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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 18, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ ahead on good day, makingg >> this is the first you and i have ever discussed what happened. >> after a month long feud, fox's megyn kelly and donaldndon trump hashing out theirout differences face to face.ces so can we finally declare a truce?truc plus, weeks after northern h virginia firefighter took herer own life, her fire departmentepn tackling cyber bullying head ond a mid revelation that is is he was the target of vicious online posts. the mayor was upset over, um, some of the legislation legi before the council.ouncil >> heated he can change betweenn d.c. leader and the see councill why plans to close the city'ss largest homeless shelter spark it all. and later, it was a purchase infect prom date that went vir viral. this morning we'll talk to the local teen who took his cat to the dance.e dan find out if his dating life has gotten any better. b good day at 9a
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>> ♪ >> cat as prom date or nba lottery.. >> welcome. to good day dc. >> ka* cat prom date might betet more legit. more legit. >> that's probably correct.. >> misguided tweets people. >> okay.y >> you can go with that if youoy want to. to >> non sports person on thepos e >> thank you for joining us. foj we're all here.we're all here you know us maureen, steve, sve holly, wisdom.m. >> also ahead this morning a loa to talk about. star of the up coming mini min season will join us. u he'll be live right here in thet lot of talk about his role inoln portraying the story avenue anu young slave captured in his homs land. the series will air memorial d day. four night event big event he's' going to join us live at 9:30t 9 this morning.ning. we'll find out about this latest adaptation.tion >> first, though, guess what?ou >> it's another day in may anday another day of
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it's been a rough month. nonetheless. there might be little bit of hope on the horizon. >> yeah.>> y. >> for that we go to tucker.. >> hi, by thursday and friday. y today is cloudy.toy is c >> that's tomorrow. >> yeah. that's tomorrow.'sro you see that cat is gazing into his eyes. e >> love at first site.irst se. >> pretty special picture itsp really is. >> special moment happened atape the prom.e pr >> my prom date definitely did t not gaze into high eyes thato hi way.wa she look like she was in it fort the free dinner.e free d here we go. we g we got cloud cover and rain rai showers off to the north and noa west. it's not going to be so much ash rainy day as it will be a cloudo day with drizzle and the cool conditions i mean we believe be in the 70s mid 70s for average e daytime highs we're get nothingt where close we won't today as ta we'll be in the upper fief toost to about 60.. rain showers additional showersh out to the west. generally speaking we'll have av few showers around later thisatr afternoon. all right there are your cool tethmperatures reagan national . 54 up at dulles andno
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bwi marshall 55 cool temperatures. clouds. occasional dzzle light showers return to theetn o forecast.cast as long as those winds are out of the north and east we'll loce in the'l cool, and there may bea few drizzle spots as well.. so i promise thursday looks a little brighter and then much, m much better by friday beforee guess what? >> more rain.>> more r >> more rain for the weekend. >> hmm. >> eek i'll have the details int just a minute. >> great. >> thanks, tuck. >> 9:03 is the within the last hour, a group of fairfax county firefightersef gather the to talk with the neww media looking to shed a positivt light on their department whichn is dealing with loss a mid claims of bullying anding a harassment many.any. >> this comes outsides consultants are trying to comeag into examine just what is goingg on in that department.t. fox5's melanie alnwick was amonw the reporters asking questionsio just now out in annandale.da she joins us now with the wit details.deil mel? >> reporter: hey, guy. g. yeah, so about 7:30 thishis morning, a group of i would sayd
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and women from the fairfax faiax county fire department mettmen behind the fire station here inn annandale.nandal they said that they've taken aln of this negative attention to t the fairfax county firee department personally, and theye say it is really hurt moral and diminished their standing withng members of the public.s ofhe p members of the community thatnit they are here to serve. are he . they wanted to tell us in the media that they have had nothing but positive support from theirt department and also from their t male co-worker. >> never once was i treated anyt differently because of myently s gender, because it simply didn'd matter to them. since graduating i've been'v received with open arms.ed wh op no matter where i've been. the men and women of thisf this department have taught me everything i know. know. i've never been judged byee anything other than my character and my personal work ethic. e my gender has been a non issue.. >> reporter: all of this beganen after firefighter nicolehter nic mittendorff committed suicide ii the shenandoah national parkiona
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family and friends believe friee online bullying and harassment contributed to her emotional distress.diss investigators haven't made thata connection.connec anonymous posters on the fairfax underground site who purchase ph poured to be her co-workers ands colleagues called her names,aldm discussed her sex life andnd generally trashed her reputati reputation. other female firefighters sayefs they received the same treatmene and then after these postsos became public knowledge, chief f ritchie bauers launched an investigation into the culture c of the fire depth. the fire deph he was going to have internal ia affairs department look intooo i this. here's the problem. pem just last thursday, the guy the who's in charge of internaler affairs the man who is supposedp to be investigating workplacekpe misconduct his name is guy wheaton he was placed onced on administrative leave after chief discovered what were real smelle offensive posts, lewd posts on s has personal facebook page. pag it is private.riva part of that is the reason why sharon buliva the fairfax county superviso
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county really does need and outside consultant to come int e and look at what is going on inside the fire depth. depth. back to you guys.ys. >> mel, curiously did the woment have anything to say about s abo nicole or did they address thiss fairfax underground website ande some of the things said there?he >> reporter: no, not at all. a when they, h we kind of met with them informal nally before theyy spoke to us on camera, they saii they weren't here to talk about nicole. they weren't here to talk about guy wheaton or any of that othet stuff they really were taking it such negative feelings in the community.commun i mean people are posting thingg online saying they are afraidfr now they don't feel good aboutda having firefighters come to to their aid and so that's whathasa they wanted to address. addre again, saying that they've hadhh nothing but support from their t male colleagues.. but people some of the reporterf were peppering them withmith questions about nicole and aboua the chief and that's where theyy kept saying, no, that's not whaa we're here to talk about. they really just wanted to say s that they personally feel likeie they've been supported in their
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for the fairfax county fireyir >> mel real quick the guy thatqu you said was supposed to investigate that has been put on administrative leave for the ler posted lewd and up appropriatepa posts he made are these currentc posts or did this happen beforef nicole mittendorff? these poste i'm talkin talking about. talkig or do we know at this point? poi >> it's hard to say exactly --ct we don know exactly when these t posts were made.. but they were really objectionable. very massage mystic.ysti almost pornographic stuff to beo honest.. , and again you can say this iss his private page, but that'st' where the fire chief and his buliva said if he's in charge of investigating internal affairs, he needs to be held to a higherg standard. >> indeed does he.ndeed does h mel, thank you for that update. day five in the trial off baltimore police officer edwarde nero charge in the death ofth freddie gray.eray. his defense team wrapped upedp testimony yesterday closingsterl arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. he's charged with assault,rged a misconduct of office and
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>> now to the race for the whitf house. donald trump took home a victoro in oregon and clinton clinched e win in kentucky sanders takes ts oregon.on. sanders win won't do much to to slow down within clip to's marcr toward the nomination.inio sanders says he's not dropping out of the race.out despite the tight finish clintot ton leads less than 100n delegates to secure theec democratic nomination. it was one of most anticipated interviews recentlyy certainly of this election fox news anchor megyn kellyegyny going one-on-one with drum inru many prime time last night megyn kelly >> first interview sips kelly questioned trump last august.t. ronica clear wary muching veryuv closely last night she joins uss nouse think morning.use thin hey, ronica.ona >> hi. >> what did you think. >> i thought a lot. aot i watch it twice. twice i told you that i had to watch it a second timem because you're almost watching n two things going on. interview where she told usd u yesterday she what happened toa get to the emotional side andtis have a conversation that was aah
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you go gotcha questions and then watching this conversationonvero between the two after nine n months of unbelievable set of st tweets and, you know, i don'tw,d call it back and forth because she didn't really participate ii it, but it really was -- she call it rivotting i think she'ss right it was rivottingotng television. >> i think of weren't wasen't w definitely waiting to hear whatt this dee finance was going to bo of retweeting some very not nicc things about meghan. so did the answer live up.ive u >> that's an interesting can we listen to that sun righti now? we have little sun of the he can change where she actually confronts him about using thesit word bimbo in those tweets.s >> you would be amaze the at tht ones i don't retweet. >> bimbo.. >> well, that was a retweet, rwe yeah. did i say that? t >> many time. >> ooh. okay.okay excuse me. me >> what do you think was -- -
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politically over your life youli meghan you've been called a lotl worse. is that right? wouldn't you say? you know you've had a lifa that's not been that easy and,ing.and, >> it's not about me. it's not about me.t'otbou it's about the messaging tog young girls and to other women.m >> it's a certain amount of fight back much it's a modern day form of fighting back. >> so there you go. youo. i mean that was one of those -- that pause in that -- >> uncomfortable laugh betweenrb both of them.both o >> yeah. i mean it was just -- it was now an apology.lo >> no. >> he is he excuse me. i thought to myself is that ann apology? is he going tong continue. >> i think that's why she pause' to wait to see if he might say he didn't.. but, i'm not really sure how yoh are supposed to handle that as a journalist, and all that has has happened that's so unusual too sit down and they -- she saidhes which i actually didn't expect p that when they had that first ti private meeting at trump towermr they didn't talk about it.t. which i thought they would haveu spoken about it so i guess theye wanted to have this conversation for the first
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but, i don't know -- kno >> here's what i think and i'm a little disappointed in megyn ime kelly she didn't push harder pus with some of her questionsof h clearly she is a smart woman,om she's very tough. tou has been tough throughout this i whole process in maintaining hei dignity and other people -- peo she's interviewed pushing them. why now almost kind of letf l things slide and they're playing nice with each other. this at the time a at the time i saw disappointing on so manyntiy levels this is your chance toant interview the presumptiveremp republican nominee one-on-one,e press him on some things and put him on the record. stand by what you're saying. say don't sort of cow tail and playa lame now that you're beingow pushed about the things you tutg be responsible for what youib fw said. own up to them.owup t that's what i was expecting.. >> yeah. it was interesting. was interes i have to say,ti though, sometis those -- the silence can speak n for itself.tself when i watched that exchange i'i never one to demand an apology o from someone. someone i don't believe in thateven th philosophy and i think if she had push him for an apology iloy would have been disappointed ana that space that she left said,ai i'm giving you the chance and hh did not take
9:12 am
know, i don't know.don' k the whole thing left me -- m >> it was more about him. aut >> that's my point.>> that's >> than it is about her.ha we get the wholen back story. o >> i think she let that speak bk leaving the silence maybe notaye pushing because what was sheusee going to push for? what wouldtw chef pushed for? would chef c said say you're sorry. >> i don't think it warrants an apology. >> i think the problem with this it didn't do anything to sway to people one direction or anothera i think the people thatthe pe ta supported trump before wille w continue to trump him and the at people who didn't support himrth will continue to not support spo him. >> which is what we've seen we' throughout the whole thing. the >> trump is the nominee.. maybe hillary clinton on thelino other side.ot now the chips are down.e dow act presidential.resint be presidential. you have unify the country atun some point.some p won this have been the chance t say, okay, you know what, i'mw , going to look the part and playa the part and say somethingetng perhaps not full on apology say something that let's you let understand he knows what he sais was wrong. >> it's interesting you bring that up because she did ask himk if he has regrets about style se and things like that in thise tt race and he said no.cee he said he a
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>> that's what made him such a you can says sill businesspers businessperson. >> this is what helped me get here. >> he's letting you know that's who he is and that's what peo wp latched on to people feel thisef is not your typical politician.. this is somebody who doesn'tho d thing the way they want to do it. can you run a country the wayay you run a he has not proven he can dohe cd that. listen to others and work withnr others not just be the only o person in charge. c >> what meghan did yesterday waw allow people to see that througr a different dialogue, aboutut persona and style and i think ii was done if any that you cant u walk away with something new do you donald trump. i do feel that i learn somethint new about him, and i also feel e like that comment we spoke abouo earlier he said, if i don't winn this thing i look at it as as complete waste of time andim a money. i thought that was a veryas v telling thing because i thinkhik most peowople uld look at the at accomplishment as a success inui and of itself.tsel so i do feel like i learned awaa learning something about donaldt trump much
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controversial figure. there's nothing megyn kellythg e could have done that would havev made anyone walk away and saidnd it was done imperfectly muchctlc it's an impossible task. t >> i think i'm more upset thishs favorite movie was citizen cane. >> a-f-i has citizens cane as ca number one.. >> my favorite movie. >> afi says it i >> ron any carbs veryon anyarbs interesting. we'll see what else happens as the week goes on. goes >> exactly. thanks for having me. >> as coming up a war of words between d.c. mayor mollies bowser and ad d.c. council over plans to losel homeless shelter.lter. >> the famous building one o wizard players he snuck that to play some hoops. ♪ there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking.
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♪ 9:17. 9:17 we want to check what's making headlines around the world andou the area today. let's start with global news. overseas in ecuadorwi a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struckqu earlier this morning.orni epicenter west of ecuador's capital but it's in the same the area where a devastating quake q killed hundreds of people lastet month. now today's quake rattled homes and sent people into thein the streets. but fortunately little damage reported. this morning, d.c. attorneye general reviewing a major ruling that targets the key provision i of the city's concealed
9:18 am
gun law.. federal judge on tuesday ruled y that the so-called good reasonea provision is likelyy unconstitutional. as for gun owners in d.c. are forced to give police a reason o for needing a firearm such as fearing injury from anotherinjun person or having a high security job such as transporting cash oo valuable. the judge's order immediatelymma stops d.c. police from requesting a reason all all real appeals in the case are heard. a >> in the fight against the zikk virus the senate voted in favorn of a $1.1 billion measure to combat that virus.s it's short of the amount ofmot o money president obama is i requesting to help develop aevel zika but it does offer more money ton fight zika than the house t hou republicans planned.s house republicans say their bilb plus millions the white house shifted from unused ebola fund f log provide enough funding toh n fight zika through late september.ptber. >> million of people who work 50 to 60 hours a week now get paidp under the new president obama will unvi
9:19 am
new plan let full time salariedr employees own overtime if they y make a certain a money a year.ea the goal to boost the pockets oe low and middle income workers. lastly northern virginiathei teenager shattered three worldod records andrew shapiro seen here did just over 7,300 pull ups in 18 hours.. that beats three recordsor previous 24 hour record by mored than 500 pull ups. pul u also set the new six hour and 12 hour mark motivation hisat father's battle with colon cancer and he hopes to appear in the american ninja warriorni w shows.ows. for 18 hours he did on average over 400 pull ups an hour. >> you know how hard it is for f mowed to just one pull up.ull u. it's hard. >> book him on that show all shl right.ri how are you going to go >> i've seen that show.t show. that's a whole differentifre ballgame. that's serious. >> the rope >> how bad do this arms hurt h today, right?day, >> that's a good question.t'a go >> probably can't use them foruf week. that's's azi
9:20 am
stolen dog in d.c. is leading ta a big reward but also someom backlash for its owners.wner we'll have that that next andext later we'll go from dogs to ca cats. nab the --he -- >> oh, purrfect date to prom. po he did it so well before. befor now the story is going we'll talk to the maryland teent who brought his cat to the dan dance. >> purr. >> back after this. back after . dance. >> purr. introducing oikos crunch.after . greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable.
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♪ the debate about how to bess care for d.c. homeless leads to heated he can change inside the wilson building and putting itt mildly.mily yesterday w a.m. u reporter ror caught mayor bowser shouting at fill mendelson the following you are -- this is what she said expletive you're a blanking blag liar. you know it can't close in 20181 the mayor was making referenceee to mendelson' plans to close the shelter d.c. general and usese public land to create newreatne shelters this goes against ainst bowser' previous plan for the ft city to buy private homes and buildings for shelters in each e ward and joining us this mornini from the wilson building is d.c. council chair phil mendelson.on good morning to you. >> good morning. morng >> so we wanted to talk aboutbo this clearing the air where dohe things stand right now the mayoy has said thing get said.etai you've mentioned it was a heateh
9:24 am
where do things stand right nowt between you and the mayor and mr the exchange caught by a by a reporter?? >> well, i'm not quite sure why there was such anger, becausese the fact is, what the council approved yesterday reinforces or adopts the search elements ofrc what the mayor has been requesting. the mayor came forward with a plan back inca february that ihi think was good for the closingli of d.c. general trying to closee it by 2018. 201 replacing it with smaller shelters and scattering the shelters throughout the city.ghy and that's what we approved yesterday.stery. but where she seems to disagreee is that we did not adopt wholesale all seven of the sites she proposed nor did we agreegre with the proposal that the sites be -- four of the sites bes leased, and we found money andey put it in the budget to be able to acquire and develop the sites ourselves.ours several of the sites that wees w identified are all right right government owned so there's no cost to the district for the f t land it's cheaper pla
9:25 am
a quicker plan, and that seem t be what the exchange was about.. somehow it isn't quicker if wee use our >> we did invite her to be one the show this morning.ning her spokesperson said she's nott available.availa i want to push you on this you're saying your plan saves money and it will in fact closee d.c. general by 218. 2 how will that happen? peoplepl bringing into the equationio eminent domain ifhat happened he it would take land for that thit land to be acquired. how does your plan do that whent it took the mayor a year to come up with her plan? >> well, it's false that itls i would take a long time throughtg eminent domain, and i don't know that emint domain is even there are two sites the mayor identified that she had had letters of intent with a w property owners for to us use te have long-term leases. lease instead woe so she would go back to the verv people she's been negotiatinging with to purchase the property. eminent domain is the last
9:26 am
resort. but the district has the abiliti under the law for what we call c quick take it's what we did for the nationals baseball stadiumla what we did last september foree the soccer stadium.taum as soon as we go in to court and file under eminent domain weaine possess the proper.e pro that's called quick take. so she should be negotiating nti with the property owners it'srs only two of the seven sites sevs should be negotiating with themm now over the purchase price, ana if that doesn't work, then to tn keep the timetable, the city can still acquire the property.y. it's just false to say that itti would take years >> councilman, you mentioned earlier, you know, you were inwy support of the mayor's plan whew she first put this out in f youf weren't a lone. majority of council was on boarb with the mayor's plan. p what happened between february and now?? >> well, not much. m because as i said, the plan that she put forward was to replace d.c. general with smaller shelters in seven of the eighthe wards. ward and that's what we approved yesterday.sterday.
9:27 am
that i just don't -- i don't i d know that i can explain it.. >> you said it's chopper, your r plan a cheaper.plan che where is this money coming from? i've also heard -- hea- >> i'm sorry? >> it's absolutely cheaper.aper. it's always cheaper to own rather than lease. l but the lease terms council -- council hired a consultant too analyze the leases and found a u that three of the sites thehe leases, the mayor proposed, werw above market.ket. one of them excessively.essive i mean just -- so extraordinaryi that they actually thought theye were typos in the numbers. nbe so there's no question thathat this -- this, um, purchasing the sites is cheaper, and i can'tndc believe that that's truly anruln issue. >> councilman --n - >> we will definitely discuss it more. unfortunately our time is shortl here we need to move o >> we want to know councilman,in any time you have f bombs b dropped in city halld city headquarters it raises lot of is questions an lot of ears. lf e are you going to be able to woro this out between council and the
9:28 am
mayor and get this done to helpo the homeless in some way? >> i'm perfectly happy to workpw with the mayor. i -- we get -- we get very passionate sometimes and i'm i'm perfectly happy to sit down witt her.he in fact i talk to her very h ver briefly last night, and said so, and i will reach out to her andr her administration.. >> when is the next vote on o this, final word before we go?? >> i'm sorry?or? >> the next vote h is the nextin vote? >> oh, two weeks. wee two weeks.o ks >> all right.. counsel phil mendelson -- -- >> the council was >> we can expect that to carry c on next two thank you so much for being with us today. obviously very contentiousonntio issue. >> thank you. >> people in the community stile fighting about whether they evev want these homeless shelters ini their backwards -- backyards.. summer inches closer is the sunscreen you're buying really a going protect you as well as itt claims much the best and worsttd that's coming >> first he stars upcoming min
9:29 am
series worse malachy kirby willw join us live in the loft to talt more about this powerful role. >> tucker will be back on yourou wednesday forecast.ecast.
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>> we have a case of stolen dog and we need your help to bring c her home. allison is here with the details and how you can help. >> if you're a dog lover, cat lover, if you have a fur baby of any type andyo they'hove a begun outun of your site --ite -- >> if you have a heart. hea. >> panic. this case is really, reallyis r, terrible.teible a four month old boston terrierr named maggie.age look at such a good girl stolens from the back of her owner's's vehicle much this is little maggie she was in the back seata of mary catherine mine cal steal's vehicle yesterday.este this was at the intersection ofo ninth and k streets ineets i this was around 2:00 p.m.2:00 p when they returned to the car, c this what they found. windows smashed. glass strewn about. we still see maggie's prettyy face but front of us, they found all of this but the big thing t here maggie was gone. gone now they're asking for your hell to find her. her the family is now offering a $10,000 reward for anyone whoho can help bring maggie home he they've set up a special e-mail address which you now see. s is
9:33 am
with this right now? at theghw bottom of your screen.n if you think there's the damagee and $10,000 is what they'ret ty' offering. if you think you've seen maggie or you know who is responsible r whatever they ask that you sendu your tips to the website there t it is.s lost boston terrier d.c. at g we're hoping that she's foundou safe. this was an extreme case, of course, and i can hear you. y what did you say, viewers? we know. you're not supposed to leave tho dog in the car. we get it.we it. this is what has happened allpe right. they bust the the windows out.. we're putting out an extra push, yeah, so that's what's going ong on social media. media we're trying to do our >> just imagine she's scared.'se >> can you imagine the glass and she's like a little puppy, right? >> yeah. >> if you've seen maggie let'sas bring her home and all the lot t of dogs because i can hearan people saying what about my loss dog? true.rue >> maggie is lost right now.e s >> all right.ll rig okay. >> thanks al. >> you got it. >> check in with tucker once one again.agai beca
9:34 am
talk about this weather, tuck. >> you can never talk enoughug about weather holly but this particular weather i suspectuspt many people might be donemigh de talking about it. the may gloom, yes indeed itnded continues out there later today. sunshine good luck seeing thatia today.da unfortunately very little if an sun. yesterday we had some late day y rainbows we did get a little sun yesterday.erda might do that again today.t ag now this will not be done ine i 302nd.2n. friday looks real nice with the weekend still looking very wet. saturday looks wet.ooks wet one to 2-inches of rain.f r here your current numbers. n 56 in washington. 54 in frederick. 55 60 later today.od lots and lots of cloud cover ouo there. ther there's your shower activity. starting to kick up again so ais few showers and sprinkles todayd off to the west we've got additional shower activity mosty of that will stay in thell sy in mountains but you can see thatet we are in for a rather wet pattern, cloudy pattern herete h again this afternoon.fter high pressure off to the north h and that's going try to build inldn
9:35 am
and that will dry out the atmosphere and bring us more ans more sunshine tomorrow afternoon and then again on friday.nri in fact that area of highf h pressure right over had he onha 72 sunshine and dry conditions i expected around here on fridayda it gets better. getsetter. 60 today's. 60 today's we'll keep generally clouds in d the forecast just few showers. s little better tomorrow withorroh partial sunshine.partia friday looks great.ks g then here comes the rain again a for the weekend particularlyti saturday one to 2-inches of rain potentially. ugh.ugh. don't need that it on saturday.o all right. al i'm wrapping.i'm back to you. >> tucker thanks very much 9:359 right now.ght n you are all familiar with wh the mini series at the time at roots the story of americanf ari slavery andly journey of young y slave named kin thai captured it home land captivate the the t t nation when it first aired in 1977. well roots is being redone now by history formerly known as the history channel and premier prei later this month. mon. here's a >> i show you even if he partsep you tomorrow your love will never do yo
9:36 am
>> her name is who you is. my daddy took whippings night and day to protect his name. >> let's fine out more about itt joining us in the lot of thef star of the mini series actor malachi kirby who plays kinla great to see you this morning. n thanks for joining glass thankng you. >> when this came out in 1977t 1 think us what a full decadet a before you even existed. but i remember as a youngster y even just the power that thishat brought and the way it really ry changed tv at the time. it was 37 emmy it was the highest rated show on tv.t no pressure for you now to jumpp back into this role, is there. >> none. none whatsoever. noe >> what did you think whendi you -- when you had thead opportunity to take on this iconic role. re. >> why me? are you sure? dosur you know what you're doing? e? yeah, it was a huge w a h responsibility and i felt veryer i didn't feel like i was up to the job whatsoever and i've seee lavar play the original and hiss shoes were far too big for m
9:37 am
fill but the responsibility was given to me i i just gave it it everything i can basically. bic >> i heard lavar is actually l l involved in this project in wayy did you have a chance to talkvet with him? did you takeou tak advantage of that?vantagof t >> i spoke with him for the fore first time about two months in filming. so i was well into the journey y at that point.oi >> so you were kind of s identified the way you wantedo y this character to be yourself yf before you actually met withith him? >> definitely. one of the first decisions iions made as the character i wantedtd to stay afar away as possibleos from what he did. did i felt like i i needed to come to my own intuition, up togetheg are the. my understanding of the o character and not try toand t tr recreate a performance thatancet already been done, you know.w. wanted to tell the truth. truth. >> how do you do that as an jacket what do you use for, not just the research into the stors itself, but finding that personr that you want to be the way thay you wanted to be portrayed onord the screen?the sc >> well this is the thinghe interesting thing for me i founu about where his strength forengh
9:38 am
many slaves died.. many people in slaves died. he makes it on to the plantatiot and he grows up and has a kidank and gets married and i'm think t wagon is it about him that makek him survive for so especially with all the rebellion he has and getting get whipped and getting beat and his foot chopped ovine found that it was his spirit. spi it was his spirit and his h knowledge of self which hehich constantly repeating and so my biggest form of preparation for this role was prayer.ol i felt like there was something i needed to do that went beyond research and gettin getting in l shape. shape. there needed to be something with the spirit that -- that t allowed me to enter a spacece where i could show his strength. so every day i prayed and i and prayed to god and asked him too just work with me.. >> it's one of the most powerfuu characters he have been on the t screen small or large.lar when you were doing this whener you were in that process ofro
9:39 am
filming and finding this thi character did you keep thatter character with you when ther yu camera was off or were you ablel to turn it on and off? >> i had to. i mean, especially when we werer on the ship. shi but i mean throughout, you know, i'm speaking different dialnt d elects and different language at times. it wasn't helpful for me to come back into london boy. and then go straight into warrior. i tried to keep essences of himm but i was onset of day. of d it wasn't hard to hold on to. t >> you were able to film you f filmed in south african here in the us in some places ins louisiana. lo >> yes. >> outside new orleans. orl while you're here in d.c. i heard awed chance to get to thec white house as well.e e as well. how was wa >> i didn't get to meet obamaeeo but it was it was surreal. i don't think it actually kickel in what actually happened hpe yesterday.yest i mean we was in the whitehite house, um, talking about rootsbr at this time and the presidentre is just about to go out and it t was very special.
9:40 am
advantage of thesead opportunities. we can't wait to see how this portrays on the screen. you'll be able to waist onto o n history it actually airs it'sy s four parts i believe, >> four parts.part >> it will air memorial dayialay weekend monday, may 30th and0th that is going to start at 9:00:0 p.m. that will be on history ano there's the information on youru screen right the and it will run four parts. may 30th through june 2nd. it will be an eight hour miniini series.series >> it's great to see. s thank you so much.uc enjoy the rest of your time herh in washington.hi thank you. >> straight ahead new details ig the investigatid on into the deh of prince. princ police now look to go possible l lethal drug concoction.coio >> and hiphop hottest couple ine fierce bidding war. bidng w we'll get the scoop from tmz's dax holt. that's coming up next.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
dramatic bell drop. >> great sound effects. >> first class in the fox beatd we've got new details of the investigation into prince'ri death. police looking at theli possibility of a fatal drug concoction and music's hottest couple embroiled in a bitter a e bidding war. >> that's right. holly for details on thesen t stories we turn to tmz's dax holt live in los angeles.osngel dax, how you doing this morningm buddy?dd >> i am doing very good.y goo how is everyone out there.he >> we're doing well.>> >> we're doing great.. >> obviously we just mentionedei prince element and we're stillnw trying to figure out obviously v what caused his death.his ath the medical e
9:44 am
not received or talked about tht toxicology reports.toxicology r talk about what the latest ishat with this possible mixing of drugs. >> yes. so very interested right now onn the possibility of what we in wn his system. you know, officer obviously percocet is the big thing on everyone's mine the other drugtd they're concerned about is andrew corn felled the son of dr. howard corn fell the onellho sent out to kind of take care of prince until his father could get here, but andrew came acrosa state lines with that synthetic opiate in his backpack and ifknd you were to combine themb the synthetic open if he yacht and a percocet together, i guess it can suppress breathing can be a lethal combination cops are cop looking at andrew did you giveou him anything, what was that in i his body at the time? obviousls everyone needs to wait for wt toxicology results to come back. could take another couple ofoupe week. but if that is in his body, at t the time of his death, andrew could have to answer lot of questio h
9:45 am
len berg also, there's a lot off questions i think that they need to answer and right now we dided reach out to them. tm. we're to the getting any answery back from them a.. but cops definitely focused onts them right now. >> i know everyone is looking to find blame but i mean could itn be a situation where neither nei dr. knew the other was givingiv him that and so they didn't knok the combination was a possibility?ily? >> well, andrew is not a doctorc and so he cannot administer anya drugs. >> that's a problem.s prob >> i think it's also strangenk that he came across state linesr with drugs any way because thatt should be another doctor inrn minnesota that would then beld t able to get their hands on them rather than them him bringingimg them from california.m liforni >> is it normal we're waiting this long for the results? istu it normal it takes this long. >> no. n toxicology takes like six to sit eight very long time to get all thosee results back. >> the highly anticipatedat performance of kesha for theha r award show the billboards awardd this >> sunday. >> so question about this, are i
9:46 am
making it what we want it to be or, you know, what's keshas k saying about all of this. his. >> no, no. no she was supposed to perform atem the billboards music awards andd you you know, we were told sheol was was going to do statementdoe performance and kind of a reveal her feelings towards doctor luko and the problem is, she can't really perform any of music withoutit doctor luke's approval. chemo shabby records which he we owns has the rights to her son songs. once they found out she wasunt going to do a statementin performance. never hyped you don't have anyy rights to perform with yourh songs. no, i'm sorry, i was just going to do a bob dylan song called it ain't me babe much the problem l it has lot of lyrics that could potentially be referring to doctor luke and sony.y. they said no, no you're not're going to be doing this.nghi listen at this point, it doesn'n look like she's performing butt that could change they're hopinn for an 11th hour switch thathha allows her to get up on >> before we let you go
9:47 am
out bid jay-z bean i don't known say on house.on hou jay-z has a song called tom fod ford. i'm curious what's going on.s 'g >> the second house that jay-zej and beyonce' have been out bidut for here in california.. this one tom ford put down $50 million for this beautiful mansion on 3.2 acres in beverly hills.lls. 14,000 square foot. f it's got nine bedrooms, 10 bam0 rooms. i mean it's amazing has quiteazu the hollywood legacy knit a huge plot of land right in prime p location. but like i said this is the the second house you remember 2,0142 they were out bid by the mine m craft creator for like a $70 million mansion that i guesg they were bumped about.mped abo so they keep getting out bid fod houses out o they'll be homeless.. >> rich people problem.robl >> the song tom ford is reallysl good. i'll listen to in it in all of its irony this morning.ony this i can't wait.i can't wait. >> that's very fun
9:48 am
>> tmz airs every weekday herekd at 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. right here on fox5. but $50 million or $49 million.n tom ford should just take my b bid. i don't know. seems a little messed up.ed u >> i'm trying to fine theing to cheapest house for sale inor beverly hills.hills. >> condo for million. >> wisdom bid 51 million now.n n >> absolutely kevin.oluty >> of >> absolute. all right.ri >> coming up a maryland teen's purrfect prom date going viralog bringing his beloved cat to thet dance with him. witim we'll talk to him life coming uu next and we'll ask did this t affect his dating live, did it improve since he brought a catug to the prom?the ast >> back in a moment. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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especially when it comes to snacking.g new. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. the roast looks good dad.
9:51 am
how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. >> the prom date. i remember it like it was 20 i something years ago. >> right. her ourigh us remember our hig school prom and some may eveny remember the dread of the ideahi the whole idea of going to theog prom without a d some of us can remember that.r t last year, 17-year-old
9:52 am
guard found himself without aitt prom date and decided to ask the best companion you had the bestb companion of all, the family c cat. >> aww. >> lucky for him ruby purchasedh and said yes.. they went shopping for some new shoes and practiced her promro pose and now that was the year a but that was last year. y but sam and ruby's prom picks are just now going viral. >> okay.>> oka >> germantown and ruby sittingng on his lap.on his good morning to you,, s first of all, we to ask you this. this is the main question i wani to that was last k year. did your dating life get bettert because of the cat? (laughter).aughr) >> you could say so, yes. s so, >> it did.>> d >> you're now married? i'm juss kidding.kidd (laughter). >> how so, please give us some m details.. >> well, i mean, even though it was posted this year everyoner e like the picture when i postedos it originally.y. it's kind of an inside joke andk i don't know, i'm kind of famoum
9:53 am
>> let us in on the joke. what's the joke? i mean how diw this even come about like rea really?ly? >> well, i've always kind of i'a been known as the cat guy atys y i have the instagram for ruby beforehand.. and i guess recently this blue l up and now i'm going to beoing o definitely known as the cat guyg everywhere.. >> why do you think it retooktet off is? why viral a year latert
9:54 am
>> i could not, no., we were worried about allergiesr and just -- i don't know what'tt the school was going to say.say. >> right.. >> really. rea i know you've gotten some backlash. >> i wish. >> people laughing that you took the prom probably saying he's -' it's a little pathetic.athec. i'm sure you've heard it all.t a but you know what have you madeu of just the folks who say, you, know what this kid and his cat s give me break, what are youha making of all of this? >> i really don't know.on't k i think it's kind of hilarious s that she got so famous muchuc she's acute cat. she definitely deserves it.. um, i don't know. it's funny to see it happen.. >> sam, do you have a girlfrie girlfriend? >> i don't have a girl friend a the time moment, no.o. (laughter). >> all right. ladies that's what you wanted td know. i just wanted to make sure wee got an official concrete answer. sam is available.ilable but clearly it has to be someono that likes cats. >> sam, you're drawn to ruby. tell us little bit about ruby.
9:55 am
you're seem to be pretty closetc even if you're doing this a jo joke. >> we've had ruby for 10 years r now. now. >> um-hmm.>> um >> you grew up together?he >> yeah, you can say that. >> she's got a good temperment.n >> i had a cat before this. t >> ruby has special place inlacn your march. >> yeah.>> she is a stray. a s our neighbors found her. >> aww. aww >> right-hand ruby tuesday' >> okay. oka >> there you go. >> now we know where the name tn came from. fm. clearly she's made for tv ofor v look the her just sitting there. >> right.ight >> i know, look at her.w, looath >> did ruby get any fame or any phone calls any dates out of ano this whole thing?? >> right. we also want to know that. that. we're about match making here on this show. >> i'm sorry, what did you say.y >> i'm asking did ruby get anyny fame, fortune or dates out ofut this whole deal? >> still can't really hear your one more time. time. >> that's okay.ay (laughter). >> i'm trying to play matchmakea trying t
9:56 am
that's all. >> i don't think sam can hear. >> sam, what are you doing now? are you in school or what's thes deal? you seem like you and and rube beer inseparable.arable is she at college with you? are? you home together? what's goinw on with you and ruby? >> i go to school out in colorado.ra i'm actually notal able to takee ruby with me.e. i we shall but might be able toa have another cat next year.ea it just won't be the same.e. >> if ruby's fame takes off and cal calendars and photo shoots s i'm sure you'll have plenty ofao pictures you can enjoy while w you're in colorado.ado >> hopefully.opefully >> i like your sunny disposition wearing the rain and 55. i like your outlook. >> bright tint up.ntp >> the man.. >> thanks, sam.s, s >> see you youam. see you ruby.y >> yesterday when i was tellinge chris about this story i saw on international blog i read. r he's like worldwide.d i mean this was like -- i thinkt it was from algeria.. where this was posted sam and ruby. by >> crazy it look a year t
9:57 am
up like that.up l >> still hope for something wee posted. 9:56 is the time. t straight ahead megyn kelly sitss down with donald trump making mn headlines this morning. mni we forget about her othererther blockbuster interviews as wellew want it revealed about the ojhe simpson trial. tal >> the baby momma drama d continues for singer see err yar the latest in her custody battlb with rapper future.ute >> first though it is coffee t time on goohod day did you d.c.d i know you've been eyeing our or cool good day mug listen up ifi you want one of those cool goodo day dc dunkin' donuts mugs, the give away this is perfect oneere for that coffee.. head to fox fox5 pk/contest.. or our facebook page to enter.nt one lucky winner selected byy random hurry though we only frof have now now to 11 a.m. to. enter. the time right now is 9:57.s 9:5 we're back with more good day d.c. on the other side of the break.
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♪ >> empire fans, brace yourself tonight is the night.. >> all new at 10a your exclusive empire premier.reer will jamal live or die? who isw getting married? who push push rhonda? don't miss our sneak os peek at 10:30. 130 also all new at 10a we're liveel with super star indicatee beckensale.beckensale we got so much to talk aboutk a including her new movie love and friendship.. >> hey, guys we're helping you l bring the sexy back to we'll have a live fashion showas with the hot looks you need too be rocking ladies grab your men. good day at 10a starts right n now. >> think about how genius empirg s the fact that they can take t one season cliff hanger and make it last throug
10:02 am
next season and still notti resolve it.e it >> good tv. >> it's called a soap opera. i am excited about tonight. tht big party going on at the howarr theater.ea which is awesome.which a lost people will be out fore r that. so who knows -- what time doesed that start.rt. >> i think we'll be down at thet red carpet about 5:30. 5:30 it will run through theou evening right now, though, t you're seeing a clip of the cass of hamilton. ham they're actually doing a tribute in this clip to prince i think.p >> right. >> but, yeah, let's go crazy.ra but i will tell you this is, um, something key about today.key if you're mad about hamilton get to your computer right now. 2016-17 season sub corruptionsou to the kennedy center justrus become available for purchase.cs season ticket holders first in i line for the 2017-18 season which will help them score some of the coveted tickets to theo t pulitzer prize winning show whee it debuts locally in june of 2,018. >> seems like a long time away.
10:03 am
>> i mean if you want to forantf sure get a ticket. aicket. then that's one way to do it. >> stand in line in june of 2019. 20 >> media night. medight >> wouldn't that be nice? >> doesn't help anybody else.p n we'll do what we can for you.ou let's check what's trending. trn must see interview months in the making that's when donald trump and megyn kelly first startedta sparring during the first gop fg debate she sat down with last night we sought results and nothing was off limits.inf kelly and trump started feudingf in august after the first gopop debate kelly moderated duringedn the interview that aired lastt night she addressed the contentious feud which playedla out between them on social on oa median the republicanlica frontrunner about calling women bimbos.. >> the ones i don't retweet. >> bimbo.. >> well there was a retweet, ret yeah, did i say that? t >> many times. >> ooh, okay. okay. excuse me. (laughter).
10:04 am
>> not the most horrible thing.i again politically.tily. not the most -- over your lifeoe meghan you've been called a lot worse, is that right? wouldn't you say? you know you've had ad life that's not been that easy, and -- >> it's not about me. it's not about met' it's about e messaging to young girls and tod other >> it's a certain amount of of fight.t you know it's modern day form of fighting back. >> it was an interesting tonetie last night in the conversation the two had part of megyn kellies first prime time showho she's done kind of in the spirit of barbara walters specials ofpe the past.. >> for it to have been such a big deal i feel like in thatke n moment both sides down playedye it. it. quite a bit.que a so if they down played it thatd much, why was it such a big big issue in the beginning? itinnit should have been big issue obviously in my personal opinioi but i was little, um, disappointed i guess at that hea can change. i feel like now it has been been addressed even though it may not have been resolved you can't gou back to it now.. >> no. >> you had the chance last night to put this to bed and if you'ru going to leave with that kind of
10:05 am
apology but this is just what iw do, okay, that's what do you.ou. you got to leave toeave you can't keep revisiting >> no. >> i think it spoke volumes toot about trump an lot of peopleeo talking about megyn kelly i kely think it spokes volumes about trauma app lot of chances for o him to backtrack on some of theh calling women bimbos and otherm things that he said.bigs t there's plenty of room for him h to say i didn't mean this or iri didn't -- but to excuse me andea to laugh and play about >> here the thing. t do you think anybody learn lea anything new about donald trump. i don't as surprised at donald trump's reaction than i was at megyn kelly's i thought shehougs would have stronger voice whenow given the platform to do so. >> right.ight well, i mean people know donaldd trump is who he is.p who but i just -- i mean, he is thet leader now. n i mean the only thing that's th' changed he is the presumptive republican nominee.ominee. there's no other competition oni the republican side so there's s possibility that he could be b president. there's a shot.thers a so i just don't expect forxpec someone who is now the nomineeee
10:06 am
with the other republicans nowls you could be president tode laughing at the fact that youfau call women bimbos is not is n presidential to me.. >> that's all i'm saying.i'm >> it's not to lot people. peo playing devils advocate you gotg this far by being who you are. e >> that's true.>>s >> why would you change your yoc course now. course now. >> why change it now, becauseng off lot of people who bele ievet or not are still undecided.eced and here is your chance to showo people who are concerned abouted you being presidential that you can be.can b you don't necessarily have toavt apologize. but why not say something alongo the lines of, you know, i'venowv said things in the past that t could be interpreted as -- a >> those opportunities have beer there for months.fomonths >> no. but this is a different time t now. >> it's not going to change.t ga >> this is the way he wants to t be across he wanted to thingsd his way. >> people change all the timeget especial until politics.its you don't start off one way butb end up a different way just like you're seeing republicans whopus once said -- >> people don't want old schoolh politics where people flip flopp they don't -- that's they'ret'sh saying they don't want. want. >> donald trump will change wit the people he puts around him im those positions.ositions but he himself
10:07 am
him where he is this put him att the top of the business world and he's using that right now an his platform and so far at leasl on the republican side he's got the numbers.numbers. >> i hear you.>> >> not the only guest lastgut la night. talk about some other intervieww megyn kelly had prime time on t the special since the first timt since the t trial of the centur, oj simpson loyal robert shapiroo opened up about what happened and gave insight into thatig int infamous letter glove.etteglov >> did you feel in your moment when you put your hand in thed glove you were trying on thewer glove of the perp who murderwh m those two people?e two people >> as you say it now, it is chilling. but i was looking for one thingi and one thing only, the size of that glove.lo here's what i told oj simpson. i want to you walk as close to t the jury as you can, hold um your hand like you're holdingolg the olympic torch, and pull and tug on that glove because itglos will not fit. f and clearly it didn't.. >> shapiro also told megyn kelll that oj still owes him moneym from that trial.ri here's a q
10:08 am
>> wow. >> great guests last night.s la. >> really good. >> laverne cox, robert shapiro.i donald trump thank was overas oe shadowing everything else.gls do you think it should have beei one hour sit down with trump?t ? >> yeah. >> or was this a good workingdoi everything else in. >> i think it should have been the one hour with trump.e >> you're right. so many things talked about.bou. laverne cox when she talk bowleb childhood and just coming wheree she is and accepting her transgender being transgender and how that -- her family comec to accept it i thought thereught were powerful things said theree to have it -- >> they're not here today.od only so much time in thee the newscast. >> trump suck the air out of tho room as usual. okay.okay robin write house of cardshous breaking her silence about the a gender pay gap in hollywood stad says she had to threaten studioo bosses with going public unlessl they agreed to pay her as much c as her co-star kevin spacey they eventualed agreed.tu wright as just a big of role ase spacy and both are also listedis as executive directors of the fifth season.eason >> it makes sense. ikes hollywood, you have two peopleow doing the same
10:09 am
>> pay up. >> give them the same.iv >> i actually like her better. t i like kevin spacey but she's's amazing in that show. show. >> here's the thing i'd bes interested to know how they come up with these the numbers because is it based on your namr or based on your role? how much you're talking?u're talki >> how much they want you. muc >> yeah.h how much they want you. y >> your reputation. your prior work. your agent. a >> a lot of factor that is go no this i would think. tnk >> how much money they believeel you're bringing in. bg in. >> yeah. i mean --i mean >> kevin spacey is a biggerig they'll than robin wright.t >> look at all the famous debates that have happened overd salaries when you look at back c to the cast of friends, etrids cetera. >> exactly. more famous ones that came outtt there. they banded together and so lot of times off show like thisike i maybe kevin pace see at the time you have somebody whose won all these awardswo. pay him more to start when off show that becomes thatt successful ensemble cast at that point everybody should be --dy b >> we all stick together nexthen time and demand.d >> good luck. >> good luck on that. >> nice knowing
10:10 am
empire maybe why jamal isamal i leaving.leaving. >> that's true. >> definitely continues.efinitee >> all right. you need to make speaking ofakin money at least six figures tours live here in d.c. d.c a new study look at 15 bigig cities and big bucks is need toe do simply live in a two-bedroomd here in d.c. you actually haveuh to make more than $119,000. $11, getting a roommate doesn't seem so bad, right sharing a space sa with someone will close you $60$ on average if you split the rent right down the mill. now, san francisco, new york,new los angeles and boston are theae other place that you'll need too make top dollar in order tord actually pay your rent. rent child care costs also expensiven in major cities but d.c. is thee most expensive place to raise a family in the united states.dta >> we don't have the cheapest cp on. phoenix at the bottom $47,000 $0 compared to 119,000 in d.c. >> wow.ow >> to make to comfortable volrtb two bedroom in phoenix. phoi >> my question then is, do the e jobs pay -- you know what i mean, is it all relative.relati. >> it's not going to be as mucha
10:11 am
i don't think if you move to sav francisco you'll double youryouu >> right.ig >> but if you move to phoenix ih it going to ---- >> okay.. (laughter). >> your salary will go down as w well.ll. >> sunshine.unsh >> exactly.xact >> speaking of sunshine is yourr sunscreen living up to itso advertised protect.te. consumer reports investigation finds spf printed on the bottlet may not be the am of protectiono you're getting on your skin.ours out of 65 sunscreen lotions li listed 28 tested below theirel t advertised protect level. lev consumer reports did find that several brands that live up to u their claims some pricey pri somebody not. let's show you which rated bests among the lotions laroche -- ioc believe that's how say it 60 60spf50 and coppertone watereat babies spf50 were tops. best rated sprays were tradere r joe's spf50 plus. banana boat sun comfort 50 plus and neutrogena beech defense spf70. you want to hear this some sune screens that consumer found do d not protect as well as advertis t
10:12 am
kids, tear free, sting free spf fief did he lotion and the cvsvs kids sun lotion.otion. >> you know who needs to makew e six figure the guy who had to t test all that sun lotion.unot >> i know. i. >> put the squares on your back and sit out in theyo sun.. >> not a job i want. wt. >> no. >> no. okay. don't leave us just yet. yet. empire fans you'll want to get our sneak peek of tonight's finale much that's coming ups cn next. ome. just wait until you see the s clips we'll share.we'll are >> also, we have some super stas power on the show as well. kate beckensale will join us ifs you have a question for her for tweet us using the #gooddaydc.dd >> we're dishing next upshor upo opening up about not that -- not safe for work selfies much m that's what i'm trying to say.ns we're back after this short break.
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10:15 am
♪ >> okay. never heard that one before. time now for good day celebrityr dish. that was madonna and prince thec did duet love song madonna likel a prayer album and this morningr some people are not happy withit the queen of pop. got a petition pit surfaced arguing against madonnn the only artist to pay tribute i to the prince at billboard music awards. awar we cannot let madonna be the bhe main and only artist tributing i prince during the two to us 16
10:16 am
billboard awards.wards he is more than worthy of ayf better choice as a mainn performer. many who disagree with thath t petition remind us that princenp appeared twice on madonna's likk a prayer album and he played pye rhythm guitar on love song.on petition has 7,223 supporters fans.ns. billboard music awards will aira on may 22nd. >> i don't know how they decide to do it. it site weird somebody would have an exclusive to do tributei >> are these people aggravatepla the it's just one person. >> it's just >> or that it is mon donna. >> you see what i'm saying.'m >> i think there's only onenly person paying tribute. >> not that it's just madonna. madonna could be part of a pt oa tribute, right?ibut >> yeah. >> i would think you would want more people to do it. the more the mnker prier. >> may turn it no a big event.n. bigger event than you do with >> you know people just gettingt a 58ed about anything you putthy out there, right?? kesha right now will nonow w longer be taking the stageheta billboard m
10:17 am
night. she was planning a quote auo statement performance againstga producer doctor luke.tor l targetintargeting the producer m references from her on goingn g legal battle.ate. now dr. luke's label won't letle her perform.t he so kesha took tor instagram inm saying the performance was never about dr. instead she was planning a tribute to bob dylan and it's sad she'll no longer be able to perform.perform >> really kesha? ea yeah. the battle continues.onnu all right, up next, the baby momma drama continues as well. sierra has been denied soleenieo custody of her son she shareshae with rapper future. fur tmz is reporting the 30-year-ole asked for full custody whilehile claiming her ex isn't a suitabla parent and is not present in tht child's live.d' future showed up and asked for r joint custody which the judge je eventually awarded.wa the duo did not have a formalor court appointed custodyusto agreement until this point. poit searer has also filed on going $15 million lawsuit against the rapper which will be handleded separately from their custody co decision.
10:18 am
$15 million so he can give up -u i mean, what kind of career doee he have? he's that big? b >> you know apparently he is. >> $15 million to give away. ay >> i said that to he's huge. h he's had one of the biggest song this past year.r >> shock the you know what outna of mirror. mirr. >> you only need to have oneaveo >> 15 million to give away.y >> 15 million in the music world isn'world. >> i didn't know future was thaw bright. >> he has 15 million if he loses he can give away --e away- >> yes. >> and he'll be good with that?? >> trap songs are huge and he'sh the trap king.the tr >> he's got other millions andns it's's >> see.>> see. ♪ >> that's one song.. okay.okay >> google how much a singer canc make on one hit wonder. >> 15 million -- >> feel the beat, come on wisd wisdom. >> all right. work it out like this. look. iok. >> ♪ >> no? >> okay. back to you.back to you. >> all right. leave it to ellen degeneres after hosting snl
10:19 am
she -- after hosting snl, rappep drake headed straight for her fr set in la and of course thereoue was no shortage of laughter. lgh she asked the singer about his friendship with rihanna, his, h time as coach at the nba allba star game and of course drakeour joined ellen's long line ofg lin celebs who she has spoofed. sofd check it out. (applause). >> i think we missed it.d >> did we miss it? >> jump out of the box.p ou b >> i'm glad you got that.t tt you can see drake shout and do d what he later called a vampire i block with his hands i'd love te redo that story with videoeo actually matching up so it makek sense.see maybe ya'll got it. >> 15 million?5 million? (laughter). >> much more than that. >> drake got lot of money. mey scandal star kerry washington wn taking a break from social media that is. i on instagram she posted video
10:20 am
her on the beach. in the caption she wrote, it'sri time for me to take a teeny tee break from social media feeling called -- to be bit more quietet and still not sure how long it i will last.ll l but don't worry, i'll be back soon enough. enoug this space has become suchuc grateful community i'm veryty im grateful. gr thank you.thank y her social media break announce many comes after pregnancy --gny her pregnancy news was reveal. a >> good for her. good >> breaks are needed. usher was all smiles at a s photo call for his film hand ofd stone during the 2016 capness film festival while red carpett he finally addressed his not safe for work photos that he shared on his snap chat last i love it when we use good day dc box. b he said he was naked ish all in good fun, there won't be nakeden photos but fox5 is now on snap >> he
10:21 am
>> wow. >> >> what an endorsement.seme >> we buried the lead there.he who >> wisdom as long as you poseasl like that we'll have the mostt followers ever.ersr. >> fox5 is now on snap chat.nap >> no we don't have $15 millionl to get y >> that's what it will take forr me to pose like that. $15 million!$1 >> that's what it will take fori me to look at those pictures. >> still ahead for us one of our fox5 fascination tas is heree showing us hot trends this summer. on guys, too. 21 10:21. look at this.s. >> ensemble made for the king. that's right, steve. work it out.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ tepp 24:00. back on good day and happening right now d.c. fire departmented very busy right now in theown middle of a day long emergency n drill. it's a drill but it's veryer important one it involvest scenario that somewhat playedt e out for real a few week ago.. simulating a train crashing witw a vehicle and then derailingderg leading to hazardous chemicalhea spill. well, you all remember earlier r this month csx48 train jumpedum the tracks on rhode island eye e avenue and spilled material. spm today's drill was planned long l before that incident even happened. >> interesting. part of today's drill alsotoda involves patients being taken to med star georgetown hospital. h that's exact wrl we find fox5'sx bob barnard this morning.or hey, bob. >> reporter: hey, holly, guys, g good morning. morng we're at georgetown universityns hospital med star.sp you see behind me these are are members of the dirt team.m. it's a decontamination imm
10:25 am
response team.eam. and basically, what they just did, was they did a mock decontamination of some patiente who were contaminated by thiss hydrochloric acid spill mockpilm spill over at the benning roadng rail yard in northeast d.c. we're now here over inver i georgetown and so these are staff members of georgetown university hospital here who ara now being decontaminated themselves having come to thein rescue of people who patientsnt brought in. in a moment ago there was a lady in bathrobe being walk into the ere here and now these are the folkl who did the work being decontaminated this is and thend there's another team that willra be coming out and more mock moc patients coming in.g i it's a day long drill as youou mentioned. we had something very similar vl recently but this was plannedasp some time ago and it's just to t get everybody ready and you seee the new team heading out.ngut these are staff members from med star georgetown universityni hospital. they're going to go out andto gt greet the next load of patientse mock patients coming in who havh been exposed to this thi hyro
10:26 am
community center set up forp for shelter in place near the raill yard. yard. you've got d.c. fire and ems ann bunch of folks working on this.i just to be prepared in case thet real deal happens.ns we're getting the thumbs up ands it's part of this day longon exercise involving a number of locations. so if you're out there unsee aee lot of activity, it very wellyel may be part of this exercise drill again going on all day a here in the city.y. guys.ys >> bob barnard, thank you.. still ahead to the second half of good day at 10a we haveh a super star in our midst. m i'm not just talking about these three. kate beckensale will join us 35u talk about her new movie callede love and friendship we actuallyp have a surprise for her.r h >> also ahead, we have your empire finale sneak peek.k. the finale just hours away. a they say this episode is going g to be epic. we use that word a lot this time we real mean it. you're watching good day at 10aa we'll be right back. ♪
10:27 am
hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving
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>> forgive me. >> forgiven. >> the fallacy of youth. you isn't it rather clear we womenem of position who hold the trumpmp glass lady susan, lady susan.. >> how dare you address me, sir. >> lady >> be gone, sir i will have you whip.whip. >> outrageous.>> have you never met him.. >> no. i know him well.ow him w i would never speak to a to stranger like that. (laughter). >> that is clip of the new movim love and friendship it's basedtb on the jane austin novel ladyy susan.sus. story that revolved around the seductive and map la tiff ladyay susan it is definitely juicy. jy >> right. >> the book was written in 1871. >> early on. ely o and the star of that filmil obviously you know her from amazing films as under world, sorry ren pip did the. aviator and pearl harbor. kate beckensale joins us live ui from los angeles.osng >> i'm good. how are you.ho
10:31 am
movie takes place in the 17 90's which is fascinating to me. to . i'm wondering when you shoot a movie in that time period obviously and you step offset it it weird stepping back intoto technology like do you put yourr phone away for all day so youayo can stay in character? >> well, i was away fry from mym daughter i was in dub lip and she was in la.. most scenes i've got my phone pe tuck somewhere underneath my my petty coat in case she needed me. i like to mick the two of up.o u >> let's go back before we talk about the actual making of theie movie and talk about the story of the movie itself because it'e story that many people may havee read the jane austin novel.n no. but for the people that aren't familiar, it's definitely afinia juicy >> it is. iis. i heard not heard of book. boo it was unfish. they wrote when it she was veryv lung and didn't publish it. a nephew publish it aft she died. people can be forgiven for neven heard of it for sure.t
10:32 am
who's is recent young widow and obviously at that period of timf really need to find a husbandnd with money so she didn't end up destitute, and has some interesting ways of going abouto doing that and finding one fornr her daughter. the not romantic in the sense that jane austin movies there'se love stories.tories this is quiet a funny woman wom going about trying to have her cake and at least it at least lt twice.e >> kate at the beginning of then interview he mentioned yourour daughter and the joke about thet phone. i was op your instagramnsgr yesterday looking at the photo p you posted from 1999 to 2000 of your family.ily that was an maze photograph.ho i believe we have it here.e i want to show it. i can you talk about what thatt meant to see you that jump int that time and what that photot p was like to take and kind of put together? >> it was really funny. it wast actually -- like she ws turning 16 a big moment.. and we had that picture of herte when she was just born and
10:33 am
thought why don't we try and trd make it exactly the same so wee can see the differenthe differe configurations. it was much harder getting hergg to lie across my chest because she's 5 feet five.tiv slightly different -- had he had maneuver her i was sort of regretful i'd i never done it every single year f oy do it again ever ever i'lll have to do it every single year. michael beard, very big beard he didn't have at the time.'t havem >> talk about impressed.about every woman looking at thishi right now is going, really? rll there's like 16, 17 years 1ea between those photos.ho you haven't aged a bit.. >> you've gotten youngerer looking. looking. >> what is your beauty regimeneg or what filter are you using ong that picture. >> i think --nk -- (laughter).auter) i think the tempt 161 haspt h obviously benefited me hugely bb the fact that i didn't havee 70 pounds of pregnancy weightega gain and i had just spent 40 sp4 hours giving i tend to look much better whene i haven't done both of thosefho
10:34 am
>> i've been a fan of your workr obviously underworld to me likee something i used to watch in i college those films have beenlmb amazing obviously it's veryser different from the environmentnt you're working in here this is a very -- this is stripped downped from the special effectsts environment. films like underworld when you're dealing with things thatt are absolutely surreal wolf wolf wolves and vampires is there a e similarity at all when you go to set like this? i know you'rew becoming the character can youcu speak on any similarity betweent those environments? >> i mean a bit. to be hahn never the commonthco theme for me nearly every moviev is an extremely restrictive corset underworld or a movie like this. ts i can breathe in any movie i'm i in. in that's been a common threadmon e other than, yeah, that's what'ss great about the joke i'm luckyuy enough to do. you can find it very common place to be walk aig round at rd work with three men dressed up as werewolves or you can fine ii very common to be trying toryin navigate your way sideways
10:35 am
skirt and hat are so big muchha that's one of nice thing. thi. >> this movie premiered at theet sun dance film festival gotti wonderful a claim.ful the movie critics for varietyare magazine says it is one of the o most satisfying screen rolls ofs your career.urar do you feel the same about thist role for this movie? >> i do, yeah, i do. i love -- i work witnessork wits director of this movie, you kn know, about 13 million yearsiona ago, and he gave me a wonderful part then who was another kindnn of very tricky woman. w i love of the fact that he's go' this capacity to write these the wonderful female characters andr i think he's such an elegant ant odd and rather europeanopean american. i think he noticed the letter lt trousers of my career and politely has ignored that and offering me that is straights sr from the next one. >> kate, thanks for coming love and friendship is openingpe up this friday in thes friday ie washington, d.c. area. area. obviously going wider across thr country on the 27th of may. kate, thank you for all the worw
10:36 am
i love you in the aviator.viator you were awesome in supper renn dip at the. we went to that restaurant resan because of that movie.t mov >> i did, too. did, >> great. so nice.soice. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> it's lovely, isn't it.s lovey >> do a lot of fans tell you tl that.that >> it's very good. goo >> it will change your life.e. >> hot chocolate there.. >> if man comes up to me it's always sorry ren pip did the.. men love sorry ren pip did the.e it's wonderful movie. movie you are so kinds. thank you so much for being on today out in los >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely delightful. thanks kate. >> mo, over to you. >> empire fans tonight the ishte the moment of truth all eyes on will jamal live? who is gettini married? we're going to getet answers to those questions andus much more. mor need a little fix up until 9:00l p.m. here is your exclusive sneak peek, roll this beautifulul footage. >> rhonda has an intuition thata boo boo kitty push her and maded her lose her
10:37 am
rhonda does a full blownwn accusation. ahh! >> wait a minute. what are you doing? >> ♪ >> when she goes in there, she is matched with -- met with fire literally.lite >> i passed out on the way downd and then i okay woke opine saw e your shoes.ho the bomb tom of those louie vuitton's you love so much.uc >> in that moment, you are still not sure if she really really rl did it. did >> how could i do something likk that to you rhonda. >> shut up bleep.. >> that's what makes itt's interesting your either chooseuh to love her because you know sh didn't do it or hate her becausb you know she did do it.. or continue to love to hate her because she is fooled youoled y possibly this entire time. t you don't know. >> hakeem's we hadding ism's obviously an he will beganill affair.afir it's something along the lines e of prince william.e wilam some killer rappers and some gangsters.gaers.
10:38 am
wedding obviously. >> anika you've been served. ser see in you court.ou >> towards the end of thend of wedding, some drama happens. hae there is a wedding happening ini this grand finale episode.. but not the wedding you thought. >> i need you on this one. o ride with me on this one. one >> last season someone died andn it's unfortunate because butaust somebody has got to die this season. >> it is such a game changere an that it will literally shift tht positions of the people.eo the characters on this show. literally. in a in a second.d. ♪ >> ome! was that not delicious?s okay, of course you can catch the empire finale right here onn fox5 at 9:00 p.m. and do not forget to tweet us your favorite moments in ome segment right here on good day at 10a. empire party tonight at the at t howard university. uni come out and end join us.oi we'll talk about it tomorrow.t t it will be so good.itl be steve over to
10:39 am
this guy right here created empire of fashion. f so this is coming up for you guys and ladies, too.. there's a lost eye a whole room full of model and d we'll be showing them off next.n james will walk us through the hottest summer we'll says says it it up next ot good day at 10a.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
fashion sessions here on good day d.c. for the ladies mostly. guys we didn't forget about it.. james hack guilty to see again james. >> thanks steve. >> always a pleasure. always we have a lot of guys in the d.c. area who are stylish. stysh a folks who were stylishlyly challenged we want to step uptep our game a little bit. bit. >> that's where you come >> now that the weather is about to break tucker decent gave us a -- gave us a decent weathert r for thursday. >> let's pretend memorial dayema around the corner.or summer will be here. here let's get looks for summer. sme >> sick models coming out >> first model is matt.smat come on out >> first thing before we talk w about looks we've gone throughwh the winter an lot of guys doing caps and beards. bea very important the grooming.g. >> matt is well coifed right here. give shout on the to guys ats at sterling dante and his crew cutw it up barber hook me up on u regular basis.. w
10:43 am
that we have the ivy league looo matt is pulling off. blazers about 60 bucks toreucksr decent blazer.nt great pric >> value is there.s tre >> switching it up a little bitb shorts.or all guys have cargo shorts. sho as soon as we get three yearshra old mom will buy cargo shorts.ho we want to up our game this year we have raffle lauren embroiderr the shorts as well walking walkg shorts. or and something you'll see a lotul this year as well is going no socks showing.socks sho guys, you may see this look andd i'll put my feet in a pair of three hadn't dread dolled loafers. don't do it. what you want to wear no show no socks basic toll pull this lookt off. >> so your feet don't sweat.twet >> i'll put it out there if iouh wore this outfit back home, it would not fly so well.l >> you're from pittsburgh,rg right. >> that would not go over sogo o well. well >> they're rough in pittsburgh. >> where could you pull this cou off. >> this is for person who'ser fashion forward.sofashn fo a lot of guys, they want to doao the regular type of thing but ti this is fashion forward type of look. matt is 6-foot four, sick foot
10:44 am
five. so this is great look because model frame as well.frame ell. >> i do like the color many matn you'll get'll get n no doubt about thank you matt. what else do we have.lsdo w >> this corey.>> this corey this is something that a lot oft guys out of all the questions is get guys ask me questions abouta pattern mixing much this is anis example of that. tha corey is rocking a french cutnch black and white gingham shirtam with the t nine out of 10 people would nott match this tie with this shirt.t >> why does it work in thisitor case. >> it works because of the scala of the various patterns. the gingham normal checkedhecked pattern and circles as well that what will it be a bit confusingi if you will if you had a tie about the same checks the same e as the shirt that gets confusing here. here. he's walking the waste coat.te the last time i was here i told you waste coats will be hotbe look. has a pocket watch as well.cket >> would you go bow tie with t w this look as >> you can do a bow tie. t. a lot of our models featuring fi bow ties much it is d.c..c politician type of look.of l >> how much to step up your gamu
10:45 am
cuff links on that shirt and non your shirt off the rack buttonbt look. lo >> a shirt like this basically you can get it for 30 bucks.ucks but with the cuff links with the pocket watch, even with the witt lapel pin it's all about the details.. you'll have a barrel cuff shirt but french cuff always looks soo much smarter. details can make or break it. i >> absolute. >> thanks corey. >> what does derek have for.aver >> he's rocking the casual coolc look and once again, a lot of lt guys starting to do is insteadst of rocking sneakers with suits,i my man kevin mccarthy, he's, brilliant at that.t as a matter of fact i can seecae him 6-foot three with thisith is tucks -- in his chucks gettingtg >> i would not be surprised if that happens. >> that's a very good luck. derek pulling thiss look off.k. of course it will get warm.ill e you have your straw cap as wellw instead of doing a colored shiri where a decorative t under it. i >> let me ask you real quickl when you talk about the tennises shoes do you want to go withoutg simple pattern on the shoeshoes then? >> basic white what you'reic seeing a lot of time the w luxuy
10:46 am
sneaker.snea case in point very cacci have a mr. dues is a that costs 1500 block.ock get yourself a pair of $12 sneakers. >> let's bring orlando do out.. >> seek sucker social look. we are that season. s you can forget the boater hatsat as well and bow ties. bow ties that look off sophistication and distinct.ti >> the pocket square in the sam family but we have a different e pattern going on here. >> never wanting to match matat chi mat chi.chi you see the same pattern as the bow tie and pocket square but sr never wear them together.he >> this is something week fineef affordable.. >> absolutely. jacket about 40 bucks.ut 40uc a little lighter in fabric.ri >> love that.hat. next look we have ed.d. >> almost a business look.. >> we're calling this look thelo potomac politician. d.c. is a very conservative place. ac this linen suit when the weatheh gets warm and we're known fornon humidity. bow tie on, nice casual got hiss vintage
10:47 am
there very smart look and also a glasses i tell everyone becausec i wear glasses when you rock you glasses it gives you an extra 50iw . right there. tre >> great work and go to happyo p hour duvon come on in.come our last one.. >> duvon, we're at that seasonto rounding out the prom after proo folks are getting married soo wedding season as well. seventy three doing black tucksc get linen din are in jacket like this. th striped tuxedo trousers and stas nice and cool instead ofd of sweating on your big day.. >> let's bring everybody backriy out. we want to know james is doings zero receives events coming upg what oy love james about thelova events do you they're all arounr town. to we're literally talkin talking o a coma park, to georgetown to anacostia hitting you will up ap different parts of the area and the city. if people want to show up or geg reservations. >> show up. friday, saturday and sunday bowy tie clinics.cs. a lot of guys can't tow a bowowb tie. >> you can teach me. >> in thee minutes we'll teach you how to
10:48 am
i'll admit to my weaknesses.kns. that's one of them.f tm. >> enjoy the summer which willhe be here soon s.beere so >> back over to you.over >> guys looking great.uys t. two of the best dressed guys.. i see six basketball players.l a >> i know right. know t >> you got your starting lineupl and one ready to go in.. >> he's the point guard. >> i got you next time i go to i the gym. >> anybody hun grow out there? e tons of good food gives -- gaveg it away every day ahead the movm to make sure it gone to wastee t and get to those who need it tht erin como coming up with that. t hey, erin, good morning.. good morning. that's right if you're's interested in a delicious freeuf lunch head on down to woodrowoor wilson plaza. p we'll have all the latest we're raising awardness for foodor f waste. we have the details coming up o good day d.c. day d.c.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
♪ all right. 10:51 is the time.ime. it happens every day in home and restaurant kitchens.aurant k food that you buy that doesn'ton get used and goes into the trash uneaten.ea well there's an event todayay downtown in d.c. that is putting spotlight on our food
10:52 am
footprint.footint. erin como joins us now with morh on this story. thi hello, erin. >> reporter: that's right,hat'sg we're geek up down here at the n woodrow wilson plaza right neara the ronald reagan building.uildg come join us a free event we're raising awareness for food for f waste. joining me to talk about mikebo curtain the ceo of dc zen recall kitchen and trista. newer in town the founder of the feedback. telome what we're doing heret >> what we're doing today doi raisinraising awareness scandale by 40% of all the food in the us is being wasted.aste it's not only a tragedy but thet great thing about this particular program it has it delicious solutions and that is eating enjoying food rather thah throwing it away and we're saying, everyone has a role to play and solving that crisis whether it's ensuring we onlysuy buy what we need and eat what we buy.y joining up with organizationsizs like d.c. sceptral kitchens andd many other great organizationsrg day in day out feed hungryd people here in d.c. with
10:53 am
perfectly good food that if it f weren't for them, would haveoulv been wasted. >> reporter: it's an importantsr issue. people need to learn how to eatt take only the food they need.yee what can people do do you thinkt to alleviate some of the foodhef wasted in the country? cntry >> part of what we're trying tot do and what tristan is talking a about regain and understand thee value of food. foo that the resources, the energy,e the love, the time that goes g into food and if we all thought more about what we're doing,eoi what we're eating how we're eating it, we're we're eating ig and think about the transform mm tiff power that food thad when we take it in and train mea and women who also like much ofh this food have been discardedisa for jobs and hospitalityty industry they can buy food and a be part of this system in a morr meaningful way and that's whaths we want people to understand. >> reporter: dat music is allicl right going. it's a big party. par anyone can come down you'reow feeding 5,000 people.. great local chefs like jose jos andreas -- tell me what they can expect out of event today. >> the first thing free lunchch and there is such thing as ahins freeun
10:54 am
thing we want people to do, comm down, enjoy the meal. m you'll see how delicious the the solutions to food waste are.e a by coming down and eatin eatingt meal you're doing more thanhan filling your belly you're send sending a message to society ata large that we have to take foode waist off the menu. sending message to the industryr that they have to change theirne policies to ensure they're not wasting food either in theirr it businesses or causing theirngher farmers and other producers to waste perfectly good food on fod farms throughout the us.the >> we thank you for thishi important even guys.ant even gu. we're right by the federalght bd triangle metro stop. s come on down. onown. free it's a big party and you can anu learn a lot about what you canan do to alleviate the food wasteda problem in our country.ou we'll zen it back to you guys. g we'll check out some of thee oft great different stops that aree set up here with information.ori >> sounds good.ood >> sounds like you can dance from station to station, too.. >> good music going on. >> get to tweets right now. the fashion segment
10:55 am
look all the way.look all the w you had six to choose from. six hopefully you can choose onecace that you can rock out on theockn first sunny day which help physical will be soon.e s >> booboo kitty pushed rhonda. o it is obvious.ious >> wisdom says no.>> wisdo >> i don't know. i'm with wisdom on this >> i'm starting to question.tout if it's so obvious. jamal will dye he toll us laugh outloud.oud boo boo kitty push her down steps. i can't wait oh my e. e >> catching on. on >> any others? oer >> that's it. that's it. that >> hey, there you go. i absolutely love corey she just started doing my -- maureen umeh she was doing my favorite dancen i was doing the trap when i chair dance i'm off thect chain. >> you were. >> that's the only time. >> me, too. me, yeah.. >> isn't it weird how you canou chair dance so good but when you stand up it's all over.ll ove >> i'm a little afraid of the chair dances tucker was talkingl about. >> i didn't realize.idn't >> i didn't think of that.. >> let's go to the forecast.. >> come on wisdom give me a me
10:56 am
little bit.. >> i thought this show washow supposed to be fun.pposed t we e are. >> thank you. let's go. le >> a minute. m take it and run with it.ith make it as fun as you want. w cloud cover out there.he that's not so much fun.hun maybe a sprinkle or little bitib of drizzle oh or a shower laterl today with temperatures in thesn 50s to about 60.0. yes, around 60 later today. tod maybe quick look at the seven tv day. there we go. little better 70. 70 much better friday we're allr iw going to get out and play fridai it will be in the low 70s the rain returns saturday sorry ifda you have a wedding or --ng or >> a lot of college graduation.o >> yeah. >> parties. exactly.exacy >> yes. i'm sorry.rry >> you know what's bad, it's may 18th. is that what today and we'rend w cheering because it's 60.s 60. >> 60s. >> that's testament of wheref w we've been.e >> we should be in the 70s for daytime highs.ighs. unseasonably cold.ol >> hopefully we get up therere soon. soon >> crank up the future, max, let's get maureen and tucker dancing.danc >> chair dance. come on. come >> just sit there.
10:57 am
>> maureen, don't fall for him asking for chair dance.or chair i'm just saying. >> i'm going to be dancing tonight. om. party.
10:58 am
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live from the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? you we've bloent what i-- you w believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. slam bam, thank you, ma'am. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! ♪ these boots were made for walking that's just what they'll do ♪ ♪ one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you ♪ >> wendy: yes! thank you! more like these boots are hard to work in which is why


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