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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 11, two people killed in five shooting across dc.. the mayor and police chief address the latest violence. a woman woke up to find a man sexually assaulting her inss her own home. >> obviously very concerning tows. what police want you to know. the problem that led to this terrifying crash. >> hope you enjoyed that sunshine today and soaked it upi you are going to be soaking upng more rain tomorrow. i've got your for cast.t. fox news starts right now. >> we begin do night with developing story police are investigating a string of shootings across the district. s thanks for staying with us, i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins, we are talking five shootings this
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afternoon two people diedle d including a mother who was carrying groceries into her homr a. >> a little more than an hour ago mayor and police chief addressed this into we are horrified by what we saw today. its a level of violence that isi not acceptable in our city. and we are going to put every single resource, police and otherwise in the neighborhoods to get rid of this violence. >> violent crime in this area ie down three%.hree so, it just goes to show nohow matter how successful we arecess over all with crime and how successful we are in community and reducing violent crime, you can never rest, because there's potential for something to flare up. >> fox 5's marina marraco is with the very latest. >> reporter: the situation in in the district police crews just behind me 60 commander callingmr in his united to help during our life shot to make
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media crews inward seven are safe. a total of five shooting victims two of those 56 times fatal, both of them again here inward seven. it all started today about 1:000 this afternoon on texas it seemed like it stemmed from some sort 06 alter station two mayor at a have lyra gas statiog on texas avenue, one man dead following that altercation. then self other shootings. the last one happening on 49th 4 street in southeast and at this ., police chief cathy lanier believes it is mr. sorter of retaliation stemming from that texas avenue shooting again another fatal, this time a mothers carrying groceriesrr inside her home.ome. >> it was, they hesitated and they shot up that house. >> reporter: how many people inp the car how many shots did you hear. >> ion
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fast cause i really wasn'tn' looking at it it happened, it just like happened. >> reporter: you don't ream how many gunshots you may haveave heard. >> i think four. >> reporter: did you hear herea scream? >> moist u did you see her falls >> no, when rye looked she wase on the ground, cause when i saw them doing did the shooting, when i saw, iran. people getting shot up and killed that shouldn't be that lady was walking the house. something has to be done out here. its not going to get better its going to get worries. i think some of this shooting is retaliation. >> reporter: police chief lanier says sherry distributes herdist resources as we approach the summer starting in july because of this recent spike and because of last years spike in homicide, this year sherry distributed her resources especially in
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district inward seven in the month of may that first week ofo may at this point there are nowi have been 20 homicidesnt in this ward compared to eight at the very same time last year.ear. live tonight in southeast marina marraco fox 5 local news into la also developing a terrible crash in president clinton maryland old alexandria ferry road a cara and f a pick-up truck collided c driver of the car was taken too the hospital with life threatening injuries, other two in serious condition there's no word what led to this crash? scary store rear in arlington county, a terrifying r encounter for a woman, policeomn say she woke up to find a man sexually assaulting her in her own home.n it happened over the weekends ii the lie on park area. tonight police need the public's help to get the attacker off the street. lindsay waits is live with the
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story. >> reporter: tony, this wasr: surely a t nightmare situation n the victim. she's 25 year old. and she was coming home here to edge wood street early sunday s morning when she tells police she spotted a guy in her yard she didn't think much of it because the guys begin his carei and left. she believes that same man returned broke though her home o she woke up as she was being sexually assaulted. >> we have a young population because people are out after dark. but i do feel safe walking once the sun goes down. >> reporter: its a laid back neighborhood popular way recent college grads. >> detective knocked on our fron kt door . . . that's how se found out what happened justhapp down the street. >> he was going door-to-door too see if anyone noticed anything, seen anything status suspicioust trying to round up some tips. >> police were here for hours sunday. canvassing the neighborhood and using k-9s to search. it was after they got the
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from a young woman attacked in her bed bed by a straining thers who took off. >> the fact that this an unknown assailant is concerning tows inn the community that's why we are putting resources toward investigating >> a father of a young daughterg pretty much the same age gets to you. >> reporter: what happened hass neighbors thinking hard about neighbors. >> kelsey was locked out when we talked to her. >> i do have a house key. >> reporter: because her roommates aren't taking chancesc with an unlocked door. d >> things like this don't happen in our neighborhood, they don't. >> reporter: police say the pol woman who was attacked did not get a good look at the suspect swy have a limited description d of him for now. only that he was wearing a black hooded jacket. and possibly driving a tan fourn door sedan. because police are working with so few details they are really hoping someone from the public will come forward and help them trap down the suspect. fox 5 local
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>> disturbing discovery in a a northern virginia pond a person in centreville found abode the pond is located on rich pondh road a dive team was able too pull the woman out of the water. it is unclear exactly how long the body was there and there's no word yet on her identity ordt cause of death. >> the community held a vigil for prince george's county g school teacher killed more thanl a week ago. a tordil was the first victim to have a two day shooting spree across two maryland counts. mar friends and family gathered at park dale hospital in riverdaler where she was a teacher to remember the mothers of wolf ths husband shot and killed her. he's accused of killing two other people the next day and montgomery county.nty. tordil is in jail being heldeing without bond. another victim of the shoutings will be laid to rest tomorrow. dozens came out today to pay respect during her publicubc viewing in rockville. she was begunked down in parking lot avenue of
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in aspen hill. well i hope you enjoyed today's sunshine we are not not going to to get a do over tomor. tomorrow you got to be ready foa a wet day. that rain will be around for the morning commute. hopeful allyl lighter for the evening commute. may bloom is going to resume. you won't need the sunday glassa clouds are thickening tonight. umbrellas will be needed you are going to need a jacket because it will be on the chilly side tomorrow. temperatures will not recover rc very much from our lows that will bottom out in upper 40s and 50s some places may get into the upper 50s. you can see the rain as posing. it will take longer for that area to ride the front and bring the rain in here. i think by seven exeight in thet morning it is pushing in from west to east.west t if you are in the easternh suburbs maybe you don't have h deal with too much rain. we are all getting wet w keep ke thunderstorms out of the forecast this time we'll be in i the cooler angrier s
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system. it looks like its going to persist through much of the daylight hours tomorrow. as a result of that em at that chars that you see right hereous will be close to what highs for tomorrow will be. much more on dryer 7-day forecast when i join you in a a few minutes tony. ton sue, thank you. metros warning riders to get ready for more delays. train operators on the orange, blue, and silver lines are being ordered to show down. its part of an effort to try to reduce electrical insulators and smoke incidents.ncid each train will travel at a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour. engineers believe by slowinglowi down the strains they can reduce how much electric pour they use. washington monument is set s to reopen tomorrow.omor the national park service closed the monday you appointment y saturday after discoveringou electrical issues with elevators. they aren't sure if these arese the same issues that caused the
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over the last year. all right still to come off duty emt at a baby shower act attempted quickly we're going tt tell you how she helped save a seven year old after she was shot. terrifying accident caught on dashcam find out what forced his truck to overturn other than a highway. here's a look at some other stories including the weather wardrobe controversy. we'll be right back. ♪
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into wow an incredible crashn caught on this camera that was a truck overturning in new york. take another look. there's the truck tilting down w before it crashes on the road you are going to see the truck's detached wheels rolling by the accident was caused when the trucks suspension system broke. five
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was hurt.urt. incredible because when youu see the way that truck came down. >> and the person driving behind it remained calm, didn't swerves off or anything like that.thin all right for the first time ti we're hearing from the off duty emergency respondser who sprango into action to help a seven year old boy who was shot this weekends. >> veronica, she was at a baby shower for her knees saturdayura when she heard gunshots near by. at first she thought it was a fire cracker she noticed a a little boy was shot she gave him first aid and comforted him until and ambulance arrivedbula about 10 minutes later. >> i felt the need to help somebody. and it happened to be a little l boy a little kid. our community is played with violence, at some point we gotot to, i'm at my point. >> sin investigators say thehe seven year old victim was playing outside when he was hitt in the shoulder
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pho recover pleases are looking for the shooter. rutgers university campus the act on the wire i was arrested in atlanta too he's he' accused of assaulting a woman wm after she professed her spun fort for sanders. tmz he started a conversation with her, he grabbed the woman's hair and hit her in the head. >> politics, people. all right. there are no words. >> no. >> calm. all right. are we going to be able to be calm tomorrow? >> speaking of calm. >> people are not excited by this forecast. they are not wanting to see any more rain. >> i understand. >> totally understand.otal when you have a little gem like today reall
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again tomorrow. >> its not your fault. this as pretty rotten may. >> it is. there's been very little sunshine. mother day was fairly nice.e. sunday not too bad. i kind of take that out the nice book. we could use a break. unfortunately, not a big one coming a couple days this week look better. short term forecast is going to focus on cooler than average t rain moving back intho town. tow today was envision rating thatri is shore area of low pressure cut offut from the jet stream creates this pool of cooler air and alsond boxes down the weather systems that come win within it, we aree running 10 to 20 degrees below normal when the pattern sets up, we get east winds. so, we've had times like this before, but i will admit thisit one is going on a little longitl three weeks in.eks when you consider our average high is 76, we will not get to o
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wednesday a little bit with a bit more sunshine. we break out a little bit more by thursday, friday, both days are looking terrific with a lot of sunshine. clouds are on their way back inn now though. here comes tomorrow's rainorro should be in by the time of theh morning commute.morn picks up intensity by noon hour we get bulk of measurable rain. temperatures don't go anywhere. by 5:00 the rain could bed lighter we think it will be a brief break we'll have one moree round before 10 or 11:00. 1 so, these are the highs tomorrow they look very similar to lows right now. temperatures aren't going to butch too much. it will drop. heaviest should be down to the south we can pick up between now and wednesday noon when this should shut off another half inch to an inch. here's the pattern with showers that we're going to see tomorrow. clouds to break on wednesday.
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keep the sunglasses handy for wednesday. good nice later this week hight pressure is going to be able to build in thursday and friday. f not going to be hot. 60 and 70s will feel a lot better. one thing we are not dealing dea with a lot of may heat like we had last year. y i'm starting to get the idea the you'd like a little bit of heat not just get it from the furnace. as you look toward the weekends, looks like coastal area of low pressure may he develop and spread rain with a temperature of 65 sunday we break out of it at little bit more clouds chance of a shower at 68. monday a shower possible then at 72 degrees. all right that is your 7-day forecast, jim, over to you. >> night has been a questionas b heard all around the sports s world when with tiger woods be tiger woods again. a. this charitable interest has been have been a reason, today tiger was in town. congressional media day
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tiger and some members of the military taking, three of his ended up in the water. it's okay after back surgery. he told fox 5 if he can play he will. though you judge for yourself. >> i want to play, draft me ila, want to play. i don't know if i can or i will. but trust me i want to. it's, it's not fun sitting on the side lines. it's not fun watching these guys complete and -- compete and play i know what it's like to be outu there with them. it's fun. it's fun to go head to head against these young kids and see what they are doing, how well they are playing.they >> there you have it that is jun 20 their. t talk baseball nat off tonight. mat make return tomorrow as the nat take manhattan against theha mets. first effort since the 20tt str2 out game. it will
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weep won't call them must winsl it is a close race in the in national east.tion take a look at the standing nat top of the division, phillies behind, there are the mets in third. game and a half out. march of lins two wins over the nats braves a lot of cause at this point. they are way back there. advertising sports going hand and hand, mass car vehicles c covered in ads, viagra, the stadium the matters are said to be finally considering one. aside from major league soccer have been add free zone that changed today. philadelphia sticksers, you cane see the tiny patch over the players left chest this as new 12 many in the nba a three yeara pilot program you won't see it until the sphene season
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season. >> maybe tv stations might. >> that's addressed any others.e there's a certain network that carries nba games they are protected non of theirheir competitors can endorse. there you have it i'm not goingn to say theot name of that netwok as far as we're concerned they' don't exist. >> thank you. reaction did you see this dy story this is crazy, to the weather wardrobe controversy we're going to show that to you that's coming up next.
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go tony. go tony. >> we're wrapping up the night with a story that has a lot of people talking the weathers wardrobe >> perhaps you heard about it. i the meteorologist was wearing a
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apparently viewers complainedly about v it, here's what happened next. >> you want me to put this on, o why because it's cold. >> got a lot of email. >> what, really. okay. >> wow. wow >> she handled it well. >> well, one of the ange considers handed her a sweater. social media whether or not oar dress was appropriate, the execute me on women, the meteorologies later took to facebook to discuss her wardrob choice she wrote i was not ordered to put on the sweater. i was simply playing along with company ange considers joke if c you ever watch the morning showg we poke fun of each other all the time i want our viewers to know it was not our intention to offend anyone. >> i'm so glad that's been
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>> actually a lot of times you here about female meteorologist weathers people who take hitseo because ofpl what they arehe wearing. >> totally judged by appearance. >> we get a lot of commentsf about it. it goes bit territory lee that t if you want to do this job, she has to recognize she is responsible for her appearance that would not fly in dc. >> in la. >> oh my gosh look what they're wearing. >> that sneus cast they got a let of pieces from sponsors she wear them on the air its a running joke. into in a i've heard it beforevh this isn't the first time he's come on with a jacket to cover her up. >> you know what. go for it, tony. >> wow.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: big fight at the waffle house. juvenile didn't much take kindly to a customer saying here comes the hoes. >> juvenile goes and lunges at the guy. punches him. >> the waffle house is like the octagon. >> it goes down at the waffle house. harvey: why is the waffle house so dangerous? >> where lived, the waffle house aughter]!wer income.area that >> jessica simpson's boobs coming out of mastro's like from the moment she walks out, you're looking at nothing other than her gigantic boobs. >> new music coming out? >> boobs for days. walks out -- yes. >> you are speechless! you are speechless! [laughter] >> garth brooks had a concert and there was a fan there who


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