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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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of this year's election crystal clear.lear >> live look outside.ive look o. not too bad.too no raindrops at this moment. it is monday morning, may 16th. it's chilly out there, downy ouh right chilly start to theer dayd definitely want to grab aant toa jacket as you head out theyoad t door. we'll have weather and traffictr for you on the five at 6:05. good monday morning, i'm allison >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mi let's get you started right off the top. t a virginia maniac chewed a brutal attack on a fairfax fairf county couple due to go too he posed as a federal -- posedae as a federal law enforcementnfoe officer and then handcuffed and stabbed lawyer leo prosecutors believe this wasorse inli retaliation to schmuhl'schs wife being fired by fish forty s three an arlington law firm. f andrew schmuhl's lawyersaw reportedly plan to usese involuntary intoxication as a defense claiming schmuhl wasschh so drunk he didn't know whatdn't he was doing much
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schmuhl will be triedmu separately. the victims survived butiv but suffered serious injuries. iur >> family and friends will say y a final goodbye to claudinaa molina morales, the third the ti victim in a montgomery countyy shooting spree earlier thispree month. a public viewing is scheduled sd for 5:00 p.m. at the shrine ofie saint jude catholic church inlin rockville.rockvi on may six morales was gunned gd down in the parking lot of a giant food store in aspen hill maryland. eulalio tordil remains in jail j charged in her death and twoeato other people including his h estranged >> police in spotsylvania needva help finding this man 81-year-old ronald eugenege jackson last seen yesterday morning. police say he was driving a silver ford escape with virginia license plates k kv1666. wearing a black baseball capase yellow t-shirt and blue pants bs at the time. police also say jackson has h alzheimer's and needs his h medication. if you see him you're urged tour call the spotsylvania county cot sheriff's department.
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known as safe track is supposed to be finalized. >> that was before the federalbo government ordered metro to make emergency fixes in atrdcy least three locations all ofcao this as there were more track ta problems over the weekend. week. let's get the run down fromdow f melanie alnwick at l'enfant l'e plaza. good morning, >> reporter: good morning,ter: yes, so two incidentsncidents yesterday that brought fireughtr and rescue crews to metroo tr stations. the were unhere at l'enfant plaza was around 11 o'clock in ' the morning.the there was some smoke becauseke u of a small track fire that wasas caused by debris on the t tracks. tr now, we understand that metrothm employees were able to putble pt that fire out with a fire extinguisher.ex d.c. fire and rescue crews notot needed but they were here just in case. also, later sunday night atight the bethesda metro stationta montgomery county fire andmery rescue crews responding topog this one where a suspected arcing insulator caused trouble on the tracks.ble turns out there was no smokeomo but single tracking during therg investigation caused delaysed dl once again for red line ridersid and as we know, the red line is one of those places where whe the feds say metro must do d
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red line between medical med center and van ness stations,ta, that could be eight weeks oft sf single tracking.trcking. the orange and silver lines lin from ballston to east fallsalls church about 23 days of single s tracking is the plan there andha the blue orange and silver s lines from potomac avenue stations just past stadium-armory where the orange line splits tolits to minnesota avenue could be 16aveu days and the closure of twoo stations, those were the wer blueprints from the safe track plan that was released earlier, then fta issued thisftd order last week saying thosein o three areas needed to be done first to immediately reduce r the risk to passengers ands we're talking about work suchorc as cleaning track beds, fixingin drainage, sealing cracks as, se well as replacing parts of the t third rail and the traction power system. now, we should find out laterutt today what the time line for those repairs will be including then what is goinghats to happen as they shuffle thehe deck on these safe trackera plans. we know that some of the workom they were trying to kind of donf it when they felt likeelt lik rer
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and there would be the leaste l amount of impact to passengers, but no that you no h fta has said some of these somee things need to be done firste fi those impacts could be evens cov more significant and by they t way, make sure you put on your calendar if you use metro in mro the evenings, that those tho closures at midnight begin on june 3rd.june live at l'enfant plaza i'm pza melanie alnwick, fox5 localox5 l news. >> damage left over thisage monday from saturday's bigurday rainstorm and sunday's winds. wn this is the building in northeast d.c. fenwick andenck gallaudet part of the building collapsed d leaving a gaping hole.gapi h the falling bricks hit aling bs nearby power line. that then hit a car crushedarru that car. c domino effect there.fft there. luckily nobody was inside theasi building or the car at the time.. >> put enough pressure upp against that brick wall and it split up right onto fenwicko nw street. >> not the only weather the onl related damage.mage. two trees toppled over at the national zoo. on saturday a massive tree in re d.c. snapped and that also a crushed a parked car. car
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the person who shot andrson injured a seven-year-old boy. b. this happened saturday along a 12th place in southeast. souea the boy was just playing outside when someone firedne several shots. that boy lit in the shoulder. i thankfully he's expected to bese okay. the shooter ran police hope someone will h provide a tip that leads tods their arrest. arrt. >> and a heads up if if you iif were planning to check out theht washington monument today.gton it will be closed part of thetoo morning shut down yesterday dowa due to power issues again aga related to the elevator. the the monument has been closedeene several times recently becausels of elevator problems.blems. the national park serviceark se plans to reopen the monumentum at some point today after theyfe get those repairs finished. >> ♪ >> all right. so you used the word cold. >> yes. >> i'd say refreshing. >> i'd say cold.'d sayol >> i'd say -- i'd s -- >> 90 percentf the peoplet would say cold. >> it makes me a little . >> i'd say invigorating.nvat >> i'd say february.>> i >> obviously a little chillyusly out there to start yourrt you morning. mo overnight lows back in thes ba 30's. come on, steve, one last time. >> cold. >>
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>> hit the buzzer on that oner though. >> i feel like you said oneli last time in march. >>ke well, i might hav te.l, i h i can't guarantee i didn't.idn' pretty extraordinary that it'sha this cool out here in theool ou middle of may.le o m 45 washington. look at leonardtown, 37. down to fredericksburg 37, midg 30's as mentioned off to the oft north and west so yeah, aeah, chilly morning. definitely jacket weather outke there early. some light wind. win the winds from yesterday lightened up so feels a littleus tttter out just a few clouds to start to s your day. ur we'll generally be sunny and s we'll be warmer than yesterday. yesterday we topped out in theop 50's to about 60. today 'seight or 10 degrees0 des warmer than that with plentythh of sunshine. sun so, yes, it will be a springlike >> early spring.>> e >> early spring.>> not a summer-like day but here h we'll go to the bonus right but it will be a pleasantbe ales afternoon.aftern turning a little breezy again,g, 66. looks like some rain showers som by tomorrow. torrow. we'll talk all about tuesday,, wednesday.wees you can see we're kind of up of and down this week but todayut d 66 with sunshine. so enjoy your monday.on >> all right.>> all right >> all righty.ll >> a jacket early. early >> you will definitely needde it.
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>> let's check in with erin como get a look at what'sckook ' happening on the roads this thes morning. hello. >> good morning. 6:07 right now. we have a6:n overturned vehiclec we are tracking. tckin skyfox is on the way.on theay. seven east it's closed rightse now at middleton ridge road.oa police out in fairfaxai detouring traffic.raffic give yourself extra time if timf you're making your way out in i fairfax this morning. we have a partial buildinguildig collapse that happened tt ha this is in the northeastin section of the district. dtr fenwick street is still closedlo between oak street and street gallaudet street northeast. you'll need to detour aroundto r that one as well. one all. taking a look at debris weeb have reported in stafford. you can see that long line ofth yeatllow on our map indicating speeds definitely reduced 95uce9 north after 610 tire tread ind the road. we'll have more traffic in ae few. metro is on time.metr on steve and allison. >> ♪ >> 6:07. new this morning7. startlingrtng statistics when it can comesan c to distracted driving amongst teens specifically among boys. >> new research finds they are at a much higher risk of being involved in a high risk crash. h maureen is back with those deta
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>> good morning.rning. every day six teens dry in a car crash. crash experts say many crashes can be contributed to distractedut driving.ed new report by safe kids worldld why finds male teens make upmake 75 percent of deaths in car crashes and a person's risk ofk a crash is three times higher hg if they are in a car driven by i a male the report highlights thehlighte importance of parents talking oa to teens about the importancempa of safe driving saying parents n who create strict ground rules and model good behavior areio crucial in teens developing devg good driving habits.go driving t experts say every parentvery pat should make a formal agreement e with their teen driver andri then enforce it.t. that agreement should include i the obvious, month texting, texi wear a seat belt, no speeding and no drinking and driving.rivi parents should also ensureo eur teens get at least 50 hours ofou driving in various conditions cn before getting their license. le teens who have parents thaten ta model good behavior are up to u 10 times less likely to putlesso themselves or others at steve and allison. allis >> all right.all righ still ahead in the fightight against isis one world leaderlda
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>> and president barack obamasie making history addressing a adde one graduating class thislass t weekend but it's what he told tl them about this year's yea election that has a whole lot we of folks details next. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪>> >> 6:10. let's head to texas wheread federal investigators are tigate looking into what caused aed deadly bus crash in charter bus carrying dozens ofos people to casino crasheded saturday killing eight people. g 44 more were hurt.e re h the national transportationio safety board and texas state tas troopers are all conducting cdu investigations now.instigatio we do know it was raining at raa the time of the crash but b don't know if that was the cause. cause. >> overseas now to jordaneas where u.s. officials areicialsre publicly praising the international effort againstna isis. the obamal administration sayso the tide is turning againsttu the extremistrn officials say isis is shrinking at least in jordann ja and the group has been losingn o control over the
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presumptive gop nominee donaldeo trump reacting to a statement se made on twitter by london's ldo new mayor to become london's lon first islam mayor. may trump reacted on good morningorg britain show on zip sayingaying "when he won i wished himisd well. now i don't care about him. him a sneak peek this mornings of donald trump's sit down dn interview with fox's megyn kelly. this is his first sit down with megyn kelly since that t heated republican debate lastt summer. the interview airs at 8:00rviews p.m. tomorrow on the fox network. >> president obama becomes theba first sitting president todent o speak at a rutgers universitynis graduation ceremony.on ceron he didn't hold back in talking about the political climate ofle today specifically donaldy dona trump although the president psi went after the presumptive republican nominee withoutomin t mentioning his name. n >> the world is more m interconnected than evernect thr before and it's becoming moreor connected every day.ay. building walls won't change
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>> the president also a downplayed trump's claim thatha the election process is riggedci saying more people just needt to donald trump attending a v graduation ceremony thiseremy ts weekend for his daughter dghte tiffany who graduated from the university of pennsylvania andna vice president joe biden wasde there supporting hisntorng h granddaughter naomi. naomi hillary clinton campaigning in kentucky aheadin of tomorrow's primary. pma voters also head to the pollso l in oregon. o bernie sanders supporters demanding a recounter of thenteh votes that gave hillary a win gv in nevada. n supporters are questioning the e democratic committee'satic commi decision to disqualify dozens of would be sanders state officials say they hadhey not met the deadline and claim some clinton delegates were also disqualified. disalified. >> still ahead those neverever ending security lines at thet airport making headlines recently.rece now one lawmaker says he has a dog gone perfect solution.ctolu. >> let's head outside as we goo to break on this mondayak ois morning. bundle up out there. u temperatures in the 30's in0' i many places. better check that calendar. cen ours says may. i think it's weather and traffic on thek affi 5s next.t. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:15 right now. there's a look outside ata reagan national airport. we mentioned you'll need toloedo bundle up right there. we there thought what better wayetway allison to get a really truelltr idea of what conditions weretiow like. >> steven you took the words out of my mouth.y mth here's tucker outside.outse. >> allison i'm going say again. >> not dressed appropriatelyed a tuck. >> it's refreshing out here.ere. yes, it is cool.oo you'll probably want a jacket jc or a long-sleeve shirt buthirt we'll be in the mid to upperpper 60's later this afternoon.s af there are 30's out there just tj to the north and west. w let's get to it.les ge bus stop definitely the kids will want wn a light jacket as they gethey ready for their morning start mr as we'll be looking at looki temperatures again in the midesa 30's here north and west.nortd we are 45 currently in thelyn after school a little warmertlee than yesterday.than yeah, it will be breezy butezy not the gusty winds we had yesterday. and temperatures will be goodur five the 10 degrees warmeresdegr than yesterday mid to upperterdt 60's for daytime highs.time hig all right, current cre te
6:16 am
45 here in washington.ashi but look off to the north and na west. we lots of 30's out there.he 39 frederick.rederi good morning frederick.rederi. dulles 39.dull mid 30's out atan hour ago.. 37 in culpeper. c 37 in fredericksburg.rick even leonardtown getting in onei the 30's, 37 degrees. 37 gree all right. rht here's the upside to today'sod forecast. little warmer than lots of sunshine.f sushin look off to the west.est. see out towards saint louis rain showers getting s organized. that's our next weather makert e so enjoy today. today. we'll get clouds tonight and a by midday tomorrow somey to showers will move back in and mk it will be rather cool couplel c days tuesday and wednesdaynesday with showers around. aro high pressure today keeps things nice and n i can tell you looking outooki o here northwest washington we w got a few clouds to start theort day. generally sunny conditionsti with that area of higharea pressure and as mentioned menti breezy and 60 for your mondayr afternoon. let's do the seven-day forecast.. another week little up andtl down temperatures generallyragee speaking these temperaturesem are all below normal. we should be 75 believe it ort o not this time of year but we tim do have some nice days to lookoo forward to, today being one of i thursda
6:17 am
bright sunshine with temperature in the upper 60'sinp and low 70's. 7 again rain showers tomorrow. to. that's latest from outside. you want a jacket.u wa temperatures generally in theesg 30's and breezes pick up again a early this morning. morni let's do some traffic get the gt latest from erinly i haven't hen seen you yet erin but you'reut r looking good.look >> good morning tucker.ood right now breaking news, n skyfox over seven eastbound.ver it had been shut down completely at cole bin run at lb road. the left lane is getting by.ane the crash is involving anolng overturned vehicle. you can see it off the road there and sideways. huge delays however lingering li back for several miles so give yourself a lot of extra time. t at this point i would avoidi wo seven eastbound.ea let's go ahead and take a lookad at our maps. our i want to help you pick an alternate.altern 267 or georgetown pike your p best bet to get around that. t seven had been shut downown completely on the eastboundou side. it was closed from middleton mdt ridge road.e road delays back to bear and cameron the crash is at colvin run.
6:18 am
267 or john town better bets. partial building collapsebu yesterday in the district. dtr fenwick street still shut downrt right now between okey andke gallon dealt street.llon d 295 south look at that red tt r soap. typical delay easton avenue to 50 inbound starting to seetag te slow moving traffic.traic debris past 610 in stafford. stf large tire tread in the road. t look at that red zone rightth now big delays on theg lays northbound side through stafford. metro is on time. we will have more traffic in at few including a crash 66ra 66 eastbound out by 123.y23 steve and allison. >> unexpected signs forgns residents in oklahoma this week.we. solar plane making a journey around the world diverted toive tulsa international airportir because of severe weather. wea the crew was even available for questions for folks whofor o wanted to know more about it.t. the plane has been making thisis trek since last year.ek s the next stop will be acrossp wr the atlantic to europe andope ad north africa and that willtill complete the round the world mission.miss >> self driving cars couldng c cause a big problem in the in no one could have predicted.dic. perhaps maybe steve would h
6:19 am
worst traffic. tic experts say self driving carsngs would let people who normally nr don't drive get on theon the highway. high the cars would also be able toel drive children to school andchoa sporting events without theihout need for a parent putting moreti vehicles on the road.hicl driverless cars are expectedaree to be on the highway in thehe next 10 years. y they keep pushing this.eep pu is this the thing that we keep pushing? >> this is the thing right t now. >> can you imagine? go ahead ae john flee to sock can kerr.r. >> jump in this car without ahi person in s it. it. >> don't worry about it. >> see you when you get >> end scene.ce facebook hopes you'll likeoh this latest idea.t . details of its plan to launchauh music videos next in business beat. >> an eventful sunday night of hockey for one san jose sharkses player joe thornton losing thehe puck in his pants.puck it h check it o ricochets off his stick windstis up underneath his head.his h >> get the puck out of hear. hea >> had a hard time finding it. needing a little help from thepr bench. eventually it was located.
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>> possible solution in taking a bite out of those growing o airport security lines. first though a check off se thet market.maet joining us from the foxinus business network studio, where e did our weekend go, lauren simonetti. >> reporter: too fastep always.orys. those two days just fly how are you this monday m morning. >> it's a blur. i'm doing fine.i' doing better now that i'm now t' talking to you but the market yu is not looking so great atgreat least on friday. >> reporter: no. down friday. frida down a week last week. w third one in a row. looking to get some of theg mojo not sure it's going to we have oil prices ups u 2 percent right now.2 pe that is boosting equities ait little bit but investors withest so many retailers and we've known what's happened to thepent shopping mall, people aren't spending money especially onecio clothes. a lot of retailers reporting rei this week. could be a dismal picture oncere again. >> what you're telling me is i i need to go shopping.ed >> reporter: yes, you do. everybody needs to go tr:needs g shopping. >> thank you. >> reporter: gas -- hemeas -- he depot and lowe p
6:23 am
to do well many people are a fixing up their homes. h they're not spending money atey macy's, not spending money at banana republic its a i challenge for so many of theanyf kohl's and nordstrom's out and t there. >> let's talk about how dogs make everything better in the te world.worl [laughter] >> reporter: i think you're talking about the airport. >> i am. >> reporter: you know when i you see those sniffing dogs atis the airport.the ai if a dog were to sniff you and y your bags that means you canea u go through the security lineurie faster. we know this is a big problems with the ia hate the wait linel at the nation's airports justus in time for the busy summersy se travel season. seaso if you could keep your belts kes and shoes and jacket on andand have a canine sniff you this y i is a safe and b faster. b fter. this is something new york y senator chuck schumer isk schums proposing.proposin when the t.s.a. started.a. precheck lines they expected exp 25 million people to sign guess what, that didn't t happen. they only have about 9 million i people enrolled. there's a big problem with thebe wait time at the nation's airport.rpor >> we'll see about that plan. p facebook always trying alwayyi reinvent themselves. the
6:24 am
take a little of that youtubetu audience. >> reporter: yes.>> okay, this is a big r deal.ea the new york post is reportingor that facebook is talking to t the heads of some of the big b music labels as a way to license their music. mus see, the issue is right now rign when users create videos andeos slide shows, et cetera, andera, they use unlicensed music m facebook can't do much with it t but if you have licensed musicuc under videos, well then youl en got a home run. r slideshow is facebook's newest s offering.of it's a deal with warner musicr m where users can use licensedicen tracks to go under their uer videos and their photos.ho >> i think it's kind of cool. c all right.all rig >> reporter: yes. repr: y >> we'll see.e'll see >> reporter: i don't know how to do any of that stuffany though. i feel like i need a tutorial. tor >> i can loan you my teenaged daughters. they can tell you everything. >> reporter: young people help. >> lauren see you tomyor:orrow.r >> reporter: bye. >> okay.kay. lauren and i look like mustard a and catsup.and >> cute. i noticed it. literally made me think au
6:25 am
eat something fd. >> right. summertime and warmtime a temperatures. >> hey, hey. >> like memorial day picnics. >> do you not remember that wete just had two and a half weekshaw of rain and clouds. cloud sunshine in the area and it's a' not good enough. enough. >> no, it's not good enough.noug >> steve's right we're complaining.complain >> it's supposed to be 72 and ad sunny this time of year.ear. >> okay. yeah, well, it's supposed topos happen.ppen. >> you got that right.ig >> caps supposed to win thepp stanley cup. didn't happen. let's go to the forecast.e cas we got -- steve is absolutelybsl right. we got very chilly g ver temperature.mperatur that 45 is a warm spot.5 is lots of mid 30's early thisly ts morning. got a little cloud deck overhead but generally it is gei going to be a sunny and bright t day. steve, sunny and bright.ght. >> good.ood. >> not 72. but maybe we'll get to 66'lt to today. to how about that?how about >> all right. close enough. >> we'll get the breezes backhez but not the winds we had yesterday. i was out on skyline driveline e yesterday. unbelievably beautiful. beautif. hadn't been there in years butea it was cold, like, you know, kno hat and gloves
6:26 am
>> it's cold now, al.t's cold now he's cold. c >> feel my hand.y han >> now that it's about him it's cold. >> his hands are warm. >> see. >> thanks allison.hank there's your seven day.s your 66 today. rain showers back in thers forecast both tuesday and both wednesday. we'll talk more about that but b we're hoping the end of the oth week features temperaturess near 70. 7 >> always heard that coldays hands mean a warm heart but what do warm hands mean?n? >> oh, a warmer heart.rt >> okay .kay >> [laughter] [laught >> yes. >> erin get a look at traffic. good morning, erin. e >> right in you 6:26. rn we have big delays skyfox over -- >> look how green it is out there.there. >> seven eastbound that laneast blocked at colvin run road and a tucker trees look beautiful. be. a lot of that rain making forakf some beautiful skyline there.. overturned car blocking theing t right shoulder right lane. l huge delays though extending back for several i'd avoid seven eastbound.astb keep it to 267 or georgetownrget pike. that will safe you significant t time as you make your wayyomake inbound towards the beltway b this morning.isorni let's go ahead and switchtc things over from thisgs o overturned vehicle from skyfoxyf you can see again how farba
6:27 am
another crash 66 eastbound after 123.. yellow zone slow movingov traffic into fairfax. faiax arlington jammed by dulles road as well. partial building collapse from m yesterday fenwick street stillnw closed by okey and 295 southeastern pennsylvaniaastern down. typical can congestion picking i up top of the beltway outerf th loop by georgia. back to you guys.u >> straight ahead at 6:30:3 metro set to lay out its long awaited maintenance pland inte how will it eventually imdapactm your commute? >> baseball diamond lookingall more will i be a boxing ringbe over the weekend.he wke we'll check out what happened here with the junkies. 6:27.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news morning. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s atfi 6:35.:35. and yeah, we got sun. sun. we also got chilly clly temperatures out there. takeures your jacket when you go outt yu the door.thdo today metro's safe trackafe trak maintenance plan is supposedplap to be finalized but that was before the fta ordered metro mro to
6:31 am
least three locations.ations. yesterday there were morey therr track problems at the bethesdaed we should find out later today d what the time line is for those projects. police in spotsylvania in sp need your help finding this man, 81-year-old ronald eugenege jackson last seen yesterday morning. police say he was driving a silver ford escape with the the virginia license plate -- we p have the tag number. t here it is. kv16666.kv16 police also say jackson doesoe have alzheimer's disease and'sea is in need of his medication. this year police's policesol week is officially under way.. yesterday thousands of police oi officers and other law otheraw enforcement members fromrct me around the nation gathered tohed remember the fallen at the national peace officers memorial service. 123 officers died in the line l of duty just last year. steve.ste. >> ♪ >> let's get to the morning talk a little sports this morning. stlrlinss take on the marlin and one baseball diamond more like a boxing ring. a b let's check in witth
6:32 am
hope you had a good weekend. a d how is everybody doing this morning. >> mellow steve. >> doing all right.ig >> nats split with thes spliwith marlins. this is that kind of grind.fnd they got the mets up next.he me phillies came out of nowheret oe now. so starting to suddenly look like the nl east isn't all that bad. b >> we were just talking aboutbo it. top four teams in the nl east are kind of bunched around.un nationals got off to that to tht great start. they were playing the lesserr competition.competition. they're still in first place.lae >> maybe that's the future right there. tre >> no one expected theo phillies to be this good this early. ea they're 22 and 16.ey're 22 a we all expected the mets to bese gm look, the marlins have theve second best maybe even the best lineup in the division soin they're always going to be a struggle to beat them but th you're right, i mean there'shere no pushovers really besideses the braves this year in this division especially theeciall marlins. >> if you're a nats fan you'ree somewhat worried about theed abe offense a bit stagnant battingai .243 he. zimmerman had an inside the
6:33 am
parker. >> they're eighth in the nl soit they need to boost the offense e much pitching has been really rl solid. can the offense come around? ao i think that's the big's theig question. now you have even more games eve against your nl eastas counterparts. >> tough. >> mets have lost what four in s a row and matt harvey is struggling. remember mike rizzo just signs an extension with thext nationals. a lot of people are saying it's kind of a rewarend for howw he's handled stephen strasburg the shutdown et cetera. cet matt harvey was given awaiven a limited 180 innings. inn he powered through it.hrough i think he pitched somethingethi like 216 now this year struggling threein and five, got an era around some concern whether or not he e may be overly fatigued.atigued. so, the nats are in goodood position here.on we'll see exactly where theyactl stand after this four gamee stretch. >> togethery going to be aryng great pitching match up. let's get to the grain. little extracurricularcurricular activity on the field betweenth the jays and rangers yesterday. i think baseball fights areig kind of silly. i don't get it and what i really don't uhtndt ersta h
6:34 am
is i believe and correct me if i'm wrong this is the onlyg th sport where you are notre penalized if you enter thezeif y field of play as in the bullpen's emptying dugout is emptying.emying if that's an automatic suspension i think baseball i players would end it rightwo there. >> that might be the i kind of agree with you. you i find most of these fightsost stupid. this goes back to a grudge gru from the playoffs because ofay the bat flip.t are you kid meg? get over it. . the guy flips his bat because he hit a game winning home run in the playoffs last y >> and the pitcher that administered the justice is a a 30-year-old journeyman.ouey he's in the big leagues foror his first two days of hissf career and he's issuing iss justice on something thatng tha happened six months ago? i find it insane. ian >> i get that part of it but remember, tejeda broke his leg g because chase utley slid intotlo him. i can see why they have a problem with hard slides.h hardi that's why they changed the the rule. the problem i have with it, steve, is texas waited until u
6:35 am
toronto this year to do this.s. >> right. >> they've already played themea six other times. they could have done it thedonei first game a few weeks a they didn't. didn't. that's problem i have with it.h. >> steve let's be honest youesyo were entertained.taed otherwise we wouldn't bewo't b talking about the game. gam >> i watched the replays. repla. it was a heck of a punch but pcb there's no need for it.eed fo i like you said you're fighting over --, like you looked at looe somebody wrong or you flippedoup a bat. you know, it's --yo >> right right.>> right >> in a noncontact sports itrts seems a little silly to me. me. >> they're dumb baseballhe players.y' what are you going to do. >>ou i'm with bryce. b let's make baseball fun again.eb what's wrong with a bat flip. >> i agree with cakes. it was kind of fun to watch w the brawl. >> for how long, though? ho you've seen it now like five ni times. it's like all right, get over it. to me the best part of any of baseball fight is like 10 ilike minutes later when the bullpen p finally shows its way intos wayt the -- around the mound area. >> hey, steve, we're about to enter the summer doldrums when it can comes to sports talk radio.
6:36 am
horrible. >> once playoffs are over it's e nothing to talk about.k about >> all right, good luck guys.k i'll give you that one.uhat we'll talk to you later. later >> all right. all rht >> junks 106.7 f.m. the fan. 6:30.6:30 >> talk to you soon.oon. >> hi. >> i wonder why that entertained me.ente >> always entertain me.erta >> played me happy.laye hap >> they're great.>> >> it's cold.>> i guess i probably. pba telling you something youyou already know but it'sadow definitely chilly out there. chl i mean lots of 30's. >> what? >> are we close to a record? >> yeah, yesterday morningni record at dulles.cord yesterday afternoon record low maximum at dulles and i had --ad don't have the official off numbers yet this morning but ith think we may have set a new hav record out at dulles >> some weird weather. s >> it's been a very chillyomen r may. >> yes. >> obviously a cool and wetly a may as well. wl. 40 now at bwi marshall. marsh you can see that those numberssn are well below normal.e we bel a little cloud deck to start your morning. do not despair. desir most of your day will be sunny and bright and less windy than daytime highs good egh
6:37 am
10 degrees warmer thanrha yesterday. mid to upper 60's.0's. as allison mentioned it will i w feel like early spring but itrib will feel like a nice day. day >> what did i say? what d i >> and it will be a dryt willa r afternoon.oo 66 your daytime high. h seven day has a little of thise ann little of that.n youli want to stay tuned and maybe some other stuff, too.o. >> okay.>> >> is there any kind of mayish h in the seven day.evenay >> there's some 70's in the's ss seven day. se >> all right.>> rig looks we havlooks we havesomethh >> starting off with a look l from skyfox seven eastboundea one lane getting by.stneetti lane blocked by an overturnedn d vehicle crash at colvin run cinr road. look at those delays. delay significant backups all thepslle way to reston parkway. you're seeing several minds ofas standstill traffic.anll t avoid seven eastbound.astbnd you'll get stuck in at leastt la 45 extra minutes of trafficra between reston parkway andaray colvin run. if you don't avoid it. let's take a look at our maps. p keep it to georgetown pike or o 267 as alternates to gets to g around that. that. another crash on 66 in fairfax after 123.te in addition we have some metroet
6:38 am
we have an off-loaded train tra that cleared at cheverly onhe the orange line.than still seeing delays to vienna. delays to largo town center onla the blueline from earlierrg train limnealfunction at kingt g street. two out of the six lines righths now dealing with someom disruptions. and we're also seeing metrobus u delays because of this. fenwick street is closed fromlof a partial building collapseing l yesterday out by okey street.. 295 southbound typical slowal s moving traffic. back to you. t >> erin thanks. still ahead kevin sits kevit down with two of the voices behind the upcoming angryhe bird us movie.s movie >> plus the right call or an on air gaffe. mixed reaction pouring in for a meteorologist forced tod cover up live on air during a forecast. details next.
6:39 am
sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> 6:41 and we are back now with what is trend othaner web this monday these are the stories you're engaging with right now onh rigo social media.soci m let's starter with the red hotot chilly peppers canceling more shows after their front man,, anthony kiedis went to thet to hospital over the week. w the band dropped out of an o a l.a. radio concert saturday sata after he was taken in an i ambulance complaining ofbula severe stomach pain. p bands says he has the flu. flu. they've canceled another showerw tomorrow. a woman in florida should so recover just fine despite being bitten by a small sharkllk who would not give up.who the woman came out of theof ocean in boca raton on sunday with
6:42 am
shark still attached to her arm. ar horrifying. the shark actually died thoughau when the woman waited for w waie emergency crews but it did not d let go of its grip. and yet another tale of humans messing with nature. mes man and his son visiting yellowstone park put a bison b cap in the suv thinking thethe animal was too cold.d. they drove it to the ranger station to complain. they said the bison baby wassons fine and ticketed the man andhen his son. the bison is back in thek wild. they tried. they didn't --they didn' >> i know. >> they didn't want to -- >> i don't think they spenty much time in simpsons fans finallysimp getting their questions answered. how the popular cartoon pulledd off a live q and a with itsts star. st if you have a news tip sharews it with us. e-mail us at fox5 tips at back after this.
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>> ♪ >> 6:45 right now. we are looking ahead to laterki this morning. our good day guest dst here's what's coming up today t from 9:00 until 11:00. 100 jada pinkett smith. s what she thinks is her biggestig parenting challenge.haen terrence jay teamed upterr with reality tv guru markmark barnett and they kick offer off the new fox show coupled. first they'll talk with us dr. oz shares some food truthsos including what you need toudingu know about the stuff you're buying at convenience stores and where does your shrimp come from. news that could change yourcochn eating habits.eating that's coming
6:46 am
>> tucker barnes where art wre thou. >> i had two deliciouselicio doughnuts from a convenience store and i don't wish to'tis learn they were not good for me. >> hope they were deliciousthey there they were delicious. allison guess. what you probably know. it's chilly out there. woroukth week starting cool and dry but how about record cold out out towards dulles and these a t numbers just incredible forredio this time of it's the middle of may.e of 45 in washington. annapolis 45. all right, those are yourr warmer temperature.peratu leonardtown 37 degrees.dt 41 in quantico. quaic off to the west we're in the the upper 30's. we had mid 30's last hour at dulles.dues frederick is 39.eris 3 38 in martinsburg.arti i had a opportunity to go outo t to skyline drive. d hadn't been out there in years.yes. actually beautiful towards tow laray and that part of thet the world yesterday. all right, there's your storm'sr tracker radar.da we've got a little cloud cover to start your morning.ror we will clear it out.t. it will be a very pleasant p monday. warmer than yesterday and less s wind. we'll still have some breezeshas around but not
6:47 am
we had yesterday and mid tondidt upper 60's so, you know, youw, y will want a jacket early but e it will feel like a nicee a n spring day a little later this afternoon our next weatheroon maker off to our south and a west.. we're going get what we callal overrunning.over warmer air will try to get intog here later tonight and tomorrow and that will bringnd b us cloud cover and some of thens shower activity you see out to t the west will roll in herel in h during the day tomorrow.ring thd so, tomorrow looks rather cooloo and damp and wet.nd w kind of reminiscent of what wefa had earlier in may.nay that's tomorrow at 2 o'clock. 2c again we're fine today.'rin dry conde itions this afternoono if you got sports that kind ofpt thing a little later today andnd then tomorrow rain showersra around and the rain showersn threat will continue into thetiu day on wednesday.. thursday friday look brightri and sunny with a warmup, yeah, erin, and might be a shower or e two next weekend. we're in the quite done this dos pattern yet but i think we'llhi get out of it pretty soon and sn there will be a big warmupbig wr towards the end of the month. m that is is weather. >> i was in philly all weekend and i was wearing a
6:48 am
long sleev a crash involving aninvoing overturn vehicle. v first responders at that location. the left lane is get buying buy seven eastbound at colvin runsto road and these delays extendelas back to reston several miles of very slowery s moving traffic. if you don't want to get stuck in about 45 minutes to an hourus of extra commuting time let's t go ahead and take a look at a our maps best bet georgetowneoet pike or 267 as alternates. aerna aside from that one, metro, good news for you normal service resumed on the orangereu line.e vienna.delays to blueline service resumedce res normal after problem afterrobl malfunction out by king streetet so things looking good forngin metro right i'll let you know if thatw changes again.gain heads up taking mta. market ticket machine atchine monocacy out of service.ervice pay with crash on the train.then no credit cards on the if you're taking a marc trainrc that's something to remember.emm >> be some crash. partial building collapse indi the district northeast.ngstri n. fenwick street remains shutk st down at okey street. str you need to detour around that. 295 southbound big delaysouboun eastern to pennsylvania.nia. typical congestion 2
6:49 am
frederick as you make your way past the truck scales 66 east66e slows through centreville.s th we'll have more look at those m delays as we >> los angeles tv station ktlaa coming under fire for publicly i shaming and we'll go deeper d into this but the headline is publicly shaming their weekend e morning meteorologist.eteoro >> let's saturday morning newscast. here was the scene and holly joins us now with some's more om the details. the details. >> i think this is a storyhink that's a little bit a little >> i agree. >> it's gone out of control a and so let's give you thes goivt details and then we'll chat wllc more about it.mobout i meteorologist liberty chan was n delivering a weather report onet saturday morning. she was wearing a black dress. d it was beaded. and it seemed o to cause quitese a now a lot of people were apparently e-mailing ktla slamming clan for her choicehoi of clothes some saying it looked like she was wearing a new year's eve cocktail dress. well, someone at the station t a must have agreed becausest during one of clan's weather h reports anchor chris burrisbu handed her a gray cardigan.ardi clan was a little bit confused l
6:50 am
going on to which he respondeden we're getting a lot of a o everyone seems to have an h opinion but a lot of people are upset that ktla didn'ta d stand by their anchor and madera her cover up. a lot of people of course are sounding off about this. here's some comments.nt erica says you a watching and was annoyed that it happened.d d if there was an issue withith what she was wearing, address ad it before she went on.she nt if viewers don't like it,it, change the channel. c if that happened to me at work, i would go to hr for sure. so unappropriate to address itod in the middle of the newscast. w jemaah says people need toah s lighten up. ligh nothing wrong with that adorable dress. dre she handled it graciously. graci jersey says nothing against agat anyone but i thought and and friend find we just had a conversation all about the outfits that many news casters m wear these days. they look beautiful but seems they're all leaning towards cocktail attire. just a and and [laughter] >> we agree with that last onet by the way. the here's a couple thingshere about this story. a, i don't think
6:51 am
didn't -- forced her to coverovr up. i've now found out more aboutut the story. first of all she had another a dress slaw going to wear,oing t, didn't work on the key, thek ony weather key. ather key. >> will that problem. pro >> many people have that had problem.ob that was a backup black dress bd she put on. we have extra dresses hanging down in our get ready area. a >> i borrowed -- borro >> seconds of all, i don't, i think that on early saturdayatur morning they contacted ktlatl management and were like whate w should we do and they're likehee you got to get her to cover tov up. i saw an after facebooker facebk mention that the anchor... ahor. cast and crew they he did and after the newscast.ter e ne that anchor just thought itust h was funny. was she was like oh, here, i'll --'l >> he was joking. >> he was joking. >> law teasing her handing her a sweater. sweat she played it off.she played i none of them thought it was athi big deal. now it's turned into this bighib issue. is >> crazy that we're evenrazy thr talking about it. >> it's ridiculous.ic >> it is ridiculous. ridul for those of you who do think t we look like we're going to goi cocktail parties, you're righty' because you know what,.hat,
6:52 am
holly. holly. >> it is but over time what w news anchors are expected toecte wear has changed.ha we he demonstrate decades dec right here.t here. this is kind of old and i'm trying to -- i hate my m arms out but we're encouragednca to wear sleeveless.leeveles >> so as both erin and allisonll are so nicely demonstrating clearly i'm not following thenge protocol. pr >> the issue is men they havey h the uniform, they have the suit and tie. a tie >> no, i wanted to go to sleeveless today.leev they wouldn't let me. >> fashionable but not too uptight.up it goes to show you theou the difference between the ways bet men and women are treated inared general with fashion. fhion >> absolutely.ol >> everyone has an opinionryon about news people.ab they like our hair, they don'te like our hair, we're supposedd to wear necklace we're in the supposed to wear necklace. supposed to wear solid, we're supposed to wear patterns.ed t changes on any given day butut we're given guidelines. >> it's the right time to beto e trending. if you watch la news their main anchors in tank tops t majority of the time. t >> ler co-anchor was being
6:53 am
funny. he wasn't being sexist.asn' >> he was making light of allngo the negative feedback she wasshe getting. >> exactly. >> i thought her dressed lookedl really cute. i know what it's like to key key out at the green screen and say oh he no what. wha i going do. >> and get e-mails.>> a get >> i don't like your dress, iss don't like purple.t li p >> we get that no matter >> no matter what you w >> not to leave the men outthe n i'm sure you get plenty of plent feedback as well on your ties,ot on your hair. >> all the time. time. >> i'll talk to you about thatut tie steve. tie steve >> give it to me later. l >> support for a four legged hero. house the german shepherd sph recovering saved his familyring from a rattle the snake.hena >> they say he jumped in frontdt of them in their backyard.ackyar he was bitten three times byreei that old bad rattlesnake.tlesna he's on a 24 hour antivenomr anv drip. his family says they have noav doubt he was protecting them. t a go fund me account for that ft sweet german shepherd hisd medical bills raised a a whopping $52,000. >> wow. >> all right. >> hope that -- hope the dog
6:54 am
they'll donate some of thatdona money to a local animal shelter wouldn't that be nice.'n save that other dogs. d >> that's my next fur baby,aby, steve. st >> great dog. >> yeah.>> yh. >> homer went live during theend last three minutes of lasthree night's episode of thesode o simpsons. did you watch. >> i saw this. >> homer simpson answeredd audience questions day.uestionsd >> it was weird.wa >> the long running animatedanid series used modern motionn moti capture technology whichtech tracks the movement of the movef real actor who tracks homer's h voice. vo homer ended the segment saying y the cast of "empire" willcast answer all the unanswered questions.qu the season finale for theinalfoh simpsons season number 27 airsb7 next sunday. >> unbelievable. >> right here on fox5. right >> it was clever. was c it was -- must have been unprecedented. >> after 27 years you got to7 start mixing it up. >> i know,ar right.w, rig >> try something new.ngew first it smashed recordsrst in the app store. sto now it's headed to their big thb screen. >> angry birds the movie hits mv the movie theaters on friday. fi three birds team up to. >> jason sedaikis
6:55 am
voice two of the characters.ct kevin mccarthy sat down ton to speak with them about whatut they were thinking about when voicing their characters. chara >> when they launch you and you get the sound effect offfeco you screaming are you likearu le backing away from the mic? them how are you voicing that.t. >> no, that is literally --iter- gosh, that would be nuts toat w watch the video of that. that is me probably eyes closed like they wouldthey describe sort of what's going on and then just doing it and then kind of picturing it inind your head. you have a little bit by that t point of understanding because b we did it almost inn we would always double back on a stuff of the visualslw andisuals what's whipping by me and's w where i'm headed but yeah yea that's just screaming all outll and then yeah then the genius tg that take all our individualur l voices and put us all in theut n same room on the same mountainat top. >> they probably added thosehose effects after effects but no i n didn't have to physically likehl move away from the thing. thi >> yeah.>> >> interview with the angryh thr birds stars airs in our nexts in hour and yes thre
6:56 am
the way to hawaii to do thathat interview. poor kevin. >> seems like a and agree s birds is over. do people still play angry birds. >> i don't know. >> let me know. >> i went through one round ofod it. >> it was a rage.>> >> we all did. >> we all played every minuteven for like a month.r li >> right. >> at some point you have to p sleep, right? >> 47 degrees. feels like 44. feels like 40. 4 >> and everything you've you mentioned is like here in d.c. c where it's much 10 degrees colder off to the c north and west.nort very chilly temperatures toy tet start your day. jacket early.jack few clouds at the moment buten most of thet day will be sun splashed and warmer thanmerhan yesterday. yesterday. mid to upper 60's and the best b part we'll remain dry this afternoon.afte same can't be said about be sabt tuesday and and ws we'll talk more about that. me t showers in the but today 66s with warmer warmr temperatures and a little lessss wind. will it still be breezy butt not as gusty asst yesterday. yt. >> lay, it's better thanay tomorrow. okay, erin como, 60 ando,0 rainy tomorrow, erin. e >> more rain.>>e well, right now sunshine but traffic problems.robl seven east process of getting gg an overrn
6:57 am
uprighted turned left lane gets by. right lane in the process ofthps clearing but as for right nowig delays extend back for several s miles from reston parkway all pw the way to colvin run. avoid seven eastbound. save yourself some time. time. take georgetown pike or 267. metro's on time right now.rightn keep it to fox5 news 7 o'clock hour coming right up t and we will keep you moving on the roads and get you the forecast and your news for the day. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> we're expecting to learn more about metros are safety plans one day after riders r dealt with more track we'll have a live reporthave a coming up.coming >> and on the campaign trail t donald trump facing new fac criticism over his treatmentovet of women.ofen plus who hillary clinton cli says she would put in chargeoulh of the economy if shae made it t to the white >> strong wind damage acrosse its area over the week. w look at that. we'll talk about how this a might be impacting yourbo commute this morning. morning. >> and a live look outside onuto this chilly monday morning. mni it's may 16th, 2016. weather and traffic coming upomu on the 5s at 7:05.:05. good monday everybody.veb i'm allison seymour.s >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. mr today metro's plan known as knos safe track is supposed to besedo finalized the plan laid out t months of major track work and other repairs. repairs >> the federal governmentederal wants metro to make emergency eg


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