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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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prince william country going right through one of the bedroom walls. we're live with the homeowner's 'action. >> this is not going to stop. another daytime shooting in southeast. >> did you catch the season two finale of empire tonight. "fox5" held a viewing in northwest. highlights as news at 11 starts right now. >> we thank you for joining us at 11 i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> a grossy store security guard is under arrest tonight accused of attacking a customer inside a giant store in northeast d.c. >> customer is reportedly a transgender woman trying to use the grocery store's women's restroom and "fox5" tisha lewis is liver with the latest. >> tony, shawn, it happened at this northeast giant and in fact if you look over my right shoulder inside that woman's
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filed by police the guard followed the customer identified at ebony bellchar transgender woman into the bam room and used physical force to escort her out and then altercation ensued and i wonder what the viewers know. i got a text from ebony she's telling me how she felt. she felt terrified she was attacked. just because i identified myself as a transgender woman going into the bathroom. that should not happen. >> again the scuffle happened today around noon at the giant here on the 300 block of 8 plg street and was also captured on surveillance video which police reviewed before me made arrest arresting secure sdi guard. when we called giant corporate officers we were emailed this statement saying "as this matter involves a third party that provides scorety services for giant and there's an
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ongoing criminal investigates all questions related to the incident at the ginlt should go to police. >> and this is yet another remiptder that more education and more dialogue is needed. . >> company can take initiative on training not just their staff but any contractor employed with their company as well. educating them on you know what the law is and in their facilities transpeople have the right to use the bathroom and part of their gepder identity and also let them know that under no circumstance is it okay toy physically attack customers. . >> now we did have a chance to speak with customers. as you look to the rights you can see this is the entrance an exit of the giant where the customers come and go. surely there were people walking by when this unfolded. here's what customers have to
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. >> what is he protecting. >> i'm shocked this happened. no one should be assaultd anybody transgender, straight, should not ab salted in the first place regardless of the fact. so, security guard should have handled it in a better manner. >> no, i there's been an overwhelming response on social media about all of this specifically twitter and all of this again is a reminder that d.c. law allows anyone to use the restroom of their choice including whichever suit their identity. >> police in the district are investigating another daytime shooting in southeast. and it mark the 6 pl shoot physical d.c. since monday. and police say the gunman opened fire around 1:00
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of mount view and morris streets in southeast. and the victim has been oyvrd as 24-year-old thomas maretti and the daytime murder brought out the chief of police and several elected officials. the suspect in today's shooting is still on the run. no word on a motive. . >> and also in the district tonight city leaders have taking action after a federal court judge shot down a big part of d.c. gun law. d.c. mandates anyone carrying concealed permit need a reason for that the that question is sun constitutional. there's only 74 concealed per nitz in the district and 300 applications are pending and 2 200 were denied. . >> you cannot ask someone what is the good reason for exercising that right. why is you want to speak freely or be free from the police ransacking your home. no, it works the other way. government is supposed to have a justification for restrict yu
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case is about. >> d.c. attorney general says the city plans to appeal the court's decision. >> and "fox5" is in prince william county tonight and police are investigating how several bullet holes were found at a home in mannasas. and let's get right to marina morocco live at the police department with the latest. marina. . >> tony, right now, police cannot say whether this was random or targeted act and they are investigating because it happened on a residential street westmoreland avenue in mannasas. two homes riddled by bullets. you'll see the pictures. there one of the bullets piercing one of the bedrooms in the home and piercing a pillow. no one wased in that bedroom. >> i went to my room and there's holes in my wall and pillow. >> and tonight, police saying they have no suspects but at this point they're pock look fog air car driving down that
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calling it a sports vehicle. live tonight from prince william county, marina morocco, "fox5 local news". >> all right. take a look at this video remember this chaotic scene a man crashed hummer into the silver diner in tyson's corner and what police say one of the men that was hit in the is dent died. the driver hit andrew harrison and two other people as they walked into the diner earlier this month. samuel abuto crashed his vehicle into the dine erin poured liquid on himself and set himself on fire. abuto is recovering in the hospital and facing numerous charges. >> coming up tonight the late nest the race for a white hous house. donald trump is look ago head to the november election. >> and man accused of killing montgomery countsy officer noah lee ot aappeared in court this afternoon and we'll tell you what happened. >> tony, shawn, a loft clouds out there. you may have seen passing showers earlier. they'll be spotty overnight and could be drizzle as we say good-bye to this last round of showers i'll let you know what
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on the weekend when "fox5 local news at 11" returns.
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>> donald trump is not president but already releasing potential picks to fulfill the supreme court vaik answery left by scalia after his death. >> meanwhile democrats are dealing with a growing risk within their own party. sarah simmons joins us with a race to the white house. >> let's start with republican side presumetive party nominee trump making a list to replace scalia. it's an unusual move for a presidential candidate. trump is trying to earn support of skeptical republicans. the list contains several
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prominent wings. trump also met with kengry kissinger in manhattan something maybey hopefuls of the past have done looking for advice on foreign policy from gop elder statesman on world affairs and this comes one day after trump said he's on to speaking with north korea dictator. >> our president gets nothing from search a conference kim young un tets prop gand ahe'll use for years. >> that may be trued based on mathematics that democratic convention in philadelphia would be a real donny brook what everyone thought the republican convenience would be. >> as trump looks ahead to november election hillary clinton is trying to do the same and her opponent won't go away. bernie sanders won the oregon main your a last night and hillary clinton barely won in kentucky and hillary clinton has a small lead only needing 100 delegates to seal the deal with nomination.
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handling of the prime areay process. sanders supporters became violent over the weekend throwing chairs and insult to never add ademocratic convention. tony. . >> all right, sarah, thank you. the man who caused chaos okay which story are we doing here. all right. the man that -- okay, standby folks my apologies here we'll do breaking news right now. this is news that is just coming into the "fox 5 news" room. egypt air commercial airline egypt air says one of their flights from par toys cairo disappeared from radar. boeing 737n board that plane are 59 passengers and ten crew members. again egypt air flight we believe it's flight number 0 4 in route par toys cairo reportedly disappeared fromry dar. we'll continue to ol owe the story and bring you the laimentest as we get it.
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man that caused chaos on the national mald after claiming he was exposed to anthrax is find. the man is kevin osborne from spots vein why and received a $250tic fret drivering on to public space without a permit. it turned out to be a false alarm. osborne never made threats but was concerned he was exposed to anthrax while adding virginia. >> the d.c. fire department took part in day long emergency drill involving scenario that played out for real two weeks ago simulating a train that derailed after trash crashing with a vehicle leading to hazardous chemical spill. earlier this month a cfx train jmpied tracks and skilled hazardous material. the drill today had decontamination of people exposed to
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>> the man accused of killing noah lee ota. louis was drinking heavier when he hit and killed the officer at a check point. his father says it helps with the grieving progress not having to go to trial, alleviate some pain and suffering of going through all of the details that we had a sin on sized verse of today. that's what it does. but the pain and suffering of losing our son doesn't change no matter what happens today, or any other day. >> or know will be all right. for those of you tired ever the rain and cool weather we'll get changes. >> finally. some improvement in the crazy forecast. >> we need it. >> we do we needun
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that's going to be a good half day of it. >> just take a half day it's better than none at all. >> then i think friday looks great. >> great. >> friday is looking wonderful. weekend, not so nice saturday and just to get you ready for that we'll take a little more about saturday in a moment and still have a lot of clouds out there tonight and i want you to be prepared when we cake up there could be a lot of clouds and same old feeling in the air and it should change dramatically by the time we get to noon hour and breaks in those clouds should develop and that allows the temperature to get warmer, dry day, sunshine should be back for evening commute heading on home. that's what we're headlining tonight as the clouds break it won't be thursday, but friday looking great and little bit of shove further south taking away moisture as high pressure fwhultdz from the north. cloudy tonight. spotty shower cannot be ruled out
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early tomorrow morning there could be isolated shower or sdrizle here and there. mid 60 rz and clouds and east whipped we should get 10 degrees warmer than the highs today. certainly 8 degrees warmer. meanwhile temperature 59 in the district and we saw if it was slow to come down and thanks to east windy don't think it will be fairably cold overnight. for the kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning a range of 50 to 56 again clouds may be a patch of two or drizzle still still around and after school much drier and warmer and 635 do 7 1. nice fin toysh thursday. showers are chase ago way now and this is not actually shower activity here that you see across anne arrundel county and we have a few showers passing by norm and west. most ever the measurable rain today matter of fact was well up to the north and west and we did not pick up any additional rain reagan national or dulles
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but a cloudy start tomorrow. one little ripple coming through the at months fear might promote a spotty showers. by the everyone here come the sun high pressure builds null to bring us warmer day and high temperature should top out 70 tomorrow. 71 hagerstown and 68 mannasas, quants coand fredericksburg. real nice thursday. talking about the weekend, though, this is a different type of storm system. we have not seen as many of these storms coming up from the deep south like the one we'll be seeing saturday. it gathers gulf moisture and that southern system will take a tract to the tennessee valley over the to the skooingt and hopefully move away. though it could be a slower process than we like. it turns into a wet saturday. all models are agree on that. all the models i've been seeing have rain in here overnight into saturday morning which may start as early as 7 aerm and continue steadily tloyt the daylight hours and tapering to showers later in the day
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that keeps temperature saturday around 62. there could be a few showers on sunday but i think that will be recommend napts of our system pulling away and bright. if we look at rain how much we can see saturday this system has a lot of moisture this is the last thing we need or want to see. you may be picking up a couple in. s of rain. we'll watch the preakness get underway and rain should continue throughout the day and tapering for showers at 6:35. any warmth coming yes the trough we had over northeastern united states braekdz down and ridge will build and next we can we bring in warm stuff 70 s and 0s in the forecast and next wednesday could be the first 80 degree day this month and that's the
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few showers four surprised and here comes temperatures at least into the low 70s and that 82 reading on wednesday. finally i can harvest my mushroom klopz and get back to a sale. back to you. >> after the night nats were again at home and trying to right the ship. finesse that means another face-off against the new york mets by virtue of last night's win a half game behind the nats in the nl east. >> anthony ran don't, two on, two out what does he do. clutch play between third pace and short stop and weather scores followed by haerp. starter geo dpon sdal he's quality first. go 6 and a third strikeouts. top of the 7th. animal to deep center field. while migera chases after it it's over
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makes catch for arundel store nat's one, 7-1. >> wheat ser at the plate drivering to center field. lee owna back at the wall and can't make the catch. poups as way. martin trum blz and lidz in ahead of the throw. 3-2 bird. top of the sixth. 4-2 robinson kneah at the plate. rips one. senator adam donz retreats and extend and kisses the ball. orioles win 5-2. >> which as much as we talk about super bowl, it will be here next year and you have to -- there's something special about being clear. >> jerry has been able to see honky through his young son's voice. here's how.
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nhl with the cup whyatt and cherry had a chance to do that this week. he lost his eyesight in 1988 with diabetes. with his 12-year-old sop the experience is much more. >> usually dad would listen to the game on the radio. it was reseason and there was no radio feed. after puck dropped a explained it to him. i just explained it to him. >> what's going on. >> there's the cup. >> that's the stanley cup? >> yes. the stanley cup. >> do you believe it buddy? isn't this amazing i've never been surprised lining this and i don't think i ever will agai again. >> and as part of their experience s louis blues invited father and son as guests an way at got to call it. between blues
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that we forget that day for a long, long time. >> fantastic. >> yes, it is. >> and nhl for making it autopsy happen. >> that's graext yeah. >> incredible. >> coming up we big night for fans of the hit show empire. >> that's right they joined us for the big season finale viewing party at the howard studio. can i have your sglikt we'll have more highlight for the big show coming up after the break.
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♪ . >> hip the sceepz of what was going on tonight at the big "empire" family. there were wonderful people that came out and we want to thank everybody that gathered the
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. >> a lot 6 other members of the "fox5" family joined tony and me for the big end of season party. thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out it as way lot of fun tonight. >> great night to meet many folks. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news, egypt air says one of their flights par toys cairo disappeared from radar boeing 737 we're polled 59 passengers and 10 crew members on board. >> we'll have more at 4:25. keep an eye on twitter and facebook. we'll keep you updated throughout the night. follow us @fox5dc for the latest information. >> thanks for joining us tonight. stay tuned, tmz is womaning up next. >> work, work, work, work, work♪ . (man) hmm. what do you think?
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: more high jinx. chris brown kicked off an airplane for hotboxing a jet and now he says -- >> he kept asking my homies for an 8 ball. harvey: it's a good bet the pilot who called the police wasn't trying to score an 8 ball. >> each to his own. harvey: here's the difference. you don't want the pilot getting marijuana smoke. >> unless he has the 8 ball as well. >> waka flocka, posted a video of a child locked in a dog cage. >> you want me to bond you out? >> your guys' parents never played these cool tricks on you guys? >> no. harvey: maybe i grew up differently and you grew up differently. >> how so? harvey: women can vote now, for example. >> megyn kelly did an interview with donald trump yesterday. >> have you made any


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