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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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where the little boy was shot on 12th place is less than a mile and a half away from the other little girl was shot last montht what happened today is mostt likely completely unrealed. this happened in the middle ofil the afternoon by a school and several churches. i walked to a teenager whoed witnessed it. t she said the little boy was playing outside with a friendend when a man opened fire firingire several times and striking thet child possibly in the shoulder. the witness told me she thinks the gunman may have been going after someone else. when the seven year old girl was shot in april it was the case of her getting caught in the middle of a begun fight. she survived and little boy iste expected to be okay as well. paul transom came to the crime seen as he often does when these things happen. he is calling on the community to reduce the violence in southeast. he says something has to give
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this is constantly continuously going on in southeast. people inside their homes shoulm be outaged because the only time they become outraged in crime is when they touch one of their member and it should not resultt to that before you decide toecid come out and say we're tired ofe the vialen.ial i'm sure a lot of people areeop tired of the violence. he said he wants to see more police presence in that area. he's also suggesting surveillance cameras be installed. as far as the shooter in this case we have a very vague description, a black man in his 20s or 30s, shoulder lent hair.i we'll let you know as soon as we have more details. > let's take a turn for the weather and take a life look outside. a beautiful 11:00 hour. wasn't it so nice to see a little bit of sunshine today. a great morning and then, well,l we had a
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in this evening, but everyone is now thinking about gwen, about tomorrow and you better say there is going to be more sun. i know what the answer is so i could say that. i've got an awful lot of witnesses to this. if disappear from the face of the earth. you know what, the good news is we do have some sun.n. let's take a look at what's happening right now, though. we did have some storms. it was a busy night in thein weather department. we had severe thunderstorms for parts of our area, but things are calming down quite a about it. the exception being higher elevations. that will continue for them toor form as well. in can pennsylvania, believe itl or not they're going to be seeing some snow flakes flying around there unfortunately. we'll see some partly cloudye so skies for tonight, degrees foror right now winds have been a big ise
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will get a little bit cooleroole also. right now we're at 56 degrees d.c. 52-degrees for gaithersburg, 53 at dulles and 56-degrees at culpeper. so the winds still gusty andnd they will be gusty tomorrow, also. even though you're out and you see the sunshine just remember j that i told you it's going to be a within did i day. right now winds are gusting up to 28 miles an hour in some ofso our neighborhoods. we'll see a few 50s there. it will be a about it on the chilly prepare yourself accordingly. and for tomorrow some cooler air as well. not quite as warm as it waswa today. our highs will be into the 60s. we'll have a look at that seven day forecast in just a bit and t let you know what expect and ho long the sun will stick around. when this storm moved in thishis afternoon it took down to trees and power lines.powe check out what happened here on hew a street
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a huge see came crashing downwn and crushed the truck on the street. no one was hurt. but the tree fell just a block or so from an elementary schooll and neighbors we spoke to said they're glad that this didn'tid' happen when school was inas i session. i'm just thankful that itha happened on a saturday and not during the school week. neighbors tell us they wereere concerned about this tree.d they sayab it's an old tree ande that they feared all the rain we've had lately made the grounu too soft to hold the tree up. residents say they contacted the city multiple times about the tree. they came out and determined it was safe. thank goodness no one was hurt. > huge. coming up, president obama willl again deliver a commencement address tomorrow.orro we'll tell you where he isis headed and what his message will be to the graduates. stay with us.
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> tomorrow president obama wilr travel to new jersey to give th commencement speech of rutgersrs university. now the school invited the the president to speak nearly threee years ago. the white house says he will wi tell graduates about the world they're entering and the th challenges that lie ahead.e it is the president's second tor lastes commencement while in office. he'll also see at the air air fe academy's graduation. the raise for the white house, republicans in nebraska gathered for their state's hardy har convention today and they soundly rejected a proposal by senator been saturdays totor support a third party candidate. as is a vocal leader in the anti donald trump movement. he wants the gop to pick a third party candidate who will push a conservative agenda, but insteat of supporting as, state republicans called for party unity. meantime the war of words of between trump and hillary and clinton is heating
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we hear more now from kristin fisher. both front runners took a break from campaigning today, but the back and forth between donaldh trump and hillary clinton continued on twitter. why hasn't donald trump releasee his tax returns. it looks like he's added excuses. he asked voters what is trump hiding. trump would be the first major presidential nominee since 1976 to not release a tax returns. rt trump is filing back on a o different front. he wetted out if clinton can't c close the deal on crazy, how ish she going to take on china and for all the momentum the mathath still is on not on his side, bernie undersays going to defeat trump without
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sanders sounded more confident than ever. our goal in the neck five weekse in kentucky and in oregon next e tuesday and six other states a, including north dakota on june 7 is to win as many delegates as e we can and to go into the democratic convention with a majority -- with more delegates than secretary clinton. mathematically that's almost impossible. another long who the is what t some republicans are stills ar trying to do, draft an independent candidate to take on trump. but remember, trump now has the support of about 70 members of congress and we're still waitina on that all important endorsement from house speakere paul ryan. in shall what than to, kristin fisher, fox news. > he seems to get more support as days go on. i think he really wants ryan, though. it sounds like there was some - >> conversing. > for sure. coming up, gwen is going to havo a final look at your forecast tonight.
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> not warm enough for the pool, but nice enough to take a bike ride tomorrow, right? >> you're absolutely right.
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> just take in the sunshine while we have it. i would like to wash my car butt it's only going to rain again ia a couple of days. > i went to the car wash and they're closed because it's raining. wash it i and ten you can come wash mine.h > i was going to ask you to do mine. talk about make the messengerseg pay the price. you know, at least some i'm'm going to bring some sunshine before the week is here's a look at satellite weather. made a busy night in the weather department because we had some rain earlier and then somethen storms that roled through and zoo some severe weather warnings with that. that is out of the way.way. seems a lot calmer, however. we're going to see some partlyse cloudy skies in the overnightven hours. here's what we've been dealingen with as the frontal system hasye moved its way through. that was one of the triggers for the storms that we got tonightog as it moved into area of instability. we had some sunshine today and that warmed up things a little t bit for this frontal
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we did anticipate it in.n. in the meantime, partly cloudyte skies for the overnight hours iu what we're dealing with. we've got some shun on the way. just perfect to end the weekend. temperatures on my seven forecast a little bit of a roller coaster and late week iss looking pretty good.ood. i'm happy to say that.t. look at this beautiful photograph that was sent to mest by one of twitter followers. it shows a beautiful rainbow. one of our photographs, take aea look at this. they were moving in, the storms. unbelievable. it's an amazing thing whathat mother nature does. this was as the storms wererms coming we kind of had the total opposite on each here. finally things have calmed down. the only place they haven'thave calmed down are in the windind department. we still have some gusty winds. idsn the mid 50s we have some lw 50s here as well. 54 at baltim
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gaithersburg, a little cooler for winchester at 50-degrees ane those winds, well, sustained winds right now, anywhere from about 7 to 18 miles per hour. we still have some strong windnd gusts to deal with. and those winds are going to stick around tonight and foror tomorrow. and right now winds are gusting from 18 to even 28 miles per hour. this afternoon we had winds that were about 35 to 36 miles per hour or so and when the stormshe came through, those winds wereid even stronger. so this is a pretty goodtty indication of the fact thatfa we'ring going to get this cooler air a little bit on the back side of that frontal system. so temperatures tomorrow, nottoo quite as warm as they have beene today and we will see the windnd sticking around.roun we'll have some sunshine, s combination of the sun, windy conditions and cooler.ler. but it will be dry. futurecast, however, is trying to throw a little bit of a light passing shower in about maybe five to 7:00 tomorrow.0 it could be a
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but over the appellations, appel different story.en they are going to be dealing with some snow showers. they had some sleet earlier and a freeze warning.warn here's a look at futurecast, just a little bit trying to make its way through there. the nothing substantial. and the nats game is on tomorrow, go nats. 60-degrees, mostly sunny skiesse and windy when that game kicks off.of tonight, 46-degrees.6-d and tomorrow we'll finally getfa some sunshine at 63-degrees, bu3 the winds will be sticking around. just hang on your hats, folks.ks here's a look at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecastre forecast. it's going to be blow seasonal most of the week.k. we go back up into the low 70s by the end of the week. we have monday as another day of sunshine because i believe somei things should come in pairs so o want to give you
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monday so i can double up on all my positive feedback. i deliver for matt. you know i love you. this week d.c. fans don't forget another earlier capitols playoff exitment and our own tonywn t perkins took the loss harder than most.os so he booked a session with thei fan therapist.her there you see the session. he wanted to vent his frustrations. the healing begins ahead next in sports.
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teisha, gwen, listen to this. bringer kink customers can now c heat their food in a steam room. the fast food chain has opened a chain in hell sync '.. i has two saunas that can fit up to 15 people. it has a media how long and a laundry room in case she wants a whooper and your food as well. food issacs zestible in the i sauna and the restaurant, but you have to book the spa in advance. that's going to do it for us us tonight. the news part of this, but but standby because brody logan is s here now to take you to
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of the way with sports. > have a great evening, everyone, we'll see you later, take care. i can think of nothing more than relaxing than eating a whopper in a steamer.tea d.c. sports fans after another capital players disappointment no one is taking it harder thanr happy you came in today. tod i remember our last session in s the fall you were having a about it of an identity crisis. i was starting worry about you. what brings you in today. >> this is sports-related as wellment i am a depressed. de i'm frustrated. fru i'm angry. > wait, remember last time you broke the table, the anger pillow. > it's, the caps, beginning off the year they're predicted to g to the stanley cup and win and the other night they come backak from three down. i thought it was
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they scored three goals, tie itt up, go to over time and they lose. they lose again in the second round. this is so frustratingment it'st not just me, it's the entire region. the caps can't get past theas second round. the nats, 2012 were supposed to go to the world series andrew investorren, we lose, we lose again. we don't get to the world series. the redskins, i went to the redskins game this past year. kirk cousins, fantastic. gets us there.her you're right. i had an identity crisis, but iu figured that out than a i came i back and cousins makes it and we're playing green bay and we lose. we can't get past the first round. it's frustrating.. it's it's going to make me cry. we discussed this before, your inability to just experience joy and love the joy of the gurney.
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what about these teams, what if they never got there? at least they're there.her >> if they never got there youou don't have the expectation that oh we're in it.t. we can do something. s only to be let down and crusheds again. you say that, but then think about the fans in cleveland. all that they've been p through. zero championships in the modern era, especially for the browns, everything they've gone through. the rains, the way that they the lost, isn't it better to experience some semblance of joy and be let down than to never nv experience the joy before? think about what you have beenee able to experience in your lifetime. three redskins super bowels, a wizards championship. nothing for the capitols, but you were there for the washington capitols in 1974. you probably remember it like ie was yesterday. i'm gooding more depressed,, dock. i remember these things. you're right, i should experience some joy. jo can you give
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help me, though, some hope in i'm not a miracle worker, tony, so i believe all the prescriptions in the world, probably all the drugs in the world probably wouldn't be ablee to help the plight of the d.c. sports fan. but i do have one thing. >> yeah. yea > i'm going to give you a a prescription for a d.c. nighted fan document. if anyone out there feels like tony i have the anger pillow. the nats and the marlins do it twice on the other side.
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> favorite double header, the $175 million man, steveneven strasburg on the hill for theont first game of the day/nitre against the marlins. christian yellowish, part of the part. the nats 1-0 in the first, gave up three in the six. >> the interpreter:ings. with the nats up 4-2 bottom of the sixth, wilson rams on seeing the ball great after his off-season lasix. they are pumped and they should be. the nats win game one 6-4.. game two. bryce harper sitting on it a one-game suspension, but
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is tanner arc. row arc not the best today. the second in incorporate. the top third, nats trailing two-nothing, justin breath freshening from chantilly. the nats trail by three. row arc gave up seven earned today. the nats watts they couldn't wat getting they lose game two, seven too one.on look at this great defensive play. very well, the nats marlins are at it against tomorrow at 16789.6789 35 at nats park. that does it for us. fox5 news is always on fox5 have a good night. cape crusader.rus we need the cape crusader, come on out. there we go. the mystery continues.
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