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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 17, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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breaking now in fairfax county the serp for a gunman. coming up whether police are telling us about the victim and suspect. >> while in the district more violence five shootings and two people killed in broad daylight all within hours of each other. this morning the police chief is speaking out. >> before we get to news a live look outside on this tuesday morning. it's may 17. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> let's get to "fox 5 news morning". >> search for a gunman underway in fairfax after a shooting collings immediate way. that's kings town area of alexandria. one man was shot and is expected to survive. so far no word on motive and police are a vague suspect description. >> search for justice and answers continues after a wave of gun violence in the city yesterday. >> two people killed and terrifying string of shootings on monday afternoon. most of them in southeast washington. "fox5" melanie alnwick joins us now liver with the sixth
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district police station with what we know today, melanie. >> well good morning, steve, allison. imagine this five separate shootings in the span of just four hours and one was off georgia 1/2 northwest and other four were here in southeast d.c.. we're told police had to pull resources from other district to come here to south teeingt help out and it does appear that the two homicides are connected. and the first shooting was just before 1:00 in the afternoon at the valero gas station texas avenue south tleeingts with an argument, justifyle and man on knees firing towards someone on bening road and turn fire and man was truck and skilled aix witness tells "fox5" another man ran up and took the gun from the man opt ground. a large crowd of grieving family and friends gaermed across the vitae and fighting broke out one point and 3:30 p.m. another shooting this one a few blocks away at 49 and b streets southeast and a woman carryi
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front of her home. d.c. police tell us this murder appears to be retaliation for the first. last night chief linear talked about the violence. >> crime in this area is down 3%. it goes to show no matter how successful we are overall with crime and how successful we are in the community and reducing public crime you can never res rest. there's potential for something to flare-up. >> sources tell "fox5" the woman may be the mother of the texas avenue shooter and d.c. police had to look out for a small red honda and nothing more about the suspect. there's been 20 homicides in ward 7 so far this year compare to 8 homicides this time last year. so how does that jive with chief linear saying violent crime is down she explained it this way the number of shootings steve and allison are down built the number of people died from those gun shot wound is up and we know
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say they're moving up normal summer crime prefer engs initiatives that normally begin in june. they're starting those now in may. live in southeast i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> completely disturbing favrping you mel. >> fairfax county police investigating a deadly train accident. a woman was hilt and killed by train 9 last night along the road in berk unclear what type of train hit her but investigators say she was struck by the train path. >> in arlington they are looking for a man that raped a woman at home edgewood street lion park neighborhood the victim is 29-year-old woman and she saw a car parked nearby and believes that was her attacker. >> in the trial of edward nero they related case after calling more than a dozen witnesses since thursday. nero is one of six police officers charmed with the death of freddie gray
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yesterday officer garrett miller was called to testify and he faces charges in gray's death. miller told the courtroom that he handcuffed gray while officer nero only touched gray when asked for his inhaler. >> one victim of the two day shooting spree in maryland will be laid to rest today. claudinea's morales funeral was in montgomery country and dozens came out during a public viewing in rockville. morales was gunned down in front of a giant food store. eulalio tordil remains in jail and also charged with killing estranged wife and another man in parking lot in a mall. happening today ntsb expected to place the blame on distracted driving for the amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the engineer was distracted by radio traffic about a rock hitting a computerer train shattering the windshield. it killed 8:00 p.m. and injured 200 more.
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recommendations. >> changes to d.c. metro system trains and certain sections will now reduce speeds to maximum of 45 miles an hour to reduce risk of smoke and electrical fire. trains will depart stations slower this is happening on the red lion between rosalyn and due hospital circle and orange one between roz jchb land and minnesota avenue and silver and blue between roz land and fining road. >> "weather and traffic on the 5s". good morning, tucker barnes. >> good morning, okay. that was yesterday. worked out well. >> did it? >> it's a blur i'm sorry. >> it was a little cool. season any, bright and 67. >> now all coming back to me now. >> hi to mow the lawn for the first time in a couple weeks. >> awesome. >> and more rain today. >> i bet it's pretty. nice and green. >> beautiful. yes everything is green. more green on the way with all the rain we got moving in from the west and definitely umbrella weather today. jacket weather is back. highs in the low 6 0s.
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leonardtown and 54 fredericksburg and north and west low 50s in mountains and 52 this morning in haikers town. rain showers moving in from the west here. much of that is not yet touching the ground. theme will be cloud cover with on again off gain rain showers for tuesday and tonight as well so sports field and that thing will get saturated and i'm not sure when we'll get the games in later today. there we go. 4:00, 58 degrees with showers. so yes long sleeve shirt at the least and umbrella. >> okay? >> all right. >> week looks better. >> it does. >> for a couple days. >> okay. >> baby steps. good morning, erin. >> 6:06 now and rainy and deal with problems. 295 crash blocking left lane. bw parkway southbound after 50 and before eastern avenue. delays are pretty heavy all the way past 50. let's go ahead an take a look at maps.
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that. 50 delay was heavy. exit 202, 50 to 295 and you see huge delays battling now i'd give yourself extra time 50 inbound or 295 southbound to get around that. take a look at ips departments on the shoulder. disabled tractor-trailer from a crash out on upper loop near rockville pike as you head to bethesda. outer loop typical volume increase physical 95 through georgia and no major slow downs yet. 66 on the eastbound side by 50 a car hit a deer. if you head to virginia you'll hit that minor delay past that location and also maryland 270 southbound urban aslow yellow zone indicating heavy volume increasing 121 to 118 and virginia two slow zones now 66 east 234 to 29 and 95 north dale city to 123 and 5 northbound side stafford 610 also backing up 267 still green and
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clear from beltway to 14 street bridge and typical volume increases as you take metro and avoid the roads grab umbrella switch problem outside west falls church delays both directions orange and silver line. no alerts for other four metro lines. metro bus looking good. got you covered when anything else pops up and with rain coming in it's a morning to be slow and allow for extra time. steevr and allison. >> washington monument will reopen 9:00. elevator problems yesterday and they did fixes. a computer chip on elevator control poord had to be switched out or reprogrammed and that was source of yesterday problem. mop awement was cold ts closed since saturday. >> preview of megan kelly sit down with trump that airs tonight on "fox5". >> and let the thunder roll it's only game one oak of course city stuping the warriors at home. back in 30 ekdz is.
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west korea has a foreign minister and the new foreign mipster served as north's top negotiator in nuclear disar disarmment talks and participated with around of talks in the united states in the 1990s. >> more evacuations in alberta due to wildfire that devastated town of for the mcmurray two weeks ago and this morning workers from oil sands drilling industry are being moved out of the area as fire moves closer. meanwhile back at for the mcmurray no word when people will be able to return to home homes. >> flash flood warning across the heartland this morning severe storms take aim at texas, oklahoma, new mexico and tornado was spotted near a rural time in oklahoma and in texas and some places received up to 10"
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>> any this morning a coastguard rescued a sailor off atlantic city. he was trying to travel from new york to united kingdom and his sailboat was damaged and he was pulled to saferty by a costs guard helicopter crew. >> megan kelly silts down with trump in an exclusive intervie interview. it's his first sit down during the fallout in august. in this preview they talk about bullying. >> most kids between age and 6 and 16 have been bullied at some point in their lives. were you ever bullied? >> no, i was not. i have seen bullying. it doesn't have to be a child it can have when you're 55. >> happen when your 45. >> it happens right you have to get over. it fight back. do whatever you have to do. catch the full interview on megan kelly presents here on
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will join us liver and give us a sneak peek about the interview. >> and in kentucky and oregon center stage today and the party is look ago head to july and protests by bernie sanders supporters. already a weekend in nev add a group got rally mosting cop vengs rules that gave hillary clinton more delegates in the state. >> congress is ready to act on president barack obama's request for emergency fund to fight the zika virus. today the senate is set to vote own 1.5 billion plan and hous house's plan is half that and it would provide money to develop a vaccine and control months eat coves to that spread and test the virus. >> nba playoffs, half time deficit. beat the warriors at home for golden state. 108, 102 the final westbrook with storm tracker 6 live double scan and 27 point, twelve
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a storm tracker 6 live double scan. game two will be tomorrow nights. it will also be in golden stat state. >> oakland. >> okay. >> a bright fireball in the sky over maine followed by a loud blast. what is this about. the video caught on police dashcam well tell what you it was. >> let's look our our camera pointed at old town alexandria as we head toe break this tuesday morning weather and traffic next 6:13.
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> check this outlook at the video across the sky. it believe it is a meteor over the southeast just a few hours ago. earlier this morning a little more than four hours ago the reports of maine. and it came reports as farce south as pennsylvania, new jersey, canada. >> 6
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what is happening here. hi, tuck. >> absolutely incredible. yeah, it's been a fireball. maybe aliens. there we go. bus stop forecast look what's back. shower activity. temperatures right now in the 50s. low 50s to start the morning and after school the showers continue. i think the showers start to wiped down late this afternoon and yes unfortunately the may gloom and gray skies and rain shower activity back in the forecast today. 56 annapolis and 57 in city and not as cold as where we were at 24 hours ago with the clouds out. there 52 winchester avenue culpeper 52 as well. daytime highs upper 50s to 60. cool again today. not as warm as yesterday with the rain showers. you can see those moving in pretty quick limit unfortunately the roadway wet soon and i'm sure that will show the commute. later this afternoon a warm front that is developing right here in the carolinas and couple areas of low pressure roll as long that. all
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you see to the west guess where it's headed. our direction. and then will be moving through here during our tuesday and that will bring us mrentstive rain showers. again rain showers in the forecast. and later tonight we'll get a bit of break and few more showers tomorrow. late tomorrow afternoon perhaps we'll get it back in on a little sunshine and hang in there. this will not be a gray and rainy week. thursday and friday look great. there's future cast. rain shower activity maybe moderate there for a time midday and tapering offer later this afternoon. that's tonight at 6. hopefully that evening commute will have a shower out of here and then return overnight and we'll have a few showers around for the day on wednesday before things start to out. things clear out late wednesda wednesday. 58 today. better tomorrow. sunshine. thursday and friday fantastic. look at that. sunshine low humidity and low 7 0s overnight lows in the 50s. court or jury on erin we won't f
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yet. there's a the love graduations. >> weddings. >> weddings,. >> parties. >> picnics. >> let's look at traffic tucke tucker. >> that's. >> nasty looking. >> split 50 inbound to 295 everything parked now we have a crash blocking left lane left shoulder involving bus and car on bw parkway southbound between 250 and eastern avenue. and 25 always deals with congestion. leengz i said you can see the traffic is barely moving now at the split. let's look at maps now. i'll help you try to get around that. because of the crash like i said you're backed up. you may want to exit 202 or somewhere before that point on 50 or 25 to avoid getting stuck in the huge red zone there. inbound new york avenue a crash south dakota heavy patrol up um in addition this that sutland parkway by south capital and incident upper sloop disabled tractor-trailer earlier crash by
6:19 am
to georgia is the heaviest now. 95 southbound picking up icc to beltway. as we look at drive time things are picking up. we could turn this into red zone in you're an aa. and then delays on i-95 through dale city and south of that in stafford ape 56 east 234 to 22. in addition to that metro delays switch problem outside west falls church. delays on orange and silver line in beth dreks if you take 210 inbound you back up to beltway. inner p wilson bridge backing up to a wet, soggy ride and a loft delays in the area. get and early start. keep a close eye on 295. that's a look at traffic. back to you steve and allison. >> happening today the d.c. apartment of transportation will hold a public heating to talk about the possibility of adding street cars from union station
6:20 am
d dot initiated add sent on the roads if they were to add a streetcar more cars or other modes of transportation they have to look at all that. meeting starts tonight 6:00 at the carnagie library in mount vernon square. >> norcom petition for you beener and lift. google owned the app waiz have a car pooling app it saevrl. it uses waiz navigation to match people with others looking for rides in the same direction and riders pay drivers 54 cents a mile and they do not take a cut during the pilot part of the program. >> another ride. >> we don't call it ride sharing --. >> we do. >> okay. >> next boardwalk booze policy up for vote in atlantic city. details next. >> good details for twitter users change coming to 140 character limit. we'll head to fox business network in new york after the break.
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>> 6:22 back with changes to twitter. join is us from the fox business network we're doing this whole thing in 140 character or less. >> we can do it. >> bloomburg is reporting twitter is keeping 140 character limit and this is what makes twitter unique it's not a blog most you see on facebook it's 6" message however when you put a link offer picture on that message that goes against the 140 character you have no sfis say anything. bloomburg reports that's changing and changing in the next two weeks. >> i don't mind this because if you look at the math it's giving you 23 extra khrk terz not like people ramble on and on and on and on you still have to be creative now a little more i don't mind
6:24 am
it. >> they need more than 23 character to boost their market sglair another stock did well for the first time in a long time had help from billionaire. >> app. >> surging almost 4% yesterday because warren bufferet and company berkshire hathway typically shy away from investments he's old school buys stock in companies of thames he likes. he bought a billion dollar snake apple and with that apple stock went up and overall market went up and up in a big way. >> marketwise what relation we looking for? >> consumer price inflation coming out and earnings and home depot reporting and children's place. erpings and in those reports are key for investors. >> back to jersey shore right now. now that all the kids from original jersey shore are living their life and
6:25 am
responsible adults now they can boost it up easier. >> i'm curious for your opinion here. atlantic city's city council tomorrow is going to vote on order nans where you can walk the boardwalk in ac with a bottle of booze provide you're 21 years old and that bottle of booze container was bought from a licensed local bar if you will and that company's logo is clearly on that bottle. if this is approved this summer you can drink while you walk the boardwalk. >> it's interesting logo has to be present. you cannot -- this is not like drinking out of paperback type situations you have to show you bought it somewhere in the city and representing. >> it's clearly on container and support of a local business by buying that. >> that will be fun to police that. we'll see what happe
6:26 am
atlantic city. >> it will be fun to police that. >> yeah that was interesting the way you said that. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you lauren good luck with switer feeds we'll see he tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> okay. boardwalk empire i know nobody breaks the rules. >> it was founded on the law. >> absolutely. >> all right. meanwhile let's doe weather forecast clouds and rain showers cool conditions moving back in. my apologies maybe yes not happy about it. >> if we didn't love you so much. >> allison, steve. >> brought the goulashes. >> just in case. >> rain showers moving in quickly to the west. that's green on map. perhaps prettyty good moderate rain midday and tapers off this afternoon. there's a warm front across the carolinas that stalled out this process called overrunning.
6:27 am
couple days and causing rain showers out. there again expect rain for much of the day today. with daytime highs on the cool side we should be mid 7 owes. look at the forecast. even when nice and pleasant it's still cool thursday and friday back to sunshine. . >> does does not look great we'll talk about it. >> there's a loft graduations big weekend. >> may is a big month. >> keep trying. >> all right erin we miing us here. we have a camera not cooperate iing erin has been banished to the other studio. we mish us erin. >> i miss you guys, too, unfortunately i'm hereby myself with a loft traffic problems. crash blocking left lane bw parkway southbound after 50 before eastern avenue because of that traffic it's super heavy 50 inbound and 295. 295 southbound backing up good luck road that is best bet where exit is and keep it to "fox 5 news morning" we
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>> 6:30 back now with a live look from sky fox over the baltimore washington parkway southbound after u.s. 50 you're looking at a crash causing delays there. welcome back to "fox 5 news morning" weather and traffic on the fives at 6:35. first though breaking news at 6:30 at least 13 people are dead following early morning car bomb in baghdad 40 others injuries than attack happened outside market in shiite neighborhood. no one claimed responsibility and it comes amid a recent swing of violence. >> right now in fairfax a shoot ago long braillely lane and acollings immediate way. one man was shot around 2:00 this morning and is expected to survive.
6:32 am
leaders and people living in several neighborhoods want answers and justice after a wave of gun violence. two people were killed in an an alarming string of shootings on monday afternoon. most of them happening southeast washington and police say the violence began around 1 p.m. yesterday on texas avenue. >> and some of d.c.'s bravest set to be honored today. d.c. fire and ems department recognizing more than 140 of its members at annual award ceremony and city will honor the wife of fallen fighter kevin mccrae with highest awar award. mccrae died last year batsling a fire in northeast washington >> 6:32 time for morning line let's check in with sports jun junkyes 106.7 fm the fan. >> i'm still catching up on sleep from the caps penguins series. sdoy
6:33 am
sdoy not watch last night tucker ape i were having this conversation is it a shock or huge upset that maybe not in one game but gold he stain ought at home going into half time and it's quite a shock. they usually close that out. >> oklahoma city had not won since 2013. the win is huge for them they take away home court advantage. when you have two of the top players you have a chance to win games. >> it's not a shock. they played three times in regular season all close games and like he mentioned when you have kd and westbrook you will be in the games flt nournl carter and they did a much better job defensively than they had in the regular season, curry and thompson didn't get a lot of easy looks like they did and look game two is huge for the warriors. i expect warriors to come back and win game two.
6:34 am
it is a shochblingt what oklahoma is city is doing in the playoffs and we'll see if this continues knocking off prohibitive favorites san antonio at their place. they lost one regular season game at home. okc beat them twice at home. same thing for golden state and now okc beat golden state at their home and they have home court advantage. oklahoma city as cakes mentioned two of the top five players and it should not be shocking and but in some way it's is. >> i would love to see it go 7. you have such marquise players on the court it would be great to see as many games as you can. >> the only thing is i stayed up i'm hoops addict and if they went 7 i'm really in tough shape. if he pooppoos this but billy donovan is excellent basketball coach. he went to four final fours he's excellent basketball coach and i think there's got to be a effect not to slight
6:35 am
brooks here with the wizards but billy donovan knows. he has affect on this team. >> he has the confidence to win on the home courts where they have not lost all season or barely d definitely helps. tiger woods. ved of course the big media day here. i don't know if you got out and got to play --. >> last year we did. >> look i'm going with some of the videos you see and everything tiger was a little rusty. should he hang it up i'm bowing out from competitive and folk is on other as secretary. >> he should not what's alarming he has not played 18 holes yet. he has not played a full round yet. >> jason you know how it is. you had back surgeries. >> it's hard to come back. >> he had two back surgeries two proceeds you're here he's trying to come back from and i think it's taking time. he is gradually progressing and we're all over reacting he dumped three in the walter with the wedge and is not right or comfortable yet and he's not out
6:36 am
he's only 40. just turned 40. mrepttive guys won in the 40s. if you can find a way to get -- is that good? >> it's not good. it's not good. who cares it's -- he sxwruingt stepped off a plane and was there for 45 minutes. >> he could have made it. >> blindfold head should have made it. >> i won't bury tiger but i think days of winning major championships are over. maybe lucky and wins one. jack nicholas record could not be safer at this point. >> we're not at that point just at a point we want tying to tee it up competitively and eventually he'll get to that point and go from there. we'll see where it is. >> the answers we do not want him to hang it up. >> fair enough. you would like to see him stay competitive. it makes golf more fun. >> of course. >> don't write him off. guys went in 40s all the time. >> my secret you put around th
6:37 am
100 some yard hole. >> we'll talk to you tomorrow. 6:36. >> we like when older guys are winning. >> of course you do. >> or any under dog. >> old are guy is like they're mreptsty of old guys in golfin golfing. >> we reached the days tiger is under dog now. >> yes. >> you root for him because you want the under dog to win. >> it's switched. >> remember when jimmy coners is doing well in the u.s. on at 40. >> during the love boat reign. >> no it was not just like -- only 20 years ago go. >> 53 dulles. >> might have been 30. >> we have rain showers moving in west. and it's going to be wet day today and only in upper 50s sorry about that roads are wet. rain showers most
6:38 am
as we get into nighttime hours things start to taper off a bit today and tomorrow look gray and gloomy. we have sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> here's on top of his game 40 years ago. >> steve. >> 20, 40 i get it. >> hi, erin. >> who's next. >> who is next from the oldies pile of people erin never heard of. >> i'm sorry what was that. >> have you heard of yimy coners the tennis player. >> no. >> i had to going the that. >> i love you erin. >> i love you too i will come say hi during the commercial break. we can have a cover he break. bw parkway southbound crash before eastern avenue cleared and 50 and 295 completely jammed up. this is split at 50 and 295. let's take a look at maps. we'll show you where things are backed up to. delays beltway 91 southbound and as
6:39 am
so lot of congestion. leave earlier if that's your cout route. another crash in the district. another crash reported as well on the inner loop 95 college park. that causes delays out of loop typical slow moving traffic 95 and spur a side from that sutland parkway jammed south capitol and 270 jammed truck scales and top of delays 95 southbound stafford and metro residual delays earlier problem west falls. back to you guys. >> next. what's hot on the web this tuesday morning including update to the baby buy sop story. it will make you so mad. >> it will. >> a lot of people involved in the whole story. >> also catch phrase with bryce harper on network stage right now national super star. we'll have video coming up for you.
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>> the sprim court sending wupts of the most couldn't verse yaling cases back to the lower courts. the hire court ruled it will not decide whether religious non provrts can be exempt from having to pay for couldn't septembertive coverage under at fordable care act.
6:43 am
is still a possibility. >> and next up a tragic update to i trending story we brought you yesterday. this one will really make you feel some kind of way about a whole lot of folks involved. baby bison put into the trunk of a car or back of car yellowstone national park remember this suv well meaning family tourists they thought the baby was cold they put it in the car and drove to ranger station and sadly officials say they had to put that bade down because its mother rejected it as a result of human app interference. >> we think couldn't it have gone to petting zoo or something. that's our opinion. timely a new program starting this summer will give thousands of low income high school students chance to get federal grants to take college courses 44 colleges are participating including some in the dmv. >> bryce harper on tonight show starring jimmy fallon. if you have
6:44 am
with us. or email stipulates to "fox5" tips back in a minute.
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>> we're gabbing no, i 6:46 we want to give you a sneak peak at the good day guest list. the things you will see 9 to 11 this morning and 9:20 fox's megan kelly joins us live to preview prime time special tonight. interview with do
6:47 am
many more. >> good day actor adam divine you may know him as zumani on "modern family" and he'll be live in the loft and what it is like to have your wedding crashed by a huge singing star and the families that had macklemore crash their wedding. >> did he drop some bars. >> hi dropped dance moves i think. >> tucker barnes you know all about that good morning. >> allison, steve, we have to crash a wedding. >> i don't think i'll have quite the same result. >> i don't either. >> i feel like it's like we might get escorted out. >> 57 in washington. we got somewhat milder in fact much milder air than 24 hours ago. that's up site of the forecast. leonardtown, 54. frederick and hager town and winchester too and unfortunately cloud cover and rain showers in the forecast along with cool temperare
6:48 am
highs today upper 50s to 60 and unfortunately you want the rain boots and umbrella back as you head out the door this morning as rain showers move in they'll be with us much of the day today. probably mid to late afternoon we have a chance of rain. there you go you can see the big picture. what's happening. warrant front in the carolinas and it's haning out there and warmer air pushes up over cold air calling it overrunning and results is rain showers activity. you can see that all developing off to the south and west. again it will be with us here mech of the day today. for us, what else, is new. it's may. cool, rain showers all in the forecast today. not expecting any thunderstorm activity. this will be atmosphere too stable for that later today. there we are 1:00. future cast showing rain shower activity picks up intensity midday and sfoorts taper off this afternoon. -- starts to taper off this afternoon. not a great looking day. hopefully not raining
6:49 am
rush hour stick around later tonight. tomorrow morning's commute with additional rain showers. hoping to kind of clear it out late wednesday and get sunshine back in the forecast. i can guarantee you this high pressure overhead. thursday and friday look fantastic highs about 70. we have nice sunshine to look forward to this week. that will not be today, erin, as rain showers and cool temperatures and thumbs down wet roadways. how does it look. >> terrible. >> you can hear me. >> no, i can't hear you. >> look. p oh, it was my fault, sorry, guys, traffic right now looking terrible, bw parkway and 50. 50 inbound completely jammed from before 410 all the way back as you head to 295. 259 beltway on down. past eastern avenue completely jammed earlier crash between
6:50 am
erin eastern 95 southbound that cleared but as you can see residual delays heavy damp, dreary drive. let's look at maps. not the only terrible problem we're dealing with. 95 college park and as you make your way out we have overturned vehicle in gaithersburg long draft road we're seeing big delays in both directions and also rubber neck delay approaching intersection and you can see look at slow zone yellow across the board in maryland and 95 southbound 212 to beltway and big delays truck scales to 109 on 270 and 210 inbound living stin to palmer road dealing with slow traffic as you make your way to virginiaed 5 northbound dale city to 123 and stafford to 610 and 66 inbound 234 and 267 still in clear and as you make your way out incident shoulder from earlier disabled tractor-trailer from a crash out by rockville pike in bethesda and outer
6:51 am
delay new hampshire to george aand if are you taking metro today keep if mind onen and silver residual delays earlier problem west false khurp and look you can turn that to heavy volume as you approach 610. that's a look at traffic back to you. >> texas pastor who climbed he bought a cake with homophobic slur on it is troping his lawsuit against whole foods he also apologized saying he made up the entire story. >> back in april he posted video showing added remark to cake supposed to just say love wins but when whole foods released video suggesting cake -- then suggested he tampered with it. >> the store said he tampered with it and then they released the video and they he said he may made up the story. >> the french national police will be presented with a
6:52 am
he was called in a terror raid after the terror attacks. today's gifts will be preb ted french embassy in washington. alexandria police foundation was founded in db to boost officer protection and effectiveness. >> today's health watch restaurant owners will have more time to post how many calories are in the food on menus and deadline sxepded for five months month to may of 2 2017 and national calorie disclosure rule as part of affordable care act to help americans vat battlele bulge. >> for people who want a cool treat without all the calories starbucks bringing back frappuccino minis today. two oupss smaller than tall size and 30 cents cheaper and also available in all the same flavors as normal size frappuccinos i say i'm going to starbucks. 5:00 somewhere right. >> somewhere just not here yet. >> best of bar tenders best of best set to
6:53 am
the districts. >> we have a few hours to go. >> bar tenders compete in the ultimate bartender championship and three finalists compete for regional title. it's up to the public. if you want to hang out it's 5:00 along 14 street. >> in today's fox beat singer sinead o'conner is found and safe after she was reported missing over the weekend. she was found in chicago north suburbs yesterday afternoon police started the search for her when someone so you the report that she had not been seen since sunday morning. >> she got a lot of blow back from prince statements she mad made. apparently they thought she was missing and she was not. . >> hm okay. >> and the television's newest reality store no traivrping stor fame mar eye acarry will give fans a glimpse into her life mar eye a's world. it features 8 one hour episodes following
6:54 am
preps for sweet at that pointy tour and all while planning her wedding to millionaire james parker. >> did she show up in all those matching vehicles. >> you know what? i'm not embarrassed to say i'll be watching. >> i know you will. >> did you watch bryce harper, he paid a visit to the fall on show. >> during a game of catch phrase. >> time of very muching. >> not cold. >> hot yoga. >> harper teamed up with falon. their game was against actor - --. >> i would have big gigi pass had he'd. >> harper and falon won the game. the pair boosted about their win on twitter. nationals back in action tonight tough series against
6:55 am
first game tonight at city field. matt sherzers on the mound. >> how much fun is that. >> frolicking on the tonight show. >> how about this celebrity right here. he watches every morning. his girls drew and doory love them from tucker barnes. >> that is adorable that picture is everything. >> girls just for you the one and only mr. tucker barnes. >> what about -- no? >> you can't have everything. >> pretty girls now. >> i'll work on him next. >> that's very sweet. >> super sweet. >> cloud cover, rain showers moving on in. girls you want your umbrella today on the way to school. >> never mind we don't love you my more. >> we'll get sunshine back echd of week. we're feeding gardens and feeding trees. >> tre
6:56 am
>> everything willing great. bounty full vegetables later this hour. >> 57 in washington and cooler. 50 for daytime high. rain shower activity moving in very quickly. and at times here will be moderate. late morning early afternoon. clouds and threat of showers around for much of the day tomorrow as well then clear is out. thursday and friday looks beautiful. i'm doing everything i can to push the rain out of saturday. right now saturday looks wet. i know we have graduations, picnics, barbecues all the res rest. we'll try to keep a dry saturday. right now looks wet. >> all righty. >> we can blame the rain for all this traffic. right behind me that is basically parked. we had earlier crash 295 southbound side after 50 before eastern and that cleared all lanes opened and 50 unbound jammedto beltway to 295 south slow belt way to eastern. i would pick alternate this morning or
6:57 am
you can see traffic parked now. keep it to "fox5 news morning" we'll take a look at more delays unfortunately around the dmv from all the rain as we continue
6:58 am
sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> right now at 7:00 fairfax county leaves one in the hospital. the search for the
7:00 am
coming up. >> colling the heels of a dea deadly day in the district two dead and several injured following five shootings within hours of each other. mayor and police chief are speaking out. >> new details expected today of last year's deadly amtrak disaster and what the feds now think may have cause that deadly crash in philadelphia. >> and 7:00. giving awe a live look outside tuesday morning may 17, 2016 we'll have weather and traffic tulinger and erin on the fives at 7:05. >> good tuesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". glad you gave up part of your morning for us this morning. new details overnight shooting in fairfaxy it started at attempted robbery and search for the gunman continues at this hour. a man was shot pray lynn lane and collings immediate way 2:00 this morning and that is in the kings town area of alexandria. the victim is expected to be okay. right now investigators have a vague description of that suspect. now, in the district a wave


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