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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we are! fox sports!
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>> thousands of soldiers took time to honor the real meaning of had holiday. >> fox5 news every night at 10.
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>> right flu at 6 excessive heat sits in on the detectives tract in time for the holiday weekends, already, several people rushed to the hospital with heat related injuries. we'll tell you what you need to know if you head outside. >> massive metro repair work under way leaving thousands of people without a way to get downtown for weekend festive tills, who is impacted the most. >> fox5 local neutral a -- news at 6 this saturday begins right now. >> we begin with breaking news out of arlington where the ur
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metro station is shutdown due to disable train. emergency responds remembers on the scene, they say there was a break fire involving a train. no passengers were on board at the time thankfully. as of right now trains are single tracking between arlington cemetery and pentagon city. >> good evening, thanks for joining us tonight on this memorial day weekends, i'm jim. >> i'm tisha lewis. right now, 750 american flags are on display, in a park in gaithersburg saluting america's heroes. each flag dedicate today someone who has served in the military. today people from across our area braved the heat, to pay their respects. >> other beat the heat by visit willing local peels, in georgetown, people counting on the water to ride some row leaf from the heat, of course, they say, not the heat, it is the humidity. when you get both you know got dangerously hot. we have team coverage for you tonight, we start in the we
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know what, it was hot, it was sticky, it was humid, and definitely shall everybody felt that impact today. you felt as soon as you stepped outside. looking at the temperatures right now we have 84 degrees at dc, we have the aa at manassas, and winchester, 83 degrees at baltimore, and 79 degrees at annapolis at this hour. now here's what's happening. we've got this warm surge of air that's just right over us, as the gel stream is to the north, it will be sticking around through this holiday weekends. ridge of high pressure in control, than gave us the sunshine we had today. and temperatures will remain in the 80s. >> dew points are hi, as well. into the 60s, low to upper 60s, right across the board. and how does that translate? well, here is a look. it is actually very uncomfortable, sometimes today, the dew points were even in the 70s, low 70s, which was actually oppressive. so when you factor in the dew . and the air temperature it actually felt a lot warmer than it actually was, so for some areas it actually felt like itas
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even the low 90s, for tonight then, your overnight low, 66 degrees, mostly, well, clear for the first part of the evening, then see some clouds rolling in, it will be partly cloudy, and here's a look at what you can expect as we get into this weekend, folks, we have some storms on the horizon. now, not total wash out, that's good news, and as far as tomorrow is concerned, looks like we will see those storms start to pull in little later in the day, monday, it will be the opposite. looking at them starting earlier in the day. so please, plan accordingly, and i know you have all kind of outdoor activities, plus we will give you the forecast for all of the parades happening downtown, as well as if you are planning any backyard pool time orpik nick time or anything of that sort. and we'll let you know, also, for that concert that's going to be coming up, we'll let you know what to expect. temperatures staying in the 80s, tomorrow hued i at this will be also in effect, so just be warned, drink plenty of water, stay hydrated and more importantly stay safe. speaking of that
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had some issues today, we check in with lindsey. >> we have sunny skies for a night at the ballpark, but i will tell you there is heat is intense, earlier today, we saw dozen of people have to be treated for heat related illnesses at an event elsewhere in d.c. certainly not going to tell you this, stay inside this holiday weekends, just too many events to be outdoors for around the dmv. this nats game will be starting in less than an hour now. it is really just about taking precautions, drinking enough water, and listening to your body. if you start to get overheated, certainly, such a thing as too much sunshine. and we will show you some photos that dc fire tweeted out earlier. this as they had to respond to an event at 7 and m in northwest, where about 40 people had to be treated for heat-related illness. 6 of them had to be hospitalized. it was after a parade put on by the united house of prayer to honor the lives of church leaders who passed away. some of those who got sick
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very heavy costumes, others were just onlookers, dressed for the weather, the heat still became too much for them. >> i think people were enjoying the wonderful parade here on m street, and folks just got overheated. some of the participant, i think, in their uniforms and the pageantry, just got caught up in the heat. but they had plenty of water and stuff, but i think too much for me, too, i was trying to enjoy it, toyed keep going in the house, you know, to get some ac. >> everyone treated that the event is expected to be all right. these kids, certainly, have the right idea, having some fun outside, but still staying night and -- nice and cool f you are headed outdoors this weekend, be sur to drink plenty of water. just take care of yourself, your kids, your pets, this is the casino of heat that doesn't feel too bad at first, but it certainly can get a bit overwhelming. if you are outside for a long time, in the direct sunshine, and if you are
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alcohol, like some folks out here at the that the game, make sure to keep in mind that drinking does increase the risk of dehydration and other heat-related issues. for now live tonight, lindsey watts, fox5 local news. >> certainly feel that inside, too. >> everywhere. >> tomorrow thousands of riders will ban together for the rolling thunder motorcycle rally. people from across the united state are in town to honor pow's and mia's who serve during the viet nam war. ride start in the north pentagon parking lot and goes all the way to west potomac park, yesterday the participants gathered at the national cathedral for the annual blessing of the bikes. >> of course tomorrow night is the national memorial day concert, and thousands are expected to come out for that event held on the west lawn of the us capitol. concert begins tomorrow night at 8 will run until 9 30, actors, smashing pumpkins, caleb johnson, expected to take part in the celebration.
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heading to that concert tomorrow may have to have a tough time getting there, major construction is underway on metro forcing closure of multiple station. >> fox5 alexandra more on the metro disruptions you may run into this holiday weekend. >> reporter: this holiday weekend there will be repair work happening on all six metro lines, but if you live in northern virginia, you will be hit specially hard by the closures. now, this station, west falls church is just one of three that's closed because of this maintenance work. now, here are the stations that you need to know about. see end owe, dunn luring, west falls church all closed through monday evening, re-opening tuesday morning. >> thanks to you guys at fox5, we found out that the orange line was closed today, and we're staying over in fairfax. we drove over here so we would have a place to park and take the silver line in. >> maintenance work means no orange line service at all until tuesday morning. despite some headaches, riders say they are a-okay with
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work. >> i would rather the subway not catch fire. so, ya, we're good with all of the work they're doing. >> here are some of some of your options, see taxicabs waiting here at the west falls church station for anyone looking for option, also, these three shuttle buses that are making their way to all three stations that are closed, and then over to the east falls church stations, that is open. >> just at vienna, we had to come here. >> the silver line some g so people can take those trains instead of the orange line. some metro customers were able to plan ahead for the changes. >> we usually take the vienna fairfax station off the orange line, but we got a text alert letting us know that it was time to change our stop today, and we just saw what they told us to do. >> taking our daughter for first trip in d.c. we'll see hopefully the archives and the zoo today, hit the museums tomorrow. >> additional maintenance work also means delays. metro says silver and blue line trains will run every 20 minutes or so, and red, yellow and gre l
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expected to operate about every 15 minutes. >> reporting at metro station, alexandra lamb own, fox5 local news. all right, so if you are not on the metro we want to know how you are spending your holiday weekends so tweet us, facebook us using your best pictures at fox5dc. remember use the hashtag fox5dc. new at 6 dc police are looking for a man who fired a gun and ran over a good samaritan this morning. this all unfolded near the freeway bridge, police tell us a woman jumped from the bridge and three people came to her aid. now, investigators say the woman's boyfriend told a good samaritan to get away and then fired a shot into the air. the boyfriends later returned in his car and ran over one of the good samaritans. that person thankfully was not seriously hurt. the woman who jumped, also is recovering from her injuries tonight. meantime, the boyfriend, managed to escape. >> a federal grand jury
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driver for trying to help isis. 26 year old mamudel has and, knowingly conspiring with joseph farook from last august to january of this year. on january 15, he allegedly drove farook to the airport, so he could fly to syria and join isis. the fbi says hasan made false statements to investigators about farook's travel and attempt to hinder their investigation. has-an is set to be arraigned on friday. >> meantime, tonight, the fbi is looking for suspected bank rob nerve alex andre a happened yesterday at sun trust bank. the man handed a note to the teller and i am applied he had a weapon. did take as a precaution, several nearby schools had to be on look down, police look through the area, that same bank, though, also robbed last month. >> up next at 6 the moving tribute to worlds war 2 soldiers families making their loved one on this memorial day week end. >> plus, we're going back to new york for the latest on the
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that crashed into the hudson last night. >> plus, police came out in riot gear to confront donald trump protesters in san diego. how the situation heated up. stay with us.
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>> president obama trip to hiroshima, seemed to leave a, became the first sitting us press to have visit hiroshima since back in 1945. 145 thousand people died in the attack a lot of speculation if the president would apologize, did he not, but what he said was that the world will never forget.
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>> look inward, take stock of who we are, and what we might become. >> this weekend veterans are in town for memorial day celebrations including the annual rolling thunder motorcycle ride. we talked with some of them and we asked if they thought the president did the right thing by visiting hiroshima. >> i was at least glad he didn't apologize on our behalf, because i don't think americever needs to apologize. >> i know he's in japan, and what's' doing, i'm sure he's doing what he thinks is best. but right now we're in washington, d.c. be there there is going to be a million of us. >> we need support, and they are fighting for us. >> in a specific called to end for senseless wars, and another nuclear strike should never happen again. >> piece of history from world war ii is now on display in north carolina, yesterday, the
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donated his metal of honor in cherry . was 20 years old when he died, helping a wounds the marine on may 10, 1945 in japan. >> his family said he had a passion for helping other. >> through the years, good memories, and bad memories. but still wonderful memories. >> halliburton family says they're glad to let other see the medal and cherish it after years of having it sit at home. >> now to the race for the white house, even though locked up the gop nomination donald trump is still courting voters, and, of course, he's attracting a lot of protesters. this was scene in san diego yesterday. police in riot gear confronting protesters demonstrated near the convention center where trump was speaking, pushing and shoving, three people were arrested, but nobody there was seriously
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>> on to the democratic side, hillary clinton once again trying to explain her use of private e-mail server to conduct official business while secretary of state. earlier this week the state department's inspector general issued skating report saying mrs. clinton never sought nor received permission to use personal e-mail. fbi is also investigating and watchdog group has filed civil suit want to go know more about mrs. clinton's e-mail practice. >> when we come back, latest on the recovery of the vintage world war ii plane that crashed into the hudson river last night. >> plus, there are growing concerns about the antibiotic super beg made its way to pennsylvania, what if anything is being done to stop it from spreading? nd if you have a story idea, call the fox5 tip line at 2028953000 or sends an e-mail to foment five at
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>> fellow pilots paying tribute to fellow colleague killed yesterday when his vintage plane crashed into the hudson river. pulled the plane from the river, the pilot 56 year old william gordon of key west florida died in the crash. gordon was one of 3 pilots flying vintage planes, that took off from small airport on long
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the thunder bolt that crashed was marking its 75 anniversary this weekend. >> there is no denying that summertime heat has reached the dmv. and with the hot weather comes resurgence of mosquitos. >> of course as you know big concern like we've never seen before. because of the zika virus, already reached our region. >> what's being done to fight it, fox's brian yanis has more. >> reporter: memorial day weekend is the start of summer and mosquito season, mosquito control, warning, americans need to prepare for potential zika virus outbreak, spread by mosquitos and causes severe birth defect for pregnant women. the frustration, though, now, is with capitol hill. >> this is unprecedented and tragic. it has been more than 50 years since we've identified any pat jen that can cause a birth defect.
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identified a situation where a mosquito bite could result in a infection that causes a devastating birth defect. >> president barack obama asked congress three month ago to approve one .9 billion dollars in funding to fight zik a and yet with a outbreak looming, congress took its 2-week holiday break friday, meaning, a compromise bill is now likely weeks, if not months, away, the cdc warnings every day past without proper funding put more people at risk of zika virus. so far 591 travel related zika cases in the united state, meaning, it has not been transmitted within the country yet but with summer coming, millions traveling, the number of zika case asks expected to go up. the virus is spread by mosquito bites, and through sexual intercourse during unprotected sex with a infected man. the main threat is the pregnant women. zika is linked to the severe birth defect micro
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shrinking of a baby's head. most who get it only exhibit mild symptoms, don't need to be hospitalized and death is rare. states like new york are beginning the battle against zika by traffic already side in marches or water where mosquitos like to breed. people are reminded to wear inch secretary repellent, to remove all still water near your home. it only takes a bottle cap full of water for a mosquito to lay hundreds of eggs. in new york, brian yanis, fox news. besides zika health authorities are worried about new super bug apparently resistant to antibiotics. drug resistant bacteria, mc r1, also here in the u.s. doctors say it is so powerful, they can't even fight with what's known as the antibiotic, at the college of last resort. centers says the discovery made last month when 49 year old woman in pennsylvania tested positive, this is the first kates here, but the bacteria has also been seen in people and animals in china, europe, and canada. the federal government is taki
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seriously, and shays that coordinated health response is underway, to help prevent the super bug spread. >> breaking news out of arlington, cemetery metro station has re-opened following a fire, we're told a train which was not caring any passengers experienced a brake fire, one person was injured. again, the train station has since reopened. >> still ahead, which are staying open late for the week end. >> the incredible obstacles this woman over came to lead the way for women in the armed forces. we're back after this. this.
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>> welcome back, women are a nation's force in the military, veterans affairs project women will make up 15% of the total vet lan population in the next 20 years. >> bringing dear paved the way for women in uniform, fox5's bob and photo journalist, dara, traveled to her home in virginia to help tell her story. >> i see in the mirror that i raise my hands as a timid -- oh, shoul
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and when i see the stary see that did you it, and you earned it. nothing like nothing i earned. hello, i'm bringing dear general julia j checkly, us army retired, i did 28 years of service in the military. i was in women's army corps, i was the weekend warrier part time soldier and i am proud to be a 28 year veteran of service to this country. i was raised in the south, i wasn't raised, bonn in the south, my mother raised five of us, my father abandoned us. she struggled to keep us fed, and trained, as well, and i know that i got my strength and my perseverance from watching my mother. with my dreams, i knew i wanted to graduate from high school. i wanted to go to college. i couldn't go to college, because we didn't have the funds, so i had to
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vehicle to go to college. and so it ended up being the vehicle to go to college was the military. once i went in i set my goals to be -- to get to the highest i could possibly get to. i worked hard at every job, but i never lost that fight, that dream, to get to college. >> general's success has come with it share of heartaches, her husband gus died sudden lip at age 4; leaving julia a single mom. >> was a medic and he was wounded in viet nam, he stepped on a mine. and at the time i was an e4. and i worked in a office. >> 's patient, don't look at him, i'm very cool. he didn't know i was checking him out. but then he started checking me out, because he was in that hospital almost a year. he survived viet nam, but he didn't surviv
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>> daughter ellen died of cancer at age 31. her surviving daughter helene has special needs. >> my daughter that lives with me now is challenged, we don't like to use that word handicapped, but she is disabled. she is disable. she's legally blind. but she a sweet and she has a learning disability, but she does very well. >> armed with her college degree, and fearless ambition, julia rose steadily through the officer ranks, becoming the first minority woman bringing dear general in the army national guard. >> it makes me proud to see the older gentlemen say i never saw a general during my career, specially african-american, i was always the only one. and when i say the only one, you got to double that up. i was t
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african-american and the only woman in the room. even when i was at the pentagon. >> general earned her rank, people's respect was a different story. even driving on base had it challenges. >> you know, i have star on my car, show your i.d., they don't look at the id. all they see is a woman or a black woman sitting behind the wheel. even though they saw the star, and they assumed that, i guess they assume, that i'm a white or a driver and they don't salute. and often i had to say, okay, they're really nice, just say okay, ma'am, have a nice day. and i think well i think we have to look at that i.d. card again. oh, i'm sorry, ma'am. and they immediately look at the name tag, because i can report them, which i don't. i'm sorry, ma'am. and then they salute. certainly all right to dream. dream and then set your goals to
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dream, and once you reach a goal, just make another goal, just strive, strive, strive, to reach your potential. >> i have worked so hard all my life, there was a time in my life when i was younger, that i didn't think that i would have all of this. and i just feel so blessed, you know, i try very hard to say a prayer, to my god every day, and oh, my god, this is what i have. my husband, god rest his soul, my baby, my mom up in heaven, you know, looking at me, they must be so proud, every rank that i achieved i was proud to have earned it. so when i see that star, i see
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who went into the military and a private who said i just want all that i can be. i felt that i was all that i could be. >> bringing dear general is just one of many personal stories we are sharing for memorial day monday at 5 30, we'll honor more members of the military and veterans in our fox5 special presentation beyond the lens saluting america's military. the district is known for its wonderful museums, and at least 2 of the smith zone yan popular museums are extending their hours for the summer, we can rejoice. the national museum of natural history, and the air and space museum will stay open until 7 30, this will continue through labor day, however, there are some days when the museums may close early, so it is a good idea to check ahead.
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one reason to go, go for the air-conditioning. >> well, a little imagination goes a long way. >> and one military dad is making the most every his father's time by celebrating all of his son's favorite holidays in just ten days. how about that? staff sergeant john york has been deployed twice, this marks the first time he's been deployed since his 3 year old son bryson was born, before he left though he wanted to do something special. what did he do? he celebrated every major holiday with bryson, they went trick-or-treating, they opened christmas present, they even celebrating bryce son's fourth birthday couple of weeks earl. >> i but the biggest surprise, his wife priscilla recorded the entire father-son experience and compiled a keepsake video as an early fathers day gift. >> how about that? >> very nice. >> still ahead, the latest drama surrounding johnny dep's messy divorce and claims of abuse. >> new details are emerge that allege more bad behavior from the star. we'll be back after this.
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>> ♪ >> memorial day weekends means big business at the box office, one film with a lot of buzz that made its debut this weekend xmen apocalypse. >> kevin mccarthy gives us his take now. >> reporter: xmen apocalypse, by brian singer, has directed some of the best films ever, the usual suspects, classic xmen days every future past, with masterpiece in my mind in the xmen universe, though, one of my favorite xmen films first by matthew vaughn. >> this film itself is starring james mcvoy, jennifer laurence, sophie turner, you know her from game of thrones, olivia hundred, evan peters, quick silver, phenominal. remember that scene da
6:40 pm
future past, quick silver running around the room trying to save from the prison, that scene is one of the best action scenes i've ever seen. now, you also get a new quick silver sequence in this film, as well. now the story here basically is apocalypse the first mute and, essentially come together to try and defeat apocalypse, plot line way deeper than that, that's the overall idea of the movie. now in my opinion this fill some no where near days of future past or first class, it is better than the first xmen film and definitely better than x3. i will say that every scene michael has in this movie, he elevates the film of the his performance is absolutely brilliant. he is fantastic in this role. the emotional quality of it is absolutely brilliant. also, quick silver, every scene with evan peters, where they actually slow him down, is incredible to watch. the one of future past blew my mind there is one is great, not as good, but two quick
6:41 pm
there there obviously running, so cool how they do. that will they use like phantom camera going at 3 thousand frames per second, so cool. i i will say this, warning to parents, the movie is very very violent for pg13. sequence with particular character, which i won't give away who it is, because it is casino after surprise. very brutal for pg13, james motorcycle epp have i is great. negative side, i thousand jennifer laurence was decent in the in the film, not her best work, the third act of the movie there is too much pgi, some of the dialogue felt forced. 3 and a half out of five, not as good as days of future past or first class but passable xmen film, had some gratings, just no going in, it is not captain america civil war, and it is no where near as good as dead pool. >> well it, seems like matters are getting worse for johnny dep. yesterday we told you that the actor's estranged wife amber has accused him of domestic abuse, now is telling "tmz" that
6:42 pm
from addiction. she says that johnnie was, quote, barely ever sober during their short 15 month marriage. she said that dep doesn't remember hitting her because he was too inebriated and high to remember. dep denies his wife's claims, full hearing expected next month. >> still ahead, harvard graduate's speech becoming on line sensation, some say, it could go down in history. tell you what it is when we come back.
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seek a
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psych a psych a so it is graduation season. we've diagnosis commencement address, do you remember who spoke at your commencement? >> i'm embarrass today say i do not. i think it was -- >> exactly. that's the . that's the . because most speeches aren't exciting or inspiring, but there is one that's grabbed people's attention for the record i can't remember either. >> okay, not just me. livingston received his masters agree in education from harvard university. he addressed his classmates with a spoken word poem this week. it focused on the historic obstacles that have prevented african-americans from getting a education. take a listen. >> for generations we have known of knowledge and its infinite power, somehow never questioned the keeper of the keys, the guardians, of information unfortunately i've seen more differ identifying and conquering in this, haneous mill calculation of
6:46 pm
for some the only difference between a classroom and a plantation is time. how many times must we be made to feel like quotas, like tokens in coin phrases, diversity, inclusion, there are daisy feel like one, like only, a lonely blossom in a briar patch of broken promises >> the video of the speech was posted on facebook, and more than 8 million people have viewed it you just heard why, one of the most inspiring speeches they've ever seen. wow. >> speeches like that that make it memorable, make it worth sitting through where ever you are, the weather outside, makes the words mean something. >> obviously they'll remember what he said, which is what is important. >> i remember a commencement speech once for dc, i better make this really good, because if i don't, happen to be a snowstorm the day before. >> makes all the difference. >> , actually. w
6:47 pm
snow. >> oh, we have the 3h's, humidity, heat, holiday. >> holiday. >> that's it. >> and it has been all of that, correct? i mean, today it was very hot out there, humidity, yesterday even the humidity was really high. so you know what? today, folks, well, it is more of the same. so, as we move into the rest of the weekends, little bit of unsettled pattern to deal with, and so be prepared, because, you know, our temperatures are still going to be into the 80s, the heat, the humidity is not going anywhere, but we have a little unsettled weather pattern to deal with. take a look at the highs for today. we're actually well above the seasonal average for this time of year, getting taste every summer before as we move into the upper 80s today, and those dew points, well, they were up there, as well. right now though your temperatures as you can see into the 80s still at all of our areas, 84 degrees in the nation's capitol, the double h at manassas, 90 at frederick at this hour, you know what, it is still very, very humid. so
6:48 pm
and as we told you earlier in the show, just make sure that you stay very, very hydrated. here is a look at the current dew points, really good indication of that humidity. and actually, the peak humidity today was at 87%. that's pretty indicative what we've been talking about, some of the issues viewers have had trying to deal with the heat. right now dew points pretty uncomfortable into the 60s, even 70s on the map. so ridge of high pressure kept us instead today for all of the sunshine, that is now changing, as it moves its way out, as we head into your sunday, expect to see some morning showers, and then a chance of some pop up storms, by the afternoon. now, i want to tell you it is not a total wash out. but if you are planning anything outside, you have to keep your eye to the sky. just be a care that we could get rumble every thunder at any time, because it will be scattered and spot any nature europe. as we move into monday, we are talking not only storms, but some tropical moisture from the tropical system, that's going to be heating the coast of the
6:49 pm
but that in a second t looks like that sunday night into monday is we will get the heaviest rainfall, it will be more steady at that . so just be aware of that, when you get up monday you'll see little bit more of the rainfall, and it will be a bit more widespread, and last a little longer there. is a look at the south. you can see all of that rain. that's a system that's hitting the coast down there. here is a look at future cast for you. by the 4 hour, you see on sunday, we still have some scattered, see how scattered all of it is sunday into monday, with the exception of course being sunday night. so tropical storm bonnie, the 2 name storm of the season is preparing to make landfall off the coast of the carolinas, there we have some warnings in effect for them. and we will see that moisture start to stream up the mid-atlantic. and that's going to continue to happen just about for all of the mid-atlantic as it moves through the north and the northeast. here is your pool planner for tomorrow. expect to see chance of some storms, be very careful if you are outside. and for that memorial day parade, 80 degrees, and
6:50 pm
here is a look at your fox5 accuweather forecast, things calm down after the holiday on uesday, we get mostly sunny skies, and it gets a little cooler. >> all right, thank you. well, earlier in the show, we asked how are you spending your holiday weekends, here's a look at some of the responses, you sent us using the hashtag fox5dc. >> ♪
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sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting ♪ sfx: crowd cheering ♪ sc johnson, a family company
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>> out at nats park, a lot of people out and about soaking in the humidity. well, once the sun starts to go down it will be beautiful night for baseball, right here on fox5 up after us, we
6:53 pm
the nats on the air taking on the cardinals. >> big match up, too. >> the nats, well, they remain above the fray. well, not any more. the mets have caught him. tide for first go into today's game against the cardinals, like i said, next on fox5, ahead of that, visited 6 league little fields, talking with local players. nats third baseman anthony ran don't, stayed late at the shift, chevy chase rec center signing over 3 hundred autographs in almost 09 degrees heat. >> you know, pretty stagnant at least running and getting doubles and triples, you got the winds blowing on you, so it can get little cool. so i enjoy t i was actually surprised if that, too, actually standing in the good manner, get in a line, so it was good. >> had a clocks to cool off after the autograph session, that game, on fox5 next. gonzalez on the hill facing the cards, adam juan write. for the last 20 years there have been
6:54 pm
refugees world-wide, just 20 thousand have settled in america. one of those fortunate 20 thousand is ali abatti embracing every opportunity in his new country on the tennis court and in life. >> ♪ >> tennis player al li is key contributor for the bulldogs. as they a run in the state playoff. >> corn cyst tent player, overall like all around player. no matter who my oponent; i go thereto win, blakemore i would sake lie you're more maturen
6:55 pm
>> ali more mature on the court because he had to grow up solve quickly off of it. >> growing up in afghanistan it is tough. if i compare it to life here, it is not even comparable. i'm just glad i'm here because my life would be just nothing if i was back there, ya. >> backs there abdul, where ali lived until 2013. >> people back here won't believe the stories, just fictional for them. >> the dining that's ali and his family face in the kabul are almost unfathomable to most american teenagers in my sister, tried kidnap her, but she like ran away. >> my dad, there was an attack on him, he got injured, too. i remember once me and my mom, we were in the taxi and we were going somewhere, and there was like a suicide attack which broke like every window. that was the
6:56 pm
>> ali speaks so matter of factually about kidnapping, and suicide bombers. because those terrors are just a part of every day life in afghanistan everyone in afghanistan when they get out of their house, they are not sure they can make it back to the house. >> ali appreciates everything that's been afforded him in america. down to the fresh felton the practice balls. >> here you see thousands of balls, and hundreds of the balls, in every academy and we used to wait like weeks i remember, and to get like new balls from iran and pakistan, like, you didn't have tennis balls inside of afghanistan. we had to wait for the balls to get shipped. >> his teammates, accustomed to the pristine hard courts at westfield high can even blew ali learned the game in those conditions. >> though always say like were you even playing tennis? and were there
6:57 pm
courts? i was like ya, we had had a net. >> that's all ali needs. a net, a racket, and a ball. and he's ready to win. he's led the bulldogs into the virginia state regionals, and he hopes to continue his career in college. he wants to eventually get a degree in medicine to pull fill the dreams of his father. >> it will be like not just fulfilling my goal and my dream, it will be like fulfilling my dad's dream. never take anything for granted because there are some people like living really poorly, and with no facilities and opportunities other side of the worlds. and some people like you said, they think american dream is dead and i'm trying to prove, proof it, and i'm on my way, ya. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and westfield hi, he won both of his matches this week, they've moved on in the playoffs. >> i love that sense of humor, too.
6:58 pm
>> definitely. >> hey worker ' back after baseball, nats and cards next on fox5. we'll he see you tonight.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> memorial day weekend is attempted honor and appreciate the sacrifice our troops have made for our country. tonight, america's pastime is at its brightest stars to celebrate. ♪ special looks to continue by dropping the hammer on the dodgers. >> i think it's the attitude that leaping to the mounds. they're a great team. going to need to bring our a game. >> the reigning national league and vp bryce harper looks to help power the nationals passed a surging cardinals team. so we want to kick their teeth in and try to win the ball game.


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