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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> violent holiday weekends. w two deadly shootings undernder investigation this morning.atio what we know about the gunmanutn coming up.p. >> and also happening now, aing, search is under way for the gunman who opened fire at a metro sr ro sr we're live with the latestvi from police.e. >> young b hi falls in a >> ts i's exhibit coming face to faceace way gorilla. gil what >> ts i keepers said they had hd to do to keep that b hi alive. i >> look outside on this may s,th 2016.6. it's mronorial day.'s mronoriald weather coming up on the 5sp one aat 7:05. 7 good morning, iidri allison seymou-d >> and i'm maureen umeh. i'm meu two homicide investigationsnvess under way in our are- we'll sr we'll sr a plan was shot and killed on ko 24th street. handsened aroundpol:1eauthispolh morning.moin shooting happened not far from o a high schs il.chsl. police areaget saying whatet say happened right now about thebout suspect in the case. c >> to northern shirginia no
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police are investigating atiti deadly shooting.hoin this hc.pened this morningpene around 2:20 in the 3,000 blocklo of golansky boule gird.ou gi police say apol3-year-old man-om sadly was killed. this was pnk ynce willi d county's tenth murder of ther of year. >> last flight a teen was shotet near the anacost >> ts metro station in southeast. souea >> our bob barnard is thrives te this morning now with more. nio live there this morning nowi with more. bob, good morning.ood morning >> reporter: this hc.penedor around 7:37tearound 7:37 at the metro owns trance. entrance. the leg. we're not sure if she heard the gun shot or just ff elt thet pain butngpain butng employees here, reported thehe shs iting.iti she was r she was r she's apparently going to beinto okay. metro transit policfor d.c.forc police here investigating thisni suspect whoever shot her wer believe according to police itcd was a man got away. la ruby may wd
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member came to the scene andnd told us that peoere who sawo s this, anybody who knows who wo fired that gun shot shouldhoul step forward and tell police. >> we the residents want aan safe community.munity. we want to be anow ae to walk ou streets without the fear of being shot or robbed we wanderan transurorr transurorr environment. that's what we want and thand. n what we deserve and thand.nd what we're going to demand. goi that's what we dronan it' dronan wehape going to dronand that ofo mta and metro police. pol >> reporter: now, the investigation has long ended. servicfor bus and rail asl as normal this morning here guys hy at the anacost >> ts metro sr >> ts o sr but police on the lookout forkor this gunman who either delibet itely or by a3 eident3 shot a teenaged gir herin theirt leg here at the metro stationtrs last night.ig >> bob barnard reporting thisori morning. we're going to stay thegoin sta distance. police ilikeasnk iicer-involvedt happened yesterday near unionr o statio ilat investigators say an ok i duty police o
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carrying a bunch of items out of a business. biness. when the officer tried to question that man, police sheaye he pulled a gun. g the officer told him to drop tod his weapon and when he refusedef the officer shot hstan.fishot h. the man is expected to be okay.okay >> 7:03 now. 7:03 caught on c d era two shandalsoa setting ok i illegal fireworks r sparking a fire at a home in a h prince george's county.nce geore it hc.pened's early saturday sua morning shaking the riverdale ra neighborhood out of a deepf a sleeon. the whole thing caught on home m surveillance camera. the prince gto brge's countyou bo ba se,ad says mome ba se,ad e here. if you recognize the vandalsands in this shidto b, youhape aot et call police.ol >> today is memorial day and d many of us will fire ba thee ille head to the ps il andead to spend time with the family.theam >> mtragt ishot oorr agt ishot reme baer the sacnk yfice ofthsn those who gave their livesheir l serving if our military. fox5's jenniryir daon.niryir da. us live from arlington ain national cemetery with more onn todats events. jenny, gs id morning. >> reporter: good morning tor: you, guys. it's a big day here at arlington national cemetery. cet thousands will come here toe heo
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who have lost their liveshe l serving our country.ry. the army band will play thislay morning. of course there's a time honored tradition of laying aayn wreath at the to ba oe rthe unknown and all of the visitorhs whose come here today including sheterans and their ar families are ghasng to be given a gift courtesy of the memonk yal day flower foundatioy and we're jhasned this f mornin. tell me why this started and what's the idea behind it. >> it sr >> it sr founder of the foundationouatio said, hey, you knot the f wren,o help -- hands out roses and place flowers at the headonmnd i s of d you know wha, could certainly volunteer buttet ar ohave a perryict gro ba ofo of thlunteelu for you and that's our pack 976 in viennaa virgin y> bei y> out yesterday? how many? how m maon. pass outpassut y>p>> it was amazing.>> iwas we passed out 130,000 flowers fe with a gro ba oe r400 s
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and 150 were cub scouts andcos a boy scouts that did that. >> repold dd a ti want to talk tell me, you don't just lay the flour on the heaon tone.on there's something that you are taught to do each time youo do i place a flowes wh flowes wh what is it that you do? do? >> every time we place a flower on ahead stone, we have to recite the n d es of the d et fallen soldiers so that they are truly and clearlynd cle reme baered. y> rtionoulerttai what are yod3 about two and a half houryes tos do this. what did you think as you as walked through the rows hereoug and as you l of d all thesell te st towers. tow >> i felt very sad to see manyay people giving their lives for nio for war.or war >> rtionoulerttai how did it fef to memorialize them in thislizet way. >> it felt very honorable andabd eat. >> reporter: thank you rafael. not the f they will be passing o these st towers at the visitorss center here, also of course ine section 60 who has been there s idows that is a really emotional place these days.esea. th
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bur >> tsls h5'e taken place, those who have serves d in iraq, i i deaths so they will be in both b those areas until about 11:30 1: this morning passing out allning of these flowers. back to you guys. >> thanks.s. >> that little bpac so well surok glad to see that.ha y>p>> al hernk yght.ny. time now is just a litheye past 7:00, 7:06. 7 y>p>> good morning.mng >> how are you. >> had a nice weekend.e weend. >> yeah, we're lookingito-- well, we ls inderd at a lot of t iin last night for parts of the area. the ar waking up with a lot oflot tropical humidity in place. pla did you knowles the humidity. hd >> my hair does.>> my hair >> h of r doing all right. d >> no.f >> my hair is doing all kindsr dog alof ct izy things. tng 69 this morning in washington. winds out of the east here at six and dewpoint t ning tbelu us the rronnants of bonnie haveonna been streaming north here for h the past 24 houlu or so. we are waking ba with a combination -- we've got a bitng of sunshine actually bathing bag parts of the are- not the case down at the beaches.aches.
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it's ghasng to be a cloig y day for you with rain for much ofor the day.y. locally here bitrager to t washington along the 95he corridor kind of a mix ofof aix clouds with a litheye bit of o early hine here and there and maybe a shower this afternoonfto and then the further north and r west you get, the dnk yer yourou conditions will be later this lr afternoosp bei, we of bei, we of going on and again you can see c the remnants of bon flee kinde of streaming uisithe eastern seaboard. bonnie by the way now a ayind so not a tt leat to becomt a major storm. s 80 later today.oday nderyou c an u barella handy hed if you got barbecues, hitting ht the fool, i think you're fine.e. most of the day will be just genet illy cloudy but therey but could be a few showers laterhowe this ands ernoon. >> okay. >> all right? i'll have the seven day in just a minute. >> you two ls ik like you h5'eil a secret going on here. h what's going on.wh's goi >> nothing at all. a >> all rigack.ack. then i shall move on.hall all right. now to a story the entireir country is buzn ing about thisui morning. you've heard about this one. ow
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teof theible a3 eident at the cincinnati zoo on saturday. sat ore ryou h5'en't seen it youit y don't want to see it look away a es es a 17-year-old gorilla was shotlw to death after a four-year-oldod boy got into the animal's ani >> r ha that boy is believed to haveievh crawled under a barrier before r dri dri gorilla exhibit.a he was in there for about 12 12 minutes. panicked onls inderlu shoutedlut stay calm while a woman yelledal mommy loves you. y beime witnesses say it andseary the gorilla was caring for ther boy. the zoo in a sr e zoo in a sr had no choice but to kill the animal believing that that boyia was in stanminent danger. dge >> the team did a gs id job andb they made a tough choice and cic they made the rigack choice. because they s5'ed that litheyel boy's life. l it could have been very bad.e b >> an ohearine petition calling for the boy's parents to be charged has thousands ofusan o signatures. the mother of the four-year-old
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to facebook saying "as aoosayi beiftety we are quick to jig gt i keep a tight watch on my kids. ki accidents handsen ."sen" the raild has since beenbeen released from the hospital.rom i the zoo is now back opened tope the public but the gorillaor exhibit will be closed untile ou further notice.rtr notice. >> still ahead hunugeds ofll thousands of p crple will honor our nation's veterans today atsa the biggest mronor >> ts herday pat ide in the country.e he we're going to get a sneaket ane peek at the event. ent. that's coming uery. u >> healing that goes fareali beyond a doctor's care. ahow seron. difference in the lives ofen veterans.ce nine minutes ands er 7:00. we'll be back. . a
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>> later today the country's t >> ggest memorial day parade will make its way up coly titution ave me. >> the nationa hermemonk yal dae parade describes itself as aescs moving time line of militaryilit history from the amenk ycan revolution to present damerent m let's get more now
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muining us from constitution 5'enmix, tim hum bird executive director of the americanhu othe vetet in center whira puts onut the good morning to you.o you >> good morning.>>d >> tell us about what visitorsts are going to see this year ts y when they come down for the pat >> absolutely. well like you said this is a moving time line of amenk ycan milir aye'll be recognizing heroesng h from the american revolution nll the way tt lough theway present day.esent almost 4,000 people in the 4,00l parade from all a3ra ftrags the country. almost 2ans.tc3 veterans and active duty service members ince the parade.parad bei, really a fanr a fanr celebrities, musicallebrities, m performances, so it will be both enterr enterr really help call attention toato the true mean of the day of course honoring our fallen mfn heroes. es >> you mentioned the you m celebrities and musicalbries pe birormances. can you be a litheye more specific.u i know we've got.i know we' >> big nbe aes. nbe we want to mwele sure to put itr out there ande attract even e more p crere. >> aakolutely hasry siniseol jok ns us every year, fantastic supporter of theuty parade. pad mue
7:13 am
the z alugin whoalin a lot of people don't know was k a korean war fighter private. pe rai s irvine a roya hernavyro hy vetet in from the uk.the uk. musical performances from misat amenk yca, the nmenk ycan ido hertrent han fona will ben with us. a lot of folks. folks. >> seron. attendance as well as many onlookers. can you talk a litheye bitheye t about tho, ih the whole paradead feel, you know, the floats ands others who will be there just j for enterr enterr >> absolutely. you know, we try to make thisryt both enterr both enterr educational educ so, we'll have floats dedicated to difndo difnd be aerican history. bei, world two, vietnam, korear we'll have veterans riding forg eara et i as well wl bei, you, ynow, when familiesnl come out, they'll have'll something to ls ik at but hopefully thuntmypefully tmy away learning about our history and history of be aerican sacnk ylikce or ily i maybe to learn a little bit more as well. w >> we
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es es parade itself and what it means.s. a lot of p crere unfortunatelyerrt the day is a day off from work o and school and et cetet i and e thunttete ls iking forwaat b to their cookouts. there's a parade but there's a a deeper meaning.eani police talfourabout the overalll meaning of what events like l this signify. h p>aybukacheyy rigack. you, ynoe o a lot of people arae enjoying their cookouts, looksuo lihoo great weather for thathat today. but we wanted to create cat something that we cougoin come n together for to cal herattentlic to that true meaning of the o t day. over the yealu we've had so hads many seron.many seron. veterans just how they gety chills when thunt step out onuto coly titution oe ra marchingut down the street whenio they see these crowds, they see theee t tieanow they hear the cheeringr you know, they're here not not just for themselves but thosetoo rlou, ynoe o many of whom have a known those who have lostha l their lives in service. serce. bei, it really mealy so misehs them and that's why we justt welcome everybody who can mwele it out to come out and show thon thon >> indeed. >>
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you still get a spot if you you come down, if you advice ifadce you're just trying to mwele it t do >> aakutely. come on down.down. anywhere from seventh to 17th street on constitutlikcn 5'enmis is going to be a great spot totg watch the parade from.rom. you'll get a great3 vingst f come on out, starts att 2 o'clock, runs untilsnt 4 o' stock p.m. we got a great e day so please come on down. on >> all right.ig tim hombert execou mf the amenk3 veterans center. thank you so much for youru time this morning. we look forwaat b to the parade. >> thank you. >> local -- >> i nlowerer get d and n to thn lihoo that.d >> i was just going say i've jg never been. >> i nlowerer get d and n to thn lihoo that. but watch it if you have theavee reels raanne hernk yght and at.. the penr e penr we also see the concert is always tellowerised for all of s bei it's a day to ri slect. ris >> yup. >> ton gh tioaybgreat .y.ive th. >> io,s a great city.s >> it is. >> you're rigack.>> h tioayball rigack.all k yoloe tha cy ler out there foe most part early this morning.nig boun. ing a litheye bit ofg a litheyef suly hine into thar
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going to put some cloe thas into our forecast with a fewith few showers later this afternoon.lar not going to be a washoutg toe there if youtete gok ng d and nn any of the activities o surrounding memonk yal day. i thi wo gg enerally it will beb dry today. 69 now in washington.ashing 70 up in nemyor- 54 in btragtosp btrag the green you see, that's the remnants of our depressed bo, sting ., stg maxiaram winon just 30 miles per hour. that's probably a goo d thing. es es pretpara steady rain to the to e coastlines of the carolinas, cas nk yght s at t, vough3 virnk nia,vi maryland, new jersey and thennea up to new england where it's a t iiny morning. this is beaches clouds and r of nf n sh and ers miseh of the day. >> okay. >> here in d.c., mix of clouds, a litheye bit ofe a li is gly hine. maybe a few showers thishis afternoon. our viewers north and wesw ies thinfourthuntmythinfourthuntmy with more sunshine. >> so, it pays to be in the . ipara. h tioaybor the mount oft the further west you are the better your weather can youhe
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afternoon. here's bonnie our second stormco of the sea bein live miles peres hour winon .hour notice that the remnants, she along foil without any currents that will kind of be a pesky player in pl the coastal forecast the nukt tn couple days. oucor forecast gets brighter an3 less humid by tomorrost f 81 t's way. very rnoon.on., very muggy outuggy o 85 tomorrow with lesses olimidity. tuesday and wednesday look l great. great. and lo, sh at thaw we're ggreag get into june with temperature in the upper 70's, near 80. >> and we are l evking to war,0w fly guys. >> g evnce usiad you rroninded me about that. >> that's called an audible. oh. resto do som >> tha wo you. >> this memorial day going beyond the lens to saluteale be aerica's military. mit >> so many veterans pass through the walls of walter owar reed htragg.reed htragg. from the psyraological to the physical tolls, there'sal tollsr beimething gyec nll to help the prn theess.
7:18 am
service dogs are helg. hel ybeildinglu in their recy ler prn theess. >> ♪ > >> these are our ditls that come and see the patingnts on aa weekly basis. b these dogs mean a lot to the patienady.patienad it's, yind of out of the normf h and so a lot of -- every timef y i went to the the htr. sama ditl so it was very nice n and comforting and kind ofind o mahoos you for get about wnoonbw yo mere at the htragg.tragg. and it really treats themtshe mentally.. it's a great thing for these >> ♪ buddy. ioaybthis is a higf a hf for our patients.for our they come in, they're being screened for ptrag of bwerse malignancy. >> it's been four years this month that was on chemo
7:19 am
ofuring lee, aof a support.suppor they sense something is wronghio that you need that comfort and support. she's laying against my leg agam lihoo i'm here, io,sy okay. >> come here bibby. comcome here archie. ahi he's a g evd boy. b rrwas in a small litheye t and , southeastern afghanistan and irn had a my right hand wers and n a i got shot in both buttockigf bo both legs and then the right leg blew out my s. m iatic nerve.iatic nerve is having archie in bed withn be me and we were both taking o s3n nap. he just g. he just g. he picks up on a vibe that youit have and that you, you, ynoe o y you can'tnts- you canry ti expla to others what it is but it's i out there and he, ynows what it is. is he sits down and talks --
7:20 am
well, he doesn't talk to me o brit i mean in his own way he does. >> looking at the effects offfes therapy dor i on denr dor i on a for our patingnts.atingnt we brought in the therapy dogsog and all of the kids were watching, playing, feeding or hugging the therapy dogs and ioa think it made it a lot easingrin for them to come into their dental screenings and allow uss to get them to cooperate with us. >> awww. a >> yes, your momma taught you how to dour that. tha >> we work really hard on thists tie ev leg it's one of the busiest floorsbs in the hosg. in the beime days we just nee hd a bieak. and this is our break. bre you know, they commor they nk ve us some ly lmor i gwate them sos treats. and it's just -- it just kindusi of breatis us wt l not to say the
7:21 am
monoto la of the day but theut stress of the day. it's a stress redt's redt's a f ta minutes to pet them andee love them and have them love t us and thao,s all reallyea anearals really like.yik they want to be loved. we do a lot of that. t >> our vision was just to pry lide comfort and care tocomf the family members and serviceee meyers that we were ier trolved with. the unique way there these animals have to connect too peut le, whether they be sr be patients or patients' families f is truly remarn twerse and you thinfourabout the way medicine c is at a and the holistic approach to medicine, io,s noton cost about dgreang an opet itiot or giving somebody a pill or pl those types of things.of ts. it's's helg. the life, as close as possiblesi to the life that they had, inn partiche dar with our warnk yorg before they were injured. >> i always stop and see theop t service ditls no matter wherere this oy'e at because they mean a lot to us this o mean a lot to the sr n ae as welsd welsd they're like our pets away from home
7:22 am
>>, yind of gwates them a sensee of home. >> ♪ >> our beyond the lens the l saluting amenk yca's militarynks gyec nll continues tonight. we'll have more personalve me pe storings of military mronbelu,ru vetet ily and their fthat yilih you can check it outat tonighton at 5:30 rigita here on fox5. we it'l be nk yght bact' them
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>> e thtioayb7:24 now.
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rolling thunder nk yde forg de freedom. thousands of motorcyclistsor made their way from thehe pentefon to theakingtnthat ykint vetet ily mronor nll yestest ms this year's ride captured more r attention than ude cal b memause donald trump spohoo at the event. >> our most cherished people. pl thousands of peos at e are dancd waiting on lines to see a that is not ggreang to hthupen any more.or and lo there's await we're w going give the right for thoseoo peut le to go a dn thetor on eve a public doctor and get themselves taken care of we're w going to pay theou knohohe dd he time ago.ti a >> trump only spohoo for aboutot 15 minutes. another event drew no protestors in attendance.danc >> i trestigatolu in houstonga are trying to figure out whattot led to a deadly rampage thatgeha killed two pines at e. p two gunmen fired at random at a an auto shop. customer at that shop wasshop w one olegthe gunmen was laterheg killed by police.edpolice another suspect was shot and utiundetig bei far there's no utird on any potential motive for that. >> d
7:26 am
continutes to rise from deadly flooding. now it stands at six.ta veto other pines at e stil hermr though. more than 16-inches of rainai fell in some parady of the the state causing widespreadcaus flooding. thousands of people evacuatedple from their homes as a to u mem betion. >> meanwhile tropical depression bonnie didn't packon as big a punra as exp memted but it did bring a lot of rain tofa parts of the easou knoouth caroi biunt of it. forecasters expect the storm s to dums wsevet il inches alvrinv parts of ginerg nl and the carolinas.. >> just seems unimaginable.magil >> pretty good punra for att memonk yal day weekend. yal dke parts of 95 were flooded downodd in gine yo nl and south carolinr >> heast m about that, yeah.bout >> around here. >> well, io,s obv teuslynts- io, what we have out of bde at theso moment is the remnants ofnt bonnie and io,s bnk ynging us genet illy stoud cy ler at the moment. mo brought some pretty goodpr localized heavy r of n last night.d down in king george in virginia, they had flash flood warning for a teare last nigita as they had just about abo 3-inches of rain in a short in t penk yt we of teare. o
7:27 am
beaches. rest of us a mix of clouds and d de cv c not going to be a washouttoe a today if you've got -- if you'reou'r going to the paradmor if you onu going to be out and about at barbecues that kind of thingd ot later tt weay, i wouyou'down, in ifbiella hanhe u and be preparu for the possibility of showersss although i t prenk the bhe dfouf the actiiopara will be well topa our eastra for much of the day.. you can see it rcksing alongit a the cy le. cle. that's the reel manassas ofnasso bonnie. maximum winlat at just 30 miless per hour.ou 69 tropical and muggy degreesgyd out there early.e got we lt's got we lt's bwi marshall 68.shall 80 or show later thisat t aftern evn and then t prengs wil dry out tomorroyou knoh it will warm up again mid 80's. tomorrow shohe dd feel betterd r with less h l today is going to feel very tropical. >> every commebea nl herbieak im trancng to blow my hair out a ot little bit.le b it's ridiche dous. >> il da getting winarb.l e thtio> nice looking. >> yeah.da >> okay. >> coming us wt lt [l beghter]e about to get very close. ge how you can see the red planet today. >> first thoginh a new presidential poll has someti
7:28 am
who says this o are not ggreango help donald trump win the white house. t27. >> sr7 them
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> back now at 7:30 on this memorial day taking a look at the tomb of the unknown d soldii we honor our military members past, present and of course ofoe those who will serve in the future.fu memorial day 2016 tomb of the t unknown soldier. back now with more news, donaldd trump won't be the next theex president that is according tocg staffers on capitol hill. surprising thing about thehingbt survey republican congressionals aids who are saying that the the donald will not win and what'shs more, they will not vote for h him. joining us now with more on the survey sean with very surprising poll. po democratic staff, sure, theye, won't vote for trump but
7:31 am
way? >> that's right. >> the public opion polls are a showing very tight race but the republican staffs on capitol cap hill aren't buying it and they t haven't been for as long aslo we've been polling.een they didn't think he was goingt to win the republican primary pi and now they don't think he's going to be president. president about two-thirds of them. ohem. >> why? anything specific as tp why theyec think he can't or wil not win? >> because the road map that he's sketched out some involvesn winning states likes l pennsylvania, the upper midwestd these are states with largearge white working class populationss they haven't gone republicanepli since the 1980s. so there's a lot of scepticismps that he can forge a new road mad for republicans.. >> so with these staffers nowern thinking that okay drum is thatu not going to win they're goingyg further saying they're not going to try to help him w what's driving that? that seeme to me like they are completelyol turned off by his candidacy. ca. >> t
7:32 am
ballot. these are people who work on capitol hill.l hl they're worried about theirbo te bosses losing their jobs. members of the house and senate.
7:33 am
candidate.nd >> that's astonishing given howg much republicans on capitol hill loping the clintons.nton >> right, right. this has been in one word the wacky yesterday political cyclel that i can remember in recent rn memory. me in this polling, you know, what, was it specifically thatcally t surprised you the most? was itw the fact that these staffershe said they wouldn't vote for --o- try to help donald trump or wasr it the fact they would some ofoe them might turn to hillaryll clinton? was there anything ini particular that was the most tha surprising to you?ring t >> well the disconnect.isconnec. we're seeing republicans nationwide grass rootsss roots republicans, voters, rallyingly around donald trump, and tellint the party leaders they want them to get behind donald trump but t the aids are very resistant toea doing that, and they continue ti be and so that was a surprise to me. >> okay. o so someone might say aids, aid spades they won't get behind th donald i doesn't make adona doe difference or does it? >> well, it's a good question. e i mean, is this an example of aids being out of touch, the establishment in washington wasi being out of touch with theh voters? none
7:34 am
the donald was going to win the primary or is it an example of aids people who understand the e maps the political map, you, know, forecasting the futureutur correctly.rrec >> is this now up to the republican party to try to get g them to change their opinion orr something else had a have to happen to get these aids on the donald's side? s >> well in the end it doesn'thet matter. it's up to the voters, right? rg >> that's true.t's true. that's true. >> aids may be disappointed inp the end, but if donald trump wins, and he brings voters out to vote for republicanepli congressional candidates the aids regardless ---- >> sing agnew tune real quick.eq i voted for him the whole time.m yeah. again, it's been the wacky wac yesterday political cycle no shocker this poll is showing sho what it's showing. showi thank you so much.thanu so editor for cq magazine. magin thanks for coming out onoming on memorial day to talk politics. t >> thanks for having me.vinge. >> tucker barnes a little moon l gazing to do?gang to do? >> i hope so if we can get can t sunshine and keep things cl
7:35 am
later tonight, yeah. great red burn talking all aboua mars. mars. cloud corvette there rain showers off to the east. streaming north that's all thesl remnants of bonnie thanks bonn bonnie. okay. maybe not, new york city thanksk as we've got just a few -- heree the deal.el. locally i think just a fewst aew showers today.ower t kind of in and out of the of clouds. if you're along the beaches iton will not be a terribly goodteiby looking day as the clouds willuw hang tough and they'll be periodic shower activity furtheu north and west, as you get y further north and west of you'll see more and more more sunshine, and pleasant pleas conditions with less chance ofsc rain later today. later 69 now at reagan national.l. dulles 67.dues upper 60s at bwi highs about 80. you're really going to notice ne the humidity when you step outty this morning that tropical air i mass in place. p with a few showers thiswers thi afternoon maybe a rumble off thunder especially to the east. 50s towards the bay and east of the bay. th best chance for shower activity later today. be back in just a minute withint the sevenay
7:36 am
the page to june. j can you believe it? do we havev 99s on the seven day.99s onhe s >> i'll the details coming upcog and we are going to talk marsma and all things starry lated with greg read burn coming up.p. >> that's always fun. always fu. >> still ahead this morning,admn also, your summer movie preview. kevin will join us with the fivv movies you must see.. >> but first an incredibleree ending to one of the most famouu races in the world.ra wee tell you exactly whatly w happened next. ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah.
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♪ ♪ >> the united nations likely u that hundreds of migrants arenim deadigra this morning having drd during their attempt to cross at the mediterranean sea.nean s it's believed the migrants werew on board three different ships s that capsized and dangerous trip thousands of refugees make evere year while a at the present timing to make it to europe.o mo forget what you've heard'v pope francis says he is not retiring from the papacy.. >> rumors have been swirling online that the pope wasli that thinking of stepping down.own pope francis previously said hed envisioned a short term beforeor going on to the father's house.e although the not typicalypic scholars say that past popes p have stepped down while still sl alive. we just saw that, yeah,h, including pope francis' predecessor pope benedict.edic a mexican soccer star kidnan over the weekend has been rescued. alan polito was abducted early y yesterday after leaving a partyy near his hometown which iswhichi located on the u.s. border andor known as region plagued by gang
7:40 am
he is currently a forward for greek team and also played for mexico's national team.m the indianapolis 500 celebrates its 100th running with incredible finish.h. >> rookie driver won it all that hasn't happened in 15 years.. 24-year-old alexander rossie r found himself leading iconic race in the final lap while the other drivers sought to get morg fuel he took a gamble and keptnd on going open though he neededn gas. in the end his decision kept hik in the number one spot. st rossi has only been driving indy cars for three months. >> what?>> w? >> congrats to him. if you missed it>> martin te ex, jr. waking up this morningsr the winner of the soak today cola 600. he led a whopping 392 of 400 lapse in the 600-mile race. he finish more than 2.5 secondss ahead of harvick with johnson in third place. >> death defying momt
7:41 am
and camera.came. >> that's american space jumper jeff, performing a stunt perfor yesterday at great wall of china china. he dropped from helicopter at 6,000 feet.6, he flew through the air at 120 miles per hour.per hr. there he is.s 7?and hit a car get that wast w suspend over the great wall. wal the stunt is known as the human arrow. let's see it. i >> oh, my goodness.dns >> here it is. >> whoo! >> okay. takes a special kind of human th do that.dohat >> that does it.>>hat >> keep on keeping on.>> k >> he did it. all right. right. coming up a special space evente happening today.ppg to mars will get close to the earth how you can see the red planet.. >> kevin will join us live for his summer movie previews, onev, of his must sees, fining dory. see what else he thinks will be big hit.
7:42 am
♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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7:44 am
>> it is memorial day 2016.iada0 live look there arlingtonarlion national cemetery tomb of the te unknown soldier. 7:44. beautiful start to the day.l st you know what, even if it werevw pouring raining the real meaning comes through. a day to honor and say thank tok you our fallen militaryy servicemen and women so thanko t you to the families left behindn all right. >> all right. rht >> not bad day.ot bad >> no. i mean mostly good news foreca forecast. it's not going to be the brighti sunshine we had saturday but idb think most of the rain showern e activity is pivoted to the easts here and we'll be in -- we'll b' in and out of the clouds todayay with muggy conditions out theret you'll notice
7:45 am
definitely crept up here as thep tropical air mass movings movin overhead. 69 now in washington. wasng 70 in annapolis. leonardtown, good morning, mning 70 degrees for you. deg for y north and to the west, we gotot temperatures in the mid 60s there. ther 64 in frederick. 67 at dulles. quantico 69 degrees. so everybody upper 60s even some 70s with due point temperaturesm now running in the middle 60s.. these have been creeping up ovee the past 24 hours the remnants of bonnie sneaking up the coast, and i think you will notice that humidity today if you'll be out and about for any period of ti time. all right. we'll take look at our satellite and our radar.. notice the rain showerr activities to the east at this t hour. and it will remain generally toy the east of d.c. this afternoono i can't promise because thisaust instability in the atmospherey n and the remnants of bonnie kinde of sneaking up the coast weoaste won't see a few showers developv this afternoon locally. local but for the most part kind of a mix of clouds with a littleit sunshine here and there locallyy with
7:46 am
off to our south and east. you can see those just crawlingi up along the beachesch unfortunately this morning m bringing clouds and rain showero to some of our favorite beach.ea north and west your chances fors rain are not high today.od and you should be in pretty good shape this afternoon. after all right.l right bonnie is depression now maximum winds 30 miles an hour.n hor not well organized but all ofuto that moisture you see up and u down the eastern seaboardbo associated with remnants here. r it is just kind of crawlingcrawg along at the north moving to tht north and east at about 3 milesm per hour and notice the track ok it takes out to the remnant lowt very slowly out to sea.o so it will be a player in the t coastal forecast for the next couple of days although with w weak cold front coming throughir here later tonight i think we're going to see improvingrong conditions tomorrow with morethr sunshine and less humidity bymii tomorrow. all right. there's future cast.s re c a few showers develop thisophi afternoon that's a weak coldea front out to the west bringing n few showers to the mountains byb late afternoon early there we are tonight at 10:00 aa that front gets east of us bys b early tomorrow morning we shoule clear it out with temperaturespu in the
7:47 am
81 for memorial day. and again we're looking at justt few showers this afternoon.on so be ready for that. ha but be ready for a little bit ot sunshine as a that is a look at the forecast. now we're moving on becausen bee today is a special day. not just it's memorial day.ay get ready for this.y fos this is the closest the planet p mars has been to planet earth ih more than decade. ah i remember the last time.t tm don't you allison?on >> yes. >> thank you for playing along.g >> it's so bright you can see ii in the sky with the naked eye. e i feel like i can see it sometimes with night naked eye. joining us now on skype nasa ambassador good guy and sky guy. mr. >> help memorial day everybody.. >> i'll tell was i can see withs your naked eye and that's your r face. look at you. you look (laughter). >> what great day it is andnd remembering all of our veteransn and those who serv served.erve with your forecast i'mt encouraged that maybe p
7:48 am
at its closest like you said since 2,006.. >> help me understand, a, what,a direction of the sky we shouldel look at, what time of night, ana what we can expect over the nexe couple of weeks with mars. >> tucker, tonight mars will be at its brightest. bte the actual point of closest clot approach is at 4:35 today andody for those of you who are really counting -- 6,762,695 miles aw away. but right after it gets dark inr the southeast sky you can't hell but notice this bright loomingoo object there in the that is mars and it's in the the mars will be up all night andl a quite frankly even with cloudss around it it has kind of a a surreal view.l view. we were outlooking last night nt after
7:49 am
through and i'll tell you it is really beautiful. everybody --od >> how will i know i'm looking at mars and not some other o object? is it bright orange?? >> good question, tucker. mars -- the only thing thatng t competes with it at dark isk is jupiter and jupiter is high so if you know where southeast is, just look towards that andt the colors a give away too tucker. >> it's reddish orange. and it is really really a neat a thing to see. people got time, i'll be postini it on twitter but there will bee a life coverage of this event at 9:00 o'clock eastern daylight time. time we'll be able to see mars live i via the internet through t telescopes down in chile.hile really really
7:50 am
>> all right. r. greg, i love talking to you. y we got most of what you said.d. southeast sky tonight and if wee can't see it tonight, yes, we y can see it over the next couplel of week, correct? yes or no? or >> yeah. it's not going get that muchuc dimmer tucker all through the th month of june.month un very very visible and in the southeast and you just can't miss it much it's worth looking at. one last thing for our viewersrs there's seven space around around two on the surface and five in orbit. we're really studying the rede planet.plan >> i love talking to you, greg.e thank you for joining us.yofor i hope i can see an alien with t my naked n any chance of that? >> okay. thank you very much. i'm going to toss it back toac t maureen and i don't know what just happenedp there. >> i do. he was reporting from mars. m >> i like that. lik >> thank you. >> good to tuck to talk to you, greg.greg >> ♪ greg is awesome.>> he is aw
7:51 am
>> he makes it fun. >> greg -- what he talks aboutat the same thing i feel for for movies.vies >> yes. >> he's a kevin mccarthy of >> i get that same vibe througho greg. greg we're on the same wave length. . >> good see you guys. >> good to see see y. big summer at the movies coming up. you are argue summer season movie started when captainnap america civil war came out.ut. starting summer movies.r mov april has become a big startingt point. technically speaking this past friday was x-men apocalypse wase the start of the summer movierov season. the movie wasn't well received.i i thought it was a decent x-men film. fi nowhere near -- >> he told me he hated it. >> he told me it was average. ae >> this morning he said he hateh it. >> that's what he told hem >> hated and average in between. >> little bit different.ifferent the movie wasn't anywhere nearen as good as age of future past or x-men first class but it wasutt worthy x-men film.rthy xen f i didn't think it was that ama amazing because compared tocaus
7:52 am
pool there's nothing that can c compare to those two super heroes films this year. yea moving on to summer films cominn out this year including fining n dory everyone is very excitedxc about. i am very excited. i just booked an interview withv ellen degeneres i cannot wait tt talk to her.oer she plays dory obviously. obvios this is a sequel to finding fini nemo.nemo. taking place roughly six monthss after the events of finding nemn this time around dory ellen'slln character is teaming up with w nemo to try and find her familym and the movie opens up june june 17th obviously disneyisne pixar i want to say this. i love fining nemo and i think t the director andrew stanton isos phenomenal film maker my favorite pixar film to date so e far is i loved wally so much. this is in my tom five including the incredibles as well toy story three.y three. if you don't cry in the first 2f minutes of up, you are not a human being.eing that is one of the most emotional --emotio >> you're absolutely right.
7:53 am
very excite by finding dory. dy. pixar master that is balances bn being for adults and for kids. k so many parents are spending son much money on these movies these days the parents should havee quality.ity. parents deserve quality filmlitm making and if your kids arendf o going to see good move 53 whye w not give the parents good 80. >> right.ig >> next up is a little movieov called independence dayeay resurgence. i'm a little iffy on this moviev i'm not really sure how i feel.f no will he's not back for the film. fil they've apparently killed himlem off in an alien tech malfunctioc has killed his character.. liam hemsworth starring in thiss movie bill pull man is back as well and jesse usher playingla will smith's son in the move z i'm very very concerned.onceed 20 years later, the effects looo great.. i love roland em rick he's a a phenomenal film maker he did the independence day 20 years agorsa and 2012 and universal soldier i can i loved.ed i don't
7:54 am
it doesn't he'll like it has the same spark the originalrigi independence day had and it hasy no will >> no will smith.>> no will smih >> we'll see.>> hold out hope. o >> it has vivica a. fox. fox >> jeff goldblum is back. b some of the lines in thein trailers are funny. >> it seems rehashed to me.ehhe i haven't seen it yet. y it seems like i've seen ite seen before. t 83.haven't seen i ghost busters.te. this film getting a lot oflot of negative attention online. onle i'm very excited about.bout. i love the idea all dee fail d f cast. lesley jones, kate mckinnan and melissa mccarthy and kristinrist wig.wi 30 years after the original. fall feig directing this movie who bridesmaids. so the first trailer for ghost g busters is the most dislikedd trailer ever in the history ofto youtube for movie trailers. >> why? >> for movie trailers. >> why? >> 850,000 dislikes.00 diskes. >> why? >> i don't know. i think people hate it.. others went online to say it. >> because it's a reboot. reboo >> the women in the cast. women. i'm trng
7:55 am
the problem.e robl >> i don't know. people are disliking it. dis i am on the positive side. s i can't wait for it.wait f i the most disliked movie trailerr ever.. >> just from the little bitit we've seen it seems like it's i forced humor to me. to they're trying a little tooyi al hard. hard. >> it's a concerted effort off dislike.s >> i agree.. >> what's interesting when thata article came out saying it was t the most disliked trailer in thn history of movie trailers it hah over 200,000 dislikes. dli i check this morning now it's 850,000 but compared to justin beiber's baby 6 million dislik dislikes. (laughter). augh >> 6 million dislike. 6 millions real quick, we have 22nds her here. next sun jason bourn the fifth f bourn film in the franchise cannot wait for this. this paul green grass directed thistt movie and he's back. also did bourn supremacy and born ultimatum. uimat that opens up july most anticipated film of them ot summer is suicide squad.quad. will smith is in this one. >> will smith is in it.smis in >> as well as everybody margo robbie, jared lito super villians teamed up to try too
7:56 am
see how that turns out.w ut it looks amaze. >> it looks good. >> davidia yeah directed it whoo wrote training day. >> jared leto come on.come o >> when does that come out. >> august 5th.. >> end of the summer.umr. >> tucker, good morning.. >> if zach efron was in independents day it would bewoul good. >> he's got a man constructionso crush.crh >> this morning tucker said he e should be james bond.meson insane statement i've ever hear in my life g i'm thinking aheadd here. he next 20 of them.next0 of >> no. he's not james bond. j b >> i don't think he's as young t as you think he is.hink his >> nowhere near idris alba or or tom hiddleston.dl >> you don't know what you'renot talking about. >> you're right. you'r >> let's do the forecast.o thfoc we're looking at clouds andsnd remnants of bonnie.fni thanks a lot, bonnie. moving through the area. the a most of the rain shower activity is to our east. eas not great day at the beaches. b. really sorry about sor locally we'll be in and oryut of the clouds. ds we've had little sunshine earlye i think they'll be some peekse e and periods of sunshine withine
7:57 am
i can't promise we won't see a a few additional showers developoe this so just be prepared for that although most of the showerho activity should remain to ourho east this ts af 71 now in washington.ashingto quick look at your forecast. fe. 80 this afternoon.s afteoon. it will be muggy lots ofs o tropical moisture in place.ce guys, more weather in just athet minute. back to you.. >> okie coke dee thank you tuck. staying politically polite. pol. the do's and don'ts of talking i politics.. >> sleep solutions for babies.ib what you can do right now to now make sure that your child gets t good night's sleep. ♪
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♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 o'clock, c live look outside on thishi monday, may 30th, 2016.6 memorial day 2016 weather cominm up on the 5's at 8:05. 8:0 and good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. smour. >> i'm wisdom martin.. steve chenevey has the day off.f welcome to fox5 news morning.or we start off with developingelop news this morning at 8:00 from:m northeast d.c. a man was shotast and killed on 24th place around 2:15 this morning. the shooting happened not far fr from a high school. police are saying anything righy now about suspect orin suspectst this case.thisas now to northern virginia,rgi where prince william county police are investigate a deadlyl shooting.ting this happen this morning around 2:20 in the 3,000 block of gillan ski boulevard.
8:01 am
a 23-year-old man was killed.ile this is prince william county's tenth murder of the year. caught on camera two vandala set off illegal fireworksorks sparking a fire right in front r of a home on a home's porch inoh prince george's county.orge'snt did scary moments for woman anda her roommate after someone through those explosives onves n their porch.their porc it happened early saturdayearly morning in riverdale much polici have surveillance video to help them fine the vanvidal who's set off the illegal fireworks sparking that small fire. f we spoke to one of the victims s who didn't want to be identifi identified. >> we are thinking, what if weii came down here, we wasn't payinn attention to the monitors,s, opened the door and that couldha have exploded and killed someone? >> prince george's county firegs marshal is investigating if you recognize the people theo until in that surveillance vide give them callsu. this morning there's outrags and it's growing over the'swing killing of a gorilla after a four-year-old boy fell into its enclosure.clure >> this happened at the cincinnati zoo panic visitors vr looked on in terror.r holly joins us back in studio s with more
8:02 am
holly, you've been to the zoo.he >> oh, i been to the zoo and ioi actually just got off the phonep with my sister who watches two young boys she goes to the she e cincinnati zoo at least onceti a week and i was talking to hero ever how big the story is nows n nationally you can imagine howmw it's playing out in cincinnatict and it really is tragic from alm different angles. lots of people heart broken oveo what it has many people many people are indeed people want to know how thisow could why there was not more of aore barrier around the enclose e insures and how did the parentsn let this happen? why did thehyt zoo use a tranquilizer instead e of shooting to kill all valid questions. well this morning that gorillarr exhibit is closed.lod. now, in the video of theo of t incident you can see the gorilla lift the boy up.p then sweep him across the waterr much this video right here iss actually where he's -- he's--e' being very nurturing and gentlen to the boy. to the boy is believed to haveved o crawled over a barrier beforeerr dropping into a moat in thet ine gorilla exhibit. now he was in there for about 12 minutes.mi
8:03 am
terrified on lookers shouted sht stay calm, one woman you could d hear her saying, mommy loves you, so we're souping that's the child's mother. some witnesses say that it appeared the gorilla wasla actually caring for the boy likk i mentioned and trying toin protect him. him some believe it began to panic,, though, because of the loudheou screams from the visitors, andia that may have caused the gorilll to drag the boy around thehe enclosure.os the zoo in a statement said hitd no choice but to kill thelhe gorilla believing the boy was ii eminent danger.ent dge they said using a tranquilizerni may not have worked in time especially as the gorilla was becoming more agitated oned visitor described thoseibed incredibly tense moments. ments >> we love the zoo. zoo it's very friendly anddly a everything is beautiful here, hr but when you see something likel that and then you have the disappointment because what doso you say to your grandchildren?cr >> it's sad day all the way way around.around the right choice was made. mad it was difficult choice.. >> oh, my god!od >> pita spoken out about this t
8:04 am
zoo saying there should have been a secondary barrier aroundy the gorilla's exhibit onlinee petition calling for the boy'soy parents to be charged hasedas thousands of signatures.nares. now the mother of thew the ther four-year-old posted a message a on facebook saying, "as a a society we are quick to judge.od i keep a tight watch on my kids. accidents happen ".. the child has since beenbee released from the hospital.the . the zoo like we said now back b open to the public but theut the gorilla exhibit will be closedlo until further notice. and so when i talking to my to m sister about this, she was w almost in tears because i can totally see how this would w happen. happ first and for most, the barrierr is not very high there at thethe exhibit, right? sometimes kidss like to stand up on it and i parents will hold them and lookd in. >> right.>> r >> she said she's often made tht comment, what would prevent donn someone from just going in? >> i thought it was get down.tow >> get down. what would prevent someone? seo it's work for 38 years for thert zoo.zoo >> that was my thing holly i hly agree with you especially thonn
8:05 am
an issue you had one issue how e is it -- i'll not blaming the t parents. if you never had an issue in 38 years, how all of a sudden oh s now it's the problem. >> that's how lawsuits are donen every day.every day. >> you're writ about a >> when something happens.n so the mom in cincinnati -- itt wasn't that sean attentive.tten. the little boy was saying i wanw to go in the water and play witw the gorillas.illas she's like no, you cannot. several witnesses account thatct watched this all play out.this you cannot do that she turnsur away she has other kids in an in instant that little boy wentt over the railing and there hee was. wa as kids will do.o >> i know you say your kids have never gotten out of your site y for a >> not for one second.or one sen >> i have looked away for seconr i turn around my four-year-oldoo is son. i'm i also made the comment earlieri like, oh, my gosh, he was downed there for 12 minutes.ut if i the mom i'm over the the barrier and down there.he. apparently the mom did want to n do that. t other people were saying to her, you cannot do that.
8:06 am
you will fall and break everyree bone in your body and then, youy know what i mean? but the point my sister made that stuck withtk me the most she's like, if thefe gorilla wanted to kill theill t child, he can have done itt instantly.stan the child was in there for 15 1 minutes. and the sad thing is everybodyry was acting as they should. sul little four-year-old was being-s four. the p.m. was doing her . the zoo did what they did. did the crowd reacting agitating the gore little la was just beingt i the nonetheless, you know, i thinkwt there will be changes at the the cincinnati zoo. which is a great zoo by the wayw i'm not just saying that becausu i'm a homer. but --t >> it's very sad. >> it's a great zoo.>> i >> it's sad.>>ad >> 17 years i mean i remember ww had a great ape, tucker and ir i are in the shot at our nationall zoo. zo kids grew up with that gorilla.a there's a band there. the >> that's a big deal.s big gorillas at the since net zoo are like the pandas at ourt our national zoo.oo. >> right. >> on the critical endangerednde list.list people are leaving flowers atwea the statue.thetatu it's a
8:07 am
levels. >> yup. y >> absolutely.>> a >> holly thanks.nk okay.. good morning, tucker barnes. >> remember our gorilla used to throw poop at school visitor.oov >> i don't blame him.>> we're all like ahh and he's like yup.yup. (laughter). >> they get stressed. i forget his name. cojo. >> that sounds familiar.ha >> you get attached.t get att i don't know.t . it's a sad story. story >> the problem the animals are --ar >> they're captive. >> yeah. >> i know. >> let's talk weather.alk weathr change the subject and talk t weather.we >> i'm sad about s >> it is a sadad story.tory southern stream of moisture thee remnants of bonnie, and we're w' looking at very humid start tott the day.e day. generally cloudy conditions forn your afternoon. aerno high temperatures about 80 and0a there may be a shower or two unfortunately the beaches jusths does not look like a great -- ii will always -- there's no bado day at the beach, but it will bl a rather rainy day.ay we've been looking at a liveive shot down in ocean cit a
8:08 am
morning. good soaking rain down there. r 71 at reagan national.atna 68 dulles bwi marshall 70.0. again, generally cloudylo conditions for us for . you may see a little sunshine sn here or there or peeks orpeeks r periods of sunshine butunshe bu generally cloudy with a few few showers and even potential thunderstorm developing thisevon afternoon. 81 degrees. not a wash out but a few showers this afternoon.this afterno seven day forecast looks brighter and warmer.. we turn the corner to june. do we have any 90s on the seven day? >> do we. >> are we going see it. s it. >> you'll have to wait and finea out. >> nice tease. >> all right. >> you should have seen thee t miss weekend.mi >> take it away wisdom.dom >> got news to talk tao still ahead another shoot tag metro station.on. victim this time a teenagedeenae girl. the latest on the search for the gunman >> busy holiday in the nation'se capitol. more on today's events tos to remember our nation's heroes hah we're back in just 30 seconds.
8:09 am
>> 8:09 is the time.>> welcome back. as we take live look outside liv right now. n >> all righty.>> a more violence impacting metro mo last night a teenager was shotws near the anacostia metro statioa in southeast. thankfully, she is okay today.yy our bob barnard, though, live le there. more violence, more gunplay. gul bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison and a wisdom good morning to tu this happened around 7:40 last night. nigh young lady taken to the hospital she is going to survive.ngsurv our fox5 news cameras therehere shortly afterward.fter it happened here at the at e
8:10 am
bus area above ground. gro this teenaged girl after feeline the pain we're not sure if sheuf heard the gunshot or just felt t the pain in her leg went to a metro staff to report theort injury. an ambulance was called. w she was taken to the hospital. a again, she's going to be okay we're told. told police dc police metro police pc came here.mee. we're told it was a man but that guy got away.way gunman got away. and police obviously hopingopin someone who saw something willnw call them and identify this shooter.te. and even the ward eight councill member from this area came hereh and made the same appeal, thatet someone must have seen who firef the shot. st. let's turn this guy in.. >> we've not seen people come ul the way we need them.eed we know that we're not going tog be able to police our way out of this issue. i we're going to need theg to n te community to be a more active -v play a more active role inle making sure we're solving crimec and that we're stick
8:11 am
create safer environment. >> reporter: now again we'rega w not sure whether this teenagedea girl was the intended target ort just a bystander who got shot accidentally. the gunman is still on the istil loose. police hoping and as council member may says, hoping somebods saw this and will give them t call. ca guys? >> all righty, bob live for us -- bob, thank you very much.. 8:11. coming up lots of events e happening today in the nation's' capitol for memorial day.l day we'll tell you how you canan participate next.ipate next.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ welcome back.e . 8:14. is that haze that i'm lookingokg at? i can't see it. (laughter).. >> tropical humidity.. >> allison did you get it int rain the your house?us? >> yeah. i must slept -- >> didn't you.idn' >> i probably did.babl >> you probably didn't get atet whole lot. if you're north and west of dc d very little amounts of rain. r i was out near the bay more likr almost an inch of rain. parts of the area had a flash fa flood last night.t nig prince george's county inrge's y virginia. >> we're not talking about all l that nastiness right now.ow >> no, we're not.o, we're not. do you know what we're talkingeg about. ab >> super duper cuteness. cen >> i see a combination here. hee >> lot cuteness and wisdom updom here. all right. al time now fox5 first five photo p of the day. day as you can see we got superer duper cuteness this jordan. jorn >> oh, jordan. >> adorable. >> she is
8:15 am
loves loves loves being in fronn of the camera.ofamer >> as she should.>> as she sh look at her adorable muffin ja jaws. >> jordan is very comfortable vr right here at fox5y . (laughter). >> got a few of those peoplepl around here.. >> go ahead wisdom. >> i'm still working. wki >> i guess we can't.n't >> time is up.ime >> she loves to be in front ofnr the camera and loves watchingchn fox5. fo >> she loves being adorable. >> i'll say the disclaimer youay can do your bit.t >> send us to your child's picture go to fox5 d.c. and send on in if there's cuteness jordir you've got chance.. >> allison never seen thisn t before i don't have you allison.have you a >> you only do the baby talk.k. >> that's old news.d news >> that's last year. yr. >> okay.>> >> now he's a poet.e's et >> now i'm a poet.oe i'm about to show it. >> okay. >> all right. this is for you jordin.youor and here we go.and w >> before you start, we w apologize jordin for whatever hh may say.y >> this is going to q
8:16 am
all right. al this is for you.ou put jordin's picture back up. jordin, jordin you keep on soaring you're just great you'ry never late, that's it. (laughter). >> yes, yes, yes. >> allison, where else you going to go to get that.hat. >> nowhere.>> >> absolutely. can i also do just remind me quick shout out to the eppso the familiar i'll met at sick flags. wonderful.l >> okay. >> whole gang out there.holeg they watch every day. >> fantastic. f >> the epps familiarly.amiliarl >> should i write --uld ite >> no. >> only for jordan.or >> we got to talk about who is going to win the game tonight. g >> golden state. >> 71 in washington. 70 in annapolis. inapo 60s to the 68 at dulles. 66 up in frederick. frederick all here's storm tracker radar. there are the rain showers off o to our east. our they continue along the beaches, clouds, for the beaches.. locally we're kind of in and ou of the clouds here early.. we'll trend towards more cloudsd than
8:17 am
from time to time with highse about 80. you willto notice the humidity theidithe tropical moisture in place. pce and later this afternoon thereon might be a shower or twowo developing along the 95 corridor there you go.ere you go. remnants of bonnie tropicalroca depression bonnie maximum windsw 30 miles an hour. seven day, 81 today.. a few showers this afternoon. a little bit drier air works inw later tonight with weak coldwakc front so even though it's 85 tomorrow, that sunshine andshine drier air should feel pretty gre we're pleasant wednesday andne thursday. so again not a wash out today. u you going down to memorial day activities later today. later td i think you'll be okay.y but don't forget to put theuthe sunscreen on.n little sunshine here and there.. >> thank you. you well around the dc row johnh mole whole lot going on this o t morning to commemorate memorialm day. at arlington national cemeteryly volunteers including the boy scouts handing out roses to 30,000 visitor today's. this comes after roses wereosesr placed a top the gravestonesrast there on yesterday.rd >> also at arlington, the b
8:18 am
ceremony of the day due toue to happen at 11:00 o'clock this t morning. this will be president obama pdt laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns.wn president will speak at that saa ceremony right after that.t in the district the national memorial day parade will stepltp off a 2:00 p.m. today.. it goes up constitution of an starts at seventh street and ene the 17th some of the big names set toet entertain in that parade include the new american idol trent harmon also country stars john michael montgomery and phil basser.basser >> today we're celebrating our r heroes who died in the line of e duty and also those who continui to serve our country.. >> later this afternoon the largest memorial day event isve happening right here in ourur area. ar our jennifer davis is live witht more of the events today.od good morning. >> reporter: good morning toor you i'm at the world war ii memoriar they are going to have ao a ceremony here at the top of thet hour to honor the 400,000 livesl lost during world war ii and the 16 million who served. serve it is a real honor for me righte now to introduce you to one of
8:19 am
the world war ii veterans thisth is bernie instead of fan. so you told me that you were 14 days into your 17th birthdayir when you enlisted.d. tell me where you served wanterw did you. >> i showed in japan. jan i was an electrician.rician i ran power cables and ranan underwater cable from ship to the shore so the ship hadad telephone communications. >> reporter: how in the world tr do you do that? explain what crazy circumstances under which you did that. >> it was a difficult situationi the problem the sea was little rough. ug the wind was blowing us off course and you had to stop thept motors on the boat to make thehe splice.spli so we got finally got connectedt back up again.p a we were about 2 miles off cour course. extra cable to geto get back online.nle >> reporter: you were 17 at the time. we'll zoom in here.we he has on his vfw hat one of tho really rare he says discharge from world war ii opinions, 1941 to 48 he served in the
8:20 am
tell me what it meant to yount o when they asked you to be part of today's ceremony? you'll lal a wreath here today.od >> it means quite a bit to me, , because i think back to the t island where all them crosses -- all them white ones with no loved ones to honor them poor guys laying out over themve islands and really means a lot t to me to be here to participatea >> reporter: you've been here be once before but you told your daughter you wanted to come back again.ain uh-uh fine it peaceful here. h what is it like for you when yon come here?er >> it's like i said it's i peaceful. i enjoy it very very much. mh. a long time in coming and i'mg d grateful that we do have it. >> reporter: how do you feel yoe the country does on memorialial day? do we do a good job youob think or do you wish the countrt did more?d m >> i think the country does an excellent job.ob. especially all your veterans whw stand by veterans. i'm really proud to be a veter veteran. >> reporter: you're like a celebrity here. people come up and want to shaka
8:21 am
how does that feel?hat fl? >> it makes me feel good. >> reporter: bernie, thank youhy so much for joining us. it is a an honor.on thank you seven for your y service. >> thank you. getsemonyr: the ceremony under way at 9:00 o'clock.0 o'o. one of self veterans laying a wreath here and just beautifulel people are just starting tortin arrive and that will happen within the hour.within t back to you. >> all right. aht special day indeed for a lot of special people.eopl definitely. >> still ahead moms and dadss ds listen up. are you having trouble gettingne your little ones to go to sleeps we'll find out what you can do o to get them to go, v a good night's rest. rt >> why did i think this was not problem in your house? >> well...> ell. (laughter). >> later, johnny depp and ambera herd divorce getting even more ugly.. what we know about their splitil and who is now coming to johnnyy depp's defense. 8:21.
8:22 am
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♪ veterans did you plays inn several states damageded vandalized over the weekend.. a vietnam memorial in californir was covered in big whitete police are investigating but whomever did it still on the ont loose. volunteers are working to removm that paint. highly disrespectful in myn m opinion.opinion. >> yes. in kentucky a man drove his car right through a memorial dal display of more than 5,000 500 at least 160 of them were volunteers were able to put 142t
8:25 am
destroyed.dest the 27-year-old driver is now nw behind bars.s a man trapped in his car ono mountain in arizona for three fe days is lucky to be alive this s morning after couple oute sightseeing spot his crasheding vehicle. they noticed pieces of the vehicle through the trees and called 911 after discovering thi man was still and side. s it took rescue crews more thanwh an hour to reach that man. m he's in stable condition at this point. po facing predictions ofcing another record setting year iney attendant the national park pk service is considering cappingpg number of people who visit during its 100th year. yellowstone among the parks planning to survey customers what limitations they might accept. park had more than 4 million 4il visitors in 2015. 201 a 17% increase from the year before.before. beautiful shot of thebe capitol dome with the american flags there of course flyinge fn half staff today in memory of our fallen servicemen and service wome
8:26 am
i don't think i've ever seeni'vn that angle before.. >> yeah. >> very moving.>> ver >> um-hmm. >> 8:25 right now. tuck sixty four back. fouback 71 degrees. humid out there, tuck.uck >> tropical air mass in place. that's compliments of bonnie. b. >> um-hmm. >> bonnie! >> remnants of bonnie. it will be a mostly cloudy dayy a little sunshine -- a littletle sunshine here and we had little sunshine early. ey the best part of the forecast is don't think we'll get a lot ofwe rain today. tod but you want to be ready for thf possibility avenue few showersyv this afternoon.this after all right. right current conditions, we'renditios looking at temperatures right r now in the low 70s again our dew point numbers are in the mid 606 so plenty of moisture out theret in the atmosphere. winds are very height here andta we're looking at daytime highsmg about 80 degrees or so.r s see that moisture streaming str north? the center of low o low pressure, the center of what'sf' left of bonnie right across the central coast of south carolinal and just kind of very slowly swl crawling along the coastline at about 3 miles an hour to themi north and east.lenort so not going to be much changeha in the forecast today as we'll w keep generally cloudy conditionn across the mid atlantic with thh
8:27 am
further to our south and east. s the closer you get to theo beaches unfortunately the morehm rain you'll see later today asra we get into the afternoon hoursu there could be a shower here h locally this afternoon but forur the most part i think justnk jus generally cloudy skies. 85 tomorrow.or after a-81 today.od with less humidity.humid we'll have weak cold front thata will get here tonight and thatnt will not really of course cool o things off with warmer with er temperatures tomorrow but itur will dry thing out little bit. . that should feel better byfeel tomorrow. to all i'll be back with a look at theook at the same maps in just a in jt minute. >> we look forward it to.lookwai >> okay, good. >> okay. the do's and don'ts of talkingai politic. what if you find yourself stucku in just an uncomfortable situation?situation? >> little bit later on sleep solutions for babies.ti what you can do right now toghtt make sure your child gets a goog night's sleep.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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is sunday and monday only. details at" >> welcome back on this memorial day. day. monday, 2016.ay, 2 glad you're joining us thisinusi morning. it is 8:30 now. and we>> recently discussed a ne study on the best way to help babies and toddlers fall asleepl and raised some eyebrows amongoo >> the study was on babies and s sleep training.. some doctors recommend parentsnd just let those babies cry babier themselves to sleep.le study said this won't harm themh in the long term. t long t won't cause any long-termg-te damage. da but it can be tough for parentsr totter this so what can you do d if you can't stand crying if
8:31 am
you're like me and you couldn't' handle the crying.nd the cry >> me either, wisdom., wisdo >> i couldn't handle it. i it was rough. citas rou joining nouse with some tips tom help your child get a goodgood night's sleep -- good night's ng rest certified instant and toddler sleep expert natalie willis. wi good morning to you, natalie.u,. good to see you. to >> good morning. thanks for having me. for hg m >> you're up here with two parents who couldn't handle the crying. >> our kids are grown, beigger e now. oh, my gosh.oh, gos >> i couldn't do it. c i first want to know how does d one become is certified sleepfis expert >> i feel like there's two t questions there. certifications out there that you can fatind certify you.. >> okay. >> there's classes and csses international certifying bodiesi but i think hopefully just a loa of experience an lot of work. lw i worked with almost thousand babies now. >> really?lly? >> really really closely withre their parentsal.their p i remember almost every singleoe one of them. >> wow! >> is that good. >> it's great. i think we get to be reallybe rl close.ose >> okay. so the first question is, do yod agree with the stud? should we just, you know, sort of let thet fall asleep when they wear w themselves out by crying theirgt little baby tears?lile b >> the thing if you read betweee the lines of any sleep traininga
8:32 am
put your baby down awake and awa find some way to deal with the t crying because the crying is bey inevitable. in the study is just really anothea in a long list of studies that t basically show that crying isn'i going to cause any short or long-term damage to your baby.r now what you feel comfortableomt with doing doesn't necessarily s have to align with what thishi article -- with this study sayss but it isn't harmful. harmful. so that's something that you cao kind of -- i think that's onenkn thing that brings a lot oft f parents concern they'll hurterny their baby if they sleep train.t >> one of things when mine werew younger i didn't know theno difference between regularenetwe crying. >> that's right. >> and crying when something is wr so is there big differencere between the two because high no clue?cl? this is an important thing topo have a plan before you start yos sleep training.eep trning not just jumping in. i but if you start at bedtime ande you know that your baby wasab safe, right, before you put himt down, it's pretty safe to assume that if they've been crying forn 10 or 15 or 20 minutes they'rehe probably still okay. going in and checking on themn t and making sure they're okay isa also fine but you don't want w
8:33 am
long you'll let them try to falf asleep on their own. on their you can't say, well, i'm okayy with them crying for 10 minutesm but not 15. but you need to give them the space to fall asleep on their own. >> we talk about it does no long-term harm if you let them cry. does it do any long-term harm ir we get them, pick them up and ud walk around with them. tm. >> another study that proveshapr between children who were sleeps training who aren't regardlessre of the method they're all finelf after five regardless what you choose to d a loving parent your child will be >> what about age? i mean, fro the time that they're tiny tinyt to what age do you i guess g say -- inly they stop crying?g? >> right. you want to start sleep traininn not any younger than four than f months. it's really never too old to to address sleep problems.em i have second grader and some of her peers still need help from their parents.thei they're still sleep traininge s generally something that parenth do between about four months ans maybe about three years is thers popular time.pula general ale round three yearseey the body will start to sleep through the night.throug
8:34 am
parents as much as youngeruch ar years. >> i'm hearing that sleephat slp training.traini >> um-hmm. >> that's whole other way tot' look at it.s it seems sleep training.p t is that on purpose that you use that phrase?thatas >> sleep training is kind ofraik like learning how to ride bike.k not a better your child is having trainingg a wheels is not because there's something wrong with them it's because they're not old enough o to be able to ride a bike on o their own.wn you know, sleep training meansim that when your child is oldld i enough they need to learn how tw go to sleep on their own when tn they wake up through the nightig they can fall back to sleep by b themselves you're training to t doing, you're not training themt to ride bike they're reallyll training themselves. t >> what about -- all right. when you're in a house with two parents.parent my wife went hard core with thit whole sleep thing.e sep thing. >> did she. >> i couldn't stan the noise.t how do you make sure you're consistent? just a matter ofa r hey, we got to do this so, wisdom, leave the house or go g sleep downstairs in the basemens while i take care of this? is i that how this works.. >> in almost every cas
8:35 am
need to undertake this trainingt themselves despite how difficult it is because if you made theadt investment and you see that it works you're more likely to doio things over the long time thate require the discipline to deepp your child sleeping well.ep give a parents a heads up thisdt will be a really rough 24 or 48 hours, this is not indefiniteote crying forever. you can deal with a lot more ane your baby falls asleep and you're like, oh my goodness ites its it really is possible itossl inspires you to keep going.oi >> nat system sticking around wd throughout all the talkinghe tki points. you actually have like five good ones.on we'll talk about this a littleui bit. >> of course. >> you'll stick around for good day. >> i'm so excited. i'm sci yes.yes >> man. >> tucker barnes, two soft feess up here. aren't you surprised by this g guy?guy? >> nothing about wisdom ever abo surprises me. su (laughter). >> i just can't -- the noise,se tucker, the noise got to me.o m. i'm a softy at heart. heart. >> i know you are. i know you are. let's go to the forecast. forecast not so sweet last nighg as we had heavy rain across a parts of the of t
8:36 am
we're waking up with cloud covec for the most part. p i don't think today will be ay a wash out. we are going to have a chance c for some showers this afternoon. but as far as the heaviest theet rain that's pushed to the east s this morning. 71 now in washington. 70 in quantico. 70 fredericksburg.sbur mid 60s.mi 6 everybody has this tropical air mass in place it feels muggy ouy there early.early heaviest the rain along the ang beaches really sorry about thatt just not going to be great day y down at our local in fact any beaches along the eastern seaboard as you can seee the remnants there of bonnieni continue to stream up from the carolinas, and unfortunately the rain will continue kind ofki unabated here along the beaches for much of the day today.ay. locally i think we'll be kind of in and out of the clouds. c i can't promise a few showers fs won't develop this afternoon asa the air mass is little unstable. but for the most part we shouldd remain dry here. here. plenty of dry hours today. 81 this afternoon. mostly cloudy out there. t a little sunshine with few f sh
8:37 am
developing for parts of thepingp region later this okay. we'll look at the seven day.ok h we're turning the page to june.j what will have it in store. s i'll have all the details.etail. allison and wisdom back to you.y >> appreciate it tuc come ugh up with the election in full swing hot topic at theopica office and at parties.ti here's a's questio how do you stay politicallyolitc polite? we got an expert thattt will weigh in on this.his. >> the do's and don'ts. d as we take to you the breake fox5 is honoring militaryy members and veterans. we are sharing personal storiess in a special presentation called beyond the lense saluting sal america's military.erica's you can check it out tonight att 5:30 right here on fox5. 8:37. stay with us. stay with us.
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'.
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come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. crystal bailey director of theil it at the time institute of thou gracefully bow out when the talk turns political.itic take l >> we're in a big politicalbig i cycle right now. what's the big headline as far as when to talk politics? >> oh, my goodness.s it's almost oxymoronic to say you can't talk etiquette in washington.shinon however, there are really some m places you should not br
8:41 am
up and i would definitely say work is one of those big placese >> but this is where we gatherhg and we talk about ideas. i why is it off limits? lim >> at the water cooler? >> yes. >> because it's creating such a division.. it's us versus them, and if youf share your political leaningsea then it may seem like it's beins taken out on you later o let's talk social media becausea it's everywhere and it gets soso nasty. na i mean just like that. so how about if i post something on my page in favor of a of candidate and then somebody sebd comes on and just quickly turnsk the narrative to somethingethi negative and i know this personp how do i say, please don't postp that on my page or what do i do? >> sure.>> it may come to the point wherehe you have take down your post or at least mute whatever theeaer conversation is going on.n pew says 66% of americans areria doing some type of politicalit engagement on social media and a so you real dollar find out folks preferences threw online media. >> any other dangers with -- not just facebook,
8:42 am
instagram, snap chat.p what else can we do to protectct ourselves from having uncomfortable moments that cant really turn nasty actually. acta >> sure. stay away from things that aret so polarizing and so opo offensive or mean spirit about candidate that's instantly goini to bring something else non neen to put that negative energy outo there. if you want to share about youra particular candidate nothingandi wrong with putting positive spiv on thing.hing >> okay.>> oka >> i also talked to crystal howl to handle if people ask you tooo show support for candidates byds maybe putting up a sign in yourn front yard.t first of all, i find that objecj knocks. why would you ever ask somebodyy else. >> right. >> wearing a button even.ri here's a button. she says it's best to avoid avod saying anything negative about the candidate.e ca smile and decline by saying wein don't dough that sort of thing.. >> right. >> elegant and simple.>> >> what about just i don't want to mess up my clothes.lo >> i don't think -- think >> that doesn't -- that doesn't >> when you've seen theyo see candidates locally come aroundeo and want to put a sign up that'a different from here.ent om h would you --you --
8:43 am
>> put it in your own >> do your own thing.>> do yourt >> up next in the foxhi beat the latest on johnny depp's divorce drama who should direct the nexx james bond.jas who should the next james bondd be. be >> that's good question.t's gooe they need a good james b right now he's struggling.trg. the last movie was a dud.ud >> daniel craig never strugglesg >> the movie was a dud. you like daniel craig, he'sraig, good. >> yeah. >> it was awful.t waawfu >> it wasn't his fault >> wasn't his fall. maybe it was. live look outside on this mondan morning. tucker barnes that's who shouldw be the next james bond. tucker barnes. bar he's back in a moment.t. allison is giving me crickets, tucker. >> i'm just thinking. tucker, yes. hi i'm wendy i'm bruce (both) and we are turketarians. i switched to turkey 5 years ago. and you went "cold-turkey" 10 years ago?
8:44 am
sorry, little turketarian humor. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. did someone say butterball? we eat butterball every day. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians.
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♪ looking at the memorial onoo this memorial day 2016. >> that's ward wore twenty twoey memorial,, r >> vantage point, it does look like. lik we're showing all kinds of kindf camera angles i just haven't h seen before.ore. >> exactly. >> i think that's the world warr ii in front of it and thend t refreshing -- reflecting upon.iu you can't see it. >> one of the things i love about d.c. down there everything has -- i mean probably looked aa a grid or looked at it from them sky well planned out.ut. >> >> no accidents that shot ishoti leading right to >> i noticed when we saw theaw t shot from the washington washi monument the other day.ment t it's beautifully laid out. out. >> reminder of how great thisrei city is. >> it is. >> this is an awesome city.o c so much to see. it's just great.. >> >> now the weather
8:47 am
>> yeah. >> sometimes. >> we have highs and >> that's true.>> t that's the why live goes highssh and lose.anlose exactly. i mean depending on your view of tropical air masses, you may you love or not love this forecast. 73 at reagan national thisiona i morning. in 70 in baltimore, annapolis,apol, leonardtown, quantico,o, fredericksburg 70 the winning 7n number. a little cooler there to ther to north and west with mid 60s.. tropical air mass is slipped sli into place moved in latee yesterday afternoon with the leftovers of bonnie, and that it bringing us generally cloudyud skies at the twenty three have little bit ofv sunshine early. ely wouldn't be shocked to geto little bit of sunshine this ts afternoon although it willt w remain generally cloudy todayyoy with a few showers developingevn later this afternoon.on not the case the further eastthe and south you get.d soutyou you can see down at the beachesb pretty steady stream of rainf early this morning and to the ae north and west really not muchoc rain at all late yesterdayrday afternoon.afternn. amazing.amazin frederick i think had 1,100th 1 of an inch of rain yesterdayn ye while closer to the bay we had h more like an inch to two to
8:48 am
3-inches in in some spots really wide discrepancy further there's a look at all thatha moisture streaming north nth unfortunately the beaches just j don't look good from thet lo carolinas up to new england ela today. all of that the leftovers of o the remnants of bonnie. which is just kind of spinning s itself out here.itlf o never really got its act together it is bringing cloudy d and dreary day to the beaches.. winds now 30 miles an hour.les h this is a tropical depressionepn bonnie got depressed.ressed when she realized she was goingi to fall apart and she's moving n at to the north and to the easte at just 3 miles an hour. h so it will take a couple of days spin itself out and we'llnd w continue to bring clouds ands showers to the beaches for a fea more days.more. future cast, notice thishis afternoon we get few showershowe around here. ar so we will have a few showersewo during the afternoon hours won'u be a wash out but a few showers, barbeques you're going down toyg the activities down downtownn washington here.shgt be prepared for few showers with high temperatures about 80. a weak cold front ton
8:49 am
not really cool things offs off tomorrow but dry out theow but o atmosphere a little that should feel a little better tomorrow with daytime highs in g the mid 80s tuesday andsd wednesday look great. thursday too for that matter.te. additional shower activity bitee end of the week.en t let's worry about today, highsis about 80. >> i got update for you. y my daughter told me my poet tret stinks when it comes to jordin.r >> sean happy.>> sn hap >> sean happy she sent me this t to say instead. >> for jordin.n >> jordin jordin your smile soo big as big as your heart eveneat though you're a kid.ough you'r that's what my daughter wrote. >> she's an artist. artis >> clearly the apple fell far fl from the tree.ree. (laughter).(laughte >> thank you aniy. >> i can't believe nobody likes my poetry. >> beautiful. >> and great pictures we're ge getting dave one of our awardwad winning videographers out there. >> applaud to your daughter dau forgetting up early to watchy t this. this >> and thank you. >> on holiday.>> on holi >> get the other kids up. ks u >> i'll tell her.'ll teller >> all right.>> >> everybody is getting i all righty.
8:50 am
y let's check in with the othere half of the team this morning for good day.for good morning. >> don't let him fool you he'sl already got them up doingoi chores.ores (laughter). >> he gives them one day of refm they have to rest one day. day >> no, no, no. >> no? good day d.c. honoring -- also honoring ionor should say those who made thesed ultimate sacrifice for our our >> at 9:00 local vietnam vet wht came home to serve our region and many other ways recounts the war in few f we'll share more on the uniquee and important reason why he reah wrote it. >> and this holiday week reellye mark the time when folk get outt go on vacation and take a lot ol pictures we've got the photo mom here to show great tips to getog some great picks. p >> looking forward to that ourtr favorite chef from salt and pepper are here they will shares common grilling mistakes andings more importantly how to avoidly >> yes, fox favorite is backac tonight new season of so youo yu think you can dance but thisdant time kid they're taking the stage to shos off their best moves talkingal with host cat deally.ea >> back to the grilling for thel moment, right, it is memorial ir
8:51 am
>> right. >> a hotdog considered adere sandwich? >> the dough bait rages onrages twitter.ter. we'll discuss and of course lete us know what you think.atou thik don't forget to use the #gooddaydc. >> hotdohot sandwich. sanw >> might depend on how you holdl it. you turn it -- don't go there. (laughter). >> thanks, ladies. >> oh, my. my. ♪ >> hey g morning to you guys. mr >> kevin is hereni.ev is >> wisdom, allison, good, g morning. >> what's going on.>>. >> important to the to the to t viewers and to you.d to what is the appropriate time t frame that you can't spoilthat y something that happens ining ath television show moreon show specifically talking about game of thrones. because every single week hereer in our newsroom -- i think 24hi2 hours for television.evisio >> i'll go 48.l g 4 i'll go 48.ll go 4 i'll meet you in between.en >> 48 hours.. >> because game of thrones airer last night between 9:00 and 90 10:00 p.m. our time in d.c. and. then this morning you wake up w and every single spoiler everywhere on the web.ywn th it's all over the
8:52 am
facebook and sweater and thenhe everyone talking about it people in the newsroom are yellingreel saying you can talk about this h didn't have chance at a watch ih last night.last it was too late.. you think 48 hours.ours you say a week. >> i'll agree with 48 two days.two days. >> good enough. good enough. here's a cool thing. new app called game of spoilsf plug in that allows you to essentially block out game of thrones spoilers on twitteronwi and -- i'm trying to rewind thii as well as google news feeds ans read it as well, and you canan block it out by adding the areaa will be blocked out with a quota saying potential spoiler is hee here. here. >> okay. >> you blocked it out. it's kind of cool. >> that is cool. >> it's available on my facebook page. page >> okay. >> interesting. >> very very cool.>> v number one movie at the bockne office this weekendth called x-n everyone knows that.nows you saw it. said it was average.erag. >> average.. >> you even talk about this fasi wept was the best part of thehe movie who's mag neato.
8:53 am
>> my tal fast bender a is mazing. mazi proa movie is projected to make $80 million. johnny depp's new movie secondd place. allison through the looking johnny depp play plays the mad d hatter. hatt the first allison wonderful opened up to $116 million in tht first three days.eay people questioning whether oriog not this had anything to do witw the allegations that came out oo friday of johnny depp and amberr herd. >> right. >> i saw the movie.. i did think about it over. o every time i saw johnny depp on screen.reen >>id y you. >> yeah. >> did you like the first >> i liked the first o i like this one, too. my mind kept what happening kep to -- >> you see johnny depp and you think divorce >> the question is whether or not the allegations are true.le on friday while everyone was probably traveling a lot of newn breaking in regards to amber t a herd and johnny depp's divorce,e and there's new details coming to lloit about why amber herd may have have filed for divorcer from johnny dep
8:54 am
domestic abuse this photo camehm out on friday. tmz obtain it saying thehe alleged -- accusations he allegedly repeatedly hit her during recent fight now there'ss speculation about what happenedt and what didn't happen. hpe i read some places that maybe he smashed an iphone into her facee or through the iphone at her face. face no one knows for sure whate wh happened. but apparently this obviously oy bruised her eye a judge grantedg heard temporary restrainingestrg order against depp on friday any he has to stay away from her until a hearing next month. monh heard also granted the right to live in the family home but her request for 50,000 dollars a month in spousal support was rejected. the judge declined to order depp into anger m. no mention from johnny depp himself.himself. vanessa his ex and mother of two children is defending her formee partner of 14 years in a
8:55 am
handwritten letter she had thist to say about the claim saying "" believe with all my heart thatt these recent allegations madeioe are outrageous and his daughterr lilly rose post add throw backhw photo on instagram calling herlh dad the sweetest most loving lon person i >> wow. >> big question is, what's true? >> that's true.hat's >> we have no idea. we have no >> all we know she left theeft e courtroom on friday.m on friday. she had bruise under her eye.. but people who are close to himh are saying this is not true tru whatsoever. so i'm not sure. sur >> out of character.ra >> we'll see what happens. see real face time for new james bos director the word from sam mendez who director sky fall ank specter but said over the weekend he will not direct the nexty ibunstallment. mendez said quote it was anwaan incredible adventure rye loved l every second of it but i think k it's time for somebody else andd while we know mendez is out it's still not clear if daniel craigc will return for the fifth bond film.. hiddleston and idris alba are oe the short list to replace him a couple weeks ago daily malee
8:56 am
have turned down $100 millionlln dealed to two more james bondsab films it's not been confirmed.ed that was just a rumor more.or m we don't know for sure.e. >> okay. >> if he turned downd wn $100 million for two more bon m films. if he did apparently he hated h playing the character.ct he never said that but there t have been quotes in thequot interviews that lead to usto u believe he was not happy with w playing bond character.raer >> at some point sean conneryney didn't like it either. ehe >> he played the character seves times i believe. >> something like initially he didn't like it he h thought it was silly. >> huddleston is in saturdayssad advanced talk to take over thert role. we'll see what hapn. >> tucker, what's up? tucs >> you know who should playwho p james bond.d. >> zach efron? >> not zach jonah hill. (laughter).au >> a lot better.>>ot b funny james bond.funny james >> that is funny. funny >> james bond with a sense of of humor. what do you think about that,thu kev? >> i love that a i do..
8:57 am
front. let's go to the forecast. wonder why i do the weather, wer rye, kev? >> here we go.o. we got clouds up from the southu and that's leftovers remnants of bonnie which is now tropicalropl depression winds 30 miles an hour but unfortunately continueu to bring rain to the beaches. bh timing is not great. gre. it will bring us a lot of clouds today and the possibility of a few additional showers developing and rodder unstablede tmosphere later today.sphere lr reagan national 73 degrees.3 gr you'll notice that tropicalca moisture, that tropical humiditt in place today.ince t 81 your daytime high a few a f showers this afternoon. aerno more weather in just a wisdom and allison back to you.u >> coming on good day advice fof all you amateur familyur fam photographers out there to help you capture the perfect summerme >> you think you can danceou cae returns tonight with a tiny twist. we're sitting down with the hoss cat dealey for all the details. cat with the deets.
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead, a wet end te the holiday weekend. wke from texas to kansas to parts op the east coast, all dealing with dangerous rain and flooding andg more could be on the way.. more violence on the metro.. a man opens fire at the anacostia platform leaving avi team girl hospitalized.pi we'll have a life report. repor hillary clinton could be just a week away from locking down the democratic nomination.ion both she and donald trump now


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