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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at 10, wind is bringing down trees and evens an causing a building to partial pa collapse. we've got an update on the damage and the cleanup.lean metro back to normal after another disruption on thehe redline tonight. we'll tell you what caused the latest delays. honoring fallen officers. fox5 news at 10 starts now. thanks for joining us tonight, n i'm marina maracco and i'm gym low came we start tonight withsr the weather damage causing somee we've seen large trees tom over and part of this building in northeast just crumble in tonight's windy weather. lindsay watts is on the scene with a look at the destruction. >>reporter: nothing like we saw earlier when fears wind brought down this building.. someone on twitter remarked that it looks like
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hulk went through the wall. taking a look at the rumble, yoy can see we're on fence which can street just off of new york avenue. nobody was out in the see at th time. this is one of several closelos calls we've had recently thanks to rough weather.ther the weekend did not put mother nature in a better mood. m the weather has been so bad, i guess this is the last thing tog top it off. at the national zoo two downed trees stopped folks in their traction. the ground here already soft he from the rain when the wind wi started gusting. elsewhere even bricks were no match. we sent our dog in there just as a precaution to make sure that u no one was trapped or injured inside and thankfully and an luckily no one was inside. firefighters point out the out billing is under construction co and it's open air in the back. something on the back sides putu
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brick wall and it sped up and ad right out onto fence which can street. the grumbling bricks snapped asn power lineap and rained down onn parked car. it's not the worst damage to a vehicle we've seen this weekend. look what happened to this truck when a tree tommed in northwest on saturday. it looks like something out of a cartoon. >> it reel dis. the owners took it in stride realizing the true extras troph it couldtr have been. it could have been worse. ironically they were about to to say goodbye to the car. i'ming my second child and we ad were going to get a family friendly car. am are hoping she can finally put this nasty streak behind h s us. it has been extremely ext depressing, but i think it's going to be great once it subsides because you know how d.c. is everybody will be out ot
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themselves once o nobody is going to be out on this street any time soon. this area is still blocked off l because tonight there is still concern about the stability of this building and the potentialt for another collapse. we were able to talk to the owthner here. he says he wanted to put in a coffee house and other retailerr but at this point he may juste a have to tear the building down and start scratch. life in northeast, lindsay watts. fox5 local news. it's definitely been i out there. gwen is standing by to hopefully tell us about a warmup:we've had the crazy weather patternr between the rains and the winds, nothing that he is really what a we should be having for this ha time of year. you're absolutely right, very chilly. temperatures today and youres highs were actually t into the 60s, something 17 to 18-degrees blow the seasonal average. we can't seem to get a br
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let's take a look at what's happening in terms of things th tonight. 41 at reagan. 39 at dulles and 40 at bwi, unbelievable. even stronger in some of our of other neighborhoods. ne definitely big issue and right i now winds are not too bad much a we still have a few gusts out there. right now sustained winds anywhere from five to 13 miles o per hour and here's a look at some of the gusts that we have a now which has greatly improved i want to same 16-mile per hour wind gusts right now for winchester. we've got 21 at d.c. we will see some strong winds again tomorrow, just be acare be you will have to hang onto your hat. temperatures into the mid 40s and mid 50s in most of our neighborhoods. as we move into the d.c. area d we're looking at 55-degrees, partly cloudy skies to partly cloudy tonight.onig 42 for your overnight low. we are talking frost. say it and it so in the month o may, so, yes. i've got frost advisories and a
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know about those in just a about it. back to you. another disrupting on metro. this one involved a track issues at bethesda. workers were checking out whether there was another arcing incident, but p no smoke or firo was reported. re they went on single trackingrack between medical center andnd friendship heights. once crews figured out the the tracks were safe full service was restored. last week metro's gm said it will shutdown every nightç seve days a week starting june 3. jun now to the district where police are still looking for the persoe who shot and wounded a seveneven year old boy. the boy was playing outside when someone fired several shots. he was hit in the shoulder and h is expected to be okay. the b shooter ran off and police hopeo someone will provide a tip that leads to his arrest. an emotional gathering on on capital hill today. thousands of police officers and other members of law enforcemenw gathered onth
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capital. they joined together to attend the national piece officers memorial service. the service honors those members of law enforcement who gavent w their lives in the line of duty. i've been here several times. we obviously have a reel strong brotherhood, a brotherhood of a blue here fors of officers and f their families.ami it's awesome to see the public t come together in a positive light for police. it is a nice thing to celebrate this week and see all the publib happy and support us and come out to these events as well. wel 123 officers died in the line of duty last year. today's necessity moral service officially kicked off national police week.k. while the presidential primary raise is over, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are still duking it out. oregon and kentucky this week. we hear more now from fox's mike he man it is crunch time
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democratic presidentialial candidates who are gathering upo for a pair of primaries in oregon and kentucky on tuesday.e for us to win the nomination, for us to win the number of pledged delegates that we need e we're going to have to do very, very well in the remaining ate states. after victories in indiana andan west virginia fora bernie sanders, hillary clinton is cl trying to stop his momentum with a win in the blue grass i voted to bale out the auto industry and he voted against it because i wanted to safe those millions of jobs. i guess if you were to evaluateo our positions i think i came out on the better side of that. clinton leads sanders by nearly 300 pledged delegates going into tuesday's prims. but the vermont senator says he's in the raise until the july convention. in virtually every national poll, in every statewide poll wo do much better against trump than does secretary clto
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as presumptive republican presidential nominee donald don trump he spent the evening e attending his daughter's graduation.. vice-president joe biden was bid also in attendance for his granddaughter. number one, i'm not stupid. i can tell you that right now. just the opposite. in number two, in terms of devisive. i don't think i'm a devisive person, i'm a unite fire. fi trump responding to david cameron who called trump's ban on muslims enter the us stupid and wrong. it looks like we're not going to have a very good relationship. it sounds like he's not willingt to address the problem either. a win in either one of the twowo states on tuesday will give clinton momentum heeding into he the primaries in california or new jersey. sanders is likely to win organ oregon. the washington monument will be closed yet ai
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morning. it was shut down due to power issues. it has been closed several times recently because of elevator including twice last movement during previous elevators issues visitors have had to walk down thousands of stairs. sta still ahead tonight at 10 graduates getting advice fromdvc pavement the president gave the commencement speech at rutgers today and even took some subtle shots at donald trump. honoring first responders who died trying to safe others. the grueling stair climb to clean 9/11 responders alive. .
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> president obama made historyo today becoming the firstba sittg president to speak at a rutgers university commencementen ceremony. he used the commencement address to talk about today's politicali climate and he didn't hold back in talking about the republican partest presumptive nominee. president obama started hisstar speech by saying it's not p much that i'm afraid to take on in my final year of office. he went on donald trump without ever mentioning his name. president obama said the good go old days weren't all that good l. when you hear someone longingoni for the good old days, take it with a grain of salt. president obama then made his case to the roughly 12,000 graduates as to why he believes trump's isolation will not bewil good for the the wall is more
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than ever before. building walls won't changenge but p president obama p savedde his mostnt scathing criticism fr the very end by directly attempting some of trump's favorite talking points. tal he said the system is not rig. more people need to vote. experience does matter. ma it matters for doctors and pilots, sew it should matter for politicians, too. it's not cool to not know whatwt you're talking about.b that's not keeping i real or telling it like it is. that's not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing whatno you're talking about. president obama did stick up for another republican, former secretary of state condo lisa rice. she was invited to speak atat rutgers commencement two years ago but she backed out due to student protests. president obama said those protests were misguided and it's bad for demsy when
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unwilling to listen to the other said. > while the president was at rutgers, vice-president uniformp house speaker john baynard eachn spoke at notre dame's commencement. both spoke about the challenges that exist in today's politics. governing, in my view is the art of the possible. politicians these days are constantly being pushed to promise the impossible. and this being a presidentialprs election year you've beenyou' hearing a lot of impossible father, you said that politics is a contact sport. i agree. but father, to the detriment ofd the nation, in my view, and i think john would agree with me, it is recently become a blood sport. the vice-president says in all of his years in political lifeca he has never seen the political anti this bad. > switching gears to thehi forecast, a chilly sunday nighta out there, but things are looking hopefully a litt
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warmer for your monday. let's check in with gwen in then weather service.serv >> you're absolutely right. chilly is absolutely the word. we have some cold temperaturesee settling in. that has me talking about frost advisories and freeze warnings.f i know, it's may, we should notl be talking about this.s. let's take a look at our mapsur right now. here's a look at our current temperatures.te 55 at d.c. 52 at manassas, 50 at dulles, but we've got some 40s there too the north and to the northwest and the winds have been gusty all day today and they'll continue to be that way into tomorrow. so be prepared. your overnight lowe's into the 30 #-s and 40s, but it is creating a very, very cold airir mass there so here's where wehee have our frost advisory andad freeze warning. the freeze warning for parts off western potomac and shen andhen dough a valley and areas east of the blue ridge that you can seen and that kicks in until midnigh until 10:00 a.m.unti we have this cold
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settling in for us and that's what kicking in with temperatures some 10 toto 20-degrees blow normal. that's what happened today with daytime lies. as we get into tomorrow things will get better and we have some sunshine i'm happy to say as wee start the week. > people from all around the th globe made the trip to new york city today to take part in a very special raise to the very t top of the world trade the emotional climb was in thanker of the 9/11 first responders. fox's and bihunts man has more. >>reporter: has the sun was coming up over new york cityover this mornin about a thousand people came from all over the world to raise the top of one world observatory. this year marks the second annual tunnel to to your climb to onor firefighters and firstig experiences who lost their livee saving others on september 11. it is not an easy climb, especially at 5 in the morning. it has 226 stairs to get to the top. as we talked to the runners atat
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was knot nothing as compared to what firefighters do every day to keep us safe. i'm who the, i don't have any oxygen gear and life support to help people. the morning was especially emotional for michael burke who lost his own brother captain billy burke to stayed behind to safe others on the 27th floorloo of the north tower.ow his brother never made it out. you get to the 50 floor, 60th 6 floor, you hear billy. that's what you're thinkingou about and you're really thankful. tim brown was one of of thes firsont responders who made it t alive, but am of his friendsis were left behind. when it started getting hard in the stairwell after the 50th floor it was hard to put one le in front of the other i found strength through them. thr they were the strength in my legs and they were the wind in my lungs and under my winnings to get me up
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the tunnel to to your climb also raised $300,000 to build homestb for service members who have beenç catastrophically injuredn war as well as scholarships for firefighters' children.' the injuries when they come home, the homes aren't adequate for them anymore.more so we're so proud that we'rere taking the lead on building in these homes and putting in smart technology for them and givingnd them back some of theirth independent. > what an amazing climb. 15 years this universal it's incredible. you haven't been down to lower manhattan it's worth a trip to see it because it's amazing to see how it's transformed and changed in so am ways. season has started early in washington state.tate plus, could the catholic church break from a big tradition. how the pope is exploring theise idea of allowing women to become deck deacons.
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> pope francis once againfr showing he's sometimes willingot to break from tradition.adit the pope is creating acrea commission to explore the idea of allowing women to becomeeco decons in the catholic church. deacon aren't priest but theyut can do some of the same duties. >>reporter: pope francis has said he wants more women power in the church, but he lodge ande said that a study he set up to celebrate deacon is a far cry from the pathway to the priesthood. i would caution that it's notess as drastic a step as it may appear. i think it's opening a conversation that pope francis has said he's interested in. the decision for a committee came during a 90 minute private meeting the pope had this weekhs with a religious group of about the hundred women. the pope responded to several delicate questions including ono about the history of female
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useful to set up a commission tm study the question.ues others have studied the question as well. scholars ianthe lodge ands, historians of the early church have tried to recover whatwhat exactly was the role of female deacons? did the same thing that their male equivalents can did. the role of deacon wasas reinstated in the church after f the vatican 2 council in the 1960s. usually they're married men or single men who could later become priests.s. deacons can preach, preside at weddings and perform baptisms. popes john paul the second and benedict, the 16th looked at at the issue and rejected it. one expert says it's unlikely the church would open the role to women.en. the pope already says he doesn't want to advance the role. ro pope francis has made
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women having a greater say inrea the church. he a appointed a woman who headd the pontiff californiaifor university in roam. in new york, lauren degree, fox news. > still to come tonight at 10,, wild fires burning in washington state tonight. we have the latest on the l efforts toette good the flames under control. plus, he's been dead for years.r thousands of them, but now there's a renewed controversy over king tut's gravesite. grav.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. two massive wild fires continue to grow in washington state as a crews battle l a flame. the number of those being forced
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fox's will car has the latest. two different wild fires arere raging in the northern area of washington state. i woke up, i've been hearing helicopters all morning. it's just evacuation notices issued for homes as they're trying to keepo the fire at bay. we didn't have a very wet winter and everything is dry and when the wind shifts it's a lot of fuel out here so the fire can go anywhere. they're working to contain the fire from both the ground and the much of the terrain is too steep for ground crews. it's hard for the crews to get at it.t. i just bought this house two years ago.year i sunk all my life savings night. i would hate to lose it. people in the area are on notici and on edge. saying this year's season is starting
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it's been a who the month without much rain. neighbors say a fire season like this just comes with the territory. it seems like this happens every summer. you have to be ready for it outt here amongst all these trees,res it's beautiful, but that's oneh of the dangers that you acceptou when you live out here. fire crews saying they're trying to push the flames to a contained area. they're trying to investigate i the cause of both fires. in loss angels, will car, fox news. > gwen is here with a look at what really started as a briskik day. loot of sun out there. it was a nice day to be out.t. the winds were brisk and gusty and as we know caused someome damage in the neighborhoods.eig the ground is saturated from all the rainfall we had.a it doesn't help. we had some sun which was great. we're going to keep that rollint for you as we start the week starting with some sunshine that is not bad at all. we will have the winds returning
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make sure you hang onto your hats for tomorrow because you're going to have to that's foror sure. it is chilly out there, cold ann those temperatures well blowell seasonal. that was the story for today with our daytime highs as well.. yesterday we were in the 70s, today we were in the 630s and just couldn't seem to make itit anywhere near the seasonaleaso average. so you know, you got to bundle up. here's a look at the highs for upper 50s and low 60s pretty much across the board, not muchm better than that, folks. and tomorrow will be a little w bitil warmer. so you at least have that to look forward to. right now 55 at d.c. 51 for baltimore this hour. we've got 54 at fredericksburg,f 50 at dulles, but a little cooler to the north and to thete west. 49-degrees for martinsburg and 48-degrees for winchester. and here's a look the what's happening with that colder air. i hate to have to be the bearere of this. we're talking frost advisories and freeze warnings in the month of month, unbelievable. we have
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in and making itself right atrih home and areas of the north and northwest are the been factors of that unfortunately.nfo from midnight tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning areas that you can here shaded for thr frost advisory and then we have the freeze warning to parts of p western maryland and the potomac highlands. if you have any vegetation outside you're going to have to try to protect it. unfortunately this is just happening very, very unseasonably. so peak wind gusts today, look at this, into the upper 30s and low 40s mile per hour winds right across the board at our airports and many of our airports as well.well right nows the winds are starting to calm down a littlee bit. anywhere from let's take you three to miles per hour. ho a couple of wind gusts to talk l about, not much. a lot of improvement, look at this. 21 in the district and then oven at del marcia. we'll see the winds picking up again tomorrow.ain a jet extreme to the south of us. that's a little bit of an upper
10:34 pm
have to deal w. we're going to have the 60 into the week. ridge of high pressure movers in in control, but once again thatt will help to keep the winds pretty brisk for us for tomorrof as ill well. we have some sunshine, so another dry day.a we've been on a pretty good role without the that will change tuesday,ues wednesday. frontal system will start toart move to the north.ort we've got a chance of seeing some rain showers tuesday and wednesday.we pretty steady showers, however. i think by the time we get toget tuesday night. so just be aware of that. and then we're going to get back to some dryer air once againce once we get into the thursday period as another ridge of high pressure builds in. 25th of may, mark this on calendar. save the we are talking weather day at nats park.rk. hopefully you'll get out there and join some of the members at good news, a dollar goes to support the leukemia and lymphoma society. soc
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hours. it's going to be chilly when you head out.ut. daytime highs tomorrow, 66-degree, sunshine and here's ' look at the fox5 seven day forecast for you.or y heading into the 60s and then gradually warming up as we moves into the end of the week, but we're still going to be blow cease l in a. we're going to take what we can get, especially for tomorrow with the sun i'm happy to say.ay enjoy your monday. back to you. fox5 is in the district, policed hope surveillance video can heln catch two people who broke in a car. it happened last may 6 in the 2100 block of northwest. the burglars can be seen going hundred the bar and into thento back storage rooms. anyone with information is being asked to give p police a call.a. meanwhile here in the district, police are also looking for a package thieve. take a look the suspect can bee seen on camera swiping a packagk that had been delivered onto the front porch of a
10:36 pm
southwest. it happened in february. fe they're now releasing the video in hopes that it helps lead to an arrest. still to come at 10 what is else is in king tut's tomb? some arc you'll gists are arguing overr his gravesite. a man who turned this ride intoo the ionic ghost buster's we'll be right back. .
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> something strange has beenng spotted s on north carolina roadways, the goes buster's car. a man has created his own ve
10:40 pm
movie cars ever. he converted an old station wagon. justin parker purchased a 1990 ford taurus for $600 and hen he decided to deck it out. the best part of the car is it makes people smile. if i had to buy one station wagon. >> that's the one? > no, the family trucks store from national lampoon's vacation. >> i wonder how much heç put io this. > definitely more than 600 bucks. >> and he's never going to get his money back.k. > imagine the attention he's going to get when the new goes buster's movie comes out this summer. capital america civil warer brought in anic estimated $73 million. it's bringing its worldwide total to $940 million in justio under two weeks. disney had the second biggest film of the week
10:41 pm i've not seen either of them. have you.u. >> i have not, either. > he has been dead for more than 3,000 years, but people are still arguing over king tut's gravesite. they are arguing that hirsutumsu contains secret chambers and itd could be the egyptian tomb of nephritis. they will continue to studystud radar scans of the tomb. other agents have dismissed that theory. i feel this happens with all big historical sites. and then something else pops up. it keeps you guessing.ues >> that's right and it keeps the tourists coming and dropping big money. > still to come tonight at 10, a stadium scare, thousands of fans evacuated before manchester's united match and it could have all been avoided ifvi the people running a training exercise had cleaned up.
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other veterans paddle boarding. the olympics are getting close because the torch is on et cetera ' ' way rio.
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we want them to grow up stronger. > police were forced toic evacuate the stadium and canceln a soccer game in england today.. a suspicion device wasde discovered before the manchester final game of the premier season device was harmless. it was left inned stadium. >>reporter: please remain in your seats waiting for further instruction. manchester unitedma
10:46 pm
canceled after a suspicion packp wage was discovered.scov the stadium which has the capacity of over 75,000 was evacuated about a half hour before the scheduled 3:00 p.m. kickoff. players from both teams wereot taken off the pitch and kept int the changing room. about 15 minutes before the game. bomb experts and military personnel arrived quickly on thc scene and once the stadium hadhd been cleared, bomb disposal unit carried out a controlled explosion, thetr device which police called incredibly lifeife like was later determined to be a location.loca they took it away from the stadium. the match, one of 10 taking place in the final day of the premier league season. the other nine matches went ahead as scheduled. it's a about it unnerving because we didn't know what was happening. we made it out, so better safe than sorry.sorr united was vying with manchester sit to fi
10:47 pm
and qualify for the champion league.ue premier league said in ain a statement that it will look to reschedule the batch as fast as possible. will car, fox news. > meantime brazil ands areç getting a climb presidential of the olympic torch. the city is typically quiet, but the torch relay brought residents out into the streets. they say it's an historic momens for the country. i'm happy, i'm proud. it's amazing. am it's really amazing.amaz the olympic torch brings a few minutes of happies to a lot of people. a beautiful day there. the torch still has a couple off months to go. the olympic gapes will take place from august 5 to the 12. > you know
10:48 pm
with that torch?orch >> they need to put sit ronnel a in it. > it is a legitimate. >> you may be onto something there. > thank you. >> we can't do this.this go nats. speaking of of killing senates,a the marlins kind of killing some nats. they're having some fun this weekend. major baseball has engaged youtg players with their initiative. they get to play wifely ball p with major league players.ayer this is an effort bryce harper can get behind, anything to make baseball fun again. fun kids running the bases. i like the marty mack fly look. four different t times marty hat been mistaken for a salor. two men on, fly ball to second, steven drew loses it in the
10:49 pm
loses it out of his glove, two runs score, the nats trail by two. bottom four, ryan zimmermanzimm drives one to deep right.ri a scary moment here for the fish a collision, zimmerman takes z advantagei and goes all the way around. stanton would be okay. more than okay.okay a deep drive right field, bryce harper can only watch it. the nats lose at home 5-1. they begin a three of h gamef h series with the mets this tuesday. we're not playing great and eved though we're not hitting great, we're in a good position. if somebody said in the middle of may that we'd be going to new york in first place i'm suresure everybody would have been happy. it's just that once you're inin first place everybody wants youa to be five or six games up.up. we're all greedy. some fireworks in texas between the blue jays and
10:50 pm
both benches cleared. adrian bell kay.a cold cocked, didn't put him out, though. both players were ejected. the rangers beat the jays 7-6. > time for our close five topfe five plays of weekend. i almost put that top punch in the five. orders punch didn't make it we've whether ited it down to five plays. number five, college baseball pitchers they do a lot of thingf to pass time in the bull pen, but i've never seen anything like this. this pitcher could youen mason. look at that.t like i looked at this like theli zip rooter film
10:51 pm
i thought it wasn't real. but he really did this. it even kind of goes in reverse so you can see that he actually -- isn't this amazing. the precision. i think he's any oh. > he may be the one. number four, you know i've beene told i have a very lacrosseross sounding name so i'm going to try to watch more lacrosse. brody merrill down, 80 yards away. it's that ties it. the game went into over time. unreal. the cams would win in over time 15 to 14.o what is the goal i doing here.e. he's no brody's cause. he's an ie brody, i'm a y broad ditch it's like oil and water. he gave them a memory of a lifetime. look at this. it's the first hole in one
10:52 pm
this hole in 14 years. that's a tote l al of 6,300t300t shots. love the celebration here. but this is customary when you hit a hole in one.e. wilcox bought beer for the media after his unlikely ace.ace. it hasn't been done in 14 years. is he 21? >> believe you this play has never been accomplished before, this next one, number two. the world serve, gabery ill ma a dina, check this out.out. never in competition. the back flip and he lands it. he grabs the board with both hands as he's -- >> skating. > it is like skating.e he got a perfect 10 on this waive as you should.uld. you got to love the shrug. he advanced to round three. he will face off against david silva tomorrow.tomo army against lehigh in
10:53 pm
softball. she doesn't need the fly. nice. unbelievable. avoiding the catcher, avoiding the tag. > catch me if you can. that gave army a 2-0 lead. they went onto win 3-1 to advance in the patriot league championship.ship a lot of college thing, a lot of a.m. tier softball there are a lot of rules about sliding. you can't do it.t. she totally avoided any collision. she's in the army so she will b taking those skills onto the battle field maybe one daymentdm she's amazing. > did they win that. >> they won that but they lost o in the championship to boston. > way to go bu. > paddle boarding for ptsd awareness. the journey one wounded warrior is making to draw attention tott the
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yoga is good for your body and f it's also good for your brain. new research finds practicing yoga than a meditation can help fight the cognitive problems that come before dementia. the practice, though, didn't th just help with memory it
10:58 pm
improved mood, anxiety and coping skills. today was yoga in the outfieldof after the nats game, too. right on the field. >> that's good. try to cope with that loss. that's a good point. american veteran and a wounded warrior is pad boarding more than 3,000 miles along the other than seaboard.seab fox's bill keating has the story. >>reporter: when the sun goes up josh collins kisses his wife tan yeah goodbye and drops hisis paddle board into the water and pad also and pad also until sunset. raises which are 30 miles long. from texas all the way to newo e york. the 20 year army veteran saw combat in bosnia and iraq. is doing this for ptsd and the veteran suicides every day. i think if you
10:59 pm
how am people do you know thatn have killed themselves, mostost people would say maybe one. if you ask the average veteran,r guy in special operations he might know a dozen or more. there's nothing right about that. this war vet also has ptsd and used to find himself at home staring at the wall medicated on pills and boost. and then he found paddle boarding. it grew into, this is reallylly fixing me. this is the best therapy righthr here without -- drug freak alcohol free, feels great. and all along his 3500-mile journey he is welcomed with hugs and city proclamations thanking him for keeping the after effects of battle on the front lines. because the war officially is over, it
11:00 pm
america can lose interest because mission of recovery i think we've learned as a nation is just as important. in miami, fill keating, fox > this is fox5 local news atat 11. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm marina maracco and i'm gym ' low kay and we start off tonight with the weather damage causingi problems through the weekend. we have seen trees tom over and are the pennsylvania of thenn buildingsy in the northeastno crumble during the high winds today. lindsay watts is on the scenen h with a look at the destruction. >>reporter: marina and gym, the percent wind from earlier isnd gone tonight, but the beginningt hole it left behind remains. it looks like thhee incredible m can came through here. thr taking a look at the rumble onrb the ground you can see we're att theç intersection of fence whic can and gallon definitely thankfully nobody got hurt. the building wasn't occupied and


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