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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at a transgender woman says a security guard violently attacked her when she tried to use the grocery store restroom. >> this has been painful. >> senate victim's emotional reaction and the hash words thew judge had for the guard in court. >> its been a few weeks since aw seven year old was shot in a dc neighborhood. did the city make good on a promise to make the area safer. plus the latest in the tragic egypt air crash, what could have led to the midair over the mediterranean. fox 5 news starts right now. >> we thank you for join us i'mf tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. security guard accused of attacking a transgender woman wm tisha lewis is live in thei courtroom and reaction from the victim.ct >> reporter: shawn and tony security guard
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charged with. hours after jones appeared in court we went to her northeast n home for further comment and to be completely candid what happened next is disturbing a a woman inside threatened us by telling us screaming andd shouting through the door thator she would have her dog attack us if we did not leave.eave. now that exchange happened e moments after he we were initially greeted by another woman who said she was jones family member. >> reporter: fox 5 local news was there wednesday night when a woman arrived at this home listed as the resident for 45 year old fran seen joan. j the woman would only say she'say jones relative and the family f had nothing to say about jones assault at this giant woman's jones walked out of dc superior courthouse in disexercise including sunglasses baseball b cap and over size jacketed thursday afternoon.ursd she's charged with
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year old ebony, a misdemeanor. she is a transgender who jones told she could not use the store's women's restroom with pushing her. this. >> this experience has been painful because it's not fair that i was singled out justust because i'm transgender and had to use the woman's restroom. she at typedded jones hearing and became emotional. >> it's not fair it's not right. it's horrifying that, that, i have to go throughout my life for now on everyday worriedy about if i go into a mcdonald's, mcdonald's, safe way, subway, worried about whether or not or someone is going to come running up behind me charging into the restroom because i'm transgender and trying to feel me up. >> reporter: jones
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contracts employee who works for wolf security based in baltimore. the company and its attorney did not respond to several callsal requesting comment. she describes the last 24 hours4 as trauma advertising. >> i i couldn't sleep last night. i'm going through therapy. i talked to my therapist this t morning about it. i it's stressful. >> reporter: now, giant sayssa that it is a personal, they go on to say that they un reservable apologize for this incident. many of you responded on social media, if you check out this twitter profile, fox 5 dc you d can see there are nearly 500 ro5 et cetera tweets and more than 500 with a pledge a of commentsf we're going to read some of those comments include saying its been happening just thisning time the right person was re
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know, we found out today, how did she know she was transgendes and then also we have another a comment on twitter saying there are only two genders in thiso g world you go to the bathroom based on you're parts that the man upstairs gave you. so a lot of comments on both sides about this situation. what is happening next fran seen jones will appear backpe in cout on july 21st. it's also important to note at today's court appearance she did say and plead not guilty.lty. tisha lewis fox 5 local news. nw >> terrifying situation for a woman in the district. police say a man broke into hert home and assaulted her. it happened around 1230 tuesday morning in the 18 block of angle side terrace in officer say after the suspect assaulted her he fled the scene. suspect described as hispanic man with a stocky build. last seen wearing a jacket over a red sweatshirt. s if you know anything you
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now, fox 5 follow-up after a string of shootings in the southeast neighborhood the mayor and police promise to improve safety in the area at the top op the list putting up more lights. did the city keep its word fox 5 marina ma robing company, the questions are together lights pl >> reporter: tony depends whoor you ask.yo neighbors on this street will s tell you yes the mayor followedm through you can see the white led lights and how bright they are on the street where that seven year old was shot about a month ago. if you just look at the inter i sexes here on alabama avenue ae much different picture, a dimmem street sodium lights on this thi street. however, the scene just down thh street about a month ago when that seven year old was shot as she was walking home with her parents left in critical condition just about a block from the 7th police district here in southeast. now, it was a shooting that actually marked the beginning oo a slew of high
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leading to up to the after that girl was shot mayor bowser walked through the neighborhood and residents expressed concerns over how poorly lit this neighborhoodhboo was. now in just weeks, those same sa residents hearsay the mayor followed through and did improve lighting. w led lights for three t residential streets that line the neighborhood where that seven year old was shot. but there are still outdares dents who say its not enough ann the lights need to go for the rest of the ward also. they also need to be changed. ca >> we got light now. they bright. i'm glad for one. people get off work late betweel nine and 11:00 they need lights so they can see. they don't want to get mugged gt going home. >> i'm not completely satisfiedm because all the lights are not out. i am thankful i do see some lights that deter ring the crime and stuff right here, i hope h th
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within the next 30 days. >> reporter: now, given what we saw earlier this week, today was a much calmer day in thehe district as it regards to crime. violent crime however remains up here in the city. homicides continue to be up versus 44 last year at the samem time. live tonight in southeast dc marina marraco fox 5. >> if officers arrested brian ar grace last night in fairfax county. x 5 an officerfo responded to an add he placed and craigslist, he was armed arm with drugs and guns. fire captain was assigned to ass engine eight in southeast. he's been working for the department since 2000. he is now on administrative leave. maryland governor larry l hogan signed a bill known as as noah's law. law. after montgomery county policeyp officers noah leotta a suspectet drunk driver hit
10:09 pm ignition lock devices will beesw placed in cars of people convicted of driving under the in newspapers. >> senate fact 30 took the death of a police officer under circumstances that it occurred to get this passed is a shame. you know maybe at if this bill had been passed a few years ago noah i on the too would still bb patrolling the streets of montgomery county today. >> the maniac caused of killing officer lee on the ka pleaded guilty yesterday. tragic egypt air crash what may have caused that plane to go down. >> major news for metro rail passengers the "safetrack" program was unveiled it meansean major construction and single tracking in more than a year when and where. >> we started out with clouds. you can see the sunshine this afternoon. and it helped us to get up to 70 degrees. 72 at dulles the sixth time in the month of may we've been
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to hit 70 degrees in this area. can we do i would againo i tomorrow. i'll have a first look at yourit forecast when fox 5 local newscl at 10 comes right back. ♪ z2022z
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>> was it terrorism that is the question following the crashrr f an egypt air flight into thento >> 66 people were on board the train traveling from paris to care row, kong applicantting reports as to whether the wreckage has been found. >> reporter: 11:0 -9d. egypt air flight takes off. on board, 66 people including 56 passengers among them. egyptians, french a canadiann brit tan not americans but thera were among the crew three security.y. the flight from paris across
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outset. thursday morning the plane pla enters greek air sprays. they make voice contact. there are no reports of stormyto weather. and then, over the mediterranean, something went a rye, it executed a turn of 90 degrees left and then a turn of 360 degrees toward the right dropping from 37 thousand to 15 thousand feet and then we lost it at about 10 thousand feet. 2:29 am off the coast of egypt the plane was gone, no distress call no other indication of trouble. in the coming hours the families of the victims of cairo and charles da gail airport demanded answers from the authorities. them don't have information. ha but obviously there is little hope. late morning paris time thursday a grim face france was
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the bad news. the information we have been able to gather is the plane came down and is lost. why did it crash. coat have been a mechanical error or terrorism. t that's a possibility. >> possibility of having a different action or having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having particular kale. anotherr egypt air flight headsd to cairo among those on board family of the victims wanting tg be closer to their loved once wherever, however. and more questions tonight egypt air now says it cannot confirm that the debris found in the sea earlier today came from the plane. as the hunt continues.nues at airport fred palka, fox news. >> close call for drivers traveling on route
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george's county. cou sky fox was over the scene this afternoon in bowie small plane missed the runway and hit a hit fence that borders the eastbound lanes of route 50.0. a student pilot was flying the single engine plane no one was injured but traffic was backed up for self miles. letters take alive lookke a outside. it was pleasant day very nice. finally got to see some sun. temperatures reached about 70. . sue palka joins us now sue thehe questions this assign of things to come. here's the sign.'s t you like it tony. >> yes, i do. grab your smart phone and a change your schedule so that yoo can get outside tomorrow. we are expecting a sunny friday, a beautiful day and kind of a of rare day in this may that has featured so many cloudy days ans 15 days of this month with measurable rain.ain. today was not one of them, tomorrow will not be one of them. i suggest you soak it up while you can we are going to be
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weekend begins. meanwhile tonight it is still 62 degrees. nice to hit fender day the sixth time we hit 70 or above this month. nice comfortable night. it will be a dry night. there could be a patch or two oo fog in the valley but that willa be it. 54 in winchester right now. 53 for martinsburg hagerstown 55. 60 in annapolis.olis very comfortable evening to be sure. high pressure has been building in a lots of people asking me y has may this year been so different, well that big h was w up over new england that kept an east wind in here it was stuck there for many he weeks.ks this area of high pressure pre brings in a dryer wind direction ouch the north and we're going g to continue to see those cloudse stay to the south. the dry night, a clear night. a comfort able evening and a nice dry starter tomorrow morning. for the kids at the bus stop, we do not need the raining gear.he 50 to 56 a little bit cool but not bad. after school, 72 to
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sunny afternoon expected.d. now, we've been talking aboutali friday looking like a great liky i think we'll be above 70. we got to watch this area of low pressure it will be coming in c out of the deep south that ishat our rain maker for saturday. clouds will be back here by the time we hit night. nig and rain will be in here bye b saturday morning. mor coming up in a little bit, i'll take you through the weekends forecasted hour by hour, but itb looks soggy for saturday we'llar get you ready for that and keep our fingers crossed if we can get it out of here quickly. we don't need any more rain, right shawn. >> no, no more rain, all i heard was friday. >> duo thumbs up. into snow thank you sue. metro riders brace yourself theu trank sit agency revealed "safetrack" program its going t last more than a year. a the metro make over begins june fourth single tracking. fox 5 tom physician gerald have the plannings to fix metro. >> we just going to have to
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with it its all about safety.ou if they don't do it then then more problems can come. >> there's going to be a problem. >> there's going tomorrow packem me i'm hot happy about i'm glad they are making the changes and making improvements on safety. you u now, this all is going tog start june fourth, from june fourth to the 18th the orange and silver lines from boston ton east falls church, they are going to single track for 13 1 days.. then, on june 18th, the orange silver and blue lines they will totally shutdown between eastere market and minnesota avenue ande benning road that's shutdown willing for 16 days. after that back over to virginia on july fifth the yellow and blue line they will be totally shutting down between reagan airport and brad dick road for seven days, july 12th yellow and blue lines reagan to pentagon pn city they will shutdown for seven days. these
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trackings they are scheduled too go throughout the system until march 19th of 2017. metro's general manage paul wiedefeld is urging passengers study the "safetrack" scheduletc learn it and change your commute accordingly into next year hehe says. this cannot be put off any longer. >> i understand the frustration they are going to have the individual time, but the timehe that they really get impacted they can work around that, other we just have to go. tom to fitzgerald fox 5 local news.ews. >> one the biggest check points will be on the red line in november. metro plans to add buses. you can see the smart track plaa yourself we pit on our web night coming up anti semitic flyers passed out in one montgomery neighborhood its noth the first time. what police are saying about the
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hurtful handouts. >> ahead fire devastated a group home that indicaters to adults. what you can do to help out when we come back. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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organization that runs a group home for peoplen with disabilities need your help tonight. they are asking for donations dn after their home went up in flames on monday no one was inside fire officials are stillo trying to determine what sparked the fire investigator say the house suffered damage. three residents were displaced. if you would like to make a donation you can drop it off inn frederick maryland. >> also new tonight a disturbing discovery in maryland anti semitic flyers are being distributes 4d about jewish people. now although thes flyers may be offensive to some they are still
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tacoma park police say it doest not rise to the level of violating the law so they won't be making any arrest. veteran 60 minute corresponding morally safer the 84 year old announced retirement a week. he joined the magazine as mike wallet's company host. he reported stories from art a music and pop culture to deep political investigations. he was awarded awards during this rear. he is 0 exercised by his wife and daughter. >> will be missed.iss if you were heading to the airport to to catch a flight gie yourself extra time the lines are longer than usual, right sarah. that's the complaint across the country at some but experts say there are some things that amateur flyers even experienced once need to know before heading to the airport i'll haveha
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>> check out this you'll only see it here on fox 5 a hot air balloon that landed in their backyard. hot hair balloon festival. he needed a place to land before sunset and their yard lookedked like a good option. >> okay. [ laughter ]. kids in themagine neighborhood were thrilled. be right right back.
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we're back with a look at tonight's top story security guard accused of assaulting a transgender woman inside of a of giant grocery store was in court today. tisha lewis is life with the latest.te >> reporter: that's right it wat her first
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inside dc superior court she wac charged with assault after blocking a transgender woman from using the women's bathroom inside a giant food store. the victim says she's traumatized.mati jones says she's not guilty and will be back in cotter in two months. marina. entire eight not for the ward. take a look behind me, you'll see the bright new led lights installed in a small pocket of the ward after a seven year old was shot.s some residents say these old dim streetlights also need to go. after the seven year old was shot mayor bowser walked thed neighborhood and promised to bring in new lights. l residents hoping the entire ware will be well lit for the summer. shawn. >> well tonight more questions than answers in the deadly plane crash jet liner crashed into the sea earlier today killing all 66 people traveling from paris to cairo investigators are lookingg at ever possible possibility
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terrorism, that plane actually went down last night yesterday. >> a record number of passengers are expected to fly this summerm >> all across the country travelers are dealing with longl lines as security check pointedt sarahy simmons is live where isl sarah i understand passengers might be in for a pretty bumpy m ride this summer.r. >> yeah, it could be a little bumpy. talks with a few travel agent about what people should do if he they are heading to the airport, some no tsa supervisorp who say the problem is not justj on the tsa end but also the passenger are contributing astrt well i'll have more on that in a moment. in the meantime you probably you seen the video that's out theree places like chicago and atlanta too have massive lines, the tsaa budget was drastically cut back in 2011 by a quarter billion dollars and now they
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the math you see where the s problem is. even though congress is considering providing moore mo funding that doesn't alleviate the situation right now which ii why you you see some of the airports like san francisco privatizing and bringing in private security organizations to do the work. reminding people we are just a few weeks away from memorial day weekend, this does not body well for any of you traveling outer there. we talked with passengers to see what they do about get ding around the lines ands why someea of these thingsn aren't are necessarily worth it. >> and i just went up to the tsa precheck which seems to work w well in small airports. if you can try to fly in the middle of the day instead of the morning when business travelers or out or later in the afternoon people are finishing up andp going back home. >> i think what is interesting the long lines aside the fact fc they are still missing
10:33 pm
items going through, the length to get through is long calls into question the quality of what they are doing. >> but the tsa line for me has not worked ever. i've never gotten that check mark on my, to get me through the line. into you applied for it. >> absolutely i did it throughut the government and i still can't get through the lines. >> so there you here the not necessarily smooth sailing for r anybody that has free check ass well. talking with some of the travel agents who say if you do have precheck, its real always goodel idea to get that earlier even a little bit earlier for a precheck. traveling off peek times youou heard that woman talking about it there. you'd be surprised how many people even some that are experienced and in the precheck line just don't have their boarding pass ready a lot of lo people have it on their phones maybe texting and don't have id and boarding pass ready, don't be fum blink with things likenk that at the last minute.
10:34 pm
that you don't have tor tie, tie maybe just slip off, those are basic things they say a lot of things they still see pamaquines that mistake on. precheck is better than regular lines of course you don't havesh to remove shoes and liquids, et cetera, that type of thing. but, we see the demanding up foo that as well tony and shawn. >> all right. thank you very much, sarah. matt ackland has more about precheck in this report. >> reporter: i'm going to fly quite a bit this summer and i wanted to make sure i was ableme to avoid the long lines we'veins been hearing about on the news recently. here to downtown dc one of the locations h and r block where you can start tsa precheck to get your authorization to go in that line that's supposed to move quickest i bought myht m passport p i've got a check, we're going to time it see how long it takes. t three minutes and 24 seconds later i'm back out and i've got bad news, althou
10:35 pm
saying online that they were accepting walk ins here when i got in, they said no walk ins, , wasn't alone there were a lot of upset people who said they came here because they saw walk ins available.e. and were turned away some waited here a long time when i askeded they said we're booked all day we got nothing take a listen tol this lead. >> its been very much a headache for us. there were 38 people waiting for heried online they said it was a walk in only. and they had appointmentsntme according to their website itte says walk in only.y. so, 38 people who were here w between 11 and 1140 were all wer turned away. >> matt ackland fox 5 local news. >> we did speak with the tsa tsa following that confusion in downtown dc they said they woule look into it and make sure the website was giving passengers the correct information. now some airports have proposedd privatizing the tsa, we didom
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checking and represents at dulles, reagan and bwi marshall tell us privatizing is not something that has beenme discussed here. oklahoma now a major clean upest is under way following a bridge collapse. it happened just before threeore this afternoon. a section of the bridge felldge down on the highway after a tractor trailer hit the bridge.e for a moment the semi was trapped underneath the debris. driver wasn't hurt. there's no word yet on how longw the repairs might take or when the highway will reopen. >> donald trump hit the campaign trail. he joined chris christie at a fundraiser. he is trying to unify the repubb can party, it appears his relationship is moving in the right direction. >> i think we're making progress.prog >> a new fox news report shows
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the yearn rally location contest. >> many of us fork over dollarse every year for car insurance,ane but you probably didn't know that the rate you pay can way heavily on your credit. actually that is wrong, your credit worthiness can way on thn rate that you pay. how to make sure you are getting the best rate possible that's coming up next at 10. as we head to break there could be a link between beauty b and money, scientists universiti of chicago women who put more me money into their looks have an easier time of landing a job. as for the men, guys with naturally good looks make more than money than counterparts wha rely on being well-groomed. ♪ ready for memorial day you better get ready because 30 million americans are expected to road trip. that i
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might have something to do with it. gas prices and memorial day are likely to be 11 year low. walmart, when it comes to shoppers spending dollars, retailer making a lot more monee than expected in the first three months of the year this coming with a bunch of other major retailers struggling and 2016. walmart stuck up around 10%. wall put one of the few bright spots. do you falling none points newss of the egypt air tragedy. we've got and emergency when it comes to paying for emergency according to a new poll two thirds of americans would have trouble with un expected bill of a thousand dollars. that's business.
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>> if you drive a car you knowiv you have to have insurance but you might be surprised what the message insurance companies use to determine how much to charge you. >> i think it has something tong do with where you live maybe even the kind of cash you drived or you're driving record. those are not the biggest factors, laura evans explains. >> driving in the dc region is not cheap after your monthly car payment, gas and maintenance, there's still auto insurance and while your age, residents andnd type of ride all add in, what really matters is your financial worthiness. >> things like your credit scorc and whether youre rent a home om own a home, your okay ky patient, your educational level these things have tremendousreme impact on the rate you'll pay. >> investigated how credit can impact how much you pay for insurance. weighing it against what we think of as a traditional risk factors like accidents and
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tickets. check out this example. a 38 year old single woman and arlington starting out with excellent credit no accidents and no tickets.icke say she gets in an accident thad was her fault. her insurance would go up three 356 dollars. if her credit dropped from fro excellent to fair that driver could expect her rates to go up by nine hundred dollars and that's with a clean driving record. >> insurance companies will tell you that they are rating youou according to the risk we rate according to the risk of the the risk to them is the financial risk that somebody is going to file a claim or not. it it is true that someone witho bad credit or poor credit that is more likely to file a claimlm than somebody with excellent credit. link between driving well, between how well they drive and credit score at all a the companies have never been able to proof that. >> laura evans fox 5
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into best advice shop around for coverage that fits you. fox 5 viewers can get a look at insurance rate comparisons go to and search insurance. >> fox 5 laura evans steppeded away from the anchor desk for a great cause she was the mc at m the directions annual benefit. fundraiser held at the center of american university. nonprofit organization provides low income students with college counseling, tutoring and leadership training from 10th 1t grade through college graduation. coming up tonight at 11 a young girl shot in a neighborhood played by violence what is the city going to curve the >> also ahead what would you do if you were stranded at sea while scuba diving with sharks circling. one mans quick thinking action safed his >> we'll here from the man who was flying that balloon at
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>> there's good news tonight for the vick this of the massivehi wild fires.ld f >> residents are now being toldi they can return home as soon as june first. this after 80 thousand residents were forced to evacuate the the area. the reentry will be done in stages people who live least damaged areas. more than one million acres of land. >> when it comes to our whether the a mixed bag for the next few days. looking beautiful. >> but sue that's the ends of the good news at least for a while. that's kinds of sad. when you guys just referenced june wow that's so far away butt wait no, its not. its been kind of a, felt more m like march or april, and today was just such a joy to see that sunshine coming out this afternoon. and yes, it is going to be a
10:49 pm
you notice our first line of ouo headlines mostly a fantastic fan friday that's only because we'le see clouds coming in lateate tomorrow night.ight fantastic friday.asti but you are right, those clouds are coming in and honestly saturday looks like such a wet day and so many people have plans. we, weddings, graduations and you are going to, have to havev plan b to deal with this rain. it will taper off on saturday tr lighter showers by the time we get into the later part of theat afternoon but most of the day looks pretty wet and nothing is changing with that just yet. meanwhile today so nice to get 70 degrees. if up weren't with us earlier in the broadcast this is oath the sixth time we've gotten to 70 degrees and above in the month of may.. very unusual last may our hottest may and record. today was an exception tomorrow will be on the warmer side. to tonight our temperature is 62 degrees.gree hagerstown
10:50 pm
frederick and gaithersburg.aith a pleasant evening. no drizzle to deal with. if we see any fog it would be far to the west. w so the next two days quite a split decision here 74 degrees for friday so a beautiful dry day comfortable day that will be one of the warmest days we'vears had so far this month. saturday a cooler day 62 degrees with rain beginning by the time the sun comings up especially moving in from the southern andr western suburbs and up to the north and east our temperature at 62 way below average, average is actually 76 degrees. we were able to get rid of theif clouds and the showers from an area of high pressure built inrs not a very strong area of highih pressure it will be giving ground very shorter dollar thist system, which is an area of low pressure that is moving out of texas into louisiana, pretty strong storms down there a squall line developing. in that positions able to cap and grab on to a lot of gulf
10:51 pm
moisture. we haven't seen too manyany southern systems this one is going to have a lot of moisture as it rise up and over to the coast. rain will get going early it may be an inch or more, let's checks out some of the potential forr rain accumulation as we look just at saturday and while it may not be that bad for dc on north and east half an inch perhaps you look down to the south it looks like bulk of the heavier rain may be through central virginia, fredericksburg you could be getting 1.4. 1.4. out to salisbury two inch rainan amount watch for purple areas that's where more than moderate to heavy rain will be during the day saturday. week innedat forecast looks like this we'rurk going torr 62 on saturday. still could be showers on sunday with a temperature of 72. we should get some sunshine on sunday it will be a slow procese getting there. we know
10:52 pm
affair if you have ever been there the gates open 8:00, there will be rain rain will be heavier in the first part of the day. 56 degrees.56 by the time the first race 57 with rain. 6:45 we think it will be lighter rain 60 degrees. and future cast we'll show you quickly as we run through saturday mornings there we go 7 a.m. rain starting might not be to baltimore it will be pushing in. watch heavier rain showers. there's your noon forecast way rain and by the time we get to 7:00 heaviest rain pushing over and away we still got showers as late as midnight hanging around the ear. maybe a few more to dodge on sunday with showers stillhowe possible later in the day. we're going to wrap it up 7-day forecast and sunday 72 but a run of warmer days is beginning monday. still be spotty showers monday check out the temperature 74, tuesday,
10:53 pm
within wednesday we weather exciderred to say first 80 8 degree day. 83 times out perfectly for nat weather day fox 5 weather team would be involved. wednesday 85 degrees to go aa ball game we'll be talking a lot more about that in the days to come. >> justino they are not saying boo, they are saying sue when sy you talk about the weather. thank you, sue. hey just when you thought the te redskins and controversy died out. 90% aren't offended. 500 people self identify as native american in all 50 states. seven out of 10 didn't think the name was disrespectful to native americans. the name had this to say quote t the washington redskins team or fans and community have always believed our name representss honor, respect and sprayed, today's polling shows navyws american gre
10:54 pm
by this overwhelming support the team will carry the the redskins name. there are those who are not inn agreement. this is one, i want you to look at the hashtag i am native, i'm offended by the the redskins na, we had another one the redskins sh just giving lip service to this whole process.. what we'll get is lip this is far from over just another pole poles only take a small subset into consideration. let's talk about golf,olf, mickle son is in trouble with security and exchange for making a million bucks for inside information. the information was passed by a professional gambler who he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to. mickle son says he's going to pay back the entire sum to the federal government with
10:55 pm
fed rear withdrawn from the french open he said he w won't e taking unnecessary risk by playing before he is ready. r he missed time with a knee jr and earlier this month to a back jr. the last time he missed a major way back and 1999 his streaktrea will ends at 65. familiar face not playing there. redskins this keeps popping up random sampling. >> its going to keep ongoing. >> it definitely will. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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>> here's a question i think yos probably are going to ask me for how many times have you envied e kids getting pushed around in a stroller. >> i was going to say i never, if you ever stood inclines at disney world or disneyland for r two hours you are the one the kids are in the stroller you are boy i wish i could sit in that stroller. adult size baby strollers willol not be hitting the market any time soon the baby, the company's president says. >> there's no way this is real. >> no its not what you are thinking its just to giveust parents a firsthand look at wha
11:00 pm
the super sized stroller is seven feet six inches high aboug four feet wide. i think we should lobbyists if we could get one in here next week issued trs it and push i was round. >> that would be good you pushou me around any way so. we'll be back when news at 11 1 starts right now. >> right now at 11 a young girl shot in a neighborhood played bh violence is the city keeping iti promise to cry and curb the crime. >> dc security guard appears in court ac caused of blocking a a transgender woman from the lady room in a grocery store. >> its not fair and its not right. >> a hot airman had to make an a american room in the backyard oo a maryland home. >> 18 miles from shore with sharks circling. what a


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