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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:0 10:00. right now at 10:00. shocking video. a dc high school student brutally attacked while walking in front of his school. the search to find his attackers. first on fox 5, parents and teachers are concerned about the behavior of a school resource officer. what he's accused of doing to his student at prom. that's not the only reason some are asking why he's still on the police force. outrage in baltimore after a police officer is acquitted of all charges related to freddie gray's death. fox 5 local news at 10:00 starts right now. we begin with the vicious attack on student in front of northwest dc high school. >> i'm tony perkins. >> i'm is sean yancy. the unprovoked attack isn't just concerns for parents and school
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administrators, it's for anyone who walks in this busy dc neighborhood. fox 5 lindsey watts is live tonight. >> reporter: that student was walking here in front of georgetown day school when he was attacked and thrown up against that you say tree. this part is an area that feels safe even in the dark. as you saw in that video. the student was robbed during the day. everything caught on that school surveillance camera. >> it starts as a seemingly ram done encounter. three guys walking toward a student on a school bus lined street. out of nowhere, a man throws a punch and doesn't stop, hitting the boy over and over. his friends searching the student's pockets. police say at guy stole a wallet, cell phone, even took the boy's glasses before just walking away. >> my god. wow. >> reporter: as we show people thvi
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>> they mugged. >> they couldn't believe how brutal this was, and that it happened where they lived and worked. >> i felt safe walking around here. never that was the that's something that could happen. >> reporter: the student was attacked nearly a monthly. they're hoping someone will have information. >> it's unfortunate those kids can't go to school and feel safe and in the middle of the day feel comfortable enough they could attack someone and rob them. >> reporter: george town day school wouldn't answer but students tell us after the attack the victim was fine ambulance. they say he is back in school now and doesn't seem to have any long-term injuries. >> it's definitely an eye opener. always just be on guard. >> georgetown day school did provide us with a written statement. it says that after the incident, the school held a safety training assembly for students. also, that changes were made in how security guards
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campus. investigators are hoping surveillance video will help generate tips. if you have any information, contact dc police. lindsey watts. a montgomery county police officer is facing allegations of excessive force at a high school prom. he was initially assigned to the high school following prior incidents, marina marraco is live with the latest. marina. >> reporter: police looking into the allegations and reviewing surveillance tape from the prom at a local hotel that allegedly shows the altercation between the of and that senior. actually teachers from sherwoodhigh school at that prom who filed the complaint against the officer who allegedly according to those seniors was witnessed placing that senior in headlock and tackling her to the
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her back as if helper going to arrest her during what appeared to be a verbal altercation between that senior and another student. vega is a 12-year veteran with the department. people allege vega attacked the student at the prom and they also worry about some of the officers, what they call questionable judgment in instances like this picture where you see here the school faculty being pointed at with a taser like gun towards a teacher's head. vega, who's been charged with harassment in the past was also arrested back in 2012 and charged with dui. then in 2014, he was charged with yet another dui. this time while driving his police cruiser. he was found guilty and ordered supervised probation and was subsequently taken off patrol and reassigned here as an sro as is sherwood high school. in t
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drugs and alcohol seminar. title we went to officer vega's home looking for response, no one answered the door. and in the last hour, montgomery county police saying that officer vega has been removed from his current assignment here at sherwood high school pend, the outcome of an investigation. live in montgomery county marina marraco fox 5 local news. the second baltimore police officer to stand trial stemming from the death of freddie gray was acquitted of all charges. a judge found edward nero not guideline of misconduct in office assault and reckless endangerment. his one of six baltimore police officers charged. gray died of a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody last april. today, a judge conclude nero played little role in his arrest and was not responsible by the failure by police to put a seatbelt on gray you once he was placed in a
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some were outraged. >> people shouldn't be in neighborhoods if they're not trained to work with african-american communities: . >> no justice, no peace. >> the attorney for the gray family is commending the judge for not bending to public opinion in analyzing the case. the family respects the veterans day. coming up at 10:30 more on today's veterans day and how this will affect future cases from an attorney who was in the courtroom when that veterans day was read. two women are recovering tonight after they were shot in northeast dc. police say the shooting happened just before 4:00 this afternoon in the 3700 block of h anestreet. developing, dc police are investigating two separate shooting. first in the 1900 block of fred dick douglas
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the second shooting happened 30 minutes later in 3700 southeast. the victim of that shooting is awake and conscience. let's take it outside. we got more rain this afternoon. the big question we want to know is when is the sunshine going to come out. how are things looking for memorial day weekend. sue palka, i hope you have answers. >> i do and i have two thumbs up. >> i kind of got a hint by the way you were leading into the weather forecast. >> the last thing anybody wanted to see what you more rain. why do we have so much rain? we've had an area of low pressure off the coast that liked hanging around. it's out there tonight. rain is greatly diminished. the only thing left is right here on is interstate 81. that's going to wind down, putting everything in motion the last several hours. it's spinning,
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the northwest to the southeast and actually northeast to the southwest and that is the direction when we have an area of low pressure spinning off the coast like we see with so many of our winter storms throwing in bands of moisture. and that unusual direction for us this time of year. that area of low pressure, which has been slow, it's been cut off from the jet stream, it didn't have anything to kick it out. it's still off the delmarva tonight. there's a few spotty showers lingering, but it will get a kick as a weak area of high pressure builds in. it's going to be clearing. we're going to have a mainly dry day. only one or two spotty but that will be it. we managed to get up in the mid 70's and the heat in combination of that storm off the coast kind of made the whole area a little bit unstable. that should be a different story tomorrow as temperatures are comfortable tonight and guess what? they're going to be on the warm side tomorrow. to give you an idea, summer warmth is on the way. it will be here for memorial
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day. it will be here tomorrow afternoon. at the busstop 53 to 60 is dry. after school 75 to 81. looks like we're about to get our first 80 degree day of the month of may. coming up we will certainly be talking about the memorial day weekend's we'll show you what to expect at the beaches. the it's going to be worth it. >> i like the sound of that. prince george county schools were supposed to release policy changes following a big child pornography scandal early this year. we're three weeks past the deadline and there has been nothingly where the case stands next at. coming up maryland governor larry hogan brave fight against cancer. >> i tried to work with other patients. of on a i made laps around the cancer ward and talked to everybody. >> he sat down with
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how he pushed through his most unexpected challenge since becoming governor. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back. a former spokesperson for the fairfax county police department has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. william walker was charged with possession of child pornography last month. the investigation started after the national center for missing and exploited children received a tip from a social media site that child important was uploaded on to it's servers from his home in fairfax county. the 50-year-old had worked for fairfax police department since 1999. walker is expected to be sentenced in august. meanwhile, parents still waiting to hear what policy changes prince george's county schools will make following a high approximately child case there. 22-year-old is still in jail on child porn charges after creating videos of children performing sexual acts at school. fox 5 sarah
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>> reporter: the district was supposed is to release may 2nd, prince george county formed that safety task forces after the allegation of child sexual abuse came do life. the child porn allegations against him surfaced back in february this year. as a volunteer at the school. parents want to know why he had access to children in a private forum and they want to know why this wasn't caught sooner. the school district formed the task foreman in response to the criminal investigation after launched. they're conducting a review of the is district's current policies. it was a four-step phase the task force has been working on. during this time, a former prince georgia's count student who was on track to study law. says he was concerned the district was violating law. making the informational meetings open to the public. he open filed a complaint saying the district needs
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transparent with the community. >> they have a right to know the school system has been negligent for so long, so many years in dealing with this important issue of child sexual abuse. they have a right to answer without further delay. there's been delays. they have a right to have -- i'm not saying kevin maxwell. overpaid ceo of the public school system stand before them and account for what transpired as well as entertain questions directly from the community. >> we reached out to prince george's county. a spokesperson says the student safety, it took a little extra time to review the comments and the survey is a lot of work. we hope to have the recommendations soon. the recommendation are expected to be released in may. the spokesperson said she didn't have an exact date and no one was availabl
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recommendations are released. we'll let you know when the task force releases those findings. a dc man under arrest accused of raping a woman on a metro train. john hicks is being held without bond. the alleged attack happened on a red line train last month. the victim told police that hicks pulled a knife on her, forced her to perform a sex act. he's now facing a number of charges, including attempted first degree rape. developing tonight, the fbi is investigating virginia governor terry for allegedly accepting illegal donations to his campaign. the probe has been underway at least a year but agents have not yet contacted the governor. investigators say chinese businessman wang made three donations totally $120,000. the fbi is concerned that wang may be a foreign national but a spokesperson says he has a u.s. green card. virginia republicans are asking the states highest court to block more than 200,000 convicted
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right to vote. gop argues that the governor violates the separation of powers when he suspended the state's band on felons being able to vote. they claim governor can restore voting rights on a case-by-case basis he's standing by his actions. he says people who served their time have a right to have their voices heard. we will bring you that interview on the news at 5:00 and 6:00. to a story you'll see only on fox 5. it's been 11 months since larry hogan announced he had an aggressive form of cancer. after months of grueling treatments. doctor says hogan is cancer free. a lot happened in a year. governor sat down with laura evans to recount the past year, what he'een how to and how it's affected him. >> i called this press conference today to talk about a new challenge. >> it was june 22nd, 2015. governor larry hogan had been in office
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the flanked by family and with a shaky voice, he delivered the disturbing and penalize news. >> i was diagnosed with cancer. it's an aggressive b cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> an advanced cancer of limp nodes. 50 to 60 tumors throughout his body. he wanted the public to know everyday everything. >> all of my staff told me not to do it and the doctors told me. >> why did you do it. >> i just thought it was going to come it oh. if this could help anyone else -- i wanted to use what i was going to through to help others. >> it began new journey and his biggest challenge to date. >> i was in the hospital 24 hour chemo up all night. >> that went on six months. he held cabinet
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hospital. when his staff wasn't there, steroids helped him working all hours. >> you're wired all night. my staff. i was in the hospital texting like 1, 2:00, 3:00, 5:00 in the morning, sitting in the hospital room wide awake all these yeats flowing. i would make up in the morning and say what the heck happened? now they're happy i'm back to work and they can get sleep. when he wasn't working, he made the rounds visiting with other cancer patients. of. >> i stayed very positive and focused. i had to keep them pumped up at the same time. >> reporter: that was your focus? that's what kept you distracted. >> i stayed distracted with a lot things. i stayed positive. i tried to work with patients the whole time in the hospital. made lamps around the cancer ward. >> reporter: the chemo took a. >> what was your lowest point. >> near the end of the
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chemotherapy treatment because it has a sort of a cumulative effect and really does wear you down. >> he lost his hair. became extremely fatigued. it was the same time the pope came to washington. >> when i met pope francis and had the opportunity to be blessed by him, i asked for his blessing for all cancer patients around the world. i felt like i was getting plenty of prayers but i felt like there wasn't many people focused on them. >> did you think you were doing to die. >> the odds they gave me there was a chance of that happening. >> tomorrow night, what governor hogan says got him through his treatments and what he credits for his quick recovery. also, does the governor have political aspirations beyond maryland's top seed? he tells us how this has changed him. laura evans from washington. >> great for him to share that.
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still ahead crews found more beverage from the egypt airplane crash. we'll have the latest on the having and possibility. an equipment failure on board. ready or not. here it comes, metro will begin the first leg of its major construction revamp next week. who will be impacted first? that the next at 10:00.
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. a french ship has joined the search for the black boxes and other wreckage from each air flight 804. it crashed into the mediterranean sea thursday morning with 66 people. investigators are zeroing on on a four minutes sequence events that unfolded before the computer shutdown. data received indicate smoke and fired in the cockpit. quickly spread to the
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bathroom. egyptian authorities believe terrorism is a more likely explanation than equipment failure but so far, no hard evidence that would suggest that. metro will begin it's major make over by the end of of this week and those repairs will cause pretty major delays. first leg will run from june 4 through june 16. trains will single track on the orange and silver lines in northern virginia which means severely reduced service west of boston. in response, arlington are working on several options, include bringing in local busses and employees to work from home. >> have you got enough lead time for metro to be able to deal with this? ? well, the short answer is no. of course not. none of us have. but we are where we are and we're going to make the beef of it. as i said we've had practicely we didn't have a lot of notice with the march shutdown and we've made it work. >> many experts and officials advise you get familiar with thisew
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in fact, we posted it on our website fox 5 coming up acquitted of all charges, today a baltimore police officer charged in connection with freddie gray death walked away a free man. >> coming up next an attorney in the courtroom when the veterans day was read is here to break down what today's veterans day could mean for the outcome of the over officers' trials. we'll be right back.
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. . this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. welcome back everyone of we're following breaking news right now out of prince with my county virginia. police are investigating the death of two people. officers were called to the apartment to do a welfare check after a concerned relative could not reach the people. officers forced their way into the apartment and found two adults both were dead. investigators say this does not appear to be random. it does not pose a threat to the people in this area.
10:31 pm
scene, we will bring you updates seasons they're available. to a look at tonight's top stories, starting were any violent robbery of a dc student. three people walked up to the georgetown student attacked him pushed him to the ground and stole belongings. it happened at least a month ago near the northwest dc school. police have not made arrests. >> reporter: a montgomery county student resource officer has been removed from his position here at sherwood high school after teachers allege he put a female student in headlock and tackled her during the school's prom. they allege his judgment has been questionable in the past instances including this picture where police he's seen pointing a taser like gun at school faculty. tony? it was all eyes on baltimore as the verdict for one of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray was handed down. of police officer edward nero was acquitted on all charges.
10:32 pm
his verdict to packed courtroom. said, neare wiped tears from his eyes. there was protests outside the courthouse but the streets have remained calm. to discuss the events is attorney dep re debbie hines. you were in the courtroom. tell me what that was like. what was happening in there, the demeanor of those watching then i want you to talk a little bit about the judge taking his time 30 minutes to explain all of this. >> the demeanor was calm inside the courtroom before court started we had two deputy sheriffs basically tell everyone there were to be no outbursts. no comments made and if you didn't feel you could contain yourself you needed to leave before the judge came out. every abided by that. officer nero since we're spectators his back is to me. i really didn't
10:33 pm
i really didn't see his rack in any way. but during the whole entire 25, 30 minutes or so, the judge gave his opinion. it was calm. >> sometimes these verdicts, when they're handed down by a judge can go quickly. is it unusual that he would take so much time to explain his thought process and how he thought things went down. >> it wasn't unusual for this judge. but yes, it is. judges go through it quickly. it would be longer where a jury verdict would be where you're going through not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, but i've seen this judge do legal opinions and he always did that, gave all his opinion so that everything can be set forth and everyone can understand. that's good for the pretty good as well as for the defense attorneys that are coming up in the nexts cases. >> were you surprised by the verd
10:34 pm
>> tell me -- i've been following the case and reading about it. i wasn't either surprised by the verdict. tell us why you weren't surprised. >> for this officer and only as to this officer, the case wasn't strong. for lack of a better word, was a weak case against this officer. things changed because people ask, well, why would marilyn mosely bring the case? sometimes things change in a trial. the fact that he should thought might have been there when may 1st 2015 may have developed differently. with respect to his case, he's rookie officer. he didn't arrest freddie gray's that was supported not only by the police officer testimony but by freddie gray's friends. >> we've had two trials. the first a hung jury. this one an acquittal. when the charges were made last year, there were some who were saying and spec
10:35 pm
well, this seems to have happened quickly. maybe there were politics going on here. there were some who were saying maybe these officers were overcharged. would what we've seen so far with a hung jury and an acquittal suggest that? >> i don't think that the charges were quick. i've done prosecutions. of i don't think that it was -- i don'th it takes as long it has taken in other cases. this is not the type of case where it were take six, seven months, 12 months and i disagree with people that say that it would. in terms of overcharging, i think there has been quite a bit of overcharging. i don't think the first officer should have been charged with manslaughter. i'm not so sure that the van driver should have been charged with second degree murder but as to charging the officers three of the six would you be able to they should have been charged. >> officer nero today or not today, but originally requested that his verdict be rendered by
10:36 pm
he wanted the judge to hear his case. are we now likely to see other officers request the same thing? >> no. >> no? >> why not. >> because the cases are all different. like i said, there are three officers where other fellow officers are pointing the finger at them. and that was much of what judge williams said today. this case only applied to the facts of officer nero, not to the lieutenant, the supervising and the van driver. those are more complicated. as with respect to the other police that were on bicycles, there's two others, miller and rice, we might see one or two of those actually take a court trial because the cases are similar. >> interesting, all eyes will continue to remain on these cases still ahead the war of words continues between the presidential front runners, they're going at each other over the issue of gun control. we'll have the late
10:37 pm
campaign trail when we return.
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. over the weekend the u.s. military made a rare a move into pakistan to target a taliban. taliban leader monday is our wasn't listed on any major hit list but he was killed by u.s. drone strike saturday. mansour had repeatedly targeted u.s. personnel. president emphasized the attack does not reflect he is calculation of u.s. hospitalization. the afgan security forces. our job is to help afghanistan secure its own country. aside from s
10:42 pm
drone attacks, this was only the second u.s. military strike within pakistan's borders. another war of words between the presidential front runners, this time over it's second amendment. hillary clinton says republican donald trump gun policies are dangerous and will make the country less safe. national rifle association editorsed trump. he claimed hillary clinton will prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns. >> we will not be silenced and intimidated. as long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we will keep fighting for our kids because they deserve a president who stands up for them. >> she's reading off a teleprompter she always does. she doesn't have her own words. she talked about guns in classrooms. i don't want to have guns in classrooms although in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms. >> two different
10:43 pm
match-up between clinton and trump would be a virtual dead heat. tonight at 11:00 we're following the breaking news out of north re northern virginia. two bodies found in an apartment building. >> more on the story you saw first on fox 5. the school resource officer under investigation for excessive force and what we've learned about his past. >> these men ditched sneakers for high heels for an try day. the reason is coming up tonight at 11:00.
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z2025z . we have storms roll throw through earlier this afternoon and evening. even severe weather. >> caitlin roth is here with exactly how much rain we've had this month. >> you know it's added up to pretty high numbers for may monthly rain totals. we did have storms today, no the widespread. certainly not hail as big as the baseball size hail we saw last month. but enough we got pictures and videos
10:47 pm
full tweeter and facebookers. this was taken outside springfield virginia. that was earlier this afternoon as the storm just began. and we saw several storms pop up quickly late in the afternoon into the early evening. hail coming down in a parking lot there. some of our our facebook friends shared their pictures. different hail mainly of penny to pea-size cross the area. this is from david. you can see the hail in his palm. that is probably decent penny to nickel size. hail in waldorf maryland. we got this, small hail with the storms that raised through southern maryland and i love these cloud pictures when you get the good view and angle you can see the rain within the shelf cloud we call them the leading edge of the storm. that in wood bridge virginia and that was as this storm was approaching. also this, a baseball
10:48 pm
the washington nationals tweeted this one earlier this afternoon. it was the 7:00 game. we have the rain. it didn't let up until 7:30 before sunset and then they were able to play ball yet again shortly after 8:00 p.m. thanks to the wonderful ground crew probably so sick of deal with what has been a rainy start to the season. how much? well, the may monsoon, not so far above the normal which is you have the? under four inches, the most we've had in may. over ten inches 10.6 back in 1953 and judging by the forecast, really don't think it will get that bad within the next seven days, we're turning a corner on the wet weather which sue will tell about in just a minute but we want to compare last may. if you remember it was one of the hottest on record and such a difference. our average this month, 66 compare that to an
10:49 pm
between may 1st of 2015, a lot less rain last may, lot more heat. 14 days above 80. we have yet to have any days above 80 degrees in this month of may that will go down i believe as one of the wet and very cool months. that's a look the aware we stand right now. we have much better news in the seven-day forecast finally as we go over to saw palka. she'll show us a summery weekend. >> i had to run the air conditioner on christmas and had a fire in my fireplace saturday. >> it's like we're making up for the crazy december where we were so warm. >> it has been a whacky several months. everything seems to be off. the summer season is about to begin here in dc. while we only have spotty showers that are lingering opportunity, we are gusting to see the clouds going by tomorrow and these temperatures will be up
10:50 pm
tomorrow should be the first 80 degree day we've had so far this month of may. unusual to go this long. the late week will be hot. humid. it will be a little bit unsettled. i guarantee there will be some people saying why is it that we go from 50's to mid 80's and we don't get to enjoy those wonderful 70's without the humidity. a few showers linger. there may be one or two spotty showers coming down toward baltimore. that's how it will go. there will not be much left side. we're still not quite out of the influence of this swirling upper level low pressure system that was kind of closed off and unable to get a kick away. you can see where new york and some areas are getting few showers, few more you areas of clouds and spotty showers and then a good amount of sunshine developing tomorrow. forecasting 80 for dc. 82 for
10:51 pm
81 dulles, 82 for frederick. we have certain a big trough of low pressure most of this month. high pressure is building in and the pattern will kick out. the as the high is in this position tomorrow, still comfortable for us but had start moving and getting over to the coast. 80's are back in the forecast. pretty much the entire week. in fact, the only day that i have below 80's is actually memorial which i'll show you in a moment. tomorrow, 80's as the come comes out. fantastic wednesday. a thunderstorm is possible. not widespread. but typical summertime heat 87 with humidity. we're excited about wednesday, fox 5 dc weather team will be heading down. we'll doing the weather presentation for school kids.
10:52 pm
game, one dollar of every ticket will benefit lls leukemia and lymphoma and we've loed to meet you the team will be out there. we're going to stay for as much of the game as we can. high pressure in the bermuda -- it will bring in the possibility of heat and humidity. before we get on to our wonderful memorial day weekend and have at it. hat me show you the forecast. i love the planes going by. 85 degrees on saturday. a great day. sunday wonderful. we may have two dodge a few storms unfortunately looking a little bit unsettled for memorial day itself but still this is a nice weekend. while we don't think monday is an all day rain. you may have to factor that into your forecast with a temperature of 78. headed to the beaches? first beach forecast of the year, a pretty good good. the beaches may ab couple of
10:53 pm
thunderstorms, if you're heading down to hatteras, you're going to find mid upper 70's with chance of storms on memorial day. ocean city looking great, rehoboth beach looking great. everybody still carrying the thunderstorm and a slightly cooler monday. farther up the coast, beautiful cape may and bethany beach. of we're dealing with the same thing. if you go up up to cape may you may out run the monday thunderstorms. that is your beach forecast. what about your seven-day forecast? take a look at it. just showed you the weekend and as we look at the string of very warm days, the only one that i have that is below 80 now is monday and it's just amazing how quickly things can change here in dc. that is your forecast. let's send it over to jim lokay for a look at sports. >> thank you for reminding me of the beach forecast that i'm going to be here. >> i won't be at the beach either. >> works out. a congress as we know -- both sides seem to agree the is dropping the ball
10:54 pm
to researching cte. the debilitating brain disease. also got new attention after the move concussion came off the last year. focus on the research at the university of pittsburgh put but the congressional investigation said it tried to cherry pick researchers. right there. knocked him out of the playoffs and really caused more scrutiny on hits like that. the nfl promised more than $30 million toward research but yanked most of it. the league denies it tried to intervene. the congressional report says the n i h was never improperly influenced. it will happen all over again. tom brady appealing
10:55 pm
gate suspension. brady is hoping the second court of appeals will hear his case, which is expected to focus on the powers of roger good doeddel only in the deflate gate sga. it's a whole new world out there. >> it's such a distraction. it really is. get it out of the way and, you know, let them play and it's over and done with. >> fox 5 local news at 11:00 is next. as we head to break, a story for fans of tattoos who may be a little scared of commitment. >> a company designed a brand new type of tattoo ink it's disposed to disappear after one year. the product could be widely available by the end of
10:56 pm
>> just use bad tattoo ink? >> no, tone. >> a ballpoint pen. >> that's getting ink without the commitment. there you go.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. right now at 11:00, troubling accusation as aim at a school resource officer. and fox 5 has learned he's been on the other side of the law
11:00 pm
before. caught on camera. a group violently attacked a student at the local high school. changes being made on campus in the wake on the attack. preparing for long delays during metro's repair work. >> re. >> can you deal with this? >> no. >> what one county wants to do. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with breaking news. of police are investigating at even complex in triangle virginia after two bodies were found. >> the officers went to the apartment to do a welfare check after receiving a call from a concerned relative. they had to force their way into the apartment. found to adults inside both dead. investigators say this does not appear to be random and does not pose a threat to people who live in this area. we have a crew headed to the scene right now. of we will keep you updated. also tonight, controversy surrounding a montgomery county school resource officer. >> he is accus


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