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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  May 29, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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>> and another warm one on the day. tonight storms may move through the area. when, where, details ahead in the forecast. >> honoring today the rolling thunder rally is coming through today and drawing donald trump to d.c. as rally for freedom gets startd if you plan to use metro at all this memorial someday weekend this changes you need to know about. while get you up to speed on what you need to know and get you on your way. >> welcome to "fox 5 news" i'm annie yu. >> i'm tom fitzgerald. >> we thank you for joining us this memorial day weekend. so much to get to. there's a lot of people wanting to do things. sunday, may 27 a big weekend ahead of us.
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a live look outside for you right now in northwest. already, already a steamy start to the day out there. and it's not going to change. >> no, and biggest question on everyone's mind moves in today and you mentioned that yesterday, right? >> probably not until later on this evening, it's g it's a beautiful morning. we should have most of the day intact. and later this evening, i would say probably right around sunset is when the showers and thunderstorms move in. most of day is okay. you're talking again around sunrise before it it's so beautiful outside. >> the sky is really pretty this morning. >> yesterday was fantastic. were either of you guys outside much. >> cutting the lawn yes. >> i took a walk. >> yeah, i went out -- i spent plenty of time outside by the pool. >> sorry tom that doesn't seem fun. at least you're outside. a nice start to the holiday weekend. a few more clouds on satellite and ra
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go through the afternoon hours. so not probably the same bright sunshine. overall a nice day. until those showers move n let's check temperatures which are actually not as mild this morning as yesterday morning. we're starting out in the 60s. even low 60s. the big thing that made yesterday great it was not as humid as friday. with a nice southerly breeze it felt good. 68 hagerstown and 63 frederick and 61 leonardtown. here's a setup to the reminder ever the holiday weekend. popup thunderstorms and showers are much more likely in the late pm hours. so today we'll feature not as warm. increasing clouds. still nice. tropical moisture from what is storm bonnie will move in tonight into early monday and especially areas east of washington. you're talking about xhup 'tis like annapolis, over to eastern shore. all our skooingtal beach towns will see heavy rain into early monday morning. hey rolling thunder getting underway into at the n
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it will be a beautiful run. 77 degrees at the beginning and it's should stay rain free through the first part of the average. looking good there. high temperatures later today. 81 in washington. cooler off towards the east and upper 70s. mid 80s off to the west. i'll have the latest on tropical storm bonnie as well as the week ahead including memorial day forecast that's all coming up. annie. . >> thanks so much. caityln. meanwhile if you are outside at all this weekend it was a scorcher out. there a lot of people took advantage of the sunny skies and some struggled in the heat. fire nighters had to treat dozen for heat related sickness at the festival parade in northeast. 40 people were treated and sever taken to the hospital and others pete the heat at pools and water stations and for many it was too hot to handle. >> i think people were enjoying the wonderful parade here on m street and folks just got overheated.
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think in their uniforms and pageantry. just got caught up in the heat. bought there's plenty of water and stuff. i think it was too much for me, too, i was trying to enjoy. it hi to keep going in the house to keep ac and really -- >> so here's tips from the pros to not get sick and overheat. drink mrepttive water. listen to your body. if you start to feel light he had headed or over headed take a break or good inside and get in ac. >> all good tips. >> and we forget when we're having fun. >> we're out of practice around here. >> happening right now rolling thupd area ride for freedom is getting set. hundreds of motorcyclists are rallying at the pentagon now. >> that's where our own alexandra limone is with a special presue. good morning, alex. >> you can definitely hear the rolling thunder right? and it is absolutely
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up here. this event is not supposed to get started for several hours not until noon. you can see already hundred of riteers in prep occasions setting up for today's event. just absolutely beautiful. you see with the washington monument out here behind us as riders get as riders get set up noon there will be a lot of street closures and traffic delays in the general area around the pentagon and national mall as this event gets underway. for those that don't know this is the 29th annual rolling thunder event and it was started as a way to remember vietnam war veterans. and again there will be a lot of street closures today and especially because this year organizers invited donald trump to the event. he's scheduled to speak today at 2 . definitely expect continuing delays and a lot
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we go through the day. part of the concern is that this could trigger even larger crowds than normal for this event and some are worried it could prevent veterans from having access if they wanted to take place and walk if that's what they wanted to do. this kicks off noon from the pentagon and riders will go across the memorial bridge and through the national mall. timely they end up at west potomac park where they pay tribute to the fallen military members. we did just have a chance to catch up and talk to some of the riders out here this morning. >> about 35 or 40 of us arrived down from the boston area. every year everybody is you know firefighters and veterans but most everybody is fire firingt and of course we have a couple from chicago and chicago fire right here.
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. >> so you can hear their people from all across the country coming here together. this memorial day, well the day before, to honor members of our military. those who have died in their service. they're just amazing event and you can see already so many people out here today. again, they're just keeping in mind there will be a lot of traffic and delays and closures because of this. reporting live in arlington. alex rand ra limb mope, fox 35 news. >> thank you very much, alex. thousands are expected to attend the national memorial day concert tonight held on the west front of u.s. capitol running from 8:30 to the:30 tonight. joe monday cease, spashing pumpkins. caleb johnson are expected to be part of the celebration. we want to know how you're spending your memorial day as well. tweet us your facebook pictures using
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#fox5dc. . >> and if you're trying to get around town this memorial day weekend there's changes on metro you need to know about. track work will be happening on all six lines. but if you live in northern virginia you get hit the hardest with the closures. they're all closed for maintenance work they'll reopen tuesday morning and maintenance means no orpth line service until tuesday morning despite headaches riders say they're a-okay with the work. >> i would rather the subway not catch fire. so we're good with all the work we're doing. >> we usually take vienna fairfax station off the orange linl we got a texas alert letting us know it was time to change the stop today and we do what they tell us to do. >> additional maintenance works means delays. silver and blue line trains will run every 20 minute and red, yellow and green line trains will operate about every 15 minutes and meanwhile, another incident ow
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national cemetery stop the station was closed for a couple hours on saturday while firefighters responded to brake fire on empty passenger trainch the train first experienced it capital south station and passengers were offloaded and the train headed to the rail yard for repairs when the fire broke up out. no one was hurt, thankfully. >> that attitude everybody had about feeling good about the repairs they had to hold on to that. >> that's the con step tuesday when out doing the metro stories everyone is understanding and wants this to happen for improvement. >> june 4 safe tracks get read ready. >> still ahead questions remain about little hill's e mailings there's a new civil case revea revealing details about use of private email server and how it's impacting clip ton on the campaign trail. we'll is that coming up. >> squeezing a year's worth of special event into just ten days. how u.s. marine dad created important memories with
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>> un relief agency said more than 700 people have brown drowned trying to reach europe after three boats capsized in the mediterranean as refugees were on their way there. >> now to the race for the whitehouse. even though he's locked up the nomination republican presidential candidate donald trump is still courting voters and attracting a lot of protesters. this was the scene in san diego friday. police in riot gear had protesters that demonstrated near the con veption center where trump was speaking. there was a lot of pushing and shoving and three people were arrested. and no one was seriously hurt. . >> over to the
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hillary clinton is still answering questions about that private email system that she was using while she was secretary of state. now, earlier this week the state department up suspect tore general issued a harsh report the ig says clinton never asked for permission to use that personal email system and now this report is separate from the fbi investigation that is the already underway. meanwhile there's a civil suit seeking more information about clinton email practices. starting here 8:30 "fox 5 news" on the hill veronica cleary and i are serving up a politics packed breakfast. "fox 5 news" on the hill kicked off before fox news sunday with chris wallace. >> does that mean caityln and i i get to come up after the show and eat your breakfast. >> bob is off this weekend. >> more for us. >> you know he can't polish all that off. >> speaking of serving stuff up
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rmly. >> hurricane season june 1. we're almost there. this is actually our second tropical storm of the season. we had a rare one in january. tropical storm alex which everyone seems to have forgotten about, myself included. >> i was out in it i have not forgot ep. >> alex what happened shortly after the blizzard and was kind of like app off thought. we were probably still digging out. >> still recovering. >> several weeks. >> still recovering. >> maybe some of us. >> not to be forgotten blizzard of january 2016 that's for sur sure. yes we moved on into tropical season. tropical storm bonnie now upgraded from tropical depresentation number two we had yesterday. still a weak storm. winds sustained 40 miles an hour and continues to weaken as it hits the south car line acoastline bringing plenty of moisture and it's expectsed to track along the coast as we go to the next 24 to 48 hours it will be down graded to a tropical low pressure system and enough though to bring rain in
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you can see movement by late thursday. and it's just going to move right up against the virginia coast line and then strictly out to sea. so, the moisture certainly will favor areas closest to the ocean meaning all of our beaches from nming nnl to delmarva, virginia and carolinas, here's where bonnie's moisture is now. all the rain is moved on shore to the carolinas to places like charleston to kentucky and raleigh and most of original carolina seeing rain from the tropical system. as it moves north ward into our area that will begin as early as late tonight. right now just clouds. we had a gorgeous sunrise. fully a really beautiful morning. perfect for rolling thunder run and also for any memorial day activities that continue on to second saturday as i like to call it of the memorial day weekend. as you head out to the pool more clouds and rain holds off to sunset. let's go hour by hour with future cast. sunshine right now. probably cloudier into the
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we'll stop the clock at 4 . i think the nats came that begins at 1 will get in no problems. showers off to the south. it will thb evening if you do late barbequeing or grilling you have to watch for rain coming in and looks like light showers during the overnight into early monday morning it becomes enhanced off towards the 8th you can see heavy rain to memorial day across the chesapeake and into washington as well f it were a morning we were headsed to work and school i would caution a treacherous commute with heavy rain and thunderstorms. because we mainly all have the day off that won't be the case. it will certainly but a damper on any early home orial day friends forget the beaches take wash without-out. heavy rain continues off the coast through memorial day. a lot of people will pack up early if not late tonight it's a watch-out at the beaches. early tuesday the clouds hug the coast a little longer. we start to clear out. and tuesday itself looks beautiful here in d..
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so hoch rain. 1 to 2" likely for washington. look at the high amounts towards the east. so you get into the 2" range around leonardtown, southern maryland and crossclaim the bay and on to the eastern shore down towards the northern neck and south jersey talking about 2 to 3 plus inches of written due to the heavy rain memorial day weekend all courtesy tropical storm bonnie. temperatures outside now nice morning as we're in the 60s. 68 in washington. sun gives way to clouds. showers late in the evening hours. 83 degrees. still nice and mild. not as warm as 87 we hit yesterday. all that rain will keep things cooler tomorrow 78 for memorial day and as far as any activities around town going to be compromised because of rain, 5 and mostly sunny tuesday was we clear things out it looks like a beautiful midweek. 83 wednesday, 79 thursday, that's gorgeous, we'll watch for a chance of thunderstorms as we head to next weekend. annie and tom? . >> all right. thanks so much,
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one military dad is making the most of father son time celebrating all of son's favorite holidays in just ten days. staff sergeant john york has been deployed two times this marks the first di employed since 3-year-old son bryson was born. before he left he wanted to do something extra special so he celebrated every major holiday with bryson and went trick or treating and opened christmas presents and celebrated his fourth birthday a few weeks early but the biggest surprise get the tissues ready his wife pristine ill arecord today and compiled a keepsake video as early father's day gift. >> that's nice. a piece of history from world war ii is on display in north caroline a last week the family of william hallbert donated medal of honors to the naval health clinic cherry point however it was only 20 years old when killed when helping a wounded marine may 10, 1945 in oak agnaw what
7:19 am
passion for helping others. . >> all the memories that through the years good and bad memories still wonderful memor memories. >> his family says they are glad others will be able to see the medal and cherish it off years of it sitting at home. >> this memorial day "fox5" in honoring military members and veterans we're sharing their special stories in a presentation beyond the lens asaluting america's military. you which check it out on "fox5"i. >> say thaw the other night. photographs here out did the themselves this time. it's worm your time to see this if you got a chance. >> i can't wait to see. it coming up, scary moments at a zoo in ohio comes face to face with a gore ill a what the zoo did to save the child's live. details ahead. >> and wild weather con didn't to hit the carolina coast in
7:20 am
parts of texas. the latest on what officials are doing to keep people safe and alive. "fox 5 news" will be back after this
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>> welcome back. time now 7:22 let's get a check on top stories making headlines
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this morning. a deadly system wreaks havoc in texas four died in flooding and two missing. the area between houston and austin were hit the hardist and officials in a number of cities are calling foreman torrey evacuations because of the rising of the river. and on carolina coast tropical storm bonnie is making a flash splash. winds reached 45 miles an hour saturday. a tropical storm warning is issued for the entire south carolina coast. . to atlanta now a man is in police custody for shooting a deputy in the face. police arrests aid 24-year-old man they say shot a deputy in the face during a traffic stop last night south of atlanta. the deputy was rushed to the hospital to be treated his condition was not updated. police say the shooter turned himself in hours aft shooting. >> and the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo in ohio is closed today after a child fell into the note yesterday. officials say a
7:24 am
male gorilla picked up the 4-year-old boy and dragged him back and forth across the habitat. the zoo dangerous animal response team so the and killed the gorilla. tranquilizer were not an option because of the gorilla's agitated state. >> they made a tough choice and right choice. because the saved that little boy's life it could have been very bad. so the decision was not made lightly. they are endangered animals and there's not many in captivity. it has the proper ending. >> the child is in the hospital with severe and not life -- non life-threatening injuries. >> that had to be excruciating for the parents as they sit there watching that. and lucky that child is okay but the zoo keep ser devastated losing that animal. it's sad.
7:25 am
through the nation's capital. >> thousands will hit the roads today to honor our service members. we'll have a live preview for you and what you expect today at the rally that just kicked off in the last half hour. stay with us. . >> and caityln of course will be back with another look at today's weather and also that all important workweek preview. stay with us, be right back.
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>> it was raining and in the 50s. summer is here. we have a march to july which we did and it happens every year. >> hope you guys are having a great weekend so far. >> certain out there. yesterday's warm was fantastic. it is sunny and warm as you can get. it beautiful at the beaches great at the pool and changeable today and unfortunately mem or yool day looks like a washout especially at the beaches and outside right now satellite and radar showing thin clouds overhead and beautiful sunrise and we have a great morning. it is not as warm and humid as yesterday morning. so, really just enjoyable and you can see that moisture to the south or towards my south -- toward
7:29 am
screen. it's toward the south on the map and that's added your way. these showers don't reach us until evening. comfort apartment. mid to low 60s. 63 baltimore and 68 stevensville and 67 dulles and 64 culpeper and cool on the ridge tops to start offer sunday morning. here's a setup as we go through the rest of the holiday weeken weekend. high pressure off east and everything is thrown out of wack with the surface pattern due to tropical storm bonnie spinning off the south car line acoastline. showers, thunderstorm late sundayment tropical moisture enhanced late tonight early monday morning and that's when we'll have rain heavy at times especially east of washington. rolling thunder get underway at noon at the national mall and originally looks like showers made it in early enough sunday and now i don't think so. partly cloudy, 77 is the race begins right at noon and it should be a pretty fantastic afternoon. not as hot as yesterday some of us saying it got hot qu
7:30 am
high temperatures lightser today. 83 washington and still noise and warm and 2 quanitco and 85 mannasas. rain arrives later this evening and it becomes hevrier or at least steadier overnight especially east of washington. places like annapolis and leonardtown temperatures fall back into the 60s. here's that 7 day forecast for you. late showers in the pm hours. 83 degrees for today. 78. we're certainly cooler with that steady rain tomorrow. especially along the coast. i think everyone will head back from the beaches early. 85 and sunny an tuesday, so if you hang out for the whole week you'll get better beach weather returning, 83 on wednesday. 79 with sun and cloud on thursday. beautiful middle part of the week. looks like it could get unsettled next weekend chance of thunderstorms and showers thursday and i from. that's a look at the 7 day forecast and iy and tom back to you. >> thank you, caityln. the rolling hupder ride for freedom is underway. hundreds of motorcycles are rallying at the penitentiary gop. >> "fox5"
7:31 am
here with the latest. hey, alex. . >> hey, guys, good morning, well you can already hear that rolling thunder right? it's amazing sight out here as riders prepare for the run that is officially sketched to get started at noon today and take a look. you can see hundreds of them already out here preparing and just a georgous excitement to see them out there with the washington monument as a back drop. for those that don't know this is the 29th annual rolling thunder event and it began as a way to honor and remember vietnam war veterans that never made it home and went missing in action or were prisoners of war. now it's grown to this huge massive event to thank and honor all military members and especially those that given their lives for our country. just a fantastic event happening today. but if you need to get out and about around town keep in mind this will cause a lot of street closures as well
7:32 am
delays scheduled to be happening throughout the day until at least 4:00 today around the areas of the national mall and the pentagon. and really throughout the general area. a lot of traffic expected and then to top it off that organizers invited donald trump he is scheduled to speak out here at 2 p.m. today. so that definitely causeing a little concern as far as crowds are concerned possibly larger than normal. some are saying it could cost even more people to come out for the event today. keep that in mind as you head out and around town today. again the demonstration ride kikz off from the pentagon at noon. riders will go across the memorial bridge and through the national mall. timely end up at west potomac park where they will pay tribute to the fallen military members. >> you know it's kind of a special year for us. one of
7:33 am
couple months ooing government and so this is honorary year for him. he's been coming down here since it began. he was united states marine corps. i was army. he was in the air forts area 1/2y. we're all veterans. it's part of honoring our brothers. >> definitely a touching event. we've been talking to some of the riders throughout the morning that all told us they have personal reasons why they're out here. who they want to thank and just a really emotional event for a lot of people. people coming from all around the country for this. so we definitely want to send a shout-out and big change you to all our vet rapz and families out there and i personally will send one to my dad who is actually a vietnam war veteran. reporting live in arlington. alexandra limone. fox5 legal news. >> when
7:34 am
veterans. we're looking at anniversaries of the persian gulf war now 15 years since the start of iraq and iran war. so afghanistan wars rather. there's a whole new generation of veterans that are taking part in this. this is going to continue for a long time, good long time. >> i think this year is 29th year that they have been doing this event. so --. >> amazing. >> a lot of riders have been doing it for that long time. >> something to see. one of my first things to see in washington every year. >> still ahead. we've got more news owe tell you about coming up on the 7:00 hour. we're saluting those that served our country out of memorial day and incredible ob stakelees one woman over came to lead the way for women in the armed forces. >> and plus time to get grills out everybody. it's also the unox start to summer. coming up in the next segment we'll talk to the pros for tips on how to get the summer started with a sizzle. stay with us.
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>> memorial weekend starts the up official start to the seaso season. >> for many firing up that grill and joining us now is ashley procter with tips and i really need the tips. he don't really grill. do you grill. >> we grill a lot actually at the fitzgerald house and this beauty would look great on the back porch. but it you know why has this taken off especially in the last couple years. is it all the food networks and shows serve grilling. >> a lot of customers ask about it because they watch the food network a lot and have new innovative things. they feel like during the summertime it's get to cook on the grill instead of in the house. >> it used to be one thing. wow have a gas grill in backyard or khak ol kettle. you walk into home depot now there's and entire sglooil there's a loft options. >> it's amazing. when somebody comes up to y
7:39 am
>> you ask them, okay, so who are you doing it for. is it big family or small family or condo unit or back of yard. you know just ask certain questions and what do you like to put on your grill. peppers on your grill. do you like to put certain meats that's how i get to see what they want. for example, this grill here that's different. >> this is pretty good one okay. this is one of our newer webbers we have out and you can take this grate off of it and put your peppers and all your stuff on there like onions and stuff you put on top of your burgers. >> this doesn't seem like it has a lot of space for steaks. >> is it does have a lot of space. if you don't want to use it you put this on top. >> i see. >> and peppers still cook underneath. >> yes the juices will fall from the meats to the convenientlyyes. >> i'm good as fishing them off whether they fall into this part i won't be able to
7:40 am
anymore this is amazing. when they come out with these, though, do you get to preview these. >> yes. >> do you work with them? >> we do a preview with them. and they have something they do they send us to road show toe show us innovative grills and what you can do and have them on display to show how to work them. >> you have to go to a road show of grilling. >> yes. >> i have to hang out with you you're my new friend i'm coming to the grilling road show. >> ashley you brought in a lot of props to clean the grill. >> our bestest question is most of us i hate cleaning grates. that's the billingest thing. >> which are covered in tin foil. >> a lot of people don't like tin foil cover believe it or not. home depot came out with great tools. and this is the one i love. it's pretty gu get in there and clean it and it comes off perfectly. >> this is steel wool does it damage the girl. >> no. >> gets the job done and gets it clean yes
7:41 am
>> and wipes as well. >> do those work as good. >> not as good as the steel wool. >> you should probably wait until it cools down before you wait to wipe it off. that would be my mistake usually. grill be items this year. >> grill be tips this year. make sure you have a good time when you grilling. all the grills we have now you won't have any issues. make sure you have a good time with family on your grill. that's it. >> ashley proctor home depot. >> i eat whatever was cooked on the grill i don't grill you. >> come over my house i'll make youburgers. >> deal. >> ashley and i are going on the road to learn about gril grilling. >> thanks ashley. >> thank you. >> you're watching "fox 5 news" at 7 we'll be right back
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check this out a 6 month old water skier is making waves around the world. she cannot walk, talk, but she has set a new world record for the youngest water skier
7:45 am
she took this honor this weekend at a lake in floor do. the little girl must get it from her parents because they are both professional water skiers parents would really want to get their child ahead in life. >> i don't think tloot baby dhoz do it but she did a great job. >> that's a good way to cool off. >> really s you have to cool off with this weather. toasty warm afternoon. beautiful. you wanted to be be near water.
7:46 am
little cooler this afternoon thanks to cloud and showers coming in. tropical storm bonnie. yes this is our second named tropical storm of the year. alex was back in january. oddly enough very, very rare and now bonnie as we head towards beginning of officially hurricane season starting june 1 right up the south carolina coastline not exactly making a strong land fall. winds sustained 40 miles an hour and i think it will sit and spin and then move off to the northeast kind of moving across the north carolina and virginia coastline moving off of cape hatteras sometime late tomorrow. but the moisture, you can see the whole cope of moisture around it will continue through thursday to so. coastal areas. that's bonnie's track. you can see the rain associated with the tropical storm pushing into the carolinas and then even into southern virginia and later on tonight i think the leading showers from the system will make it into washington. so most of today, is dry. and that's great. but most of mem or yat day is
7:47 am
all. satellite and radar showing sunshine. high clouds out ahead of the system. there's leading showers making it to roanoke area. and we'll time it out for you here with the fox future cast. i think we get the nats game okay this afternoon begins one and around game time ending, 4, 4:35 most showers have not made it to washington. once they do it will rain steadily as they increase into the overnight hours. watch the path of the tropical system intensify to washington and up to northern delaware and south jersey a.m. memorial day morning and that's heavy rain and imbedded thunderstorms! heaviest along the coast. absolute washout at the beaches won't happen when all the rain from new jersey to virginia beach. we might get breaks in washington as this is much more coastal system. but even instability showers later tomorrow afternoon and into early tuesday morning. so touch and go here in d.c.. rain in the morning.
7:48 am
but it's unsettled enough we have a chance for showers all day memorial day we clear out tuesday. >> it should bring us happy one to two inchs of rain not much an inch or show show from washington to annapolis anden hainesed eastern shore and out of our area to delaware and south jersey. temperatures outside right now comfortable and nice morning. 68 degrees in washington. and we'll make it to 83 later today with the sun giving way to clouds and again those showers arivering sometime during the evening hours you may have to put the grilling on hold. best to do it earlier. memorial day parade tomorrow 2:00 constitution avenue and watching for showers and storms that could interrupt it and not a definite. we may beth coming raindrops and the parade gets off okay. 7 day forecast 78 tomorrow with rain and thunderstorms. mostly sunny as we clear out tuesday. beautiful through the midweek and chance of showers and thunderstorms as we head towards the ends of the week.
7:49 am
tom and annie. >> women are a growing force in the military. women will make up 15% of the total veteran population in the next 20 years. >> bringing deer general julia kekly paved the way for women in uniform. "fox5" bob barnard and lavine untraveled to her virginia home to unlock her story. . >> i see in the mirror that i raised my hand as a timid and when i see the star i said you did it and you earned it. nothing. >> i'm general julia j. kekly army united states army retired. ways in women's army corps and weekend warrior part time soldier and i'm proud
7:50 am
28 year veteran serving this country i was raised in the south not raised in the south but important in the south and my brother raised five of us and my father abandoned us she struggled to keep us fed and i know i got my strength and perseverance from woching my mother. with my dreams i wanted to graduate from high school. i wanted to go to college. i could not go to college we didn't have fund. hi to find that vehicle to go to college. and so it entered up being the vehicle to go to college the military. once i went in i set my goals to get to the highest rank coye get to. i worked hard at every job but never lost that fight of that dream to get accomplished. >> general kekly's success came with a share of heartache. her husband s
7:51 am
age 41 leaving julia a single mom. >> he was a medic and wounded in vietnam stepped on a mine and at the time i was, woulding in the hall and our eyes caught each other and he was on the litter and hi girl friends said he is a patient. i checked him out i was cool. he didn't know i was checking him out. he started checking me out he was in the hospital almost a year. he survived vietnam but not a heart attack. >> daughter ellen died of ca canner at age 31. surviving daughter helene has special needs. >> my daughter that lives with me now is challenged. we don't like to use the word handicapped. but she is disabled. she is disabled and legally bind but she can see and has a learning disability. but she does very well.
7:52 am
show rose steadily through the officer ranks becoming the first bringing deer general in the national guard. >> it makes me broud to seat orld generation i never saw a general during my career. especially african-american general. i was always the only one. you have to double that i i was only african-american and only one in the room. >> general kekly earned her range people's respect was a different story. even driving on base had its challenges. >> you know i have in 34eu car id they don't look at id all they see is a woman or black woman sitting behind the wheel.
7:53 am
each though -- they assumed that i -- i guess they assumed i'm wife or driver. and they don't salute. and often i have to say, they say okay they're very nice they'll say okay ma'am have a nice day and i say well i think you have to look at the id card again and they go oohh i'm sorry ma'am and they look at the name tag and then then salute. it's already to dream. dream and then set your goals to accomplish those treemdz and once you reach your goals just make another goal again. just strive, strive, strive to reach your potential. i worked hard all my life. there was a time i didn't think i would have all this and i just feel so blessed you know? i t
7:54 am
i try very hard to say a prayer. my god every day we just look around and say oh, my god this is what i have. my husband god rest his soul, my baby, my mom up in heaven, you know, looking at me, they're my angels, they must be so proud. every rank that i achieved i was proud to have earned it. so when i see that star, i see that 19-year-old young lady who went into the military and i'm proud to say i just want to be all i can be. i thought i was all that i could be in the army.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> the district is known for museums and they're extending hours through the summer. natural museum of natural history and air and space museum will stay on until 7:30 p.m. through labor day however there's dates when the museums may close early. it's a good idea to check ahead in time of the summer for all the kids. >> the last weekend i went to the history museum and had a great time. >> i don't think we take advantage of what is in our backyard. >> we should. we want you to stick with us. another hour of news coming up for you.
7:58 am
be right back. z2022z
7:59 am
8:00 am
z2025z sxwlv good morning to you another warm one on the day. strorng storms moving through the area. when? where? details ahead in the forecast. >> and happening today, honoring our veterans. the rolling thunder rally kicks
8:01 am
runner donald trum top d.c. and preview as the rally for freedom gets startd if you brand to use metro at all this memorial day weekend there's thanks you need to know about we'll get you up to speed and up to date on what you need to know to get on your way. >> good sunday morning to you thanks for waking up with us i'm annie yu. >> i'm tom fitzgerald. >> we thank you so much for spending part of your memorial day weekend with us. sunday may 29 kate lynn roth is here now with a look at the weather outside. it's been a steamy one already. we have changes in store. >> yeah and beautiful morning too as we look live outside northwest d.c. summer is here in full force. >> at least it feels like it right. >> i love it. >> yesterday was sunny and warm. >> we spent far too much time complaining about the rain and cold the last couple of weeks to do nothing but enjoy this right now. >> i know that's so true. this is what we're looking at now. georgous sunrise. it's a beautiful morning and good any
8:02 am
actually great sunday. rain doesn't arrive until sunset and i don't think we're talking strong storms today. just hours. 34e78 orial day is a different story. we'll get to that in a minute. outside the air and sunshine over ad down towards southern virginia and rain showers moving in all courtsey of moisture associated with tropical storm bonnie off the south car line acoast line and second named storm of the season and hurricane season officially beginning june 1 this is not a sure khan but a weak tropical storm enough to get rain and dampen plans. temperatures now started in the 6 0s. sun jumping to 70 in washington. and 70 dulles and 68 in baltimore. leers memorial day weekend forecast at least for remainder of. it for today mostly a dry one with sunshine i think we get the nats game in and pool day is good. barbequeing plans may be in jeopardy as we get showers to roll through. 83 for
8:03 am
78 monday and steady rain in the morning and showers and thunderstorms likely in the evening especially areas east of us where between sunday night through late monday night you could see one to two to' ebbly 3" of rain along the eastern shore. i will have much more with that as we stay a look at the 7 day forecast. annie. >> thank you, caityln. meanwhile if you were outside at all this weekend you know it was scorcher. a lot of people took advantage of the sunny skies. some struggled in this heat. it's very serious, d.c. firefighters had to treat dozen for heat related sickness at the united house of parade on day. 40 people were treated and several taken to the hospital. others beat the heat as pools and water stations but for many it was too hot to handle. >> i think people were enjoying the wonderful parade here on m street and folks just got overheated
8:04 am
think in their uniforms and pageantry just got caught up in the heat. but they had plenty of water and stuff. but i think it was too much for me too. i was trying to enjoy it and had to keep going in the house to get ac. >> here's tips from the pros to not get sick and overheat. be sure to drink plenty of water on hot days. listen to your body. if you feel lightheaded offer overheaded take a break get into the shade or air compan companying. common sense tips there. >> happening right now the rolling thunder ride for freedom is underway. hundreds of motorcyclists are rallying at the pentagon. this morning. >> is that the where we find our own alexander limone liver with the latest and alex we can still hear it in the background. there good morning. >> that's right the rolling thunder you can hear it you can see hundreds of people already out here on this beautiful breath taking morning. look at this
8:05 am
of riders arrive for the rally scheduled to start around noon and see the beautiful washington monument in the background. picture perfect site as we prepare to salute and honor vet rapz. this is 29th annual rolling thuptder rally event that began as a way to honor and remember vietnam veterans that never made it home went missing in action or were prisoners ever war. and grown to this huge event to honor all of our military members. especially those that have given their lives for our country. so just a wonderful, fantastic event they're preparing for out here today. but as you get around town today you want to keep it in mind. it will cause a lot of strot closures and traffic and delays around the area. especially around the national mall. the pentagon. and really the area in general probably expecting delays and closures around 66 and 495 as well. and now to top it
8:06 am
year event organizers invited donald trump. he's expectsed to speak out here at 2 p.m. so there is a concern that could cause even larger crowds than normal and also additional traffic. now these demonstration ride for freedom kicks off at noon from the pentagon. riders will ride across the memorial bridge and through the national mall and timely ending up at west potomac park where they will pay tribute to fallen military members. >> you know it's kind of a special year for us. ape he's been coming since he began united states marine corps and i was in the army and my kid in the air force and navy we're all veterans. and you know it's part of hono honoring ou
8:07 am
>> and so we've been catching up and talking to people who are out here for the event today and many of them fell us they're here from around the country and sharing personal and touching stories of why they're out here riding in this rally today. definitely want to send a big shout out and huge thank to you all military members. veterans, families, and you know guys i mentioned before my dad is actually a vietnam war veteran himself. personally i want to say thank you dad. reporting liver in arlington. axe exand ra limone. >> thousands of people expected to attend tonight's national memorial day concert. the concert is held in the west front of the u.s. capital run from 8 p.m. to 9:30 and actors gary sinese. joe 3407b tania and caleb johnson are expected to be part of the celebration. we want to know
8:08 am
spending your mem or equal day weekend. tweet us or facebook us your best pictures and use the #"fox5" d.c.. >> and if you're trying to get around town this memorial day weekend there's changes on metro you need to know about. track work will be happening on all six lines this weekend if you live in northern virginia you'll get hit hartest with the closures. they'll reopen tuesday morning. the maintenance work means no orange line service at all until tuesday morning and despite headaches they're a okay with the work. >> i would rather the subway not catch fire we're good with the work they're doing. >> we take vienna fairfax station over the orange line and we got a text letting us know it was time to change the stop today and we followeded what they told us to do. >> additional work means delays and silver and blue will run every 20 minute and red
8:09 am
green will operate every 15 minutes. >> coming up scary moment at a zoo in ohio. >> this is frightening a young boy came face to face with a gorilla what zoo officials had to do to save the child's life. details ahead.
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> sorry out ever at lap ta where a man is in custody for shooting a deputy in the face. police arrested a 24-year-old they say he shot the deputy in the face during a traffic
8:12 am
last night just south of at lap ta. the deputy was rushed to the hospital to be treated and his condition has not been updated and police say the shooter turned himself in hours after the shooting. >> and texas now nba player was shot and killed saturday after trying to breakdown an apartment door in dpal as. 23-year-old bryce desean jones busted down the wrong door at the wrong apartment buding a map living in that apartment was sleeping when he heard intruder that man grabbed a gun and shot desean jones and a spokesperson for the player says nba player accidentally went to the wrong apartment building and thought his girlfriend accidentally locked him out. jones was a guard for new or leaps bell cans the case is under investigation and texas law allows people to use deadly force to protect themselves from intruders. >> gore ail aexhibit at the sip natty zoo in ohio is closed today after a child fell into the note yesterday
8:13 am
say a 17-year-old male gorilla picked up the 4-year-old boy and dragged him across the habitat. zoo dangerous animal response team shot and killed the gorilla and tranquilizers were not an option in the case because of the gorilla's agitated state. >> they made a tough choice and right choice. because they saved that little boy's life it could have been very bad. so the decision was not made lightly. logan gorillas are very endangered and there represent many in captivity. but it has proper ending. >> now the child is in the hospital with severe and non life-threatening injuries. so that in the good news out this that the child will recover. >> traumatizing for sure at 4 years old i can think back to memories of a 4-year-old. >> it's not uncommon we've seen children in theseen os
8:14 am
it's a good idea to hold on to their hands. i don't know what led up to that. >> we were talking about this off air should theen closures be raised the walls there. >> good argument for it right there. you don't want something like that to happen again. >> sivty first. >> let's talk about bonnie and the weather. is it a little early. >> ooushl ly we don't sea the peak of the thunderstorms like august and sment hite of tropical season. now tropical storm bonnie down graded to depression. it's a weak prop call storm. winds sustained 40 miles an hour and once hurricane hunters go out and assess the situation bopy now to wind speeds 35 miles an hour. down graded back to tropical depression. doesn't matter we feel the same effect of bonnie moisture. watch the track of low pressure syem
8:15 am
and carolina coast line and cope ever moisture expanding over the delmarva into new jersey through late wednesday to early thursday morning. beaches will be impacted the highest with the effects of clouds and showers and thunderstorms and effects will lasts the longest along the coast as well. here's what bonnie's impact looked like now. satellite and radar showing moisture streaming on shore again the carolinas and into western virginia and home in washington we got sunshine it's a beautiful morning. comfortable out there. showers far off south. i think it takes until surprise set later this evening that we see rain. most of sunday looks dry. really nice for plans. cloud increase later this afternoon. maybe pool weather is best in morning. by 5:00 you see rain showers move in. and i think the nats game gets gets in fine and steadier rain doesn't arrive until overnight. once it does the
8:16 am
will enhance a little bit at least moisture content early tomorrow morning. 9 a.m. memorial day. our western suburbs look great. not impacted. rain in washington and hev rest rain offer to east. annapolis toss eastern shore to south jersey stayed steady rainfall. those peaches will be a watch jout especially off north. >> by 5:00 memorial day we see breaks. it's not a washout all day in washington. but we are definitely battling the rain and each thunderstorms possible. and how much rain, well, through monday it looks like hey highest amounts offer to the iingt we can see one to two to legally 3" of rain from bonnie remnants. and then will move out fairly quickly after that. >> temperatures outside now 70 washington and upper 60s to low 7 0s and comfortable yesterday morning we'll make it into the 80s later todayle 3 in d.c. and not as warm as yesterday
8:17 am
arriving at night and with the house is and thunderstorms it looks beautiful thrs and friday and unsettled weather as we head towards next weekend. let's look at the forecast. "fox5 news morning" will be right back after this pats pass
8:18 am
8:19 am
pats pass >> you may want to grab a tish eye for this next story. one military dad making most ever father son
8:20 am
celebrating all his son's favorite holidays in between days. he has been deployed two times but first time since 3-year-old son is born and before he left he wanted to do something special he celebrated every major holiday with his son. they went trick or treating and opened christmas present and celebrated his fourth birthday a few weeks early and the biggest surprise his wife precilla record the the entire sxorns and may made a keepsake video as an early first. >> a piece of world war 2 history in on disaccomplice in south caroline a william hal hallbert donated to the naval clinic in cherry point his medal of honor. he was killed helping a wounded marine in may 1945 in japan and his family says hall been bert had a passion for helping others. >> all the memories that through the years good monica monica malpassryes and bad memory
8:21 am
wonderful memories. >> hall jp bert family said they're glad others can see the medal and kharish it after years of sitting at hot. >> you're aching "fox 5 news" at 8 that does it for me. it's been fun. >> happy memorial day for you. more for you. veronica cleary up next and "fox 5 news" on the hill starting at 8:30 we'll be
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> welcome back chris wallace joins waws i preview of this morning project. >> you with korey lieu due ski the campaign manager for trump and with departure of rick whilely and i know notice campaign they put out a positive statement about whil whilely's time there do you think you can find out more about that? >> well i think we'll find out and i'll certainly ask we see if we find out or not about teptions inside the campaign. there's been a punch pun bunch of of story about that and this is a management style creative teption to some degree you set people against each other
8:25 am
you hope they'll all do a bigger job trying to out do each other. and it's not necessarily the happiest job you could end up with. it's certainly worked for trump in real estate world we'll see if it works for him in politics. the two people that really have a feud or certainly rivalry going on lewdoski and paul me menfor the the campaign chairman. >> it's an interesting dynamic we get small little snippets about it you'll be able to ask the we i don't know we'll see beneath the surface with donald trump's style it may be something he want to know that's going oned in the campaign. >> it works different managers different' have different styles we know that any of us that worked out until the workplace but we'll talk to. thing of more general interest on again off again debate with berp be
8:26 am
would happen and trulp backed out friday and very curious trum this week became the republican nominee went over the top and clinched it calls out other republicans, for instance, the governor very popular governor of new mexico suzanne amartinez even very loyal trump supporters. >> you have a special segment in memorial day. . >> in news two meblingz of the intelligence committee on that very damming report the inspector report on hillary clinton and as far as hem orial day is concerned tom day had bugles across america. it turns out you have the pentagon approves taps with be paid for any veteran at funeral but not enough bugleers. tom day got thousands of bu bugleers around the country and if a member of your family say
8:27 am
want a live playing of taps he's the man to see. . >> catch fox news sunday at 8 a.m. coming up latest edition of on the hill.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ clip ton continues on the campaign trail. but the elections have to send and people have to work together to solve the problem facing our country.
8:30 am
nominee. >> every trump protester flashes and i'm going to make a heavy, heavy, heavy play because i honestly think with getting these massive crowds all over the place i actually think we'll win. >> and a wildcard. >> she asks. i'll take a look at it. >> could virginia governor land a job in the next administration. on the hill starts next. good morning, it's sunday, may 29 i'm veronica cleary along tom fitzgerald and we're taking on the week in politics. >> there he is. >> there's bob. >> somewhere this man is enjoying his memorial day weekend we'll accepted our best out to him. i don't think he's not enjoying


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