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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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against any students at the school. he also told me that there was never even a criminal case opened and that is why this group out here is protesting. they say the punishment for the students does not fit crime. 12 baseball and football players who are freshman sophomores and juniors were suspended for an entire year. 364 days to be exact. their parents explained this happened after several incidents in the locker room. they describe them as inappropriate rough-housing. however, the parents were told by the school district that the incidents were classified as sexual assault. now, culpeper public schools did not make any statement of any kind. no comment whatsoever to us for our story. however, parents tell us that other than the disagreement about what happened in the locker room. they're also upset that all of the incidents and all of the students are
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together and being given the same punishment. some of those parents did talk to us. however, they asked we did not show their face because they're afraid the school district will retaliate against their students. >> they would take a -- how would you say it? rough-housing to a level that didn't need to go to mean they're kids. they -- no one hurt anybody. it's a little harsh. >> the evidence being put in front of us doesn't command the type of punishment they've gotten. if there was something more serious we would want to prosecute, not by school administrators. >> these students were all students at culpeper high school, and again, culpeper public public schools document make any sort of statement or comments to fox 5. we did reach oute
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today, and most of these parents tell us they have hired attorneys and they are fighting the suspensions with an appeal process. reporting live in culpeper, al scan a dra limon fox 5 local news. new tonight police in prince william county are investigating a burglary and sexual assault. >> officers found members of a family bound and gagged inside a moment in manassas. tisha lewis joins us with the latest. how disturbing. >> what's most disturbing and frightening is that the two men who reportedly did this heinous act are on the run and at large. police are searching for them. here's what we know so far. two adult women, one, three years old, one 19 yearses old were essentially robbed and one were sexual assaulted. we're also told their two young boys were also attacked and involved in this commotion. there was little girl
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home when it happened. she was unharm. i want to show a has no. happened on the 10,000 block of king george drive in manassas. it happened yesterday afternoon. this is a residential area. at this moment, police are likely speaking with residents to try to gather information about what people saw. what we do know is it was actually a passerby that was walking by the home and spotted what was going on or the aftermath of what happened inside. he called police and police arrived. again, we did just speak with police. here's what they had to say. >> we're still working with the victim to try to get first off a better description of what the suspects look like or what they were wearing. as you can tell, they were pretty upset about the incident. we're working with them today to try to determine that. >> reporter: back out here live, some of you have already responded to this story on our fox 5 dc facebook page. here's thequ
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asking. some of you are asking was this random? did the victims know the suspects? according to police right now, they say that their investigation leads them to believe that at the victims document know the suspects. what appears this was likely random. also, you all are asking how did these two suspects get into the house according to police? they forced their way through a back door. of course, if you have any information, we don't have a suspect description. it's vague, but if you have information or if you were in that area and saw something that just didn't seem right, please call police. tisha lewis, fox 5 dc. fox 5 is in montgomery county tonight. new surveillance from an armed robbery at a game stop store in silver spring. two men entered the store armed with handguns last friday. one man ordered three customers including a little boy to stand against the wall. then moments later, both men walked behind the counter and ordered the clerks to lie on the floor. police say the gunman got away with items and a
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amount of cash. if you have information about the robbery, give police a call. we're turning to the district now where mayor is preparing to ask the dc you council for more money that would go towards increased salaries for officers. the chief would like to renault. >> the request is coming through lex litigation expecting to be introduced next one. one of several ideas. fox 5 paul wagner is here with the story. >> ladies, dc's police force continues to shrink and is at its lowest level in more than a decade. than 38,000 officers are on the force which chief has said will be trouble for the city when it comes. of in recent weeks, the mayor and her staff have come up withny strategies to include hiring more officers from other police departments. >> for many years the dc police department has been able to retain officers eligible to retire by bringing them back to the force'
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officers. they could collect pensions and stay on the job for an annual salary of $68,000. a pay scale typically than what they were making. so to sweeten the pot, the mayor wants to now offer these senior officers salaries that range from 68,000 to $166,000 or what an stand chief now makes on the force >> we have right now only about 40 senior police officers. so this is a tool that we have that's a very strong enticement to be able to bring back often recently retired officers who love being cops, who would rather be a cop than take any other of the many job offers that retire to do officers typically get. >> the plan, if approved, would be seam less and potential attract dozens more experienced officers back to the job. right now, the force stands at
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3,750 officers according to the deputy mayor for public safety and the mayor would like to bolster those numbers. experienced officers already working in other departments who would like to come to the district for a starting salary of just over $53,000. >> the difference now is that we've chained the academy program so that if you're a lateral hire, you're an experienced police officer in a different jurisdiction. you can get on the street in 11 weeks. they have to errands laws, make up for training that is typically hire in dc than other jurisdictions. >> a typical new recruit takes far longer than 11 weeks to try and and the deputy mayor says the plan is to graduate as many as 360 officers a year in hopes of getting the size of the force back to 4,000. >> we reached out to chief l aneer for comment. but have not heard back. officers who have been on the job 25 years an
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eligible to retire. in recent months the former head of the union has said many officers were leaving because they were fed up with what's been described as toxic management and unworkable schedules. paul wagner fox 5 local news. new tonight, texas and ten other states are suing the obama administration over the president's transgender directive. the order requires public school districts to let students use rest rooms that match their gender identity. the lawsuit accuses the administration of running rough shot over common sense policy that protect children and asks the judge to declare the directive unlawful. conservative states had promised to defy the federal directive calling it a threat to the safety students. coming up making summer travel more stress-free. >> die lawmakers on capitol hill put tsa officials on the hot seat about the enol less security
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religious ads on metro busses? the new controversy. >> how being a workaholic could cause mental health issues. ahead in tonight's health watch. sue. >> lauren and sarah, get what i got today? my first complaint that it's too hot. >> didn't take long right turn? two days. we had a fun day too out at the park for weather day. we'll be talking about that. memorial day coming up. headed down to the beach? we give you a peak at ocean city as we go to break and we'll be right back with the first look at your forecast. here's that wonderful boardwalk. looking good. looks like few more people than yesterday. it is only wednesday but boy will it be packed by this weekend. we'll give you a look at that forecast and a little bit later in our newscast a lot attention on the beach forecast. fox 5 local news at 5:00 will be right back.
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. just in time for summer travel. the head of tsa says the agency is adding nearly 800 new screeners to tackle airport lines. earlier today, lawmakers talked with tsa peter neverjer for hours. hundreds of passengers missing flights and becoming stranded overnight. tsa says they've established a centralized incident command center to track daily screening,
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operations and funnel resources to where they're needed the most. >> you don't need to fly anywhere to go on vacation. boy, do we have it right here. it's beautiful but is it a little bit of a shock to the system. >> i'm starting to sweat. we may need to turn the air back on. >> i feel guilty complaining. we've been complaining so long. >> we were stuck in the 50's. over five inches of rain in may. with the flip of coin and switch feels like it's summertime. people are anticipating a summer weekend. by the way, if you're wondering why i'm in my washington nash stand girl outfit it's because i'm a fan girl and today was national national's weather day. fox 5 is so honored to partner with the nationals to play up the importance of weather and to educate students. there were hundreds that came out today 10:00 in the morning and fox 5 weather team was out there to do presentation talkin
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weather. afterward we loved meeting and greeting. there were science experiments, re chris strong from the national weather service as well as his colleagues at the national weather service came out to get to know kids a bit better and talk about the importance of knowing your weather of here's a tornado in a bottle. no one was more excited about that tan i was. we also had a twist and tony joined us, let me give a shout out to tony perkins. he loved meeting with the people. mike thomas and caitlin right now. a lot of kids want you to sign their arm. at any rate, we had a new twist on the weather day presentation this year and that was a good cause for charity not only do the nats donate 1 dollar forever ticket, but see this guy thoughing up the first -- michael thompson and we were delighted that michael was able to join us for the first pitch as was and you're go
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this near just a moment. that's me with neil coke ley. he got to announce play ball. coming up in a moment, caitlin was able to hold the president's race finish line and she was helping out a couple of other folks there. it was tim thompson and jim david as they were getting ready to hold the line for the presidents to cross the finish line. that was all made possible because this year, fox 5 and the nat steamed up to make these experiences a silent auction at the leukemia ball and we warrant to thank betty thompson for making that happen for four members of her family. the only thing that didn't work out is the nates lost to the mets. let's get you ready for the weather. a hot day. it's been as warm as 86. a lot of people at the game were broiling a little bit. temperatures are at 86. little cooler near water but not a lot. while, i'll wait
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to go by, while we expect a pleasant evening with a little bit of light breeze it will probably be 83 by 9:00, by 11:00, 74, now, it wasn't terribly humid today. it was hot but you know what? here comes the humidity, we're going to be adding that into the mix tomorrow, that means we could pop put a deputy thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. not a lot. not widespread, not expecting them to be severe. it were that humidity comes a little bit of extra moisture for the atmosphere to work over in this heat. we will look at that very closely coming up in a few minutes. went you want to know about the weekend. we're not going to make you wait long for that. coming up at 5:25, mike thompson will be out here to talk about what you can expect for memorial day weekend. we'll take a closer look at that and we'll have your full seven-day forecast a bit later. lauren and sarah back in to you. >> no complaining from us. a new survey ranks the most stressed out cities in maryland and prince george's county
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dominates the list. river dale park, new carlton blade ensberg. baltimore was the only city not in prince george's county. factors like length and of commute, unemployment rate, hours of work and income going into rent. here's scientific front of that workaholics should try to change their ways. a new study shows it's frequently paired with adh. taking work to the extreme may be a sign of deeper psychological or emotional issue. >> or call them at least one of the two. >> need to work a life balance. real school on braxton's firing from her daytime talk show job. >> two of the reel's co could hosts are baking
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angry minnesota are blasting. who they say should have been honored instead. a seemingly happy story. take the bitter at your on social media. why some people say a redskins cheerleader should not have been allowed to go to the property with a maryland team. of we'll have that story ahead. a live look at virginia beach right now. we're going to all the beaches. >> yeah. >> it's only wednesday. >> we're almost there. >> getting there. >> people gearing up of course for the holiday weekend. we will be right back. flu
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. lots of entertainment news to get to. what really happened behind the scenes of the reel? rumors are just swirling about. braxton was suddenly fired from the show. now other co hosts are talking all about the controversy and
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still love and support tamy client ara. adrian posted this photo of the two of them together captioned my sister forever. and tony love took to youtube to set the record straight. listen to this. >> saturday was the first time that i had heard about she said she heard she might get fired. then that's when we got a phone call. and they confirmed she was no longer let go. i asked, it was an individual phone call so i was able to talk one-on-one and i asked why. they told me basically none of my business because it's between tamar, her management and them, which, ok. and i couldn't get any response out of tamar. >> that was youtube and there has been so much controversy about this. nobody knows really what
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happened, but, you know, when michael left kelly, there's just always -- the back story hasn't come out yet. >> it probably will. >> but. >> what was that keep you updated. >> drama. also drama over this, people angry over a beyonce tribute in minnesota. it was declared beyonce day. residents were quick to question asking why a prince day didn't come first. many people said we actually lost prince and he's from minnesota, there's no day declared in his name. that's a good question. >> i'm surprised there hasn't been. ok. maybe that will happen. meanwhile today is national wine day. if you want to celebrate like a celebrity, we will be celebrating later. you have
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choose from. >> many stars are getting into the wine business. xog is a new line of wine at wal-mart that offers stacked individual glasses of pino, and row say. john legend launched lve, alleged vinyard exclusive. it's a collection of limited edition napa valley wines. >> i can actually see this around a lot. ang ang angel ina and brad pit. a black united peas front woman with her father pat ferguson in 2006 and it includes the blends named of course ferglicious. and the a
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course. a lot of white wines titled wayne. >> just wait. how many more minutes? it's 5:00 somewhere. 35, it's 5:00 here. >> up ahead. >> if they do not meet our safety protocols that i am comfortable with personally as governor, we're going to withhold funding. >> virginia governor threatening metro why he says he may cut funds to the transit system. >> reporter: johnny death penalty in a major atheist organization planning to march here next weekend at the lincoln memorial. over to borrowed. >> the redskins back on the field. we'll show you who side of
5:26 pm
today's ota, but first what's happening this weekend. it's 5:30 on a wednesday's we know that means at work you're going to count down the minutes until the weekend and it's a big one, three-day, lots going on around town. let's start with what's going on on. saturday, pool is opening all day saturday. get your canon balls ready. going to be good weather. sunday how about taking in a concert. the national memorial day concert kicks off at 8:00 p.m. it's a free concert on the capitol grounds. west lawn of the capitol. monday, it's not a holiday weekend without a holiday parade. of we got the memorial day parade down constitution avenue conditions off at 2:00. weather should be fantastic. let's take a look at the weather this weekend. we think the best day will be
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it's going to feel more like summer than spring. sunday 84. maybe a hit or miss shower in the afternoon, nothing that will ruin your day. monday not a wash-out but better chance we see less of the sun on monday. 80 degrees all through the weekend. it's going to be gorgeous. get out there and enjoy it. have a blast this weekend. stay safe and don't forget to salute your veterans and remember that he is we've lost. that's a look at what's going on this weekend. i'm mike thompson keep on working for the weekend.
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. metro is asking an atheist group to stop championing they have purchased advertising on metro busses.
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so-called issue ads. a last year pamela geller tried to put antimuslim religion ads on busses. tonight. the group is planning a major rally with johnny dep's next month say they made a mistake. >> reporter: this group is called freedom from religion. they bill themselves as the largest atheist in the united states. they're holding what are called the reason rally featuring famous agnostics like johnny depp. however, in avar effort to get the word out, the group is admitting to fox 5 they may have gone too far. look at this. some of these ads are already appearing that say show injure atheist pride on bike share stations around dc. th w
5:32 pm
bike state organization that runs bike share. been running about two weeks. in announcing this rally freedom from religious says on its website that atheists take over dc transportation. showing what the group refer to as metro busses. they say they never got a request to run such ads and tonight is asking the atheist organization to correct their website. metro band so-called issue ads after the controversy. over antimuslim ads. people say why they won't necessarily agree with the views, in the united states, first amendment gives everybody the right to speak their minds and hold their rally. >> i am a believer in the bible. but like you said, first amendment. >> everyone is allowed to choose their own religion however they want. i personally believe in god.
5:33 pm
it's their choice. >> i'm kind of a person that's like you do you and i'll do me. i'm not really one to tell everybody how to live their life. >>reporter: the freedom from religion president told us tonight that she admits that their website was a little vague and promised to correct it. although the last time we checked. it had not. where are the bus ads? turns out their on the potomac commuter busses. a spokesperson says under the current rules of advertising, they were not able to deny this request. they will stiffen up the regulations for advertising. of fitzgerald fox 5 local news. thank you, tom. now more on metro and the possible suspension of funding from the governor of virginia. >> political reporter veronica cleary is here with that sry
5:34 pm
in our area cringe when it comes to metro. suspending funds. that's what it could come to. to speaking on wtop, asked the governor this morning, he was clear about what's going to happen and the consequences has to follow if action isn't taken. >> i'm instructing my secretary of transportation and the drpt, to immediately sit with them and come up with safety protocols and if they do not meet our safety protocols that i am comfortable with personally as governor, we're going to withhold funding. we are very serious about this, i'm sick and tired of it. >> the governor went on to say that safety has to be the top issue. the "washington post" headline this morning, state department inspector general reports sharp criticizes clintons's e-mail
5:35 pm
it obtained a copy of the inspector general's review. according to the post, the report said clinton should have printed and saved her e-mails while she was secretary tav state. and that she failed to obtain legal approval for the use of her private e-mail serve among other things. hillary clinton spokesman brian fallon responded to the report in part by saying, while political opponents of hillary clinton are sure to represent this for their own partisan purposes, in reality, the inspector general documents how consistent her e-mail practices were with those of other secretaries and senior officials at the state department who also used personal e-mail. the report notes her use of personal e-mail was known to the officials within the department during her tenure. and that there is no evidence of any successful breach of the secretary's server. you may have heard reports that speaker of the house paul
5:36 pm
trump today. now, ashley strong in the speaker's office said, in part, we've not told the trump campaign to expect an endorsement. trump and ryan will be having a phone call tonight. according to zach roday a spokesman for ryan's political team the purpose is to continue their conversation about 81 if iing the party. you can find both the full statement regarding the hillary clinton e-mail story and the paul ryan endorsement story on my facebook page, veronica cleary. back to you. >> thanks very much. . collin powell had his own e-mail address too. >> i can't believe we're talking about football. what is it? 86 outside? >> it's perfect football weather if you're from south florida. there is no off season when it comes to the redskins and it's dc and we're about 16 weeks away about a full football season away from the regular season
5:37 pm
participating in the first three-day organized team activity today was the first when the media was allowed to film practices, desean jackson is a no show and his decision to not attend is could thering him a bonus of a cool 500 thousand dollars. >> everybody else was in tendency conclude curt cousins. they have till mid july to agree on deal. or number eight will play under the franchise tag. free agent josh norman number 24 he agreed after being released by the panthers, a jay gruden. covering some receivers and drills. i don't know: he got past them. not much effort there. >> that was kind of weak. >> here's the headcoach on d jack's absence. >> he's been here, had a cup of coffee, popped out. last time i locked up the word voluntary, that is his
5:38 pm
he's been in the league nine years i believe it is, and he knows what type of shape he has to come in. obviously last year he pulled his hamstring people are going to say he was out of shape but he wasn't really. i think he'll be ready to go and probably show up here could be next week. could be whenever. >> the smile. it is voluntary. you have to be there. a lot of peer pressure. one veteran eager to hit the field. the 32-year-old hopes to suit up this fall with his home town team after ten-82er nfl career. the majority of which with the 49ers. he sure loves the skins offense. >> first play that we ran curt cousins dropped back. three more plays in a row. threw it to jordan again and again. i started to lick my l
5:39 pm
i can do this, this is nice. >> notice how he's throwing it to jordan not him, jason agreed to a $184 million deal with the chicago cubs one of the first thing he did was pay for david ross to get a whole suite big enough for his entire family for every road trip. a father of three ranging in age from newborn to seven was moved to tears by the gesture. word on why he did it he says i know how special it is to have team mates like this. you don't take it for granted. i wanted to to say from the bottom of my heart thank you. just so you know his salary is $2.5 million but it is a great gesture from a team mate to do this for his family. it's his last season. they will get to see all of his road games. >> i like that. >> yeah. >> going to be able to be there for him. thanks, brody. coming up, a high s
5:40 pm
senior taking a redskins cheerleader to prom. now it's causing outrage on social media. a ban on skinny jeans. ly why one school system believes it will will eliminate bullying. of. >> we are loving the sunshine and live look at bethany beneath in delaware. >> love bethany beach. >> can i go today? right now?
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. pep could is co the 29,000 vehicle will support crews and customers
5:44 pm
during outages. the goal for the command center to give them a greater presence. it will allow responders to quickly move. an incident m team to the scene and provide community to a central location to go for all of their information. that will be helpful. >> absolutely. let's check in. get another look at the forecast right now. and i can't believe how warm it is, sue. we've all got our summer colors on and hard to wear sleeves. >> i heard complaints as i was saying, it's too hot. but you know what i think it is, just sneaks up on you so fast. you're not quite prepared for this kind of heat. we did get up to 86 today. beautiful not humid, but that's going to change. we have few clouds out there as we look live over dc and it should be a glorious evening. let's get started with a look at our weather headlines as we go through the next several days. first of all a mild quiet night with perhaps spot or two of fog. that would be it. thursday is going to bring the humidity in.
5:45 pm
today, get ready for tomorrow. it will be much more noticeable and with that increase in humidity, it will leave thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon. not widespread, no the a wash-out but one or two could pass on through. maybe even have moderate rain with them. summer is going to continue to roll into town this weekend. of course, many people consider memorial day the unofficial start of summer, even though it won't officially start until later june when we astronomically switch to that with our summer sold. 86 at all three airports reported and slowly dropping but not quickly. most places are still in the mid 80's. dc is still at 86 degrees. i feel like i'm blending in with this map. and why so hot all of a sudden? has a lot to do with where blue h is for most of the month of may, it was up here to the north. now to the south. it pumps in a different wind direction and we're definitely feeling that southern
5:46 pm
as well as the temperatures. now, we're going to keep moisture out of the forecast for awhile but we will have to watch some southern moisture as we head on into the weekend. but for this night, it will be clear, mild and very comfortable. wanted to show you when we talk about due points, and they get up around 65 degrees where they're going to be tomorrow, that's uncomfortable. so we're working with increased humidity and with this high pressure still pumping in the heat and the southwest breezes, that's where we'll cook up a few pop-up thunderstorms, not just tomorrow afternoon but also friday. you want to keep your fox 5 weather ap handy to make sure you're seeing those. we'll be here at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 and 11 and all morning long they don't let you know when something is approaching as well as social media. let's plan your day tomorrow t looks like lots of sunshine to start our day and through the noon hour plenty of sunshine. when do we cook up thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon? it looks like it would begin from west to east after 3:00. and again this isn't widespread but one or two of those could be strong and
5:47 pm
bit of small hail with them. we're not looking for much in the way of severe weather. you can see by that 10:00 that's moved on through. you're going to want to watch between 3:00 and 6:00 for a few passing pop-up thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and we may do that again on friday afternoon, although it does appear as though there is as much activity on friday. let's take you forward with temperatures because tomorrow morning, we're going to get a jump start on the heat. it could be as warm as 74 degrees at 8:00 in the morning in dc. 68 for manassas and dulles. take this to the noon hour, 87. that's going to be a hot one. certainly today was very warm too. when you factor in that human, it will feel a little bit warmer. and by the time it's tony perkins tomorrow, we're back to the low 70's. definitely a hot one. as we look on the our holiday weekend, mike showed you this a few minutes ago but you saw this just a little bit ago. we got to watch with the possibility of a couple storms popping up sunday and monday. last stop, your seven-day forecast and we will continue to show you all of this. we need to get over the a
5:48 pm
right now. >> thank you so much. break in and show you will you have pictures of that anaheim california. these are police officers who are actually trying to keep a protest under wraps i guess at least under control. this is a donald trump rally apparently occurring in anaheim california right now and the protesters we're hearing perhaps have gotten a bit out of hand. we don't know for sure but you do see the authorities there and significant amount of patrol. >> and riot gear as well. >> we just saw moments ago before we broke in somebody on the ground. we saw the police in riot gear take somebody down, it seals to have evened out. you do see the mounted police there. as sarah said police me riot gear, they've been pushing this crowd backed backward. they seem to be taunting the police in the riot gear.
5:49 pm
huge crowd though there behind police. but they're working to keep this crowd under control. i think it got a little bit more out of control just before we -- before we broke in. things seem to have gotten a little more under control. >> we, of course, will continue to follow that for you and bring you the latest as we head here to the 6:00. for a look ahead at that, let's head over to tony and sean now. >> we'll have more on that and other news including some pregnant former wal-mart employees are accusing the big box store of discrimination. why they're upset and the changes they want the company to make. also coming up at 6:00, windies is doing it and a former ceo says it's a lot cheaper than hiring people for $15 an hour, could robotic device soon replace fast food employees also we're going to have more on a controversial high school punishment, did a virginia school go too far when it suspended a dozen students for a
5:50 pm
stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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. a debate over a prom date. steven had joked for years with his friends about asking an nfl cheerleader and when it came time, the high school students knew who to ask. he asked christa aicen, a redskins cheerleader. she agreed but only under one condition, he had to get 10,000 retweets in one week. he quickly accomplish that day and she lived up to her word and went with him. we asked you what you throughout. amber marie thought how is this allowed if you are 21 or older you cannot enter promise. a
5:54 pm
because she felt bullied and he never went in because he was scared and embarrassed. how is this allowed to happen. >> sweet good job, bro, hope you had a good time. >> i say nothing wrong with him getting to take her. i don't know. they have a to good point. >> that shouldn't have happened. meanwhile #wine day. hello. isn't that every day? ahead a creative idea that solves the problem of picnicking beaching and generally having fun while drinking wine outside. perfect for this upcoming holiday weekend, of course.
5:55 pm
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built for business.
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. it's national wine day, a we're pouring wine because
5:58 pm
hot outside. it's weather day and wine day, i'm going to have a little bit of. >>. >> overload? >> apparently roses are all that. it's called whispering angel. i got it on sale at paul's. enjoy. >> this is the perfect weather for it, of course. it's going to continue to be fairly face we think. i do have to do the news at 6:00. enjoy it. >> we did want to give you a few tips about the whole national wine day thing. if we could put it up on the screen. first, there's options, not necessarily meaning you open it and take it on the go. pointer wine glass its base is a spike. you can stick it in the sand and it will stay up right. you can put your favorite bottle in a bag's take it with you. >> then there's stack wines
5:59 pm
come in portable stackable portable jars you can pack and take with you. >> look at that. >> drink responsibly and enjoy national wine day. news starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. we know over time isn't a long-term solution. >> now at 6:00, a shrinking police force. how will they handle with fewer officer. >> i was initially terminated due to my severe high risk pregnancy. two years after committing to change, how is wal-mart treating pregnant dc workers. the memorial day travel season kicks off. what you need to know if you're headed out of town. . thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins. >> i'mea
6:00 pm
if you're hitting the roads this holiday weekend, be prepared to have a lot of company out there with you. triple a says even though you're going to leave early, you're not necessarily going to be dodging traffic. >> here are tips, if you're leaving thursday, tomorrow, you should leave before noon, they recommend. otherwise, you may want to wait to leave until saturday or after midnight. late thursday night, late friday night. something like that. since weather will likely not be a factor, expect more drivers to be to on the roads headed to the beaches. >> if you are headed out of town by plane, the tsa is taking steps to decrease your wait times at airports nationwide. earlier tsa administrator peter told congress the agency is adding 800 knew screeners by mid june. massive security lines reached a boiling point. hundreds of passengers missed flights. it's a number of factors created those delays and a permanent solution will take time. >>


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