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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, a local flowere delivery man is accused of breaking into people's homes in between delivering buy kays, how police linked him to the crime. why three people from our area are diagnosed with the zika what's being done to fight thehe this is anything about your typical newscast.ews join the fox5 team as we broadcast life from national harbor over the next 90 minutes. thank you for joining us for fox5 local news at 10. i'm sarah simmons and i'm marin maracco. let's accepted it straight to tony and shawn life at national harbor. >> hi, guys, we are life right now at national harbor. we're just getting started out.. i'm tony perkins. we've got a glad late. tonight was date night here ate national harbor. they just finished showingho shlepless in seattle. we're going
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the folks who live here, worker, here and reply here as well and some of the representatives whos represent this area. we're whying to hear from them county executive, the police chief and the fire chief. we have a few other surprises. it's our first nighttime zip trip. we're happy to be doing it, happy to be at national harbor. back to you. now to montgomery county where a flower delivery man is facing some serious charges. police say anthony reeves brokeo into a home in kensington and stole items from a house he was supposed to deliver flowers to o and investigators suspect he has done this before.efor teisha lewis is life inife kensington with more. >>reporter: we'rens the at the montgomery county policeme department. there is a a little bit off activity behind me.e. that means if you recognize this man you can call the policehe p department. they will answer the phone. right now the police are focused on getting the word out about this this flower delivery guy
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turned thieve because therehiev could be more victim. the rhys dent 48 year oldold anthony reeves is charged with burglary theft and credit cadio fences when he went into a home and stole a credit card and more from the residents. a surveillance camera in thehe area shows reeves returning from the home. police say he was so wrapped up in stealing items he forgot toto deliver the flowers which he ise seen on video holding. ho on the 3300 block of kensington he went on several shopping sprees shopping at a macy store and then also a lord and taylor store. he he used the victim's credit card to purchase clothing andthn other items spending spending thousand dollars. we spoke with kensington wi resident who says she could see how some residents could be easy targets.ta they're older residents in this
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i feel it's like old school so the guy saided he needed to come in forking something sheomet probably just let him in. it did take detectives a couplea of months to connect the does the. detectives spoke with the flowew delivery company who confirmed that reeves did, in fact, work for them and was the delivery person to the victims' home. reeves was arrested monday andnd release after posting $5,000post bond. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. marina. it's been nearly a week since a teamer's assistant was shot and killed in alexandria. tonight, fairfax county policerf have releaseax a sketch of womaa they want to talk with. the body was found at the city side apartment complex last friday. investigators say the woman they want to speak with apparently was spotted in that parking loti right before the shooting.otin she is described as a
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skinned black female with almond-shaped eyes and we'ree're looking to identify her and speak with her at this time.ime. it's still unclear what thehat motive was for the shooting, bus police urging ifh you recognize this woman in the sketch, give them a call. prince george's county county has been a very busy place over the laster he -- well, for quita while. there's been a lot of transitions. >> absolutely right. a lot of growth obviously right here in the national harborharb area. we want to talk about some of the issues that have been taking place over the last couple ofof weeks and joining us now to talw about all of that is prince george's county executive shawn baker. we're glad to have you here with >> thanks for having me.nks it is a great night. it is a great crowd.grea one of the issues that was inhat the news a lot was the trash issue. you guys went on trashon collection being on two days a week to one day a week.eek let me just ask you, there, seemed to be sme hick cups fromh e
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how are things going >> we're glad that things are going better now. we're one of the last jurisdictions to go from two days a week to one day. we let people know that they can call. if you're still having problems let us know, 311 1 #. we think that it's going to go smooth out and it's going pretty well now. part of the issue it seems like it was primarily a communication issue in that some people weren't aware of what was happening even though you all had done outreach to them to let everyone know. kno we we did a town haul meeting for folks. we also sent male out and we did advertise. some people didn't get the message and that's on us. that's why we want people to let us know if their days were cone fused or missed, to call our 311 because that's the best way fory us to rectify. i p want to ask you very quickly in addition to losing one pick up day from two to one the ratee
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why is that? >> we safed the county about $6 million and that's what wes had to do it. if we're looking at the budget for over the last five years the county has always been at a deficit so this is going to safe us $6 million. what we did is we poured ae million dollars back into it too get the recycling bins for the individuals in the county. why where is that 6 million that you're saving now. >> to schools. > let's talk about the harbor which is where we are right now than a the impact.impa as we know mgm grand is coming in, a new casino, even blackjack classes to teah people how too be dealers. tell us about what sort of impact this has had on the community. >> this is absolutely great. we're seeing the property values in the fort washington area goo up because of national harboraro and mgm coming in. we're seeing people look at prince george's county. i was just in las vegas at thehe shoppers conference and peopleon want tofe invest in this area
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it's booming. there is he ' going to be plentb jobs in the county. that's the important thing.he i a the lot of folks do work inork the county. some work in the district. we know that area wide we've had issues with metro and we're going to continue to have issues for the next year as they startt to the safe track program.
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>> absolutely. so many things to think about, talk about. i wish we had more time but they're telling us we have too wrap.wr certainly they'll have moreore questions tomorrow.ques shawn baker, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you and thanks for being here. > i got to tell you one thing reel quick, this is a success. i love national harbor. >> thank you. > coming up in just a little bit we're going to be talking to the police chief hang shaw winch ski in just a little l while. sue palka we're sweating up here a little bit, how about you. >> you need to come down by the water, shawn and tony because it feels fantastic down here. i feel like i've taken a vacation. the national harbor is spectacular. it is eight years old now. remember we used to see the awakening. we all know about the capitalapt wheel. the awakening got saved by the b national harbor it's going to bg sent out of the country, but they've got it right down hereon and it is fun
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it's also great to see how am people are out here tonight.ere they are enjoying a beautifuleat evening.ev we're so happy to be up here in the plaza and look at all thell folks that are down here tonight. thank you for coming out. yea. we love the national harbor. sarah i'm going to send it backd into you.ou. we'll have a first look at your weather forecast coming up righp after the break. >> thank you so much, sue. > with knewly confirmed cases of zika in our area, neighbors met together tonight to learno how to protect themselves. case i anthony's attorney isis following back after accusations that he accepted sex. what he's saying about the claim as fox5 news continues.
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hello, everybody and welcomery back. thehelife here from national harbor.arb it's a little warm yet. i think the humidity is
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we are roling.olin speaking of things warming up, you know, as the season starts to get warmer, as the weather starts to role in for am areaea residents who are in neighborhoods that are attacked by crime. we posted anx story on the fox5 facebook page recently about abt man who was shot and killed in temple hills. the responses to that story were surprising. i want to read a couple of them to you.. james wrote in, he said this iss not news anymore, these shootings, whooped do. bianca hill wrote this iss getting scary. and william asked when will itl stopped. it's just getting started and certainly we hope that is not the and here to join us right now to talk about a little bit to keep us safe is the police chief, thanks so much for joining us. first off you've heard some ofoe the things that we read, clearlr residents who live
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george's county are concerned as to as the warmer weather approaches, crime starts toarts approach, too. what kind of words do you haveyu for what can you tell them aboutl their concern cans and their fears. >> i'll answer that question ino two ways.s. first i'll say that we continuen to make tremendous strides in prince george's county in termsm of crime reduction. as we sit here now violent crimt in the county has been reducedeu 12 percent again this year overr last year which was historical in terms of numbers. property climb is down a 15 percent. fatal collision, fatal crashes are down 40 percent. the other thing i'll say is that fully acknowledge is that if you witness one of these terribleer events that those numbers don't mean anything to you. and that's why i as the police chief and our entire agency is completely invested not inn catching people once they've committed these terrible crimesr but permitting them in the first place. and so one of the things that i'd like to talk briefly aboutri is our initiative with next door
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and that's how we have the opportunity to connect with people in your area.rea. social media is a tremendous tool. what next door does is allow uss to speak directly to theire neighborhood where you live and i'm encouraging all of thehe members of our family in prince george's county to reach out to the district that serves yount d connect with the cops officer who is running the next door program in your neighborhood. how do folks find out about that? where do they know too join this next door program. >> we started this a few months ago.s we're billing in terms of numbers. contact the district station that serves you in prince george's county and they'll be able to help the community to t join next door andhe receive the messages. back to the fear piece which something uppermost in my mind.d > right. >> this is allowing us to connect with people and we havee community advisory groups and councils, but everybody has a time to come in and be part ofpt those meetings. the information that
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receive from those officers are things that matter to you in your neighborhood. it's also an opportunity for yo to connect with the department and bring your concerns to us su we can address them.m. in just about 20 seconds, we'ree running short on time, you've targeted specific communities, specific neighborhoods in order to try to see some improvement. how has that been going and what you will be doing during the the course of the summer to continue the efforts. >> we continue to operate and move the department in realtime. every day at 9:00 i have an executive meeting where we look at the last 4 hours, look atk trends both historically and see where we're going to get thethe biggest investment on our crime and we check on them again during the course of the day. i know that people don't feel well despite the numbers andnd that's why i want to connect in this different way using next door and again we're here to prevent crime not to address itd once it's happened.appe that's our focus and that's our commitment. do you have any special funcial plan
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>> my little girl is eager to go to disney world. so we're working to plan that trip, take her down there to see a large mouse. > i hope you have fun. enjoy the mouse this summer. >> it's been a reel privilege tv join this summer. > we appreciate the it.t. let's go back to sarah and marina in the studio. we continue to see new cases ofs the zika virus in our region. three of them in virginia.irgi there are now 18 confirmed casef in that state, 17 in marylandin and five in d.c. mosquito season is in full swing and with that comes new concerns about the spread of the virus this summer. fox5 lindsay watts is life in silver springs where health officials held a meeting on how to protect yourself.. lindsay we hear that meeting was a full house. >> i was one of at least twoleas dozen people who had to stand up for this meeting because thereh was not enough seats here. we'll show you the video now. you can see i was a packed
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and these folks came armed withe a lot of questions. even though at this point we still haven't seen anyn mosquitoes here in the us transmitting zika. health officials said that coult start happening at any time. for now all the cases have frome people oversees.rsee zika is a big concern for pregnant women because of the birth did he effects.effe and it links adults to a brain. novak seen or treatment for zika but they also wanted to put thit into perspective. so this is not a time where you want to have panic. s thats ' not the situation we have now. it's a time for preparation. it isn't a unique disease. it's never been before a disease that has both gone virus,
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transmitted, birth defects. it's very unique. so you need to be aware of its uniques and respond accordingly. > and how the health officialsi said we'll start seeing the mosquitoes transmit zika some i'm this summer. take measures to avoid mosquito bites. wear long sleeves and pants when you're outside.ut make sure your window screens are in good condition andnd finally get rid of standing water around your home as the mosquitoes that breathe zika really are prone to water thatt can even if it into a bottle cap. if you are headed to the lake or the river for this memorial day weekend, certainly take precautions, but just knowknow there's no reason to have any reel concern there.ther lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > it's so warm out there we're probably going to see quite auie few mosquitoes over the holiday
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weekend. yes, warm and humid. sue palka who is life out at national harbor. >> sue, it's definitely who theo out there.ou >> it is. but we're having a fantastican night because fox5 has friendsre at national harbor.arbo look at them all (cheers) we are so glad that the weather has finally changed. we're going to hold it down forr a second and say you would not be able how hospital this place is. did youac guys like the weathert had earlier in may. ma >> today's weather even better,t right it feels like summers iss getting ready to start. let me give you a forecast soorc you have an idea of what we're looking at tonight and how whond the it you have to go back to september to find a day that was who ther than we actually got into the upperer 80s.80 we'll chat more with the folks here in just a moment. temperatures today did not breat records but we have gone from 50s to an
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heat. it's a little bit tough to takek but it feels good at the potomac. it's so wide. what a view. it's refreshing near the water. a quick look at our currentrent temperatures because we do wanto you to know as we go forward through the overnight hours it's going to stay very mild.ild. we're still at 76-degrees here 7 in d.c.. it's about 75 at national harbor, 79 at dulles and as we a talk about your on temperatures overnight it will stay on the s mild side. sid there were a few thunderstorms that did try to fire up. we're very happy that dissipated. there will be one or two more tomorrow. another who the one is coming cm tomorrow. we'll have a look at the full forecast coming up in just ast about it. it's not too late to come down to national harbor and come says high to us. thank lots of fun out there. still ahead here at 10, donaldt trump has done it. he has secured enough delegates
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but he still has to win over some key gop figures. tony?
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he's wanted republican w presidential candidate will bele the gop's trump officially cline p muched that nomination today can.can. fox news reports trump has now captured 1238 delegates one more than needed to win the nominee. some republican leaders arere still not p backing him. house speaker paul ryan has yet to endorse trump while senate majority leader mitchell mcconnell has given trump a tepid
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the lawyer who represented casee i anthony is threatening to take legal action. high as accepted sexual favors. in it he also claims that anthony confessed to killing her two year old daughter and potentially claiming another man for murder. you may recall anthony was acquitted of that crime in 2011. when we come back angela brooks joins us from our zip trip in national harbor. we'll be right back. . z2022z
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z2025z this is fox5 local newses at 10. we are now back with a look at tonight's top headlines starting with the arrest of a flowerower delivery man in montgomery county.coun anthony reeves was supposeto
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kensington home on march 26 when no one came to the door he he allegedly broke in and robbednd the home. s he's suspected in other cases. in alexandria police havexand release the sketch can of a woman who may know something about a deadly parking lot shooting. last friday a 24 year oldld classroom assistant was shot ant killed in the park lot off richmond highway. police would like to speak with the woman as a light skinned black female withal monday shaped health officials held a meeting on telling people how to avoid the zika virus. > now let's send it back to tony and shawn. they are life down there at national harbor on this beautiful evening. hi, guys. thank you very much. our next guest has been quite out spoken on issues of domesticville owns in prince george's county. she'd mace it her mission to come up with resources in
10:32 pm
at need. state's attorney joins us not only to talk about that but also talk about a different way, a different program that iss putting convicted drug offenders back into the community or just helping them.he your program is called back on track. >> back on track is replicated out of california.ou this is at program that pamela harris started. it focuses on 18 to 26 year old offenders who are first time non violent offends. these are dealers. we bring them into court, have them plead guilty and them we immediately connect them with the community college, with catholic charities. we get them jobs at the end ofnd the program. it's very vigorous, it's a 12 to 18 month program. 23 they are successful theysucc leave us without a felony conviction, workforce development, certification from the community college and a job. so this really is getting back on track and really restoring justice to the money as wells as helping people get their lives back on track.n how far into that program havehe
10:33 pm
see right now how successful it has been. >> it's brand new.. it's taken us nearly three years to stand up this program.prog we're so ex sighed and we now have our participant. on tuesday we'll have the firstt hearings involving the participants they've already started with the counseling.ouns this program has been overwhelming successful in california. it cost us $5,000 per participant versus $47,000 per participant to incarcerate. it makes sense.sens it's been successful and we soso excited to start it. how long is the program itself? when you start on day one and finish at the very end, how long is it. >> 12 to 18 months. so it is very rigorous. these participants have to be committed. they have to admit their involvement and they have to be committed to transforming theirr lives. we're there to help them doo that. you did say that one
10:34 pm
requirements to take part in the program is you have to pled guilty. by the end of the program, ifgrm you have completed it successfully, does that go away. >> if you complete it successfully, no felony convictions. you are able to walk away one community, one opportunity. o nonet a felony conviction, a joa and a way to really earn a living. for our viewers who are watching who may be skeptical about this program, who is for this program. >> 18 to 26 year old drug dealers, first time. must not have a felony, not be violent. the reason that we know this program can success is becausesb it has. this is not the first jurisdiction. again, it started in california, in san francisco. it is one of the justice department's model programs, but it's the first time we've replicated in maryland. it's the first of its kind. it's just been certified by the court of appeals. app it's the first time we werere actually rolling it out int ou there. let's talk a little
10:35 pm
prince george's county. sometimes when we see on the news it's under difficult circumstances s of the things you have to talk about. give me an assessment of where you think things are in thegs a county and what kind of strides you think are being made in b terms of the criminal justice system and all of that.t. we've had a very difficult yeari around family violence. we have seen very devastating cases. we have worked with the faithhe community in ways that are very encouraging and to us we've trained, for example, over 100 pastors and members of minute sterile staff because this is a problem that we cannot resolveel just at the courthouse and justa at the police station. we're going to have to really support families. provide ways for everybody inevr the family, the men, the children. these children really are the invisible victims of domesticoms violence so we are doingo everything we can to educate people, to empower them to makee good choices to will keep them safe as well as do everything we can. we're prosecuting these cases as well but we're
10:36 pm
sure we do everything we can to make sure they don't happen in the first place. as a mom, are there any hidden gems around prince george's county that we don't know about that you mightwe participating n with your daughter this summer,s something fun. >> one of the gems is the marlboro ridge equestrian center. they now have a force my my daughter is an animal lover.ver. she will love horseback ridingig is one option. op prince george's county, park an' planning is justs phenomenal. i is one of the best in the country. we have camp throughout the summds.including theater. anal ex can't wait. my daughter cannot wait to getet started to see some of herof friends she's met in camp. this is going to be a wonderful summer. tell her we said hi. >> i will. > thank you. thanks for having
10:37 pm
> all right. this is our first zip trip forfr the news at 10. we do want to remind you thathat the morning show will also be doing this right here in prince george's county at national harbor. to sarah bac ck still ahead, how thousands of soldiers took time to honor theh real meaning of memorial day. we'll be right back after this. grilling hamburgers this holiday weekend won't grill your wallet enough.en that's because beef prices are dropping and the government saying they should keep dropping for now but you might want to skip the cheese to that burger since dairy prices are on track to hit a record high. here's more proof that americans like their deals. dollar tree stock has sored. the discount store says the future looks even better. also shopping for homes, the number of americans signing a contract to buy a house, the highest level we've seen more
10:38 pm
than in a decade.ecad the number of people asking due to have their student loans forn given due to fraud or what theye say is fraud. 20 million americans are seeking to have their debt t canceled because they say they lied about the amount the students are getting. tting.
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> it's memorial day, many of you are gettingmo ready to enjoy the annual start of the seasonof much it's a different story at arlington national cemetery as thousands of soldiers took timek to honor the real meaning of this holiday. since 1908 they put a flag in an event called flags in.
10:42 pm
the flags. for the soldiers who participated it is an honor to take part in it. it's amazing. all the people that have diede for our country and did the thing that most people wouldn'td do. it means a lot to the families.i does it mean as much to the sewed years. >> definitely. it means just as much to us as s it does to the families.fami if you come to the cemeteryhe during the holiday these flagslg will remain in place during the memorial weekend. the old guard will remove the te flags on tuesday. he we hope that you'll join us s for a fox5 two-part special presentation this memorial weekend beyond the ledge. we'll honor those who served ane continue to serve.o se the first installment ayerst tomorrow night at 10:30, the second installment ayerst memorial day at 5. 30 right here on fox5. summer isly apprch
10:43 pm
is the threat of the zika virus. also ahead police say this guy was delivering flowers and breaking into homes at the same time. find out how police tracked him down. also ahead new details about a deadly shooting just before a ti concert last night. who police have arrested coming up at 11 s.
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all right. this is the view from the cap capital wheel at the national harbor. i'm kind of afraid how high up. >> you're okay. > this is the director of marketing for in a. it's fantastic.tast it 180 feet
10:47 pm
harbor. you have mgm behind you, gaylor, over there. some great views. we are fully loaded this summer. we have activities six days a week. we take monday off.. tuesday we had fitness. wednesday we have dumb what. wednesday morning we have daily fitness. bring the family. especially when school is out. you don't know what to do with d your kids, bring them out for a half hour and then after that the prince george's county fire department and others will come out and do and little story tim. and then friday we have summer fridays where we do lawn games. and then we have dj.
10:48 pm
and saturday is military. sunday night you have movies. those are family movies. >> family. so much fun. even tonight when we got here, h the lawn is full. it's a thursday night. we're heading into a holiday weekend. it's absolutely fantastic. if you guys have never been here, it is wonderful. this is our first zip trip at night. the morning show is going to bee here at national harbor tomorrow morning. we have put up a twitter pollwit because apparently some of the anchors are going to be doinging care oak key tomorrow. the dualing piano bar. we need you to vote on the twitter poll what songs they are going to perform.go > i don't know what the options are. whatever you think will embarrass them the most. that's what we're looking for. let me tell
10:49 pm
i'm fine in the capital wheel. the views are great.reat we're going to go back down to the ground. sue palka is standing by withy the latest on the forecast. sue. hello there shawn and tony. i just want to say tony i'm so proud of you forgetting in the wheel. and joe let's bust him. the ' finally moving again. we noticed that during the interview everything came to a halt and several high powered po jets went by to make sure tony was okay. but he made it and it is a beautiful view. we are so enjoying everybodyrybo that came down. (cheers) you know what, you're so optimistic. it's such a beautiful night. the script spelling bee is being held at the gaylord.ayl this young lady was one of the participants. kay lee. how far did you get. >> i got to round two. > where are you from. >> north carolina.>> this i is the first time at the
10:50 pm
>> my second. > you're so fart. what word did you miss.iss abell coffee. >> how could you miss that. could you use it in a sentence. >> i can't. i can't either.t i was going to pretend to spello it but i can't remember what yot just said.aid > we'll move on to the weatherr forecast. are you guys having fun out here >> (cheers) do you come to national harbor a lot. >> yes, very much, especiallymuh during the summertime. you got a little beach here. it's the best. bes it's the best. i thought i was landlocked until i got down i said this potomac is as wides as the lake. it looks wonderful. i like that you color coordinated. >> thank you. tha we're going to give you a quick look at some weather headlines because we want you to know what is ahead. the summer-like weather is going to it's going to be mild and humidd this evening, who the and stickc friday and maybe a thunderstormn we're so happy we didn't get agt storm while we w
10:51 pm
the national harbor. >> (cheers) we have gone inside mccormack and submits and hungnh out. it's going to be a who the andnd try start to the weekend. i think the better chance might be memorial day. not a totally dry weekend. but it's definitely going too feel a lot more like summer.umme let's give you a check of the temperatures around the regiont right now. still very toasty. as you know we were into the upper 80s.0s i know bwi hit 90. we're still at 76-degrees. plenty of heat on that southt wind coming in and we're going to continue to enjoy a partly cloudy night. i don't think we'll have to worry about any more storms. mike thomas is tanning back inin the studio, standing by because we have to watch a little something, something off the coast. he's so cute, isn't he? there's
10:52 pm
are you having fun? i know it's a perfect night for it. we want to go right to the weekend. we want you to know what's going on around the weekend. if you're doing any outdoor activities saturday is your day. it should be dry all day. sunday 84-degrees, a few afternoon p storms.tern keep an eye on the fox5 weather app. we head into monday, a much better chance of thunderstorms, high of 80-degrees. probably less sun on monday as well. that's what you can expect this weekend. let's get right to your fox5 seven day forecast. 88 tomorrow, come down for the zip trip, the morning crew will be down at at the national harbor tucker and holly down there having a good time. the heat returns next week.k. the coolest temperature i have is monday on 80-degrees.0- we warm it back up into the mid 80s. that's a check of the forecast.c maureen and sarah i'm going to end s it up to we are following breaking news right now here in the
10:53 pm
firefighters at mcphearsoncphe square metro station, they're investigating reports of smoker coming from an electrical room. metro is now saying that there is no rail service between mcphearson square and federal triangle l.. metro has requested shuttle service and of course we're going to bring you more information as soon as we get it. okay. we'll be right back.
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this fantastic food. this is right next to the plaza. you know what i really think is fantastic in addition to the food, complimentary lunch or dinner for active militarymili veterans on memorial day. you do this every memorial day and when else. >> we also do it for veterans day. >> how lovely of you. we're going to be talking a little bit more about what you're doing here. transitioning into summer menu. >> these are almost all of my summer things. those snow crabs, they have hightail on it p.tail they sure do. you've had quite a big crowd down here tonight. it's time to get updated on sports. let's send it into brogan logan. what was that you're bringing it all back to the studio for us to eat? thank you. you're so genius. any fan attending his or her game was the good one
10:58 pm
107 year old virginia mack loren you may remember virginia from this video of her dancing with president the d.c. lady attended her first baseball game tonight greeted by nats skipper dusty bake her. given a jersey with her number, 170 of course.urse she looks more lovely than i am. this week in the maryland's mens women's lacrosse teams both schools capturing both titles. the men who haven't lost since s march. he this are seeking their first title since 1975. the women they've not lost since last tomorrow night the undefeated terps face syracuse as they seey a third consecutive crown. who is under more pressure, ther men or the women.=ry >> both team
10:59 pm
their coaches. i don't think either team isther thinking about the last timeast that we won, whether it was lass year or, you know when our parents were meeting in ln l college. i think that both teams are juss ready and prepared to take care of business. sports tonight i wanted to honor the anniversary of one of the moments in sports history. jose con seiko trying to catch a martinez fly ball and it goes over his head over the fence for a homerun. the yankees beat the rangers by one run. jose con sake in. fox5 local news at 11 starts r
11:00 pm
this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, police say this flower delivery guy was moonlighting as a burglar and they think he struck more than once. new details about a deadly shooting just before a ti concert. find out who police arrestedarre tonight. and we're life at the nationalh harbor with a special holiday edition of cheers to the weekend. your news starts right now. first we are following breaking news right now here in the district. firefighters are at mcphearsonce square metro stop investigatingi reports of smoke again cominggai from an electrical room.oo metro is saying there is no raio service right now between mcphearson square and federal triangle. metro has requested shuttle l service at this t we do have a crew that is heading to the scene and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. we're also


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