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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  May 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> ahead this morning it is aors rainy day in store for us. f how long will the wet stuff stu stick around? caitlin isaiin i going to be here to break it bak down for us. metro cracking down.cracng w the general manager fired more m than to dozen managers.n manage. more could be ahead.ead. welcome to fox5 news morning neo on this saturday.onhis i'm annie yu. yu. >> and i'm kaitlyn ross. r good morning.ning. yesterday was beautiful. beautif >> it was gorgeous.>> iwas gorg. >> so nice. if only it could last. a totally different view aseren you take a live look outside osi your view this morning andng ours. here is northwest d.c. on another rainy gloomy saturdayy s morning.morn today is saturday, may 21st. 2 thank you for joining annienn and you're not going to want to leave your co
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for quite some time.r a heavy rain moving into the mon d.c. area right now let's get n straight to radar.straight we'll show you this soggyog saturday forecast.orast. starting off with this shieldshd of rain that's pushing from fro southwest to northeast acrosscr all of the dmv, northern virginia into northernoorthern sections of maryland including u baltimore where it's going toe be quite the washout for the preakness this afternoon.ftnoon. lon nestly by the time we getme to the race it will be okay but muddy fields.udield yellow and orange shows thews steadiest of the rain justes r getting inside the beltway andty about to push into theush into t district so if you're down inowi northern virginia places likelae stafford county spotsylvania c countouy you've already seen thn had of rain for quite some rn time. that's moving into fairfax county, loudoun county as wee speak.ea you can see it kind of edging into ari you guys are starting to seeg ts steadier rain. rn. heavy from manassas towardss t mount vernon so along that 66 corridor into d.c. and then the along 95 down towards dale d city you're seeing theou're ng t heaviest of the rain.heie heavy rain this morning will mnw taper off to just some showersho this afternoon but it willfterno s
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our temperatures right now pretty much where they'rety going the stay in the mid to m t upper 50's. 50's. 58 in washington.ashingto here's the setup for today.oday coastal low pressure system moving in now bringing us heavy rai in.heavyai that will taper off to justo jus showers this afternoon andis a even those showers not goingrs to make it a nice day.. and i expect a lot ofi ex cancellations of any sports s games today, any outdoornyut activities we know there aree ke graduation ceremonies probablyen a wedding or two so good luckooc to everyone battling theseinghe showers. like i said the heaviest is insn the morning. it will be fairly light and some of us will get a break this afternoon. temperatures steady in theus 50's with those clouds. luckily we have some improvement starting tomorrow and the rest of the week finally starting to see that warmup as we head words memorial day. all that ahead in your seven-day forecast. annie he. >> well, we begin this morning with our top local story. major shakeup at metro. gm paul wiedefeld fired 20uritst managers and m aadeve t gshood oneld his promise to bring change to the
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transit system. alexandria, when i saw this, wh yesterday i thought wow that'so' quite a statement that he's making there. tre. >> reporter: yeah, definitely, some et cetera, somt treeer announced 20 managers ars out and we know many of thosef t are top senior managers.aner the agency also says moree firings could come. c now, all of this come after a ar series of concerning incidents including arcing insulators,nsut smoke and fire in tunnels. tunns of course that deadly incidenten last year.ea it also comes after the fta threatened to completely shut dowthe rail system because r of all theseai safety issues. now, 20 managers may not be a huge number especially for an agency this size, but it could potentially send a big messageea about the safety culture to metro employees and customers. >> i believe it's a problem of
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indifference and mediocrityy that's crept into the crept i organization over time and we have to turn thaton around so today was an important day in terms of sending a message i i hope to the whole organizationao and i hope those who as i said i are not prepared to meet those standards of safetyy reliability and customer first they ought to t >> reporter: did the cuts go far enough?noh? >> i hope frankly that mr. wiedefeld will be ablee over time to be able to move anybody in the organizationio that doesn't respect a cultureul of safety and that does notdoes treat the public with respectest and dignity. dignity >> reporter: now, this, t announcement came just a camjust couple of days after metro announced safe track, their plan for maintenance work. basically they wander to cramdea three years' worth of wth maintenance work into one yeare and it will have bigwo impactmpc for customers in
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continuous single tracking for weeks at a time. a also entire sections of theons e rail line will also be shut s down for weeks at a time. metro service will end at midnight every single day ofingl the week including weekendsng we and all of this starts in early june.rly june. reporting live in downtown,ven o alexandria limon, fox5 local news. >> tense moments outside the mts white house yesterday.e housst secret service says one of its uniformed officers shot a manfia with a gun who approached aro checkpoint outside the whitede w house and refused to drop hisp h weapon. the white house was brieflyrief placed on a security alert. ale president barack obama was notba there.ra he was playing golf. officials say the armed manan approached the checkpoint on en street and the officericer repeatedly ordered the man to mt drop his gun but the man ignored those commands. t c officials sayhe officercer fired one shot at the man who mw was then taken to a hospitalospi for treatment and the gun wasas recovered at the scene. scene and d.c. police areic searching for the men whoe men w kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman walking down th
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drove up to her on wednesday wey morning in the 4500 block of benning road southeast.outh she says she forced her into a van drove her to the 1100 the 10 block of 46th place and assaulted her.. investigators only have ae a vague description of the menio they were beln ieved to be driving an older model whitean d minivan. and staying in thean district, d.c. police alsoice al want you to take a good look l at this sketch to helpoel identify a suspect wanted inantn connection with a sexuala xual assault. the incident took place insideae a home on engle side terrace t in northwest the victim says the manan sexually assaulted her. h he's described as a hispanic hpi male way stocky build lastay sya seen wearing a jacket over at oe red sweatshirt.weshirt. if you have any information,orma police want to hear from you.r m and a fairfax county woman m is warning other parents afteras she got a startling phoneho call. the man on the line claimed he had abducted her daughter andand demanded a ransom but it wasas all a scam.. police say the same scam hase sh happened at least four timesours in fairfax county since last las movement the west springf
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mother told us she heard a hrd girl crying in the background that sounded like her her daughter. >> yeah, it almost makes me cry right now. just absolute shear panic ande i fear for my daughter's lifer's and all i wanted to do was to get my daughter back.k. >> susan emptied her bank her account and was still on the phone with the scammer when police arrived. investigators told her they h te checked with her daughter's dau school and confirmed that sheeda was fine. fin the mom reached out to us to make sure no other parentther falls victim to this scam.his new information thisne herning in the search for twow missing fairfax county teens.. the fbi is now helping withngit this investigation.tigation police believe 13-year-old facet lima and 14-year-old rudy torzano may have changede their appearance. police do not believe there's te any foul play involved. involve. if you have seen the teens t you're urged to call police.rget fox5 has learned the t identity of the fairfax county s
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in alexandria. terese sansom was found in a park pentagon he was a classroom assistant ass who ran a side business as a graphic designer. investigators hope cluesorpe c including a black safe left atet the scene will help them findin his >> they may appear to be either evidence or it could becd that there are other vehicles vc involved. so, at this point trying toryg just say that it is just one jtn particular vehicle, it could ico be other cars here that aree parked as well that also couldau be part of the crime >> it's not clear at this at point if the victim lived in lii the apartment complex or wasomew just visiting. visit well, still ahead on fox5 of news at 7:00 we'll have thellav very latest on the egyptairptair deadly plane p. the latest on the search andrcha rescue. we'll have all that and muchnd m more coming com u stay with wit fox5 news at temperature::will be right back and caitlin willal have another look at your look u saturday forecast.ay >> ♪
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>> welcome back. time now 7:11. yesterday search crews in the mediterranean sea discovered debris and humane remains from the doomed plane but there's still no sign ofl of the jet's black box. investigators still don't knowoo what brought the jetlinerline down.down fox's katie logan has more on mr the investigation. >> reporter: a grim a gri discovery in the search for egyptair 8 search crews have recovered rec human remains luggage and and seats in the mediterranean seea sea. [speaking foreign language]reig >> the interpreter: south and east of whernte the plane p was lost and further north oforh yesterday's sightings.s >> reporter: it remains unclear exactly why the paris p to cairo flight crashed with f 66 people on blioard on thursday.. radar showed the airbus 8320irb3 suddenly turning left, then right falling
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38,000 feet. egyptian officials say terrorism is a likely cause but no militant group has gup h claimed responsibility.nsility. >> for us it's too early to definitively say what may have caused this. we continue to pursue allursu potential factors that have contributed.te >> reporter: americancan aircraft are taken part in thein search efforts and a frenchre ship equipped with sonar thatpet can help find the black boxesckx is on its way to the crashthe c the water is eight to 10,000 feet deep where thehe plane went down. >> obviously the egyptian authorities are in the lead here but we stand ready tieoo assist. assi >> reporter: italy cypressaly cs and greece are among the countries helping search forelpa the wreckage.cke. but so far the main body of the plane and crucially theci black boxes have not beenot b found. in london, kitty logan, fox news. >> we got one good day this week.ek >> we d we're grateful for fantastic beautiful weather onbe a friday.auay. hard to imagine h
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changes but it does and its a has. has. >> like you mentioned in yourntr other report it's going toport o cancel a lot of games i'm sure's today. >> yeah, i would suspectea because we're just seeingh, thee heavy rain start to get nearet r the beltway and we're kind ofay' in an all-day rain event. unfortunately, it's not justs no the falling rain it's the soggy fields and i know soel many schools and so many so m sports programs have beens struggling with gettingng wgett practices in, getting thesetinge games in. >> eva has had a lot of canceled soccer practices. >> i bet. b they were luckily practicingct on a turf field in georgetowneog but turf fields are hard to har come by in d.c. so those cancellations will continuewillu today. da a zogby saturday with theth heavy rain occurring right now and that will taper off toill t just showers later thisrs l afternoon but even with those showers, kind of going to beindt just a chilly raw day with the e rain and the temperatures notrat budging out of the 50's. 50' satellite and radar here'sar hes what's moving through rightthh t now. area of low pressure of approaching the here's the rain out ahead of
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it. steadiest of the rain approaching the district as we speak but northern virginia, vii southern maryland has been mara seeing some of these steadier showers already where you seee e the yellows along 95 and even5 e some pockets of heavier rainai within it's just rain, no'st ra thunderstorms today but its todt will slow you down on the roads. ad here's the southern edge ofedge beltway so alexandria startingrn to see some of that heavy rainai stretching over along 66 along gainsville manassas and thenhen warrington as you get a little t bit further west you guys are only seeing light rain. want to know what you're y seeing outside your window andoo how heavy the rain is in your neighborhood.neho tweet me at caitlin roth fox5. . now we have fallen to 57 with57h that approaching rain and thend thing is even as this heavyhiea rain moves out this afternoon ta probably not going to seeot to those temperatures rise tooperao much. mid to upper 50's elsewhere. ehe fox futurecast will put inl put motion for you.motion for those heading up toadg up baltimore for the preakness, oh, gosh, terrible weather toth be outside.beutsi just a steady chilly rainy r through the morning hours. h
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rain is gone but leftover lto showers will continue and inue i think they'll be pretty persistent mean even though it's not heavy it's raining or it's drizzling and it's justt'us dreary out there. showers will filter in through the north.the h. there's early tomorrow morning, light rain and even l though we look to see someigo more breaks, this is sundayy afternoon, by sunday evening, ei sunday is still pretty cloudy,lo kind of showery, not thatt little bit improved from todayda but we'll have to wait untilo wu monday probably to see some som decent sunshine and even and e monday brings a chance of some o showers. so, how much rain are we talking? not that we needweee any. may has been a maddening monthnn full of the wet weather but we are looking at a widespread wida one to 2 inches through this thi weekend combined with heavycombw rain this morning with thes mort showers this afternoon and an additional showers on sunday. accuweather forecastor 58 degrees northwest windin keeping us cool with steadytey morning rain giving way tog way afternoon showers. here's your seven-dayreou forecast. at least it looks better andbetr the most promising seven-day sed
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weekend since, i don't know, i o mid to late april probably.bay. 65 degrees clouds and showers,u we're still battling ontlin more sunshine and warmer on monday, 71 degrees with an an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. finally getting some dryg sory weather tuesday and wednesday.ed and with that dry weather lookeo at this warmup, the 80s are back. ba we're going from completely below normal through the monthl of may to finallyth above normaa with our high temperatures, 83t, wednesday looks beautiful.auul 86 on thursday.thuy. 87 on friday with even some pop-up thunderstorms available.ailae. hey, with that warm weather on wednesday, join our fox5oin ou f weather team for weather dayth at nats the 1 o'clock game against the mets and every dollar of eachfac ticket goes to the leukemia leui and lymphoma society.lyhoma we'll all be out there.l all be. this is an annual event foreven the fox5 weather t kids from all over the d.c. thed area coming through, they canthc learn about weather and youernd can, too. come out for a great cause. cse join us. u it will be beautiful weather. wh annie, thank god. g >> i know.i know. because it always rains onlwayrn weather day. >> always. and we are actually finally --a- you would think it wou
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looking at some nice dry weather.wehe >> we're breaking tradition.ratn thank you >> sure. >> the national rifle r association endorsing one of the candidates at their convention. we'll have those details ahead. time now 7:17. ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. a big endorsement fort for presumptive gop nominee donalde trump. the national rifle associagotion endorsed trump for presidentor p at their annual convention.nt trump told his supportersers
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avoided if more people were armed.. trump has also spoken outken about his support for the second amendment and is a guns n owner himself.self. meanwhile president obama has signed a bill into law law that will once again allow the t ashes of female world war ii pilots to be placed attso be p arlington national cemeteryonalt with military honors. hon last year then secretary ofta o the army john mchugh revokeded that eligibility. more than a thousand womenan served in a unit called womenlew air force service pilots. they flew noncombat missions m to free up male pilots from 1942 to 1944. 194 hundreds of people> ndreds o gathered for the montgomery county police department'sol autism night out.autism it was designe nd to build b bridges between the police andt people with autism. a the event allows a series off incidents nationwide whereid whe police shot people with autism. a local teenager wrote ate a letter to montgomery county cout police to explain in to themo what it's like texo have
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>> for that to come out of myf m son who up until that timehat we've never really, you know,ou seen the inside of his mindin and his explanations were just -- there was humor, youoryo know, i think clearly but iut have a 6-foot toddler body. bod. >> his letter has gone viralonel all over the world.over t wor his parents say people as far fr away as australia are talkingki about it.t. and the redskins honored emergency medical servicece workers yesterday at fed ex field. (applause).laus >> the team hosted one of thee final rest stops for ridersor rs taking part in this year'st in national ems memorial bikememori ride. it's just one of the eventsone e taking place during national ems week which pays tribute toto those who have died in thein t line of duty. d >> we would be in a lot ofa t trouble without firstst responders.responders. those folks are those who arere giving aid, providing
7:22 am
crisis when most don't know how to respond so our police, se our fire and of course our o emergency medical services areme there when people need themd t most.. >> riders began their longergan journey he from boston to arlington on may 14th.4t national ems week will wrap uplu today with a memorial service.le all right. if you're planning to hit the te road for memorial day weekendemr we hope you don't mind someom company. holiday travel numbers are tl ahead and it may make you want n to stay home folks.ol plus, caitlin is back with t another look at today'sod weather.we stay with us. fox5 news morning on this saturday will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now is 7:25. you're taking a live lookti outside and it is mostly cloudtu covered out there.covered it is a mild start and caitlinal will be here with your full ful forecast and whether or not whe today is a complete washout or not. not. at this time next weekhi you'll probably be kicking offff a long memorial day weekendeeke and a lot of you will be w hitting the road for the bigig holiday.holi aaa estimates more thane 38 million americans willon acas travel this memorial day d weekend. that's 700,000 more than last,00 year and the most since 2005. aaa attributes the uptick tok to lower prices. aaa ranks d.c. number eight ofgf the list of top 10 memorial 10 i day destination. oh, boy. i'll be working.wor all is well. >> usually you think about a beach towns, but d.c., yout d. ow
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may which is typically really rl warm.rm >> it brings up a good point.p p i was just down there not tooot long ago and there were a ton te of people on a rainy day.ainy d >> yeah. you know, i mean, this time of o year -- actually all year all round you're right, annie, ihtan know there's always a lot to see, always a lot availableab and we welcome everyone to eveoe come into our town. we're so sort weather has beeneh lousy.lo >> i know.>> >> my gosh, for anyonesh, visiting over the past threeaste weeks i know it's been aow is be struggle to see some niceome nic weather out there and today tay continues that tradition inditin this month of may that has tt ha been incredibly wet andet featured well below normal norma temperatures. speaking of wet we've got an goa area of some steady raintead r moving into the d.c. area intth. right now. outside your deck or outsideut your window i should say, out on your deck you're probablyro seeing wet weather, too.oo. caitlin fox5 tweet me. twe let me know how heavy the rainan is in your neighborhood. the heaviest of the rain has ofs moved inside the beltwaytw through the district downtown through northern virginia and southern maryland.hern maryl in fact, we see these orange sections northwest d.c. backac out west d.c
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parts of virginia that's wherehh the heaviest of the rain israin but that's moving northward uprd towards bethesda and then eventually into montgomeryo mo county over towards howardards county eventually and upventllyd through baltimore andd unfortunately with thewi preakness today going to bee such a washout.ut temperatures right now withes rt that rain very cool, in the in t mid to upper 50's, 57 ins,7 washington and we're not goingoi to rise too much from where we e are right now. it's a chilly rain today. here's why. low pressure system gearing up s to move into our area. we're seeing all the rain out rn ahead of it right now this will transfer its energyne to a more coastal low pressurere system. sit and spin over us or overersr the northeast i should sayrthet through the next couple ofple o days. now, we're significant there heaviest of the rain rightf th that will taper off to just j showers this afternoon,ftno showers on sunday.uny. by monday night we'll finally see this thing exit.g in the meantime just going togoo be really soggy.eally . if you are heading up to baltimore for the preakness pre stakes, that's today.od gates are opening within thehe half hour. hou rain heavy at times, 53 degrees. that is going to be tough for all that mud. that mu
7:28 am
at 130 that's wet. for the actual preakness pak stakes at 6:45.stak at some showers.some showers. i don't think we see the heaviest rain then.iest i think it's all over the realhe heavy stuff but, you know,no just still with the drizzlehezz and showers not nice and it isdi chilly with temperatures therer only in the 50's.only let's take a look at thatat t seven-day forecast for if you. o you. clouds and showers tomorrow.omw. a little bit better but ietter t wouldn't call it drive. cl it d. we have enough waves ofe engh w showers coming through withhrou that upper level low pressure system that you'll just needt the umbrella by your hand alld l day. maybe not as manyy cancellations as today but bt still. monday we get even moren m sunshine, a little bit warmer, w 71 with a thunderstormerorm possible and then we really ry start to turn the page. finally feeling more like lateea may. and then even warmer than tha that. 79 on tuesday with somee sunshine.nshi 83, a beautiful warm wednesday y and then even turning a bit b humid with a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm bothhund thursday and friday as andrida temperatures rise above normalve into the mid to upper 80's so the
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weekend looking much more like a memorial day around heregs arr very, very warm so hopefully hof we'll be talking about much m better weather as we head intoen the holiday weekend.. annie. >> thanks caitlin.hank our top local story a major shakeup at gm paul wiedefeld fired 20edefee managers and made good on his promise to bring change to theng troubled transit system.nsit sm. fox5's alexandria limon hasim h more now on the impact of the t good morning, alex. ale >> reporter: good morning,oo that's right, metro announced ac 20 managers are out and we a w know many of them are top senior managers and there t could be more firings to come. . now, all of this comes afteromet months and months of very concerning incidents, oneentson after another, arcing insulators, fires and smoke inmi tunnels and of course there was that deadly incident last year.. it also comes after the fta f threatened to completely shut down the metro system becausem a of all these safety concerns. now, 20 managers, tha
7:30 am
be a huge number for an agency a this size, but it could send aea big message to both employeesh e and customers about the safety s culture within the troubled system. >> i believe it's a problem of indifference and mediocrity that's crept into the int organization over time and we a have to turn that around.un so, today was an important daynd in terms of sending a message ma i hope to the whole whole organization and i hope thoseopt who as i said are not prepared e to meet those standards of safety re reliability and customer first ought to leave. >> reporter: did the cuts gor: far >> i hope that mr. wiedefeldr. w will be able to over time ber te able to move anybody in the in t organization that does not n respect a culture of safetyf sat and that does not treat thereate public with respect and dignity. >> reporter: now, this
7:31 am
after metro announced safeaf track. that is their new maintenance me plan to essentially cram three years' worth of maintenancef in work into one year and it will have big impacts for customers including sections of the rail r lines being shut down for weeks at a time. also continuous single tracking, us for weeks at a time and the fact that thethat t metro will shut down atn midnight every single day of the week including weekends wkes and all of this starts at theara beginning of june. reporting live at metro headquarters, alexandriaqual limon, fox5 local news. n >> all right, well, are youl, a watching fox5 news at 7:00. 7:0 coming up a workout that will t get you ready for the summer. we'll have those details ahead. stay with us. ? a
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>> ♪ >> all right. summer is just around the s rner and we have got a really neat workout for you. >> we do. and tammy if you can run theif prompter, please, we'll beplee,w able to introduce everyone.ry jena m mcgill. welcome. welcome. >> thanks for having us.nk >> caitlin you have triedai this. >> i have.d i did one class. css i thought it was incrediblyit wi hard and i was so sore theo next day, a good sore. gd >> but it's a good thing. >> it's a deceivingly reallylyea good workout.good workout tell me the
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pure barr. pu >> all of our movements are small you'll get a high intensity workout but low impact. iac all the movements super small super isomet risk you work every muscle group to themu pointsc of fatigue until your y muscles visibly shake andha that's when you know you'reyo reaching success. >> when it's good.oo >> no, no pain no gain. n gai >> exactly.>> exa >> so, yes and then after then t every working section of class c we make sure to stretch to relengthen out those muscleshoss and improve flexibility isxibils that that range of motion.ha >> kerry is here standing byt rb to show us some moves so thatsoa viewers at home can can get an a idea of what this is allis all about.abou >> we'll start with thell s wite thighs. she's going to come down to her knees so a kneeling position she'll take that ball'l in front of her chest elbowslbow wide squeeze her feet a few inches off her heels. tap her heels lift up, little ul tap, little lift. this is an isometric hold withth the tops of
7:36 am
next one she'll held her feethee lifted one squeeze of theeezef h ball, one tuck of the hips. hip the squeeze is activating thee upper body, the abs, obliquesbls put it together, squeeze tuck,u, squeeze tuck.ue we hold this position for much longer.lo seven, eight, nine and 10. so, we keep them longer butonr that's kind of the concept. ccet all the moves super small andmaa they will start shaking and skig feeling that burning sensation a right weigh. right wei >> this is working sameghs is ws muscles that aam crunch -- a pull-up, a sit-up -- i work i w out, right, a sit-up would do wd right but you're doing in it an really fun way. >> yeah. this is definitely targetingy te the thighs but the engagementngn with the ball is going to to activate the obliques, yours, y abs, so your abs are engagedng the entire hour. hour. it's a great core workout.orkout >> and it's based upon the principle of dancing ballet oral loosely. >> loosely. i think that's a bigk that's big misconception.ptio people think they need to be adenase dancer. >> and they don't. a >> i never danced in my entirede
7:37 am
>> okay. >> we always tell people if you can hold t onto a barr you can do pure barr. it's not rocket >> let's move on to the other move >> we also like to work ourk our seat so we can consider our seat that kind of butt glute area. she'll come into this positionin bring her back legal to her feet point her toe take thatnt ball between h the chest elbowst wide and she's going to liftot that right foot to hover andto v squeeze on the ball so she'llohl squeeze and squeeze. this is an isometric hold through her obliques throughuehr her seat outside of the hips.ip. she'll hold her seat squeeze and squeeze. add a lift of the leg, one lift. it's lying like a string str pulling her knee up to the ceiling. ceiling. >> association throughout the class how long is a class.onngs >> 55 minutes.5 minu. >> 55 minutes.inut you're constantly leading themle along the way, there's musicre you make it real fun. >> yes.
7:38 am
fun workout.orut first class almost your most overwhelming.whelng. it's very fast paved but we but modify for everybody. everybo we have people coming from training for marathons or raises but we also have peopleeo coming from -- who have had like hip surgeries. surgeries. we can cater to everybody iner t the same c. >> i'm motivate.'m >> i know.>> i >> many more moves than that mo jena. thank you so much for givingvg us a sample.ampl >> jena this is pure barre in >> yes. >> web site our viewers can go toou to check us out. o >> look us up on facebook. feb pure barre. bar we have a promo code fox5. ce you get a free class soss definitely hit us up and take advantage. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you jena. thaou jen fox5 is a promo. thanks so much. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. time now 7:41.ow 71. a newlywed blogger is defending her vow to stay hottoy for her husband. hba amanda lauren says the vow isow the secret to a successfull marriage.marrge. she says the vow is the secrete to a successful marriage. marri ye says all you have to do isll look good and wait on yourait oy husband's every need.d's ery she says in return for lookingoo good for her husband he isnd very attentive and buys her bs e nice things.ngs. as for comments she's received about being anti feminist shemis says being a feminist is aboutbo your encloses and saying thisse is how i'm going to lives myivm life and i'm not going to let anyone dictate it for me.e >> all righty.
7:42 am
recipe for success i believe. be >> to each his own. >> exactly. >> i say look good foray lk goor yourself and the rest will the fall into place.ll io pla >> and they will think you y look good, too.ood, t >> now for this weather it is wa not looking so good.okg so >> not at all annie. annie we have such a soggy saturday sy forecast unfortunately yet again. yesterday was just too n we have to ruin it with awith total washout today.utoday live look outside, there's thes white house in the low hanging clouds probably encompassingncpg all neighborhoods as that heavy rain moves thru let's get straight to yourstrai forecast. soggy saturday is what we'rerdre dealing with outside rightutsidg now. no i'll show you the radar andadara we've got the heaviest of the showers moving through at thisgt moment. you see,mo though, that clearinn line already back towards charlottesville so the so steadiest of the vein occurring now. probably by the noon hour we'll taper oy ff to just sometm showers and drizzle.owers and de that being said it's not goingso to be a nice day but the steadiest of the rain right now you can see it moving all through our aren a up 95 headed towards baltimore andbae an eventually philadelphia.
7:43 am
un nice day for the preakness pakne zooming out our view a little at bit this is part of a low a pressure system that will gain some more energy as it movesergm off the coast and sit and spin s around our area for the next couple of days. this is probably the heaviest of the rain that we'll see butut we'll see pretty occasional showers through the afternoonno and into tomorrow as wie hadie well so back into the wetto t wt pattern for sure.n for s in the cool pattern, too,, temperatures have beenmpatures steadily below normal allow na month thanks to all this wetall weather and today we'llll probably struggle to get outet of the 50.0. 58 baltimore, 55 in manassas mas not moving mulch from there. fox futurecast shows thecast shs heaviest of the rain is out byy noon but those showers arehors e very persistent so expect at least light rain clouds drizzle and chilly weather alldh day long. by this time tomorrow morning, m still some leftover waves of showers expectedrs through the day on sunday. sun so even though we'll probablyro get some more breaks maybe even see a peek or two oftwo o sunshine those showers will be in the forecast all day long. l more sunshine, less showers by b monday. showing that we do at least
7:44 am
improve day by day and you'll y really see that in thehat t seven-day forecast coming up. u how much rain? not that wet w really need n we have made up for our aprilpr deficit and then some this month, but an additional one and half to possibly one to 2 inches of vain possible through the so your forecast for today, 58 degrees on that chilly northeast wind. steady rain this morning giving way to just some showers this afternoon. just cannot call this day nice n in any respect. respect 65 on sunday. on sunda 71 and getting a little bit l warmer on monday improvement ire into the middle of the workhe week and in fact improving so so much it looks gorgeous, 79 sun s and clouds tuesday.sday 83 sunny and warm on wednesday.we really sunny and nice enoughh to call some thunderstormsnderss possible. that means it's warm and kind i of humid thursday and friday.ani certainly feeling like summerg as we head into the holiday holy weekend. that would be memorial day weekend so i'll give youso i another look at that seven-day a forecast as i walk over to thero couch now. but really we will be turningur a page and i think this verys cool weather by midwe
7:45 am
then we could be right into that summer pattern as we heade into the unofficial beginning of the summer season, memorialnr day weekend. weeke >> i cannot wait.not wa all right. what do you get when you combine glamour and camping? cpi >> i love this idea. glamping and as fox's taylor tay ship bishop shows us it's a way to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. >> when you're sitting at sittit 9,000 feet a mid may snow isw no surprise. spr >> this gives that you kind ofve camping feeling 'cause you'res e still in the setting andet and surrounded by forest most of the cabins have this great view of the peak and stuff. stu >> reporter: when the weather looks like this you'ves got more than a tent between t you and the elehaments. eleme >> when you walk in thelk i t entryway it's a small living lin area with leather couches and cs such. such. >> reporter: sleeping>> anywhere from 48 people, these cozy cabins are equipped with almost everything you might need. need. >> all you have to bring is your personal toiletries andou your food. everything else isna provided. i pots, pans, linens, l everything. >> reporter: after restingte up in a comfy bed you'll be you
7:46 am
ready to hit the 40 plus milesle of trails throughout the parkugk and you're likely to spot some furry and feathered friends. >> we have elk and black bear br and mountain lions and deerns ad and turkey and a lot of them t have been pretty visible thislet time of year. >> reporter: if you're looking for something a lilthing more unique without having toqu sleep on the ground, staying sta in a yert might be the glamping experience you'reng e looking for. they're made out of latticeat wood which keeps the structurere strong. this one yogi bear's yellly y stone park sleeps six has has electricity an skylight. skylig. >> with the skylight on top,the it's really fun to just go toto bed after a busy fun day anday d be able to look up at the the stars and they just provide a unique experience you won'tiencn get in a cabin or in a tender. n >> reporter: but ifeporte but adventure is your middle nameidn you can get real rustic andru ad stay in a teepee.a tee >> we range from everythingvethn from a bear spot on the ground to pitch your tent al all the wy up to hotel suites.el sui >> reporter: there's reporr: ths 100 acres and about a thoun
7:47 am
things to do at jelly stone jels every day especially for thespe kiddos. >> well, obviously the first thing anybody talks about is yogi bear because yogi anduse yd boo-boo are here and they runhea around causing trouble on aub daily basis. we do hayrides classes,s c swimming pool, a jumping pool jo which is amazing. >> reporter: last year the t travel channel named jelly j stone one of the top 10 family f campgrounds in the u.s.ounds >> our goal is for the kids at the end of the day to be dirt dirty, tired and happy.ed and h. >> camping has come a long way. >> it really has but i think i t that was -- was - >> they have this thing, theyhih have this tent now that you can get on amazon, i say the iay it's a glass enclosed tendersete and it has like a bed, a legit l queen sized bed in insides of it. >> that's the type of glamping p we were talking >> just stay at a hotel.ay at ot >> you get the great outdoors without the ick factor. fac a lot
7:48 am
hesitant to be that close to nature. nature this is so cool. uber's first self driving car. c my gosh it's going throughh it test runs on the streets of puts burg. the hyde hybrid ford fusion isus equipped with radar laser scanners. during the test drivers are ines the car monitoring uber says it's still in the stie early days of testing so don't d expect a driverless carrless pulling up to your house foror another few years.w years i know that this is the wave thw of the future with selfh driving cars but i would notou t wander to be the first one toir test drive that. >> they're going to have tore g test drive that one a lot.oia l. >> so, true.>> s >> all right, well, moving on mn from that when it can comes to s shedding those extra poundsra after pregnancy getting yourng y kids involved may havenvolved y benefits for both you and both n them. >> fox's manny alvarez slows slo us how.ow >> reporter: new moms whoep want to get back into shapento a may think it's an impossible task. >> you spend nap timend nime cleaning, doing the dishes,s, preparing the home. h >> reporter: andrea is a pilates instructor at vetaatet fitness i
7:49 am
and mom of three-year-oldr-old kaya. she says exercising with your yu child and even incorporatingd en them into your fitness routineou is a great way to keep in keep shape and send a healthyalt message to your can y >> if we incorporate ourrate our children into our fitness routine, we're killing twoillint birds with one stone.h ons we're playing with our kids, oud we're engaging them in a i physical way while alsole als exercising. >> reporter: to keep inepte shape and have fun with the wit kids andrea says to try these t three easy exercises. first, is a traditional plank. k on your hands and knees tuckes c your toes under then lift yourself into a full plank soul that are shoulders are over ove your wrists.our your child can imitator hop onhn youimitatorhospital on your bac. then pitch your body forward fwa and sit back towards a couchds c or chair, keeping your knees directly over your an
7:50 am
push through your heels to strengthen the posteriorosri chain. if you have a toddler have himdd or her piggyback to real r tighten that core. last, scissors. while lying on your back, curl r up to the tips of your shoulder blades, send your y feet to the ceiling and keep k your tailbone lower your right legon to a 45-degree angle and slowly scissor back and forth for 10 repetitions.tion if your child tackles youkles y during your reps, give him orr her a ride by raising your leg slowly to the ceiling whilehi keeping your core engaged.g yoon before making any lifestyle changes especially aftergely having a baby, consult your doctor. i'm dr. manny, fox news. n >> that's a really good toddler.r. >> it is. i >> mine wouldn't do any ofuldn that. forget it. i >> need help with your nd housework? take a look.ork?taka this wombat is ready to pitch in. sleepy burrows wildlifee
7:51 am
this video to facebook. fac that's the wombat helping h around the house doingoing laundry, just some everydaye evy things that wombats do, that at quality control.alcont the sanctuary rescued tonkaon after he was orphaned. oha he's earning his his k he's really cute. >> putting it in the washer w somehow. >> i'm a big fan. you know i also want>> to meet t sloth one day.ay >> really?>> r >> yes. they're so cute. sloths and koalas. koala tonka so you're adorable.dora you're watching fox5 news at 7:00. we will be back with moreack wir coming up.ming up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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7:53 am
7:54 am
>> welcome back. time now is 7:54. and we are taking a livtie looke if you are just getting up andp you looked outside your windowro this is pretty much what it'sha' looking like.ike. caitlin is joining us to let us know if it's a totalotal washout today. today please say no but i have ae feeling it's yes. y >> lovely view, right, annie? nn one we've become accustomed tomt i know. the heaviest of the rainhe moving through now, will not last all dayav but pretty gloom through all of our saturdayof o and expect lots ofsf cancellations i think with the t kids' soccer games other sporting events outdoors yet again. i know we have been battlingtlin with this for weeks nowow because the fields will be b soggy.
7:55 am
heaviest of rain movingf ra through the district right now. now. let's zoom it out.le you can see the whole scope ofwf this storm there's the heaviest of rain really straight through d.c.trt down 95 at this point lifting to north and eastward and it's actually moving pretty quickly q this batch of had of rain butofu back behind it we've got some s more showers and actually asuala this moves off the coast it will develop into a coastaloast storm system and that willil keep showers into the forecastt through this afternoon andiserno through tomorrow, too. it's a chilly rain. temperatures are in the 50's. ae 56 in washington.asng 55 dulles, 55 stevensville, 54 in winchester.cheste temperatures have only fallenonl over the past couple hours asplr that rain has moved through.hrou maybe going up a degree or two o later this afternoon once thehe rain sees a little bit.a litt b but not going to be a nicegog to warm day, that's for sure.ur fox futurecast heaviest of the rain is over by new. 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. we still ws have showers around and that'sn' just about all day so waterlogged through thisou evening and if it's not n raining you'll probably haveba the drizzle and the clouds cloud that we've also become so
7:56 am
accustomed to. i know everyone is dying for more weather like yesterday.e y. we're going have to wait ao wt a little bit for that. tha even on the day through sundayy there's still a good chance of showers through much of the by monday we start teo see somem drier air work its way in anday at least see some sunshine. ssh how much rain are we talkingng about? about one to 2-incho 2 center city likely througone toe towards our south that's wheretr the heaviest of rain is movingov through right now. n later today 58 degrees, a cool o northeast wind, steady morningar rain giving way to afternoon showers. seven-day forecast, 58 with that chilly rain today. tod just not feeling like the le second half of may but it willuw because look at these brighter b days ahead. clouds and showers 65 sunday. 65 we start to warm things up on getting a couple of really of re beautiful dry days tuesday and wednesday.dn and then look at this. thi 80's i mean, who -- normally nol we have a lot of days in thea ly 80's in may we have not hade n any yet so by wednesday the the 25th, as we head towardsow memorial day weekend, which w gi
7:57 am
feeling like summer, 86 there thursday, 87 on friday. friy. >> wow. >> also want to let you knowyo k annie weather day at nats parkar this wednesday.nesday >> yay!>> >> come join us. a a definitely each ticket goes to leukemia and lymphoma ah society for a great wonderful game against theinst mets and a beautiful day foror haven't been able to say thataya too much lately.too much lately. >> are you going to be there. >> i will be there.oi i. the whole fox5 weather teamtherm will be there. be the. >> excellent.el >> yes. >> always a great event. ay >> it is. >> and a fun one.s a a o and it's going to be nice. n >> it will be nice thankhank goodness. >> we'll be right back with much more ahead at 8 o'clock. stick with us. what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology
7:58 am
west mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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>> welcome back to fox5.ox mostly cloudy covered on this may 21 it's.t's. sorry folks. >> can can't fell our live c camera and you can barely tellar from when you look outside. oute heavy rain moving through right now.ght >> such a big difference fromero what we had yesterday.teay >> yesterday afternoon --fterno- >> it was perfectly yesterday.y. >> how can can it possibly beblb such a bad weather dayeray tomorrow. >> i was nursing a sick childk but i could hear the gigglesig and screams of children outside playing and ridingan rid their bikes and scooters.oter >> adults, too, probably.roba >> yeah, >> i know, it is so
8:01 am
believe how quickly thingshi will change but unfortunatelynfr what you see is what you getou g for this saturday.this sat kind of a washout.hout accuweather forecast let'secle start it off with some radar. r this is what's been moving bn through over the past couplehete hours. the good news is it's movings mv pretty quickly this heavy rainvr and the back edge should be be clearing d.c. within the nextint hour or so.hour oso. however, we will probably havebe showers most of the day butthe this is the heavy steady rainadr and as we zoom in a little bit closer right through d.c..c. moving into prince george's county back through southern sor maryland and northern virginiaa down 95, you guys all seeingllee the heaviest of the rain and smack in the middle of thein district right now, that's towha what's bringing us those lowhosw clouds, too.oo you can't see much with the low and visibility and thed vi heavy rain falling. falling. it is a chilly wet weatherer day. da temperatures right now only inet the mid-50's. mid0' 56 in washington.ashito 54 in frederick and 52 in winchester.winche don't expect thosedo temperatures to rise too muchsec as we're socked in through thekr rest of the afternoon.fterno your saturday setup low sup l pressure moving out of the smoky mountains is going too form into a coast
8:02 am
pressure system as it moves sm s off the shore line latere l today.da so, heavy rain right nowig now becoming just showers, butwers, with that becoming a coastaloa low it's going to kind of stick around for a littleor a le longer and bring persistentsi showers probably through the thh whole weekend unfortunately.ekun here's your planning forecastfoa for today. probably a lot of outdoor cancellations i would suspect.we especially on those wet soccer c fields yet again.elds 60 degrees, steady rainy r through noon tapering off toff just showers, temperature inte the 50's through the rest ofhe s the day. much better weather ahead finally in that seven-dayay forecast. i'll have that coming up in a c bit. annie. >> all right. well, developing overnight,, right now prince george'sncge county police are policare investigating a homicide in district heights.district heigh police say they found a manay t suffering from a gunshot wound w in the 1900 block of rochelle re avenue. our fox5's alexandria limonaim is on her way to the scene now e and we will have the veryhe v latest as soon as she getss g there. meantime a major shakeupor e at metro. gm paul wiede
8:03 am
manage germs. the firings coming after a aft string of train and trackndra disasters and the federal transit administrationinistrat threatening to shut down metro m on the heels of a major year y long maintenance plan and justen lastan week gm paul wiedefeld we held an unprecedented meeting mi with all of its managers tos outline his plan to improve safety. and tense moments outside the white house yesterday afternoon.nsit secret service says one of itsf uniformed officers shot a mand with a gun who approached aached check point outside the whitesiw house and refused to drop hisp h weapon. the white house was briefly b placed on a security alert. ale president barack obama was notar there. he was playing golf. plang g officials say the armed manrmedm approached the checkpoint on eio street and the officeric repeatedly ordered the man to m drop his gun but the man ignored those commands and tho officials say the officers sa fired one shot at the man who m was then taken to the hospital s for treatment and the gun wasas recovered at the scene. >> ♪ new this morning fairfaxis county public school officialsls say a high school teacher
8:04 am
during a open flame chemistrymi lab demonstration that injuredtr the teacher and five students last year.atan school officials say the experiment done at wootson high school was done without a ventilation hood. now safety is -- also safety guidelines and guidelines fromlm the school system on how to sys conduct it.conduct two students were seriouslyerus injured after a fire -- afterer fire new up from a table as a ts the teacher was demonstratingon different colored flames. the teacheenr remains on administrative leaf. d.c. police searching for the men who kidnapped andic sexuwhallyo assaulted a woman n walking down the street.g wn the the victim told police the menet drove up to her on wednesday wed morning in the 4500 block ofloco benning road southeast. sthea they said they forced her intoet a van and then drove her to the 1100 block of 46th place6thp and assaulted her. her staying in the district disc d.c. police also wander you to u take a good look at this 67 toh7 help identify a suspect wanted d in connection with a sexual the incident took place insidese a home on ingel side terraceerra in northwest.thst the victim says the man t m sexually assaulted her a
8:05 am
then took off.en he's described as a hispanic male with a stocky build.uild more on that homicide investigation in district height. more on the latest on thatig nth alexandria yesterday yesterd involving a fairfax countyounty school employee. we'll be right back.
8:06 am
8:07 am
8:08 am
>> welcome back. 8:07. taking a live look outside.e oko it's a mild start to the day t butter it is raining and looknd it's starting to come down noww it looks like. like. the. the suspect in the murder of 13-year-old nicole lavellelle appeared in court today.oday prosecutors in the case against david eisenhauer andr ad natalie keepers presented new details about the gruesomerues plot.plot prosecutors used text messageseg taken from eisenhower hare'swere home and one message said if the body is found for a weekfouw it will never be traced.e tce police say eisenhauer and keepers worked together towoed t plan the kidnapping and killing of lavelle. lavle meanwhile fox5 has learned the identity of the fairfax county school employee foundpl murdered in alexandria yesterday.erda terry som ton was found in a parking lot beside the city thet side apartments. he was a classroom assistant asa who ran a side business as a graphic designer. investigators hope cluesat including a black safe left atf the scene will help identifydeif his killer. hi >> they may appear to be either evidence or could be
8:09 am
that the other vehicles veh involved so at this pointt trying to just say that it is just one particular vehicle,eh it could be other cars that car are parked as well that alsoal could be part of the crimeri scene. >> it's not clear at thisnot cli point if the victim lived ined the apartment complex or wasompr just visiting. visitin hundreds of people gathered for the montgomery county police department'sol autism night it was designed to buildui bridges between the police andoe people with autism. the event follows a series of incidents nationwide wheree w police shot people withh autism. a local teenager wrote a a letter to montgomery countyry cy police to explain to them what t it's like to have autism. >> for that to come out of myy son who up until that time, t we've never really, you know, seen the inside of his mindin and his explanations were just -- there was humor, youum, know, i think clearly but i have a 6-foot, you know, toddler body. b >> his later letter has gone hag viral all ove
8:10 am
his parents say people as fars away as australia are talkingal about it. >> ♪ we can see in one of ourf internal live shots overlooking the white house it's really coming down right noy w. >> oh, yeah, the heaviest of he the rain moving through d.c.g td right now. if that's where you live, l that's what you're seeing.u' sen most of the area has alreadyhasy seen some rain this morning.raim unfortunately not off to the best start. kind of a soggy day. we'll give you that whole t whoe forecast in a second. first let's liven things up as s little bit. let's look at something much better. >> my ifness. >> this is our fox5 first five zoey she's a week old. >> she's smiling. >> i know. she looks very advanced for ace week old. week >> she's like milk drunk rightui now. you know they get that wayheget after they have nice milk,ilk, nice warm milk, they start to st smile. >> yeah. >> and we call it milk drunk. >> milk drunk.>>il she looks so adorable andrable a she's already starting her daygh watching fox5 with her mom and dad as they told
8:11 am
>> what a great way to starto s tur life don't you think.'t youk >> so adorable. >> if you want your child to be our next fox5 first fiveir f just post are child's picture p right underneath zoey's on our facebook page, our fox5 d.c. facebook page.ce so cute. stay warm and snug geld inside s zoey were and for the rest oft f you i would advise to stayy inside. it is just pouring down at thent national mall and all acrossoss d.c.d.c. here's why.'shy storm tracker radar showinghong very heavy rain moving min through. ee has been over the past couple of hours.le of hou you can see the back edge ofe of this already moving through thru our western suburbs in virginia and once we getnce through the next hour with this heavy rain, i think the steadiest is over, it willt w still not be a nice day. day. we'll still have plenty ofnt of showers but this is for sure isr the heavier stuff.ier s. inside the beltway and downndow through southern maryland youso guys are all seeing that had he have rain down 95 east ofn s it in northern virginia alsoa a seeing the heaviest of theeavi rain. up through baltimore, what ant a unfortunate weather day for the preakness,e the preaknessss stakes later at 6:45 thiser a45t evening. it won't be as wet a
8:12 am
right now but just soakedt ske muddy fields and just chilly and wet. all of d.c. where you see thatyt orange that's that steadier sted rain moving into prince george's county outside the beltway, too. c places like bowie and eventually annapolis going tooig see some of the heavier rain as this is all lifting fromiftim southwest to northeast.orthea just a very, very wet saturdayy not the best day unfortunately.un hard to believe becauseveecause yesterday was just soo fantastic. we'll get that weather back eventually it's going to takeoak some time. only in the mid-50's right now0g so a chilly rain at that. t 56 baltimore, 56 washingtonng and 55 in culpeper.ulper. don't think those temperatures m are going to move too much through the morning and afternoon.afte fox futurecast shows here's 10:00 a.m..m heavy of the rain south andsouta east of d.c. and by midafternoon we're just we' jus showery. the showers will be pretty be py persistent so expect rain i expr would say all day.woulsay al just maybe not as heavy as it ha is right now. now into this evening saturdayvening night as you head out this ohis evening still raining anding a overnight we'll see some dry sdr air try to work its way in but b by this time tomorrow morning,rr showers are
8:13 am
this is a low pressure system that's going to transfer itsfer energy to the coast and sitit and spin over us for the next tx 24 to 48 hours.ours so that's why we're keepingre ke showers in the forecast all thet day sunday. sunda more breaks are possible posbl monday, even seeing someg s sunshine but showers still in si the forecast monday afternoon.fn ly how much rain through the tht weekend? one to two, to two plus, that's possibles p especially south and easter of us, southern maryland charles county, saint mary's county.nt over 2-inches in some some spot. the seven-day forecast muchecas brighter in the days ahead.e dad 65, still struggling tomorrow. r 71 with just a shower in the the forecast on monday and thenndndt finally nice dry weather into wi the 70's and then into the 80's, 83 on wednesday.neay that even looks warm and humidnh as we led into the holidayol weekend. weekend. chance of a thunderstorm thursday and friday.ur that's a look at your seven-day forecast. >> all right, well, oklahoma governor mary fallon vetoed ann
8:14 am
that it was vague and would not stand against as challengen fallon is considered the mostcoe pro life governor in m thenor it country and has a long historyhi of signing pro life and pro a family legislation. on thursday oklahoma's statea'ss senate passed a bill thatilth would make it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortionbo and also threatens suchns s doctors with loss of license. ln bill cosby's wife was backas in the hot seat earlier thislier week in boston.ek i she refused to answer dozens don of questions during a combative deposition in a defamation lawsuit filed byti seven women who say herwho say r husband branded them as liars a after they accused lymphcced l sexually assaulting them. t camille cosby did answerid ans questions in a deposition lastil month and back in february. febr and apple's ceo tim cook tmk helping to launch the company's new office inice i southern india.hern apple says the new locationn will develop the mass featureast for apple products in the region. the new offices will createat about 4,000 jobs.t 4,00 the company announced plans to s set up an app designed andnd development center in the city
8:15 am
the tech giant is tryingtecg to get indian government approval to celery furbished iphones.nes. coming up democratic democrc presidential candidate bernie sanders not giving up ass hillary clinton narrows thero t gap when it comes to winning wig delegates.gas. more from the campaign trailig coming up next.
8:16 am
8:17 am
>> ♪ >> now to the race to the white house. hillary clinton says she is going to be the democratic nominee but bernieo in
8:18 am
says not so fast threatening s to take theo fight all the wayw to july's convention.onveio as donald trump with thehe nomination in his grasp worksra to bring the republican party p together.togeth fox news correspondent joel j waldman has more.ldma >> reporter: donald trump in louisville kentucky todaytucky talking about an issueabout is critical to winningng conservative votes the secondhec amendment taking up the nra's endorsement trump reassuredeass right wing members of the gopmbr party that he has their backth when it can comes to gun rights. >> they keep clipping away. they talk about the magazineske, they talk about the bullets. >> reporter: donald trumprt and hillary clinton appear virtually tied in a hypothetical head to headd ea matchup with several pollsal p this week showing a single a ine digit lead for each of the potential candidates.dites. new fox news latino poll p revealing more than 10ha hispanics view clintonli unfavorably that number evenbl higher for ty rump. >> we have to look at theo lookh swing states.g sta for example in the case ofam florida, it's going to bepl incredibly critical that donald trump performs well with hispanics. >> reporter: before clinton turns her
8:19 am
trump she needs to get past get bernie sanders.ande the former secretary of statef s declaring it's already done. bill clinton discussed as a possible economic czar in hisarh wife's administration makingistm the case for why hillary clinton should be our next president. >> she's got the best ideas to include everybody and inclusive economic growth econor where row wie raise incomes, ins increase mobility, decrease inequality and make special investments in areas that have been left out and left >> reporter: while hillaryorter: clinton needs less than 100n 10 delegates to win, bernieie sanders needs 850 or just or j about every remaining delegateae a tall order.a in washington, joel waldman, fox news. n >> this morning vice president joe biden will deliver the commencement speech at thece graduation ceremony for the u.s. militaryme c academy. acamy the ceremony starts at 10:00 a.m. a.m. more than 950 cadets willl receive their degrees
8:20 am
commissions as second sec lieutenantlieutenants in the u.a new clues about whatne happened on egyptairw flight fi 804 before it still no answers on what caused it to go down but we'll b have the very latest on they la investigation coming up.ation mg plus caitlin will be backine with another look at today'st t weather and that all important work week preview. pre stay with us. we'll be right back. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
8:21 am
mmmm, yoplait.
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> welcome back. it is 8:22. a live look outside and it is mostly cloud covered.over not a decent day for outdoororut activity i'm sorry to say folks. also some semi bad news.ew tonight several streets will s be closed to prepare for theor d.c. bike ride tomorrow. torrow. that's cyclists will be cruising theg city streets for the 17-mile ride. . the ride starts in front oftainf the capitol reflecting pool and all across the national nata mall starting at 11 o'clock pennsylvania avenue northwestni be atween third and seventh streets and constitution avenue will be closed until midnight tilomorrow. tomorrow. several other streets in thetr t area will be closed as well well tomorrow.. so, be sure to keep that in thai mind if you are headed out.ut and aaa says 34 millions 34m americans will jump in theirs wi own cars to get out of town t for memorial day weekend wee that's coming c that's the most since before bor the gas prices are low again thisgat year and if you're flying,ly airfare is 26 percent cheaperene than last year
8:24 am
round trip for the top domestic flights. if you are taking a planeinp for the memorial day weekendorie you'll have to pack your pk yo patience. travelers have beenelers have be complaining about those long wait times in security lines l and t.s.a. officials oic addressing airline passengers ps anger this week.ange the firestormr comes as focusoc on security is higher thanr tha ever in the wake of recentfec terror attacks. fox news correspondent matt m fin tells us what the agencywh e plans to do to make travelers' journeys smoother. smo >> reporter: during peakter: due travel times passengers atngers some u.s. airports are waiting nearly two hours in security >> just a big inconvenienceg in for a lot of travelers nowvelers that the holidays are coming, summer, kids are out, people peo are going to travel.going to tra >> reporter: appearing atte chicago's busy o'hare airport friday, t.s.a. administratordmit peter neffinger says hiss agency is listening. lisning. >> we're doing everything weoi can to mitigate that at theat at largest airports. apo i think you'll still seetill crowds in airports but my goalty is to keep you
8:25 am
>> reporter: in recent yearst ya the t.s.a. has made budgeta. cuts bringing staff levels to lt a five year low.ow he says he plans to improvemp the situation at the nation's busiest airports by bringing brn in more employees and k-9 k teams approving thousands ofinga overtime hours and convertingong some part lifetime employees e to full-time.. senator dick durbin saysr congress needs to take an active role in this plan. p >> some of the things that we have done in congress to capessc the number of screeners toeene t limit the resources available a to this agency he are unfair. uf >> reporter: while ther: while e t.s.a. is working on a o solution, travel experts saytsay passengers should focus on the things they can control andontrl pack a little bit of patience. e >> get to the airport three hours early. that is the recommended time now for domestic flights.ts. taking a carry on bag, if youagf can. if you don't have to get ine toi the line to check a bag, that's going to save you time. t >> reporter: the t.s.a. isorr: s urging passengers to apply forpp the t.s.a. precheck whichk which moves you through security secuy much faster t it's an $85 fee'se for five years but the agencync
8:26 am
that cost.ost. at chicago's o'hare airport,rt, matt finn, fox news.ox n >> take a look at this. a this is uber's first selfrst sel driving car.driv it is going through test runst n right now on the streets of pittsburgh.ttsburgh the hybrid ford fusion is forfui equipped with radar laseras scanners and even cameras. cam during the test drivers are in a the car monitoring operationspei and uber says it's still inll the early days of testing so teg don't expect a driverless cares pulling up to your house for for another few and i am okay with that.hat. >> yeah, kind of makes youak think like when do they knowhey it's going to be fine on itse ts own and then you let it outt onto the streets. str >> i don't know how i feelon'tw about those self driving cars. c i know it is the wave of thet future.isture >> sure.ure. >> but for however long, we've e had -- we've been in controlon of the vehicle, you know. k >> i wonder how they'll dealth with the d.c. traffic theseffict self driving cars. car >> that's true. >> probably have more patiencey than i do. >> i don't know how good i would be atha monitoring the operations
8:27 am
>> any driving you do this dth morning make sure you go slow. s it is just pomp out po annie we had such greatre weather yesterday andaynd unfortunately we got about thewe complete opposite thismp morning.le if you're just joining us, you y heard the rain on your roof or r you talk a walk outside, heavy rain, gray skies. s this is a quick moving batchovic of rain but pretty steady ass it moves through our virginia vi suburbs, northern virginiatherna into southern maryland right now and headed up 95 towardsow baltimore into sections of so, very soggy start to our saturday. it's not going to stay as gng t consistently rainy but i don'tny think we see any sunshine andshe we'll have plenty of showersf through the afternoon. afterno most of the heavy rain is nowav outside the beltway, moveday, through the district withinthe i the last hour and you can seean we're back to the yellow and a green shading, the heavy orange off towards east princein georges county into an arrundel county, y g
8:28 am
annapolis seeing the reallyea heavy rain right now. you'll be in that for the nextrx hour or two.ho or temperatures to go along withest this rain very, very chilly. 55 in washington, 54 gaithersburg, 56 baltimore, 55 we've had many days like this, this month. month it's just raining but it's it' also really chilly, cloudy, clo can cool through the rest ofheef the day and temperatures well below. no i don't think we go d much higher than where we'rere e at right now. here's low pressure system moving up the appalachians towards us. td. as it moves east off the shorehe it will transfer its energy e into a coastal low pressureow p system. rain that's steady right now will give way to showers thistot afternoon but then followingbut that showers will be pretty persistent due to that coastaloa low pressure system.low weekend forecast, today washout this morning, showersd e this afternoon, 58 little better sunday but sunshine is hard to come by,y, 65 degrees with scattered showers. we'll have your seven-day forecast still ahead but firstvf let's get back to our topirck tt stories with annie.nn >> ♪ >> all right, well right nowwelt we want to get back to thato t developing story w
8:29 am
about earlier.. right now prince george's n county police are on the scene of a homicidowe in district disr heights and our fox5's alexandria limon is justs getting to the scene now.hene n alex, i know it happened justus hours ago but what do you know u so far? f >> reporter: well, right now r you can see investigators arersa still out here in fact, aboutt,t half a dozen police cars and investigator vehicles arele still here at the walkser millks apartments in district heightst and what we know so far iskn that around 4:30 in the morning, the prince george'se ge county police department received a call for a shooting t and when officers arrived, 33 ad found a male victim who was then -- they found a male me victim who was transported to t the hospital where he was w pronounced dead. there is all the information thi we have and it sounds likesik that may be all theat be all the information police are workingkg with at this point becauseis pob they are asking for the public's help in a fact they're saying if anyone has has information about this homicide that happened on the 1900 block of rochelle avenue in district heights, thenights,e
8:30 am
police at 866411 tips. t again that number 866-411-tips. you can even remain hannonain hn muss if you wish. again, police asking for for information that may help this -- help them solve thisheso homicide that happened just a few hours ago. ago in fact, we saw a crime scene van that was here leave theea scene not long ago. ago. there was also a tow truck that came through and moved andv vehicle. vehicle. we're not sure how thate not sua vehicle may be connected toonnet this shooting and homicide but the police department saysce des they will release moreease m information as it becomesecom available. reporting live in district distr heights, alexandria limon,s, fox5 local a news. >> ♪ >> all right, now to the r latest in the egyptair crash.ra. officials say there were smokemo alerts near the airliner cockpit minutes before theinut plane crashed.ane search crews in the t mediterranean sea discoveredisce debris and human remains fromrom the doomed plane but there islae still no sign of the jet'sof jes black boxes and investigatorsnvo still do not know wha
8:31 am
the jetliner down. fox's kitty logan has more on m the investigation. >> reporter: a grim a discovery in the search for egyptair 804.ta 804 search crews have recovered recv human remains, luggage andnd seats in the mediterranean se s sea. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: to thent south and east of where the eaplane was lost and furtherer north of yesterday's sighting. g >> reporter: it remains ror unclear exactly why the parisar to cairo flight crashed withli 66 people on board on thursday.thur radar showed the airbus a320 suddenly turning left, thenef t right falling from 38,000 feet. egyptian officials say terrorism is a likely cause but no militant group hasant oup claimed responsibility.ibility. >> for us it's too early to definitively say what may havemy caused this.edhi we continue to pursue all potential factors that have contributed. >> reporter: american aircraft are taking part ingar the search efforts and a and french ship equipped with wit
8:32 am
black box center city on its cis way to the crash zone. zone. the water is eight too 10,000 feet deep where thewh plane went down. >> the egyptian authorities are in the lead here but we stand heready to assist. ass >> reporter: italy cypresstaly e and greece are among the countries helping search forrc the wreckage but so far maino fn body of the plane and thend black boxes have not been n b found. in london, kitty logan foxox news. news >> feds are one major step closer towards bringing joaquin el chapo guzman to g their u.s. mexico's foreign relations f department ruled the extradition can go forward. fwad guzman's lawyers have said's they plan to appeal l the decision and he faces charges cs from seven different u.s. federal prosecutors. after his capture el chapo was returned to the same prison heoh escaped from but earlier this month he was transferred to a a prison near the u.s. border.. br the number of women in the t u.s. with the zika virus has tripled according to thed center for disease control. deae not a single person is known i
8:33 am
to have contracted zika from a mosquito bite in the u.s.. they've gotten -- they'vehey' gotten it while traveling to aio country he where zika is prevalent or sexually transmitted.ansmitted. president obama says congress needs to act now so that money n can go towards combating the virus. >> have to be able to sustain the work that's going to need to be done to finish the job.ob. so, bottom line is congress cgr needs to get me a bill.l. it needs to get me a bill that t has sufficient funds to do the job. >> the house and senate both approved bills this week in wk the weather tell against zika aa but the house measure at a $622 million falls short ofallst what the federal governmentov sales it needs and pulls thelshe money from other sources. soues the senate's measure offerseasuf more money than the house's houe bill but it is still several sev hundred million dollars shortlao from president obama's request. coming up renowned pianistd is joining us in the l she's having a especially especy perform plans in the district but she's also helpingan too promote music education incatioi d.c. schools..
8:34 am
about all that and much more m coming up. z2022z what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother?
8:35 am
with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
8:36 am
z2025z >> ♪ >> she has played at some ofas the world's p most famous staget and has released criticallyll acclaimed albums. tomorrow the washington perrrforming arts is present
8:37 am
renowned pianist simone dinnerstein at the before she hits that stage thast she's joining us right here inin the loft for a special sneak peek and talk about what elsehal brings you into the district. dc good morning. good morning >> good morning.>> g thanks for having me on. f >> so in addition to your soldrl out shows and your acclaimed aca albums there's somethingms the interesting about you, youreing also do a lotyo of work towardsd reaching out and doing doing outreach for students.tunt >> yes. i really love to work with wit young people and i like visiting public schools sch especially in areas where theyht might not have as much artsh ar programming.g. so, this week i've spent a few days going around washington,shn d.c., going into public elementary schools and doingndog little sort of workshops wherehw i play for the kids and try to y break down the music for themort in a way there makes ites understandable to them. >> uh-huh. >> do different kinds oferkind exercises with i've been working on the musicus of philip glass with them which is all about the patterns, getting them to beto able to hear and fee
8:38 am
different patterns in the music. >> are you finding when you gong to these schools and you're soos talking to younger studentsdents that the appreciation forbackrb ifor baclis there and they appra it or do you have to break ithat down to their level and make it interesting.erti >> many of the schools that iooi went to they were completelyompl unfamiliar with classical music. they never heard of bach. >> uh-huh. uh. >> so, i'm asking a lot for for them to listen to something set new and try to understand it.t. but children are extremelyly receptive to that kind oft kindo thing. >> they are. >> and they were wonderful and their teachers were great andgrt yesterday i went to visit the vt ballou high school.oo >> yes. >> ballou high school, yea>>h. >> mr. watson is their amazingma music teacher. teach >> they have a great musicreat s education program there. tre >> yeah. well, i visited them a coupleou of years ago when i was in town to perform at the kennedyrf center and then he brought the students to theor concert andnd these students are just outstanding.ou
8:39 am
wonderful high school studentshi i've encountered. >> yeah, no, rgheally i'and thee band through the roof.nd throu i mean,gh we've had them on the show many times and they're the fantastic.nt i know that you also -- your music has taken you around thetr world but i recently read thatrt you went to cuba and workedd wke with some students there and tha performed enstamp with students. what was that like? >> that was just fantastic. fant i was in havana last summerum and in a month i'm going back to perform and record with the cuban youth orchestra. >> wow. >> they have a fantastic fanstic training there in classical clac music which i hadn't -- i guess you a naive. i think of cuban music, cuban cb traditional music but theyic have a tradition of doingfoi mozart and they've been goingn g to germany and austria to study mozart's music and the -- they played with thiss incredible joy and they all have this wonderful sense ofse rhythm, too.oo. so, i'm very excited to beo going there to record with them. >> when did music start formusir
8:40 am
playing? pl >> i startd when i was sevenrtd and it was just something thatt came to me.came t i was taking ballet classes before that and there was a pianist who played clopin inlopi the class and that's where it's heard it. i asked my parents if i couldts take lessons. l it's always been something that i wanted to do.anteto it wasn't kind of pushed on mekd to to.o. >> which we talked about off air you a pushed into it but ipu didn't stick with it but nowow looking back and watching youchy play i'm like man, i could, c have maybe come close to that. . >> well, i have a lot of lot o colleagues who were pusheder into it and then they grew to tw love it like an arrangedan marriage i guess. [laughter][lgh >> well, you all can enjoynjoy simone's music tomorrow nightw n at the strathmore at 4 o'clock.4 tickets still available.o's avai >> yes, there are still y tickets. >> you can go top washington performing there you have the informationhr there or andor tickets still available forr that 4 o'clock show.lo you don't want to miss it.t to i mean, we're just watchingatch youtube videos of you playing pi and it's just riveting. ret >> thank you. tha >> thank you for stopping by an
8:41 am
with us. >> thank you so much. >> all right.ha>> a wellwell fox's hit talk show the real has been renewed for another hit season.anot they walk to the cast about why 33 think the show is so successful. hey caitlin. ctl >> hey annie.>> hie heavy rain probably outsidey oui your window. wdow. if not now it was. w a live view at the white househw where we've seen it pouring it i there all morning long.e all mo we'll let you know if there's any improvement in youryoimprovy seven-day forecast.ourseven-da that's coming up next. y fore
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> red planet will soon beed closer t po earth than it has been in the last decade.n th on may 30th mars will be at a distance of of 46.8 million miles. >> wow. that is the closest it hass the been to planet earth in 11 in 11 years. year nasa is gearing up to snappo sna closeup shots with the hubble hb space telescope. that's really exciting. excin >> just a short 46 million miles away.on >> yeah. i'm still bitter though of what we did to pluto. to pluto. >> i know, taking away its i planet status. s >> dwarf planet. dwa plane >> tough to be the youngest.ouns >> right. >> and the furthest.>> >> yes. >> what do you get when yo u combine glamour and camping.ampi >> it's called glamping. gla as fox's taylor bishop shows s us it's a great way to enjoy the outdoors withoutithout sacrificing luxury. >> welcome to mueller state park. >> reporter: when you'reat sittinepg at 9,000 feet a midt a may snow is no surprise. sur >> this gives that you kind of d
8:45 am
still in the settingin theet surrounded by forests. fores most of the cabins have thishavs great view of the peak andvi stuff. >> reporter: plus when ther: p weather looks like this you've got more than a tent betweenre you and the elements. >> when you walk in the tu you i entryway the small living area a with leather couches and such.nd >> reporter: sleeping anywhere from four to eight frot people, these cozy cabins ares e equipped with almosth almost everything you might need.hi >> all you have to bring isto bi your personal toiletries andletr your food. everything else is provided pots pans linens, everything. e >> reporter: after restingft up in a comfy bed you'll be ready to hit the 40 plus miles of trails throughout the parkhep and you're likely to spot some furry. furry. fifth they ared friends. >> we have elk black bear b mountain lions deer andeer an turkey. a lot have been visible thisle t time of year. >> reporter: if you're r looking for something a little more unique without having to sleep on the ground snag arounda yert might just be the glamping experience you'repi lookingng for. f round tents usually made out of lattice wood that keeps theee structure
8:46 am
jelly bear park this one this sleeps six has electricity andty a skylight. >> with the skylight on top it's really if town just go tot bed after a busy fun day and a be able to look up at thehe stars and they just provide a unique experience you won'tiencw get in a cabin or a tent. t >> reporter: if adventure isr:ae your middle name you can get real rustic and stay in a teepee. te >> we range from everythingom eh from a bear spot on the groundd to pitch your tent all the waytt up to hotel suites. s >> reporter: other than lodging there's 100 acres and about a thousand things to doth at jelly stone every day ery day especially for the kiddos. for d >> well, obviously the first thr thing anybody talks about is yogi bear because crowing bee and boo-boo are here then run around causing trouble on arouba daily basis we do hayrides and crafts and classes we have alase swimming pool a jumping pillowpl which is amazing. [laughter] >> reporter: last year thet ye travel channel named jellyedelly stone one of the top 10 family campgrounds in the u.s. >> our goal is for the kids at the end of the day to be
8:47 am
dirty, tired and happy. happy. >> i'm down for some glamping. >> camping has come a long way. i don't think you want to campyo or glamp in this weather.s weath >> i know. it's so's so >> it would ruin a camping trip, rain, it's too hot. you need ideal weather to go camping. >> i'm down for >> live look outside rightivlooo now. that's northwest d.c. where d.c you can see that rain falling very easily. all of our cameras across theos district are slowing that tha heavy rain down at then athe national mall in northwest norwe d.c. and the real, real steadyle stuff has moved off towards our east but that being said,eis as we go to our weather wea graphic it is a soggy saturday. rain movingain m flew right now, will taper off f to just showers this s afternoon. not improving. imp slow to improving. improvi you can say that for the wholehe month, the whole spring season s as we go through the rest of the weekend.e satellite and radar showing the storm system right now.itstm
8:48 am
has been moving through overovig the past couple hours. h more showers offer the offer carolina coastline andnd actually these two areas of two rain going to combine into a coastal low pressure system asl we go through the rest of the afteugrnoon and into then evening. so, that will make it a biggerig more powerful storm but it ist i moving little bit further off toward the north and east soortd we just get the back edge ofdgeo this through tomorrow and that would just be some rainuld showers. so, this is probably the heaviest that we'll feel inee the next couple days but stillui a good soaking rain out there te just east of the beltway as you head on 50 probably overve towards 97 into an arrundel97 i county, that's where we'reth whe seeing some of the really r heavy rainier annapolis andapis then up towards baltimore, so soggy day for the preakness.reas all of this rain by about the at noon hour should be offould b towards our east but like i said, showers and drizzled izz around all day.. and chilly temperatures to goreo along with the wet weather. wear 55 in stevensville, 56 baltimore, 55 washington and 54 in culpeper. culpe temper
8:49 am
again so far below normal. nor we need the sunshine like weeike did yesterday. yte got into the 70' the such a nice fox futurecast shows by 11:00,0, noon, still some heavy rain heay possible down along theng the eastern shore towards theshe northern neck but probably midafternoon it's just showersto for everyone.foeve but look how these insures just linger. you go into tomorrow morningng and there's still consistent cot batch of green right over us. u that's thanks to this coastals low pressure system which willsu continue to spin inre the clouds and showers all day sunday and then even into monday morning mr although more dry airborning a its way in through monday. how much rain? one toon 2 inches possible for ourble r o area. we are right in the zone wherewh the heaviest vein expected to e accumulate. not that we need it but we'll get some soaking again through t this afternoon.. preakness stakes the actual race later at 6:45 p.m. just p.t showers but with that steadyt wi rain all day leading up to itt it's muddy, it's pretty nastytta out there. good luck to anyone a who is going to be tailgating. g 65 clouds and showers on sunday.sunday thunderstorm
8:50 am
monday as some warmer air warmei moves in. and then finally some nice dry y days tuesday and wednesday. wne look at that. a that. 83 degrees on possible thunderstormspo thursday and andri real quick speaking ofg wednesday, fox5 weather day att nats park, it's a 1 o'clock'clo game against the mets. the whole fox5 weather team willerea be down there. one dollar per ticket goeser t towards the leukemia andeukemian lymphoma society. it will be a great day down atad the ballpark. blpar come join us.n >> caitlin will be w >> i'll be there.>> i'll most of the fox5 weather team, yes. >> awesome. >> ♪ >> all right. it's everything that you all wanted to know arybout and yes,d he was lying. lyi jussi smollett admits he's not n leaving "empire."empi all sorts of rumors were goingwg around after the season finale f when smollett wrote on twitternt that he enjoyed his time with w "empire" and that it was time for him to work on movies and music. he was slot in the episode and people thought he wasn't goingho to be on the show anymore. he tried to explain hims
8:51 am
with the #i ain't going't g nowhere.noer fellow "empire" star gaby wasab with him and told him hisim timing was wrong.timing was wro >> first of all i said i i thoroughly enjoyed my time at "empire" fox which is it i said i love you all. which i do. i said time to go make a goak record and some movies, whichs, i am. >> now, after the season finale aired jussi smollettsimo wrote on twitter and that's a all folks, thanks for rolling with us this season. s see you in season three come september. love y'all. there is cleared. okay, well the hit var>>iety talk show the real features bold outspoken hosts who unapologetically say whatallyayw women are actually thinking tnk and viewers are all about all ao right. fox's jonathan hunt takes usnt s behind the scenes of the realhee and tells us why the show has so been so succefu
8:52 am
>> welcome to the real. to >> reporter: the ladies on l the daytime talk show the realle are enjoying the show's sw' success along with each other's friendship. frids >> it's so good, yeah.ood, >> reporter:.eporte >> it all still seems so surreal to us. i feel like we arrive to workrro every day just feeling so feelio blessed and grateful for theangt opportunity and we lovey anwe l working together. i think there makes theink biggest difference.iffere >> it's i see these girls literally as a family. i mean, we have chemistry thatsy i think is very hard to create.crea it just happens to us very naturally.narall >> go granny. >> reporter: the co-hosts say the show host is differentew from other talk shows which isch one of the reasons it has h developed such a loyal following. >> we just come up here and beep ourselves and do our thing andnd talk about things that we careec about, you know, our husbands,s, our kids, fashion, pop culture c and, you know, it's any others t even about anybody else, it's really about the five of us u when we get together. tet >> we've had a lot of people a p to show us support.uprt everybody. association it just shows youhos that if you just give somee s people a cha
8:53 am
work hard at it it's something that the public likes.ub >> reporter: the show earnedte an emmy nomination and wasminatd recently renewed for two more tm seasons which means the ladies s are going to keep having fun.g e >> we're doing the rightre dng t thing. we're having a good time and people are having a good time ho along with us and we justus really appreciate all of ourur friends and fans for watching wh us and loving what we do just as much as we do. >> go. >> reporter: in hollywood jonathan hunt fox news. >> all right. well, coming up, our nextur guest helps women in our areaur who feel hopeless about losing s weight. we she's going to talk to usto about how it's good to be good e thick. time now 8:53. be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> welcome back. we all know that staying fit can certainly be a challenge but for cherelle woodward she took on the challenge to lose weight after weighing moreft than 300 pounds. 3nds. >> yes and she's joining us she now in the loft to tell us how u she is an inspiring women in wen our area to meet their weighthet loss goals. amazing. >> welcome in. >> congratulations.>> congratul. >> good morning. >> this is my whole my h >> this is your team. tis y >> so, that's a lot of weighteih that -- i mean, you lost overtve those years.ose >> well, it was close to 300. t3 it wasn't over. it was close to 300. to 3 it wasn't -- i haven't always--v been that size.ize. i got there from being very depressed, stressed. i was addicted to alcohol. to al all this came after the birtherb of my baby because like myike life just took a downward downw spiral and so i've had two close to death experiences andnc i was just like i have to take
8:57 am
my life back and so with that, a i started eating right, exercising on daily basis in 2013 and from there, i was ias like you know what, i'm going ig to do this to help empowerp po women, too, because my life was just -- it was crazy.s c >> you took control and did something about it and now youon are reaching out and helpingel other women.her women. >> i love it. >> you live it. i when you say it really takesllak someone to say okay i am goingoi make the change today. >> uh-huh. >> it's definitely a mental >> yeah. >> it's definitely a mental thing and that's what i helpth with. i help women to tap intoo to your mental and stop placingplin limitations on yourself and tofd just get out there, take yourtar life back, be confident, be sex z-you know and feel,.ow a fe >> and be an inspiration toti t your little one.tle o gaby is so cute ready for tv. t >> she is. she is. she is. >> i love it.>> i l >> and we want to see someo see exercises before we have to gobo so give us a littleit demonstration. >> so, i have my sister and my man alfred here. he. we're going to -- they'rehe going to do some full body
8:58 am
first they're going to do the overhead tricep press with the kettle bells lat tisha is holding 15. >> i wish we could see mr. but we are out of time.
8:59 am
9:00 am
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