton somebody obviously trump doesn'n know how this town works. wks doesn't know how legislationow a works. somebody who can help him negotiate with congress and getg legislation through and somebodm who has, you know, more m experience than trump does on a lot of these big issues. >> getting back now to the bk no debate you'll have between thevn former house speaker and theand current member of congress iton shows that divide within thee wh republican a lot of that said to be addressed prelima
8:19 am
yesterday with these meetings ug on the hill. what take do you get from that.a to dress that directly we'lc have one of the guys in the oe s meetings and that is priebus tht chairman of the republican of tl party. the sense one gets is that it'si not all settled yet. y paul ryan the speaker of thepeak house made it very clear their t plan exceeds it was encouraging he's still not endorsing but i t got to till, steve, whether they really mean it in their heart ot hearts they will come out united by the time of the frankly there's too much that mt they both have going for them ie to have that.e t i would think that it would bein very negative for both trump onp his side and also republicans os their side if they came out of f cleveland divide divided and evy on the trail people have been b asking trump about themput t republican establishment and asking people like paul ryan and more important his candidatestat who are seeking re-election whaa do they think of trump. trump. i think they want to put this tt rest. >> they have to. it will be a huge distract going down the road. t road. as y
8:20 am
november. >> it's fun know when you talkkw about your power player thisr t week this is fascinating becausc the hard enough for people onfoe the hill to unite people when in comes to politics, perhaps it i easier to unite people in otherh ways.ways >> well, this is an amazing story.story chuck schumer who is going to bt the democratic leader harry reii stepping down he'll be thehe democratic leader next yearext whether majority leader orde o minority leader we'll he turns out to be in his spares time a heck of a matchmaker. 13 couples in his staff eitherft in new york or in washingtonhing have gotten married over the last 20 years. yea and he gets very involved. he's like, you know, hey, what'a going on? then as soon as theye get married, he then startsn s asking them about when they'ren going to have h if fact we talk to one of the couples and we said who do youdo get more pressure from your parents or from senator schumerm no, the senator.. (laughter).(laughte >> i mean it's really -- it'ss fascinating when you think aboui it. obviously this is 2016.6 senator schumer needs a realityi show. sh his office and staffers it hasri
8:21 am
>> that's true. the senator ed or something.omhi he said exactly as you point ouo he says in place where nothingot gets done, in his office,ff something gets done.. >> can't wait to watch on sund sunday. chris, we'll see you then much y thanks for joining us as alwaysa you bet. >> 8:21 right now. coming up, kevin mccarthy mh still in france this morning. mi what better place for a summer m movie he's got the five movies youie must see. >> all right how the nationalsho are celebrating max scherzer'sce big night on the diamond earliei this week. we're back in just two minutes.. bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ nationals taking back to theta field tonikight taking on theg miami marlins and what fans sho up to nats park this weekend they'll have the opportunity to buy this shirt. o srt the official max scherzer strikk outs are sexy shirt to commemorates wednesday historic win against the tigers. 20k's each k represent as strike out in the game aligned inn deliberate fashion. fhion fashion also key. fashion.fa i love this story. sry unusual delay at a game at ang angels stadium a cat ran rightar on the field in the middle of ml the fourth inning.e four that cat then took off into the stands.stands. behind third base to where staff member was eventually able touaa scoop that cat up. c we're told the cat was taken tot an adoption all it is ti me to check in with wit tucker barnes and get look at lk our forecast after all these days and weeks and rain andnd
8:25 am
yup yuk! yuk >> striking out is never sexy os the weekend.the weekend. >> at the true.>> >> right. >> um-hmm. >> wear -- you never really rll want -- yeah. yea >> you would get a lot of a loto attention for wearing the shirts i'm just saying.i'm st s >> maybe so.>> so. >> um-hmm.>>m-hm >> let's go to the forecast. for >> it just depends how good you game is, tucker.uc >> a little shirt ain't goal go to stop your mojo. >> you'd be surprised, allison. >> 63 in washington. >> let's's winds here out of the south --th >> turn it on.>> t >> 8 miles an hour.iles aur >> yes, my microphone is on o everybody. my microphone is on. on. allison come close to meme i toe need you. >> thought you'd never ask. y nv >> yes indeed.nd you can take look right there. e storm tracker radar showing youu cloud cover an few showersr few across the area. are out to the west right along 81 8 we'll continue to be dealingea with showers and potential for thunderstorm midday and then the front gets east of us and we are looking at brighter conditions i and bright sunshine here late hr this afternoon. after we'll get a chance to dry out dy with winds out of the north andt west. hey tomorrow we'll have showersv
8:26 am
then we'll clear it out again a sunday looks fantastic but coolc highs in the mid 60s.. >> his mike was on the whole w time he just wanted to get closg to you. >> it is on, tuck. it isn, t >> yeah i know.i >> that will work one time. only going work once.ork o >> i fall for it every time.ry t >> that's how strong his gameho is, erin. >> steve, my microphone is not n working k come walk o >> i thought you'd never ask.era >> i mean it is on i just needee help with the traffic. >> they told me that would bet l awkward. >> i understand.>> we'll start you off with metroof delays. nothing good going on here. goie earlier train malfunction at at landover delays to vienna on thn orange line. line. delays on the yellow and bluend line this is because of a signag problem outside of king street.r if you're taking metro inro i alexandria just anticipate those delays. de again, yellow and blue linesin earlier signal problem by kingy street big delays big let's switch it over and show i was look at the outer loop topep side of the beltway in of the bt montgomery county you are jammed from 95 into kensington theretoe and then the southbound side of 95 slow traffic south of the icc to the inner loop.oo bw parkway in laurel we
8:27 am
dealing with some stop and go ag traffic out by powder mill roada nothing out of the ordinary oinr there. then in annandale as you makee your way out the inner loop l jammed up almost from just pastp the springfield interchange alll you head up to 66. slow-moving traffic on the inne loop in tysons as well and 395 on the inbound side very slow sw from the springfield interchangh to the 14th street bridge.ri earlier crash on the southeastot southwest freeway westbound att main avenue. avee. did clear but residual delaysel there.ere. gw parkway southbound good news for you. for crews were able to row pair ther potholes there and all lanes arn now open at turkey run. r we'll let you know when those we delays clear as well.layslear keep it to fox5. fox5. back in just a few. ♪
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
8:30 am
♪ >> look outside right now weou deal with a little more haze. mr tucker says do not fear eveneare though it is friday the 13th t 1 nothing to be afraid of hereaidf because the sun will come outome we have broken our two-week two string of consecutive rainyy days.ys zero official precipitation at reagan national airport.air turning the corner.rnin >> i like that. lik we're over here in the loft it'i time for little kitchen conversation. pardon me while i look up andwh ilrover to the teleprompter.romp would that be okay? okay. there's some real talkers out ts there this morning. mor >> all right.>> a first up a debate pan bowel gooo parenting much what's the what' details here?deta >> okay.>> so all of that you have kids, k, how would you like to have evere weekend where you had no kids? d i mean friday to sunday. weekends off. >> sign me up.e >> really. >> i wouldn't like it. w i'm sorry.i' i'm that mom.. >> yeah i' t
8:31 am
>> so i would feel way tooelay guilty. >> yeah. >> but here's the deal.ut there' hs this can you believe i they actually met on australia'a dancing with the stars. stars >> okay. >> rachel she's a model andded she's a host and very goodd looking couple and they put onuo social media that every weekend they have a two-year-oldwoear- daughter violet.daughter violet. every weekend they take violet o to grandma's house.'souse the husband's mom, and they drop her off and they are weekendss free out partying every single e weekend. >> but it's nana's house.ouse >> yeah.>> y >> okay. >> but that changes it for >> that does change it for me.nt >> you would do it every y w weekend. >> no, i won. i know they're at theirt grandmother pes house.andmher i like okay.i like okay. yeah.yeah >> every weekend and so whateenh they say obviously they've the gotten huge backlash from sociac media about this because peoplel are like, look, you wanted tote have kids, you signed up to havo kids now you're just beingust selfish. like every weekend? and they'rt like, no, look, we come back on sunday.sunday we're a hundred% refreshed. we have energy to parent throug the week.eek. monday through friday i guess
8:32 am
>> i won necessarily do it evert single weekend but i think if ti this works for them they come ce back and they're better parentst during the week, okay.k, oka >> how old are the kids. >> two. two >> aww. >> a daughter that's two. >> i don't want to miss that w time. i don't either. i don't know if it's different from when i spent every daity oy summer with my grandparents.nt i talking about when d.c. ps waw out until it went back in.t bk i was in south carolina and iara loved it. >> it sounds like a martin mar household. >> that's right. i didn't even think about that.t >> right. >> martin do's go away for the t whole summer since they've been' born. >> is it different?>> i >> right. rig >> i think -- i think summermer vacation is a little different.e because that's like a summer's r vacation is an annual traditiont something to look forward to.tol 52 weeks a year every weekend we where you just want to go outgo and party.and party i would just say don't have your kids yet.ds yet >> right. >> that would be me. t >> every weekend for threeeeke months. >> another talker burning up thp internet here.intern her a couple they sparked outrage oe for e-mailing to say wedding wei gust wasn'ge
8:33 am
get this. get th someone sent them check which ci amount to do about $145, right? >> so the couple had the nerveer to write this. we were surprised that yourhat o contribution didn't seem tobuon match the warmth of your goodr wishes in our big day. day if in view of your own position if you wanted to send any sd a adjustment it would beul thankfully received. >> what? >> is this a joke. >> this is real. so the position is that thist t woman a co-worker mind you recently inherited money muchonm this bride and groom e mailed saying you didn't give us enougu cash. >> they're stupid.>> t >> real, right?>> r r >> stupid. >> of course the internet has gone crazy. >> end the friendship the end.rh >> how do people know? theyw? e posted it on the website swageba should it do she was genuinely i should it give them more money?y what should oy do? >> no. >> you know what, don't look ata gift horse in the mouth isn't it that is >> people are saying cancel thei check. write them and tell them you'rer the worse thing ever.e wo she actually -- actuall >> maybe she didn't like them tt begin >> why would you put it on wou social media. you know it's shady dee.. >> mo -- i'm the queen of france.fran
8:34 am
>> i believe you. >> they cash the check and she e ended responding with a one wit liner which i thought was prettt clever. she said, i assumed this was thw some sort of mistake. mis couple hasn't responded. >> the couple the mistake she m gave them $145 to begin with. that was the mistake. >> that's too bad.too bad >> you don't call someone out o the gift that they give you to you talk about it behind theirhr backs. back >> right. >> like we all do.ike all >> in the kitchen. kch >> in the kitchen of your ownr home.. >> these people are tack can he this days. they do thing you wouldn'tou expect. you're seeing it more and more gift registries, wedding registries, school etiquette. you're seeing that.inthat this couple shame on you ladyou with the check.with the next >> i think with the lady withadw the check already did thedy did shaming.sham >> i do. >> they shouldn't be friends in the first place much it's thatpu simple. don't be friends. move on with your life. y lif don't be friends. fri watch your kids on the weekend. (laughter). >> you're missing it. y're >> unless grandma says shell.ll >> grandma can watch them every other weekend or once a month.em >> you're missing.
8:35 am
>> i tell myself every summer. s i don't get those three months s and --an >> i go on vacation. gon v and i feel good for some reasonn when i come back.k. >> wisdom martin. martin. >> what do you think about it? u those are good talkers. t. >> martin comes to aunt holly.nt >> i'm trying to get weekendske away from tucker.ucke >> it doesn't work. >> oh, man. >> hi, guys. g >> hey. how is it going over there?gog v >> well, we're all coordinatedrn and happy. >> okay, good. >> wait until late thisl la afternoon. doesn't look great at thet moment.lo clouds, foggy, drizzle all of al the above returning early this morning but with a cold front on the move we'll be looking a lota brighter later lat t 63 at reagan national. nat cloud cover, yes, mentioned that the rain showers working througr the mountains right along 81 here haag town martinsburgrg winchester front royal all looking at rain showers.ho it may actually arrive as a a thunderstorm in our immediate area here later this morning during the earl al afternoon and then that front races to the to east and we will get some s clearing conditions around hereh by late afternoon. late afterno
8:36 am
the north and west, and much brighter conditions. con i mean maybe some actuale act sunshine for a period of time t later today. can you believe it erin? yesbet something to look forward to. t dry by evening. eveng. steve your daytime high. dme h it will be warmer with thatwitha look at the weekend forecast here in just a moment. let's fine out about your roadsu and what's happening with erin.e >> big problem breaking newsem right now at 8:36. you can see this is actually 666 covered in fog dealing with hugt crash out by nutley street on s the eastbound side. sid just the left lane getting we have the arrow truck arc losl police activity. watch for visibility problemsrom this morning use your low beamsw huge delays back from monument n drive all the way past nutleyste street. take look at our map right nowhn and show that you mess i just ms showed you in the camera.mera you can see how far back those delays go. i'd say give yourself a lot of f extra time heading tour ther beltway. inner loop jammed throughloop jh annandale. aside from that lot of that t of slow-moving traffic and metro m delays on the yellow and blue line at king street because of an earlier signal problem and pm delays continuing on the orang
8:37 am
earlier issue in we'll keep updated with your you morning commute.gommute but i'd say it's a day to get aa early start. dreary gray conditions causingdi big problems this morning. mor you can see 66 inbound throughnt arlington also slows thisws t morning. we will have more traffic in mon just a few moments. moments >> it is 8:37 right now. and coming up, facebook facoo revealing more about thebo t trending topics that createdat c controversy earlier this week. . and fresh not frozen big changec could be come to your bic macs.m we're back with two minutes wits what mcdonald's is considering changing now.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> wouldn't you like to headn't down to the beach.wn >> more than you could ever know, steve. >> if you want to get y out to rehoboth today that's whathat' w you're looking at. light surf out there this this morning.rnin such a nice place to be, isn't i it. >> it is. >> get a away real close to homo as a couple of hours up the coast. >> it should be nice.n a little sunshine later today aa well. well we talk a lot about facebook fak this week and some controversymv involving facebook and now aow facebook is letting users go urs behind the scenes a little bital after facing the criticism thata it biased -- it was biased whenw it came to trending topics.. facebook was accuse evidencevinc intentionally leading off conservative news items in itsts trending situation it uses software formulas and human instinct to make sure itss stories are not biased.d. they it a link to a 28 page doag you mean to outline how it's alt done. meantime, wal*mart is takini a page out of amazon's book. b the nt
8:41 am
testing a two-day shipping plana trying to compete with amazon'so popular prime wal*mart's plan will cost you 44 bucks a year and then shippingnh is free.pi free. hmm. good deal because amazon prime is $99 a year, but it does comec with perks like streaming music, audio books and free texts and video.o. , mcdonald's going from frozenre to fresh at least in someom the fast food chain testing outo fresh hamburger patties insteads of frozen hamburger patties. pts it will happen down in dallasn l they'll try it at a few at locations there.ti no plans yet to go national.iol. but the company has said it is i looking at improving its quote o unquote core menu items.te so we'll see how they sell downw south too busy to take lunch break and a spa break? wouldn't thatt be glorious? we have thewe have perfect solution but you need tt take little bit of a plain rider to get there.. >> a burger king restaurant in finland offering customers theen chance to enjoy their whopper in a sauna.a sna. guest which is sit back, relaxax burger king themed robes andobes
8:42 am
service from servers who bouncec between the sauna and the mainhm dining area. are high end spa also offers dinersn a chance to play video games ono communal tv's and stream -- i- was going to steam -- streamstre video. steam by stone stoves.eto ooh la-la. >> what are we doing wrong here in this country we cannot enjoye nice things like that. >> i don't think if i want myhi footnk food in a hot sauna witht the folks.. >> eat the and chill in the in sauna. saun coming up where else better to do a summer movie review thaa in the south of fran.f fn. kevin joins us live next. n >> live look outside on this ons friday morning. we're trying to look through the haze this morning. morning tucker says it will get burnedue off soon. the leader of that nation with i the zahn nass it he'll be in th white house today. tay maybe we can track him down.ow tuck is back with the forecast s next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ >> it is 8:45 right now. there's a look at reaganok at ra national airport.naonal airport. you can just barely see theelsee washington monument in theumenit background. what's our timetable for sunetas today, tuck?da tuck? >> probably after about 3:30 orr 4:00. >> all right. >> start to clear it out. o garage al process. process we do have sun in the forecast.s a brighter looking friday. fda brighter looking saturday andata sunday after --fter- >> awesome. >> -- very familiar scene earle this mor. >> gloomy. gloomy. >> yes, gloomy conditions.ondit. 63 now in washington.ashingn 63 dulles. 62bi marshall. marall. everybody off to mild and sticky start out lots of humidity up a
8:46 am
front which is now working into our region. in fact our friends out to the west here along 81 martinsburg front royal hagerstown,ow winchester thinking of you guysg you're getting rain showers ande this will continue to move very briskly to the east.he e may actually arrive as few as hunter thunderstorms by latee morning and then we'll push farf enough east we'll start to build in a little bit of high pressurs around here and for us that means sunshine by late afterno afternoon. so let's talk weekend forecast. we'll start tomorrow mild and dry. we are going to be dealing withd a frontal system once againnce a tomorrow during the middle ofg e the day. that likely bring us a round ofd showers and storms much it's non going a rain all day. d a few hours during the middle oe the day tomorrow we'll berrow wb dealing with potential for somem scattered showers and maybe aowa thunderstorm.deto then that front, too will geto t east of us by late afternoon afr tomorrow back into the sunshinen and sunday look great.ook gre it will be cool and breezy on sunday but at least it will be dry. i guarantee you for an entire 2e
8:47 am
sunny too on sunday.y. >> what shall we do?shal >> i don't even know, steve., s what shall we do.o. good question. qstio >> here's future cast. h a few showers at 2:00 o'clock.el potential for thunderstorms asos well. you can see those forecast tofot the east of dc by 2:00 o'clock.c check this out.ut. clearing skies at 6:00 o'clock.l you're going down to the natshet game, teachers appreciation night, you're going to d.c.'re o united versus the red bulls at rfk.rfk. big rifle row game.e row gam >> all right. >> yes. perfect conditions down at rfknr tonight for that game. game. and then we'll be very quietqu overnight.ov that's that second round oft o showers i mentioned tomorrowomrw afternoon at 3:00 o'clock.oon a0 we'll do it all over againall ov tomorrow but that, too, will, il quickly clear out and we're a w setting up for fantastic sundayn so all in all, brighter bghte conditions ahead here and aer decent weekend it will be awi little cool on sunday but bothut today and tomorrow into the 70se once we get that sunshine going. >> as it should be. b >> i know i always love dayslo d when it starts gloomy and gloy d doesn't look promising and thene it will turn will turn n something to look forward >> me, too.e,oo. >> speaking of what to looking forward to let's find out what'a coming up in a
8:48 am
good day dc. good d what's up, guys. >> good day d.c. is the place to be this thifrid >> every morning in fact.ry m we have a jam packed two hourscu for you tay >> okay. we have lots to talk aboutts including a topic that has allta of us little bit freak out in o the newsroom.thm. is your cell phone listening tot you? >> yeah, you know a lot of us k will talk about something theyhi can thing you know you'reg u kn getting ad on your facebookeb feed.ed uh-huh. is it just us? i don't think dt so. tech experts here to give us h some answers. >> also at 9a the new mgm casins at the national harbor looking g for some dealers.ea. hundreds in fact and they arenda opening a school to teach them.t we'll get a lesson first. fst >> plus he brought sexy yeah. yeah don't miss our interview witheww justin timberlake.. we thought we'd show that music video you starred in yesterday.. >> starred in. >> with the head shot.the we're not done.e. at 10a the legendary chuck, melba moore all live in thell ln loft. >> it is hot, hot, hot g day day d.c. just a few minutes away.wa guys. >> love it. all right, guys, see in you ayou few.few. summer right around the cornerer an
8:49 am
got to have summertime movies. . >> the >> blockbuster season.lockster >> we always look forward to it >> big movies are ready to hitea the big screen. screen. kevin mccarthy got a sneak s preview he's joining us now --ow there he is, live from cannes, e france. to tell us all about them. hello. >> aww >> there you a >> hi, kev. h we couldn't hear you.ould >> i started my live shot fory t you guys on wednesday from thisi beautiful views of the water. wr you guys remember those shotsse that i was doing for you guys oo wednesday and >> sure.>> >> well, let me give you a let little inside information.nformn i don't currently have hotellyae room so i am literally in thehe middle of a patio against the wall where these flowers becausc i don't have anywhere else toe go. go. list my live shot is happening o right now. so hopefully you guys can see mm and hear me okay. o >> you look great.ouook it's beautiful with the flowerso >> looks great. >> i know. it's not the water. not t i mean listen i think the french might be getting a little upsets with me because i'm like running around this place trying to getting live shots back to d.c.d
8:50 am
here i'm in the cannes fm nestst val. so many people here's the cool ' thing. keep this to a whisper.hisp i think steven spielberg is upri on that seventh floor right noww i think he's actually in thishi hotel doing interviews becausesc he's here for the bfg new pole p berg film coming out in july in believe but i am like -- i kindk of wanting to up there and see s if i can find him and just say y hi. hi would that be little i >> kev we just did a par rod par dough of every pole berg movierg every made and we'll e-mail it-i to show him and get his g h reaction.ti >> okay. >> steve, please do that., that might actually get me in the room. timberlake absolutely loved you guys so you neveplruaut spielberg might be the same.mig. you never know.u ne >> all right. listen -- h oh we know. >> spielberg had the biggestberg movie of all time.ll t the summertime. blockbuster season watch do wesd have to look forward to this ts summer? >> june, july and august are j interesting for movies this yeay we've already kind of scene twoe major blockbusters come out.e o. if you noticed studios are kind of making summertime earlier and earlier every year.ear batman versus superman hit the t market in march and captainnd ca america civil war the
8:51 am
movie of the summer hit theatert back in early may. so what's coming out june, julyj and august inform junem june specifically i'm really lookingg to finding dory the secret tot t fining nemo. n i think this looks amazing izi i love ellen degeneres. i'm hoping i get to speak to her for this film. f i love finding n it's my favorite next to wale we that's coming out on june 17t june 17th. june 24th we'll get the new'll independence day resurgence fill which is the sequel to t independence day.ndence. now one of the biggest thingshi here is where is will smith andh this is not a spoiler, his character has been killed off.. his son is now taking over in i the film, and the role movieovie come out june 24th much hisuch h son not in real life the actorha playing his son will be the leaa now. also stars liam hemsworth as a well as jeff goldblum who we haw in studio a couple week ago who is amazing. mazi that's june. that moving on to july, now's, july i very very excited about. abo i cannot wait for the new --- next jason bourn movie.ov i love this franchise.
8:52 am
the first three jason bournas films were amazing this new oneo is the fifth film member theemr fourth one did not have matte m damon that was actually a gentleman named jeremy rennery r who was obviously hawk eye in e the avengers film but now they're bringing it back to matm damon bringing it back to t director paul green grass thatra opens july 29th and the footage looks a amazing.mazi it also has alicia 53 candor. >> ghost busters i'm veryus excited and intrigue about. abo i know it's gotten a lot of loto negative attention.enon i say a statistic every day the most dislike video ever onr on youtube.yout the trailer.ailer i don't know how that's tt' possible. i think it looks relativelyativy interesting much i love the idea of the all female i love melissa mccarthy and kristin we can, lesley jones. j i think it's going to beo intriguing. paul feig directed that movie m and directed movie bridesmaidsrs and that movie opens up onp july 15th. and then i'm so excited, guy, my number one anticipated film ofe the summer, august 5th, is
8:53 am
suicide squad.icide now this is going to be a massive massive film. jared leto playing the joker j margo robbie taking on harley quinn bev affleck will be in thi film as batman supposed to be aa very dark super hero film. fil you're dealing with the ideahe e that super villians are comingrn together to try and save thed e world.worl we'll see how that turn out.w i'm very fascinated to see whatt director davidia eighty three does and davidia eighty threey wrote training day.e tr so i'm interested to see how seh this turns out, but it's goingig to be interesting summer, guys. i kind of think that captainin america civil war might be the b peak of the quality for the summer. you never know.neve i haven't seen any of theseeey e movies yet. we'll see what happens.whatns. but civil war will be a toughr o movie to beat. >> i'll give you my summer moviv pre write this down.wr here we go.he >> all right.>> all r >> ghost busts had a as strongtg first week and falls off the a l map. independence day a colossal failure. finding dory will do really well.ll suicide squad is going to be ths biggest box office of the oneshe you just name.. >> i actual woman a hundred% hdr agree with you.rewith steve, you might start working for box office
8:54 am
you know your stuff. stuff that is actually exactly what ia think will happen as well. well. finding dory look at disney.isy. disney is having the best yearte ever. if you look at zoo pope yaop y almost at a billion dollars.olls look at jungle book over $800 million. civil war made over seven hadn't dread million dollars its firstf two weeks. w disney is killing it this year.a so we'll see.ll s i think fining dory -- i agree-r with you, steve, suicide squad s is going to be massive success e here's the interesting thingesti about suicide squad.e squ that same weekend around the same time guardians of galaxys y opened up a couple years back. remember how well that that came out of nowhere. so i think you're right. i think that august opening wilg be really big for suicide squadu because nothing really opens ups after it. it. then you get into september which is a clove slower month.on we'll see what happens there.ape >> hmm.>> h all >> a lot of options for everybody. >> thanks kev and thanks steve.e >> good luck getting a place too stay. how long are you in france.ourac >> actually it's kind of coold o migrate aunt and uncle my mom's mom's sister lives in niece sois i'm going -- i'm visiting her
8:55 am
to try and stay withun her if ii can. ca if not, i'll try to get a littll small hotel in niece but i fly home sunday. guys, spielberg is up therere right now. now. >> go find >> steven spielberg is up theree >> the man told to you make youk movies. go follow your dream and so himh what you're doing. >> you'll regret it if yout if don't. >> i want to give quick shout out to jeff guy backs for thatrh amazing did you for timberlakebk yesterday. yest i've never seen actor more impressed by something i've evee shown them in a room you guys yg did a heck of a job with that. t and i want to make sure that you know coming up at 9:40 is my i m actual interview with timberlakk we talk about bunch of films, he talks about cry me river andve a song. tune no that at 9:40. 9:4 great job to you guys. you thank you for giving me that me video yesterday and wonderfuldar work by everybody.ybody >> kevin is our connect to the h celebs. >> sure is. >> kev, tell your relative we're all coming over for dinner neckc time. okay? >> agreed.>> steve, just fly over now.t fly n we'll have dinner tomorrowoor together.
8:56 am
>> i'll see in you few hourss .u thanks bud. >> love you guys.>> l >> love you back.ovyou >> have fun over there.e fun ovr >> you cannot not love kevin's enthusiasm.enthusiasm >> you guys are not doing him -- he's a stalker of spielberg.pieg we need to not encourage that. a >> seeing berg made him do film. >> i understand that. und >> they have nd i understand that. but at this point i think wehinw need to give spielberg someer s space. sp >> when is he going to see himgh again. >> let's go to the forecast. foc >> steve i was improved with ime your movie knowledge by the wayw that was -- yes. w- >> you never know, tuck.uck >> you know a l64 now inow in washington. here's what i's we got mild temperatures tos start your day. warm and sticky out there.ti it feels humid.. it feels like rain and it'ss coming.comi moving in quickly from the west. dealing with showers for the late morning, early afternoon. o and then here's the great newsht in the forecast. fec we'll clear it out quickly latet this afternoon.noon. some late day sun if we get that sun we'll be in the mid 70s and chance to dry out a little bitit later this afternoon.. tomorrow not a complete rainoutt showers middle of the day maybey thunderstorm. and then we'll clear idet out ot again. sunday will be cool.nd but sunny and bright and verynd
8:57 am
so mostly a good news forecast t fort weekend err rip, traffic? >> back to bad news.s. 8:56. 8:56. trouble on our roads and rails.s 66 completely jammed up justus beyond this point there's crashc taking out three lanes 66es eastbound nutley street and youy remain slow past this point atit 123 all the way back before bor monument drive a look now at our maps. want to get to metro delays. de. four out of our six rail linesin dealing with slow downs earliere male train malfunction atnc landover residual delays to vienna on the orange line. yellow, blue and green linesre s delays because of earlier signal problem outside king street. str big problems there. keep it to fox5 news morning.
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