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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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umbrella fox5 local news at 6 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us here at 6. ' sara simmons. >> i'm laura evans. we begin tonight in fairfax county where the search continues for the pen who -- person who shot and killed a teachers assistant. >> police have released sketch of a woman they believe may have seen the crime take place, and want the public's help to locate her. fox5's marina morocco joins us in alexandria with the latest. >> reporter: this case is interesting. police have not said they're looking for a suspect, all they are saying at this . is that they are looking for a witness, who was likely in this parking lot here at the city side apartment, right before that murder happened about a week ago early morning last friday. 24, found shot to death, at the city side apartment complex, off of richmond highway, in the parking lot, at the crime scene, police towed away several cars, including a motorcycle, but never said what the motive behind the homicide could have been.
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hoping that someone can name that witness, and will come forward, and give them some sort of tip that will lead them to a suspect. >> a female that we would like to speak to and identify, she was seen in the area prior to the homicide. >> she is described as a light skin black female with almonds shaped eyes and we're looking to identify her and speak with her. >> reporter: sampson was a teacher's aid here for fairfax public schools including for hunt elementary school. we understanded the memorial service planned for saturday. live tonight in alex andre, a marina morocco, fox5 local news. >> thanks. parent every prince william county teen are speaking out about their daughter's death. dan osha and her boyfriends were found monday night inside their apartment. the
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together, and her parents just found out about the relationship, even though they say the couple met more than a year ago through an on line dating app. was more than a decade older than simpson and her parents say they did not approve of the relationship. >> we didn't want them to move into an apartment. her best friends didn't want her to move into that apartment. her girlfriend didn't want her to move in that apartment. nobody was team meisha anal vin, nobody approved of this, of them living together. nobody. >> the family has set up a go fund me page to help with funeral expenses. we have put a link to it on our website >> lanier said she's behind the mayor's new plan to bolster rapidly shrinking dc police force. fox5 first told you last night, the mayor wants to hire officers from other jurisdictions, get them on the streets within 11 week
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increase to pay of officers who are willing to come back to the force after they retire. fox5 paul wagner talked with the chief today, and joins us live from southeast tonight, with the story. paul? >> well, hey, lauren, czar, a we were down here in southeast to talk to chief while we were here we heard about another daytime shooting, in the 27 hundred block of langston place southeast, what we understand is that there was a male in his 20's, shot in the hallway, of the langston lane apartment here on langston place, at this at this time, we do not know that machine's condition, but authorities are still here on the scene. now, in the meantime, as you mentioned, dc police force is shrinking, it is not a secret, that's been going on for quite some time, now the mayor getting directly involved in finding new ways to keep officers and find new officers that could come to the fors. earlier today i caught up with the chief and asked her how she feels about the mayor's plan. >> the dc police department is at a program in pl
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years now, that allows police officers who retire to come back to the force in the capacity of what's called a senior police officer. they are permit today collect a full pension, and then are paid a base salary of 68 thousand dollars. but, in order to make the offer even more attractive, the mayor will be introducing legislation, that will now permit the chief to sweeten the pot, pay far more than that 68 grand. >> the problem is and what we are trying to add to the legislation is, you know, you have sergeants, lieutenants, for example, who are more senior, retiring at higher rates, all the way up through the ranks, so every time i have sergeants retire, and lieutenants retire, i have to promote to fill those ranks. since that means less officers on the street. so, in order to try and stop that from pulling officers offer the street, we want to make the same offer available to every rang. >> chief cathy lanier said 60% of her commands staff, can't and above, are
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retire now. so, in order to bridge this gap of attrition, she wants the ability to offer higher pay, for the next 2, 3 years. >> if you retire a sergeant, we bring you back under the senior police officer provision, you would select your retirement, and would you make about what a mid scale sergeant makes. and it applies to each rang. >> the mayor's plan also includes accelerated training program, for officers hired from outside jurisdictions. coming to the city, for a sal rip, after little over 53 thousand dollars. >> we've changed our program now so we can hire from other jurisdictions, in that 11 week program, obviously there is not a lot of laterals inside of the district, most will come from outside. they have to learn the dc code, the dc laws to go along with it, but much -- a lot of the veteran officers don't want to go through a six month academy. >> chief lanier said she is also able to move a hundred officers back to the streets after the mayor provided enough money to hire one hundred civilians. >> now the chief has acknowledged that the
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the force is the lowest in more than a decade, as 37 hadn't 50 is the number that we're hearing, but the chief also said in the past that in a number includes recruits, officers that are now at the academy, those are office that's are not out on the street. so, anecdotally, there is a lot less than 37.50 actually out here on the street patrolling. back to you guys in the studio. >> hey pauley know you have lot of connections within the police force. what kinds of buzz is this creating? how is it being received among the guys on the force right now? and who maybe have retired? well, i started looking into this story when i started hearing a little bit more about this plan a few days ago. we were hearing that there was some buzz amongst officers, that this plan was about to come into effect, and people were interested in it. they got in touch with me. i got in touch with the mayor's office to see what was actually going to be put into place. since then, officers have responded to
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they still want some more information about exactly the kind of money that's going to be offered. and so there is some interest in this. there is no question about it from what i've been hearing, laura, but will it actually change this police department to actually be able to continue to recruit officers to come here and to keep those veteran officers that the chief very much wanted to keep. that's the key thing here. is being able to keep those veteran officers consideration she come up with that money, to offer them, because if you know, when you think about it, right, a lot of these officers are retired, go onto other jobs that are paying them, who knows, 70, 80, 990 thousand dollars. well, can the mayor and the chief come up with money, similar to that, that would keep these officers here on the force that get their retirement, and then make maybe that casino of money, while they're here. >> all right. >> so that's what she is trying to do. >> all about the numbers there, paul, thank you so much. >> also, in the district tonight, tomorrow marks one year since local journalist was
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shower neice milton fatally shot as she transferred buses along good hope road in southeast. police say the intended target used her as a human shield to avoid getting hit. well, this morning, members of her family were joined by police at a press conference, and they pleaded with the public for whatever help they could provide in the search for her killer. >> my wife and i open heart closed case will continue to work every single day not just for our own daughter, but for tamara, amani johnson, alisha rud and so many others, because we do care, and we do love them. >> and we want not just the ends but we want satisfaction, satisfaction that could only come through justice. >> friends, and family will gather tomorrow night to hold a vigil in milton's honor. and then there was only one. donald trump has officially clinched the republican presidential nomination. he reached the necessary number of
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the help of previously uncommitted delegates who now support his candidacy. speaking at a press conference earlier today in bismarck, north dakota trump laughed at the fact he had clinched his party's nomination before hillary clinton. clinton leaves bernie sanders and only needs 78 delegates to clinch the democratic nomination. coming up: we are going to head out live to arlington national cemetery, as soldiers honor those who lost their lives this memorial day. >> and the moving story behind these photos here, west . graduate who broke down during graduation. a lot of beautiful photo. love it. we'll have the story coming up. hey, mike? >> check it out, 909 degrees today at baltimore. could we do it tomorrow? we'll have that forecast, plus your memorial day holiday forecast coming up after the break. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> annual start of the summer season, but is different site at the arlington national cemetery, hundreds every soldiers took time out for the real meaning of the holiday. >> since 1948 the old guards has but the flag in front of each and every headstone at arlington, in a event called flags in. fox5's tom fitzgerald is inside arlington national cemetery to show us. fits? >> reporter: well, good evening, we don't often talk to you from inside arlington national cemetery, but we are tonight, for very special reason. of course, it is memorial day weekends, but this is the reason for memorial day, you see this small flag, right here at the bottom? well, 230 thousand of these have been placed in a 3-hour marathon today, by members of the us army old guard, which are stationed here at fort myers in virginia. now, take a look at the expands here. there are hundreds
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thousands of acres here at arlington national cemetery, 230 thousand headstones, everyone every them tonight, has one of these flags. now, let's show you video from one this afternoon when this all started. they call this agents, and that's how the army approaches this there is was launched at one this afternoon, and they call that 13 hundred hours military time, as us army calls it now, they marched in, one at a time, these sold remembers stationed right next to this cemetery, and one by one in this heat today they took those flags you see in their hand, they placed them onto those headstones, they stepped back, they would render a salute as they will, and when you see them do that, they move on right to the next one, they did this over and over and over again. they will tell you this memorial day weekend, this is a way they not only say thank you but they honor their
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>> i get a spiritual feeling, i like to let each soldiers, feel like i'm letting each soldier know we still remember them, we haven't forgotten about them. >> amazing. i couldn't believe just how many tombstones were out here and all of the people that have died for our country, and did the thing that most people wouldn't do. >> exhilirateing. >> means a lot to the families. does it mean as much to the soldiers in. >> oh, definitely. it means just as much to us as it does the family. >> now, keep in mind, this cemetery has its roots back to the civil war. at one time, these grounds were the mansion of confederate general robert e lee, montgomery meg union general wanted to make sure could never use this property again, so they started burying soldiers on this land. this work went on for 3 and a half hours today. you didn't get a chance to see this, really, would avail yourself this weekend if you have some time
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all of. >> this these flags will remain in place throughout the weekends, throughout monday, old guard will be back out here tuesday and reverse this entire process. we are live tonight, at arlington national cemetery, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> beautiful peaceful place to this beautiful moment right here, where cameras captured it. a west . cadet broke down, as he finally achieved his dream of graduating from the us military academy. alex can be seen with tears, just streaming down his face, during the ceremony on saturday. born in haiti, the cadet said he was crying because he never imagined he would be there. he graduated in the top 25 of his class, and will now head to fort rucker alabama for flight school. the new graduate says he has been humbled and shocked by to his photo giving me goosebumps right now by the way. that's wonder you. >> just so moving. i mean, such a display of emotion, and it reminds us all just not to take things for
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granted. >> certainly does. >> very special. very special. coming up. we'll take different look at memorial day weekend? while we honor those soldiers who lost their lives, the annual holiday, also has a big impact on our wallets as you well know. we'll be right back with more. ♪
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>> un official start to summer also starts consumer spending. >> lauren breaks down the business of memorial day. make out the bruce and fire up the barbeque. unofficial start to summer shear. >> memorial day really the start of the season, so as a big weekend people are enjoying hotdogs on the grill, enjoying nice outdoor weather for a change. >> calls for hotdogs, national hot doug and sausage count ill, will eat about 2 and a half million dollars hotdogs this weekend, more than 238 americans plan to go somewhere
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travel association says we'll spends 12 billion dollars on trips, just over 3 hundred bucks each. memorial day travel weekends will seem busier than ever, at the airport this year, especially, with the tsa back up that we're seeing, the biggest piece of advice i can give travelers is to do the one thing that's under your control, and get to the airport, 3 hours earlier. that to me why most americans will drive. look at the road trips, within your vicinity, within five hour drive, hotels where you can easily go on site like orbitz, and get promo code for 15, 20% off, take advantage of that, for a short weekend get away that's not going to cost you a lot of money. cheaper gasoline is certainly helping. >> gas prices are currently 48 cents lower than they were same time a year ago, these are the lowest summer prices we've seen since 2 thousand five. so that's inspired a lot of people, to take a road trip. >> memorial day great time to go shopping, best prices on
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spring clothing did you know memorial day celebrated may 30 for decades, but in 1971 congress established the holiday as the last monday in may, to ensure a long weekend. in new york, lauren, fox business. all right, so as people spend and travel and beach it up. >> right. >> we want to know what the weather will be. >> so excited for the beach this time of year, always the holiday weekends they'll be jammed. so i'm voiding the beach this weekend? go next weekend when everybody else is back to work. today is the day to go. we've seen those pictures today. >> yes, right. oh, the beaches, beautiful. check it out, outside looks beautiful right now. it is gorgeous out there. it is hot, though. temperatures this afternoon, reach the upper 80s, for the first time i believe since last fall. so 88 degrees, was our daytime high today. baltimore saw 90. several locations around the area saw 90. we've come down about five degrees, from last hour, though, down to 83 degrees, here in the district, and temperatures will continue to fall, but not too far as we head into the e
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it will be a rather mild and humid evening coming up for us. here are your headlines for the day, tomorrow really mild, humid this evening. and then as we head into your daytime tomorrow, hot, humid, bringing out the triple h's, hazy, hot, humid tomorrow, hot and sticky friday, maybe storm in the afternoon, much like today. just have to watch out for pop up showers and storms, once we get to the peak heating of the day. hot and dry, start to the weekends, saturday looks great, however, sunday and monday we will have to dodge a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms, more details on the weekends coming in just a minute here. temperatures right now around the region as mentioned, 83 in d.c., baltimore still warm at 87, westminster 86, they were 91 degrees today in westminster, 8 a for quantico, manassas 88, 86 this hour at dullos. satellite and radar, any showers and storms mainly confined to the mountain regions, not terribly uncommon whether we get the heat and humidity. mountains force the air up. then you poppa thunderstormment take local look here on storm tracker radar, just north every winchest a
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the closest shower us to, now, future cast has been aggressive, trying to blow up one thunderstorm over. dc region as we head into the 7 and 8 hour tonight. watch radar still quiet for now, we will watch it as we head further into the evening hours. here is your memorial day weekends planner, missing information, don't remember those those we've lost, and all of the veterans who still sacrifice for us. 87 degrees saturday, hot, humid, that's the best day for the pools there, 84 sunday, most of sunday dry, but have increase in clouds, by the time we get to monday, little sun, more clouds than sun monday, with a better chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, but temperatures still above normal for this time of year 80 degrees for afternoon high on monday. i mention saturday being the best day for the pool. little pool planner, get your cannon balls ready, pools open up saturday afternoon for most of the region, 79 degrees by 11 very mild start, by 3, 86 degrees, even as we head into the 7 hour, still dealing with temperatures in the 80s,
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we should stay dry all monday only exception west around the mountains, could see shower saturday. lows overnight, very mild, for that time of year, feel sticky out there, 68 degrees here in the district, 56 for quantico, 66 gaithersburg, heading into the day tomorrow, 88 degrees, once again, could we touch 90, depends on how much sunshine we have. but it is possible. 87 degrees, for gaithersburg, 89 manassas, 89 frederick, maryland, as well. do want to mention code orange air quality is in effect for tomorrow. this does affect the sensitive groups, elderly, very young limit their out door activity, entire dc baltimore metro area and the surrounding counties. take a look at your fox5 accuweather 7 day forecast, 88 for friday, 87 for saturday, by the way friday don't forget to visit us zip trip wise. tunneling err -- tucker, holiday, wisdom on friday morning, getting through the course of the weekend keep the 80s around, then warm it back up ne
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partly cloudy skies next wednesday. here we go. and getting plenty early this year. >> i know. >> i forgot my next thought. but i was going to say something. >> tonight will be beautiful. that's all that matter. >> right. >> your minds is already on vacation, that's what it is. >> mike is allude g to perhaps is apparently fox5 here, we are hitting the road tonight. >> we r we will let you know where you can see sean, tony and sue tonight at ten and 11. stay with us, we'll tell but that when we come back. with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. the neighbor's back. oh, no. this is my husband, gibby! i wanted to show him your furniture!
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g? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪ [clap, clap, ding] >> so much fun tonight. fox5 taking the showed on the roads for first night side zip trip watch beautiful time it
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harbor, liver shot right there, you're invited to join us for fox5 news at 10 and 11 p.m. tony, sue and sean will be broadcasting live, from the national harbor. we will be talking to county leaders, getting updates on the projects at the national harbor, we may have a few surprises up our sleeves, you do not want to miss, so, please stop by. say hi, and we will see you tonight at 10 and 11. join us, and have a great night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kim and kanye have threatened their blabbermouth bodyguard with a lawsuit for $30 million. >> the bodyguard is claiming kim was flirting with him and that's why he got fired. and this guy followed it up by a bunch of interviews talking all about it. harvey: insinuating that's why he got canned. ite? isn't the bodyguard i don't think that's her type. >> experience at a t.i. concert. there was a fight backstage and a bunch of gunfire went off. >> this was scary inside of a green room, like indoors. harvey: if you go to a rap concert, how many guns are in there? >> definitely rap concerts where there are no guns. >> macklemore. >> macklemore. [laughter] >> johnny depp and amber heard. the relationship wasn't so great because johnny depp's family hated amber heard.


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