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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this is "fox5 news morning morning". >> hi, everybody, good morning i'm maureen umeh and thank you for joininging us. i'm wisdom martin today is tuesday, 31. gary mcgrady is here to talk weather and erin como is here to talk traffic. we'll talk to them in a moment. first talk news. thousands of verizon workers will go to work after union reaches a tentative agreement. 13 call center jobs and 11% races over the years and first ever contract for wildest retail store workers, 40,000 land lane and cable employees went on strike mid april. union workers will go and return to work. >> what happened to a woman found dead inside a rawpdry room. >> detective say the woman's death was caused by trauma and would not go to specific details to. get to that laundry room you need a key and it's usually looked. >> prince george county task
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findings into the sexual abuse case of deanne take caroway. >> he was achargeed in abusing 19 students. caraway worked at the school as a teacher's aid. they are going to release policy and procedures and tell school leaders what changes need to take place to prevent cases from happening like this in the future. >> native american student wants her culture to be part of graduation. >> she planned to wear mock sins to walk across the stage until school told her that would not be allowed. lipcy watts has the story. >> from the beginning. >> that's me. >> dillon mccabe native american roots ran deep in a place like waldorf. >> 1% of the student body and my brother and i make up a lot of that. >> i had a top of people come up to me and like e. oh, i didn't realize native americans still existed. >> ever proud o
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she'll wear a ceremony dress when they graduates high school. >> sent to me specific for graduation. >> just as important her mock sins the same she wore during a four day coming of age ritual when 11 you. >> run three times a day at day break noon and dusk. >> walking a cross the graduation stage has proven more difficult. the principal at dillon's school says the mock sins violate the dress code. students should wear black shoes. >> it shouldn't have come to this. >> dillon's mom got involved and shouldn't meet with no students. >> it should have been no brai brainier type of situation. >> they posted a petition on it has more than 12 1200 signatures and they're doing everything they can to sway the district on this decision. >> it means a lot. >> far from a fashion statement this clothing is sacred. >> this is the dress and the shoes. >> especially as she takes such a big next step. >> it's a part of our culture and part of
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as a people. so it's very important to me. >> a district spokes woman tells me it would be premature to comment on this since dillo dillon's request is being appealed through the school system. the assistant superintendent is expected to make a decision tomorrow two days before dillon is set to grat at her school. charles county, lindsay watts, "fox5 local news". >> in the race for the whitehouse bernie sanders told people to turn against trump and hillary clinton. he spoke to nearly 20,000 people at a rally in oakland yesterday and urged them to get out and vote for the june 7 primaries. >> and while in oakland bernie sanders watched the golden state warriors win game 76 the nba western conference finals and in an instagram post he said last week golden state was down three games to one and tonight they finished a come back in california. i like come backs. he
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>> let's talkbility rematch shall we nba rematch set after the golden state warriors take on the cleveland calf clears take on their second championship to take game 7 from oklahoma city steph curry 36 points led golden state to second straight championship match-up. it's the sixth straight series for lebron james. two straight for steph curry. warriors beat the cavs last year in the finals game one is thursday night. can't wait to see that. that will be good. >> all right. let's talk weather now. gary mcgrady. >> what's going on. >> hey, guys, listen i tell you what. it look likes we're in for a pretty accident rest of the workweek. i don't see any major problems. or any big rains or anything like that. first of all we'll check with temperatures this morning. here's what i'm watching to see if there's fog forming in places and certainly a bit of a possibility of that. i think that won't happen until the clouds
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just a little bit. and we will watch that. right now the visibilities are not a problem. here are temperatures. couple spots in the mid 6 0s. i 81 to leopard town and athan list 69. here in town in the lower 70s. 71 degrees. a lot of cloud cover this morning. we can see fog early. >> we'll get sunshine today and we'll be warm and that willen vait temperatures back to the middle 80s before it's all said and done and a couple of spots again north and west you may be pushing 90 degrees. little bit of humidity too. making it feel like it's in the lower 90s. if you get up into that upper 80 threshold. watching it a little bit of a summertime type pattern moving in. nothing too hot. i'll show you the 7 day coming up in a few minutes. right now time to get to traffic early, early this tuesday morning i'm sure erin people department want to get going out there. >> now is the time 4:35 we're seeing all green on the map behind me. if you have an
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flight to catch maybe you have friend and family in town. traffic on the way to bwi. bw parkway route 1 problem three. same story reagan national. 395, 66, all routes there look going in dulles access road and things quiet in the way to dulles. we'll keep you updated if it changes crash free around the dmv and let's look at majors from virginia. 95 to stafford look going north and southbound side no problem and 66 inbound quiet through centerville and west falls church. no problems 267. flipping to maryland commute all green by me. we love what we're seeing. 95 from icc to beltway and 270 truck scales to gaithersburg moving along long and 50 inbound annapolis to buoy is cruising and quick look outside topside montgomery county all the way through silver spring and bethesda wide open upper and outer. more traffic in a few. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. >>
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much people shelled out to be outside or court side rather outside? to be court side for game 76 the western conference finals. >> they probably didn't pay much to be outside. >> probably free. >> ongoing investigation into hillary clinton email may have cost one writer his job. >> i'm holly morris tracking stories trending this tuesday morning. thousands of veterans fightsing to have their benefit restored after mistakenly declared to be dead. >> all right. as we head to break. actually outside, for free, live look across the dmv. time now 4:37. it is 71 degrees outside. we're back in a moment.
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>> and what's trending on the web. using realtime news tracker. more about that holly. >> we begin this morning with more trouble at the department of veteran affairs. va reportedly saying thousands of service members were dead and they cut off benefits after declaring them deceased. >> next up a writer for the the huffing ton post. he claims an article he wrote about hillary clinton was deleted. the free lance writer claims the story suggested fbi would soon recommend clinton be indicted
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charges it was submitted sunday night and not there monday morning she would be indicted over 1970 law that alleges racketeering charges. the huffing ton post has not respondd if you watched game 7 of the nba finals from your couch you saved yourself money. extort side seeds sold for who whopping $29,000 each and nose bleed? they wept for cool $400. >> earlier i said people pay money to stand outside. how much were those tickets to stand outside the court and watch --. >> free. >> i think it was free to sleep through the whole thing. that's what id there you go. >> toche. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" iraqi forces and american advisors step up efforts against isis. >> and number of veterans invited to a meal at the national harbor. >> a
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region time now 4:4 1. we'll be back after
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. breaking news following a fair fox county 4:45 this morning several gheingts motel 6 in sprins field were robbed earlier this morning. three suspects with one gun and a hammer robbed four people inside the motel near back lit road and i-95 unclear whether it happened in lobby or victim victims' rooms. they have saying descriptions of the suspects now. >> hey, gary with weather. >> you gr, gary? >> i'm there. >> there was a "live" looked in the dmv. i jumped by skew. i'll take the plame for that one. >> i took the shot in me. >> my bad. >> my bad >>
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>> you can quick kiss and do the weather honestly. >> interesting. >> i didn't know -- we were in a completely different studio. 71 right now for reagan national and dulles 69 and bwi marshall 67 wisdom really i'm sorry it was on me okay. here's what's going on. i want to show you 8 a.m. future cast a few clouds in place this morning and what may happen. we have clouds now and will break them up a little bit and there's potential for morning fog to form. if that's happens we'll get morning cloudyness burping offer giving way to sunshine i don't think we need to concern ourselves with rain. thanks for bringing the dry warm by the way erin back in the picture. here we are wednesday time frame. wenk looks good too an a shower tomorrow morning and the most part dry advance
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part dry advancing to wednesday evening and thursday there's yet another boundy moving in from north and west. late in the day on thursday i do believe we'll be dealing with showers and thunderstorms way out west and getting a little closer to us by late in the day and into the early evening on thursday. it does look like we're mostly dry thursday and we'll get a thunderstorm possible late in the afternoon. next couple of days look like this. 86 today. 83 tomorrow. little cooler participates and couple morning showers around and scotting through the area it doesn't look like it would be too much of a big deal. high temperature today and 86 degrees humidity made it feel warmer than that and close to 890 for some for brief period. this afternoon and wind out east, northeast 5 to 15 miles an hour and notice we start off with am fog. and few clouds too and end up with sun and clouds afternoon. here's the 7 day forecast. 86 today.
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showers possible back in the forecast on thursday. moving into thunderstorms. more unsettled, friday, saturday, and sunday. nothing too terrible and i think for the most part. temperatures will stay around 80 degrees as we head on to the extended forecasts. and there it is. here's erin como back hope you're all fresh after your long weekend. >> nice little time to relax. hung by the pool. >> i hope everyone had a good tuesday. and rights now for morning ride if you're getting into work 270 southbound side 70 to truck scales so much green on the map and same torrey gaithersburg and rockville topside of beltway look going and secondaryyes silver spring and bethesda not dealing with crash orr's incidents nowch the rest of the morning commute we look at secondarys in georgia county 30 1
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and 5 northbound waldorf to wood yard road issue free now. i like what i'm seeing and i'll keep you updated with normal cop juston through for the washington. 210 northbound side bottle of the beltway quiet and you can see the green on the map as you make your way camp springs to wilson bridge and all the bridges rights now are problem free. touch of light volume picking up in prince william between dale city and woodbridge on 5. any questions erin @fox5dc. maureen and wisdom. >> we have breaking stories developing overseas first from north korea it appears the communist missile had another failed lawn tch may have exploded on the launch pad causing serious injuries the fourth unsuck seing successful for north korea in a month. >> iraqi army has bee in app
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fighting lasting about four hours. iraqi officials and officers say isis militants sent snipers and cars strapped with explosives but they were destroyed before hitting tarring sglet it was a violent memorial day weekend in chicago four were killed and at least 53 wounded including 1 15-year-old girl. >> violence was fueled by gang accomplices and may was particularly deadly in the city. 60 people shot and killed so far in may. >> closer to home a memorial day cookout to baltimore ended today. five people were shot by a drive by. victims were taken to an area hospital and expected to survive. two victims were arrested and are now considered to be suspects. >> and now to a deadly shooting rampage in houston. multiple media sources identify the shooter as an army vet that served four tours in afghanistan.
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san bernadine owe county in alabama the man is from and he killed two people and injured six before killed himself by police. they believe he was suffering from ptsd. >> wreaking havoc across three tornadoes touching down in colorado yesterday twisters destroyed several buildings and homes and thankfully no one was hurt. >> a 13-year-old boy recovering from a shark attack help in tunl beach florida and they were switch when the shark took an 8" bite behind his right knee. lifeguards estimate the shark was 5 or 6 feet long. this was first shark attack in the area this season. researchers say warming water temperatures and population xwooingt result in increase in shark attacks. >> later today a proper good-bye set for a world war ii veteran at arlington national cemetery. >> johnson's remains were identified last year after recovered from pacific battle field killed on never 20, 18943 along with 1,000 other marines fo
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fighting. johnson's body was among many left behind and deemed unrecoverable by the military. >> as a nation pauses on memorial day. eight new names added to vietnam veterans memorial there's more that 58,000 names engraved opt wall. they received nine status change from those once declared missing in action to deceasedd president obama observed memorial day by honoring fallen service men and women. president placed wreath at the too many of the unknown shoulder. thousands looked on as told our veterans represent the best of america. >> they took newspaper times of war and signed up in times of peace and they they were called up in draft war they empod whyed the best of america. >> he held a reception for military leaders and family members of fallen fa
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service members and military groups♪ . >> world war ii veterans were honored at the world war ii memori on the national mall that honored soldier that lost lives in european and pacific campaigns and paid trin outta to more than 16 million that served our country a dozen world war ii veterans laid wraemings at the freedom wall. those that served our country got serve aid special meal at mccormick and smith seafood restaurant. for the second year the restaurant invited vet rapz for xlmentry lunch or dipper. >> they offer it to each veteran on veteran's day and last year spanned to memorial day. lots heard about the dinner through social media. >> i'm happy that they honor those serving for our country. and definitely those that have -- are fallen soldiers. it givers me great pride to be recognized. >> and it's right down the street. we have andrews
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and pentagon right around the corner from us. this is our community and we want to do what we can to help out. >> military id is required and entrees have to be ordered from the restaurant and even though the occasion was a huge hit. pour than 1,000 service men came out for lunch and dirp. >> memorial day marks unofficial start of summer. cook yotouts, trips to the pool and baseball. >> here's the thing this season minor league baseball teams are working with food and drug food and drug administrationing to stop use of chewing tobacco. the fda is looking for ways to discourage teenagers from ping up the habit. >> that 10-year-old, 12-year-old, boy see dad dip org chewing and older brothers and uncles, leaders in the community. >> the new anti chewing toe ak bako campaign is called the real cost aimed at white males ages 12 to 17 and ads will air in 35 local mark's cross the
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country. >> bryce harper will return to the diamond after leaving yesterday's game in philly following a pitch to the knee. >> top of the 7th we'll start harper up to bat. and right there harper gets it in the right knee. clearly left in pain. got to hurt. all right the team says he suffer aid bruised knee and listed day-to-day. despite the nats go on to win. siri part of 11 day road swing for the nets. >> mean while the orioles facing red sox at home on memorial day and saluting military before the game. always cool to see that. birds down 2-0 until the fifth. ryan particularity slaps one down the third base line and know land ramos scores. game tied 2. all goes downhill for the o's in the 6th signing. orioles surrender three homers they lose this one 7-2 and now trial the red sox btwo games. go ahead. >>
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on the board? >> we got that out of the way. >> clem lacrosse. tough loss for maryland men facing university of norm car line ayesterday afternoon in the ncaa finals and game would go to over time. terps michael mccarty called for cross checking and getting tar heels a man up. they used that to take advantage and score as well the game win. >> oh, man. >> terps lose this one 14-13 their championship drought now 41 years. go ahead, maureen. >> hang on. wait, wait, you can put it on the board. >> all right. let's hope that's the last time we hear that. >> gary mcgrady what's going on. >> i was so mad we watched that and i told my wife. look, i did not want the tarheels to whip. i wanted terps to win. i told my wife there's no way the terps will win this game. >> man. i'm a lacrosse fan
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i don't you don't know it was tough for me to watch that. i'm not a tarheel fan. 69 dulles and 68 mannasas like anyone cares right? leonardtown 64. clouds out there this morning. watching to see if the cloud break up aux up a bit. we may end up with morning fog in places watching visibilities close out. there warm conditions later today. temperature of 86 degrees. dulles 87. frederick 89. and that means it will feel a little warmer. averaging about 2 to 3 warmer with the heat index today okay? so just add that to it it's prettyty much the way it feels. here's eastern erin with a look at tuesday morning traffic it's really like a monday around here because of the holiday weekend. >> gary, 4:56 right now it's quiteet. this say live look pinned me 66 fairfax county parkway toe 50. not a whole lot of volume just a tiny bit of eastbound and westbound volume increasing and nothing out there lowing us down no crashes.
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road in virginia problem fry upper loop and usual congestion yesterday yet. metro gearing up for service on time. as you cross the wilson bridge things are in close shape. back to you mature own and wisdom. >> fox news morning the mother of a little boy that fell into gorillaen closure stands up against people who say nat she should be charged with a crime. >> and potentially deadly disease thought to be radiated seems to be making a come back. . >> before heading to break a quick look at stock fruit furz. tox news morning is back after this
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. >> strawsd ahe ar heads today we learn about charities that benefitted from trump. >> and how long for verizon sevs to return to normal. >> forecast for the rest of the week will sound pretty familia familiar. sin any and a chance of rain. not bad. i'll take that. good morning to you. thanks so much nor are tore joining us i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, may 31. gary mcgrady, airport airport, sfapding by we have "weather and traffic on the 5s". we'll start with the news now.


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