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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you. thank you so much for joining ji us. us. i'm maureen umeh.i'eh >> and i'm wisdom martin. today is i monday, may 23rd andd it was a very rainy messy mes weekend.weekend. we're not going complain aboutau it. gary is erin como is going to talk t about the commute as well. as w >> we are on verdict watch at fox5. >> baltimore police officer edward nero's fate wreill bete e decided in just a matter of hours. nero is one of six baltimoreof o police officers charged in thes death of freddie gray. he plead not guilty to assault reckless endangerment andnd misconduct charges. c he faces more than a decade in prison. judge barry williams wille issue a ruling later this lat morning. we'll bring that you decisionatn live on fox5 news when it happens.happens. the chief of the>> university of maryland's police department is> investigating how officers offic handled a wild graduationd wilda party over the cell phone video shows the chaotic moments at ant apartment complex in an
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apartment in college park. par the university of maryland mylan police used pepper spray tor ra break up this party and somend m say that was excessive. w exces the school's police chief is looking at the body cameraod video to make a decisioningecisi about how to proceed.oroceed >> my job is to determine ifmine our actions were appropriate.roe and that's what we're doing,, reviewing all the body cam video now comparing it to ourur rules and procedures. p >> two people were arrestedrr for disorderly conduct.du. the internal investigationte could take tworn weeks. >> the secret service is investigating what happened. hpe agents shot and wounded jessiesi ollav yeah of pennsylvania when he pointed a gun at a security check point at the white house.whe ho the secret service says itays i doesn't appear there he has has any ties to terrorism.erri breaking news from princefro george's county. >> that's right. police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in templeem hills. fox5's melanie alnwick is i live on the scene at 23rd
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what can you tell us. >> reporter: we don't have ate lot of information rightr: now but certainly a lot of police activity. you can see the crime tape here. here twenty-third parkway isrdarkw divided by a very large median with some cut in streets andtree the most important thing that tt we saw going on when we arrived here if you come backomk this way you can see there's a a white vehicle in the middle of l the road here with a door door opened and so that is withinn this crime tape area. probably something connected c to this homicide. hid we know it happened about aut 1 o'clock in the morning.ning detectives tell us that theiv victim was taken to the t hospital pronounced dead at the hospital, not here on the scene so thingals are still happening pretty fresh here. h we don't have any information.on we're waiting for a publicub information officer.icer did just see a homicideomid detective walk up as well.p as w adult male is what we knowhat we about the victim and that is thi pretty much the latest.heat first here on the scene so as ss soon as we get a little bittle b more information and the story t
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develops we'll let you knowps what we wlear back to you. >>♪♪ >> investigators are stilles trying to determine whattitermia brought down an egyptair jetliner last weeks.t w >> egyptian officials are using submarines to search forer the black boxes. ly the crashed into the mediterranean 66 people were on board. >> iraq military has begun a fight against isis.agai i in afghanistan the> in a taliban's most senior figure was killed in a u.s. drone.sdroe strike saturday.atur officials say he was a in western pakistan when multiple i unmanned drones fired and tookre him out.hit reports say president obama personally authorized that strike. >> the german company behr hasbe made a company he to buy b monsanto to $62 billion.62 bill. monsanto is the largest seed isa company in the they are also one of the largest manufacturers ofture
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>> bear made the announcement last t week. the company says it is prepared to proceed immediate to quickly agree to a transaction.ctio talking sports game three of the western conferenceg finals a complete blowout andloa not what anyone expected. eecte >> let's talk about whatet tal happened in the first quarter. t thunder down one, kevin durantin with the jumper plus one on plun the on the streets in the hoodeo we that was a and one. just saying. he converts a three-point play-i for a two-point lead.ea second quarter this is where w things get interesting. adams fouled green on the shoted and falls down g himself. himlf after the play he puts hise put foot down, he steps in the i t name of love intentionally kicking adams.da nba is probably going haveg h something to say about that.hat. green given a flagrant foul. f thunder up 72-47 is the it's a's a it was over at this point. thunder win 13-105. 13-5. >> i like the r. kelly what do you kn
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hood? >> who? what.>>ho? what. >> let's get on down to gary tga mcgrady while we have aave a discussion over here. hey, gary.y. >> 4:35. >> i got you whiz. you w i don't know what you'reow whay' thinking.inking >> he tries to act so hard. this dude is like mr. suburbia i talk about how we do it in theon hood. ho >> man, she's on fire thisirthis morning, wisdom.mog, w blaming me for all this badba weather, talking you to like you don't know what you'ree talking about. [laughter] >> i'm avoiding the inevitable a if you haven't figured it outigd yet. >> just kidding. kidding >> good thing i'm way downm y dn here, right? here's what'st's happening. 57 here now in town. rain most of the rain is south s of the city, south of the metro. there's a lot of road sprayd sp out. there's a little bit of drizzle ins places, some fog, too. this does not mean wonderful w things for your morning temperatures basically in the 50's areawide. here's the radar to kind of show. we've had the heaviest of theav rain taking off down towards tos 64. most of this rain will stay
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south of us this afternoon aer with a little bit of sunshine, n that's right, a little bit of sunshine.hi i think there's going to be aoe lot of clouds, too. t a little bit of sunshine will w drive more showers in the showeh afternoon and a possiblen ana po thunderstorm as well.s wel temperatures making it up to right around 70 degrees in degei town. north and west i think ahink a little more sunshine up therens perhaps. eat could elevate yourould temperatures to about t a 75 degrees or so. a lot going on out there, erin.. not a lot of rain falling from the sky first but there's still road spray and drizzle ani and fog. f it's not a good morning mni commute. >> no, four a-36, monday, theone good news is right now all of our major drives from marylandfr are green. 95 south the icc to the beltway 270 no congestion by b the truck scales you're quiet q to the 50 inbound no congestion jut from tree 301 to the beltway.elw inside the beltway on new yorkn avenue you're quiet.ue you're q. i'll let you know when thaten ta changes and the typical typic congestion picks up.ngeson p same story in virginia.irnia. problem free on 66.
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metro gearing up for servicein that is on time at 5 o'clockimck this morning. grab your umbrella you'reumbr going to need it.toeed heading to the local airportsirt you're good on the way to bwi reagan national on 395 and dulles. we got you covered on thisn t rainy morning commute.commu >> 4:37 is the time.>>im coming up on fox news morningsor a former wizards basketballds bb player says a woman refused to sit flex to him on a train a because of his skin color. sn >> that phone you loved so much back in 1999, you know the one, could still make a comeback. holly.ll >> everybody, i'm holly morrismr tracking all the big stories bis that are trending on thishi monday morning. a new poll suggests these two t people may very well be the two most disliked candidatesands ever in a family fight. finally pays off with full honors in arlington national cemetery.mete
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we're waking you up thisking monday morning, a manic monday n morning with a little bit of music. music. fox news morning back after a this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> back at 4:40 and hot on the t web this morning politicsolic pilots and pain for people peope working at one zoo. zoo >> holly morris has the h stories you've been engaging eng with the most on social media. d
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>> good morning, everybody. ngod morning, whiz, hillary clinton and donaldd trump tying in a new poll notewo for support though. they each got 57 percent when it can comes to being unfavorable among voters.oter that was the finding in a new washington post abc news news survey. now to a zoo in south in america where the staff saya they all feel "profound painounp over the decision to shoot andod kill to two lions." lo they took that action ont action saturday after a suicidal manda got into the animal's den tooknt his clothes off and approacheds the lion.of the man began to bother theher e animals before they began to bet mall him.mall h and that's when the lions were shot.ot the zoo says it has no other oth choice because tranquilizersranq would have taken too long to take them back.ta victims for the families f of female pilots into serveder in world war ii. president obama has signed a sig bill that would allow their t ashes to be buried inied arlington national cemetery.emer maureen and wisdom, those are
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back to you. >> thank you.>> t coming up on fox newsng u morning a former wizards wiz player uses social media to shame a woman on a train.rain >> you'll never believe whatbelt he says she was doing.doi >> who knew those angry birds ab were tougher than captainhan caa america and all of thell of the avengers combined.av >> as we head to break, liveak l look outside right now. now. the song says lovely day.. we'll see. >> fingers crossed. f >> but then again, they're allty lovely. if you wake up, they're alle all lovely. lo it's all's goo 4:42 is the time. is th we're back in a moment. moment. >> ♪ >> ♪ z2022z
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>> welcome back to fox news morning. just about 4:45 we're following breaking newsakn out of yemen.em. suicide bombers killing atilng least 45 people during ann attack during a police base. bombers targeted young men seeking to join
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>> president obama in vietnam the first stop on a week long tour of this comes as several vietnam ve war veteran organizationsrganizt called on the president ton e ps investigate what happened topend several american prisoners ofnef war who never returned home. >> ♪ >> bringing you whether andri traffic on the 5's. gary mcgrady we're taking ain look outside now.ow not the best start to the day t but as wisdom said fingers saidi crossed it might get better. gary mcgrady details,ails >> listen, it's too early too er talk about this holidaylkbout to weekend comingup. >> never too earl to talk too about a holiday.oua ho >> okay. i thought i'd just skip overki this yucky nonsense for thethe day. day. >> if you got good stuff in the future keep on talking. tali >> i'll do that for you.'ldo tho glad you agree. you aee we're going take a first look at where we are for the areor t memorial day weekend.kend. storms possible on saturday s but it doesn't look like a bigsi deal,, ok see this, though? 80's. 83 on saturday. sunday 82 sun and clouds. clo there could be a spotty shower s here or there, a thunderstormnd and then look at memorial we're going to go stormso
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temperatures middle 80's. it deroes not at least right now look like any type of a washout.wa but i'll say stay tuned onta tun this one. long way away. we'll just be tracking that.ha just about every weather casteac or so this week will show youhow what we're expecting for thisor holiday weekend coming up.omin this morning most of theos the shower activity is to theeriv south of us. this is futurecast.urec notice what is happening byhat noon. we're beginning to see somee breaks in the overcast ove possible. this is mainly marylandryla counties right through thathrouh i-70 corridor back up towardspow western sections of the state. s really d.c. tohe south we're sth still locked in in the clouds. this afternoon and thishi evening some sunshine popsunshio through. we'll be optimistic with thath t but that will actually helptual drive a few showers, maybers m even a thunderstorm for thehe afternoon look at tomorrow. finally storm system moves m off. yeah, you see a little bit ofu i rain out here but i think mosthm of that will stay back out tokut the west of us and it will bet i very, very light but there is t a chance that even tomorrow
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we could have a little bit of b thunder a little bit of showerat activity. i still think tomorrow isil mostly dry, though.ry, tho 70 degrees for a high a high temperature today withmp showers, maybe a thunderstorm out there, too, possible andsibl tomorrow high of aboutf 80 degrees or so and it doest d look like tomorrow finallyorrown we're mostly dry and let mendet show the seven-day forecastorec because you're going see a lot a of something in the seven-day tv forecast that we haven't seen in quite awhile around here,e, dry conditions and notice how temperatures just jump rightp back up into the middle 80's 8 by wednesday we're finally dry tomorrow. big weather day out at natss park wednesday.sday thunderstorm possible on thursday, friday and saturday, , too, but we will stay warm. w we'll get through today anday temperatures will jump right up into the 80's.the 's. here's erin como on this monday >> 4:47 right now. n don't like the idea of a rainy monday morning commute.orning cm this is a quiet look at the bottom of the beltway byay braddock no problems on the inner loop through annandaleem. little bit of volumeli bit increasing but nothing thatsingi can cause any major slowdowns yet. watch your road
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take it slow. use caution as you make yourut way whether you're heading bottomngt side or top of the beltway as you head out by new hampshirenee avenue just a little bit of jt t volume we'll look at our maps. i don't have any crashes tove report for you and the good thed news is you're still movingov very nicely 270 south from 70 fo to the truck scales problem trub free there. you can see all that of greent e on our map. on o that's the same story as you make your way out 95 on the northbound side between 630ween6 and 610, i'm in the seeing any issues as u head up through dale city that's the same story there. we'll certainly keep youee updated on there this morning. as you make your way out onut o the inbound side in theinund district, we're looking really good on our second days.econd d. i'll let you know if anythingg changes or pops up that couldou cause any slowdowns but ifut you're headed to union station for an early morning train ride or maybe heading out too the capitol for work you're into good shape.od s certainly let you know andow and metro is shaping up to be onp to time this t got you covered if this if changes. by this time next week, oh, o it's memorial day travel, ay tr number of you will bell be returning from a memorial day weekend get away and you'llget a not be alone. aaa e
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38 million americans willri travel this memorial daymorialay weekend. that's 700,000 more than last 7 year and the most since 2005. 2. the increase is attributed torie lower gas prices.gas p now if you plan to stay in theyt washington area expect to run t into a lot of tourists. aaa ranks d.c. number eight onri the list of the top 10st of thet memorial day destinations and i can certainly see why. maureen. >> ♪ >> happening right now a massive manhunt in auburnn aubur massachusetts is over for an accused cop killer.kille the accused shooter was killed w during a standoff with police pl on sunday. sunda they say he killed a massachusetts state police officer during a traffic stop early sunday.rirly su he was later found at his apartment where police closedwhr in on him. one other officer was wounded w during the shootout. shoot she's going to make a full a f recovery. three years after a deadlyy armed robbery at a hotel inel oxon hill two of the two co-defdants will beefenda sentenced today. they'll be sentenced for their r roles in the deadly armedy robbery that happened at aap clarion hotel back in
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deandre weems was sentenced sen to life in prison. pri police say he pulled the maryland officials want the pentagon to make a cyberer warfare company that operatest out of fort meade a top middlede military command. >> it was established in 2009 and works with ss ervice svi branches to keep hackers outhacr of military networks.itary wo the defense secretary saysretary it's time to make cyber c warfare a top priority at therir pentagon. a former nba player whoyer once played for the washington wizards says racism very much alive. etan thomas posted thispo thi picture of a woman who he says s wouldn't let him sit in ann empty seat next to her because u of the color of his skin. sn. thomas says he was on a crowded train earlier this month when he asked the woman wn if he could sit in the empty thp seat that was in exto her.e h she said the seat was taken t but moments later the exnba then player says he saw her give that seat to a white man. m. thomas confronted the womand w who told thomas not to play to p the race card on her. >> buzzing social media about that one this attorney general loretta lor lynch was this year's yea commencement sp
4:51 am
law the h uead of the departmenm of justice offered advice to the new crop of lawyers. crop ow >> you've made the choice to truly live your motto and to t champion what you matters. m you are the you are the ones who still sayls you want to become a lawyer to t help people. peo you are the ones who say i want to make a difference. diffe and you are the ones whens w you're asked about your goals, you still say i want to change the world. wor don't ever lose that. >> american university presented lynch with an honorary doctor ofen law degreed >> all right.>> aight new this morning possible changes coming to the way organs are transplanted too donor recipients.ipie >> doctors are looking into angt new instead of transporting on ice they're seeing if a a new device that keeps the organss warm and mimics blood flow could increase the number of usable organs.usab it's being used in europe and ep clinical trials in the u.s.
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doctors say it could save lives. razor flip phone could beipu making a comeback. comebac brand is prepping to relaunchh the razor model and release of a the teaser video of a nostalgic walked through ac high school. s the tag line flip back to thein razor days of yester year andyed get ready for the future. fut big unveiling of the new razor w is expected to happen on june 9th. >> interesting there. >> yeah. >> going back old school. >> i kind of like it. b>> i >> turning our attention toon baseball to the baseballas diamond we're going to floridawr where the nats playing the marlins in the bottom of theof third nats up three-zip andee-za max scherzer earning his money. struck out ichiro. in the sixth inning ben revere r ripped a two run single. runin bottom line here is the nats go on to win this and they win it big, eight to two. >> nice. >> how about the
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baltimore orioles going back to cali. c it was tough early. o's down six-zip trying to mount a comeback.omeback. scopes hit a drive to left getting his eighth home run of the year. bullpen they just j couldn't do much.dnm they couldn't help them out. angels drop the hammer on the o's 10 to two. t all right. l ri starting today you'll be aay yoe able to publicly watch theatch french open in a dedicatededic space downtown. >> oui. >> tennis channel partneredar with the washington you'll be able to do this fromhf 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. through friday. the viewing kickoff will beginil today at 11:30 a.m. [speaking foreign language]infoe >> oh, stop. >> angry birds took flight at f the weekend box office.ic >> it makes its
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silver screen. the angry birds movie sees the top spot hauling inng $39 million.$39 the animated film based on the popular apps stars jason sedaikis josh gad and dannynd mcbride. captain america civil wasas second.cond. the marvel comic bookook character has pulled in nearlyea $350 million from u.s.m u. moviegoers.. neighbors two sorority rising was in third place.d pla >> this morning everybody'shi talking about the performanceseo from last night's billboard music awardsly.wa >> britney spears opened thetn show with a mashup oeyf her greatest hits including toxic tc and i'm a slave. >> for you. y >> does she have on anye on any clothes? what is that. >> yes. >> celine dion made her first appearance -- >> i like dion better. i >> i'm in a french mode. made her first tv appearance apa since the death of her husbandus and her brother in january.ry she performed queen's the show s must go on and accepted the bill
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meanwhile madonna performed a heart felt tributed to prince.a p she performed hits let's go crazy and nothing compares to co you. stevie wonder also joined her on stage for a rousingde performance of purple rain andpl they did a duet together.her. ke$ha had a standout performance.ormanc she sang bob dylan's it ain't me babe. >> is that ke$ha. >> yeah. >> wow. she looks different. >> okay. >> let's get over to gary get oe mcgrr ady. hey, gary.y. [speaking foreign language] >> okay. bueno. i know no french, absolutely aby no french. 67 degrees in town right now, a lot of 50's n out there. the that means good.. buenos diaz, good morning. mor 54 degrees for frederick. f 57 for annapolis andapol a temperatures will warm up awarm little bit today. we're going to led into the i te 60's and the 70's. here's radar this morning.adar m yes, there's showers around. a most of the showers are south of d.c. but there's a few a f little showers here in the heree city, too., to. and it looks like during the t
4:56 am
rain will stay kind of d.c., d to the south. a few showers coming over thethe metro. i think most of the northern noh counties if you get anything it's going to be real, real real light. this afternoon we're going to have more showers, maybe evenve a thunderstorm. thu i think we'll have someink we'la sunshine, okay, but i thinkbu t it's going to be mostlymostly cloudy. few thunderstorms where there's a thunderstorm thd there could be some heavy rainei in that just so you know.yo k winds will be out of the northou at about fivt e to 10 miles an1l hour.ur we're going to turn the cornerne after today, all right.ay, al we're going to jump right up into the 80's. a lot of 80's and the dreaded te h word is coming back this back week, too.week i don't want to go there,, erin, humidity, that's what thas we'll be talking about thisbo week as well. w i don't like the sounds of soun that, erin. >> i don't like the sounds off that, either, gary. i just made a note to pick up more hair spray. hr 4:56 i want to smile this smilet monday morning. we'll start you off with good metro gearing up for serviceer no alerts across all six rail
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metrobus is on time. is on time. with the rain moving in andng the wet roads the green on thero map may start to turn red. so far so good on your inboundnb commute from maryland and ya' virginia in. i frederick you're moving well. little bit of volume increasing through dale city. 220 fort washington things in i brandywine quiet. any questions at erin fox5ox d.c. on twitter. back to you maureen and wisdom. wisdom >> imagine being number one innm your graduating class and thens being told you can't walkan't wk because of your hairstylee ofou because this actually actll happened. >> after years of trying the y organizers of a programram started by president kennedy kee will finally be granted accessns to vie president obama may have had aom small role in making that happen.ha before we head to breakre w though quick look at today's tod stock futures.. fox news morning back afterackfr >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead, freddie, fred gray verdict. verdi baltimore prepares for the judge's ruling in the trial ofao officer edward nero.d nero. >> egyptair flight 804 the804 egyptian military using a su


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