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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  May 29, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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nominee. >> every trump protester flashes and i'm going to make a heavy, heavy, heavy play because i honestly think with getting these massive crowds all over the place i actually think we'll win. >> and a wildcard. >> she asks. i'll take a look at it. >> could virginia governor land a job in the next administration. on the hill starts next. good morning, it's sunday, may 29 i'm veronica cleary along tom fitzgerald and we're taking on the week in politics. >> there he is. >> there's bob. >> somewhere this man is enjoying his memorial day weekend we'll accepted our best out to him. i don't think he's not enjoying
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weather u2 is right it's a bite full day out there. >> a couple head blinds today certainly a variety of things going on. the one i took first from "washington post" we're looking that right now. it's got a picture of bill clinton and it's looking at donald trump and way he has responded to bill clinton's you know past scandals is that the word you're looking snrat trump has not always considered bill clinton sex scandals to be important. it's one they fact check it and this arthur gives it one upside down pin oaky for clear but unacknowledged flip flop saying in the past donald trump minimized sex allegations against bill and now he is you know using them in these commercials against hillary and usually changing his stance. does it matter if he changes his mind. >> it does matter the things i woptder about donald trump, donald trump likes to
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deals. hi likes to look at the 'roid ahead. he is going to this too early. it's may. it's no secret that bill clinton stood trial in the united states senate for his scandle involving sex standle involving monica lieu when ski. why is he going to this in may swlu months of head of yourself. i think he almost. >> that's a good question. >> robbing himself of the ability to get to this later on. because the clintons were waiting for this. this is no surprise that bill clinton's past would come up in this race. >> and that's true. built it was sort of also this up spoken rule that in some ways you didn't touch it because it's not hillary and it's an interesting point. is he playing his -- if it is best card is hi playing it too soon. let's look at another headline from the "new york times" this one the headline itself is not shocking but one of the photos in it. it's from the front
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"new york times" and it continues later in the paper trump's rise tracks a growing debate over global pass itism what i could not help but notice is this. >> they're kissing. >> this mural from lithuania in capital of lithuania trump and putin kissing. >> i'm sorry is that hitler and muslini underneath it. >> yes they're talking about comparisons they made and other leaders and in the article it talks about one of the trump spokes women saying that this is a foolishly perceived association with fashism and there's nobody less than fascist of donald trump. they cite where he tweeted musilini it's better to live one day as a lion then 20 days as a sheep. images shocking this is happen around the world and he's not
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>> or will be, he we don't know that. >> yes. >> and the problem with that is that the president a couple weeks ago was going out and had commencement addresses one at howard and one at rutgers in new jersey. one of the things the president talked about an important message for everybody, democrat and republican, is this idea that any speech or anything you don't agree with sudden lynn gets thrown into this bucket of the worst thing in the world all right? and you can disagree with donald trump and you cannot like what donald trump has to say and you can vote against him and many have. both in the republican party. and this idea that suddenly everything that he says equates to nazism or facism i think maybe goes down a road we don't wanted to go. disagree with him strongly if
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should. what happened in world war ii was larger than donald trump. if you want to draw parallels or things comparable yes. you know, but i get uncomfortable with people calling people nazi who's are not actually nazis. >> it does make you uncomfortable it does and maybe it helps trump the last article i saw was from business times it was from ceos the top 200 best compensated ceos and house house es and none of them have given to donald trump and they've given to other republican candidates. >> why do you think that is. >> because conald trump is not appealing to the ceos and business people. he's appealing to working americans. >> wouldn't they know him best? >> interesting i didn't take it that way. maybe they do. maybe he has not needed any
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>> that's what he says. if he doesn't need money why is he asking for money. >> now he does this will be more expensive than he expected when he said he would pay for it. do they know him? i think he's not ahe'll peeling to that voter base. i don't think he needed to yet. if you look at those donations awe get closer to the general maybe that will change. he'll have to appeal to them for sure. but he's certainly a very unique and unusual republican candidate. >> all right. he did something else this wee week. >> what's that. >> clinched nomination. >> yeah. >> small feat he d he went over the number he will need to be the nominee. i think we can take presumetive away from his name. because he's your republican candidate this year whether you like it or not republicans. now, the fact of the matter though is that you know here we are
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this up. and he has no more republican candidates to run against so he's now turned fully his attention to hillary clinton. and what does donald trum done between now and when he has to go to cleveland to accept this nomination. what does he do for the next two months. >> i tell you one thing he does eat at mack donald did you see the post on facebook. >> of him on the plane. >> with him on the plane celebrating 12:37 with mack donald and diet coke. what do you think he's getting at there. >> i think he's trying to look like he's every man but he didn't look -- he was smiling. >> you can't not pull that off. >> i smile when i eat mcdonald's. >> one thing you have to do to take that seriously. >> he has two months here june and july half of july so how is his time best served in these next six months. >> he has to do something that didn't happen then wee
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there were rumors that would happen he has to get paul rya ryan's endorsement there was all this talk about the phone call. >> he said they had a nice phone call and that was it. both of them. >> he didn't say he was endorsing. >> playing cool and did not say endorsing him. >> there was a story that went out this week that we were about to get a ryan endorsement and that went into the atmosphere. >> we're not in the business of speaking about rumor aensz reports there was talk talking about reports not rumors there was talk maybe trump campaign jumped gun a bit and were trying to push that that the ryan camp pushed back and said i didn't say that i said we would have a phone call. maybe there's a power play going on between the two. i said from the beginning it will happen edge. and the length of time it takes to happen does that hurt trump or ryan? i know ryan is thinking about long term political goals. you know and then the other thing that came up this week - --. >> i want to show this video. this was california this
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donald trump -- trump says he will continue working california but this is you know some of the protesters that showed up at the trump outside of trump rally and you see police in riot gear had to come and break a lot this stuff. earlier during the primaries we did see outbursts of violence within the arenas. but what we're seeing here now is a lot more organized. >> yes. >> it's a lot bigger and it raises a lot of concerns about what we're going do see in cleveland this summer. do you expect this will be the scene we see. >> that's what i was going to ask you. you're going to cleveland. do you -- are you afraid of that. >> no. >> there are always -- listen going back you know 20 years now they're always protests at political cop vengss and you know when george w. bush got the nomination in 2000 in nrld
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commissioner back then. tim any they felt with it. i don't think though we probably will see -- we'll see something we have not seen since 1968 chicago this is candidate, donald trump who you know nobody does not have an opinion on him. and you have met the person that says i don't know much about trump. >> and you know, so, yeah, no, i know i think it will be big or massive and i think the cleveland police department is a secret service and everybody be who is in charge ever security out there better get ready. you look what happened in california this week. and not that you want to see this but you know remember there was a time when we were wondering who was going to be doing the demonstrations and was it going to be the people against trump or republicans themselves if trump didn't get the knowledge naiing through some you know back room deal or something like that. at least you know it's probably
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instead of two. >> one place we would expect to see protests would be if that trump sanders debate happened another headline. >> i want to talk you through a timeline. wednesday night donald trump on jim jury kimmel live would you consider debating bernie sanders since hillary clinton did not want to debate sanders before california and he said sure. so then thursday we have sound. this is the day donald clinched nomination in those remarks he spoke about bernie -- trump sanders debate listen to that. >> if we can raise for maybe women's health issues or something if we can raise 10 or 15 million for charity which would be an appropriate anti understand the television business well i think it would get high ratings and it should number big arena somewhere and we could have a lot of fun wit with. it i would love to debate bernie actually the problem with debating bernie he'll lose. >> s
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sanders. >> i wanted that to happen. >> i did. i did. >> i so wanted that to happen. >> couple more things happened app bernie sanders posted a tweet on that day about it i think we should have that tweet to pull up i'm delighted doonald trump abroad to debate let's do biggest stadium possible. >> you have to say it like sanders in the biggest stadium possible. >> i think i'll let you do tha that. and this soyn tweet he posted friday 11 a.m. he was trying to get people to sign up to say do you want to see this bernie versus trump? this is friday at 11. then, friday at 4 p.m. done oold trump poured cold water on the whole thing and says seems inappropriate i would debate the second place finisher as i want to debate him and it would be easy bay take i will bait to debate the first place finisher in the democratic party hillary clinton or whoever that my be and now it's all over tom. >> what's crazy about that is when has donald trump ever
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it's his brand. >> i think there was -- donald trump may not have won the debate. >> do you think that's why it was. he was scared of bernie. >> you know i'll never know that crossed my mind. when i heard about the debate i thought bernie could win the debate and trump talks about the fast that every pole and every debate he's been the winner he doesn't want to not be able to say that. legislation talk about the hillary clinton's emails. >> obviously everybody knows about the email server by now and what came out you this week inspector general for state department came out with a report on this. this is not fbi investigation. this is inspector general investigation of what's been going on. two things out of this. she did not seek permission for this private email server and did not receive information for this private email server. it was a scathing report. what this makes you don'ter
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though is, if this is what her own colleagues at the state department are saying about this, what the heck is fbi going to say and how is this going to still impact this cloud that's been hanging over her campaign. i heard people talking this week that whole joe biden thing is out there and people are talking about what happens if the fbi indiets and she's up on criminal charge and what happens in the democratic party if they to do something with joe biden and bernie sanders has been catching this fire storm this year. >> one thing he want to make sure we do spokesman brian nalen for hillary clinton did put out a response that says while owe ponl enters resure tore misrepresent this report for their own purposes it shows how consistent her email practices were. hillary clinton uvs e mill was not unique and took steps that went further than others to appropriately preserve and release records if you want to read the whole thing it's on my facebook page. i wanted to mak
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>> where does brian fallen email that. >> that's the woman i work with at the clinton campaign. >> and that's hillary's email server. >> that's from@hillary >> i thought it was important to put it out there as well. coming up. >> imagine obama s moving into your neighborhood well they might be depending where you live in d.c.? ♪ life in the fast lane♪
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is >> "fox5" on the hill we welcome you back. if you liver in d.c. or certain parts of d.c. you may get a new neighborhood of the obama s are stick around d.c. because they're youngest daughter has more school. they will take up residents in washington d.c.. this is kind of a rare thing. presidents usually get on air force one and wave away. this is new digs calarama neighborhood they'll tlent house for we believe to be the next two years this will allow th
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to finish up school. i had i heard the president say he'll be staying in washington with a tinge of regret. when you hear him talk about chicago it's clear you know if smin spent time in chicago you know how great that city is and how to get there that's not a bad consolation prize. there's a lot of talk the size of this house. it has nine bedrooms and 8 and a half badge two car garage gated courtyard 8 to 10 vehicles valued 6.4 million dollars. over 8,000 square feet. does it seem like the right decision for the president to move into -- when he's supposed to -- i don't know. >> as a parent though they're making this choice as parent.
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states where will he live. >> i'll tell you what speaking of presidents that remain in washington you have ever seen woodrow wilson's house. >> i have not in. >> if you go see his home off massachusetts avenue it looks like a quaint cottage. >> in perspective hi our producer one of the floors they live in now in the white house this is family residents second floor with 16 rooms, six bathrooms and so i mean they're coming from a -- that's one of the floors they live have in residents portion of the whitehouse. >> they moved out. >> let's be real for a minute. if you're president of the united states and you're leaving white house you can't pick any house. there's certain considerations for security and secret service in space that they'll need to kind of set up the security details you also have to pick
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out a neighborhood that can accommodate this kind of trvrk as well too. it's not just going down to the realtor and saying hey i need a house for a couple years. >> he's doing a good things for daughter i think it makes a lot of sense. next up. my one-on-one interview with virginia governor ter ter
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>> well, i sat down with governor terri mc callive and hi this interview set up for a while. >> he had a busy week. timing is everything. >> especially when you don't have anything to do with it less than 24 hours news broke he would be investigated for campaign contributions and one thing a lot of people said to me tom he'll cancel your interview will cancel. >> i thought they would cable on you. >> and the first thing i asked when we sat down why didn't you cancel everybody told me you would he was surprised by that and said i didn't do anything wrong i'll continue with schedule as governor. >> because it would have made me look guilty. >> he took all my questions on the investigation anon
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a little sound from it is he has a close relationship to the clintons it's known and says he feels you come about. >> and baffled by the whole story in the first place. it seems somewhat of a political --. >> did you feel targeted by that association with the clintons where she often says things about being tarring he he haded. >> i would be honestfy was sitting private sector not as governor i don't think this would have riz tonight level. but listen it's okay. you get in this business and you on yourself up and i'm fine doing that. when you're confident you have not done anything wrong. >> so there you have. it he said his lawyers will check all the donations. >> here's the thing if governor terry mccauliff was baffled by this then they was not paying attention in his gubernatorial campaign
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theres with questions about terri mcaluff and an interest annie yu consider cap he was running. >> for the governor to say he is baffled by this, i mean, he was -- came up and debated his relationship with chew necessitates investors. be careful how you describe this because it's campaign on rest not the governor i would beg to differ that what wept on with the previous governor bob mcdonald waiting for the u.s. supreme court to rule on corruption conviction that this administration above all of those should have gone through this with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything was on the up and up. we'll see what the investigation says and but this is not good. >> and another thiming i asked him about we teased earlier in the show. he's
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would he consider working in her cabinet f she asked he would certainly liquor give it a look over and he feels he's called worked in executive roles doesn't feel like a good fit for him you can take it to the vault he'll never be a united states senator you. >> know what i heard say that. time kaine said that a little bit too. and time kaine had an afternoon with the president and all ever a sudden time kaine emerged adds a senate candidate at one 30eu789. we want to wrap this up weekend on a very important note. this is memorial day and before we leave we want to show you some video on thursday. this was out arlington national cemetery united states old guard third infantry placing flags in on more than 230,000 graves national cemetery we want to leave you with this image memorial day weekend salute to veterans all of these we'll see you next week. thank you for "fox 5 news" opt hill.
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i am chris wallace. as a tax on fellow republicans continue. >> poor mitt romney. many many of the people that i have competed against, have endorsed me. he will get a burst of energy and do it. >> how he sets the sites on the general election. >> crooked hillary. she is as crooked as they come. >> the look at the strategy going forward with the campaign manager. it's a "fox new sunday" ex cluzive. then the report from the inspector general on hillary clinton's ause of a private e-mail server.


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