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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ed.. > this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, a fox5 exclusive. a maryland high school principal is on administrative leave after a sex abuse scandal erupted at e his school. did he do enough to protect his students. the air force, the navy, the army, all suffered tragedies today in the skies and on the ground. the
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former d.c. mayor vincent gray v joins us life in the fox5 studio to address the studly string of violence that's playing the district. the news at 10 starts right now. we begin with a fox5 exclusive, a high school principal in p maryland is on administrative leave tonight after one of his teachers was arrested for sexually abusing a student at school. i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. the alleged incident happened at forestville high school. police arrested the teacher vincent mack duffy nearly two weeks ago. tonight one of his former students spoke exclusively to fox5. sarah simmons is life with moreo on this story. >>reporter: tony and shawn we spoke with former students and a teacher by phone tonight who say they heard or either nick duffy exhibit inappropriate behaviorie towards female students. he would go up and hug them and have
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them that were more a peer to a peer than a teacher to a peer type conversation.sati the 45 year old from upper f marlboro was arrested recently within the last few weeks. he admitted to being involved with the 17 year old student, according to police. pol the high school teacher was w placed on administrative leave immediately. now, i spoke with a forme student who didn't want to be identified tonight and she says she wasn't surprised any any of this. when i had his class, he would be in his class and he was doing whatever he was doing and there would be girls who wasn't evennt in our class who was on the basketball team who just be in i his classroom just doing whatever they was doing. talking to him, sitting over sit there flirting with him. h i don't want to say that they knew about it as far as administrators, as far as other teachers some of them they
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of had an idea. some of the teachers are really into the whole student gossip, g what girl was dating this boy and stuff like that. they're so into that there is ns way that you could not hear the rumors, whether they thought it was true or not. > now, the student you just jus heard from, or former student s you just heard from right there says she remembers the principal and considers him a very involved administrator and felt as though there was no way that he could know or felt that he would know if something was going on. but again that principal has been placed on administrative leave during this investigationg that's the latest here in forestville, sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > developing tonight a veryt strange and tragic series of ser events for the military. it began this h afternoon whennw an air force thunderbird jet crashed in colorado springs. the thunderbirds just finished a flyover performance at the air force academy
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president obama gave the t commencement address. ad the pilot jected and was not seriously hurt. hur a short time later a blue angels jet crashed in anymore a, tennessee. you can see the thick black smoke. and then in texas at least three fort hood soldiers are dead after their truck flipped over o in a creek in fast moving flood exercises. it happened during a morning exercise. the flood waters were so high because of two days of heavy rain. a montgomery county grand jury u has indicted the man accused of killing three people and wounding three others during a two-day shooting spring. eulalio tordil is charged withed first degree murder, attempted first degree murder and gun charges. people say he shot and killed his estranged life outside his
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a day later he shot and killed i two other people in a shopping center. if convicted effaces life inn prison. now to a fox5 investigation. we're uncovering new details det about banquet hauls that are opting as strip clubs in princec george's county. c the county ordered a dozen clubs to close earlier this year but we've learned that at least onea is still open for business. fox5's marina maracco reports. >>reporter: for the past year we've been following a licensing loophole that allows businessesb in prince george's county toorge hold banquet haul and catering licenses, but act as underground strip the county forced them to shutdown, but we received a number of calls pointing us to the ebony in saying the activities continued despite the county's direct the hill where you can eat barbeque, get your haircut and even find a bonds man to bale ba you out of job. o on the outside it looks like another neighborhood on
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shop. on the inside, naked women, dirting dancing and x rated moves. this is the ebony in, a locale licensed as a bank yet hall. the prince george's countyin department ocef permitting andtg inspection and enforcement has come knocking on their door mort thanhe once and finally issued a cease and desist letter to the n in. and eleven other establishmentse licensed as banquet hauls, but operating as adult entertainment venues. we ordered them to to. it's been exactly two months mon since ebony was ordered to stop all ex on the particular dancing and striping.. fox5 cameras have repeatedly entered the club. c can you say there have been adult entertainment? e >> i can say the we're w documenting the actions of the establishments. > how many establishments, all of them, some ofes them? th >> i won't get into investigative techniques or what we've done to document it. can you
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have you seen it without saying which one, where and how many times? i can say we're documenting the actions of establishments and i'll leave ie at that. former maryland state senator tommy broad water junior owns the ebony in and all the t surrounding businesses on thesss hill. broad water is no stranger to controversies. he's a well-connected citizen and businessman in the countyes whosm in the early 80s was arrested and charged with money laundering for food stamp fraud and then in 2005 found himself h embroiled in a campaign slot s scandal that landed him probation. now the former senator seems to be yet again defying the lawn. we went looking for response for from broad water. looking for mr. broad water. he wasn't home. we checked his objection to the form i'm looking for mr. broad water. >> and we didn't find him theret we did find him at one in the morning on a sunday inside the ebony in just feet away from
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naked women clinging onto stripper poles. >> does he have an upper hand over the county that allow him to continue to opt and defy theo law the way he is currently defying the law?e >> i don't think we're treating him any differently than we've treated anybody else. there's a court process we're abiding by the court process. we're going to put it into the court's hands and let them make a deeggs.deeg allowing the government to force adult entertainment venues to to move to industrial areas known as zone 2. 2. mr. broad water and the ebony in filed for an injunctiontion appealing the decision on the basis that exotic dancing and striping are your firstst amendment rights, freedom of expression. once the court rules say they rule in the county's favor canao they appeal that. >> of course. if we're dealing with a first amendment issue, a freedom of expression, it's something thatg could go all the way to the supreme court, but we'll wait to see what happens. and while thco
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the court's decision which theyh expect in the next month, enforcement officials say they will continue to document and inspect the activities of these establishments, but they'll hav to wait before they can proceed with enforcement. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > remember the atv rider caught on camera taunting police officers in prince george'sprin county? well, tonight that tha rider and the person who recorded the video are facing multiple charges. police identified the atv rider as pierre bash bore and the camera man is michael own.l as you can see barber driving recklessly and dangerously close to the police crewser right along pennsylvania avenue.ania tonight we're told both men face a number of charges including reckless driving. tonight police chief broke the news about the case p. with respect to the individualt in the video, that gentleman's name is mr. barber and i'm pleased to inform the public p that we've placed a number of charges against mr. barber in m the wake of his conduct in fronu of onect of our officers. the chief says
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has a no chase policy because b chasing the atv driver could have been inadvertently put to public danger.r. we've posted the photo of the atv to help police catch them. more than 5,000 fox5 facebook users shared thefo video. > coming up later in the show, former d.c. mayor and current cr ward council candidate vincent v gray joins us in studio.s his call for action to stop the violence around the district. we're talking with the maryland whoro rescuedg a group of schol children when their both sang in the chesapeake. thank goodness they're okay. o teisha. >>reporter: ways to help avoid getting mosquito bites and also fighting against the zika virus. all of this happening heightened concern about the zika virus. we'll have more on the story s coming up.ming i'm sue palka, we're
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eye on some persistent and longo lived showers and thunderstorms out towards the pan handle of west virginia where they had some ongoing flood concerns. closer to home we haven't seents much rain, but that looks to loo change for friday afternoon.rnoo we've got some storms in the forecast. we'll talk about that when fox5 local news at 10 returns.
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a good smart tan is being credited with rescuing a group g of elementary school children and staffers when a boat they were riding sang in the chesapeake. it happened yesterday evening, e but tonight fox5's lauren demarco caught up with that good samaritan. here's what he had to say. they heard a may day call for a boat syncing and didn't hesitate to act. a group of maryland fishermen instantly became first responders. they realized it was a large a group of children on board. i heard the captain may day, may day, may day, i'm taking on water. i tried to talk back to the captain, no response. jeremy shockly and his h
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up theired toville crab crew it had hit something underwater. a 30 to 40 minute trip but they were the closest vessel to respond. i told everybody on the boat look around, keep looking, look for anything. meantime the syncing boat had rapidly had gone down in an aree about 10 feet deep. the current was strong, but the captain were able to help the 13 fourth graders to get out. i have two kids myself. one little girl knocked her tooth out.oth the captain had a bad gash on his head. the 40 year old captain helped pack all of the children safelyl onto shockly's boat. he stayed awake, but then he collapsed. he had to be flown to the hospital.
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fortunately he has been real b release all of the children andd tars have also been taken to th hospital. they have been release as well. the chesapeake bay foundation boat p's pictured here before b syncing had been chaperoning thg students from chester town, maryland as part of an educational trip. they posted photos of their lee-day adventure online before it was cut short. an old naval research areas the foundation says the r captain w not in any restricted waters an has been bringing groups througs the area for the past 10 years. shockly believes may have hit a submerged army tank. they're actually on land years ago and the island has washed away over the years and the tanks were actually on land andd now the tanks are in the water. the coast guard is investigating to determine exactly what the w boat struck.. meantime the school tells us u they are greatful for shockly'ss crew and governor larry hogann awarded him a certificate calling his actions heroic
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would have done the same thing. if i hadn't been there somebodyt else wouldhe have. lauren demarco, fox5 local$f ne. > the good news is it's pretty dry here today, but we understand some showers areome beginning to of move in. let's check in now with sue palka for the latest on what w could be a few showers out there, sue. just a few, but they have been persistent out to the west and also down to the south. we have some flooding issues occurring in the pan handles of west virginia and still some s lightning showing up out there so that has been really slow tot move and also another area down to our involvement a little bit of the remnant moist t. it may get closer to usmo later tonigh. you can see as i put this in motion.moti it's slowly push ping from westf to east. you may see that in loudon county, frederick county.coun it may show up in the form of drizzle. farther down to the south we have another b. we're getting a lot of reports of some extreme flooding and road flooding out in ham sure &ounty, west su rg
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that's northwest of the the winchester area and you can see that closing in on interstate 81 and maybe martinsburg getting g that heavy rain as well. we also had some flooding problems around nelson county and south of car lotsville. it begins moving away. kind of a pass for us here, butt as we put everything in motion m can't rule out some lighter showers and maybe a little drizzle that hangs around through tomorrow morning. we have toto up the anti for scattered storms and maybe evene some stronger thunderstorms on friday afternoon.frid i don't think we'll see too much in the morning although we can see some lingering drizzle. there will be a lot of clouds around from tonight's activity. by noon we're up to 77 still s with some clouds and a little bit of drizzle. afternoon l until about maybe even seven or 8:00 we could bee dealing with some stronger storms. it could be worse department, i have to tell you what's going oo in paris and across belgium is crossing real the accident has beenng floodin. you are looking at the lo
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tomorrow so they can deal with e their flooding concerns. many valuable art works are are stored in lower levels and since the lewis on the right bank ofot the accident they have to close it so they can move all the treasurers up to higher ground. we are a little bit unsettlednst heading into the weekend.he we're going to talk about what you should expect for theld e weekend and why we're watching the gulf of mexico closely. we'll have that for you a littlr bit later. l tony and thank you, sue.ue. well, in tonight's health watchh we have learnedt' that the dmvmv tops the list as one of the o worst areas for mosquitoes in the country. that's right. in tonight's fears about the zika virus are growing. fox5's teisha lewis is life witi the story. >>reporter: washington, d.c. came in at number three on this list behind atlanta and chicago. of course you may ask, well, why. here's why? because we're wet and damp
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thunderstorms and humidity thisy time of year. it's a perfect combination forof mosquitoes and where do they hide? you're taking a look loo right now sort of between bushes and mulch and damp areas. a there's a lot of fears out ther especially for women who arere expecting, such as myself. about how do you protect yourself against theseur mosquitoes. some people, including myself arese i looking for other alternative, not keith becausee, it has a lot of chemicals in n i but some natural alternatives and some of those alternatives and solutions could be right in your kitchen cabinets. cedar anacin monday oils are a just a few items you may want to add to your grocery list. a member of the mosquito control commission says there are a number of home remedies to assist people in dealing with insect bites, including lemon, you can lip tuesday oil, basil and garlic.
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be as protective as deet in protecting against mosquitoes, but check with your doctor first. they are all home remedies that work for some people and for some people it may not be the solution. the advice comes amid heightened fears about the zika virus nationwide and more specifically at home. hom these little bushes, l mulch beds, probably the two bigs places, most popular places for mosquitoes to hide. we went for a ride with d.c. mosquitoes squad bobby frazer f who says customers' fears about mosquitoes have tripled. tr consider this your free consultation. they're going to hide under leaves and under branches. they don't hide in grass. gra the best way to prevent the zika virus is to fight back, take t action and avoid mosquito bitess altogether. we want to show you some popular areas also fo
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hide. come with me, if you take aake look, a lot of people have decks behind their homes. ho to my right you can see theysee hide in decks, under decks, also under trampoline and betweeniveo i and bamboo. they are working on technology to try to isolate the virus once you're by then. he was showing us a little bitte about what could be to p come. he is working on it. it. the bottom line is whether you choose keith which is a synthetic repel event or you choose one of the natural repell events, to not have anything ona is not the best option. > you've certainly given us as number of options and things to thinkte about. abo now we will understand when she smells like you can lip tuesdayt oil.l. not a bad smell. > more single tracking and delays. we'll talk about the effectedefe neighborhoods when we return to.
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gray is here. we'll have a candidate conversation about the skyrocketing
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we are just days away from theda start of metro's safe track pla much it's going to dramatically affect how people in the dmv get around over the course of the t next year. starting saturday, there will be single tracking between the ease falls church and boston stations and in two weeks riders in the district will feel a big impact. starting june 18 there will be no service between earn market r and benning road and minnesota avenue. the change will last about 16 days. it will effect orange and silves line service for about 230,00000 people.ople mayor muriel bowser wants rhysts dents to plan now to deal with the changes. c on sometimes people
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thinking about things that seamt far out or seem like they don't effect them. so we're asking them to pay pay attention because it is going to impact every aspect of commutes in the region. mayor bowser says the city is i making plans to adjust. if trains aren't running the city plans to lift some parking restrictions. the city may also extend the hours for the circulators buses and lower the charge for bike ch share. d.c. residents are concerned about the increase in violence, especially in ward 7. recently five people were shot o there in just one day. former d.c. mayor and current candidate for the ward 7 council seat is here in the district tot share with fox5 to share what he thinks needs to be done to stops the crime. it's coming up life next in a life interview.
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♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. > this is fox5 local news at 10. we're back now with a look at night's top stories. we begin in for
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maryland whereeg a high school s principal is oned aned meteorologistive leave tonight. prince george's county schoolsrg made the decision to put principal nathaniel lane i on leave today. there are concerns that he was w aware of alleged sexual abuse on his campus, but turned a blind eye. former high school principal vincent mack duffy faces charges. eulalio tordil accused of woundw killing three people and wounding others. eulalio tordil is facing a number of charges including first degree if convicted effaces life in prison. and a series of bizarrere accidents for three different branches of the military today, this afternoon, a thunderbird jet crashed in colorado springs, a blue angles jet crashed in cra tennessee and an army truck was washed away near fort hood. there were casualties in all cases except for the colorado te crash where the pilot was able to eject himself from the plane. this year
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an alarming amount of violence, especially in ward 7. 7. in just one day last month, two people were killed and another three were shot in the ward. the one of the victims was tracey cooper. she was carrying groceries intos her home in the middle of the afternoon when she was shot and killed. today former d.c. mayor and current ward 7 council member vincent gray wrote an ad in the washington post. he began his message in 2016n 20 d.c. saw an alarming increase in homicides. we must all join together t address this crisis right now. in fact, vincent gray is here now to address the crisis and some of the possible solutions. thanks so much for coming in tonight. >> thanks for having me. > clearly we can hear that youa are outraged. you are frustrated. what led you to write this today? >> i just felt something neededm to be done to create an additional voice. v we watched as hom
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by comparison to the same periop last year. not a voice was heard. and then tripled. we're at 22 homicides in ward 7 in comparison to seven the same time last year.t as somebody who has been an elected official, somebody whoed is now a candidate for office, f think we've got to stand up and make our voices heard. that's what people want. they want leadership. they want action and i'm a prepared to be a part of thear effort to do that. do you feel that this crime wave, if you want to call itall that in ward 7 is not getting the attention that it should from elected officials from them police department? d >> no, i think there's more attention, tony that needs to be given to this. in fact, if you look at our police staffing at this stage it is down. it's probably one of the lowest levels we've had in the lastt decade. when i was the mayor we had -- we got the authorized strength r of the 4,000 police officers. we're down now to blow 38 lungs which is at a dangerous level.s we have people who
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and leaving. what we need is to create more incentives to get policepoli officers to stay past the point where they might otherwise retire.. i think what folks need to understand that police officerst areha eligible for retirement a lot of times when they've turned 41, 42 years of age, 45 years of age. people who are very actively a involved. we've got to give them reasons to stay and be a part of protecting our great city. essentially you gave four different points and how you can go about reduce crime.ce c the first one was getting more police officers out there in neighborhoods. you also mentioned that the d.c. council and the mayor need to stop the bickering and the politics and come together.cs a what did you mean by that? t >> well, we've seen it happen. we've had council put proposals on the table, the mayor put proposals on the table. frankly people want action.acti they're not interested in in i people bickering or winning a debate, they're interested in seeing their communities being
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protected. having been a council member, the council chair and the mayor, you've got to find room to collaborate and recognize thatoi the most important thing is to serve effectively the 672,000 t people who live in the district of columbia.of they don't care about thet th bickering and the debate and whatnot. people want to feel like theye live in a city and it's up to our elected leaders to be able to send that message to the people who live in highople temperature city. that was the one of the other points. we want to show you a clip fromc mayor bowser who, of course, hah spoken out about the crime. cr let's take a look. l we are just horrified by what we saw today.. it's a level of violence that is not acceptable in our city and we are going to put every single resource, police and otherwise in the neighborhoods to get rid of this violence. > so in seeing that, i assume you agree with what she sayss there. >> absolutely. we've got to show the
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too, tony. > right. but here's one of the things t that we've talked about here anh in some of our editor l meetings, we hear the mayor talk about it we see you and read about it you talking about it as well, there seems to be kind of a lack of outrage -- let me pute it this way, i would think there would be more outrage from the public over what's going on in o the city right now. >> again, that outrage has to start with our leaders in the city. i've been to any number of crime scenes in recent weeks. i was at the scene, the situation where that woman was shot in her yard.n i was at that scene and there t were no other elected officialsd who were at that scene. s i had been just an hour before b that at a scene in texas avenue and benning road where people were literally shooting at one another. you mentioned that is another witness one of the ways that we need to prevent this. i was out to the metro station a twice when ther
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out there. the first one that occurred, the mayor showed up after i got there, the council member from o ward 7 showed up after i got there. i have no ability to know exactly what motivated them to be there, but i hope it wasn't because somebody said he's out ' there and now you better get out there. let me ask you, you mentioned the ward 7 council, deer, you were running against her. a we asked her for comments. >> she sent us back, vince hase cheating and lying about real numbers all to try to scare you into voting against your best interests. how do you respond to that. to >> i think it's asinine. i don't know how to put itut i better than that. t the statistics are absolutely what they are. we had 22 murders at this time this year versus seven during d the same period last year. we've got guns
10:38 pm
at texas avenue and benningng road, what happened with thehe woman being shot down in her yard, that's just an absurd comment. council member exactly wander should be talking about solutions and what she needs to be to address this. there is nothing that attacked her. it was how do we come together c to be able to solve this probles in the district of columbia.ri we have to wrap itct up. we're talking about political leaders, the number of police, which is crucial because thatec number isau down, what about personal responsibility? you rs have people -- in some cases people are saying where are these peoples' parents, how is it that these people feel they can have shootouts in the middle of street in broad there's no question people have to take responsibility as well. again, not to be redundant, we have to have leaders who are visible in our community, whomui are out there when these incidents happen and are being able to talk to families alsoies about how
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i witnessed an incident when i was out there for the shootingti at benning and texas avenue of o bus driver on the d.c. ps arguing with one of the families that was involved with the shooting. that didn't meet the public eye. but it was just an outrage to see people who have responsibility in these situations behaving in that fashion. if we don't do this, if we as leaders in the district of columbia don't do this we can't expect others to stand up. families do have responsibility for their children. c i've seen -- let's take this metro. this young man who was sitting on the bench, s was there with his brother, his two sisters ans this guy walks to him and says what are you looking at and just shoots him. that's people who are now acting with impunity in terms of criminal behavior. we have to continue to work to get the guns off the street and we have to be able to hold people accountable when they do these kinds of things.s of and we are
10:40 pm
provide the leadership to do that. thanks so much for coming in. former d.c. mayor vincent gray. current ward 7 candidate. we appreciate you coming in. you guys keep on sending your tweets, your questions, whateveu you have. we are going to keep on talking to the mayor.. we'll be right back. the housing market is startingin to flipg out again. home flipping hit its highest level in two years. keep in mind those kick salesk are well blow the peak levels from 2006 before the housing market crashed.rk we could be looking at a springa slow down for the job market. according to a new report, private companies added 173,000 jobs last month.ast that is fewer than expected. this coming ahead of the government may employment reporm due out friday morning. meantime, the airlines are flying high and makingay aou lof cash. thesh industry's international trade association expects e profits to sore 11 percent this
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and booking your vacation at the last minute literally, accordinl to a new survey, 14 percent of american travelers have reserved a hotel for a trip while waiting for their flight at the airport. that's business, i'm degradation a mack dowel. .
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♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa.
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> welcome back. it is a special night for a student who fought to honor her nate american heritage during her high school graduation. dylan may gray graduated this t evening, she walked across the stage wearing a navajo dress, legs and this ca
10:45 pm
school reversed its decision to bare her from wearing the moccasins. l her persistence toersi fight for her heritage inspiresr heitr of course it was a special night for all of the graduating seniors there. > to the raise to the white house, house speaker paul ryan announced his support for donalu trump today with a simple tweet. ryan was slow to support the presumptive republican nominee. he questioned whether trump is s true conservative and will actually up hold the party's i deals. he wetted i will be voting donald trump this fall. i'm confident he will help turn the gop's agenda into law. coming up at 11 we will head back out to prince george's county. sarah simmons will have the very latest after a high schoolchoo principal was placed on leave following the arrest one of his teachers. that's the teacher there. and more than a month after he was found dead inside his home we've learned that prince d
10:46 pm
of an overdose of powerful painkillers. it's all ahead tonight at 11.
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new tonight, fox has obtained the chilling 911 call that a mother made over the weekend wee when her son claimed over a a barrier and fell in gorilla's go enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. >> my son fell in the petting zoo. it's a male gorilla standing over him. him be calm. >> he's dragging my than some. i can't watch this. zoo keepers shot and killed the gorilla out of fear he may harm the child. the zoo plans to reopen theop exhibit next week withen a reinforced higher security barrier. > what a surprise for a north carolina woman who was doing yoga outside. kristin jones says she was working out next to lake james m with her ear buds when she felt something snip and like her ear. jones
10:50 pm
neighbor's doing. when she looked back she saw a big bear. she says the bear wasn't aggressive and she was able tobe snap these pictures of the animal as he walked away. oh, my goodness. can you imagine? i thought you're supposed to play dead. i would not be snapping pictures of the bear. bea i would probably have pass pa tedded out. i would have gone immediately into my running dog pose. pos that's funny. fu followed closely by that feels good. or that might have been preceded bio and then, oh, it's a bear. oh, my goodness, that is crazy.r lucky that had a happy ending. it could have been a differentt story. our friday is not going to have such a happy ending to the the workweek because we are expecting some thunderstorms tot be cooked up tomorrow afternoon. a lot more than we saw
10:51 pm
out to the north and south andoh it's persistent and we have some flood warnings going on out towards west virginia. vir what you can expect tomorrow isp not a lot of sunshine. we're going to call for some so breaks of sun, but that's about it. and then storms that are rumbling in the afternoon, about a 50/50 chance that you'll see that. it also stays humid not just tomorrow, but saturday, but sat saturday is increasing warm and muggy. we also now have to include a chance for some late day thunderstorms on saturday. that will start to cook up later in the day. sunday also unsettled. uns we think there could be stronger storms on sunday. sun possibly some severe storms after 4:00 on sunday. you going to have to dodge some of this activity. and then after that things thi settle down for a nice stretchtt of weather. d.c. hasn't seen much rain orn the nearby suburbs. this has been persistent and pe long lived out in the pan handln of west virgia
10:52 pm
still a little bit of lightning. we are seeing some problems witt flooded intersections. int that will continue a little bit longer. as it continues slowly moving s east i think it's going to weaken out to just some showers for some communities north andnd west, but a rumble of thunder still in the cards out there foe the next couple of hours and then down to the south we've we' also had some weakening showers. that will leave us with a lot of clouds overnight and maybe somea dries also in the morning. this little l tropical system bonnie doesn't want to give up the ghost. bonnie is about 75 miles northeast of cape hatteras and d it is forecast to briefly become a tropical storm again and then move away. it's moving slowly northeast att 6. we're going to see that getting on out of here. but don't be surprised to see to bonnie turning into a storm again. that does contribute to us being a little bit unsettled tomorrow. that and the fact that a frontal boundary will be getting closer. for tonight, spotty showers wi
10:53 pm
handle, 69-degrees, but a littld bit of a drizzle can't be ruled out in theegzz morning and then afternoon thunderstorms with ah temperature of 83. we'll still get warm tomorrow, despite the fact that we'll have bonnie off the coast and make ad the area pretty unstable in uns which we'll see the showers and storms. tomorrow morning at 8 it's a little bit bullish and this is s new. cooking up some thunderstorms south and east of d.c. tomorrow. morning. by 1:00 you can see more mo activity beginning to develop bg and by the time we get into 5:00 still more showers and storms ad showing up towards the charlottesville area again we'll likely thattive to chase a few w of those around as we look toward saturday afternoon and af again on sunday. we're looking at 83-degrees for our day tomorrow and if you'reor going out to the pool on saturday i want to give you your pool planner it starts out okay. after 3:00, with a temperature of 82 isolated thunderstorms mau develop. scattered thunderst
10:54 pm
coming up at 11 we'll talk morea about sunday and what we're expecting with sunday, but miss it to say that strongthat thunderstorms are possible withb a temperature of 84. after that there is not much not going on.g the first part of next week looks absolutely beautiful. dodge the storms and keep an eye on your weather app. > brody, over to you for a look at sports. the wizards fell well blow expectations this season, but they have a great opportunity to improve. john wall who has proven to be a star on the court and in the the community. today wall won the mba assist afford for his effort in the th d.c. community. wall received the award at bright beginnings, a facility for homeless youth where he previously donated $400,000. $40 as a result of winning the community assist award, bright beginnings will receive $25,000c for a new playground and that is matched by wizards
10:55 pm
they i want to be something morm than a basketball player and give back to the community. he's a role model for our players, for the organization. mostly because his sincerity inn which he's done i haven't coached him or mentored him in any way. he went and did his own due diligence. he he said this is a charity that's important to me. me today he announced that he wanted to help them build a playground in ward 8. wa what could be more wonderful than that. definitely. continue the run of d.c. athletes giving back to the community, pierre garcon fourthr annual party to benefit the boys and girls club. athletes and celebrities from allel over d.c. were decked outn their crippest white digs. dig last year this event raised $106,000 for the boys and girls club, a
10:56 pm
surpass this year.this the guys enjoy dressing up, jusu having a good time and definitely celebrating, sponsoring a good organization that everybody has some kind of relationship to. to. my parents worked after schooloe so i had to go somewhere to be save and that's what we want to keep, you know, having the kidsd somewhere to go after school. a year ago, two years ago, threr years ago, the boys and girls gi club were in contain of closingn thei cr doors, so we came up wih this event and raised a lot of money and now they can keep c their doors open. pierre, i was talking to him earlier about how much the event has groan over the year. now it's the fourth year. they are getting over a hundred thousand dollars a year for yea selling tables and donations. like he said, the boys and girls club almost had to go bankrupt a few years ago and now because of this money they're able to continue. > they do great work. the >> i love to seat athletes giving back like
10:57 pm
> next time you talk to him, tell him that you and i can because a couple of white suits. >> is yours in the cleaners. >> it's in the cleaners now. cle > how come i wasn't included ic all of this. >> you, too. > you probably have somethingya white. we'll be right r i'm going to talk to these two for a minute.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a high school principal is on administrative leave after a teacher at his at school was arrested for sexually abusing a student on campus. we're just days away from the start of metro's safe trackk program. today d.c. leaders are callingre for commuters to brace themselves as the impact on the area will be greater than first expected. what are your options forgettinr around? we'll


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