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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 24, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. right now at 11:00, troubling accusation as aim at a school resource officer. and fox 5 has learned he's been on the other side of the law before. caught on camera. a group violently attacked a student at the local high school. changes being made on campus in the wake on the attack. preparing for long delays during metro's repair work. >> re. >> can you deal with this? >> no. >> what one county wants to do. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with breaking news. of police are investigating at even complex in triangle virginia after two bodies were found. >> the officers went to the apartment to do a welfare check after receiving a call from a
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the apartment. found to adults inside both dead. investigators say this does not appear to be random and does not pose a threat to people who live in this area. we have a crew headed to the scene right now. of we will keep you updated. also tonight, controversy surrounding a montgomery county school resource officer. >> he is accused of using excessive use of force at the sherwood high school prom. we're learns he had problems in the past. marina marraco reported this. marina. >> reporter: tony montgomery county police now looking into these allegations as well as reviewing surveillance tape where the prom was held two weeks that allegedly shows the altercation between the officer vega and that senior student here at sherwood high. it was actually teachers from this high school who
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the altercation at the prom that filed the complaint against officer maurice vega a 12-year veteran with montgomery county police alleging use of excessive force when they claim he placed a female student in headlock, tackled her to the ground, held her arms behind her back as if you were going to arrest her following a verbal altercation between that student and another student. now, teachers here at vega -- claim that vega, a student resource officer at the school used questionable judgment in the past, including instances like this picture. where he pointed a taser-like gun toward the teacher's head. vague ago who has been charged with harassment in the past was arrested in 2012 and charged with dui. in 2014, he was charged with yet another dui. this time while driving a police cruiser. he was found guilty then and ordered supervised probation. was subsequently taken
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patrol and reassigned as an f r o at sherwood high. tonight we went to officer vega's home for response but no one answered. in the last couple hours we've learned montgomery county police have now said that officer vega has been removed from current assignment here at the high school following an investigation. the second baltimore police officer to stand trial stemming from the death of freddie gray was found not guilty today. the judge in the case ruled that edward nero played minimal role in the arrest of freddie gray and not guilty of assault, reckless endangerment or misconduct in office. gray died of a severe spinal cord injury while me police custody last april. protesterers outside the courthouses were not happy but an tone for the gray family say they respect the judge's verdict. >> also proved
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he is not susceptible to being swayed by anybody's opinion except his own and that's a commendable role for a judge. and it sets a high bar for other judges to follow. >> people shouldn't be in neighborhood if they're not trained to work with african-americans communities. all these guys could be victims. >> nero is one of six behavior police officers charged in the case. last december officer william porter's trial ended when the jury could not reach a verdict. developing tonight, dc police are looking for the gunman involved in two separate shootings in southeast. first happened around 7:30 in the 1900 block of frederick douglas court. a teenager was shot in the leg. the second shooting happened about 30 minutes later in the 200 block of 37th street sweet. we're told that victim in that shooting awake and conscience. fox 5 is staying in the district now. surveillance video show as vicious attack on
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right near his high school in northwest dc you can see it happening right there. the georgetown high school student was near a school when you can see three people walk up and vicious's attack him. pushed him to the ground, punched him, stole his glasses wallet and phone. it happened back on april 27th. dc police just released the video. they're hoping you can recognize someone and it will lead to arrests. >> it's unfortunate those kids can't go to school and feel safe and in the middle of the day someone feel comfortable enough they could attack someone and rob them. they provided us way written statement. after the incidents the school had an assembly on safety training for students and changes were made. the health security guard patrol that campus. this man is under arrest tonight. he's accused of raping a woman on a metro train. john hicks is being held without bond tonight. accused of attacking the woman on a red line train last month. the victim told police the man pulled a knife on her. forced her to perform a sex act
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have victim reported the attack. we are watching the last of a a couple of showers passing. i don't think they will last much longer. clouds could linger a little bit longer but we finally saw thunderstorms this month. it's been too cool for them. getting up to 75 promoted the development of stronger storms with a bit of hail and what the left tonight just a last of a system that is traying to depart is off the delmarva and it should be slowly moving up coast as we go through overnight. can't rule out a spotty shower especially east of 95 as the low starts pulling away finally drenched us over the weekend. it should again re been to clear out. get ready for baying change in the weather pattern and these temperatures. i'm going to
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will ab cool start and it could still ab few clouds. 62 the a 8:00 in the morning in the district. maybe 64 for cumberland. a lot of places in the low 60's with a patch or two of fog. lit still be a lot of moisture. as we head toward noon. up and over our high temperatures for today, we think dc will get to 78 by noon, 76 for martinsberg. by the time we get to 4:00, it could be as warm as 82. 80 in manassas cold pepper. and 79 in gaithersburg. get ready for a warm and summer like feeling today. this is not too far from the average high for this time in may. this may has been anything but average get ready for the summer heat to come back. we'll focus on memorial day weekend coming up in a few minutes. the fbi is investigating virginia governor terry for
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alleging accepting illegal donations. probe has been underway at least a year. agents have not contacted the governor. investigators say chinese businessman wang made three donations to the governor totaling $120,000. the fbi is concerned that wang may be a foreign national but a spokesperson says he has a u.s. green card. a mobile home park in fairfax county is facing a civil rights lawsuit. they filed a lawsuit against waples mobile home part for refusing to release land to anyone over the age of 18 without a social security number. that could force 15 residents to be evicted. they he say the management company is violating the fair housing act and target residents because of thigher immigration status. still to come what brought down egypt air flight 804. also hea
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work is less than two weeks away. what one county may do to ease the commuting crunch.
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we're can'ting to follow the breaks news we told you about a short time ago. police say they found two bodies at even complex in triangle virginia. lindsey
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lindsey what have been able to find out. >> reporter: we only arrived here a few minutes ago to this apartment complex in prince william county. we found this crime scene here. you can see the officers that are out in front of the apartment complex. this area is south of, just to set the scene. i'm going to bring in the officer with the latest information. can you just take me through what you found here, what happened? >> sure. we responded here around 6:45. a concerned family member had not been able to contact one of his love ones when he responded to the scene, he was able to get into the apartment, but he wasn't able to get into one of the rooms. that's when he called us. when we arrived, we located two adults inside deceased. >> can you say anything about the nature of their injuries? >> not at this point. we're just now starting the investigation. still in the initial stages. we're getting into the room, starting our investigation at this point. >> i know you said
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still do have to notify next of kin. i'd asked you about ages, gender, not releasing anything like that but these are two adults. >> two adults, we haven't had the chance to be able to notify the next of kin at this point we're just saying two adults right now. >> are you thinking this is a random crime. >> at this point, we definitely think this is not random, we don't believe there's anyone else involved at this point. >> are you light showers whether and a murder suicide. >> no, we're still not able to get into the room. we're trying to determine cause method of death. >> thanks so much for information. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. for now live in prince william county. fox 5 local news. a french ship joined the search for the black boxes from egypt air flight 804. the plane crashed into the
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66 people on board. data received from the plane indicates smoke and fire started in the cockpit. then quickly spread to the front bathroom, knocking on the the electronics. egyptian authorities believe terrorism is a more likely explanation than equipment failure but so far no hard evidence merged. back lab against beyonce. pittsburgh police officers are refusing to work security for the star's concert on may 31st. they don't want to support the artist because they've taken fence to what they consider antipolice sentiments. the chief of police say the department will have enough staffing to provide security for the show. metro's massive safe track repair work will create major delays by end of this week. arlington county officials were working on had a plan to ease the commute. first leg of the safe track plan will run from june 4 to 16th.
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trains single track which means severely reduced service. arlington county officials are considering bringing in local busses and telling county employees to work from home. have you got enough lead time for metro to be able to deal with this. >> the short answer is no, of course not, none of us have. but we are where we are and we're going to make the best of it. went have a lot of time notice with that march shutdown or we've made it work. >> i don't want to freak you out the backup will re start next week, not this week, you have more time. how will the plan affect your commute? you can go to the website, we posted the details on fox 5 take a look. herndon today, about 1,000 members of naval academy freshman or plebe class formed a human pyramid
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foot at all herndon monument. monument was covered in lard. may replaced it with a midshipman's hat. it took the group one hour and 12 minutes to complete the climb. that's actually not bad. some years it take a couple hours. >> teamwork. that's what they're supposed to d do. >> coming down, they did a great job to get there there congratulations. the first part on the day was gorgeous. skies turned gray. >> a little bit of heat in contrast with the storm off the coast. mother nature said i'm going to cook up a couple of storms. haven't seen many of those. a lot rain, not a lot of thunderstorms with hail but we had today. one or two severe storms. you saw the hail in places around time, not the biggest we've seen but enough to get your attention and it definitel
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as we were keeping you prize of this storm. not much left tonight and not much rain in the forecast going forward. maybe a little bit unsettled toward the end of the week. we're watching as we look at the last several hours in motion, not much left. storm system here off the delmarva. as it does so. the showers will shut off and the clouds will depart. we matched to get up to 75. it was great to see the sunshine. i'm sure you could see the clouds bubbling up. and they led to storms out of the forecast few days. average high temperature is 78 as of tomorrow. we'll be close by to average for a change and if we hit 80, it will be the first time this month. we've had in 80 degree reading. we warm it up to 85 yens wednesday. 87 thursday and 89 on friday. as you probably noticing we go from the 50's to the 80's, and we don't get much time with sunny and
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here in dc but a terrific tuesday. hope you get out and enjoy it. can't completely rule out a spotty shower because the system will be heading up the coast. high pressure should take over. we got high pressure that will be working its way to the coast on wednesday, the bermuda high position will warm us up into the mid 80's and it will be hanging out there most of the weekend. 61 now, cool night is the a hand, 49 for from discrimination, 57 dulles. 58 cold pepper and 55 in leonard town. sunrise tomorrow spectacular and we sure do love your photos. this came to us, forecasting a temperature of 57 as the sun comes up at 5:48. tweet it to me at sue palka fox 5 dc or facebook. at the busstop, no rain gear needed. after school, they're going to be hoping they wore their shorts. 75 to 81 because ay warm day coming and i
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summer later this week as the high pressure continues off the coast but as that heat and humidity thursday and friday, rule out pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon. not anything widespread. if you didn't see this earlier on the 10:00 news, memorial day weekend fast at hand and saturday and sunday look absolutely glorious. we may have to watch for storms on monday. do the cooking earlier in the weekend with storms possible on monday. in the meantime, fox 5 seven-day forecast it's nothing but heat on this. isolated storms possible thursday and friday. we'll keep it dry for a changes that you weekend and a chance for memorial at 78. that is your seven-day forecast. jim lokay over to you. >> all right. sue thank. a little bit of rain pushed back. mark scherzer bobble head. starting a three-game.
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bottom first, nates with two outside, threatening jason worth on third, daniel murphy on first. ryan zimmerman comes through base hit to right field. worth is going to trot home on zimmerman's 20th homer of season, on the mount. gonzales, changed on the third david wright first pitch swinging jason worth tries, ain't going to happen. latter surrounded two solo homers. the nates lose 7-1. did you see this one, steven adams feld. adams's soft spot will cost him 25 thousand dollars. look here it goes. up. ouch. he was not suspended tonight. fined 25 grand but the problem is he has three foul points.
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suspension. it was incidental contact. >> sure. >> sports is illegal here that never stopped former wizard star gilbert from doing anything. he posted this photo. a snip it of the text. here's what he said about the nba western conference finals quote so take the over for the game. over under half 110 as long as the total is at least 103 you're still safe. if i'm wrong, why the hell are you taking vase from a gay who bring a gun to work. obviously i'm a more ron. take it for what it's worth. >> sounds like an expert to me. >> troy bowers making a big impact. netting his eighth goal of the post season,
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they lead the series three games to two. little less on humanity. getting play on the baseball diamond. watch this, the flip. the points. and the running man. logan hall from washington is an eighth grade but has the swag gar of a senior. the lesson here don't sho off, kids. >> of course that running man keeps getting play after play. we're going to see it one more time. the flip, the point, the running man. >> serious flip, too. >> i'm still debating the legality of those running. that's not the running man i grew up knowing. >> it's like the electric slide is totally different. i'm more at ease with my 70 and 80-year-old aunt on the floor. >> they can update the
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we rap up with a viral video showing a group of men who discovered just how difficult it is to walk in heels. they put their male employees in heels and told them to go out into the world. >> how is the heels? >> i'm not sure that heel was going to snap. >> so there was a point to this. they made this video after a british woman was fired for not wearing heels to work. in britain it is legal for employers to determine dress code woman is now collecting signatures on a petition to make dress requirements for equal for men and women. i'm not going to say i'm not going to give these guys a bunch of props. we wear heels
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wore heels a couple of minutes.
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