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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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yesterday law ran jim. i started to do some research, i started 20 count backs wards with these names that i was given and i started looking online i was seeing homicide victim after homicide victim after homicide victim all inti that same block.. the 2700 block of langston placp southeast. the latest victim 29 year old demetrius stevenson. he is the latest victim to be murdered oherred and langstonhe place the 2700 block to be exact. location homicide needs no directions to.di since april of 2013 adam parker, antonio macalester, marcus alston, mil sted, la troy smith, dare continuous cannon, and now demetrius stevenson have all lost their lives on this block.
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three of the murders still unsolved. >> its disgusting. its going to be handled. >> reporter: angela holmes spoka to us outside mpd's homicide branch where she tried
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at this time last year the city had recorded 48 murders. so the murder rate now as it stands today is ahead of thehe same pace last year where at 50 homicides as you just heard i i talked to paul cramp ton he's the commissioner for thatmissio neighborhood and i asked him what is it about the 2700 block of langston place that you have so much violence he said the drug today, ill legal gunal tradeable with the fact that there is a halfway house on then block and he said just yesterdas he went to that scene and hend said people came up to him and d said they feel like they'rel l living in a war zone. z life outside mpd's
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branch fox 5 local news. >> news you out of the pentagon a sudden pay cot back years of pay, was in the federal job posting and in their offer letters. >> alexandria limon joins us all this might be putting pen gone safety at risk. >> reporter: well guys first le: me tell you wh wo we are talking about here. bomb squad are the men and women that investigate things like l against the pentagon pages sources tell us three people have left that division and they say one owe their colleagues sadly took his own life over the stress. e expndo a lead explosiv investigator for the pentagon took his own life last month. his colleagues say it happened
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25% hazardous pay suddenly and unexpectedly taken away inway january of 2015. >> he was the first person i hired. when he came over he convinced a couple of his friends, capitaltl police bomb squad to come over to work.k. very good individuals. well, they came over. he felt guilty because he convinced his friend to come river now they're havingr now t financial problems. >> reporter: for the past months they have been fighting the pay cut that began because of an anonymous cut. washington headquarters services then decided the hazardous pay p was a mistake even though the pay box was used to recruit the employees.
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>> reporter: fernando the fathe: to have two who took f his own life would have had to pay back a sum in the neighborhood of 140 thousand dollars according to his boss. the pentagon bomb squad is is anticipating a 30 day final notice. if the money isn't paid back in full after that they are threatening to deduct it from paycheck with interest. i >> close to 177 thousand dollars, tell you right now i don't have. >> reporter: pentagon did send d response that said in part there had previously been an administrative error the pay was authorized. this was through no fault of the employees involved and theyhe could not have known it was a paid error. the decision resulted in the loss # loss hof hazardous duty h pay and also required a r collection notice. not self members of the bomb
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under condition of anime mat they are very stressed over this issue, they also told me that hernandez death benefits are being withheld from his family until this situations figured out about whether or not they will have to be responsible forb paying back years of work of incorrect pay.t report tipping live in arlington alexandria limon fox 5 local news. >> new tonight a fire on a railroad bridge bringing all rail traffic to a halt.ff it happened this afternoon a between east potomac part and virginia side of spa tomorrow had mack river. dc fire officials asked area trains stop running so theyp r could put the flames out. the traction are now reopened there's no word on what caused that fire. >> many of us will be relaxing not so for metro.etro. workers will continue to make repairs through the weekend. that will impact service for for rider. three stations will be closed.
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falls church no orange line l trains will run this weekend. instead, rider will have to catch a silver line train to t reach the destination. road line trains will run everybod ly eight to 16 minutesm yellow to green line 12 to 16 minutes, blue line trains willll run ever 20 minutes.0 more details on our website. go to fox 5 for the latt information. >> think about all the travelers. >> a mess. >> it will be. seekting of travel mess as a lot out of expected a lot of big delays as you head throughhr airport security. tsa is pushing program its away to skip the lines involvehe prescreen and going forn an background check, you don't havt to take off belts or shoes, you can leave laptops and liquids in carry outside it does not come cheap. its 85 bucks for five years. >> happening now live pictures here more than 200 members ofrs rolling thunder
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national kathy need trail rightk now for blessing of the bikes. this happens every year.ry during the ceremony the ka thee drails bell will ring six times for missing and lost veterans. >> this is all part of the the veterans initiative to pay tribute to vets rolling thunderr mission is to bring attention to americans prisoners of wars and shoulders missing in action. act >> amazing to see them in town. ever memorial day weekends. close call caught on camera. >> we will tell you where a tree came crashing down while ann officer was trying too make a rescue. can you spell pie. >> pie. >> there's different ways to's spell it. we have two national spelling bee channel young fox 5 sits down with the winners straight ahead. mike. we'll be right right back. >> it's beautiful out here. s be hard to come
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inside its a little sticky. a we've got an award winning half and half holiday weekends coming up for you. we're going to have the details fox 5 news at five will be right back after the break. break. ♪
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>> it is a warm one out there, jim i really know you wanted tow go to sleep yesterday. >> we didn't have anything toe match the tie.
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otherwise it would have beene guns out all the way. i stepped off a plane today and it was just a blast. >> its already summer 86 degreeg gwen tolbert i can't believe we turned this corner. cor it's like one oven those sudden do you remember last week we las were talking about 50s? >> it just arrives as it wants to.ants you know what we got three things happening humid, hot and holiday, folks.ho and as i am out here today i want to say it is sticky. it is warm. and you know what, it's also a little bit breezy not very much but just a little bit breezy. that breeze is really welcomed when you have heat like this. we finally don't have to talk about rain at least for the first part.t so that's one thing we keep oure fingers the weekend is not without unsettled pattern. p let's begin with a look at whata is happening temperature wise. it is toasty out here. currently 85 degrees right now
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87 at baltimore.more we have 90 degrees at manassas same at fredericksburg to the f south andre 86 degrees at winchester. as i said, i t is pretty light.ight. 81 at annapolis, that's supposet to be the cool spot near the water. now, as far as our sky conditions are concerned, yourn know we're keeping an eye as you take a look to the far west on n that line of storms, because, we could see an isolated pop up happening a little bit laterit l tonight. i'm looking at that primarily happening more across the the western zones than moving towards i95 corridor, so i amm anticipating it will be mainly just some clouds that roll in tonight a little bit as opposed to the wet weather. we're going to watch it closelyo with the daytime heating we arew happening it is going to create a little bit of instability i we're not going to be a hundred percent out the woods. it will be isolated. we'll primarily keeping anaphork that to the west. wes now, let's take a look at whatt else's is going on because we'vc got a planner for you to look at. because we know that some of yoo are going to be headin
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pool tomorrow. here's what you can expect by the time we get to 11 am hour 87, it will be a b great way to cool you do down. full forecast coming up a littlu bit later. we'll let you know when. back to you. >> take a look at this an exindustrially close call for a police officer in new jersey. this morning, the officer douglas fab gary move a hugey branch that fell tin the middlet past road as he was moving the branch watch this. >> ocean that's close. >> wow. wow.ow he looked, he saw and he got out of the way. he's fine. of course, escaped serious jr hr did suffer a broken wrist and ad cut on his hand. he considers himself very lucky had he been standing a few a inches closer, wow. he would have suffered affer director hit from that tree. all right.righ scary stuff there. glad he's okay. just in time for this hotot weather. back here in the dc area.c we are getting dc pools open ann ready for business. >> the pools usually open for memorial day weekend. you know who
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get in the pool mike thomas livk in southeast with more how is it looking out there? >> reporter: it looks fantastic. first off, gwen thank you so s much for this whether this is fantastic of the it doesn't get any better than this. t we're late may its like july.y l the sun is beaming down t i got the pool right behind me p kids out here enjoying, pools don't officially open until tomorrow.m but we're having a little preopening pool party here. let's talk to some of the kids e whose excited for summer. all right what is your name.our >> chris tin: and what school do you go to. to. >> dc heights a came: how many more weeks until summer time? >> how many more weeks? >> reporter: how long do youte have left in school. >> i have until. >> reporter: june? >> 69 16th. >> reporter: june 16th so its coming up pretty quick whattt about sny into my name is ma
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we get out in two weeks. >> reporter: all right. two summer time coming up the kidss here. what is your favorite jump do you like to do a flip. >> i like to do a cannon ball. >> reporter: what about sny into cannon ball: cannon ball. ball. >> cannon ball. >> reporter: anything other than cannon ball? >> hand stand. >> reporter: so we're having a great time here at the pools. this week, the mayor was here earlier. she did a 10 out of 10 on her cannon ball as we open the pool here at oks son run.on now, i will say that this weekend the pools are on summer hours so they are only open on saturday, sunday and monday fron noon to six. once we hit june 18th, that is when they will open seven days out of thep week. now, the pool is not just aboutt you know going out and having ag good time. they want you to be safe here as well. lots of great safety tips from patricia atkins who's going to join us a little later. any moreoughts on the pool guides you
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happy to have this pool inward w eight. >> yes. >> reporter: you are raising your hand. han w>>hat i want to say is my my birthday is coming up u. oh, happy birthday. all right. i'm going to send it back into b you guys. we're having a party here in oks son run we'll get back to you 6:00. maybe you'll see if i can sink or swim when we get to the 6:00 hour. >> 72 two words for you belly by flop. into in that would help. >> reporter: belly flop we're going forr: it, jim. [ laughter ]. >> all right. you are a brave man. m the best and bright test young s students vying to be the bestt speller in the country two young boys went home winners only one of them set a new record how hew made history straight ahead. my job is to, your job is to create a world that lasts forever. >> speaker steven spielberg
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ending. inspiring method just like his movies a big hit. >> we're rolling into memorial i day weekend. people are starting to crowd the beach iteh will get there. virginia beach right now alive picture,. >> this is the time when youou mark off your space and you stay there all weekend long. >> put on that sunday screen folks. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> all right. steven spielberg knows his movies in fat the direct dropped out ofir college when she was still a teen to pursue thatur passion. >> when he spoke to harvard's graduating class on thursday hea put much of his advice in movie terms. hollywood ends dings it was a hit. >> imagine many possible futures in my films but you will determine the actual future and i hope that
5:22 pm
justice and peace and finally, i wish you all a true hollywoodwod style happy ending.ap i hope you outrun the t wrecks. >> and for your parents sake maybe every now and then justust like et go home. [ laughter ]. >> you think you. all right.t. spielberg talks about at callsbu of one of his character when hee decided to leave his sell you lloyd bubble and go back to college four decades after d dropping out.dr he says he hopes that the classc of 2016 will take advantage of f what they already learned and gd out and maybe the world a better place and keep making it bet. believes they can learn a lot from their job too. >> they have to out do themselves from the year before there you have it. >> always going to have the best.
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5 local news at six. >> kevin mccarthy will preview some of the summers block it bested's exmen and alice through the looking glass. beyond the lym saluting america's military. m the first in saul many airs tonight at 1030 the second one will be monday memorial day at t 5:30 right here on fox 5. meantime coming up an emotionale day in japan president obama as the country remembers the mom te being of here seem ma. >> price harpers' campaign to make baseball again has consequences. we'll talk about it ahead in sports. >> let's take a life look right now let's hit all the beaches.e. >> taking a line from the, nick key man new jersey let's go to the beach that's all i know froi that song. >> we're going to be back here i'm quite sure in the next
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couple of hours many we'll be right right back.
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dc police looking forbc suspected in a deadlypo shooting in southeast. s this happened yesterday on on langston place the victim 29 year old demetrius stevenson ini south easter found shot inside an apartment building husbander rushed to the hospital 8282os police arrested api dc man in connection with an armed robbert kidnapping and sexual assault. teenage victim says started talking to him as the two boarded the train of the. the two then got off at the friendship section. s forced victim into the bathroom and sexually assaulting him.g he was later arrested at the gallery metro stop. he is connected to another
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north carolina faces years in prison after giving silicone injections to patients. he admits they used industrial grade silicone when he provided injections into the buttocks whs patients who wanted cosmetic surgery. one of the patients dieded. die he administered those in prince george's county he'll be sentenced. he faces up to 15 years behind bars. >> historic controversial day for president obama as he visits here seem marks the japanesee city bombed in world war ii. attacked by another bombing. for the first time a sitting u.s. capitoller commands in chief visited hiroshima, he laid a wreath at the first atomic ato bombing. >> a flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed
5:29 pm
demonstrated man kind processedn the means to destroy itself. >> memorial honored the 140 140 thousand people killed when us attacked hiroshima in 1945. the bomb wiped out the city but helped end world war ii. president obama did not a apologize for the attackk although he did call for a world without nuclear weapons. >> among those nations like my own that holds nuclear stockpiles we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear. pursue a world without them. >> the 50 as controversial as it is historic protester for and against it gathering in the city. many critics were strongly opposed to apology. >> we fought a war to win and that's what we should have done win, that's the purpose of the war. >> and of course, president's vi
5:30 pm
about true man's decision to drop the bomb.. top military leaders say we need to remember who we we werewe w fighting and how many american live true man's decision likely i had saved. miss terry oaf a missing oa plaque dc counsel made announcement. that mass sick was hanging in hn the wilson building when renovations started in the late '90s black was broken into bro several pieces and put in a closet. it listed names of those who were worked for dc government.en >> it's a reminder that there are citizens in the district of columbia who give their servicer and in some cases their lives to this country. and do so without having the the full rights of citizenship thata these citizens and the other states have. >> also to me means this was important, this was important enough to this city and to
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government that after world war ii this plaque was erected and we should remember that and honor that. >> counsel plans to restore ther plaque and present it by veterans day the new home will be on the ground floor the wilson building.lson >> all right. >> brody logan here with a little bit about baseball. bas >> little bit what is moree b american than some baseball on a holiday weekend. >> a hot holiday weekend. >> hot holiday we have actual warmth. >> you can go to baseball games without rain delays and wearingd a sweater. >> a brief period when where you get that dry heat before you get to sweaty oppressive humidityy into smiled say yes we need to e ask when. >> the first last year the t middle of june it was like 95 degrees. humidity was open press shiv. p you can see all your sweat. w
5:32 pm
>> maybe you'll get better. >> price harper he set out to make baseball fun again this season. waters more fun than home runs.n nothing. at least not in baseball part os that is baseball players getting to express themselves. harper said and an interview if a guy, soree, he means admiring the home run stare ring down a pitcher and finishing with a. the kids have noticed 8th greater logan hall after hitting a home run, you'll see it right here and he we got nice little track, does its running man the area, is it, last night the tournament, five to seven top ot the 9th ed gar, hits a three run home march, watch, watch this. he hold his bat up like it's a sword eyein h
5:33 pm
and that homer was the difference in the game and viewers on fox sports south who was airing the game they were split on the. the he better get used to having the teams displayed on his body. hashtag just play baseball. try that mob and they literally band you. i love it bring me more hashtag un written rules. hashtag old men won't change. >> disgusting, shameful. s that's how you pimp it outou hashtag make baseball fun again. i want to know, i love that tha harper is trying to make baseball fun again bring some more excitement into the gamehe i'm getting a little bit too much into showing up the other team. i think what it's doing especially on the lower levelses too, to the do the coaches steps in and say calm it
5:34 pm
these kids could be looking upng to bryce harper p i'm not sayint he's setting a bad example, youo need to show that humility out there. >> i remember in peewee football i was yanked from the game. >> you did. >> i got to do it. i think it is part of it. but let's calm it down a little bit. when you are stare ring down the other player and totally showing them up i get celebration wherec you draw the line you go from celebration to, i did a lot of trash cake cake kin in junior bowling saturday morning. >> really. >> yeah. >> well it seems, the first off, according to washington post, contract with pay 22
5:35 pm
duelings. that's a lot for a player thater missed on average 22 games a year. two players 39 million against l the cavs. cav this weekend fox is the place tp be for sports don't take my word for it. put it on fox 5 leave it on all weekends. today confirm will starttart tomorrow's final. and then after fox 5 news at six nationals versus cardinals. nat against adam wainwright andd the cards. coca-cola six hundred sunday starts at 5:30. it was numbers in english. >> that p kind of trips you up.t >> you are yay, it gets me p i practiced. >> i was impressed with all those, i could tell you wereoult trying to show off.
5:36 pm
>> so much. >> i'm hoping for a compliment. >> we know her well enough. >> she'll find something wrong.o >> brody thank you. tha a little imagine nation goes a pretty long way. >> one military dad is making the most of his fought son time by celebrating all of his sons s favorite holidays and 10 days. staff sergeant john york has been deployed, this is the firsf time he's been deboyd zips his three year old son brie son wasi born. he celebrated ever major holiday with brie son, they went trick or treating, opened christmas present and celebrated his birthday, the biggest surprise his wife recorded the experience as an early father's day gift. marine dad comes up with ani idea so he doesn't miss holidays with his son when he is i had deployed. >> a community comes together tg surprise a little girl fighting
5:37 pm
we'll tell you what happened on khloe's special day. >> what you missed our first of the year. heymi gwen. no one is going to miss the warm weather take a look at thet temperatures where we are right now. we've got some ups and downs d going on for your holiday weekends. it altogether put for you. we'll be back of the stay withth us after the the break.
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>> you can see the gaining had e blast at national harbor today. bobby right the music or mckee whatever it is something like that. >> fox 5's first zip trip for fr the year. they had a chance to see the good day crew, holly, wisdom. shawn and tony were out there. nice shot there. >> sough romantic. >> s-e, lekris. >> correct. >> g-eds ee-lls-t-a, t. >> yes. >> yes.
5:42 pm
correct. >> have you ever heard any of those words inev your life. the third straight year the national spelling bee ended inia tie jairam hathwar and nie care jane gay coast winners. still ended in a draw they were down at the national harbor with holly. they aren't too upset to share the win. >> no, actually i want today to share with him. because we both knew each other we both actually were in competitions last year we knew each other pretty well before the spelling bee.e >> oh my gosh he's nice and he's smart what about you would you rather have the title to yourself. >> no, i wanted to share with him too he's very nice to me. he doesn't like, he doesn't actor like he's older than me. he doesn't domineer over me. dom he act like he's the same
5:43 pm
>> he's not 19 like i said. [ laughter ]. >> each won a trophy. 45 thousand bucks. knee hare got a. the machine crossed his arms and actor like his hero dez bryant. >> congratulations to both off them that's pretty fun. a new survey shows many of us would be eliminated. not a shock. showing the top words. how to spell in each state. here are the words that are stumping people in our area. in the district its crash sander. crossant. >> people struggled the same the word canceled. here's why. >> it works both ways. w >> official spelling is what you see on the screen in america. so whene
5:44 pm
and we get emails saying fox 5 can't spell, no you are wrong. >> in brit tan and other and locations as well. goes both ways, people. stop angry email.mail >> not getting emails right now gwen is not.gwen you know this little taste ofste summer we're getting right now o give i was live look outside. i think it's going to be goi several days of this let's chinning with gwen and see what we got ahead for thegw weekends. i want to tell you if i got angry emails i wouldn't get them my box is overflowing from therm rain complaints over the lasthe two weeks. we are actually getting into a better at the 10 that's at least some good news.ood take a look at weather we have a holiday to talk about, folks, we're starting off with heat and humidity sticking around. due points are into the 60 righ0 now, you know uncomfortable. summer like saturday
5:45 pm
that's the day to break the grill out get ready for thehe backyard fun. we already have a system believe it or not and holiday monday could be a little bit on the stormy side. we got a lot going on. a little bit of unsettleded weather. the heat is going to be the common thread. 85 degrees in the nations capital. 87 at baltimore. 82 at quantico to the south manh take a look at manassas a hot 90 degrees right now. double 8's culpeper, double seven's to the west at cumberland. take a look at the dewpoint inhe the 60 even 70 at dc it is sticky you are going to feel it if you step outside if you if haven't been out there already. what we have is accompanied orange for our air quality andly that just means for today that vary un healthy for elderly people, children, anybody with any kind of lung disease orease heart disease anything of
5:46 pm
sort. and you are adviced not to do any strenuous activity. we could see some of those popping up scattered isolated primarily to the west. as far as tonight is concerned we're going to see mainly cloudy sky's i can't rile out isolated pop up storm to the west. here's a look at what is loo happening in the topic, we now n have a name storm a low pressurp system it's now called and it is connected to move towards the coast where they have tropical storm warnings currently in place. we can see moisture ed heading up the coast line. lin we'll keep a close eye on that. tomorrow is the day to get outside. it will be very nice. as far as sunday is concerned, we can't rule out maybe a pop up storm. that's the same story for you're monday. so just be prepared. we're going to be dealing with moisture. so wrapping it up for you're
5:47 pm
you can expect temperature wise. we are cooling down a little bit once we get to holiday monday. here's a look at fox 5 forecast things calm down once we get into tuesday wednesday with more sunshine. you. to >> its memorial day weekends wes are kicking off the movie season. air conditioning might be going, one of the anticipated fill -78s, central intelligence int starting kevin hart and the rock. >> i don't know how intelligenct it is going to be it will bell pretty darn funny. kevin mccarthy who was going to get kevin first on the snap chat. >> hi, here we are, here's kevin mccarthy. look at me. look at me. >> hey, my man. >> into good to see you guys. >> i have to know the see kn consequences of the younger versions of yourself.
5:48 pm
♪ >> anything about that look normal to you? >> i want to know if you how much of that did you actuallylly film did you film and did they put you on another person's body. was it all in the hair and make up. >> for me, it was making me look so young and it was a wig that we put on to grab, what made me laugh was the high school. >> what was the fun part about the movie he gets to change i gets to changes. forb me it was a little bit more face replacement.. the effect company came in i captain america stuff real highh quality stuff. >> do you slide across the flooh
5:49 pm
>> no, that was actually, my gu, doing it, who, a great dancers you know, and by the way, its like when you got to get nakedet in front of a school, you got to get naked in front of all the te cameras to dance and do your thing he's a bigger guy he did it he embraced it the face replaced me on him i still hadad to do all the dance i also had to get naked, which was his favorite part. >> one of the best days onset. o >> i love you guys, you guys are awesome. good to see you guys. >> the rock wants to be taken seriously he would have gainedly wait weight and lost it after the movie. all right central intelligence i opens up on june 17th. >> coming up khloe's special dal we're going to show you how one community is trying to bring joy to a six year old fighting f
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>> hundreds of school childrenof in prince george's county. >> 72 it was all directedd towards one classmate battling terminal cancer. fox barner. >> reporter: talk about a grand entrance that six years old khloe williams first time riding in the front seat brought to brg school today by the morning side volunteer fire department. >> this was amazing. this was more than i could imagine. i mean they've shown us lovehown from the very beginning. i know this means a lot to t khloe.hi >> reporter: we did curbside by her classmates creative and performance art academy. khloe a
5:54 pm
been battling brain and spinal cancers. >> she's been fighting for so long since 2012. and we are just praying thatt khloe is going to beat this thing. >> i'm just grateful for each and every moment and we are are definitely trying to maximize the days and just enjoy them and have fun to the fullest. >> reporter: the school r community has her special dayeca planned out starting with a pep rally in school's jim name. sch dancers and largo high school marching bands.ands >> to see the rally and the love, the out pouring of love it really means a lot to us. >>we have to celebrate khloe every single day we're never giving up that fight. the two years i've known khloe she's proven time and time agait to be a special girl with such a spirit of fire that she will w never never give up. >> reporter: big brother maurice
5:55 pm
junior helps keeps her spiritses up. >> just play with her ats lot. laugh with her all the time. >> she loves her family, she's sough caring. she's concerned about us when we're down. so it's just her. >> reporter: shining even brighter today. in morning side, maryland, bob barnard fox 5 local news. >> family friend set up a go fund me page to help with family expenses. go fund me and search khloe williams. >> thank you for joining us everyone. >> fox 5 at six up next.
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>> right now at six, police are investigating another death in southeast as the number of homicides in the district continues to climb. we're live with the very latest. >> also memorial day traffic byb staying local this weekends. we well we have some bad news if you plan on using metro trackac work is planned for all six six lines. we'll have all the details.. >> and memorial day weekend is s the unofficial kickoff to summer which means pools are getting g set to open across our area a we're life at one of those pulses in the district all that and moredi as fox 5 local news t six starts right now. >>we thank you for joining us at six. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. we begin tonight in the districs with yet another deadly shootins smooch into latest happened yesterday at an apartment complex in southeast. it brings the number of
6:00 pm
so far this year. >> 72 fox 5 paul wagner spoke to the victim's family earlier today he joins us live ins southwest now with the very latest. paul. >> reporter: tony and sarah, there has been an extraordinary amount of violence just in the 2700 block of langston place southeast one city today we learned demetriusrius stevenson is the latest victim. >> demetrius stevenson is the latest victim 2700 block to be exact. location in this city homicide needs to directions to. dir since apriecl of 2013 adam bark, antonio, marcus alston, mil sted, smith, dare continuoustinu cannon, and now demetriusus stevenson have all lost their l lives on this block. three of the murders still


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