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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> ronica cleary is live at i northwest with the story. what happened out there? >> reporter: thanks ladies. well at 12:15 today a person through an object over the north fence along pennsylvania avenue outside of the white house. now that persoe n according to e secret service was immediately apprehended how far is unclear what charges that person will face. now the white house was put on o lockdown and the park surrounding the white house wast closed off with caution tape while secret service patrolled p the area. hazardous material response united dispatched to the scene. we saw them walk across the lane their whose mat suits to the ma object they brought the object back to their staging area at theei northwest gate. g the secret service described the object thrown over the fence as a metal object. they said the sweep had negative results meaning no hazardous material was found on the object. e lockdown here at the white house it has been lifted.l reporting live from the white house for fox 5 local new
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ronica cleary. ♪ quite a scene at the world war ii memorial this morning. an event was held there to honor those soldiers who loss their lives in world war ii and to pay contributor to the more than 16 mil young who served our w country. a dozen world war ii veterans also laid wreaths located and the west side. more than four thousand gold stars. each one representsing wanion americans -- 100 americans killed. a message heres we mark the prie of freedom. meanwhile all flags at federalel buildings we're flown at half staff. the flags were lowered from sunrise until noon and then raised to full height until sundown tonight. the lowering of the flag in theg morning o honors those who were killed and
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honors the living veterans the rest of the day. p meanwhile lots of folks hoping twho celebrate a sunny memorial day at the beach. >> not so the weather put a damper on many holiday plans. live look at ocean city maryland you can see the overcast sky,vec lil bit avenue fog, little bit avenue rain. umbrellas are out there on the board walk. talking a look now at virginia beach doesn't look e much better. completely empty for the most part. >> so sorrow about you're memorial day plans. plans. hopeful p.m. people got out there yesterday. rehobeth beach a lot of peoplef still there for the holiday. >> empty. a few people looks like rainy there too as well. unfortunately, that's kind of been what today is -- let's see if it's going to move on out of here.he >> i came back at the right time. >> sny did. >> i came back at the right time. >> sure did caitlyn, how long will that rain continue at the beaches. sarah and laura probably the rest of the night.
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people on the board walk in ocean city maryland with umbrellas. maybe they have the right idea and they are really waiting outt the traffic and come back tonight when they know everyone abandoned the beaches. thanks to tropical rainstorm r bonnie it has been a washout from rehobeth unfortunately alle beaches did not see the nice weathers that we've seen a pretty decent stay here in dc d real nice off to the west. what you see on storm track radar is the remnant tropical storm bonnie is now just arraign storm enough moisture from atlantic city all the way down eastern sure you are seeing soggy rain conditions. a few showers popped up and theu east side of the beltway into southern maryland.he you arern seeing a couple downpours. a cold front bringing us some of those showers. stud year rain is certainly offi to at the east temperatures have
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been stuck at 60s. raining all day lock long many and we're seeing that continue e through tonight we still got moisture along i64. but by tomorrow, i think we alll see some improvement. temperatures 78 here in dc where its been mainly cloudy also mainly dry. only 73 in speechesville, 70 cambridge, lower 80s back towards the west. 83 martinsburg, you're in winchester. tonight that's the remnants of bonnie low pressure along carolinas. clouds will probably remain in place with a few showers as theh cold front roles by. we can start the morning off with fog. planning forecast for this evening watch for a pop up shower with the front coming through. anyone could see it. otherwise mostly cloudy and mild. still pretty humid with temperatures in the 70s through the rest of the evening. when i come back inside we'll be talk beginning about this midweek looks mostly dry and and really really nice as we balance out some of
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nieces starter to giant i'll have all the details when i kim back inside for the 7-day forecast. >> now to tonight's top developing stories in prince s george's county police are cou trying trying to figure out whaw led to a define adele fie maryland. officers were doing a welfare check on 18th avenue when they found a victim dead and the search police have not released identity no word and suspect ord motive at this time. in the district police are investigating deadly overnight e shooting around two this mornini in the 700 block of twenty-fourth street.t. officers say one manned was shot and killed. so far detectives have not det identified a suspect or a motive in the case.e if you have any information about the shooting please giveg police a call. ca also in the district a teenager is recovering tonight after she was shot at the anacostia metro station in southeast. the female victim walked up to a transit police officer last night andpo said an unknown man shot her in the leg near the entrance of the bus bay area. police
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description of a suspect oruspet possible motive yet. comings up a controversy at the cincinnati zoo. the zoo's director is defending their decision to kill a gorilla who had a four year old boy in his grips. what he says he has seen the gorilla do that proofs the boyro was in grave danger. panic at the beach a 13 year old goes bit by a shark whileile waiting in shallow water why experts say these type of attacks can be more common this summer that's ahead. ahe here is president obama laying a wreath at the tomb ofat the unknown on this memorial day. we'll be right right back.
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>> wow hard to watch. >> this is the story the w entie country is buzzing about today. growing out age rage over that r bell incident at the
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zoo. a 17 year old girl shot together of the -- the boy crawled under a barrier before dropping into a moat into the gorilla exhibit he was in there for about 12 abo minutes. panicked onlookers shouted stay calm while a woman yelled mommy loves you. >> some witnesses say it appeared the gorilla wasoril carrying for the boy trying to protect him. they had no choice but to kill k the gorilla believing the boy by was in imminent danger. >> very emotional time at the cincinnati zoo. un presidented we never had to kill a dangerous animal in the middle of an emergency situation. the zoo has been 143 years so that's saying a lot. its a big loss to the cincinnati zoo. we did not take the shooting lightly. but that child's life was in danger people who question that or are monday morning quarterbacks or second gu
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don't understand, you can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla, three times bigger thaa a man, six times stronger thing that it is a dangerous animal. an animal with one hand that i've seen take coconut and crush it. >> online petition calling for l the boy's parents to be charged has now thousands of signature's. the mother of the four year old posted a message on this facebook saying quote as associate we are quick to judge. i keep a tight watch on my kids. accidents happen. the child has since been released from the hospital. he is back home tonight. ton the zoo has now been open to the public but the gorilla exhibiteg will be closed until further notice.or >> wow quick to judge is right. i do have to say charge theharg parents?nts? >> i mean, i don't know. >> i get they're upset aboutet what happened. but at the same time if the zoo had not taken those measures people would be mad if the boy
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outraged about that so. >> people said really really horrible things about the child. horrific accident. >> all the way around. >> this was just a really bad unfortunate accident. the parts of will not be charged. >> a small group gathered to honor the low land gorilla shotr and killed by the zoo personnel. >> their goal is not to point fingers at the parents or the zoo buthe to remember the life i the gorilla who is and endangered gorilla. the other thing that came upp today how could that boy possibly get in, like thathat showed there's some sort of loophole where you need to make it safer so that kids aren't allowed or in a way to squeeze in there. >> i think other zoos will be taking a closerth look. >> meanwhile a 13 year old boy is recovering after being bit bb a shark. it happened on neptune beach you just before three yesterday afternoon. the boy and his stepfather were
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when the shark took an eight inch bite. people rushed to pull him from the water he was taken to a local hospital. hos lifeguards estimate the shark was five or six feet long. six this was a first shark attack in the area this sees. but they say warm temperaturesru could make higher numbers of attacks. tonight, remembering the mem and women who gave their lives for our great country. >> and paying tribute to the loved once left behind. caitlyn. >> say what will are we are wre seeing a variety of weather supra super soggy conditions to a gorgeous afternoon out towards the west. this is some of it. i'll have an update for what tot expect this evening and improving forecast as he head into the month of june that'shat coming back up after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> a native american student in charles county wants her culturm to be part of w her high school graduation this week. so she planned to wear mock sonm to walk across the stage. that is until her school told her that would not be allowed. >> interesting lindsay watts hag the stor ly tonight. >> reporter: from the beginning her native american roots have run deep even in a place like waldorf where she's very much in the minority. >> about 1% of the student bodyt i know my brother and eye make-up a lot of that. i've had a ton of people come ul to me, i didn't realize native americans still existed.te >> reporter: proud of her heritage, she'll wear a ceremonial dress when shehen graduates high school this week. >> specific for graduate u wrist just as important her mock sons the same wasn't she wore duringg a four day comin
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>> sny run three times a day ata day break noon and dusk. >> reporter: walking across the graduation stage has proven more difficult. the principal at till lain's school say the mock sons violate the dress cole, students are are supposed to wear black shoes. >> it shouldn't have come to this. >> reporter: till lain's mom got involved will soon meet with school leaders. this weekends the family posted a petition and it hai more than 12 hundred signature's they are doing everything they can to sway the school district on this decision. d till lances far from a fashion statement this clothing is sacred. >> this is the dress and the shoes. you u especially as she takes such a big next step. >> it's a part of our cultureulu and a part of who we are as a people. so it's very important to me. >> reporter: district spokeswoman tells me it would bp premature to comment on this since her request is still be
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appealed through the school system. assistant superintendent that is expected to make a decision tomorrow just two days before dill lain is set to graduate g here at her school. will he let you know what k happens in chars county lindsay watts fox 5 local news. >> i don't get at issue is. >> i don't really either. but you know. kno >> i have a feeling -- >> certainly are also buzzing about this weather can't believc we are looking at ocean cityit maryland we're seeing people with umbrellas hope they had a good enough time yesterday.ime >> a lot of people headed to the beach while i was headed homehoe caitlyn of the hopefully there's a lot going on inside getting a good meal. >> hopefully it is tough to be o at the beach sometimes on thoset rainy days. if it's gloomy here its nominee year there. its supposed to be a family day. get to know one another before the craziness of the summerne begins. well, yes, it was such a wet day at the beach mainly beaches because it wasn't so bad here
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dc heavy rain last night into early tomorrow morning. mor all of this rain has beenen confined to the coast. remnants of what was tropical storm bonnie is now just a tropical rainstorm. plenty of rain in fact moving from southm to north as the system slowly pushes off from the east. eas cold front back towards west. scattered showers and a thunderstorms moving through pennsylvania, western virginia. that will move east ward overnight tonight and maybe a shower or two here like we've seen over the past hour. a couple of showers in prince george's now moving into ann arundel county just outside the beltway has been rain prehere in dc as d we zoom in a little bit closer. you can see a little bit off green, sprinkles, light rain showers in northern dc through tonight i think just just wait s is pop up shower or maybe arraign storm gentlemen s yesterday rain confined to the coast. you can see oranges and road
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beaches. it was temperatures outside right now big discrepancy low 8l towards west, 78 dc low 70s further east up the coast just in the 60s. you can see that 72 in boston. 77 in new york. but 82 in pittsburgh. you're in detroit fox future cast there's the cold front coming through a few downpours just towards the west.e this is 10:00 tonight. i wouldn't say we're totally out of the woods yet. by tomorrow morning we may start with fog most of the rain has ended including off words towards the east.ast. showers towards our south. we mainly see sunshine tomorrow and improving through the day. tomorrow tuesday heading back to work and school unfortunately after a long holiday weekendseee sunshine returns. maybe a few showers towards our south. then we all take a really nice weather this is as he weed towards wednesday looks greater. tonight fog could be formerly 66 overnight low in dc. once that
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into mid '80s, 86 in washingtoni oh that bus stop forecast. here we go again the weeks you were winding down, for the pick up and into the '80s after let's check that 7-day forecast real quick. 86 tomorrow back to cold front f drops down to 81 on wednesday. shower chances returning as weer head to the end of the week stays a little bit unsettled still mainly dry and sunny justy a chance of pop up shower this afternoon.tern temperatures around normal. no '90s yet we have yet to hitit 90 degrees not going to. i think by tomorrow and wednesday it looks much better. >> good. thank goodness. >> humidity. >> nice for the local cookouts that we got through. >> well here's what isell circulation on social med
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putting perspective on true meaning and history behind today's special remembrance your day at the beach brought to you by their day at the beach. >> really. >> it shows obviously usus shoulder storming norman debeach during world war ii. >> it really does make you take a look put those pictures side by side it hits you harder there. >> you can't forget what theyge did for us though. sacrifices is big. >> and what the holiday is is usually all about. >> absolutely. we thank you very much fory mu joining us tonight. t up next on fox 5 here we have a special presentation beyond the lens slewing america osmyl teara team of photo jury last set outt to tell untold stories of veterans here in our area staya with fox 5 that is coming up after the break.reak >> everyone enjoy the rest of the memorial day we'll see you six
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty.
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and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> thanks for joining us tonight for this fox 5 special presentation i'm shawnian see. >> i'm tony perkins. men and women in uniform has stories. >> this memorial day we are going beyond the lens to absolute america's military.
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>> there are a lot of these guys. big trip that they will take in their lifetime. >> had it not been, there's no telling where i may have been today. comraderie with the troops. >> maybe you've been lucky enough to travel through a air are port as the right time band starts playing air plane doors open dozens of veterans. >> for many of them this is their fares trip to dc the group comes from michigan insighted fox 5 for the ride.
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>> vietnam and world war ii veterans just landed they will be at the gate momentarily. >> will you look at what they did. they just did what they had to do. you know we're we're talking about our world war ii veterans. they were told they needed to serve. they went out and they saved the world. and they didn't ask why. they just did it. >> i love the united states. and its the way it is because of them. one of the easiest ways to show appreciates for our vets. ♪ >> they get to see the memorial built in their honor. meet fellow veterans that have served with them. to pay tribute to their fellow brothers who i had paid the ultimate sacrifice and didn't make it
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>> arlington is an incredibly somber place. in the pouring rain it's even more powerful experience to see a group of 65 war veterans saluting a flag that's where it all comes back to this is all about them and their respect for this country. the things they are proud of. changing of the guard they obviously cannot speak to the veterans while they are guarding at the time b, they cube indicate by scuffing their shoo sometimes you can catch it. they'll sort of drag their foot a little bit that is a truly significant sign of respect for the veterans watching. >> hiroshima goes conquered isolated snippers remain. in use by american forces.


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