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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 27, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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fox5 local news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, police say this flower delivery guy was moonlighting as a burglar and they think he struck more than once. new details about a deadly shooting just before a ti concert. find out who police arrested tonight. and we're life at the national harbor with a special holiday edition of cheers to the weekend. your news starts right now. first we are following breaking news right now here in the district. firefighters are at mcphearson square metro stop investigating reports of smoke again coming from an electrical room. metro is saying there is no rail service right now between mcphearson square and federal triangle. metro has requested shuttle l serv
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we do have a crew that is heading to the scene and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. we're also following a developing story tonight out of a d.c. jail. police say five people are being treated after they were stabbed tonight. we're told it all happened at 9:15. d.c. fire and ems say they've treated three victims two of which have serious injuries. no word yet on what led to the stabbing. fox5 is in montgomery county tonight. police say the mano oh this guy actually, if you can look at him on the screen here broke into a home while on the job as a flower delivery man. he is now charged with a burglarly in kensington. that is not the only time he has struck. fox5's teisha lewis is life with the story. >>reporter: we're here at the montgomery county police department where investigators are hoping to get the word out about this. in fact, they're open for business. you can call if you recognize the man you saw. the flower delivery guy turned
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now police believe there could be more victims. we're talking about gaithersburg resident 48 year old anthony reeves. he's charged with credit cadio fences after police say he went inside a home while making a flower delivery and stole a credit card and other property from the residents. surveillance video in the area shows reeves returning from the home. police say he was so wrapped up in stealing items he forgot to deliver the flowers. police say the hoist happened back in march at a home in the 3300 block of university boulevard in kensington. he then went on several shopping sprees from macy's to lord and taylor many. he used the victim's card to make these purchases spending more than a thousand dollars. we spoke with a kensington resident who says she understands and sees how this could happen. they feel like older residents in this area i feel like it's sort of very old school so the guy said he needed to come in for something and she probably just
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detectives say it took a couple of months to connect the does the, but part of how they were able to do that is because the flower company was able to identify reeves in surveillance video and also match up the victim's home that he was supposed to deliver flowers to. now, reeves was arrested and booked on monday, but posted $5,000 bond so he is back out. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > fairfax county wants you you to take a good look at this sketch. they want to talk with the woman pictured here to see p if she has any information about the murder of a teacher's assistant in alexandria last week. tree samson's body was found in the parking lot at it city side complex last friday. investigators say someone shot samson. they say the woman they want to speak with apparently was spotted in that parking lot before the shooting. she is described as a light skinned black female with almond
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identify her and speak with her. the it's still unclear what the motive was for the shooting. again police want to hear from you if you recognize the woman in this sketch. and in the district tomorrow marks one year since a local journalist was killed, sharp lease milton was shot as she transferred buses in southeast. the intended target used her as human shield to avoid getting hit. today members of her family joined with police bleeding with the public for whatever help they could provide in search for her killer. friends and family will gather tomorrow night to hold a vigil in milton's honor. summer is right around the corner but already there are more than 30 confirmed cases of the zika virus across the dmv. today health officials held a meeting with residents in silver springs to teach them how to protect themselves from the virus. so far officials say mosquitoes here in the us are not transmitting zika. all the cases have been people infected by mosquitoes
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or through sexual transmission. the biggest concern is for pregnant women because of the severe birth defects associated with the virus. it's a time for preparation. it is a time for people doing the things they need to do to protect themselves. it is a unique disease. it's never before been a disease that is both a virus, mosquito borne, sexually transmitted. it is very unique so you can aware of its uniqueness and respond accordingly. the best way to protect yourselves is to wear long sleeve, use insect repel event and get rid of standing water around your home. we are on our first ever zip trip at night for the newses at 11 here at national harbor in prince george's county on a beautiful evening. we are very happy to be previewing tomorrow trip for the morning team and it's been
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great night. it's been an incredible night. there are so many incredible people out here and of course we have a lot of county leaders here. joining us is mark shore, the fire chief. thanks for joining us. before we get into talking about fire safety for the summer. we know that some of your firefighters were involved in an incident in temple hills who were shot when he were trying to get into a home. you were talking about some of your firefighters wear vests similar to the vests thes police officers wear. right. we're in the process of doing you a the due diligence we need to do with the different opportunities that are around there. no decision has been made eulalio tordil but we're going through all the processes include all the stakeholders and in the end we need to do what's right for our folks. i have to imagine it's a fairly complicated process because of that is who gets the vest, who doesn't get a vest, when do you wear them, et cetera. >> i don't think we're going
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who plays who does or doesn't. what are the rules for deployment, what are the rules foreign gaugement. these aren't what your fire departments aren't typically used to. a the look of the bigger cities have gone to this already. we are not. certainly that whole situation was really scary. adding a vest under a lot of layers that you guys already put on. is there a lot of resistance or is everybody excited. >> i don't know there's excited. it's about another five pounds of equipment. we're already putting 75 pounds on with the coat and the bottle and everything else that goes on. so five more pounds isn't huge. but if you're wearing it all day long, everything that goes wrong, it's something we're still looking at. let's talk about the holiday weekend that we're heading into. a lot of people cooking out,
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picnics, that kind of thing. give us some safety tips, if you will not just for the holiday weekend but as we head into the summer. the number one cause of fires in prince george's county is cooking, whether it's indoor or outdoor can. we know that's the big cause of the fires. the biggest thing we see is people grilling too close to a home or on a balcony somewhere that is not safe. nobody that did that ever said i'm going to burn my house down today, but in the end that's what ends up happening. the law says 30 feet away from a multi-family dwelling and never on a balcony. certainly good tips. finally, let's get on a lighter note here. what do you plan to do this summer? do you have any plans to do anything fun? what are you going to be doing. >> this is it. > you have to do a little more understand here and talk to us. >> we hope to get out to the beach. we have the state fire convention in ocean city. while
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enjoy it and then go see my mother down in florida. > thank you for joining us. we're going to have a little l more coming up from national harbor in just a few minutes. how long it took soldiers to place flags at more than 230 head stones. a deadly shooting just before ti concert. find out who police arrested. nice temperatures this afternoon. we'll be there again tomorrow. the forecast coming up right after the break. we'll send you right back out to the national harbor with a look
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> tonight new details about the concert chaos sparked by a deadly shooting. it happened inside a new york city concert haul just before hiphop concert artist was set to perform. the shots fired and spilled out. one man was killed and three others injuries.
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including brooklyn rapper. police arrested him today. more charges are coming. in honor of memorial day weekend, thousands of soldiers took time out to remember fallen soldiers buried at arlington national cemetery today. it's all part of an event called flags in. since 1948 the u.s. army's' old guard has put a flag in front of everyone of the more than # 30,000 head stones at arlington. it takes a thousand soldiers about four hours to place those flags. you come to the cemetery during the holiday these flags will remain in place until tuesday. and then there was only one donald trump has officially clinched the republican presidential nomination. he reached the necessary number of 37 delegates with the help of previously uncommitted delegates who now support his candidacy. on the democratic side, clinton leads bernie sanders and only needs 78 delegates to clinch the nomination.
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of cheers to the weekend. that's right. it's thursday. it's okay. it's a holiday weekend. cheers to thursday. we are life outside of mccormack and schmidts. what are you going to be mixing up. >> a extra bibase electrical room. > while you're going ahead and mixing give us an idea of what are the ingredients. this is freshly squeezed handmade cocktail that we have. it has fresh strawberries, fresh basil and fresh lyme just and sump syrup. she is mixing that up. while she's fixing up the drink right now you can see all the fabulous food out here. a little prime rib, crab legs. muscles. there's some fresh fish. what kind of fish is that. >> halibut. what's your name.
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nice to meet you sean. what l else. >> we have our signature shim p dishes. our coast to coast, which is our seered tuna and our tuna tartar with avocado. i got to tell you it all smells wonderful. i shaked and baked. this is the strawberry basil smash. tony doesn't drink alcohol. can i taste it. >> can i taste it without alcohol. but i do. you can certainly tell it's cheers to the weekend. cheers to the holiday weekend. >> can you make one more for sue, please. >> i can. > so when is this available? is this available all the time. >> we have an
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hour monday through friday, 26789. 30 to 7:00. come by, visit us. he would have wonderful cocktails and food. chief sean is all the food available all the time. >> some of it is happy hour, but p most of it all the time. > we thank you guys. you made us feel at home tonight. thank you very much for hosting. little mike i thompson standing by at the station. they can't get enough of us at national harbor, we're going to be down here tomorrow morning again. the morning show will be here tomorrow morning. that's right and it will be a who the morning as well. it will feel more like a morning in july or late june. the temperatures in the the 70s tomorrow morningnd
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sunshine. a life look outside one more time. it's a gorgeous night out there. a very warm night with temperatures still in the 70ss here. we should fallback into the upper 60s briefly as when get towards sunrise but by the time of zip trip back to the 70s. we will have to watch out for a storm or two later on tomorrow t afternoon. take a look at the highs, these are july highs. 88 at reagan national, bwi their first 90 of the year. their first 90 of september 9 of last fall. they reached 94-degrees on that date. 75 your current number here at d.c. wees minister is at 77 still very mild. 7 p at annapolis. it is very sticky out there. dewpoints in the mid 60s. that means you can feel a lot lot of extra moisture. satellite and radar shows what was left of some showers over the mountains has died down. we lost the sunshine out there. once again tomorrow we could have some storms firing up probably o t
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around the mountains and one or two of those could fly across our region. we'll keep an eye on that. we're also keeping an eye on the topics. this area of thunderstorm t activity where you see the l right there that is a developing area of low pressure. as it moves its way to the north and to the west. it could possibly develop into a tropical system, possibly a tropical depression and possibly a tropical storm. we're keeping our eye on this particularly as we get or morning. we have to much what out for a storm or two. because of that we're, if you're headed to the beaches, definitely keep an eye on the update. memorial day weekend so far, saturday looks excellent but who the, 87-degrees. who the and humid. sunday scattered storms in the afternoon and evening hours, 84 those are hit and miss. probably a better chance of storms on monday and less sunshine with temperatures still above normal at 80-degrees.
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region for tomorrow 88-degrees here in washington. perhaps 90 for dulles. another who the one coming your way tomorrow. the air really hasn't been moving that much. because the air has been hanging out over our region we have this cold of orange air quality alert in effect all day tomorrow. that just means the air is not exactly healthy, make sure you're checking on the elderly if you can and of course the very small children. limit the outdoor activities. i know pools are probably going to be opening this weekend. air quality probably won't change that much heading into saturday. do be aware of that. a quick look the at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast here. you like the warmth we're keeping it around. 88 tomorrow, 87 on saturday. 84 on sunday. the coolest day on here, monday memorial day with temperatures in the 80s. then we
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head into next week. we get the mid 80 ned next wednesday with a high of 85-degrees. > a friendly competition at redskins park, but first let's head back out to tony and shawn. we've got something for you. this he is called made in maryland. we're spotlighting local businesses, local entrepreneurs. to my right we have ellen moore from ellen moore's cakery, ellen moore and to shawn's left we have gabrielle gordon, what is your website. >> > we're going to quickly start with your jewelry. tell me a little bit about this. you hand make all of this yourself. >> i do i actually started when i was nine years old and i hand make all the pieces. besides online where can folks find some of your beautiful jewels. i'm in a store in silver springs and i'm going to be a n a
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in virginia done. jewels with a z. look at this cake and then you got to look at these cupcakes. tell me a little bit about your whole processes and how people can find you. i am a cake designer. i bake everything from scratch. you can find me at ellen moore i am mobile, i travel throughout maryland, d.c. and virginia. it's a van and you bring the cakes to wherever theyhañ them. >> yes. this was for you. she said it's for me. i'll taste it in just a moment. > jewels gordon with a z. made in maryland. back to you guys. we'l
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bryce harper is in a slump. he's beating 174 and he hasn't
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he wanted to get a little luck of the irish. in this picture from the washington post. that's him batting, a four leaf clover. virginia mack loren attending her first baseball game and giving a little dance for dusty baker much like for president obama. and yeah, the clover worked. the nats down 1-0, bryce harper, a triple decker like a turkey decker. it's his first homer since may 13 even things up. a pop fly and it's good. the very next pitch danny espinosa. almost to the same spot. that's the game hitting homerun. nats edge the cardinals. a couple of the os fans wearing the colors in enemy territory. the birds down one. atrium beau to the railroad tracks. it's like a
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the 149 of the year ties the game. the oral lose to houston 4-2. redskins otas continue today. a lot of fans wonder if kirk cousins can make the transition. they will prepare cousins for the best passing deeds in the league. kirk has to come catch me. here's the $75 million man on some friendly competition. he looked away a couple of times, but he didn't throw the ball. i got a little l jubilant. i was like all right what you going to it with. i think one play, the last play warren was out there. kirk, man. friendly competition is going to make him
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