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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 29, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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we've grown accustomed to. there no prosers. trump only to are about 15 minutes. he talked about how he he wouldh rebuild the military, protect the second amendment and take care of veterans. our vets, our most cherished people. thousands of people are dyingyin waiting online to see a the right to even a p public doctor and get themselves taken care oe and we're requesting to pay the bill. that should have happened a long time ago. taking care of our veterans iss what roling thunder is all about. it started as awares of prisoners of war after the war vietnam war. it's become honoring all veterans. today hundreds of thousands of bikers made their way. spectators lined the route. cheering them on.on. at times it feels like a parade, but the organizers don't likerg
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they say it's in the a parade, it's a demonstration and it's designed to bring awareness and remind all the americans of thee sacrifice they make on this memorial day weekend. in new york, kristin fisher. > turning now to the memorial day t forecast. saturday it was who the enoughth and the skies were clear enough and to get up and go out for aor swim, but then the clouds movedd in and the wet weather began.egn let's get straight to gwen p. yesterday that's exactly what we spoke about. for today things would start a little bit later and tomorrow things starting a little bitterrier. we did get a fair amount ofof rainfall tonight. to still am of you under the gun for that rain and once again there's an odd little thunderstorm popping up here ann there so we can't rule that out. let's take a look at our radar and put it altogether for you. the tropical storm bonnie,
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it was downgraded to a tropicalc depression because this is allll the moisture from that. this tropical moisture moving its way all up and down the midd the atlantic. at you can see just how widespread this is.s. now, this is steady rainfall with some pockets of heavier rainfall in it.t. you are also under some rain threats as well. you can see where it's the darker orange and the brightbrig yellow that's where we have thee heaviest rainfall and i want to that beaches are getting hit the hardest. right now we have a flash floods warning in effect for st. mary'' county. that is in effect right through until actually -- yes,es that effect until 1267.nt 30 and then we have a flash flood watch in effect untilntil 2:00 a.m. on monday morning. the areas that are i am account pennsylvaniaeded by that
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prince george's county as and returned and charles and princec george's county.hage we areor looking at an inch andn some localized areas two to four inches. do not drive into any of these areas. temperatures now into the 60s, the up ir70s, the low 70s. the current dewpoints into the 60s as well. that means that it really is very noticeable when you step outside. it's sticky and he enough to be just uncomfortable.ncom here's a look at what you canyo expect for your monday. lots going on. we have a parade to talk about,t outdoor grilling and backyard family get togethers.toge by # 1? the morning expect to see a few showers, not washout that's good news, some storms definitely in the forecast. you'll have to keep your eyes to the skies for that. by 2:00 hour some of the rain starting again, some the scattered storms at 80-degrees. by 7:00 we're talking still atil chance of some storms.tor we'll put it altogether for you with our full
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to you. despite the rain thousands of people knocked to capital hillck for thede annual concert. to honor the country's military and pay tribute to those whoho made the ultimate sacrifice. i was an up lifting event, a number of people performed,erfo including the beach boys. the memorial day concert marked its 26th year tonight and organizers say each year thousands of viewers send in letters of their loved ones whoh were either wounded or killed. > there's some changes on metro in place for the entire memorial day weekend going into tomorrow. track work of course happened. if you live in northern virginia you're hit hardest by the closes seen a, dun falls, they will be back in time for
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hour. there is no orange until tuesdal morning. you have to take the silveril line. despite the changes the riders say they'll. we got a text alert letting us know that they were planned too change our stops and we followed what they told us to do. additional work means delays. blue and silver line trains will run every 20 minutes. you know what, do your researchc check online because it does vary. today coming from the nats game, some delays. still ahead tonight controversy growing after a gorilla dead the at the cincinnati zoo. the animal is killed to safe a little boy who id ma it inside the closure. who was neglect, the zoo, the parents or both. lu
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section the carolina coast. the impact it's having on beach goers this weekend.kend building a memorial to than onor those who served in world war 1. hear from the architect who iso in charge of the job and the high expectation.xpec we'll be right back. .
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> tomorrow the country willro pause to remember those who gav their lichees in the name of freedom.m. d.c. is known for it's service men and women and work on a new monument will soon to honor those
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the man designing it has only hs been alive for a quarter century. saying he had nothing to lose lo chicago architect joe by sharp entered a contest to design a memorial just a stone's throw away from the white house and he had never been to d.c. p. d.c each of those designs stood up p to a tradition of clashinglas critical and particulars and political ageneral draft you'rea 25 year old, do you think you ti can handle the national. probably not. but i'm going to with it the best i can. the critics have already weighed in and it would exist the existing memorial. called the wait of sacrifice. the memorial is a series of walls and gathering areas with release sculptures tellingculp stories from
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by sharp intends it to be built around the existing flow and uss it of. of it has great bean structure and yes, it needs renewal but at tht end of the day we believe and we said from the very beginning. the sculpture designing the release is old school. he sculpt pes his molds by hand. he does nothing digital. about the only modern step he takes is recruiting models off craigslist. i feel very strongly about whatb i do and i feel like what i havi done up to this point is training, 30 years of off of training and now i'm really ready to take on a challenge like this. by sharp knows that the finished product will follow him the ress of his career. however, what in time dates him its knowing that the memorial will part of the national landscape long after his young s career has ended.nded that one is the harder part and
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something i haven't fully wrapped my mind around. the fact that it's go to be sucu a permanent fixture. it will be at least six monthsot before ground will be broken onr the the memorial until they can review and criticize the design. they can literally by sharp back to the drawing board. in chicago, fox news. > we're dealing with severe weather this weekend.eeke this is jazz per county, southot carolina much that's part of interest state 95. rains forced a temporary closure. it's creating dangerousang conditions with high winds and surf at the beach. here at weather not that extreme but the dmv definitely got hit with some rain and it continuest out there. you are going to need the umbrella and gwen with what looking forward.orwa you have to keep the umbrella
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we had some rainfall today that started later in the day and itd has increased into tonight. ton it's going to continue into thet overnight hours let's take as look the at the maps because we have a lot of heavy rainfall ina some of our antibody had. a little bit of lightning heree and there, not a whole lot, but, once in a while we're seeing one or two strikes but we're seeing heavier rainfall that is movingn through. this is all the tropical moisture from tropical depression bonnie as it continues to of move its way through. all the moisture is moving right up the mid atlantic. the temperatures are actually into the 60s and the low 70ss. s here's a look at what you can yu expect for tomorrow. now, 68-degrees for tonight. tomorrow we're talking 80-degrees. the good news is it is not a washout tomorrow. we're going to have some showerh in the earlier part of the day.a we're going to see a few breaks. but then we're going to see storms develop in the later la afternoon. by the time we get to 2,
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it bears watching to the skies h if you're going out anywhere. at least you know it's unsettled but once again not a washout. we had a good part of the day today, but things will change ca tomorrow.. over 4,000 navy salor, marines and coast guards men inflate new york city for annual fleet week. a chance to say thank you. fox's bryan llenas with more. spectacular views and just an incredible day on liberty statei park overlooking the new york city sky line as the fleet week continues on org the us navy, the us coast guard and the us marines. a team of elite parachute othert jumped from a mh53 helicopter or the see dragon as it hovered above 5,000 feet overhead. many active navy seals using smoker one amuch thatting an american e flag in honor of
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served and continue to serve inn our nation's military.ilit a pair of mh60s or see hawks flying past the new york sky line. as they pass by the sky tower.oe a navy parachuter us what it ist all about. i lived in a small town in michigan and never had an opportunity to interact with the navy. gives us a chance to l come to new york and tell them a a little bit about what we do. it gives us the opportunity to shed some light on our jobs.. they a new lightweight robot control robot.obo others had a chance to play ticktacktoe with navy deep see divers capable of staying underwater for six hours at at a time and then there are the marines. i tried on
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i held the m4 rival, marines are expected to fight with 115 pounds worth of beer. all ol those events highlighting hig memorial weekend a chance for ur to remember those who diedho serving our country and our military while honor those whoho continue to do so. in new jersey, bryan llenas, fox news. last week you can definitely feel the love in the air and the heart it was all towards a young classmate batting what is terminal cancer. low ''s special day. talk about a grand entrance. en that six year old low ' williams first time riding in a front a seat brought to school by the morningside fire department. this is amazing. this is more than i could have imagined. they've shown us love from the e very beginning.egi i know this means a lot.
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her classmates low lee a firstrt grader here has been batting bat brain and spinal cord cancer since she was two much her parents anemia and maurice. mau she's benefiting for so long, since 2012 and he we are just praying that low ' is going to beat this thing. i'm just greatful for each and a every moment and we are are definitely trying to maximize the days and just enjoy them and have fun to fullest. the school community has low lee's special day all planned out starting with a pep l rally in the the school's gymnast, dancers and the largo high school marching band.and. the rally and the out powering of love, it really means a lot to we have been celebrating low lee every single day and never givev up the fight. fi in the years know
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has proven time and time again never to give up. big brother, maurice, jr. helps keep her spirits just play with her all the time. she loves her family. shoos she's caring. car she's concerned about us when we we're down and things. it's just her much. she's like sunshine, shining even brighter today. in morningside, maryland, bob barnard, fox5 local news.. > still ahead tonight, terrifying moments caught onaugh camera and a gorilla drags a little boy. the questions tonight about how the child got inside the zoooo enclosure in the the first and there was a business drawing comparisons. who was started by, by veterans, stay with
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let's get back to breaking news out of theck district.he one person was shot near the anacostia metro station.tati one person was shot. lindsay watts with the very latest. >>reporter: since i last saw you we have learned that it wast a teenager, a female who washo shot in front of the and cost yeah metro station. she is expected to as police continue to investigate here, the gunman is still on the lose. we'll show you some video nowido from soon after this it was around 7:40 tonight, a very large police presence.senc investigators say that the woman was in the entryway of the metro station when she was shot the. she was still conscious and able to talk afterwards and she actually was the one who approached the police officer to report what had happened. she was then taken by ambulanceb to they hospital.spit again, shot in the leg and expected to recover. a short timing a the
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council who represents this parr of southeast came here to theo crime scene. she's calling for anyone who knows anything about this shooting or the gunman to comeo forward and talk to police. she says we're going to start to see safer streets in southeast. people need to start comingming forward were when they know something about a crime. we have not seen people crime up the way they used to. we're going to need the community to be a more active -- play a more active role in making sure that we're l solving crimes and we're stickingtic together to create safer environments. tonight both rail and busail service are running as usual.sua it looks like police are wrapping up their investigationi here. y informationn about this shooting, contact d.c. we're life in southeast, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. we're learning new details about a horrible tragedy that unfolded at the cincinnati zoo yesterday
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a four year old boy and zoo offerings fearing the boy's lifr shot and killed thein gorilla. the boy wasn't seriously hurt. more from fox's jane messmess letter. >>reporter: horrifying moments at the cincinnati zoo after a four year old boy wound up inp the gorilla enclosure. oh, my god. a 400-pound gorilla dragged the boy around for 10 minutes asinut dozens of families looked on. a boy has fallen into the gorilla gauge and the gorilla is slamming the gorilla into thehe wall. hrough a barrier of the pen and fell into the moat. he was being dragged by the gorilla and then the gorilla gor taking him to one end of the habitat and the little boy had started screaming.
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attacking the boy but could easily have killed him.av so a decision was made shoot too kill the gorilla. the zoo said it had to be done to safe the boy's life. they are very endangered animals. there aren't very many in captivity. the teen chose to kiln sted of tranquilizing the gorilla because a dart would have takene too long to take in and were worried about the gorilla had an aggressive behavior while holding the boy. the team made a choice than he they made the right choice because they saved that littlelt boy's life. the boy has been injured but hat since been release from the hospital. the zoo back open to the publice but the gorilla exhibit will be clothed l until further notice.i jane mets letter fox news. there are a lot of questionsuest exactly how the kid got through
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how he was able to escape long he enough from his family to breakthrough there. it seems like it would happen very quickly. we don't know exactly what transpired but there are questions who as to anyone or was it an unfortunate accident. > still ahead tonight, helping veterans find jobs. ave new start of drawing compars this to be beer. and she's graduating without any classmates. how is this possible? we'rewe'r going to tell you about the student who is the loan senior at her high school. ool.
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> well cop back. thanks for being with us tonight, i'm marina maracco and i am jim ai shooting near the anacostiac metro station, the victim a teenage girl. she approached an officer andand told him she had been shot inn leg. the police shutdown the entrance and looked for a suspect.uspe the injuries are not life threatening and the incident did not impact metro service in that area. also in the district, a person shot and injured a shoplifting victim. thes officer spotted the manan carrying items out president. when he he tried to question the man, police say he pull out a gun. the officer told him to drop hii weapon and when he refusedefus that's when the officer shot the suspect. an explosion and fire in front of a prince george's county home. it was all caught ony


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