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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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after she was allegedly the target of vicious on line posts. we'll have a live report. >> plus the debate over plans to shut down dc largest homeless shelter heating up. the latest on the battle between the mayor and the city council, coming up. >> donald trump's one-on-one interview with megan kelly what he revealed about their very public feud, and his battle for the white house. >> looking little brighter little better throughout this wednesday morning, may 18th, 2016. we have weather and traffic with pepper and erin coming up on the five's at clock zero, a good wednesday morning, i'm allison. >> i'm steve welcome to fox5 news morning. developing at 71:00 middle school in montgomery county target of break-in overnight, police tell us somebody broke into lee middle school in silver principal just before 2:30 this morning. >> burglar alarm went off investigators say some items were taken, but not being very specific about which items may have been stolen
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>> in court, skew in court today, pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter facing six months to five years in prison, sentenced at later date. >> in virginia outside consultant being brought in to the fairfax county fire department. >> one official on leave for posting leud sitings, other members gathering for 7:30 meet to go discuss bullying within the department. melanie has more. >> guys, yes, the reason we are here, that's group of female firefighters, once to publicly say they've never been bullied or harassed within the fairfax county fire department. but it is clear, that there is culture problem going on, that officials you talked about actually internal affairs investigators, the person in charge of investigating workplace complaints, that investigator also ned
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recent lawsuit filed by another female firefighter claiming workplace harrassment and hostile work environment saying investigator basically ignored other women's claims, so all of this together, is what led fairfax county board of supervisors chair woman, sharon, to require that outside consultant. >> her story is really the one that brought all of this to light. she committed suicide. family and friend believe on line bullying and harrassment contradict the to her emotional distress, though we should say investigators have not made that kegs. other female firefighters say they've received the same sort of on line treatment, after these posts on the site fairfax under ground became public knowledge, chief richie because launched an investigation into the culture, of the fire department. >> i have all of my internal affairs department on the mission if you will,
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over every leaf, looking un every rock and pebble, and peeling back every piece of onion to find that where we're at. as i indicated, when i said aggressive, i will use any local, any state, any regional, and several resources. >> so again the man in charge of the internal affairs department is the one who was placed on leave last thursday, after those posts really on the recall posts on those private facebook page. some are asking, well, that's a private page, should it matter. chair juan sharon said that because this person is in charge of internal affairs he needs to be held to higher standard also note that it was chief richie because, that brought those posts to her attention. live in and on dale, melanie, fox5 local news. today is day five of the trial charged in the death of freddie gray.
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testimony yesterday. closing argument expected to begin tomorrow. officer charged with assault, miss conduct, wreckless endangerment. >> meat professor in manassas facing rape charges this morning, police charged 27 year old youssef caleb with rape and sexual battery. they say he assaulted two of his female student in march and april at the manassas campus. school administration said it sent alert to student but some say they never got a warning. >> i've been having issues with a lot of menace us campus stuff. i haven't gotten any emails and i didn't get any word about, that no. i mean bees it is scary. i want an alert for sure about that. and the fact it was a teacher, like, i don't feel safe here really. >> caleb fired last thursday, a week after allegations were report today police. >> grand jury has indicted two special police officers in the death of a patient in mid star washington hospital center. clifton
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brown charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of 74 year old james mcbride. medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, saying, he died from a broken neck, caused by blunt force trauma. >> this morning, dc attorney general is reviewing major ruling that targets key provision of the city's conceal carry gun law, federal judge on tuesday ruled the so-called good reason provision is likely unconstitutional. that's where gun owners in dc are forced to give police a reason for needing a firearm, such as fearing injuries from another person or having high security job such as transporting cash for valuables. judge's order immediately stops dc police from request ago reason until all appeals in this case are heard. ♪ play the weather music now ♪ >> 7:05 right now. time to check in with tucker barnes. hey, tuck? hi, guys. >> bring your on chair to wo
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day. >> oh, all right, let's get to it. >> and we love our union. >> we certainly do. >> it is not that union, but we love ours. what's going on outside. >> looking at cloud cover. showers, sprinkles, drizzle, it is all a possibility. >> in my house they call that see more side. >> oh? i don't want the see more side here. >> tired of it, can we look forward to anything, tuck, maybe? >> hey, might get peak of sunshine this after moon, more sunshine tomorrow, and friday looks absolutely beautiful. before more rain gets here saturday. >> okay. >> here are the current numbers, 56 in washington, 53 dullos, 53, cloud cover, we got that in the forecast with, you know, what i think most of your day will not feature a lot of measurable rain, just few spotty showers and little drizzle around, temperature about 60 degrees. >> all right. >> seven day has some brightness on it. and dairy say i think we will do 80 degrees next week. >> in time for memorial day. >> don'
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>> i'm telling you, you will love it. >> erin hopefully summer right around the corner. >> that sounds so nice right now. because unfortunately the rain just been doing bad things to our morning commute. this is wednesday morning right now, 7:07. crosswalking the left shoulder, 95 northbound by prince william parkway. because of that traffic is very slow through woodbridge this morning. south of that point, you jam up in stafford, as welshing then north of that point, slow as you head toward the spring fields, franconia parkway. let's switch thing over, show you a look at the map. aside from that crash and slow down, other delays, other problems, this is good news in fairfax, crash and closure clear telegraph road reopened out by the parkway, then making your way out. still dealing with fallen tree in the district. seven and 800 block of 21 street closed and 1900 block of eighth street closed use i or pending to get around that one. crews working hard, very large tree, they need to clear out of the way. another crash did clear on 295, how much, there are there are sti h
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pennsylvania and the 11 street bridge, delays extending back to 50, 50 inbound jams as well, still dealing with delays, on metro, orange, blue, silver lines, back to you. >> erin, thanks. d bathe to close largest homeless shelter stacking heated exchange between mayor bowser and members of council. >> apparently didn't like the council's decision. >> ann think morning outside of the wilson building where it all went down yesterday. hi, annie. >> reporter: hey, steve, allison, yes, just like you mentioned, this is the city's largest homeless shelter dc general. and there is no doubt that all dc leaders want it to close. disagreement really over how that should happen. and so, yesterday, during the meeting here at the wilson building things got pretty heated as dc council took vote. they voted on a different plan from the one mayor bowser had previously proposed. so things got very heated over the noon shutdown dc general, by opening smaller shelters across the city.
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under the new plan, some shelter locations would be changed, the sit i would buy or use i am than the domain to acquire properties, and the estimates from the council chairman is that it would save tax pairing $165 million. but, it is not a plan the mayor agrees with or sports supports. two reporters standing knee by heard very intense conversation between the mayor and the council chairman, yesterday, this is a tweet from one of the reporters from wamu who heard the conversation and then asked the chairman it confirm it took place. according it the reporter the mayor bowser, or mayor bowser called an expletive liar. you know it can't close by 2018. there you see the tweetment asked the chairman and mayor what they thought about this. and got their reaction yesterday, take a listen. >> believe me, i've heard worse. and it was a private conversation. >> well, what i convey to the chairman, and i'll convey to everybody, that the council can ma
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they voted on today, but they have to tell the people the truth. >> i think i can only say this, that the mayor was upset over some of the legislation before council. >> chairman says his plan would save the taxpayers 106 a million dollars, again, that's a lot of money being saved there. compared to what the mayor is plan was, and he also says his plan can be implemented right away. dc general would be closed by 2018. that's the very latest here at the wilson building northwest, annie yu. >> you heard mendelssohn there talking about a conversation he had with the mayor, comment made, we'll find out more about that later this morning, because council chairman will join us on good day dc at about 9:15. >> in the campaign trail this morning, donald trump took home victory in oregon. it was a tight race for the democratic primary in kentucky. secretary clinton narrowly winning claiming
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the with a tweet, senator sanders is clear winner in oregon but it won't do much to slow down clinton's march toward nomination, even though sanders says he is not dropping out of the race. maybe call it a trues. fock's megan kelly sat down with donald trump in a exclusive interview. kelly and trump started feuding back in august after the first gop debate. during the interview kelly addressed contentious feud which played out between them on social media. coming up clock 30, fox5 ronica spear i will have much more on the trump interview. millions of people who work 50 to 60 hours a week without getting paid over time are now going to get for t under an new law. >> today president barack obama will unveil new rule that will let full-time salaried employees earn over time if they make up to $47,476 a year. >> very specific. >> no word on the change, but that's the big dollar amount. the goal is to boost the pockets of low and middle income workers. >> al
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breaking fuse from overseas, what caused deadly mud slide. >> plus major funding fight over how much to spends a battle the zika virus, bob? >> if you spend any time on the road you may have wondered what's it like for the truckers to be in this seat with the rest of us? here's our man of the hour, dave boy err, will take us for aeried i'm sitting up here just for a moment. we will hit the belt way, and share the road from the truckers perspective. we will be back after this. z2022z
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>> 7:00 czars following two breaking news stories overseas today. >> in ecuador, six hadn't seven magnitude earthquake hit, epi center near the coast, near the same area where last month's devastating quake killed hundreds of people. today's quake rattled homes and sent many resident into the streets. little damage, though, has been reported. more than 200 families, believed to be burried, under mud. horrifying. after landslides swept through several villages, there already 16 people have been found dead in the mud. another 180 have been rescued. this disaster comes just days after torrential rain on the south asian
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grounds is pretty saturated hereby now, tuck? >> absolutely, yes. 4 inches of rain for the month of may. and, you know, unusual weather continues. sunshine, never get a chance to dry out. >> right. >> guess what? more clouds today, more cool temperatures. i have a signature sweat jacket that i've been wearing every day now for the past month, yes. >> every day, so have you taken any laundry breaks inbetween or anything? >> new york cents like a playoff beards. won't wash it until the sun comes out. >> operative word in that was sweat. >> let's get to the forecast. i like how steve finishes the sentences. cloud cover, maybe sprinkle, or shower in our forecast today, there is rain there to the north as within west, bottom line, between the two systems. so as far as measurable rain, not so much. as far as clouds, damp conditions, that is set to continue here with daytime highs about six off degrees, this afternoon, all right, might be peak of sunshine later today. definitely will turn partly sunny by tomorrow afternoon. and then, friday looks
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gorgeous. seventy-two, sunshine, low humidity, it will be friday, i won't talk about the weekend right now. >> unless you want to talk about rain. >> i plan ongoing to see a he can lent movie. >> i think that sounds like a great idea. >> good plan. >> all right. erin, brunch indoors maybe? >> you know, i'm going a wedding in alex andre a saturday afternoon, sunshine would be much appreciated. >> i hope it is an indoor wedding. >> it is an indoor reception, good news therefore the bride. right now big props, gloomy commute. crash process of clearing, left lane, sigh traffic moving, cleared, 59 northbound out by prince william parkway still slow from del sit my woodbridge and south that far point in stafford. we go ahead, look at the maps, inside the belt way, heavy traffic there. inside the district, dealing with a closure from large down tree. seven and 800 block of 21 street, between h and g, 1900 block of h street, also closed, so to get a
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or pending, we'll let you know as soon as that's cleared out of the way, even though crash cleared on 295 southbound, big delays lingering because of congestion, eve avenue to pennsylvania down to about 14 miles per hour, in the district, then for your maryland travel times, 95 southbound backed up from the icc to the belt way jammed in frederick also 50 inbound delays bw parkway, keep in mind bw parkway, potter mill, as well. a look at this virginia drove time next. steve? >> this is actually kind of cool perspective now. driving alongside tractor-trailers in the belt way or 95, a lot of times other motorists little anxiety. >> understood. and the decisions you make around the big littles could literally be the difference between life or death. our bob barnard getting perspective many of us never do from the from the seat of 18 wheeler, joins us from north virginia, so happy you're not driving. like do you have your cdl? ii didn't think you d good morning. >> i do not. yes, good morning,
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glad that mr. dave boy fresh southwest virginia behind the wheel, not me. out here on north glee road headed to the belt way. yes, we thought we would give you different spend speculative. i never actually sat shotgun. in the back, seen these truck with the big calves, these guys can cam out as they g dave has 5 million accident free miles. that's why the american trucking association looked us us up with dave. southwest virginia driving since 1907 you told me. what do you want people out on the road with you to understanded or to do to help make it safe for all of us when we're out here, dave? >> well, i want them to know that i'm big. you know, i take up little more room than they do. you know, just give me a little bit. and i'll give back. it is all about us sharing the road together. and, you know, just getting out here, watching for each other. because, you know, the main
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and do you too. >> absolutely, you have a big windshields here. we're perched high. >> i call that my picture window. >> beautiful. you got big side mirrors, you can see people around you. but if someone cut across in front of you, if anybody is out there driving a car, will realize, people do on occasion or try to pass you on the wrong side. what do you want to like some of the top three warning would you have for people around you? >> well, the biggest thing about a truck, the right side is our biggest blind spot. it can be as much as three lanes wide. you know, and just don't pass us on the right side. that's the main thing. and if you do, just get on by. you know, don't linger. you know, stay at the back of the trailer, don't linger over there. watch for the turn signal f that turn signal comes on, you know, the driver might be coming over and not catch you, you know, just right at that time. but you know, watch his turn
7:21 am
biggest thing, don't tailgate. because we're up high offer the ground. and, you know, like say they might be a latter leaning on the street, i'll straddle it, i'll clear it, but you be coming along in your car, but what are you going to do? you'll hit it, low profile. so if you stay back, where you can see, you know, you can see good. and the other thing always pass us on the left. but you know how your car, how do you a head check like that? >> looking left, yes. >> yes. >> you know, i can do a head check. too much truck behind me. and i got to rely on these mirrors. them mirror's is my -- they're my safety. >> we'll ride with dave for another hour or so, come back, have some other questions for him. i learned early in my career covered fatal accident because a car bunch. people in las vegas passing a truck on the right and the truck kind of bent left to make that hard right, and it it was the truck turning right, car passing on the
7:22 am
good combination. it was deadly accident. so be careful when you are around. we will back all morning with mr. dave boyer. out on the belt way before you know it, talk more about sharing the highway with 18 wheelers, guys. >> 5 million accident. >> driving since 1970. >> and i learned something during that segment, as well, you used to work for a trucking show. >> called trucker tv, based here in washington, build as the cnn for truckers. >> they aired it at truck stops. >> truck stops in the united states and some in canada. i learned a lot about trucking. >> i know everything about you. >> no, still some secret. that's what keeps us fresh. >> love it. >> many doing up help on the way for passengers one of the busiest airports. >> long awaited sit down with donald trump. what he had to say about their little fired that they've had going back and forth for few months now. we'll dissect coming up at 7:22.
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>> clock 25, working with displaced resident, unfortunately, more rain expected there today. and that speaks to wh we have. it could be worse here. >> yes, it could be. it is just, i think, our patience is being tried every day, tuck. >> i think that's a good call. unfortunately look at this, more of the same. gray, cloudy, gloomy conditions out there, early, cool temperatures, 56 in washington. your winds are out of the northeast at 8i
7:26 am
you agree? not a lot of rain today. it will be generally cloudy with maybe sprinkle or few showers, most of the rain shower activity to the north and northwest, pushing up into pennsylvania, another batch to the south and east down toward the beaches. sort of between the two bands of rain this morning, so i don't think we'll get a lot of measurable rain, cloud, sprinkle, keep the clouds a ever around, cool temperatures for another day. only about 60 for daytime high. all right, finds some sunshine. might be few peaks every sunday shine later today. there was rainbow yesterday. had little sun in spots yesterday. tomorrow partly sunny by afternoon. friday looks fantastic. and i'll stand in the way of the weekend so you can't see it. saturday, sunday, do not look good. >> little sunshine to your forecast. >> so beautiful. okay, your turn. >> okay. yeah. >> there it is. >> because my roads aren't looking so great. i thought beautiful yellow flowers might brighten up this
7:27 am
hey, look how park we are ooh inbound from 410 to bw parkway, crawling along, head in the ann happen list, keep in mind usual wall of traffic from buoy, as women, switch it over from the live look, show you how things are shaping up with a look at our maps. another crash and delays around the area, inbound delays heavy 295, east into pennsylvania, then north of the belt way bw parkway southbound slow moving traffic by powder milan also the northbound side slows past 32, so head today bwi this morning keep that in mind. typical son and go traffic on 95 northbound, as well, 95 southbound jammed icc to the belt way. have more traffic in just a few, steve, allison? >> still to come, funds being battle over how much money to spends to fight the zika battle. >> what do you think about the battle for the white how the, 7:27.
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♪ 7:30 right now. there's a look at > the white a house this morning.t use can't do anything about thethis rain. but america can do something som about who lives in the whitelivw house next. of course, drumly one of theonet folks who is trying to make thaa happen for himself.self. >> and did you watch? it wast one of the most anticipate the interviews certainly of this electioneleio season. >> fox news anchor megyn kelly going one-on-one with donalditha trump in prime time last nighttt on megyn kelly presents.rese the presidential hopeful refle reflected on his relationshipioi with megyn kelly.elly here's a little bit of the of interview last night.ight >> i have great respect for youy that you were able to call meall and say let's get together andha let's talk.s tak. to me i would not have done th that. >> between kell and trauma manyr since kelly questionedau trump u about his past remarks at as republican debate last augustt a that involved a lot of commentso that were not friend toll womenn >> um-hmm. our political reporter ronica rc cleary is with us here on thee t ucuch. she was watching closely lastast night, and we're here to dis
7:31 am
i laughed i apologize but i i found that statement just funnyn i respect you for having theinhe nerve to call me. >> he said he would would neveru have done that. he said he acknowledges thated t that's a bad quality. we saw she asked him about himbt regrets and personality -- veryv much focused on the human sidee of donald trump and while he won openly admit some characterer flaws that was one admission tot say i wouldn't have done that. >> right.. >> right. >> we learned about the manarne behind trump tower i think. ihik >> we talk to meghan yesterdayes and she made a point of saying,s you know, during the debate andd everything like i'm not going tt throw you softball questions que there's a reason we pose theseet questions because we want to get you answers and hold youd y accountable for thing.for ing last night did it seem a little too -- i don't want to use word soft but wasn't very confrontational.nfroat >> that's a great way to put it. i'm hesitant to know really to l walk away
7:32 am
have we ever seen an interviewni set up in the context that was w set up here with the back and forth -- it's not back and for forth. they've been feud fog nine months but they haven't becausee kelly recently has not respondes to the tweets, the barrage ofare tweets not just from donaldrom trump but also from thelsfrom supporters of donald trump whonw have really come out hard against megyn kelly for that t first question that the context is so unusual and the fact, what really surprisedr me is they said they didn't have this covering at all when theyht met. i thought -- i just assumed wheh she called to meet they wouldou have sat down and talked aboutao all that happened, and basical y the inn intention was to say s we'll have this conversation foa the first time, you know, inno i this interview.erew so i'm in the sure how it wasow supposed to be handled, but thaa is not a normal scenario.. >> not by any stretch. s even the setting looked likeookd they were in a meeting or boardb room, you know, i found thatount strange, but what were some ofeo the key points that you tookat u away fro
7:33 am
person that is maybe a softerbes donald trump? >> it's interesting. one of the things that reallytha struck me when she asked himsk h about, you know, are youre basically still a winner if youu don't win this thing and he jusj flat out said no.d n he said i would look at this ass a huge waste of time and money.y i think that puts in context how tough drum is that going to beno in this thing. thing not that anybody wants for wts president isn't in it to win it, but the idea that a person whosw has never been in politicsic before would basically look at k this as huge waste of he doesn'e walk out as the president, then, man is willing to really -- he'h going to be willing to fight fog this even more so as we continun to go on. i thought that was verywas vey insightful, because most peoplep would say, look, i've had more m people come out and vote.nd vot i've had all this affect on the conversation. >> i'm not inside the beltway. >> he said you know what it what means nothing to me if i don't d win this thing and that really -- i sort of stopped. spd i watched this interview twiceee last night. because there was this unusual
7:34 am
sort of mix between thiss conversation of -- >> what movie do you watch?ch >> right.ig >> what's your favorite book.k >> how do they get over this and learning about this very who i would say quite complex man who you know struggles with opening up, you know, talking about hish brother not really willing to wt dive into the pain heve into experienced when his brother h o died, you know, the first thingr he said when she asked about that experience was, he said hei was very handsome. still portraying this very ts v strong powerful person when you're dealing with the death of a brother, i do think i learnedn something about donald trumpd t though i think what learned he' a lot more complex than we mighg think.think >> the trait that you just trai described of theju winning is is certainly number one, that is, i the goal, that's also has a lota of people in congress worried, d though, because when they seen s someone if they don't get what it is that they want, thatn t they're in for, may take on an a more difficult position that
7:35 am
makes somebody like that hard to work witch i know there arew members of congress worried con about that right now, but let'sl take that out of the equation.. congress these work with with whomever america elects.ri e >> sure. does it make him or less likeable. >> or not. >> they have to work with him i one way. one way. they have to be there and try to find way. >> okay. really -- we've seen a different congress in the last eight years.ght years >> hundreds of millions across s the country is my point. poi >> i'm saying for the rest of the people who are in elected et office more or less likeable lik r ter this interview.te >> i'm not sure. i'm it was funny when he was askedsk about how tough he's beene's through this he said he feelsls that helped him within the t primary.y. he's the presumptive nominee that strength, that aggressiveness, all of that he, said, you know, i don't take itk back that's what people like then you somehow this very v much -- this softer side.fter s there's this talk of prief havef thing to the general. ger does he need to be more, you you know, showing this different --t these different i don't know if you say different trumps worksss trumps, i'm not sure, becausee,c
7:36 am
primary is not the trump we saww last night, correct? but if it is true and if it is sincere, i don't think in any way he was w fake his personality last nightt i think he was showing anotheras side of him.side of i think that's important for thr public to see, but i rememberemr one person tweeted what's withtt all the soft questions? and he quoted that tweet he said he waw going to life tweet last nightt and said not soft at all. he defended the interview and the style. e he complimented meghan in an tweet after it was over. but, you know, we're going tooi have to -- we'll have to see,, right? i don't >> here's the thing.hing. >> very unusual and certainlyiny the first interview of its kind in what i walk away with aboutht the donald. dond. >> who he is. >> i think they want to listen to one more little clip from tht interview last night.w lastight >> sure. yeah.. >> you would be amazed at thet e ones i don't retweet. >> there was a retweet. retwe did i say that? tha >> many times.
7:37 am
>> okay. excuse me. >> what do you think was --nk w >> not the most horrible thing. politically.poli not the most -- over your lifeli meghan you've been called a lott worse. wouldn't you say? you've had life that's not been that easy. >> not about m it's not about me.boe. it's about the messaging to young girls and to other women.n >> it's a certain amount of --f- it's a modern day form off fighting back. >> make it better or worse.or >> it's interesting when shein said it's not about me,te i'veti seen people try to turn theur t table on meghan and her show s where they will try to turn anda ask her questions, and one off her regular responses i don'test answer the the not me i was a little disappointedinte because it is about her, right?t that was the whole point ofoi this. >> right. right >> and there was an opportunityi there. i think to maybe to push back a little bit. i think she deserved an apologyo but i'm also one who -- ii would -- i never advocate for forced apology. i certainly --taly >> he wasn't giving it. ging
7:38 am
he said excuse me in his way was one. >> he smile.e >> but then he didn't sayhe didy anything. >> if you look at him as a at ha businessperson it's masterful.rl you say what you say and thenndt you be quiet. q and let the other person say, ps you know, to continue.nue. so i mean that's who he is.ho hi he's a businessman.essm he's a master he was giving a little. he wasn't giving everything andh i do like that they went back and talked more about it and sha could have said, you know, it hurt me personally.ersona i've worked hard to get where ie am, and it was unfair, you knowk and it's not about it's about it was interesting. was int she was in touergh spot.ough s >> she really was.eall >> last night. she was in a tough spot last l night. >> being quite the silence i qun think when i try to ask pceeoplo questions in an interview i tryi not to speak because i want toat let them fill that space. i want them to talk, and then he, you know, did it back to her and there was that awkward awk silence where both of them okay, who -- whose going to talk tal first. >> what are we going to do.e wet >> seeing that play out onat plt life -- it wasn't liven'li television but seeing that onino television she was -- she's in i tough spot.po
7:39 am
she is not a bimbo and she -- se >> my goodness. >> absolutely deserved anolutel apology. ap >> very damaging.y >> if it's not sincere d i'm onm that doesn't want it if it's nos >> right. >> she handled it the way shethe did. >> right. >> ron any dark thanks. >> thank you. >> great insight. we appreciate you being on. when we come back how historycis being made in the military.y >> and after passengers faceersf long security lines news of somm relief at one of the country's busiest airports. back after this.
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>> big news from capitol hill this morning where the senate has confirmed theng nomination f eric fanning to the position of army secretary.ecre it will make him the firsthe fit openly gay leader of us military service.ic fanning's confirmation comes eight months after presidentnt barack obama nominated him to that position.hsatat position. in the fight against theht t zika virus the senate voted ined favor of $1.1 billion measure tt combat the virus. it is short the amount of moneyo the president is requesting tos help develop a vaccine but ituti offers more money to fight zika than the house republicansubca planned which is half that half amount. their bill plus millions thes is white house shifted from unusede ebola fund wog provide enough eg funding to fight zika throughhr late september.eptember >> some relief is on the way too chicago o'hare internationalnatl airport. 58 new security officers and more bomb sniffing dog teams too alleviate the long lines at thet security checkpoints.po long wait times have been majorr problems at airports across thes country. tsa and congress have
7:43 am
have cut the number of screenere in the past three years. yrs >> still to come on the fox beaa this morning kevin sits do youdy with an s inform l alum to talkl about her new role in the angrya birds movie.bis mo >> later this morning as mornina surprising number of sun screens may not protect as well as they claim. how can you tell which ones aree the real deal? 7:43. 7:43. ♪
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ >> give a quick peek at what's coming up on good day at ic9:00 o'clock.'clock today
7:46 am
stale will join us she'll dishnl about her new movie love and and friendship. >> the countdown to the bigounto empire if you until physical night we've got your sneak peek at the season ender and ground g breaking mini series roots is is coming back to television we'veo got the star of this brand new version maliki kirby he plays pa the leader on the show. on the . today we will talk with him.h h >> shout out to empire foro em r making it threw an entire season without divulging the spoiler cliff hanger at the end of lastl season. >> i like the excitement of notn knowing.know >> maybe we'll fine out tonight. >> okay.>> no spoiler here.nopoil more rain on the way, tuck. >> yes, steve not so much rainhn but cloud cover and sort oftf dreary conditions with w temperatures only about 60 this afternoon that may gloom may glo continues. as mentioned not much sunshine n today.. yesterday spot or two got a few peeks of sunshine.she nice pictures of rainbows onnboo twitter locally, and we might get little sun today. friday looks awesome.weme
7:47 am
low 70's something to looko l forward to.rwd t and unfortunately i know we gott graduation, weddings, parties, i outdoors, that kind of thing tht weekend looks wet particularlytl saturday potential for inch orh two of rain on saturday we'reda' not quite done with this pattere although i think there are tre indication occasions of changess next week.xt 56 now in washington.ashin. cool out there, yeah, low to mim 50s off to the north and west.ns 52 in frederick. 52 gaithersburg.g. winchester 52 rain showers along 81 you can 8 see off to the west. and kind of hang out there. t i don't think we'll get a lot of measurable rain locally today. t but we will keep the cloud coveo and drizzle in the forecast this afternoon. and that's going to be about itt for the next 24 hours or so. i don't think we'll get a lot oo sunshine later this afternoon. t there's the bigger picture youiy can see again most of that raini shower activity kind of trackink off to the north and east andast will stay north and west. rain shower activity down at tht beaches.beache high pressure out towardse out s chicago that builds in later tonight in particular during tht day tomorrow and for us thator a means more sunshine by
7:48 am
afternoon.afte that's friday's forecast.ect that's a big h. a h i mean that's a really big h. that will start to build inld tomorrow. we'll start to get sunshinear around here.nd here >> that was a big h.. 60 today.od dry tomorrow with little moreowi friday looks fantastic.ic. there's that rain saturday. sorry about that. saturday looks wetso. sunday, monday and tuesday lookk wet.t. weather weather day 80 degrees0r and sunshine. i'm calling it early. why not this is an 8-dayay forecast. >> you know what's exciting.g >> yes. >> it will finally feel like baseball season weather.ea >> we'll have upper 70s and 80s8 here to stay. to ay >> this is bob barnard shot from the big rig on the inner loop cruising along reminder aboutlom truck safety hello, guys.lo, gu. want to take it slow. s be safe around the trucks givere them plenty of room.them don't tailgate and as you cans o see traffic slowing towardswi tysons as usual. ual just heavy flow not anythingnyig terrible right now looks likee he's just moving along keep youy posteposted thon inner loop groo much this is 66 a little bititte more jammed up in
7:49 am
this portion of your ride.ide. eastbound jams from fairfaxai county parkway to 123 with heavy congestion inside the beltwayel through arlington as welch let's go ahead and take look at ourur virginia drive times. times slow conditions 95 on the 95 te northbound side as well.nd s we'll look at our map right now. center point parkway to 610 in stafford jammed same story 66 east 234 to centreville and thee 395 edsall to the 14th street se bridge. tons of congestion wet roads. ra leave early inbound delays in d the district beltway to the key bridge 11 miles per hour as yous make your way in on gw parkwayaw so watch out for that in from fm rosland to georgetown the keynhe bridge completely jammed andnd then in the district we alsoct s have wisconsin avenue very slowo northwest as you come in to friendship heights fromeigh bethesda. we also have typical jam ups in georgetown on m and wisconsin ws and then inbound traffic reallya slow on 295 inside the beltway, 395 so not liking what i'mwh i seeing. get an early start and drive safe. safe that's your early traffic.traff. allison.
7:50 am
how long she'll be suspended tod tennis when she faces an antin a doping panel in london.don 29 years old. o she failed drug test in januaryy the same day she lost a match to serena williams. the heart disease medication shs tested positive for had only been on the banned list since se the first of the year. year. maximum punishment four-year bar but that's long time inime professional sports.s >> sure s officials handle out suspensions for this brawl b sunday between the blue jays and the rangers.ngers jose battista with the hard h slide there that triggered itedi and watch the punch odor right t there. that landed him the mostt suspended time he got eight gamm suspension for throwing that punch. pu because tis at a was banned for one game. both are appealing thoseeali the suspensions. ♪ 7:50. cool kevin mccarthy in studioin with us good uod kev. >> steve and allison g morning. how is your day going
7:51 am
>> it's good to see you. >> angry birds movie opening upu this do you play the gameis.lathe >> we used to like four yearsure ago. >> i think it's a little a little late for this movie bue i will say like for me the stars wars angry birds was the best nothing more -- a dicked toic playing that gam huge cast in this film josh gadh jason is he day kiss sean pennen is grunting the entire film.e f. i can't think of a better job tb get paid just to grunt in antn film.lm that's all his character d i d i spoke to maya rudolph who voicev the character in the film abouta work wig sean penn while he'shi' begunking the entire movie but also she plays so many san characters obviously on snl, bridesmaids as well very young g children, when will she let herh kids watch bridesmaids.smaids watch this. >> sean penn's grunts that wasas amazing. i know acting -- voice acting a you're not actually there onsett with these people he's all doned separate. . >> right. >> when off scene with that, what are you hearing yes do they give you the grunt? no, but
7:52 am
was told they would be sean penn's grunts so it gave me an idea of what i'd be working wi with. >> this is terrence. thiis t >> yes, terrence.. >> if you could voice act any of the characters did you on snl just as -- and bring that tha character to life in animatedd format and threw voice -- vce >> that would be fun. >> who would you want to play in an animated world? >> oh, gosh. well, i always love doing bronxn speed with amy doing thoseoing o ladies in animated version. fred and i used to these the characters that were both namedn noon knee, and i'd like that. t i did get to do app animatedmate version on take on character. ct >> you have children. you have when you do have an r rated film like braids maids in your filmnr gravy when do you allow them toh see that. >> i don't know. my oldest daughter is 10 an
7:53 am
has -- heard a couple kids comem up to me and say, i love l bridesmaids and my daughter wass like how come you never let me see braids made?? >> i feel like you're not readyr there's adult language thatag tt you're not ready for and she's e oh mad at me for it. i let her watch the end.. i let her watch the wedding. ig right. >> but, yeah, i'm being uber --- overly protective about it witht my kids. my k >> with your kids you're makingn this film obviously family f friendly but a great balance ofe being for adults a lot of adulta played the game as well. >> yeah.eah >> when you do a voice charactea when you play off your kids a ks little bit? do you lines forin them and say is this funny? fuy does this work? do you test iti on them at all? them ll >> i never take it home but i do know after i did big hero six mm son wanted to play -- he wantedw to be hero and then he'd ask mee to talk to him so i've done it i post like we play
7:54 am
i'll act out characters thatsha they've seen. see >> probably nothing cooler thana being a mom and being animatedd movie because like especially you oldest kid is 10 years old.o her kids want to play charactert with her. . that's a lot of fun.'s a lot of. >> that's really cool. >> that end view was weren't d dee. that was ma was ma ui i don't even know how the mikesm were picking up our voicesce because it was beyond windy.. the shirt i'm rocking is froms o true romance.. that's christian slater's truere pro romance shirt.rt. not a magnum pi shirt.hi >> i thought i recognized it.og you remember talking about the t grunting and the whole they t wy know. i had to remind you there's a whole industry based on people p who get paid for doing that very thing in movies.inie >> allison said that i literally almost spilled my coffee and ied fell over. that is one of the fun yesterdas things. th >> sean penn did it the classy s way. >> he did in kid friendlyd kid environment.ronment >> exactly. well said. well >> back to you guys. >> too harsh on magnum pi she'ss a huge tom cel
7:55 am
>> we have to get him in studio. >> don't do it.>> don't do it. i can't handle it. >> you love so many good actorst >> he's just going keep talkingg tuck. tuck. >> i know he is. i can't believe the windy conditions in maui almost kept you threw an interview.erew >> film critic problems.s. >> such a hard time for me to do that interview.erview >> you got through >> i made it through. i made itt >> takes courage.hres >> storm tracker radar, hey, h showers north and west. w some of those trying to slip into our region a few showers so around today.. and of course, what else is new in may? keep the cloud coverer and cool conditions with highwh temperatures about 60 a cool 56 this morning at reagaa national.naonal dulles 54. bwi marshall 53. 5 we'll try to actually work somem sun into the forecast byas b tomorrow and then i think fridak will be a mostly sunny day. d so things will improve here thet end of the week. wee saturday i'm really sorry about this, i'm just the mess injury but it look like we got rain saturday.saturd could be some soaking rains, rn, too, sunday a few showers arou around. there's your weekend forecast, w
7:56 am
more traffic with erin. >> beep beep. >> just hanging out over hereng drinking my coffee keeping aneeg eye on all the bad delays really heavy traffic on the outer loopl by new hampshire to crashes toss report from 95 through georgiaia you're basically parked becausec of so many vehicles on the roadr give yourself extra time there.. we'll switch it over for look ar our maps much aside from thate o seeing a lot of congestion otheo parts of town around the dmv as well inbound delay eastern to eo pennsylvania on 295 southbound.. 14 miles per hour. per hour. 50 inbound really slow outside e the beltway on 50 jammed by 2022 as well in addition to that onee now gw parkway from the beltwayy to the key bridge 11 slow milese an hour with congestion.onstio you jam across the key bridge bi clara barton and cabin johnabin inside the beltway also veryy heavy traffic.raic we're seeing conditions backingc up that yellow line on 66 as yoy make your way past 237 in37 in addition to that one, fallenal tree this has been going on forf hours.ho really large tree down seven,en, and 800 blocks of northeastst affected 1900 block of h streetr both of those sections are closed
7:57 am
use i, use 18th or benning tonn get around that.ha metro orange, blue, silveril delays because of speed restrictions by mcpherson mcprs square. more traffic in a few. in aew >> thanks. still to come 8:00 o'clock the top products from the consumer electrons show we talked about t in january are on the store t s shelves. >> we can buy them.el we can bum >> it has become a roll .will tl and we'll tell where you you ca find them.h >> new report says your sunscreen may not be workingew g well as you think.we as how to tell if you're gettingeei the right three minutes before the hour oo 8:00 o'clock.00 o'cck join us on the other side of the break. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid...
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stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 live look at the inner loop of the beltwaf in northern virginia.w oon virg. bob barnard riding along in bign rig this morning. mni he's riding, not driving. dri no worries. we'll have more a little later t this hour. hr. >> good morning to you, today io wednesday morning, it's mayt's 18th, 2016.01 i'm allison seymour.ur >> i'm steve chenevey.te always great to be with you andd this time of the morning.ning within the last half hour, groug of fairfax county firefighterser got together to talk with the tt news media trying to shed a positive spotlight on their o t department which has been w hase dealing with loss a mid claimsia of bullying and are a has many.m >> this is outside consultantsan are coming in to examine justmij what is going on in this department.rtnt. fox5's hell knee alnwick amongwa the reporters asking questions o just now. she's in annandale. mel, good morning. mni >>
8:01 am
well this group of firefightersr men and women who came togetherr here this morning at the fireher station in annandale, they sayhs all the negative attention has s hurt moral and diminished theirt stand wig the community, andmund that's why they wanted to makeem she's public statements this morning. saying that they've had nothingt but positive support.up not only from the fireir department but also from theirrt male co-workers. >> never once was i treated tret differently because of my gended it simply didn't matter to them. since graduating i've been've bn received with open arms.en as. no matter where i've been. bee the men and women of this of t department have taught me htaug everything i know. i've never been judged byeen jub anything other than my charactet and my personal work my gender has been a non issue.a >> reporter: all of this began after firefighter nicoleicole mittendorff committed suicide ii the shenandoah national parkar last mon. family and friends believe thata online bullying and harassment contributed to her emotionalmo distress though investigatorsina have not made that anonymous poster on the fairfax
8:02 am
underground website called her names, discussed her sex life and generally trashed her ander other female firefighters saidhs they received the same treatment. after the posts became publiclic knowledge, chief richie bauers b lunch an investigation into the culture of the fire department.m but the most recent problem ispm that the man in charge ofe internal affairs the man in thee fire department who is in charga of investigating workplacece misconduct himself was placed on leave last thursday after people found out that he had some very objectionable and lewd posts ons his private facebook page. last night at the board of supervise meeting in fairfaxee county chairman sharon bulivaiva said that is one of the reasons why she ordered the fire department to bring in ann a outside consultant to look att a what's going on inside the firer department. there was also a lawsuit thataw was filed last week alleging aeg hostile work environment, alsona noting that this internalerl affairs investigator guy wheatow in this lawsuit is claimed he ch really didn't listen at all tota
8:03 am
investigation had to say. say. so a lot going on here, and i also should mention that thehe women who spoke today also wan wanted to say they aren't trying to diminish else's personal p claims against perhaps people in their units or against the fire department, but they wanted to w say their own personall experiences have been nothingnoi but positive.potiv live in annandale, melanie alnwick fox5 local news.ew >> in rockville driver accused of being drunk and hitting andig killing police noah leotta lasts year due in court today. louis, expected to plead guiltyt later this morning the.s morng . he faces six nos five years in i prison. he will be sentence tad later lr date. a math professor at northere virginia community college isle behind bars this morning accused of of raping two students.tunt police say both attacksks allegedly happened at theappenet manassas campus in march and and april. 27-year-old youseff khalib firer on thursday a week after theerhe accusations wer
8:04 am
to police.. grand jury has indicted twoo special police officers in theli death of a patient outsidece med star washington hospital center. clifton montgomery and charlesnc brown are charged withit involuntary manslaughter in thet death of 74-year-old james last objection, mcbride left tht hospital before he was dischar discharged as the nurse was trying to bring him a back inn mcbride scuffled with thesced w officers. the medical examiner ruled there death a hmm side saying he diedd from a broken neck caught caused by blunt force trauma. 8:04 now. n millions of people are about to get paid overtime. today president barack obama will unveil a new rule that wilw let full-time salaried workers earn overtime if they make up to $47,476 a year. year very specific dollars amountc a there. the goal for low and middle m income workers to make more money.ney today is your chance tohance score tickets to the biggestigst broadway musical in years when w it comes to d.c. the travelingng cast. cast. >> we're talking about hamiltong of course.
8:05 am
no exact dates have beenxaates announced for the performancesfm because they're stale over yearo away. beginning at 10am if you reallyu want to make sure you have a r ticket to theke show, when ithei comes to d.c., starting atg a 10:00 this morning you can buy a theater subscription for next nx seasons shows at the ken dooshoe center. that puts you first in line toin renew that subscription for the next season and then that willhw include tickets to hamilton.. so followed along -- >> buy a subscription.scpt >> buy two subscriptions and yoy get a chance to go to the show.o >> you don't realize but that bt looks like my dance parties atea my house on friday nights.ig >> hopping up and down.opping u >> yeah. >> a lot more people.eo you usual val one, right?one, rt >> that's okay. >> steve, you're there. >> party and dance like nobodyob is watching. wat isn't that what they say. >> right.>>ight >> yes. >> steve!>> s! >> steve has been video let me do the weather. weath auction war. au >> 56 now in washington.ct hey, you know what, we'll benowe lucky to get 60 today.od cloud cover, yes, a
8:06 am
maybe a few showers.. thank you pam has been tweetinge me every day asking about about softball because her high schooh team is trying to get their lasl games of the season in and getting rained out over and over again. agai game time t i mean the fields are wet. w even if we don't get measurableu rain today it will romaine romne cloudy with sprinkles and occasional drizzle as well.el all right. all righ most of the rain you see to theo north and west had remain to tho north and west. west. out in the mountains and alongna the beaches and otherwise weerse know this 60 degrees this afternoon. maybe a peek or two of sunshineh with drier hours later today and then we'll get sunshine tomorrom an lot of sunshine friday they forecast gets better towards ths end of the week.end of the wee i'll have that in just a minuten friday is always a good thing.hi >> let's check in with erin como with the roads. rds >> such a tease with thath tt sunshine.hine inbound delays heavy rainy rider slick conditions.conditns. inbound third street tunnel down to 10 miles an westbound side of the freeway to 39510 miles an hour as well.s really heavy congestion 295 on
8:07 am
the southbound side.d crash activity as well if you're heading from prince george's, five branch of a south thehe surrats road the northbound sidd of five also backed up with uh usual congestion by surrats.ra so extra time needed there.. pennsylvania of a inbound jamsou the usual spots. 95 south from the icc to the beltway.. slow zone 270 south from 80 to t 109 really slow commute. cmute you slow again through rockville and then 50 inbound four den tot the bw parkway red zone and keek in mind bw parkway by powder byd mill very backed up as usual. ul let's take live look outside.uti show you how these cloudy rainyy conditions are affecting ourng o drive.dr this is a look at the beltwayhel things are really slow right non as you make your way out by they american legion bridge. inner loop slow outer looprp backed up as well.ckedp as look at the inbound side of the key bridge.key bridg stop and go traffic as you makem your way from rosslyn intoslyn i georgetown.geor in addition to that, keep inhatp mind inside the beltway clarala barton and cabin john backed upd jam across the 14th street s bridge, 11th street bridge b slow as well and suitlanduitl parkway i
8:08 am
bridge that's your look at traffic.look back to you when the sun does finally comeam out don't get burned by yourr sunscreen.nseen some apparently not pro tuckingi you as much as you might think. how do you know which ones you can trust? we'll let you know.o plus a man gets blown awayla with in 100-mile per hour windsn we'll show you the video and how that man is doing when we comeom back. ♪ okay, ready? whoa!
8:09 am
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>> try to ease into another ath cloudy day out. >> a groove on wednesday, stevee it's a groove. >> you know how we get with thiw weather. we'll check in with tucker in aa few minutes. minutes mark zuckerberg going moat with conservatives at facebookoo headquarters a mid controversytr facebook was promotingng progressive views overie o conservative views but formerutr facebook news he had toward saii liberal editors push liberal agenda.enda bias breeds distrust.reedstru he claims company policyol prohibits bias.s bias. they'll a big meeting lateretinr today. toda in google news, google isoo competing with amazon releasingg its own version of the amazon echo. it's called google home and itea will reportedly be introduced today. toda it's being referred to as voicei activated home did he bryce. like echo it will be able to ae answer questions and take tak commands by voice.y voce al, i tried to you get you t knew jewelry. >> okay. >> i was out bid at souter bee'e his rare and flawless pinkk diamonds was auction off i bid d thousand dollars for my friendrn allison.
8:11 am
>> it sold for $30 million.ilon >> yeah. y. >> the pearl jammed gem said toe be the largest of its kind to go under the hammer weighed in at 15.38 carrats and that breaks as record for a fancy pink diamondd the diamond sold to private p buyer from asia who bid over the telephone. sorry, al. al >> so pretty. >> i'll raise my bid next time.m >> you'll have to do better thaa that. going to cost you more than thth that. >> our lights in the studioig te can't handle that bling. >> that's why. >> customer loyalty is everything in business. bines tesla motors seeking to turn kids into future loyal tesla buyers.buye. >> offering free test drives off its toy model of mini model s. it's designed for kids betweensn the ages of three and eight.ig it's a replica of the luxury cay complete with a sold system. it sold out through july.ghul >> we had big wheels although ao mine was used and two wheelshees work. >> we had -- i remember when thm girls were little they had h barbie car it was really cool.lo >> look at that, though.h
8:12 am
>> really neat. >> still ahead not long ago the were just pro poe types but nown top items from the consumersume electronics show they're on thee store shelves.ore she >> we'll take look at six itemss that are already for your home m right now supposed to make youre life easier. tell where you can get themethe coming up in just a few minutes. 8:12 ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ >> we should be rocking jt's new
8:15 am
>> we need sun for that. >> i was dancing to cry me ato c river yesterday. >> that's sad song. that's an angry sad song.. >> it's the weather.ea >> oh, okay.>> o >> he puts on this mask of on a sunshine. >> yeah, he does. underneath -- >> let it out. there's nothing wrong with it.wi >> i do. i as soon as the show ends everyn day. >> okay. >> let's go to the r oh, yeah, okay. oy all right. we're going to the baby. >> aww.>> >> that's what we need.s whate e >> that's what we need. nd. >> i have to go. >> cuteness. >> sometimes you have to get up and go. y and >> she's adorable. >> give her a big hug. h >> is she adorable or what? wh? that is super cute.p c >> i just got to run around thee studio. >> allison! >> um-um. >> pick me up.ick me >> look at her little hands.e h. >> we have the cutest viewersese ever. look at that little this is lea everybody she's ninn months guess what? she watches eachchs and every morning with her dad.d >> i love it. >> yeah. >> good morning, lea and you'reu a lucky dad
8:16 am
>> i bet she watches and goes over to the toy collection overe there little bit.ere lile b >> oh, yeah. >> she does what she wants to w do. ar takes care of business and comes back. >> don't have to worry about noa job, no school just being cute.g >> that's right. >> just being cute. >> i tried that for much>> of mf life too, allison. aison >> i know. i k >> yeah.>> yeah. >> it work until like, 20. 20. >> we do that now. now. we've got the best job in the je world. >> yeah, we do. >> let's be honest. >> tucker -- >> tell us about lea. >> go to ourel facebook page. young to find us fox5 dc and submit acute picture like that.a lea, we love your >> two little teeth on the bottom you know about that too,u tuck. >> yes, i, i d so cute.ut adorable.le. >> i love that. t that's making me happy. hap let's do weather. that's not going to make it quite as happy.quitap it will be cloudy with cudy temperatures about 60 this a 60h afternoon.rn vex now at reagan national. you can see cold chunk of airof across the rocky mountain stat states. casper wyoming 30 this morning.. so get this.. coldest compared to normal t
8:17 am
coldest part of the country for this month of may where wouldheu that be? >> the mid atlantic region.ticio >> nice call allis yes, indeed.yes, i >> thank you.>> tnk y ding. >> our temperatures are runningi five plus degrees below normal in most locations. >> hmm. >> i'm probably telling peopleno something they already know.eadk >> i ended up being much longern than i thought in my work clothes hate happened to have a dress. that wind was -- >> have you required any heat at your house. >> oh, yeah.h, yeah. >> yeah. >> it's on right now.t's on >> okay. oka >> all right.>> >> does that make me --e >> i don't know. k. >> i have one of those daysse dy where the heater andtean air-conditioner were fightingwee with each other.wiach >> really?>> >> um-hmm. >> i just shut mine down may first. >> i shall. i shall do that. >> all right. there we go. forecast.orecast. 60 today. more of the same.f the e. cloud cover.ou might be a peek of sunshine thii afternoon.oon. little more sun tomorrow, parly sunny thursday.rsy. tomorrow does look dry. friday looks fantasticstic unfortunately another round off it saturday rain, sunday,da monday, tuesday some sh
8:18 am
>> erin como, what's going on? >> wherever you are. good morning. >> hello from a far. right now bad traffic metro problems 8:18. 8 start you off with tweet frometo metro vienna bound are a ranchrh line off loading at federaled center with an equipment problem next orange lane at stadiumum armory. armo 10 minutes ago.10 minut some delays there and delays continue because of speed spe restrictions it's been out thert most of the morning at mcpherson square. delays on the orange line to new carrollton and delays on thes on blue and silver to so be prepared for that withhatt metro. roads are just a mess.e just mes a lot of sluggish traffic an lon of accidents because of thesef rainy conditions.on. inbound third street tunnel jamu and the westbound side of the freeway to 395 slow-movinglomo traffic there in the diss trekst northeast fallen tree really rll large fallen tree they need toee get out of the way northeast.or. seven and 800 blocks of 21st o21 street and 1900 block of h street closed.lose. use i, 18th or benning to getgog around that and we'll have morev traffic in just a jt a back to you steve and allison. >> erin, thanks so much. tha
8:19 am
much the morning commute, the ce traffic theme a lot of you havey to battle the beltway every dayy not just the beltway but a lot of highways and not just the n t cars it's also the big rigs. rig >> big rigs, too.igs, sharing the road with them isn'i always easy. eas bob barnard is out this morningi learning from veteran tractorrat trailer driver. a lot of good information thatta can help us regular car folks hh joins us from the beltway inn maryland.maryland wow, where are you, sir? >> reporter: we are just just passing like georgia avenue,ve guys, i'm sitting in the backhe now. indira is riding shotgun behindh the wheel we met him last hour dave, driving for 45 years.ea the american trucking association hooked us up withp t dave today. 5 million miles accident free.df so we feel we're in very goodyoo hands here and dave and i were i talking off i want to explain, if you've ifu ridden a bus and you've been'ven perched high like this you see e people car drivers doing crazyoa things.ings. what are some of the ways peopll are distracted these days thatst you see from up here?? >> texting is the
8:20 am
you see people -- i mean five mi out of 10 cars go by you they'll have cell phone up looking at it. you get heavy traffic they'llice have that cell phone looking at it and all of a sudden you can u tell they're distracted becausec the traffic will move up and then all of a sudden they'll se' the traffic moved and, you knowk they got their eyes onn everything but the road. >> you've see flat screen tv' o' people dash boards. >> yeah. a guy had a flat screen tv1 day laying on his steering wheel and he was riding down the road watching a movie.. >> so that's what some of thehao people are doing. >> yeah.>> >> last week indira were outek e here we today story abouttobout maryland state police pullingtae people off this very roadway pulling truckers during thedurig course avenue day it was a craca down on trucking. on trucking they pulled more than 400 t tractor trailers off the highwag into the parking lot at fed ex field and some kind of s violations a bunch had badns a h tires. with you, dave, we walked around
8:21 am
your truck this morning to takee look. what do you say to people who po hear this news that there areere some truckers out there that mam be driving dangerously themselves?sees? >> you know, they might be the minority. 99% of us we don't leave until u we do -- you done the pre trip t with me this morning. mor we check our tires. we check all our lights.ights we check our oil. all our fluids, make suree everything is okay. o we call it a pre trip.p. and we pre trip everything we do. >> you police yourself but alsor the police are looking outse for you. . >> oh yeah. >> you can be stopped at anystop time. ti >> like right now we could be riding along right here and aerd maryland state trooper decide he wants to pull us over and he and pulls us and do a road check, dot check.. >> we hope that you guys ares ae doing the right thing.ghthing >> oh, we know we're doing therg right thing. thi >> we everybody else need to be paying closer attention.ttti >> i won't drive a truck that'ss unsafe.unsafe. >> we
8:22 am
>> i don't want -- you know,ouno it's silly to do it because, yoo know, you're if youing your ownu self at risk.. >> of around you.ou >> and everybody around.body ad. >> dave, we thank you and for f the american trucking association forget us out herenu we feel great with yous beingtb behind the wheel, and we just jt hope everybody pays attentionti does their thing like you said,, dave, we all share the road.heoa we all play part in this. thank you, dave. >> thank you.>> >> guys, back to you.uys, b >> bob, real quick earlier youuk blew the horn on that big righag and hit the center of the wheelw ask dave when they phased outut the whole pull the rope thingope like we used to see in then movies?? >> reporter: you know what, w this is a volvo truck that has automatic transmission.nsmiss dave they're saying theyy' remember the old days when you'y pull this sucker blown the horne yours is right there in theight middle of the steering wheel.. give you give it a shot, let us hear it. >> beep beep.>>p >> look out people fox5 is onoxi the had way. >> beep beep. >> thank you bob. >> dave is a good sport.dpo >> dave has been showing seivewe
8:23 am
without having one accident we t did see that stink out on thenke bell way and 25% of the trucksru they pull over in landover last week had some type of violationn dave is doing it the right way.w everybody else needs to follow w suit. >> i like the fact we're showini it from that perspectiveve motorists and regular cars neede to look out for and their blindi spots. you know what i mean? good job. do cb talk before we take it to break? >> i'll leave that to you youo u used to work for truckingruckin company incredible video of mann battling 100 miles per hourerou winds. wind >> later an nba legend congratulates the winner of thet nba lottery. before it started. >> the tweet has fanset has f questioning in the lottery is i rigged. >> stay with us. we'll be back.we'll be come on back. >> breaker, breaker.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> all right. that's the way to come back. w let's do the weather let's see.les s back with clouds today, and fogg drizzle all of that and maybe ae few showers out there later thii morning. most of the rain is pretty light but we can see little band of bn showers working through parts os the loudoun county, frederick fe county and perhaps montgomeryonr county getting light showers ass well. much like the last couple ofth days we can't take the threat oe a shower are some t drizzle outo the forecast along with lot ofht clouds today.. so more of the same.e. temperatures in the mid 50s.0s. reagan national 56.nal 54 out bwi marshall. mshal 54 dulles.
8:27 am
about 60 this afternoon withnoow cloud cover and just a few showers.showers. tomorrow looks brighter.rr lookh partly sunny by afternoon 70.0. friday looks fantastic 72 before our next round of rain thisnhi weekend. yes, that's weather.ea erin is back with your roads. where are thou. t >> i'm right here and ready to go 8:27.go 8:2 tweet knee my questions you have at erin fox5 d.c. right now rigt twitter update for you orangeoua line residual delays to viennaa earlier train malfunction atfunn federal center southwest.west that is already adding to theint metro problems we're dealinge' with because of speedause oee restrictions at mcphersonon square.square delays to new carrollton and largo on the orange blue ande ba silver red lion yellow line green linel in good shape this mi inbound delays on the thirdhe t street tunnel and westbound sid of the 295 southbound very jammed up am you make your way past easternts and we're still dealing withlinw fallen tree keep it to ire beini to around that in northeast. that's your traffic. back to you. ba >> our favorite finds for theinr consumer electronics scholl earl earl this year finally hit store shelves.shel we'll tell where you you can nd
8:28 am
a major political issue iss involving the cast of house off cards. that's coming up later in ouratr fox beat. 8:27,
8:30 am
♪ out in the distance the far distance you can barely make oue the wilson bridge.dg >> steve, that's so poetic. (laughter).r) >> sometimes it's hard to cityes the traffic through the fog the allison. >> yes, i love it. >> despite it being right in front of us. >> it's 8:30. it's around this time that steve
8:31 am
>> let's talk about fun stuff ws can add to our collections iollt guess we can say in our homes. m >> wish list. lis >> few months back there were pitches and prototypes and idead now they are reality some of ouf friend steve noviello's favoritv items from the consumerr electronic show finallyly available for the public pick up and put on our shelves. she >> steve is live out of dull las this morning with look. good >> good morning to you guys. rning to you we talk about back in g januarya when we took us live from ces all of the tons of the productsu that we get to see there andee t some of them never actually maky it to store shelves.lves well these did and in fact some of my favorites stands out fromd the show. the sho this is the momentow. smart fraf the big deal here as of coursesu not only the size this is theirr 35-inch model which is now i n retailing for 899.or 899 they also have 25-inch model for 599. but this is a 4k smart frame. 4k display, high contrast low glare incredibly true to live t pictures.ur i don't even know if you can can guys
8:32 am
exactly how crisp and detailedet all of this is.s. enough internal memory for 3,000 images to be stored on here. her also momento has sensors in itri it adjusts to the lighting l that's available in the room sos the ambient light will determine exactly how bright this willill display to make sure that you'ru always getting the best image quality. this is from awed scene.dce head 450 bucks which for true audio d file set of headphones is not as bad deal.d d this the company's light testigt model to we're talking high efficiency,fe low distortion g base and mid m range. crisp extended high frequency.e. the cool thank about these particular zest headphones notee only do they have a head phoned jack but there's also an optionn to use a lightening connector with it what does that mean foro folks? it means that the t information coming from yourn o iphone or your i-pad is delivered digital toll the headh phones for the best sound quality possible. posble. speaking
8:33 am
enclave audio i showed you this back in january. we talk about it coming tog market. now it finally is. about $1,100 here will buy youly the world's first true 5.1 wirew free hd home theater speaker system in that price range. r when we're talking wires free we mean that.mehat. speakers themselves don't need l any wires to connect with each c other. he but you will need a power cord c for each one. ch in terms of where you'll place p them around your room.r roo incredibly easy to set up.t we were up and running aboutng a five or 10 minutes. minutes. not only can you use it for homy theater but also for blue toothu audio, too.dio,oo. this right here is bling fog home we've seen a loft thesetthe home monitoring systems. ste when we talk about wires free,e, this one is 100%. 100 this is their hd home monitorinn system brand new to market. not even wires to power the cameras. these are all battery operated.a the batteries need to be n switched out only about once auc year because the product is designed so efficiently.ficie so you can place these anywherey you want to to
8:34 am
great picture of your home remotely.te so you call it up op your smarts tone or tablet inter gives you an inside look what's going on g in your house. also no monthly monitoring feeyn of course. of motion temperature sensors as well. wel system started about 99 bucks. c so very affordable much that's ' couple of camera system. this one right here in thiser configuration is about $200. all right.ig. speaking of convenience, check, this out. this is the sine dual screen dua smart phone. all of us walking around with a smart phone have waisted realsta estate on the back this has e ink screen on the back of it.f e reader, cal length, music, mus news feeds unlocked phones thata work only with gsm network. thing like t and t. t mobile. mil four nip nine for that. tat they have promo code for 100 fo1 bucks off which i post odd moonm my favor fate fan page.e. this is the one smart piano one lighted key bore. bore. works with your smart de
8:35 am
teach you how to play the pee ae yo. they do video lessons.esso there are led lights in then keyboard so it literally tellsat you exactly which key to press e next. they also have guitar hero likel games with more than 2,000 songs to teach you how to play the piano this was award honoree ate the show this past year and ir a have to tell you it deserves ite that distinct.ti we sat down with this about weee ago. first time out, you are playingi the piano because, again, the aa keys light up and tell you y exactly which key to press nextt not playing well but playing. pi all right. l ri 300 bucks for this.or comes in black as well.sell. links to all these products for you i posted them on yourn station website.web. >> steve, quick question for yoc all the way back to the first tt item that big giant photo frame. based on photo frames in the past, how thick is that and howh heavy do you need special spe mounting equipment to hank that on the wall?? >> so you should be able to abl mount this anywhere you would yw mount, you know a television onn a wall. i would certainly suggest some sort of but it's not incredibly heavy.
8:36 am
it's about the same weight you can expect tv similar size i'm s going to say it's about an inchc and a half deep there.. the wire can either be fed threr the wall or they have a specials flat wire adapter which can be w painted to disappear into the i wall that it hangs on. >> fancy. thanks all good stuff.go. great options for the home.foe h >> i need that blink.ha thanks so much, steve that mighh be the jewel in that right rig there.the. 99 bucks home monitoring andorg pull it up op your phone.ho >> 99 bucks. >> it starts at 99. it star >> how many you need to get. tog >> i think one, right isn't we'll put one in tucker's dances party headquarters.dqers. then we can all -- -- >> steve, you know you'd beou'd tuned in. tu >> like the eagle cam. >> like the eagle cam, exactly.a cloud cover, eagles aren't are loving this weather.ther maybe they are loving thising weather nice and cool out theree not lot of sweating takingin place.plac 56 in washington. ias 54 frederick.. leonardtown good morning 54 degrees.54 degre same in fred berg.derg. 60 for daytime high more of the same cloud cover a few showers
8:37 am
and sprinkles maybe littlee drizzle at time to time and generally gloomy conditions cdis prevail for your wednesday. wedy you know what later today therey might be a little bit ofitbit of sunshine in a spot or two but b generally cloudy conditionsy c expected across the region. again temperatures well belowl e normal. our average daytime high shouldd be in the mid 70's we'll be we' lucky to get to 60 this60hi afternoon.afteoon all right. we do have brighter days ahead.d i'll have the seven day in just a moment. bright conditions on the roadona what is with erin.d >> 8:37. dealing with lot of let's start off with our twittet update starting with metro.h m green line delays to green beltb right now disable train outsidet suitland much that's a newthat's problem with metro so additionaa green line delays.s. 700 block of eighth street northwest closed because ofd ecu police activity in the districtt and new problem as well and thea back to metro the orange line le residual delays to vienna vie earlier train malfunction atfuni federal center.r so lot going on right now on thw roads and the rails make sure you check ahead.u chahea check in with me on erin at -- twitter. speed restrictions in place atla mcpherson
8:38 am
orange line, blue and silver s delays as well. a no alerts on the red line or le yellow. inbound delays 295 from 450 tom0 the 11th street bridge. 295 north from the bottom of tho beltway to the 11th street. 395 jammed from the beltway to l the 14th street bridge. bdg more traffic in just a few. steve? >> all right. still ahead predicting thed icti future how one tweet might haveh spoiled -- that's the nexts thex story. might have spoiled the inform bs draft and why fans poare nowfanw saying the and tire nba lotteryy is rigged. rge plus --us >> the sunscreen you're buyingog really going to protect you asoo well as it claims it will? hmmm we'll share some of the best anb some of the worst next. >> all right here for you. >> okay.>> okay. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> you know how you get hungryno late at night. want to grab that midw night snack. maybe feel guilty about the onee you indulged last night. n maybe there's good news. eating after 8:00 p.m. does not cause to you pile on the poundsd >> told you. >> rejoice.>> rejoice. previous evidence suggested thai the timing of meals and snacks could have significant impactdep your metabolism.olis researchers call the study results surprising. >> yeah.. >> depends how much you eat.uc >> do the sunscreen prop.sunscrp >> okay. let's bring the sunscreen backeb out this some of the good stuffs is your sunscreen living up to t its advertised protect becausers consumer reports investigationna found the spf printed on the bottle freck, this is 60 -- 6 >> i have baby one that says 505 >> this one is 70. 70. >
8:42 am
may not be the amount of protection that you're actuallye getting on your skin.our sn >> out of 65 sunscreen lotionsel tester 28 tested below their bot advertised protect level.rtisedt the american academy dermatology recommends using only sunscreene with a minimum spf level of 30.f three of the samples tested this year had spf of 15 or less.s. consumer reports found severalnv brands live up to their claims c some pricey some not. >> laroche -- this one i have ih my hasn't it look like this white tube is a 60 pure sun sun defense spf50. spf50 >> pretty expensive.sive >> coppertone this is one -- coppertone water babies spf50 which is this one were also also the tops.e tops. sprays the trade joe's spf50 sp0 banana sun comfort 50 plus and neutrogena beach defense spf70 s which is this yellow bottle nowt you know what they look like. l. some of the ones that tested the best. >> you know what, though, it's
8:43 am
important because some of them have less expensive ones have chemical that was proven to bevb bad for you like -- i don't wanw to miss speak but i need to nee figure out what it is that'st what we always look for. because would you rather getatr sick potentially or sunburn s which can make you -- you know-u what i i mn. >> a couple that difficult livel up banana kids tear free stink e free sun lotion. lotn. do research just don't grab one off the >> i was looking to see theas lo coming up popular actressss reveals her beauty routine withw inspiration from famous movie. m >> a hot political topic affecting the set of house ofseo cards.cas we'll tell what one cast membert is fighting for pretty big preig member of the cast as well.the a we'll talk about it next.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ >> go, dave. drive that big rig.iv >> that's our new friend daveri the big rig driver. 5 million miles accident freele and this morning he's giving ouo very own bob barnard and indorei rah levine a tour of the area ae showing them how it looks from a big rig driver's perspective. here's bob in the back chillingl >> indira working hard with thet cam a they're in maryland out on the beltway much it's a greatite perspective.perspective you can see from up there how te distracted some cars are people in their cars not payingn attention.attentio >> right. >> a loot of time the truckthe k drivers get the heat for thingst just taking a little look from their perspective this mrn
8:47 am
clear sailing right now on theil beltway inin maryland. >> that nice volvo semi. s let's get to tucker barnes righr now. you're so far away. >> allison i thought we were going to see a picture of youtuo and john w >> we'll do that later.ater >> oh, okay. oka >> thanks for ruining the surprise. >> sorry. yes want to give away any a secrets. >> come to the meeting n time.he >> it's been on the internet foo the past 12 hours. may gloom continues. i'm going to try to sell it like it will be beautiful sunny dayny but it's not. very little if any any sunif today. here's the deal. dl thursday look brighter. brigh friday looks fantastic unfortunately i know we got high school, college graduates etrats cetera et cetera the weekendcete looks wet. yeah. particularly saturday.rt maybe an inch or two of rain potentially on saturday.ur it's making me sad. making me s 56 in washington.ngto 55 annapolis.nnap. 54 leonardtown.. we've just been holding on withn a very tight grip here to thep low 50s overnight and only aboul 60 today.60 today we just can't get the cloudthelo cover out of here that frontaltt system
8:48 am
lots of rain here to our north n and we have this morning a few showers slipped into theowers s northern tear of our viewing area and we'll have few showers around today.nd today also showers down to the beacheb this morning not great day atnga the beaches either.r and we can expect lots of cloudo today. i don't think we'll really getin the clouds out of here althougho we won't get a lot of measurablu rain most of the day will beay l just kind of cloudy and cool c with temperatures about 60. abo there's your frontal system.yste so tomorrow high pressure realla starts to build in.ld it's going to take its timeim getting the clouds out of heref wake up with cloud cover but i think we'll turn parly sunny by afternoon with highs about 70 a7 and most importantly drynt tomorrow and then that big h h will be park right overhead forf the day on friday and that means beautiful day.beautiful day. hang in there. we'll get a chance to dry out thursday 49 saturday looks wet.ay lks w plain old wet.plold we potentially for inch or two of rain.rain soaker. sun, monday, tuesday still moodm with a few showers it won't be b raining every minute the just tt give you sneak peek nextee n wednesday is weather day i havey ordered up 80 degrees anddeees sunshine. and i think it may actually actl happen, allison and steve.en, an back to you.
8:49 am
>> stingy. sy >> rained in the past on weatheh day. >> we've had lot of problems onn weather day in the past film we're hoping for the best forr everybody's sake who comes downd to nats park. p game day 1:00 p.m. p.m hope to see through. >> all righty. let's check in with holly andhoa maureen to see what's coming upu on good day d d.c. >> hi ladies. hi ladies. >> must see interview that stile has us talking this morning.nin. >> fox anchor megyn kelly goesos one-on-one with donald trump.ldt so what's the reaction to the prime time truth, we're live. >> boston terrier stolen fromn her owners car this morning he's asking for your help to find toi >> plus we're live with dax ofi course from tmz.cose f he has new details about thehe investigation into prince'snc death. >> all new at 10a super star kate beckensale is joining usng live. have a question for you tweet us #gooddaydc.ooaydc. >> empire finale clears hoursar will jamal live or die? who iso really getting married? we have your exclusive preview at tepp 30:00. pp 3 >> i will be biting my nails all night long. good day d.c. just minutes away. back to you guys.
8:50 am
thank you ladies. okay.ok here's video that will make youe wake up this morning.. two weather observers on top of mount washington in 109 miles 1m per hour winds.ho the men looked like rag dolls ao they're getting whipped around p thrown around by the record winds but you know they love iti >> that is -- that's what wha they're doing much that's whatca they're up there for.e up t f >> u.s. record for highestor h within gust was a top of that ot mountain gets super windy up wiy there and we have a weathere a r station right at the top wheregh they measure this stuff.ey mea people are up there all thee a time.ti probably doing this in theirng r spare time as well. >> look at that. >> all right.ll thank goodness somebody is doine it. it >> 20 and 30 miles an hour gustl we had around here.. tweet creating controversyg this morning about the inform ba draft. >> last night of mutumbo tweeted congratulations on the numberhem one pick. pk it's supposed to be done by de lottery and tweet came out hourt before the lot row happen. the p he said it was a mistake did heh not know the sixers would win in
8:51 am
>> he just, you know, presumed u that they would they wouw >> so many people are saying ita has to be conspiracyyi for yearr isn't nba fans have been sayingn the lottery fixed but the leagua says they've gone to great lengths to make the event more r transparent.ent that's wamu tum bow was doingasd making it more transparent. >> i don't know. >> oh dikembe. >> look as far as the home teamo the wizards had the number 13ume pick but traded it away wheny they got mr. morris on the team. sophie 96 got that pick. pick because during the season season washington of course traded forr morris no first rounders for the wizards this year.y >> did you say wizards pick?dsik >> i got a wizards pickk yesterday. >> yes. >> you did?ou d >> whoop whoop. >> you got a pick pic. got a not a pick. p >> i'm at the gas station.. here comes john wall. comes joha he's pumping his own gas. >> filling up. fil >> i had to fan out and say cany we take picture, please. ple >> he went to the verified gasid station where the celebs hang cl out. >> i'm not an major weirdo.. yeah, it was good to me
8:52 am
let me just say this what nicehc young man.un m and he's probably like look atoo somebody's mom trying take age picture. >> did you recognize him becaush he was wearing his name.ring h n >> i didn't even see that. see t i recognized him because i rec i 95 his face when he came rightit out of the car and i thought, ct what a fancy car. c who is that? t >> oh, it's john wall. w best part of the store, sidney s being mortified in the frontedne seat. >> i want to hear about thatt t part there. sidney is like, mom!! >> so funny for kids no matter t how cool your mom might be it'se still embarrassing to them whent you go out don something likeomi that. >> she never came out of theer m car. in fact afterwards --s -- >> she would want say hi to himo >> let me see the picture. theiu how do you know it's john wall l and she compared that with his,a you know, wizards, she's like lk yeah. >> i wonder to know how thew selfie works. wks he was 6-foot four.oo f >> i was just hoping to the lort i went like that and i was hoping i didn't get the t eye brows and just his chin. i stood on my tip toes.y tip i sure did. >> why was sidney embarrassedmba you wanted to say hi to h
8:53 am
>> boshes a teenager. >> everything mom does iss embarrassing.emba >> i would have jumped in the photo i was your daughter.r >> she should have.ave i wonder if cherie gets it tod today. >> he followed you on twitter ye afterwards. >> automatically i tag him andnd ion twitter when i posted it ant he followed me back.e so yeah for the home team. >> did post while you were atouw the gas station.the gas stat >> no, i did wait. >> i'm going to the gas stationn today i want to meet john wall.l >> that would be mazing.d b m hopefully he meets nor gas. >> slip me a dollar i'll let yot know what gas station it >> ooh, i will definitely dodete moving on to some stories in hollywood today. another fight about the genderhg pay gap in hollywood. robin right of house of cards o had to threaten the studio bosses with going public unlesss they agreed to pay her as much as her co-star kevin spacey.y now reportedly business insiders said spacy was making $500,000 0 per episode back in 2014 beforeb season three started. sta they look how much she was
8:54 am
making and not as much obviouslo as kevin spacey and they eventually greed and wright hast much big role as spacy does inp the netflix show if you watch wt season four i would argue shehe has a bigger and a better role l than spacy does in season four.f she directed four of therectedrt episodes.isodes. so not only does she deserve d equal pay but i would say she s deserves more because she'sbecas doing more work in my opinion in regards to directing but she'sut also an executive director of the fifth season with kevinh k spacey.acey. regardless it shouldn't be ahou conversation any more.nver i think women and men should bed paid equally for everything theg do in the acting business andnd every business but this is veryv good conversation that's happening right now andeninrigh obviously jennifer lawrencer started this very much so withih huge essay on facebook lastoo l year. ye hopefully we'll continue to see more of this.'l now, actress margo robbie rbi created the morning routineou scene from one of might havemi favorite movies of all timee american psycho. here's the original scene ass christian bail as patrick bateman.te this is the origin
8:55 am
>> i believe in taking care of myself and balanced diet. >> check this out. the video is posted on voguedn this week as part of margo robbie's cover story. margo robbie you know her frombb the new movie suicide squadcideu probably most known as die pap trio's wife from the wolf of wall street. str she has her very own morning routine, trip to the bathroom,o, yoga, stretching and a shower as and pulling off a face mask likk patrick bateman does in the bate movie this was very very cool as fan of american psycho ando seeing her do this.seei by theng way, really good news s her this week. w she is now working on a spin ofn film for suicide squad she'she's playing harley schwinn she'shwin about to blow up.about to she already has but wolf of wall street was huge for her. focus will smith but suicideui squad will be biggest movie ofif probably of the year.f the we'll see. it will be huge. he >> i'm sorry, who shot that? st was that like a professional --- >> it was for vogue.war vogu >> okay. >> got you.. professional shoot done for de vogue. recreating the bateman sequencec from ameri
8:56 am
one of my favorite scenes.s. great i wednesday much back towe you guys.dn >> thank you, kev. t >> check in with tucker 8:55. t8 what's up, tuck?? >> well, let's see. not sunshine.not sune that's not's oh clouds are up.ohlouds are the clouds are up along with tht sun this morning.orni and we're featuring more cloudoc cover, drizzle a few showersrs today. and another day of coolf c temperatures only about 60 latel this afternoon.fteron 56 in washington. washington. that cloud you see to the left f that's indicating currentingur weather conditions across thecor region, and showers to our nortn and west, showers to our southos and east and we got a few showers moving through our immediate area at the moment a m few showers out there today butt generally cloudy skies prevailee with daytime highs about 15 degrees below normal.esor 60 your daytime high.daytimh. little more sunshine tomorrow. t a lot more sunshine friday and then we do it all over againl this weekend with another roundr of rain on saturday. satur more weather in just a moment.on more traffic last look at look a traffic with erin. how is it going. g >> 8:56 tucker. still dealing with a lot of lot clouds hyped me with the seven s day forecast.daforecas and unfortunately, because we're dealing with light rain, otherho
8:57 am
start you off with metro green g delays to green belt disableis train outside suitland 700 block of eighth street northwest shutt down in both direct examinatione there's police activity keep updated. speed restrictions at mcpherson square. delays on the orange line into carrollton and largo on the blue and silver a lot of slow downswd on our roads inbound delaysnd dl still heavy get an earliernar start. any question at erin fox5 d.c..c and keep it to here at fox5.t f good day at 9a is coming right up.
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♪ ahead on good day, makingg >> this is the first you and i have ever discussed what happened. >> after a month long feud, fox's megyn kelly and donaldndon trump hashing out theirout differences face to face.ces so can we finally declare a truce?truc plus, weeks after northern h virginia firefighter took herer own life, her fire departmentepn tackling cyber bullying head ond a mid revelation that is is he was the target of vicious online posts. the mayor was upset over, um, some of the legislation legi before the council.ouncil >> heated he can change betweenn d.c. leader and the see councill why plans to close the city'ss largest homeless shelter spark it all. and later, it was a purchase infect prom date that went vir viral. this morning we'll talk to the local teen who took his cat to the dance.e dan find out if his dating life has gotten any better. b good day at 9a


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