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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 6. right now at 6, crowds gatherine outside the us capital for the national piece officers memorial service. the 35th annual event on org a those killed in the line of he duty. a beautiful sunday. gwen will join us with a look at the workweek forecast. fox5 local news at 6 startstar right now. good evening thanks for joiningn us tonight at 6 i'm gym low kay and i'm marina maracco. we begin tonight with the the weather. it was a sunny day, kind of of brisk out there much the problee was there could be some rain on the way. >> let's check in with gwen gwe tolbart with more.ore. hopefully there's some good ins to this
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>> we're aren't going to speak e about rain until we get into the early part of the week. the i'm the ongoing to be the bearer of bad news as far as the weather is concerning. the winds were strong. we forecasted yesterday theyst were going to be gusty and they certainly were.nly winds ranging anywhere from 7 up to 16-mile per hour winds sustained, you about they are gusting even stronger than thath let's take a look and see what we've got. go winds right now gusting up to 33 miles per soes that's a pretty good indication they were strong last night and he were strong just about al day today andnd continuing. we will get a break, but only later in the overnight hours ove before we start to see the winds start to die town. in theo meantime definitely let's hang onto your hats. here's a look at current at conditions in your nation's capital. we have mostly cloudy skies. i was fairly pleasant today as far as the sun was concerned. we were a little bit on the th cooler side. right now it's 59 in
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gaithersburg. 61 at degrees at fredericksburg. so your overnight low 42-degrees. it will be chilly, mostly clear skies. kohl's. we also have some believe it ort not frost to talk about. that is a word we didn't think we'd be speaking about in the month of may. as the day does get underway we're talking cool and dry. > back to you. the strong winds he we enough to cause a partial building collapse in northeast d.c. it happened new york avenue on fence which can street. s luckily no one was hurt. fox5's lindsay watts is life atl the scene with more. >>reporter: marina as what again was just saying, the winde is still gusting and apparently under the right circumstanceses it's strong enough take down aou brake wall. take a look at this, the forcehe of the bricks crumbling was so strong it snapped a power pole in half and brought down
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street signs. luckily no one got hurt whengo this happened.ppen it was around 2:00. 2: the billing was unoccupied at the time.. this is an old tomato packing pa plant that is now under construction. the back of this building isf th open and you can see some of tht scaffolding there. because of the work being done firefighters think the wind goti swirling around inside and ins contributed to bringing down the bricks. the only other damage was a car that was since toed away that aw was part of the wreakage. it certainly could have been a whole lot worse had the buildind been occupied or people out oneo the sidewalk or inside the parked car. luckily we sent our dog in there just as precaution to make surea that no one was trapped or injured inside. and thankfully and luckily no lu one was inside and everyone is e going to be oh can i kay. back here life you can see these crack in thee building. it looks like more bricks potentially could fall there. zc fire is certainly concerned about the stability of what w
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for another collapse.her i'm told that city inspectors are going to be out here takingh a look at all this and the road is going to remain closed until this is deemed safe. saf we're life in northeast, lindsai watts, fox5 local news. > lindsay, thank you very much. in other news this evening. they came from all around the th country thousands of police officers and other law enforcement officers in one place. the national piece officers pie memorial the service honors those members of lou enforcement who gaveenfo their lives in the line of duty. this is the 35th year for that he memorial service. i've been here several times. we obviously have a reel strong brotherhood, a broth hood of h blue here for the officers and their families.. awesome to see the public come t together in a positive light for police. it is a nice thing to celebrate this week and so all the public happy and support us. 123 officers died last year, their names along
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officers who died in previous years were all added to the national law enforcement officers on friday night. today officially kicks off police week. people made the trip to new yort city to participate in a a memorable raise to the top of the to your climb. as the sun was coming up overin new york city thisg morning, about 1,000 people came from ale over the world to raise the top of one world observatory. this year marks the second annual tunnel to to your climb to honor the firefighters and first responders who lost their lives saving others on september 11. and it is not an easy climbasy especially at 5 in the morning. it's 104 and 226 stairs to geti to the very to. as we talked to the runners in u the finish line they said this a was nothing compared to what com first responders do every day ty keep us say. it's a very emotional day going up the stairs. i'm who the, don't have 70 pounds
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they had oxygen tanks and life i support for people.eop to think that they run and up down the first i can't complain at all. the did i was especially emotional for michael burke whoe lost his brother billy burke. br his brother never made it out. you get to the 40th, 50th, 60th, 80th floor, you hear billy right behind you. you're really safe. re time brown was one of the firsti responders who made it out alive, but am of his friends hi were left behind.t when it started getting who the today in the stairwell after the 50th floor, it was hard just h to put one leg in front of the other, i found strength throught them. they were the strength in my my legs and they were the wind ini my lungs and under my wings tois get me up there. the tower to the towers climbto also raised about $300,000 to build smart homes for service members who have been catastrophically injured in warj
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firefighters' children.' the injuries when they come home, their homes aren't adequate for them anymore. we're happy that we're taking the lead on these homes and butting in smart technology for them to give them back some of their independent. in > we are following a developing story tonight out of uk where police canceled united after a a suspicion device was discoveredi forcing the stadium to be evacuated. >>reporter: please remain in your seats. manchester united premier socceo match was canceled sunday after a suspicion package was was discovered inside the venue. there were a lot of people talking, a lot of concerned people. the stadium which has a capacity of over 75,000 was evacuated about a half hour before the scheduled 3:00 p.m. kickoff. players from both teams were fr taken off the pitch and kept in
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military personnel and bomb and experts arrived quickly on the scene. they carried out a controlled cn explosion, a device which police called incredibly life like was later determined to be a location.. the match was taking place inlac the final daze of premier league system. the other matches went ahead as scheduled. we didn't know what was happening, you know. we made it out, so better safe than sorry. united was vague with man chess city. the premier leg said in an statement that it will look to o reschedule the match as fast ass possible. will car, fox news. > and the asso
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reporting just within the last few moments that the fake explosive actually had been lefd in the soccer stadium following an earlier exercise. apparently the training worked. at least they checked it out. you have to take every precaution. coming up tonight, president t obama delivers a commencementen address earlier this afternoon, rutgers in new jersey. je we'll tell you what he told the newest batch of graduates. she didn't go to prom yet, but u this high school student is already preparing to graduateg t from college. an incredible story and more after the break. k.
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> president obama made hisrynt today becoming the first sittino president to speak ahet a rutgeu university commencement.. rutgers is the state university in new jersey and its marking
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its 250 year. the president used the address to talk about the political climate today. he didn't mention donald trumpno by name, the president, though, did take aim with some of donald trump's pronouncements and including the comment to build a wall to keep illegal immigrantsl out of the united states. it won't boost our economy andec it won't enhance our security isolating or disparaging muslims, suggesting that they th should be treated differently or on their attempt to entering this country. that is not just a pretrail of our values, that is a pretrailrr of who we are. ar it would alienate the veryhe v communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against violent extremists. > this by the way, one of three commencement addresses who also urged people to believe in demsy saying the system works and that's how the world was vice-president biden and
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house speaker bob barnard each spoke at commencement talkingali with politics. governing in my view is the art of the possible. politicians in these days are constantly being pushed tod to promise the impossible.ossi this being a presidential pr election year you've been y hearing a lot of impossible promises. politic is a full contact sport. i agree. father, to the detriment of thef nation in my view and i think john would agree with me, it hs become a blood sport.spor the vice-president had to rushuh out of the commencement becauset he attended his grad daughter's campaign at the university of pennsylvania. donald trump also there, trump's daughter is graduating fromrom upenn as well. coming up later you'll hear from the vice-president. fox5 saturday down with the president this
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views on several topics including the nomination ofof meric and the backlash biden has received from republicans.epub we'll bring you that interviewie in just a few minutes. the university of southerniver california awarded him with bachelor of science in zoology.l fox's christine o'donnell nownow with this incredible story. congratulations alphonso.. it was a moment six decades in the making. finally lawn pope alphonso gonzales has a uc college degree. he has been a dedicated studentt as the oldest graduate ever. he was one of thousands s graduates to receive his diploma, but he was the only one to receive a standing oh investigation.ion i know
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done. the world war ii vet firstst started usc as a zoology student back in 137.137. harry truman wasn't. gonzales says he was too busy working with his brothers to take part in his 1953 graduation. years later his knees tried tord pick up his diploma for him onlm to learn he was one creditcred short. so usc created a one credit course for him. here i many. i did it. i inspired hundreds not to worry about the world situation. go out there and serve the country. and what will this 96 year old do to celebrate? today, thetoda first thing i'll do is -- that's
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a michigan student is set to earn her college degree. even though she is two years left before she finishes high school. ramos will receive her second associate's before her sweat 16. i didn't plan on graduating at all. my mom started looking into it. she's like wait aic s, you like taking these classes you might as well get your degree. i was like oh, my goodness, that's such a good idea.'s s rams on plans to take it easy in her junior and senior years by taking model un. eventually she hopes to major in counseling. she graduates from college inn 2018. she's going to walk out with a ph.d. >> close. > wonder no more, tonight you could have an opportunity topp speak to the carson dad. we'll tell you how. ho timber lake is back in a big way.wa he
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we here at fox5 tried to follow his lead. we'll show you a move after the break. break. ♪
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> for second straight week, the marvel universe is at the top of the box office. captain america civil warn am brought in an estimated $73 million bringing itsts worldwide total to $949 million in just under two weeks. disney also had the second biggest film of the weekend witk the jungle book which has now been made more than $300 milliot since its release. money monsters stark georgeon clooney finished thirdst and rounding out top five was thehe darkest and mother's day. it takes 69 # 5 episodes, but for the first time fans will get a chance to speak to ohm mar simpson. yes, you have the opportunity to speak to the cartoon dad. i mean art. and we started syncing that inng the studio.e at the end of tonight's episode right here
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answer this is the first time an animated show has ever attemptee to do this and it's always being sponsored by the motion technology. i will go into a room and speak as omar into a microphone. new motion capture technologyteh takes everything he does.s. if he goes like this omar will like this. if he turn his head, omar turnsa his head. that will be immediatelymmed imitated with a background.h he's going to take questions for three minutes and talk aboutalk events for the day. the the show's producers say they wanted to do something like thie a couple of years ago btt they decided against it afterer realizing the technology lie wasn't where they wanted it to be. in case you're wondering there will be a seven-second delay to ensure that prank terse won't get an inappropriate question on air. which means to me later we'll
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>> it's amazing the enduring appeal the simpsons.i the first time you saw him was back in 1989 when they had thead christmas special.ri i remember that very well. ve there was a lot of equal sitement about that. i can't wait to see what thet questions are and the answers. > unscripted. >> three minutes, not a whole lot. > maybe they'll do it again. justin timber lake yet back again with another smash hit. a some of our nol colleagues decid to get in on the action. ac take a look. >> i can't take my ifs off you. don't stop. nowhere to hide when i'm getting too close. (music
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to be able to hear that song without thinking about tucker t barnes wearing a firefighter hat justin timer lake saturday downo with kevin mccarthy to show him our version. that is a booty song. i like him. i had to show it to you. can't stop the feeling is the first new song timber lake hasas release since 2013. it within for the
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trolls. she nos about good dancing. she knows a lot about that. it's cool to get a little attraction. people see that we do like to cut loose.oo it is a very serious job, butut like you we like to have you cut loose. >> although you won't be seeinge us dancing. >> no, the not at all. president obama is demanding z transgender students to use bathrooms that match theirheir transgender identity. that story and more when fox5 local news at 6 returns. .
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> it's now been threen monthsh since the supreme court justice and the ton scalia died and leaving a vacancy. they are asking
6:28 pm
give their nominee a chance. fox5's laura evans saturday dows with vice-president to get his thoughts. >>reporter: judge marette garland, president obama's pickc to fill the supreme court vacancy, the rose garden announcement was march 16, nearly two months ago.ont since then the republican controlled senate has taken no action to pursue confirmation hearings and vice-president biden once the chairman of the senate judiciary committee saysa republicans aren't doing their h job. you don't have to vote for merit garland, you have a shouldn't ta have a vote. senate republicans say theyhey don't have to citing what they h now call the biden rule, biden'e own words from 992 when he was the senate of judiciary committee and george h bush wasn't. it is my view that if a supremep court justice resigns tomorrow or within the next several weeks or resigns at the end
6:29 pm
summer, president bushres considering following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not, and not name a nominee until after the november election is completed. why should republicans in thissn case act or feel any differently? >> laura, thats ' not what i said. i said unless he's going to consult. and i went onto say that he should send someone up. if you listen to the entire statement, the then chairmant, t goes onto say that if a president, quote, presses an an election year nomination, the senate judiciary committeeommi should consider not scheduling c confirmation hearings untilngs after the campaign season is is over. i've presided over more supreme court nominees than anyone living. every single one got a hearing.a every single one got a vote inot the committee. co everyone of them got a vote on the floor of the united states s
6:30 pm
presidential election years.ion so that's the by den. ry jared says the president has fulfilled his confusional con responsibility. it's time for republicans to fulfill theirs.heir republicans to take this unprecedented stand over thisd o issue sets up a slippery slope i for what's next. the fact that on the evening that justice scalia passed away, leader mcauliffe said there would not be a hearing no matter who the president nominated n because he wanted the people to weigh in is ridiculous.icul mitchell mcconnell says theys white house is now dropping all pretense that is about anything other than a campaign issue. laura evans, fox5 local news. meanwhile republicans continue e to be split over whether
6:31 pm
support donald trump. tr they were on fox news this sunday to talk about trump's candidacy and he also some choice words for anyone thinkina about running a third party campaign. >> i think they should consider the ramifications was using to s happen from the supreme court, get assurances from donald trumm that they're satisfied with thaw would show that he's committed to those conservative justices,u make sure the justices that aree being considered that heritage and other groups are i think that's the better way te go as opposed to this third-party route. trump met with house speaker paul ryan to take steps to help the parties. transgender students is. republicans are threatening the white house with a fight.igh republican leaders across the country are telling the white te house to gear up for a fight over its new guan
6:32 pm
transjennifer students.nife on friday, the departments of justice and education sent school district across the didn'try a letter stating transgender students have full f and equal access to both p activities based on the gender they identify with. that includes bathrooms, locker rooms and college dorms just tos name a few. failing to follow these guidelines could result in r federal lawsuits and the loss oo millions of dollars in education funding. now, a growing number of republican leaders are expressing their outrage over the new directive. officials in at least 12 states are vowing to fight it in courto saying it's the latest example of executive over reach by the obama the entire policya is vague. it's also we believe, uncons can substitutional because they don't have statutory authorityta or constitutional authority ton change the statute. sta that was done by congress and id needs to be changed by congress. this needs to be a debate in congress, not with the $5 perfection just unilaterallyon changing
6:33 pm
the white house is defending its actions saying this policy has been in the works for years and comes in response to a growing number of school administrators who were reaching out for guidance on how to handle the issue here. the challenge is not to isolateo anybody. it's not to discriminate againsg anybody. it's not to make anybody unsafe. it's actually to ensure that our schools are inclusive and respectful and safe as they can possibly be.ssib some similar to what we're seeing in north caroline n a,, this fight will likely end up ed and be decided p in the courts. in washington, i'm garrett kenny, fox news. > imagine without a shower or makeup. the editor of a website, theybst tried it and the benefits they n found will surprise you. .
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...cleasee ya!ake off. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. welcome back.we two massive wild fires continue to burn in washington state. the crews battled the flames, the numbers being forced to evacuate continues to rice. t more now from fox's
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>>reporter: two different wildd fires are raging in the northere area of washington state. i woke up and i've been hearing helicopters all morning. evacuation issues noticeed for those in the area. we didn't have a very wet winter and everything is dry and the wind shifts and there's a lot of fuel out here. the fire can go anywhere.. helicopters dropping water because much of the tour rain is too steep for ground crews. it's getting hard for the crews to get at it. that's pretty scary. sca i just bought this house two years ago. i sunk all of my life's savingsa into it. i love this house. i hate to lose this house. people in the area are on notice and on edge saying this year's fire season is starting earlier than usual. it's a lot dryer out there. we've had a really who the month without much rain. it stresses these trees. crews sa
6:44 pm
forecast could actually make the situation worse. the neighbors say a fire season lining this just comes with the territory. it seems like this happens every summer. you have to be ready for it. out here, it's beautiful, but that's one of the dangers youang accept when you live out here.e. they are trying to contain the e flames to a contained area. in loss angels, will car, fox news. > this was a nice -- i got up p early this morning, it was a little brisk at first. windy. very windy and those winds werer chilly, also. al as somebody said it feels like it's march instead of may. of it is a lot cooler. we actually, believe it or not, i'm going to be talking about ab frost and freeze advisory. i know, say it and it so. it it is may. please somebody tell mother nature about that. i think things are a little biti mixed up. but nonetheless we had plenty w sunshine today and h was at least a od
6:45 pm
we have been on a little bit oft a run as far as the sun department is concerned.rt we're goingme to keep that goint for you, also. al a beautiful look outside, is thh camera shaking? not too much. u but the winds are fairly strong in am of our neighborhoods at this hour. here's a look at some of the peak wind gusts that we had. unbelievable.ab 49 hour at reagan national. 40 at bwi. those winds very strong and they are going to continue tonight ag well to be fairly strong until we get a little about it intoou the overnight hours.ours monies another day where the a winds are going to picnok up alp over again. so definitely t hang onto your hots. sustained winds right now are anywhere from six to 14, 15 miles an hour. the exception being the west where cumberland has the sustained wind at 22 miles per 2 hour. here's a look at wind gusts thas are out there right flow.low gusting up to 8 miles an hour an out there, so really strong. st
6:46 pm
from 21 to 33 miles per hour soo still very windy. i'm really knot glad it's notot cherry blossom time because they would have been taken out within one day.e those winds, as i said, will wi diminish overnight, but they'reb going to pick up again tomorrow. temperatures right now are into the 50s.0s. today was a lot cooler than it h was yesterday.wa we had highs in the 70s. not so today and it's all the a cool air that's moved in behind a frontal system. 59-degrees right now at d.c. we have 54 at gaithersburg,t ga, little l warmer to the south. fredericksburg at 61 and 60-degrees for culpeper and cu manassas at 61-degrees.1-d take a look at what's happeningt to the west.est. oh, my goodness, over shenandoah values, over to the west are dealing with frost advisories and freeze watches.d this kicks at midnight tonight until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning as we get into a a little bitin closer. there may possibly be some frost close to the d.c. co
6:47 pm
baltimore, also encased in that. any sensitive plants or or vegetation you have you'ree definitely going to have too protect it tonight. t it's just really strange thathat we're having this at this timest of the year. we have light ayerst and an artic air mass that's settling in. a ridge of high pressure forigh your monday. mon we're looking at another dry day with plenty sunshine. it will be breezy. temperatures are going to be in the 60s for your monday.ond we're going to be dealing with g low pressure and a frontal a system once we get into the tuesday, wednesday period. w that's when the rain is going to urn are. we're going to see the frontall system as a warm front. fr and so you have to get the umbrella back out again by theny at least we have a about it of a break. we want to tell you what's happening on the 25th of may. of it's weather day at nats park. some of our weather team will be out there just dog all kinds of wonderful things and giving the kids some tips on weather. a dollar per ticket goes to the leukemia and
6:48 pm
hopefully you'll get out andnd support it. 49-degrees, it's going to be chilly. er ' going to want a coat or att least a warm sweater. a chilly start, heading to the 66 only for a daytime high and that's well blow seasonal. we should really be in the mid to upper 70s now. temperatures in the week will be up in the high 6s 0 and low 70s0 we're starting the week with some sunshine which is verys pretty much like today it will i be windy. w >> i'll take that forecast overo all that rain that we had last a week. i mean, it's spring.prin it's almost summer we want to see the sun whether it's cold or who the. the > and some baseball weather in there. >> hopefully we'll get a win. they are playing the mets and me our producer josh is a huge mets fan. so go nats. >> that's right.ght. we're in d.c. d it is may but we're already
6:49 pm
weekend the redskins concluded their rookie damp. da and the nats conclude their series with the marlins.arli that's ahead in sports. orts.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
you may have seen major league baseball held their annual playn weekend with stadiums joining jo forces to put on tons of events for kids, including them run thn bases and spending time with some of their favorite players. also some giveaways including 223,000 waffle bats.3,00 they will take the experienceex with the ballpark home and joinn their local lesion. le all 30 clubs are supporting the initiative. the 15 clubs that are home this week and will be doing various play ball events encouraging kids to come out and just play ball, but then additionally all of
6:52 pm
the clubs have.s some will be participating in the national and standing next to a specific player. s > he with you talk about baseball, you talk about major a league baseball, we grew up with american america's past time bu now you see more kids getting gt into soccer into football so it's important for them to do this kind of outreach and spendd what is a great way to spend a summer day. also just a way to bring back in that younger generation. it is kind of an elder sport. get them involved. get them out there with theirith favorite players, like some kid in d.c. gets to stand next to bryce harper.arpe you have the stars. the nl raise is looking like a battle royal. roy it was thought to be the mets division, but
6:53 pm
quarter way into the season, the nats lead the mets and right behind them are the surprising phyllis. get a load of this t guy's life preserver. two men on, a fly ball to second. loses it in the sun, two runs score, the nats trail by two. tw he's like, man, cop on, i on haven't seen the sun in threeun weeks here. i wasn't used to it. ryan zimmerman drives one to right. a collision in right field, both men down. an inside the park homer, both players would be okay, including, well, unfortunately n for the nats stanton. a homerun to right, the nats lose at home 5-1.-1. still lead the nl east by onene game. we're not playing great and even though 'r
6:54 pm
we're in a good position. pos if somebody had said the middlei of may that we would be going to new york in first place i'm sure everybody would have been happy. it's just once in you're first u place everybody wants you to bee five or six games up. i just learned the mets lost. more kids in baltimore, manny ma chat oh doing is part to host ho baltimore youth baseball lesion. a two-run shot to right center gives the birds a lead. a give it away in the eighth. first jamie martinez, a drive deep to left center into the bull pen and then the very next batter. that one tied the game. this one untied it. miguely prepare a. the redskins rookie minute i i camp coming to a close this weekend. the big news
6:55 pm
second round pick played safety in college, but he will be an a inside linebacker for the th redskins. from learning new positions to learning the play book, it's al about getting up to speed as as quickly as right now we're talking about 75, 80 percent. as time goes on we'll just go on an incline.. i'm trying to learn as best as s can. it's a teaching experience. like he said, a learning experience for them, the tempo, the plays, the terminology, all that is knew to them, get them out there and see them with helmets on is exciting. obviously we have high hopes for them. > the ncaa lacrosse tournamentu maryland the number one seed in both the mens and the women. this game was all about
6:56 pm
not john rambo, matt rambo. the two defenders, still gets s the goal, the terps up 2-1. out and running why is the the defense? where is everyone. look at this, time going down, three seconds left, one second c left, rambo, the terps ram 13-6. another maryland school, towson in the tournament. to one of five maryland teams represented. taking on denver, the second th quarter is 5-1. the 19th goal of the season, the fourth quarter towson up 9-7. brenner, his 31 stuff the year. the tigers lead the defensing,de the second up one trying to holo on. it takes away they do towson upsets the number two seed denver 10-9. there is no other way to put it, the capitols second play off pl exit was a let down. dow the capitols once again failed i to make it to
6:57 pm
final. it was summed up by caps playerl this week with one word. failure. i don't -- i'm not going to beat around the bush.he i came here to try and help this team win and i didn't do it.t. you can draw other stuff from it or whatever and use it to your o advantage next time, whatever ti you want to say, you know, you o lose a game, you lose out of the office. there's no consolation prices here. the second round, third round, r it doesn't matter. your goal is the cup. cu they are definitely the best fans. even if we disappoint them hopefully they have faith andy h we're going to do it. a lotof
6:58 pm
there's always next year. and there's always 10:00. that does it for us. we'll see you at 10 and 11:00.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
♪ fartsocks! ♪ oh, no, you ain't getting away this time, coyote! (rattling, hissing) ♪ (distorted): come... back... here... coy... o... te. night-y... night. (pants) ♪ honey, i'm home!


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