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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 6, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, fewer traine and longer weights. metro's maintenance blitz officially underway and that means a new normal for regular riders.d ma ri we'll have live team coverage. the greatest of all time and this morning tributes continueni to pour in for heavyweight champion muhammed ali who diedhe over the t how he's being remembered remb outside of the ring. r miss usa2016 is... districtt of columbia! (applause). >> army officer turned beauty bt queen. dc's very own deshauna barber your new miss u.s. a thanks in
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part to her powerful answer towr question about women in combat.. we'll show you what's next for f this hometown champ. and later concert chaos ands it's all kanye's how he sparked a manhattanan mayhem and whether he could beed in trouble for it. troub good day at 9a starts now. ♪ we're going to talk about kanyen today? you think.. >> why not? >> why not? >> what a morning it was in new york city. this is washington, d.c. andgtod we're ready for good day today t it is 9:00 o'clock on this busyb monday, june 6th. i'm steve alongside allison,is, maureen and wisdom.m. holly has the morning off.. make or break weekend for prosecutors in baltimore. another police officer facingcef charges in the death of freddiee dee gray.ra they lost one case hadn't another end in mistrial. mtr look at the latest case coming c up in a life report.ept. >> the big story how is yo
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commute going? it is metro's months long repair projectrject officially underway now.y this is the first big test on a weekday commute.te that means major service changes for riders, fewer trains, longen weights. we're actually hearing from longer road times as well.. >> right. right. >> more cars on the roads thiseo morning.rnin >> not looking too bad in thatnt shot. the maintenance project kickedcd off in northern virginia earlyvr this morning but its impact buti could be felt across the regiono including roadways right here ie d.c. we do have live team coveragemov all morning long.all mo erin como is tracking the t delayed rush hour impact. alternate ways to getter around hell knee monitoring the orangee line. we'll start with jennifer davis keeping an eye on the silver sie line this morning. jenn. >> reporter: hi guys i'm at'm east malls church. you can see a train just showedi up and you can people come up escalatorings they make a madad dash here because it is a much c longer than usual wait to get on a train.. they've had additional delaysite here as well because of a switci problem outside of east fallsls church we are and just
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9:00 metro had to off load a train at west falls church because of door problems. it has certainly been aly b difficult way to start the weeke for all of these road warriors and commuters. the effects are being felt overe much of the silver line. lin weaver we're talking about mcngo lean, tysons corner, greensboro, spring hill and we'llly reston east. i think we have video ferrier wi can show y 8:00 o'clock was certainly thehe busiest time at east falls church. chur so many people packed on theac t trains it looked like theyoked t couldn't even close the doors. it is a little bit lighter now.w but i have to say busy as thesee trains have been everyone has still made it on.still back here live i think you cannc see the mad rush and it'snd i certainly is filling it up.p. it certainly is standing roomg o only in there.he people tell us their typical typ commute is taking as much as tws hours longer than normal. so it certainly is frustrating.. but i have to say, hats off to t all these people.eo they've been very calm. we aren't seeing people pushingi or shoving or seeming toong too outwardly frustrated with each c
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certainly, though, this is ah, s challenge especially becauseec this is only day one.ayne 10 more days to go for the folkl out here.out her back to you guys.s >> all right. we know it will be a tough commute.ut >> it will be a challenge. be >> hopefully everybody will beil patient when they're dealing thd with thumbs the impact of thepat safetrack plan extends fards beyond metro's are a ranch and n silver lin. erin como has a look at what w drivers need to know in d.c.o kd want you need to know about ridt sharing op >> erin. >> it's bin were busy monday bun morning with safetrack surge one continuous single tracking and g problem inside that train malfunction at outside out done loring just happened. hapne delays to new carrollton. carll what can you do to get around.r. you have several options.veeverl take uber and lift left extended pool coverage if you want to w share a ride.e ride zipcar, car to go, watch out crowded roads from northern virginia, capital bike share or walking are also telecommute ife that's an option for you.. use metro bus they have he increased service fairfax fairf connector, vre service andnd
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buses. shuttle busing across some of those metro sngtops as well as u head out in virginia thisira t morning. we'll keep you updated but keept in mind parking restrictions ara extended this morning as well. . they'll be extended by 30 30 minutes on bus priority por corridors so that will be outsob there for the next hour througho about 10:00 a.m. affecting aec things on h street, i streetee corridor win georgetown along mo street just to name a few.ew any questions at erin fox5 d.c.d on twitter and take a look atooa our roads definitely an extendee morning commute.ommu slow moving traffic 395 inboundb the inner loop across the wilsoo bridge. coming in on 66 very slow-movini traffic things through annandala and inner loop jammed and thennd seven also back up in tysons. tn we have problems in maryland ass well.ll even though those rail lines non affected. it's just a typical sluggish slg ride coming in you can see 27070 completely jams up to the spur.s outer loop because of an earliei crash 95 is basically parked par through colesville.colesvle 95 southbound the icc to theohe beltway and then bw parkway weaw have a crash by 198 and heavy ha delays leading to the beltway by inside the district 295 jams jam from n
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down and then 295 northbound noo from the beltway to lavatory lat road. 50 inbound jams new york by y bladensburg and suitland parkwar still heavy. i would say it's a morning to give yourselfy extra time on te roads and the rails. rls we'll toss it back to you butckt i'm monitoring everything, anyra questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. >> all right, erin, thank you. (laughter). >> looking -- i thought you were going to toss it to tuck.oss it you had this thing gng. the love song. >> all right. all well, if you're walking or walki biking that work dan you getou t stuck outside weather won't be e an issue. iss duck kerr is back.du i'll just reading what's ins i front of me, tuck. >> thanks, steve for saving th that. >> got the chicago thing going.i >> turns out maureen is a fan a well. >> i am. >> you want to come to our comto party? >> please. >> you got to pass some >> you got to past some tests.e >> bring it. >> we will.>>will >> oh, snap.p. >> hey, meanwhile, i got nothint but good news much the forecasts will cooperate. it is going to be a warm one.g b already a warm one.e y rm o 77 at 9:00 a.m. winds here areee calm and the humidity de
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numbers still up.numbs st 69%. all right. here's your satellite/radar.. front from yesterday fading offd to the south and east and we'rew looking at sunshine and quietndi conditions this afternoon we'reo nice and dry tonight we're nicec and dry. no rain expected today.ay there might be a shower or tworo tomorrow with passage of ourof r next front and then we're set ut for beautiful couple of days.pld in fact you know what most of mf the week is going to be very to nice. start this afternoon.t is aft it will be warm don't forget tht sunscreen and water if you're outside going to the pool thatgo kind of 87 later today with generallyen sunny conditions for your y monday. just a moment i'll be back withb the seven day. day and perhaps more soft rockof >> yes. >> all right. >> we'll be practicing ready to go. >> will you stuff still love me -- >> we got chicago down.e got that we know. >> let's check what's making cha headlines this morning on thiski monday morning.ismondayning allison?so >> first up, steve, residents in florida preparing for motherr nature's wrath as tropical storo colin set to make landfall here -- this is why i don't get to read i don't know how to re read. okay.ok florida's western and panhandled coasts already feeling some of the effects with rain and
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forecasters say the storm couldu cause severe flooding along much of the state's gulf coast.f the region is under a tropical a storm warning.arning. the national weather serviceer says it is the earliest that a third named storm has everas eve formed in the atlantic basin.thc ut-oh. the other two forming earlierar this year alex and in january jy and bonnie last month. m could be a turbulent season. sen meantime sad day for theme f news industry. ind veteran journalist for mpr and his translator killed while on o assignment in afghanistan. david gill key and hisnd translator traveling with anh a afghan army unit when the convoo they were in came under fire. two other journalists and a another vehicle were unharm. un. major announcement fromro cincinnati prosecutors expectede today. they're said to announce if sacharges will be filed against the parents of a toddler whoer o fell into the gorilla exhibit ah the cincinnati zoo last week. the video shows the gorilla dragging the little boy at one a point. then looking as if he's caring g for him at one point.nt.
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the gorilla out of the fear forr the boy's safety.. tomorrow that exhibit willbit w reopen but it will reopen with a reinforced and higher barrier. super bowl champs denveren broncos will be in town today. president barack obama ist ba welcoming them at the white house to celebrate their super r bowl title. but one broncos player won't bee joining them. cornerback habib talib isalib i recovering after being shot intn the leg at a dallas nightclub hh is expected to be released fromo the hospital today but not but making the trip. tri. finally another reminder that wild hasn't malls are in fact wild.ild. we've seen that tragically atgia zoos even. take look.. a lion at a japanese zoo charg charged -- oh, my gosh.os >> charged at a little boy onlye to be stopped by that glass glas wall. little boy obviously startled by the whole thing. aww. >> that glass wall installedta just earlier this year to allowa zoo goers a closer look at the l animal. zookeepers insisting the lion ln was acting plain full manne
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>> that looks like a game.looks >> you know what, i mean, i'm'm not going to -- look. loo he's an animal in a zoo. he thought the -- he's doings what he does. it's fearful. feaul >> the young child turned his ci back to him. we're talking here. here. having a little thing. tng you turn your back. you b i need to get your attention.on >> it vilely face or make the o animal look like what he is thee lion the king of jungle then ih don't like being put in -- >> i've always been concerned in know those glass things are concerned it but i've been b concerned they could break.oulde >> at the national zoo i think the gorillas are behind one ofdo those glass walls.sal i never go up for fear at anyt y given moment something couldethu happen.happ so -- >> right. >> right there if i'm the mom, whoo! >> let's go. it could be traumatic to the baa child. maybe there should be an agen a limit before you do youa you go right up to the glass. g. i don't know. i think both creatures behaved in the way both creatures do. >> meanwhile he was in a playfuf manner. he was a wild animal. wilanim >> if you're another 2,000-pounu animal you ul
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>> pick on somebody your ownoduo size. >> he's acting like allow iik don't know.e okay. >> still ahead another baltimorb police officer set to standffd trial for the death of freddieet gray. this one facing the most serious charges. can prosecutors finally get a fy convict in the case? we'll havv a life report for you.liep >> also ahead the roleead the re celebrities could play inay i childhood obesity surprising new study coming up in today's helll watch. time now 9:11. now 9 we're back after this. this.
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>> 9:14. let's get to baltimore right now. tensions high once again this morning the trial begins for the officer facing the most serious in charges in the connection oft the death of freddie gray. g >> officer caesar goodson wasoon driving the police van when gray suffered a fatal neck injury.y. fox5's bob barnard live in l baltimore with more on thewith n charges he's's bob, good >> reporter: good morning, goodn guys. yeah, the second degree murder charge most serious of the charges caesar goodson, jr., is facing which carries a maximum m of 30 years in prison.nri so when you hear people in thist community those who want justici for freddie gray even though the family received a $6 million $6l settlement from the city, those who want police officers to payo for freddie gray's death this ii the caesar goodson, jr., 46-year-ole was the van driver after freddid gray was arrested.rres he was placed into officer
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goodson's van and the reasonso that prosecutors believe thathat freddie gray suffered his fatalt spinal cord injury because he was not strapped and they're pointing the blame for that on caesar goodson. gds he's also charged withith misconduct in office and manslaughter by vehicle. this is going to be a jury trial. l. unlike the most recent trial ofl officer edward nero who faced fc four misdemeanors and acquittedt by judge barry williams.liams judge barry williams willams w preside over this trial butbu there will be a jury, guys, and jury selection begins tomorrow. today nair court in about 15 minutes for a pre-trial hearingi motion talking about evidence ec and some other procedural pro things. that's getting underway soon but the trial for sure gets underwar tomorrow with jury selection here in baltimore. balti >> all right. lots of folks watching as wewe know first two police officers to go before the bench none mistrial and the other one, youu know, free of >> right. >> a lot of people will be of ow watching caesa
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>> no convict yet.onvict y this is one the prosecutorse ose really feel they want to get tot that conviction on the most serious involving the chafers. 9:16 right now.ow and coming up next hillary clinton inching closer andinchia closer to clinching the the democratic nomination.n so does time for bernie sandersn to drop out?to dro >> all right.>> a little bit later on the four t horse men ride again. kevin sits down with the magical sequel now you see me numberum two. we'll be right back after this. ♪
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. eagrt, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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counts down to the last big primary day is officiallyday iso underway. the democratic nomination is non within reach for hillary clint clinton. but with six states set to votet on tuesday, bernie sanders isrss not giving up and he has sites t set on california. fox' kristin fisher with thehe latest on the presidential racer the. >> reporter: after winning theer puerto rico primary last night g hillary clinton is less than 30 delegates shy of clinching thene tom nation and almost certainlyr cross that threshold tomorrow. but bernie sanders isn't s not going down without a fight.ig at a rally last night in sanht diego, bernie sanders didrs mention his loss in puerto ricoc but he did explain why he's he' still predicting a contesteded democratic convention thisntn th >> if we are deadly serious as we must be, in making sure that a disaster like trump
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becomes president, we all are a the strongest campaign... >> reporter: hillary clinton clt not taking california fora granted. between her and her husband the two will be holding ninee holdie campaign events today alone. >> because i want to finish fins strong here in california. it means -- it means the world to me. m >> reporter: clinton focusingocn all of her fire on donald trump. her campaign releasing new ad n just this morning showingng republicans criticizing trump t for making the mexican-americann judge in his trump university uy fraud case an issue.e. including former house speaker k newt gingrich.ich. >> this is one of worst mistakee trump has made and i think it's inexcusable. >> reporter: trump is not not backing down and said yesterdaye he double downed by saying thatg he probably be arguing the sames thing if the judge in this cases were >> my question if it were muslim judge would you also feel like e they wouldn't be able to treatbt you fairly because of that t policy of yours? >> it's possible yes. yes. >> donald trump does have one h
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less opponent to wary aboutarab david french the choice of theh never trump movement announcednn last night that he will not be b running for president.. in washington, kristinristin fisher, fox news. still ahead on good day the pope stars like katie perry and justin timberlake could play ina the growing race of childhoodho obesity. >> great testify all time. t muhammed ali returns to his kentucky home.ome. how he's being remembered rememe outside the ring and new detaili about his final goodbye. >> a new crown for miss dc she's upgraded. we'll tell you how the first thf member of the u.s. member ofber the -- member of the u.s.ember t military to win the usa pageant will balance hur dual role andro some of the highlights of the t show right here on fox. that's coming up at 10:00. right now it's 9:21.
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♪ >> a couple of days but tributeu continue to pour in for muhammea ali the heavy weight champ c passed away friday at the age of 74. public funeral is planneds for this coming friday. ali's body is now back in hiskn home state of kentucky followinf his passing in arizona.rizona now arriving in louisvilleouisvi yesterday his body was escortedr by motorcade to a local funerall home. home family spokesperson says ali died of septic shock caused by respiratory also on sunday inter faith faith memorial service was heldas h celebrate the three-time boxingx champ's legacy outside the t muhammed ali center in louisville a growing memorial oo flowers, candles and the mayor calling ali a
9:25 am
champion, civil rights icon and inter faith pioneer. pne ali is being remembered for hiss very public decades long battlet with parkinson's disease. friday's funeral will include ie eulogies from former presidentse bill clinton and comedian billyy crystal his death resonatingat with so many people across the e country and the world.y and president obama tweeting thisghi image showing him sitting besidb a picture of ali saying, heayg, shook up the world and the worlr is better for it. former rival george foreman f paying tribute tweeting out thii picture calling ali his dearesta friend and actor michael j. foxf was also battling parkinson'snsn tweeting out this image of the t pair. >> love that picture.ove th pic >> however ali's legacy was created long before his death ha and going well beyond the boxinn ring. wis tee houston the greatestre love of all was inspired by ali. written for a 1977 movie about o the boxer call the greatest and the 1975 hit black superman also written about muhammed ali
9:26 am
>> i didn't know that.wha >> i didn't note that either. ta >> yeah. >> i heard that he had actuallya planned out every detail of hiss funeral. you know down to of course whoow will give the eulogy and how hew wanted his body carried through the streets of louisville and id thought just like the champ, you know, everything on his own o terms. how amazing it was? just restt in peace.ineace. just a man who really -- wheny you say stand your ground he gre stood his ground.ood s gr >> um-hmm. so much respect and heart goes e out to his family he'd been ill a long time.a lo >> right. >> a loss is a loss. >> we talked about this earlier. how not only was he great hgr athlete and the likes ofe o probably will never see again an great athlete and a champion fon what he believed in in a time tm where it was very unpopular toor do what he did all the things he did, he was a leader. lde he was a ground breaker outsidee of the ring. rin he was phenomenal inside the ring so he -- we will never see this again. aga >> was there ever figure how much money he gave up because hh couldn't do some of the fights?t >> no. >> did they ever the >> or when he was banned from fighting be
9:27 am
on the war.on the war. >> right. >> i don't know. but, you know, it's like thew, e things that he went through in his life he -- he actually hadul to live l he had to lose that money to noy fight and the story i alwayslway remember is when he had gone and won the gold model came back ank couldn't go into the facilitiest in kentucky because of o >> right. >> stood on a bridge and threwa them over. what good is it if my ownwn country won't honor who i am. it doesn't matter then to see his evolving through the yearshs and to, um torque see how heeeoh grew and how america grew with him. >> meantime when he would fightg in other countries he would takh the other time when he was thert to spend time we believe peopleo in other nations to spend time e outside of r just the show man ship factor.r. >> yeah. >> just one of the first people to be like, look, let's make mak this bigger than the sport thepo itself. itself >> right. >> it becomes a must -- a can'tn miss event. >> who after -- i don't know, tyson the excitement level butet since muhammed ali and i mean i was a kid, yeah, but who
9:28 am
muhammed ali brought the sameam game to levee weight fight.t fit >> you have the string of greate heavyweights that's pretty mucht what boxing was the heavyweight matchups.matc you tuned in for tyson he wasn's going to give you what ali evere gave you.ou >> absolutely.>> aut >> sorely missed. misse >> he was really good looking.di >> he was queue, wasn'te,as gentlemen cutie pie.ntlen cu >> and you know what, one last o note on this, is that when he lost to larry holmes in themesn '80's which one of his last hisl fights i was so sad. sad. >> i think a lot people >> i watched that fight.ig because he was well passe passeh prime shouldn't have been theren fighting in the first it was so sad to see him in that ring with larry holmes gettingtg punched and knocked around and o all that kind of stuff but he h was still the >> wisdom, so we've done thedone whole lebron versus jordan jda thing. >> ut-oh. ut- >> tyson in his prime fought a ali -- >> ali all day. ali would knock him out quickly think about --bo -- >> foot work. foo >> it was just ali was a boxer. mike tyson was an intimidator.. >> knocker otter. k. >> when he was in his prime heam would walkn
9:29 am
intimidate people and they woulo be scared before they evend fought him. that's how lot of his mystiquete was.was. i'm coming i'm mike tyson ande n i'll knock you out and peopleutl would be defeated beforehand. ali beat sonny twice. t he had no shot at beating sonnyo and beat him twice.. and in all the other people hee fought he was so brilliant there way he fought george foremaneorm when he had no shot.t. the rope a dope and just to watch that fight, so there's nos way that mike tyson would everoe beat muhammed ali.uhd al >> listen to you talk about himm >> i know. >> and then what did dough? >> yeah. yea. >> i mean just to end what i i really loved too i believeoo i everything starts up here. star. >> yes.>> yes. >> so to proclaim i am the the greatest and i can't be beat, bb that message is just so just powerful. we really shape who we are and a it all starts herrera less.ra l so for me, you know, i can't tell was year he did this andhis that but i can tell you that tht way that he would visualize hish greatness and how that would thw come to pass to me is veryy powerful.. >> i'll feel steal
9:30 am
commencement speech.cement spee. >> you got it. >> you talk about the show manto ship. when he was outside the ring thn getting ready to fight george ge foreman he would show up at ut george foreman's camp blaringamr loud speakers saying all kinds k of crazy stuff while georgehilee foreman was trying to get ready for the that's part of the mental as as spec -- >> he had that jeddi >> george foreman was like what, foreman said they became friends but foreman would say duringay that fight the rumble in the jungle and he would -- wailing-l away on ali beating him and alii was on the ropes. ropes what is this guy doing? ali a would say, is that all you got? is that all you got?? >> he's like, i knocked out everybody and why is this dude d still standing? that just goes to the whole amend ali thing ana how great he he >> that's the jeddi mindin playing. >> that's all you got. >> the greatest.atest. 9:30 right now. now let's check in with erin comon before we get to tucker barneskr and look at that commute well cl into it at 9:30. 9 still commuting or have we left that behind, erin.ri >> we're still commuting. i can listen to more wisdom
9:31 am
martins >> i know. >> more of thats . me of t much prettier than what's goingg on out on the roads. o take a look at this. all jammed up in maryland thisyh is even affected by the metrohet changes for the safetrack workout outer loop remainsour lr jammed from 95 towards the spur. to 70 sound are southboundbo through gaithersburg and roc rockville jammed. bw parkwayro getting better but5 southbound not improving towards the bell 395 remains slow to the 14th t 1 street bridge. 295 southbound jams and 50 and 5 inside the beltway slow. s outer loop as you head back 50 5 also jams. js let's get to these metro changea this morning. mor if you were trying to avoidovo metro and take the roads autorail train malfunction outside done loring residualid delays new carrollton in the i midst of an already messed upesd metro commute for this monday. a continuous single tracking train between east falls church andhua ballston. trains running about every 18 ee minutes between vienna and new n carrollton and soul sir leanir l trains additional trains throug ballston no new carrollton but b still seeing very crowded trainn on the or raffle lines gettinget tweets from people saying it
9:32 am
took them two hours to get through the or orange line l commute threw the stops. sto take the fairfax county c connector, vre or arlington transit and shuttle buses running to forty one a lot ofot those metro stops.e you saw how bad the traffic was. factor in extra time fort roadsa as well. wl. uber and lift last extended pool services, car two and aside from walking keep in mind if you can itelecommute they do suggesto g that. but overall the been a prettyre rough monday our first rushir rh dealing with these metro chang changes. melanie alnwick has been been tracking that orange line ride all morning.orning melanie, what's the basic gistit out there? how are things t shaping up? >> reporter: look, i want to w show was differs an hour makes.k remember the platforms we showeo you that were probably eight people deep from side to side ts just an hour ago? now, check ii out. it look like they've done ahey'a pretty good job of mopping upmo those residual people that werer left at the height of rush houru so this morning it seemed sme already. and then when we got rig
9:33 am
chsh hour crunch between i wouln say 7:30 and 9:00 o'clock, itclk was pretty bad here with a lothl of confusion.fuon. people not sure where to go. g very crowded platforms andtfor a crowded trains as well but now again, we see even coming oningo this platform another train ist so they have been in some casess really just depends we're talalk talking about 18 minutes betweee but then we see some trains co coming in especially thesey trains you're seeing coming in i right now heading out to viennav and heading out to res sin oneso the silver line much theseeuch t trains have been rather frequene just since we've been here i'vev seen, one, two, three, four,our, five, five trains probably inn the last 30 minutes or so. so that's pretty good here. h as far as heading into d.c., they keep switching people backc and forth on the platforms. depending on when they know thew next train is coming in reallyna listening to the trailto theil operations center. keeping people honest weather tr get on the left side or thee o t right side.
9:34 am
so, you know, honestly i would w say as far as lessons learneded from today, either come reallyy early in the morning we saw no problem and if you were someonem who was waiting to go in to worr and trying to get to workor perhaps after the height of russ hour, you may have to wait a twa little bit longer than normalor but i think you'll have a bettet time and easier time getting ong the trains if you want to go ing to work a little bit we saw the shuttle buses up top, too, but it didn't seem like too many people were take advantagea of those, even did did just tryt to get rider statistics from i don't have exact numbers for you yet, but metro spokespersonr did tell me that ridership fromf what they can tell has beenasee lighter than normal today tay despite the capacity crunch and they're hoping that everyone will continue to maybe thosehose people who didn't some alternatives today keep thoseeet going for the rest of the nexthn two weeks. two weeks. back to you guys.ckyou >> thanks, mel. m
9:35 am
we've been talking about softutf rock today.. vh1 put out their ranking the top 40 soft rock songs.k son can you guess what's number onee >> captain and tow kneel.. >> dan. >> dan fogle burg. christopher cross sailing. saili >> i don't really feel it.on't >> that's light and >> i guess. >> there it is. the >> what? >> it's soft rock. it's soft r >> seriously why did chris knowk that? >> come dance. c let's do a little dance.ance. a little soft rock dance. dce >> see. >> what about the weather.ab >> i thought you were going to do the weather.. >> we'll take the time out from the weather.e the weat >> there you go. >> sailing. >> soon i will be free. >> which hand?oo >> okay. >> come on. >> are you doing the weatheroi e now?now? >> tucker -- tuc >> do the weather while youweat dance. >> tucker, that's a littleite bit -- that's little too close.. >> getting awkward fast. (laughter).. >> hey. h (laughter). >> i'm going to come dance witht
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>> yay! >> oh, no. (laughter). >> tucker looks so afraid.. >> the fear in tucker's eyes ins that moment was so real.l. >> that's true.rue >> man wants to have a soft roc party next thing i know wisdom w is running over here.r her sunny and warm to start the worw week. keep an eye on colin couple ofpe showers tomorrow, and then wende are going to get absolutelybsolt beautiful around here to end the week in fact our temperatures bs the middle and end of the week great now my computer is stallea will be in the 70s with lots ana lots of sunshine looking at vert very nice conditions around herh as we get into the afternoon. all right.all right the current temperatures are inn the 70s.0s. midweek looks nice.mi here we go. temps this week will be today oy the warm side but by midweekid that will be our highur high 77 now in it's warm, it's muggy, 77 leonardtown, quantico also 77 degrees.77 degrees. frontal system faded off to thed south, and we're looking atookig bright sunshine a dry afternoon you got o
9:37 am
just protect your skin here here because the us index this time m of year very high. high so with very high us index it doesn't take more than 15, 205, minutes to start to burnur yourself.yourse there's your satellite/radar,ter this is colin notate racially ra well organize.we organ mostly rain event the northern r tear of florida going to be the hardest hit with two to fourur perhaps up to about 6-inches ofs rain the potential there theyhee can get pretty good floodingod rains overnight tonight. theon center of low pressure will pasp the center of colin will pass p right across northern floridan i later tonight into the morning t hours tomorrow. for us, it's warm conditions,onn colin will pass by duringurg afternoon tomorrow. tomor we'll get fringe effects and cloud cover and then this frontal system combination mayni kick a shower up tomorrow butrob behind this front, that's whent the really really nice weather h arrives with daytime highs onlyo in the 70s with look at that 70s around here less humidity,hudi wednesday, thursday and fridayyi beautiful week to look forwardwd to. zip trip looks ideal.. temperatures in the 60s low 60s humidity. looks gremiat. all right, guys that's a weather upda
9:38 am
i'll work on my song list for lt our party, allison. ais >> okay. cool. >> thank you for dancing with me. >> you're welcome.>> it was a pleasure.. >> that's not soft rock.oft roc that song will not be at our our party.y. okay. okay new this morning in today's hel watch, celebrity endorsementsnde could be doing more harm than ta good. >> research hers say music stara promote food and drink pocketsrc contributing to childhood obesity new study found 80% off celebrities endorsed unhealthy food. fo a lot of celebrity ads for highh calorie products.duct some of the endorsements came c from katie per wreak justin jus timberlake and beyonce'. beyce the those ads could play a role in childhood obese is they founf there was only one ad for natural whole food product.rodu researchers say celebritiesriti should leverage their influencee to promote more health full fl messages.ssages. >> that's joke.ha young kids especially going out and buying these products withsh their own money.n ey. >> no. >> mom and dad would be influenced here.ndflue the celebrities get paid lot ofl
9:39 am
money for the endorsements lets them take it. take be smart enough to make your own choices. i need to drink this because b justin timberlake does.. >> kids will nag you to death at the grocery store. but then that's your parent youp could moment.t you can't have --you ca >> whose actually buying it.ualg >> whatever else is not good. g >> not that we don't love fruite loops. op i didn't make mean to say fruit loops.. sugary cereals. a little magic in the morning. g kevin sits down with two of thet stars of the now you see mee sequel that's coming up next.t. 9:39 is the time. te. ♪
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
♪ and over 52. -- zero for 52. >> perfect. perfect score. what about girls? likee relationships? >> eh. e >> what?? >> look, it's not something i'm proud of, but every girl i get close to i end up taking their dress and then they're wallet and -- >> you takeover wallet? >> yes. >> did you ever take their their belts? belts? >> i'm sorry, did you think thak i was like those other
9:43 am
>> oh, jack. >> all right.ight. that's lizzie kaplan as well asl dave franco from the new movieew now you see me two. the interesting thing lizziehinz kaplan is taking on thehe character that lila fishera played in the first movie. four morse men woody harrelldy l son, jesse eisenberg and lilail fisher. now it includes lose see kaplanp >> more creative >> now you see me. >> now you see me two.ou see met i think the tile could have been little more i magical. >> this is what you're getting. >> exactly. >> if you liked that you'll like this one.this >> the first movie made over o three if pee million dollarslars worldwide. it was a big surprise it costs 75 million bucks tonuc make and no one thought would id be massively successful. sce the reviews got it out there and woody harrell reel son, michaela caine, morgan freeman sequelemas comes out friday the four horseh men are back and daniel ratclift
9:44 am
to pull off a host. h they're kind of like robin hoodn type characters they're stealinl from the rich giving to the poor kind of element but i spoke to t dave franco as well lizziel l kaplan about the film. f but i wanted to know because b dave franco is a master ataste throwing these cards getting a a lot of spin on them where theyy actually travel really reallyllr far in the film. i wanted to know how he reallyey pulls that off.pu he gave me a little listen in le card throwing. t watch this. and i hit somebody.eby >> i am curious can you show meo how you throw one.. >> absolutely. >> i'm curious. give it weight. weit. >> i'll give lizzie one, too. t >> practice. practic >> rue a righty.>> r >> i'm a righty.'m a >> okay. hold in it your left hasn' >> okay. >> now, take these two fingers.. >> okay. okay >> pinch this thicorn >> okay. >> nope.>> nope. nope. nope nope. yeah. yeah. >> okay. >> all right. >> and then in slow motionw mio here's wait looks like.'s wait o so it's like this and then liken kind of twist at the very end. yeah. try it. >> okay. nice. >> not too bad. n >> i hit the t
9:45 am
i'll really sorry. >> i think that's what you were going for. t >> that was legit, though. t >> can you do it?? >> i used to be better at this.s >> can i try one >> absolutely. >> it's all in the --l he - >> it's all in where you hold it. >> okay. >> there it is. >> and then -->> then -- >> and then remember, yes, thiss and then flick. boom. >> forgive me oh, that was terrible.errie >> put power behind it.d i >> the scene with you and woodyw in front of the car in thear i beginning of the film -- oh, tho right, right.ght, right. >> is that really you.thatll >> that's all real.all al. (laughter).au >> we're a little out of le ou practice. let's see what we can get. there we go.e there we go.ere we >> that's amazing.t's it's really a mazing.g. (laughter).ghte >> before i let you go i have tv let you know how they did the black tube sequence when youeq were sliding down that tube it t looks like you're going down dow >> down a black tube. black >> where are the cameras? howe are you guys doing that shot? >> we had go pro that we wouldld hold and just going ahhh. >> we were trying to one up eace other and try
9:46 am
greatest shot. >> we were begging for morewere takes of it but, b yeah, we rear went down that.ntown t >> i think i might be credited as. as >> emmanuel lou bet ski tie off credit. edit >> you said it.d not me. things that that was like revenant stuffrev going and an >> dave franco a big movie nerdv we're talking about emmanuel who shot bird man, gravity and last year he shot revenant.t. he's a huge fan of film making m which is kind of cool.hich ind . every time i interview him supes lively very very cool to talk kt to. >> that is cool.>> that >> his brother james franconc completely different interviewsw he's very subdued and chill.hi but dave franco is reallylly active. like if you've seen 21 jumpum street and films like that,e t throwing those cards, there's a legit science to doing it. i it goes far. f. if you swing it enough becauseuh it weighs nothing. nhing you give it enough weight.t >> i did hit the timer in the i room. ro the timer for people who don'tow know w
9:47 am
junkets you have four minutes t sit down witness actors and aitr timer sitting right off to thehe camera next to one of the camerr i nail her by i didn't mean to.o. i was trying to get dave franco she was okay.. >> sure.. (laughter). >> didn't we do the card snap cd with cucumbers once here on then show. >> we did. >> did you cut them in half.m i. y yeah. because there was somebodye online who was able to do it and like cut. >> yeah. >> we need to find that >> no, we don't.>> no, we d i was awful.i waawfu >> i stuck it in there, though.g >> you did stick that.>> did >> we need to find video.find v >> did you actually cut a a cucumber.mber >> it stuck. stuck. >> that's awesome.>> t >> why does this sound familiarl >> the movie opens up -- >> good recall right there.ig t >> we'll have jesse eisenbergbeg live at 10:42 this morning theog star of the movie you know him as lex luther batman versusaner superman. social network. network >> live at 10:42.. >> 9:47. up next we'll do a littledo a ll cooking.ok cooking up change with some hels from a top shelf.op s we'll talk about a high school culinary cope
9:48 am
stake and cook up breakfast asfa welcoming up next.t healthy stuff.ff. 9:48. 9:48.
9:49 am
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especially when it comes to snacking.g new. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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>> we subscribe to the theory it's never too early to eat. cooking up change culinary competition challenging high schoolers from across the country to create healthy appealing school meals and tibho winning teams compete in the i e national finals and represent r their meals to congress. con well our former top shelf chef c kwame joining us once again shaw bijou is one of the judges and s will give us insight what heus w will be judging each dish on ano of course he's doing so well w showing us one of his healthy chef kwame joins us live in theh kitchen.kihe welcome back.b >> good to see you. >> we knew your restaurant wasr coming. we didn't know when when. whe >> i don't think i knew either.e about a month and half away. h open in august.t. >> i'm assuming since it's it' called shaw bijou it will be ine shaw. >> in the heart of shaw righthe near the convention center and ninth and q >> what type of
9:52 am
on the fine dining sized th things. but it's moderndi america global approachable will he fined cuisine.cuis >> congrats oh and that. c >> thank youon.. >> let's make everything everybody can make right you chose this as a healthy meay because you'll be judging a lot of healthy meals later today let with the the y what are we going to do now.g t >> we'll make a little curriedry broccoli much that's one way to really introduce flavor tolar season things really aggressiv aggressively and that way youlyd don't have to mask it witht butter and all the salt. s >> i like that. >> we'll add little bit of b shallots and garlic.arli i love cookin cooking with garli what about a >> one of the first things i oe always go with. gwith >> what kind of oil are we usi using. >> grape seed oil. >> okay. little healthier.lile h >> absolutely.. >> so we'll saute this fors for little bit.le b let it sweat, let all thehe natural juices come out of it. just for about two or three othe minutes.minu >> okay. >> speed it up because we're on television. >> that works. b>> ts. >> and then add broccoli.occo >> so you have have been judge j by some of the best and some ofo the competitions that you'vetitt been a par
9:53 am
judge? will you be tough onn these kids. >> you got to understand what you're judgingo . i think this isn't top chef. che this is -- these are culinaryuln students. so you got to take it easy on ey them.. they're not trainedth professionals.ofes they're just starting in their t craft. >> what are you going to look e r. >> i'm going to look for originality, creativity and mosm importantly does it taste?te? >> most important thing he isngh earl specially they'll get other youngsters to eat fit they servt it in schools.itn sc >> um-hmm. >> we have our garlic, shallarls lots and broccoli.. >> broccoli going and i'll add d little bit of pasta water too this. is extra starch in there from theah if as. i if >> help create a sauce once i addni the curry. >> that make big dish. i've lot notice add lot thatadda with a lot of chef a lot of amateur will pour that water ouo when they drain the pasta and i goes a away. a ay. a lot of chefs will keep that water and add it to the sauce. s >> definitely it helps thickeni the sauce. s great addition and it realt deuces waste as well. >> i like that.t. >> i'll add little bit of curryf powder to
9:54 am
>> that's that will give it al i nice color in addition to the taste. >> absolute and shower cherriesn >> full of antioxidants. >> is that just add to the taste as well? the sour mixes inn with --th - >> yup. >> sour and savory and sweet. >> as soon as you put that curr in you get a whole other whiffth of flavor coming in.lavor ng >> yeah.>> but again the idea behind thisin you're trying to use the naturat ingredients and natural nat sweeteners i guess or whatever a else you have to stay away sawa from -- from -- >> exactly much that's what the kids have to do. mkids they can't add salt, sugar or fat. so utilizing shower cherries and curry powder that definitelyt ni bums up the flavor a little bit. >> in today's competition compei focusing on high schoolchool students. how much do you think just theo fact that all these cookinge cog shows, competitions the topons chefs of the world that we see,r do you think that really helpsh the younger generations now get a better grasp as to how to cook and how cool it is and things ad like that as well? >> definitely. i think it does a lot of i think it introduces them to craft thet probably didn't really know
9:55 am
interested in and then it, um, it informs them on cuisine.uisie a lot of our diners these daysin are a lot more educated whened w they come in they're more apt tt trying thing like curried curri broccoli with shower cherries. r it. >> works both ways. >> i'm talking too much.'m finish up here.fini up here. >> i'll add the pasta pre coo cooked. linguini.. and as you can see the sauce ise thickened a little bit.e b and now it's able to coat thet e pasta. >> how long did it tack to youon master the pan flip?g >> i started very young.ou very young.ou. my mother she was chef and, um,u i used to make eggs. as soon as i can reach the sto stove. >> and did she -- did you have to clean up after yourself whenf you messed it up the firsthe f couple of times?up >> i did. i did. . i spent a lot of time cleaningln the kitchen.iten. we'll add a little bit more salt. then we're ready to go. >> let's plate it up. >> plate it up? >> yeah. >> what do you want? yout? >> you grab a spoon. s >> turn this off. tur so we don't burn the place downd look at
9:56 am
>> twirl that.>> start grabbing pieces ofabbi broccoli. >> okay. >> there we we was and these on the top. the >> anywhere you want to put thet is fine. >> did you see that presentation, guys, how nice h n that looks now with the the little -- i just ruined yourt id whole presentation.e p no you didn' you >> it's abstract. that's what it is. >> that's how i like my food.y f >> all right. some of the cherries.s. put cherries on there make itak look real pretty topped withped little bit of cha shoes.a shoes >> for any youngsters watching h today bonus points in presentation.en i'm going to just sneak a quicki look bite right here if i can. before we zen it back to those guys. >> hmm. >> how is that. >> oh, that's good. the flavors came right through. >> yeah. easy, very healthy and quick tok do. >> very good.>> vergood >> new restaurant opens up late this fall, guys.. >> we will be the >> any meat over there. >> no. >> still ahead the 10 the question that may have clinchedd the crowd for miss d.c
9:57 am
>> concert chaos in new york ink city. and it's all kanye's faultlt little bit later we'll talk toel the quarterback of new reality show. we know his name. heisman trophy winner tim tebowm will join us live.ive. >> ♪ >> first coffee time on good dad d.c. if you've been eyeing our cool good day mugs listen up.muu we now have new one go to our website -- is it not working or facebookab page to enter of from now until 11 a.m. we will be right back. bac ♪ ♪ the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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♪ biggest stories, hottest guests all on good day at 10a. o >> remembering the world's greatest p.m. ali plus miss d.cs is now miss usa. and kanye shuts down cityci >> live at 10a tim tebow has nes show on fox5 helping homeownerso with a twist. with >> you know him from>>ou k blockbusters like the socialthes network, batman versus superman, actor jesse eisenberg is live. >> he's local.>> he's 10 years old and tonight compe competing on so you think you can dance, the nextg generatio. don't miss his moves coming upgu in at loft.oft. >> wow! what a monday.. the 10a starts right now.ow. ♪ we're energized. >> chef, thank you. >> thank you.ou. >> thanks for having me. >> appreciate it, chef. >> good to meet you. >> thanks. >> be fair witness d
10:02 am
you're judging them.yore j future school meals are at stake. stak >> i tell you how i know thishoi song when i was kid people used to sing umeh, come by yea. >> now you know. nowno >> now i >> now you know.ou kno >> thanks for staying with i'm steve alongside maureen,aure allison and wisdom.d wis holly is off today. t >> all right. >> talking about the greatest oo all times.imes >> yes. >> we are. and we're actually will be talking with let's see tim teb tebow, jesse eisenberg a young future prodigy dancer from here in the d.c. area and miss >> i know it's late because i'mu part of the later morning crewog but i actually watched theatched entire miss usa.a. >> you did. >> yes. and there were some reallyll awkward moments i'm afraid --d i'm sort of surprised we're notw talking about more so in the media. s the like the time when one of thehe contestants miss hawaii wasias asked who she was voing for.or >> that's weird.erd >> they asked her as soon ass so they asked the question the t crowd booed and they had to comc back and explain it wasn't anyat
10:03 am
it was the entire program thatrr was asking. aing. so to not basically -- i guess i this person probably was gettint some hate on social media. >> kind of crazy.. >> so any way there were fun wen moments but the main moment, m miss usa is miss d.c.. >> that's true.t' >> love it. >> all right. time now to check and see what'a trending we'll start out right r now with tribute that isri continue to pour in for boxingon legend the greatest of all timel muhammed ali.muha now the body of muhammed ali now back in his home state of state kentucky following his passing in arizona. arizo. a family spokesperson says the 74-year-old died of septic shoco caused by respiratory illness. public funeral planned for friday eulogies given by bill clinton and comedian billyn b crystal ali being remembered foe his very public decades longes battle with parkinson's diseases president obama tweeting hisetin this image showing him sitting s biter the picture of ali saying, "he shook up the world and theld world is bet for it" his rival former rival george foreman calling him deare
10:04 am
and he called it coincidence or message from above.. swarm of bees gathering nearing p.m. ali mural in kentuckyck featuring one of his most famous quotes, float like a butterfly t sting like a >> would you were you!>> w >> that's ali said those words before hish fight with george foreman in 1974. that is amazing that that, n t would happen.uld happen. >> here's the back story >> because we wondered --de >> we were carry yous.were carr. >> wasn't that bee catcher type of of t >> it look like that was beehi beehive. >> near the mural d it happen? did it not happen. >> so apparentlray the bees jusj happened to show up there. s they were in a a te. >> really.lly >> they have done this for ay ha couple of years, right., r >> so what we found out later.ul that box right there because wec saw that box.that that's weird that's there.s t apparently the bees showed up o their own. but then they hired a local bee keeper to collect them.lect t >> okay. >> so the bees didn't go crazy that's what that box >> oh wow.>> oh w >> to attract the bees into theb box so he can then take theme away so
10:05 am
people with allergies orh allere anything. >> amazing. >> he also said he wasn't tryins to completely down playai it.wny but he said it's the eighth timm this year he's been called too that neighborhood for swarms ofo bees. so apparently there's -- it's a' bee active but it's pretty awesome thatwest they would be in that area.ld b. if you're curious as we were,s w with the plane -- >> eastern. >> i thought eastern went out of the business years ago. theybu still do charter servicee i don't know if it's the sameite company as eastern airlinesirli commercial.mmerci but there's an eastern charterhr jet. >> i was wondering.>>as won i just didn't --t -- >> haven't seen those planes in while, right?while, right >> all right. all >> we fly charters. chart the other big story brand newrad miss usa, congratulations deshauna she's very familiar fam face to good day fans. fan >> miss usa 2016 is...
10:06 am
of columbia! (applause). >> love it!t! >> awesome.>> a >> that's deshauna barber takink over the title from oliviali jordan who served as miss us usa2015. us the 26-year-old barber who'sarbo also a u.s. army reserve officef beat out miss hawaii chelsea hardin barber become the firsthe ever military member to win miss usa now one of the questions shs was asked was about the pentagon's decision to open up all combat jobs to women. she gave the strongest answer or the night saying women are just as tough as men. men barber is the commander of hereo army unit and she says genders e does not limit anyone in the united states.tate >> as a woman in the military, people associate beauty with w weakness, and they learn very quickly and i'm extremely strong and although i'm small, i'm powerful and beautiful is being myself and being very happy with who i've become
10:07 am
>> barber says she plans to usee her new title to raise airways a are in veterans issues likessues suicide and post stress diss st trumpet order.umpet ord miss hawaii was the runner up. miss georgia was the second usa. deshauna if you remember if youb watch the show on the regular rl basis she joined us back in mayn a couple of week ago. right before she left for las fr vegas.s. >> right. >> now when she was here on theh show, she predicted that she would win miss usa saying "shee plans to bring the crown back to washington dc and make everyone proud". >> yup. >> which she did. >> she did it. she >> there's a picture of of deshauna in her military unifo uniform. she dedicates two days a month m the military. check out steve harvey i few months early and forgot districr of. he said columbia. harvey poking fun at miss m universe disaster six months when he name the wrong winner.r the point you brought up earliei about the question -- >> that was the question.hawas
10:08 am
the woman who then was then w runner up and did not win so --s >> but you know,. kw, >> did it help? did it hurt? u? she answered question master mte physical. they said big long question leading up to it and then it i said, so who are you voting forr drum many or hillary clinton? literally the crowd start to b boo. she manages to elegantly not say who she's vote energy because it's nobody's business.usines >> right. >> she addressed it and moved on. i thought, you know, i thought t it was a masterful answer a because taking nothing away from deshauna barber that thing iss right in wheel house watch do you think about the decision to have women on the fronabt linesl and then miss hawaii the t question was, you know, kind ofn bran dom and then that was just a question.stn. >> the question came from then r crowd? came from like a pool. a >> came from the questions thata are in the miss usa pageant -- t you know -- >> poll.l. >> judge who asked that -- i w don't know if she was startingwt
10:09 am
terrence jay made a point of a o saying this is not the judge'shd question. it's the program's question. >> even for the program to thino it's an appropriate question i n good it. she answered it master physicala you know, very elegantly.nt. maybe showing her grace under ge pressure. >> she definitely did. s >> that is an awkward spot to b put in and i wonder if that anyt any way -- - >> because miss universe was ave donald trump contest and winnerr goes on to coat for missat for universe. before it was such a polarizingz you know, thing even in election cycles that are not as polarizinpolarizing as the one i that's still a question you don't ask. >> this is s is >> whoever will fight for us asr country and whoever will advanca this cause. cause she did a greater job. j. >> we gave deshauna a standin sd invitation to come to good day.d she's going to be going to neweg york. york >> scholl share a place withshar miss 51 years i believe. >> she has year now she'll beas' living in new york but she said she will definiteli fight for d.c.d.c. >> yeah.>> >> love that.
10:10 am
>> yes. yes >> represented. represented well. you know what else is was on the tv last name w dominatingint television screen, a little lit basketball. >> i watch as much as i watchedw miss usa last >> so did i, steve.. golden state warriors.arors >> where this game was going.e i >> gave the cavaliers a littlell smack down last night. by little i mean by 33 points.. green fouled andrew bogart ford the warriors were up at the half anf cep going, kept going.t beat them down. d final in this one, 110-77 and a the next game is wednesday in i cleveland.ev so but here's the thing. thing so far the two stars the golden state steph curry and play clayy thomas they shot them down.m d >> they shut them down.ow golden state is winning withouto their big stars having big games. last night it was dre montgomerr green. gree >> they're in trouble >> the proves game the benche bh was -- the guys off the benchf t scored all the points.lloi so it's crazy.ra >> so want to see
10:11 am
up series where you know that ta team dominator and deserves tons win that title or do you want tn see every game win a point areot two?o? >> i want to see seven games. >> me, too.>>oo >> seven games. >> you want blow out?anblow o >> oh well.h we >> we'll move on.. >> when the bulls are winningini the 90's it's just win it, blowb them out.. >> i was a sports fan in the i '90's when the bulls were wer winning, you know, i rememberouk back in the 80s when the bears won one championship. that sounds like a band wagon.. >> when my team wins -- ws >> she's from that's okay.that ll with baseball you can put ita on the board!! >> all leading up to that. >> yes, of course it was. coursw >> that's what it was all aboutt (laughter).te >> all right. >> back to the days of thek fridge and the super bowler b shuffle.fl >> and the greatest running babb of all time walter peyton. you know where walter peyton isi from? >> the jackson state universityi >> i did not know that. did notk >> hall of fame. >> statue right next to the one of wisdom martin.of w
10:12 am
>> finally forget about elsa. yes, you cover your ears,ourar maureen. there's new princess -- pes >> i'm talking about zula's love for elsa. e new princess taking the interner by storm the hog dog princess. five-year-old ainsley putting p her own twist on princess day at her ballet class by dressing upg a popular food. food. she says she picked it because c it's her favorite costume.tu we're told she did wear an w actual princess costume c underneath it. the girl dance instructors werer impressed with her confidence ii choosing what she wanted to we wear. her dad getting -- is this thes same one? okay.? okay. getting a -- i thought it wasugt going to be getting kick out oft the recital. her dad getting kick out of her overnight flame fame no parent p is ready to learn their daughted is trending. trein it was all her idea.. >> that this was in you yourour ballet class w your teacher today. >> put your tights on so i canr see your -- whatever the terms are play i
10:13 am
has been very long time. >> kudos to her. to r. >> yeah. >> have your own mind. there you go. >> go ahead, little girl. >> still ahead the leader of the four horse men and former nflore now you see me two jesse eisenberg and home three co-hoso you better know him better frome the football field tim teboweb will join us live.s >> all right. >> first though concert chaos rr and it's all kanye's fault. >> you like saying that don'ttht you? yo >> i'm just reading the wordsuse that are thrust before my eyes.. taylor swift also bounce alsoins back from her recent break upt a with a surprise show and justinn beiber showing off another hairstyle. all the details coming up in celebrity dish.y dish. ♪
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10:16 am
♪ >> that's how you get it rolling right there. a little kanye west. time for good day celebrityd dar dish. kanye got me all excited. excit. i can't even talk.i cat ev >> i'll up here with ya'll, too. >> hey. >> you ready? >> we're starting out a surpriss for kanye wes it was a kanye west concert inoi new york city and it ended in in chaos.aos more than 4,000 people swarmed a webster hall after kanyell aftee announced on twitter a secret se show that was started 2:00 a.m. shortly after the announcementon kanye tweetd,
10:17 am
sold out. o. well, fans climbed on top off cars, dumpsters and scaffoldingi and hung out windows hoping to get better view.get beer v now shortly after 2am, websterer hall tweeted that would be nouln show. police had to break up that tt massive crowd. >> in other words kanye overher stepped his bounds. >> yeah. created a little chaos an littlt havoc there. >> bleep.>>leep >> but he didn't -- steve is tht expert on this we were talkingea about it. he didn't do anythingnyin irresponsible, did he? >> kanye. k >> yeah. more people just showed up,wed , right? >> people showed up and then he tried to -- t >> tried to knock it down.k itow >> kanye fashion he tried to t create a more of a spectacle sct because he was like all these people are here, let's do an outdoor show. s set up some screens we'll doe' outdoor concert for the people in the streets of new york ateeo 3:00 in the morning.orni >> yeah. >> the city i guess was just j like, no. >> i'm glad it didn't turn super crazy. y. >> over the weakener couplee wee getting married on the jersey shore got the most epic wedding
10:18 am
surprise crasher ever. we're talking taylor swift. 26-year-old pop star did a strir down version of her song blank b space at the wedding receptionep of max singer and kenya smith. so the grooms sift written a letter this is how it started tt swift back in april saying the e couple had been married in the hospital room of the groom's gro mother because basically theallt mother died so the sister of the groom sent taylor letter andr ad they danced to blank space in si the hospital because the mom t wasn't going to make it.'t g so any way, fast forward to nowo tay tay comes to the wedding reception but she didn't show uo empty handed she handed the couple a handwritten card also a of course she sang and then took mom plenty pin pictures. ptu there's the card. c the song lyrics so it will bel e forever which people magazine mn managed to get an exclusive looo aft that's basically what shells gave them and pictures -- >> very sweet. >> she is sweet person. >> very nice. i >> she seems like a sweet person
10:19 am
person. >> demi lovato and wilmer, announcelannounced they have brn after six years together. tethe the pair who first met back in i 2010 shared statement on theirmt respective accounts writing, wri this is an rebel crediblelyrebl difficult decision for both ofdn us but we have f realized more r than anything we're better fromb friends. from dem my and former split tot taylor and calvin. talked about split the rumors of gigi and zane oh my god i cany n take it having >> this is new.ew. >> those in the one direction dc nation and this happened --apne >> old news.. >> gee gee and zip.ip >> yeah. >> something california water but app carently --ar >> plus they live in new yorkk city. >> they have mind.>> >> i know way too much about it. >> last month a met gala looking all lovie dovie might be split splitsville. >> okay. >> they're saying it's just a nasty rumor more for s now.. we'll wait and find out.ut. pillow talk zane that's his sons talking about it and gee gee's t
10:20 am
breakfast with his daughter and she had not mentioned -- - >> daughters tell their dads so much about their relationships. i hope it's not true.rue. they seem cute together. >> how about this to wrap thing up because there's no better way to wrap things up than with an h little beiber talk. tal >> your boy. >> my man justin beiber. his hair is making headlines yes again. now the bad boy crooner hason h changed up his look once again.a now he's rockin rocking an emi style. he gave the look to fans onano instagram. looks like a bleach blond crossr between a buzz cut seen czarr hairstyle. >> i haven't told that in a loni time.time caesar. what in the world?wh >> right. next you'll tell me the phillyth fade is back. >> i didn't know that went awaya >> what do you think? you? y feeling this look? look? >> i think he's acute guy. >> okay. >> i think he can rock justrocks about any style.any style i know you hate him. hate >> whoa, whoa, hate.. >> wisdom martin doesn't hate. >> third >> a lover cannot truly hate
10:21 am
>> i'm his hype girl now.girlow >> who is the lover? >> beiber's hair isn't the onlye thing is talking about he rece recently launched his own line of emojis that's what you need u for justin beiber. >> just mow jeez. >> keyboard there's an app withw all of beiber's emojis and you can ever want including justinus showing off his abs and posing s in his calvin klein underwear.e. >> that's what steve is working on right now.on right n is that what he's doing rightngr now? >> steve you got that on order?t >> there you go. (laughter). >> caught you. >> 10:21 right now coming up u next good day emojis coming upgp much first real rush hour test during metro safetrack repairair blitz we'll check and see how that went. summer's signature color. c pam lee will join us to show how making white perfect.erfe we have to get to the dance d party. why do you guys stop every timem the camera comes on?n? >> ♪
10:22 am
10:23 am
especially when it comes to snacking.g new. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
10:24 am
new at 10:00 o'clock anothe1 baltimore police officer facing justice0:li for the death of fre officer goodson was baltimorewa court he asked for a non-jury trial instead. inste that will get underway thursdays morning so opting to not go with theh jury and deciding to go beforeof the judge like the last officero who was then acquitted. >>
10:25 am
okay.op this morning for the first time weng got a glimpse of how the safetrack plan will affect drivers during rush rush did it all go according to plana let's check in with melanieelan alnwick. >> reporter: two things thathisa didn't go according to plan were some track problems and train problems including that switch s problem outside of east falls church and malfunctioning traina with a door opening that waseni outside of done loring. lor both of those affecting theectig orange line this morning which was already dealing with those o delays from the start of the ohe safetrack plan but you can seeee now things have cleared up. they've mopped up that -- thosee delays and all those people one the platform stacked probably aa good seven to eight people deepp cramming on those trains ands that was really during the peaka of rush hour.r so i think the lessons we learne here at least from ourrom observations this morning is ifi you are going to ride metro during the surge number one here of safetrack on the orange line either come really really early or wait until the
10:26 am
hour is over and get on the t trains here watch the schedule l so you don't have to wait too wi long in between trains to get og because if you're going now youw should have no problem. also, metro says that kind of of looking at ridership numbers, ne ridership from what they couldhu tell so far definitely loweryow than normal this morning that ii what they wanted to see that's a good arlington bike share says a that they have been more peopleo using their bikes than normalor this morning.isorni also, sort of what metro and the surrounding area governments were hoping would happen thatapt people who could make use ofld e some of those alternatives woulw do so. s also, the shuttle buses as welll we did see people getting on those this morning, too. so far so good kind of is indf think the way we can put it. pu. we'll have to see how things go for the rest of the day and into the rest of surge one which iscs going to continue until june june 16th. back to you guys. to you g >> try it again see how it goes. still ahead on good day from nfl quarterba
10:27 am
coach o heisman trophy winnery n tim tebow joins us live comingom next. next >> the neck generation of so yon think you can dance.yonc 10-year-old from the d.c. area.e making his debut tonight. ton we'll check in with him.eck inih that's next.'s nex time now is 10:27. 1 hi, cutie.. ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
fox reality drama home free returns this month and in it contestants compete in construction challenges to try to win a new home. but this year, they're not in it to win for themselves. theel they're winning for their t personal heroes and that's nothn the only thing new into season two.o. because host mike holmes iss getting little help from thism t guy. his new co-host is joining usisi live this morning from los angeles heisman trophy winnery w tim tebow.m te good morning. >> what's happening? how we he doing. >> we're doing great. my first questione' we've seen s mike holmes he's a pretty big guy.y. how do you compare mono e mono.n >> i'll tell you this.. he crosses his arms and he triee to have that really toughou persona.. his heart is way bigger than hee ever shows.ho and i think one of my toughestt challenges over the two months n we were filming is to get him tm smile every day. but i accomplished that.lish >> did you?>> did y >> it was awesome working withnt mike. he's a super good dude.d d obviously he's like the masterhe builder.bude he
10:31 am
showed up wait a second, we havh to build an entire neighborhoodo from the ground up? this isro going to be crazy.toe cr but mike, he didn't sweat it.swi he knew exactly how to do it.o what we were going to do. and let me just tell you the 111 contestants, they work so hard. >> yeah. >> all right. tim, here's the thing r. we know about the premise of thf show. what is it about this show thatw made you attracted to it? whatw made you want to get into it? >> well, when they came to meeym and they said that these 11 tse contestants were going to be goi competing for their personal pea hero to win them a home and then you hear the contestants storyto and the hero story and how the h hero changed the contestantstess live and whether it was, you w, know, one of our contestants was a war hero that got blown up inn afghanistan and his hero picker him up on the battlefield andefd saved his life for whether iter was one of our contestants was competing for a lady thatt randomly donated her kidney to save his father's life, andife,d never met the man before, butefb just was going to do t you hear ab
10:32 am
what people have done and what people have given so that others lives will be better and you a y think, no, that's awesome.. that's what america needs toeedt hear.hear that's what real heroes do. and, you know, if society were,r you know, so many times peopleeo can say it's all about me, me,e, me, this is a show where it's, , no, it's saying these are thesee real heroes because they gave tt make other people's lives bett better, and now in return, wen, are thanking them by giving thee a brand new home with their -- contestant who is beat competini for them.for em the awesome thing that none ofin them walk away loser. los every single one of them gets to give their hero brand now home,m and that's what is really special.l. >> such an awesome concept. tim i have no doubt that you're able to get mike to laugh prette much every day with thath tha personality that you have. hav you're getting pretty good at this tv thing. thing. how you enjoying life off the oe football field?llld >> i'm enjoying it.>> i i love live.lovee. every single day i'm so blessedl
10:33 am
blessing.sing i think hopefully it will be ali blessing to everyone who watches and, um, i mean, full of a lot of skill, will, strategy, you, u know, highs and lows, but overall, it's such an awesome theme about people pushing phi themselves for something biggerg than themselves.el that's just what i loved and itt was such a blessing to be part e of it. >> tim, we know you got the tvn thing down now. n any football left in your future? other than comment atme any timing? >> i don't know. you never know what the future holds, man. (laughter).ter) >> well you look like you keep k yourself in shape but you'reut e having good time as well.ood i'm guessing something like thil not just for the people on that show but doing more of the tvthe things, does that help you get a chance to maybe relate to people on different level than it wasnt on the football field versus the stands, now you're kind of of turning yourself more in amongso more people?e >> i think you get to tello t certain stories that you want to be part of and i think that's really cool. and you know you have differente op
10:34 am
heard about this opportunity, ii was like, yeah, that's awesome.e that's kind of changing thengg narrative a little bit on what a society says is kind of cool, oo and i think it's awesome to bemb able to show young people all over america that, lay giving lg back and making a difference ann having a random act of kindnessn or serving someone is pretty cool. and i think it's a great storyre to tell. ell. >> i think that might be the t best part. tim, thanks for joining us thist morning.rnin can't wait for the for e it sounds awesome.itound we'll talk to you again soon.. >> thanks, man.. >> you got it. >> 10:34. season two premier of home free is thursday june 16th that16th t will be a week from thursday ata 9:00 o'clock right here on fox5. with mike holmes and tim tebow they make up half an offensive line together. t >> big time.>> b >> they're solid s >> tim tebow is oh so hard too h look at. at >> you're struggling over therer mow.w >> struggling from one hitrom e reality show to another so you think you can dance the nextn dc generation is about to get tasts of the dmv tonight's episode eso will feature a local contestant who hails from the town ofomhe t bristow, virginia.
10:35 am
10-year-old jazz dancer jtancerj church i was digged for the judges. judg he joins us now in the loft to t tell us about his experience and of course teach us a dance or de two and by us i mean wisdom.. right? right? >> good to see you. goo see >> hi.>> hi. >> hi.. >> how exciting.. >> yes it's very exciting. >> indeed it is. first question, how long haveio you been dancing? >> i've been dancing for five fv years and i'm 10 now.ow so i started when i was five. f and basically what happened wasw my family went to basically like a town fair caught hey market me day, and i -- they were like really big stage and it hadt these amazing dancers from my dance studio danville dancelle d center and they were performingn and i was just amazed. i -- >> you wanted to do dtht >> yes. i wanted to do and i was just like so like just amazed.ed. how great they were dancing
10:36 am
and i told my mom and dad that i wanted to do that. t >> now here you are. a >> yes. >> so the question is, how do you go fromqu dancing with your dance company to so you think you can dance the nextthe ne generation? did you auditionito and where did you audition? >> well, basically, only they te only thing that me and my momom did was send in a tape and weee didn't really know what washa going to come out of it.. but we just wanted to give eighh shot.. so what happened? did you gel a call. >> yes. >> did they come right to yourco house, how did that happen. hap >> we got a call from theom producer, and he dolled us thata he wanted us to go to chicago co and for me to audition there. >> so you auditio auditioned inf paul, nigel and jason.and j >> yes. >> what was that like? were yot really nervous? oh, yeah, i i was -- was -- >> cool as a cucumber.l a c >> i was so nervous because likl they're so amazing and just performing sometimes andetim and performing in front of like on a big stage in front of like lik people and especially whe
10:37 am
you're auditioning for somethint it can be really reallyy stressful.ful >> now you're actually on thea show you have a lot ofou h competition.compio >> yes. >> i know you can't necessarilys talk details about it you're knocking them dead.d. i know you are. >> yes, thank you.. so since we've got you we'll asa you to teach dance moves i wantn to see -- okay, teach me. t maybe a simple move. you do a move and show meho something simple that i can dolt on the back end? okay. >> okay. oka >> hop down and let's try it.t >> you go first.irst >> what is this called? >> it's probably just goingus to -- wait. are you going to do it, >> you do the first one.. >> okay.kay >> i'll dot easier one.l dot sir >> okay. i'm going to do a leg hold spin. >> okay.>> okay. >> no, i won't be doing that.ha. (laughter). >> no, i won't be doing that. (laughter). >> good luck. >> okay. show me something i can do. >> okay. >> keep it simple.>> >> i will. >> ♪
10:38 am
shoes for this.s r th hang on. >> there you go. >> yay! >> that's great. >> that was very good.y g in all seriousness, how hard dor you have to practice every day?e do you dance every single day?ay >> almost every single day, yes. >> wow. that is grueling work but you'vi made it to this nationangl show. we hope you see a lot of succese there. we'll look for you when you win it all. all come back and dance for us us officially?al >> yes, i totally.. >> good luck.. thank you.ou. >> jt church everybody.dy >> the next generation rightiong here on fox. >> we'll see him tonight.on >> we'll see you tonight. sou t >> right here on fox5. f5 >> vt, did you pick out the bowb tie you were wearing.eari. >> yes, me and my mom did. >> that's i was m great look.k >> we wish you the best of lucku >> he's a cutie.aut >> i love it.e . >> congrats to you.ongr >> thank you.>> t >> you're welcome.'re welce. >> all right. that's not the first -- - >> work on that, maureen. mre >> still ahead at 10:00, the second act coming up now you ses me two star jesse eisenberg wilw join us live. u we'll talk to him about the
10:39 am
what else he's got up his sleeve coming up next. 10:38 is the time. time.
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪ you think you've seen it all, yoke ano loo look. ♪ >> crazy
10:42 am
>> all right. the four horsemen are gallopingi back for another big adventure clip from the new movie now youy see me wolf it follows the fourf magicians still on the run after stealing from the rich in the 2013 original as they try to pull off another grand illusions big illusion.usion >> new sequel reunited the castc of the i rewatch the last one last nam it's fantastic and adds a new a familiar race to the role as re well this morning we're sittingi down with one of the biggest bge stars mr. jesse eisenberg live v from new york. yk. jesse, how you doing buddy, goog to talk to you, >> you too.. thank for having me.k fo >> there's a sequence in this st film where your character is making water rain looks likeike it's in slow motion.otio how are they pulling this i know all the trick in the film can actually be done in real inr life. can you talk about how you abouy filmed that scene and how didend they make it look like the watew is actually stopping or going og up? how are they make -- how iw john doing that
10:43 am
>> it's the most incrediblencdi thing like when i read the script, i thought this scene is incredible but it should not bet in the movie 'cause everythingvy we do in the movie should be kind of like polls possible. they said no, no, look at thishi youtube there's this clip online whereie this guy shows that with a w strobe light an rain machine you can actually make it appear aspp though the rain is going up the rain is pausing it's the mostt incredible thing it justus actually works. you have to like time the strobs light with the rain and it's ani just amazing and so that's whata i love about this movie not only do you see all these incrediblel beaut fuel extravagant tricksri but actually you learn they'rere all possible and you learn howea to do them. to >> now, jussie jussie the firstf movie did really well are youl nervous at all coming back to do a number two when you thinkhink about sometimes sequels are nots as good as the first one? >> hundred%. they're like 10 great actors inr this movieea.thisie that are all like working onkino other things.othethi and so we said there's no pointt in doing one unless it's bettere i mean it has to be better. bete it can't be as good.s
10:44 am
wrote like six we all of us said new york cityt this isn't good enough they wrote more went read it and w thought okay this is one isis os good. we finally found one that's gooo and it's better, it's the tricki are bigger.. the character are i think moreor like honed the way the cast gelg together better. i think we just -- we figure out what work from the first one ano made it better and all reallyrey relieved. >> jesse ooh saw batman versuss superman three times. when i sat down in the london o the scene of now you see me two. your head was shaved and you cay talk about the legal elements oe it. your hair in this film 100% 1 difference than it was in nowasi you see me one.e me one is your character hair shaved ii this film because of the endingd of batman versus superman? is? that why they wrote that inha there or because you wanted to e change the character. >> no 100% of. o i got my head shaved i think i like october 30th of 2014 on014o batman and we s
10:45 am
now you see me two like two lik november 15th so high like twoi weeks of hair growth orr something. and that's all i can do. if we had started filming a weee later my hair would have been longer for the whole movie oncee you shoot one day on movie theyy have to like maintain thatntaina length so it look like it's it's consistent.consiste so now you see me 24 or five or months to film but high to likeo keep it at that length so i was like hoping the movie would like push back a week so i could havh more hair because it wasse i freezing. >> what about dealing with allt the actors? are that in movie?v is it hard to build chemistry ct when you have so many big namedb people in the movie? >> theoretically should be really hard to like kind ofd to share the spotlight with so many wonderful actors who all have, h you know, who all star in theirt own movies and kind of greatof g careers but i think what wet i discovered actually like the su of us is better than ther tha individuals so we all felt we al pretty comfortable like kind ofo seeding the spotlight if it went the movie would be better. >> all right.>> all before we let you go, gettingo,t back to the rain sequence real
10:46 am
fast. how long are you actuallyng are outside were they dumping wateri on you for that entire moment.e. >> i know how they did it withe the strobe lights.the stro how long were you outside beingb dumped water on the and tireir time? that's crazy. >> so literally that was one ofs the defendant nights of the yea in london which is like anin lia already cold place to be. be. the rain was just, you know, cold rain and we were shooting o that scene over the course of aa night. so you start filming at, youou know, 7:00 p.m. when the sun goes down you stop shooting atgt 7am when the sun goes up, whatever, and it's freezing alla night and they had to dry me off after each take and then as sooo as you're dry you run back righr in the rain don it again. ain it was like, you know, you think like oh, i'm going to die in the morning. i'm going to die.g ie like your lips are blue. blue. i don't weigh anythinging because -- i'm like -- i'm all-l right like, you know, on the on verge of not being healthy, andd so, yeah, it was like kind ofe i torture and then the scene of se course is like the coolest scene in the movie.inhe m so at the end you realize it'szi worth the scene is awesome. awe. >> it was awesome.>>t
10:47 am
joining us i loved in youed american all tra as well earlier last year.stear. thank you very much for all the work you do and social network is a masterpiece.iece your sister went to school heree at american university which is really cool. really coo >> that's right.l.>>hat' i delivered ram men to men washington for several years.. (laughter).r) >> very very cool.ery veool. >> thank you very much. ver we appreciate it much now youe o see me two hits theaters fridayy >> his sister went to american university. he delivered ram men to her ao r couple years.couple yea very very cool.. >> he's an amazing >> he really is.. >> very much so. so. (laughter). >> what? (laughter).gh. >> what? >> toss it over to you guys. guy >> good job, fellas.las it is now 10:47 coming up nextpx we're talking summer style with fox5 fashionista you know tam k lee we're talking all about thee whites how to rock summerr signature color no matter what w the occasion is. >> you got some white on today.y >> i'm happy i do
10:48 am
>> a little something extra. e >> i had a little spot. spo i spilled something. >> ♪
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
>> when we wear white we feel like a you know what. ♪ >> we are -- that's funnliy... >> it makes me happy reminds mee of the pot yeses. pot >> he did. do we have the sunglasses? >> shades.>> shades >> memorial day has come andl da gone and that means even if you're stickler for the rules r are well within your rights tos wear white. but there are many ways to wearw white and there are lots ofs shades of white and sometimes ww all need a little help.e this morning we're turning toe'g our fox5 fashion expert to show us how to rock the summerr standard for any occasion. occ hush boutique's owner tam lee tl joins us this morning in your in all white looking fabulous.abulu >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. you know what, ladies, don't beb afraid of white.hi i hear this so many times abouta so many people so afraid to dodt white. you have to do white. you can't escape it ihat's summ. >> sometimes we think it adds i weight to us and all of that bua you'll show us some cute thingst >> we'll show you cute ways.llwo i bought beautiful
10:52 am
me this morning.s morning. let's bring in the first one. courtney i love this look.k this is so classic. cla i mean everybody should have aha white blazer in their closet. >> yes. y >> just got dove a white blazeri i love the trouser shorts because this is dressy look nowk you're like me i don't do shor shorts. >> we too old for that. we going to t wake modifiedodif version. >> okay. >> take the modified version and put skinny pant with it. i >> yes. y. >> but it gives the same look. o >> okay. >> of course, look at her funerf shoes. i love t >> so cute. >> is there a rule when you're u wearing white do you wear -- th color of the shoe, does it d matter. matt >> i would totally not wearld white shoes. >> don't wear the white.. it will drown it you want to poo it. you can pop it with nude.n it i love a mono crow mat tickw t look. i have on brown shoe today.oday >> cute. >> i would do brown. i would dor i would do black and you can any always pop it with a color, popp it with aning is says sorry,ysor too.o. >> you look adorable. youook >> doesn't she look adorable.adl >> she's a cutie, yes. then we have asia.ha oh, my gosh. she looks so adorable.e. >> yes
10:53 am
>> now, this is my favorite paie of pants. pan i wear these all the time. t >> you like the bootleg.ootleg >> yeah. i call this the grown baby jean much this is a trouser jean andd it's back in. it's it's a flare leg and -- a >> are you calling me grown lady because i'm -- (laughter). >> she's a baby.>> >> you can also wear these on on dress down fridays at the offico so when you have a jean day you can dress up but i think ithink gives it a great professionalsso look. >> and when you are a 5-foot two person that leg elongates for mr i love it with the heel.he >> definitely it's slimming,in too. the longer the legit of course e slimming. the one thing about that ofbo course you always got to wear t wedge or a high heel with it wit because the leg is so long. lon you pop it with this little feminine little cute top i lovep this with this. >> allison you need this.llisone >> you know i need that my life. >> you can get this on website love hush and themd jeans >> i love it. white toes.e es >> perfect. >> completes the outfit thank you
10:54 am
>> now we have mark key. k. cute little -- littl l. >> cute this baby doll miniy llm dress one thing i love abouteut this i love -- i love thingse t with options.ns okay. for her it's a dress but for mef it's a top. >> me, too. >> it's a top for me because iee going to throw a pair of skinnyy jeans up under it and rock thatt >> i'm going to do it too. ioo. >> absolutely. she has the classic nude pump p on. so she's really pretty and classy.assy. >> yes. good anywhere in that.od >> you can do baby showers. sho i mean it's so many things that you can do with this cute little outfit and that's my on myy website as well.e as well. >> you brought guys this >> i'm stepping out there. >> okay. eye let's see it.t's e it >> ladies, i brought guys todayt i brought guys today. today so come on marcus. >> thank you. >> marcus is wearing just a a classic jean and for all you aly guys who love those -- got to gt have designer, then of course he has the burberry button down onn classic.assi we talk about
10:55 am
saving. if you're going to splurge onrg diner peace make sure it's aaker classic piece that you can wearw from season to s he can dress this up. can dhi he can actually put it on withon suit and still rock it.k he's got his little ---- >> nice. >> he loves designer we had toeh put him in that.ha he's a cutie, too. >> absolutely, thank you, marc marcus. and then we have ryan.. ryan i love this classic look io just got this from czar last l night this bomber jacket.racke >> it looks very czar.very c >> we talk about bomber jacksbec being in but i just told him back stage, i know this is anoii guy's jack but i want to wearea it. it >> oh, yeah. >> i would totally wear that.. >> cute little bomber jack he jk has a classic skinny and througt on some shoes.ome brown shoes isn't i love all thl looks. looks. bring everybody out we're about to end the show, right?odhow,ht? >> yes.>> y >> bring everybody out.dy >> how do you keep it clean?u ke >> let me tell you guys about a these tips. let me tell you about these tipe you need to have, um, justt little whites. white shout it out whites that getss h everything white.everyt have those handy and got to wea
10:56 am
great under garments you got tot invest in great under garments.r >> what the is rule? do you wear nude or black. b >> when you were growing upng up black. does that make any sense. sense. >> you wear new because sometimes black will, you know, too deep and come through. throu so that's one of the things dohe you and then you know, these are all the great looks today.oday. >> okay.>> o. >> how do folks get in touch with you i'm doing -- i told you i'm popping up in the ct i'm going to be at the nationala harbor this thursday we'reda we' having a shopping event and sons you guys need to log ton eventnt and rsvp and let me know you're coming.comi we'll shop till we drop.erop. follow me on inn stamp grammy teak hush for all thingsr al fashion. >> i'm getting me some whites. i >> i want to touch your face. >> absolutely. >> thank you guys. >> maureen we wanted to share aa tweet. tw somebody wanted to see do youanu the leg spin.thleg sp >> no. >> you only got 15 seconds left. >> here we go.>> h people want you to do >> you're going
10:57 am
>> i can hold your hand. >> nice couple of days.lef da enjoy it. we'll be back tomorrow.
10:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. come on. now, here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: yes! yes! thank you for being here. thank you! i


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