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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 11 a woman 1 killed in the laundry room at an apartment complex. what we've learned about the investigation. honoring the fallen heros. to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.acri outrage following a did this tough a so gorilla animal shotml and killed after a small boy made his way into that exhibit the tonight the debate goes on did the so cooper disco the right thing your news starts now into first up a murder mystery in maryland. thanks for staying with us i'm s shawn lotaw kay. >> i'm shawn yancy. found inside laundry room. roo police are still searching for her killer. marina marraco has the latest.
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police remain on the seen will scene of this apartment complex trying to figure out a motive as to what could have led to the death. >> wrong time wrong place. >> reporter: wind side theind laundry room in building 74 hundred remains a mystery. they found a dead woman inside after being called to perform a well-being check. >> we saw a lot of police when w we came outside: detective ande police showed up early monday morning remained on scenein scouring following any leads. laundry room remains sealed s residents say on any given day y you need a key to get this door is usually locked. loc >> this door is usually locked c even on sundays the dooroor sometimes just always locked loc until swab comes and opens it u detective say the homicide was t result of a trauma. but the specifics end there. this neighborhood a pointer of concern for
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>> other days we've heardrd gunshots before in the bre neighborhood. >> reporter: investigators stilv have not released identity of the victim t they are looking for suspect at this point ithis looks like there are no leads. in adelphi marina marraco fox 5a local news. >> dc teenager recovering after she was shot at the anacostiaco metro station in southeast. she walked up to metro transit police officer last night told the officer a man she doesn't know shot her in the leg rider near the entrance to the bus bay area. police have not released ad a description of the suspect. sus also in district things area back to normal at the white house after a suspicious packags was found earlier todayay prompting a lockdown. happened about 12:15 while the president was home. someone through a metal object over the north wednesday of the secret service says the personsh was immediately taken into custody its not clear whats charges that person will face. some scary moments for a woman an roommate in prince george's county when someone
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sent out of explosives on their porch that sparked a small fire it happen early friday in riverdale. trying to find the vandals one v of the victims who loo didn'thol want to be identified told us ie this could have been a lot worse. >> we are thinking what if we came down here we wasn't payingn attention to the monitors that could have exploded and killed someone goo jo prince george's county fire marshal isty investigating if you recognizeou the people in the surveillance r video give police a call. take it outside time to tall about the wet the holiday hol weekend is over. time to get ready for the short workweek. fox fibbing had fox 5 caitlyn to c tell us everything we need. >> a short workweek. we're going back to work and week this is so depressing. it is tough we got four days ahead of us if you have any chance to be outdoors during thn day especially in the nice evening take advantage. adv this weekend was not without
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few caveats meaning at the beaches today soaked with rain from the remnants of what was tropical storm bonnie over the weekend. that storm still me anterior ant ring off the carolina coast line you can see the rain moving from virginia beach all the way up tp south jersey. a lot of it moving off shore. s today was just soaking rain at all of our area beaches. back towards dc cloudy how manyc off to the west nice and sunny. cold front coming in showers north of baltimore, showers along the mountains, i thinkns, rain free overnight here in dc. current conditions outside it is a balance me 73 degrees. and you know with all that moisture in place still pretty muggy just uncomfortable withouo any air conditioning.tion 73 in dc 70 in manassas.s. 72 out at dulles. 70 west min stern 70 at annapolis. here's forecast as we head into overnight hours. remnants bonnie that kill keep the moisture
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moisture to develop fog earlyary tomorrow looks to be patchy not widespread. for tomorrow here's yours planning forecast yes we startta off a little foggy temperatures in the upper 60. warm up quickly once the sunhe comes out well into the mid '80d by the afternoon. looked like we turn a little bit less humid especially tomorrow evening that will help make things nice for tuesday i'll i'l have a look at the whole week ahead coming up, shawn. >> thank you, caitlyn. president obama observed this memorialam day by honoring fallr men and women the presidentsh placede a receive at the tomb of the unknown show the. unk thousands of veterans looked onn as the president told them our veterans represent best of america. >> whether they stood up iny st times of war. war signed up in times of peace. or were called up by a draftft board they embodied the best of america. >> before traveling to arlingto
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reception for military leaders,, veterans groups and family members of the fallen service members at the white house. ♪ >> an incredible scene at the national mall this event at the world war iil memorial. honored soldier who lost their lives in the european and peck paid tribute to more than 166 million who served our countryur during the war. a dozen world war veterans also waved wreaths at the freedom war. motorcyclist who took part in sunday rolling thunder event was in a crash approaching thehg tunnel i66 in arlington when he rode up upon stopped traffic he didn't break in time and fell f off of his bike. he was rushed to the hospital te where he later died that crash remains under investigation. as the holiday weekends draws to a close most airports avoided long lines and delays at
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security check pointed. tsa says it is working hard to not have a repeat. agency empty employed extra k-9. longer lines were reported in denver. >> story outrage. >> zoo keepers killed a gorillar after a toddler fell into the animal's enclosure was it the right call and whose to blame. new details about what happened. checker out some of the other stories news at 11 we'll be right right back.
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>> social media is buzzing aboui the killing of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo the a four year o old got into the habitatat saturday. a boy dropped down into the the gorilla exhibit. zoo keeper shot the gorilla tolt protect the child. some people believe the gorilla was actually trying to protect the
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>> sarah simmons is here with the zoo's explanation. >> reporter: a large gorilla gor looming over a young boy in the cincinnati so after he fell into the encloser crawled into itrawd rather. the boy was in it for about 12 minutes panicked onlookers shouted stay wall. it appearedi the gorilla was carrying for the boy but the gorilla was also seen dragginging him through the shallow moat. a lot of blame being put on the parents. a witness saw the boy fall sayal she heard him say he wanted to get in the water the mother wass with several other children andn told him no. n people are outraged. petitions circulatioc asking for the so and child protective services to hold the parents the so chose not to publicly chatties the parents. they say it wasat adult and sad day for them they had no choice than to ki
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believing the boy was in danger. >> what was at that time today to keep conservation and so it's a big lost.. naturally we did not take thehe shooting lightly. l but that child's life was in danger.nger. >> reporter: here's what some oh you had to sayer on our facebook page about this story. sue, the parents and sue theue parents and take away the kids. the parents were negligent thetw gorilla was not at fault. this is animal cruelty.elty greg davis always funny whenny parents starter in on other o parents if you were there to see what happened and what thed wh parent was doing when the child fell. the mother of a young boy said she is thankful her boy is okayk society is too quick to judge. anyone who knows her nose she keeps a tight watch on her kids. pitutary leased a statementteme saying the zoo should have had better barriers between the gorillas
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>> look any time there's time something someone is going tooig fiend away around it.en i wonder if they are nary are looking at their space to see if there's something they can do. >> there was talk they were going to be revamping that exhibited after this they arer going to take a closer look to make sure something like that s doesn't happen. >> when atacama the national perspective national outrage very smart brought this up there's a lot more importante things outside of cincinnati wec should be worrying about its tragic there's other things tost worry about. >> 13 year old boy is recoveriny from a shark attack. this happened on neptune beach n in florida yesterday afternoon. the boy and his stepfather were swimming in chest deep florida when the shocker took an eightho inch bite behind his leftck kne. he was town a local hospital. lc lifeguards estimate the shark was five to six feet long. this was the first shark attack
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could result in an increase in attacks. >> all right. weekend down in south carolina tropical depression bonnie drops eight inches of cranial. flooding closed down a second of i95. cruised rescued self people whoo were trapped in cars. c rescued dozens of people from flood waters in texas were you first rivers and water ways rising after store rental raino fell last week.. man tori evacuations along the river. >> let's check with caitlyn for a look at the forecast. we didn't see anything like that here goo yes y i know. y shawn and i mean? >> , thankfully we had heavy rain last night mate have interrupted barbecue plans. we got through the weekend okay. not too much rain today t exception was all of our beaches. probably he left memorial day weekend a little bit earlier from the coast if you were down ocean city male, rehobeth, dewey beach it reigns all day long du to the remnants of what
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tropical storm bonnie. watch how we start the week reak warm and then we slowly slide so off as to more showers come back into the for cat. yet again it looks unsettled comby the end. week not terrible just unsettled. 90 degree mark is still a lose shiv for us here in dc. we have yet to hit it. we haven't got it yet. here's what we are looking atng all the rain across the carolinas up through virginia along the coast all the way up to new new jersey and new york y what was left of bonnie still pushing out to sea leaving lingering swers at all beach bea towns sit and spin its wheelspi off towards the east. watch for some of the moisture to stick around that it causesae showers later this week. cold front produced pocket ofoc showers out there. really far from us. north of baltimore. across the mountains of charlottesville. very
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slide through overnight into tomorrow morning. high temperatures for this memorial day going down 80 at reagan, 83 at bwi it was humid.. sticky outside spite the fact it never really rained. we had humidity. temperatures outside warm 73 in washington, 71 baltimore, 72 in dulles and 58 in win chest.. probably not losing that tha humidity overnight.ight you definitely need air conditioner. as you head back to work elfer early tomorrow morning. next couple of days south high s pressure starts to move in and we're kind of stuck between thet two with the cold front getting held up by to the south. mainly dry. mainly sunny. still warm and humid. pop up showers towards our south. wednesday looks better as dryers air is more enforced and sunny a little bit cooler an little less humid. actually looks fantastic probably the best day to be outside this week. wee hears la look at low temperatures as we head into the
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developing. probably pretty patchy. best chance is going to be off towards east along the waterater where we've had all the moisture left over from today's rain. ra. 66 in washington and 65 in manassas. high temperatures for tomorrow coming into the '80s. that's really warm up towards the west.est look at the discrepancy towardsn easter little bit cooler 86 her6 in washington. and then further towards the west upper '80s close to 90 degrees. many of the spots have hit 90. what a beautiful shot out there it will be a nice morning once the fog burns off. but depending on where you are i don't know how good of a sunrise you'll have. 5:4567 degrees that temperature thank you for that photo. reaching almost peek of how mucf daylight we get. remember it peeks around theun first day of summer june 20th that's when summer cures mostost daylight.. sunsetting well after eight
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mild very warm for that after school forecast 82 to 88 degrees. warm tomorrow 86. cooler less humid on wednesday. beautiful day 81. 8 showers start to mix back in as we get one cold front after another couple mink on throughhr here. still mainly dry. we just have the chance for a f shower high temperatures in the upper 70s through friday.roug into next weekend 82 saturday, t 78 with that chance of rain on sunday. s we head into toe the weekend. that's a look at your seven day forecasted. now let's do sports with jim. >> wc fields said i'd like to tb in philadelphia. nats have to try fore? t a. on the road as they start 11 day road swing. let's go to top of the 7th bryce harper, watch this pitch. right above the right knee grim passing in pain he would be doubled off on a line drive.of he left the game. g he
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tomorrow. top of the 8th nat down 2-1 doing its best to o straight a couple back. danny he is penny zoo is going to score, wets make it intos mak second we are tied up two all. here we go after a walk. w base hit past second base. ben revere scores, worth around third, that he goes what happens slide safe. s john in a anthony pap bell bond, the nats 4-3w win. bottom of the fifth the birds down two nothing. slapping one down the third baseline. no into the double he would later score tie it up. second inning he connects tonecs sent field. andrew jones retreats he
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back back out of room. orrery y'all lose seven p-did. maryland head coach championship game college park in the final second they are, all the terps t go inside mat ram bow tries to go low denied. grabs rebounds over time first goal wins terps it is stopped. tar heels possession. this is going to be the game winner makes it around there.he. terps senior goal lee makes an incredible safe but he can't coral the rebound. michael is called are a cross checking penalty. flings it past, more heart ache terps lose 14-13 their throughout at 41 years. >> i'm so proud of them. i wanted those guys to enjoy the moment. that's the hardest part as
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it's not [ inaudible ]. it's never about us, it's always it about them t this group is awesome. as awesome. school, community service and o the feed. f so i'm super proud of them. and i'm sad to see them go. >> governor hit spectator a lisa butler on it head requireduire stitches. gave her chocolates an get well soon card. she is his new favorite fan. 93 to 86 a lot will have peoplet wondering could this be kevin durants swan song.g. they had unfinished business. pen wednesday win. >> so much going on tonight. we'll be right
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>> caught on camera a daredevil pulled off a stunt called the te human a row. dropped from a helicopt at six thousand through the air at 125 miles an hour hit a target suspended right over the great wall.l. previously jumped from other major landmarks including the eiffel tower per. would you try that? >> no. >> would you sky dive. >> i've done the sky coaster at amusement parks. >> he meant jump out of an airplane. >> have you done that. that. >> i have not jumped out of an airplane. [ laughter ][ la >> i was just asking. >> all right. finally tonight another ano dangerous sport we are talking about the and wallet cheese rolw inal england.
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brave contestants as they throwt themselves down a steep hill eight pound of round cheese. ridiculous race goes back people suffer sprains. >> what is the point? >> pride. >> you just get a thing of cheese is that it? >> i mean proball tradition. >> it like the running of the bulls. >> t-shirts i guess. i don't know. >> i don't know it doesn't doe really make sense. >> not as risky as jumping out of a plane. >> if you do that the end you get cheese. >> you do. >> golden state worn they are going to face thate clevelandved cavaliers in the nba finals. >> thank you for joining us. >> we will see you back here
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: happy "madagascar," everybody! [applause] here's what we're going to do. you're going to put this hat on and i'm going to give you clues. each time i give you a clue and don't guess who the celebrity is for the package we're going to run, you have to pull a peg out of that hat. one of those pegs will release a cascade of water onto your head. the hat is called wet hat. let's do it. >> katie. harvey: ready? >> yeah. harvey: hunky. >> pull -- >> byron bay. >> oh -- harvey: ok, you got to pull. >> i can hear the water. harvey: super hero. >> seth rogen. >> oh, come on! pull! >> she thought you


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