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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a fox5 exclusive. i'm carrying on my schedule as governor. no one has alleged i've done've anything wrong. we went one one on one virginiai governor terry mcauliffe following reports the fbi is investigating him.vest he didn't shy away from our investigation. also, caught red handed. the news at 6 starts right now. we begin the 6 tonight withtoni breaking yous. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. > s that he'sd right.he's the news coming to us out of orange county, virginia, a incorporate s l engine plainat crashede about 90 minutes ago.. we're told right on the street. we're told this is near a town called roadsville in orange in county. we're also told that two people on the the plain were killed. there's no word of any injuries to people on the ground. federal and state investigators are heading to the scene tocene figure out what exactly happened. we will bring you the latest developments as soon as we getet hem. in other news today a teenager has been arrested in connection to the accidental drug overdoses
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student. fox5's marina maracco is life at centerville high school tonight with more. marina. >>reporter: and tony, thatt arrest actually came last week after that student, also centerville high school turnedol himself into police. here is # 1 year old david he evers, he is charged inhar connection with the death of another student here at centerville high school. 17 year old alexia springer who like you said died back in march from an dental al drug overdose. initially fairfax county policea saying it was a heroin overdose. her family vehemently denied that saying it was an accidental drug overdose but the medical examiner saying that they did, in fact, find the opioid oxycodone in her system along with a cocktail of drugs. at this point, david he evers has been charged with manufacturing, selling,elli possession and distributing of a controlled prohibitive substance. the investigation at this pointt still remains open,
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provides some sort of closure at least now with this arrest for the springer family. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > new tonight, metro is making a big policy change and it allt stems from an alleged on boardod of a redline train. from now on metro police willeto have to publicly report violente crimes immediately. reporters grilled paul wiedefele today after it was revealed the sexual assault happened lastappe month, but the public wasn't informed about it untilntil yesterday. >>reporter: shawn, there were more than a few puzzled reactions among members ofembe congress today when metro gm paul wiedefeld told them thatd the reason metro decided not to publicly expose the assault was because that the suspect wasas arrested immediately and therehe was no present danger to the public. keep in mind that alleged incident happened 41 day
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up there on the hill today metro's failure to disclose itdc became the central issue today when the house transportation committee began hearing members. members of congress started asking questions, including virginia republican barbara con stock t and democrat eleanord homes norton of d.c. both saying that they're not happy withpy white feld's answers duringns testimony today.te this assault was revealedevea yesterday when the suspect had a hearing in a montgomery county court. wiedefeld told congress that metro made its decision not to tell the public because metro police made the arrest and thera was no further danger to thehe public. however, that answer didn't sitn well with many members of congress he today and metro's gm continued to defense thethe decision during questioning witt the media, especially when fox5 asked how this squared with the repeatedly pledges of transparency. was that a major mistake
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tell people that somebody gotot raped on metro? >> we captured the person withis hours. > you're commended for that was a good arrest. >> i will take a look at it, if, we need to report every case, we'll report every day. things happen every day. if you want us to put out a daily police blogger we'll put out a daily police blogger. it was something that end thatng and that's what we did. in fact, about three hours after the gm said that metro transit police put out a tweet saying that under orders from theom general manager they are now required to alert the public on the same day of a violent crime if it does t not interfere with the investigation.n. the 39 year old suspect in this case john each of d.c. is beingn held behind bars without bale in he is charged with first degreer rain. we're life on capital
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tonight. tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. tonight stunning allegations against virginia governor terry mcauliffe. the feds are investigating $120,000 in campaign cam contributions that he received from a chinese businessman. fox5 political reporter ronica cleary is here. you had an exclusive sit down interview with the governor. i'm just curious. we know the investigation has been going for a year today,r what did he say. >>reporter: it was fascinating. he did not shy away.away a lot of people told me you might cancel this interview whei this broke. he kept to he was very confident. he said i'm on my duty as governor and he's not nothing to hide. he said that he has not accepted illegal contributions. he says the donor in question, he says that he ' not even suren that he's met him. so governor mcauliffe says thatt is simply price of being in politics. he has been going around as governor since the news broke
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every contribution was fully vetted by his legal team. le i asked him if he feels he's been targeted because of his close relationship to the clintons. take a listen.iste >> i'm really baffled by the whole story in the first place. do you feel targeted especiallyr by that association with the clintons where she often says about things about targeted? >> i'll be honest with you if iu was sitting out in the private sector, not as governor i don't think this would have wrist ebb to the level. list especially, it's okay, you get into this business.usin i'm fine. we are confident we haven't donn anything wrong. this investigation has beenbeen going on for over a year. we're going to obviously continue to l to it and makend sure the people of virginia aree well informed about what ishat going on with their governor.goe speaking of that it has been going on for a year, but we heard that the governor wasn't aware of it. did he talk about that, that he he didn't know. >> he was not contacte a
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this investigation. i think that is sometimes how these investigations are conducted. it's just part of the process. but his attorney did say that he would cooperate fully if t and f when he is contacted. > i'm glad he saturday downatur with you and still talked despite everything going on.on >> me, too. it was very good. > fairfax county police haveice made arrests in a frighteningng armed rob requirement william franklin and jazz minute city are charged in an officer-involved shooting and car jacking that started at brook field plaza in springfield saturday afternoon. he said hesa was arrested at newark airport trying board aoar flight. one of the suspects fired at an officer who challenged that suspect as he he came out of a jewelry store.jewe when the officer returned fire a bystander was shot.shot that person has non threatening injuries. thick black smoke covered over parts of prince george's county this afternoon after after tractor-trailer accident. this happened at the start oftat rush hour on route 704 at
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which can ardmore road in and dover. the arizona ice tea truck was on its way to the dealership after the driver noticed he was havini engine problems.en good news is the driver made it out safely and is doing okay. > the weather, certainly a whoo the topic today. pun intended. >> we've gone right from messy early spring-like conditions to summer conditions.cond sue, is this just a tease ofease things to come.o >> i think this has been a wholesale change, tony andnd shawn. i think that pattern that we're in for most of may is now ending. we expected it to end wind up around memorial day.y. today the first day we've been up and over 80 or even touched 80 for the entire month of may. the other number that's kind of high, tree pollen and mold. the pollen is high because of all the wet weather. we're not looking only at somet
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day weekend forecast when we come right back. stay with us.
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> bill cosby will stand trialsb on sexual assault charges. a pennsylvania judge handed dowe that decision today. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting formal temple university employee and dry a constant at his home back in in 2004. cosby claims the sex was consensual. this morning the judge heard part of the statement the gave to the police.ç pol she claims cosby drugged her and made her unable to stop. if the vehicle time is consciou and then unconscious again, the victim is unable to consent. > if convicted, bill cosby faces up to 10 years in prison. he is expected back in court in july. > a rare move by the us supreme court. the high court threw out the death penalty
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african-american georgia manamer that was handed down by a an all white jury. this despite confessing too murder a school teacher nearly post office years old. prosecutors improperly kept african-americans off the jury r validating the constitution.onst >> this was blatant raise bl discrimination. the crime in a l justice system is part of our society that has been by the civil rights movement. > justice clarence tomorrowsrrw as, a georgia native desented in this case saying he respected the decisions of state judges. the case now returns to state court which could lead to a newe rile. we knew the obamas were planning to stay in the district after the president left office. now we know where. fox5's teisha a lewis is on the case. teisha. >>reporter: hey there we are i califo
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absolutely beautiful neighborhood. we just got p here and we caughe up with jenny. when you heard the first family might be moving here, what's your reaction. re >> it's exciting to see them the walking around. the question that's on my mind is what makes california ram a so attractive? why did this neighborhood beat out so many others here. >> it's beautiful. all the homes are gorgeous. you have a gorgeous park across the street. it's just lovely to be out here. > thank you so much. we'll have much more coming up.
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can you imagine living rightag next took to the former president of the united states?o >> well, for, 5 teisha lewis iss life in one neighborhood ind northwest where it is speculated the obamas will plant rootslant after leaving the white house. tier a. >>reporter: that's we'rew in calarama, it is an exen
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neighborhood. we're talking millions of dollars and thousands of dollars to rent, more than $5,000 inn $5 some instances.nsta we're joined now by a few residents who live here. i want to talk to you about some of the propers and cons when you hear of the first family movingn to your area. what is a proper. >> more prestige and historicali context to the neighborhood.he when i mentioned to you that the first family is moving here your had a little bit of anan interesting reaction. tell me why.hy >> itself he ' exciting, but itt will bring intense security. it will be a little bit of a change to the neighborhood. you were with us earlier. we want to ask you again, whatai are some of the -- tell us abous the neighborhood and why calarama beat out maybe somebe other neighborhoods because i'm wondering why calarama?lara >> there's a lot of things happening over here.e. you have restaurants and bars opening u
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adams morgan and woodly park. it's an exciting place to be. let's do by a show of hands. we've heard a lot of different chatter about the first family is going to live after the term is up after january. it looks like it is here. who is happy. >> three out of three. not too > let ' also talk about justjut the history behind this neighborhood. i don't know if you guys know, but i did a little bit ofbit research and it's been home to lots of politicos and several presidents. does that make you feel special that the first family is considering a place where you call home. >> it does. it actually kind of factored into one of the reasons weeaso bought in our building, for the history of it.t. we had eisenhower, right? lived there before. it adds to the nature and value. >> i won't complain about that. > thank you all so much for joining us. we
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tony and shawn back to you. > very exciting. > thank you, tier a. > well, a fox5 viewer sent us this video.this we're going do show it to you of a person walking rightç up to s home and stealing a package off of his door step.tep. juan sand ball moved into montgomeryville age just a few months ago. for his family's safety he installed a security system. he watched the robbery life on his phone. he called police, but thehe suspect still got a way. take a look. you can see this guy's face quite clearly. you can even see the car. there's the guy. there he is right if you recognize this person, you're asked to give authoritiee a call.all we've got this on our facebookeo page. know it's on your page, my pagey as well where there's aher description of the it's missing the front right wheel is missing a hub cap.
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my goodness. can you imagine? you have your security cyst and you're watching this happen from work f and there's nothing you can do o about it. >> let's only hope it's something he can't use. > or a little girls' shoes or something. the weather is just perfect, sue palka. >> it is spectacular. one of the days that we don't get enough of here where it'st's warm, comfortable, but not humid. we know how you feel about that, shawn. >> thank goodness.nk g > today was a perfect day for a little demonstration that we actually got to see here photographers watching the snow birds. this is a demonstration team from canada and they did a flyover over southwest d.c. today. they've got nine jets and a chase plane and they were givinn a little show around noon. in case you saw that and i knoww the blue angels were out in annapolis.s. we got a double whammy ofof wonderful air shows today for
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they landed dulles where they'ry going to be on public display at the national air and space museums tomorrow. it's kind of cool and they've picked the right day to dot demo. it would have hard to see themoe through all the haze and the low cloud cover.over it's really exciting.xci that is show smoke that they are he ' expelling out the back. meanwhile it was also exciting to get the temperatures low 830s today can. our first 80-degree day in ther month of may. this wet and damp month and we're changing things up now. it's going to be even warmer tomorrow and slowly but surely the humidity is going to come sneaking back into town again. for your earlier weekend we hang onto a temperature, 83-degrees.e 79 in baltimore, 81 in annapolis and it's going to be a gorgeous evening and what a change fromom just 24 hours ago when we were chasing the last of someo stronger and a few severe storms through the
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rain cooled.oole now we're some 18 to 23-degrees warmer than we were just 23 hours ago. while boston is still under the influence of that low pressure that was spinning by yesterday and over the weekend, look at the difference. we're so much warmer than they are. a lot of warm air getting ready to come into the east andast northeast and i know it will be welcomed by so am of you. a gorgeous sunrise expected tomorrow and look at this picture from buddy. he's one of our favorite sharers on facebook. sunrise tomorrow is at 5:48. the temperature should be a pretty mild 64-degrees and att the bus stop nice for the kidste as well. 62 to 69 nice and mild. in the morning for a change and maybe that pool water won't be so cool as we head toward the weekend with warmer in the forecast all this week. after school a range of 83 to 88-degrees.88
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high pressure moving just offmoi the coast.oast we'll ensure that that happens.e we'll also keep it really mildll and even warmer tomorrow with our high pressure pumping in the southwest winds we're going to see a touch of humidity by the time we get into thursday. i think we can keep the humidity somewhat at bay on wednesday. with the up tick on humidity ond thursday a slightly better chance that we can see someome popup thunderstorms in the afternoon. a typical thunderstorm because we'll probably get well into the 80s on thursday. this pattern departs, the heat and humidity return and with oud area of high pressure building in this is where we're expecting the temperatures to be into the 80s. wednesday 86-degrees with lotss of sunshine. the humidity more noticeable onn thursday and friday another dayr where we can see a popup thunderstorm and a temperature of 88-degrees. as we look at our accuweather seven day forecast into the weekend, fantastic on saturday, pushing 90. 70 at night, sunday maybe a couple of afternoon thunderstorms, not widespread.
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thunderstorm may be on memorial day, 50/50 of seeing some scattered thunderstorms with aro temperature of 82-degrees. we can't even rule out the possibility of a thunderstorm on tuesday as well with a chance oc a thunderstorm as well. that is your seven day forecast. don't go fire anywhere. we have much more to talk about when the news at 6 continues. hey d.c., guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪
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> so making it the scripts national spelling bee is an amazing achievement for anyone, but # 1 year old neil haze has a most difficult gurney than most of his pierce. he was born death.n after months of speech and language therapy neal is going to compete in the national spelling bee against 281 other
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top speelers next week. nex by the way he got quite the send off from his classmates back in bell ton, south carolina before he left.he >> i was in the basement printing out things and they called me and i started shouting the preliminary round kicks off next saturday. the only requirement that the announcer will speak into something that goes right into his cochlear implants. >> you know who i'm rooting for. i went back and i was looking up some of the words in the past, , guess you would call it thehe winning word.wi first of all i had no idea howow to pronounce most of them and i certainly could not have spellee them. that is quite an event. i've anywhere why itedded or hosted some spelling not that big one. yo
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> you realize how brilliant the kids are. >> they are incredibly focused. i love to watch as they picturee the word in their head. you can tell they're going to that place and pulling it out. > we wish him luck. >> can we spell great weather. >> we sure can. > we're going to have a beautiful evening and another warm day tomorrow. see you tonight at 10:00. tmz is next.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: kelly osbourne has gone on the attack against the woman allegedly who had the affair with her dad, calling her a chunky low light. >> no, a chunky low light is a type of thing you put in your hair and it looks terrible. >> i thought it meant a whore you had to keep the lights off. >> i got the first photo of the next kardashian. blac chyna posted her sonogram up on social media. >> i hate when people post these. >> i know. it's too -- >> i don't need to see it. >> maybe if you have a child, you would be proud of that as well. >> no, i wouldn't. [laughter] >> back in the day when he was doing "married with children," david faustino met george harrison at some sort of party. george harrison was a huge fan of christina applegate and he told david -- >> he would like to [bleep] her


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