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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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president barack obama visits the city but not withoutit controversy. >> also metro riders facingsac long delays this holidays h weekend.ek this comes hours after a scareca involving smoke at mcphersoncphn square. we will tell you what you need n to know. w. >> and it's a special d we're kicking off our zip trip t season. giving you that live look att our inaugural location foror 2016. 2016. that's the national harbor.l it is may 27th. imay 2 today is the start to memorialme day weekend. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's atd 6:05.:05. our believe our tucker barnes is already at the harbor. >> crew got drown overnight tot set up. >> a lot goes into it. i'm looking fdrorward to it. to good morning, i'm allison'm aisn seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i of course back here in the studio we'll keep you up t'moo date on everything happening around the area and worldand w today. the president making history. hs he became the first sittingit president to visit the hiroshima shrine.hiroe. >> it's a place where americaree used the atomic bomb in
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two. president obama spoke to somea of thesp victims. victims annie yu listened to hisd to h speech and has more now. now historic moving emotional i'monm sure, controversial, too. good morning.go >> reporter:. >> reporter: right allison,on nearly 71 years after the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on here h shima president obamonhiroshimaa the first sitting president to visit the shrine. the shrine. he says progress is beingprress made. president obama just finished speaking to the crowd gathered e at the peace park in here h shima alongside prime minister shinzo abe.zoab after they laid a wreath thea wh president met with survivors and other guests. this historic visit is stirring mixed emotions. 200,000 people were killede kile when the u.s. dropped the bombdr on the city bopack on august 6tt 1945. 19 73,000 more died in a secondsend bombing at nagasaki. nagasak though an apology would please p some in japan the white house h stresse
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not apologize for the attsiacksc that forced the surrender of imperial japan and ended the second world war. world war. the visit is intended to symbolize horrors of nuclear nuc warfare and the president'sresit push for a world free ofree o nuclear weapons.apons take a >> we can learn. we can choose. we can tell our children a different story, one that describes a common humanity, han one that makes war less likely and cruelty less easily accepted. acce >> reporter: the presidentresi says he also sees this visits as a way to strengthen tiesengt with japan an important allyorta as we honor the lives lost, so very emotional day. d back to you, allison. allison. >> certainly is. annie, thank you.nie,nk also happening today, tod, remembering a local journalistrl shot and killed a year ago.go police say charnice milton wasmn used as a
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a shootout between gangeten g members. tonight friends and familyfriea will hold a vigil at the scene of the crime in the 2700 blocklo of good hope road in southeastst d.c. d.c. yesterday her family joinedmilyi police pleading with the public for help in tracking down her >> a fight at the d.c. jail sent three inplates to theee i hospital some with cuts and puncture wounds from homemadeome weapons.weapons. no word on what led up to thatot stabbing. the department of correcttm center city investigatineng.vesg fairfax county police wantx to talk with this womanco, aoman woman pictured -- depicted in de this sketch. they believe that she might have information about last week's murder of a teacher'svema assistant in alexandria.xari tariq samson's body was found f in a parking lot on richmondd highway last friday. fday. the woman they want to speak wao with apparently was spotted intt that parking lot before that shooting.oong. >> planes, trains,las, trains, automobiles, all challengingen modes of transportation during the busy memorial day weekend but metro might not be any faster. >> this just hours after aju shutdown caused by yet anothereo fire at the
6:04 am >> melanie alnwick is joininglnj now's with the mel, bad good morning. >> reporter: yeah, not not really the way you want to want kick off memorial day weekend,dn right? we had another smokeer s incident at mcpherson square.qu it was about 10:30 last night,ig brought out d.c.'s fire andnd ems crews. turns out it was just someusom smoke in an electrical room,l r so i guess good news there,re but the bad news is it did cause delays on the blue and orange line once again. again you know, so many people areple going to be coming down heredowh to d.c. and trying to enjoyoy the mall here memorial day weekend and most of them dost od plan on taking that's what we always tell people to do, but maintenance mn this weekend is definitelyinit going to cause a little hitchtlh in some of those orange line is the first thingit you need to know about, majoraj disruptions there. tre the orange line itself istsel going to be completely shut down. down that means silver line trainsern will replace orange linein trains to get to where you're going. goin
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vienna dunn loring and westphals church stations are going to be closed so youse won't be able to get on anyy trains at those station.ta you could take a bus to east falls church or perhaps driveps there and take your luck withh parking as now, the red, silver, the bluehu and green line all singlein tracking throughout theghou weekend, which could mean delays of up to 20 minutesinut between trains. tin really important to know your ty timetables there. there the yellow line trains, those te will stop at mount vernon vno square. they will not go any furtherurth north there.h there. some of the work that will be done, track circuit replacements, railen stabilization, radio cableadio c installations and all of this before the starthe s of those major disruptionsruio when metro begins its safee track plan on june as for memorial day itself, i the system is going to open,pen, the metro system will open at o 7 o'clock in the morning, itorn will close at midnight.t. we also want to let you know that parking is going to be to b free at metro rail stations stan but you really, a
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wander to take a close look atk what the service disruptionsvi u are going to be.going to we have it all for you.or y can check out our fox5 d.c.5.c app. it will all be there. really important information.nti you really want to plan aheadn a before you head downtown.eaowntw live at the smithsonian smithso station, i'm mel i wasn't, melai fox5 local news. >> encouraging news it looksoo really pretty behind you on you the national mall.e na >> it's beautiful out here.l our i have most of the place to plat myself this morning, so i'mng, not it's really nice.yic >> thank you. thank you. see you in a little while.e well, what a great day out o there weather-wise so it's ae so great day for a zip trip. zipri fox5 is taking over the or t national harbor this morning.isi >> tucker barnes first oneker ba there this morning.there is m let's check in with him andk it see how things are going so far. good morning, tuck., t >> good morning, steve, goodte morning, allison.rning, allison. miss you guys.mi i feel like i'm never in the i station anymore but this ishis not a bad trade-off at all. a i'm here at the national harbor at a brand new spot called the eagle's landing on waterfront street which isront righup
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it's beautiful. you can probably see the views v off my shoulder here, getting gi a nice view of the wheel whichhe is now in motion, beautiful beaf view of the potomac looking l north there and what ae and at gorgeous start to the day.o e dy what a really nice spot, too. t chairs are comfortable, too. too all right, we're going to beo be here all morning for zip trip. t please come down and say hi to us. we'll do some weather for youear and let you know what toknowha expect for your holidayay weekend.en very warm temperatures. it's mild.arit's md. 70 degrees that's been our overnight low so far at reagan national, 68 annapolis, 7070 leonardtown.leonardt north and west you guys are inar the upper 60's in hagerstown, 69 degrees, 68 this morning ins winchester so mild start. more of the same today.f th mid to upper 80's for daytime di highs. i think a few spots will hit that lucky 90-degree mark thisem afternoon with generally nicelyn can conditions.ti just a cloud or two early.arly. at national harbor it's beautiful. expect upper 80's and mucher 8mu like yesterday we run the riskur of a few late day storms,torm although they'll be widely scattered so not major stormsajs
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we'll talk all about the holiday weekend, the saturday,h, sunday, monday time frame time r coming up in a few minutes. min. let's toss to caitlin roth who is in this morning. morng caitlin, i can't report ont roadway traffic but i can telll you the boat traffic is in good shape here if you're on y'r the potomac this morning,mng you're cruising. >> thank you for that report, tuckerou feeling very comfortable outomfo there. enjoy the beautiful morningul mg and to everyone else who is who heading down to nationalatio harbor beautiful morning and a the roads have been okay asy a we're off to the start of the ot holiday weekend where wee haven't had too many issues. mys virginia commute let's begin c there. 95 northbound starting to filoml in as we are now not in then green but in the yellow. route one to newington a little bit slow.le b slo 66 eastbound after sudly road r also little bit slow. dulles toll road you're finee fi eastbound between 28 to seventw you're not seeing any reported delays y out of dulles airport either.rt. let's go to our cameras checkase the commute heading into the district. this would be 295 inboundou right at eastern avenue and there is some volume fillingumei in as you can see that headede e away from me on your screen here. but nothing too bad at least l just
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back to our maps we go and we've been checking in on then n maryland commute, too, butoo but also keeping you updated oned o twitter all morning long atong a fox5 d.c. traffic also at caitlin roth fox5 even meve standing in i'll be tweeting twe everything you need to knowto about the roads this morningro and metro, we've got melanie mel out there giving you updatesoups on metro closures and delaysel for this weekend.eeke but right now we've got some issues, too.oo red line expect residuall delays to shady grove due to an earlier train malfunctional at medical center.atedical c also some delays out of mcpherson square again this morning on the orange silver t and blue lines.ines here they are.y are. delays to new carrolton,arroon that's on the orange silver sve and blue, delays to largo town center again due to speed speeds restrictions out of mcpherson square. that's your look at traffic.ok allison and steve, back to youao guys and good morning to youmor both. >> good morning caitlin.morn nice to see you. >> you too. >> a lot of big news from thewst campaign trail including a a possible debate between donaldet trump and bernie sanders. >> interesting. plus we'll meet this year's spelling bee champions spelledis
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you'll hear them spell words you probably didn't even knoweno existed.ex we may or may notis provide the definitions.defini it's 6:10 >> or the correct pronunciation. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> trouble on the tarmac in japan.n the engine of a korean air jet started on fire right before takeoff. the more than 300 passengersng and crew members weree evacuated. thankfully this happened on the ground before the plane tried to take off.ou take f. nobody was hurt. h >> take a look at this new video of the coast guard rescuing four navy pilots offouf the coast of north carolina. two of their fighter jets crashed during a training tin exercise.erci unclear if they collided.olli the navy calling the incident "an in flight mishap."ha the crew is based in virginiavin beach. all four pilots are expected exp to make a full recovery.over in the race for the white house donald trump's name willld
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has hit the magic number of delegates to clinch thete republican presidential nomination which he willpuonch h officially accept at the gop the convention in july. trump has agreed to areo a debate with bernie sanders.san but with one request. the network that hosts thet hosh show down must donate at least $10 million to women's health causes. >> a lot of excitement atot of e theups national spelling two young people waking upakg chough champions this >> ithi went 24 rounds of it all came down to this. >> s-e-l-d-e-n-k-r-a.i. s. >> that's correct. >> g-e-s-e-l-l-s-c-h-a-f-t- >> that is
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each other. you know they were happy to get -- to bec ome. to bec >> i do too. t >> great teamwork, greatk, great spirit there. both declared t winners, a tie for the thirdhe consecutive year. y each gets $40,000 and thatnd t money goes towards educationdu among other prizes and they hesn will get to ring the openinghe i bell at the new york stockew yot exchange next wednesday. those two young men, 13 and just 11 years old. >> what? >> one of the youngest competitors there. >> i don't know why that video k made me a little emotional. emoi maybe it's the teamwork. tor >> it's not i'm celebratingm rai there i'm the only winner butne i'm celebrating that you also won. i love it. >> so we're going to talk togo them, right, because duringse dr the zip trip holly is going totp scoot on up to the mandarin --d- not the mandarin -- then t gaylord. gaylord. >> gaylord. >> and talk to both of them. i cannot wait.wa congratulations. and welcome to d.c. still aheadd why hundredsed of motorcyclists will be at the national cathedral today. >> take a look outside. what a beautiful s ttart it isis to this friday morning. ts fr that's where everybody is going to be hanging out thisouts morning.
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wisdom, holly on their wayhe right now. come out and say hi.nday hi. it's our first zip trip of the f year. weather and traffic on the 5s next. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> we're back now.>> the great get away looks great right now doesn't it. >> looks a lot better thant yesterday. >> yes, it does. >> here's a look at the bay bridge. if you want to go hit the eastern shore get in that car wt right away and head out there. . >> how about i do that now? n >> do it. i will see you later myy friend. >> okay. >> you don't have to go that far away because you can celebrate a little bit closer ll to home, al.e, >> i think that's what i'mnk tti going to do right now. n let's zip trip it back to thetrk national tucker barnes what's goingti ono good morning. morni >> allison, good morning.on, gor i'm down here at the nationalna harbor. harbor right now i got the place tolaco myself, nice and quiet downet d here. i know the crowds will be picking up for a big holidayol weekend but absolutely beautiful down here.e. hey, they've got a new feature f this year working hard on it called american way. way kind of see that american flagm behind me and they're going to
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here.he should be pretty cool.l. apparently they're going have hv george washington abrahamram lincoln, frederick douglas, dou, marilyn i'm looking off because i'm trying to remember them allber l but there's 11 of them andm they should be up pretty we'll look at the kissing oneise in just a couple minutes but again, new feature here at national harry bon and i expect it's going to be prettys sgopectacular when they're doneh let's do the weather. we are looking absolutely warm and mild and rather muggy and my humid later today with daytimeay highs expected to top out inut the upper 80's. 80' maybe a few spots touch 90 tch later today. 70 this morning in washington. g can definitely feel that warmth out early today you can also see the sunshine. sun is up and it's going to be g a beautiful looking day.ay most of the day sunny andny bright and beautiful. but later this afternoon maybe anoom thunderstorm fires up but much c like yesterday they're going to be widely scattered. scatter. here's your forecast. your rec 89 this afternoon.tnoon will we touch 90 in the month mh of may? we're going to get awfully close this afternooncl
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thunderstorms developing.rsto let's talk weekend forecast wee and more of the same generallyay for saturday, sunday, monday mda and into next week. w i do want to mention thatt sunday, monday time frame,time e we're watching some tropical tro activity off to the southeast. h won't become a strong stormong s but it may bring enough cloud eu cover and moisture into thetohe region that we cool it down at d little bit with a few additional showers and stormsal by sunday and monday. all right. s that's the latest look from t ok f down here on american way.n w i'm going to go find some foodof and coffee.o let's do some traffic now. n sir, do you have coffee? cof let's go do some traffic nowrafc with caitlin. ctlin caitlin having a great morningat down here. come down and join us.s. >> i'm sure you r just waitait until that caffeine kicks ininek then you'll really be feelingee good. let's start off with thestarf wi weekend shutdown scheduled for metro. big issue with the scheduled track work.ack these thee stations are closedtl vienna dunn loring and west falls church that's saturday, sr sunday and memorial day.ay
6:19 am
line wil al basically replacealp the orange line. the exception being theseeing te three stations are completely closed all holiday weenskend soe there will be bus service to compensate for that vienna dunn loring and falls church.huc speed restrictions on metroionso out of mcpherson square. sar delays to new carrolton on theon orange line. delays to largo town center onla both the silver and bluerg silv lines. let's check our cameras rightk a now -- excuse me, skyfox. we've got skyfox over 66 rightsf now. i would suspect on the left on here.he this is eastbound volumebod vo really building in as theuildins commute picks up just after 6:15 a.m. a but westbound you look fine atk this hour. that's a look at traffic. traff. and steve and allison, we'llonwe send it back to you.k >> every memorial day it getsdat really loud in the d.c. area. rolling thunder is a big celebration of motorcycles motes honoring veterans all across the area. a a lot of bikes arriving in the nation's capitol paying pin tribute to this memorial day. tl today about 200 members of thee motorcycle group will head toea the national cathedral for the blessing of the bikes.
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to speak at the riderdos' annuan rally here in d.c. in d.c on good day today we're goingoig have one of those riders a rer celebrity rider and also a guyre who started the whole thing ishs going to be joining us at a.e >> i always love to hear thatrha sound i really do.llyo. >> me too. >> national heat awareness dayhe and while we will not see the triple digits today, it'say, its still going to feel a lot likee it. it's going to feel like summer s out there. one way to cool offoc water. the district's pool season officially kicks off in the district tomorrow.di the department of parks andarksd recreation runs 18 outdoor8ut pools in the city.he they will be opened from noonbee to 6:00 this weekend.. enjoy yourself.oursel 34 million of us wills w drive this holiday weekend. weee a new report says uber andber lyft drivers are safer behind the wheel than the averagean tha driver. driver. >> we're going head to fox g business network in new york. y we'll get a closer look at theat results next. it is 6:20 right now on this friday morning.
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business news right now. t a new safety study involving inl uber lyft and the average ave driver but first we're going weg to check the markets. t markets joining us from fox business network studios laurenosau simonetti. had a good week so far.k so can we keep it going today and what are we watching watch specifically. >> reporter: look, i'm giddyte this morning and i've got monday off.or ay o big three day weekend aheadweek for me and for investors out there, this has been aeen tremendous week for the stockfo market. the nasdaq is up about abo 3 percent this week, the dowhe is having its first winning week in five weeks.n five we'll take it.we'll futures slightly higher. hig this afternoon and we're talking 45 minutes before the bond market closes, as traders s should be long gone on an memorial day holiday, theyiday might be listening to the fed chief.d janet yellen will speak atat harvard about interest >> all right. a lot of ears there and a lot of folks focused on vacationac like you said with the long lg holiday weekend. weeke microsoft right now battling bal facebook, they're kind of --d o are they working together onher this product or -- projectct o rather or is this like who ise i going to get this race acrosse s the oc
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>> reporter: well, a lot of a lt tech companies are trying tore t have more control of the pipes -- the internet pipes, right. so, they're building this -- ts this cable underneath theable ocean u floor. f it's trans atlantic so this s cable is going to go acrossisoig the atlantic ocean, carryingg customer and business dataa between north america literally virginia andte southern europe so think virginia to spain.o spain you have microsoft andft facebook building this fiber f optic cable.tic cable. >> because lauren i'm a huge nerd i was like i don't even w l know like how they do theseo t cable drops across the ocean. oe do you know when the first knowe transatlantic cable was putcabl across the ocean? just take a k wild guess.wild >> reporter: it was likeep decades ago, right. >> decades. 1854. isn't that insane. >> reporter: whoa. >> right. there you go. >> reporter: whoa. >> you're welcome.'re wel mind blown.mind blown let's talk right now about r noo uber lyft and the average age driver. er what's the correlation here.on >> reporter: 34 million ofep us will drivore this week. w and many of us will get in a
6:25 am
car driven by someone else anlse uber or a lyft driver, etve e cetera.ra. study by an auto analyticscs company called zen driver saysnv those uber and lyft drivers dri are safer than you.e how is that? well, they t analyzed data to slow thatlo tha they don't make as many hardan r turns, they don't speed ased often, they don't fumble forbler their phones as often.ft so, maybe that will make you a little bit more comfortable bit sitting in someone else's car. remember, they're also ratedo so they probably want to drivetd the best they can so they get ty the best rating.the best ratin >> i am a hundred percent okayeo with that study because they bey have precious cargo, you andci i. i want them to be safe. safe. lauren have a great week end. e have a great monday off.y off see you on tuesday. >> reporter: you, too.>> repor >> i can attest to that,.ha steve is a huge nerd. ner >> i like the little information. >> what are you nerdy about.t ar prove it. >> the first transatlanticransat cable was laid in 1854. in 18 it wasn't sucss
6:26 am
did it a few years later. l >> that doesn't surprise me heeu that it wasn't successful.'t sus >> what's going on gary. gy. >> you're nerding out. >> no, i was going to say this t morning i was just feeling the soup out there this morning, like the humidity just made aada big appearance overnight.vernig >> it changed just like that,t a didn't it? if you feel it ineei the morning chances are you'rehe going to feel it in the feel i afternoon and we will. 73 degrees reagan national right now. you get the humidity, itidy, doesn't allow to us cool downow much so that's why it's so i mild out there this morning.s allison wants to say to say something. so >> no, because the sun, youun, know what he always says, hey, h hey, hey, it's summertime,me baby. that's what he always says. >> oh, my gosh. my g hold on a minute. we got to see this.see this. don't wrap me just yet.ust y >> that's beautiful.>>hat's be >> holiday weekend forecast. fo. 80's, more clouds, moreloud showers on memorial day.memoria. >> i like it. >> much more serious than myhanm joke and impression.mpression. >> do it again. >> no. >> good morning.>>d >> literally i saw zer
6:27 am
on my way to work thisork th morning. >> yeah, i think the problems were yesterday.rd it's all starting a day earlier.ea thursday everyone heads out ofha town right. >> i guess >> go early stay late.a >> airports are fine too soe tos far this morning so a couple m of crashes to both in prince george'sprince go county. 301 north at 197 crash just crah came in by colling ton road. route four at marlboro pike ao p crash there. one that has beenhn cleared prince william parkwayip eastbound at caton hill road. r. this was closed earlier prince c william parkway but it hasway b been reopened with that crash ca but there are delays buildingel on 95 northbound out of dalele city. let's check skyfox real quick.ea that is o overhead wherel o ovaw prince william parkway hits hit 66. there's a lot of volume.s t of v maybe that's commuter volume,thc maybe it's vacation volume. vol unsure but it's building as but' you head into the district ato r this hour. all right, that's a look atk steve and allison, we'll send, e it back to youly.. >> caitlin thank you very much. >> stanley cup finals all seteyp now. f we know both teams who will be playing for the cup.g foe c sports
6:28 am
>> we're going to zip trip it to the national harbor and check in with our tucker barnes. back after the break.
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>> ♪>> >> welcome back to fox5 newsme c morning. weather and traffic coming upafg for you other 5's at 6:35. you're taking a look, though, to at the road to happiness rightas there. the road to the beach. the b road to the shore.road tthe nice looking right now.. we think yesterday.terday >> -- the road to happiness isns not always empty. >> yes that is true. t >> doesn't work well whenwhen tucker is not here. h >> i thought you were goingou wr say you make your own road to happiness. >> well -- >> any way for me that's the w road to happiness, folksay doini the great get away.t get awa roads looking all rightads loinr heading to the shore. first though at 6:30 before30ef weather and traffic thisis morning, president barack obama has made an historicric trip to hiroshima. hoshi it's the first u.s. sitting president -- he is to visit v the shrine which was dedicatedne to the victims of the u.s. w thu nuclear attack during worldurinl
6:32 am
the president spoke to theidto victims of that attack that att are survivors saying he hopesayh that our children won't face w the cruelty of war. he along with that country's cny prime minister also took part in a wreath laying ceremony. c back here locally a montgomery county flowerountow delivery man facing several charges after police sayry he h broke into a home ine kensington. this happened during aing delivery back in march. police say anthony dwightwi reeves went to a home on a h university boulevard but whenute no one answered the door they dt say he broke in, stole ato credit card along with otherithh items. he was caught on surveillancen video leaving that house and a also was caught using the the stolen credit card.d. happening today, remembering a local journalist j shot and killed one year ago. a police say charnice milton wasen used as a human shield duringd a shootout between two gangweeng members. tonight friends and family will hold a vigil at the scene s of the crime. that's in the 2700 block of good hope road in i southeast. t yesterday her family joined j police pleading with -- for-- help from the public inc i tr
6:33 am
now to the latest on the la zika virus. vir. there's already 30 confirmed cases across the dmv and the infected mosquitos haven't even made it to the united states yet. yesterday health officialserdaye held a meeting witalh residentsn in silver spring to teach them how to protect themselves fromhl the virus. all the cases in our region r have been from people infectednf by mosquitos overseas oros through sexual transmission.nsso the biggest concern is for is pregnant women because ofse of severe birth defects associated with the virus. vir >> it's a time for preparationpa and it's time for people doinge things they need to do to tow do protect it isn't a unique disease. there's never before been ab bee disease that is both a virus, vr mosquito borne sexually transmitted and causesauses devastating birth defects soat in that way it's very uniquein so we need to be aware of its uniqueness and respond coveringly. >> how do you protect>> h do yo yourself? experts say wear wea losing sleeves use insectes u repellants and get rid of get standg
6:34 am >> time for the morning line right now. let's get a quick check of sports.sports. boy do we have headlines thise h morning. warriors coming back strong staying alive for at least one o more game. steph curry led golden state to a victory he over oklahomaoka city scoring 31 points lastco 3 night. if oklahoma city would haveahomu won last night, season over for golden state. sta didn't happen though.'t they kept it close thank to kevin dupont's 40 points. p westbrook added 31 but the but final score was in golden state's favor, 120 to 111. t thunder still lead that seriess three games to two.see game six back in oklahoma cityhc tomorrow night. n if they wip they'll move on.l . speaking of moving on pittsburgh penguins got the t job done on home ice. penguins in the stanley cuplecup finals for the first timels forr since 2009 after a win over afto tampa bay. this went to seven games last night. two goals from brian russ. the rookie scoring both.e he's a notre dame graduate.rorea
6:35 am
game one of the stanley cuptanlp finals start on monday. it will be in the san jose sharks thee shar opposition for the penguins.engu if you thought bryce> harper is in a slump this isif s how you bust out of a slump.lump boom, right there.ri uner deck shot. really cool. c it was -- he hit it right off the jackie robinson facade andad it was black heritage night at n the ballpark last night. nig >> did he plan that.>> >> of course he land it.t. why wouldn't he do that. danny espinosa upper deck as well. it's the we'll take it is. i i still a home run. r joe ross gets the victory.ic four game series with the cardinals continues tonight at a the ballpark.the should be another nice nighthert for baseball.for baseba maryland men's and women'son lacrosse teams could do could d something that has not been accomplished since 1994. 1994. one school capturing both national titles. tit the men who have not lostos since march face brown in thee final four on saturday seeking their first title since 1975.ce1 the women have not lost since may. tonight -- this is may b
6:36 am
know what i mean, it's been bn awhile, tonight the undefeated f terps face syracuse in thein final four. they pursue a thirdsue ir consecutive crown.e c it would be great to seatt to sa terps ladies and men bring home the nationalho good luck to >> i love lacrosse. i llacro i want my girls to play.y rls tp >> i never heard of it until u it was probably in late highe gh school.. >> really. >> yeah, look, westernrn pennsylvania, football,, ftball, basketball, baseball, done., ba. >> right. .ot it. i love to >> but if we had it growing up u it would have been cool to play. >> reallyto cool.ll >> tuck played i think. >> speaking of tuck, tucker barnes is at the nationalatnal harbor. did you play lac >> absolutely allison. all i wasn't very good i played in high school. played as much as i could.'t as >> it's very difficult. >> oh, yes, extremelyi t' hard.r you just go out for a couple c minutes if you play mid field. good luck this weekend to bothth the men and women maryland myl lacrosse. lacr i'll definitely be watching wchn final four that's fantastic. hey, i'm at a brands new location here at national harbor called bruce and bitese d by wolfgang puck right at the base of the wheel and justf opened in april. what a beautiful spot.eaul i'm sure you can see off my o m shoulder here t
6:37 am
literally out on the potomac pot and they've got seating out seag here. they've got light dining fare d and beer and wine that theythaty serve every afternoon.tnoon so, what a beautiful spot. s we're going talk more withor them a little bit later this morning but really a nice location out here and what ag ea beautiful morning to just beus kind of hanging out along the water. let's do temperatures and get right to our wea tther forecastr it's an all good news forecast f for you for the weekend and weea let me start by let you know we're off to a warm start. s 70 right now in washington. wng 70 in quantico. leonardtown 70 degrees.ow 60's there to the north ande h a west but very mild, 68 out at dulles. it's all about sunshine, warm temperatures. i think you'll notictee thatotit humidity creeping up a little bit more today with winds out of the t south and a quiet q friday forecast for you. for y so, if you're getting out ofut town on the roadways today you should be in fine shape yin fina heading down to the beaches,o te mountains, we're looking atking upper 80's for just aboutust everybody. it will be a little cooler at the beaches but a nice looking afternoon with just a slightt ah chance of a thunderstorm. tndert i'll be back in just a couple minutes.mi once i get my pitcher of
6:38 am
yet caitlin, can't have it hav i yet. >> come on. >> we'll talk weekendee >> tucker -- >> they're not serving yet caitlin that's the problem. prom >> okay, i know. >> soon enough we'll get thell g beer flowing. >> i'm sure by 7:30 it will bee flowing. when i stepped out this morning, like okay summer is ii here. it felt totally different with f there humidity coming in thisis morning.morn >> completely feels like c summer time out yeah, they were tellmming me itg was a tough month of may with the clouds and the rain but rn they're all systems go for ao f great weekend because it's sos warm down here.waown gorgeous, look at it.gorglo >> i know, it looks fantastic. thank you cker. beautiful weather out there this morning, great start toninr the holiday weekend andennd actually traffic hasn't beent too ter we do have one report thatepor just came in to us through throh twitter, d.c. police tweetinge there is a road closurere southern avenue at benningng road southeast. this is in the districtis obviously so avoid that area,t a if you can. keep updated with anythingnyth going on whether it's on the i roads or metro at fox5 d.c..c traffic also at caitlin rothnoth fox5. i will be tweeting even thougheh erin is off, flying off for f her holiday weekends, i will i
6:39 am
everything here on this fridayn morning. couple of crashes in maryland.d. 301 northbound at 197 in 1 prince george's county. we've got a crash there.e also right inside the anne t a arrundel county line we've gotnw a crash in maryland, route four at 408 there. so, take caution in both spots. let's check skyfox this s morning. it's flying around over 66 andv6 now we're really talking aboutki a commute so for those of you o who are heading into work likekk us on this friday morning, mor there is 66 heading eastbound ed right at what looks to be to b route 50 so really high volume v there and we'll keep you updated with any other accidents closures or delayss as we go through the rest of the morning. that's a look at traffic. a steve and allison.eve d al >> still to come now, a look a l at what's hot on the web this morning. outrage over a laundrytrage ovea detergent. detergent. we'll tell you where that'st' from. >> there had me shaking myread m head. it is movie review friday. f kevin mccarthy is coming upoming with today's good movies, whatiw to see at the box office. that's in today's fox beat.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> friday morning, 6:42.ri we're back now with what is trending on the web right now. first up theda n women's nationl soccer team could soon be earning the same wages asthe mew their male counterparts. yesterday the senate passed a resolution calling on the u.s..s soccer federation to not only ol pay women fairly but also too to treat all athletes with the same respect and dignity. dni here locally formerlyor baltimore ravens
6:43 am
ray rice spoke yesterday to the steam's rookies as part off the ravens player engagement program which teaches rookiesess life lessons and managementnd mm skills.s this is the first time that rice he as returned to the nfl in any capacity since video v surfaced of him beating histing girlfriend in an elevator back in 2014.in014. and finally, a chinese adchd for laundry detergent, haveha you seen this one? blasted blat for being it shows a chinese woman and and an african-american man aboutcan to kiss. ks. instead the woman pops aan ps detergent pod in the man's man mouth and puts him in the washing machine.chin after a few spins he pops out clean and a chinese man manysean people from china and aroundro the globe have strongly str condemned this commerciald calling itth racist. ris you be the judge.ud steve, back to you. >> coming up after the breakup t tucker is going to join using tn once again. aga he's live at national it is today's first zip tripirsi of the season and he's aboutn ao to get some company soon too. we have a reminder for you asous we led to break if you have a he news tip share it with us. you c
6:44 am
895-3000.8930 yes a person will answer the ane phone or e-mail your tips tor tp fox5 tips at back in a minute. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee
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for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> 6:46 right now. all right, tuck, you need a partner if you're t going to beg standing by that statue. >> awww. awww. >> right. feels so lonely allison.onely al >> is that new? i don't thinkot i've ever seen that before. >> allison, it's brand new,nd nw yes. yes. it's brand new.itrand i'm back on ameri
6:47 am
am at the kissing. kissi you can see why it's called the kissing right here. h this is a group of 11 statues done by the famed sculptor sculr seward johnson who also dido d the awakening and in addition at to this one they've got they' gt bag lady, they've got marilyn ml monroe. mo i mentioned earlier they have ta george washington andgeashingtod frederick douglas so expect aec total of 11 of these over thevet course of the excuse me, sir.excuse me, sir i was talking to her first. herr excuse me . >> [laughter] excuse me. i think she likes me. okay, let's dok weather. wth he's not listening. listening. let's do weather.s do wther we've got temperatures early e this morning. morning. nobody to talk to around here.e. i'm all by myself. 66 in frederick.reri 68 this morning out at dulles. . it's going to be another wonderful warm, how about hotboh afternoon with some heat andnd some humidity setting up hidityt there. there's your satellite and radar. quiet conditions out theret the this morning. we're looking at a mostlyt a mol sunny day today.y
6:48 am
probably fire up a few a scattered thunderstorms this afternoon but they'll be widely scattered. upper 80's near 90 fwior daytime highs. high quick look at your seven-day at forecast and more of the samee e this i do want to mention that t sunday, monday, tuesday timesdam frame, we've got a little a lit tropical moisture, perhaps aps lot of tropical moisture alonge the carolinas we got to keep an eye on.aeye on. that may bring us additionalitil clouds and showers andwersnd thunderstorms for the end offotd the weekend into memorial day.rl more on that.more otha all right, that is the late ofte the from the kissing.isng caitlin i'm going to toss ito ti to you. >> tucker i'm sure you'll haveyo a lot of ladies who wouldn'to mind joining you at the kissing statue don't youou think. >> i would like to think so. >> i'm sure you'll do fine. update on twitter.n we brought this to youtw 10 y minutes ago. road closure southern avenuether at benning road southeast. souea that's in the district. dtric police activity there so be careful. use caution. maryland commute starting toom pick up here. we've got heavy delays on thehe outer loop from new hampshireroa tomp georgia avenue.
6:49 am
also 270 southbound actually not bad 70 to the truck scales. coming out of frederick county t you're doing all right.dol ri 295 in maryland northbound from 193 to powder mill road t starting to see moderate o delays. checking on virginia heaviest hs 95 northbound dale city to 123. you're in the red.e you have really heavy traffichei there. eastbound 66234 to centrevilleev says moderate.saod although when we had skyfoxky over 66 it looked pretty heavy. he inner loop passing 236 alsoop moderate delays. let's go to our cameras realeraa quick, see if we can show you those delays on 66. 66. so, yeah, it's moderate buteut that looks pretty heavy to me. this is 66 eastbound as you head past the fairfax a all right, route 50, yes,0,es that's where we have the 66he volume building.ld at least some people have tohe work on this friday morning. we'll have another update inate less than 10 minutes.n 10 minuts that's traffic.ic. steve and allison. ais >> another memorial day tradition at arlingtongton national cemetery whereet thousands of soldiers placeddipl american flags at eacherican headstone. the annual flags in eventvent dates back to
6:50 am
get a chance to head out therere this weekend pay respect to those who served.whoerve always a great opportunity to do so. we wander to let you knowto about a very special program p that we have happening rightapng here at fox5. t it is a two-part special presentation beyond the lens the saluting america's we are going to honor those who served and continue toonti serve our country.ouuntr the first installment airsllmenr tonight at 10:30.0:30 the second installment willme air monday, memorial day, at 5:30 right here on fox5. f5. >> summer is almost here andt h for this week's special fridayaf give away you could win four tickets the six flags the newhe splash waterfalls park ispa i open. it's ready for you to dive in.o >> if you would like to win godt to betweenes now and 11:59 p.m. tonight. tong enter for your chance to win.ce. one winner will be selected bytb random drawing on may 31st.ay1s. all entrants must be 18 or be older. complete rules and lien entry available at fox5
6:51 am
summertime, it is memorial, day weekend. thatit means the unofficialnoica start to summer and thend t unofficial start to the summer movie kevin is here for movie review >> that graphic was awesome.grs >> we've used that many times.d. >> i've never seen it on air. i i use it for the recorded recor thing i do.thin d >> watch more often.ften. >> that's amazing.>> that' i like the popcorn p i do recorded reviews sometimes. i didn't know we were actually using it live. >> oh, yeah, you're big time bit kev. >> thanks production for doingpr that. good to see you this morning. >> happy friday.yo hpy friday. >> two major films.or this weekend we have a lot going on in the d.c. area. gi film festival. called sundance for the troops. a lot of though films are playing in fairfax. if you're interested in seeingri those movies go to gi film we have three guests on the show from that festival for thm e movie this evening hours which is michael bay's movie, tig and oz will be here the two actual contractors fromrs fo ben many benghazi and thenyengh actor who played tig in the film. film. robert patrick will be here atck 10:30 who
6:52 am
terminator two judgment day my j favorite movie of all time. move >> i love it. >> start off now with alice witl through the looking glass sequel to alice in wonderland.rl the first movie by the wayvie be made over $1 billion, okay. o that is huge.s h it was directed by tim burton.t. this directed by the director do of the muppets.of t this time alice is traveling tri back through time to try and save the mad hatter johnny depp's character. you have mia what is kowski i find myself more engaged. engag johnny depp is amazing. amazing there are some issues. i thought anne hathaway wasway way overacting. ovectin i think these she's a greatk actress but for me it felt forced. the best part is sacha baronchao cohen you see him here as time. ti he's fantastic in this roletasts and we know him as a very r rated co
6:53 am
but he does a really good jobood in this kid friendly frien environment. there are some moments that are a little too heavy forsole kids at times but it is pg. if you saw jungle book you can handle this. three and a half out of five.ofv not a fan of movies thatovies th aren't shot in 3-d. this was shot in 2d converted.o. some of the best 3-d i've ever seen. it looks phenomenal inl i 3-d. worth seeing. move to a movie shot in 2d -- 2 i'm sorry in 3-d that doesn't dn look as good and it was slota so in 3-d, x-men apocalypse. apocas this is the sixth x-men film. oscar isaac plays a characterctr called apocalypse. he's the first mutant ever andtr the x-men have to come together to try and stop him. sh i will say this.willay t days of future past was in my in opinion the best x-men film tomi day. has the cool quick silver team a where law trying to save magneto.eto. x-men first class is fantastic as well. this is not as good as those t films but still a verystil v passable x-men movie. mov th
6:54 am
i will say the third act iss way too cgi heavy butvy b everything leading up to that to have very well done.y we don brian singer is packet to direct this movie who directedod the usual suspects. spect days of future past as well. michael fass spender wh fassbent works. every scene he's in elevated the film from mediocre too great. jennifer lawrence seems almostae like she was not really into the performance as well. i love her as as an actress. as i get a sense she didn't loven'l this she was great in days of days future past. quick silver, you have two quick silver scenes in thiss ini film. very cool.ry c i gave 83 and half out of five. slot in 3-d but see in it 2d. >> we were talking about howal much you love jennifer jenfe lawrence's performances.ce's pen you'll have to see it and let in us know what you think.hink. >> i love her as an actress. act she was greater in winters i win bones, great in
6:55 am
hustle as well silver lines playbook. i think she's a good actress. i just don't think thie's rolesr fits her this well.his w she's good in the first class fa of movies. movie you're not a big fan of jennifer lawrence.ifer l >> no-no. >> personally.>> persona >> no, she seems great.o,re >> three and a half out of a h five for that. i'll be back with moreh m interviews this morning. mning stay tuned for i think my buddy garyay is here with his awesome tie. t >> fan of the day first.ay fir kev thank you. y good morning to williamliam senior actually met some of our fox5 family out at at nationals park. par he was thrilled that tucker did his signature walk for him and tony was awesome asweme always.ways. so, zach i'm glad you had a good time. thanks for coming out andut saying hi to everybody. we had a great day at theay athe ballpark. all part of weather day.. >> yeah. yea >> gary. >> you like this tie. >> awesome. >> very patriotic. >> patriotic yeah. >> second or third compliment ce i've gotten on the tie. g t >> we're wearing the
6:56 am
same colors.ol >> red white and black going gog on. >> i got your e-mail.-m >> play along kevin.laong ke >> oh, i'm sorry.h, >> it's acting. humid, thunder today. tod not a lot of thunderstorms. >> seriously kevin took up allp my time. te. what? talking about my time.e. 89 -- it's okay, 'causey,caus there's not much to talk about today.toda 89 high.89 h feels like lower 90's with the0e humidity. winds will be out of the south at about five to 10 miles an hour. watch out for a couple thunderstorms. that's it. >> not a lot of traffic early this morning but caitlin looks like it's picking up now. >> yes, it is os starting to. hi kev. hi kev. >> hi caitlin. hi cai >> great to see you. >> it's been so long. beeso l >> it has.t great tie. great to see youly. y >> so far away. >> i know, i just want to bet wa like -- give me a claire but a t there's only four, you know . >> [laughter]ht >> all right, guys, yeah, rig we're down to five seconds nowos and we have been okay exceptkaee for metro. speed restrictions at mcd pherson square.soar orange line delays to new carrolton and silver and blue delays to largo town center.rgoc that's all this morning butll plenty of restr
6:57 am
be talking about all morning moi long for the weekend. the wke road closure due to police tpole activity southern avenue at benning road. this is in the district.s in the we'll have an update on metro m for the weekend coming up at 7:05. 7:05 stay with us. fox5 news morning will be right back after this. >> ♪
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>> this is fox5 news morning. fm >> right now at 7 o'clock, historic visit as the president speaks at the shrine in japan honoring those killed by a u.s. atomic bomb in world waror ii and meets withee w hiroshima survivors.urvo some hoped for an apology but just how far did the president go? >> and extra travel time.l t the memorial day holiday hol weekend is here and it will it definitely be a challenge getting around on we've got you covered though. to how about those airportouosa security lines that have h already been causing issues? enc are they extra long today? g we'll talk about it. i >> well, here's an easy one to spell. >> t-i-e. a tie once again. the national spelling bee deadln heat between these two.hese two. so, is it too easy for today's y kid. kid. we're going to talk with bothith winners this they're 13 and 11 years old. >> plus, good morning nationalrn harbor. that's where our zip trip team is this morning. mng tucker, wisdom and holly drewold the lucky


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