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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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coming up. >> colling the heels of a dea deadly day in the district two dead and several injured following five shootings within hours of each other. mayor and police chief are speaking out. >> new details expected today of last year's deadly amtrak disaster and what the feds now think may have cause that deadly crash in philadelphia. >> and 7:00. giving awe a live look outside tuesday morning may 17, 2016 we'll have weather and traffic tulinger and erin on the fives at 7:05. >> good tuesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". glad you gave up part of your morning for us this morning. new details overnight shooting in fairfaxy it started at attempted robbery and search for the gunman continues at this hour. a man was shot pray lynn lane and collings immediate way 2:00 this morning and that is in the kings town area of alexandria. the victim is expected to be okay. right now investigators have a vague description of that suspect. now, in the district a wave
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people dead including mother who was carrying groceries into her home. >> now the search for answers and justice continues this morning. melanie alnwick joins us live from the sixth district police station with what we know now, mel. >> good morning there war five separate shoot ningz the span of five hours yesterday. the other four here in southeast. police from other districts i'm told had to be pulled here to try help with all of those different crime scenes and everything elimination they have to deal with here in the sixth district. two of the homicides do appear to be connected. first shooting happened 1:00 in the afternoon just before actually at the valero gas station texas avenue south east an argument, skuvrle and then a man on knees firing towards someone on bening road and return fire and the man was struck and
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"fox5" a man came up and took the gun from a man on the ground. family and friend gaermed and fighting broke out at one point and 3:30 p.m. another shooting just a few blocks away 49 and b streets south east and a woman carrying groceries killed in front of her home. d.c. police tell thus murder did does appear to be retaliation for the first. >> we're horrified by what we saw today and level of violence that is not acceptable in our city and we're going to put every single resource, police and otherwise in the neighborhoods to get rid of this violence. >> sources tell "fox5" the woman who was killed may be the mother of the texas avenue shooter. d.c. police had to look out for a small red honda and so far nothing more about the suspects in that case. and there have been 20
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ward 7 compared to only 8 this time last year. however d.c. police say this overall violent crimes and assaults with guns are down. it teams to be that of the shootings they're having here they're more deadly. so they're ending up with more homicides even though there have been less shootings so yesterday d.c. police said, steve, allison, that normal summer crime prevention surge that begins in june, they'll start that now this month. live in southeast i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> concentration of d.c. homicide more ward 7 than other parts of city more in vir vr a terrible accident fairfax country police say a young woman possibly teenager hit and killed by a train last night burke lake flowed burke and it's unclear what type of train hit her and investigators say she was struck near the train badge. >> on edge this morning after a sex all assault
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woman told police she woke to find a man in her bed attacking her this happened edgewood street and lions park the neighborhood on sunday victim says she saw someone parked in a car fear her home before she went to bed she believes that same person is her attacker people who live in the area are concerned. >> a female of young daughter is pretty much the same age it gets to you. >> right now the only description police have is attacker was wearing a black hoodie and may have been driveing a tan four door sedan. >> a funeral will be held today for one of the victim of a two day recent shooting pre in maryland. a woman was gunned down giant parking lot aspen hill and eulalio tordil is charged. >> prosecution in the trial of edward nero has rested its case after calling more than a dozen witnesses since
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nero is one of six officers charged in the freddie gray case. yesterday officer garrett miller was called to testify and he faces charges in gray's death illmer told the courtroom he handcuffed gray and officer nero touched gray when he asked for his inhaler. >> it doesn't take long in a bench trial for a judge to give a verdict. 05 more rain showers. >> moving in quickly from the west. here we go again. rainy, gloomy may returned. this is supposed to be a quick visit today and tomorrow. we'll be back with sunshine by thursday and friday. yeah little milder today. 57 to start the day. 55 leonardtown. little milder than where we were at 40 hours ago. not a big warm-up. maybe a jacket. umbrella definitely and your specialty foods. >> yeah. >> whatever those are. >> specialty boots. >> rain boots if you have them. >> and unfortunately roadway
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aare betting wet. that won't be great for the morning commute. rain with us much of day. mid to late afternoon taper off a few showers and big picture clouds and showers around today, tonight and much of wednesday before high pressure builds back in and gives us more sunshine. through go. showers late this afternoon and much of day just write it off. >> chilly and rainy. >> indoor day today get stuff done. >> that's a way to look at. it. >> try to be productive. >> that's what i'll doyle. >> a have a lot of closets to clean out and cold clothes to get rid of. >> i plan to clean today ail want to do is cuddle on my couch and reed a good book and nap. 50 inbound side jammed from beltway past 410 to 295 and 295 southbound side slow moving traffic beltway to eastern avenue and earlier crash
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several lanes taking out after 50 cleared and we're dealing with residual delays and congestion in a raining commut commute. we'll switch it for a look at the camera. 95 northbound as we make the way past truck weigh station making way to dale city delays. crash involving tractor-trailer blocking right shoulder now. part of left lane also blocked. so you have to keep it the right to get that that area. huge delays in fredericksburg to stafford and again past this accident scene at the truck way station and so coming in from virginia slow roll as well. we'll move it over for a look at maps. dealing with other problems that i wants to make sure you're aware to help you navigate the morning commute. showing a look at maps. mets row is on time all lines back to normal. crash reported inner loop 95 college park and outer loop at 450 that is causing big delays there and you can see 295 that big red zone we showed from you sky fox we'll have more traffic in a few. back to you guys. . >> later this morning ntsb will need to finalize a report on
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last year's deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia and. >> and there is new information what may have caused that crash. bob barnard is live in southwest outside of ntsb headquarters with those detail details, bob, good morning. . >> allison, steve, good morning to you looks like operator error airport cause of this crash and ntsb willing releasing official findings here in washington at 9:30 this morning and let's take you back to the night of may 12, 2015 in was a d.c. to new york amtrak train that went off the rails just north of philly and sources tell us that train operator was disvakted by what happened to another train ahead of him. investigators say amtrak 188 accelerated to 106 miles an hour rounding sharp curve that's twice speed limit and train derailed killing eight passengers in frankford junk north of philadelphia. sources say engineer brandon bostian told investigators he was distracted
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radio communication from a commuter train operator who reported his windshield was struck by a rock. sources say there is no evidence that the amtrak train was struck by rock and no evidence bostia was on cellphone and no evidence with infrastructure issues with rails, train, track system in that area. some roughly 200 passengers injured may be here for today's hearing. some of those injured guys were severely hurt. >> all righty. 7:09 now. changes this morning to d.c. metro system. trains in certain sections will now reduce speeds to maximum of 45 miles an hour to reduce risk of smoke and electrical fire. this is happening on the red line republican ross land and dewpoint circle and silver and blue between ross land and beping road and the trains will depart stations more slowly.
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your a center stage. party is already look ago head to july and concerns of possible protests by bernie sanders supporters at the national con veption. over the weekend in nev inform a group rallied at the nevada state convention protesting. >> on the republican side all attention is on what trump has to say to megan kelly. presumetive gop nominee sits down with trump. >> it is the first sipts fal falling out over a debate last august. now in a preview kelly asked trump about the impact of trum trump's inflammatory language. >> you're so powerful now. >> i don't view myself as that i view myself as a person like everybody elimination is fightsing for survival. that's all i view myself as. and i really view myself now as somewhat
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this say massive thing going on. this is millions and millions of people disen franchised from this country. >> it's true they're listening to you and they're taking your cue from you. that's the question whether now so close to the oval office where whether you will take that responsibility seriously and change your tone to try to be more unifying and less deviceive. >> the full interview will be on megan kelly presents tonight at 8 p.m. here on "fox5". but you don't want to go anywhere this morning because megan will join us on good day d.c. to give us a sneak peek of what her and donald talked about this morning. >> the story going viral of baby bison in back of car in yellowstone park comes to tramingic end. >> on the move more evacuations as crews continue to battle the massive wildfire in canada. we're back in two minutes. 7:11 o
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tuesday morning. bass pass
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bass pass >> today i'm not as envious of seeing that view in personment doesn't look as bright and beautiful. >> it's still pretty and. >> no tucker. 505 feet up. and it looks pretty. . >> elevators will be on in an hour an a half, 9:00. 7
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17. >> it's a little cool. occasionally rain showers here and cool temperatures. >> okay. . >> for weeks and weeks. >> like today will we see more rain. >> rain showers moving in quickly yes along with that cool temperatures in place. 57 washington now 55 up in new york and boston and 52 chicago uniform temperatures locally we are warmer than 24 hours ago not a big warm up today as daytime highs will be 60. look at all the rain shower activity south and west. what's happening is we have a warm front across carolinas that kind of of is stuck down here. bottom line for us rain showers today. we're on stable side of things. not a lot of thunderstorm activity just a day of cool temperatures and rain showers for our tuesday. quick look at the 7 day. more of the same tomorrow morning. i think we might get a little sunshi
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a chance to dry out a little bit and high pressure thursday and friday will deliver absolutely beautiful weather here highs 70 or better. and then we'll focus on weekend later. >> all right. >> okay. >> okay. >> check in with erin and see what's happening on the roads, rails, everything out there supposedly moving this morning. >> delays for roads and rails to get to. 5 northbound side by truck wake station crash blocking left lane. right lane getting by slowly. give yourself extra time there stafford to past 610 and then again this point to dale city to franconia bring speeld ipt change and keep in mind 95 parked from beltway to the 14 street bridge. let's move it over tore a look at maps. other delays and problems to get to. light rain causing additional issues. if you take melt row and avoiding roads franconia bound next
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we'll keep you updated. metro tweeted that out. big delays aside from 95 crash we showed you. northbound side center port parkway to 610 jammed and 66 inbound slow zone 234 to 29 slow arlington and 267 still in good shape and maryland big delays on outer loop 95 to georgia and slow zone really jammed up under 15 miles an hour and same story 270 south struck scales to 291 and to the spur red zone as well 210 inbound richie marboro big slow down here. crash cleared 295 south and wanted to show you residual delays back to r50 inbound and 259 beltway on down. please give yourself extra time to get through that area. third street tunnel northbound crash new york avenue and that's causing additional delays in the district really heavy traffic as well. sutland parkway jammed south capitol and seeing inner loop delays across the wilson bridge. that's a look a
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to you guys. >> thanks, erin, 7:17 congress ready to acts on obama request for emergency funds to fight the zika virus. house plan only half of that. it will provide money to develop a vaccine and control months keen owes to prefer ept the spread. >> more evacuations in alberta due to wildfire devastating up to of for the mcmurray two weeks ago. workers from oil sands drilling industry are being moved out of the area as fire moves closer. mean wheel back at that town for the mcmurray no word on which people will be able to return to homes. >> next story still going viral
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>> the park is warping people to obey the rules. visitors have to stay 25 yards from all wild life and 100 from bears and wolves. i one worth was videotaped trying to peta adult
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father and son cited and ticke ticketed for trying to rescue that baby buy sochbility you know what why couldn't they introduce this call of to another heard. there are disease issues to con twendz and the best thing for the rangers to do was to euthanize that poor little call of. >> i was wondering the bison named national mammal to maybe even bring it here to our zoo and raise her or him in captivity. >> people are saying there had to be another way. the rangers thought this was best solution that's what they d no shortage of out raiming online. people waeing ing in on this debate. >> park rangers saying if they would have to have to ship it it would have been through months of guarantee and nothing is available at this time. they fall to starvation or predators in the wild. >> they weigh the options and they had to take care of it this way. >> it's ser
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the back of the car lake like that. >> the people meant well they weren't trying to take a selfie don't touch it leave it alone. >> all right. mo thanks. >> extreme weather hitting parts of the country this morning. there's always extreme weather somewhere. >> sure does and one woman's pregnancy announcement struggl struggling on infertility.
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parts of the country including new mexico getting blasted with tornadoes. here near boise city oklahoma. the area was hit with hail. you can hear it hitting that car. no injuries happened. >> from tornado to snow? no, eyes are not dereceiving you. this was the scene yesterday in maine where mother nature clearly didn't get the memo it's spring. some areas saw
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making it biggest snowfall. but this late in the season there. >> our good friend sarah frazier will join us. her mom lives in maine. see if she got snow. >> isn't that crazy. >> i guess not what we look at the weather and what is capable of happening. you would have to bet on maine. >> caribou maine over 4" thats with a record there as well. extraordinary. for us rain showers. this is familiar pattern. after nice one yesterday clouds move back in and showers on door step and just off west here and already getting rain showers and rain us with throughout the day today as we're looking at yet another frontal system hanging out in the area and definitely umbrella weather here showers with us much of the day today. and warmer than they were 24 hours ago.
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53 dulles and here's a quick look at the 7 day. today, tonight, tomorrow, we keep showers in the forecast. maybe sun this afternoon. thursday and friday look absolutely beautiful. we earned it after this month. and don't you know it saturday and sunday showers back afternoon that starts as soon as friday night. that's weather. erin is back. roads slow. >> it's nasty outside. grab umbrella and patience. blue line braddock road a break problem. we'll let you know how delays are haip shaping up. let's 35 before the beltway to about the 14 street bridge slow zona cross the wilson ridge and george count dwroy alexandria and crash on the district inbound tunnel at new york avenue and
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lingering 50 inbound 25 and on after 50 outtaer loop topside jammed to the spur. heavy traffic gw parkway past 123. key bridge jammed. sutland parkway jammed to south capitol and 210 slow in virginia and to 610 with red sdob and as you get closer to dale city crash involving a truck by the weigh station. watch for that. 55 east jammed as well. more traffic in a few. don't forget 270 south basically a parking lot with congestion. >> erin, thanks. still to comma largeing study about silent heart attacks. what are they. how come on are they and what should you look for. >> special pregnancy announcement getting buzz on the internet this morning how one woman's journey to motherhood is inspiring others with issues of infertility
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♪ live look kind of pointing g toward the airport there reagana national in the for ground.n tho air force mer morial in thel ine background.backou a lot of cloud cover and fogog that type of t not the prettiest day. d not really going move theove thermometer much.. 57 right n stay in that neighborhoodrhd throughout date today. d.c. leader and people and l living in several neighborhoods want answers after a wave of guv violence yesterday inence yes particular. two people were killed in alarming string of shootings shn yesterday most of them happening inng i southeast d.c.sout police say the violence beganncg around 1:00 p.m. on texas avenue. a neighborhood in arlingtoni on alert after young woman wasos raped. the attack happened early sundaa morning in the lion park area. police say the woman was asleep in her home when at tack kerr tr broke in and sexually assaultedu her. attacker managed to get away.wa police are investigating. ntsb expected today to placp the blame on
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for last year's deadly amtrak derail in many philadelphia. officials say the engineer wases distracted by radio traffic about a rock hitting another anh commuter train in philadelphiadi shattering that train'srain windshield.wind the crash of the amtrak trainran killed eight people last may ana injured 200 more. m agency expected to issue several safety and traininging recommendations.tis. al? steve, an illinois woman'sos struggle to get pregnant is i starting a national conversation on infertility issues that'ss after macy, posted this picturec online dozens of syringes syr recount all the fertility shotss she had to get and pills she hah to take for chance of getting gi well she did after challenging four years. that that included two misstwmi catch as, ovarian sift, end endd and fertility issues with her hr husband.. >> dr. steven greenhouse a board certified gynecologist andogis doctor for infertility
7:32 am
shady grove fertility. shady grove is known as the goll standard when it comes ton it ct fertility.fertil thanks for being with us.eiith >> we appreciate that. we thank you. let me also say before this wers didn't mention it this mom m really young, she's 23 years old h2 miscarriages before starting ivf that's pretty unusual, right? r >> it is. she certainly definitely youngeg probably arriver age patient ini their mid 30s.0s. >> right. >> i think it's important to it recognize infertility is a medical condition and it cand it affect women who are earlier --- errly 20's. they could have tubal disease.ta there could certainly could beid severe male factors reallye facy important we do evaluate both partners.rt so while unusual, i give this woman a lot of credit forgetting out there, being proactive in i her care. ce >> it is powerful it speaks toat all you mentioned. mention this is the picture we'reree' looking at dr. greenhouse when i look at that, my first questionn is, what is all that medicine? >> so one of t
7:33 am
people who are doing fertility treatments is that they're going to have to do invitro fertilization.. about 50% of our patient are able to get pregnant with wit simpler treatments and won'ttrea have to go through all this. with invitro fertilization fertility medications are givenv as injections underneath theath skin and these are just showingn the vials of medication that sht has as well as the syringes shes used during her treatment. >> with invitro fertilizationzai women may have to take two totwo three injections a day. and so it speaks powerful foror what couples have to go throughu >> that's simply amazing. azing. this would be -- would this be one treatment or would this bes many treatments? >> this is probably more than one treatment. t it sounds like this particular patient was struggling forin for number of different years and ys more than likely she probablyrol started off with simpler treatments first and again thosn patients aren't successful withu that they may have to move for.
7:34 am
>> how common is this? coulds?l you just briefly tell us the t difference with inn vetoeto fertilization and and other oth methods.thod >> ivf -- infertility is common affects one in eight couples ano that's very much dependent upont the age of the woman. so it affects both male as wellw as female factors we'll find issues on the female side of itf half the time.half tim male side half the we may find issues on both sided about a third of the so it's very important whenortae you're doing the evaluation than even if the woman isn't ovulating make sure that weha evaluate the male partner as well because there may be more r than one factor.r. >> okay. and you know we hate to put a dollar sign on you see thehe picture in the middle worth theh weight and wait and wait butt b it's not cheap.heap we're talking ivf.. >> it's one of the patient'satis biggest concerns is will i bel i able to afford treatment? whatw we found probably almost all ofo our parties have some coverageog for at least diagnostic testing. probably 50% of patients willntl
7:35 am
may range from the simpler the m treatments where a woman mayomam just take oral fertility medications in conjunction withw what we call artificial inn april so many nation the malean partner's sperm is ejected intot the uterus.eteru and then other people may have coverage for ivf. i we also have come up with innovative programs shared risk program which i flat fee fort ff up to certain number of cycles.c if you don't have a delivery those monies are refunded toefde you. sort of a insurance policy. pol we came up with that because if people weren't able to have h success they could use those tho monies for other means off building their family.amily. >> thanks for joining us.s. it's been an education and thisi picture does speak volumes veryr touching and at least for this t woman it looks like she might have -- >> i think -- thi - >> success. succe >> it's nice to raise awarenesse for all the couples out thereute struggling.. dr. greenhouse, thank you so, ts much. >> thank you. >> allison, we got clouds andlod rain showers back in the back e forecast today. it's just been tharrt month..
7:36 am
later tonight and tomorrow.and o and then by thursday and fridayi right back in the sunshine witht some very nice conditions arounn here fort end of the week.of thw 57 this morning in 55 in leonardtown. fredericksburg, good morning, mi 55. 53 in hagerstown.n rain showers moving in veryn vey quickly from the west.y fr the it's not raining at your houseou at the moment it will be and we will have rain with us for much of your day today and in fact the heaviest of the raii will pivot through the regionheg late morning early i think by the evening rush rus hour, much of that rain shower r activity may to be our east andd to our north and we'll we' looking at just cloud cover. c just a few showers late thisatei afternoon but again good steadyd rain around here during the midday hours with very cool coo temperatures upper 50's to about 60.60 plenty more weather. w wee look at the seven day and d talk weekend forecast coming upu erin is back witness roads. roa >> come on over, allison.llon i haven't seen her all morning.g >> i'm sorry. i'mor >> and unfortunately, if you'ree waking up and heading around the dmv you probably need a hug toog this morning traffic is nastys n with the rain.n. virginia commut
7:37 am
center point parkway to 610 jamj in stafford.ord crash we were dealing withit earlier involving tractorvingra trailer by the weigh stationta cleared but jammed through daled city. 66 eastbound slows out by 234. . 267 still in the clear.lear maryland commute we have a new a crash it's four inbound out by b dowerhouse. big delays there. the outer loop jams usual spot 95 to georgia.orgi 270 south 85 to the truck scalea slow zone you slow again towardl the spur a ton of congestionf ns leading in from frederick allre the way down throughroh gaithersburg into rockville anda four westbound that slow down io was telling you about from theyu crash you can see the red zone n to dowerhouse. in addition to that, we haven tt other problems this morning.orng inbound 395 hov lanes there's ae crash at the 14th street third street tunnel at new yorkk avenue also dealing with a crasa causing delays this morning. mni now keep in mind gw parkway southbound jams from 123 to the key bridge.y brid suitland parkway slow to south h capitol and another crash outerh loop blocking the shoulder by 450. delays there as well. ael keep it to fox5 news morning. mr we are b
7:38 am
minutes. nu we got you covered on thisn dreary rainy tuesday. ♪
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♪ i wish we could give you better news weather wise today. it's kind of dreary again. pretty much like every other dao in may except yesterday when it was nice. n check in with tucker and finendf out what's going on out there. e just one of those days, al. a >> i know. kno meantime, back to news. serious story here. here. one of two brothers cha
7:41 am
the murder of a missingissing washington state couple is nowpl in cdy police arrested 59-year-old tony klein reid trying to escape toat mexico when he was arrested monday in san diego much his brother john charged with wh murder.rd police say surveillance video sa shows the two dumping the the couple's cars over a cliff. >> property dispute there.ute re air travelers across theelet country already dealing withith long lines at security check i ins. sunday night at o'hare airportir some passengers waited more than three hours. things apparently got so bad sob that airlines brought out cots t and blankets when it becameec clear passengers would have to cement the night at the airportt get more people on board tsa. >> supreme court sent affordablf care act contraception mandateoe case back to the lower courts. t high court had been consideringe whether religious affiliated institutions can be exempt fromm having to pay for birth control and other reproductive coverageg in their health care plans. pla sixty three ruling the justicess sent the cases back to theo t
7:42 am
that means for now women can still get cost free contraceptives and religiouselio groups won't get fined if they don't offer the coverage.. >> the texas pastor who claimed he bought a cake with homophobic slur on it dropping his lawsuitt against wholefoods.. why? the openly gay pastorastor apologized saying he made up the story. back in april he posted a videov showing the added remark youemk just saw on that cake to whatha supposed to be on the cake lovee wins. wholefoods released videosedideo suggesting that the cake hadcakd been tampered with even admittea he made the story up and rescind his lawsuit. singer sinead o'connornor found. she's safe after she was sas reported missing.ed missing she was found in chicago north suburb yesterday afternoon.ft. police started the search for tr her when someone called toled t report she hadn't been seeneen s since leaving for a bicycle ride early sunday >> let's talk about streetcaruts rides coming up what's next fors the dc streetcar plans to pns connect another part of the pare district maybe with downtown? dt first we're going to findwe out what's trending in tod
7:43 am
tuesday's sarah fraser joins us live next.
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♪ ♪ >> 7:45 right now.rightow. we want to give you a sneak peep at our good day guest list somes of the big names and things thi you'll see today on good day d d.c. from nine to 11. at 9:20 megyn kelly will join us live to preview her prime time t special which airs tonight it'st her big sit down with donald w
7:46 am
trump. um we'll talk about that and muchuh more are you meghan kell.ell. adam devine in the studio you know him as the nanny on modernr family much he'll join us live u in the loft and what's it like to have your wedding crashed by a huge sipping star it? happened to one family when mackle moreke crashed their wedding andd ei they'll join us on goo good days well. sounds like pretty good line upe today.y >> all right. all rht. steve i've been telling you for yours if you follow my walkou f you'll have more luck on the lue weekends. >> i appreciate that.ciatthat (laughter).ter) >> i've been hurting big time. (laughter).(laughter). >> thank you for laughing. >> i do appreciate it. >> it was funny actually.y actua >> are you walking now?re you wl >> i don't know what i'm doing.d >> show me how it's done, then.e >> not a good walking song. >> who is choosing the music.eic >> give him a good walking songn slow down the beat. >> i can't do much to this. thi. >> what is going on. >> i want to do a pirouette. sarah -- erin come on over here.
7:47 am
>> okay.. >> i'll just kind of, um-hmm, u there it is.. (laughter) good thank you sarahr for playing along.for playing ag >> i don't know what i'm doing. i'm out ofwh control. contr showers moving in. that was terrible walking song.s >> right allison.llison we'll have talk to the soundou operator here in a minute. min 57 in washington. iashi 57 in annapolis. milder temperatures to startrar your day.your cloud cover out there.he shower activity unfortunatelyte moving right back bk in. with a clouds and the showerswes our daytime highs don't get out of the upper 50s so just keep k that in mine. m you'll probably want a jacket ic addition your umbrella and i a know the rain boots have gottent a lot of wear and tear for the e month of may unfortunately thehe rain just back and with us for s most of the o off to the west, shower activitt actually getting heavier as wese look back into west virginia ana kentucky and we'll be we'll unfortunately dealing with alle that later the rain will pick upat intensit over the next couple of hours h and be with us for much of theuf day today. tay. there's a frontal system rightsr here into the carolinas warm frontnd
7:48 am
rolling along it and we call cal this overrunning warmer air oveo spreading the cool air at thethe surface causing the rain showern activity out there.vityut t not a lot of change here in the next day or two.ay o two keep the clouds in the forecastc showers out there. t things will taper off tonighton rain showers right back by early tomorrow morning and be with usw for much of the wednesday much m here's future cast.utur cas here's your shower activity atit 1:00 o'clock. i think we might get a breakigea late afternoon that will helpwil with the evening commute but the showers kind of return overnighg tomorrow morning's commute withw additional shower activity.. the good news in the no forecass sunshine late tomorrow afternooa and by thursday and friday things turn sunny and beautiful. low humidity a couple of springs days here thursday and fridaythi but again today umbrella weathea with cool temperatures.. good day to read a book, right,, erin.erin >> perfect day to read a book. >> what are you currentlycurre reading. >> i just finish girl on thenish train. trai i have to start a new one. >> if you have any suggestions in the tucker barnes readingkeri collection.collection. >> i don't think i would give
7:49 am
suggest >> i'll check with allison andis steve and sarah late.. >> right now traffic just badic it's a damp dreary day rain nott helping the congestion.gestn 270 south you can see the wet w condition on the road and you'ru really jammed by the truckru scales and then again as youa y pass montrose road towards these spur. check in with our maps. other heavies delays inbound 50i is all jammed up down toown 11 miles an hour inside the hr i beltway as you pass 295. 295 same story 295 from about thehe beltway on down to 50 and then t those delays extend all the waye past ete 295 northbound from the bottommt of the beltway through lavatoryr road also very heavy traffic. tc inbound crash third street tunnel at new york avenue 395 a crash hov lanes inbound atnbount 14th street bridge.ridg also take look at your virginiai commute times 95 north center cn point parkway to 610 really bigb slow zone there.e the north at that point earlierli crash by the way station cleared you jam through dale city. 395 inbound also jams. we have that crash by the 14th 1 street bridge and then justd ths typical congestn
7:50 am
beltway six inbound sluggishh traffic 234 on in. same story maryland outer loop 95 to georgia 270 richie marlboro to tour hours on four slow.ow crash by dowerhouse.crash by doo metro is on time.nim grab your umbrella if you wanton to take metro.. back to you on the couch. >> hr office is third door onoo the left. nes. >> i'll own the company.l own tn >> you ready to be my employees? (laughter).ter) >> all right. aight it's tuesday that means that our sarah fraser is joining us tonis talk about some of today's today hottest trending topics. did you know you were our own. we've now claimed you.ed >> oh g, yes. oh i'm ready. i'm in.i'in >> first up facebook post madeod by a new mom that has some has people going like this, really?y >> eye roll emoji. eji >> i'm going to go over to thege house. that's what i would say.ha what is this all >> this is sent to me by a listener, pod cast listener thi is her dear friend.earrien this is her second baby and shee put this out on facebook as the message.ssag ess
7:51 am
together a list if you want to t see her newborn baby girl and ad here are don'ts and don'ts. dons the do's include you can bring g food. >> okay. >> do you care their laundry. >> of course. tf course. >> yes.>> y exactly. ffu can clean their -- offer too clean their house, taking theing trash out would earn majorn majo points. >> why would you want to do th that? >> you can't see the baby.. >> right. this is the only way -- w >> no. this is the way you can see the babyyo. so if you can get to the top of the list if you had do householo chores, if you call them.hem. the don'ts on the list includenc you can't show up sick.pic they don't want --ey d wan >> that's fair, right? you you don't want to get the baby sickc >> right. that was one of the big one ont the list as far as the don'ts.ot but then -- also say don't be too pushy, come over, you know,, um, you have to be on time. don't call at random hours. hou you know, text before so ii know -- >> expect to be waited on waiteo because the mom is to s not thee host. >> do you think this is d ridiculous? this is like the ts baby a couple days home. h >> all thes
7:52 am
don't have a lot of friends to begin with you. y >> it's probably pointless.ntles >> i think they probably do havv a lot of friends and this has ts become the rid lessness ofsns of having child.having child >> i don't know, al. d when you had the girls, wasir, w there like this over influx oflo problems from people wanting tow come see the t bab >> i feel like this is a special mom. i've never -- ner >> that's really nice.t's ally >> i never heard of anything like this before. thi i feel like it is obnoxious. i would send a gift and stayndta away. but this is, you know --ou k >> if i read that,.. >> sorry. s >> if it was not my best friendn even read that --even read tha >> i would think it's a joke.hik >> there's no way i would visits that child f it was my best my b friend, what is going on with oh you? you're acting crazy rightai now.w. >> right. that's okay.that no, thanks. it would turn me off to the point of not going >> i agree. i a >> we put this on fox5 ourn fo5o facebook page, an lot of of comments about this. and some people actually agreeua with this mom by the way.. >> agrees with the don't list. t >> it's common sense.t's commone if you're sick, no., no >> right. r >> but you can tell somebody,anl hey, if you have a cold, no. but
7:53 am
somebody do your chores andchora blah, blah, blah is absolutelyut ridiculous. so pam, i agree with you.h >> no strong sense.g sense good tracy said it sounds okay a to me. me it keeps a lot of people fromple asking the same question and getting on your nerves. n patrick sums up what we werems u just saying.. >> whacko. >> baby number three.ab is this not the first baby. >> this isn't the firsty chithd that's what's even more stranget about this. >> really. reay. second child because she says oo the, you know, on the front of f the list offer to babysit theabt toddler take the toddler. meaning their first one. o >> >> that could actual bump you up to see the kid. >> let's see if anybody doesnybo anything. >> i'm not going to condemn this mom. mo for whatever reason she did thit but this is -- unique type of personality to do this.o t that's all i'm saying. sin i would never do it. it's a turn off to me. me >> you want to help people until they're making it a condition -- >> come and clean my house.and e are you kidding me?kig m >>f
7:54 am
anything do while i'm here.e. >> no, i'm over there to come and to it -- i don't even needvn to hold the baby.ab i'm going to look at the baby, b leave a gift, get some >> do your laundry. >> any way, what's next? okay.o i want to about this story. joe's crab shake the food chainn has actually said we're going to stop the whole paying wait staff salary. >> good idea. i >> i said it when it happen.n >> the whole premise behindse this, remember, there's been aen lot of controversy a lot of talk about you shall be paying youran servers a fare wage that tippinp whole structure is archaic.rcha you shall get rid of that. no. no. >> you need it.ou n >> joe's crab shack said hey,ai, look, what you say and what youy do are two different things.ngs after trying this whole no tipping thing they say theiray t customers actually came in and want the tipping system back.tec >> good for joe'. joe >> they had 18 restaurants thats they were testing now they'reteo down to four.downo fo >> i mean you should be payingog your servers
7:55 am
have it.ha i you shouldn't under cut the servers but you have to havee e some level of accountability foy good service even hate the facte that they get away from that. >> really?>> >> i'm happy to see a big b company come back. back. >> i'm not going to pay somebodb to give me lousy >> i'm not going to do it. >> wow! i just figured --igur - >> i work in the business busins before. before. there has to be some incentivemi for you. when you're an employee andloyee you're busting your butt andr a going above and beyond to make m people feel better you deserve r more from those >> you do.>> you but see you do except for my prob i'm getted in giving 20 tot 25% the only reason i do even in there's bad service -- >> 25%? >> yes. because i feel like my god now with social media someone go g online and she's a terrible tipper.. >> they gave me terribleve me ie service. serv >> i said this is a great idea. joe's crab shake says no. tipping will stay.ll s >> so many places tried to doce it. it hasn't >> i like the fact corporatet ca america can say, you know itnow didn't work, let's reverse it. i that's pretty quick, too.,
7:56 am
obviously is in the same type oe restaurant or bar situation.itun >> sure.>> >> but those who did it well cal make a lot more money off tipsft than they can off a higher wage. >> fascinating. >> do we have time for our laste one or out of time. >> we don't. >> we have to go over toor tuckc >> you want to go back and creec him out a little.e. >> absolutely. >> i'd like to walk over andto check you out.eck >> sarah. sah >> can we crank up the >> this is a first. fir >> less awkward than when hehe does it. >> i need rihanna's work andorka then you'll be working. (laughter).ghte >> go to commercial. >> city do you have a tip for tf bad forecast. >> i have one more auctione aucn warness and it's costing me sooo much. >> 58 right now in washington.ho winds out of the west at six.oft rain showers moved back in. unfortunately, that's right with us all day today. all d keep an umbrella handy and your rain boots and probably jacket,c too. too. our daytime highs only about 60o cool temperatures around asun a well. well tonight, few showers, tomorrowor the first half of the dayhe features a few showers and thend
7:57 am
humidity beautiful couple ofife days thursday and friday.hursda there's something to lookhik forward erin, save us. us >> i got nothing tucker but bad, bad traffic.ff. 7:57 right now. n outer loop really jammed top side 95 to georgia. 270 really slow from 85 to 121 and four inbound ritchie rch marlboro to dowerhouse jamso dhs because of a crash at dowerhouso causing delays. day same story in virginia all rednr and yellow across the 95 northbound 66 inbound.nd. 267 jams. js keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we're working hard for you withh the news weather and traffic.rac we'll be back for yourr y 8:00 o'clock hour. ♪ z2022z
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. fx ♪ right now at 8:00, live looo outside.e. it's tuesday morning, may 17t 17th, 2016.016. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 8:05. 8 good morning, i'm allisonlln seymour.seym >> i'm steve chenevey. ste che welcome to fox5 news morning m right off the top today aoday funeral will be held for one ofo the victims of that two-day t-d shooting spree in maryland. marl services will be held thisbeelds afternoon for this woman moral morales. dozens came out yesterday durina a public viewing in rockville.ol she was the woman who was gunnes down outside of a giant food f store in aspen hill. the gun month eulalio tordil inn jail. charged with killing hisli h estranged wife and another mantr in a mall parking lot. lot this morning, d.c. leaders a and people living in several
8:01 am
neighborhoods want answers aftes a wave of gun violence. vle two people were killed in thelen string of shootings on mondayn n afternoon. most of that happening in in southeast.heas police say the deadly violenceic started around 1:00 yesterdayyea afternoon on texas avenue. ave a man was shot there. then a short time later a womanm was shot to death on 49th street and what's believed to bo retaliation for the texas of a shooting. in fairfax county, attemptem robbery ended in gunfire.. search continues for gunman thit morning. police say a man was shot alongg braillely lane and kohl's lincee immediate way around 2:00 this:s morning in the kinks town areaks of alexandria.nd victim is expected to be okay. o investigators only have a vaguev description of the suspect. spet also in fairfax county apppp apparent tragic accident leavesd a young woman dead.. police say the 18-year-old was-o hit and killed by a train around 9:00 last night along berk lake road in berk.road it's unclear what type train hin her.r. investigators say is he wasators struck near the train path. p >> keep it on the rail.ail. ntsb expected to place the gameg on distracted driving for the te deadly amtr
8:02 am
last year.ear. officials say the engineer toldl investigators he was distractedd by radio traffic about a rock hitting a philadelphia commuterr train. ai that incident shattered theshat windshield of that commuterom train. the engineer of the amtrak traia said it was during that radio communication he was payingn hep attention to that he noticed hen was not paying attention to theo speed and his train was going too fast. he quickly put on the brakes but at that point it was too lateoot and train went off the rails and killed eight people injuring 200 more. ntsb is expected to issueue several safety and trainingy ang recommendations. her in the district transittricn option may be expanding.xpanding we were talking about dc streetr >> d.c. department of>> transportation wants to heartion from the public about addingg street cars from union stationta to georgetown but that had us us asking are people even using the current streetcar routes ineetcu northeast? fox5's bob barnard d along the h street benning roada bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, guys., we're at the end of the line.thl we just road the streetcar d
8:03 am
from union station.ta nick, what's your early review? you said this was your first yr ride. >> that's my first ride, evene,e saw the construction long timeim ago. i said what are they doing? ng? finally, this is what it is.t so i mean it's raining but it's great and iatnd love the way it smells brand nea car. >> reporter: thanks very we just were on board. boa are you guys turning around? >> yes. >> reporter: we got to getr: w off. unfortunately we were just onelo for this ride, guys. guy i'll tell was. was ddot is hoping that anywheree from 1500 to 2,000 rider as day will take the d.c. streetcar stc they say they're averaging 1700 to 2900 on the weekdays and onn saturdays around 3,000.,0 it does not run on sundays.unys and some of the people we have spoken to like it because foror the first six months it's free e first of all, second of all, a it's less crowded.. and there is security the the gentleman we just spoken to to private security officer who ofw rides the d.c. street cars.t they say those are threerehree advantages. you talk to others and they sayt well it only comes every 15
8:04 am
20 minutes and it's a bit sloweo than the buses so there are proo and cons we spoke a gentleman g named philip hall taking his son to school this morning waitingow for a bus, not the streetcar.trr >> if they going to have them t run in the morning they need ton be consistent.onsisten they running 15, 20 minutete increments.incr it's inconvenience catching usan the bus to school.chool. >> you take the bus instead ofie the street cs. yes. >> is the bus quicker?the bus q? >> i believe >> reporter: so the issue here is that the streetcar folks d. to would like to now take the train -- the streetcar not justj from union station here to benning road but also from uniou station west to georgetown along k street and so that's whyt'hy they're having this communityom meeting to night that's at thest carnegie library on the mountheu vernon square at 6:00 o'clock0 l night like an open forum to let the public weigh in on that to expand d.c. streetcar west foror now it's going east and west ana that was
8:05 am
because it's heading out of o town. there was a young girl namedlam taylor on her way to school andl mick on his way to work. w we'll hop on another train tra heading back in, streetcar and a see how that's going.. but there's plenty of room, security quiet but it's just j getting started, guys., g we'll see how the idea goes oncc people get used to it. >> bob, where are we in this six month grace period i've got to'o ride it at least, you know, at least once. >> reporter: i think you got about four months to go still.ll >> okay.>> >> reporter: you have some you time. we just hopped on and got on way back there like eighth and h and here it is we're almost at rfk k stadium oklahoma avenue anden benning road is the end of thean line and we enjoyed the rideide pretty much to ourselves just mick now hop another one headine in. >> enjoy the trip back to unionn station. >> 8:00 sorry five. let's check in with tucker.k inu the gentleman that was ridingha that streetcar said -- sd >> it's raining but we'll dealld with it even guess that's kind of where we've been all month. h >> the car smells good. sme >> he said it smelled good whicl is more than c
8:06 am
studios. >> oh, really. rll >> i've got on clean clothes cls today. let's do the forecast.. steve, rain showers moving in.og they will be with us all day today.da this is a pattern a weather aea pattern we've gotten quite q familiar with over the lasthe l couple of weeks.le of w i don't like your face.e >> i know. you know what it's kind of ahais drag. >> i know.>> i i'm sorry it. >> just being honest.ust >> it's feeding all the wonderful flowers.l flowe >> yes it is.. >> flowers, trees.lowers, trees >> it's not continuous all day.. so i'm just saying between mewem and you, and our wonderful wonrf viewers, it's just a little bit of a drag.ra >> it feels a little much afterr weeks of it.week bottom line we've got to deal d with it it. it rain showers back in thers bac forecast much of today.h of t. it will pick up in intensity ini here midday and then taper offap later this afternoon.ftno i think that evening rush hourus might just be cloudy. somebody whip per just tweetedre me about softball tonight. fields are all right saturated g it will be a close callht with w dave rain whether or not you'llu play tonight. i'm not sure it ni will be raining tonight butnigh there's the big picture inn gener
8:07 am
and first half of tomorrow andwd then things will get much bettet by thursday and friday. 58 right now. n i also want to mention it will i be cool today.ay daytime highs about 60 and agaia definitely umbrella day as thest rain will be with us for much oc the day.e da >> okay. o >> seven day looks brighter. >> all right. right. thanks, tuck.thanks >> i'm out of here, bye. >> bye hope you have better b news, erin. >> i don't. i have worse news. a lot of accidents, lots of of delays wet roads take your timee have some patience.. woodfield road south before befr bring road there's a crash. cra. inner loop tracking this forin f several hours, disable truck trk blocking the shoulder on the inner loop by rockville pikellik from an earlier crash.ier cra look at all the reds. george washington parkwayas southbound jams up as you makes your way towards the key bridgeg clara barton cabin john inside -- inside the beltway are backing up.backg u and then for your morning ride we still have a crash third t street tunnel at new york avenue 395 hov lanes inbound 14thnb street bridge two lanes areo nea blocked and because of that,f traffic is basically park
8:08 am
glebe road up to that point.toi heavy congestion there as well.w outer loop jams 95 to georgia aa let's take live look outside. ot we'll show you that how things t are shaping up on the beltway.ty basically parked there.he huge red zone and that's justs j because of congestion.stio a look back on the our maps youo can see that congestion cruisess past colesville as well. 270 south jams and then inhenn virginia, big delays on 95 northbound 66 inbound through centreville. more traffic in a few.ra metro is getting back to normalr back to you, steve.te we'll get to politic rightgl now which has been nothing but b normal this election season. se. democratic presidential primaryi center stage today in kentuckyty and in oregon. hillary clinton about 94% of thf way to the democratic nominati nomination. she needs less than 200s le delegates now. on the gop side donald trump hah been dealing with newith allegations over how he treats a women after a scathing new york times article, but tonight, he sits down with fox's megyn kellk in and exclusive interview that airs 8:00 o'clock you can watchc it right here on fox5 tonight at 8:00. 8:00 what we want to you
8:09 am
watch in just about an hour on u good day d.c. at 9:00 o'clocko'l meghan will join us live and use we'll talk with her about whatbt she thought about her big sit bs down with donald trump.. it should be good stuff.oodtuff >> looking forward to that.ward >> still ahead alarming newrmi study what are called silentil heart attacks.. what are they, how common are they, should you be looking forr and honestly how do you know yoo are having one if they are quoto unquote silent.en >> that's scary stuff.t's scy s >> it really is.t ly i some people are watching netflin they barely have time for time anything else. els how much time are we spending se binge watching according to ao a new study. study >> always amazes me when the the numbers come out. o >> we've got the facts.e've g ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
♪ welcome back everybody. 8:11.8:. gloomy tuesday tucker will be along shortl shoy along with erin with weather and traffic on the 5's. twitter users will soon have more flexibility in writingn wri tweets.tweets. >> you get an extra 23 you characters. what will you do with yours?? >> well, it's a nice amount.. >> the company is planning tolan stop including photo photos ands posting a link can take up to 2 characters of a tweet.we that limits of course the words that you can put around that t link or photo. pho the move comes social media site continues to face stagnant user growth. so trying to add little more mor creativity in there.thre. okay. >> get to use a
8:12 am
it did help me learn to abbreviate my thoughts. thoht nice new words making them up. p >> how about netflix and chill. americans are spending more tim binge walking than hanging outgi with friends.. the average american spendsd one hour 40 minutes a dayutes ay watching their favorite show bub 38 minutes a day socializing.oci and when it comes to exercisings our fingers are getting theti biggest workout here.ere. americans spent six times moreem time watching netflix thanix hitting the gym. gym >> that does not surprise me one bit.. >> yeah. but i mean to be honest in the week, who has time to socializea if you're, f you have certainera responsibilities. >> right. >> socializing with like somengi laundry and -- >> the family. >> and the family. >> for the most part.ostar coming up one stadium doing awaa with something fans really hate. >> we'll tell you what that isls and how about late night with w bryce harper? yeah, he was on o the tonight show last night.. there he is. we'll find out what he was doin that coming up next.ext. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> there's your look at wisconsin avenue this morning. n >> northwest d.c. taking to you one of the highest point in thet district right there. tenley town. t this amazing how when you're ine any other part of the city youh can look up and see --dee >> the national cathedral what a always see. s >> that's what i always see, ts too. >> they built it on one of the t highest points and all the tv t towers too is what you're seei seeing. >> steve is like encyclopedialoi
8:16 am
>> super nerdy. ser n i like information.tion you like li >> i didn't say you were nerdy.y you said that.u id tha >> i like cuteness.uten >> we all like cuteness.utes >> let's get to cuteness.teness time now for my first five. adorable.. >> my goodness. >> niamiah. niaah point blank and serious.. >> serious. >> fox5 first five photo of theo day. this is niamiah, everybody.. >> cute little smile.. just three months old.s o gets up and watches fox5 withit his >> does he have a little baby js? >> it could be. iuld >> he's so cute.e. >> super fashionable.hionable >> he watches with hise watc grandparents. my goodness, niamiah you are so that's the the best thing ever.. >> easy going.y going >> he is so cute. >> grant parents, the whole family is having a great startas to the day. the d >> how could it be not when youu have somebody like niamiah. nia >> love the picture.ure to zen us your child's pinger go to fox5 d.c. send it
8:17 am
if they're as cute as niamiah we'll send them foam tomorrow t when my girls were little markem used to take them over to myy pan's house because he work w mornings in baltimore, too. bale my mom would just come and justs take the baby and run upstairs.s but it's like, the love, you know, with grandparents so special. she'd get right there in betweeh them and go right back to sleep. niamiah so lucky. >> super cute. >> all right. allht let's do weather. >> thanks.. >> see if he'll like my foreca forecast. >> he will. >> he hasn't experienced summerp yet so he's learning as he goes. >> he's got four seasons inns front of him. all right.all 58 now in washington. washing cold air off to the north and tt the west, yeah, rocky mountain t states holding and to 30s earlye this morning.or we did that yesterday.terday we are going to be in for ao ber chilly day tod our daytime highs, you're prette much looking at them with highsh in the upper 50 toss 60 and looo what's back.. our friend. >> what
8:18 am
>> rain. you know many parts of the worlt would love to get this rain. r >> that's so true.. >> look on the bright side. side it will keep things green and looking great and we'll be withe us throughout the day today.od i'm just going to sell it like l it's some fantastic news.s. >> okay.kay. >> looks like shower activityct will be with us -- linger intogr the late afternoon i'm hopingopn for rush hour that things quieti down. in general rain showers today.oy they'll be a few more tonight. t another round of rain tomorrow.r the first half of the day andnd then high pressure builds in might get a little sun latettlel wednesday and then thursday andy friday look fantastic. 70, sunshine, low humidity, beautiful weather. weaer >> trying to sell it.ell it. i know you are. (laughter).. >> that's not fair.otai >> what's the average high right now?w? >> should be 76 i think.6 ink >> yeah.>> yea >> okay. >> all right. >> and long for you summer andyr erin como. >> i long for you and summer as well. hey, i think the first sunny day we'll have to plan our lunchun date. morning commute right now note o looking so hot. rainy roads.oads. wet commute. sluggish
8:19 am
inbound third street tunneltreeu crashed blocking the shoulder oo new york avenue. 395 hov lanes inbound at the at 14th street bridge because of bu a crash there we are superup jammed up. up seeing very slow-moving trafficc basically parked from glebe road on up and then sluggish traffica from the beltway on through tohh glebe. it's just a whole mess out thert with heavy delays on the inner loopno from five to the wilson bridge.i five inbound is slow. s four inbound we had crash by dowerhouse still dealing with slow conditions there.on suitland parkway inbound to inbd south capitol is very jammed upu with the usual slow roll ofll traffic. another incident on the inner in loop crash blocking the shouldel near rockville pike. you saw from the camera at theat beginning of the block there wae really slow-moving traffic tff northwest through tenley town tn wisconsin avenue is sluggish.h. massachusetts avenue is slow.s o gw parkway from 123 to the keyot bridge is basically parked.arked we have crash woodfield road inr montgomery county just before be bring road.road tons of read on the map behinden me. me. bw parkway by powder mill supers jammed up in addition to theio outer loop conditions that arett slow 270 from 70 to the
8:20 am
huge red zone there and again four jammed a lot of extra timet added to your commute.ded toourt metro is on time right now. i would consider grabbingd consr umbrella and heading to metro m station to avoid getting stuckns in that slow roll. r back to you allison and steve. atlanta falcons fans willl enjoy low food prices at theathe team's new stadium. >> here's the deal.e dl. the team will over the lowestows concession prices of any major j league sports team. hotdogs, pretzels and popcornop will cost $2. pizza, peanuts and fries, $3. $ and domestic beer just $5.ust i feel like i need to know what their secret s i would love for that trend to start. srt >> bad beer.>> bad bee bad and watered down beer. dow b >> we'll fine out.ine o we'll get the details for you bryce harper last night makingnn his late show debut. deb he was on the tonight show lastl night with jimmy fallon.allo >> he played a game of catchf c phrase with fallon andy sandberg and gee gee had a deed. had a d take a look. >> snapping.. >> what they use for
8:21 am
>> microphone. >> drop the mike. mike. >> boom.oom. >> is that it?>> i >> you got it.. >> okay. another word for new york, it's' a fruit isn't big apple. >> okay. okay this is type of stretching,trch downward dog. d. >> yoga.og >> pilates.ilates hot yoga.. >> how did you get hot yo g h y that's >> when you make the drums withw your mouth you do -- >> bebop.>> beb >> you put this around trophiese and stuff so they don't blakelae when you're shipping items. >> bubble wrap. >> only bryce harper would putew trophies out there first of allo as far as things you need to neo wrap up to make sure they getet there >> look at bryce in the t-shirtt look how much fun he's >> because the sun is not out s doesn't mean the guns can't be.t >> i love it.>>ov >> showing off will little bit. jimmy and bryce won the
8:22 am
jimmy tweete tweeted that bryce good teammate. t >> nationals feel that way asls well. good to see him on national tv. 8:21. if you think you've seen every trick in the book as a parentk s think again one little girltle l trying to find out what presente she was getting for heror h birthday.rt they can be so crafty and laterr justin timberlake releases muchm anticipated music video for hisr new single can't stop theto t feeling. we'll show it to y >> why do i have a feeling we'lg see something else, too? >> ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
when it comes to beingen i sneaky, kids have mastered this. trust me. m this little girl no different. . she wrote a letter to her mom pretending to be her dad hopingp she could get some clues as tose what her birthday presents woulo be. the note reads "dear wife, whata did you get lilly for a surprise? i forgot. she even signed it love don. >> she used her dad's name.e. >> that's the fun nest yesterdar thing. how old is she.old >> my wife, my wife, my wife. w dear w >> how old is she,? do we know. >> 17. 1 >> she's 18.he's (laughter).aughr). >> not so cute any more. we don't know how old she is. that's pretty funny.. >> you want to find out what your presents are.are isn't right.isn' >> searching all over the placep for them.for . >> parenting is not easy job. j >> it's not.t's not
8:26 am
that's fun.un. >> back to say more -- about too say more rain. my apologies. feels like you were just here. >> allison, i was here literally moments ago.nt >> i enjoy it. i e >> thank you. >> but i'm just saying. sin >> there you go. thereou g >> my life is now measured onea the 5's. >> i wish i can say sunny and s bright and beautiful but cloudyo and rainy and cool with daytimey highs about 60.out 0. rain showers devil movinging rorough. with us most of today.od i think things will taper off tr this afternoon so maybe you cann salvage your softball game oramo that kind of thing late thisatei afternoon or tonight if you goty game after work or whatever your may have later tonight outdoorso it may be kind of cloudy lots oo rain showers off to the south oh and west and this is going to bt the theme today, tonight and tomorrow. we are going to clear it out byt thursday and friday. andrida we do have sunshine in theshin forecast later this week.s week. 58 in washington.ngto quick look at the seven day.en d there you go.there thursday, friday look about 70.abou >> all >> at least we can salvaget weas something. check in with erin see how the t
8:27 am
>> 8:26 right now and roads area bad steve. we have a few crashes on the 14th street bridge.eet b you can see that mess of crash h activity blocking the two left l lanes on 395 northbound as youdu cross the span there.span the keep it to the right. r we have another crash in hov lanes in the same area let'srea take look at our maps. m it's blocking a few lanes overes the 14th street bridge as well. we you're basically parked fromarkd glebe road on through that point and then south of glebe road yod jam from the beltway through.. inbound third street tunnelir crash moved to the shoulder andt new yorkhe avenue. ave then as you make your way inn fairfax a crash and closure route 1 southbound at gunston an road heading away from the beltway just be prepared you'llu have to detour around that. 95 north remains really slow south of that point. poi through woodbridge and dale cit same story in stafford innerd nr loop five to the wilson bridge.e outer loop top side of thee of t beltway jammed by new hampshiree metro is on time.tro is on back to you allison and steve. >> erin, thank you very much.oum coming up, when you post ahs picture online it's hard to knor where it's going to end up and some
8:28 am
wrong hands.wrong han find out what you can do tou cat protect yourself.prt yourself. >> first a warning this morningr about silent heart attacks. aac what are they? we'll tell youly how you can spot one coming up.. it's's 8:28.
8:29 am
8:30 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me ♪ we had requested rihanna's r work work work work. wk >> we got rihanna's umbrella. ella, ella. e >> this is what we need to do.hd we need an umbrella today fos
8:31 am
another day of rain in the dmv.. >> you're just an optimist atima that point. poi >> i'll take that.>> rainy wet optimist. optim >> talk about health news rightr now. possibly you may suffered heartd attack and never even known it.. >> some new research shining ane light on just how common silents heart attacks are.ks a the fox medical team's dr. joer. joins us to tell us more.s m good morning. morni first question, what in the world is a silent heart attack?? >> good morning.>> good it's when someone doesn'tneoesn realize they have a heart attace but they go in.bu they go see their doctor. d i've seen this before, and youon look at their ekg and there's clearly, clearly a history ofry them having a heart attack andtk they had no idea they had one. d sometimes they may think that it was indigestion.gesti sometimes it's chest pain butai very mild.ild. but they dismiss the symptoms st but inspite of that it turns ous there's damage to the heart.. and in this particular studylaud they followed people. peopl they look at caucasians and thet look at african-american black people in several areas i o
8:32 am
country including maryland. marl and what found was about 45% of those individuals had a silenten heart attack. attac so that was almost equal to whaa a person would have, you know, someone symptomatic who went inw and diagnosed with heart attackt was. so almost equal number ofumr individuals and the problem with this is that it increased their risk of dying from heart diseass by three times and it also als increased their risk of death by 34%.%. so in this particular stud,cu su there's a big concern aboutrnbot those individuals who don't know that they have a heart attack.rt but they're still very much at a risk of having the -- you know,o the problem that is occur whencc someone does have heart attack.c >> is this the type -- i'm fascinated about everything a about this. things we just don't know that't happening within our bodies.with is this the kind of thing, thi, dr. joe, that we can prevent byb you know, just like how theyow e would say prevent heart diseasee lower cholesterol more exercisee that type of thing or is it i hereditary.heredita what's happening here? >> you know are that's a goodar question, they didn't breakn't
8:33 am
certainly these were people whoe were kind of at risk that werete entered into the study.hedy these were middle-aged peopled when they began the study. s so we're talking about 45 year olds. but, yes, definitely.efin so when you see that or if you i see that manifestation on thatht ekg, then don't dismiss it and that means you treat them the te same way. same way. make them stop smoking, you know, manage cholesterol, highs, blood pressure, maybe it's thatt as principal a day abate at a a blocker all the things you woulw do to someone who may have goneg to the into hospital with a heart attack and with dischargeh you should be doing to those and that's what the researchers ares trying to say we need to treat t them the same way. >> okay. let's move on to another topicnh before we let you go.youo. there's a new treatment for ourr teeth. tell us about it. >> yeah, basically, remember our teeth and our gums haver gums he something to do with our hearts, too, some of the inflammation we're afraid may cause problemsl with our hearts. but there are new ways. ways. we've had this movement awayovta from things like
8:34 am
or antibacterial components of o toothpaste. what they're doing they're usinu key lating agent. i look at something called lib i don't know 96 other products ou9 ther6 e. but it -- disrupts the bio film. so it sounds kind of icky but iy you think ab iout it, bio filmsl are kind of a slimy kind of kind protein type of thing that coatc our teeth. r has bacteria in it. but those bacteria act differently than just regularegl bacteria. we see bio films in other thin things, too n wound infections. so what they are trying to do ii they're using something called e key lating trying to trap and kind of bindf together with some of those wits things that stick to our teeth t and then move them away. what's interest when i talked tr the researchers, they fesound tt the non flor 98ed variety98 var actually worked better than flof 98ed one and there's no soap.o s so you're not really adding anyg of those things.hing they say that basically
8:35 am
ingestible and it won't hurt you or it won't hurt your pet eithet as they're saying but i wouldutw always talk to my vet beforey vb using it.usin so i think it's kind of a difference. when they look at the studies oa the individuals who used this, i couple of times a day, again, aa it's the same thing you put itut on your toothbrush, you brush iu around your teeth for couple ofe minutes and that's it. you can rinse. r they found that there was lesses bleeding around the gums. gums some of the pockets or some ofre that area of the gum seem to to improved and then they also saio that it makes your teeth feel ae little bit slicker you're notou feeling that bio film on then teeth any more. >> dr. joe, is this available aa now because i mean, you know, breaks down plaque, gum disease, can we get it now or still inll the research stage?? >> no, you can buy it online.. about 20, $25 for about a six week supply. suppl we had local dentist here that't using it on his patients.atie he tells me i'm not ready toeadt say, yeah, it's working great.
8:36 am
on it right now, and they seemys to be buying it again. ain so he says it sounds like theyie like it and they're happy withat it, but, again, more studiese will need to be done, but but certainly i think we're movingwn into this phase where we're not going to be so abrasive iniv trying to, you know, physicallyl remove the plaque. p we'll try to kind of combat it t and go after this bio film which is plaque is basically bio filmm but it hard dense. >> dr. joe, thanks. >> thanks, dr. joe.r. j good to see you.u. 8:36. not good to see the rain againai but always good to see tucker sc barnes. >> steve, that was nice. steveaw you called rain back in the forecast.heoret along with cool temperatures.eme they're here to stay, too.ay 58 in washington this morning.or 49 out in pittsburgh.tsrg 50 columbus.olbus 54 detroit.etroit all about showers, clouds, and , cool temps again today.od very familiar pattern here for f the last couple of weeks. w i guess good news it will be itl today, tonight and tomorrow tom we're dealing with rain showersi and then by thursday and fridayf back into the sunshine.ine very nice spring weather to looo forward to. that's what we're dealing with
8:37 am
at this hour.h and much of the day today will l feature a good steady r. i think by late this afternoonfr i'm hoping in time for rush houu we'll get this rain at least l temporarily east of us butf u there's the big picture you cany see got lots of showers on thers horizon so generally a rainy one daday. finger crossed here we'll getssd the rain out of here late this afternoon before it returnst overnight tonight and earlyand e tomorrow. i'll have the seven day in just a minute look atse sunny brightb days ahead. can we say the same for thee fot roads?? >> i'm hoping for sunny brighteh days ahead but as for the rest s of our tuesday morning commute,c we still have big delays wetet roads, metro delays, so earlyar crash blocking the two lefthewol lanes on the 14th streettr bridge c but as you can see we're we're basically parked on the inboundu side. those delays extend back for several miles no alexandria.xani let's take look at our mapsur m right now.right we have a crash that is active however in the love lanes issues at the 14th street bridge much this crash blocking the shoulder and if you're taking metro, m heads up for you. y we have new train malfunction at poto
8:38 am
we have delays on the blue, t b orange and silver line too franconia, vienna and wiehle-reston east.-resto we'll keep you posted on that.ot other three metro lines are inne good shape right now. taking a look at a crash and closure fairfax, route 1 south at gunston roadie tour arounde a 95 on the northbound side supert jammed up through stafford asthf you pass 610 and then throughheh dale city and woodbridge.o in addition to that, heavyvy delays on the inner loop acrosss the wilson bridge. dips down to 13 miles per hour.h leave early and take it slow ino this rainy tuesday.sday back to you allison and steve.. coming up the first look ata mariah carey's new reality shows >> also justin timberlakeimbeak surprise fans overnight rowrnigr he'sing music video for his news song some say will be the song t of the summer.of t we'll show it to you next.
8:39 am
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♪ new this morning, we'rening getting our first look at justin timberlake's music video for his hit song can't stop the feelinge he released the video last l night. nigh his new hit was number one on o billboard hot 100. we have missed yoused y mr. timberlake.mber >> even more saw some are thesee are roll reel people not actors if he went in places i just want to you dance.ce. >> yeah, i don't think so. tnk >> you think they're all acts. >> yes. >> my money is on actor.. >> awesome if it wasn't.f it wa. wouldn't it? >> yeah.>> >> my money is on actor
8:42 am
we'll look.oo. >> we'll see what we can fine c out. >> i like the location.n >> if it's not it takes too another level. level it's just people having fun. >> television's new reality star had quite a bit of fame. >> mimi cary.>> m that's what i call her. mariah carey will give her fans into a* glimpse into her life. mariah's world is coming to thee e cam it will feature eight, onn hour episodes following mariah as she sweet fantasy tour. t all while planning her weddinged to billionaire fiance' james parker. rk >> how does she have time to do it all. it a >> so far release date has notdn been -- i want to hear what hea she's saying right here. >> going non-stop. my life will be much easier ifar all i did was come in and singnd the songs and leave.anea >> but it's not.t's n. it's hard. hard between the diva. go ahead, girl. >> you know you'll be watching.h >> i'll be watchin
8:43 am i'm a fan ofrr those reality rea shows. >> speaking of getting littlengt inside look serena williamsliam taking fans on tour of her paris home. how fancy.ancy the tennis champ used a zero receives video on snap chat toen show off her in the video she shows off their kitchen, living room, bedroom, b even her closet. herloset a lot of people want to see the closet. closet she also showed off, you know, she has few trophies lyingroies around from her, um, you know, her --r >> illustrious career on thern tennis court showed off newly renovatedated kitchen. nice to get a glimpse of how of she's >> um-hmm. >> large overseas. >> one of trophies right there. very nice. very >> coming up -- laughing thinking about what a tour of mf home would be.ould b >> i could do mine in one snap e chat video >> pile of clothes here.ile >> here you go and scene. and se avoid having your photos p stolen online.. the steps you need to take righe now to protect yourself. you we're back in just two minutes.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ >> not the best start to the dad and thumbs up the rainy -- sumsu up the messy rain we've didn't d being with. hopefully one more time today.oy hopefully one more time.y re >> i love this new drake does that matter in this momentn >> sure. >> you can love it. y >> aous long as you like it you should be own it and be happy b that you like it. i did you see this on saturdan night life. >> i did. honestly, i preferred his actint and comedy to
8:47 am
>> his fancy dancing.cing. >> oh, yeah? yeah? >> um-hmm.hmm. >> i didn't see it. i >> you'll have to youtube it. i >> we'll get a box you can dance in just like drake. >> i would love that. wou >> let's work on that. tha meanwhile, i'm not sure you'll u like the weather forecast.orast. >> got rain. >> right. >> showers moving in but at thit point they moved in.t thoved >> so far.>>o fa >> yeah.>> y >> and -- not good.oo >> they'll be with us throughout the day i think things will taper off by late this afternoon and then tn tonight a few showers and kindnd of do it all over again tomorrow.torr however, thursday 49 day lookayo good. 58 in washington.n was guess what, daytime high, you'rr looking at it. upper 50s about 60.bout0. in addition to the rain showerse and cool temperatures have returned. and the very familiar patternat toe for much of the last couple of weeks is here to stay for fer more days.ays. rain showers actually they willw be steady for much of the dayhe particularly around the middayid hour. that's when the heaviest of thef rain will move through and thent by the time we get into late int afternoon things will get littl bit bet but look at all the rair
8:48 am
again we're dealing withling throughout our day today.oday real fool our day the culprit, yet another frontal system hanging out an area of low pressure riding along it alt that response al for rain acrosn the mid atlantic yet again.. upwards to an inch of rain.f good soaking rain the next 24t hours.hour future cast showing that youingu shower there you go at 2:00 o'clock.o'k still raining pretty steady forr much of the that's the evening rush hour at 6:00. oh i'm hoping that the rain wil be out of o of her clouds will stick around if youf got sports tonight, softball stb games that kind of thing, fielde are from the tee w don't know if it's going to's gt happen it may not actually bey raining tonight.raining tonigh there we are tomorrow morning.or look what's >> rain again? again? >> can i hear around of applau applause. >> nope. (applause).ppuse). >> thanks, guys. (laughter). >> everybody is --ve i >> whatever will make it stop.rm >> i wasn't really expecting arl round of applause but i like it. 58 today. tod. 65 tomorrow.65 torro maybe little late day sun.y s thu
8:49 am
fantastic. sunshine low humidity 70 orid better. >> i'll give you a round ofound applause on thursday 49 day. day >> we'll wait. um -- um - >> what's that?hat'hat? >> i just -- i'm just in loveov with holly's outfit today. tod i know she's going to talk aboua serious news i had to get thatea out of the way.out >> there you go. >> there she is. >> and wisdom.nd wis >> what's up guys.>> >> on a rainy day.ay >> little sunshine on gray day.d every little bit counts.s. >> it does. >> you're winning.e ing. >> must see tv. must see interview months in the making much that's what we'll w' talk about starting out. >> fox's megyn kelly gorsoonors weren't one with donald trump. the first time shins their public showdown played out onn o social media.soci med megyn joins us live from new york city with a preview. >> plus mack elmore crash dc cra wedding and this morning the mng guests with quite a story totry tell. they'll join us live in the t loft. >> live on good day at 10a you u know him from modern familyam pitch perfect adam divine loveoe him. hi he'll be here live in the loft to talk about his new movie that teams
8:50 am
>> empire if you until systemnts tomorrow. to stars give us a sneakmo peek whw we can expect exactly lots ofaco drama we already know that. and just wait until you see the empire dishes and drinks thatnks will be served up in the loft. l we'll make cookie proud. cheers! good day d.c. minuteses away. >> 8:50 right now when it comess to protecting your identitydent online something as simple as aa your social media profilerofi picture may be putting you att risk. >> it happened to our own segment producer justin his twitter profile picture used too create a malicious account. accu here's how he discover it and i some of the things he found onhn that account.that >> so you guys never going to gt believe what's happening right'h now. i'm being cat fished on twitterf over the weekend ais friend ofro mine inn boxed me and told med m there's profile out there using one of my photographs as their e profile picture. here's a shot of the twittertter profile but it's being censoredo because swear words and derogatory slurs being used on u several of the tweets.ets.
8:51 am
the person's profile, and they e had several of my photographsots being used, you know, me just mj behind the scenes at work, outut on the town, enjoying live. l my pictures are being tweetedwet through this account. aount i reported it to twitter, and i did a violation -- violation off the tweets and reported them anm twitter pretty much told me td m thank you for letting know abouo this issue. based on our review we determine this couldn't at the present time is not violation of twittet rules which pretty much meansh a this guy can do what he wanted s to whatever he feels like doingi with my photographs.hoto i just need some help. >> what happens if this happensp to you? and how do you prevente it from happening in the firsthr place? >> joining us now what you needo to knoww tech expert petet erickson and pete is the founder of mow deaf.f. good to seagull again p >> it's not just justin this t happened. to we've seen other co-workers of ours seep your pictures on web sites in the past year orr o two. tw >> um-hmm.>> >> can we do anything about? is it free reign once
8:52 am
something on the o. >> the answer you can dohe a something about it depending ono the social network you're on. o justin just told us that his his experience with twitter, twittei has something called a parodyar rule where you can actually aual parody somebody else. so that's why you might, upping, go online and might see a lot of beyonce' picture for people's p profile picture or donald trumpu or somebody else.yls somebody is using justin'sn's picture twitter goes into the gray area. are other social networks are pretty much more cut and dry.orand they do not like impersonationni at all. and so somebody impersonatingo you on facebook or snap chat ort other networks they'll allow tow you actually have that accountct suspend. >> that happened to me onppenme facebook.fa and you know it took some time.t it was a negative sight and hadd my name and my picture. and but we were able to get it down. do it's very, you know, justin isis with us in studio.tudi i can speak probably for him inn saying it's very troubling.roli. i mean you wouldn't think ithini would keep up at night but it's' your likeness.eness. >> absolutely. >> it's your identity.y
8:53 am
violation. olat >> it's typically used intypican negative fashion in a way you i would not typically express ere yourself.yoself. >> that's right. and so i think that just depen depending again depending on the network you have an avenue ifvee you google on whatever your network is and impersonation policy. they will give you pages whereae you can follow the steps to get it done and it does take ad it little bit of time.little we are in this new era the termm catfishing it started about 2011 but it really means whenns w somebody is basically overtakink your identity for nefarious purposes. >> in justin's case he was ce he alerted by a friend this was happening. notified a few days ago. a f could have gone on for a long time if he wasn't notified. not we don't know where our photos o are at this point. p sadder way to find out if thisi is happening to us?appe >> i think as time goes on facial recognition software isia here. you go into your photos on yourr computer they have facialer the recognition now. and we're probably not that far off when we can go search forceh ourselves and see where oureur pictures are and w
8:54 am
but today, again, justin's cases fortunately somebody alerted him to this. and it's kind of one of the sade realities of living in the erana we do live in. i you know, we're connected soci socially in so many did you have ways our pictures are out there. >> right.>> right. >> again, it's about vigilance e about being vigilant.vigilt >> i heard that you can do the reverse image search on googlee with your profile pictures oric any picture really. >> yes.>> yes >> is that something that work.. if so how do we do that.o t i would give it a io i haven't used the reverse imaga search.arch if you just put that into google they'll take where you you caner do that. that's using facial recognitionc software. soft as that gets better and better e people will be able to more easily find their profilein pictures out there.ctur >> pete i want to get to g t whatever you have on this thatoh we're missing. are we missing tips or with youu notes here.tes >> one tip s you know, internet fraud is really important andort it's critical to people take the right steps.teps the fbi has a site the i
8:55 am it is the crime complaint centen where you can actually make ae a claim if somebody has your hs y identity and you feel that youha are at risk of, you know, theynt can use your identity for anyy f number of purposes. but there are avenues so with st your own social note work but wb the government set up a database and a site where you know you k can make these reports. >> right. it's one thing for somebody to put shameful thing out therehere using your likeness. another thing for them to havefm your picture on their. the digit card. d who knows what they're going to do with it. >> absolute. we started this with justin ius talk about my this is happening for people wh might not understand what theirt recourse is and we've seen too many bad endings when somebodyom feels taken advantage of,tage o, bullied, what have you online.. >> absolutely.>> abs cyber bullying very serious.erus and so, you know, fortunatelynae the social networks do have paa paths to make reports. but people can you tell us takey it even e they can even make a report with their local police if that theye feel like they're being b
8:56 am
>> pete erickson our tech experp with modev. 5555. let's send things back over tobr tucker.cker. if as the weather has changed cg any in the last eight minutes oe so. so. we were hoping it would, >> you're absolutely right.e ab we received reports of another hundred thousand raindrops innds the last six minutes. mines rain is falling across the areaa rain all day today. the may pattern is back with thh gloom and the clouds and thed cool temps. tps 56 now in washington. winds out of the north at 8:00. we are lock in the cool patternt today and locked in rainy rny pattern as you can see here.ere. most of the area featuring raing showers.ower it will rain much of the day.. hope it tapers off late l afternoon.afte and then overnight tonight andog tomorrow we'll get someow wll g additional rain showers but the heaviest of the rain middayday today. look at thursday 49 dayda49 something to look forward to. t sunshine temps near 70 byr 70 b thursday.ur erin is back with last look attl your roads. roa. erin?er? >> 8:56 right now. 8:56 t and we have bad trafficadra everywhere this rain is really l putting a damper on things. new crash the inner loop out byt central avenue. a crash blocking the shoulderhoule
8:57 am
new york avenue. ave huge delays lingering earlier crash on 395 cleared hov lanesol inbound host the 14th streetee bridge blocking the shoulder. you are basically park from thee beltway in alexandria throughthg the bridge.dg metro medical emergency at shaww howard delays both directionshon for the yellow and green line. . the rest of our rails back tolst normal. no any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. unfortunately still very slow roll around the dmv. keep it to fox5 news good day at 9a coming right up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead making theg city safer. s five shootings across d.c. just a mattenr of hours.ou this morning, the mayor and thea police chief say they have a mae to stop the violence. but do people living in the communities buy it. >> bullying doesn't have to havh as a child. child i know people are bullied when e they're 55 years old.ld >> megyn kelly and donald trumpu one-on-one for the first timeirt since a falling out at one ofne the first gop debates. d what else the now presumptiveree gop nominee told her when shen joins us live. l drop the mic, boom.. >> making baseball fun bryce harper shows he has just a good a time off the field durinn tonight show face off with jimmy fallon. but first, one and done with the s hope you enjoyed yesterdayesrd because the rain is back today.d how long will it stick aroundckn this time? good day at 9a 9 starts now. n. ♪


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