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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 31, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> right now 7:00 following a developing story guests robbed at begun point at a local motel and police are searching for a suspect. we're life with the latest from investigators. >> and also it was a child por pornography case that rocked a local school disstick. officials in prince george county are taking stops keep it from happening again. what the district is doing today to keep students safe. >> also eye local high school student wants to honor her native american heritage at graduation. school hovlz are not doyp with her plans. more on the dress code debate coming up. >> tuesday morning, may 31. 2016 warm and traffic on the fives at 7:305. good tuesday morning everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to 2306785 muz morning. >> in northern virginia several guests at a motel six fairfax county robbed overnight at gu
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frightening knock at the door. . >> fox 35 bob barnard is live in springfield where this all happened, bob. >> allison, steve, it happened early this morning at the motel six we're right along i-95 south of mixing bowl and fairfax county police say they're looking for three men this morning one armed with a gun and another with a hammer who robbed five motel guests here around 2:30 this morning. and we're told nobody was hurt. victims had money and other items stolen and one of the victims a woman named karina tells us what happened. >> we had a big knock on the door. one of the employees goes in and checks and when they on the door i mean when they look out they see somebody's fingers over the beep hole they think it's manager and when they opt door somebody kicked the door in and had a gun and like get us like give everything up like
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where is everything at like people was taking money and i was giving him everything and yeah like it was crazy. because i just feel like it's setup. >> rough way to ab wakened this morning. again police are looking for three men in many suspect descriptions are vague. one plaque with dreadlocks and for others at the motel six it's quiet and rough early morning for giv guests at the motel snitch spring field. a prince george county task force released findings into the sexual abuse case of caroway. he was charged with sexually abusing 19 student at judge sylvania woods elementary school in glen arden. caraway worked at school as teacher's
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social security expected to release review of current school policies and suggest changes to prevent similar cases in the future. >> and also in prince george county today a man goes on trial for murder jermaine accused of shooting melvin in 2010 what makes this unique is how hailz was identified. payton was paralyzed in the shoot egg and died in 2012 but not before i'veing hailz as shooter by blinking which shown a nikt a police photo lineup. it's gone through numerous hearings to see if he what competent at the time to make the photo id and klt lineup was conducted properly. police say she was found yesterday morning at an apartment complex along 18 avenue in adelphi. neighbors called police asking for a welfare check residents are shocked since i need a key to ge insided
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>> yes it's usually locked even on sundays the door is always locked until somebody comes to on it. >> and detectives state woman died from trauma but not released any specific details about her death nor a possible suspect. a first ever contract for wireless retail workers and cable employees in nine states and d.c. went on strike in mid april and union members will vote on the contract after returning to work. >> and 7:04 now no relief in sight for folks in texas forecasters warping of more possible flooding as the river there in for the ben is expected to crest today. and 3 feet above the previous record setback in 1994 that river runs from 234u mexico to the gulf of mexico. six people died following four days of heavy rain.
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>> mother nature also wreaking havoc across parts of mid west including three tornadoes in kol koling yesterday and twisters does he individual several buildings and homes thankfully though no one was hurt. >> and just watching radar here yesterday looked like eastern shore was getting quite a bit. we kept skirt around the district. >> it rained all day at the beaches. >> steve is watching radar on day offer. >> uh-huh. >> hi to think about tucker somehow. >> did you get up early and watch i did not. >> you know he did. >> all right you got me. >> let's go to the forecast. >> oh, boy. >> steve watched all 6 1/2 hours. >> can't quite you guys. >> can't quit you. >> all right. hey we're trying to get the -- well they're wrapping me up quick. fog out of here. fog north and west and we're trying to clear it out and it should be a
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you. warming one. wanter if you work outdoors. mid 80s daytime eyes and nice afternoon and more importantly most importantly a dry afternoon. good chance to dry out a little after stoingy days. dense fog advisory to the west. in effect for an hour and visibility in few spots west tenth of a mile. look out you'll encounter that. 72 now in washington. 70 dulles newspaper baltimore 70. daytime highs mid 80s. warm. this is the warmest day in the next 7. how cool will we be? what will happen next? >> on the 7 day. >> i have all that. >> i'm the edge of my seat. >> somebody tweeted me speaking of twitter saying buzzle head head and said remember on what's happen when rerun was tape recording doobie brothers. can anybody relate to this up here? >> yes sure i mean i don't remember an episode. >> i remember i love the dooby fwlorjs. >> i know. >> thank you. >> there was a show called what's happening. >> do you know that show. >> yes. >> do you
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used to dance. >> did he have the at ha. >> yes i've seep that show. >> he got in big time trouble he would have been in trouble at the adele concert. >> i saw a lot of adele in nashville i felt super old everybody had backs to the stage and was selfie videoing. >> it's annoying i get it. >> i'm all for it i don't pretend i don't ever record shows that would be lying but i understand. >> i understand. >> what's going on behind you. >> sky fox kind of pretty but bad traffic outer loop as usua usual. coalsdale road sluggish commute because of congestion and be prepared for that one inner loop nice. i love for the last day of may look how beautiful that shop chopper shot is with beautiful green trees. we switch to more delays. let's look at maps. as you com up in virginia through fredericksburg traffic slow on 95 northbound through stafford. average speeds 22 miles an hou hour. even though wept don't have rashes it's just a whole lot of congestion this morning and crash and delays we're tracking now in fairfax country 6
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eastbound slow facie fave county parkway to nutly street simply congestion as you pass to oakton and crash braddock eastbound at 123 that could cause slow downs as well and as we take a look at wide view of morning commute into district crash 110 taking out shoulder involving several cars 395 northbound give yourself extra time there and aside from 295 south of 50 backs up and 50 inxwound inside the district slow traffic 201 as usual and more traffic in a few. metro right now is on time ail son and steve. >> thanks erin overseas now attempted missile launch by north korea ended in failure and south korea media reported launch bad and japan high alert putting they claim the launch would have potential to reach asia and pacific military bases. >> and taliban gunmen
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16 people after taking nearly 200 bus passengers hoingt tan northern calf began city. most kidnapped passengers were left go and a fuse dozen are held. >> in middle east iraq army has been in intense fight against isis to retake city of felusia they are claiming bombings that killed 24 people and stilingted 50,000 residents trapped in the city and iraqi army focusing on getting them out of the city safely. >> and 7:09 now early voting in the district begins today ahead of city primary election on june 124 and registered voters can cast ball lots at one judiciary square 8:30 this morning until 7:00 this evening and other early voting septemberers in all eight wars will be on on saturday. >> meanwhile, there is trauma on the campaign trail. >> secret service says to protect one candidate as mystery candidate could emerge now as early as this week reportedly to take on donald trump.
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let's get the run down from doug lose aider. >> home stretch now for barny saerpdz at least there's not a momentd to lose. >> bernie standers giving a rouzing welcome last night at the nba playoff game. sitting next to actor and supporting danny glover and getting inspiration from a warriors win. >>. sarders got a scare earlier in the day the secret service detail had to grab him as protesters tried to rush the stage as rally and animal rights group later took responsibility for the incident and democratic rival meantime returned to the campaign trail new york marching in the parad parade. one encouraging her along the way. . >> and we'll hear more from presumptive nominee donald trump later this morning promising to account for millions of dollars in donations
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to veterans groups after a fundraiser back in january. and will he face a new challenge? conservative pundant bill crystal promised on twitter over the weekend there will be independent candidate and impressive one with real chance he said no. names though and it would be a steep thoyl climb. >> logistical changes for independent candidate athis late date are enormous. you would have to have someone who would declare candidacy immediately have name recognition across the country and build in finance network and then deal with this question about getting on the ballot in states where the deadline has already closed not an easy thing to do and it becomes something of a parlor game here in washington trying to guess the identity of this mystery candidate and who would be willing to engage in what one pun dit says is suicide mission. in washington, dug lays ed aider fox news. >> backlash over the zoo decision to kill a gorilla to
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>> and local high school students and fighting for school graduation dress code and why plans to honor native american heritage on hold.
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>> cleanup in ocean city after the weekend and heading back in town for the eastern shore. >> if you were not sure i made the comments i love it when rainy when you leave the beach because it doesn't hurt so much. >> that is true. . >> verse when's it's all sunny and maybe rained a couple days. >> and i sublet the beach camp yesterday there was one couple that was determined to be out there no matter what. and little better tod
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i mean at least not raping this morning pretty torrential rain all of course complements of bonnie. >> bonnie. >> uh-huh. >> she's all gone now. >> bitter bonnie. >> she should have been retired in the late 9 0s. there was a good bony. hit the carolina in late 90s. >> sounds vaguely familiar. >> they retire hurricane names. >> when they're sdrukttive. >> steve. >> he knows this. >> anybody checks the radar on the day offer knows that. >> we're knoll falling for it. >> he's plague us now. >> let's go tots forecast. >> like prince play me your play yourself steve. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. >> if you travel today all systems go. all three local airports lever on time and that is good news. and because we got fog just out to the west. and arrows tucker. >> that's whipped direction. a little spin just offer to the south and east. that would be the remnant low of our friend
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>> hm. >> bonnie. >> non retired name. >> bonnie. >> not retired won't be retired after this round either. >> and i forget where i was. 72 new york and boston and mid 80s this afternoon and lots of sunshine and hey today will be a good lukeing day low humi humidity. not low humidity lower than yesterday. and pleasant afternoon. so good shape today. got plans tonight. and go for. it looks good. tomorrow, thursday, look good and showers around friday, saturday, sunday and not going to rain every minute. i have to go i don't have to but i'm going to or joels rank yeses this weekend so i need to be dry. >> that would be nice. >> thank you. >> check back in on traffic. >> hi, erin. i'm also going away this weekend. tucker i'll do the jersey shore. >> okay. >> you are? >> right now taking a look at your commute. 7:16 now tracking problems out rotz lynn and more blue line delays largo town center give yourself extra time there as we forward maps crash on the
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agive yourself extra time to get through that area coming from frederick we hit the delay and south of the accident scene. traffic slow it's just sluggish gaithersburg and rockville this morning and typical slow roll to the beltway. 9 a5 northbound virginia fredericksburg to stafford you really are slow with congestion and no crashes to report and down to 22 miles an hour and then again north of the point dale city to woodbridge we have some congestion slowing us down one northbound slow sdail city as well and 395 to 110 crash blocking several cars south of that point too dealing with typical slow moving traffic through alexandria on 395 inbound and 295 southbound jammed by burrows avenue and then 66 in virginia and eastbound between fairfax county parkway and nutly street down to 16 miles an hour just really slow moving traffic through oakton this morning and also 29 look going we have a crash braddock east at 123 extra time to get around that area and as we take the wide view
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mind outer loop is slow and where we had sky fox earlier this morning between 95 as you head past coalsdale road jammed 95 southbound by icc slopes and bw parkway northbound past pod powder mill typical slow moving traffic. same across the wilson bridge inner loop. more traffic if a few. stave and allison seymour soyn. >> a native american restaurant wants to acknowledge her culture at her high school sgl graduation. >> her way of doing that would violate the graduation dress code. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live from charles county with the story now. good morning. . >> morning go morning all of us who go through graduation know what a big moment that is in a young person's life and now this student norm point high school is trying to fight these graduation dress codes. she's really bringing up this big debate as to whether charles county pli
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should change policy so that she can honor her native american heritage and that question of crse is her mock kins mock asips and leggings they're part of a ceremonial dress given to her by grandparents in keeping with tradition she ran miles in she's shoes fwour dimes take day during the nava 40e rite of passage -- navaho rite of passage and they won't carry her across on vacation day because the dress code says black flats or low heels only for young women dlach and her mom are appealing. it's not about fashion but freedom of expression. >> it's a part of our culture and part of who we are. and as a people. so it's very important to me. >> it should not have come to this. it should have bone so much
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situation. >> so, i hope that the north point charles country school system changes policy. i hope that they learn by this experience. >> now dillon was told she can wear navaho dress and jewel write because that will remain under her graduation gown. so far the petition on has more than 3,000 signatures. today mccabe's have a meeting with assistant and he hope to get a positive response today. if it doesn't work they are option after peeling to the board of education. but again they are under a time deadline here with graduation day fast approaching. live in charles county i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> melanie thank you. coming up how one of the word aesz smartest people is explaining popularity of donald trump. >> and we'll tell you why a plain was forced to make emergency landing on highway. we're back in two minutes. s'
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airlines plane it h to be evacuated after a tire exploded and caught on fire the plane was scheduled to leave tampa and head to phoenix no whord what caused it to blow. again northbound was hurts. >> on the roads in new york police say it appears asome eye truth and car collided along the sheridan parkway in the bronx leaving truck dangling off the side. and amazingly the driver was not hurt investigator say the truck cargo was empty which may have prevented it from gliping over the side. >> stopped literally in the nick of time. >> world renowned british physicist steevren hawking may understand the many mysteries of the universe even he is having a hard time grasping trump's flies popularity. lawn inz has no explanation for trump saying he is demigod that appeals to the lowest common demom nate
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>> tucker barpz surprise anxiously awaiting to give his forecasting. >> yes, good morning it's a look at the great outdoors we have clouds and fog norm and west and sunshine building in and should be pleasantly warm. temperatures in the mid 80s. wind light the we had a frontal system come through overnight. what that is trying to do is knock down humidity a bit and trying to dry off the atmosphere. give it a few more hours. late morning early afternoon we should break out in more and more sunshine. remnants ever bonnie there you go along the coastline bringing rain showers to extreme parts of cape cod. we're looking at quieter conditions today not expecting shower activity later this afternoon and as mentioned daytime highs in the mid 80s. we'll have another frontal system tonight that might kick up a shower early
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general theme for midweek tuesday, wednesday, thursday is to keep thing fairly dry with daytime highs and few degrees above normal this afternoon and tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday look good. there's the seven day forecast. weekend not a washout. graduation. a lot of tweets about graduation and party and weddings and that kinds of thing. it will nonnoting a full rainout weekend xingtd we have a chance of showers each day more details on the weekend forecast in a minute. all right. erin is back and she's got the lightest report on roads. >> i like that you turn that to serious voice because you know i don't have anything good to say. right now crash on the shoulder as you make your way to frederick this morning and 270 south after urbana slow fed rick to that points and jamming usually spots tops of stop and go through gaithersburg and rox villas you get. there forward the maps and show what you you're up against. lot of slow moving traffic. red zone. hey the color matches dress perfectly. that's sad. 95 jammed on the southbound side 212 to beltway and 270 south 8
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dealing with a crash in urban and and typical congestion and 50 inside the beltway 410 to 2 201 another slow zone. crash braddock road ooesh 123 to watch for and a lot of slow conditions on virginia this morning. 5 northbound in fredericksburg from 3 to 610 stafford and huge red zone with congestion 66 flow zone yellow zone 234 to beltway inside the beltway continues through arlington and 395 north duke to washington jammed again i like that my dress match it's now reminds me of catch the muingt tarred. >> still to come the nba finals all set and what the nationals now say about bryce harper hi by i fitch last night and looked pain full. >> first growing outrage over decision to kill a gore ail to protect owe 4-year-old boy how the zoo is depending himself this morning.
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♪ 7:30 right now. there's look outside. outde it's pretty nice start to the day today. 72 degrees. tuck says a little72 humid.. >> looks a little hazy.y >> aside from that it should bed nice day today. >> 7:30 we're following breakinb news from prince george's coun county. an apartment fire in laurel.n le this is happening right now inn the 13,600 block of barnett la lane. fire officials are tweeting thas there's a fire on the second s floor of one of the garden styls apartment buildings there. keep an eye on this one we'lls bring you updates just as soon as we get them steve?te? >> frightening knock at the doo for several guests at a motel it northern virginia. fairfax county police tell fox5f at least five people were robbeb in their rooms at the motel sixs in springfield.ingf it happened about 2:20 this0 t morning.rn three suspects threatened thoseo guests with a gun an hammer. hme ankfully nobody was hurt. hur investigators have pretty vagueg suspect descriptios
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far.fa >> happening today, a prince to george's county task force isase set to release its findings intt the sexual abuse case of beyonce' car away. he was are a revved earlier thir year charged with sexually abu abusing 19 students at suchh sylvania woods elementary schoos in glenn arden. a car away worked there as are a teachers aid the task force is expected tote release it's review of current r school policies and suggestst changes to prevent similar cases in the future.e more backlash this morning.r more talk in general about whatw happened at the cincinnati zoo.. the zoo standing by a decision s to shoot and kill gorilla after four-year-old boy went into itss enclosure. enclos >> the story has everybodyas evy talking. nature conservation any of thes and tv host jeff, has strongtr words for people especiallyecial families who visit zoos. >> take a listen. >> kids aren't going to learn haven't rewarding experience ife you're to the being a responsible parent.respont. i'm not saying that was the case. but i've seen it. the zoo is not your babysitter
7:32 am
the texting and the phone calls enjoy the moment and make sure r your kids are having a good, save experience.xperie >> as you can tell he's not theh only one a lot of anger directec at the boy's parents with manyhn holding them responsible for thb death of the gorilla.. >> holly morris is in studio s with us with how now.w n this story won't go away.o >> it won't go away untily something else happens, right? r so it's what everyone is talkini about. i think at this point we talkedl about lot -- a lot about this whatever your opinion is is youy opinion and you'll support itpoi with what you think happenedappe there. a lot of people angry as a parents for not watching their child more closely.lose and also, believe the gorilla ga was trying to protect the childi shouldn't have been shot but tht zoo director says he wasayhe agitated and disoriented duringr the 12 minute incident. iid video shows the 400-poundound gorilla at some point dragging n the boy around.un also, though at
7:33 am
being nichering. nicheri his death is indeed a big loss l but insists the boy was innsts t danger. >> the killing of a beloveded 17-year-old gorilla in then cincinnati zoo still sparkingg outrage this morning. morni days after zoo officials shotias and killed the animal to save a four-year-old boy who wandered e into the enclosure. the zoo standing behind their actions. saying the gorilla was an agitated situation and could anu have caused serious damage toagt the child.hi >> that child's life was in was danger.. and people who question that orr are monday morning quarterbacksk or second guessers don't d understand you can't take a risk with a silver back. >> reporter: after this areft a still calling for discipline foi either the zoo for the child's and some ohio state lawmakerskes are floating the idea of har h a.m. be's which would createat legal consequences were an
7:34 am
killed due to negligence ofe visits. zoo officials handled theficiald situation appropriatelyte considering the size and se and strength of the gorilla.. >> the power they have, they could take a green coconut and squish it like a marsh mal lostl you can't bust one open with ma chest. the power is beyond belief.d bel >> small group gathered at the t zoo to honor harambee with somee suggesting the remainingemai gorillas be placed in a a sanctuary away from people. >> we have sanctuaries inn different places they're ahey're little bit safer and this wouldn't happen as often.dn't ht >> hundreds of thousands signedd an online petition calling fornf the boy's parents to be heldd legally responsible for the gorilla's death. the director of the cincinnatinn zoo says staffers are receivings messages of support and a condolences from around the t world. zoo officials say visitors are also leaving flowers at thelowes gorilla exhibit and asking how h they can support gorilla conservation. i think
7:35 am
point to make is that the cincinnati zoo much like thehe national zoo here is one of thee leaders in conservation andnd helping animals that arels tha critically endangered pro creatt and still there be. it's the same with the gorillasr there in the cincinnati zoo.i z it's not -- the gorillas aren'ta just there for people to ogle aa them.em. there's real reason why they ary there as wel. again, me personally, you know me, i think the mom turned herer back for a second and the childc got away. there are other people who saidi the mom should have her eyes onn that child every single second.s i think it's a fire storm now n that's happened on social media. >> right. >> much like when the lion wastw shot dead that story just went t on and on and on and people peo talked about it until somebodyom else came along and new cause nc was out there.was t the i think whatever your feelings r are at this point, they are anda it's just a sad story on manyan different levels all the way w around. ar >> especially if they were in the business of keeping thesine species alive. species alive. >> they are in the business ofar that.e >> they died this way.
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holly, thanks.has. >> 7:35 right now. all right. let's turn to the weather righth now outs 72, should be nice comfortable room temper rich. ric mid 80s later today. today >> okay. >> less humidity this afternoon. we still got that humidity outit there early. this is your daily allergylyller report. because of the recent weatherof we're low, low,we low, low, lowl because of the rain? rain? >> because of the rains, yeah, and the relatively coolely c temperatures it's been, let's l see, mold has been the most t m recent problem along with wh grasses but everything currently low. if you are having allergicc symptoms, perhaps it's somebody at work.ork. (laughter). >> thank you for that. >> there's your star track rad radar. a few clouds and little bit ofnd fog out there early. we'll burn it off and it will bi pleasant afternoon won't be a w perfectly sunny afternoon a mix of sun and clouds but a dryry afternoon daytime highs in the i mid 80s.0s. currently 72 in 70 dulles. duls 70 at bwi marshall. marsh we'll go mid 80s think afternoor with
7:37 am
dry day. expected this afternoon.noon seven day features, you knowdafr what, no 90s on the seven what's up? >> okay. oka we're not into the thick of it f yet. >> we're getting close. cse >> getting close. >> all right.ll thank you.than >> um-hmm.>>m-hm >> check the roads again. it's a tuesday but it feels like a monday, erin.nda good morning. >> 7:37.>> 7:37. breaking news bottom side of thd beltway you can see an ambulancb several lanes are blocked. blocd we have a fire truck at thiss location. inner loop as you make your waya out by telegraph road inph roa alexandria. a crash involving an overturnedr car. ca let's take look at our maps ourp because we are dealing with hugt delays. you can see a person out of their vehicle walking on the inner loop.roo backed up in usual spot for 14 1 across the wilson bridge and bea that delay kind of connectsind n across the wilson bridge getting to that crash scene again inner loop telegraph road crashphoad involving an overturned also keep in mind 295 when you get out of the way it backs uptb on the northbound side from thed bottom of the beltway passedsed lavatory
7:38 am
>> 270 southbound delays leading towards that point you're heavy again the spur as we take a wak closer look at our marylandaryl drive times 95 southbound jamsum usual area from 212 to the t the 270 really slow 85 to 121.21. and 50 inside the beltway 410 to 201 congestion lingering in thaa spot. spot let's move it over and take live look outside at one of oure o o cameras. a lot of congestion.ongeio we'll take a look at virginia vi right now.ow 66 by 123 hazy, sun glare past 123. through west falls church in arlington as well. more traffic in just a a. allison and steve.teve >> thanks, erin. en coming up hot topics in ouri tuesday including why one woman says her mommy blog ruined her life.e. >> we'll get the details muchuc the nationals looking for goodno news after their mvp was hit byh a pitch.a we'll show you what happenedowap coming up. it's 7:38. ♪
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♪ i don't want to see this,wa, steve. is it happening right now? >> the nationals hoping for goo news on bryce you saw why he was hit in theitn right knee by a pitch last night in philadelphia and left thet e game. game. he was seen walking with a a slight limb in the clubhousein after the team four-threeth victory.ctor. harper will be evaluated --ated- um-um before deciding whethering he'll play tonight. >> cannot feel good.oo stanley cup finals penguins too
7:42 am
game one of the finals they beat san jose game winner a couple of minutesn left in the third period.eriod. sharks will stay in pittsburghly and play game tw io tomorrow n night. okay. nba matchup game seven lastve l night winner take all to get into the final and again it is golden state.te. golden state rallied down threeh games to one to oklahoma cityomt they wouldn't last night 96-88.9 steph curry with 36 points. seven, three pointers set an a seven game record. game one will be thursday nightt in oakland bracing clevelandve just like last year. like y aft the big win, stephsteph curry's daughter riley hung outt with him to celebrate on the court. co he lean over and gave her littll kiss. she ducked away.ed wiped that kiss off. what? >> at least she gave him a hug.h >> she did acute little i'm watching you thing again.. >> she smiled. >> she's happy for her daddy.dy >> coming up next our tuesday nx talker the difference between malia and their dads. ds. why mommy blog ruined hr
7:43 am
>> live look outside on this oni tuesday morning. whose outburst was that? t >> maybe tucker's. >> oh, tucker. weather and traffic on the 5's for you next. ♪ stand by me
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ we are back now with a little preview for yreou.. looking what's ahead gone dayeay d.c. here's a sneak peeing.akee here's guess list from nineni until 11:00 this morning. so you know patti pies,
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wright sheinelle who put patti pies right on top with hisht onh awesome viral video while hele dishes on desserts with theit t ladies of the day and me and itt is a fun time i can assure you.. >> favorite food.orite food. >> he just tested our foodour fd included -- >> you brought food. foo >> you'll have to watch.. also one of dc's top musicians. he's been helping you keep the k beat for decades.eces on good day at 10a we'll break e the news involving d.c..c restaurant scene.ra it's going to a whole otherer level.l. >> big honor headed our way which is awesome.we talk about that coming up in amn little bit. 7:46. nice day out today.od hot, though. ug >> later this doing the fog and the mist ear early. >> okay.. >> and still moisture in place e from yesterday from bonnie. bon >> let's and joy it then.he >> we will. we'll enjoy the seven day d forecast.focast. ♪ >> we back to this. >> i feel like there's a huge he
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>> then we're back to this.hi >> we've been down this road t before. before >> it's a classic though.a cl >> i know it is.>> i >> staying alive. alive. >> national harbor i got seriouo tips on how to >> did you? >> show them off.. >> hand in the pocket. p >> always a good move.odove. >> right? right >> um-hmm. >> i don't feel that's new, though. (laughter). >> it's all fresh new moves, mes steve. steve. >> looking good, tuck.oo >> thank you, allison forllon appreciating that. >> ou!>> >> this can be a whole show inho itself.itlf. >> it should be. (laughter). >> right, steve? >> hey, midweek it looks mostlys dry. dry. i promise i'll keep the weatherr moving here. let's see.mot's see we got temperatures 73 now in washington. 70 in annapolis.70 iannapolis. 68 in leonardtown.. the fog has been nuisance herenh off to the west wherehere visibilities have been abouteena tenth of a quarter, quarter of o mile in some spots. dense fog advisory expires in 15 minutes out to the west
7:48 am
what happened here frontal system finally coming throughg h last night that's good becauseod it push the remnants of bonnief further to the east and we'rende all in for drier weathereaer including the beaches today.ay sorry about yesterday.esterd rain out there.he we he should burn the low cloudd and fog off here prett writ seee short -- pretty soon. shortly we'll burn off the fog.g i don't remember i said itt properly i was trying tore i tickets.tick there you go.the yo soon we should burn off the fogf and we'll be in the mid 80s. 80s warm one.warm it will also a dry day. dry day. you can see the larger scener sn there. there's leftovers of bonnie it'' out of here, and high pressure e off to our north will build inbu and that will mean very pleasans weather around here.d it will be on the warm sidemide today. put on the sunscreen. plenty of water if you're if working outdoors.. make sure your pets have plentyy of water with warm afternoon. tonight another quick moving min front.fron it might bring us sprinkles tomorrow morning.or the general theme to keepp temperatures on the warm side is the 80s the rain out of theut o
7:49 am
not a wash out's weekend. we've got all kinds of of graduations and weddings thats kind of thing more detaianls onn that weekend forecast.eekeas we have a few rounds of rain to couldn't tendon withuldn particularly on saturday.ay saturday may be mostly dry.ostly that is the weather.the wether erin? >> we'll move over to traffic where we have lot of problems.eo overturned car on the inner lool you can see a fire truck tck blocking the center lane. l first responders out actually at walking on the inner loop so please use three left lanes blocked the right lane is squeezing by they have cones set up and because of this issue we're dealing at telegraph road huge delays pickc up let's move over for look at k our maps.oumaps keep it to the right factor anan extra time to cross the innerth loop near the wilson bridge. brg we're jammed from 414 saint barnabas road where traffic isdr parked f a look at our mapsur m we'll show you that delay anday other problems around the area.e look at that long line of red.ed delays back to saint barnabasba road because of the overturnedne vehicle. vehicl let's switch it over now forovef look if we can forward our mapsm and show you alexandria.le
7:50 am
northbound because of that, youy are jammed just north of thef beltway towards that also seeing heavier traffic 2377 inbound through arlington.inon we'll go ahead and take look ata our next map and show you rightt now no metro delays for you. y it's clear that's what we like k to see 270 south by urbana a uan crash blocking the shoulder andr cabin john huge delays signed dy the beltway to clara barton. bao back to you allison. >> thanks.>> it's tuesday and that meansn our own sarah fraser is joiningg us to chat about some of thee he hottest trending stories on stos social m good morning, >> high ya'll.h 'll >> hello. >> how you doing.>> how >> we're doing well, thanks. d i didn't want to be rude.oit tod first up an interesting articlet on the difference betweenifrenc millennial men and their dads. >> yes. >> okay. >> so fascinating. we redefining masculinity.nity. so very interesting in depth story about men saying, look, 11 to 34-year-old guys are more me comfortable than ever being stay at home dads not being the bread winner in
7:51 am
they're having a very hard timee sort of defining masty lynn inyn the. they still feel pressure to be more m so steve, what do you think? ? can you be considered masculineu if you're stay at home dad. d >> sure. why not? look it takes lot too raise family. fam why won that be masculine?asline >> i agree, right? i think -- - do you think overall in societyc we are sort of changing the definition of masculinity? i i think we're definitely a softer society than the generationshe before us. i think that has, um, de involved from generation tono generation.generation upping, things are easier theseh days. i think people the easier theyae get the less effort people put l into t so i think that, yeah, the generation above me i think really was >> right. r >> in the home. >> i think society -- >> it would be society kind ofok thing. hard working, like, i don'te, d know. like just very -- >> more of -- i think you define
7:52 am
i don't know. don't k building things.buil >> i will say i think society se still does give the old sidee eye, what do you i'm a stay at a home d >> right. rig >> i still don't think that it is within the norm of culture in the united states for that to to happen but i will say that i see -- when i see a dad pushingh a stroller when i'm leaving here at like 1:00 o'clock i'm like -- it makes me smile because i'meci just like, the norms are changing and it is mores m acceptable and i feel like, youu know, my dad's time even, yeah,a it would be frowned upon likepon you do what now? you're not the bread it's very tied to all of the --- >> the money. >> the money.>> t >> control at home. >> exactly. >> there's families involved iam would never -- i would never-- u think that way.thin you knok w, like f you're stay t home dad you're less manly than the person before you. i'm looking at it more likeat il people i think are just softertr these days. like we want people to do moreo things for us and not do themm themselves. people don't want to work as't hard as in the past.rd as the >> you're sit tag bar and y
7:53 am
one of them -- you're in thisint job and then somebody else is a stock broker and the third man is his primary job is staying ag home and the wife is the breadre winner do you feel a certain wa about that person?fe >> to be honest% honest if we were friends we would probablyra riff him little bit. him littleb >> there you go.. >> but we'd understand.nderan >> right. >> that's only if we're friends. i'm not going to think less of him.hi >> here's another story.s an millennial men struggle with thh fact that they still feeltill fe pressured to be more masculine.e >> what do they feel like theyhe need to do to be more manly.. >> nothing. society needs to stay up. >> masculinity staying at home and not being a bread winner has nothing to do with each >> exactly.xactly. >> it's better thing if it can n work out that pressure doesn'tpe have to be.ha b a lot of times people feel theel pressure to be that the breadred winner. >> i wonder how women how they w really feel about it in a blindd poll? po >> how they really feel. fl >> i'd like to
7:54 am
married, i would prefer to be the stay at home you go to workr i wonder if that's a deal aea breaker or not to women who aree millennials.millenni >> is it a preferred or whoeverv gets the better job, better,et career you focus thon? tho >> let's talk about the mommy mm blog. >> this is so good. thi so okay. so probably a lot of peopleof watching have either thoughtr t about launching their blog,heir blogging is still really reallya big and mommy blogging is a billion dollar business. bin but this one mom is getting a ga lot of backlash. american is her blog.b she basically has written this blog post of how really terribll the mommy blogging business isei and essentially it's a lot of fake photos and fake lies and -- >> to set up the perfect live.iv >> it's called social media.ial. a lot of people are saying she'e super bitter, but it really doey go in depth and behind the bind scenes of how much you have towu put up your own money to starto being a successful mommy bloggeg and then essentially how much hm these brands really just want tw give you free things but wt
7:55 am
really not getting >> i see.. >> it's a business like anything else if you want to rise to the top of any business you have to put the work in.t thwork >> do you think she'su think sh' complaining more then? >> she doesn't have to do it.e i >> very successful. suc she stepped away. she's quitting the mommyhe blogging business. busin she also says the kind of underd belly of blogging is that otherh bloggers really support eachuppo other. so if other bloggers aren't -- ' if you're not -- if you and i ai are both bloggers and i'm not constantly sharing your stuffour and you're not constantlysttl sharing mine it doesn't get doet shared.ared. she says the false hood ofseoo blogging is that regular peoplel are actually reading and sharing it.. >> fellow bloggers posting it. >> fellow bloggers are reallyeay >> the cynical part of me thingg she wanted to quit this a long time ago. a this ruined my life.ned my life. i'm not doing it any anm she's getting attention.ttenon she can go back and write bookso do tv shows. >> i love -- she still has
7:56 am
post up it's really great if yo are a blogger.are a ger >> what's the name.hat's e n >> american >> okay.>> oka >> we'll look into it.t. >> tuck, is that the one you one subscribe to.cribeo >> american >> he thought it was somethingtt else. >> i thought it was a differentt place.e. >> right. >> it wasn't all pictures.ictus i'm done.e. >> yeah.ea um-hmm. >> just move on. >> i better not say anything. ay >> am i doing traffic? i'llic?l try. it won't be delivered in any way that will give you informationti that will be helpful.atbe i'll try. i' 95 north looking at a fredericksburg to the harbor. 74 now in washington. winds out of the north at 8:00. fantastic news. ns drier air trying to work in andd we will be less humid this afternoon as we're pushing thehe remnants of bonnie right hereigr off the shore. sre so things will get better and bd better from here. from should be a dry afternoon it will be a warm afternoon mid 80d later today.r be prepared for a hot one.otne 86 this afternoon.rn. 83 tomorrow. i think we keep it dry, two,ry,t
7:57 am
most part maybe a shower s tomorrow but quick moving. all somebody should have her own her blog erin.n >> you need to start your y owning. >> what can i call it? >> um -- >> i need a strong name for the blog tucker i'll write any topip you want. you wa >> any topic?>> a >> all right. let's real it in. 7:57.7:57. overturned car inner loopoop telegraph road backed up saintai barnabas road. roa give yourself extra time to gett through the inner loop andh the through annandale typinical dell there. taking a look inbound delays 393 north near 110 because of an o a earlier crash blocking thehe shoulder.shoulder cabin job inside the beltway to clara barton basically park. collar what barton a lot of a heavy traffic as well.avtraf keep it here to fox5.ox we're back in just a few moments with this morning's weather and traffic.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning.. right now 8:00 o'clock. live look outside on this t tuesday morning.orning it's may 31, 2016. 201 weather and traffic coming up o the 5's at 8:05. 8 good tuesday morning everybody.. i'm allison >> i'm steve chenevey welcome tt fox5 news morning let's start at 8:00 o'clock with prince o george's county police identifying the woman found deaa inside of an apartment complex x laundry room. rm. investigators say she is 29-year-old ashley sol land know found yesterday morning at the t complexion along 18th avenuelonv and a delphi. del police say that preliminarily her death is not appear to be a rando
8:01 am
♪ developing overnight guesthg tas local hotel rob at gun poinp much this happened early thisart morning at motel six in springfield.ngeld. three suspects robbed fiveiv guests in their roomsiroo threatening them with a hammeram and a gun. gun. no one was hurt.. happening today we areppenia expected to find oy ut the break downs in procedure that could have prevent add school aid from allegedly sexually abusingal students at an elementary scho school. >> prince george's county taskor force is expected to release iti findings today.. bob barnard has more now from judge silane have a woodsan elementary school in glennchooig arden. bob g morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. ideally we'll learn today the new set of rules and procedure o the school system here will putp in place to prevent something like this from happening again.i we'll take you back earlier this year the arrest of teachers aid deonte car away. here at judge sylvania woods elementary school.ool. 52-year-old volunteer teachers a aid facing feloy
8:02 am
charges accused of video tapingp young students engaging in sexgi acts here at the school and incn other locations around glenn g arden at least 17 victimsicms identified all between the agess and nine and 13. 13. this task force chaired by the president of the prince george'e county community college dr. charlene dukes at the direction of the school's ceoeo kevin maxwell has investigatedee the procedures and policies pic throughout the school system ans what can be done to betteret protect children while they'rele at school.l. these alleged crimes occurred a school during the school day and so the school system is going ti want to find out how they can better screen the adults theys e let into the school. carraway is in jail on mel i don't know dollars bond he faces perhaps live in prison if he'sni convicted.cot we'll learn the results of the e task force later this afternoono guys, at the school headquarte headquarters. school board headquarters inrd upper marlboro. >> bob,
8:03 am
today a man goes goes on go trial for murder in princeer in george's county.. what makes this case unique howe the man was identified.d. jermaine hails accused of off shooting mel have vin tate backk in 2010. tate was paralyzed in thataral shooting and died in 2012. but not before id pogging heelsh as the shooter while blinking bi when shown a picture of him in n the a lineup much the case hasas gone through numerous hearingss to determine whether tate wastra competent at the time to make this. digit and whether the photo linl up yes conducted correctly.rely >> early voting starts today. registered voter which is castcs their ballots one judiciaryud scare in ward two starting 8:303 this morning until 7:00 o'clock tonight. the other early voting centers s in all eight wards will open on saturday.sarday donald trump says to makee announcement veterans have beene waiting for at a news conference today trump will tell reporterss which veterans groups will receive money collected during a fundraiser back in
8:04 am
he ordered that event when het n skip the gop presidential debata and reportedly made aroundun $6 million and donated the monen to up to two dozen charities.. a bernie sanders rally inanl northern california gets out oft control when group of animal activists tried to rush theus t podium security stop thesephe protesters before they couldthed reach sanders earlier in the dat though the democraticemocti presidential candidate joinedd actor danny glover for an evente in oakland. sanders is criss-crossing-cssin california ahead of the primaryi one week from today there. >> golden state game last nightt too. >> was he. >> um-hmm. >> he's getting around.geing >> with deep glover.>> wit >> heads up for drivers the cos of parking is going up.p. >> starting tomorrow all parkinp meters in the city will cost $2.30 an hour more than doublenl in some areas.reas the council approved -- approveo measure to make up for lot oforf revenue and could bring in anina additional 12 to $14 million inn parking revenue which heads up u starting tomorrow you will havev to pay more to park in thein district.di the nationals hoping for goodoo news today when it comes toay wm bryce harper.esbr here's what happened last night
8:05 am
he was hit by a fast ball to tho right knee right there. ouch! this is the game in phil philly. towed leave the game. he was walking withd a slight s limp in the clubhouse after thea game. nats held on to win four-three.e harper will be evaluated todayed and then they'll decide if he'lf play tonight or sit out a gamee or two until he feels a little t better.tter >> that was right on the point.i >> gosh. >> does not feel good.eld. >> i hit my funny boneon i'm out of commission.ssio >> ever get that funny bone hit. >> yeah.>> >> it's like ahh! >> okay. >> he's tough. he' he'll hang in there.he'l he will.l ♪ it's painful when you can yn kind of feel the pain.elhe pain. >> yeah. y like my knee hurts right now. >> yeah. >> worst possible spot.ossible s hey, we got sunshine. live shot sun breaking out. >> humidity hair forecast today. >> things will still a little lt rough in the hair departmentar with dew points temperatures inn the 60s it will bader today abaa little less humidity should be e little more comfortable. we're entering that time of yeai it's a daily challenge.. >> get the gel ready.. >> um-hmm. uhmm >> all right.
8:06 am
>> there's a live shot, and youd can see that we've got rain offshore. offsho that's the remnants of bonnie.. we had little frontal systemalys come through last night.hrough i didn't really cool things down a whole lot but at least as it pushes to our south and east itt should help dry out thet t atmosphere a little bit. a lit t that soggy tropical air mass wee had in place yesterday seems too permeate everything.. >> tucker power through i power through it, tucker. we're hearing a little voice in our ears.s. we're hoping we're just hearing it together.etr. >> reagan national 74 now. 71 dulles and dwi marshall. marl here's your forecast high todayy 86 degrees.86 degre early fog and sun and cloudsnd c this aftno dry afternoon.y afteoon. seven day forecast featuring aea dry couple of days. we'll look at that and ddro wene have 90s on the seven day? i'li have the answers coming up.p >> you already told us we don'tt >> okay.>> we don't. >> if you don't know the ifb iss an earpiece that we hear from.rf >> how about a really good abo r forecast coming up.forecain how are e
8:07 am
>> roads are all backed u nasty stuff even though the suns is out and we're rain free free overturned car taking out twoutt lanes on the inner loop byp b telegraph road.d. backed up to saint barnabas.arbs let's take live look out sideoko show you that crash scene.. we had first responders actualla walking on the inner loop.g you can see they're still outont there.the. cones set up right now. the right lane is getting by anb then north at that point allt pi lanes do open up.n u let's go ahead and switch itwih over for another camera. camera american legion bridge all backed up on the inner loop oncc you get inside the beltway rivev road is basically parked. p we have a few crashes reported r as you get from south of the oft beltway on river road so giveiv yourself extra time a lot of congestion also clara barton, bo cabin john inside the beltwayel jams up in the usual spot. s river road, clara barton andnnd cabin john extra time as you geg inside the beltway. switch it back to look at our at maps right now. n we're tracking other inbounder delays.. 395 north you're dealing with wh about 25 minute delay because oe
8:08 am
you really get heavy through th pentagon area and westbound freeway at the exit for the efor third street tunnel there's aere stall taking out lane. lane. metro is on time. all six rail lines reportedly r close to schedule.close to sche. steve and allison.steve and allo still to come this morningom growing outrage over the decision to kill a gorilla andid protect a four-year-old boy. how that zoo is deed fendingen itself this morning.orni debate in one schoolch district a to allow a student to honorary her native-american heritage. we're back in just 30 seconds.
8:09 am
>> 8:08. welcome a back to fox5 news morning on this tuesday morningi 72 degrees out there. tuck concern erin will be alonga shortly with weather and traff traffic. meantime, much different, scene to the south where there's no relief in site for folks in texas. forecasters are warning moreng possible flooding there as the e brave voce river is expected tod crest today. cr now that river runs from new ruo mexico to the gulf of mexico.. six people have died in the the floods.. world health organizationrl with an update on the zika vir virus. people returning from areas where the zika virus iset found should follow safe sex pack or abstain from sex for at leasteat eight weeks rather than fouratt weeks. we recommendations comes after scientists found the virus virus lingers longer than previouslyrl in blood or oouther bodily fluis growing outrage across the e nation over the death of a dea gorilla at the cincinnati >> zoo officials had to kill thl 17-year-old animal to protectrot the four-year-old after he
8:10 am
into its now active visits signed onlinee petition calling for the boy'snb parents to be legally responsible for the gorilla'sla death. to be held responsible.nsible the tv host nature conservativet jeff, weighed in on the situation. >> no one knows how that momentn was going to escalate. this animal is eight timesght t stronger than an adult humanltum being like myself. dozen of times stronger thanr t this little child.ittleld it could have ended -- it ended tragically. but it's hard for me to fathom t another way it could have ended. >> nature conservatio concert -t say the word.. >> couldn't have cervix any oft the. >> visitors are leaving flowerso at the exhibit asking how theyho can support gorilla conservati conservation. it wasn't too bad. th
8:11 am
saying about the wait times athw airports over the holidayol weekend.weeken >> many travelers got throughy the lines fairly quickly. tsa placed extra dogs atra dog screening areas to help speedsp things up a bit. to say they will remain atl ma security checkpoints well beyonn memorial day weekend. 8:11.> 8:11 nba finals all set. it will be a rematch the warriors against the cavaliers.l >> last night golden stateen ste rallied from three-one series deficit beat the oklahoma thunder. step curry with 36, seven, three pointers that gave him 32, threes in a seven game seriese s that's a record. rd. game one of the finals thursdayr night in oakland.nd same matchup as last year. golden state beat cleveland four games to. to villanova men's basketballno team will be celebrateving its ncaa tournament within at thethe white house.e hou president obama will honor themt in essence their big within bigt players participated ind i championship parade in parade in philadelphia, ringing theia, ng opening bell at the new yorkew stocks exchange and appearing on
8:12 am
d.c. at least kris jenkins.. he hit the game winning shot.t. he's the one who mater extra e headlines. >> an local d.c. guy. congratulations to kris and hi s teammates.teammate >> coming up a local high schooh student wants to show off her heritage at graduation.nttaget r but she saysad the school isn'ti down with her plans. pla we'll explain.we'll also a little bit later on,a a new medical headline for baby boomers.. how their health compared to cpe earlier generation. it is now 8:12. 8 weather is next.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ is that the >> looks like it.>> lks l i see people out on beach cruisers.crsers five bicycles. >> better than anything ridingid around on your bike at thehe beach? nope. n not at all. all >> i was trying to figure out if that's -- >> i think you're right.hi >> i find joy in it.. >> a day at the beach is a goodg day.da. >> i find joy in it. >> also find joy in adorabledo little baby face. >> shall we. >> we can all agree on that.agre >> favor time of the day.he d we've got graduation cuteness.s. >> okay.>> o >> oh, yes. pomp and circumstance. >> you can say that again.again >> well dressed.ell d all right. this is simon everybody welcome to our fox5 photo of the day.hed this is simon. he just -- owing. owing first let me set the stage. he's four years old and he justt graduate
8:16 am
>> yes, did he.did he just graduated from pre k and getting ready for kindergartendr next year. y >> all right.ig >> big move. >> yes, it is.. >> he's going to do so well. we. >> very sharply >> yes, he is. >> young man for pre k graduation. >> it's so great the firstso little major accomplishment. now granted i don't remember having this.vinghis >> the only graduation i had was -- >> i wish i did. >> it was 12th grade.ra we didn't have middle school s graduation. >> i like it. >> they stepped up the graduation. >> it marks the milestone and gets you ready and skyed.s ou look at that face.lookthat f he's ready for --he'seady >> and the smile, too. >> kindergarten at a big year.a >> to send us your child'syohild picture go to our facebook pagep fox5 d.c. d.c i expect a lot of graduationduio pictures and ring bearerre pictures.ctures. >> i'm speak tag graduation. gra >> before they know it. know >> really?>> rlly? >> yes. >> for what grade.>> f >> high school.>> >> that's big one.big on >> simon will have this t kindergarten gar
8:17 am
about a >> i'd rather be speaking atgt kindergarten.kind >> that's more me.>> tha >> i'd rather be there.ehere. no judge at judge at all. >> do you high school. i'll do kindergarten. let's do the forecast. fec 74 in washington. we are featuring mid 80s today.. mid 80s. lots of sunshine later today.od. steve, beautiful day at your aou pool. >> great.>>at >> now that i know thei t combination i'll be over. o there's the storm tracker radard we are looking at a littleittl morning cloudiness and fog.og. but a frontal system comesm c through overnight and that willl do couple things help clear us u out. much more brightness andghtnes sunshine than yesterday ante little less humidity alsodityls remains dry later today.ins drle rain offshore that's remnants ot bonnie. i expect we'll check in a fewn w days and it will be hanging outt there. slow moving to get rid of thehe remnants bonnie the next two nt days. 86 today.. tuesday, wednesday and thursdayt generally dry. a shower up there for fewor different reasons but honestly l think the next 72 hours prettyrt dry and then we'll increase
8:18 am
chances by friday with coldyh front.front. >> 90s on that seven day. >> it's actually prettyre comfortable conditions. >> it should be nice couple of b days. da >> cool. >> thank you.>> t >> let's check in with erin witt a look at what's happening witht your morning commute. com >> i was distracted a pool partp i hope i get inn it sight, too.t >> you don't need an invite. >> he has the combination. >> come over to steve's pool. >> i'll take a page out of tucker' book. boo >> i'll send you a text thatt t says i'm here.'m here. >> we have a crash blocking a ca few lanes on the inner loop. the that is out by telegraph road.ra delays back to saint barnabas. heavy traffic 50 inside the the beltway as you approach 295 anda then new york avenue bynue b bladensburg heavy congestion 295 southbound south of 50 throughth eastern half jams and then 295hn northbound from the beltway pass lavatory road. road. 395 heavy traffic crash by 110.. really heavy congestion throughh pentagon right now.ow 60 inbound slows gw parkwayw p southbound is really slow towarw 123 then again near the
8:19 am
delays back to branch avenue because of that overturned car.. now past saint barnabas tobas t branch avenue. i don't know what i'm seeingowt' there. take a life outside.. other delays and issues. iue that accident scene still justti that right lane gets by. metro on time. keep it in cab gin john, clara barton river road things backedc up. up more traffic in a future back ti you steve and allisonn . nay american student wants to ws acknowledge her navajo cultureao at her high school >> her school and the systemys says that doing that wouldhat violate the dress code of graduation.uation. fox5's melanie alnwick is live i from charles county with more on this story now.ry n good morning.goodorni >> reporter: good morning,ng graduation time everybody wearsa the same cap, the same gown. now the question is, should thet have to wear the same shoes especially when one studenttu feels very strongly that her footwear she should have aav choice especially when she'sn ss trying to celebrate her
8:20 am
heritage and should the school o system and the individualndividl schools make allowances for that? the shoes in question ara a very special pair of o ceremonial moccasins her grandparents gave to her along with the legging wrap that is gg with it. i they're part of a very specialye navajo ceremonial dress inress keeping with tradition this wass given to her when she was 11 fof a navajo right of passage.. four days of ceremonies she hads to run miles in these shoes.ho three times a day during thiss four-day passage going further h each time. ea she says the shoes signify thatt she has strength and endurance n to carry her through life's challenges. they will not be a loud to carrc her across the stage on o graduation day, because theau dress code specifically saysay black shoes with a heel noee higher than 2-inches. 2-inche now, dylan and her mom are appealing they started a petition then sayrg it's not about fashion p it's i about freedom of expression.xps. >> it's a part of our culturerto and a part of who we are as a
8:21 am
people, um, so it's veryy important to me. m it shouldn't have come to this.t i mean, it should have been soee much easier. it should have been no brainerha kind of ave situation. and so i hope the north pointorp charles county school systeml ss changes its policy. p i hope that they, um, learn by this experience. >> reporter: dylan was told t she can wear her traditional dress, belt and jewelry becauseu it is underneath her graduationu gown and does not show underneath the hem. we under they have a meeting mee this afternoon with the assistant superintendent to tryt to so if they can get thiset t decision by the principalrincipl overturned. a lot of people are speaking oug in support of her also notinging that the school mascot here ists the eagles and symbol of diversity and a symbol off independence and they believe be that the school should allowll dylan to celebrate that that independence and diversity thatt she so honors. hons back to you guys.o ys
8:22 am
melanie. not just about it but people at home as well a lot of you you reacting to the story on our ono facebook page.ok overwhelming number of commentsc supporting dylan in her decision to wear those moccasin tono graduation. mona says the school is puttingi more emphasis on the dress coded than the fact these students actually have graduated.raat graduation should be celebrateda more so than the dress code.od verna was tough he posted soosd you've taken the land from themm made them walk miles to theirher deaths, raped their women but this native-american cannot wear native clothing to herto h graduation? on the flip siden p lesean said if there's a dress code you simply follow it.ol i find another way to honor yourou heritage.herita if we allow them to simply wherw we are we wanted then graduatiou would be a quote unquote hot mess.mess >> no, it won, because the robe -- >> are you against lesean's les' opinion. >> this is my pin lesean in alle due respect.. they're wearing the gown.own. so you can't see whatever.hater the fact to me that she wants to wear the ceremonial moccasin fon me it is just as
8:23 am
wearing something else that t shows your religious affiliation wearing a yam my a for me that'a that important.thatta she wore these. she ran every day in them t 3 miles. 3 mile clearly it is a navajo traditioi that she wants to carry into i this huge milestone. >> argument she's making. makg >> i'm hoping they change it. it's religious freedom for me. m we'll see what they do. graduation is right around thert corner on >> keep weighing in online.p wei we appreciate hearing from hearm everybody. still to cup this morningor golfers getting a big surprise s on the fairway.airw we'll talk about a monsterbout t animal that interrupted theirhap game. >> prehistoric looking thing.. it takes brides long time t choose perfect dress, right? ig but someone a longer time totimt pick their outfit for the big tb day. we'll tell you who next.
8:24 am
8:25 am
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>> welcome back. daytime highs in the mid 80s. sunscreen and water if you'll be headed down to the pool later ta today.toda taking the dog for nice long walk.. slightly drier air trying tory work in the region.. lot of fog dense fog advisorydvr earlier. we'll burn that off and lookingo at generally sunny conditions.on won't be perfectly sunny.un
8:27 am
afternoon.oon 86. we keep it dry today. tod might be a shower wednesday orno thursday.ursd but chances honestly not toooo good. good as i think generally keep it drt midweek here our next best n chance for rain we'll have on he friday with a cold front highs about 80 degrees.degrees. 86 today generally sunny this ts afternoon.aftern that's weather update.'seath let's find out about your roadsr everybody getting back to workco and school. erin what's up. >> 8:27. back shape on 295.ckhape a crash after the ram from that south capital street beforet bor malcolm x avenue if you're heading in southeast heavy h delays picking up from thefrom e bottom of the beltway past thatt point on 295 northbound.orbo let's see if we can forward oura maps and show you closer look at that delay we're tracking on thn inner loop. delays back branch avenue we have an overturned car by telegraph road and it is takingn us about an extra hour to get from branch avenue through thatt area give yourself extra time right lane. l we'll have more traffic in a tra few. >> still ahead this morning mni kevin sits down with actress ars amelia clark to get the scoop oo game of thrones, and her new movie call me before you. you. >> important health ns
8:28 am
rules forgetting ready for yourr colonscopy might be changing no now. >> what? >> yes.. >> dr. mike will join us live.lj we'll get the details from him coming up next. ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:30 am
♪ >> live hook in old towniv alexandria right there.. memorial to presidentsi washington. >> yes. >> 8:30 right now.>> 8:30 get to health news. important develops in colonvelon cancer screening this morning.ei it is tough getting through a a colonscopy
8:31 am
hand. let me tell you.lou limited eating might have impacc on the procedure.on p plus screening is not just for t folks over 50 any more.e. the fox medical team's dr. mike. cirigliano joins us live to good morning. good to see you. >> hello allison and steve. s how are you >> hi, mike g morning i'm a little bit upset i recently inel full disclosure turned 50 i made sure i got my colonscopy. >> she starved her herself and was krahn see.ahn see. drinking that whole thing thewh worst part is the preparation.pi you're not alone i hear this her every single day. when it comes to the prep the p remember why we're doing this. y we're trying to clean out your u colon so we can get good lookool with that colonscopy scope.. the issue is, that because ofeco this a lot of people say, al, ii am not going through that. t i'm to the going to do it.o i i love when people say, oh, i don't have any symptoms. sympt well, the problem you could havd symptoms when it's too
8:32 am
tumors are growing in yourn liver. you need to have the colonscopyp what this study showed was that if you consume things that are a low residue foods what am i a talking about cottage cheese,ges macaroni and cheese, things thah turn liquid when you digest thet these are things that are goinge to be out of the way by the time you have the colonscopy and soo for some people this may be the way to go.o >> because it really is might be a deterrent you know what i meat when you look at the iou restrictions leading up to it og the prep, yes, for an excellente reason but maybe gets a couple c more people in there to be >> you have to do it.>>ou h it's such a tragedy allison to t have colon cancer that was not n diagnosed early. it's just not right. there are ways to find it. if you absolutely can't do a colonscopy there are cat scans to do colon gra
8:33 am
there's all kinds of ways to to skin the cat but the bottom linn the prep is own nor russ to mano this may be a better way to dooo .t. >> so before we move on the rull of thumb was always 50 years ola or if you had a family history. are we skuing younger when ithe comes to when we should go? >> well, interestingly more ande more people are being diagnoseds with colon cancer under the age of 50. and so there are strict criteria about who gets a colonscopy.scop it depends on whether you're anemic, whether your brad countc is low. whether you have blood in yourv stool. there's a million reasons whyhy you might need it sooner.ner a strong family history.ry. mom or dad had colon cancer at e the age of 40.f you might want to be thinkinge about getting it sooner. sne that's where you need a healthet care provider to guide you you through the shark up festedted waters of health >> all right.>> a let's move on to baby boomers bo new research out that they might
8:34 am
generations. >> this scares me quite a bit.eb because we are going to haveave more people over the age of 6565 than ever before in thise country, and it's not a prettyy picture. if you look at obesity amongstmo baby boomers, you're going toe t see tremendous amounts of diabetes, stroke, heart attack,, who will pay for all of this. especially when this population gets older and older.. it's going to be problem we'verm got to start putting money intoo our health 401k now before youer retire. get yourself in shape. shape start working out and you'llnd y look like you guys. >> yeah, okay, right.y,ig >> you look fantastic. fanta >> check back when we're 65. wre is the question, though, dr. mike, just people of thehe baby boomer generation are notin taking care of themselves aselvs much as previously generationset or there's more of them? >> well, i think that there'snke more of them and they're not th' taking care of themselves.hemsel if you
8:35 am
live healthy lifestyle there wae just a study to came outlookingn at things that you do to prolong your life. not smoking. smo keeping your weight down. exercising. get plenty of rest. 6% of the population only 6% are doing the things that you need n to do to stay healthy and livenl longer. forget it.rget we're in trouble. t we need to make a change. >> dr. mike, thank you so much.m we'll see you next time. t >> love you guys. guy >> love you back.u b >> love ya. >> a little love goes a long w way. >> it sure does. makes you feel better, right. bg >> um-hmm.m-m. >> 8:35. we love ourselves some goodrsele forecasting.reca what can you do for us, tuck?? >> now hearing from the doctor o feel bad aboutm what i eat for breakfast.kf >> you're such a healthy persono >> let's go to the forecast. fos it looks sunny and bright andrit beautiful and less humid, and, all things go here if you gotot outdoor plans later today t including getti o
8:36 am
yard or taking the dog for walkl or any sports activities lateril today look good with plenty of sunshine, and quieterer there will be clouds around today but should be a dryt sh b afternoon.ternoon. 74 now at reagan national.atio 71 dulles and bwi marshallarsh 71 daytime highs mid 80s put on p o that sunscreen.thaten the uv index very high this tims of year. y only takes about 10 or 15 minutes to get sunburn going sog again take that sun seriously so this afternoon 8 i'll be back with the seven dayv forecast in just a minute. mine and we'll look at next weekend.e why not? erin is back with wit roads.s >> a lot of red right now inighn virginia 95 northbound inn fredericksburg from three to 610 you back up through stafford anf again through dale city past 123.3. 66, 234 to the beltway, a lot of congestion causing red zone ande 395 north seminary road to theot 14th street bridge red zonee earlier crash by 110 causing cau delays from the pentagon area as well. well in maryland same story rightto across the board 95 southbound d 212 to the beltway. 270 getting reports of a crash a
8:37 am
heavy from 85 all the way to 101 as well. w so give yourself extra time to m get through that area and then n again through gaithersburg. 50, 410 to 201 super slow traffic new york avenue by bladensburg crash activity 295 this is onhis the southbound side near malcolm x avenue you're back up from the bottom of the beltway pastt lavatory road and southboundouto side dealing with that crashhata slowing you down and north atdon that point from 50 on throughou eastern 295 southbound usualthbu this is overturned vehicle hasee been out there for sometime onot the inner loop because just oneb lane is getting by telegraph tel road delays extending pastingas branch of a right now.a righw you're looking at close to an t hour delay. delay let's take live look outside ani show was you're up against again just one lane getting by and bia delays as you try to get througt that a more updates in just a futuret f back to you guys. >> still to come a monster tcome surprise waiting for some s golfers on the fairway. f >> you're not lying.>> y're it may take brides a long a time to say yes to the dress but it takes someone else evene e longer to pick out their outfitt for the big d
8:38 am
we'll explain next.
8:39 am
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> that looks really pretty thi morning. >> it sure does. >> bathed in >> trees around.>>es >> 74 right now kind of humid,fh too. it will be a hot one today.od details from tuck in about fivev minutes.minu diamond encrusted crocodile skin burr kin bag broke thero t record for the world's mostt ex
8:41 am want to take guess, al. >> $300,000.>> >> you read it right off thed screen, didn't you.redn't >> perhaps.. >> private collector bought it c for more than $300,ol000 at a se in hong kong yesterday.esteay rare bag has solid white gold hardware 10 carats of diamonds d only one or two of the purses are made each year. year >> you just basically carry that around. >> when you are supposed touppoe carry $3 million bag.ion >> all righty. >> big gold and diamonds. d >> i'll never have that problem. >> i would never be buying one.n >> planning a wedding takesing a months of planning anybody whoby is married knows that when itt t comes to picking the perfect thr dress the mother of bride takest more time than the bride. >> okay. o mothers of the bride typically l take six days longer in fact iac choose an outfit their own own daughters taking a total of 188 days compared to the brides 12s2 days.days. >> first 12 she's focused on thn bride being happy and then shedn gets six days to herself h afterwards.rwar >> steve, you know. of course. s 90% of mothers say they feelheyl
8:42 am
for that big day you're y'r absolutely right. r they're focus is on making sure their daughter looks amazing.. >> maybe we should write -- wri- let's write some studies.. >> words of wisdom. >> or just big studi wes for otr people to read.people to re >> we can do that. we n do >> get started today. >> studies of two. t coming up next in the f beat, one of the hottest actresses on game of thronesofhr taking on new role for the big screen.reen. kevin sits down with amelia clark to talk about her newer nw movie me before you. >> we'll take a study of thedy weather outside today anday declare it not bad.e it bad >> not bad. >> not bad. >> 74 degrees. there's the capitol dome thiscae morning. it looks great. tuck has got your forecast next. 8:42.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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♪ >> yay. >> who are those two. >> apparently now they're doing what is called branching. did we talk about this.bout thi. >> knowledge. >> it's what they do the firsth step before they actually fly. they'll leave the nest but onlyl on to other branches to get an a idea what world is outside off the nest without actually takinn flight.ight >> they're spreading their t wings. >> yes. they literally will spread their wings on another >> they're working together.reoi >> like a practice for flight. h >> the next step is fly away oh, eagle. gl fly away. >> hmm. it's actually really a beautiful story. we watched them since they sce wering. >> yeah, we did.e >> bothe
8:46 am
>> where do the parents go? non enough room for the parents ands them. >> the parents still have toen hunt for them. >> u.s. national arboretum. tior camera of our two eagles.. >> the parents have to provide the food. ut-oh they're bickering. >> stop touching me. sp to you're touch mowing.ouch mow >> i'm not touching you. >> you're touching me.ou >> i'm not touching you.ot t >> that's the eagle cam. c i like that check in. >> you fly when you say i i'm still the momma. thank you. >> good looks mostly dry, eagles are in good shape.ha everybody will be much happierer with today as less foggy fog conditions out there expected ee this aernoon 74 now in animals and birds ares uncomfortable as we are with art this soggy air >> y that's why they pant and pa pace, yeah.. >> remnants of bonnie of course in the neighborhood that brought us
8:47 am
conditions out there.ions out t. trying to work that out of herer it won't entirely do so but itt should be a little more m comfortable today with drier aia from the north and we have. we h either way more sunshine will wl help dry things out and warmerar daytime highs in the mid 80s they're the remnants of bonnie.e still along the coastline intoli the east.the e beaches look a little brightergh today. sorry about the rainout if you o were down there yesterday as wee had very heavy rain down at thee beaches.. high pressure first front camert through last night. secondary front tonight. bottomo line generally dry here midweekk best chance for rain will bewi b friday with a cold front.nt probably won't rain all day.ll d period of rain around here h friday ad noon and friday namera weekend not wash out.t wash o could be a period of showers or thunderstorms best chance will be sunday afternoon with a cold front. notice those daytime highs not terribly high.hig >> that's pretty comfortableable actually. actually. >> i was just looking into thetn middle of june probably 90sba maybe the middle of june. j >> we'll take it.>> w
8:48 am
>> no complaints.mpints. >> fine out what's coming up inh just a few minutes on gooatd dad d.c. here's holly and wisdom.ism >> hey, guys.ey, >> good morning to you. biooggest stories and the hottet guests right here on good day dy d.c. d.c. >> ahead at 9a this story hasas many of you sounding off on social media.ia a local native american studente wants to hahn 94 her heritage during her graduation but the t school told her no. n >> cincinnati zoo defending theg decision to a gorilla after four-year-old gets into the exhibit. we want to hear what you thinkrt about this on both stories andrs use the #gooddaydc.. >> all new at 9a how to improveo your mind. the author of new book super s minds here to tell us how you y can real dollar it. dolr >> all right.. and let's put good day guestue list on -- we'll talk aboutal a that. all right. don't miss james wright he's famous pour patti pies with ps awesome viral video and we'll w' dish on desserts as well withell the ladies of good day, and, and whole lot of fun. >> huge honors today for one off dc's top music
8:49 am
let's just say he's been helpinl you keep the beat for decades. >> and speaking of honors good o day we'll break some news involving d.c.'s restaurant scene.scen going to whole new level ifel you're a toddy you don't want tt miss this one. o >> jam packed good day d.c. d minutes away. >> thank you. you >> here's what some golfers mayy not looked forward to down inn florida. stunned by big old gator o g strolling across the golf course. he's pretty much a mascot foror the course locals say.cals s that big fella there. t that's as close as i would get.. they say he's often around one staff actually says thatays t alligator doesn't bother anybody.anyb and the golfers don't bother him him. >> yeah.>> >> that's what you call thewh mayor of the course right thereu >> there you go.>> theou g >> the gator is a big one whennw it goes by gator standards up tt 16 feet long just when youwhen y thought sand traps were the worst has czar on the course. cu right. >> when were we go down at theoe beach in south carolina every e year we see them all the time. t >> not that big. b >> i've seen an eight footerei maybe.
8:50 am
>> okay.>> oy stroll along,,ir >> they live like 70 years. y >> i want to name him larry.arry stroll along larry. larry. >> bye-bye.. >> retirement on with his game.. >> what was that movie with the big gator.g gator. >> lake placid?>> l >> yes. >> 50-foot gator. >> scared me so >> that scene when he eatse what's his name --e -- >> oliver >> somebody doing a big speech.c >> you're thinking of deep bluel sea. >> what -- either way. >> the other gator movie. m >> you said samuel jackson thatt was deep blue sea.. >> sorry. sor >> sam was in -- that movie. >> every movie every i love him. h >> me before you opens up on o friday and this is an i a interesting story line.g story based on very popular book andoa the story line basically deals with sam kaplan's character youu know him from the hunger gamesr much his character in this movim is paralyzed and amelia clark ii hired by his parents to takeento care of him and they
8:51 am
love. this is very important the game of thrones i want to show two quick pictures. amelia clark you know her from game of thrones. you may not know her. this gentleman in the next note tow is tyler, charles dance. d in this movie me before you they actually meet and this is realll kind of cool because in the gamg of thrones world they've neverye met before.before so i had to ask what thatt meeting would be like but also a very cool question about something from their past.g watch this. >> this is only because i'm a big nerd about game of throneshs obviously --obously -- >> yes. >> this completely i love the lt film watching it but one nerdy n moment i had when you and and charles dance meet for the firse time. >> i know. >> as adapts fan, i'm wonderinge i what happened to know whatap that game would be like inpe the game thrones world. >> i would be really creeped out and i would kill him. >> yeah! >> talk about how that scene thn play out.
8:52 am
thrones how would that go down?d what would you do. do >> it i'm the mother of -- >> there you go.ouo. >> i love the moment in theen t movie you talk about some sellos me something how you love the bumblebee. did you love that. >> of course i did. wawa your bumblebee tights. tigt something you loved like that when you were younger. >> an item of clothing? >> anything.>> anything. something that you loved that much when you were >>n theyo clothing i had this s with bells on it. >> yeah. like i ring -- i rung. i r like a bell. bl. like rink my bell. b i had one of those dresses. it was only for christmas but ib wore it all the time. >> do you still have it? yes, i do.. >> that needs to be on instagram immediately. >> i was like three. t >> three years old. >> anything you loved that muchd
8:53 am
when you were a kid.when y >> any age. >> so embarrassing me.ssg me. i was a little obsessed withh pamela anderson. (laughter). >> on the table or on the wall l next to my bed i had a picture u with her in her bay watch outf outfit. i kid it every single night. >> you kissed it.d >> i was about seven.. >> pamela if you're watching. >> my grand dad forced it into i my room. >> he would often give meen ge e pictures of women. wom i don't know why.i don't kno i don't know why. why only me. m i had three brothers.ther he would give me pictures oftus women and i used to put them on my wall.l i don't know how this was so mad.lo so it sounds so mad now that i'mhai thinking about it.bout i >> yes. >> that was in particular was m prized possession.sess >> steve and allison, what is wi your prized possession of as kid
8:54 am
used to sleep it with it every y night.nit i would suck my thumb and fallch asleep with it a blue blanket eventually it got tore up that h was my prized together ofer possession.po i'd never let it go as a kid. k >> his is a pamela anderson photo when he was seven and herh was a dress with bells on its on what was yours.ours. >> my possession would be my doll t a.m. u. and like right now whatever whae happened to her. her what happens to herold thingsoli they just disappear.ispear she had two strands of hair. tamu my doll. >> steve your prize position. po >> i had a red cool la bear. b >> what was his name. nam >> k bear. bear >> here it is -- do you knowyo k where it is steve.ere it is ste. >> i don't have it with me but e can probably get it.y g >> can i ask what tucker' usker what? do you have a prizedo yoa position when you were a kid. p >> probably a picture of p.m. mella anderson. >> i had farah fawcett majors.. and mount saint helen.elen love that poster. >> she was beut
8:55 am
>> this is amazing.. >> your passion is movies.ovies his is natural disasters.. >> love it.. >> nature.. >> thanks, kev. >> thank you for sharing that, >> cool convo and it was a shark and anally gator and i had the wrong movie. deep blue sea was shark and lake placid was an alligator.iator >> take it away mr. volcano. vca >> it was beautiful volcano baco in the day. in >> let's go to the forecast. got we're looking sunny and brightt and beautiful later thisat this afternoon but it will be mid 80s for daytime hig you can see that humidity outumt there we're trying to burn thatu off. he were won't entirely do so. s. still be some water in then the atmosphere today.od so expect a warm and somewhatomw humid afternoon with again highn in the mid 80s. 80s but it should be drier thaner yesterday not expecting any raii and/or thunderstorms thisndersti there's your storm tracker rad radar. nice afternoon. pleasant night tonight.nisant nt overnight lows back in the 60s. wednesday and thursday generallr look good as well before ourefor neck chance of rain with coldol front on friday.
8:56 am
despair that's not weekend washh out a chance for few rounds of showers saturday and sunday butb not a wash out.ut what time is it? time to goe to back to erin.back to let's go back to erin with anit last look at traffic. >> 8:56 you have bad delays ifei you're heading out in gathershe burg you'll hit a wall ofl o stopped traffic.traf a big crash by middle brook road because of backed up traffic foa miles.mi speeds under 10 miles an hour ou 270 southbound may want to tryoy to walk on 355. 355 factor in a lot extra timeraim you'll need to get down towardso the spur.e spur because the inner loope r completely jammed up as well ase we move over from our maps 270 2 not the only problem because of overturned vehicle crash oneic lane getting by telegraph roaded inner loop delays extending pasp branch of a looking at an houror to get from branch avenue pastet telegraph road this morning ah lot of extra time needed there.e other problems in the districtic stalled car westbound side of the freeway at the third streets tunnel causing delays and 295s 2 southbound jams from 50 on downw as tr
8:57 am
take that that's your traffic.'s your tr back to you steve. ste still to come this morning a dell's message to fan who was wo doing something at one much herh concerts she did not approve of. did she go too far? we'll break down all the details coming uphi on good >> why snoop dog says he willogs not be watching the new roots oo the history channel which ishi really good.lyd. good day is next. day inext ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> he had happened overnight at a local motel. now police are looking for a suspect. bernie sanders stage rusheds secret service springing intogii act. we'll show you what happened and why the democratic underdog sayg it will take more than that to a scare him. sc >> the zoo is not yourou >> the cincinnati zoo still defending its decision to kill a gorilla after a four-year-old fell into its pen. p animal experts have a message m for parents. he fires. >> and later, steph curry with w the shot boy. nba mvp did what he does best db last night. nht. winning the conference westernte champion she and setting up a finals rematch with lebron james. me good day at 9a starts now. ♪


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