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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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police say she was sleeping in her bed when a man broke into her home and she woke up to find him sexual assaulting her. after the attack, the man took off and police still have not been able to track him down. the woman believe she spotted the suspects when she was arriving home sunday morning around 2:30. she saw a man wearing a black jacket in her backyard and got into a tan four-door sedan. police are hoping someone has information to help them final this guy. it's obviously concerning to us in the community. that's why we're putting our resources heinz investigating this, we wants the public to know we're fully investigating this. we have investigative leads we're working on. we attempted a k9 track that evening. which was negative and also canvassed the area. >> if you have information to share with police, contact the
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special victims unit. that number 703-228-4198. live in arlington lindsey watts fox 5. . for the second time less than a week, man shot to death in the middle of the day in far southeast. >> dc police say a verbal altercation preceded the gunfire near east capitol street in bending road. police swarmed that area. fox 5 paul live at the scene. >> reporter: dc police have been extremely busy in the city since noon. we counted as many as five shootings in the district of columbia since that time period. one was a fatality here in the 4800 block of texas avenue southeast. according to a witness who gave a statement to police and spoke fox 5 off camera, this is what he says happened. he was smoking a cigarette in this alley behind the station when it's a scuffle broke out.
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his knees firing at someone across bending road. he says that gunman was hit by the gunfire and killed here at the scene. within an hour, a huge crowd gather here as the shopping center across the street. watching from a distance, the scene was excruciating. family and friends having heard the news came to the shopping center across street from the crime scene. some collapsed in tears. others had to be held back from running across bending road to get to the scene. dozens of others descended on the shopping center waiting for word. the man killed fell in the alley behind the valero gas station steven the corner of texas avenue, east capitol street and bending road. police took several in for questioning. at one point about an hour or so after the shooting, an altercation broke out in the venco shopping cen
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people scattered running in several directions. it was a tense scene. >> terrible, man. it's terrible. it's terrible. >> you got a 7-year-old shot over the weekend and now this. >> terrible, man. >> just shock. that's all. just shock. like any other person would do, i got out of the way. you know what i mean? i really didn't know where they were coming from. all i know is i'm hearing shots. >> reporter: just a little while ago, dc police responded to a scene not far in 100 block of 49th street southeast where we're told a woman was shot when the firefighters arrived, this woman was unconscious and unresponsive according to dc police. former dc mayor vincent gray, o
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council came to the scene. he was outraged by what he heard and saw. of he told us that this is the 19th murder here in ward seven compared to just six at the same time last year. live in southeast, paul wagner fox 5 local news. new tonight, metro is hitting the brakes. right now a mandatory slowdown is in effect to for big stretchs is on four metro lines. >> slower speeds at reducing electrical problems, for passengers got to brace, not only during rush hour but way beyond. >> tom with all wawa all this mean. >> reporter: this? all four ofs those lines come together. metro is not only imposing these speed restrictions but also telling train operators to slow down as they're leaving certain stations. why are they doing all of this? well, metro engineers believe that high speeds d
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power to the trains mayi be a factor in all of the fires we've had plaguing the cismd here's what you need to know. take a look at this. this is going to take place anne the slower lines on the red line between grove and dupont circle. on the orange between minnesota avenue and likewise on silver and blue lines from roslyn to bending road. now, metro claimed today they're doing this in the interest of safety. the train operators will now be allowed to only travel at a max of 45 miles an hour. but just last week, the transportation secretary anthony fox blamed high speed train for putting too much electricity into the simply what's it mean
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especially if there's another sheriff's sale incident that pops up. merit says they apologized for the inconvenience, but passengers appreciate the apology but what they would rather have is a metro system safe and reliable. >> that's what they need to do for us to be safer, i guess it's what we're going to have to do but it's not ideal. >> you know, throwing a wrench into your commute on a daily basis is unpredictable. >> people are going to be delayed at school and work, and pretty much like an inconvenience. >> reporter: today was the day that metro was supposed to have its safe track a plan, that massive year-long rebuild that will see shut downs and single tracking, but that goal of having it done day camps and went. metro said there were too many changes improved by the federal government. we're now told that that plan is supposed to be put out in its final
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papal visit in metro center, they don't mean fitzgerald, fox 5 local news first time, we're hearing from the off duty emergency sponsored who sprang into action to help a 7-year-old boy shot. veronica baker said she was at a baby shower for her niece saturday when she heard gunshots nearby. at first she thought it was a firecracker. after walking to the end she noticed a little boy had been shot. veronica supplied aid and comfort until an ambulance arrived about ten minutes later. >> i felt the need to help somebody. and it happened to be a little boy. a little kid. we are, our community is plagued with violence. but at some point, we got to say enough is enough. i'm at my point. >> police say the 7-year-old who was shot is expected to fully recover. . 13 law enforcement officers received the metal of valor
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president obama today. >> it is the nation's highest honor for law enforcement. in a ceremony at the white house, president draped the metals around the necks of officers who risked their lives among others, american them navy seal team six. who rescued in afghanistan. >> one thing i want to say is everything we do is a team. if it wasn't for that team i wouldn't be standing here, my team mate, friend and brother, nick check, the award is truly his, an american hero and the hero of that operation. he died a warrior and died to bring back another american. >> fires is the 11th living service member to be awarded the metal of honor in
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we're wear of make on age diet and environment can have on our offspring. >> ahead in tonight's health watch, how a man's age and the amount of alcohol he drinks can affect his future baby's development. a woman says new york times spun her words to smear donald trump. >>. weather wardrobe controversy. a meteorologist speaking out after being asked to cover up on live tv for wearing this dress during the forecast. are you wearing that dress today. >> no only fringe and sequence on fridays. and it's a private show. i can't imagine what mark that must be in. guess we'll find out in a moment. in the meantime i'm enjoying this fantastic but crisp may day. what a beautiful time to enjoy the sunshine and our late sunset, which is not till 8:15 tonight
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out and soak it up while you can. a little bit of that may rain is coming back into the forecast sooner rather than later. i'll have a first look at that. of when we come back.
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. giant is recalling the
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popular hamburger. dr. prager veggie burgers. there have been no reports of any illnesses. research show a dad's diet drinking sex and age can impact their baby. study you found fathers over age 40 are more likely to have children who develop birth defects autism or schizophrenia. to psychological stress in fathers can raise the risk of their kids having impaired behavioral trades and obesity in dad's is associated with higher risks for obesity and diabetes in their children. makes sense. hot on the web tonight is the story that has a lot talking. it is weather-related which is why we're here in front of the weather wall. it's a weather wardrobe controversy. >> it's going to be 65 in baltimore. >> practiced that. >> caitlin is here to explain. we've been talking ab
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>> it happened saturday morning went quickly viral. a meteorologist who works at the tv station, ktla in los angeles, was wearing a sparkly dark dress on the air, apparently viewers complained about it. let's take a look. >> what's going on? you want me to put this on? why? . >> we're getting a lot of e-mail. >> what? >> there you go. >> really? . >> ok. so obviously, he said we're getting a lot of e-mails. put the sweater on. you need to cover up. this video started spreading on social media sparking a debate over whether or not the dress is appropriate if the anchors reactions were sexists and about the scrutiny on women when it comes to appearance. in the history of news, as has a man been asked to change clothes on air because the viewers were
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unhappy with what he was wearing. careful, if you keep this up. the meteorologist took to facebook to discuss her wardrobe choice. >> well, ok. everyone, i had this dress on. ok? i did not work. this was very demure. yes, we have this on. . >> the most offensive thing was her camera work there. the. >> the dress that she had on originally as she said, we did this demonstration live if you stand in front of a green screen you can't wear anything green and you won't be able to see the dress only her face would show up. so she defend her co anchor posting for the record i was not ordered to put the sweater on. i was simply playing along with my co anchor's joke. if you ever watched the morning show you know we poke fun at each other all the time. i want our viewers to know it was never other intention
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offend anyone, we're friends on and off the air. if you watch morning television, there's a lot of fun, a lot of bits, including fox 5. it's kind of odd, that there's a lot of joking and family is atmosphere would go viral. i watch los angeles. they seem to wear a more relaxed wardrobe in general. sun dresses are the norm. maybe mere in washington, dc, that wouldn't fly and there would be a lot of viewer e-mails. in los angeles, it seems odd that the viewers would care. >> the male anchor, he was wearing shorts. >> was he really. >> definitely wearing shorts. he pointed that out as well. nobody would give him -- would second guess him for wearing shorts. again, you guys get, you guys get time about. >> if a guy went in a tank top, i'll bet you we get e-mails saying, put something on >> is that a request? sue, would you like to see me in a
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>> i think i have, wink, wink. a lot of people would love to see you in that sexy little dress. >> that and would never happen. i'm feeling a little bit exposed. right now my camera man can help me out and give me an extra layer here. . i love dc. this is how we roll. we put on more, not less. >> way too much. >> i can see a forearm. >> actually in defense of that poor young woman. jillian made this many years ago. >> yes, she did, we were just talking about that. >> she's increase. >> for me, i like good old dc and how we dress here and i don't care what anybody says, but you actually don't really need a jacket today. we have been able to get into the mid 60's. it's been a glorious wonderful day without rain, and nice bright blue sky. few clouds starting to come in. the rain will come back as early as tomorrow evening's rush hour t'
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is a beautiful evening, temperatures in the 60's and a light breeze. we're at our warmest it's 67 degrees. annapolis, and fredericks 66. as we look at the temperatures, i have to tell you we have not had one 80 degree day and we're more than halfway through of last year, we had 11 days above 80. and one above 90. very hot may versus cold and now the clouds and the showers are going to be coming back into town and we'll see those clouds thicken overnight. let's show you what we expect in terms of allergy report. because the breeze yesterday and the sunshine got that tree pollen up and at it again. trees are high. grasses beginning to come on as well. low for weeds and mold, likely some of the sunshine today is helping to reduce the mold. going forward, i mentioned the sunset not until, that gives us 14 hours and
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daylight. enjoy every single minute of us. 63 degrees at 7:00, by 9:00, cool, not as cold as last night which was nearly frosty cold. by 11:0058. and headline for tomorrow, expect the gloom to be back and light rain starting as early as the morning rush hour moving in from west to east. grab the umbrella. leave the sunglasses at home. we'll look for brighter news on the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> sue, thank you, an act 2004 from the wire reerupted. >> what police say led up two wendell pierce attacking a supporter of bernie sanders. >> the celebrities say they're being black listed by insurance companies because of box. rob kardashian in the district with his fiance. at a maryland
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dealership vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers,
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♪ stand by me
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. we're talking hundreds of people gathered for a private memorial for prince. it was an invitation only in minnesota. he was known as brother nelson. more than 500 people were there to remember the artist. he died april 21st at his home in minnesota but the cause of death is still under investigation. actor wendell pierce will no longer be given the commencement speech at rutgers. this was announced today following his arrest in atlanta over the weekend. he's accused of assaulting a woman after she professed her support for presidential candidate bernie sanders. you may know appears as at character bunk from the wire. tmz is reporting that pierce started a conversation with the woman and her boyfriend, and eventually turned to politics. that's when things got heated. tmz says pierce grabbed the
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woman's hair and hit her in the head. he is now charged with simple battery. rutgers released the statement announcing o'brien is the new commencement speaker. the accusations against bill cosby are created what's being dubbed the cosby effect. it's near impossible. they're scaring insurance companies away. they can get umbrella policies that will cover 20 to $30 million lawsuit judgments. . black china and fiance rob kardashian visiting dc this weekend with a big gift for her mother. china is from the district. they still live here. the couple bought mom a 2016 nissan
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also in town to celebrate china's birthday. the model and mom to be turned 28 a last week. your favorite story. >> you like to see give spirit. it's a nice car. those nissans are very nice. coming up a baltimore police officer charged in the freddy gray case testifies against a fellow officer. a woman featured in an article about donald trump and a woman slams the "new york times" saying her story was spun. what the park service is now saying could be to blame for electrical failure. national monument's elevator. a balloon ban. why a lawsuit is calling for an end to a football tradition. who the m g m casino is partnering with. hundred training hundreds to become card dealers.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. back now with the latest from day three of the trial for officer edward near row, one of six baltimore officers charged in the freddy gray case, garrett miller took the stand testifying that he handcuffed gray after the chase while officer nearo helped load him into the van. officer niro faces several charges including assault. last week, he i wanted to of his trial decided by a judge instead of a jury. >>. the is supreme court got a major ruling. the justices had been considering whether religiously affiliated institutions could be exempted
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birth control or other reprovive in their health plan. they did make a rule and said they sent the cases back 34 appeals court. mandate will not return to the supreme courts until after the 2016 election. the washington monument remains closed. shut down for repairs. it was set to reopen today. officials say it won't be back open until tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. the nash park services closed the monument saturday morning after discovering electrical issues with the power supply to it's 15-year-old elevator. officials aren't sure whether it's the same troubles over the past year. >> we're at the midpoint of what we expect the life of this elevator to be. so we're get to go ready to undertake a detailed assessment of all the systems in the washington monument. give us an in-depth look at what these problems had been and make a recommendation for what repairs may be in the future. >> the park service says there's
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during a 2011 earthquake allowed moisture to get into the monument's electrical system causing these elevator failures. looked like donald trump would not be welcomed at the howard theater. you can see no parking and tow away signs and says no trump any time. the sign has been removed no word on who posted the sign. gop presidential candidate donald trump relationships with women had the focus of a front page article from the "new york times." the story is titled crossing the line. trump private conduct with women. >> veronica cleary is here with a closer look along with one reaction with one woman featured in the story. >> the story featured excerpts from interviews with dozens of women. from real estate to patch end tri to romance, the authors explained that the piece outlined a complex and at times
5:32 pm
contradictory pour transit of mr. trump. with the range of interactions from asking a woman to put on bathing suit at a pool party to forcing one miss universe to lose weight. many responded by saying this would add more negative to mr. trump likeability with woman, mr. trump responded with had a handful of tweets. saying the failing "new york times" wrote yet another hit piece on me, all are impressed with how nicely i've treated women. they found nothing a joke. another said. everyone is laughing at the "new york times" for the lame piece they did on me on women. i gave them many names of women i help. they refused to use. now, one woman prominently featured in at the story was a former miss maryland usa who dated trump in the 90's. she came out this morning on fox and friends to rack to the article. saying the "new york times" spun her story.
5:33 pm
that they would do it accurately. they told me several times and my managers several times that it would not be a hit piece. my story would come across the way that i was telling it and honestly. and it absolutely was not. they spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump. >> mr. trump relationships and comments about women first brought to light during this election cycle in that famous debate with megan kelly. tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. fox will broadcast a prime time special where kelly sits down with trump. here's a sneak peak. >> do you think it's the journalistly role to be nice to presidential candidates at a debate. >> fair. i don't care if they're nice. >> you used the word nice. >> ok. no. i don't think so. i might have said they weren't nice, that doesn't mean to have to be nice. >> i'll be chatting with megan kelly tomorrow morning in the
5:34 pm
9:00 hour along with steve. don't miss it. a university of nebraska tradition could soon come to an end. that's because randell krauss is asking a federal court to ban these kinds of balloon releases. of alleging that it violates environmental laws. traditionally, corn husker fans release them after the first touchdown at home gains. university officials insist every balloon is biodegradable and tide off with cotton strings. the university has been releasing these balloons a the home games since the 1940's. >> come on. ready for golf? tiger woods in town. question is, is he ready to hit the linc, again. >> a lot of ifs and whats, the question is when? tiger was in down a
5:35 pm
club. tiger's foundation hosting the tournament which explains why he was in town. of he took whacks from a few people being offered for military service. tiger unfortunate sunk three in the drink. if he has his way he will be out there in five weeks. >> i want to play. trust me. i don't know if i can or i will. but trust me, i want to. it's not fun sitting on the sideline, it's not fun watching the guys compete and play. i know what it's like to be out there with them and it's fun. it's fun to go head-to-head against those young kids and see what they're doing and how well they're playing. >> tiger referring to younger golfers today as kids. the event benefits military families. last time tiger won
5:36 pm
next year sat potomac in potomac. also on the green. redskins linebacker ryan occur again. several celebrities t teed off. here's what he had to say about the organization and his own dedication to it. >> cancer affects a lot of americans for the work. it's pretty special. going money for research. it's awesome to be involved. >> fox 5 weather, 25th, national's park, benefits the leukemia and lymphoma society. advertising in sports gone hand-in-hand from nascar vehicles to stadium naming rights deals that even said they will be considering. aside from major league soccer, athletes had been an
5:37 pm
zone. the philadelphia 76er's tweeting out this one. stub hub patches over the chest of it won't start till next year. the ticket broker is paying $15 million for the right over three years. don't expect to see boo's. those will not be allowed. anxious to see what we're going to see on the wizard's uniforms. i like the people who say politicians should have suits with badges on them. we're far away. it's interesting. any way they can make money, they're going to find it. coming up, the new push to keep kids safe on their way to and from school. >> we will tell you about a initiative called mant block. it's getting the entire community involved. try your luck in a new career where you can go to learn how to become a casino dealer. jim already practicing caitlin. >> might have to try it the. you in ever know. high temperatures
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only in the 60's, but full-on sunshine, it was a gorgeous afternoon. 67 at reagan, 66 dulles, bwi 66, ten degrees below normal. let you know if warmer temperatures in the seven-day forecast. a rainy tuesday forecast is back, coming up next in your full seven-day forecast. on fox 5 news at 5:00 returns after this. is.
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. take a look at this photo. this is what happened when an ontario woman listened to her gps. according to canadian media reports, the directions led her down a boat ramp and into lake hoar ron last weekend. fortunately. she was able to roll the window down and grab her purse before she escaped. now in the woman's d
5:42 pm
was driving at night and it was foggy out. and that's probably why she didn't see the lake coming up in front of her. >> it's ok. i've seen stories like that before. it is totally understandable. at times gps is an imperfect science. well, let's talk about the last couple days. yesterday, was kind of breezy. it was brisk. it was nice. >> and no rain. that's what i'm happy about. >> that's the important part. >> what a beautiful day. very brisk. but we'll take it caitlin. we'll take it. >> it's so nice to see the sunshine, long weeks with the rain. unfortunately we're back to that starting tomorrow. it is a cool but very nice looking evening. enjoy it while you can. because clouds are on the increase later tonight. next system comes right on through starting tomorrow morning and this may pattern does not look like it's going to break down quite yet. foggy weather tomorrow commutes could be wet. thursday and friday lk
5:43 pm
weekend look like we're back in the rain. i just want to give you the seven-day forecast there we'll show the whole thing again in a minute. let's get back to the present hour. it has been gorgeous bright spring day. reminiscent of earlier spring, 67 high temperature. 65 in annapolis, 65 in baltimore, 66 back towards winchester. you can see some clouds increasing already. rolling over the mountains, and into southern and central virginia. for the most part, we've got high pressure in place, that's moving out to this system back here can move in. and there's a lot of moisture with this system. a front comes in late tonight. that's the rain you're seeing from st. louis sneaking into cincinnatti. that whole thrown will trek through tomorrow into wednesday's persistent showers for tuesday. as we go through times, clouds increasings by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, steady rain out west. likely affecting the morning commute especially western suburbs of
5:44 pm
through the mid morning hours, the rain area increases briefly could be heavier, the heaviest of rain a is south of the washington area. 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, it's still raining. this is chilly rain tomorrow. we haven't had many warm days, temperatures will struggle to climb out of the 50's with that persistent range it's still shower ri tuesday into wednesday, this should be the back edge of of the assembly wednesday morning. i believe the afternoon we're ok. but count on all day tomorrow, and probably the first half of wednesday looking very soggy. that being said, fairly light rather we really don't need anymore rain at this point. everything is green and lush. looks beautiful. thanks to the rain over of the past couple weeks. later this week, we see improvement, high pressure back is we should see sunshine thursday and friday. temperatures slightly warmer up into the 60's, maybe low 70's,
5:45 pm
keep in mind normal average high for this time of year, 75 and we didn't come close in a few days. here's your forecast for tomorrow. showers turning into a steadier rain late in the day and we do not climb out of the 50's. it's chilly tonight. it's just amazing when you think that last may, may of 2015 was the hottest may on record. tomorrow not as cold but still the 40's to low 50's. unfortunately with that rain, it's going to feel like a cool afternoon. 58 is for the high temperature here in dc. seven-day forecast, 58 tomorrow. not looking very nice, but things improve steadily to through wednesday. 64 with those showers giving way to late sunshine. then thursday and friday look great to be outside. especially on thursday, 70. mostly sunny friday, 72 looks beautiful. rain is back for the weekend. saturday and i know here we are in may,
5:46 pm
it is just -- looks like rain. >> we've been getting e-mails, you might want to put the jacket on. >> you didn't see me taking my jacket over? you're in the zone. >> am i cold? yeah. >> i'm freezing in here. >> by the way, sue palka did this. that's ok. meanwhile, actress angelina jolie was focused on her role as united nations special envoy today. she delivered a speech on the global refuge crisis and jolie pit warned against a fear of migration and a race to the bottom as countries competed to be the toughest to protect themselves. the united nations high commissioner for the refuges says the crisis is now a global issue. >> homer simpson went live last night during the last three minutes of the episode of the
5:47 pm
questions live from the audience, long running animated series used modern technology which tracked the movement of the real actor which tracked the voice. homer ended the is segment saying the cast of empire will answer all the unanswered questions. season finally airs sunday here on fox 5. i think the questions for cookie are far different than the ones to direct toward homer, but homer would be in favor of cookie's. >> interestingly answered. let's head over to tony and for a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> i watched that last night with much participation. >> it was a little bit weird but interesting. >> i got to go back and look at it. >> kind of cool. let's talk about something you might not expect to see every day when you're driving or walking around the district. take a look at this village have you seen this woman walking or riding her bike around town?
5:48 pm
still ahead at 6:00, we'll explain why she's going topless on dc. >> did you make it to church sunday? that's quite a combination of stories. even if you did researchers think it's beneficial for you to go even more especially if you're a woman. . we'll have a live update on one of our big stories, metro, of course, pumping the brakes on some of its trains, what the slow down could mean for your commute. we'll be back with those stories and more at 6:00.
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the district this afternoon, a show of force and support for students attending a public charter schools. organizers calling what you see her man the block. staff and volunteers came together, locked arms, patrolling sidewalks and streets, where they say students are harass
5:52 pm
and sometimes robbed on a daily basis. the adults say the city police department and metro transit police need to do more to allow kids to focus on their studies, not their safety. >> they're going to school to learn but they can't get home to do their homework. what's the purpose of them going to school at all? the kids need to have a safe way of going back home and i challenge the district government to become involved in this program and to meet with dr. clark. >> there is no reason why kids should be beat up on the way from school or going to school. these are kids who are trying to academically reach goals and as a community we have to do what we can to support them. >> it's called man the block. seems like a brilliant way for the community to come together and take care of children and set an example for safety. >> there's the community aspect. you want to make sure people are looking out for each other's kids. it wasn't easy when i went to school when you get picked on certainly kidsav
5:53 pm
on their mind these days. the. with the mgm hotel and casino opens it's dories doors is partnering to open up a dealer school. they will teach potential candidates to 1,000 jobs. the mgm national harbor is set to hope later this year. >> get the hand ready. unexpected residents in oklahoma this weekend. the solar plane making a journey around the world. diverted to tulsa because of severe weather. police got a chance to see the plane up close. the crew was available for questions. plane has been making the trek since last year. its next is to be will be across the atlantic to europe and north africa. >> driving cars could cause a pretty big problem in the future. no one would have predicted worst worse traffic. self driving cars would let people who normally don't drive get on the highway. the cars wou
5:54 pm
drive kids to school and sports events without the need for a parent. putting more vehicles on the road. i don't know how many parents will go for that. driverless cars are expected to be on the highway the next ten year. >> it's a great idea. >> it is but i don't know if you necessarily -- kids take the robot to school. whatever you call those to things. >> ahead a little boy who was stuck inside the house because of all of his allergies decides to train his puppy and his innovative method has now gone viral. we're going to have that one after the break. eak. ♪
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. take a look at this. just a moment of brilliance here. this boy and his puppy. it's a photo of a boy and his puppy making hearts melt all over the place. it's gone viral on
5:58 pm
as you can imagine. mom and dad got four-year-old lincoln a puppy after finding out that he has serious allergies to just about everything outdoors but not allergic to pets. they told lincoln he could look up puppy training tips and youtube. he got the tablet out and decided to skip the middleman. lincoln shot videos directly to his saint bernard puppy. who, as you can see was very attentive. >> saint bernard puppy. >> he's going to grow to be a lot bigger. >> need a wiring ipad than that. >> you know, we will show our yo yorky when my husband goes out of town. i don't know that he can actually see the i pad. i'm quite amazed how. >>. >> it's or
5:59 pm
thank you for joining us tonight. >> fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. right now at 6:00, slow on the tracks, metro is imposing new restrictions that may make your already chaotic commute longer. than a bandit burst into a bar and made out with a big item. >> ran to the sidewalk and when i got to the sidewalk, i saw a young lady holding a child. an off duty emt helped save the life of an 8-year-old caught in a cross fire. fox 5 local news starts now. we begin tonight arlington where police are on the hunt for a sexual assault suspect. >> the victim said she woke up to a man sexual assaulting her. fox lindsey watts
6:00 pm
the assault happened. >> reporter: arlington county police say after attack they have been doing extra check around the area. we're on the 700 block of north edgewood street. it's a quiet neighborhood. had a neighbor tells me there was lot of activity here yesterday. she says that all day long, police were investigating down there at the end of the block. it was after a woman said that in the middle of the night, she woke up to find a man sexual assaulting her. police haven't said exactly how the man got inside her home. after the attack, the man took off, and police are still trying to find him right now. the woman believes she first saw the suspect as she arrived home at around 2:30 sunday. a man wearing a black hooded jacket was in her backyard. she saw him get into a four-door tan sedan and drive off. her attacker was wearing the same kind of jacket. police don't have a lot to go on here. they're hoping for any help from the public. as investigators can't to tray to track down the suspect. >> the fact


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