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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the assault happened. >> reporter: arlington county police say after attack they have been doing extra check around the area. we're on the 700 block of north edgewood street. it's a quiet neighborhood. had a neighbor tells me there was lot of activity here yesterday. she says that all day long, police were investigating down there at the end of the block. it was after a woman said that in the middle of the night, she woke up to find a man sexual assaulting her. police haven't said exactly how the man got inside her home. after the attack, the man took off, and police are still trying to find him right now. the woman believes she first saw the suspect as she arrived home at around 2:30 sunday. a man wearing a black hooded jacket was in her backyard. she saw him get into a four-door tan sedan and drive off. her attacker was wearing the same kind of jacket. police don't have a lot to go on here. they're hoping for any help from the public. as investigators can't to tray to track down the suspect. >> the fact
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assailant is obviously concerning to us in the community. that's why we're putting our resources behind investigating this, we want the public to know that we are fully investigating this. we have investigative leads we're working on. the k9 track was negative. and we can vast the area. >> reporter: if you have any information you want to share with police, contact the special victims unit at 703-228-4198. live in arlington, lindsey watts fox 5 local news. there have been a string of shootings across the districts. you're looking at video from one scene on george avenue in silver springs and on 49th place in southeast. that happened blocks from where a man was shot to death this afternoon in the middle of the day. one dc school is placed on lock down as police swarmed the area. paul wagner joins us live from the scene with the story. paul. >> repte
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east capitol street, and texas avenue. many people would know about the shrimp boat. that's a landmark not far from where i am. according to a witness who did give a statement to police and told that same statement to the fox 5 off camera. he says he was smoking a cigarette in this alley. he says there was scuffle. he saw man with a gun. the man was on the ground kneeling and firing at someone across the street. all of a sudden, he says that man was hit by gunfire and killed here at the scene. within an hour, there was a large crowd that showed up at the benco shopping center across the street. watching from a distance, the scene was excruciating. family and friends having heard the news came to the benco shopping center across from the crime scene. some collapsed in tears, others had to be held back from running across the road to get to the scene. dozens of others descended on the shopping center staring and talking and waiting for wd
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what happened. the man killed fell in the alley behind the vel layer row gas station station. police took several people in for questioning, at least one was in handcuffs. at one point, about an hour or so after the shooting, an altercation broke out in the benco shopping center and dozens scattered, running in several different directions. then a few hours after the shooting, former dc mayor vincent gray came to the scene. >> just feels out of control at this point. we got 19 homicides this year versus six, at the same time last year, we got to get more people out here on foot. we got to get more organizations involved in this. we got to get our citizens, residents to stand up and say enough is enough. this is an outrage that this kind of thing would happen, period. then happened in broad daylight? >> reporter: gray is running for the ward seven council dc council seat. at this po
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motive at this point. live in southeast, paul wagner fox 5 local news. caught on camera, a man broke through the front window of a bar and then stole the safe. it happened around 5:00 a.m. last tuesday in the 1400 block of 14th street. you can see the man rummaging around. all of a sudden he grabs the safe from under the counter. throws it back out the window. hopped right back out the window behind the safe. if you know anything call police. take a look at this surveillance video. you can see two men stealing phones and tablet from inside an office on vernon street in northwest. you can see faces clearly there. it took them just minutes. they walked in and took the items out minutes after employees left the room. if you recognize them, if you have any information about this incident, call dc police. also in the districts tonight, a 7-year-old boy is recovering after he was hit by a bullet in southeast. >> now we're hearing from the off-duty first sponsored who spraining into action to help him.
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veronica base ketyville says she was at a baby shower for her niece when she heard gunshots nearby. at first, she thought it was a firecracker. after walking to the end of the street, she noticed a little boy had been shot. veronica supplied aid and comfort to the child until an ambulance arriveabout ten minutes later. >> i felt the need to help somebody. and it happened to be a little boy. a little kid. you know, we are -- our community is plagued with violence. but at some point, we got to say enough is enough. and i'm at my point. >> we say the 7-year-old who was shot is expected to fully recover. >> thank goodness she was there. 13 law enforcement officers received the nation's highest honor for their heroic work in the line of duty. in a ceremony at the white house, president obama awarded the officers with the public safety metal of valor for risking their lives to save others. the president also posthumously honored robert wilson the third of philadelphia. killed on the job while protecting employees
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customers while fighting off an armed robbery suspect. >> although this particular moment for which you are being honored is remarkable, we also know that receive a day you go out there, you got a tough job. we could not be prouder of not only moments like the ones we recognize here today, but just the day-to-day grind. >> the public safety metal of valor recognizes police firefighters and responders for exceptional courage. >> reporter: it's a safety slowdown, coming up we're going to show you what you need to know about what metro is doing to address its string of problems. first. >> it's a nice day to walk, you don't need the umbrella.
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a little bit of a chill in the air. especially, early this morning, dropped to 36 last night. not so cold overnight but you will need those umbrellas again tomorrow. i'll have your forecast. tony? . if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line 202-895-3000. also e-mail us at fox 5 tips stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power...
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stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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. a series of malfunctioningsss on metro. trains on on the red assault rifle orange and blue lines will leave more slowly and travel at a maximize of 45 miles per hour, part of an effort to reduce arci arci arcing
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>> reporter: it's not only slapping speed restrictions they're also saying they need to slow down as they leave many stations. why are they doing this? engineers believe that high rate of speed may be drawing too much electricity and contributing to this avalanche. ofs smoking insulators that have plagued. look at what you're going to facing coming up. on the red line, this will be running in place from rose ner to dupont circle also on the orange line between roslyn and minnesota avenue. likewise on silver and blue lines from roslyn out to bending road. metro says they're doing this out of an interest of safety. the train operators say they will only be able to travel a maximize of 45 miles an hour. remember, last week, transportation secretary anthony fox
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putting too much electricity in the system and contributing to all the electrical problems. now, metro is also warning you passengers tonight, you could see congestion and increased travel times especially if there is another one of these incidents. but we talked to passengers today. they appreciate metro's is apology buwhat they'd rather see is a resolution to these problems. >> you know, i have mixed emotions. i need to use it every day to go to work but i also want to feel like i'm safe. >> got to leave early to get to work. you know what i mean? make some kind of adjustments. got to adapt. >> reporter: making adjustments is something we're going to have to learn over the next year when it comes to metro. it was supposed to have the safe track plan finalized today. that goal came and went. they said there were time changes as the federal government ordered to have that done by day. we're told that will be
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point later this week. four people dead after a small plane headed for virginia crashed in mississippi, three passengers, pilot on board were board the six-seater. it crashed shortly after take-off. authorities say private plane was heading to charlottesville. they have not released the victim's name. the faa and ntsb are investigating. virginia senator mark warner is joining flight attendants and law enforcement in the flight against human trafficking on commercial flights. the group called on congress to pass legislation to address the problem. last month, senate approved an faa bill requiring training for flight attendants on how to recognize and report suspected human trafficking. >> hundreds of thousands of people in the united states are estimated to be victims of human trafficking. too often, too often, they're hidden in plain sight. it's a problem p
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in northern virginia. as a matter of fact, the average age of someone who is trafficked is 14. >> it said that sometimes when you have big events like a super bowl you can see up ticks in the number of human trafficking cases. coming up at 6:00, why a bold bear-chested bike rider is cycling around the nation's capitol. >> also coming up. what's the secret to longer life? go to church. how religion play as role in longevit longevity. dramatic footage of a truck overturning at the tapanz bridge. the trucks wheels are shown after. the accident was caused when the truck suspension system. five other cars were involved in th
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surprisingly, no one was hurt.
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. maryland woman trying to normalize the human body by spending time bare chested in public. >> take a look for yourself. chelsea covington is working on what she calls pop the top movement. she's bare chested including the nation's capitol. as you can see some of those streets might look familiar to you. covington documents her journey on her blog. covington says she's never been arrested or touched inappropriately. she hopes the top freedom movement will erase the idea that being ba
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public is a sub versive act. >> ok. >> it's working. >> you know, they -- that has happened before. >> i'm sure it has. >> not with her. i don't know about that, but you hear car washes with bikini clad girls when they make them put clothes on. >> really? you'll have to tell me about that. >> you mean where it's located? >> where they're car washing. a massachusetts man is recovering title from the nation's fir penile transplant. >> he had to have his jen tills removed back in 2012, he received the transplant during a 15-hour surgery at massachusetts hospital last week. the organ was transported from
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deceased donor. he should have normal functions in the next few months. >> today i began a new chapter filled with personal hope and hope for others who have suffered these injury, particularly for our service members who put their lives on the line and suffer serious damage as a result. >> we're hopeful with this kind of experimental surgery that we can learn enough to make it safe and routine. it doesn't mean it's going to go perfectly all the time. so far we're doing ok. >> surgeon say it could give new hope to accident victims and wounded vets. . going to church can actually save your life. researchers at harvard school of public health followed 75,000 female church goers over a 20-year period. women were 33 percent less likely to die early. it combatted the effects of stress and depression in women and led them to live longer lives. ho
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? did they survey their husbands while they were at the game while they were at church? >> no. >> i do wonder why they only talk to women. i've heard of studies like this before and it's the same type thing. i've heard from men as well. the you know, it leads to a more fulfilling life. >> absolutely. go to church. i'll tell you weather like this makes us happier and want to be outside. if only it could last. >> i wish it could, sean. don't you feel like you've been given a gift with this beautiful day? today is pretty cool for may. it was only in the mid and upper 60's. that's more typical of last month. mid april. i think i heard you say it's a month behind? >> yes, that's what it feels like. >> trending that way, although still trending wet, closing in on four inches of rain for the month of may. and we'll have more rain tomorrow. why is there an enormous ba
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we're hoping it's going to be dry next wednesday, it's weather day at the park. the game is at 1:00. it's versus the mets. weather team will be out there. are you still coming back to weather day as well? weather day with us? >> i have to check with my people. >> check with your people. >> means he won't be there. we want you to know every ticket sold one dollar will go to leukemia and lymphoma and we're excited about that. we're looking forward to being out there. we hope you will be there as well. unfortunately tomorrow will feature more rain, it's the may gloom resuming. at the busstop make sure the kids have the rain gear, no the as cold as this morning, 48 to 56 of the last, this morning, it was in the 30's in some spots. after school, kind of a chilly raw day. 53 to 60. there will be more rain after school. take that and translate it. that manies both of our commutes are going to be wet tomorrow. these are the high temperatures
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tomorrow. so enjoy what we have out there right now. the sun not going down till 8:15. a pleasant evening to get in a run, walk at dog, temperatures in the mid 60's around the region a clear skies. ly later tonight by 10:00 or so, the clouds will begin to thicken and the showers that you see through the midwest will begin moving across our area between about 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. here's futurecast. you can see we hold the clouds out for awhile. by 8:00 in the morning, rain beginning to push across so that while it's not particularly heavy, i think it's mainly light rain, road will be wet. noon hours seeing rain, brief break in the afternoon, another round will cook up by about 6:00. not expecting thunderstorms, just off and on light rain, rather cool feeling for most of the day and we start out on a wet note on wednesday. but it looks like it will clear up in the afternoon in terms of rain of we may not see sunshine on wednesday. here's your planner for tomorrow. it's mostly in the 50's. it's mostly light rain
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throughout the day. by noon, 56. you can see our temperature doesn't go up much by 5:00. so in the next 48 hours, looks like we're going to have additional rain on the order of a half inch to an inch of rain. this is taking us through wednesday afternoon when we think this round of rain shuts off. which is going to have us way above average for may. but while we have a couple of days with showers especially of the first half of wednesday, better news on the seven-day forecast. looks like thursday and friday will be a couple of the best days of the week. later this week, high pressure will finally build in, bring us some nice day with 60's and 70's to finish our work week. here is your accu weather seven-day forecast. while we are going to be going to be seeing 72, they look like the best days of the week. unfortunately can't say the same for the weekend. looks like saturday may feature an area of low pressure off coast that could throw rain at us. 65. sunday showers, still linger at 68. by the time we get into
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still showers possibly, 72. i don't know why i'm laughing. i'm laughing because i can't get my chair to stay up. >> we gave you the crazy chair today. >> the crazy chair. >> i'll tell you what june better be great. >> june ought to be like may the way things are going. >> that means by time we get to december. >> it's going to be awesome. >> last may was the hottest we've ever had. right now it's the first coolest may. >> bizarre. >> thank you, sue. some encouraging news for fans of the singer sinead o'connor. the singer left illinois for a bike ride sunday morning and her family was worried when she didn't return. police would not say where she was found or release details about her condition. they believe that she may be
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suicidal. nothing compares to you she's most known for. we'll be back. ♪
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o'con thought it was funny, first but he wanted to get out from underneath the sand. he buried the 6-4 inch man, high tide caused the water to come in and pack the sand. made it harder for him to get up. life guards rush i do not. shoveled out the sand. and as you can see, they used surf boards to try to keep the ocean back to help mopeds helped pull him
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he was absolutely fine. probably scared a little while, but think about the story he'll have to tell about his vacation. >> little too close to the water. >> we've done that. buried somebody. >> could have gone horribly wrong. thank goodness. >> yes, indeed. >> that does it for us at 6:00 tonight. >> thanks so much for tuning in. tmz coming up next. enjoy a beautiful evening. sun doesn't go down until 8:15.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: big fight at the waffle house. juvenile didn't much take kindly to a customer saying here comes the hoes. >> juvenile goes and lunges at the guy. punches him. >> the waffle house is like the octagon. >> it goes down at the waffle house. harvey: why is the waffle house so dangerous? >> where lived, the waffle house aughter]!wer income.area that >> jessica simpson's boobs coming out of mastro's like from the moment she walks out, you're looking at nothing other than her gigantic boobs. >> new music coming out? >> boobs for days. walks out -- yes. >> you are speechless! you are speechless! [laughter] >> garth brooks had a concert


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