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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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site. >> locally big mess on 270 in o montgomery a deadly accident there t causing major backups thisg jors morning. we're live on the scene with what you need to know. >> first though a live lookk outside on this thursdayrsday morning.morning. it's friday eve everybody, may 19th. we'll have weather and trafficea for you coming up on the 5'sn t5 at 6:05. good thursday to you, i'mou, i allison seymour.allison se >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. m. let's get to the breaking newsto right now from overseas. tw ovs a frantic search under way fordr a missing egyptair flightai believed to have crashed intotoh the mediterranean sea off the coast of egypt. the plane was headed fromheadedm paris to cairo when itairo vanished from radar shortly sho after it entered egyptian airpt space. 66 passengers and crew were onee board including one child and two babies. no americans were listed ass passengers.passengers. >> this of course is raising c the possibility of a terror attack. at let's get right to it. fox's doug luzader is live is with more on what we know sonoso far.fa doug, good morning. what do we know?what >> reporter: good morning.m
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320 which is known as being a ko pretty safe aircraft.ircr it disappeared at 37,000 feet,e, so pretty much at cruisingisin altitude. that's one of the real one of tl mysteries here and the otherer clue may involve the routeolve u itself flying from france to egypt. the faces of anguish.ngui cairo as families wait for some indication of what couldioa have happened to egyptair flight 804. 8 the airbus 320 like this ones e disappeared as it was approaching egypt at what would generally be considered cruising altitude, 37,000 feet7 with no reported distressted dis calls from the pilot.ot. >> i think there's much probably 75 to 85 percentt chance that it was terrorism. tm the egyptian government doesn't want to say that. tha the french government doesn't want to say that. nobody wants to say that. s tha >> reporter: a theoryory bolstered by recent terrort ter attacks in europe and the a320 a is in wide use and has a good ao safety record.ecor still, nothing can be ruled out.t. >> the fbi, the national jointna te
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involved in this investigation and as we speak, i'm surei'ur they're looking at the t manifest that of aircraft. they're going to drill down to every single passenger, every ee single crew member. mbe they're going the look at whoin touched the plane , who loadede the plane. all this has to be done beforee we even think about terrorism. >> reporter: all of this mayr: o raise new questions about airport security at a timet when here at home the e is struggling t to keep up with passenger lines. les meantime as the searchea continues for the egyptair flight weary minded of how difficult disappearances overpe water can be.r can malaysia air flight 370t 370 disappeared just over twost oveo years ago and despite an intense investigation andtion search, it remains a mystery. my this report though i'm get -- g of getting a signal from ann emergency locator transmitter what could be a signal from that kind of device may ld kcertainly assist in the efff to locate this aircraftat according to egyptair, the majority or the plurality of passengers on board, egyptian, p
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common, 30 of them almost half of the folks on the back to you >> appreciate the update doug. we'll keep you up to speed as a developments roll inlo throughout the morning.hout. also overnight a man slot to tenth in the 800 block off southern avenue southeast just hours ago. ho happened overnight.happen no word yet on a motive or or suspect in the shooting. shoin but a homicide investigationesgi is currently under way. way also to the north a deadlyea accident on i-270 near clarksburg maryland causing m major traffic delays this >> fox5's annie yu has been yu b there all morning and tells useu how you can avoid that area. good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodep morning to you allison and steve. well, maryland state police are just wrapping up their t investigation.invest in fact, they are opening uppenp the roadways right now, state highways right now.ow so maryland state police are telling us that the accident thd happened straight ahead nearr 270 -- or on 270 rather near route 121.ut 121 it was a disabled toyota yarisoi sitting in the middle
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road and so the driver of the toyota was taken to a nearbyea hospital but sadly did not d n make it. the driver of the striking sik vehicle is expected to bete b okay. police are still investigatingta at this point. ts poi again they're opening up the roadway here. h police still investigating this but they're just openingt e up the roadway.dw. the accident was -- it causedse all northbound lanes to basically be slut down until this point. they're still sixties off atil 18 which will take you to 355o which runs parallel with 270 wit but just a very sad i just got off the phone withit maryland state police to just j ask about what drivers can candc do if this ever happens tohappen them. in this case, it was very darkyd at 2:30 this morning. morni it's a dark road.oa and also the lighting on theg t vehicle was very dim and so ina this case the trooper wase per telling me it was probablyro best for the driver to haveriveh gotten out of the car andthe r walked over to the shoulder.houe so, it's a case-by-case basis. s they're telling the car is t
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time but very sad situation s out here. out back to you in the studio. sdi >> traffic starting to movetartn again as annie said there on 270. we'll check in with erin for wen more details on the traffic tff around the area.he aa. >> today in annapolis governor r larry hogan will sign the billhl known as noah's law today. tod it's named after montgomeryonom county police officer noah leotta who was hit and killed kl by a drunk driver last year.ea it requires interlockres interlc ignitions for first time offenders.of yesterday the man accused of killing that officer pled guilty to vehicularehicul manslaughter. >> closing arguments beginng today in the trial of bay ltimore police officer edward nero charged in the nero arrest of freddie o gray died from a severe spinalep injury he suffered in police custody. nero decided not to take theo ke stand. the judge said he expects toec deliver a verdict on monday. >> ♪ >> another day, another hope h for sunny skies. >> we'll get some sunshinee su today. >> hurray. >> round of applause for the hardest working news wom
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>> al on. >> yeah, out late last night. nt >> oh, yeah, please forgive 93ae and all this luggage i'm'm carrying on my face today.od >> you look great as always. >> it was a late night. we had a goowad time. t >> i was own there will for anwn hour and i had a good t time. >> em pi wrap party. lot of people asked about you. y >> let's get to the weather forecast. cloud cover, rain shower or shoo two out there early thist theres morning. in fact we have a little bit of a shower working rightki r through the city as we speak. but, get this, i got a lot of inquiries last night from just j about every single person at pe the "empire" party are we a going to see the sun againun this year? and the answer isr i yes. >> at some point.some >> in fact, we're going to see it as soon as this afternoon. an we'll turn partly sunny andrn pr high temperatures in the lowtlsw 70's so it will turn into a wil very, very pleasant afternoon. r 56 now at reagan nia 54 dulles and bwi marshall. msh there you go. we'll dry it out after about a the noon hour and we'll bend web partly sunny and very pleasant e later today.te tomorrow looks great. we'll talk frida
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weekend forecast. meh. not as much.noas m >> good movie weekend.d moviweek >> yes. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's check in with erin right now find out howck the roads are this morning.hi you're in studio with us.h us. >> erin is in studio.tudi >> i'm late to my shot. >> this is good news for thes r morning ride.mornin deadly crash unfortunately 270 2 on the northbound side whereun annie yu is now traffic is starting to move past that tha point. they've opened up two right up t lanes. now traffic some stilltrfic diverting to 121 now that1 no traffic is starting to move ittt should start to ease that bighab delay.dela i still suggest at this pointgg exiting at father hurley taking 355 up to 109 to save s some time because as skyfoxse as pans back it's a pretty big backup towards frederick thiss morning.rnin southbound side taillights and little bit avenue typical slow down from 80 past 109 this109 morning. we'll keep you updated on that one. let's switch it over to a look at our maps. some other issues that we'ree' up again on the rails and roads. maryland commute time 270 south as i mentioned jamme
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95 south from the icc looking good.od. 50 inbound also quiet nui virginia typical slow zone 95on northbound before and after be n 610 and then 66 to the fairfaxai county parkway you slow as well. well. police activity in the district. there's a homicide investigation. use barnaby road to get around southern avenue.sohern avenu it's closed both directions by chesapeake street. s and then as we take a look at l a fallen tree northwestorwe section of the district ifn you're taking metro speed restrictions are back atofak art mcpherson square.n square. because of that delays from tha new carrolton on the orange ong line delays to largo town center blue and silver. more traffic in a ferew and it'a flies to be here with you guys g today.y. back to you steve and al on.stea >> still ahead a security sur guard arrested accused of blocking a transgender woman a t from a ladies' room at a local c grocery store. s. a live report next.t >> donald trump on the attackuma making a bold accusationaccu against former president billdet clinton. we'll be right back. 6:08.
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>> 10 past the hour d.c. grocery store security sur guard favoring ay as salt as sal charges accused of attacking a a transgender woman.sgender woman. >> police say it began aftersa she tried to uses the women's wn restroom at the at thee melanie alnwick is lie inis l i northeast now with more. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: steve and allison. you can see how this happened hp mere in the hope.ere in the there's the women's restroom rem right there. now, giant tellse.n us that this was an issue withsw a guard that is an employee ofyo a private security company he. . after d.c. police reviewed the surveillance video of thellce v incident, they decided tothey dd arrest the guard and charge andc him with simple assault. now, this is ebony fletcher, fhe belcher, a 32-year-oldar-o transgender woman around noond wednesday she tried to use theee women's restroom at the giant t on h street northeast. covering to the police report a security guard followed her and told her she could not use g that restroom. s there was an argument and a belcher says the guard pushedrd her towards the exit door a
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t t of the store.ou the guard was arrested ford f simple assault while armed.hile the incident is beingnt is being investigated as a possibleed ass hate crime.terime d.c. law allows transgender trae people to use the restroomestroo that corresponds with their wite gender identity t the national l center for transgendereror t equality says this is aays thisa reminder that more educatione ei is >> companies can take the initiative on training not not just their staff but any contractors that are employed with their company as well. educating them on, you know,now, what the law is and that in their facilities trans peoplerao have the right to use the bathroom in accordance with their gender identity and also i let them know that under no undr circumstance is it okay tost physicallyan attack customers.ts >> reporter: now, a giant, gia spokesperson told us again that this is a platter for that third party private security company and because of the ongoing criminalnal investigation, the companyompa could not comment any further. h live in northeast, i'm melanie e alnwick, fox5 local
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>> as president obama'sma supreme court justice pickurt jc gets set to meet with wh democratic senator os the hill h today donald trump is out with t his own list to fill the southeast antonin htrump said the judges aregear representative of the kind of constitutional principles hencs values. donald trump making headlinesdo for a bold acquisition against billtion a clinton he used the word rapeord last night to describe allegedce sexual misconduct during an interview with sean hasn't inn the. he referred to a decades oldeca claim from a mom little rocke r who claims clinton raped r intera hotel in 1978. hel i that interview is coming upg u next hour.xt h >> up next how can you help ael local charity today just by jy driving to work? work? >> makes it easy descent.asy dec a live look outside as we head h to break on this thursdayis thuy morning. we're going to try to part those clouds and bring you all a some sunshine.unsh we'll think warm thoughts coming up next. >> ♪
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>> back right now at if you're justk waking up breaking news this morning new comes from overseas.erse an egyptair jetliner just likee that one traveling from paris to cairo disappeared a shorted a time ago. it's believed to have crashedra into the mediterranean sea. s crews are still searching for fr wreckage and debris from that plane. so far they have not found any. we're going to have an update in ag couple first though let's check in with tucker. with he has an update. could be some good news today. t >> let's get to's g to yeah, in fact mostly good newsgw in the forecast.ecas sunshine this afternoon to look forward to and look atwa tn your daytime h it's going to be 70 degrees. 7de can you believe it? not quite e there yet.ere y we've got clouds for the bus time pickup. pic couple showers, too. we've been hanging out in thenhe 50's for every morning for what feels like weeks here. h 50 this morning in lots of clouds and again a fewif sprinkles out there early. ear we have a little sprinkle onprkl the east side of the city and we'll be dean
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potential for a few additionalio showers for the next couplet cou hours but for the most part, what's going to happen here isog the clouds are going to start to push a out and with high pressure -- look at all thet ale searing skies we have back into ohio and westernrn pennsylvania. with high pressure just off topr our north and west and thatesan finally kind of able to pushus on in here, we're going to getno more and more sunshinee building in and it should be aao very nice afternoon. aftno in fact daytime highs withhs sunshine about 70 degrees0 de later today. all right. all right. that's another look at what we're dealing're de little upper level trough levelh coming through this morninghis that's giving us the sprinkles n out there and then as highn a pressure builds in, beautiful today. comfortably cool tonight andco then tomorrow looks fantastic.s. friday is set up featuringng 70's with so, a nice couple days and ds again we're going to get to see that sun this afternoon.erno 72 today.od 74 saturday not much improvement ie in the overall look it's going to be rainy withoing the potential for an inch plus h of rain so good wet saturdayy unfortunately and then a few a showers sunday, monday butonda notice the warming trend. t by weather
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temperatures in the low 80' yes. going to be a beautifulea weather day this year. maybe last year when bryce hitn three home runs on weather weath day. >> y i remember that vividly.dl >> it's going to happen thisap year again. aga >> who threw out the first out t pitch and brought them good luck. >> you did. >> is that what happened. >> yeah. >> i didn't hear that part. ervin back with traffic.n'back t i don'th know where to look right now. now >> i threw out a first pitch p in nashville and it was aaa baseball and i was nervous the first year. the second year i did it myidt mom said aren't you so nervous s and i'm like now i am.i'm >> thanks mom. >> were you nervous when youe did it. it a little bit, yeah.yo >> i understand. >> you have to be. hav >> nervous not necessarily aecsi bad thing when you're excited. deadly crash investigation has cleared 270 on the northbound side at 121.t 1 all lanes opened. ope you can see a look from skyfoxko traffic is flowing so muchlo better than it was about 10bout minutes ago. we'll go ahead and take a look l at our maps right now. n aside from that in maryland i md want to note that 270 south0
6:18 am
to 121. to 121. red zone there but again theutgn northbound side back toback t normal. 95 south from the icc to theo beltway still looking good.d. typical congestion picking up u bw parkway southbound bythbound powder mill road and then 50 from 201 -- excuse mee 30 m weren't to the beltway clear. virginia typical delaysypal d through dale city on 95 north and 66 east, to 34 to fairfaxaix county.coun as we look at northboundt traffic right now dale city tot fairfax county parkway parkw 31 miles per hour.31 miles that is something that yousometu want to be aware of. that's what you're up againstupn there. th across its bottom of thets b beltway the wilson bridge you jam up a little bit there.e t t same story volume increasing inn through annandale and thendale n police activity in the district. use barnaby road to get aroundye southern avenue remains shut shu down by chesapeake street.e str wheeler is also an option orpo south capitol to get youpitol tu around. n active homicidee investigation right we're dealing with a fallen fal tree northwest section of thef district. use caution there. beach drive completely blockede both directions at cheryls a c drive. we'll keep you updated and ifedd
6:19 am
speed restrictions we'reee dealing with yesterday ad tay mcpherson square, delays onay the orange line to neworange carrolton and blue and silver line to largo town center.o y'll keep you posted on your morning any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.witt steve and allison back to you. . >> annual drive for charity cri taking place today on theodn dulles greenway. gre 100 pearls of tolls collectedole will be donated to six local some money will also be used to award a scholarship of $1,500 to one senior at each ate of the loudoun county publicy pb high schools.chls the dulles greenway is a 14-mile toll road thatile toll connects the dulles airport a with leesburg.g. way to go. still ahead a major apparel company could soon be so selling its items on amazon. a we'll fill you in.'ll fiou >> there will help for a lot for of folks. also those long long t. airlines at airport still a biges issue nationwide but therb might be moury leaf in sighteaft coming up. we're going head live to bwi, already a very, very busy place this morning. mor thos
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>> 6:22. today's midair disaster of an egyptair jet delivers yetir j another blow to the tourism toui industry overseas. first we'll check the markets.s. joining us from the fox business network studio lauren simonetti. markets not looking promisingroi this morning l >> reporter: no it's a tough day with that breaking newss with the egyptair flight 804 just vanishing literally at 37,000 feet, steve. right. what happened here? didned he d someone at one of the five t stops that plane made duringe the sneak a bomb on? was theshe plane shot down? we do not do know but we know that going from charles de gaulle airporte in paris to cairo is egypt is is a very popular route connecting two continents here. it's a big deals and once againa we have something that makes us uncomfortable happening
6:23 am
that area. egypt's economy has been hitec very hard. we have the travelon stocks doww big time today. today stocks in europe downow 1 percent across-the-board.s-tho and here in the u.s. will he. we will fall about 70 pointsoi if the market were to open to o right now. >> obviously egypt's economyus has been in a decline for several years i but also we hear a lot of news a about paris, about france.ra is europe's economy, europe's tourism is that stillhat struggling as well.rugg >> reporter: their bigorte the tourist agency thomas cook, that stock is down 18 percent8 c as i there's some other reasons rsons that it's down but the reason ra is europeans aren't traveling ti and they're not traveling torali places like turkey and egypty ay anymore. association it's hitting europe, too. >> obviously airbus sharesio down as well. let's talk about spending someuo money right now.ghtow if folks want to do a littletl shopping, what was the old old fall in the gap, is that whatt the old slogan used to be back c in the day. right, yeah.h. when gap was cool, right.ight >> yeah. >> reporter: when buying khakis and blue jeans was the thing that you did. >> maybe they can be cool they l again. >> reporter: gap has a problem and they think
6:24 am
that putting their stuff on amazon might be the solution. st okay. so, amazon is booming asming a everybody knows.ybody knows. next year they're actually expected to be the largestge seller of clothing out there. i mean really? i've never'v n bought any item of clothing onon amazon but apparently peopletlpe are. and gap is struggling so art so peck the ceo he says, look, l we'd be "delusional if we i w didn't think we needed to putd o our items on amazon because ofe the reach and the data on how hw we slop that amazon has." h what does this mean for a, ther gap stores, b, for gap's g mobile and e commerce presencee right now. they have their own web site wee and ads et cetera if they're the also doing business with a.m. wa on. >> i defer to you because i know this is your area of i know they have old navhiy banana republic.lic. don't they have a leisure company. co >> reporter: athleta. aleta >> maybe that's the future forha them there.t' them >> reporter: that's a saturated market at t
6:25 am
point.po one of the issues for stores s like gap is they have so muchise inventory.inntor when we're also more into fastnf fashion like h and m and and forever they change it up real fast fas they keep their inventory ien slim. gap and banana republic they order their stuff so far ahead of time. that's not fashion we're goingri towards any.wardy. >> that's fast fashion.t'st f the genius for that is onces it's gone you got to buy the next thing that's coming comin along. >> reporter: do you wearyou khakis by the way.ay. >> it's been awhile.t' >> reporter: see.>>eporte >> i think i wore some for ourer zip trip last summer so last ero probably the last time.ably the >> reporter l: oh. a zip trip? what's a zipt' trip. >> you're going to come whengogo you come to d.c. on a friday to this summer you're a going toin join us and we'll go into a a local community and we'll takele them a whole bunch of fun.un we do it every year reporter:epr oh wow.. >> please vis is. >> reporter: please invitete me. >> you're invited. come lang with allison andteth d tucker any time. t you know that. t thank you see yo
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happy friday.y >> reporter: have a great one. >> we look for any excuse tote have lauren come and play with us. she's such a nice person an good pcherson.od pson. >> and she plays along well,la o too. >> yes, she >> i feel like sometimes thatoma steve, lauren and that's thes only people -- >> yeah. y >> yeah. >> lot of people probably feelfl that way.that w >> it's not a bad thing.badhing >> it's not a bad thing. thing i feel like i'm listening inning on somebody's personalpersonal conversation. >> for us it could be awkward. c >> 56 in washington.ashingto winds know north-northwest.thwe that's a great sign steveig s because guess what that means. >> sunshine.shin >> sunshine back early afternoon at least partly sunny today. there's a sprinkle out thererint early but it will be mostly ay great news forecast today,od tonight and tomorrow.d tomow. look at that. 72 withlo afternoon sunshine. sh we'll dry out the softball and soccer fields. 74 tomorrow looks great.s saturday does not look greatt le i'm sorry. i' rainm showers. i know we've got georgetownrgow graduation, all kinds ofds of it's going to rain. >> aww. >> okay. >> o-well. >> okay. >> tha
6:27 am
>> sorry for the awkwardward pauses.. we're kind of like just, youf s know --kn >> i'm thinking about all the t >> i thought you were justeus daydreaming about lauren.reing >> no, i'm daydreaming aboutmino sunshine to be honest with hones you. >> allison liked that one.on >> i did. >> sunshine, lauren, sameshe, lu difference. >> right. >> well, at least there's sunshine for weather day,l,ne fw right, guys? i think the camera --camera >> i think you've lost yournk camera. >> they may have lost >> we'll just let you know 95 y in virginia is backed up inn stafford, 66 east is slow out sw by fairfax county parkway. pkway we'll take a full screenn there.ere. ift's see if we can forward our maps and show you what else you're up against in virginia. northbound traffic slows dale city to fairfax county parkway t as i mentioned.fa i mentioned and there's also a crash inrash prince william.prilli 234 south at pleasant road. you're going to get some s slowdowns as you leave 95ve trying to get to route one.outee we'll keep you posted on that on one. more traffic in just a few a minutes. steve and al.ste and >> okay. bye-bye.e-by >> bye. >> b >> straight ahead, bwi marshall we are headed therearee for a live update on thosehose long t.s.a. lines. t.s
6:28 am
plus bryce to the rescue. what happened after one of his teammate's bats flew into the stands.
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>> welcome back to fox5 newsco morning on a thursday. traffic moving again. you saw this in meafannie yu'su' report out there in clarksburgg maryland.ry this is on i-270 northbound. noo lanes were closed after a deadly accident overnight but bt now they're back a plan was killed as he sat ine his car which had broken down on 270. he was rear ended by anotherth car. welcome back to fox5 news5 n morning.nin weather and traffic on the 5s with erin and tucker at 6:30. first though our top story this morning, egyptian andgyptia greek military have begunave ben their search and rescue operations in the eastern mediterranean sea for the 566 passengers and 10 crew members aboard egyptair flight 804t which crashed overnight.rnig 30 egyptians, 15 french and one britain -- one canadian asaa well among the missing.
6:32 am
egyptair throughout 804out vanished from radar around 245 this morning. the airplane was flying at 37,000 feet.00 it vanished 10 miles after it entered egyptian air space.ce. according to egyptian state egy media the last contact with the plane was 10 minutesane s 10 before it went off radar. radar of course we'll be followingbe f that one for you. it's quite the mystery thisterys morning. record number of passengers are expected to flyly u.s. all right lines thisll rigt summer across the nation.eross travelers are already dealingard with long lines at securitytecur can check in including right here in our area.a. so, we sent fox5's bob barnard to bwi thurgood thurgood marshall airport to check things out at 6:32. 6 surely it's no the that the t crowded at 6:32. bob, good morningism goodood morning, allison.mornin it sure is. it we've seen it s worse but it's pretty bad. officials here say it's nots chicago bad but bad enough and a as you mentioned recordec numbers of people flying. f the numbers last year up 7 percent over 2014, 23.8 million air
6:33 am
flew through bwi last year. lasy that's a record. rec for the past eight months, m they've been setting recordsng r here. he so, a record number ofer o passengers and you also have issues with t.s.a. t t.s.a. admits they have some hae staffing issues to try to keep i up with what they're saying isss roughly 3200 extra people a p day this year than last yearas y that they're having to screencre and that is because basicallyicl anybody they hire is party time. i didn't realize this.hi but because mornings are crunch times for air travel tra and afternoons, they only hireyh part time t.s.a. workers and, a therefore, it's tough to keept't them. they're losing them fasterm f than they can hire t even though the government,er the homeland securityland sur administration is saying we will give t.s.a. 8 million. 8 ml this year to hire 700 new hire 0 t.s.a. screeners, they just. he can't keep up so it's a i staffing issue its a record rec traveler issue and i want to wa show you some pictures here.s the airlines are asking people o who are tired of these longf th lines to go on social mediaaled with the #i hate the wait.
6:34 am
our first photo is of reagansf national this morning, a long l line at one of the terminal tera security checkpoints thisheck morning. our second photo is from dallas fort worth at 4:15 this morning, there were long lines.line t.s.a. and the airports arend telling people to get here twot hours early. e chicago was a nightmare nigma earlier this week and they're te saying bwi and our other oer airports are bad but they're bu' not chicago bad. bad. people have been missinge flights, bags are not getting onto airplanes and they're airas just telling people bestng p patient, get to the airporthe ar two hours early even in places e like bwi, guys, where againhere record numbers of travelers and fewer and fewer t.s.a.ewer a screeners. >> all right, bob we're going to keehtp an eye on the eye on e situation there. 6:34 right now.34ht n very early start for a lot of lo folks there. a lot of people up late lastatet night checking out the games. tm first it's award season evensone though the capitals season iseai over, some players still s getting a lot of love from the nhl. braden holtby should be a lock c for best goalie in the nhl. n
6:35 am
jack adams award goes to bestmsa coach and last night theight finalist for general manager man of the year were announced ann brian mcclellan on the shortheho list. helped to build the team thatila won the president's trophy for the best record in the nhl up against the gm of the dallashe stars and pittsburgh penguins.g. winner will be announced next month. in the playoffs last night p penguins now way two games to one series lead over tampa inowm the eastern conference finals. pittsburgh outshot tampa 38 to8 16 over the final two periods. p more importantly they put inntly more goals. mo they won four to two.. game four stays in tampa tam tomorrow night. nig nba steph curry put on a on show again last night.t the m.v.p. with an m.v.p. performance.performa warriors even the western e conference finals. steph scored 15 of his points p during a two minute span. blowout win over oklahoma city 118-91. they'll be in oklahoma sunday. n big win for the nats in w w york. they hold onto first place in pi the nl east. anthony rendon snapping app fifth inning tie with a twoning run
6:36 am
murphy's home coming in new york continues to go well for f him. he drove in two runs againstsga his former team. good night on the mound n against geo, one earned run, 5k's, final seven-one.en-o wilson ramos nice inning up to bat. ba where did the bat go? intoin the stands.ths. hit a rail. r a fan grabbed it though andhough gave to it a young boy. ang but since the bat was not was nt damaged and could still betill used an usher said give me ine bat young man.ung man the young man with a flats hat h on in new york. harperrer handled it right off. toggles wilson ramos but ifut you've got a choice between a wilson ramos bat or a bryce harper bat i think the kid kid made out. >> nice to bryce to step up. >> really is.eay i >> i have a shout-out thise a o morning. >> let's here it.
6:37 am
the united states postalunited e service and he's retiring nextg year. ye i ran into him walking downkingd the street a few days ago and then i saw his wife at the empire party. >> you're in the universe.'r >> i know the whole family. >> you're in the angelo universe. >> thank you for watching haery morning and congratulations on your everraretirement. >> hope this year goes fast for you.e >> one more year to go. o more e >> that's great.>> t >> let's to weather.'s to her. if you are delivering mailiveria today we need some sunshine. later today. >> sure will.ureil >> with daytime highs -- thank you, steve. s. [laughter] >> isn't the 70's. 56 right now in washington.w >> oh, boy. >> there are your regional are e temperatures.temperat 55 new york city and we are looking at cloud cover and a ato few sprinkles yes, high pressure is going toh build winds are now out of the north t and west.d west. that means good news for us.eanf clouds should break up in thek t next couple hours and by afternoon not full sun but s partly sunny and warmer, 72 war7 your daytime high so for theo fr most part today is a dry day. tonight's dry, tomorrow's dryoro and then we'll talk weekend inkd just a minute. m
6:38 am
>> uh-huh.>> >> let's check in with erin. how is the commute.ho >> commute is slow.>> we have new problems on 270.70. deadly crash scene did clear as you make your way past 121 p2 but a new crash near 124 quince orchard.quince orcha let's see if we can take ase look at our camera right now. n we are seeing delays growings g at that right right lane is blocked. you can see just the left lanee is getting by.ti b quite a scene there.he accident is involving an empty school bus.scho b no reported students on boardnta and the vehicle. vehic we'll let you know as soon asoon things clear but notice you'll have to keep it to the lefthe l and watch for delays.ays. typical heavy traffic on that southbound side as you makeou your way down towardsnd thehe spur. a look back at our maps.ap drive times are slowing thisng t morning with usual congestion. n good news is we don't have anyay rain but keep in mind 95 south the icc to the beltway jammed. j keep it to fox5. ito fox5. we're back in just a few with more news, weather and traffic. ♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry...
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this is my husband, gibby! i wanted to show him your furniture! i like it! you wanna come in? oh no. that would be weird! the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys. >> ♪ >> we are back now with what's trending on the web on this beautiful thursday morning.ckth first up, kind of bizarre news the gun there george zimmermanin used to kill trayvon martinnar has sold on an auction webweb site for about $138,000.00 believe there or not.evthere or the winning bidder has nothas n been identified.ntifd. zimmerman was acquitted in the 2012 death an unarmed teenager trayvon. he said proceeds of the salehe will go to several worthy causes which includes fightingin
6:42 am
movement. in health news the fdaws t f approved a new immunotherapyunoa drug to treat bladder the type of disease there has h not had new medicine in years. the drug forces the body's bod imprune system to attack a tumors. final new study says you ss need to make $119,000 to,0 t afford a two-bedroom apartment in report followed the u.s. department of housing's guidelines there say you should spend no more than 28 percent of monthly income ofl on render and since the rde average cost of a two bedroomedo place in d.c. is almost $3,000t0 you need to be making big bucks to afford a place in the e big city. cit steve.e. >> less than half of what it costs in san francisco,anranc though. crazy prices there.crazy still ahead we had a greatea turnout at last flight'ss "empire" season two finalein party. if you have a news tip foree us share it with us. call us at two stee
6:43 am
back in a minute. i
6:44 am
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>> so we want to give you a heads up on some must see tv t later this morning. here's our good day guest list. list tune in at 9 o'clock this'clock morning so you don't mississippi d.c. usa. she'll join us before she heads to the big competition in las vegas. don't want to mississippiisp tracy braxton is going to beoing joining us again dishing ongain the new season of braxton bxt family values.als. also, al --l >> yes. >> you're a fan as well.'re a fa >> i
6:46 am
>> the rap artist will be performing on our show.nur i hear a new track with whiz khalifa. >> flies to see local and to se national talent.alt. >> what's coming up.hat's ming >> dr. oz is making aisaking housecall right here at fox5.rie he'll join us in studio in our 8 o'clock hour.ou >> big morning ahead. bng now if only you could getould everybody some sunshine, tuck. . >> yeah, by afternoon.ea b we got cloud cover to starter sa your day but before i do theoree weather allison yesterday day before you ran into john wallsns i ran into my own celebrity. look at that. do you know who that is.w o th >> is that ben olson. >> d.c. united coach ben olsonen walking down the street. str how cool is that. that. >> did you try -- try - >> i tried to play it cool. i'm look excuse me.exe. >> huge soccer fan.e socc fan >> big soccer fan. soccean i met him before at an eventnt and he was very gracious by and talked to me for about 10 a1 minutes about south koreas kerr. a >> you guys
6:47 am
>> tucker took me to my firstt soccer game ever d.c. united uni and i picked out a guy on theone field and i picked out a guyut on the field and i said that'sha going to be my best player and it was ben colson.ol >> who are you looking for today. >> somebody from the arenaody fe football team.footba >> i'm going for the caps forher you steve. you stev >> all right. >> yes, so ben thank you for yof saying hi to me. he's going to be on theng to o showily i talked him into int coming onto the show sometime. t 56 now in washington.washin. little cool out there. 54 frederick dulles, manassas culpeper checking in at 54. a 5 in for a nice warmup.armu low 70's for daytime highs.. we'll break this cloud deckcld which we've will around here are for weeks and weeks. weeks couple sprinkles little upper level disturbanceis coming through.hrough. cloud cover intact for the the time being but notice out toe the west we are getting we are g clearing skies now into west wet virginia and westerneste
6:48 am
high pressure out here that's going tour build in and winds ws are now out of the north andth d west. that's a great sign. so, this afternoon partlyer sunny, low 70's and no rain expected. can you believe it for a nice change of pace here. h little trough working through this morning. that's giving us the cloudshe cs and then as high pressuregh prer builds in the sunshine builds in as well and it will be verywy pleasant tonight.ight nice cool night but clear b skies. skie tomorrow looks fantastic andoo then things break down againeawa by saturday.aturda looks like rain returns fornetur the day on saturday. saturda there's a couple nice days --ay rainy day saturday. surda a few showers on sunday. and then notice the warmup. waru i its want to mention thewanto e warmup. upper 70's.upper i think we may have low 80's 8 around here for a period ofa peo time starting next wednesday just in time for weather day so that will be okay. i don't know where to go i'm going this way.m go erin is going to doin traffic. a >> i was going to walk in and g give you a right now skyfox is over 270.r70 there's a crash blocking thelocg right shoulder involving a school bus. no students on board. and another s vehicle. vic did it move over to the shoulder. all lanes are opened. ope it looks to be three c
6:49 am
pulled over at that crash scene.en no reporter injuries. this is again 270ep north by 124. quince orchard road. southbound side typicalyp stop-and-go traffic as yound-gof make your way from 85 all the at way down to the spur. t a look over at our maps rightapt now. aside from that look athaok at skyfox -- actually we'll takeacy a look at our camera first. fir we have 66 congestionst eastbound side very jammed up out by fairfax county parkway. y give yourself plenty of extraxt time to get through there area.e it's just sluggish fromt sluggim congestion. no crashes to report. no cw we'll move over to a lookl at our maps. ms. other areas of concern this ts morning, some slow traffic in maryland from 95 southbound as you make your way past the icc to the beltway. 270 southbound father hurley to 117 and 50 westboundesnd typical delay 410 to the bw parkway. bw parkway south slows as slowsa usual out by powder mill.ill. and then virginia three bigth red zos. 95 north centreport parkway too 610.61 66 we showed that you cameraam by fairfax county parkway and a 395 typical parking lot edsallds road to seminary road this roadh morning. rn taking a look at some crash activity that we are tracking
6:50 am
william 234 south you're going to hit a crash scene slowing s things down at pleasant road.oa that's right between 95 and and route one so watch for that one. 95 north also in addition toddio the stafford delay dale city det slows to 123. to 1 bottom of the beltway across the wilson bridge jams.dge jams. top side montgomery county by new hampshire.on back to you >> erin tbahanks.ri it is 6:50 rightn now. n >> montgomery county high schools being threatened oneateo social one of the high schools th me principal of paint branch high i school says a threatening tweet was sent out against thegn school. in a message sent out to the branch community she says thatmu the school is working closely with police to maknies sure students and staff are safe. s it was a threat for some violence after park testing, tei the testing in montgomerymontme county was done today. done tod they are watching it.ey a wat they're on it. in today's health watch meanwhile, house republicans hou passed a bill to reduce thel re number of free and reduced red priced school lunches. lunch the bill would scale bac
6:51 am
the number of schools that provide these lunches for allesc of their students. thetudent it would also roll back bac nutrition rules championed bys n our first lady michelle obama.. some schools have complained those rules are tooosrule restrictive.stri opponents though arenes th criticizing the bill saying it n could mean some kids will go hungry at >> while on the hill advocates for lyme disease wearness willis host a forum todayea meeting toi explore challenges posed by lyme disease and other tick born illnesses.llss the event is free of charge.ha it is open to the public. pli >> keeping busy all the time t may give you added brain bra power.wer. yes. a new study looked at morere than 300 healthy peopley peo ranging in their age fromir agef their 50's to their 80's. 8 they were tested on memory m reasoning mental quickness. qui. parents pants who reporteds nts higher levels of busyness had h better cognitive abilities. study authors i was staying active the older you get couldou prevents you from getting
6:52 am
dementia. >> if you do too much likeuch lk maybe make appearances at theap 10:00 p.m. news and thenpe backb at 5 o'clock in the morning t that might be a little muchleuc for some people.eo >> sounds like holly and allison. >> long night for a great cause. >> before we get to that i have to bring up one of the the coolest things that's happened to our station in a long time. mr. justin timberlake sharedha our dancing video to to 40 million people on facebook fo yesterday. >> whether they liked it or not. t [laughter][laughter] >> for people who don't knowpl what we're talking aboutre there's a video put together toe by our producers here andnd everybody involved that waswas recreating justin timberlake'sik brand new video. it's available on our facebooknb page. you see it right there and timberlake saying wow guys impressive moves fox5 d.c. d and he was genuinely touched by it when i showed him the video in cannes last week when i left the room he was was basically saying get this link i to me i want to share it andt a now five days >> he did
6:53 am
>> he shared it. he kept his word. h w thank you justin timberlake.imr. you are are awe that might be the song of the summer it's a great son. >> it probably will be.ll b >> it's happy.sappy it should. >> shout-out for getting it tout justin andti getting the link to him. >> last night was a really r great event.event. ally son we were there, hollye e was there, tucker, wisdom,is done fledonny simpson.impson "empire" season two finale.e. huge event. obviously so many great fox5 fo5 fans lined up hours before theet show actually even began justegj to meet us and it was very,as v very cool.ool. these are some of the fans. that's during the actual showcts which aired between 9 o'clocktw and 10 o'clock lastee night and some of the fans who were staying and watchingth the showe but allison and holly you guysou were working the stage. s how about the crowd and thewd at energy you guys had last night with donny.with donny. >> by there time we're juste' j punch drunk.puh dr [laughter] >> i'm like i don't know what i'mi talking >> but it was fun.t waun those events are always greataya because those are
6:54 am
loyal viewers. >> that's last year. tha >> that's last year. >> yes. >> we danced again on stage. sta >> yeah. >> last night. did a little go-go and thego a crowd was excited.ed it was fun. we had some giveaways and itwayd was all in anticipation of thehe big final lean the show didshow not disa many point.y point >> let's ask this question a down the line here.he le h who fell at the end? i think this is a question thatn that every -- the last thing we see obviously, one of the lastsl things we see.y,things w >> spoiler alert.le. >> the buildup all season haseas been and you know this, you know, the annika rhonda pushush down the stairs. annika >> shall we say it. >> yeah. this is -- aren't we recappinger the >> okay. all right. >> spoiler alert.rt turn it off if you don't want dn to hear it. >> don't turn us off.>> don't t all l ri let's just not talk -- i thought we were recapping theg e slow. slow my apologies. we'll just leave it there. question is if you watched the y show who fell? tweet us. us. >> tweet us.
6:55 am
>> rhonda fell. >> i think rhonda.>> >> i i t think rhonda.hoa. >> but we've been wrong wrong before. >> on everything.>> on ever we even asked questions ofyt the audience before the slow likelol do you think this is going to gg happen or that's going to loingt every question we asked ask basically didn't mattertat because we were totally wrong. o >> i was wrong about the w wedding. >> everybody was wrong aboutas the wedding. >> wrong about jamaal being anl issue. >> we were wrong aboute re w everything so if you haven'tng watched s it --t -- >> another spoiler alert. art [laughter] >> come can on. >> i do need to go back andgo b understand the three horse three men. >> yeah, three, four horse men. the only -- it's fun to watcho t with so many people buty peoplet sometimes you miss things 'cause you can't hear as well. l >> and you can't rewind it. i >> there's nothing better than watching that show live witht sw our viewers.our viewers. >> yeah. >> because everyone was going crazy. you hear people screaming at a the screen. see it was a lot of was a >> that was holly.>> tt wa >> that was holly.>> that was >> right, right. >> after 9 o'clock, all bets alb are off. o >> i tho
6:56 am
the show. e that was my apology. apo >> thank you kevin. >> tucker may have the best b news of the day oday >> yeah. sunshine back in the forecast. c let's get to it. we got cloud cover an couple a u sprinkles out there early.thrl what else is flew withflew with temperature in the 50's but the good news is highur pressurs building in and winds have finally shriftd out of the siftd northwest and that means good news. you can kind of see the clearingca look at extreme western wes maryland you can start to see s some clearing.some clear that will move in shortly andrt we'll be partly sunny by afternoon.afternoon. 56 now reagan national.ow rean a mid-50's to start youro stt yo morning. bwi marshall 54 degrees. take a look at your seven-day sun returns in many.s in my. enjoy. enjoy. 72 this afternoon.72 this aftern tomorrow looks beautiful.eaut guess what? more rain foror saturday. we'll talk more about thatlk coming up. let's do traffic with erin. e >> here we are tucker with tucke more delays in the district. 6:56. 295 south jams as j it's from north of 50 all the way down past eastern avenue.e you knoeastern avenue. aside from thatou
6:57 am
the district a lot of our secondaries starting to back up. 50 inbound new york by bladensburg very heavy.en we'll have more news weathersbo and traffic in a few. keep iwettr here to fox5. fox5. 7 o'clock hour coming right up.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 7 o'clock breaking news continues withit this egyptair plane.. major air
7:00 am
the jet disappearing froming f radar crashing into theinto t mediterranean sea and thisa a morning a desperate searchrate a continues to try to find anyry a sign of wreckage. wreck and answer the question is itios terrorism. >> back here at home, deadlyea accident overnight on i-270 should serve as a warning to anyone whoever breaks down onak the road. what you need to know is k coming up. >> and another bombshellnd anotl comment from donald trump asom he hits hard against bill clinton. explosive allegation he madee al and how hillary clinton is responding this >> friday eve everybody.rier tucker says we might get some s sun today.sun to live look outside on this this thursday may 19th 2016. 2016. weather and traffic from erinroe and tucker coming up on thep ont 5s at 7:05. 7:0 good morning, to you i'm, to allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. mr let's get trite that breaking news. the frantic search cgontinuesse for a missing egyptair flightgh believed to have crashed intoin the mediterranean s there's the flight route righte there. flight 804 on iflts way from paris to cairo when itto cai


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