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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 17, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead making theg city safer. s five shootings across d.c. just a mattenr of hours.ou this morning, the mayor and thea police chief say they have a mae to stop the violence. but do people living in the communities buy it. >> bullying doesn't have to havh as a child. child i know people are bullied when e they're 55 years old.ld >> megyn kelly and donald trumpu one-on-one for the first timeirt since a falling out at one ofne the first gop debates. d what else the now presumptiveree gop nominee told her when shen joins us live. l drop the mic, boom.. >> making baseball fun bryce harper shows he has just a good a time off the field durinn tonight show face off with jimmy fallon. but first, one and done with the s hope you enjoyed yesterdayesrd because the rain is back today.d how long will it stick aroundckn this time? good day at 9a 9 starts now. n. ♪
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>> it is 9:00 o'clock on that i tuesday morning. thanks for joining us.or j may 17th i'm steve alongsidelone holly, maureen and wisdom g thii morning operator error dat ntsb announcing its findings afterngt year long investigation intotiot that deadly amtrak crash in i why the train's engineer may beb to blame. >> first though mesa roller rle coaster continues after a briefi you know, stoppage if you will of the rain we'll go with that.t guess what? it's back and thene temperatures are still wellll w below the where they're supposed to be at this time of the year. and we want to talk to tuckero c barnes now because we want to wn get some answers as to what'st' going on, when it will end, why, is this happening? how much hom longer we got to deal with. wit >> you remember a few weeks ago i suggested you start buildingyr an arc. >> yes, did you.. >> yeah. >> get quality products and keee building.. it appears it will be raining -g rain all day today. dayoday tonight, this will not be a full week ofw
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rain. by thursday and friday get back in the sunshine but frno doubt t about it. rain moving in here the last l couple of hours and it will be e good said dee rain for much of the day today with daytime highg being held way down by the clouc cover and the rain showers.. in fact i don't think we get ouo of the upper 50s to about 60. how warm should it typically beb this time of tim year. what are we missing? 75, 76. 7. that would be our typicalypic daytime high across the area.he all right. off to the south and west, look what we got.ot more rain. more make sure you take an umbrella here. we'll be featuring rain showerss much of the daytime.che i think by late afternoon we mae get a bit of a break and thenndt later tonight and early tomorror the rain will redevelop.elop so again today torque night andt tomorrow rain showers and then e by the end of the week thingk t will brighten up a little all right there are your cooltho temperatures. 56 actually we've gone downow 2 degrees in the past hour atr reagan national with heavierh ha rain moving in. dulles 53. 55bwi marshall. your forecast, hmm, that looks familiar.fami 58 showers and clouds out theree and we'll keep the coolhe coo temperat
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another day.her day. winds north northeast at five to seven. seve guys, i promise the seven dayen has >> okay. >> we got things to look forward to.d you. yo believe toss it >> news of the day right now. tr in the district a wave of gun violence caused problems thatrom left two people dead yesterday.d that included a mother who was carrying groceries into her ho home. >> now the search for answersrc andh justice continues thistiet morning. fox5's melanie alnwick joiningog us live from the sixth districtr police station with what we knoe hey, mel. >> reporter: good morning. just a wild afternoon in southeast d.c. last night and na yesterday afternoon.eron we had five separate shootings s in the span of four hours.ours one in northwest d.c. near georgia avenue. but the others in southeast d.c. now, d.c. police say there havev been 20 homicides so far this year in ward seven. s that's up from eight this time last year. and last night during a pressss conference d.c. police chieficei cathy lanier said that normal
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now going to be moved up andp ad will start in may. the first shooting happenedapne around 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon.oo that was near the valero gasas station on texas of a southeasta there was an argument, a a scuffle.scuf witnesses say they saw a man on his niece firing toward someonem on benning road. then return fire. fire. and the man was struck andk and killed. kill a witness tells fox5 that t another man then ran up and tooo the gun from the guy on thehe ground.grou a large crowd of grieving familf and friends gathered across thee street fighting broke out at ona point then at 3:30 p.m. another shooting. this one just a few blocks awayy at 49th and b street southeas southeast. that's where the woman carryingy groceries was killed in front on her home. he. d.c. police tell us this murderr appears to be retaliation for the first and neighbors tell usl they are nervous. nvo >> when i looked she was on the ground.grou i mean i saw them doing the shooting. shoo i saw -- i ran for
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>> people are getting -- gettini shot up and killed and it shouldn't be.n' that lady was walking in her her house with her groceries.ries she should not be dead. >> reporter: now sources tellesl fox5 that the woman who was killed may be the mother of the texas of a dc police we know took a numbere of people into custody for f questioning.qu but we do not know about any suspects. there was a look out at onea lok point for a small red honda. hda but that's about the extent ofxt the information that we havet wh about who police may be looking for in those two cases now chief lanier told us last night thattn the number of shootings and violent crimes are actually down in this area. aa but it does appear that theha t force has been more deadly soeao you have fewer shootings butut more people dying from thosero o gunshot wounds.t wnd also out here yesterday, current council member for ward seven w yvette alexander and former mayor vincent gray running for g her council seat both of them te saying that they appreciate what the chief and wh
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have been trying to do here to r lower crime, but they feel likek that needs to be more of a plann especially before the summerhe months come upon us.montom live in southeast i'm melanieeln alnwick, fox5 local news.. >> crime is down when you haveuh somebody taking out somebody'sod mom in retaliation for anotheroo attack. >> reporter: yeah. yeah. that's one of the really disturbing things here is thatt apparently from what we're hearing from witnesses is thatna they were looking for ther t shooter, they did not see the shooter, saw the mom and is henh we'll go for that target. >> terrible. all right. thanks, mel.anks mel >> disturb. it seems like nothing is offnotf limits, right? happening today, a funeraltf will be held for one of thef victims of that two day shootint spree in maryland.aran funeral service held this afternoon for morales gunned down in the parking lot of a giant food store in aspen hill.h the accused gunman tordill remains in jail. j he is also charged with killingl his estranged wife and anothernh man in a mall parking lot. also today, a yea
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investigation into that deadly l amtrak crash in philadelphia hai wrapped up. >> the board will vote onotn probable cause of the wreck butt according to officials theto derailment that left eightleft h people dead, 200 others hurt, hr was the operator's fault. f according to investigators the e engineer was distracted by radid traffic about a rock hit ago philly commuter train shatterinn the windshield.hi his train then jumped the trackt after entering a curve too fast. also today the agency will issue several safety and trainingining recommendations.dation based on the response from lastm may's crash.ra in northern virginia app a apparent tragic accident leavesl a young woman dead.a ung woman d police say the 18-year-old wasad hit and killed by a train around 9:00 last night along burke lake road in burke. it's unclear at this point whata type of train hit her butut investigators say she was struck near the train path. tra p one on the mass transit mast note. more changes this morning to th d.c. metro system. ste there are now new speedpe restrictions in that means trains on certain cen parts of the system cannot top 45 miles per hour. h metro officials say they will se reduce the risk of mo
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electrical fires. fir so where will the trains runras slower exactly? the red lineine between rosslyn and dupontn dupo circle. orange line between rosslyn andd minnesota avenue. avenue. and the silver and blue lines between rosslyn and benning bni road. road the trains will also depart stations little more slowly.rell >> that's probably the or raffle line in >> ♪ >> politics now. ps another primary tuesday upon usn this time the democratic race ii center stage. the primaries are happening inn kentucky and oregon.gon hillary clinton is about 94% ofo the way to the democraticrati nomination.nomination. she needs fewer than 200n 2 delegates now. and on the gop side, donalde,on trump has been dealing with new allegations over how he treats t women. after a scathing new york timesm article.article >> eight past the hour. past ho allison back is back with othero stories making headlines on thii tuesday >> good morning, al. goorn >> good morning.orni flash flood warning across thehe heart lapped this morning asi severe storms take aim at texas, oklahoma and new mexico.exic check this video out.. tornado spotted near
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town in oklahoma.ah and in texas, some places havecv received up to 10-inches of ra rain. more evacuations meantime io alberta, nan today due to that wildfire that devastated theted town of fort mcmurray two weeks ago. ag this morning workers from the oil sands drilling industry aren being moved out of the area as a that fire moves closer.. meanwhile back at fort mcmurraya no word on when folks will be able to return to their homes. and here at home, thee, washington monument is back open y. y opens nine minutes ago at 9am9 it has been closed sinceince saturday after another round ofd elevator no one was on the elevator atvar the a computer chip on the elevatora control board had to be switches out and reprogrammed.d. similar problems shut thehut t monument down you'll remember twice in one week back in marchm as well as last month. twitter users, rejoice. roi we will now have more m flexibility in writing tweets. e that's because the company ispay
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photos and links as part of its 140 character limit. limit don't you guys hate that? yes. so right now posting a link will take up to 23 characters of a tweet so you really can't post s your, you know, why your even ye posting the become cher itrt limits user commentary, well wel this move comes as social mediad site continues to face stagnantn user growth. and finally, i think this ik the sweetest story of the day. d meet the teenager who had the perfect date to prom. sam stein guard of.c. took his cat, his sister posted thiste picture of him online sayingeay quote he couldn't find a date se he took the family cat. cat his furry friend even wore that little pink prom dress look howh lovingly she's looking at him. m i'll always love you sam whatamw she's almost saying there. can we take the banner down so n we can see her dress? d >> a we have w.>> a we >> thank you.hankou. photo has gone viral with more than 100,000 views in less than one day.. >> allison, can we say that thit is not h
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chances of getting dates.ting d >> i think it is. >> yes. >> so endearing. >> oh, yeah. >> dare i say it's a girl magn magnet. >> i'm with you.>> i think this is a publicityli stunt but whatever.haver. >> it's working. >> i don't think actually catsul and dogs are a loud to prom.toro but i'm not going to be the one --e >> the cat may be saying put me down. down. >> it's true. >> set him down. not put me down.. >> i think he's going to have sv many dates after this.ates aftet >> i think we need to talk to tk him about it and fine out the an real story. >> a guy walking a puppy downupd the street.the >> puppies i love. >> how can you not love that. t >> i don't think women are up au excited when they see a man witw a fat cat in prom dress.rre >> i'm with you wis. >> don't body shame this cat. >> it's not annal gus to singlen guys with puppies.up that's a chick magnet. >> there you go.>> tre y >> single guys with cats i thini is a little odd. >> yes, steven.>> yes >> please bring a cat inase br tomorrow. we'll give it to wisdom and walk him down the street d
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kind of response we get. >> that's an advantage. >> to the cat or to you.e >> it is a girl magnet. mne >> that's all i have today. tod >> thank you al. you al i'm exhausted.. >> some things should not be sho share. one family childbirth was notbi one of them. where do you draw the line when it comes to facebook and privacy? >> before we get to thate troubling end to story of a babb animal picked up by human in ana national park. pk. it has a shaking our heads and asking what are people thinking? we got that story coming upominu next. 9:12 is the time.the te. ♪ ♪
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united states postal service priority: you >> 9:15 is the time.>> this next story continues to gor viral and leading to some outrage as well.y d tragas well. now picture of a baby by placeda in the back of an suv because bc individual of visitors tovi yellowstone national parknal thought the animal was in w danger. what they did now has zero yenss consequences and the national park service has warning to itso visitor. >> it was taken by a familiartaa who'll thought it was cold and o in danger.ugin danr. we told you now part yesterday.e father and son picked up the bison calf, drove it to rangerae rangers assure the family the fy calf was just fine. jus they took the animal back to tho wild and released it and thehe fathers son were then ticked. t but now it turns out that the bison calf is dead.s hit to be euthanized because itb was abandoned by its mother oncc it was back in the wild.
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causing a dangerous situation bi continually approaching peoplehg and cars along the roadway.dway the park says that approachingac wildlife can affect their well l buying and survival and causeau mothers to reject their offspring. visitors were cited were fined d $110 and now the park is warninw people to obey the rules.ules visits have to stay at least a 25 yards from all wildlife and 100 yards from bears and wolvesl there have been several other sl cases recently of visitors of vr touching wildlife.ildlif in fact a woman was video tapedp trying to pet adult with son. s baby calf had to be put down because it couldn't becaus c reintroduced to the herd that it was part of. unfortunate. good thing gone wrong. >> is it mirror i'm justrror i'm wondering what made them thinkm that it was okay to go towas ok national park and put a live lie animal in the back of yourr truck?tr >> i don't understand why they't think that the bison u was likee cold. they naturally live outside. >> misguided they thought they saw this baby animal -- i hea
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in national park. n >> outheard when they took it ti the ranger station they were s like demanding like yelling atee the rangers to take care of thio baby calf.babyf >> i'm going guess they didn'the grow up in nature.ow u >> no. >> no. >> they're not familiar witnessf rules of nature. >> yeah. >> eco system.ys >> they don't have enough sensee to know when you go to nationalo park you leave what's in thet' park in the park.rkn the pa >> clearly not. >> what about the people takingh pictures with the wolves and w a trying to get the adult bison. b >> that's a coo different kindfk of crazy. of c >> five people attacked bisonace because they tried to take take pictures g is the surveillanc surveillanceville of the fitan gotin you got it right. >> you got to respect nature. nr >> absolutely do.uteldo >> how many times did you ever grow learning up i know you probably did in the midwest lotl if you found a baby's bird nestr leave it alone.lee it a don't touch it. t it. >> exactly. >> don't touch it if you touchou it the mom -- hard. >> because you want to help but the problem the way that naturee is, once these animals aremals separated from their moms,from m they're abandoned.bandon if they try to reintroduce theme a lot of times the moms will abandon them for reason or
9:18 am
another and they starve to get or eaten by another >> the debate was why didn't whd they just maybe sent it to a zoa or something.hi. you're telling me this earlier.r too costly.o costl too many issues.o many issues. >> not just costly. before they can put it in i private facility it would beity have to go through months and months began teen for test foros diseases it grew up in nature. r they don't know waterglass water exactly. >> by the time they did they don't have a facility where they could do that. >> bottom line, leave the wildhl animals alone. a >> they live outside.heve o >> for a reason.>>or a >> why the way in all weather. >> right. >> i mean look we've seen bambin we know nature is not always als kind. >> right. >> very tragic sometimes.trag >> you don't want to mess withtm the eco syste >> don't bring up bambi, steve.. >> there's a father and a sonatn the son was probably like dad washington should we do abouto o this. >> they were trying to save it t chunnelly kill it.unne they're not doing well todayellt either.ther >> 9:18. still to come this morning, ce h we'll talk politics.ics the number one gop pre systemres tiff nominee donald trump has had little thing with megyn
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however you want to look at it. we'll talk with megyn next evert since they famously feuded thin debate last summer.r megyn kelly joins us live next.n we'll take a look what happenedh during her bignd view. >> what's it like to have your u wedding crashed by mackelmore. e it happen to local family over e the weekend much this morning tm they're joining us live.u l ♪
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>> take a look at the whitee a house. it's a little rainy little dreae see. it's been nine months sincehs megyn kelly and donald trump but heads.he he's had plenty to say about tht fox news host on social media.. he's also gone on to all but clinch the gop nomination.. now, tonight, the two will sit l down for the first time since the months long spat began. take look. >> you said you didn't feel tha the moderator hasth been nice. but do you think it's the journalists role to be nice too presidential candidates at a cde debate?? >> fair. f i don't care if they're nice.f r >> you used the word nice. >> okay.y. no, i don't think so.'t i mean i might have said theyd e weren't nice but they doesn't de mean they have to be ne i've known many --any -- >> it's not cocktail party.s noa >> i'll tell you what in a in certain way you did might have been a favor because i felt soet good about having gottenotten through -- if i can get throughr this debate with those questions you can get through anything.ny >> that is just one sneak peeknk from megyn kelly present asnt a
9:23 am
tonight 8:00 o'clock. joining me here in studio fox55 political reporter ronica clearc reach good morning to you. >> good morning. >> joining us from fox news he w had headquarters in new york isr megyn ke good morning to you. t y how are you.w ar you. >> how you doing steve, hi ronica.nica. >> doing great. gre can't ate wait to see how theowt whole interested what you chattedstedw about. let me ask you first of all megyn that is goes back monthsao and months. all the social media post thatt is donald trump said about did that hurt you in any way alongay the way? >> i don't know if i'm going tog subscribe to the term hurt. h it wasn't wt pl you know it's not something i and i'm glad that it's hopefullp over now.over that was one of the reasons i rs wanted to reach out to him to h haven't that meeting that we haa at trump towers in which i askek him to do this interview. int because as you know ascausas y journalist you don't want to beb the story you want to tell theoe story. so it's been a surreal year in n that regard. r >> so megyn you've said that yoh will feel that this is a success if people look at in you a new a light after this what is it that we don
9:24 am
the kelly file that we mighte mg take away from tonight's special? sp >> well, the contacts -- contexe for that remark this -- on the-e kelly file and thesend presidential debates it's alls very hard hitting.d hit i mean the debates are theebatet olympics of questioning as far as i'm concern. you better bring your a game ana throw the hard balls, throw theo curve balls, and the kelly filee sort of rapid fire you got to yu get up and down, in and out it't like there's no time to sort ofs build up the momentum with a guest. because it's just -- it's a live show.ow. this was a chance to have more long forum, thoughtful and il think in some ways meaningful exchange with all of these guests. and so i felt like anybody whosw been paying attention to theo t election season knows very wellr that i'm not afraid to ask tough questions, but this exercise asa different set of muscles, youcl know, whether you can tell somebody's story in a more humae interest way, and whether youou can extract more than just newst from a person, whether you can -- you can show the audiencd who this human being i
9:25 am
and i think the theme that i wept with with trump is temperment and i think you'llnku learn a lot about trump, his temperment and maybe his ability to be empathetic.athec >> you're absolutely right,'rsoe megyn. me especially these days sociall media people seem to latch on tn catch phrases and latch onatch o little clips and run with them h and it becomes something and set takes on identity of itself. the art form of long-termte interviews seems to be losing ls from where it was years andnd years ago. i can't wait to see what wha happens.ha i'm curious, though for you y personally, once you had aonce u chance to finally sit down, talw with him about a lot of these te issues in depth, did your opinion of donald trump change in any way? >> well, i'm not really going tr talk about my own opinion ofnioo trump because it's not really r appropriate as a news anchor bub i did say i've watch theat t interview back now several tim times, and even having done it, i find it rivotting. rot i just
9:26 am
like i've never seen him, and i do think, you know, it's funnytf people have been saying, youayin know, exclusive with donalditdo trump. well, donald trump is everywhe everywhere. it's like it's an exclusive because it's the twoit's of us h is a different and verynd compelling dynamic givenen everything that's happened.pene and that's just reality. for nine months i did notid respond to any of his attacks.ks and we've had no engagementagen whatsoever other than on his end via twitter and on the meant he'd he's made.s made. so there was this dynamic between us which was veryas strange, very powerful, palpabla in the interview, there are thee several some tense moments, i mi don't know. i feel like there's a couple ofl moments in there that everybodyt will be talking about tomorrow.r >> so megyn, you have this ama amazing opportunity this evenine and it is this very anticipatedt special, but if you take you yourself back to nine months mon ago, do you have any regrets ane about the style of
9:27 am
questioning or the questioningng itself that really brought you g into this place today or do youo think that it really was for the best? >> well if you could ask me -- a if ask you me if i could reverse everything that happened afterne the august 6th debate, you debat know, the good and the bad, i ti would say go ahead don it. i mean, i do not want to be the story. st i didn't want to endure anythiny that happened.ped but if you're asking me whetherw i have any regrets about theboue question itself, absolutelybsolt none. it was great question and it wat dead on. i mean the question was basically, you've said all thesl things about women, fat pigs and dogs and slobs and disgustinggun animals, and it wasn't justn't about rosie o'donnell there's aa long list of trump's commentsnt about women.out woen i mean you should see the stufft that wound up up on the editingi room floor. and my question was not megyn nm kelly has a judgment about thost words. my question was, hillary, hill clinton's likely to be the be t democratic how you going to respond to herr when she hits you with that that stuff.uf what have we seen all right herr in may 2016. ay >> she's hitting him with thatia stuff.uf so, you know,
9:28 am
fair and it was in some ways, because it's happening, and a trump has not only not really ra walked any of those comments back about women but he's addedd to them over the past nine pni months. >> right. you're absolutely right. it could have been a questionav about women or it could have been a question about anythingua else. but just because it's debate bse because it's in the public eyete it shouldn't be softball stb questions being lobbed atg bbed somebody to give sterile answera toss. so we need --ed - especially because it'speci debate. >> exactly.>> exact bring your a game to the debated >> absolutely right.>> tonight bringing your a game tom this interview we'll get a we' t chance to see tonight. ton was anything out of bounds or or off limits tonight or do youdo kind of throw everything into the mix? >> not at can i say to trump's credit, he, didn't try to set any limits ont the interview.ntview behind the scenes or with me.s i mean he sat down he answered s every question i had for him. and i thought actually like madm sincere evident to be b forthcoming, and open and honess on his answers.ns and that's part of the reason's why i found it rivetting. i greatly appreciate the fact hh took the meeting
9:29 am
trump towers and sat down for f the interview we've got robert shapiro oj first defense lawyer. very open.ry great stuff in there. laverne cox and michael douglass who's just, you know, the firstf american movie star that a lotta of us grew up with and ooh talkh about his hell and also about fascinating anecdote from themhe campaign trail that is actuallya one of my favorite moments ofen the hour. hour. >> awesome. >> thank you so much for beingos with us today, megyn. us toda we appreciate it.ciate it. we'll be watching to . >> thanks, megyn. good to see you back in d.c. >> good. >> we'll see you tonight.onight >> you're welcome.elco >> watch it right her on fox5.nx >> interesting stuff. >> i think for me there's ahere questions i'd like to know. le o why now? why did everyoneve agreed to this now? i think i i have my suspicionings but i'll tld that. >> i wonder to know what motherk nature has against us. hasgainsu tucker, clearly we've done don something. >> in fact i was just lookinglog with mike thomas at the some off the numbers downstairs.tairs more rain this month than then e preceding two months.on >> you know what's need. n >> a rain dance. adanc >> yes. >> rain dance.>> r tucker.
9:30 am
>> yes. >> maybe we'll -->> m >> think about this.>>hink >> design one of those for thenn 10:00 a.m. >> why not?>> not >> that spell worked so well i l think you may want to stay away from. let mother nature takes itsure s course, okay.courokay >> that capitals curse is a deed one.e. i didn't --id >> it might take a couple of spells. >> exactly. >> you might want to let that wn run its course.ours to. >> sometimes you got to workes these thing. 56 now in washington.hingto cool temperatures here to stayrs today. yesterday we made it into the m mid to upperad 60s. not the case today. t maybe we'll get to 60 degrees is a few spots but with winds out of the north and north and eastt pretty much locking into the lot cool air. air cumberland 46 degrees right nowt and wouldn't you know it thedn rain is back.'t the clouds are back. the northeasterly breezes arely back. and this is what we'll bewh we'b dealing with for most of your y tuesday.tu shower activity and it will be l moderate at pretty good band of rain therene just to the south of the city. c pushing across parts of southeru maryland pushing across potomac unfortunately that's the themeat around here later today.od looks what's happening to ourats south and west. w
9:31 am
the theme today torque night,org tomorrow, generally cloudy,, well, it will be cloudy. with periods of on again off again rain showers particularlyy today. things will taper off tonight as we get this area of low pressure further east of us.furteast so the set up frontal system tot our south overrunning we get get warmer air on top of cool air aa the surface.face there we go. took three tries. tri but end result is rain showers and cool temperatures for us.em we know this pattern at thisattt point. we've got -- here the good newsw only a couple dave's it. by thursday 49 day back into tho sunshine and warmer temperaturea more spring like temperatus tokm look forward to.. rain showers midday. mid that's tonight at 7:00. i know the evening rush hour mau be cloudy that would be great gt news and then we'll see anothero round of rain showers returnrs r overnight and early tomorrow.rlr that's tomorrow morningorro 8:00 o'clock. like val rain showers around for that morning commute and then t late in the day high pressureghe will build in.willuild we might get a little late daye sunshine tomorrow afternoon.fter that would be great ne. 58 today.58 today
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thursday 49 day look fantastic. low humidity, 70 or better. and then just in timen t unfortunately for our weekendr looks like rain right now couldu be a good soaking rain aroundaio friday night and saturday. sur we'll fine tune as we get clos closer. hope that many physical that rain will not damper weekend plans. just the messenger. messenger back to you >> we know. >> i got to go, bye.,ye >> get out quick. nine cog 32. still ahead at 9:00-a ground-breaking medicaled procedure giving new hope to mee who have had injuries below thew belt. belt >> also ahead on good day, let's get weird.. adam levine star of workaholicss modern family and pitch perfectr joins us live with a look at hik new mie a hot mess.a ho we've got your first look at mariah carey's new reality show. empire countdown. count there's just one day left untilt that big finale and we're w showing how to get the partythe started. plus bryce harper bringing backn fun on and off the field. f we'll show you his tonight showo debut
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facebook. apparently nothing is off limitt op social media any more. m all those stories and more still ahead at 10a.t 10a.
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>> 9:35. medical break through inbrea massachusetts. a man who is the first person in america to get a pee nile p n transplant. now the successful surgery is a potentially ground-breaking movm
9:36 am
as well as wounded u.s. military veterans. fox's david lee miller has theas story.or >> reporter: after a delicate 15-hour surgery, 64-year-old4- thomas manning of hal fax,, massachusetts is now the first r penis transplant recipient inipt u.s. history.. >> we're very cautiouslyy optimistic that mr. man logr. l continue to do well. d w >> reporter: his surgeryry taking place at massachusettssat general hospital in boston.. doctors saying normal urinationa should be possible foremanning in a few weeks and sexual sexl function could be possible win months or possibly sooner.ner >> it's still early in his course, and we've learned a lot already. but we're hopeful that, youhopeh know, withat this kind of kd o experimental surgery that we can learn enough to make it safe ana >> reporter: manningep previously had to have most of his sex organ removed battlingtn aggressive form of pee nileile in a statement read by his h doctors, manning said he's sharing his story to help dispes stigma associated with cancerss and injuries affecting thenghe genitals.genitals. >> today i beg a
9:37 am
filled with personal hope and he hope for other who's have suffered genital injuriesjuries particularly for our serviceer members who put their lives onn the line and suffer seriouser damage as a result. rul >> it took a team of surgeons se three years to prepare for thehe transplant.tran >> we're hopeful that with these successes going forward that we'll be able to open this up tp other patient populations suchis as wounded warriors returning ri from iraq and afghanistan who suffer these incrediblydi devastating injuries that cant c leave them so despondent they consider taking their own livesv and often do.ten >> reporter: the first fst successful pee nile transplant l was performed in south africafra back in 2014.01 in new york, david leeav l miller, fox news. n it is amaze wagon they doond with medicine these days.ays >> the advancements are mindd blowing. >> never thought it would behoug possible. >> that's great.>> still ahead at 9:00 forced to:0o sleep on the couch in your own apartment? thanks to an old-fashioned mom we're talkingi a little love and order witherit sarah fraser that's coming upt'm next
9:38 am
9:37 is our time right now. (laughter).r). ♪ z2022z
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9:40 am
z2025z ♪ it is tuesday and that meana it's time for a little love and order. that when our good friendli sarh fraser shares messages she getsg from her fans and we try our tro best to offer up a littleite advice. first up today, a girlfriend heh boyfriend and her parents afterr
9:41 am
own apartmen.pame she writes her boyfriend'soyie parents were visiting.g she dated this guy for several years and they actually livey together. when it was time to go to bedme her mother asked her i tf she wh wanted a pillow for the couch. u she was so surprised she said yes. then actually spent two nightstw on it. that was her first mistake.. she is mad at her boyfriend forf not speaking up and worried whad will happen when they come to t visit again this summer. >> wait.>> w i have a a qst >> ask away. >> the mom slept with the mom sw boyfriend. >> where did the mom >> two bed ram t apartment.pame that part got taken out of the o e-mail. >> that will be her son.t >> that's what i mental.hat's wm the girl's boy frenal d the momm sleep with the son. s >> no.>> >> two bedroom apartment.rt and so the parents slept in onei bedroom and then when they wentw do bed, they said to the girlfriend, oh, you sleep on tho couch because --couch be >> mom and dad in one r son in the girl friend on the couch.d on >> here's the thing. t >> how ol
9:42 am
>> in their 30s dating for whi while. what do you tell yourour significant other's parents in s your own apartment? this isn'ti like going their house wheresehe it's their rules. >> you know what i would say.oud >> what would you say. wt wo >> no, i don't need it i'm goini to sleep with your son and let l me know if we wake you.ou >> that is so ridiculous.. >> i would say, you know, withww all due respect i understanderan but, you know, we share a room o so thank you but no thanks. tnk >> i think it's all how you sayy it. >> you've dated for three yearsy this is the first time theste parents have come to >> mom and dad are ridiculous.s >> maybe they have a strangehave relationship. >> if he knows his parents areis like this he should have said si something ahead of time. my mom things might get weird. d >> she was completely blindeteln sided. my guess they do -- yeah the boyfriend needs to talk to thett parents before their next visits >> maybe i would say this. i woi i'm sorry, i'ls.l let your sones handle this question. questio >> that's a good one.d >> that's a good one, too. >> that's great. great >> or before they even came,
9:43 am
parents even got she should havh had conversation with him youiou need to handle this.need to hand >> i had a feeling she had noad idea it was even an issue.ue >> blind saaded when the mom came. ca >> when he rolls in there you i need to be my name is on this lease.leas sorry. i'm sleeping in the bed i pay i for. for. >> honest physical he's a realic man he would have taken theld couch and let his girlfriendlfri sleep in the bed.eep in the b >> i kw.w. >> or gets the parents hotelaren room. ro list september, you know -- that might be a good option.n >> who knows. >> i think you have to addressoh it and just say -- >> you obviously kno what do you think they think isi happening once the parentson leave. they obviously live together. tt >> put on your big kids pantsids and handle the business.le t bus >> maybe they don't know theyheo live together.he >> the e-mail implies hey, yeahy we've been dating for a couple c years. the parents know we're togethert we're living together.e living t we've been open about that. that so then when they came to visits it was an issue.. >> they're in their 30s.heir that story is crazy. >> what's number two.r >> you're absolutely nuts. n >> warn your co-worker.o-work what's that about.bout. >> warning your co-workers this is an interesting e-mail fromaif woman who said sh
9:44 am
some e-mails she was not w n supposed to from her boss thatoa their company is not doing veryr well. ll now, the company has put up thii great facade that everything isi going well. w she is saying do i have a responsibility to my co-workers to go to them, we probably allbl should be looking for otherlooko jobs. i have a huge mouth so i wouldld already tell everybody all this. i would be like you aren't going to believe what i oversaw. over. >> would you tell them rightou t away or get your resume out o first.t. >> you're right.>>ou'r don't -- i'm sure used worked ii environments it's like you begin to sense when things are not whn going well. >> you do. >> and i think that i probably y would tell a few people that t you're closer with at work likek hey, heads up this is what i w just sort of putting out the who do o he to everyone tell the peoplehl i'm closest to this is what i w saw you might want to get ready. you're instinctively kind of sense that something is not going right ana way. >> does anyone object, anyone think you oversaw the e-mail yoi don't have all the information a maybe you shouldn't go around to
9:45 am
>> later if they found out youuy saw it and didn't say anything.. >> how would they know you saw s it until unless you ran aroundan and ran your mouth and toll thet you saw it.yo how would they know? >> secret keeper. >> taking the straight handght approach. >> if you've seen the e-mailve s you're not no supposed to see -- >> he's not telling us he'sng u' getting a new job or if channela five is going under is whatha we're learning. >> you fine out on your own.. >> i would definitely tell. >> if you see the secret e-mailr you're not supposed to see youde can't run around and telld t everybody the building is ons o fire when you don't know the k whole story. wh >> i can see you tellingol peope right now.righ >> seriously, me, too., me t >> oh, my god. mod guess what i just saw you guysuy are not going believe that.ha >> thank you.. >> absolutely. i always get my mouth -- in- i trouble. you know you see me here. h do we have time for one more? m >> 30 seconds.. >> pick one more.e m wedding bun etiquette.tiqute guy will be in a wedding. the bride has said he has longer hair. hair bride has said you have to wearr your hair in a man bun hean bun doesn't want to do it. the brides day and do you what
9:46 am
she says. >> yes. >> can he object. can he >> a guest.>> a g >> he's in the wedding party. >> do what the bride wants.. >> chris?>> >> this is actually a fox memb member. i teased last week this is a tha fox5 employee.loe. this not chris the produce sr. s >> chris, let's just say in s theory it may be it was you.ou >> look at his face. f >> maybe it was you. >> i haven't taken it out since. >> chris, what did you end upping.up >> i wore the man bun. wor >> were you offend. >> no, i wasn't offended i wasfs just willing to spend the moneym to get my hair professionallyioa done because i would have rathee done that. >> you saved money. y saved mon. >> you paid money to get a bun?b >> no, i didn't pay to do theay bun. the bun is easy. >> the i see. s >> i guess what we learned from this what the bride wants the w bride gets on her day.n heray >> it's her day. >> i think that's standard. sta >> i think that's fair. fair >> you would bow out. out >> i'm not going to do it. >> she's your good friend. >> you wouldn't be in theou wedding >> it's no different than brideb telling braids made i want torai you wear up do's.o'
9:47 am
>> either you go all in like hee did and go for it or you can say i'm good.i'm g i don't want to do that.n't nt . >> this is your friend from higd school you guys are tight. gs a this is like your girl. >> you're in sarah's wedding are you going to mess it up for herf on that day.hatay >> i'm not growing out my hairr and --d -- >> if your hair was long.. >> if i had hair,. hair, >> you get married on halloween it's a costume theme. t >> i'm not doing it. it >> he doesn't do halloween hl either. >> you knew. >> i think you got to go with gw the bride wants.e it's her her let her enjoy it. >> it's my day.s my d >> i'll seasoned i was gift.seas >> it won't be a good one. one. >> a cheap one. >> 9:47.>>:47. coming up next what it's like to have mackle more crash your cshy wedding straight from the guest who got to party with thehe downtown singer.. >> ♪
9:48 am
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of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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♪ >> we've all heard of weddingea crash schers.rd you know those complete strangers who just show up at a couple's we had uninvited but what if stranger was grammy award winning artist? hmm. well tthat'sstd ngg ar exactlyt happened to one local cou
9:51 am
this weekend as they were wer celebrating their special day sl singer mackelmore, yes, mackelmore crashed the wedding party and documented the whole e thing on snap chat.hat. we have a few of those family fl members from the wedding right.g first let's hear from the bridee and groom. we caught up with them rightth before they left for theirhe honeymoon.ymn >> i had one of my uncles comine up to telling me mackle more is here. i was like wow and they had h songs playing on and everything. so then he was pretty nice about it and he came up to the stage a and met us and we all -- all of- us like 50 cousins and 50 auntsn and uncles were on the stagehe taking selfies with him. i mean that is one of the things that is going to make the t wedding memory. it already is. is so i don't think people willw remember the wedding even the te next day but this for lifetime absolutely. >> that is certainly a memorablb night. she look beautiful by the way joining us ayesha and adam are a you related to the bride and bre groom. >> y
9:52 am
>> walk me that was this.k me you're at the reception.t is that where you were the reception. >> yes.>> yes. >> having a good time. hands up in the waving them jusj like you den care. mackelmore walks in. >> yes.>> >> walk me through it.k >> i walk outside the ballroom r saw his mom dancing and he wasas recording.cord i thought to myself is thatisha really him? and then i walkedal up to him asked to take a a picture and turn out it reallyel was hip. that was pretty cool. pre then i invited him in. and --an -- >> he came up to me and he was s like i think mackelmore is here. adam get out of i turned around it actually wass mackelmore.mackelmo i took a snap chat startedhata yelling and everyone saw him. >> right away you recognizedu ce him. >> i had to do a double take iak thought adam was messing with me.h war the chances of mack he willl mr. being at my cousin's we w hadding.hadd >> his mom told him to crash the wedding. >> she was like getting down l harder than he was.rder >> she was dancing. t>> s had a great time.t tim >> mackelmore is in the wedding. he comes in everyone goes crazy. did the dj immediately start paying his song or did he song d request it? andid say put on oe of my jams i'm
9:53 am
grooving with the party.ite pa >> the dj played one of hise ofh song. so he was like aware of what wasofw going on and mackelmore wasor w really nice taking pictures with all of the pear guests andear ga actually started dancing for aag little bit went on stage greened the bride and groom.nd g >> my goodness.>> >> it was great.>> totally up fo dancing him hanging outangi how long did he stay? s >> like i'd say 20 minutes0 mint maybe.ybe. >> okay. you guys were all part of thee process. i'll pick one person when he she owed up, your reac reaction. >> my reaction was initially ias couldn't believe it was him. itm there was no way that it washat going to be him.. but in the end, when he broughto him in, i was extremely shockedk to hear that it was him and whew i saw his attire i was convincec >> surf store esk. >> exactly. ectly denim jacket.ket. haircut.ha i figure that's got to be to mackelmore.mack >> he had great things to say.ts he had so much fun. f the bride and groom off to theif honey man. what did they say to you guys how amazing it was? we heardar from fatima saying this is the i biggest memory for her. h that's all she thinks everyone e will remember.em
9:54 am
>> they thought it was great was they were really excited aboutia it. >> yeah.>> y. >> brought up everyone's mood.oo it was great experience.xperie >> walk me through for the oldeo people who might not have knownk mackelmore. traditional weddings rightdi everything set in place. traditions you have to goe to through. so when he comes in, what do tht older members of the the weddind party say? who is this mackle person?on? >> everyone is michael moore,re mychal moore? but once theyy started playing everyone new inter stan who'll it was and ald of the old people were hyped.yp >> how do you top this? videoid has gone viral.viral. everyone is talking about this.t go it's everywhere. >> it is. >> how do you potentially top this. >> invite him to the baby show shower. >> my brother's we hadding isr' actually --al >> who is the brother. i >> your wedding is coming up.g n >> how do you top this?? >> i'm going to have invitenv mackelmore and celebrit celebrio wedding is september 24th ater t the marriott. >> just come through. throu >> that's right.>> that' the crew knows how to do itdo i right. where are you from, virginia.
9:55 am
>> virginia y.irginiy. >> virginia. where is, where was the wedding haven't new. n. >> this was in gateway marriott. >> yes. >> okay.>> ocean city.ean ci >> crystal city. >> crystal >> what am i thinking we'reing looking at pictures talkingalki about mackelmore and really doed look like he had a great time ht was talking about his momabs m specifically that she had beenen walking through the lobby.ob i justed to be clear were they e staying at that hotel.t. >> yes, they were. yes, they wer they met with president obamareo earlier in the day and they had a day out in d.c. and coming inn they stumbled upon our wedding d which is crazy because there wae two other weddings going on than same night. but theysa came into ours.o our. >> yours was the most life. >> definitely. >> music was pumping he smell sl the food much this is where iucs need to be. toe bride and groom are off to theie honeymoon. have you talk to them since the left. left. >> we actually had family dinnei yesterday. >> okay. >> it was a hot topic at dinnerr >> we got the music. mus we'll pretend mackelmore islmors still in the house.stil you guys going dance us out. >> yes
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> keep i'll stay over here with them. >> i just want to know mack wil he more had $20 in his pocket pc when he showed up at the weddi wedding. we'll show the good and the badg and of social mediaoo.. mack will he more showing you yu have he can be a regular guy haven't a good time.t a tim a bunch of strangers.ange now on the flip side, 10:00 o'clock, if you can't be a in the delivery room, yeah, facebook.. right? we'll talk about italkbt coming up.. >> also starring new movie adam
9:57 am
the 10a. 1 >> first, it's coffee time. t this is where we cool down thede wedding reception on good day gd dc. if you've been eyeing our cooluo good day mug listen up we have v new good day dunkin' donuts mugn to give away perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts dut coffee. head to fox5 d.c.'s com/conteste or facebook page at d.c. to enterr our mug contest.ou one lucky winner will ber b selected by random drawing but t hurry, you only have from nowow until 11:00 to enter.nt. 9:57.57 good day at 10a next. next. z1zqjz
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♪ >> hottest stars hottest talkerl all in one place g day at 10a. 1 oh, just wait.just we get a peek into mariah's world.worl beiber banned from one country,, and we have your first look at the 24 spin off.n o >> live in the loft, you know ko him from the hit show modernn family. pitch perfect adam devine ism ve here to talk about his new movim that teams up with zach efron. plus, the empire finalein tomorrow night. >> but first stars get give us u sneak peek of what to expect. ec >> and we are cooking up empire inspired dishes and drinks.and i let's do this. the 10a starts right now. ♪ oh yeah. >> life tv right. >> hold on. >> hold on.
10:02 am
>> all right.ight (applause). >> there you go. it only took 10 tries. >> zen it to mack -- zen it toto >> thanks, guys.has, g >> don't forget to tag us.s >> that was our group from theme macklemore wedding, macklemorekm crashed their family members mee wedding over the they came in to talk about that. did little dance for us. us. thanks for coming in.. >> we'll take invites to thats wedding in september.teer >> yeah.>> yh. >> okay. all right. we will come. >> we'll dance at your wedding.g >> you know how to hod i'm in.i'm i >> how long do you think itong takes for word to spread once oe celebs shows up at the wedding i it's just like and every body knows they're there. >> cool for macklemore to hangot out with his mom. 10:02. thanks for staying with us. i'm steve alongside holly s,e h wisdom and maureen.en >> we do have quick note to pasp along right now.g right n involving students in thedent district.strict wilson and deal students will bl dismissed
10:03 am
problems there look for more information for schooliofor sc wilson and deal students headsea up there. up t let's check what's trending now on this tuesday morning.yor first up, crossing new boundaries.boun going live on facebook somethink lots of people do. slots of we do it here every day.. you probably see it in our lifef facebook mentions on fox5 one o woman took her facebook liveooke experience to the next level. lv she actually gave birth live. l now this video was posted by heh husband while they were at the hospital. hosp as you can imagine it was pretty dramatic 45 minutes. mut people were congratulating themm the comments as it was happeni happening. it rack up over 2,000 views inve one hour. but it does beg the question, qo does this cross the line? is s there a line for online sharingi >> i'm surprised they're allowee to this when i was delivering dl the doctor specifically toll tol us stop recording.p ror me and my sister still did. stil i don't know why. but -- but -- >> they told to you stopy to to recording. >> to top storing.>> we can take picture but note but video.
10:04 am
rule in any of ours. o >> we can have taken video. takv i didn't want to take video. but in terms of does this cross the leap, yes, over sharing, yoy don't need to share that ont o facebook. >> you took the video.. >> maureen.. >> did you ever watch it. you >> bits and pieces i wouldn't di it again.gain i was traumatized. >> i don't think i need to seehi that. >> it's weird.ird >> you guys have all been inin that room. r don't you want to be in thehe moment.moment. >> yes. >> i was in the moment. no epidural.pidu oh, lord jesus not again.esus nn i don't want to -- the video isd there but i will not bee watching. >> the problem of over sharingoa on facebook happens a lot.ns a you know what i mean i saidmea i earlier we actually facebookac mention on this whole topic forc me i don't need to know abouttow your toddler's potty trainingran i don't need to see the pictureu of your child on the little lit potty. like that's just a little overte sharing for me.infor m i don't need it.n't >> i think that's what social wt media does it blurs the lines ss people are doing things theyhint probably won normally do. nmall we folic we need to share thoseo things
10:05 am
>> childbirth? >> a problem with this. p if the woman is okay with it,roy i'm not going watch see that's the thing. t i don't have to watch it.t have i have the right to not watch ih if i see you're postingting something about giving birth bir life, click, go to the next the thing. if she's okay with it and he's okay with it, they can doey c do whatever they want.whatever i just won't watch it. clearly 2,000 people in one in hour -- that's true.s true. >> wanted to see it.>> i don't know why.i >> what did they want to see. >> i don't know what they wante to see. not me.. >> curiosity.iosi >> not my party. party. but carry on. >> it seems though like, in i thinking about yours it would be very risky if something wentethw wrong and that becomes a lawsuit. >> right. >> or something and there'smeth video and you got 2,000 anwitnesses that watched thes ad video. i don't think it's very smart.'s maybe even you don't take it in terms of question of is it overo sharing privacy wise because ifc you're okay with it you're okayo with it but not very smarted tot that. the same thing i say i know people post vacation picturesic all the time.all i personally don't think it'st' very smart to post vacationio pictures while you're on vacation letting everyone knowoe
10:06 am
post them when you get home.. >> speaking of new babies new mother posted the rule herheul friends and family should follol before visiting her newborn baby girl.girl it is stirring up quite a bit o new mom wrote a do and don'twroa list and then posted it on i o facebook.fa in it that new mom writes havinv a baby is hard work. while your visit is appreciated we ask that you please assist a our family in this critical timl by helping out. snuggle time will be offered onf first come first serve basis.ass she goes on to lay out the ruler ideas on how to get to the frone of the line. in other words, bring a, br nutritious meal, take action, dd chores, empty the trash, washra, dishes, load or unloadd dishwasher, fold laundry. sit with children so mom can eat, eat, nap. n here's the don'ts she writes.te don't wear strong smells likemek perfume or smoke.e or smoke okay.okay assume mom will play hostess. give unsolicited advice beic b offensed in the familiar doesn'd answer calls or want she goes on to say no one can o visit if they have a fever,, cough, sniffles or
10:07 am
>> here's got news for anybody a that wants to see that child.ati there's no line.. >> exactly no line at all.t a >> some of her don'ts or validsr but the whole thing do.hing d if i come to your home to share in your joyous moment don't put me to work like i'm the house he help. lp >> no. >> people are inclined to oh help any way. a w you offend people writing it wrg down. down. >> on the flip side we don'te fl know what she's going through. . you know how difficult it is tod have a baby. but you don't know what she'st s going through. >> okay. >> she put it out there maybet she doesn't want people comingon over to her house. hou >> then it work. >> there you go.>> you don't know what she's going through.through. she may be in a backwards kind of way asking for help. if you come over here without wt saying can you please help me h she could could be doing this in backwards sort of way.bawa >> i hadn't look at it that wayt >> she could be going throughldo all kinds of stuff it. >> seems tacky to write down the list point by point. by p it seems a little much.uc >> maybe just a situation she'sn saying if you come over can youu do some of this? they puts thee list down and somebody calls ans said i'll come and wash youras y dishes. another person says okay
10:08 am
whatever else is on the list. l >> how about if someone comes over do you pined mind doing this it's all how ask you forour something. why would you say the listsay e before you come, here are the 1t rules you must adhere by.e you must not want any friends. n does chef any family members? anyone -- any point, hey, this, is some -- >> if you're coming over herever and willing to do that you're au real friend.rien >> true. >> if you're a real friend you r don't need that list.ed t l you don't need that you'll do it any way. do any >> you don't know what she needn in the house. >> i'm just saying.g >> if you're a real friend -- i- i'm hacking i'm not goining to visit a newborn.rn >> that part.>> tha >> if you go over and you asksk her how she's doing, i'm okay o but it could be better if i hadh this or this you would help herr out.ou >> i know you've got your otherr kids and the newborn.ewbo if there's anything i can do.thn >> most people are sense seive.s there's that one or two but io think most people are sensere sn seive to new moms want they need which is help incrementally i think most aren't tacky they'lll impose themselves on new mother
10:09 am
>> you had people do that to yoo guys. >> are you serious.>> a >> i am. >> nobody has done that. nobod >> would you go.ou >> you're not going to go. g someone puts conditions on itonn you wouldn't go. >> that's just me. there could be some other peoplp who might be okay i'll go andlod hook that up for you.ou. >> no.. >> not one person responds to p that list.. >> um-hmm, no.m-hmm,o >> what do you think? that'soui what we need to know we need toe know what do you think abouthati over sharing on facebook, what w do you think about the do's and don'ts of visit agnew baby. make sure you use the #gooddaydd we'll try and get some of yourer comments on the air.comm speaking of parentingarenti debates, a british mother sparking one of her own afterft admitting she left her 10 month old sleeping baby home alone while she ran an errand. a e into the good idea. >> no, ma'am. no, mam. >> she made the admission on mum she asked if others everif othee considered doing the same andamd received hundreds of responses.s the woman says her child naps at the same time every day for atim least an hour.ast anour. >> nope.. >> and the store that she went e to is only about 100 feet
10:10 am
>> no, no.o. >> another reason behind herthei decision is her apartment artme building doesn't have anng doe'h elevator she seld have toe t struggle to carry the baby by stroller and bags from thes froe store. >> you had the child. y you know what you live. you know what you're getting into. >> exactly. all right. not to mention that the -- shete says the trip probably wouldould have won't the baby up. >> not surprising many people me disagreed with her decision.. saying there are too many thingy that could go wrong in short i t period of time.riod however some did come to hero hr defense saying they understoodns why she did it and every new mon deserves me time. >> they understand that, butders would they do it? no. >> nobody in their right mind rt would leave a newborn baby fourr like 30 seconds. >> way too risky.oo ris >> that's a big no-no. no-no that one is obvious. >> i just left him for one second. >> exactly. >> how long does it take to falo off the counter let alone if alo you're in the same building. bld >> there's legal age you can agn even leave your kid home alone.. >> yeah. >> i don't know what it is.s. >> it's not newborns.born
10:11 am
even think.en i don't know, 12 or >> the other big picture what ia something happens to the momns e while the newborn is in therere asleep. >> nobody knows, right. >> god for bid something happent to her on the wahiy to the stor. >> nobody even notice the babyhe is in there for days.ay come on really.l >> crazy.>> horrible idea. >> making baseball and makingsem late night tv fun bryce harper last night on thegt tonight show starring jimmy j fallon surprise guest on theurps show last night.t show last he came out dressed whiteedhite t-shirt to join jimmy fallon fof cameo during a game of catch phrase.phra now, harper had pretty good it was teammate was jimmy fall fallon. there's the celebratory hug. that will tell you they wouldn't.wo they were team um against andynd sandberg and had a deed. d >> hot yoga.a >> that's >> it was the opposite of.ositeo that's okay.'s o minor detail there.r tail harper and fallon as we said woi the game.
10:12 am
in twitter.witt the nationals take on the metset tonight at citi field great to see bryce on the big stage.yce g >> i was just thinking tha st. >> bryce, if you have timed toiv jimmy fallon you have time toe t come in the loft.n theof i'm just saying.just sayin when you're in d.c.ou're d.c >> we can make up -- deal funeal game sho we're fun, bryce.e fun, bry come on in. i just thought i'd put it out itut there 10:12. 1 still ahead he may have made hae other stops along the way thisgh morning but adam devine hasin saved the best for last. lt. boy, do we have some fun in forr for the modern family star.ta >> brace yourself we're going inside mariah's world.. hold on plus beiber banned fromd one country and p diddy hittingg the road. r we're dishing next.dishg time now 10:12.0: ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together.
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>> ♪ >> great song. time now good day celebrityelri dish. first up on this tuesday e release the maya cary' eighty' part reality series it is justs as fabulous and ridiculous as her mtv cribs episode for shad shadow. mariah refusing to take off her sunglasses because sh
10:16 am
rule that states she will not be seen in fluorescent lightingight without them. the >> i love it.>> >> ma roy ya planning her h wedding to billionaire which shh calls the most important eventne that ever happened.pd. >> okay. >> and of course, you can catch mariah skiting her private jet in full length gown and fioriceo will drinking wine. wine >> what's the problem?proble? >> nothing. they said it was fabulous and a una shame shamedly ridiculous. . >> i love that. >> that al phase.hase >> mariah carey. unshamedly ridiculous. ridulous. >> never be able to pronounce it. >> i'm not unshamedly ishamey actually a word.actuly a it said it in in ere let's talk about justinusn timberlake he's back.lack the singer blasts on to thehe billboard to have 100 at numbern one with new single can't stopp the feeling.ling three thrown drake's one dance.. now this is timberlake fifth solo number one and best sales b week for any olef his songs.. but had the not all.ot he
10:17 am
anticipated music video for that hit song last night. nht >> i love it. i love it i love it because it just makess you happy.ap feel happy when you hear it andi you're happy when you watchyou w those pebble just having fun. jf >> i like to think he got he g inspiration from you guys whenoy he did our video. >> that's an excellent point,nti maureen. i think he might have.k you're right. >> yup. >> listen it's been seven months since a dell released her song hello.hello. >> really? >> it's been that long.. >> seven months.on (laughter). >> long seven months.onths now, she's finally droppedro single number two.r two she just released a short teaset of the video though. it's called send my love to youy new lover.newover. it's written by the same teamtha that produced justin timberlake's can't stop the's cs feeling much adele says this isi a happy song that describes hers actually getting over anve ex-boyfriend.nd >> yeah because nothing says i'm getting over like send yourr love -- what is it? send your r love to -- zen my love to your y new lover. >> yes. >> ex lover.
10:18 am
>> yeah. i don't know. all lovers. >> that sounds like -- noti asa happy as can't stop the feelinge >> that's true.>> >> that will not be the summerum >> no. >> could be the summer nighte sg song. song. >> you know wisdom you gotnow wi point. >> it could be.>> all right. let's talk about puff daddyf d because puff daddy and the bod d boy crew are reuniting and hit t the road year talking about lil kim, total, faith evans, carl thomas, 112 and a lot of otherss as well. taking their reunion concert ono 25 day tour and it starts on august 25th in columbus, ohio. puff daddy says the concertsce will a celebration of the hits s and the bad boys lifestyle. bad boy. >> take that. >> it will be in d.c. at the verizon center onr o september 22nd.ptber >> we have some sad news for argentinean belieber. biebe justin beiber announce has purpose tour will not make it to he cannot enter the country duee to legal the 21-year-old expressed hisis sign zero re
10:19 am
fans and series of tweets twe explaining that his lawyerni tha declared the trip impossible. biebs team believes a judge a could issue an arrest warrant in connection to a 2015 assault case tied one of his bodyguardsd technically the warrant has bee pulled but his camp fierce theer judge could try to rearrest thet bad boy as the legal case against his bodyguard is still i on going. going now biebs is now wondering is ig too late now to say sorry? >> yes, it is.>> yes, it is. >> i'm sorry.>> we had to do that. yeah. >> have you seen the trailer for fox news' news 24 legacy?eg >> okay. o listen we have a clip and ithavn looks awesome.s awes check it out. >> for for bid khalib. kha >> i think khalib's people found us. >> what is it? >> get to the attic now. go, go!o! >> no matter what happens youte stayr
10:20 am
nicole, we got to go. go. come we got to go. >> khalib's people found. fnd >> khalib was planning an tack.a >> maybe this was a part of tht that. >> with does it need to be you.e >> i'm theed only one you can someone needs to know where sheo is. >> whatever is going on overver there it's not your job anyobny more. >> if you got suck into it gok t online and watch the full clip.c we can't show it all of course s it's too long for this segment.g reboot is being executive producing by jack bauer keifer i sutherland from the originalndr series of so you ready for a littl oe morm 24. >> looks a little i loved 24. 2 >> i loved 24. >> the guy replacing him wasas straight out at a com ton he's yelling like jack bauer as wellw >> get in the attic now! now >> he didn't have the man purse. >> not yet. >> yelling and having a man anda purse may be a requirement toret replace jack bauer. >> i want to see him or go toto the bathroom jack bauer neverr e did either of t
10:21 am
>> the best episode was sixepod season episode 20 about 48bout 4 minutes in 122nd clip.22nd c >> it was one of my >> wow, >> look. it had mow it in. had mow it i that's why. >> okay. >> made him famous.ade h fam >> he remembers the exact spot. >> season six episode 20. >> 10:21. i just got>> an 8-dollar check e other day.her y. coming and later on we're on w bringing the empire finale partr to you showing you how to toasto the end of the season with foodd and drinks inspired by the hitht drama.a. >> traffic in the d.c. area. a always bad.wa rain making it worse but where e are the worst spots exactly. new study named the top 30.the p we'll share those highlights with you. that's next. ♪
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ 10:24 right n want to let you know what'sw happening right now in theg rige national transportion safetyafet board releasing the final findings about last year's deadly amtrak crash in it killed eight people, injured, more than 200. investigators did find thed fine engineer was distracted wistrac apparently by radio communications about anotherno train philadelphia commuterphiau train that just been hit by rock in the wimped windshield minutes before the deadly derailment.dll the safety board also indicatedt amtrak was not outfitted withedt available technology that coulda have prevented that derailment. we'll get more on thatl throughout the day.roug follow us on social median moree at 5:00 p.m. in the meantime next up onno good day t
10:25 am
they ended up with hot messes.s. coming up next i think it mightt have been their fall a littlee bit. mike and dave need wedding date adam devine joins us live in the loft. we'll talk to him about the raunchy comedy. comedy. from modern family and pitch perfect all coming up next much it's 10:25.
10:26 am
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10:28 am
>> let's get weird. let's get weird. >> everyone has their plane tick, right. >> ie thought we were chaning let's get weird.let's >> good to go. bathing suits.bathing sui >> such a cool show.h ol s next guess comedian known to workaholics fan no troubleub getting weird.eird adam devine star of workaholicss you know him for his scenes ---- you're stealing the scene againn we talk about this in rehearse h system. modern family he plays the malee nanny. manny. pitch perfect one and two and teaming up with zach efron toh n fine himself a wedding date. d >> mom and dad what's going onnd here. >> over the years at our
10:29 am
fathering gatherings you twos y show up and you ruin it.n i want to you bring a date to de your sister's wedding we don't n want you to show up stag and s riling each on the up.on t u >> we don't rile each on the up. >> we never get riled up. >> we'll shape up.. we got to fine the right girls. where do we even go. go. >> we're about to do somethingoo awesome. >> oh, no. oh, n >> i'm here with mike and davee stangle. they are looking for dates fores their sisters wedding in hawaii. let's make these guys take to us hawaii.hawa >> we're looking for nice girlsn >> we'll look respecticable as hell. >> all part of the plan. >> are you okay?re youkay? >> i am now. >> save your life.ife. >> you okay.ou >> save your lives. >> just part of the mike ande dave need wedding dates hisis theaters this summer. s trying to fine the perfect dates to bring to their sister'sis weeing in hawaii and things t
10:30 am
loft with more r rated comedy. eryngoes, too. which check it out yesterday. ys >> if you're going to find wedding zach efron is the guy tg be your wing man. m >> not bad,,ig >> not bad.>>ot b >> there's a scene right at ther beginning of the trailer whereot you guys are, um, doing a little trampoline action were youne ai really on trampoline at the a time. >> i actually the day before i got food poisoning. poisoni >> did you. >> they wanted me to do it the t day that i had food poisoningso much that's a horrible idea. i it's not 3d. i don't want the vomit to hit t the camera. you know what i mean? there meh there's so many funny scenes inn that movie i was crying at somea points. what was it like there's seen i don't want to give too much awah you're in spa.n s did you film in onsie wednesdaye did you have to film manym m different takes.di tell me about it. >> there was naked bits flyingat all over that scene.s. < awesome. >> it wasn't all in one take.. >> good to >> we chopped it up.>>e ch we took a lunch break. b it was getting a little tooe too physical. we had to take time out.e o >> to me that was
10:31 am
yesterday scenes in the moviescn but also there's so many momentm you and sack efron out. out out takes at the end you got tot stick around for you said thereh could be entirely differentntiri movie with those. >> we shot so much like while we shot this movie that there's certain scenes that i don't even remember. like i remember shoot the scenee when you watch it back and youci watch actual movie you're like k don't remember seeing that.that >> your facial expressions.xp >> i'm vulgar. who am i? >> i can believe i said that.. >> you guys filmed this you hadt to go to hawaii to do this. do t i'm sure that was pretty rough. >> yeah. >> all of a sudden it's like a family reunion and everybody eve wants to be part of it. >> like every friend i've ever e had has been like, bro, what's,w up you want to -- you want tot o invite me out to hawaii.awaii. i'll sleep on the couch.ep on i'm cool.. >> who are you? you >> it's chad from middle schooll you know me. >> we did math homework togeth together. >> i'll bring derek and kev bow. >> what was the height highlighi
10:32 am
what scene, what moment is theos absolute best for you? for you? >> it was so fun. iwas so i think like maybe the atv stufs because we got to actually likek ride atv's where they shot jurassic park and we sort of like got to like hall on atv's which is really cool.y c also pretty dangerous. so -- >> has a girl in real life ever challenged you to something asna scary as an atv ride in the movies.moes girls don't talk to me as te much in real life as they do ine this movie.this m >> what about if you're hangingi with zach over front.ver front. >> then i think it will behen little easier for me. for me. >> what was it like going out le when you weren't filming inilmi hawaii?hawa >> he's like -- he's so, like, like i'm a little bit famous.s. like sometimes people look at mk and they're like i think it'shii that guy. >> can we take a selfie. >> i think it's him. but then with zach it's liket'ik it's him! that's him!s h >> take your shirt off. >> ahh! >> that's my boy or you js
10:33 am
like, i'm with -- i'll be over here. here. >> it's like see ya. i >> what makes it fun when you're doing project.. the show you've been on seem o s like a lot of fun, workaholicsho or modern family or a movie like this where you can let it allt hang out hit when you're actually -- it'sy -i work you're filming something what makes that part of work f fun? >> with this movie it was like l every day was like you're doingd some insane stunt or like theike scene is just really reallylly funny. nn so it didn't feel like work. wor i'm waiting to like do like a very very serious drama where ie just have to spit cry the wholee movie. >> there was a good scene withct spit crying.sp >> little bit -- i'm prettity gg at spit >> the eyes tell the story. >> i'm going to use that littlet clip to get my very dramatic movie with just tears and snott bubbles.bule >> that's good way to do it. tot the girls that you get as get a wedding dates i mean you couldn't find two better peopleo to play those characters.s >> they're awesome.wesome anna kendr
10:34 am
plaza. pl i mean it's sort of like series of one up man ship between us be and them. >> for sure.. >> throughout the whole movieov and builds to this giant climax. >> >> there you go.ou did you know all of them before did you the film or do you haveu a time to adjust does i kneww anna kendrick because we did pitch perfect together.og audrey i play cards with herh h boyfriend. >> interesting. >> there you go.>> >> i've been to her house. >> that works. i want to ask you about modernum family because we air it here oe fox5 and get to enjoy it all tht time. when you got to first like throw yourself into that cast what was that like for you. >> look how awkward i i love the character andy muchh he's such a between.awe look at him. >> he's endearing.ring >> he is. he's so sweet. i can't believe they asked me t do it. because at that time it was re really like workaholics and the first pitch perfect and then a t they asked me to do it, they i t were like but you can be sweet, right? i'm like, yea
10:35 am
>> dress different character than the character in the moviem you play.u >> it's so much different thannt anything i've done.anyt i'v it's really fun to do, too,oo, because like as crazy as i am ii like some other things pitchch perfect.rfec. workaholics and mike and davend i'm not total monster and i do have some sweetened cease.ed cea >> we'll see that in the drama.d >> g rated performance.. >> spit cry drama i do.picry drm >> it will be huge.>> it be >> very sweet. set. >> why won't you love me? ? bubble bubble spit.e spi >> what are you doing in d.c.doc >> i came to talk to you >> we love it. >> aww. >> my best friend.ri >> i'm actually i was here we'rw here promoting the movie movie obviously and going aroundsly ad talking to everybody and then ee i'm shooting funny or die videov with joe biden. ben heard of him much. muc >> do we know the topic of itt yet. >> i just pass out. just out >> i don't know if i can say ity i don't know if it's my place te say but -- >> whisper. >> yeah. but i am going undercover on avo college campus with joe biden. b >> that's very cool. c
10:36 am
>> nobody will ever notice.e. >> because this movie is about s weddings, and because the guestt we had earlier did you see thehe macklemore wedding crash schersh >> yeah. >> we had the guests from theth wedding ine video. vid >> i just crashed that as well.l have you crashed we hads in yous time. >> i have. it doesn't work as well now. macklemore i feel like he can gg in and like do a song and peoplo are like, yea, then i just shows up and like get corner by weirdr uncle. >> you're like play workaholics episode.episod >> get cornered by a weird cner uncle. you got to try my brisket. bri i don't want to.dowant why did i come here.e >> no wedding crashing in theshe near future. the movie is out now. props to you for literally lal launching your own career your work hard out of school to get the whole comedy group togethere >> yeah. >> good to see everything payine off. >> thanks man. tha >> come back any time.k >> will do. we'll look for the funny or diee video. erin just saw it.saw loved it. i >> loved it. i rem it.i >> thank you. >> we got one.t. (laughter).
10:37 am
>> baby steps here.s we got one. o >> we're all commenting steve oe how you guys could be there's a strong resemblance. >> yeah. >> he's your little brother.le b >> little brother.>> l >> very cute.>> v >> you know what that means i'm coming to hawaii next time. n >> there you go. >> yes. >> with three childhood friends. >> wisdom even grew up together. >> make room for me, too.. hawaii bound. b >> let's do it.>> we'll be right back.htac more good day d.c. on the othere side of this break. of this bre.
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
>> 10:40 is the time. 10: there's new report coming outre this morning that will highligho maryland's top congested roadsea and if you live in the dmv youmv know traffic here can be a a report will add -- also shedlsos some light on how safe marylandn drivers are.ers fox5's bob barnard live inn potomac where the meeting is mei underway. he's got the details this theeti morning. bob?bob? >> reporter: yeah, hey, wisdo wisdom. we heard from the marylandaran transportation second, aaa and a research group that has studied the worst bottlenecks in all off maryland.ryland they've ranked them from the worst number one to 30 the worse is the right here. h this is 270 southbound about tot hit the split here and look, lk, it's what, 10:40 and still, yes, there's rain falling and thealna roads are slick. sli but there's still congestionio here heading in toward the cityc from parts north on 270 the worst bottleneck in al
10:41 am
maryland.ryla basically what they've said the state of maryland is -- has doubled in invest many in in congestion relieving projects pe and still it's bad. and it's not going to change. some people say add two lanesan and toll lanes to 270 and that a will help quickly. the transportation second saysos we're looking at 10 to 15 yearsy before there's really any help unless someone comes forward and accepts the offer there's ahere hundred million dollars on the t table for anyone they said if you fix transportation issues is shanghai china come here, helpe us out we don't want just ideass but concrete solutions and we aw want them now because the research firm says the average d.c. driver especially those whw ride on 270 are losing 82 hours a year stuck in traffic. picture that. that's two weeks of vacation lost just stuck in traffic whenw they talk about quality of lifee that's what they mean and we've' got it worse right here, guys.u. >> sure
10:42 am
thank you for that update.e >> not what you want to heart th especially with the rain outside and everything else.erything breeds more and more traffic. ta >> all right. lly it looks like it's time to m party. >> yes, yes, yes. yes, yes, y we are cooking it up in the good day kitchen day.. we're one day away from empire'r second season finale andinale ad throwing a party to celebrate.ea but if you can't make it that'sa okay. because this morning we'reng sharing idea that is will makelk it easy to bring the party righr to you. we'll be right back.ight bk. ♪ ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
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♪ see what's happening? thish is what the old people wanted te do. they want to tear us apart.. they know that if we're united e front we can't lose. because we are sisters and fornf the first time in my life i feel like i belong right now.elong r. >> this is so much better than h ever thought college could >> this is the most fun i've fui ever had and i went to space camp. >> i haven't slept in like a't s week.. i don't want to miss out ons o o anything. you guys are so much fun. >> we'll never lose each otheros watch do you call a house fulleo of united women? a brothel.
10:46 am
>> no, man, a sorority. >> oh. >> a brothel. all right. that's clip from the new moviesv neighbors two sorority risingroi it's a sequel to the 2014 hit starring zach efron seth rogen r and ross burn. the enemies from the first movie are teaming up. u take on the sore are the that moved next door. kevin got to sit down with theht new faces in this franchise talt about the comedy and some pretty serious issues about sexism that it brings up. check it out. >> once you get to a certain aga as woman in hollywood, they kin of make you feel like you got to stop partying.artyin all of a sudden, your last moviv you were someone's love interesr or wife or whatever and the nexx you're playing their mom orom or grandmom. it's like how did i go from being your girlfriend because bu i'm this age i'm playing youryiy mother or it's like i get a lota of super hero movies coming my way.y. i never being
10:47 am
super hero. >> what are you asked to be.u d. >> the love interest of thee in super hero. the issue is where the female super heros. >> all right.ll rig we're in the partying. why? >> that's a good point.haa good. >> the shot you fly out of thatf >> yes. >> >> i know there's digitalnow effects there. what are they doing,.re ty do >> we took -- we, it was me.. our stunt coordinator jd took jo out the passenger seat of theoft car. they put up a plank down. dow they took out the windshield off the car. c seth was actually driving slowls but moving. and they block off the street it rural georgia and we did it with me like squished up in the backc seat and i would use the seat to push myself through the windshield even ended like le halfway out kind of and then we would -- he would stop. >> amazing.>> ama >> our incredible stunt double d mandy did the actual --ctl >> they had person fly out of the car. >> she's insane. she's i >> she got really messed up. up
10:48 am
>> i want to ask you how they t did the phone cord thing thatin shot is in the trailer.railer. >> so funny.>> s >> you flying back.ou flyg b >> i did it and she did it.and e it's a jerk vest. ves you wear like a harness and they just like i don't know youdot kw really hard. har >> all right.ight neighbors two sorority risingtw hits theaters friday.y looks testing.ting >> >> yeah. >> all right.>> holly morris over to you. >> yes. yes interesting over here as well.gv all you empire fans, it's the moment we've been waiting for all week much it's almost here.h the season finale tomorrow nighg but first the stars of the hit musical drama give us some hinti of what's ahead.t'ahead. take listen. >> well, you find anika grappling with jess because shee is -- they showed this little l bit she's on the 11 contemplat contemplating whether or not shh should jump. pregnant lady contemplating whether or not she should jumppp so there's a lot surroundingur that right right a lot. >> andre is, you know, with hisw
10:49 am
he's been going through lot thit particular part of the season to but still a part, very much auc part of the vehicle and just ant trying to keep it all going once the family to be strong as theyh can be.. but it's drama filled. do you not want to miss the last episode. >> can i just go on record andgo saying that is one good looking couple. and of course you can catch the blockbuster finale right rit here on fox5 tomorrow night atht 9:00 p.m. it was a dramatic pause forf what was maybe going to be to another shot or not.shot oot. so we'll move on to the facthe c that fox5 invited lucky empiremp fans to live finale party at tht howard theater.heater that's happening tomorrow nightt so here's the deal. deal. if you need some ideas for youry own party, we've got them g t because joining us live in theil good day cafe with some empiredd inspired dishes and drinks is i chris the chef from the howard r theater and ashley who isho is serving up the drinks. d so they let me decide what ishat first so i'll get a drink so ini can then sip on it while wehilee cook.cook makes sense, right.sense,ight >> yes. that's how i work in the kitc
10:50 am
ashly. >> that's how i work if thefhe kitchen too.oo ale start you up a with a wh luscious lucious which happensap to be -- yes, which is a woodford forward reserve with lemon juice, ginger rail and rea wine float what i'm going to goi make for you right now a new a drink i just couldn't cocked coc with some bombay sapphire gin -- >> how often concoct new drinksk >> every day.>>. >> as long as i'm around liquoro i will couldn't cock a newcock n >> ashley you're a girl after ma own who are. >> hey, i try.ry >> what else is going in there.. >> so it's bombay sapphire, amp, rhett tow, little bit of of lemonade.. >> what's the name of thisf t >> this is called the lyon dinen nass. luscious lucious and lyon dynasty. put them on my tab.ab >> and these are going to bengoe served up at the howard theatere tomorrow >> yes, they are.y a these are three -- well two wel right there but three of thehe four specialty cocktails that t we'll be having.g >> i'll take break at two after i try that one.
10:51 am
i have a splash of grenadine.die a little bit of sprite.e. >> a lot of ingredients in thist >> but it's delicious. deliciou. >> you have a stocked bar atave home if you're making this dri drink. >> that's for you. >> lyon dynasty. >> ooh, luscious lucious i'mus c putting you down. >> good but now i'm moving overo here to chris.he so chris you'll be cooking upbeg tomorrow night.ow but people at home might bemit having their own empire viewing parties. you're giving them inspiration.. >> yes. as much as inspiration as i cann find.find. >> okay. >> first thing we want to do iso rib eye.. lucious is rib ribye. so as you know he's strong -- >> meet meat pone at any timee t toes kind of guy.d of g. >> rib eye bone the best for mer flavor wise we put one in. p one >> you put one in >> yes. >> so want to marinade with wit olive oil. wrong one. o >> there we go.e g we want to start it rosemary,y thyme, olive oil, garlic and old bay in my meat.
10:52 am
>> nice little twist.e litt twi since we're from the dmv. dmv >> absolutely i've heard on more than one occasion bone in giveso the best flavor for the meat. tm >> it does.>> d people always have the illusiono you have to grill steak. steak >> yeah. yea >> you can get a great steakreak right in the oven.right >> that's amazing.>>ha what do you put the oven on.theo >> i put it at 450 broil foror about 20, 25 minutes depending n on the size of the meat.ea >> you flip it over or just onuo one side. one sid >> both sides.>> bot 10 minutes and then i put it in a butter bath. b >> yeah. i mean -- >> if you're health conscious i'm sorry. >> take a break. t for day. >> it's delicious.t's delicious. >> and what you wanted to let ii come to full boil once it cute c come out you flip it again dogan that for about five minutes. mus i already have that already prey done. >> okay. >> we did marbled potatoes muchc this is yukon gold potato a a starchy nice golden color.olor i put little bit of garlic in there and lemon zest.em z and then a little bit of old bay again.n. salt, pepper and little bit of butter, heavy cream, i m
10:53 am
of it together. and then blend it. b it. i like a puree i think it's a nice texture you lay it on the i bed.d >> voila. >> for on top we did shitaketa mushrooms. which is a medium mushroom portm of the port bella family. cherry tomatoes and i like to throw panache in there. tre >> i think you could cook for lucious. i think he'd be happy with you. this is hearty.rt >> we'll set this up all on onee plate. >> um hmm. >> as you plate that, i'm justah going to come back to my girly r here at the bar because she's ss got two more >> yes, i do.i do. >> i have the boo boo kitty forf you. >> oh, boo boo kitty. >> bless her who are she's on w the ledge.ledg >> right. >> that's malibu black, pine aln pep juice.pep ju >> this is vacation.. that tastes like vacation to meo i like it. >> caribbean flavor for you,fo y right. >> um-hmm. >> what i'm going to make forgo you neck is the cookies and cream after our own cooinkieth.. >> love it. it >> blew midnight. >> i love today rule ya.ea that will be gd. cookies and cream.cookies and sounds goocrd..
10:54 am
play on white russian we serve a lot at the howard during our r r and b shows.ho lauren hill.l. have you been there for one oft our r and b shows.ho >> i've been to the how warw theater. >> just making sure. just >> um-hmm. >> i do watch empire.e >> do you think jamal is goingoi through.throh. >> i hope estimation it.t. i need more -- who pushed boo boo kitty -- maybe that was at a slip. who, who pushed rhonda. do you think it was boo boonk i kitty. >> yes, it was boo boo kitty. k. >> you do. you do. >> she was jealous. >> drink to boubou kitty.. cookies and cream she's going to serve up that and then voila.oi >> ville l look at that.ook t that is amazing. >> set it on the bed.ed. i did reduction shall lots, red wine your favorite red wine doesn't have'v to be cabernet an little bit of demi glaze reduce down half theh size when you get really nice glaze.glaze. >> this is mazing. thi >> i'm telling everyone ise
10:55 am
going to be get a treat.are i'll take my cookies and cream. >> let me put a little bit oftto oreo cookie crumbles on there.oe >> i never track of my drinks. k >> little cookie crumbles on toe for you there.fou th >> and real quickly you have one other thing.. >> yes, one more thing. >> fast, fast, fast. serving it up.t all about indulgence when wen talk about the lyons and i thint we're getting there with thish party today. >> sweet potato mini pies.s. cookie is she's powerful and a empowered, this season wasson ws really about >> yes. >> so sweet potato to me screamm family. do you little bit of brown sug sugar, cinnamon, all spice,, vanilla. three eggs, three large sweetet potatoes and nice mix like thiss pipe night really nice littleite tart. and for cookie i do glitteritter because -- >> look at that.. >> boom boom boom boom boom. >> nice -- >> you guys are a mazing. >> empire party.. >> okay the steak you bath
10:56 am
butter i think i almost died one the couch over there. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. it does really nice thing.hi i take maple and i just put that on top.op >> wow this is what we're in fof if you come to the empire partyp tomorrow at the howard theater.. >> i didn't go last year.r. >> even if you can't go to thehe empire party the howard theater this is how they roll there alla the time. >> there you go. you g >> thank you chris.. anank you you guys are amazing. azi >> thank you for having us. >> when it's cold, good butterr bath will warm up every time. >> take one. >> want to make you feel likeeel you're at're >> i love it.>>ove it we got rain showers all day.ll y cool temperatures, too. too upper 50s till about 60. 6 rain will continue tonight intoi early then we'll get the sun backll gt thursday and friday but good eating weather this afternoonhin with rain showers. >> that steak is off the chain.. >> yes.. >> who will mike that one firstt you brought your -- >> cheers!>> cs! >> cheers! c >> whoo! see you guys tomorrow.r than
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it's magnificent makeover week, live on the "wendy williams show." >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> wendy: honey, let me show you what he looks like now. my girls are always turned out. it's glam bam, thank you, ma'am. >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ the last dance ♪ let's dance ♪ the last dance ♪ let's dance ♪ the last dance tonight >> wendy: come here. come here. come here. come here!


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