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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> i don't know. can you still be a final boss when you're in the eighth inning? the penultimate boss is what we should call him? doesn't have the same drama to it, does it? the penultimate boss. >> from ultimate to penultimate.
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intrthe only lemon lime soda with a twist of real juice. it's a crisp, refreshing twist on lemon lime. insist on the twist. >> the greatest golfers in the world converge on the historic country club for the 116 u.s. open championship. left coverage begins thursday june 1610 fs1 and continues to the final round on sunday june 19th on fox. you can watch the entire tournament l
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go. i moved to the ninth here in washington here as stephen piscotty leads off for the cardinals press john kelley. when we spoke to dusty baker earlier tonight, he was really impressed with what he is seen from kelley so far this season. >> he's got one of the best fighters in the game. i good story, made it back twice from tommy john surgery. speak up pitch for the padres last year. for years in seattle, two with the unique new york yankees. the sixth nationals pitcher tonight. started geo-and solace, he lasted 4 2/3 and allowed six runs. five of the six coming with two outs including all four back in the second inning. it
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the nationals tomorrow, he is 8-0, 11-0 over his last 14 starts. michael wacha for the cardinals. >> they've got too much depth in their starting invitation. they are so deep. the point that he made about the fourth and fifth starter was really important. >> work. helps with strasburg developing. i'm talking about a legitimate ace who's taking the deep in the game. just so much more comfortable adding the slider has fully helped him. >> taking the money didn't hurt, either. >> 175 million is pretty good.
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>> the big thing with that, too, if you don't have to worry about winter and everything else. >> he's at the place he likes. it knows it well, obviously, and likes being here, wanted to stay here. >> nationals have won his last 14 starts back to last season. >> coming right at him. >> he looks like he likes the ball.
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>> third pitch of the at-bat as piscotty shoots it into right. one away. well, the cardinals 8-4 lead. mike matheny his 400th career win last night. how about his son jake's, who is a catcher? he was named the gatorade player of the year in missouri this past week and has committed to the university of indiana. >> indiana is starting to really become a baseball power. they've got a nice thing going there. about three or four years back. see if they're able to continue keeping that going. >> one to deep center field. and it is off-the-wall and it bounces away and grichuk is in at third with the cardinals seven extra-base hit. >> he's just going. that ball kept
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he just kept drifting and then got himself caught too close to the wall. adds another 90 feet on what should have been a double. watch him. he thinks he's got this lined up, but he finds himself too close to the wall. and a double becomes a triple. >> that's a good outfielder. he makes some great catches out there. that's how much that ball is carrying. that probably carried an extra 15, 20 feet. first pitch off on the run, and he makes the catch scoring easily is grichuk on the sacrifice fly, and the cardinals now lead 9-4. >> you see he sprinted as soon as the ball was hit. he's able to len.
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>> that ball carried, too. we heard max to talk about it. he would know. i would have thought this was a home run park. four home runs tonight. any other balls hit to the warning track. teammates in san diego last you. two outs in the top of the ninth inning. they treated to the mets. and then they're talking about maybe moving. their starting to unload a little bit more.
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>> he retired, and had to the bottom of the ninth in washington. it's a five-run lead for the cardinals. bryce harper leads for the nets. (vo) get the ultimate all included bundle. call 1-800-directv. the bud light party believes in change. that's why bud light has a new look... and we want to share it with everyone... from our national parks... to our furthest shores... jackpot!
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i got this. , dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. >> 9-4, cardinals, bottom of the ninth here in washington. a lot of baseball with the app. stay up to the moment at any moment with game day, life game video highlights, steadfast, news, and more. download at-bat, the number one apps for your phone and tablet. bryce harper back in the sixth inning, 13th of the season, a shallow dome acts solo shot adam wainwright. and harper will lead off here in the ninth against the 26 euros
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left-hander. third pitcher of the game for the cardinals making his seventh appearance. we talked about the draft earlier. back in 2010 he was the 1099th overall pick. >> palm app. >> in the 36th round. and here he is in the big leagues facing bryce harper. segovia talk about illuminating ground. you're cutting and opportunities. cutting out scouts already. he's going to run all over the world. i still think we got to continue to expand our opportunities here. >> a lot of minor league teams. stories like this, you
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them. you don't have the draft, maybe it doesn't get bound. even to throw no harder than 89. honestly obviously drop-down de. got him into the big leagues. a specialty job of being a left-hander matching up against lefties. god of the university of louisville. seven deer in the cardinals organization. 1-2 to harper. so harper is retired, one away here in the bottom of the ninth. in washington. this is game 54 the nationals, first time all season they have allowed more than a runs. lasting to do so. as the cardinals for their ninth in the top of the ninth inning. first time all years they have allowed at least nine in one game. you even more alarming is
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season is flying by. wow. >> and daniel murphy still hitting over 390. now at 392. great job by our entire crew tonight. thanks to our entire crew. "baseball night in america." >> you think of how difficult it is to hit .400. do it again next year. and do it again the following year. and this is why. he is facing a funky left-hander late in the game that he's never seen before. ted williams didn't do that. he's chasing it three or four times. >>
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pressure moment. a pair of home runs for ryan zimmerman tonight off adam wainwright. one in the left-center, one in the right center. had great success before tonight. making the adjustment. he said he had never homered off of wainwright. he hadn't prior to tonight. zimmerman with his fourth hit of the game as he signaled to left. that's a good sign for dusty baker. ideally the way he started this season, you wouldn't split up the lefties and hands of event between the two of them. ju
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>> zimmerman matching his career high of four hits. 11 time he has done that. i now zimmerman will take second base uncontested. >> the other guy they're there, they have to get him going. he was the guy couple of years ago that filled that void. that left, right, left, right. he's starting to show some signs of looking much better the last couple of weeks. i like what dusty baker did. he tells his players when their days off are coming. he told anthony earlier in the week, you're going to have saturday off. so even though he swung the bat while the last couple of days, he plans had to know about this staff. >> it just tells you hey, you're off saturday. go hang ou
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time to go do it, because i'm not going to play you. and that's how he keeps guys mentally fresh. and still able to keep them aware of one of my new play. a lot of guys don't do that. they came out to the on-deck circle earlier, but grounded into a double play. >> i did that earlier this week with bryce harper, with daniel murphy. >> they do it in spring training. left field off the bat of the true, and the cardinals have won their second straight here in washington. four runs in the second inning, nationals fall to within six, but st. louis adding three late runs and they lead by a score of 4.
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and now greater coverage of baseball is sponsored by t-mobile. speak of this kind of throws the game open. drove in a run from first base, scored two on that one. and then he just got it under control. he got in such great rhythm. he smelled the victory we had a 4-0 lead. and i thought did well with the situation. he was masterful. two rbis and the w, seven straight time they've won behind adam wainwright. >> he is now 5-3 on the season. 5-0 over his last seven starts, and the two-run double. in that for run second. things so long from washington, will get you to los angeles followinth
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>> what does it mean to the stigma free? it means doing that one in five americans are affected by mental illness in a given year. in fact, 75% of conditions begin by age 24. early intervention can help prevent tragic consequences. join us as fox sports teams of the national alliance on mental illness, encouraging everyone to change the conversation and mental health and be stigma free. see the person, not the condition, and take the pledge today. >> this summer the world's biggest superstars are coming to the u.s. team usa, they'll be here. along with a few million of their closest friends. this is the championship of the americas.
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>> its "baseball night in america." the postgame show with you now. the cardinals winners of the nationals here. adam wainwright still doesn't look like himself. but at least in may he's been a little bit better. so he's been serviceable. today he was pretty darn good, seven innings, didn't walk anybody, he gave up a few home runs, but that's really been the achilles' heel for this team. he's from their starting pitching. wainwright is going out there and he's given innings. but again, this past month, 19 earned runs and 37 innings. so he hasn't been great but he's been getting the job done. >> the only thing that's trending in the right direction is that he has done think in the opening. maybe some signs for adam wainwright coming around the corner. other games, pirates rangers, and he looked like his old self.
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five innings, three hits, seven strikeouts. but 95 with the fastball, 84 with the slider. 69, you talk about that differential, he's dominating. >> meanwhile drama in new york as they're going to it retribution from the playoffs last year. a toss, gary collins toss, and she's bentley says you know what, you can take me. a grand slam here. two home runs, he drove in five, iraq him is going to the bottom of the night. it's 9-1, dodgers. i don't know any other way to get to home runs and respond that way. >> it couldn't have been worse. you celebrate the 86 world series team, send a card is going to go out there and throw it, not only does he get thrown out of the game, but he misses. and what does he do?
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obviously not the way the mets through that. you knew this was coming if you know anything about baseball. it is going to happen. but i did not anticipate that he was going to get thrown out. >> no. you can throw out there. but they shouldn't have thrown them out. should've gotten the warning than you can can start playing the rest of the way. but he missed him completely. he threw behind him, the intent was there. but he should not have thrown them out of the game. >> it changed everything. so, the doctors tried to wrap that one up at citi field. based on that in america returns next weekend. so long, have a good night.
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>> stay with us. ♪
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welcome back, tonight, police have arrested a dc man in connection with an armed robbery kidnapping and sexual assault, the teenage victim says 25 year old dominick simons, who you just saw, started talking to him on monday, as the two board add train at a bethesda metro station, two got off at the friendship heights station where simons is accused of forcing the victim into a bathroom and sexually assaulting him. simons was later arrested at the metro station, police say he's a
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robbery, at the stop. well, if you are trying to get around town this memorial day weekends there are some changes on metro, you need to know about. >> fox5's alexandra with more on the metro closures and the detours. >> this holiday weekends there will be a repair work happening on all 6 metro lines, but if you live in northern virginia you will be hit specially hard by the closures, now, this station is just one of 3 that's close, because of this maintenance work, now, here are the stations that you need to know about. vienna, dunn logger, west falls church all closed through monday evening, re-opening tuesday morning. >> thanks to you guys at fox5, we found out that the orange line was closed today and we're staying over in fairfax, so we drove over here so we would have a place to park and take the silver line in. >> also means no orange line service at all until tuesday morning, despite some headaches, riders
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a-okay with the work. >> i would rather the subway not catch fire. so, yes, we're good with all of the work they're doing. >> here are some your options, you can see some taxicabs awaiting here at the station for anyone that's looking for an option, also, these free shuttle buses that are making their way to all three stations that are closed and then over to the east falls church stations, that is open. >> we're just as vienna, we have to come here. >> silver line is operating so people can take those trains instead of the orange lines. some metro customers were able to plan ahead for the changes. >> we usually take the vienna fairfax station off the orange line, but we got a text alert letting us know it is time to change our stop today and we just follow what they told us to do. >> just taking our daughter for first trip in d.c. we'll see hopefully the archives in the zoo today and hit the museum tomorrow with the rain hits. >> also means delays, metro says silver and blue line trains will run every 20 minutes or so.
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trains are expected to operate about every 15 minutes. >> reporting, alexandra, fox5 local news. turning now to the weather, nice clear beautiful saturday night out there. i hope you're enjoying it, but, it was hot, hot, and humid, if you were out in the sun earlier today. >> yes, one of those days where you didn't want to be on the sidewalk, you didn't want all of that heat bouncing off the pavement, really, making it unbearable out there. >> air-conditioning, gwen. >> careful what you ask for. >> careful what you ask for. >> miserable. >> sun, because lot in with it, also, so, you know, have half of one and half the other. let's look at temperatures right now, absolutely right, it was very, very warm day. temperatures are still out there. i mean, it is in the 70s for this time of the night, so that's really exceptionally warm. the double 7's right now at dc, 74 at quantico, and we've
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degrees at baltimore, this hour, and 76 at dullos, and let's take a look at the dew points, because that humidity kicked in today and right now with dew points into the 60s, this is just a little uncomfortablement so when you step outside, you are going to feel it, not quite as oppressive, though, as it was earlier. >> ridge of high pressure has been in control, that held us for the sunshine we got, but tonight, seeing some clouds starting to roll in, and so we'll have partly cloudy skies for the overnight hours, but it will still be warm, and it will be humid. here is what we're keeping a close eye on, folks, take a look at all of this rain and thunderstorms, lots of convection in this, and this is tropical storm bonnie off the coast of the carolinas, and we are anticipating seeing some of its effects before this week sends over. so, meantime, 66 degrees for tonight, then, mostly clear, then seeing partly cloudy skies in the overnight hours clouds start to roll
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upset recalled couple of days ahead of us, so do you have keep your eyes to the skies, but those temperatures are sticking around in the 80s no break from that whatsoever. >> however, we have some storms, i'll have all of the details for you coming up. back to you. >> see you then, we can't ignore the soul meaning behind memorial day, but hard to ignore the pick tips -- pickups, sales down memorial day. >> break out the bruce, on official start to summer here. >> really the start of the season, and so, big weekends where people are enjoying hotdogs on the grill, enjoying nice outdoor weather for a change. >> first cook out of the year calls for hotdogs, national hotdog and sausage council, people eat about 2 hundred million hotdogs this weekend. triple a38 more americans plan to go somewhere over the long weekends, us travel association says
10:48 pm
12 billion dollars on trims, just over 3 hundred bucks each. memorial day travel weekends is going to seem busier than ever, at the airport this year, especially, with the tsa back up that we're seeing, the biggest piece of advice i can give travelers is to do the one thing that's under your control, and get to the airport 3 hours earlier. that could be why most americans will drive. look at the road trips within your vicinity juan five hour drive. hotels, where you can easily go on site like orbitz, get promo code for 15, 20% off, take advantage for short weekends get away that won't cost you a lot of monday. >> i gas prices are currently 48 cents lower than they were same time a year ago lowest since 200 a, inches spared a lot of people to in fact take a road trip also good time to go shopping, deal expert say finds the best deals on mattresses, appliances, spring clothing did you know memorial day celebrated on may 30 for decades, but in
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established the holiday as the last monday in may to ensure a long weekend. in new york, fox business. a piece of history from world war ii is now on display in north carolina, yesterday the family of william hal burt endo nature dollars to the health chipping, was 20 years old when he died helping wounded marine may 10, 1945, in okinawa, japan. said he had a passion for helping others. >> all of the memories that through the years, good memories, and bad memories, but still wonderful memories. >> halliburton's family says they're glad to let other see the metal and cherish it after years of sitting at home. >> still ahead, to come at 10 fears about zik a and the united states. >> cdc warning about the spread of the virus here and the impact it will have on pregnant
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>> tweeze ago year's worth of special events into ten days, how marine dad did it creating important memories with his son before deploying. eploying.
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>> we want to introduce to you military dad making the most of his father's fun time by celebrating all of his son's favorite holidays in just ten days. >> staff sergeant john york deployed 2 times, but marks the first time he's been deployed since his son was born. so before he left he wanted to do something special so he celebrated every major holiday with bryson, trick-or-treating, opened christmas gifts, and celebrated his fourth birthday early. but the biggest surprise, his wife priscilla
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earn tire father-son experience and compiled a keepsake video as an early fathers day gift, and wow, that's one for the books, one they'll remember. >> definitely. meantime, on this memorial day, honoring military veterans, sharing special presentation, beyond the lens, saluting america's military. check out the second installment monday at 5 30 here on fox5, the first zestment last night, a lot of great stories, finds them on that's right. >> still ahead, deadly flooding in texas. >> and the storm threat that isn't over just yet, loved ones of one of the victims talk about their lost, and final haunting social media post. >> fears over zika in the united state, warning from the cdc about the impact of congress putting off emergency funds to go fight the virus when fox local news at 10 continues. >> ♪ >> ♪
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is is fox local locals 1 at at:the child fight fighting to sewer a lit lit in in par parisa people people were were light lighting birth birthday at at a park. the vic victims is some some storms storms hit hit:mean mean texas texas at at least two deao dead and three mooring after after see flood flooding.. january janet is is monitoring the very. >>reporter: >>reporter: -moving moving aa,,g flood flooding streets hoods hoods. just just believe believe it it defenses devastatingses between ton ton as you austin continuestest hit. th
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rainive i've ' bond wondering if it would ever to to me. me. i've luck lucky i until it it me me help helpless. you you you up up:we,, money money, my my kids kids here hers and and you see itself it's t t think think bad. bad. rests rushed to helped vic victims to:rap rap rise rise flood flood left left onedded who are horrify phis from from a terrence terrence. he. he got van of van of his his got got on on truck truck:then all of especially especially he he got his his and and maybe,, 1515 minutes in in truck truck,, it he size sized into the. >> mr. cafasso:en mitchell posted a -- to to yeah side si
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way up up wind window ohs. this this was shortly the truck over over rest rests the:i i grand grandson son storm storman cystds system is moving moving i of,, but but the could could face isedded thunderstormsdd weekended weekend:,, janet,, foxes: > going through through the ' ' looking looking you you not not wash wash we we could could be whether or about about the here here:and and monday monday wey have of some some storms havetom have to keep our eyes to the:lets let's to to it it and t bring to to date exactly on what is happening tonight tonight not not:we we havelily cloudy sky:there is there's a l l th storms storms that popped gain


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