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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  May 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> well, the unofficial startia to summer is here and with thehe scorching temperatures we've been seeing, it sure feelsure el like it. i we've got your memorial daymori forecast so you can be b prepared for the long relaxing x weekend ahead.ahead. and if you are planning to t take metro this holidayiday weekend you might want to thinah twice about it or plan ahead.laa extensive repair work is under r way shutting down entireow stretches of the system.tches how and when you'll be impacted. we'll have a live a r. good morning and welcomeor to fox5 news morning on thisrnis saturday. i'm annie yu.i'an >> and i'm caitlin roth.h gong to you.o y >> happy memorial day.ap >> the long weekend is here. it finally feels like it which is nice. nic >> we've been blessed the pastel couple of days. d can i speak >> i don't know, i feel like i can't either but as we take aake live look outside on thishis saturday, may 2
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that haze hanging over ther the studio. it is warm out.. wow. it really got hot in a hurry hry and the humidity got prettyot pe high yesterday, too., to that's what we have for today. so, as we take a peek at yourou saturday forecast, i will say wy this is probably the best day ta of the memorial day weekendi forecast because it will remain dry but it is pretty is p sultry out there this morning. i satellite and radar cleare and skies overhead just someust sunshine. a nice looking start to the t day but those temperatures struggled fall overnight andd fa just like in the middle of theil summer we're starting the day around 70 degrees and it's muggy, too. temperatures in the mid 60'ses north and west but that's asha cool as it gets and we'lle' watch those temperatures jump j very quickly into the 80'she today. here's the setup for youror y memorial day weekend what it wei looks like on the surface high pressure off shore just like a very summer type te pattern, 80's, upper 80's to around 90 degrees yet againyet today. it might be a little lessa ttle humid this afternoon but weft are going to watch some tropical moisture move in fromo the south. south we have tropical depression
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number two impacting the carolina coast today.oast as early as tomorrow afternoonft and evening we'll see pop-up pop showers and thunderstorms and then an even better chance on mondenay.mond monday memorial day could beoule pretty soggy so that is going to throw a wrench in somench ins afternoon plans.afternoon plans. let's take advantage of the o te sunshine while we have it, right. saturday pool planners are already opening at a if theyf t haven't already. aea 87 and a warm 83 by later on this evening.veni use the sunscreen.unsc you really need it. this is the time of year your get burned when you're not're used to be out in that strongtr late may sunday.un if you're going to be at the bat pool or area beaches make sure s you lather ther up. later tonight for the nats andsa the cardinals as they continue i their memorial day weekend weend series plan on it being very v warm. that's a look at your forecast. forecast. we'll have your seven day still ahead.ha annie. >> in other news this morning, metro crews will be hard atl bea work this holiday weekenday w making those repairs and that aa means some long wait times forif you if you are riding the ridin rails. fox5's alexandria limon iss
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live at west falls church metro station this morningationr with more. hey, alex. >> reporter: hey, annie.r: h, an this holiday weekend there are e going to be a lot of repairsep happening. in fact, they will t be happening on all six metroet lines but northern virginiairgia residents who rely on theon t metro to get around, well, you y will be hit especially hard. now, we are here at the west t falls church metro station and this is just one of thehe stations that will be closedd all weekend long. in fact, youal can see there are signs here letting people know k that's the case. c this is just one of those tse stations that is closed and insi fact, there will be no orange o line trains running at allt through the weekend.eeken now, the vienna, the dunnhe d loring and the west fallstal church stations will be closedeo through the weekend and again,gn no orange line trains running rn at all.. however, people can take theake silver line instead. instead. silver line service will operate between wiehle-restonhlt east and new carrolton but with delays.with metro says the
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blueline trains will be be running about every 20 minutes m or sewn the red, yellow andellow green line trains will operate e about every 15 to 20 minutes20 t and all of this is coming, ofin, course, during a very busy holiday weekend with a lot of events and activity happeningap all around town and tourists flooding the capitol.ooding. >> i have no idea.>> i hav >> our question is we knowwe kno because we live here but whate t about all the people that arepe coming into town?wn? >> yeah, that would have been really >> reporter: now, somethingr:in else that you need to know isnos that on monday, trains willl actually operate on a sunday sua schedule so just keep that inha mind if you're planning on plang catching the metro to head to hd any memorial day events aroundro here you can see a lot ofot of activity behind me. that iacs because there isre shuttle service is, free f shuttle service for peopleeo from west falls church stationhi and the other stations that are closed today in order toodao get people to those otherer stations where they can catchch a most likely that's going to be g the east falls church sta
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that's where you're going to gng want to head if you're trying'rt to catch a train into d.c. into. reporting live in fallsfas church, alexandria limon, fox5 x local news. ns. >> well, staying with metro,tay, police are looking for a womankw who stabbed a man on a metrobus.meobus. metro says it happened at hapne lockwood drive and december drive last night. we're told the two were t wer arguing and then the man spit ms on and punched the woman. w. that's when the woman stabbedtha the man in the shoulder. sul she then took off.ookff police are still looking forng r her. it's not known if the two knewhk each other before the incidentnd took metro says the man has nonlife-threatening injuries.ur. this morning d.c. policeor are investigating a deadlyea shooting on a block inn southeast d.c.het d the latest happened thursday thu afternoon in the 2700 block of langston place. pce that's the location of seven murders since april of 2013.f01 police identified the victim as 29-year-old demetrius steven soon he was found shot f in a stairwell inside anirwell apartment building.ap his mother says she tried toed t help detectives find out who may have wanted her son
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>> it's disgusting.gust took a good boy from me. m they have a lot of leads andnd they're not telling. tling. they just wanted to know little things about why was he around there, what was his -- hs you know, meanings for beingr be there.there. >> stevenson is the 50thtevensoi person to be murdered in thed it city so far this year and the a latest in a string of daytimeofi killings.llin and the fbi looking for afb suspected bank robber inr in alexandria.alex the robbery happened yesterday afternoon at a sun trust bankrub on mount vernon avenue.erue police say the man handed a note to the teller and implied he had a weapon. weapo he that then took off on footn o and several nearby schools were put on lockdown. the same bank was robbed last month. to howard county where police there are trying to find the vandal or vandalsanor v responsible for damaging rivergr hill high school. police tell us at least four at incidents have happened over the past few weeks.ks. investigators are not sure at st this point if these are senior o pranks or somethi
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sinister.sini in one of the cases someone seo sprayed graffiti on the outside of the door andr damaged several door locks. and happening this weekendpp hundreds of veterans and theiret families are in town to honor veterans for the big rollingigol thunder event. last night there was a candlelight vigil at thehe vietnam veterans memorial to honor the troops who never n made it home prisoners of warf r and those missing in action. act the main event is tomorrowom during a ride in solidarity solr from the pentagon to the t penta national mall.tional >> i think the first time i firm rode in it seven years ago, it brought tears to my eyes toars think of all the people thateo were standing on the side ofid the road thanking us.s. >> after that big ride sunday sa afternoon there's going to be a rally near the reflecting rlet pool. po we're told presidential candidate donald trump will be e speaking at the we've got an entirnge list of the rolling thunder events andnd everything you need to know on y our web site atou and several states acrossve the country arera expec
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unwelcome visitors thisitors ths weekend. we're talking about wild a weather. the latest on a deadly systemys making its way across the south side and here at home a locally we are in the clear for now.for now. that's good'snews but you can expect hot hot temperatures.mper caitlin will have another lookhe at your saturday forecast. fore. stay with us. we'll be right back. k.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. it is 7:10 right now. good news if you plan on s flying out of town this of tow memorial day weekend.rial so far holiday air travelers tra are actually getting a break b from long security lines. lines that's excellent news.le this after travelers dealtvelera with massive slow moving linesgl for weeks. this
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opened extra screening lanesni l and even started using bomb usib sniffing dogs to give some dogsv passengers a break fromakro removing their shoes. s both changes have slashedave sld security wait times to less than 15 minutes. w in other news wickedews wicd weather lab hitting the south and midwest ahead of theb ahof t holiday weekend.kend. flooding turning deadly inn texas while twisters causing cai destruction in we have the latest at thishis hour. >> reporter: torrential rainrenl caused flooding in southeastn sa texas. te at least two people have died and several are missing.sing. >> maybe 10, 15 minutes afterft he was in his truck it just flipped.fl >> ems was on a little boat.tle they could see her in there in e and after that, they said,d, well, we can't get in and getet her 'cause she was already a dead. >> reporter: more thanor 16-inches of rain fallingllg stranding drivers on washed out roads. there have been more than 50 tha water rescues since rain rai started thursday morning. mning >> cars almost getting washedtid
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here already and then we weren e going to turn around and go back in that direction and itoni looked like more of the sameike that way, so we're back here.k h >> reporter: 50 homes weree evacuated overnight inig i washington county and about a cn hundred homes in the area were damaged. severe storms also sweeping through parts of the midwestrt including this funnel cloud caught on camera in fargo, f north dakota today.od sirens warning residents asiden twisters hit parts of kansas thursday. >> i could hear the tornado, toa grabbed the dog and get to the basement. less than a minute later then lt i heard the tree hit the hit t house. >> reporter: several tornadoes causing scattered damage. nti rig the rotation right i between those trees and it just all of a sudden sounded like a freight train >> all of a sudden a crash anda then you kind of wonder if the wholsue house was going to taket off.of you really didn't know whatw was going on.goin >> reporter: as residents in kansas are cleaning upleaning up following those tornadoesostornd folks in texas are bracing forra the threat of more severeeever storms and flooding throughghr the memorial day weekend.eeke in new york, fox news.ews. >> to new york city wherew drivers recovered the
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a pilot who crashed in thehe hudson river yesterday duringted an air air the pilot of the small world smd war ii plane was doing a stuntos when the crash hd. officials say it appears theeart plane suffered some sort of engine failure. ♪> ♪ time now 7:13 and we arere dressed in bright colors bri because that's just how weow w feel these days. >> the sun finally returnedallyr and it's starting to feell warm. >> i know. >> we've seen such a big difference this week compared to the last few weekends we were sitting >> i've turned my ac on. have you turned yours on.d yo o. >> i have and then it promptly broke.ok >> that is what happens. >> that is what happens. happe >> will this trend continue for us or will we cool off a bit. >> this is continuing. connu this is typical of d.c., onced.o you get into warm weather, wth late may, here we go, we're in it until september. septemb it is sultry out there. the it felt so warm and got pretty e humid yesterday too.rdoo we've already seen the changesad that the weather has brought. we went from abouty th marcharch
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weather this weekend so like lik it or not, summer is here and ha along with the summer-likemer-li warmth and its summer-likeummeri humidity, see if we can tiltil that camera a little bit, we've got also some tropicall activity to talk about, too.oo. no? all right.ig the cameras don't want to want t work, the air conditioning doesn't want to work.t nt to no one is ready for the changehe in seasons. seaso satellite and radar we've got clear skies overhead and somehes sunshine. here's what i'm talking aboutt n down across theg southeast offe the coast here, this swirl ofirl moisture is tropicalroca depression number twoum impacting the carolinas laterinl today. it is not a strong tropicalpi system. it is still a depression andpren it is expected to remain thatait way.y. remember, a depression is a lower graded storm than aad tropical storm which is lower than a hurricane but tropical depression number two expected to stay that way with windsh sustained at 35 to 40 miles ann hour. late tonight making landfall ldf somewhere along the southhe souh carolina coastline and then andn moving northeast. these are spaghetti slots.lo these are projected plots ofedf where the storm is going to go but there's enough consensusgh c that it will probably move me inland into the mounta
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there and then take a hard h right up into virginia, the delmarva and then moving outnd v to sea. to s so what does that mean for us? ? it means clouds increase incre pretty quickly tomorrow t morning and then moisture inoi the form of rain andnd thunderstorms also increasesalsi pretty quickly. qck so, timing it out for you hereor at 9:00 a.m., beautifulutiful this is your pool day.l day this is your beach d it looks really great. g warm and sunny but then asns early as tomorrow morning mor here's those clouds racing in. i don't expect a beach dayea tomorrow or monday.r mon if you're going to be at thegoi pool early is your best chancehc for sunday because by midafternoon showers andft thunderstorms are likely. some of which may be heavy and we could have some good thunderstorms within there, too.erto by early mondaldyrm morning, mni here's that moisture makingmoisn that hard right turn off the tof coast impacting places likeik the jersey shore,rsey philadelphia, down through thrgh delaware but still enoughll clouds and showers around to t keep it unstable and therefore we may see another round of roud showers and thunderstorms oner monday memorial day. so, that wrench in theat memorial day weekend forecastndf definitely going to be the tropical system.ical temperatures outside righttesidt now, a warm 71 in
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69 in baltimore, 66 frederick, i 70 dulles and 66 in winchester. let's take a look at projected o highs later on today. 88 degrees here in washington. g so, we went from high fm hi temperatures in the 50's last l weekend to well above theve normal of mid to upper 70's. 7 now look at those projected proe high temperatures athi 90 degrees north and west.esth d we have yet to hit 90 in i normally do around may 15th. 15t not yet. y. that we are still waiting for. lows overnight, i don't thinkt we're as humid later thisater ts afternoon. it's just a touch drier soer s temperatures will fall back into the 60's for everyone. ery i don't know how much you'llkn notice that if you'rowe out at o the nats game this evening, itvg is going to be pretty warm. w memorial day weekend forecast,oc here's how it all shakes outhaku for you.u. 88 degrees, nice pool weatherool today, hot and humid.umid rolling thunder tomorrow ong sunday. we've got those cloudse gothos increasing. we've got a few storms likelyory in the afternoon. aer monday same thing. t mostly cloudy, storms arerm a likely. that will keep temperatures only in the 70'sl . so, any parades or ceremoniesem around town may be com
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because of that wet weather unfortunately. seven-day forecast, we do take a little edge off that heat h thanks to the tropical weatherle moving in.vingn. 83 degrees there on sunday, 78 , like i said on monday.y. 85 mostly sunny on tuesday. tue and so we return to the hot theh dry weather.y we 87 on sun and clouds and a chance ofno thunderstorms as we head into h next weekend. so, enjoy the nice weatherea today, right, annie? at leasttl we've got saturday. saturda looks beautiful to be t b outdoors. >> that's right. enjoy the moment. thanksen caitlin. memorial day weekend ismo the time to remember troopsr who served and sacrificedsaificd everything for our country butuy the unofficial start to summermr also means people will bell b spending big bucks.ks. fox's lauren simonetti breaksimn down the business aspect of memorial day. d >> reporter: fire up the fire barbecue the unofficial startias to summer is here. h >> memorial day's really theal e start of the season and so a s it's a big weekend whereke w people are enjoying hot dogs on the grille and enjoyingenjoyn nice outdoor weather. >> reporter: the first cookirsto outof the year calls for hot for the national hot dog councilil esti
7:18 am
about 200 million hot dogs20 this weekend.0 theeke aaa says more than 38 million mi americans plan to go somewhereo over the long weekend. the u.s. travel associationssoci says we'll spend $12 billion on trips, that's just over 300ur bucks each.cks each. >> memorial day travel dayorel weekend is going to seem see busier than ever at thever athe airports this year especiallyecl with the t.s.a. backup thatc we're seeing.we'rseei the biggest piece of advice i a can give travelers is to do the one thing that's underhat's your control and get to theet airport three hours early. early >> reporter: that could be thatl why most americans will drive. >> look at the road tripsat t within your vicinity within a five-hour drive.ri hotels where you can easily gory on aou site like orbits and get a promo code for 15 to 20 percent off and takend tak advantage of that for a short ao weekend get away that's not's n going to cost a lot of money. mn >> reporter: cheaper>> gasoline is helping r. is hpi >> gas prices are 48 cents8 ce lower than they were same time a year ago. a these are the lowest summerum prices we've seen since 2005nce5 so that's inspired a lot oflot f people to in fact take a roadoa trip. trip. >> reporter: memorial y
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go shopping.hoppg. deal experts say you'll findlind the best deals on mattressesres appliances and spring clothing h and did you know that memorial day was celebrated on may 30thmt for decades but in 1971 in congress established theablish e holiday as the last monday in may to ensure a long weekend. we in new york, lauren simonetti, fox business. >> did you watch the game last night? the clevelandhe cavaliers are headed to thee adt nba finals. fin the cavs beat the torontoto raptors 113 to 87 in game six gi last night.ight that wraps up the eastern conference and now the cavs the advance to the nba finals. congrats. this is the cavs second yeare in a row to play in the nba he didn't look too happy.ap still ahead on fox5 newsl ah at 7:00, the super bug haser b h arrived in the u.s.he.s what health officials arere saying about the dangerous danro bacteria and what you need to n we'll be right back. time now 7:19. z2022z
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z2025z >> ♪ >> wow.>> wow obviously you can see by thisy t video it was a very close call for a police officer in newn jersey. a huge tree just came crashing down barely missing officer offr douglas fabber. it happened as he was tryingryin to clear branches from anotherna tree that had fallen a few minutes beforehand. the officer suffered a broken wrist and a cut tor his hand that needed stitches but heches says he's lucky. l if he had been standing a fewben inche
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have fallen on top of him. h my goodness.oodn more health officials areltl calling for the olympics to beso moved out of brazil because ofe the zika outbreak one of the countries hardest hit by the mosquito born virus.n more than 100 public officialsll sent a letter urging the worldor health organization toizatio pressure olympic officials to consider relocating oratin o postponing the games and gam hundreds of thousands ofods o people are expected to travelrae to rio in august. experts have warned it could speed up the global spread of the virus. and this morning we are learning new details about the first case of the so-called so- super bug here in the u.s. ie u a woman in pennsylvania wasas infected with the bacteria b that's resistant to allnt to a antibiotics. she has recovered thankfullynkfu but now health officials are are worried about more cases popping up. fox's laura engle has the story.stor >> the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. pat it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we acts urgent
7:24 am
resistant bacteria flown as mcr1 is now here in the united u doctors say it's so powerful, they can't even fight it with what's known as the antibioticib of last resort, a drug named colastin. >> old antibiotic but it wasti the only one left.y one >> reporter: doctors witheporteo the centers for diseaseoris control say the discovery wasrys made last month when a 49-year-old woman in wan pennsylvania tested positive with a rare strain of e. coli o after going to a militaryy clinic with symptoms of af urinary tract infection. iec while this is the first casest c here, the bacteria has alsols been seen in humans and analysis in china europe andope the patient in pennsylvanian reported no travel history inisn the last five months. >> we need to do a very comprehensive job protectingns antibiotics so that we can have them and our children
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>> reporter: last year president obama tapped several agencies including the department of defense, department of agriculture and the department health and human services to be part of a a advisory council on combating anti-resistant bacteria. one of the goals new research. c a post on the hhs web sitehs w t says a coordinated public pub health response is under waynd to try to prevent its spread. s as health officials areh offials working to identify close contacts of the pennsylvaniapenn patient, they also are tryingry to determine if any of them o t are at risk of transmission ofm the bacteria. bac as for the woman herself, weerlf know she isn't currently in alyn hospital but no additionalna details are being released.eleae in new york, laura engle, foxox news. >> well, you are watching fox5 a news atre 7:00. 7 coming up, the man who theho the heimlich maneuver is namedli after had to put it to goodchutg use recently for the firstir time. he used to it save someone'stose life. you don't want to miss this miss story. caitlin will be back with another look at today's
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fox5 nn ewhes morning saturday will be right back. e right back.
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪
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ell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ "get full on summer at target. get a $10 target giftcard when you spend $50 on groceries. this sunday and monday only. details at" >> well, memorial day weekend is the unofficial start tono summer and with that, the beaches are going to be a little more crowded,ndar folks,, but if you can't make it to the beach in the near future f do not worry.or pools across our region aren a
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sure a lot of young kids areidse excited for this. caitlin.cait they got their floaties andaties pool toys ready to go. tread >> and their parents, pas >> and sunscreen, don't forget e the sunscreen. >> yes. this is the time of year youf ao forget. it's not ingrained in yourined i head like i am now.i amow so the sun is very strong veryrr quickly. yes, annie, sunscreen sscre definitely needed.ted. it is a must on a day like le today with a high u.v. index.nd very strong sun in late mayay and nothing but sunshine as wee take a peek at satellite and radar right now. the setup to a beautiful dayutul on this holiday weekend buteendt also very warm and we knowy e that as we really saw ourweeall weather pattern change thishae t week and now summer feels like l it's here in full force.e in fur it is unofficially 71 degreesgrs here in washington, 69 inn baltimore, 69 in annapolis andas 68 in leonardtown.nato 68 in manassas and 70's out atoa dulles and boy did you needid yn the air conditioning lastr cond night to sleep comfortablyomfory because the humidity reallyy increased, too.oo those two are just best b friends during the summers du tr months here in the dmv and it dd doesn't
7:30 am
one without the all across the northeast nth seeing mild temperatures.tratur. 60's and 70's. it's 70 in boston right now, 70 in new york. york. 64 in richmond and 67 out in pittsburgh. let's take a look at the setup l for this holiday weekend. w high pressure off shore.e off so that is the typical bermudaermua high set up where you get that t southerly flow around it a pumping in the heat andt a humidity from the south.outh. temperatures well into theell 80's today with a lot of sunshine. now, it would remain a reallyina nice weekend with high with high pressure in place throughugh monday.nd. however, we do have a tropical a system down towards our south oh that will be impacting the carolinas later today.od it won't make a direct hit.t tropical depression number two but it will throw enoughno moisture into our area fora for clouds showers and yes, pop-up p thunderstorms on monday. monday. midafternoon you'll have toeo jump out quickly if you see the clouds darken anddark and thunderstorms pop up in fact i f think it will be pretty cloudyyd all day long at the beacheshe b today is your best chance at ch the beaches. tropical moisture surging in m on monday memorial day sooimemoo count on the rain
7:31 am
thunderstorms itself unfortunately.unfo here's your forecast for today t here in d.c. 88 degrees, light south wind.utn sunny and warm by this afternoon it will be a littlel t bit less humid. i thought walk ugg out this morning a compared to yesterday morning it felt lessrn muggy but this is not a huge a g change. change it's just a slight one. doesn't mean you won't needd the air conditioning.ditionin rolling thunder rollingolli through at noon for the run itself it's warm. wr temperatures in the upper 70'se' and that humidity is backit is tomorrow out ahead of thisadthis moisture moving in by the way. y but we should be okay until about 3, 4 o'clock. olo here's the seven-day forecast. 88 degrees tod 83 with those afternoon andernoa evening showers and thunderstorms sunday.un memorial day itselfay its unfortunately we've got theat'v clouds, the showers and thendhe thunderstorms. that will keep temperatures in the 70's. we clear out tuesday andnd wednesday as we head back to bat work and school. sch looks beautiful but it looks i l very warm. ry chance of some showers againwera as we head into next weekend.xte that's a look at your fork. f now let's send it back to annie. >> in other news thi
7:32 am
metro crews will be hard atrd work this holiday weekend weend making those needed repairs repi and that means some long wait w times for you if you area riding the rails. r fox5's alexandria limon isim live at west falls churchls chuc metro station this morning m with every you need to know.ry y good morning, alex reporter:rept well, annie, everything youthiny need to know is that work willki be happening on all six metro m lines throughout the memorial day weekend.eeke but four people who live in livn northern virginia, you are a going to be hit especiallyto hard by these b metro closures e and delays. day we're at the west falls church u metro station where you can see these signs warning people it is closed. it is actually just one ofone three metro stops that are closed and in fact, there willhw be no orange line trains running at all throughout thisgs memorial day weekend.ayeeke now, the vienna, dunn lorringn r and west falls church stations n are closed and again, noin, orange line trains.ins. however, you can catch ach silver line train instead. ite those trains will be runningl n between the wiehle-reston eastos
7:33 am
but with delays.elays. now, metro says silver and blueline trains will run aboutuo every 20 minutes and the red, yellow and green line trainsinen are expected to operate about every 15 to 20 minutes. min of course all of this isf th i coming during a very busy holiday weekend when there are r events happening all aroundro the area and of coursee tourists are flooding the >> i had no idea.>> >> our question iis we knowwe w because we live here but what bw about all the people that aree e coming into io to >> yeah, that would have been really >> reporter: now, somethingsoth else that you need to know isneo that on monday trains will beine operating on a sunday sun schedule.dule. now, if you do live near oneeaon of these stops that is closed,se another option for you are a these free shuttle buses thereue are running to try to help to hp get people to where they arey ae going since a train may not be an option, at least not close n to your home. hom so, that is another option forof people out there this holiday hd weekend. reporting live in west falls church, alexandria limon, f
7:34 am
local news.l n >> all right, thanks so muchighn alex. well, if you are lookingki for something fun and familynd l friendly to do this memorialhise day weekend, here's a local a lc cool event happening at the smithsonian arts andonia industries building its called l cross lines and one weekend aank year the museum is transformedns to tell the story of different d cultures and ideas.cultur it's all part of the asian t a pacific heritage month andonth we'll have everything you needtn to know coming up. up. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> 7:37. welcome back. this weekend if you're looking for cool event you might want to check out you the cross lines culture.ltur >> it's part of the asianhe pacific heritage month at thet smithsonian. dozens of artists are going to g be participating in this andng joining us to tell us all u a about it is miss jeannie kim jem the acting director for smithsonian asian pacificac american center and miss rono sing. good morning ladies.or >> gniood morning. >> thanks so much for coming in. this is really a time onnge aim weekend out of the entire yearia that you
7:38 am
the museum to sort of bring the many cultures together inogi one place for everybody. everyb. >> that's right, that's right. t this is -- thank you for you f having us on.having u this is a real opportunity for us to showcase thewcase the smithsonian not only as a a national museum but as a as community museum am neighborhood museum.hbhood muse. we have over 40 artists whortis will be here today andod tomorrow about a third of them t from from the washington, d.c.t area. >> i learned miss sing native n washingtonian but born in india. >> born in india.>> >> born in india.>> born in >> i know you brought in some im beverages.beve you want to show us some official beverages of india. >> it's a cross line of many cultures, races, and chi tea is one beverage that has crossed so many cultures. >> i love it. >> in independen india we drink. we usually crush card mom into t it. >> what is that. t
7:39 am
>> that is very strong.erytr >> we have these spices, chai c spices and sometimes we put fresh ginner into it. this is the finished product. po would you like a sip.d you ke a >> absolutely i would love toul try it. do you make this at home freshtr like this. >> so, we make it, we have toket boil it. the thing about this tea ishi that it has to be boiled inboild milk and then we put in thesen t spices that we thin are very a healing and then we normally wen drink it out of these >> okay. >> and you have to hold it atoli the top. >> and in the indian cultureul would you serve this at justus every gathering.atri >> every gathering, in the marketplace, on the train station, in the buses, everywhere. >> everywhere, okay. e >> and what is the history of chai tea in your culture. >> chi tea came when thehi teaa british came.itish cam they discovered what a great a g beverage this was and they you actually smuggled in some tea bushes into very north indiaia and then they discovered we had our own indigenous varietyar there. so, the chai comes from this
7:40 am
indigenous variety of tea.. the other tea is darjeeling. dje it is an appalachian, it's an area. area. would you like to try some. >> i would love to, yes.u ld l >> i love that you can learnea about the food aspect of the t different cultures but also i a always find it interesting totit learn the stories of asian oas immigrants who have come here and are now contributing toutin our country, what they're they' doing and -- you know, their kne story and so is that sort oforf what we'll learn as well atell this event. >> absolutely.>> a this is really a celebration of asian pacific american heritage month so we wanted to -- we invited these artistsrt to showcase and interpret their idea of how these communities come together and wer wans ted to see and explore this concept of asian pacificsif american communities intersecting with african-american latininoino american, native americans, soc, you'll see the vast variety ofr different cultural expressions s expressed in the art industry t over the weekend.
7:41 am
>> so, we're covering -- you said 40 different cultures and u is there going to just be like table setups with food.hoo >> yes, they will see --ee - they'll see rono here, they'llhe see the -- they'll have a foodoo tasting, they'll see performance art dance, they'llet hear music.hehe there will be -- this is one thi of the interesting uniqueni aspects of actually actua interacting with the artistsin and their art.g >> next to you will be a kim kimchee fridge.hee [laughter] >> thank you ladies. youad it starts today 10:00 is its i free to the pun lick. pun >> free to the >> tonight we'll have music m from 5:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. p >> thank you ladies. t >> we'll be right back after this short break.
7:42 am
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eico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone] >> well, take a look at what was found on the tracks at ad metro station rail yesterdayoned morning. a six week old kitty. >> aww. >> he was hanging out under the third rail of thed southbound yellow and green lines at the fort totten fort to station. so metro had to cut the power to the third rail so that animal control could go downo d there and grab little guy. g he ihe is named to the tent he't getting evaluated at an adoption center and hopefullytey he'll be up for adoption
7:45 am
>> i want him. ooh want to rescue that littlel guy. he's so cute and what a thankfully good ending to that t story.ory. >> yes, some good news out ofs f metro, right. rig >> how did he even get thereid in the first place. the f p >> yes, some good news out of metro. >> curious kitty maybe. mbe >> all's well that ends well wel with the weather. weath so dreary and cold last week totally different scenario now. now. we need our air conditioning. yes, it's warm, haiot and hazy h and humid as we take a live liv look outside at the national nai monument down at the nationalata mall a busy weekend for anyone here in washington. one of the best weekends to be in our nation's capitol n although i think any weekendke is a great one and so much m going on and so many eventsve not just here but all over the e area as the unofficial starticit to summer kicks off. o let's begin at the ta we know this is the beginning bn but things can be a little lit testy in the beginning of beach season here at the carolinas, you guys are a
7:46 am
tropical system to move in.n. tropical depression numberioumbr two. so if you're down in cape in cap hatteras or virginia beach b watch for showers and thunderstorms to roll in any time late tonight, probablyto lastniing through sunday andday into monday unfortunately.ortun. all right a-little bit furtherte north if anyone is down inn ocean city rehoboth beach, bea temperatures in the 70's, your best chance to be out there is e today with the most sunshine suh but again showers and thunderstorms likely by sunday,rs monday, up at are hobh beth it's the same thing.samehig 77 today.77 today always a little bit cooler by the water but showers and showed thunderstorms noelle pretty roly quickly sunday and monday.da bethany beach 78 today mostly ms sunny skies showers and thunderstorms sun ansunday and e northeast coast. cst right over bermuda veryy typical summer like sunshine today. we'll have plenty of sun.ha ples it's a beautiful pool and
7:47 am
beach day.h d. tropical depression number depru two, you can see the moisture starting to circulate off thetef south carolina coastline. coali not going to become anyom stronger than it is right now,nt at least not forecast to. t it is lower than a tropicall storm when it comes toes strengths and wind winds sustained at 35 miles per hour and it is moving northwest at 14 miles per houreu positioning it to maketi landfall somewhere along there south carolina coastline latersl on tonight, early sundayy sda morning. from there it looks like the l low pressure system kind ofes spins over the carolinas moves s a little bit further inland furh before it takes a hard right hat turn over the the virginia andni the delmarva coastline. coastli. that does that mean for us? s well, this is not a very strong tropical system but asm t is the nature of anythingfth that's tropical it's got a lotsl of moisture with it so expect ep clouds to increase prettye p quickly and the rain to move in quickly after fox futurecast. futec a lot of sunshine even thoughn h e have haze to start off early this morning. don't forget the high spf ifpf you are out on the pool oroo area beaches.. 7 o'clock tonight nats games will be a sultry one at nats ns park but pretty nice.
7:48 am
by this time tomorrow morningomr though it's already prettydy pre cloudy and you'll be hard-pressed to see any sunshine along the alot showers and thunderstorms move in midafternoon. i think we get the rolling thunder run in, at least the fart of it but by 4, 5 o'clock'c that's a line of heavy showersvo and thunderstorms sitting right over us. we may have some breaks as wes s head towards monday morning asng that low moves a little bit ltlt further off towards our east but pop-up showers and thunderstorms are likely onst our memorial day weekend so, yes, we've got a coupleore' got chances for tha temperatures outside right now t didn't really cool offcl overnight thanks to thatoha humidity.humity very, very warm.ry, ve war 71 in washington right now. we'll hit 88 later on today onod and some of us hittingit 90 degrees again so very hot.ot. haven't seen 90 yet inet washington but it is only a oy matter of time. t humid tonight but actually notot as bad as this morning. mning temperatures fall back intoures the 60's.e 6 but even though that humidityidt will decrease slightly tonighton it will increase with thee moisture coming in later tomorrow. 83 degrees sunday with thosese afternoon thunderstorms.nder 78 with thunderstorms on monday, memorial day looksri kind of wet as we head bacalk tk work and school we dry out
7:49 am
see some more warmth. w temperatures back in the 80's bt and it looks really nice and summery tuesday and benz. and b. >> very nice. >> i know. >> unfortunately we've got that tropical system kind of throwing a wrench in anyng a wrn outdoor plans but today isans fantastic so enjoy it while w you can. >> awesome. okay. all right, back to some stories now. another rescue, this .rione byon the man who created thereated heimlich maneuver. >> all right. e he says he used it for the very edfirst time this week. w isn't that incredible?ncredible? >> yes. >> the man that they named this he used it for the very first time at the age of 96. dr. henry heimlich invented invn the anti-cloaking techniqueechn back in 1974.974. this week while dining at ain dining table t-, or this weeks while at a dining table in his senior community center aty woman next to him started choking. so, mr. heimlich says he got up and used the heimlich heimlic maneuver named after him saving the woman's life. the woman is fine thank t goodness and she wrote therote t doctor a thank you note. note. >> wow. isn't that -- that ist at - remarkable that he waited his ws whole life to do it but there be it is, he proved it is so effective. effective. ha y
7:50 am
done >> no, but high to learn it lea when i started babysitting andtg i had to get myself certified ci and all that with cpr and highig to learn it and it's one ofit's the scariest things going through it 'cause when you have to use it, it's like. i doing it right.ight >> it's terrifying but it realtr does save lives.aves probably one of those things we should all know thousando t do. >> thank you dr. lime lick.ime . i guess you could call this a huge yabbadabba don't. >> a driver is charged forharg f leaving their replica rep flintstones vehicle illegallygal parked. police turned to the publiche pi for hope to locate the own t here was not fred flint stonelis or his best friend barney rubble. they later towed the stone the o aged car complete with bone and zebra prints.ri >> i don't see a car seat in't there for bam bam s and pebblesb >> i know. >> you have to have hav. >> and this weekend is thes perfect time to fire up that upt joining us next at 7:00 the ol
7:51 am
pardoner in rockville will w help us start the memorial dayem weekend with a look at how to to make the best tasting burger.ur stay with us.ay w we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ sure, we have free wi-fi and free hot breakfast. but our best amenity is samantha. free wi-fi, free hot breakfast and free smiles. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at z2022z
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z2025z around hgets the waffle.rd but for all the other birds who could use a few more minutes of sleep, we've got you covered. enjoy free breakfast on the run and free wi-fi. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at >> ♪ >> welcome back.
7:54 am
time to fire up the grille as the unofficial start to summer is getting started. >> that's right and thisnd u g's weekend is the big openingpe weekend for have a burger bur grille in rockville.ille steve is one of the partnersars there and he's joining us with w his chef who has already gotot the grille going for us thisle morning. good morning. me.ellco g >> good morning. >> steve, there are a lot ofthe burger joints in our area. what makes yours stands out. >> what makes ours stand outertd is the char we cook it on a char like yourlr weekend on your patio you havee that char grille so you get that same char placement it's not the same without the flameha is what we say.ay we start with that and finish fs it up on the griddle.riddle. a couple things we're doing,we'g we're opening on june 1st so s today it's free char burgersr be for everyone for the first 200i0 from 11:30 to 1:00 and thenndhe also from 5:00 to 6:30.:3 >> free burgers. bge >> okay.>>kay. >> i'm headed down so it's in is it in a shopping center.r. >> you're. it's the winter green center,en winter green plaza right on rockville pike and we're also a dog
7:55 am
big on nonprofits.ofs. >> yeah. >> so we do fundraisers alldraie the time. t this is 100 percent of thecent proceeds from 11:30 to 1:30 to 1 and then from 5:00 to 6:30, 6:3 two nonprofits montgomeryon county the first is girls on the run that's from 11:30 topr 1:00. all the proceeds, complete proceeds. >> wow. >> and then the second one is i bethesda lacrosse >> great. >> so, two great organizations, two gratenition nonprofits and then once weoncee open we do fund rivers all therl time on monday, tuesday andy,sdy wednesday. >> that's wonderful. >> we wander to be part of thebt >> giving back to the community. g and so for your options fr when it can comes to thecomes te burger i see there are plenty here. what are you finding thatu people really wander in theirher burger?burg >> well, what they want is thent double char. that's the famous, the double dl char. mark is going to demonstrate aon little bit on the double chardor right now.right w. >> okay. >> and we have two patties. >> uh-huh. >> with cheese and if you're doing this at home on your at he grille same thing. you want to make sure there patty is hot, nice thin,ice patties, it's a hundred
7:56 am
you -- very important on therton bun to have it toasted. >> toast your buns.s. >> makes difference. toasted buns. >> toast your buns, love >> toast your buns. >> we got mayo i see picklesic lettuce tomato and the double burger.rg >> i thought you were goinge gog stick the bun in there first.irt >> then we use carmelized buns. >> yum. >> chicken is 47 every day. d we have we make all the ingredients idis fresh every day. >> you have plenty of other options, too.. >> absolutely. abs >> mark that looks fantastic.att >> there is our doubicle collarl >> double collar glory. >> wrap it with the paper that w says respect the burger shareit the burger, love the burger.ger. season the burger and beholdd the burger. bge that looks wonderful.onrf my gosh. when you taste test it you have to sort of -- i always ilwy have to smash it let the l the juices run down the side. >> yeah. >> are you going try t it. >> yeah, i'm going to try it. ii are you kidding mnge.kidding >> she knows how to try a burger. >> is this
7:57 am
too steve. >> my favorite is the charris tr without a doubt.witht. when i'm hungry the double dou char. >> what do you think annie. >> excellent. i would maybe add some bacon here, too. too >> and what are these, steve. >> these are green beans, tempura green beans andgree they're made for us. >> unique. >> our french fries, also a sweet potato fries, onion o rings. >> stick with us folks. we have more coming up atck 8:::
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> welcome back to fox5 newsme morn bing on this saturday. you're taking a live look outside at 8 o'clock right now. it is hot out there and it's only going get hotteret according to caitlin so a goodog day ahead for this memorialal day weekend. weekend. good morning, i'm annie yu. thanks for joining us.ning us. >> and i'm caitli caitlin roth.r it is hot out >> feels good, though.ood, th. >> it really does.t re obviously we've spent most of of may with very below normal temperatures. >> and may flew by just likeay this. >> i thought the same thing f actually.tu how are we already at memorialmo day weekend? maybe it was the gloomy weather.eather i don't know. now that we've finally got the nice weather cabin fever has broke everybody is out. ifev you're going to be out by b the pool this morning, this isns not a psa but you need the sunscreen. we have been sunless for soen sf long it is a bit of a
8:01 am
for the system, it is for my bright white skin as i look at it on the camera screen right satellite and radar showingand a you high pressure in place offda too our we have sunshine out theree su this morning. it's a little hazy becausetlse it's also a little humid andumid it has been during the overnight. we really did warm up in a hurry here. h temperatures this morning 72es n in washington. we did not get belowel 70 degrees overnight.veig 72 in quantico, 72 in manassas, 72 in winchester and 70 in leonardtown.nard here's the setup for your you holiday weekend. bermuda lie in place will make eight warm and sunny perfect auy by the pool afternoon here today. close to 90 degrees but some of our areas will hit 90 again 0 wrench in this holiday weekend forecast is going to be tropical depression number two which is not going bring ang bra direct hit to washington but b enough moisture gets thrown up that we have showers andve showe thunderstorms likely by tomorrow afternoon and then aded better chance on monday, m memorial day.ay. that tropical moisture makingak it kind of cloudy and showeryndo with thunderstorms p back to today, this is the tis e best one to be out
8:02 am
think. don't forget your sunscreen.uns. it is bright and sunny and anduy very, very warm with that highha sun angle this time of year. 79 degrees by 11:00 a.m., lots.l of sunshine and nice and warm wm afternoon.ternoon. not as humid later today as itoy was yesterday.esrd but still pretty mild withild w high temperatures in the upperpe 80's. 80 we'll have a look at yourhave seven-day forecast still ahead. >> from the roads to the skiests and even the rails, people arehe going to have to pack theirk r patience. for metro though it won't be wot because of the big crowds butwdt because of this weekend metro crews willndo be working on the rails and that means longer wait timesit t for you and fox5'sox alexandria limon is live ate at the west falls metro station.tai all right, alex, what doeshat d everybody need to know? k >> reporter: well, they need to know some maintenance work is going to be happening onn all six metro lines throughouthh this holiday weekend. weend and people who live in l northern virginia, you're y going to be hit especiallyspec hard because several metro stations are closed includingnci this one right here, west falls church metro station.metra you can see signs alertingle people the staio
8:03 am
and again this is just one ofuse three metro stops that ispsha closed. i'm talking about the vienna, vn dunn loring and west fallst f church stations. s something else you need to nee o know. there are actually going to beoe no orange line trains running ri at all.. again, no orange line trains.ra you can instead, though, catchuc a silver line train. silver line service willil operate between wiehle-restoniee east and new carrolton butonut with delays. metro says the silver and blueline trains will run about o every 20 minutes or so.20 the red, yellow and green line trains are expected too operate about every 15 to 20 t minutes and of course all ofan this is coming during a reallyea busy holiday weekend whenkend wn there are events happening allng around the d.c. area and of course the capitol is floodedlo with tourists. trist >> i wanted to go back to theohe way it was when i was a kid, kid you know. i actually enjoyed it without wo having any fear of what may wham happen and what's going to happen.happen. so a -- i have been busing it a lot lately but again, sti
8:04 am
needed.ed anything to make us safe. s >> reporter: now, somethingow else you need to know. k you can see some more signs mori out here telling people thereeoh are free shuttle buses. b we have seen them making mak continuous loops. they're going to the three thr closed metro stops and then ending up at the east falls church metro station that iss actually opened so they'rehe picking people up from the ufr closed stations, taking them to east falls church where youhu can catch a silver line train. . now, if that's not an option anp for you, you want a little less of a headache, you cane, y also -- well, you can't seean't right now but behind theseehhe buses there's a long line of taxis waiting here at the west t falls church metro station. sti also available for people to pet catch if they want because, bece you know, if you typically rely on uber, i'm going to goo ahead and guess there arehe going to be some big surur charges happening so perhaps s p shuttle bus or taxi is youri isy best reporting live at west falls church metro station, s alexandria limon, fox5 local news. news
8:05 am
advice. good information. thank you alex.ank police are looking for a ari woman who stabbed a man on a metrobus.trobus metro says it happened atapned t lockwood drive and december dria drive last night. we're told the two weredr arguing.argu men the man spit on and punchd p the woman.e wo that's when the woman stabbedth the man in the she took off and police arend pa still looking for her.l lookg it's not known if the two knew e each other before the b incidents took place.dentok p metro says the man has nonlife-threatening injuries.g r and this morning d.c. police.c.l are investigating a deadly ddl shooting on a block in in southeast d.c. that's no that's stranger to violent crime. c the latest happened thursdayrs afternoon in the 2700 block of langston that's the location of seven ose murders since april of 2013. o01 police identified the victim as 29-year-old demetrius stevenson.even law found shot in a stairwellwel inside an apartment buildingpamt there. his mother says she tried to she help detectives find out whovesd may have wanted her son dead.ea >> it's disgusting. take a good boy from me. m they have a lot of leads andds a they're not
8:06 am
they just wanted to know little things about why was he w around there, what was his,as you know, meanings for being there. >> stevenson at the 50th 50t person to be murdered in the i city this year. y fbi looking for a> fbi look suspected bank robber in alexandria. the ron rehappened yesterdayha afternoon at a sun trust banka on mount vernon the manhandled a float to a teller and implied he had ahad a weapon. he then took off on foot. police searched that area.d th the same bank was also robbed re last month. now to howard county where h police there are trying toow find the vandals for damaging dn the high school. investigators are not sure ifotr they are senior pranks or more sinister. someone sprayed graffiti onr the outside of the store and
8:07 am
police are offering a reward for information that leads toatt an arrest in this if you're traveling overou'l the memorial day weekendmemorial expect to have a lot of dcthaveo company. the roads will be crowded and ca so will the lines at the airports. fox newi news national corporate takes us on the road.kes us on >> people can afford troo move around a little bit easier. e >> reporter: with gasoline gas prices for memorial day at an 11 year low, aaa expects someece thirty eight million travelersoe to hit the road this holiday weekend. >> good for commerce becausefo people will be traveling and spending money and that'r s whaa america is supposed to be about.a national nationa average for a gallon ofgn o regular is about $2.3030 substantially lower than five t years ago when it hit almost als four dollars.four d >> gas prices are currently 48ut cents lower than they werelowerh same time a yeaanr ago. a these are the lowest summer s prices we've seen since 2005.ce0 so, that's inspired a lot of o people to in fact take a road trip. >> reporter: why are prices lower? because of frackingcaus the u.s. is
8:08 am
number one oil producer. produc. iran is selling oil on thellin open market and saudia arabiadir is pumping more to keep theirp h market share. while the chinese economy hasmy been relatively flat. motorists, however, have theiree own explanation.nati >> we're producing more of our own oil and less >> i see gas prices being b stabilized currently due toue to it's an election year.lection y. >> reporter: gas prices are dependent on crude whichru because of wildfires in can in dan 81 rest in libya, nigeria and venezuela the price of a barrel of crude is doublee ise about what it was two months mon ago but well below the $100 of0 two years ago which is why is w experts do not expect four expt dollars a gallon gasoline anygag time soon. in los angeles, william largeness fox news.ew >> well, this weekend millions i of people are bracing forci for extreme weather in some parts p of the nation already hit by devastating storms. storm plus, hundreds of veteranshe and their families are in i town. this weekend to honor v
8:09 am
for the big rolling thunderng td events. we'll have more on theha mor weekend's events coming up.ominu time now 8:08. we'll be right back.
8:10 am
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>> welcome back. time now is 8:11.ti now yes, it is hot and humid outum there but this is a live lookivl at the bay bridge and you canndc see already plenty of cars hitting the roads, everyoneon spending time with family andila be safe everyone. ery wicked weather hitting the w south and midwest ahead of theea holid
8:12 am
flooding turning deadly in in texas while twisters causing cau destruction in kansas. fox news rick reimus has more hm on this extreme weather. w >> reporter: torrential rainlai causing deadly flooding inloin southeast texas.t tas at least two people have diede d and several are missing. >> maybe 10, 15 minutes after a he was in his truck it just flipped.d. >> ems was on a little b they could see her in there inhe and after that, they said, well, can't get in and get heret no way because she was alreadylr dead. de >> more than 16-inches of rain i falling in a 24-hour period in brenham stranding drivers. dve there have been more than 50n water rescues since the rain thn started thursday morning. mni >> cars almost getting washedng off of the road just north of here already and then we were wr going to turn around and go back in that direction and ittid looked like more of the sameikee that way so we're b oack >> reporter: 50 homes were hom w evacuated overnight inightn washington county and about ay t hundred homes in the area were
8:13 am
damaged. severe storms also sweeping through parts of the midwestwest including this funnel cloudun caught on camera in fargo, fargo north dakota today.od sirens warning residents asen twisters hit parts of kansas thursday. >> i could hear the tornado. h grabbed the dog and get to thege basement and less than a t minute later then i heard thehet tree hit the house. hou >> reporter: several tornadoes causing damage.e. >> rotation in between thosein t trees and all of a sudden it sounded like a freight trainra coming. co >> all of a sudden a crash and then you're wondering if thewo whole house was going to takeg o off. you really didn't know whatt kw was going on. >> reporter: as residents in asi kansas are cleaning up following those tornadoesinthose folks in texas are bracing forrg the threat of more severeev storms and flooding through the memorial day week. in new york, fox news. >> this is severe weatheris sev season and usually does start out in the middle of thehe country where it's the worst.or very dramatic video of the tornadoes.adoe >> got to ready for our own share of summer storms.torm >> yeah, we do, exactly, exaly starting as early as tomorrow afternoon. aftern we'll get to that in a minute me but
8:14 am
weekend as we kick it off, t wek let's say hello. hlo >> my gosh:osh: >> so cute. >> got his hat on ready for rdy the sunshine and the warmhe w weather. this is our fox5 first five of v the day, matias. ms. he's 10 months old and his momis says he's growing up so fast. us they really do at that age.hat a >> they really do. d you play with them feed themhe and they just go like weeds. it's just so fast so enjoyt every moment and put down your phone to, you know, take it all in 'cause too many times t we see parents on their phones e at i'm just like put the phone down and go play with them.he >> and that is so true. thao i mean, that's good advice for anyone but especially when you've got a little one thate tt just seems to be changing c before your eyes as cute c little mattias is. if you wants your child to beou the next fox5 first five postivp their picture below mattias'ti' picture on our fox5 d.c.5 d facebook all right. all ri let's do some weather now anderw there is actually a lot toa l
8:15 am
wow. summer came here in a hurry, hur didn't it? last weekend atlastn this time annie we didn't evende get out of the 50's. 5 >> i know.>> k >> oh, my goodness. oh, for better or worse we wente from march weather to july to j weather and the july weatherthla probably sticking around mostun of the holiday weekend. wee complete with even someeven s tropical activity. i'll show you that in a minute but first satellite and radare r sunshine outside as we've gots ' high pressure overhead justead off towards our east and it'st' a beautiful looking day. d don't for that get thet for at g sunscreen today. i want to just really hammeramr that point home. he. it's always this time of theay year where it firss t gets warmw and sunny, everyone is headed out to the pools that just the opened out to the beach forjue r the unofficial start to the stah beach season and that sun is strong this time of year.s timee down towards our south this is tropical depression number twoo which formed last night and officially became aciallyame depression. not as strong as a tropical troa storm which is not as strongs s as a hurricane but it's stillt'i got plenty of moisture and itura is headed straight for the for t south carolina coastline.oastlie so, winds are sustained at a 35 miles an hour, tropical tropi depression number two isr tws moving northwest at 14 miles m an hour.
8:16 am
along the charleston columbiato area late tonight earlyar tomorrow morning.rroworni looks like according to our spaghetti plots which showi plow different tracks of where thiswh storm could go and there isheres some decent consensus it willl move a little bit furtheritur inland into the mountains ofns north carolina before making ao hard right turn out to shore. but even though it's nots not bringing a direct hit to thet to d.c. area, there's stillhere s enough moisture with that system that we'll see showers se and thunderstorms increasender pretty quickly by sunday.unda fox futurecast for today, t though, nothing but sunshine sun and any showers orrs o thunderstorms that pop up will be driven by the effect of theff mountains off towards ourds o west. not making it into d.c.king it c all right. all hot and beautiful for today. to. but then by early tomorrow morning, you've already got alr clouds around, showers andhowe thunderstorms as early as midafternoon and then we've the got the chance for some rainomei through the evening. eni there's that system moving off o towards the east but behind it enough instabilities forlies showers and thunderstorms again monday memorial day evening so yes rain in themo forecast for the second half of this weekend.sos temperatures outside right now w very warm.
8:17 am
later today, we'll hit hit 88 degrees under that hot sun. s it might be a little lesse l humid this afternoon.d thfterno. so not as muggy as yesterday yed but also hard to tell so so hopefully you have those airhosa conditioners on full blast andlt in working order.rd you needed it now.t now. seven-day forecast, 88 today.8 y 83 tomorrow.row. showers and thunderstormss t making it a slightly coolery cor memorial day. ly the sun is back. we warm right back up as we as w head back to work and school scl on tuesday. annie. anni >> well, happening thisni this weekend hundreds of veteransndra and their families are in town w to honor veterans for the big rolling thunder events. last night there was a candlelight vigil at the a vietnam veterans memorial tosem honor the troops who neverho nev made it ihome prisoners of war and those t missing in action.ction. this weekend is filled with w rolling thunder events and the main ru one is tomorrow. tm >> i think the first time i rode in it seven years ago, i i mean it brought tears to myo eyes. peoplehe peopl the that were standing on the sides of the road
8:18 am
>> after that big ride sundaye a afternoon, there's going to be a big rally near theigly n reflecting pool.reecti we're told presidentiald presidl candidate donald trump will bel speaking at the rally. we've got an entire list of the rolling thunder events asg well as everything you needser to know on our web site, and we hope that you will join usop for a special fox5 tww part presentation.sentat it's called beyond the lens t ln saluting america's't we'll honor those hoop servedp d and continue to serve ourrveur you can catch the show on monday memorial day at 5:30 p.m. right here on fox5. fx do not miss it. meanwhile the mystery of a massive missing plaque has missu been solved. the d.c. council made thencil mh announcement yesterdayment yeste afternoon. they say the plaque was plaque hanging in the wilson building d for decades but when the when te renovations started in theed in late 90's, the plaque washe pla broken into several pieces andre put in a closet.lose the plaque lists hundreds ofue h names of service men wunhoho worked in the district government.govern piecing it back together was a g priority for the d.c. council since 2010.01 >> it's a
8:19 am
are citizens in the district dic of columbia who give their t service and in some cases their lives to this country.oury and do so without having theavih full rights of citizenship citeh that the citizens of the otherth states have. hav but it also to me means thiss was important.orta. this was important enough to en this city he and to our government that after worldfter war ii this plaque was erectedee and we should remember thatmbert and honor that. t >> we're told the councild e co plans to restore the plaque thee and present it by veteranseters day. it's new home will be on thee t ground floor of the wilson building.buildi well, coming up, donald, mi, trump on the campaign trailhe cl trying to start fundraisingai efforts in california.s we'll tell you what he's doingei or trying to do to get women w voters on his side. side. time now is 8:19.s 8 we'll be right back. z2026z
8:20 am
tropica pass
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan followed up with an l-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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z2024z >> ♪ >> well, protestors took over the streets outside of a trump rally in san diego, calitellfornia. the protestors were being otmoved away from the san diegoe convention center where trumpreu spoke to more than 20,000ha20 people yesterday. people were seen destroying a trump piñata and flying a mexican there were also a few clashesewh between protestors and policend but they ended quickly.uick several people were arrested. ae the good news is no one was injured. the presumptive republicanes presidentialum candidate
8:23 am
repeated trump says hiss administration would takeration better care of americans struggling than hillaryhi clinton's administration.admist. trump says he knows there is a problem -- he has a problemro rather with women voters andver is trying to get them on >> i love but believe me, i love i love women. wen now, with men, i'm setting that's why i'm leading. ldi the men, the men -- i'm setting polling records. record. they've never seen is numberss m like the men like i'd rather have the women liketi trump. the hell with the men.. >> while trump is drawing huge crowds the gop is focusing onfo the july convention inionn cleveland.el on the democratic sidehe hillary clinton and bernie sanders are rallying uply support in california before the june 7th primary. clinton's lead over sanders in california is shrinking.hrinng her campaign tells fox news she's planning to spend most to of the week in new jerseyer betting that a decisive win inwn california will wrap t
8:24 am
nomination.nomi and memorial day weekendme is a time to remember the troops who sermovee d and serd a sacrificed everything for our e country but the unofficialthe ua start to summer also means m people will be spending bigg bucks. buck fox's lauren simonetti breaksont down the business aspect of o memorial day. >> reporter: break out the brews and fire up the barbecue e the unofficial start to summerse is here. >> memorial day is really theyhe start of the season.of then. it's a weekend when people arere enjoying hot dog on the grillene and nice outdoor weather. ninety-first cook outof theirst year calls for hot dogs.or hot the national hot dog and sausage council estimates est people will eat about a 200 million hot dogs thisdogs t weekend.week more than 38 million americanson plan to go somewhere over the oe weekend. the u.s. travel association says we'll spend $12 billionli on trips just over 300 bucksover each. >> memorial day travel weekendl is going toda seem busier thanet ever at the airports this year especially with the t.s.a. back up that we're seeing. seein biggest piece of advice i can c give travelers to do the one t thing that's under yourer control and get to the airport r three hou
8:25 am
>> reporter: that could beha b why most americans will drive.r. >> look at the road tripsoad within your vicinity within an five-hour drive.rive. hotels where you can easily goil on a site like orbits and get a promo code for 15 too co for 20 percent off and takent off t advantage that of for a short st weekend get away that's not gost he going to cost a lot oftf money. money. >> reporter: cheaper gasoline is helping. >> gas prices are currently 48ut cents lower than they were theye same time a year ago. these are the low of theme summer prices we've seen since s 2005 so that's inspired a lotreo of people to in fact take a tak road trip.road trip. >> reporter: memorial day weekend is also a good timeor te go shopping.hoppin deal experts say you'll find'l f the best deals on mattressesses appliances and spring clothing. and did you know that memorialkn day was celebrated on may 30th for decades but in 1971, 1 congress established thelished e holiday as the last monday inony may to ensure a long weekend. we in new york, lauren simonetti, fox business.ess. >> well, coming up we'll have wv details on a gym that g encourages customers to get to t high. we're going explain this.g expls plus, new concerns about, the super bug health officia
8:26 am
there areia more cases that aret antibiotic resistant out there o and caitlin will be back withact another look at today'slook at s weather and how things willhow w look for your memorial day cookout. stay with us.stay fox5 news morning on thisning saturday will be right back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> all right. memorial day weekend is the unofficial start to summer and d with that, the beaches aretahe s going to be a little moree mor crowdedut
8:29 am
it to the beach in the near nr future, do not worry. wor pools across our region aren a opening this many of you looking forward to that. that doesn't there look like sooo much fun. >> yes. >> i remember those days. i don't do thaemt any, though.ho >> neither do i. >> i'm more of a dip my toes m in there first get the chilly willies out of the way. w >> i know. laying on the chase lounge reading magazines. magazes. that's were i would were i o recommend. >> you'll need a lot of sunscreen this weekendl . >> yes. pools open. it's perfect weather for the pool but thatct sun is strongtrn this time of the year and we are not used to the sunun because we had about threebo the weeks without it.eks thou that's your warning for the beautiful holiday weekend, beke, careful out there.out the satellite and radar showingho clear skies overhead, lots ofsf sunshine expected today. now, normally if we just hadust high pressure in place like wece do this weekend, i would say aaa couple more days of sunshine sun but tropical depression numberin two swords our south going tos bring in the clouds and s owers as early as tomorrow.oua temperatures outside right outit now, wow, it
8:30 am
warm up in a hurry. 72 in warrant.n war we didn't seen get below 70 70 overnight. 73 baltimore, 72 frederick, 72dk in winchester. wineste when i went outside this morning i thought it's a little less humid than it was friday morning and it will bhuee a little less humid this t afternoon but i'm not surebut you'll notice that much when you're outside.utside so, here's the setup for thisort weekend.week high pressure like i said willal deliver the 80's and even some 90-degree whether he for laterhf this storms are i'm going to goo from possible to likely lely tomorrow afternoon now with this moisture from tropicalm trl depression number two.wo. here is the memorial daythmemory weekend forecast for you.d foref today is the pool day.or hot and humid with a lotda ofy sunshine, 88 degrees.8 degrees. haven't hit 90 yet in d.c.hit we'll can come close again today but i don't know ift kn we'll do it. by sunday we start out dry. d rolling thunder run at noon on the national mall should beld fine. . we continue the trend through monday, memorial day itself, itl storms are likely with wit 78 degrees for the high for t hg temperature. some of those outdoorose utdoor activities and events
8:31 am
parades will be compromised due to the wet weather.toea that's a look at your memorialo day weekend forecast.weeken your seven-day forecast ist is still ahead but first let'sirsts hand it back to annie.t to >> thanks metro crews will be hard crd at work this holiday weekend wee making much needed repairs andes that means some long waitong times for you if you are riding the rails.nghe r fox5 it's alexandria limon is is live at west falls churchls chuc metro station this mornings morg with everything ugg need to youo know. hi, alex. , good morning. those crews are already hardlr h at work this morning and maintenance work is in fact is t going to be happening on all on six metro lines, but if youou live in northern virginia andnia you rely on the metro, well,ro w it's going to impacts you especially hard.ard. this metro stop right here, h west falls church, take aaka look, you can see it is one ofs the ones that is closed c throughout this holiday weekend and it's not the only ol one.on vienna dunn loring and west andw falls church stations will alll be closed throughout thehe holiday weekend.eend and also there are no orangera line trains running saturdayy
8:32 am
however, you can hop on an silver line train silver line service willvice wil operate between wiehle-restonhle east and new carrolton, buton b with ds. now, metro says silver andnd blueline trains are expected to run about every 20 minuteses or so and red, yellow andelw a green line trains will operate a about every 15 minutes or so. of course all of this is ois coming during a really busy holiday there's special events all around the d.c. metro area.etroa people hoping to get there,he not have to drive but now thatot may not be an option and ofnd of course there are tons ofre t tourists flooding the capitol.h. >> i wanted to go back to theohe way it was when i was a kid, k you know. you know. i actually enjoyed it withoutit having any fear of what may wha happen and what's going to goi happen so i have been busingn it a lot but again, still anything to make us safe. u s >> reporter: now, if you do do need to catch a train,in especially i
8:33 am
was need to know. k there are free shuttle buses.. they're making loops to allg lop three of those closed metroo stations and then taking tin people to east falls church. chu that's the place where you can y can catch one of those silversee line trains. so, again, free shuttle buses running.nn also i can tell you there areoua cabs out here waiting forting f people. you know, if you're hoping to get around and don't want to t deal wit with the slut tell buss and trying to catch a train to and waiting 20 minutes or souteo that is another option and ittii may be a cheaper option manyn m than maybe something like uberiu which i'm sure will be charging surcharges thisngurch holiday wee reporting live at the west falls church metro station, sti alexandria limon, fox5 local >> well, good news if you planpn on flying out of town this town memorial day dw so far holiday air travelers tle are actually getting a break bak from those long security this after travelers dealtlers t with massive slow moving linesil for weeks.ks. this weekend t.s.a. workerskend opened extra screening laneseenn and even started using bomb usib
8:34 am
passengers a break fromak f removing their shoes.hehoes both changes have slashede slhed security wait times to less wt i than 15 minutes. >> ♪ and in today's healthay's hh watch more than 3 million tommy tippy sippy cups haves ve been recalled over moldver mo concerns. the manufacturer may born saysur more than 70 children have h gotten sick after drinking aften from moldy valves.alves. children have experiencedexpeen diarrhea vomiting and other othr symptoms after drinking from aer the sippy cups. customers should stop using the cups immediately andte a contact may born for a free replacement cup. a san francisco gym encouraging people to get high before they work out. at power plant fitnessit customers will be able to a vaporize cannabis or eat edibles. it is expected to open in then e fall as californians go to the t polls to decide on legalizingalz recreational marijuana. and this morning we are learning new details about the first case of the so-called su
8:35 am
states. ylvania was wnns infected way bacteria that's resistant to all antibiotics.t now she has that's the good news.ood ws. but now health officials are ofs worried about more casest moes popping u fox's laura engle has thehe story. >> the medicine cabinet isinet i empty for some patients. pie it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we actun we urgently. >> reporter: a drug repter: resistant bacteria known as mcr1 is now here in the unitedne doctors say it's so powerful, pr they can't even fight it withveh what's known as the antibioticno of last resort, a drug named >> it's an old antibiotic butlda it was thent only one left for t what i've called nightmare bacteria. >> reporter: doctors with the centers for diseasece control say the discovery wasdi made last month when a 49-year-old woman in i pennsylvania tested positive p with a rare strain of e. coli oc after going to a militaryy clinic with symptoms of af urinary tract infection.nftion while this is the first casest c here, the
8:36 am
been seen in humans andnd animals in china, europe and canada but the patient inatnt i pennsylvania reported no no travel history in the lasthe five months. m >> we need to to a veryer comprehensive job protectingrott antibiotics so that we canot have them and our children canih have them. >> reporter: last yeart yea president obama tapped several agencies including theci department of defense,efse department of agriculture andtua the department of health andeah human services to be a part ofat an advisory council on combating antibiotic resistant bacteria. one of the goals is to helptoel under take new research toho preserve the effectiveness oftio antibiotics. a post on the hhs web siteite says a coordinated public public health response is under waye is to try to prevent its as health officials areials a working to identify close c contacts of the pennsylvania o patient, they also are tryingery to determine if any of them of t are at risk of transmission ofno the bacteria. bacri as for the woman herself, werse know she isn't currently in anti
8:37 am
details are being released.ea in new york, laura engle, fox news. >> well, coming up while the nation is honoring veterans,eter we have one right here in our studio that has become anome entrepreneur and lisko depicts american history and patriotism through fox.ough i love it. i we'll chat with him next. smile.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> welcome back. well, liberty fox is a clothing brand that gives i wasra patriotic feel. f >> it was created by a u.s. u. army veteran and the socks are designed and made in the u.s. u here to talk about libertyboutib socks is the ceo and founderou lyle hogan. >> welcome to the show.e s >> we're happy to have youo havu here. tell me a little bit about your company and where the from.ame >> liberty socks was birthedty from s the desire to createire something unique and as wellsel as try my hand at being aeing entrepreneur. i became fascinated with fasciw american history and decidednd d to approach american made patriotic apparel from aro different the goal was simple is to create designs that dict american history. the sock trend is continued totd grow but i also launchednc liberty socks with abe compassion philosophy in mind. m i was born and raised in harlem new york city and was aas product of the east harlemasharm tutorial program a nonprofit a t organization which provides students withti the academicca skills required toxc
8:41 am
in 2011 when i was deployed to afghanistan they made thetan first great classroom after mytr brother and i called hogan one. the idea lined the naming was to acknowledgeea past program participants who have h graduated from college andedrom navigated successful careerful c paths. so, it was -- i was humbled and it was a complete honor tooo stand and engage with thengage e students on a yearly basis asis my younger brother and ind returned to the school andscho speak to the students on the importance of striving for educational excellence. 10 percent of sock sales directly support hogan one?y. >> that's wonderful. wonderf tell us about your socks. youso i'm curious to hear about theout stories behind each one.behind . >> as a diana rocco the goalant was to create something trulyruy unique to pretty much spark mh a conversation between theer wearersa and casual observer, ir wanted to create designs thats were really special. speci for instance we look at thee oka design here. this is call the reagan it's aa tribute
8:42 am
we know he was the 40thh president of the united states s there are 40 stripes.ere >> very cool. >> also the governor of california for eight yearsls sos there are eight stars on the top which represent thosent thoe eight years served.years erve over to the left is the obama, a it's a tribute to barack obama the 44th president of theent of united states. there are 44 stars from viewedme from the front or the rear the which represent his place inentc history as the 44th president. . he was also a u.s. senator forat three years so there are three e red stars. >> oh, yeah. >> and law a state senator for seven years so there's sevenhern white stars.whstar >> okay. >> so moving on to the honolulu hustlers collection which is very special to me, me, that collection is dedicated dic to all u.s. veterans dedicated d to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. hapne 10 percent of all proceeds from this collection arellectire donated to a nonprofit nprofit organization called things we onad. they providee reading lists and material to military members tli across the >> i love it. now, when you buy a pair of socks --
8:43 am
packages or does it come withese an explanation of the -- you- yo know, how is it packaged?kage >> so -- [laughter] >> i tried to be extremely to green and friendly so i use 100 percent recycled polly ply mailers and shipping labels lab butter on the rear of the sock it has an aplana >> okay. >> of what the socks actuallyksy detail. >> and where can people getet your socks. >> they can buy them online onln liberty next month beginning june 6th jh i'll be set up at the montgomery mall with my own personal liberty socks rmu. r. >> that's great. are you local now. >> i will be for the month andot then after that we have toe re-evaluate how things areluatw going but they can always bes purchased online at liberty ler >> if you see them atf u se montgomery mall be sure to say s hello i saw on fox5 news5ew weekend. >> yes. >> and buy a pair of >> thank you for all that you did for our country andr untr continue to do.oo. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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>> all right. take a look at social media is going wild over this mug shot of an attractive arkansas woman.a her name is sara seawright but twitter user dibbed her prisondp bay. unfortunately she has done don more than steal people'san steas hearts. she was arrested for failing to appear inre court for a reckless driving charge.less she's accused of robbery kidnapping and batter regentatte this reminds me of the mof gentleman we had last year waswe it where law h incredibly like. >> attractive.>> aract yeah, the hot guy mug shot.ugho >> yes. so this might be a thingmighbe a unfortunately but you know, k
8:47 am
beautiful.beau >> she is.he i but lesson learned. lea if looks can't save you fromu fr everything. >> that's right. >> not the law. l you break it you pay for it. all right.all rig let's talk about a little bitlkt of weather and start with theit beaches. >> yes. >> because you know a lot ofou people head down there theea unofficial start to the summerr season, it kicks offer theks ofe beac --offer off the beach season.ea water temperature is probablyrea a little chilly still. still >> maybe today or over thebe last t couple days it warmed itt up a bit. >> little bit, yeah.ittle y >> here we go. >> this is -- what is thiss thi right on the bay bridge i brie would suspect. sp >> yeah.>> yea >> headed towards the coast and traffic doesn't look toooo terrible.ib >> have fun, everyone for caitlin and i. >> someone give me a ride. a >> my goodness.>> my >> me andgo annie pick us up, u two for one deal. d all right.all r at the beaches, this is what to expect.xp cape hatteras and virginiaginia beach we'll star
8:48 am
our south that's where thehe warmest waters anders temperatures r those are these e beaches closest to tropical depression number two which is n throwing a wrench in our beach e forecast for memorial day weekend.en at a looks fine.oo you've got sunshine in both places, temperatures close toatt 80 degrees down by cape b c hatteras but showers andrs a thunderstorms going to keep you cloudy and soggy srmunday and monday memorial day up to d virginia beach much that's t where the soggiest weather we suspect will be.ectl be. towards the north ocean cityoc c maryland 78 on saturday, 74urda7 sunday.sunday. showers and thunderstorms lated in the day sunday and then sundn most of the day in fact, could be really wetealt at times right along the coast. rehoboth beach same thing.hing high sunscreen needed onde on saturday but then you mightn need to find some indoor ioo activity sunday and monday or at least be on the boardwalk bra if you can.. bethany 78 saturday and you see those showers and thunderstorms coming through. cape may a little bit furtherrm of lf towards our north on theto southern jersey coast and youoay could even squeeze in a secondd day. day. sunday doesn't look like the l rain reaches you not until memorial day itself and d its obviously temps a little bity cooler along ttehe coast. coa satellite and radar showing swi
8:49 am
here is tropical depression d number two right off the two rho carolina coastline spinning about.t. winds sustained at 35 miles per hour so certainly not a powerful tropical system buttem it's got enough moisture withh h it that as it makes land on shore and spins off towardsd sp the north andof east it will be bringing rain into our neck ofao the woods sadly. sadly all right.righ fox futurecast slows all that aa sunshine today.nshineay. beautiful pool afternoon. it's warm, it's sunny, itnny, i feels like the middle of o summer but by tomorrowor morning, clouds are here and h then there's those showers and thunderstorms which by earlyrm midafternoon starting to make s their way into d.c look at the coast, just clouds c and showers and kind off dreary. heavy rain is likely along the t beaches by early monday morning and then pop-upn p showers and thunderstorms a through monday afternoon. temperatures outside right now real quimock, 72 in washington.o we're in the low 70's justs j about everywhere.very it is steamy to start. boy, once it warms up, it u it really does and it sticks it sts around. 88 today. 83 tomorrow.omorw. 78 with those showers andshowerd thunderstorms on monday,onon memorial as we head back to work and school,
8:50 am
chance of thunderstorms by thesb end of the week.d of t wee that's a final look at your y fork. now i'll send it back to annie. >> ♪ >> all right. allig in today's fox beat more fallout from johnny depp's depp' split with actress amberss a heard. a judge has now ordered deppepp to stay weigh from hisfr his estranged wife after sheangefe a accused the actor of hitting oft her during a recent fight. amber heard claims depp threw her cell phone and hit her in hi the face.eac she submit add photo of her o hr bruised eye and cheek.uised eyen the actress claims there was ams history of abuse throughoutt the relationship. depp lab told to avoidab contacting her until their next court date on june 17. bad news for those ladies te hoping to be the next -- or mrs. bieber i should say. b he hasn't been married yet. the singer is back in the dating game with his on screenth h hot tea or so it seems. tmz reporting the biebs and bbsa nicolette palk arrived for a dinner date on wednesdayedneay night. if she looks familiar it isiar because she starred on batesed o motel entr
8:51 am
this morning we are celebrating asian pacific american heritage coming up we'll talk with one'l of the ownersl of a familyam owned business that has lasted d for more than 30 years and itn 0 all started with a duck.h a d we'll be right back. let's see. we'll have a free waffle. some free bacon. free eggs. should we add free syrup? you know what, let's treat ourselves. enjoy free hot breakfast with a tall glass of free wi-fi. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at
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>> all right. well this morning we arehis inge celebrating asian pacific american history month and ouris history has so much influencelu here in the d.c. area and one place that has rich history in y the asian culture is aascult restaurant called
8:54 am
king gourmet inn.etnn >> this is located in northern virginia and their foods hasds h had celebrities and worldlebrit leaders eating there for more than 30 years.than0 ye joining us is bobby tre andre he's one of the owners and the chef doug carver. welcome to you. y. >> hey bobby good to see you. y association you know, i think te of the things that wehe think about when we see aee restaurant is it's been theren e for 38 years and a lot of aot o people know about it but it's bt one of those like hidden gems. it's not in the ritziest rzi place. and you don't have a celebrity chef.chef >> we're smack dab in the middle of the colmar shoppingmai center. >> it's been the same forbe the year. >> we've been in the same we've never moved.we we don't plan on moving muchin m we don't plan on -- we'ren -- we going stay there. >> i think that's now part of your charm, t though. cha >> it is. it is.rm everybody's first reaction react when they come to thee to the restaurant, they pull into theie parking lot and
8:55 am
>> but i love that. t i love that. that. it's like the most genuinet gein places are and i don't want to say hole in the wall, that'se wt not your place but you know what i mean, it's like they're local, they're trustworthy, trut they have good food they've the' been established and that's wonderful.nd >> let's get to the food. >> okay, erso -- g>>y, s >> the star here is the duck. >> mr. ziu has carved one carve plate. lows say you can make the you ck pancakes. >> and this really is anlly s n experience when you go there. >> have you been annie. >> i have been and we've beenbe' there fox5 has been thereeen the decades ago when we celebratedtd chinese new year. y >> yeah. >> yea >> you have been around for 38r8 years and so it's like thee t place to go when you wander to experience great tasting duckasg and again, it is an experiencexe because when you sit down aten w the table you have your owne yo duck carver, right bobby. >> exactly.>> e this is what you would see or experience when you come into the restaurant. you order onehe, two, 15 ducks,d they'll bring it to the tablele and the duck carver will come wm up and slice it there at theeree table. >> that's wonderful. >> there are youtube videos ofbd people that have gone to yourono
8:56 am
duck carving experience. expere. >> yes. >> and so this is how you eat it. a lot of people are curious about p that.abou >> yes, so the pancakes weancas make fresh in house.make >> yeah. >> this is our own house homemade hoysin sauce. sau we have a farm in purcellville where we grow certain vegetables specifically for the restaurant. ourup be spring onions oni garlic sprouts napa cabbageab and chinese lee. ks. we have been growingen vegetables for the restaurantsor for probably close to 35 years. >> wow. >> w >> and it's a lot of familyy involved in it too right. >> yes. my grandfather started in 1978n he passed it on to his his children. my father george, my aunt my lilly now are the owners and my cousin debra who is lilly'sil youngest daughter and myselfters we're the third generation toer carry on what -- the legacy that my grandfather . >> there we see the picture ofco your grandparents there. its
8:57 am
grandfather's vision.ision. he loved duck obviously. it started offer pretty small. l >> it started out with just a small carry out counter. >> right. >> lawn happy withe wasn't happa then he made it a cafeteria cet style dining wasn't happy with that.appyith threw tables and chairs input tablecloths in and changed the g name in 1978 and now we seat we up to 200 diners.0 der >> the rest is history. hto >> yes. >> there's a lot to see there. it's decked out with picturess of celebrities and presidents and worldes leaders that have ta stopped by.stopped name a few that have come by.omb >> we've had anyone from the bush family. we've had the clintons in. we've had bush jr. yours >> is my picture on the >> yes, it is.>> y >> caitlin has got to go upot tp there, too. t >> i'll sit next to you annie. . before we go though isfo this the freinished productishet here. >> this is the finished the fin product. if you guys would like to these are some of our chef ourhe specials. >> okay. >> plenty more to try besideses duck. >> absolutely. >> wide variety on your menu. >> yes.
8:58 am
thank you so much. >>etou yes, bobby. y, b >> thanks for coming in.hafor co >> thank you >> thank you to everyone else. that's going to it for this morning.
8:59 am
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