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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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hawaii and district of columbia, please join us down here. now one of you is about to become our new miss usa. and if for any reason, miss usa is unable to fulfill her duties, the first runner-up will take her place. >> good luck to you both. all the hard work, all the determination, every round of competition, every step. it's all led to this.
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miss usa 2016 is -- district of columb columbia. [ cheers and applause ]
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your first look at miss usa! >> to see that phenomenal sister win. that was amazing. tonight was incredible. so much fun. >> thank you to all of our contestants, judges and fans at home. >> and a huge congratulations to the new miss usa 2016. good night, everyone. >> good night. >> good night.
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this is fox5 local news at 10. 0 right now at 10, storms moving o out of the region so what's next in the forecast for the start oo your workweek?orkw >> two fishermen go missing on the potomac. the latest on their search. sea get ready commuters, tomorrow is the first workday with metro'seo new safe track plan in place. fox5 news at 0 starts right n
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apparently we're in the presence of royalty tonightmiss districts miss usa. >> awesome. just crowned. that was great to watch. and come visit us here at fox5. > we'd love to have her. i'm jim lokay and i'm lauren demarco. we want to start with the storme in our area this afternoon. we were mostly spared from extreme severe weather, no tornadoes or damaging hail.ail one spot the whether did causeae problems however was here along brink road in gaithersburg whera falling trees brought downpour lines. gwen is standing by with the latest on the forecast.orec the storms today had the had potential to be a about itout worse. >> they absolutely did because b the storm prediction center hadd us under an enhanced risk of weather. we were watching the possibility of an isolated tornado, couldn't half ruled it out. fortunately we didn't have tidwell with that.tidw we did have some strong winds with the damage there. in some of the otherthe
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a lot of heavy rainfall and a lot of lightning with the stormt that did move through. things have calmed down extensively across the area as that precipitation, most of it t and those storms have pretty pr much moved out we still have a little bit lingering and that's just across the southern tip t of delmarva there and moving its way out of -- from southern maryland through to northernn virginia you're seeing a little' bit of activityre going on therh now. other than that i can't rule oun maybe a passing sprinkle or so tonight and we still got that frontal system to the westl sy that's going to come through but there's nothing to feed it in it terms of energy. we're not talking any more mo storms once these last few onesw get out of the picture. it was a very active day in thee weather center.we if you look at all the little circles on my map this is wheres they saw a lot of trees down and different situations as a resulr of those strong winds. and hagerstown was also an areaa that got hit pretty hard with wi some pretty strong winds there i this afternoon. af i want to thank
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twitter followers who sent me m this photograph in hagerstown. look at this, imi press grave sent me this, this tree right tr down in the middle of a street, unbelievable. we haven't heard about p anyboda getting hurt so we keep ourur fingers crossed that that did not happen. right now we're into the low 70s pretty much every where.uch a couple of mid 60s as well. we're going to see a little bits of cooler air tomorrow. 69-degrees right now. mostly cloudy in the overnight e hours and thank goodness we'reee going to get a little calmer weather as we start the week. those det tails a little later. back to you. > tonight two families are holding out hope that rescue crews will find two fish men whn went missing on the potomac robert gray jr. and robert jaundice peered. the bad weather interfered withh the search efforts. marina maracco is life in in frederick county with theunty latest. >>reporter: it's been a long a day for search and rescue teams
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who had to holt their efforts at strong storms came in throughtom the area. tonight they go home and the fishermen are still missing. a search and rescue effort underway for two missing fishing men who launched early sunday morning near the roof teeneen bridge. they were supposed to come backb in. they were hoping to be back on land around 10 in the morning, instead one of the men was seens clinging onto a tree and another in the water, their boat cap sized. the boat is in good shape. it doesn't look like the boatoat was in bad shape. b the boat was recover, but the men are still missing. he has fishing all his life. my brother law that was his passing. the recent storms have stirred t conditions and intense currentsr have made it difficult for divef teams to get into the water. he's been to the potomac quite i few times, but i'm not really sure that he knows how to swi
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a sunset for the night, but the familiar i mr.s are holding out hope. we're still hoping.l ho we're going to hope until whatever, until the end. that's it. it at daybreak a recovery effort will begin. b in frederick county, marinaount maracco, fox5 local news. new > let's turn now to metro. everybody is talking about this one and tomorrow the commute ish going to be a tough one becausen it will be the first rush hour.u we need it. but itselfs ' what everyone has been dreading. fox5's lindsay watts is life is with what you need to know for the morning. >>reporter: we're in front of the balance son metro station in arlington and tonight you can see the maintenance vehicle als@ parked along the curb. cu that's because this station sta andest falls church is where this first face of work is focused. both stations are single tracking all this week and mosts of next. nex origin and silver line riders are expected to be the most impacted. however, the thought is this iss
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am other metro riders and even people who commute other ways. we'll give you a look now downstairs here at the boston station. workers on the tracks makingaki repairs. they're doing 12-hour shifts foh this round the clock clo instruction.ctio knowns as safe track. it means 18-minute wait times ti for all silver line trains as well as some orange line trains. people riding this weekendhis weren't so concerned about the wait. they're more worried what tomorrow has in this store. sto some folks have talked to are getting up extra early. it seems like -- i feel like the orange, when i used to ride the orange was packed and busy enough as it was on a normal schedule, i can imagine if you y back up trains 20 minutes durinn rush hour what it will be like. i think i'll have to get up an hour earlier and watch the apps and be ready to leave a half an o
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my boss knows that it's going tg be hard to get to work on time and he hope that everyone else has that same, you know, understanding. > i'm not so sure all the bosses out there are going to bo that accepting. this first face of construction means big delays on the origin and silver lines. all silver lines will operate every 18 minutes. same for orange line trains tennesseeen a and new carlson. between boston and new carlson there will be trains ever six minutes during opening and morning rush hour.g ru this is going to last until june 16. it remains to be seen how this i first face will impact traffic on the road. back out here life, this is thee first of 15 faces of of construction and the next one is going to involve shutdowns on parts of this silver, orange and blue lines. that's going to be starting june 18. stay with us here on fox5 for this year long construction. we're goi
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you updated of every face of f this project. life in article than to, line ta situate watts, fox5 local news. > it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow morning. o get a good night sleep. > still ahead tonight, heavy rains finally letting up in in texas. we'll tell you how the state is cleaning up tonight from deadly flooding. plus wild fires raging in loss angels county, the key factor making it tougher for firefighters to stop the flamess we're going to t check in campaa trail, the latest jabs donald trump is taking at hillary clinton and bernie sanders coming up.
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. > crews are fighting a wild a fire in california that's forceo at least 5,000 people to evacuate their homes. the flames have already torchedt hundreds of acres in loss angelg county. the fire started when a pickup truck slammed into a power pole. that caused the pole to fall anl a
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much of the fire is on the slope of a canyon. heavy rains are finally to taper off in texas.f in the danger of the flooding stili remains as water from the swollen bras oh river begins to slow downstream.ow we get the latest from fox's will car. >>reporter: here in richmond,im about 40 minutes southwest oft o houston neighborhoods are still swamped with flood water but it's really dropped dramaticallr over the last 4 hours. to give you a visual, you can see the side door on this house. it shows you exactly how high the water was just yesterday. throughout the morning we've heard the sounds of pressure washers ringing out throughout this neighborhood as residents e are trying to wash away all thel mud that was caked on their car ports and their driveways and di their patios along with the water. so they're in full cleanup mode here, but to our south there's still quite a dangerous situation. the the river still has not
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crested. the water still rising. ri we're still seeing more mandatory he evacuations.. 1700 prisoners were evacuated and shipped to he's texas. the problem is we had more rain in texas yesterday. the ground is already saturated and the water simply had nowhere to go. local authorities are emphasizing just how the dangerous the situation is right now. be ready to he evacuate at a a moment's notice, the flood is is coming. we're continuing to tell people that, that they need to be ready because the last thing we want e is anybody to lose their thousands of residents have hav evacuated on friday. the governor declared 31 counties disaster areas. the state will ask for a federal disaster declaration this week which. >> ms. elsey: objection should free up some money from fema. the good news for the am homeowners who did not have insurance. we've seen snakes in the water, trees falling, power lines arere down. still
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situation. i spoke with one resident whoho didn't have insurances whoseranc home was flooded. was i asked him what he was going to do. he told me that he had a vacation planned to puerto rico two weeks from now. i asked him if he was still wa going to do that, he said yes, but he might not come back. he said that in jest, but it just goes to show the graft of f the continuing situation.inui in richmond, texas, will car, fox news. here at home storms may have interrupted part of your sunday, but things could have bench worse. forth matily the extreme severe weather threat died down.d d gwen is in the weather center with what's next for the start of the workweek. wor we really dodged the bullet anda that's because we didn't getet enough sunshine that was was anticipated to heat up the atmosphere as much as we thought but that was a good thing. we did get some storms and somed rainfall. most of it has cleared out. i can't rule out a passing sprinkle or two in the overnight hours, other than that
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the storms are confined to the o lower edge of delmarva and aar little bit over northernva bit virginia. we are finally getting some improvement. here's a look at the current th conditions in d.c. 73-degrees, relative humidity is up 90 percent. mostly cloudy skies and those clouds will stick around for the overnight hours.ght your current temperatures we've got 75-degrees at fredericksburg this hour, 71 at annapolis, 69 for baltimore and 730-degrees at winchester while dulles is at 71-degrees. your overnight lowe's are going to be into the 60s. we'll have a few 7 # 0s on there but it's going to be fairly comfortable. as we take a look ahead we're starting the week with some sunshine for you. a dry day, warm at 86-degrees, not quite as humid as it was day.
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i'm going to have all a the details and the seven day forecast in just a while. whi > we'll sue in a about it, gwen. now onto the raise for the white house, just moments ago the associated press declared hillary clinton the winner in today's democratic primary inimr puerto rico and two days from now, new jersey and california j will hold the primaries. clinton holds a big lead over bernie sanders, but in but california she's running neck and neck. presummittive republican nominee donald trump is taking more stabs at his opponents. >>reporter: heading to the last primary days both candidates can have been p campaigning hard in the golden state. my hope is that everyone will stand up, it's too late for fo estali
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clinton is up two points on sanders, 49 percent to 49 47 percent as the vermont senator has closed a double do digit gap there in recent weeks. but rather than focus on her democratic rival, clinton has been stepping up her attacks on republican donald trump saying he doesn't have the temperament to be president. his unpredictability, his putting everything in highly personal terms, people are notre used to seeing anyone, a any republican or a democrat running for president who is so loose with the truth, the presumptiver gop nominee fired backired questioning clinton's judgment with the use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. sta we're in a cyber world and she's playing around with servers and e-mails. how can he she be running this country? clinton's claimed ' c was not exclusively forbidden ti use a private e-mail server while ' was in office.was i will say it was a mistake. i would not do it again, but i think that the rules were not
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left. new jersey could determine the democratic nominee on tuesday night. if she passes the finish line there she could be declared the presumptive nominee even before the california polls close. in loss angels countyless,os jennifer griffin, foxs news. > presumptive republican nominee. as if we don't know who he is. all right.igh still to come tonight at 10, preventing those mosquito bites. it's p especially important this summer amid fears of mosquito borne zika virus. we're going to look at some of o the natural ways to keep the mosquitoes away. meet the hotdog princess. we'll tell you the story behind these photos that are going viral.
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♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. > an' ward winning photographen with national public radio iss dead after being killed on assignment in southern afghanistan. david kill key covered the wars in c
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this is kill keenan his afghan translator. both died when they came under arrest when traveling with anan afghan unit. two others he escaped injury. troops are claiming to reclaim from isis.isis we hear more from fox's connor powell. >>reporter: as iraq ' troops move deeper into pennsylvania loose a isis around bagdad. the attack killing at least 15 and wounding 40 this weekend inn a clear attempt to shift iraq eye force essay tension away from pennsylvania loose a. still two weeks away from theway strong hold. they now hold a key area of the city. government crews secured theured southern edge this weekend. this area now provides iraqi forces to expand theiras
10:27 pm
on what loose a. using car bombs and bobby trapsb to slow the iraqi advance. militants are also reportedly using some of the 50,000 civilians there as human shields. those lucky enough to scape say living conditions are rapidly deteriorating food and basic items in short supply. once iraqi security forcesforc secure pennsylvania loose yeah, the state still.till no willingness address. add connor powell, fox news. > still ahead at the 10, staying safe from the zikazika virus. some of the natural remedies too prevent a by the.the. you might want to put down aown twinge ' for many reasons.sons recall on a who he test productt say it isn't
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> it seems like we reallyem dodged a bullet today. b >> we did and primarily thehe reason being we didn't get heeth enough sunshine. really because i felt -- ielt remember you said that and whend the sun was out i was getting gt nervous. >> i was getting nervous. i was like sun, go away. i always say the sun heats upeas the atmosphere. it's sort of like putting gas ot the fire. we didn't get enough to do all d of that today. so that was a good thing. i pointed out some areas that were sunny and it turns out that those were the areas that had damage like hagerstown.ik we aree busy in the weathereat center today and i want to giveo shout out to my esteemed colleague, mr. mike top as who came
10:32 pm
today. i absolutely love working withwh him. we were all over social media keeping everybody up to date because we didn't have anan earlier show. things have calmed down a lot but we had the storms that blue through today. some of you saw some activityme some of you did not.did w waiting for storms. we actually dodged the bullet in p of our right now we're left with basically some clouds and alsoso tome the south, southern areas f delmarva seeing a about it of thunderstorm activity now. other than that we have the cole front to the west. behind it we'll get some cooler, dryer air in place. i also can't rule out maybe ae little bit of a passing showers in the overnight hours here.e. very, very light in nature. nothing too heavy to be tooto concerned with.with that's some good news. thanks to all our twitter followers and facebook followers who sent us from photographs.hoo look at this from daniel. this was in luckest virginiagini look
10:33 pm
unbelievable. we showed you the one with the trees down in hagerstown earlier. this from lloyd ferguson who sends us photographs all thehe time, thank you, lloyd.lloy from middle ^berg, virginia.virg a pretty good indication of what the skies were like. temperatures into the 7 # 0ss pretty much every where. humidity was up all day today.o we're going to get dryer air for tomorrow.ow we've got a system to keep aneep eye on as we move into tuesday. we have another coastal cyst tome to talk about.ut. tropical storm colin which ishih really going to impact floridamc over the next few days and that's expected become quite weakened out by the time it hits the florida coast. but we could see some rain showers and even maybe a storm or two popping up as a result ou it once we get into tuesday.esda we're going to have to watch that fairly closely. as you can see as it is starting to move it's way to the coast of florida it's expected to hit tht coast around monday.on but before it does it will starr to weakit
10:34 pm
they already have watches andatc warnings in place as a result of this tropical system.tem. we're in the time of n year where we're going to continue to see this happening. here's a look at the tropicalrop tractor before it starts to heat out to see, but once again we will be within the area ofre possibly getting some rainng showers from it as well as member a popup behind all that we get back toak dryer air again. a nice ridge ever of high rid pressure builds in. that's going to set us up withih less humidity once we get into about p mid to late week and our temperatures are going to beng t into the 70s, very nice and very comfortable under the sunny skies. putting it together for you then, for tonight 69-degrees,der we've got some pretty lightight winds from the southeast.thea once we get into tomorrow, 86-degrees, no shortage ofhort sunshine to start your week.week it's going to be absolutely spectacular, a nice warm day.ay. and then by tuesday a chance off seeing a popup storm or two. it does stay warm, but then itt
10:35 pm
temperatures are going to be in the 70s. we have our zip trip happeningip on friday. don't forget that. that looks like it's going toto shape up pretty nice. maybe a chance of a storm popping up by the time we get to the end of the week. enjoy your monday. it is definitely going to be the calm after the storm. for once a reason to look forward to a in tonight's health watch, concern is rising about zika, the mosquito borne virus has been linked to some serious birth defects. on the steps you can take to avoid mosquito bites this summer. cat nip, cedar anacin mondaynaci oils are just a few items you may want to add to your grocery list. there are a number of home remedies to assist people in dealing with insect bites. including lemon, you can lip tuesday oil, basil and garlic.a it turns out these natural repellents could be as effectivf as synthetic chemical
10:36 pm
deet in protecting against mosquitoes, but check with your doctor first. there are home remedies thatreme work for some people and for some people it may not be the solution. the height comes about fear ofr the zika virus nationwide and more specifically here at home. these little bushes out front,rt mulch beds, probably the twowo bigs places, most popular places for mosquitoes to hide. we went for a ride with d.c. mosquito squads bobby frazer who i saws customers' fears about mosquitoes have tripled compared to this time this year.r. consider this your free consultation. they're going to hide under leaves and under branches. they don't hide in grass. the best way to prevent the zika vie us is to fight back. take action and avoid mosquito bites altogether. it seems like there's so am little steps to take. especially when it comes down to a little bit of water that can cause
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even already when we're reporting out at night and thend sun is setting. that is the worst time. i've been getting eaten alive. > heads up for hostess lovers.. we've been saying say it isn't so. the company has issued a l voluntary recall of its snacksas because of peanut residue.idue they may havened up in productsn such as ding donees, crock dialk and donuts.d they were sold throughout the us with the best buy dates of may and june 2016. the recall is a result of a a flower flyer of hostess recalling its flower. hostess has said it has receivec two reports of allergic reactior because of that peanut residue. > play careful. do the apps on phone know too much about you.. we'll hear on the securityurit expert of the privacy concernsvy about giving your apps full access.
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and programs they're testing out to bring grocery straight to your door. top five plays in sports.port where does this come in take aae look and you're going to find out after the break. ak.
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> does bryce have the baby nats get up yet.yet. >> no, she doesn't. my husband is into the oriolesrl so i get her to startstar representing and her name isis bryce. so she wasn't named after bryce' harper. notot really. it is an i instead of a y. i have her watch the games from home. recently against cincinnati she hasn't been seeing too am ws. the lst
10:42 pm
have finished 36 games out of first place last year and thisnd year a third of the way throughout the season they'rehe already 19 games back. in spite of all that they ownwn the nats. going back to last may the redss are one and seven against the nats. the nats poorly trig to avoidvoi the nats down 5-0 in the fourtho and then daniel murphy startsurh the come back. murphy turns and pose. a two-run shot to right. 420 feet. that homer cuts the lead to two. the next batter wilson ramos. ramos, another homer.. that cuts it down. down to two. and now after an rbi single makes it a one-run game.e. been reviewer shoots one toto right. just like that the game is tied all in the fourth. the nats build a 10-5 lead. jonathan pap
10:43 pm
one pass on the verge of blowing it. the nats escape 10 to 9 afterftr getting out of a bases loaded jamb with the game on the line. try to get three guys outuys without letting them score was s the bulk of it. a great job by pap right there to bear down and get the bunch out and then mike i taylor goes and gets that one in the gap.ap a really nice day in the offense. the bull pen really safed us saf today as well. salvage a game, heading into ang off day and i think we're two and four 2000 in our last six ix i'm not mistaken. it's time for our close five tof five place of the week. we have two over the shoulder catches. it is safed and only delayed the inevitable. first let's relish the
10:44 pm
ketchup out in front. get out of the way.ay. leveled. you know what, he was doing too much hotdogging there. an inspiring lesson of perseverance, ketchup, mustard,d runs his buns into yeah, ketchup.chup he's out of the stadium, totally done. imagine can the kid was injured in that. that inadvertent. he actually flexed after he did it. come on, it's a guy in a hotdog suit. josh done son, possibles it, grabs it with one hand. gets the out at first. a bit of an error here. i like the musclettes flying inn the wind.d. is it an error if everythingryth goes okay in no, he avoid therror.
10:45 pm
you may not see it from that angle. he has this look of okay. i just love the musclette. number three last night, the nats/reds game, the first batter of the game, been re veer, a drive to center field, trackinge it at the track. over the shoulder into, crashesh right into the wall. you like that, don't t you? right into the gap. this is a big -- nice. it's a big year for hamilton, a sold out broadway this catch.tch. that's all i got.ot. it's not the best of the shoulder catch of the week. i have that coming a little later. > number two, bitter sweat fors terps fans, lacrosse national championship, sudden death over time, watch this amazing safe,f, reaches back, mid air, safes the game. well, for just a few minutes.s. it was only a brief stay ofof execution, so to speak. maryland they lost a few minutes
10:46 pm
they might have been number oner if that didn't happen.happ let's go to the west michigan white caps, derek hill, straighr away center and then look at this. willie mays style, over the shoulder catch. how close is it to willie mays catch, that close. it's like the same catch. wow. you can't see it as it's goingog over his shoulder. just like maze in high temperature 1954 world series. he's the number three prospect in the tigers, but in the close five top five he's number one. > sometimes that's all that matters. call his agent. get a raise.ra i didn't know cleveland can did the hotdog raises because theyy do the sausage raises in milwaukee. >> i'm not up on all the mascot raises. per rogue is in pittsburgh,itt presidents in d.c. and they doty the per rogue i/presidents/pre battle usually once a year. they do president obama trees in miam
10:47 pm
>> no. they have okay taupies or something. that would be a good raise. that's not i can't believe how those guysgs run. they've got to be who the.the. speaking of hotdog cans. still ahead tonight, caring to be different,to the story behind these viral videos of a little girl who decided to dress up, yes, as a hotdog on princess day. then she went to cleveland andan through the apps on your phoneur know too much you. take a closer look at the thinge they have access to that youhat might not even be aware of. .
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i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those. one? are you kidding? we'll end up eating like thirty. wanna split that?, soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with each for 150 calories or less! try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheesecakes fiber one. go on, have one. ♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees.
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where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. > how exciting the miss usa crown is coming home to
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huge congratulations to the miss usa, deshawn a barber, miss district of columbia she won thn crown beating out miss that by a and miss georgia. she is a logistics commander for the department of commerce. she wants to focus her platform on p ptsd treatment for soldiers. we want her back of. i want to see that crown. > a little girl who decided to skip the crown. is that right. >> yes. > the crown has everybodyvery talking this weekend. beau heeled we present to you the hotdog princess. these photos are going viral with thousands of likes and retweets. i was supposed to be princess day at class class. but one child showed up as a hotdog. he says she wore it because it's her favorite costume. talk about
10:52 pm
it would be kind of alarming too find thatf your child is trendig online. credit cute. a lot of people were inspireder about it's all about the individual. guess what we can actually sleep tonight. the world of he mog gees is expanding. we need this. 72 new he mog gees have been approved by the uncorn consortium. they include face president obama, selfie, sneezing face and dancing man.ncin there's a dancing woman. we need a dancing man. there's also sharks, bacon, pancakes and clowns. once they update their softwareo you'll then have to update your phone to get the new he mog geez. >> i like that there's a uncorn consortium. a board that gets together andee say okay, what he mog gees arere we going with.h. walmart and sam's club are teaming u
10:53 pm
services to bring grocery toes your door. walmart joining force with uber lift andy intravenous for a pilot program. it will allow customers to shop on walmart online grocery and checkout for a small have you ever thought about ther the fact, t your phone, our phor could be spying on you. >> it does weird me out aboutbot it. i got on a soap box about it, conspiracy theory.ory. jennifer fox spoke with a security expert on what we should be concerned about. >>reporter: go into youryour phone's security applications and you'll see a whole list ofit what facebook has access to, your camera, your location, contact your contacts and yes, your microphone, too. how about this for a warning, by downloading facebook you giveou the app permission to recordord audio at any time without youryr confirmation. >> it's news to me. that's not comforting to know. i didn't know, but i can't say
10:54 pm
i'm surprised, i guess. i mean it's something yousome probably don't even think about. but it's true says security editor paul waggen field.agge they can pick up sound in then background. they listen for tv shows and music. you know the way saddam works. listens for music in the background and tells you what the song is. they use the background audio for advertising only, but the obvious question is, if they can listen to that, what else coulde they possibly be listening to.o. they could be listening to your conversations but it would be illegal for them to do so. there are steps you can take too block facebook' access to your phone's mike.e. you can turn the microphone offh for every app. i deleted the facebook app from my phone. i don't like it. it has too many permissions.miss it really depends on theg1c pho. what you use iphone or android.o i actually deleted the facebook
10:55 pm
you have to think about the information that you're butting out there. coming up at fox5 news at # #, are you ready for the commute form morning. i is the first of the safe track repairs. you better expect major delays in some areas. we'll explain all the changes coming up at 11.
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. > welcome back. the federal reserve hike a key a interest rate. we could get a clue yesterday when the semi-annual report is delivered. fox's garret kenny takes a lookt at the decision and what ithat means for the economy. th >>reporter: the latest job reports came back worse and it's causing some concern about thehe us economy's actual economists were expecting to see as many as 164,000 jobs created in instead there were only 38,000n jobs added making it the weakest performance in more than fiveve years.
10:59 pm
dropped to 4.7 percent. not because people were getting jobs, though, but because nearly half a million people stoppede t looking for work. these disappointing figures have chairwoman janet yell in doing damage control since the federal reserve is far less likely to move ahead with plans to raisers interest rates in either june or july. yell in will address the world council in philadelphia on wednesday. president obama did not mention the poor jobs report in his week address.addr instead he touted the us economic turnaround over thever last seven years as a result his administration. america's businesses have created 14.5 million new jobs over
11:00 pm
we should have well above 2 percent growth, maybe 4 percent growth.. instead the president celebratee when maybe we have one and a half percent. officials at the federal reservr will keep a close eye on the latest job reserve to see it was an anomaly or the beginning of an economic slow down. > in washington, i'm garret kenny, fox news. this is fox5 local news at 11. thank you for joining us tonighs at 11 1 # p i'm jim lokay and i'm lauren demarco. storms arrived in our area this afternoon but we were mostly spared from extreme severeere weather. no tornado or damaging hail. georgia one spot the weather did cause problems was here long bringing road in gaithersburg where falling trees brought downpour lines. we have to worry about what is going on for the workweek. gwen is standing by for the workweek. the storms had potentially a lot


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