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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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fairfax county. a high school student allegedly involved in the accidental in overdose of another student is now under arrest. open yourself up. a fox5 exclusive. virginia governor terry mcauliffe tells fox5 why he's not running from cameras or criticism in the midst of an fbi investigation into campaign contribution. and imagine the first family being your new neighbors.eigh we'll tell you where they'rehey planning to leave once they live the white house. ho fox5 local news at 11 starts sta right now. thank you for joining us at 11,, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. a fairfax county teenager is in jail tonight. he told police he may have beene involved in the accidental drugc overdose of one of his classmates. fox5's marina maracco is life is tonight in centerville. cen she joins us now with the latest on this investigation. marina. >>reporter: tony and shawn
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in this case following nearly ne three months of a criminal investigation into alexia springer's death which wasch w deemed an accidental drug overdose and just last week 18 year old david efforts a seniora here at centerville high school turned himself into police. he is now being charged with manufacturing, possessing, distributing and selling a prohibited controlled substance. 17 year old alexia springer wasr found unresponsive at her sen materialville home. police initially saying the centerville high student died o a heroin overdose, somethingverd that was later retracted by investigators. her mother, the entire duratione ofnt the investigation has denid those statements from police an the teen's autopsy revealed that she had consumed a cocktail of c drugs which included morphine, ethanol and oxycodone which is of course an opioid.pio tonight we reached out to the ot springer family in hopes of some sort of statement following david efforts arrest. they declined to make a
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statement. the investigation into her arrest remains open as well as active. life tonight in centerville, marina maracco, fox5 news. > police have arrested two arr people for their role in an an armed robbery over the weekend. william franklin and jazz minute city are charged in an officer shooting and car jacking that started in brook field plaza saturday afternoon. one of the suspects fired atç n officer that challenged thatnged suspect as he came out of a jewelry when the officer returned fire a bystander was shot. that person has non life threatening injuries. city was arrested at newark airport while he was trying to board a flight. there was still no word how an 18 year old girl and another man died inside of a triangle apartment last night. that near a thompson was aboutr to graduate from garfield high school. former co-workers said she had e high aspirations. they're trial trying to come to grips with what happened. >>report
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yield kinesha had just movedki into this apartment. the medical examiner so far has notne release theex exact causea death but they're still looking into this right now. police say no one else waslse involved and that the communitym is not at risk here. do da near a was actually working at a papa john's pizza place fairly rhys interestly where she was well loved and and respected by her co-workers. she was intelligent andent responsible on the job. she always showed up for work fo and was a star employee. her father was a very loving person who would always come byy to see her at work. saturday was the last time julius gray, her form boss saw her. when she didn't report to workor or respond to phone calls, friends became worried. when i heard that it happened i kind of just confirmed what ihat already had felt. as soon as i got off of work yesterday at
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something was horrifically wrong because i couldn't get ahold of her and she never ever didn't respond to me.e. she wanted to go to howard. how she wanted to be a lawyer. law she wanted to be an accountant.o i mean she would easily have con questionerred those things. > now co-workers say she had recently told her father that ft she was moving in with draperrap but he was unaware of the the relationship about a month ago. also her friends say she was a s very bubble i outgoing person and that mow one -- that no one seemed to really know who draper was, that no one had spoken to him he so they were really unclear as to what exactly the relationship was. da near a was set to graduate from garfield high school on june 10. that's the latest here in triangle. sarah simmons, fox5 local news. i know that the information is slowly trickling in. did police give anymore information about drape e
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what they've learned about his background? >> not at this they're still in the early stages of the investigation and we're hoping to learn more perhaps in the next few days along with the medical examiner's report. hopefully we'll be able to lear more about him as well. wel > so am unanswered questions qe there. sarah simmons, thank you. > well, fox5 viewer sent us video of a person walking rightw up to his home and stealing some packages right off of his door step.. juan sand develop moved intoevel this montgomeryville age justle seven monthsing ament he wanted to protect his family so he gots an app for his phone called cuba. the app is attached to security camera. there you see the guy come up, grab the packages, run back to a car and pool off. here's how the app works. wor when someone comes close to the property he gets an alert on his phone. sand develop says he was having lunch yesterday when his phone signaled him. i opened the application and ica saw the guy walking to the door
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doing? the next thing i see he opens se the glassdoor, takes the package and just starts walking away. aw i'm glad i recorded it. i called the police and they an were able on be here within ther hour to take the report. montgomery county police are asking anyone who recognizes re this police right here to givehe them a call. how frustrating is that, to be able to get aof an alert and see someone stealing a package off your front porch. por >> coming up tonight we'll hear from virginia governor terry mcauliffe. he talked to fox5 about the abo federal probe into the possibly legal contributionntri contributions. the nats were back at it againsa their rivals the new york mets. we'll bring you all the th highlights as they try to even o the series. another game at 1:00. we're excited that and you tonyy joining us for weather day. wea in fact, i don't
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going to be wearing the winter jackets unless we need to shed o ten pounds. maybe i should ware it. we're looking at a wonderful, warm wednesday and we're going to keep the humidity nice and an low. don't go anywhere because we'llc have a look at the seven day the forecast, including the memoriam cw5"kutt)q'd and the beaches inn a few minutes. m we'll be right back. passes pass
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> protestors took to the streets inial beerro key, new mexico as presumptive nomineetie donald trump prepared to hold a recall yes the large crowd had signs and even burned a trump poster. this has become an all too common scene. virginia mack cull i spoke out today for the first time he is s under federal investigation.fe they arede looking into campaiga contributions from a chinese businessman made during mcauliffe's 2013 run forun f governor. the businessman was previously a member of china's state
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legislature. he reportedly donated $120,000 to mcauliffe's campaign. federal law bars foreigners fro contributing to us campaigns, but wang is a us resident. fox5's political reporter ronica cleary saturday down with governor mcauliffe today to ask him about the investigation. can you see how somebody mightit say this isn't a donation you dn should accept because of h his former status as a delegate to china's national people congress? maybe it might be a donation that doesn't sit well i even if it's legal. >> as i says he's a major contributor to harvard. he sits on the new york university. he's very active. everybody takes his money. mcauliffe denies he did anythind wrong and says he will cooperat with the fedswi if they want toa talk to him. imagine what it might be like to live next door to the former fo president of the united states. fox5's teisha lewis is life in a northwest d.c. neighborhood thai the first fil
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after they leave the white house. tier a. hi, shawn, hi, tony. we're here in cameral a and as since we've been here we've had a few neighbors coming up to talk to us. they're telling us the obamas could move into one of three potential on the market. it's been on the market for six months, it's 8 months. i was built in massachusetts and actually transported here.ere. it is for sale.ale that's a little bit different l than for rent.itth if you look across the street here on calarama road, that ro brick home, that home is for is lease and so a lot of neighbors think it's going to be that th home. or there's another home a little bit further down the block. what i can tell you about thisbt neighborhood is what the obamas will likely pay for one month's rent is what am people pay for an entire year of
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this is an exquisite ande a expensive neighborhood but it's also filled with a lot of character. a show down at one of thehe district's best places to pick up gym is included in the cost but beyond this court there are some things google and wikipedia don't know about the first family's potential new neighborhood. for starters between cam ram a's colonial homes are walkways. we found one, mostly to private parking. the northwest community also highlights one of a kind sculptures, exquisite architect and a neighborhood seemingly so safe a dry cleaning service lefr a package in plane site on the front porch. this is where president barracka obama and the first family could call home. manicured lawns and tree lined streets rich with distinction are just well homes range from
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reportedly 3 million to more to than $7 million. the obamas apparently plan to p rent which means they could pay as much as $15,000 a month or more. and that may be a bargain depending on who you ask. we did ask obama's potential neighbors about cam recall a's best kept secrets, their hidden gels and here's what they had to say.say. the drum circle is right up the street. every sunday about 30 someome people play african drums. they've been doing it for over f 30 years now.or30 y a great time to hang out, have a picnic and listen to music. do you think the first familyirt will check it out. >> i hope so. everyone around here findsere themselves in the coffee shop sh over on 18th street. it's such a great neighborhood n for night life and restaurants.. there's lots of great hangouts.
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the folks around here i thinkhin enjoy that aspect of it. having these sort of meeting m points where they can find their neighbors for coffee without even having to set up an appointment. > and back out here life we lif could go on and on for days and days showing you these beautiful homes. in can pennsylvania, when we're out here again in the future it would be nice to get inside onee of the homes. what i can tell you the decision is down to california roma and embassy road. having lived in chicago for several years, i can tell you this feels like the obama's home inç chicago. that's what probably run them th over. if you haven't been you should o check it out. > thank you, teisha.eish i'm sure people are going to be speculating for a while which wi house it will be. b will it be next to my house or u next to my house. >> i hope they keep their two hemorrhage the chicago home and the one t here.the i think they said thel
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stay here until sasha graduates present high school. she'll have two more years. y by then the girls will be very attached to d.c. malia will be off in college. and chicago is awesome. > it is, too. those cubs are doing really well. just checking in there. rooting for weather day tomorrow. which we talked about a littlete bit ago. see you bright down and early. i'm going right there from here. i'll sleep on second base. > we're going to have fun downf there tomorrow and if you go tot the game at 1 make sure you sayu hi to us. we certainly appreciate you supporting a great cause as as tucker said in our commercial. strike out cancer. that's what we're hoping to dooi tomorrow with a lot of benefitf to meanwhile we'll be warmer than w we were today and today is the warmest we've been since april 26. it's been a while since we had an 80-degree day. i think tomorro w
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an 86-degree day around here aro thanks to this area of high of pressure which ll continue to t pump the south wind in but alsos keep the humidity at bay. our skies will be clear tonight. it will be mild and not so cool for the early start. sta it will be a comfortable start for the kids and definitely keef the sunglasses handy. our temperatures now around the region mostly in the 60, 67 for the district. still warm in hagerstown at 71-degrees. manassas has dropped to 59-degrees as ischial pepper and a very comfortable evening all across the evening. our average high temperature is right around 78-degrees. day we were above it. we'll do that again tomorrow amo just a few passing clouds. a mild night. our temperature 64-degrees. tomorrow a nice brought start. a looking like a n terrific day, more shun and that humidity not too bad just yet. the southwest winds at 5 to 10 will begin to increase as we ge into thursday and with that we get a little bit warmer, maybe 87 degrees and there is he ' a ' possibility of
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thunderstorms roling around inon the afternoon and the peak the heating of the day on thursdayn thanks to the increase in moisture. you will notice that humidity. with our high pressure off the coast we do bump it up by a a degrees tomorrow and then the te humidity coming into town on thursday will definitely make it noticeable if not uncomfortablec for the first time this year. if that inspires you to check to out the beaches we have had to make a little adjustment to some of the beach forecast. starting out at hat russ we have to add in a possibility of af thunderstorm because of thehe coastal low that might be keeping in a little bit closer.t notice the temperatures really up there into the high 70s, butt you get up toward ocean city maybe a little cooler on monday, 7 # degrees and maybe thebe possibility of a thunderstorm. the same deal for row who he bat beach. as we look at be
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saturday. the best day of the weekend forr sure. and the chance of a couple of of thunderstorms for sunday.unda the better chance is monday. bethany, 74 for cape may. 74 we had to add the thunderstorm in for cape pay. a quick peak for our memorial forecast. a few thunderstorms here. a little bit warmer for us heres sunday. 83 degrees. monday 76-degrees with the scattered thunderstorms rollingu around town. we have changed up the forecast quite a bit and of course we're going to be not just at weather day tomorrow but skipping tomo national harbor thursdayrr nigh. you'll see the morning crew cre there on friday morning as we as kick off the unofficial start of summer with memorial day. a if you pm storms on sunday. a better chance, 50/50 chance for memorial. not a washout. memorial day, a chance of a few storms. coming from the coastal area ofa low pressure that may sit and spin for just a little bit. that's your forecast. jim over to you. mv
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the month for april, but may has been a really tough one for for april. he's batting 183 with only two of his 11 homers. tonight a chance to turn aroundn as the nats try to hold off a a mets. bottom of the fourth, the nats a down one-0. ryan zimmerman at the plate. deep left field solo homer is sixth of the season to even things at one. remember when everybody was eve calling for zimmerman to get out of there. the nats go up 2-1. who is happy, dusty baker. he's pumped. p bottom of the fifth after harper sac fly. daniel rough i crushes one toruh the upper deck. 2-run homer. the nats hit five home runs. more than enough for steven strasburg. he go he struck out eleven.. his 26 career multi strike out.
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the series if i l until i tomorrow at one. the orioles in houston against the astros. the birds down one. manny ma chat oh.
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look at this, with all theth a issues that we have with metro and traffic, it looks like it's swallowing them up. this is something that district residents might like.e. engineers in china unveiled a scale model of a transit elevated bus. the bus will be able to carry 1200 passengers over the top of cars. >> s those are just toys. the idea is for passengers topas sit far above the vehicle also on the road.d. the cars can pass underneath the bus sort of thing which can then lead to fewer traffic jambs. it's going to be tested out later this year. if all goes well -- >> i
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i don't want to be part of the first test of that thing. you want drivers that are payini attention. are you supposed to hospital out that way? >> forget it. > wouldn't it be great if there were inflatable slides? that would be great. >> wouldn't it be easier to build a platform with something that a train could run. > i love this. you go try it out, mr. perkins.. i'll try it out if the station will fly me over there for a a report, i'll try it out. > (applause) they're walking now. all right. one last look at weather.eath check out the seven daythe forecast.. we've gone from too cool to sweaty. do we dare say too warm? not yet. we'll wait for the weekend to complain that it's too who the. > sunblock tomorrow at nats park. >> oh, yeah,
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: kelly osbourne has gone on the attack against the woman allegedly who had the affair with her dad, calling her a chunky low light. >> no, a chunky low light is a type of thing you put in your hair and it looks terrible. >> i thought it meant a whore you had to keep the lights off. >> i got the first photo of the next kardashian. blac chyna posted her sonogram up on social media. >> i hate when people post these. >> i know. it's too -- >> i don't need to see it. >> maybe if you have a child, you would be proud of that as well. >> no, i wouldn't. [laughter] >> back in the day when he was doing "married with children," david faustino met george harrison at some sort of party. george harrison was a huge fan of christina applegate and he told david -- >> he would li


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