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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  May 22, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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>> did morning to you. tom fitzgerald with you another edition of fox any on the hill. look who is it veronica cleary manager editor of the hill and john kusack. good to see both of you this morning. >> looking last night in a lot of tweets and things going on it struck me we've spent so much time, so much time week after week after week whack do we talk about every week and who. >> trump. >> but you know this was the week where donald trump almost took a backseat to what has been going on with democrats. >> that's true. yes. no doubt about it. democrats have a problem with bernie sanders and there's growing tension between bernie sanders supporters and democratic national:00 a.m. committee and this week sanders supported the primary opponents of debbie waserman schultz chairman of
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becomes president he will not ask washington sthoult stay around. this say problem for democrats. i don't know thousand they solve it. >> dwur look at the weekend policy. >> feeling purpose we have one hour and there are six states remaining and i hope by the end of the nominating process we will win at least half or more and victory while beingville fewed. bernie sanders supporters behind a surge in violent outbursts in alley's hand playing defense. i've been sayi
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parts you understand what i'm saying i then respond times maybe ten i don't know. i respond pretty strongly. in just about all cases i've been responding to what they did with me it's not a one way street. >> then going to far. >> there's rain, and rain, and impeachment. >> he makes allegation about former president bill clinton. >> there's never a dull moment and we'll get to a lot of topics in the show today. first thing i like to do is look at the headlines and believe it, tom, this week they're not all about trump we'll start about one with trump i think it is interesting and dives into the death of what donald trump talks about and it's in front page of sunday bids section of "new york times" putting trump
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the tests and jobs can he revive for car or, nabisco. this is a promise that gets voters excited. can he keep the promise. >> it's going to be very difficult. politicians make a --. >> trump says he's not a politician. >> of course not. obama said he would renegotiate nasa and that doesn't happen and this will be difficult for him and at the same time i think there's only one thing that he can't negotiate on and that's -- everything else is on to nearbytion. >> he also can't eat oreos for a while. >> can't eat oreos. >> is that what you said about christie. >> he's been saying the oreo thing for a long time and then bringing christie into it. >> poor chris christie i'm starting to feel sorry for the
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guy every time he brings him out he does something to humiliate the man. >> i think he's a big boy he knows what he's doing. >> the front payment of outlook washington he would not take on first lady duties but he should you know if why say my husband would not take on traditional female gender roles do you think the headline is compe compelling and an attack on hillary clinton. >> this is funniest. >> that's a great picture. >> anybody expect that's what clin top will be doing if he end up in white house. >> the point of the arthur maybe it should be not be funn funny. >> i think it's a good point but i don't think you can control bill clinton in a number of ways especially that. if we want to g
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white house and fix the economy that's what's hillary clinton asked him to did. >> this is the man has so many connections to so many people it does prevent problems. >> inside the new york post they talk about the story i was going to talk about is bernie is domomentum he raised more than hill little in the last few months and what i looked at this the headline that got me was smaller on the payment and says everybody sucks 2016 you elect they reject and it's a little article about this very smart man capitalizeedthon race and frustrations we feel. he has a web site 16 magnets, bumper tickets. tee shivrment more than 2300 orders for lawn signs
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the past six weeks. >> that cost what 30 bucks. >> that's a lot. >> i think a lot of people whether making money off it or not people were saying that fore there is this feel out there geez lieu xwrus it's not the west he can do. he guess across the board with these democratic nominees we can come up and an daints we could come up with. it's less than a lot of people and yes we there is still this feeling maybe we should have somebody else. >> it's a valid question. how are we asking, is this the best we have when we started with 1 people. >> 17 of the best. >> that
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i don't know. it's just really to me kind of silly and quirky but toxic [ buzzer ]. >> buzzer we taikd a lot we got buzzed. >> all right we have more to come. ♪ stay with us we'll look at the next segment of this which is democrats. democrats have taken a backseat to the republicans this entire race. >> it started when jim web was in the race. and it started when lincoln khap was in the race. back when martin o'maley when he was running they were always the kind of you know backseat to what was going on as a republican. >> this week i think in particular that all changed and it changed because what's been going on with bernie sanders and his support. and there was event last week out in las vegas where there was a conflict when a lot of people said were fueled by what we call bernie burns young people supporting bernie sanders
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and at some point there were allegations of vie reference going on. this is the scene there. people were shoving and cursing going on here we are this is set to kickoff in two months and they don't have this settled. it's not close to the beginning of settling. so, bob how do they fix this? >> how do they bring this party together? >> remember the last contest is actually d.c. mid june, june 14. jeff weaver campaign manager of bernie sanders campaign says that's not when it sends. super delegates support hillary clinton. they have to vote. when the voting ends he was saying we're not out of. it that means he is going to the con veption. and i think that
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real good chance you see some type of unrest in philadelphia and i think at some points though after d.c. votes that's when i think you will see barack obama or joe biden come up. >> something. >> doesn't sanders make a good point though. when you look at how that system is set up in the democratic party 450 super delegates fly around with capes and have super powers and things. >> they're rewarded before the first democrat announces for the race. >> how is that fair if 450 super delegates are awarded. >> what i have heard from this trump side maybe republicans wish they had super delegates. one of the things i thought back to was the violence at the trump rolllies and doug up bernie sanders press release on his
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trump rallies says this ugly incident and it's interesting i don't think bernie would what does it say now i know it's easy to point the finger and step pack saying it's ugly place we're in division in politics then maybe there needs to be reflection. there's two thoughts. is it bad things or division in politics even what we need. i don't know the answer to tha that. >> september he talking about --. >> as i eat with both sides of my mouth isn't he talking on both sides of mouth. on the one side we're going to be unified and he's saying sdeshy washer man show up if you duel do little to dispense with the behavior going on like getting this
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>> there has to be a deal. maybe get rid of super delegates [ buzzer ]. >> i'll be buzzed again. welcome. okay, so bernie --. >> how do you always get the buzz. >> i like it, it's fine. next thing we want to talk about is idea of third party candidates and now last week when we taikd about our predictions i brought up this person gary johnson. hi is a former governor of new mexico and he is libertarian republican running on libertarian ticket and he was frez for 2012 and got nearly 1% of popular vote in 2016. i spoke the wran where he got 11es and fox news, do you guys have any idea who he is. >> a same listen. >> if you election were today when you vote forville hillary clinton. donald trump or. >> trump. >> or ga
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>> who is he. >> i never heard of gary johnson. >> you do you know who gary johnson is. >> i do not. >> i love those reactions. there's gary squop johnson. are we giving ourselves somebody knew to talk about or is this race where third party candidate could really play a role? tom, what do you think? >> i think we should pay attention to this guy if history has shown us everything it's these cirt party residence will be good as it look how go it would have about if ralph madeer did not run in 2000 and j george h.w. bush how things would go. and gary john sop i only get one, maybe 2%. but you know we live in a divided country now right down the middle. >> yeah. >> that could be looking forward to november monumental.
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>> i think that he's going to get a lot more votes this time around and because i think it's similar to the last governor's race in virginia between la covt and switch nellie because the third:00 p.m. candidate but as i protest i think a lot of people will vote for him or let him in. >> many more should vote for anymore. >> what would it take to sglin debates. 15% in five national polls leading up to it. we did our own pole. would you consider greating third party cap date i tried to i'm happy with the nooses but up nip. >> and it gives us more choice choices, please, people are interested in at least learning about him. i don't know. the system is no such a way i'm not sure he can
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>> i like the emogi. >> that's new twitter emogi for 2016 the hash tag all things switer and we all know body language says a lot about what you're saying. what's donald trump saying in one-on-one with comment tater and urinelists kelly.
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>> words never tell the whole story. body language can say a lot more than words. tonya rye smap annual you're of body language and language ever dating. she joins us with skype. thank you for joining us. thanks for having me. >> it's an exchange about whether or not the trump feels that the hikers retweet was a mistake. take a listen. >> you have made any mistakes in this campaign you had said publicly the retweet about heidi cruz was mistake. >> i said i could have done without it to be exact. >> you said mistake. >> no i'm not walking it back but i actually deposit say it that way i said i could have done without it. >> but it was
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it? >> i wish i didn't do it though she's fair game because she's very much involved with campaign. >> tonya when i saw that i thought his words spoke volumes he could not call it a mistake. what can we take in terms of body language. >> there's something you have to realize with anyone's body language the first thing important surprise baseline body language. we know when he speak he looks off to left and what he's doing is remembering. when you look off to have left or depending where you are you may look left, donald looks left when he's remembering things. and when asked about the haiti cruz tweet he looks off to the left because he's remembering and then suddenly looks back. is he doing that because he does not remember saying it was a mistake which maureen clearly state the it was donald trump it admitte
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being non committal and not wanting to fulfill those memories. i'mer which way you become up comfortable when i say uncomfortable you see things like this. when you do this it's child like and what you're trying to do is get rid of excess energy you may carry around. question becomes was he trying to remember if he actually said that or trying to get out of potential negative. donald tends to put everything in a positive frame for himself and that's wonderful that's what people should do always make themselves look the best he does it no matter what he spins any story niyabi onitsuka situation to come out as the positive person that's what i saw. >> i'm not body language expert when you talk about looking left when we watch the next clip we'll listen to when he asks what what he said about carly fee rain a's face he looked left tell me about it. >> that would be normal
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his normal behavior. >> that's normal let's watch it i would love to hear your thoughts. >> all right. >> you made a comment about john mccain you prefer people not captured and comment about carly fiorina face. do you regret any of those comments. >> yeah i guess so but you have to go forward. you have to make a mistake and go forward and you know you can correct a mistake but to look back and say, gee, wiz i wish i did not do this or that i don't think that's good in a certain way i don't think it's healthy. >> you're saying that's the normal not anything to raet into it. >> well when he looks left he's remembering what he did and said and that's what we tend to do we have one specific way we remember things and another specific way we either are potentially being -- intention alley being dereceivetive or fill in the blanks. what did you have for dinner you will not lie but you may go in between to fill in the blks
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to make sure is it deception or anxiety. first thing we saw was donald do eye lash flutter when he does this okay? that is increased mental arousal means he's thinking about it. in addition when he shuts his eyes more than tejth of a second we're trying to block out things to feel pressure. did you see his mouth. everything got tight. you notice his grimace as he was talking. >> he's uncomfortable. >> it hit a cord with him and something that bothered him. that's in addition to the comments about john mccain and which as you are watching him not only does he did that but lifts shoulders up. when you lift shoulders up like this what you're saying is basically i don't know. so he was congruent in that part and that makes him a great spokesperson because he's honest most of the time with non verbals we
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know and doing so lifted shoulders which is a match. when we do this it says i don't know. his body language and words reflected the same thing. >> honesty this is non verbal and some people may be surprised. and this last exchange we have i loved it because when none of us can really understand the inside world of what donald trump lives every day and this took us into this we'lling process that made him more of a celebrity that he is let's listen to it. >> usually after 7 or 8:00 i do it myself during the day if i'm in the office i have a number of people i call out or tweet to it's my right. >> you call out exclamation point. >> i say exclamation point you know me well i'll say it and tip type it out real fast for me and they bring it in and i put an exclamation and put it in. i don't do the physical. after 7 or 8
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do it myself. >> i love that smile. you know, there's this very joy almost in the exchange that to me says he loves tweeting and doing that. what do you take away from it. >> i take away two things. first thing is yes he loves it. he is very good in public eye he knows he can get away with a lot of things interesting thing he's talking and going with the baseline and he's very big makes big gesture and powerful and loud if you notice in this interview very soft spoken and one thing you don't see donald do often is this we don't see him on arms over chest that's barrier. when you see someone doing this what they're doing is closing you off from them. this my first interpretation was he was thinking specifically about megan kelly retweet he's sitting right in front of her and builds discomfort. in order to make himself feel better sdhe this. it givers him extra space between hi
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that was take away from there. in addition if you watch a few minutes late her talks about the tweet. di say that? di say that? and then you see him rocking back and forth and swaying child like nervous and in addition trying to seem coye and friendly and likable. that's what makes donald trump like he is. >> sound like he made him uncomfortable. tonya thanks for being with us it was fascinating. >> thank you, you too.
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>> hillary clinton did her best tendon impression on the campaign trail to criticize the gop hopeful on issues. let's listen. >> here's what we'll do and get foam do taken some people may say all anybody wants to hear is i'm going to do it i'm not telling what you i'm going to do. i don't believe that. maybe in the preliminaries. >> there go. never a
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you next week.
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chris wallace. the egyptair crash raises new questions about the terror threat and u.s. airport securit security. >> individuals and groups do remain intent on attacking the aviation system. >> with the tsa under the microscope how will this impact the already long lines at airports across the country? we'll discuss that with homeland security secretary jeh johnson. and get reaction from congressman michael mccaul, chairman of the house homeland security committee. both only on "fox news sunday." then the crash becomes a focal point in the trump/clinton clash on terror. >> you know, she won't use the term radical islamic terrorism. you understand that. she won't use it. >> we'll speak with the head of donald trump's national security advisory committee, set


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