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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> this is fox5 news morning.oxr >> right off the top atni t top 7 o'clock breaking news from overseas. search teams have found themse n wreckage of egyptair flightgh 804. this as there is growingro suspicion over what might have a brought that plane down. >> and there's been breaking brn news overnight back here atk he home. a deadly shooting in fairfax county.un multiple crime scenes and a huge impact on neighbors. neigho hundreds can cannot get their t cars out this morning. mning we're live on the scene.e cene >> metro riders prepare torepare feel the pain.el theain. the massive safe track programro is out. o we'll break down what therehere means for your commute.r cmu >> first, though, how about ahot live look outside.livek ou we welcome it today.ay. no rain today everybody.rydy nice warm temperatures, too.tu t it's friday, may 20th, 2016.h, 2 weather and traffic withfficit tucker and erin coming up onomi the 5s at 7:05. t.g.i.f., everybody. good friday morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.teve welcome to a beautiful day on do this friday.rida let's start with breaking news coming from overseas rightseas now. the search for egyptair flight i 804 just a short time ago a
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forces found passenger fou belongings and parts of the doomed aircraft in theom mediterranean sea. now tedhey found that debris about 180 miles off the coast c of egypt. >> maureen umeh is following u these latest developments.elopm. she joins us n mo good morning. morni >> good morning.>> goo was it terrorism or mechanicaloa failure? that is the question this morning following theni crash of egyptair flight 804 fl4 into the mediterranean seaea yesterday. this as a frantic search for se the plane's black box continues.coinues. search aircraft scan the seashes in the eastern mediterraneaniter as ships below do the same. with egyptian military saying this morning that debris hasebs been found including passengers' belongings.ongi family members of the missing ms wait for an update fearing the worst. >> i am very tired. tired >> reporter: greek radar data suggests that the airbus au 320 made erratic movements mem
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sea. sea. and egyptian officials who are o heading up the investigationnvei are inkind that below this was t an actha of terror. >> the possibility of having a different action or having a hig terror attack is higher thanrha the possibility of having a technical issue. >> reporter: the white houser: says the president is keeping up on developments and thesilopm u.s. has offered to assist in a the search and the t investigation.invest but the administration hasatn stopped short of any speculation. >> i'm not aware of any sort of intelligence assessmentse that has ruled anything out. out i'm also not aware of any intelligence assessment thatt t ruled anything in.ythinn. >> reporter: for others the terrorism scenario is all too plausible. >> somewhere along this line, someone penetra ated security, t got physical access to the airport -- airplane and wasand w able to put some sort ofrt device on.vice o >> reporter: the departmenteptm of homeland security says there are no plans fore additional security here athere home. but airports like lax havee ramped up their efforts. all of this as the grim searchrr in the mediterraneanitrane continues. co meantime investigators areto running
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the passengers aboard thatengers flight to see if any of them had any links to extremists. exi so far no terrorist group has g claimed responsibility for theyt incident. steve and allison.llis >> maureen thank you verynkou much. coming up in our next hour h in the 8 o'clock hour, chief intelligence correspondent forrf fox news catherine herridge here will join us at 8:30. 8 overseas this morning theses main suspect in the deadly t attacks in paris back inn november was transferred from f a lie security prison to theto e main paris courthouse.ourthous law supposed to answer awer questions from a path of ph o judges but refused and was was sent back to jail.ail. authorities had hoped hisis testimony would identify others who might have been b involved.invo >> breaking news here at home. h fairfax county policex county pe investigating a deadlyg a de shooting it happened near the te huntington metro station. metro. >> 33 say a plan was killedplanl there earlier this morning.s mni our melanie alnwick is on thes n scene.scen she was first on the scene today continues to gather newgar information. >> reporter: hey, goodr: hey morning. so, yeah, we are on the the property of the city
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huntington metro is back onac the top side of this property. e there's a -- there's a walkingai path through there where you can get to it and it was atto the back of that parking lotng l where the main crime scene is,ci where homicide investigatorsnvea are continuing to process the te scene, all the way up this t hill here, but then there was a second scene right here re where you see these cars taped off as well and then a third, t if we come around this way,thisw you can just kind of look there, there's a mini bike mi right there, a little mopedittle that police have also beenolicea looking at as well. as wel let me show you some of theyoom video we shot when we firstfirs got here scene today and what aw you are looking at is some s kind of a looks like maybe aeay fire box or a personal space there, that black box had a lot of personal items. ite that was found strewn upon then curb lane and policeand lice started -- were paying a lotayio of attention to it. to then later on we found out fou that was indeed somehow they believe connected to the crime and then that was taped offn ats and
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collected and that is when is wn they brought everyone a littleit further down the apartmentpartme complex here closer to richmanor highway and then of course we cs have the video of theeo of t detectives and the crime scene s processing units that were there. ther saw them near the wooded area. . also, this is a large parkingng lot, the entire back parkingarki lot taped off and one adult male we're told died of gun shot wounds on the scene. we do not believe there areve any other victims involved butct not exactly sure what's going on here, but something set happened that took placeace across a wide area. a and that is why they have soav much of this area blocked offedf because they believe thatha there could be evidence ede perhaps strewn along the sides d and all throughout the parking r lot. so, it's going to be quiteng toe some time. people are trying to figure figr out how -- they're letting lng some cars out but a lot of l people here trying to figureoig out how they're going to getg tt out this morning as thiss investigation continues.nues back to you. you. >> at least it looks like now at least some of thoseeast vehicles are getting out.
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hopeful that will help forl or more residents as well soon.l so >> sad story and it's just an inconvenience. all right. okay. going to be nice today. >> beautiful. >> not going to say anythingg to make itng reverse. >> friday.>> fy. >> yes. >> sunshine. >> check. >> 75 by afternoon. >> and you got your exercise>> x early this morning. mning >> i rode my bike to work. w >> i can't believe you did this but we have video so i'm hagoing to believe it in a a second. second okay. association you just changedso d everything.hing. is that an escort that you have. ews vehicle.s vehn >> i had a photographer linedhee me following me, yeah. yea >> where are you coming >> he took the scenic route. >> hey, wait a minute.ey >> this looks like pennsylvania that you're coming from here. >> al on. >> oh, no, okay. this is all -- this is not your average bike to work -- [laughter]aughter] >> jumped a pool with a shark in it. >> did he jump the shark? okay.ok. >> you to two are very funny. fn >> do you have your badge in
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your pocket. your pocket. >> i didn't see any of youn' ride your bike to work today. >> you got thatke right. rig you won't see it.u won'see it. because of the job i do here ior would be a mess when i got got here. here >> we didn't get a top-secretope note on the ran day viewpointayt a couple blocks from work. >> it's ride your bike toik workday. >> let me know when it's ride r your bike home from that's all i could do. do. >> the bike i rode is right irig outside. >> is that a ride share bike.ik >> that's a capitol bikeshare.ia >> capitol bikeshare.ikhare >> what an awesome servicet that is. it's all over the city he. >> look howan much it's grown.s. >> yeah. >> real quick quickly. quick >> that was the most bizarreizae thing i've ever >> you had an escort and youou rod a mile. m let's not oversell it.rsel it. >> and you did zigzags. zigza >> okay you two. i've had enough.>>i' clear skies and sunnyea conditions and beautifulns and t conditions expected today. 45 degrees earlier off to the north and west. we had some low 40's.e low 4 we're now bouncing thein the numbers. 56 at reagan national fashion, 51 dulles bwi marshall. marshal
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day. we have a lot to talk about.t l 75 today.75 tay rain will get in here aftere midnight tonight so you're so yu fine today and tonight ifod and you're going out butut tomorrow's going to be a wet a one with some showerse ow continuing into sunday.y. so, plan accordingly for yourdi weekend but again, tomorrow tomo close to a washout. was we could get upwards to an t a inch of rain. rai >> can you please put theou video on your soc so i cano i c look at it >> in all seriousness there t may be a lot of bicycles on bice the road today so be careful.odr >> that is true. and a lot of people don'te do zigzag the way tucker did.kei >> they don't have an escort.hac >> he did do the right thing rht by wearing a a ht. setting a good example. >> yes, did he. >> thank you erin.>> >> we have to mark you down and then build you back up. let's take a look at yourat y traffic.afc. beautiful sunshine today.oday. i'm super psyched for thisor t friday afternoon.erno right now you can see trafficeea looking really good top of thep beltway outer loop at the 270th2 spur. coming down from 270 and on0 ann the beltway you're in reallyyo good shape. od sha now you have the typical congestion 270 southbound in urbaurbana.
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spur by the beltway.e bel we have some issues you needs yu to be aware of as you head out. seriously though you need toth be careful. share the road with thed with t bikers. a lot of extra folks biking tog work more than a mile tucker. 95 southbound crash at east e capitol. center lane blocked. you're jammed from fr0. 50 inbound very show.ow also in the district right now metrobus tweeting out thatgut some of their buses will be delayed because of 1200 block bo of i street southeast is closed due to police activity. a avoid that area. a aside from that gw parkwayar southbound we are dealing withe a crash at 123. at23 and if you're taking metro,et orange blue and silver typical p delays right now because of speed restrictions atns at mcpherson square. s steve and allison.eval >> just two weeks from nowow metro begins its big makeover mo it is a huge undertaking.ndertai it will cause metro to shut to s down in order to keep ridersid safe. >> it is called the safe track led the safe t plan.rack fox5 it's bob barnard live at l ballston metro station to statit explain how the plan will beho implemented and how it's goingw to impact good morning, bob.ning
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steve, good morning to you. to yes, three years of work fitit into one year and here at he a ballston metro riders areer going the feel the pinchl t p as you mentioned two weeks two s from tomorrow it begins.orrow it we can show you on the screenee here starting june 4th for 13or days the orange and silverr lines between ballston andton ad east falls church will bewi b single tracking with trainshra running every 18 minutes. mes then right after that, from june 18th to july 3rd, that's t' 16 days, the orange, silveril and blue lines over in thehe district between easternen e market and minnesota avenueta a and benning road, there will wil be a complete shutdown so noo n rail service at all for those t 16 days.ays. metro's general manager says s they will be providing bus bridges, slut tell service butve plan accordingly. it's going to be a mess. and the metro riders we'ves wve spoken to this morning here in ballston say they're just s the' trying to wrap their heads around this. t >> got to find an alternative plan. i'm not sure what it's goingt it to be but i think this l
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going to shut down for like a a week or so-so i'm not sure'm sur what the plan is just yet.ust >> reporter: do you have any doo idea what you're going to do.oo. >> no.>> i mean the options are uberingbg every day or renting a car for f about a week or so. yeah, i'm not sure just yet. >> reporter: what do youor think about metro's decision des to do this?to d >> i mean, it has to happen. i know that there's unsafensafe conditions going on and the feds are talking about takingak it over and, you know, i just j wish there was some kind ofe kio like long term... i don't know'k what the end game s i don't i know where things are going tosn end up but sounds like it'se it' negligence i just wish therece lts an alternative. is an a >> well, i think it needs to ths be done. it's going make a difference die in my life. >> reporter: in a bad way orr: good way. >> in a bad way.ay 18 minutes i come from vienna. n it's going to be hard. har i hope my boss understands. [laughter]ter] >> reporter: so, systemwidete repair work going on throughnhr next march, guys. so, starting in tw
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through next march across thecrs system. , go to our web site we've got it laid out thereut for you. fo you're getting the sense, sense though, that people who ride these particular segmentse already know that it's goingow to be some rough days ahead. back to you guys. >> hopefully there is improved safety in the future. fur thanks bob 7:12. we want to get you up to datep e on a fox5 follow-up amid a ami string of shootings in a southeast neighborhood fulfilled promise to make the t area safer or try to do that. dt city leaders kept good on goo their word and residents sayen the new led lights along three residential streets has popped up in recent weeks including ilu the neighborhood where a seven-year-old girl was shot last month. m >> on the campaign trail, more m controversy for donald trumprs as a maryland trumpy delegate g is now facing chargesg charges including gun and child pornography.pornogra the department of justice saysus caleb bailey of waldorf used ase minor to produ the pornography a machine gun wasma found at his home when authorities authoritiesth execute add search
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bailey is due back in courtn next week. still to come new l to questions this morning about discrimination laws here in the dmv. we'll break it all down. dn. >> later this morning, the skins name controversy heating up again. a new poll on how some fans feel about the name.
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>> ♪ >> whatever you're eating smells were. >> allison we can hear you. come back and play with us. there's a reason wvee're slo wws you dupont circle right now. n not just because it's a great ae place to be if you don'te to wander to deal with traffic tra because there is none at thise moment. also lots of great restaurants r down there, places to grab ara bite to eat, perhaps a beverage and only thing thatng t make it better is if it's free f on what happens to be nationalet pizza day and you can get can something for free.methinr >> right. >> and you can hang out with wit some of us.sof it makes it all better, right? t it's actually hard to do d better than that, tuck.t,uc >> steve, we've got a big daybiy ahead.ea starting at 9 o'clock thisck thi morning, that's right,'s pizza party day. >> pizza zen happening there,ene tuck. >> you like that. >> i like that. t >> you know when you eat pizzaw you go to a different place.whfl >> it makes erin strong. str >> i don't know why allisonllis isn't enjoying this pictureic that we worked hard onn yesterday. >> probably grabbing me ablgr snack since i was not invited iv to the pizza party. >> watch the special
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>> oh it's spinning.pinng. >> anyway we'll be down atdo dupont circle i think right outside of the metro entranceroa where the farmer's market is. >> oh, yeah. >> giving out pizza slicesizzali starting at 9:30 this meanwhile if you're going to come down and join us atn an dupont or anywhere acrossecr the region mountains to the beaches looks great t. sunshine, cool temperatures to start your very cool off to the north andoa west as -- there you go, we'ree' on time pizza party, p temperatures are in the low 40's. we are currently 56 in 5 i washington. warming up out there. out tre 45 in frederick.derick 46 in fredericksburg good morning,, 48 degrees. 55 in annapolis.nnis everybody's looking at a greatae day. we are going to get someng to ge clouds out of the south andut west this afternoon.west but it will remain a dry day d and daytime highs in the mid 70's, so generally sunnyunny conditions particularly therl first half of the day.half o dry conditions and again veryy pleasant temperatures this afternoon. all right, let's talk aboutabout tonight.tonigh we get cud tomorrow we get rainy.ainy especially the first half of the dame i think the rain will t ta
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it's going to not be a pleasant one with daytimeay highs in the low 60's.ow 60' sunday looks a little more litte promising maybe a littleing sunshine late in the day withay a few showers around. a and the only other thing i want to interest out there weather-wise wednesday and thursday next week 80's return just in time for weather day.ead mid 80's thursday and i thinkhi we'll have 80's into memorial0'e day weekend as well.daweek >> there was an and pickic graphic. >> did you see it? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i want -- we worked hard onho that.that. >> very cool. very coo sorry i missed in it person.t p. >> erin pizza makes youes y strong. >> pizza's the reason i had to r get a personal trainer, steve.te but i'm not going to think t about that today. i'm going to enjoy eating eatin pizza with you and you shouldouo come visit us at duponton we'll be out there enjoying tin the pizza party d right now if you're trying toou get to work making your wayay down 270 i kind of like whate wa i'm seeing by germantown road. no big problems north of that ot point in a little congestion but forio the most part 270 south is i looking much better than bter earlier this go ahead and take a look at l our maps right now.ow other accidents, otherheci delays you need to be aware ofee as yo
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district. 295 southbound crash at east at capitol street. stree center lane was that blockedan jammed north of visitor. keepe in mind because of polico activity 1200 block of iocf street southeast is closed.lo you need to detour around that a one. we also had an earlier crash at 201 it's moved to theov shoulder but you're still you s jammed from 410. 410. really heavy traffic throughhroh cheverly this morning.s morni be prepared for that if you're r ling from annapolis or bowie.ow you'll lit that congestion. then once you get past 295 newte york avenue does jam by jam bladenburg as usual.blenbu suitland parkway inbound slowsnu to south capitol street.ou cap 210 on the northbound side ind s fort washington slow trafficloic fort washington road totonoa livingston road. inner loop jams from prince f george's across the wilson's bridge into alexandria. a io 395 northbound typical slowic traffic to the 14th street bridge. allison.alli >> tense moments for some of m our fox5 creomw yesterday our o tisha lewis tried to talk withth the d.c. grocery stored. security guard charged with w assaulting a transgender woman w but francine jones threatenedest to have her dog attack our o crew when we attempted to talk t
7:20 am
her court appearance. 32-year-old ebony belch ler l says joneer jaysjones forcibly r when she tried to use a restroom. the arrest of the security r officer raising questionsueio about transgender bathroom laws in our area. >> holly joins us to break itoi down from a legal >> thing is it's different diffe rules depending on where you rnw the most general law is the federal law banss discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin in placesn p considered public accommodations.commns the ban covers government owned and operated facilitiesacl such as court houses jailsseja public hospital.blic now, privately owned o businesses that offer foodhat or lodging and entertainment are also considered publicbl accommodations.mmodations now, in this instance, and 33 they must apply with thehhe discrimination ban.rimina. public accommodations does not just
7:21 am
buildings. it means equal access to theto t premises and to the goods and gs services that are offered there.there. here's though where it gets ae s little complicated.pliced the federal discrimination bana is the law in all of the 50 states. but individual states and local governments can can alsome add their own discrimination bans. bans. for instance, and the district r have banned discrimination in i five other categoriess including sexual orientationritn and gender identity.and virginia does not have any language banning discrimination statewide basedtd on such identity. identit but the city of alexandria andnd arlington county have banned discrimination based on sexuales orientation.iention. now, no local government inov virginia has banned discrimination based on gender identity so as you see there's different layers, differentfe jurisdictions can decide on their own and soon that's whys w it's confusing to a lot ofo a people what is allowed where. ae and it really depends on where w you are. >> and i would imagine as a transgender person it can bee ex
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>> it can be exhausting and you really just want it to ben e obviously everywhere. >> right, right. >> mel thank you. >> not there yet. >> okay. >> coming up next, the state tha where lawmakers just voted to vd make an abortion a felony. fon >> plus a big emergency in a major city after this bridge we're going to tell you where this happened. >> ♪
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch?
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novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient. >> ♪ >> 7:24.
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bill that would l criminalize abortion procedures in theti state. the bill says aonnyone who is is found to have performed an abortion except in instances e to save the life of a mother ofa will be found guilty of ailtyf felony and can receive up top three years in prison.n p the bill is on the way tollt the governor's desk.vernor's dek >> on the west coast followingli months of controversy sanoversyn francisco's police chiefci resigned after a young blackng woman was slot and killed byandd an observe and that was theert third fatal shooting of a a of suspect by the department intm five months. m earlier this year several officers were also caught exchanging racially explicity ep text messages.textsage >> scary scene for drivers in oklahoma city. all lanes of a major highwayig shut down after the collapsehe of a bridge built back in the in early 1950's. 1 fire crews say a big rigig hauling a boom lift hit the bridge. bri amazingly no one was hurt. h man. >> 7:25 right now. now we'll check in with tucker. no complaints so far, tuck. >> no, great start to the day steve.y we got sunshine across the t area. it's cool out there.l t there. temperatures overnight fallinghf back io
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north and west. w and we're sitting at 56 in town. winds out of the north to eastt at three. just a few clouds out there.of c we'll be in floor a part to at mostly sunny first half of theun day and then as we get intonythn the afternoon hours anernoonourn increase in clouds.ease i look how quiet storm trackerrm a radar is. so nice not to have a lot of l clouds out there. out there are some clouds startingus to develop off to our south and west and that's the t leading edge of our next storm system which will bring us al gs period of rain after midnight mi tonight into the day on d o saturday and tomorrow's goingor' to be no doubt about it a wetou day. in fact parts of the area the a looking at the possibility ofsi an inch plus of rain.n. so, that's going to be a lotat of rain but a'sgain beautiful today. today. tomorrow that rain moves in. mos we're trying to get it out ofout here and get a little sunshineni for you on sunday and then we tn will start to really warm ito ar up in time for weather day and a by the middle of next week,k, sunshine with temperatures intu the mid 80's.the mi something to look forward to.wa that is a weather update. erin, i hope you're in the building. >> don't worry i didn't get myor bike out yet. it is bike to workday tuckeray took advantage of that thistage morning.
7:27 am
road on a bike.n a bike. watch out. share the road with cars,ar drivers make sure you're extraue cautious with throws bikers wit around town. right now taking a look atok your maryland commute. commu neighborhood southbound fromorho the icc to the beltway typicalhy slow moving traffic.raff 270 not terrible this morning. i congestion in urban florida 80 a to the truck scales. sles. yellow zone you start to break up through gaithersburg down d to the spur.e outer loop top of the beltway o little bit of congestion by new hampshire and 50 inbf oundib unfortunately still a red zone from 410 to kenilworth we haden an earlier crash out by 201 b that did clear but you're in for a slower ride moving inbound. because of there 295 southbound a crash by east a capitol. we'll take a look at those virginia drive times next.imes x back to you steve and allison.ll >> still to come this mornings m more finger pointing over the long lines at the a >> first though theirst t presidential candidates getting perth with theirir attacks. attacks. what's fair game? we'll gam discuss next.
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♪ taking a look at the whitekt house right righ it is 7:30 on this fridayy let's turn to the race for thear white house.white house. obviously it's heating up.ea u hillary clinton with herary toughest attack yet of donaldttd trump saying he's not qualifiedi to be president.rede this after trump escalated thisi personal attacks on former f president bill clinton during ag interview with fox's sean hannity. let's listen to a clip.p. >> i look at the new york times. are they going tinder viewie juanita broderick, paul a la jones, kathleen willie in one case it's bow exposure.xpos in another case it's about aut groping and fondling and fondli touching a woman against her h will.ll >> and rape.>> a rap >> massive settlements. >> is it fair game to attack the candidate's husband in thise's case. joining us two people veryus twp familiar with the campaignith tp trail. holly schulman former obama fora america campaign spokespersonkeo former spokesperson for the dnc. jason former director marketingi communication fort
7:31 am
national committee and creative strategy for george w. bush's campaign. head of meet media productions.s happy you're both with us thisr morning. mo let's ask first off i'll putl p this question to you first ofst all, is it too much to tack for donald trump hillary clinton's t spouse in this case? in is c >> look, hillary clinton is hil running for the highest officesc in the land. you know, it's clinton ink, everybody knows it's clinton ink. in politico calls it clinton ink. i washington post the new yorkk times, they're a package. pka they're a team.e a tem when she's going to the white te house, she's bringing him with her. her i think that we have every righe to ask about his background jusj as much as we have to ask abouto hers. hers >> holly, what do you think?, wh >> you know, donald trump has had a really rough two weeks.. he tried to get a vice-president to no veil.o the only presidential candidate to do that in 50 yours. 50 you he's going to tried to anythingn he can to change the subjecto ae away from his fai
7:32 am
candidate and this is simply part of that.. >> if the tables were turned ftn it was hillary clinton attacking donald trump's wife would that t be any different, would thatiffo happen, would you retaliate witi that to if you're running thenit clinton campaign now.ow >> i think his negatives are soe high among women right now andnd anything else that he's going to try to do he really needs to beo a tune to this and take thisaket into account because women are within this election for him and he's having a lot of i don't think this is a good strategy even rick wilson he's a republican pollsters and i don'a agree with a lot of republicansa he'll face below back on >> what do you think? >> i think we've had eight yeary now of obama and hillary, too, o sort of promoting this victimic hood culture, where victims are to be listen to for any reason whatsoever.atever. we're supposed to bend laws ands break our backs to tryory accommodate this sort of victim hood culture now we've got thist women that are victims, claiminm that they're v
7:33 am
something that bill clinton didn to them and these are very are serious accusations, rape, i mean, that's, you know, thatw, should be looked at. we should be exploring that fror every it's funny how when you turn y t that back on to the clinton, cln sudden they will don't want to n talk about aut i they don't wanted to anythingto about it.abou. they don't want to address itrei and decades and decades haveecah gone by they haven't really rll addressed these things andng hillary clinton is involved with this. i mean, hillary clinton, youon,y know, part of these accusationst are that she sort of wept up to a couple of these women and confronted them so we want tohe know about that. we have every right to knoww about that.. >> holly s a good strategy fory hillary clinton to not say not anything about it at this pointt >> you know a lot of these allegations were said a long time ago.time ago. when we talk about strategy and elections we're looking at theot economy, we're looking at jobs and that's the same every year.r my colleague here knows and the problem drum doesn'toe have planned to anything aboutoy the economy the only economic plan i've heard from him too lower taxes for the wealthiesths americans. and so ihi
7:34 am
going want avoid talking about o the issues and in the end that'a really going hurt him in thishi campaign. >> been fascinating to watchingt from all aspects of this entiree campaign.mpgn. jason, if you were advising donald trump right now who seem to have gained -- gotten as farr as he has by saying and doingndd whatever he wants at this point, if you were advising him rightsg now, what do you tell him to dot in this home stretch as we goat closer to notify.if >> i think we're at a point nown the campaign sort of is going gi into a hillary versus donaldd trump. tr there's whole of generation ofan people who don't know hillary s is. a lot of these people are goingg for bernie sanders the youngeror people. they don't know about 20 years 0 ago clintons.o clinns. they don't know about theut impeachment and the lies that le have come out of the clintons ct through the years.uge ye so i think that this is this is something that needs to bee addressed and litigated in theee campaign, and yes, you're veryer right, of course we'll be talking about the issues and tha issues matter and people are,pl, you know, fed up. but they're also fed up of beini lied you know, i
7:35 am
stone walling or bill clinton in not really coming forth andortha telling the truth about his pass we need to know about that.t. >> holly, what is the clinton campaign do now if you were do running the show for them atifsr this point?this point? >> i think that we know youngou people care about. care abou we do have a lot of work to doko there. there. they care about raising minimumi wage which donald trump opposesp they care about equal pay for women which he also opposes they care about affordable care act,a which he wants to repeal, andepa so, yes, we are going talking to folks and we're going to be goig courting women in this country u because they can decideecid elections in the end. >> real quick before we let you go from each ok f you, in broad spectrum now, is there anythingy that is out of bounds when ithei comes to campaign especially non when it looks like it's ioks one-on-one now gearing up to up ivember? is there anything? that just wouldn't touch? not this year. >> i think he said it best there's nothing that donaldng ta trump won't touch this year.ear >> we'll fine out.ut we're enjoying this one for su sure. we'll see how things turn out between now and then.w anthen thanks to both you. tth you appreciate you joining us this i morning. >> 7:35.>> 7:35. let's get another check on the e
7:36 am
>> we'll enjoy the weather tod today. daytime highs in the mid 70's. 7 cool start to the day lots ofoto sunshine and most importantlyt t dry weather expected for your fy afternoon and evening.n and eni 55 now -- 56 in washington.ashig jumped 1 degree in the pastin ts hour. 51 down in richmond. new york city 55 degrees.. and then some 40s off on the ofn north and in fact we've got lots of 40s o locally as well. w places like gaithersburg,sbur frederick, front royal you guysl are all in the 40s to start the day. storm tracker radar not tracking much if anything. clear skies out there and quiet do have a few clouds off to ouro south and west and we will trend towards more cloudiness as these day wears on.n. but again we should remain dry until after midnight tonight thg rain returns for the day onurnse saturday i'll have the weekend'e details and a nice warmup on the seven day coming up but there'se your friday forecast.orec 75 and dry this afternoon.eron end joe a beautiful friday.ri that is a weather update.r uat erin has another look at yourour morning friday roadways. >> i'm running in because weunni have new problems i wanted to we make sure we got them into thehe report.
7:37 am
on over crash at braddock road.a use caution a lane is blocked and because of that, we're seeing big slowig downs from the springfieldhe sie interchange all throughe all t annandale and then you're heavya again through tysons. ton in addition to that gw parkway p southbound crash taking out thet left lane moved over to ther to shoulder. all lanes open between 123 and23 spout run.un just typical congestion right that at that point right now.ntn as for the rest of your virginii majors keep in mind 95 northor very slow dale city to 123. to 3 you jam up with congestion.n. south at that point inint fredericksburg and stafford we f also have slow-moving traffic ac you pass 610. 6 66 east you jam up with someh s congestion just yellow zone outt by 234. 395 on the northbound sideid through alexandria you're slow from the beltway to king streetr then again just a little l congestion as you cross theon a 14th streets bridge. 295 southbound this crash c cleared east capitol but newew minor crash on the shoulder 295l northbound at howard street so t caution there. if you are taking metro today, d keep in mind new red line problems
7:38 am
vanness next glenn montgomeryon bound train is approaching so you might say see delays.say e e allison. >> coming up, the skins name skn controversy heating up againp an following the results of a new a poll.po we'll tell you about it. you aui first, though, that tsa pre-check we talked about thetat other day may not be the answers to this headache. check out the long lines thatint are happening at airports acrosr the nation.atn. how long you'll have to waitve a just to get approved for the we'll tell you about it on thett other side of the break. it's 7:38 now.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ in montgomery county, airir bnb start collecting hotel taxot on behalf of its hosts.os air bnb signed an agreement witt the county last week. w this is the first air bnb tax agreement in maryland thearylane company will start collectingolg the hotel tax for reservationsen made or after june 1st.un1s the company says about 14,0000 guests used air bnb to stay iny montgomery county last year.. record number of passengersr expected to fly this summerhium across the country travelers ara dealing with security lines thas are pretty long.etty lg. >> with those long lines comeses the finger pointing for who isoi responsible for this.spon the nation's leading airlines ai are now taking on congress. cgr they're asking lawmakers to reverse a decision three years ago that diverted billions of o dollars in passenger securityec fees to reduce the federaled deficit. meantime, many savvy passengersr are taking action by applyingy l for tsa pre-check unfortunatelye the wait time for an appointment has now doubled in somela
7:42 am
it's grown from 8,000 to 16,0001 people applying every week. eve to make matters worse for the wait that is some passengers are being turned away from placey fp that is were supposedly offerinr walk-in service.. your best bet now make an mak appointment for tsa pre-checkck online.line >> we heard somebody here try ty do. the wait now two to three weekss to get that appointment.pointmt >> right.>> >> i got in the next day a feway months ago. a lot more people doing it now.n >> the government wasovnmen disappointed with the lownted wh numbers and now i guess with alt of the word of it -- >> right. >> lines will end up evening oug at some point.oi. >> okay. >> how about using the eiffel tower as your vacation home. h >> four lucky people set to be o the first in history to do justt that. th the rental company home away a built an apartment on the firstf floor of the eiffel tower. t they're holding a contest anda e the winners get to stay theretat for a night during europe's bigb soccer tournament in paris thiss year. >> that will be fun. t >> that's way fun. fun cash fun as we used to sy >> there you go. the >> i love it. >> still ahead will a new pollep change the legal fight over thet
7:43 am
>> and later this morning, ifnii you're planning on using a poolo this summer to beat the heat, ta listen up. li new study says the water may non be as clean as you think. >> lovely. >> we'll explain. ♪ ♪ stand by me
7:44 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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♪ we want to tell you about ao few things coming up today on tn good day d.c.good a local artist becoming a breakb out star. s we're talking boucher jenniferei his new single
7:46 am
getting lots of play on thef o radio locally.o cally he's going to be here to perforr it live, and it is nationalnal pizza party day. tucker look at you. you >> tucker has got the pizza zen >> i absolutely love that littlt homemade looking graphic. graph it's so cool. any who -- (laughter).(l >> we're ready to feed you.dy ty do i have an ear in that? ha that's what it is my ear is chopped off. tucker --cker - >> allison -- >> one earring. >> we'll be out there me, tucker, erin we're hitting theii road at 9:00 a.m. down at the dupont circle farmers markett handing out a slice of a o delicious pizza pie. >> join us --- >> jumbo slices there,, b >> dupont circle farmers market. 9:30 to 11:00.1:00 >> right outside the metro. mro >> come join us.>> >> i promise i'll have on --n both ears on. >> no strings attached.tached we're going to give out pizza. >> how much
7:47 am
>> one bock. >> steve? >> we'll make people like --akee >> very funny. >> rock, paper scissors for it.r >> we'll see how well it goes.g >> see if they can tell uss something that happened on the show this morning.. >> that's good.oo like tucker biked to work todayd >> tucker biked to work today. t >> they can bring that up.. guarantee to get a slice. a sli >> i wasn't here six to 6:30 6 because gremlins got into mynt alarm >> terrible.rible >> perfect weather. wer. >> okay.. >> hopefully we have enough forr everybody.ody >> let's do the weather foreca forecast. wow ! we're transitioning, and we're looking at -- here we go. sunshine.sunshi it continues. (laughter).. >> for one more day. f and then we got rain showerswe back after midnight tonight.onht 56 now in washington. wng nice cool start to the day veryv comfortable out there if you'rey riding your bike to work youo wo will not arrive terribly sweatyt so you can get right -- rht - >> so you say. >> i know why i can't do itwhy o either because of my hair. h because i would
7:48 am
complete --compte >> just wear a hat to work. hatw >> then i'd have hat i can ride home. >> i can bike home national bikb home day.ay >> okay. we'll put the camera on you. >> i'll do it.>> i >> monitor this. monitor this. there's your storm tracker rad radar. beautiful start to your day. lots of sunshine early. early it's going to be a very pleasant afternoon.afrn mid 70s for daytime highs.ig dry air overhead we'll take ite and again dry conditions laterdi this afternoon so it should feel great.ea look what's lurking, yet another rain system thattema will move in after midnight mt tonight and we've got rain ind a the forecast tomorrow.orrow my apologies if it's your 50th birthday if you're gettingu're i married or if you graduatingatig from college or if you just generally don't like on the l weekends because it will be aaul wet one tomorrow with an area of low pressure passing by to our o south and south and east.t. reminiscent of much of may withh daytime highs only in the low 60s. real quick at future i want to show you clouds willll increase late this afternoon but again no rain. don't worry about rain thisain t afternoon.oon. that's tomorrow morning's
7:49 am
at 11 a.m..m good soaking rain across the t potential tomorrow for an inch i plus of rain and then it will wl wind down late tomorrowrow afternoon, tomorrow night. nig just a few showers on sunday.da sunday will not be a rain oute t but it may not be a great be gr looking day. but i'll tell was weather day. >> weather day 83 with sunshine right now. now >> 1:00 p.m. nationals game anda part of your ticket price goes e to great charity.ha >> 1 dollar of every ticket goeg to lls. let me mention very quickly. memorial day weekend looks goodo with temperatures in the >> love it. awesome. awes >> will you be here with me memorial day.memo >> i have no vacation any timent soon. >> does he next >> check in with erin. >> good morning.>>ood morn >> good morning. well this friday at least weea e don't have rain on the roads ian like that. it's going to be sunny for pizza party day.y i'm excited.ited. dupont sir confidential we wante to see you.eeou district commute right nowommutt earlier crash 295 southbound did clear by east capitol. current accident northbound sidn howard street tic
7:50 am
slow-moving traffic across the r wilson bridge on the inner loopl top side of the beltway nottway terrible but you'll hit some s slow zones bout you out new hampshire.hash 50 inbound from earlier crash by 201 still backed up inside the t beltway new york avenue bynu b bladensburg typical slow-movingi traffic there.traffic there. inner loop crash by braddock bra road did clear to the shoulder. but you remain very heavy us aes try to get up towards 66.. 66 inbound yellow, slow moving traffic into west falls church c this morning from fairfax. 50 ebbed as you make your way out in virginia snickersville turnpike and new mountain roadai is closed. detour around that one big crasc seen in al bee today as you makk your way out on metro, hey, hey, tweet us any questions for youru commute at erin fox5 d.c. d. red line issue they off loadedoa near vanness.. next one outbound train had had approach 7:30:20 minutes laterut just residual delays they'rehe playing catch up on the rode thd line.ine orange, blue and silver speeded restrictions at mcpherson
7:51 am
causing delays to new carrollton and -- >> morley safer died yesterday.i he died at his home in manhatt manhattan. he was 84 years old. former war correspondent long lg time 60 minutes correspondent.rp he had just nounsed hisns retirement last week at the aget of 84.of 8 still working.king. had astonishing 61 year careerae at cbs giving him the longestone run ever on prime timeme te television.. the network aired a tribute to t his career just this pastas sunday. >> i just saw it. i >> safer was able to watch thatt from his home and unfortunatelye lost his life just a few days ds but what a career on cbs news and 60 minutes. min >> legendary.>> legendary.gend all right.ig. wow. >> back here in the nation's ie' capital the redskins name debatt back in the spotlight thisotlit morning, but not for the reasona you might expect.xp >> this is a new washington poss poll and it found that nine out of 10 native americans i thought that number was smaller earlierr but nine out of 10 nativeat americans are not offended byd b the team name
7:52 am
wisdom joins us with theit t details. who are these nine out of 10f 10 native americans.rins >> allison you have to listen th these numbers.avthe nu there's fuzzy math going onzy mn here. >> i think we just showed somees fuzzy math. math. >> yeah. all right. listen to this. let me give you the background.r you draw your own poll does raise eyebrows thoughh it questioned 504 people who self identified as native a americans in all 50 states andss d.c. here's where the math gets fun funny. that that's only zero -- .0 1% of the total native americann population in the united states. zero-point 1% is what they ask asked. all right. the poll says that that zero-point -- that .0 1% said% s they would not be offended ifd f someone who was not nativeot n american called them that name.m back in july, federal judgeal j ordered the redskins to cancelon their trademark saying the namen is offensive to nativeativ americans. the team is now appealing.ling team owner dan snyder, well, he celebrated that poll with thatht .0 1% of people that were askedd saying thew
7:53 am
team are fans are community have always believed our name n represents honor, respect and pride.prid today's washington post pollol shows native-americans agree. we are gratified by this overwhelming support from the native american community andmua the team will proudly carry the redskins name. nam the poll also garner a lot of lt reaction from you on facebook oo our facebook page. tracy says being native-america- i'm not offended it's an honor. cj says i fine the logo and namn offensive and i personally justy wish they would change it to something that doesn'tg th doesn stereotype my race like i've'v said before, love the team, juss hate the name and the logo. and forrester says schneider say should keep the name but change the logo to redskinned potatoes. new nickname can be the spuds ss and every monday fox5 d.c.'s.c steve and wisdom can talk abouta how the spuds were smashed these night before. (laughter).. >> people are so creative. >> people are keep the comments coming on ourr fox5 faceboo
7:54 am
to mention this.hi this is also happening.appening a lot of people sounding offndff about the fact that this pollhip was really only 500 people ineo the entire country.ountry. >> who are these people. are >> who are these people.hesepl >> who are these native americans. >> hash tag i am native i was w not asked is trending and youinu have all these comments fromsro people asking basically this iss ridiculous, that you asked .0 1% of the entire native americanme population in the country this i question and then you come out and try to make seem likeke s everybody is okay with it.kawith there's the information rightorr there on social media. draw your own conclusions. >> let me just saying somethingy for the record.e if somebody came up to me andre callcaed me -- what's going onoo black skin i would be offended and -- but that's -- perhaps i'i crazy.azy (laughter). >> i don't know. but, yeah, i'm like totally --oy i'll giving the side eye to thaa poll for sure.. >> the numbers just don't --on it's amazing to me that they'ree giving so much attention to thio poll and say it is so great whee you only asked zero
7:55 am
1%. >> right.>> >> they should do -- my opinionn it would be like taking it out,o you know, to native people andee not attaching to anything justg say is this an offensive termsim because i think when you putut like maybe the washington teamtt or any sort of dan snyder pressure behind it it becomes ac different thing.dieren >> right. >> i will say if you're confusec about it and off problem with mt opinion about it, it is never okay to call someone by the b color of their skin. skin. it's just never okay. >> i would agree. >> what's the problem?hat's the? >> i would tend to but -- >> but they didn't ask me.y did. i am african-american and wasn d not asked. not so there you go. you g >> i'm wisdom martin and innd wasn't asked. so -- >> i just like they paid ty attention to your love of spudsu >> they called you too, steve. >> thanks, wis.has, wis >> check in with tucker get. aka look at the forecast. 7:55. >> i'm glad you guys are talkinl about football again.
7:56 am
>> that's true. tt's >> right? >> a couple more weeks then we got training camp. >> camps. all the drama. >> non-stop. >> the run for the super bowlore will start. >> exactly.. >> d.c. talk will be around aun town. >> let's go to the forecast.o yeah. ye sunny, bright, beautiful friday. 75 for daytime high there's youy current look out your -- well,rw look out your window if you'refr up on our tower.ow 58 in washington.ashi just a few clouds out there to e start your day.t yo it will be a dry friday and ityi should be very pleasant day witw low humidity and a nice air mass in place here we're looking at g quiet conditions we do haveitioo clouds off to our south andou ad west. those will move in later todayay and tonight and thenn unfortunately the rain movese ri right back in tomorrow anothertr soggy saturday with damp d conditions and daytime highs ins the low 60s. 60s little better on sunday.. we may squeak out some afternoon sunday shine sunday back in thei low 70s. notice the 80s around here by h wednesday and thursday.esday anr i think the 80s will be here toe stay as we get into memorial dad weekend. pools open et cetera. great news. all right. that is the weather update.
7:57 am
traffic, erin? >> 7:56 right now, tucker. new crash 95 northbound thisount will affect if you you're you yr leaving the beltway intw i baltimore. out by 212 watch for thator slowing down. down. bw parkway north and southboundn slow-moving traffic by 197 powder mill road it's just as ja sluggish commute north and norta southbound.. more maryland delays for you.oru 95 south even though we don't dt have crashes from the icc to th beltway we are dealing withh slow-moving traffic 270 jams j shady grove to the spur and 50 5 inbound 202 to 201. keep it to fox5. f we'll take look at thoseho virginia slow downs next. z2022z
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.nes right now at 8:00 o'clock, ak, live look outside on this friday morning. morn it's may 20th.itay you're looking at dupont circler area. we'll be out there good dayd d tucker, myself and erin we'rere handing out slice slices of piz' national pizza party day.ay weather and traffic on the 5'sat at 8:00 sorry five.rry good morning friday, i'm allison seymour.seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning oni great friday morning. morng let's get right to thes rit breaking news from overseass frs latest in the search for egyptgt air flight 804 egyptian armed a forces found passengernd paser belongings and parts of that doomed aircraft in thein mediterranean sea about 180 miles off the coast off alexandria egypt. officials still don't know what caused the crash but some saye y terrorism is like
8:01 am
>> the possibility of having a different action or -- having aa terror tack is higher than the possibility of having aing a technical issue.ssue. >> right now investigators arete running background checks onundn passengers to see if any of thet had any terror links. coming up 8:30 fox news chief intelligence correspondentrede catherine herridge will join uss live with more. developing here local al maa is dead following a shooting ata the city side apartments inment this happened earlier thishi morning in the parking lot ofoto the complex that investigationti now a homicide.micide the area of the shooting isin i located near the huntingtonn metro station. staon melanie alnwick is on the scenes she'll bring us update soon. ♪ meantime in court today twoy virginia tech students fromm maryland accused of of murdering 13-year-old nicole lovell backvb in january. 18-year-old david eyes zen hour and 19 year old natalie keeperse are accused of plotting totting
8:02 am
grader after she snuck out ofckt the house to meet up with them.e prosecutors are expected toxpteo present new details about thatsa gruesome plot in just about an hour.hour hard to imagine gettingagint phone call saying your child had been kidnapped even if you hearr a child screaming in thegn th background and crying on that ad phone call.ll >> several local policeal loc pl departments, though, one collegl and d.c. catholic school systems say it's happening and it is a hateful exam.xam. fox5's bob barnard is live now e at george mason university with information that every parent p who has a child at school needse to hear.toear. it's bob g morning. >> reporter: yeah, goodh, morning guys. rn these are just the cases we knok about. it's probably happening moreap r often than we've heard. two of the cases right here at h george mason in fairfax.. one involving a student.tunt another an you mentioned the archdiocese of washington put a notice out to families in their entire diocese, and d.c. and suburban b maryland that it happened to aat family there. basically, people are gettingng phone calls gi
8:03 am
telling them that a loved oneovd has been kidnapped. sometimes they hear screaming ig the background, and basically,l, the phone scammers are demandinn money. mo they call eight virtual vtu kidnapping. they're demanding money.e they don't want the person toert get off the phone.f thphone they want them to wire themwiret money much the call comes fromeo an unknown area code. and basically they're playing on people's fears and to agitateogi them so they don't take the timm to call police, call their chi child's school to find out ifhoi indeed this has happened.appe they try not to get the victim c in the exam off the phone.he pho they try to keep you on the yhe phone and get to you give themet money. we don't know if any of these cases any ransom quote unquote o ransoms were paid. but the authorities want you tot know about this because they know of these few case cases soe the two here at george mason happening earlier this month bub they presume it's happening to a lot of other people and thosendo people aren't yet reporting thet to police. be aware. are. these virtual kidnappings, theye are exams, guys. >> bob, this is happening to
8:04 am
people when their kids are wn th obviously not with them.ousl so that you feel they have haveh been kidnapped.naed. so what's the best advice? tryt to reach out to where your kids should be? you know, why you'rr still on the phone? what's thea best course of jack. j >> reporter: you know, kw, frankly, you get these calls ala the time from all kinds of of people asking you for yourr credit card information, andon,d what have you. i think the best advice is justs hang up and make that call evene if you fear that maybe this is s true, because it usually is not. but the authorities are saying,, yes, call the police. p confirm it with your child's c school even if you have to hang up on these people. >> it's just -- as parent, bob,b i know you can relate to this, i steve, you can to -- >> it is the hateful exam.ul e just appealing to that prime map fear. it's outrageous.utrages >> reporter: i know -- i know -- i know of a case of someone who's grandmother wasndh called and said your grandson at college has gotten drunk and dnk he's hurt and he's in jailn j unneed to send us money to bailb
8:05 am
and she freak out and ended upnu calling another relative and confirmed, no, they had your grandson's name. nam they knew he was upstate newpste york or wherever it was. but he was fine. fine. but they play on your fearon yor because they do get somee information about you which cani easily be found online about abo anybody. >> right. okay. cooler head, hope it prevailsev there. don't give these jokers any money and, you know, call the cl school. thanks, bob.. >> sounds like some of thesome t landscaping equipment out there at george mason.. great day to get outside. outsi you have two options get thens t work done ahead of tomorrow's t rain or go out and enjoy nice en day while we have it.h sounds like we have a great one today, tuck.y, t >> absolutely beautiful.bsolutel i had the opportunity earlier this morning to ride my bike too work. >> so much fun.. >> doo we have any little video you remind me of mary tyler moore in this.moor >> there i i'm old school. soo wasn't used to wearing thetoring helmet but important to wear thr helmet these days and just jt cruised right along.. >> hey, that's only up thenly p street here.stre her >> 5:30 thi
8:06 am
>> what is going on?n? >> what are you talking about. >> cruising along to work. wk >> you're burying the lead here. >> light out at 5:15 in thehe morning.mornin >> do, do, do.>>o, d >> this is the part that remindm me mary tyler moore show for shw some reason.some reason. >> the beginning of laverne and shirley. shirley. >> that's better call.ha >> that should be the intro, she meal, chromous sell hots andl ha beverage incorporated.poted. >> got my badge in the pocket p and i'm cruising into the offi office. office. >> fantastic. did you shower before you cameer up on the set today? >> steve, i'm as fresh as i am ever. ev >> he did that little evil lite >> not me. >> who did that evil >> tucker actually road rightoad into the the s he literally row right in frontt of erin while she was trying ton do the traffic report. report. >> let's go to the map. l i want to show you my long trekk to work. (laughter).te >> tucker, as your friend i'm fi going to ask you to take thatt down.down thank you. y >> you see me out on the townn e later tonight that's probablyroa what i'll look
8:07 am
>> 58 in washington. 59 annapolis.59 annap we'll be beautiful thishi afternoon mid 70s this afternoor with lots of sunshine.unsh you know it was so -- when i sai bob do his live shot, i i forgotten what it's like to seee morning report with sunshine. sh beautiful out there. >> most of today will be great. we'll get clouds this afteraynoo out of the south and west. so clouds later today.od dry later today.oday. dry tonight then rain returnsns tomorrow.torrow. i'll have the weekend forecastfa in just a minute.t a minut >> thanks much it is cool that did you that this morning.s mo >> it's great. i want to encourage everybody to do it. do it. it's nice to get out on the bike on nice day. >> be careful if you're drivingg beware there might be a wholea o bunch of bikes out there thist s morning, erin.morn >> sharing is caring. so make sure you share the lanes with the bikers.. >> good day to get exercise. exs >> sure is.>> se is >> look how beautiful the whitei house looks behind you guys. >> gorgeous. >> it's sunshine, it's excitings it's friday.y. 5:00 o'clock somewhere. if you're just trying to get tot work unfortunate allot ofnfortue crashes you need to be aware of. 236 eastbound little riverittlev turnpike completely shut down sd between braddock road and 395.95 crash investigation use caution.e cauti also keep in mind 395 from t
8:08 am
beltway to the 14th streettr bridge completely jammed up up heaviest delays to king street.. 66 eastbound jams 234 to the4 t beltway. slow-moving traffic in arlingtot on 66 as well and 95 northboundd dale city to 123, huge read zone as you cross the occoquan and in stafford as well. 95 northbound crash heads if you you're heading towards baltimori today. to it's by 212 and from the beltway on through you're seeing hugein slow downs there.ownshere on the northbound side bw parkway north and southbound by 197 and powder mill typical slow commute. maryland commute red across thes board southbound side because o congestion icc to the beltway. 270 south by shady grove andshyv inbound 202 to 201.01 more traffic in a future steveur and allison.and alon >> still to come this mornings i new war of words on the campaiga trail. what hillary clinton now saysryn about donald trump.out donald t >> how clean is your pool? we want to share with you someh yos results of a new study before you dive in. kind of gross. ♪
8:09 am
thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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♪ 8:10 right now. taking a look outside at a very sunny area. ♪ >> we're off to a good dayoo d today. 56 degrees.56 d ♪ tense moments yesterday.yesy tisha lewis tried to talk withaw the grocery d.c. grocery store e charged with assault
8:11 am
attacked our crew. 32-year-old ebony belcher joness forcibly removed from a woman'sn restroom at the h street giant.a jones due back in court in july. >> heads up for metro riders ini two weeks the transit agencygenc will roll out its massive safe f track it will begin on june 4th andnd last for over year.ea this will impact several lineser across the dmv leading to slowew trains and even shut downs to ds fix major safety problems. voters in virginia still sti required to show valid photo idd when they vote at the polls. federal judge upheld a 2013 laww the states democratic party had sued state election officials say the photo id requirement ree prevents voting by african-americans, latinos andnd young people.eoe. ♪ speaking of the race for thf white house hillary clinton anda donald trump accusingry each otr of not being qualified to be president.ident. all this after trump escalatedae his personal attacks on former r president bill clinton during aa interview with fox's sean s hannity. trump is also
8:12 am
for not using the term radicalil islamic terrorism about the egypt airplane crash. >> young baseball fans sharedha special moment with themont w nationals great pitcher max scherzer. >> if you're planning on using a pool this summer to beat thet t heat. you need to t a new study says the water iseri not as clean as you would hope h it is or just assume it is. it we'll explain next. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ ♪ >> everybody looking at dupont l circle right there.. >> um-hmm. um-hmm. >> i can't believe more folks f aren't just sitting out and relaxing 8:14. 8 oh, it's a work day. d >> got to get the work out oforu the way first.the way fir by lunch time, though.ugh i know you guys will be downow there until 11:00.11:00. >> 11:30.>> >> i think.>> i think. >> you might catch the -- 9:3030 to 11:00.1:. >> 9:30 to 11:00. 11: >> during the show. >> good day d.c. we're out bou bound. >> if there people down thereop we'll hang out for while.hang fr >> i'll bet you see a lot of a people come out.le ce out. >> yes,, indeed. >> get to work at 9:00 take 9:0 lunch about 11:00. 11: >> i've got a graphic. graph we'll talk about that coming upu but first should we get cute?e? >> let's do it.'s do it. >> aww. >> you know what, i don't know tuckerwh.. >> beautiful smile. >> i think i'm going throughoinu something every baby has beenas just so precious.ous. >> everyone has got such agosuc beautiful smile.autiful smile >> just so cute. >> i think i was grumpy baby. b i don't remember smiling. >> yeah. no. >> right? >> yes, did you.>> yesdid >> maybe i did. d >> look i would wear that dresse today that jocelyn has on.n
8:16 am
>> it won't be as cute but --ut she's wearing green on friday. i she's so cute. ce tell us more. re >> how about the head te >> i mean perfect. >> all right.ig this is jocelyn.elyn >> yes. >> eight months old and heronth favorite part of the show ishow weather and traffic. >> oh, yeah! you've got a fan.. >> we love you even more.n m >> that's right. >> cute little smile, too. >> aww. aww. >> segment up looks >> beautiful baby. >> we love your picture. to send us your child's pictureu go to our fox5 d.c. facebook page. you would think after saying it every day i would have to down. facebook page, fox5 d.c. >> what a love.t a love. >> send it in jocelyn we love your pictureic thank you for watching weather and traffic.d traffic. >> so cute. so cu all right.ig jocelyn, come down and join us i we're giving away pizza start at we just mentioned at 9:30 down:d at dupont i think we'll be outside one ofe the metros. we've got plenty of pizza to give everybody free slice.ry >> i love that picture.ove >> we'll hang out and, you know, pizza is good. g makes you
8:17 am
>> i like it animated. animate >> look at that. >> notice the pizzas going around and round.ou >> yes. >> we take it to the next levell here at fox5. >> hypnotizing me a little bit. >> 58 in washington.hingn. beautiful day to have lunch lun outdoors.tdoors. daytime highs in the mid 70's.m' plenty of sunshine later todayed cloud cover will increase fromws the south and west and we aree a unfortunately looking at anotheo round of rain late tonighte t probably after midnight throughh the mid afternoon tomorrow. tor so it will be a soggy mess tomorrow.rr preakness tomorrow afternoon. i don't think it will be rainini for the actual race ate a 6:00 o'clock at night, but it ii going to be soggy that -- that - >> muddy track.t. >> muddy track. mud muddy infield.nfld still be a party.ty >> top dj's that will be doinged the you might have a soggy dance floor on the infield.he inf >> i've been to parties beforeef but i've never been to party tor like that party. (laughter).(lau >> i mean -- >> have you ever been in the i mud. >> gets a little more messy.. >> that gets a little crazy dowy 62 t
8:18 am
>> woodstock that one year backc in the '90's. >> whew! >> it was a little messy. let's check in with eris n findf out what's happening in thet' world of traffic this mornins g. >> that's not erin. e that's holly.. erin is over there. i can't keep track of theke tra studios any more, erin. erin >> i'm getting extra cardio cari today which is good i'm about to eat three pieces of pizza forzar breakfast.eakfas come join us at dupont circle we want to see you celebrate pizzaa party today. today. sun is shining it's a nice day d to get stuck in trafficic unfortunately.rt some i 95 northbound a crash near 212 2 as you make your way from calvert ton delay from theay f beltway on past the icc. icc also, in addition to that, the southbound side typical slow-moving traffic the top side outer loop jams 95 over to georgia.or bw parkway stop and go trafficof north and southbound by 197 and7 powder m as you head out in virginia 95 9 northbound woodbridge crash at t prince william parkway becauseac of that you're very slow from fo dale city on past the aqua quono heavy traffic south at that at t point in stafford a slow rollw give yourself extra time to to battle that 95 congestion
8:19 am
little river turnpike closed on the eastbound side between betwe braddock road and 395 with a wit crash investigation.on. and then 66 eastbound we alsond have another crash it's at 50 your scrammed from fairfaxcrd fr county parkway blocking a lane.. use some extra caution throughou that area and it's bike to worko day. make sure you share the roadu sd with those cyclists.thhose back to you guys. new reports this morning ofr a massive frozen food recall rec involving millions of packages a of fruits and vegetables in owln 50 states.tes. >> over 400 products from crf frozen food sol under 400 different trade names impacted e by the officials are concerned that the food has been contaminated with listeria.list so far eight people have beenavn sick and two have died. twoave if you want to go to our website a full list of the lis impacted products. product well we hate to say this ini light of perfect pool weatherea we're finally going to get today if you're headed to the pool tot beat the heat this summer bee prepared for what you're going' to >> new finding by
8:20 am
lurking under that cool pooll p water. holly is here with the detailsls and i bet they're >> yes.>>es. >> hello. >> this falls under the stories we really don't want to knows dn about.ou >> right. >> exactly. >> we want to have fun in theveh pool and think that it's okay. unfortunately, the cdc recentlyl reviewed pool inspection reportp from five states, and what theyy found was down right shocking. nearly 80% of inspections fop at least one violation and one outt of every eight inspectionsctio prompted an immediate closure oo the pool, hot tub or water playground due to serious healts and safety violations.iolation now the most common violationss involved improper water ph which is a measure of the water's's acidity. safety equipment and then disinfectant concentration.ntti the cdc says you can protect prt yourself and your kids by by testing pool water yourself by using pool test strips, and ma making sure drain covers are are secured and lifeguard withuard h safety equipment is on hand.nt i they also say, if you can'tan't clearly
8:21 am
pool, then something is wrong. now, i think if you go to a pool and you can't see the bottom yoy don't really need a testing kitg to know to not get in that wat water. >> choose another pool. >> that's just me. i will say this, becausee i did talk to a friend -- i had a had friend who was in this field yod would be surprised aboutbo swimming pools, and not that you would walk around with your own testing kit but you can actualll go to the pool and ask them hav you tested the water today and a can i see if the water is okay?a >> i have question.ue >> i don't think you'd ever dohi that >> perhaps it's where i go tot' the county pools, but thehe 17-year-old who is behind the bt thing is going to be like, whatw >> no, no, no.o, they have to.o. >> they're supposed to keep k >> they have to keep records by law.coo they all know how to do it. to o >> they do. >> go ask him. him they definitely know how to dok it. >> at the very least they'll dod eye roll and say somebody comeec and get this mom.s >> they should have a clipboarda >> they might do the eye but the county has to follow --- >> if they don't they don't do
8:22 am
will find out. >> they'll talk about you behinh their back. >> that's guarantee call.antecal >> the kids will be safe.s will >> yes, they will.>> >> you will be safe and perhaps not invited bacank to that count pool.pool >> perhaps. >> thanks holdly.>> t >> different lifeguard next ti time. >> up next what national ace max scherzer did make a young fan'sn day in enemy territory. >> kesha billboard music awardss performance is back o there's one condition she wantso the folks to adhere to.ere we'll tell was it is.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ welcome back. what beautiful overnight.utifuln we got back into the low 40s.. frederick this morning 5343 degrees.egre quite cool to start your day.std daytime highs in the mid 70s. m7 going to be an absolutelyut beautiful day.betifu low humidity, look at that live shot there. there as we have got lots of sunshine bathing the area early this t morning. we're expecting sun for much ofn the day. 58 now in washington.ashing winds north and east at three. t we'll get clouds this afternoonr here's live look at your stormrm tracker radar satellite andli a radar.rar you see the clouds off to theofo south and west that's thes the leading edge of our next stormnm system which i'm afraid is goins to bring us another round ofer u rain and rain showers tomorrow. so we'll talk more about the moo weekend forecast coming up butgu let's worry about our friday first, and really couldn't ask c for nicer conditions especiallya after what we've been putting up with for most of the month of th may. 75 today.75 all right. i'll mention t
8:26 am
rain showers could be heavy aty times tomorrow morning. m. by tomorrow afternoon, the rain will taper off. sunday looks a little brighter i with a few showers.we and then we are going to haveoit nice warmup next week.t wee 80s around here by the middle of next week. beautiful today. today plan on rain tomorrow. tom that's soaker maybe an inch of f rain. ra that is the weather update.. back to roads and the latest lat with erin. eri >> thank you tucker. 8:26. if you are heading towardsowar baltimore we have a motorcycle 95 northbound right near 212 in calvert ton causing big delays from the bottom of the beltwayhy on through that point. p top side of the beltway outertwo loop jams from before 95 through about georgia avenue.eonu so watch out for that one. bw parkway north and southboundh sluggish traffic between 197 an7 powder mill. powd so if you're heading tou'reo baltimore i'd give yourselfor extra time heading towards theds district you know it's typical slow roll towards d.c. this morning.morn 95 northbound crash at princeunc william parkway.william park very slow-moving traffic througt dale city as you cross the occoquan and 95 on the5 southbound side we have
8:27 am
at franconia springfield parkwaw slow traffic from the beltwaythw through that point as you try t get down towards the occoquan.. north and southbound 95 inund virginia dealing with problemsil today. 395 northbound delays continue c from just before the beltway ala the past of the 14th street bridge. heavy traffic on the key bridge from rosslyn into georgetown grt little river turnpike shut downt near braddock because of a becau crash. also, a crash on 66 eastbound bb prince william slowing us down.d more traffic in a tra back to you guys. 8:27. coming up much more on today's t breaking news.breaki search teams have found theave d wreckage of egypt air flight 804. >> now the question many people want answered, was it terrorism? that caused that plane to crash. >> fox intelligenceligenc correspondent catherine herridge will join us live neck. it's 8:27 now.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> northwest d.c. right now.we always such a pretty park northwest d.c. you feel like you're out in thestuc country.n. >> beautiful.>> b >> right smack in the middle of the city and on nice sunny day like today, glorious. >> all right. hate to to turn from that picture to grim news years ye egllowing the egypt air crashe and we have the latest for youou now from air flight 804. 8 search teams found passenger psg belongings and parts of thef the aircraft in the mediterraneanitn sea about 180 miles off the off coast of egypt.. now, crews are racing againstg a the clock to recover the plane's black box which could provide pi crucial details about whatha happened yesterday to bring dowd that aircraft. >> let's troy to get answers nos
8:31 am
correspondent catherine herridgi joins us now with the latest.. what do we know so far >> reporter: identification of this debris field is significana because that in itself is a datt point. debris field is small and concentrated that speaks to some kind of catastrophic or me can until cal failure immediate break up of the aircraft, but if it's somewhat spread out or o diffuse, that speaks to sometoom type of event on the aircraft ar that caused it to break up and then spread the debris over several miles. mil so that's an important data dat point and also the debris cans n tell us if there's explosive residue, if in fact there wast e bomb that was placed on boardwa that flight, steve and allison.n >> we've heard lots of speculation just heard some onho the campaign trail now.ilow. but what do we know for sure? do we know or have any real clues at least right now that nw point to terrorism. >> thanks nor question.s nor qu. what we know from our reportingu here at foxr news is that the s intelligence community did anitd review of the satellite data.a
8:32 am
missile launches and it can andn identify anything that's unusuau in the sky when you go back b through time in the images. so a heat flash something thatha would indicate an explosion.xpsi we were toll the preliminarylina review of those images fromes fo wednesday night into thursday ts morning did not show the kind od heat signature that would be consistent with an explosion onn board that air krav. air kra so while everything remains oneo the table, based on thatn tha satellite data, this idea that bomb caused the plane to come c down seems to be receding intoio the background. bacro >> interesting, too, because weo saw that information come outtio yesterday about some of theom sharp turns, some banking, somem strange movements before thatvee plain crashed.plai of course, as non pilots weot w question why would not --- somebody have not yelled may da or hit a button or activatedctat safety we heard from pilots pot saying the pilots primary --riry >> doing their job. job. >> responsibility to fly -- try to avert an emergency and land the plains f those movements can we draw anything from that?
8:33 am
>> well all we can say there s t seemed to be some sort of evente in the cockpit that caused the erratic movement of thatent t aircraft that very sharp sha 90-degree turn then followed byy this what i would describe as ae sort of death spiral into the t mediterranean.medi the question is whether there was some kind of breach of the cockpit or there was some kindok of interference with the pilots which caused that erratictrr turning of the aircraft. acraf and that is the kind of datafat that would be available to investigators from the black boxes. and we have not identified thedt black boxes but given that sight in the mediterranean, and the kind of sort of analytics focused on it the likelihoodiked finding that black box isck i probably pretty high in the nexx few days. >> catherine, what do we do noww the investigators are on thersro scene now. they're finding debris.'re fiin what's next in this?? >> finding the black boxes, box trying to identify going through the -- security camera video ata the paris airport.. whether there was a
8:34 am
unusual in terms of the activitt around that aircraft.t i think we reported on your shoo yesterday that the french prosecutors are very focused on the individuals at the airport a who had access to that aircraftt so catering crews, cleaningang crews, mechanics to see if there was anything unusual.ything unuu i don't want to make too much of a leap. >> right. >> but this is sort of the newhw sort of flavor of terrorism whew it comes to aircraft so-calleded insider threat. teat. we've been so good at insuringtr up security for keepingeepi individuals off the aircraftaft passengers who may have weaponso of some kind or chemicals for an explosive device, that now the easiest path it seems to takeo down an aircraft is this insided i have a phrase i'd like to useu terrorism is like water it taket the path of least resistance.. and thinking enemy so they'vehe seen us sure up our security on one end they've taken it througr the back door if you will. dooiy >> and if it's a huge if that ii the case boy it puts spotlighttl back on paris >> it does.>> it if thea
8:35 am
house intelligence committeecome said to fox yesterday that if in fact some device was placed ond board that aircraft in parisn ps that's really a game changeramen because we've associated thosese sorts of events with airports a that are in countries that justj don't have that kind of westernn style security that we prideri ourselves on so that would be ae game changer, but, again, ain, there's no evidence in fact that that's the i would argue based on the satellite data the idea that ida there was a bomb on board seemse to be receding at this point. >> catherine herridge fox news.r thank you so much. >> you're welcome.ou're lcom >> 8:35 right now.t let's turn to brighter thing ouh there literally and figuratively.figuravely tucker barnes, with look at the >> early morning sunshine.shin. feels great.. waking up for clouds for weeksow and weeks. it will be a gorgeous friday.da >> what need more be said.e s >> so nice we'll give awaye away pizza, right, allison. allison. >> that's right.>> >> coming next hour in dupont dn circle. let's do it. cloud cover off to our south and west in our next storm systemys moving in our direction.irec that will be tomorrow's rain ann that will be good soaking rainor
8:36 am
first and again coolin cl temperatures out there thisurest morning many 40s and we're in 4s the mid 50s here in the city. c expect daytime highs in the mid 70s. 70 cloud cover off to our south ana west will move in this afternoot and the rain will move in after midnight three, 4:00 o'clock in the morning saturday morning start get something rain. 58 at reagat n national. dulles 54. 60 at bwi marshall. msh how is that for friday forecast? >> perfect.>>fe >> i feel like it is too.. 75, sunshine, do look for afternoon clouds we'll remainem dry later today and tonight. tot all right.all ri >> i'll have the weekend'l forecast coming up.l cast cing let's take a friday look at youu traffic with erin. >> beep beep.p beep >> 8:36.>> 8:36. sunshine on the roads and if you're taking metro righe t noww red, yellow and green lines onin time or close to schedule.ul but because of speedfpe restrictions outside mcpherson e square, you may encounter delays to new car toll and largo townn center on the orange, silver anr blue lines f you're curious about the schedule for repairsas check with me
8:37 am
fox5 d.c. d. i have the full grid listed tha for you. motorcycle crash in calvert ton 95 northbound near 212 back up from the beltway past that southbound typical delay fromalo icc on down. dn. and then 270 south heavy by shady grove to the spur and 50p5 inbound remains slow 220-2201. 2 inside the district 295 southbound slow-moving traffic a inbound bridges 14th street, see 11th street slow the freewayhere by the third street tunnel jams. 50 eastbound out in aldi in virginia closed between snicke snickersville turnpike and newti mountain road with crash.rash 66 eastbound in fairfax there'se crash after 50 you're jammedam from the fairfax county parkwayr there. bottom side of the beltway jamsy across the wil json bridge and d northbound slow from a crash c through dale city. a crash at prince williamat prii parkway. back to you, steve and allison.n up next, good news foror singer kesha. kha why she is now allowed to perform at this weekend'seekend billboard music awards. a >> live from new york, it's thet angry birds and kevin mccarthy.h kev joins us from the big apple with this week
8:38 am
♪ z2022z
8:39 am
8:40 am
z2025z ♪ >> i like that old song.that >> yeah. >> yeah. i like this part. ♪ >> you know you're in the >> when you look outside and yot see sunshine for the first timef in a month. in a month >> that's right. you're singing outloud.loud. windows down. >> windows will be down today.t >> a lot of tv's turned up overo the weekend after much to do d kesha will
8:41 am
billboard music awards after a all. it's been on again off again agn kind of of thing. singer promised her label sheerl would not discuss her on-goinggo lawsuit with her producer dr. luke on stage during herdg h performance. now, remember they told cher she couldn't perform any of the songs he was involved with. w i think i missed that news.ha n. >> she said she wanted to do bob dylan it ain't me baby you'reou just taking a shot at yourr former producer.cer but she's going to do that songn any way. she'll be doing the dylan coverr the singer posting a cryptica yp message to instagram followingng the decision saying good work,or looks like our voices can be heard after all.. >> what's to stop her from justt saying what she wants to say ini the moment? i mean it's not aea taped show.ped it's live, right? >> well, there's -- >> the delay. >> if the courts said, there's certain things you can't addre address. >> she's not going to play with oithat. >> you don't want to lose your u whole court case because you y said something. >> right. >> okay. i agree. agr well just when you thoughtog
8:42 am
can't let it go, can you? (laughter).(laughter) >> i know. too soo elsa head to do broadway.road >> the new york post says disnes held top-secret reading ofding frozen last week it included dez knee ceo bob eiger. eer the musical expected to be so big, steve, they're roane knowoe 58ing the saint james theater in new york city to make room foraf all the ice castles. ces a trial run in denver is slateds for next summer with the bigig broadway opening set for springr 218 a guaranteed call.eed >> they did say good news forsaw tucker that, you know, olaf will be an actual person in a olaf costume.costume. not going to try to make it to k weird or anything.nyin >> because that's not weird. wei >> that's not weird enough.ird h >> okay.>> o >> we'll have to wait and see.a it won't be tucker though. tug the star of the new james bondan film turning down money toon to appear again. >> reported daniel craig turned 68 million you're rows to -- i can't even say it to appear aspa james bond in the next two filmf of the continuing franchise.
8:43 am
and six pack in four films but b has been silent in his desireesr to -- hasn't been silent in his desire to step down from theowfm role. he made it pretty clear. car >> do you know how much money that is? >> no. >> $76 million.>> $76illion. >> to play it --o pl-- >> for two movies.ovies >> he's going to go ahead don it. >> if he doesn't want to, io, would take a tenth of that. t >> to be james bond? (laughter). >> that's the best laugh all day. that will be good.thoo i will go see it.will >> see, there you go.ere u go >> coming up there's plenty of'y new movies to keep you occupiedp this weekend. kevin will join us from the bigb apple with what's new.t's new it's not that funny. >> it is tollly possible. psi >> worth it for the laugh. lau >> anything is possible.ossible. >> except that. s fridaydayutside on thi morning. we have great forecast for you. for today it all changes cnges get out and play today.od it is 8:43.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me ♪ >> taking a look from basically friendship heightslo downow through --roug >> yes. >> all the way downtown.ntn >> you just missed an epic spinc in the chair. tucker -- this must be his jam.j >> do it again, tuck. >> is this ckc and the sunshineh band. >> it is.t is >> do it again. >> dr. oz his walk yesterday --- >> that was funny. twas fu >> crushed it.>>rush >> amazing.zi >> he had a spin move.n he had the like, you know --no >> he was doing --dong >> popped the collar. col >> brush the shoulder off
8:47 am
he was mazing. >> he was great. you're great every day. >> i'm not saying g that.ha >> no, no new york city.rk city. >> i'm saying he was such a nicc edition. >> he was great and a good sport.or >> a great sport.>> >> let's do the weather l's d forecast. sunny and bright everybody in good mood it's friday and it's sunny, and it will be in the mii 70s later this afternoonfter sunshine continues.onnu we got going yesterday afternoon another day of it before rainori returns for the day sorry. so 61 now in gaithersburg.sbg nice jump. jp two hours ago gaithersburg was 43 degrees.43 57 in culpeper.. 55 in winchester. fred burg to at 57 degrees. 57 r 70 or better for everybody withw a very quite weather pattern fop the day. high pressure overhead, and that means plenty of morning sunshi sunshine. this afternoon we'll start to sw some clouds move from the southu and west. d our next storm system getting gi organize. you can see the rain showerse tn back into western tennessee andd kentucky and all of that will w tracking into our region reg overnight tonight the rain willw get going after midnight, two,to 3:00 o'clock in the morning. so steve, when
8:48 am
things down later tonight youigy might want to have that umbrelll handy. >> about 6:30, 7:00 p.m..m. >> you won't need it then. i that's right. i forgot you have an early ear bedtime call.dt there you go.ere yo low pressure.ssur that will be tomorrow's forecass with low pressure tracking tog o our south and east.r uth we are in for cloudy, gray conditions with on again off o again rain especially the firstr half of tomorrow. t i'll show that you on future fue cast.cast again, notice we're dry today.od here come the clouds later thist afternoon that's tonight.. just after sunset and thennd there's your rain showers yo activity that's tomorrow morning at 6:00. maybe some steady rain acrossinr the area and in the showers will become scattered by saturdayy sa afternoon and saturday night. ig but can't rule out showers intoi sunday unfortunately.. before nice warmup. warp gorgeous today.gous weekend could be brighter andnd better.better. my apologies to anybody gettinge married or graduating or -- all- that stuff tomorrow.. but brighter and warmer daysay ahead. ah 80s around here by weather day r and right now it looks like 80s into memorial day weekend the
8:49 am
we'll have warm weather. >> perfect timing for that.ct >> um-hmm.>> >> thanks tuck.>> ts tu >> checks with wisdom and wm a maureen find out what's coming c outpatient and good day.d ay >> good morning. lot to bring up straight up at a 9:00.. breaking news overseas withith wreckage of egypt air jetliner found. are we closer to knowing what wt brought that plane down. dow >> dead and bizarre start to the morning in parts of alexandria i man shot in a parking lot. lot evidence stretching to severaltl locations and hundreds una toili get to their cars.heir cs. we're on top of this one, too.ot >> are you ready to get your re friday off with a bank? becausc you don't want to miss what weha have at the top of the the 9:00 o'clock hour. hour. it's definitely going to get you going. >> up and coming local artistis now in the national spotlight sg with new hit single.with we're talking about shadeha jennifer d.c. native making itgi building.ding. >> he'll be here to perform.for. >> tucker, erin and allison aree giving away pizza and we don't d get any we'll have a little l preakness party right here on pr good day.
8:50 am
stay with us much it's all aheaa on good day d.c. >> we'll try to bring you back some pizza. pizza >> um-hmm.>> >> all right. all right. >> they'll be back at 2:00 p.m.0 stickie run. run. (laughter). >> 11 year old mets fan got thet experience of a lifetime thanksa to nationals pitcher maxer max scherzer.he check this out. playing a little catch in the ie that's joe la rocco and his sons joe seive diehard mets fans buts one of the games this week wk joseph the younger one was watching max, great game as a aa mets fan.. scherzer's response, not hey, mets fan, why don't you root fof the mets he was like, no, thanka you and then he played catch. went back and forth for a feworw minutes.. after the while the boy said i'i not giving this ball back.l bac i'll keep this one as souvenir.i graticulation move by maxn mo by scherzer and the nationals righg there. very nice. speaking of new york city it'sfe not just the nationals who areat in new york this week.ew our kevin mccarthy made a trip t to the big apple as well.ell. kev, i have question for you. y. >> what's up, steve chenevey.hee >> how you doing buddy..
8:51 am
because i know we're doing movii reviews and everything else.eves we're talking about the an growg birds movie.rds mo >> um-hmm.>> >> i know you said your favorite character angry birds movie isoe johnny depp, right? >> sean penn. >> i'm sorry, sean penn he plays the big wed bird. kind of reminds you of the big apple, doesn't it? >> that is true, steve, and, y yes, sean penn does grunt the t entire movie. it is probably the best job anyone could have ever asked for and he got probably paid so much money to grunt as this charactet terrence much it's hilarious.. >> how is the movie? that's th' big question i guess. >> by the way, i'm here in newee york you mentioned the big applg by the way i'm here in new yorky city and last night -- i'm here interview bunch of big stars. sr the rock, kevin hart, ameliamea clark from game of thrones, i'mi very excited about that, as well as mark rough low, woody harrele ton.
8:52 am
screening of the ninja turtlesja i'm interviewing the cast todayg and out of the corner of my eyee i see corey hawkins who you knoo from -- he made dr. dre 58 out8 of com ton one of my favorite ft movies of last year. ost y now people who don't know he'se' from washington, d.c. and mom is a local police officer ir the area and she's an amazingg she does a lot of great workreaw witness community, and when i aw interviewed him for com ton shes recorded a video for me i me brought the video to him as a quote unquote fan question, and he almost started crying heed cn remembered the entire thing.ireg we talk last night for about foa five minutes on the o he was a super nice guy.u he's in town promoting his new 24 series which is going to bent on fox coming up soon. s i cannot wait to see the trailea looks amazing. amazing. shout out to corey hawk kin with the duke ellington iningt washington, he's an incredible incrediblenci actor also a walking dead. d very very cool. shout out to his mom who an amazing officer in then washington, d.c. area as >> he'll be in the new fox showw 24. 24 >> yeah. >> it will be awesome.will
8:53 am
it will be i was m this week thw lost great movies opening upning nice guys, green birds,, neighbors two.ors two. let's start with nice guyss russell crow as well as ryans gosling the story line here ryaa gosling play as privateva detective who teams up with a wa hired enforcer russell crow' cro character to try and find a fd missing woman, and the film is an action comedy so it's obviously a lot of great actiona involved very much like a lethal weapons style type of movie. shane black directed the movie v who also wrote lethal weapons so it has that style to it. t i he also directed films like kise kiss bank bank and iron man irom three. very very familiar with thatha comedy action balance. balan gosling is amazing my favoriteot movie gas link ever today wasodw drive and the place i don't know the pines very dramatic but this role really bring outri the comedy in ryan gosling muchc he's fantastic in the filmthe balances action and comedy verye well as i mentioned. as i menti i gave 84 out of five. five. highly recommend that.nd next up is the angry birds mov movie. this movie about five years toot late in my opinion. i think they missed the boatey ornithes, but i will
8:54 am
delivers what the game givesamev you.yo so for example the third act ofa the movie it basically the gamem you're watc watching birds launu into destruction it's very funui to watch.atch. jason is he day kiss is great it the movie josh gad also play asa character you know him as olafs from frozen.ron the film really -- the story t s doesn't really do much for meore whatsoever at all i think t overall if you're a fan of the game, maybe see it as a mat tint knee i'll not wasteful ticket tc price. it's gorgeously animated but not a great film much it's justust passible.passible. finally the movie neighborsh two, i loved the first neighbors.hb i think this film doesn't have the same special element thelemt first one had. i think there was some greatnest in that first this movie tries to redo that again the idea though that ih love about this film is messagea of equality.quit in the movie states this in thet united states, sororities can'tn throw parties in their own theio houses but fraternities can.s c. the movie deals with the threeee characters three women whohree w
8:55 am
against that rule and be able te throw parties in their own homeh their sorority homes it's liketk this idea of dee equality andal sexism as well the movie has aie very important message lyingyi with this r rated raunchy com ry deem that was very smart fromwa the director.the directo it's not as good as the firsts r one but it has a great message i gave 83 out of five as well.el so great choices this weekend. e i rem the jungle book.k. captain america civil war, those are probably the two best moviee and zootopia great films outat o there right now.there righ >> i will finally go see captaia america civil war on thishi weekend.ek i cannot wait.t. >> yes.>> yes. allison i'm wearing my captain a america socks today.cks i mean come on. you have to go this come on. come on.come >> i'll be there. i'm going to do>> it. remember --reme >> tendon me a text afterwards.w >> i will do that.ill dot >> it will rain all day all saturday. good movie day. d. >> yes, it is.>> >> speaking of that rain outt rt there, tuck joining us with a look what we can let's enjoy today, first, tuck.t >> steve, absolutely right.ig today will be beautiful startint off beautiful.ful 62 degrees just got update witht temp
8:56 am
national winds out of the northeast wat five that's a lil shot behind you.dou showing you how nice conditionsn are so again lots and lots ofoto sunshine here to start your star friday. going to be beautiful day, 75ay for daytime high low humidity. t just a few clouds out there to t the south. weren't evident.weren't i will be serving pizza. coming up. and there's your seven dayseven forecast. 75 today. rain gets in here after midnighm tonight.. wet one tomorrow maybe an inchai of rain for parts of the area. by sunday it will just be scattered rain showers and thend a nice warm up wednesday,edsd thursday next week back in thett 80s for weather day.s for he all i've got the apron because we're going to give away pizza.iz >> we're heading down to dupontn circle to celebrate pizza party day. da come stop by and say high we'll' be down there 9:30 to 11. unfortunate al whole lot ofe all heavy traffic. crash on the freeway westboundeb at the third street tunnel.eetl. give yourself extra time to geto through that area. aa we also have another crash 395 northbound arlington the rightgr lane is blocked at washington wg boulevard.ev that is causing heavy delaysavyy there. give yourself extra time
8:57 am
heavy traffic on the outer loopo by new hampshire that's yourhat' last look at traffic.stook at t any questions at erin fox5 d.c.d we'll head out to dupont circle. >> erin, it sounds good. you better get a move on. >> read this while they're out e giving pizza away we'll have ne twist on maryland cocktail forki the preakness parties thisess weekend.weekend >> nobody told me that.obody ldt >> you have to make a choice. cocktails or pizza. p >> i'll still go.>> il st plus a special battle of thehe bands you're not going to wantog to miss. good day d.c. is up next.
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♪ straight ahead an act of terror, brand new developments in the search for a missinga mig egypt air flight thattt disappeared with more than 60n people on board. this morning authorities sayri they have found debris in thehe mediterranean but what brought it down is still a major myste mystery. myst kidnapping caught.> police out with new warning forr parents. a phone exam or caller tries tos convince you during your child i has been be a ducked and the a c only way to return them safelyaf with a big ransom.anso how to make sure you don't falll victim.. not hillary clinton taking a stand against donald why she says he's not fit for ff the white house.. >> bond, james bond.d >> and later, the $100 millionmi question. who will be the next james bondn new reports say daniel craig is done playing the british super spy, so who will take his place as 007? good day at 9:00 startr ♪


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