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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight, i'm tony perkins and im i'm shawn yancy. we begin tonight with that child sex abuse scandal that rocked the prince george's countypr school system. a l volunteer isin accused of abusing several elementary school students. tonight, the task force release its report. yet they did not talk to any of the victims nor their families. tom fitzgerald is life in upperp marlboro with the findings. >>reporter: it is an eye eye opening look at what this task h force called an outdated system in both in the detection and the reporting of child sexual abuse in prince george's county schools. now, the task force that put this together says that they have 61 areas of consideration. what does that mean? well, wel boiled down there were actually five recommendations to princeom george's county schools.meols. this includes things likeike oversight and that will lead too some very big
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background checks and supervision of school volunteers in prince george's county schools. now, this report says that prince george's county schoolseo training orgn sexual abuse to is own employee never gave specifia information on what to look forl in children that have been abused or how to detect det behaviors that an abuser would use to gain access to those victims. the report goes onto say the training was not only vague it was unclear and it was badly outdated given the current cur modern day understandings of what predatory secondual abuse with children is all about. the task force chairperson c defended the decision not to not interview any of relatives off carraway's alleged victims or any of sill vin yeah woods employees not the principal, not the teacher, not the staff or hold any public hearings on anye of this. the task force job was to make representations to the school
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district, not to investigate deon take you carraway. the first thing you have to understand is what the task of the task force was and it wasas not to investigate the carraway situation. that's the first thing is to understand the charge that we were given. we were given a charge to look forward in terms of what thehe school system might do, could do and would would. it was hain us. it was w it was terrible. it shouldn't have happened, but i 200 some other schools whereco it did not happen. so again when we're talking about the difference between systemic and non sys(5%9ñ we had a problem and we know that we need to do better going forward. going forward there is already a complaint filed against this task force for violating maryland's open public meeting law. we spoke to one parent of alleged victim today on the on phone. she says she has quote real problems over none of the families being interviewed.nter she says it doesn't look good.
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with recommendations and you dou not talk to the victim's family. we are life in upper marlboro maryland tonight, tom fitzgerald. > police in arlington aren warning parents after recent reports of children being approached by a stranger. investigators are looking into four separate incidents dating back to april 7. ap the most recent happened on o april 5 on the 1800 block of north stafford street. str the children were lured by a man who was trying to get their attention or trying to lure the into his vehicle.ehi they've all gotten the sameame genesis peck description.escr the children are reporting that it's a hispanic male anywhere between 20 and 50 years of age f with dark hair. > in three out of the fourthre cases the man was driving a dark blue or black pickup truck.ruc anyone with information should contact arlington county policep > tonight, we know the name of the woman found dead inside of the laundry room of an
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apartment building. ashley solano was murdered.urde she did not release how she wasa killed but did say there was trauma to her body.ody. they not think the murder was random. they are offering an $20,000 reward for information relating to her arrest. an off duty officer shot a shoplifting suspect on sunday. that suspect has northeast. they broke into men chess on 12th street last monday around 12:00 a.m. they looked like several safes.l they were we
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you recognize their clothing or have anything about this, call d.c. police. pol guests were robbed at gun pointn at a motel 6 at fairfax county. it happened early this morningso at the springfield location. three suspects robbed guests in their rooms threatening them th with a gun and a hammer. no one was hurt. police have not yet made any arrests. they have only a vague description of the suspects. developing tonight the owners of a kennel in prince george's county are defensing themselvesi after a dog they were caring forgot away and was later found dead. the family in the middle off relocating was boarding theirin dog ego and two other dogsg at the objection yom pet resort in clinton.ton. they say ego he capped from outdoor section of the kennel. they say the dog was left lef outside against property l column. they've since hired two employees. the owner doesn't think it wask an we assumed what he had done was that he was -- he was out here because it was already opened.
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the latch or climbed over theert gait. he was in this run and we know that because there was feces found through this pathway. you believe he actually manipulated this latch? >> yes a loft things don't add't up. you know, they don't. i think maybe they're making up these discusses because they sey how the public is coming foromi them. but i'm not threatening them. animal actaviss are. > roman says her two other dogs were not well when she picked them up. she thinks they were all mistreated. there is no evidence of foul ev play and it appears a car hit the dog huge on. now to a fox5 followup. do you remember the charles county student who haven't whatted to wear moccasins as a tribute to her heritage during graduation. the principal said it was a violation of the dress code andd her mother appealed. ap lindsay watts is life with the latest.
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minutes, the charles county co superintendent's office has made ant decision about this. i'm going to bring in both women katie o'malley simpson. what is it. this afternoon the assistant granted dylan mccabe's appeal to wear the ceremonial moccasins for graduation.. what was her reason. we have requirements, but somehow we maze exceptions basea on religious. the assistant superintendent felt in her meeting with dylan that she had long religious ande cultural beliefs and based on that meeting she decided that ah exception was appropriate. i know you said you're going to stick with the graduation dresse code, girls are supposed to wear black shoes and pantihose but you said there is going to be some change coming of this. th what is that? >> take a look at our protocols, as well as our procedures for making exceptions to have a morr formal
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last-minute requests that youtst don't have enough time to make really very thoughtful decisions. you have to make quick decisions. we'll set deadlines and thats type of thing. i appreciate you coming out and talking to us about this. we first met up with dylan dy yesterday and she showed us the ceremonial dress and thehe moccasins that she wanted to wear for her graduation. she says her nate in american heritage is extremely importantt to she considers the clothing sacred. she knew there was that graduation dress code. she checked with her principal. her principal said she can wearn the dress because it will be wi covered by the graduation gown, but he said no to the moccasinsa again the superintendent has over ruled that decision. i got a text message from dylan a little whiling a and she is se thrilled about this. she says that she hopes what she went through here will
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discussion about children's heart table. yesterday we were talking abouta this. she had a very good reason and a very specific reason. i'm glad they made the decisione and they changed their minds. good for her. > still ahead at 6, get ready to pay more to park in the the district. >> s that he ' right. tha we will have more on the meter t price hike during what is already expected to be a tough time for commuters. and dozens of new citizens made it official today in the district. what one woman is most expectedo about now that she is an american. >> hey, sue. today is the final day of may. f it came in on the warm side at 87-degrees, dulles at 88. interesting in this that seemeda to feature three seasons, winter, spring and now summer. so what is our first day of june looking like? we'll have that for you when fox5 local news at 6 comes right back.
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> get ready, be prepared to pae more for parking in the district.or all parking mte
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an hour start, tomorrow. in premium parking zones that ia only an increase of 30-cents ann hour but it triples the rates i some spots. right now there are meters in in the city where drivers only pay 75 ingredients an hour. the hike is not great timing for commuters. metro's spark track programac starts this if you're thinking about drivini instead of taking metro thosehoe meter prices will be higher.. > early voting began today ingn the district ahead of the city's primary election june 14. registered voters can cast their ballots at 1 judiciary square. by the way, the polling center is open daily from 8:30 to 7:00 p.m. through june 11 1 #. the other early voting centers in all ate wards will open up on saturday. after he decided to skip a fox news debate back in january, donald trump held a fundraiser and promised millions to veterans. today we found out just how muct was raised and where that
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went. the republican presidentialpres nominee announced over $5 million had been donated to various veterans organizationsoa across the country.he but trump also pointed fingersnr at the media for questioning his fundraising efforts. we'll say that the press should be ashamed of themselves. and on behalf of the vets the press should be ashamed of themselves. instead of being thank you very much mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone said who gott it, who got it. and you make me look very bad.. i've never received such bad publicity for doing such a good trump only donated $1 million oi his own money and says he expects the total amount raised to continue to grow. 35 people made it official theyl became americans during a ceremony today in the district. of the united states of america. take a look, these new americans took the oath of allege and at the daughters of the americanerc revolution headquarters in northwest this
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america ridge ill was of the 35 citizens. she was born in mexico. she told us she is ready to use her new citizenship to vote. it's a very important year,ear, election year. for me to be part of the political life of this country. i think big things are happeninp and i'm glad that my boys, youou know, could be part of the dialogue. i think that's the most excitini thing for me. being able to be a full citizen with things that matters. our kids want to be part of building a future for them.hem. america spent the last three la years going through the processe to become an american citizens much congratulation to her andad everyone else today. t fears about the zika virus may have you stocking on bug spray. but beware not all of thoseos products out there claiming to be natural are actually affectcu pive. we're going to tell you whichch ones work and which
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preventing shark attacks withh drones. new tactics that they're trying out on beaches on the east coast
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> there are more fears than normal about mosquitoes thisut m summer because of the zika virus. new research from consumer reports shows most so-called natural bug sprays are not effective against the mosquitoee that carry that virus. consumer reports came up with a list of the top three bug sprays it says are save and actually effective. now, here they it recommends one called sawyer bicare continue. another one called 30 percent deet, particular and willed deers formula and repel. there has been so much about deet over the years and havingai something that is natural and actually i know a lot of people areeopl interested in it. > as we
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experts are warning 2016 couldld be a record year. researchers at duke university are working to create sharkark seeking drones. it will be one way that they could be keep track of what's in the water off the beaches.each some communities in californiain and australia already have the technology gym the question is g once they detect themym what do they do to them? maybe theyhey alert them and he can get peopln out of the > severe weather continues towe impact partsat of the south tonight. south carolina is cleaning upl from flooding caused from heavyv rains from what was tropical depression bonnie and historic flooding in texas could getco worse as rivers are expected to rice. the red cross is calling in extra staff to help people whopp have been forced from their homes. we hear more now from fox's case i stege element. >>reporter: texas residents
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river here is expected to crestt at historic levels. for casters predict the riverhe will break the previous level bs three feet. i can see water in the pasture behind my house from the brasses and i've never seen that beforeb four days of torrential rainorre killed at least six people andpp forced hundreds of others to evacuate. i've been out of the house since friday and will probably be out for at least a month or so. the town of rosenberg remains under a mandatory evacuation order. dozens of water rescues also taking place in the community of simon ton over the holiday weekend. officials say because of the town's terrain rescues have to be done with extra precaution. we're taking our time. we're dog the best that we can and we're taking it slow. with widespread damage being reported across the state
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their efforts. red cross staffers from afar away are rushing to the loan star we're going to fulfill our missions. texas is not ou just yet. forecast tears are predictingrei even more severe weather for parts of the region already hit hard by thedy flood.od. in dallas, case i stege elks fox news. > it's terrible. not so terrible here. i've heard people complaining, but i'm not ready to complain just yet. all things considered, not bad memorial weekend here. beaches a different story from the remnants of tropical storm bonnie. may you were all over the placea thisll year. i was an amazing month. we just talked about the texas flooding.
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after lien, texas has had 17 inches of rain since that upper level low that isis stuck over texas is expected to continue for most of this equal woo. they've just got complete clampt it, a lot of tropical moisture getting pulled into the mix as well.we by comparison our may which was on the wet side only features about five inches of rain.n. so you can get an idea of how of bad the situation is.atio the upper air pattern is not ont that features big storms. the jet extreme brings in then warm conditions. we're going to stick with theth 80s for a little while. although it won't be broiling who the. average high is 80-degrees. we were above it today at 87. 84 tomorrow. thursday 79-degrees, friday, 80, saturday 83 degrees. we will probably get into someme shower and thunderstorm activitt later in the some of the remnants t of what s our tropical system bonnie still hanging around off the east coaa might get pulledat
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north. 87 at dulles and you shouldou expect only a spotty shower this evening and tomorrow am not a lot of rain, but there are a few things out you're going to have to lookto rather closer. who cease what county i you arer if you said charles county youou would be right. waldorf blue up just a little bit above you.ou. they're drifting from north to involvement there might be somee heavy rain under this one.s there is also a pretty goodoo storm system just south of the also bring area. in terms of the tropical moisture that is still spinning down the north charity line a, scout carolina border and it'ss going to sit down there for afor few more days and eventually ane the look l of that could getet dragged north, but not in the te short term.rm. what's left of bonnie is goingng to stay to the south. the frontal boundary is going t come through. we stay humid, a few clouds, a little bit of fog and earlyly tomorrow morning, all things considered, not bad at
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the bus stop tomorrow morning am range of 66 to 726789 after school, 80 to 86. again, if we do see a shower its should be pretty meanwhile with a high a temperature of 84, a little less who the feeling than today with the exception of the humidity. 85 should be the highigh temperature for fredericksburg, 86 for culpeper and winchester as we look toward wednesday. here is the set up at the surface. high pressure keeps the easteps wind going. it will send the frontal boundary through ourhrou communities. we have to watch what's left of this tropical moisture that'sats hanging down across the carolinas because as that eventually gets pulled morere northward it could be close enough to bring some showers and a bit of a squeeze play thursdas and friday.. ups the chance of a thunderstorm just a little bit more. most of the day thursday just spotty showers, thursday nighths into mri we'll
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trip closely because we don'twed want them to run into any trouble. saturday 83-degrees, sunday looks like the rainier day and monday, tuesday of next week we're back to 83-degrees. tuesday at 78.8. a pretty nice looking seven day forecast taking in the first fir seven days of june and all things considered we're inn pretty good shape. don't go anywhere, much more to till about when we come right back.
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. > all right. i didn't know this was a bigno problem, but soon you'll be abl to keep tabs on whether your significant other is committing netflix infidelity. a company in the uk is creating commitment rings that could link to your extreming service. once you register, the shows that you and your partner want a to watch
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will block from streaming if you're not next to each other. the rings are not yet available. > that's a first world problem if of i heard one. >> i do get a little upset whenn my husband watches house of cards without me, a whole season, in fact. see you tonight.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so here's how drake celebrated memorial day. >> a little too turned up at the yolo mansion. cops called. harvey: what can cause two people to fight at drake's awesome house? >> a lot of the women that went to drake's house were probably thinking this is my one shot. >> you can't help imagine what it would be like if you meet drake at the right time when he likes your ass. >> at the right time, when you're ovulating? >> more details what happened inside of the house with amber heard and johnny depp. harvey: the sofa is here in the living room and this is an island in the kitchen. the guards were right here. >> at some point they hear amber heard say stop hitting me. when they run in, they claim amber was sitting on the couch and johnny was on the other side of the room by the island. harvey: thank god they are designing places now with open floor plans.


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