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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. right now at 10:00, a marijuana growing opening the of historic proportions. the surprise that fox 5 received when we knocked at the fronted door. >> what was in the drink and what are the odds of your child being exposed to it? ? metro announced plans to close early every single night, including weekends for vital repair work. when and where you'll be impacted. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. we begin with the huge pot bust in howard county maryland. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sean yancy. that is the inside of the house and the jaw dropping look happening in the middle of the neighborhood. folks who live in this area thought something was a little strang
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expected this. >> fox 5 lindsey w atts has more. >> reporter: you'll find farm equipment among million dollar homes. >> really it's not a whole lot going on. we live in a very special place. >> reporter: the green ri here was more abundant than anyone knew. this is what police found. hundreds of marijuana plants. officers say it's the biggest indoor growth they've seen in the county. >> it's sad to hear. i heard that it was a lot more than just pot. you know. it was a lot of dangerous drug. >> reporter: police gave us this photo of shotgun and cash they recovered. investigators say they don't know how long the operation was going on. they were tipped off after the home went into foreclosure. at the new owner check theed out the property, smelled pot and called police. they arrested a daniel
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casey foul er, who posted pond. >> we expect that day person would come to the door, it was casey anne fouler who responded. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: people who live in the area, can't get over the video provided by howard counter. >>. >> in addition to marijuana police, they had a gun, cash, heroi heroin. >> reporter: goes to show where you live, you never know what's happening next door. howard county, lindsey watts fox 5. a dozen middle school students ended up in the hospital after they drank a mixture of alcohol and over-the-counter medicine. firefighters examined a number of the students this morning who claimed they were sick to their stomachs, took half of the students to the hospital. >> they had just general
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again, they had ingested an unknown quantity of this mixture and had nausea and upset stomach. this incident is not exclusive to montgomery county. police tell us teams all over the region are experimenting with these mixtures and worse. fox 5 tisha lewis spoke with a treatment specialist. she tells ways parents need to look out for. this is scary. >> sean, it's scary and disturbing. the good news is there's help. those who work closely with students who are engaging in this dangerous trend say they are seeing more and more cases compared to years past. young people on probation at risk young people can use these combinations and still pass a drug test t they view the mind altering cocktails as legal and prefer it over marijuana or had harder to find prescription pills. pour parenting could be to blame
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using deadly combinations to get high. >> coming from a lot of rap music. other things, popular culture, a lot of use of -- coming from the houston rap music. music. >> reporter: eddy at consistents is a program director at outpatient center. inside the southeast building, it's a growing trouble to do population. the pill popping. purple drink zipping, syrup addicted teens. >> it's a combination of some type of fruity drink mixed with jolly ranchers. >> reporter: he explains they're infiltrating. and how parents can spot it. >> bizarre behavior, few sweating, a motivational things going on. they have to be alert. expectations of what they expect from the children.
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we try to help with them. but they look at it as we none of their business or too hard, got things to do. >> rebecca is a case manager. she says despite the negative reenforcement, the real problem starts at home with the parents. shockingly, owens says most of the parents don't show up and when they do, the attitude is how are you going to fix my child instead of what they can do to help solve the problem. these programs are free often including the one we visited at riverside outpatient treatment center. tisha lewis. fox 5. local news. we turn now to prince william where a 17-year-old is jailed accused of killing a 14-year-old boy. police tell us the teens lived in the same townhouse. he lived on the upper floors of the town home with his family and the 17-year-old in the basement of the police say
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the 14-year-old attacked him with weapon last night. a neighbor who did not want to be identified said she would often see the 14-year-old around the home. >> the little boy used to come in and help us with the grass and snow and all that stuff. and his father used to beic who a handyman. he's worked in the house couple times. very nice family. very nice family. >> police charged the 17-year-old as a juvenile. his death is the eighth murder in the county so far this year. fox 5 is in fairfax county. friends and family are asking for public's help finding two teenagers. they were last seen wednesday. her family says she needs medication that she did not take with her. police believe the pair may have run away together and taken a cab to maryland. >> we love you so much. you have a beautiful
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your sister, brother, dad, me. and everybody in the family, we worry about you. we need you home. >> if you have seen the teens or know their ribs call fairfax county. still ahead a major change. >> metro rail is preparing to shut down each night at midnight including weekends. crews make vital repairs. we'll tell you next at 10:00. >> we got change in the weather forecast. clearing skies coming. sunshine today, we'll get a little more of that. i'll have the details coming up and can please join us again after the break. of of
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. few weeks away from
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changes with metro. starting june 3rd, metro will close midnight instead of 3:00 a.m. >> as we head to the weekend, people are starting to plan, sar sarah simmons. sarah. >> they're going to have the figure out and plan where they're going to go on friday or saturday. really think about it. it could really add up. in cost. because the metro is going to be shut down. starting at midnight. as you mentioned, a lot of people do stay out past especially in the city. it's part of the safe track plan we've heard metro talk about the general manager paul weidefeld unveiling there's going to be a lot of work. you see taxis and ubers all around. the thing is everybody knows
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many problems metro has had and how many issues we have had to deal with. we talked with dc councilman jack evans earlier and he spoke about the need for the cutback time. >> it's a tough one and i recognize that but we need track time. there's no, metro is a flawed system. we were getting 19 hours a week of repair, that just doesn't work. >> reporter: we spoke with metro riders a little bit earlier. it was a little bit busier. we got interesting reactions how they were going to deal with it and whether or not it was going to be big in their lives. >> i'm interested in seeing how that might affect the ubers and all that and seeing the prices with that. >> the weekends aren't really what i'm worried about. it's the week, day drama that's going to transpire. >> a lot of people take metro to get home
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late at night. we're teenagers. we hang out, and when you don't have metro as a fall-back that's bad. >> shutting do you know at midnight, that's going to destroy dc night life personally. >> people have to expect the metro to break down instead of actually coming on time is -- i don't know. >> i think i'm going to have to rebiking. >> reporter: that's the answer i've been getting. big winners are going to be the taxis and uber and lyft. but then of course, that's going to create that surge pricing people are going to have to deal with. the prices will go up on weekend and during week. we're going to have other close-downs as well, not just talking about the weekends and midnight but different parts of the track that will be closed at any given
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it's going to be quite the headache for people to try to get around. sort of one of those things everybody feels like we're in it together. that's the latest in dupont dc sarah simmons back to you. fox 5 exclusive for the first time we're hearing from the family of the american university graduate stabbed to death on a train at the metro station. jasper spires is accused of killing 24-year-old kevin southerland last jewel 4. he was offered a plea deal, 30 years in prison for first to degree murder. >> if there's any silver lining, i tell people that he went out probably happy as he's ever been doing what he wanted to do. >> spires
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bond. >> more than 20,000 people you gathered at a candle vigil to honor officers killed in line of duty. 252 fallen officers. the event is part of police week. members of community were invited to take part of a special web cast where they could thank officers by lighting a virtue candle. they offers condolences left behind. >> though there are no words. we must say over and over again to our people, we will always be there for you. you will always be part of our family. we will never forget you or your husband, your wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister who died for us in the line of duty. >> the fallen officers names appear on the walls of national law enforcement officers memorial. after what seems like an
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eternity of rain and cloudy weather, the sun popped through this afternoon. now, it's going to be a cool night. the question is, will we see more sun or clouds this weekend? let's check in with more? gwen. >> we are going to see a little bit more sunshine, which is nice, we're going to have to deal with clouds and even isolated thunderstorms t unfortunately. but in the meantime, today was fabulous, people didn't even recognize the sun it's been so long since we've seen it. right now we're seeing skies with clearing conditions here. also just a few clouds not a lot happening in the cloud department. here's the wet weather that moved earlier. we had a frontal shim that brought rain showers. we were into the mid upper 70's for daytime high. it was comfortable. little windy at one point but the winds started to subside. tonight we're talking light winds across the area. here's a look
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temperatures right now. 69 at dc. ten degrees cooler for gaithersburg at 59, 61 at frederick, 63 at dulles, cumberland at 64 to the west. to to the south, 63 for leonard sfoun. we'll see the winds picking up from the west five to ten. clear skies on the cooler side. we're going keep an eye. sunshine to start the day. we're going to be dealing with a chance of isolated thunderstorms, some could be severe. we're watching that very closely. we'll keep a close eye on radar. temperature-wise, we're going to actually warm up a little than cool down, jet stream to the north of us, we'll see temperatures ranging from the 60's to 70's overall for this weekend. good news is not a weekend wash-out, but don't put that umbrella too far away.
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expect with the seven-day forecast. back to you. the obama administration issued new guidelines. >> school district must allow students to use rest rooms that match their gender identity but are the feds going too far? we break it down ahead of at 10:00. we want your take on this story. a new jersey lawmaker wants to crack down on distracted walking. she introduced legislation that would fine pedestrians $50 if they use their fine crossing the street. same fine as jay walkers. violators could also be sentenced to 15 days in jail. >> is this a good idea or something police could enforce since everyone seems to do it. give us your feedback. we'll share your comments later in this show. ow.
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. first family hosted their final dinner, the gathering was unique as president obama was honoring not one but five countries. leaders of sweden, iceland, fine land, denmark and nor way met with the improper for the second u.s. nor dic. will far rell, and david letterman. >> apparently our invitations got lost. the state of our military. fox news learned the u.s. air force are in desperate need of repair,
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fox news discovered only half can fly. the planes have been around decades. >> the first jet i worked on 20 years ago had 1,000 flight hours on it. now we're looking at some of the airplanes pushing over 10,000. >> we need to play over and over again and you work as hard as you have to be worked to get these things in the air. these airmen are starting to get burnt out. >> the big news is fox news reports the air force is short 700 pilots and 4,000 aircraft mechanics and the military often has to look around. the tsa is experiencing turbulence. last night they dealt with long lines some say it took an hour to get through security.
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more than 3,000 checked bags missed the flight. they're where of the problem and working with airports and airlines to deal with it. >> recent events across the world confirm the continued need for vigilance when it comes to aviation security. >> congress approved the tsa request to redirect $34 million in funding. >> coming up has the obama administration gone too far. >> it mandated the public schools should allow transgender to use the rest room of their choice. when we return. ♪ stand by me
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. we're back with a look at tonight at that top headlines. we begin with a historically large pot bust that howard county maryland. police arrested
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this is video from inside that home. the two people arrested a face multiple drug and if i remember firearm charge. six montgomery county students were taking to the hospital after drinking a dangerous drinks at school. they drank a combination of alcohol, cold medicine and candy while in school stuvenlts are expected to be ok an investigation ongoing. sarah? >> reporter: we are two weeks away from major changes on metro. on june 3rd, they will start shutting down at midnight instead of 3:00 so metro can have more hours for the major overhaul called the safe track plan. it will include shut downs as well aspirate lines throughout the system, people will have to be where. uber, lyft and the taxi services will be the big winners and they're going to be in high
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demand. back to you. the obama administration issued new guidelines for public schools when it comes transgender students. >> if the schools don't play, they could face penalties. >> reporter: a letter from the department of education and the department of justice was sent out to public school district across the u.s. it states schools must allow students to use rest rooms and other facilities of their gender identity rather than their birth. implies a threat that federal funding will be pulled in school don't abide by these guidelines. >> it is an extreme example of overrage and the question is, what problem is it trying to solve? fairfax county was an exemplar on the rare case it did happen. we were handling each case with dignity and different
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>> reporter: they ultimately changed their nondiscrimination policy to include the words gender identity after a series of heated school district meetings. >> it endangers children and violates the rights of students and parents. >> your brain is telling you hey, i'm in the wrong body, to have that feeling and not be able to get out is a hell on earth. >> reporter: they knew the directive was coming and part of the reason they made the change. >> when a student identifies as transgender, they come in with their parents, they meet with school staff and they work out a bathroom plan. a student can no the come in day one and immediately use a rest room of their choosing. >> look at other districts that have made this policy change, la is an. they have not had one
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issue in the bathroom. >> reporter: even though they've long had practices to accommodate transgender students, board members says the feds have gone too far. >> now what federal government is telling me is no one else in the building has rights. what about the rights of students who are also predicted for religious freedom, for example. whether they're evangelicals, catholic or. >> the controversial letter comes on the heels of dual lawsuits issuing each other over the issue of bathroom access for transgender people h. now to prince george's county where investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this apartment fire in mar lo heights. the broke out around 12:30 this afternoon. when firefighters arrived, they found flames shooting from the second floor unit. the fire spread to the third floor and the roof. we're told one firefighter suffered burns to his hand while battling the flames. no one els
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a fire broke out at the same apartment complex in march. forcing dozens of people from their units. fairfax county police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in a deadly hit-and-run. it happened around 9:00 last night. police say matthews was sitting on the curb, got up and stumbled into the street. that's when police say he was hit and killed by a dark-colored sedan. if you know anything about this hit-and-run, you're asked to give police a call. operation baby shower. we're going to tell you why this room full of pregnant women, they received a very special treat today at the national harbor. we'll tell you more about the celebration coming up. dc sports fans suffered another early capitols playoff exit. i was among them. i needed to book a therapist. the healing
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sports. .
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. share with a a you a a delightful event. >> the professional golfers association teamed up with operation shower. they put on a huge baby shower about 40 pregnant women who are either members of the military or who spouses in the military. each woman received a special gift bag that truly touched them. >> it's needed and great stuff. so
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>> the event was a huge hit. the pga and operation shower sponsors similar events across the country. many their spouses are overseas, it mean as lot to them here's a story i know you're going to love. women aren't the only ones having baby showers these days. >> man showers. apparently they're becoming popular. it's not a gathering of guys eating cake and opening gifts. instead many of those bums are -- i'm sorry. many of these man showers feature dad's to be heading off on big trips with the guy friends. at chance for male bonding where
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expected dad loses some free time? give me a break. are you kidding me. >> it's a great idea. >> that's called before you get married. ok? you're not losing your free time. >> sure you are. so is the woman. not just the man. >> it's another excuse to have what do they call it a bachelor's party? a before dad party. >> these happen to occur in vegas. >> that's my point. keep your but home. a photo of a georgia police officer going viral. this is officer hurts hold, a six-month-old boy, the message read in a time of need, officer hursts goes above and beyond. boy was found outside with no adult supervision, transported to a savannah area hospital. child
10:41 pm
hurst did his best to comfort him. coming up at 11:00. metro's maintenance crisis how the transit agency is changing its plans for emergency repair work. a woman gets carjacked at a gas station but what the victim did next caught her attackers completely off guard. >> would you go 30 days without showering or wearing match-up? the editor tried to see what would happen and there's an stunned by the results tonight at 11:00.
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. welcome back. it is time to walk weather. >> here's gwen. >> we saw sunshine today finally. nobody could recognize what it was. we were all happy that it finally arrived. tonight we're seeing just a few clouds, but it is mainly clear with cool conditions.
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we've had quite a windy day and the winds were on the cooler side. milder temperatures for put the next few days. tomorrow we got mixed conditions. of we're going to start giving sunshine but then keep an yeah to the sky. chance of isolated storms heading our way by the afternoon hours. the opposite on sunday. going to be dry, pleasant of sunshine. but it will be a little cooler and chilly in the overnight hours. let's take a look right now at satellite radar, not much to show. we had a little bit of rainfall earlier. that all moved its way out and left behind just a few clouds. we're doing very well in terms of that. at least for the time being. short lived, however. current temperatures, 69 in the nation's capitol. 62 at baltimore. 61 at leonardtown, same in annapolis. to the west, 64 degrees
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martinsberg. we'll see tomorrow start off on the dry side. sunshine, which is what you enjoyed today. however, the second half of saturday, whole different ballgame. get everything you have to to have done the earlier part of the day. we're going to be keeping an eye on the approach of the front system. lots of instability will start to build in. we'll have the sunshine that made its appearance. it's going to set us up for a chance of isolated thunderstorms by saturday afternoon and some of those could possibly be severe but very isolated in nature as far as that goes. on the back side of that, good news. high pressure builds that and your sunday is going to be cool, a little bit breezy but you know what? we're not going to turn out of nose up at it. we got sunshine. it's going to be dry. another dry day we're going to get to enjoy. the weekend is not a wash-out.
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we do have -- the storm prediction center has us under a marginal risk for storms for saturday. we're going to have to watch that as the frontal system comes through. there will be instability and as a result of that we could see storms that will be severe in nature. we'll keep an eye. here be futurecast. 2:00 hour. i anticipate this starting to move in probably close to about noon or so. little earlier far western zone. into the 2:00, 3:00 hour, be prepared if you're planning anything. as you can see through the i95 corridor. we start to get a nice break saturday. we're going to start out for the with the sunshine, oh ever the higher he will elevations by sunday, they're t
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of seeing winter precipitation. take a look at this, lingering through. we're talking tomorrow highs into the 70's, no snow. it's going to be low 70's and comfortable. putting it together, wrapping it up, 57 for tonight, cool and mostly clear skies. tomorrow the sunshine will start out for the first part of the day at 74. mostly sunny skies. we got the chance of those isolated storms, marginal risk of severe weather. >> we got another day of sunshine and dry conditions when we start the week, 67 degrees on monday. we get two bonus days in a row. we deserve it of the trust me on that. then the rain kicks back in tuesday, wednesday thursday, by the end of the week, dry conditions. we should be in the mid upper 70's, were he will cool down.
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weeke weekend, you will get to enjoy the sunshine. >> i know you've been in a bit of a rut like many dc fans, sean and i have been talking about getting you help. we taped one of the sessions in what is a major hipaa violation, we have the video here. tony i'm happy you came me today, i remember our last session in the fall, you were having a bit of an identifies crisis, i was starting to worry about you. what brings you in today. >> again, this is sports related as well. i'm depressed. frustrated. angry, you know. >> wait. remember last night, you broke the table. anger take the -- pillow. >> it's the caps. the caps. beginning of the yea
10:50 pm
predicted to go to the stanley cup and win and other night, they come back from three down, i thought it was over. they scored three goals. tide it up. go to overtime and lose. they lose again in the second round. this is so frustrating. it's not just me, it's the tire region. they can't get past the second round. the nationals, 2012. we're supposed to go to the world series. and drew we lose again. we don't get to the world series. the redskins, i went to the redskins game this past year. curt cousins fantastic gets us there. i had an identity crisis but i figured that out and came back and cousins makes it and we're playing greenbay and we lose. we can't get past the first rounds. oh it's
10:51 pm
>> we discussed this before. your inability to experience joy and love the joy of the journey. what about these teams, what if they never got there? at least they're there. >> that would almost be better if they never got there, you don't have to expectation of we're in it we can do something only to be let down and crushed again. >> you say that but then think about the fans in cleveland all they've been thorough, 0 championships. especially for the browns. against the ravens last year. isn't it better to experience some semblance of joy and be let down than never to experience the joy before? think about what you have been able to experience in your lifetime, three redskins super bowls, a wizard's championship, nothing for the capitols, but you were there for the washington senators in 1924. you probably remember it like it was yesterday. >> i'm getting more depressed,
10:52 pm
doc. i remember these things, you're right. i should experience joy. can you give me something, give me some hope? >> i'm not a miracle worker, tony. 's i believe all of the prescriptions and drugs wouldn't be able to help the plight of the dc sports fan but i do have one thing. i'm going to give i was prescription for a dc united fan dom. they're always in contention, the games are a lot of fun, i think you need to experience joy. experience winning. go out to a dc united match and come back and let me know how it went. >> this is soccer right turn? >> yes, some people call it football, the other football. >> ok. i'll do my best. thanks, you'll send me the bill as usual? >> usually paid in cash with martha on the way out. >> you have a very
10:53 pm
therapist. >> he looked familiar to me. >> i got to say, dc united, celebrating your new found fan dom with a win. already on a streak. >> you got it. thank you very much. >> enjoy the winning. >> i will. >> enjoy the ride. >> we'll be right back. >> hold on, up next we're going to be talking about your responses to the fox 5 question of the day, should people be fined for texting and walking? we may hear from you? text us. i mean, don't text it, tweet us.
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. keith urban and nicole kid man look like this in public. but urban is showing us a more personal side. he posted his karaoke video promoting his new song called fighte fighter. >> it's so cute and a real moment keith and nicole look so natural.
10:58 pm
little camera up there and made the village it's cute. guess what nicole and keith, you're not the only couple who can rock car karaoke. >> we frequently do a little car karaoke. this was several years ago to watch our sun play football. we were doing a little lip sink to beyonce and kanye west. got to have fun. we have different filters. keith and nicole need to upgrade. >> very cool. earlier in the show. time for fox 5. earlier in the show we told you that one new jersey lawmaker has proposed legislation that would fine people for texting while walking. they could face a $50 fine and maybe jail time if they're caught recklessly texting. >> we wanted
10:59 pm
thought. here's what some had to say. this comes from reynolds. perhaps fine, a young lady once stepped in front of may car while texting and never looked up. >> i see this all the time. ted says you can go ahead and enforce finding but the biggest concern is the police gaining another reason for brutality. >> everyone does it, people from ages eight to 80 would be jailed and fined. >> i almost ran over a person crossing the street pay more attention to the phone than traffic. something needs to be done. >> i think putting people in jail is putting resources in a different place. i don't think we start doing that. police need to do other things. >> i'm for finding. it's a safety issue. >> it is, that makes sense. thanks for joining us for fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 news
11:00 pm
now. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. metro announced new plans. >> it's the largest illegal pot growing operation in local county's history. >> police say they had gun, cash, heroin. >> inside the elaborate setup and what we found. >> caught on cram, it began as so much car jackings have before. what the victim did surprised her attackers. your news starts now. metro maintenance crisis, the transit agency is making more changes in order to jump start it's needed emergency repairs. of thanks re thanks for stayings with with us. i'm sean yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. metro is going to close at midnight every night beginning june 3rd, this is


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