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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead on "fox" news morning serving for answers the woman whose husband died in a prince george county jail says there's more to the story she was first told after new video surfaced. officer sees area goodson follows lead of previous freddie gray trial and 'tlokts have his faith decided by judge and tuesday morning rush expected to be a true test of metro space track program as a number of people on vacation are expected to return to work today. fox news morning starts right now. >> good morning to you. thank you for waking up with us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, june 7. mike thomas. airport erin standing by with
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"weather and traffic on the 5s 5s". first at five breaking news at of fairfax county on the scene at a an overnight apartment fire. >> joining us along mosby drive with the latest in this story. jennifer. >> hi there i can tell you residents are sitting on the ground in the grass and in their pajamas waiting for fire fighters to finish processing this scene. it's been a difficult night night for the resident here mosby woods complex in fairfax city joined by jennifer maron. some residents say they heard fire alarms blair what did you hear. >> i heard a neighbor knocking on door going fire, fire, fire and that's all i heard. i didn't hear alarms until i walked out of the apartment and they were blairing and you could smell the smoke it was like coming up and it was getting already warm. so --. >> this happened and we can see
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like first floor you guys consider second it's apartment on backside of that and as you walked past that apartment tell me what you saw. >> so i just all i felt was heat. but i was in such a rush to get out and everybody was in a rush i didn't see anything from the actual apartment. >> when you got outside firefighters were resuscitating someone. >> person that lived in that apartment 203 he is elderly man and they were bringing him out and put him in" sfrecher and trying to resuscitate him but have not told us anything. >> there was one resident that did not look in good condition. we'll have more for you in the next half hour. back to you guys. >> deja vue day four of metro safe track program andation u uming ride others to do what they did again today. >> first subject of
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underway in arlington trains are single tracking however many riders tell "fox5" they experienced crowded lines on the orange line yesterday they need to get more staffers on to the platforms to get rider more trains. they plan to adjust their aevrts as safe track moves forward. >> 5:03 this tuesday morning what does safe track mean for you single tracking on orange and silver line continues between east falls and boston orange line every 18 minutesp between vienna and new carlton. they're adding additional trains between boston and new carlton to help congestion and crowded conditions. they should run every ten minutes. give yourself an extra hour if you plan to take orange or silver line. crowded conditions
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you want to ride around that metd row bus increasing service vre trains and rapid transit increasing their service as well plan ahead. uber lift, zipcar, car to go. bake share. walking you have options to get around. parking restrictions extended on bus priority coar doors through 10 this morning. wisdom and maureen. >> 5:04 is the time and a woman is looking for justice after her husband died in police custody. . >> he died in 2014 and his widow is sharing video of last moments alive. melanie alnwick joining us now with more. >> samuel shields was arrested in a dispute over bus fare. his family says this video only adds to the questions about his death. it's june 17, 2014 and video recorded by prince george country corrections officer inside t
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hear 49-year-old shields yelling murder as officers try to get him to put on a jumpsui jumpsuit. officers speaking into the camera saying shields being coming bative and threatened with pepper spray. she released the video after being obtained from county she ales her husband was beaten to death by constructions officers while he suffered a schizophrenic episode. we can't see what's happening but suddenly they ask for help and quick. shields pulled from the room unresponsive for nearly 30 minute officers and emts perform cpr and ultimately shields died. >> i think it was unfair and felt they had no remorse in their heart for anybody and if this type of thing goes on in jail all the time he wept there one day only. >> shields facebook page friends say he was aspiring reggae artist and suffered from heart problems, asthma and
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well as schizophrenia. >> on the one year anniversary of his death she filed a lawsuit against the country. despite the the coroner saying he died of natural causes. back to you guys. art. 5:06 the time now. mike thomas has been telling us all morning long it will be a nice day. i think that's what he's been saying. >> you were listening? >> i was taking notes. >> something tells me maybe you have not been paying the best attention. generally speaking nice day today. we'll have to watch out for shower or two as we work our way to the afternoon hours. quick moving showers and nothing to ruin your day. why? because area clouds you see coming through west virginia and pan handle of maryland right now. doesn't look ominous. it won't be. that could be the trigger for a few showers later this afternoon. down to the south. swaj of moisture you see there is what's left of tropical storm c
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lots of heavy rain down to the south today. quick look at temperatures. 60 martinsburg and 60 sdules and 61 washington at this hour. highs today, 85 washington and 81 gaithersburg and 4 annapolis and not a washout but watch for a few showers. maureen, wisdom, back to you. >> 5:07 is the time. california and new jersey will decide who they want to represent them in november general election coming after the associated press says hillary clinton has number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. >> voters in california left and clinton said the country must be unified and criticized presumetive nominee trump for working against that goal. >> whether immigrants, muslims, people with disabilities, pows, women, federal judges, the list keeps growing longer. and it is wrong of someone
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united states to engage in that kind of hateful rhetoric and demogogry. so we're going to work to un few our country, bring people together. >> meanwhile vernon odom senator bernie sand certifies holding out hope. some super delegates will side with him. sanders campaign says clip ton nomination is dependent on super delegates that can change their mind between now and july convention. saers spokesman brings says the campaign job is to convince super delegates and partied i inkers that sanders is far the best and strongest candidate to take on donald trump. >> meanwhile president obama getting ready to give hillary clinton his seal after approval the president plans to formally endorse her in the next few days. man jury expect to wednesday and will follow the primaries where clinton is expected to
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president is already speaking at a fundraiser in new york that evening. >> pittsburgh penguins are one step closer to clinching title leading sharks 3-1 in game four. game five is this thursday. >> all right. coming up on fox news morning florida attorney general in some hot water after it appears she attempted to provide the presumetive gop nominee. >> gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo will reopen for the first time in more than a week. >> as we head to break. time now is 9 past the hour. and it's 7 degrees. more fox news morning after the break. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> 5:10 is the time in feluga iraqi security forces in isis are accused of regulation and hundreds of civilians iraqi security forces are trying to take is the city.h >> the grim sleeper should be put to death that is the ruling from los angeles
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last month lonnie david frank lip junior was found getty of ten murders committed between 1985 and 2007 all of the victims are black women and some of them were drug addict and prostitutes. killings became known as work of grim sleeper because of what appeared to be a gap of 14 years between two of the murders. >> florida attorney general is caught up in the scandal. the trump election made a contribution to bonnie campaig campaign. >> muhammad ali and his inner circle wrote a book and exacted detail how he wished to say good-bye to the world. >> coming up on fox new
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morning the favorite snack cake could be on a new recall list by hostess. >> he may be british. john oliver is now responsible for largest giveaway in american history. forget about a car. we're talking about freedom from debt. >> what? >> yes. >> as we head to break a live look outside d.c. and white house. couple lights on there in. couple people waking up. you wake up. 5:12 is the time. back after this pats pass
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pats pass >> coming up this morning the search for two that wept missing obility potomac. two went missing in frederick country last seen around 10 a.m. and one man was clippinging to a tree and other in the water. crews recovered their boat but no sign of the men. all right.
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muggy start to the day. looking at the capitol dome. scaffolding is coming down isn't it. >> i'm just first noticinging this. >> you are? >> mike thomas, good morning. >> you're right, maureen, it's got to be done by january. everything has to be done by then. >> really? >> i think so. >> mike is not only doing weather. >> jack of all trades. >> i once knew the answer to that. i'm tell you this morning i don't know what's going on. >> yeah, well, it's all right. off to headlines today. passing shower here or there and for the most part good amount of sun. can't promise 100% dry. about 9 5% of the day today will be dry. cold front north and west coming through west sir vir early this morning. slow move. by this afternoon could kick u
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be prepared for that. it's nothing every whelmingly concerning today. again here's future cast. live through the first half of the morning and here comes the front swigging by middle of the afternoon. spotty nature of the showers. moderate downpour or two. quick movers here. as you get to the evening hours everything disappears and clear conditions. that's the one thing we have to watch for the day today. currently outside, still a little dark out there and sun getting ready to come up in about the next ten minutes or so. 71 degree current number outside. relative humidity high. 90% winds south, southwest 7 miles an hour here this morning. so little bit of breeze and that will pick up as we head closer to the evening hours. here's what's going on at the surface and what's left of tropical storm colin will pass by. cold front off norm and west as mentioned before and we'll swing on later today and usher in a much drier air mass biggest difference between today and tomorrow you will notice is difference in humidity.
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here quickly and will be absolutely beautiful day as we get into wednesday afternoon. again during the afternoon today. dew point still between 60, 65. sticky to uncomfortable and by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon. comfortable out there and hoping we can kickoff the ac as early as tonight. 85 the daytime high today. occasional clouds and spotty showers and by the time we get to evening hours we start to get the clouds clear away down to 60 in city tonight. much cooler that we've been in a while. that's 50s for suburbs out there. take a look at "fox5" accuweather difference. 85 degrees today. and then what a change. 73 by wednesday. 77 by thursday. zip trip friday looks fantastic probably 60s an costy to start the day. say hello. showers possible for day. warming it back up for sunday. mostly sunny, 86 and cooling down a bit next monday mostly sunny, 80. that's your forecast erin has
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>> i do at least we have sunshine to drive around in later this morning. >> that's quite the picture behind you. >> this is wilson bridge bottom side of beltway picking up little volume as you make your way cross the bridge from prince george country steady flow outer loop quiet and not causing slow doupz as the surprise comes up. let's switch things over and show you a look at maps. aside from quiet commute across the wilson bridge a lot of green on the wide view. earlier construction near connecticut things on the way to bwi on bw parkway, route 1 and 9 5 not seeingish trues by reagan national, gw parkway or 66 and great news if you have early morning flight ask keep in mind annapolis 50 inbound looking nice and roadwork in place as you make your way between saratoga and little falls we have ongoing construction work by tidal basin because of up even
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only right right lane is getting by. give yourself extra time to get through that area. metro they've been in service the last 19 minute. safe track surm one continuous single tracking second weekday russia infected between east falls church and boston orpth and silver trains every 18 minutes they are running additional trains between boston and new carlton. give yourself an extra hour later in the morning when the rush kicks in crowded trains and crowded platt forms to be sfekted. 34e9 row rail line are on type. any questions@erin "fox5" twitter and especially take the orange and silver line today. mature each, wisdom. let look at stories you'reen gaming with the most on social media using realtime news tracker. >> it's about 55 miles outside of
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gusts. 3 to 6" of rain expected and state of emergency in effect. several high school graduations have been postponed part of george aand carolina feeling i it. >> we feel impacting snacks hostess recalling 7 snacks and over possible undeclared peanut ingredients. anyone who has recalled snacks can return for full refund. >> comedian john oliver making history by for giving $15,000 in medical debt. last week tonight's host helps $9,000 people with delinquent medical schools. it surpasses oprah winfrey 2004 awd yen giveaway valued at $8 million. that's cool he was able to do
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that. >> geesh. >> nice. >> coming from "fox5 news morning" a girl severely injured on a carnival ride appears to be doing better curry is planning for summer break. >> as we head to break here's a live look across the region. time now 5:21. little van halen for you. jump on out of bed. get going. it will be a great day ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. (whispering): what are you doing up? (whispering): mom said i could have a midnight snack. (whispering): well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. (whispering): why? (whispering): because i am the boss. (whispering): you're not the boss, mom's the boss.
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the exhibit reopening comes days after a 3-year-old boy's mother will not be charged. in order to get the boy out of the exhibit safely the gorilla was shot and killed
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>> 11-year-old girl whose hair got caught in a ride cinco de mayo made her first appearances. she was in high spirits after critical condition with fractured skull. she credits her daughter's laughter as a source of her strength. >> and broncos had a visit to the white house that inincluded presidential jersey with number of employed little and president got a helmet from papa john franchise owner payton manning and it was second visit for the whitehouse to retired payton manning happening out with soon to be retired president of the united states. >> life goals. >> nba finals resume wednesday. steph curry is looking forward to summer vacation. mvp took his name out of consideration for playing in rio olympics. curry says his recent ankle and knee injuries are a factor in this and needs to focus on healing up for next season but he will
5:25 am
representing his country on the stage. >> i'm sure he'll be all right and maybe get a second chance. >> more and more like it. >> i'm curious if zika had anything to do with that. >> i was curious but was not said. >> his ankle and knee stuff is prettyty serious. >> yeah, yeah. >> he needs to heal up. >> you're right he'll be fine getting finals done. check out temperatures outside now. warm and humid start to the da day. 71 degrees in d.c.. quanitco at 7 as well as annapolis and len artd up to. good morning to everybody ther there. folks north and west cooler. martinsburg 60. by tomorrow morning these temperatures in places 10 to 15 degrees cold than they are this morning. do get ready for that. satellite and radar here just a few clouds out there early this morning. we sa a cold front coming our way to spread a couple showers across the area later today. again very spotty. and no washout for anybody. another warm day on top. 0
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your best chance of showers is between 2 and 4:00 this afternoon. and 83 degrees at 5:00 today. more details on that 7 day coming up in a bit. erin como has traffic. >> that's right 5:26 i still like what i'm seeing on the road. you see all the green placed behind he on the metro map. as we head behind the dmv no problems now. 395 cruise ago long from the beltway to 14 street bridge and problem free across the freeway and no issues area bridges , wilson bridge, georgetown from rosland land. gw parkway fine and no issues gw parkway or 270. as we look at up bound for westbound to 395 and 5 moving nicely to clinton and no issues on for the washington or 210 all online. single tracking causing delays between boston and east falls back to you
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>> if you're stuck on a plane waiting at a local airport you could pend time learning a life saving skill. >> a whom whose housed died in a country jail says there's more to the story. 
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>> straight ahead. metro is not just affecting commuters but impacting businesss in unexpected ways. >> a new report highlights shouting out disparities how they're disciplined in public schools and as well as tight of course work required in high school. >> looking across the d.c. region sun peaking through the skies and expecting another beautiful day of warm air and sunshine. >> good morning to you. thank you for waking us with us i'm wisdom martin. >> aim maureen umeh. >> tuesday, june 7 standing by that is michael thomas who will have the weather forecast and erin como well she's here she'll have traffic coming up on the fives. >> we want to take you become to the breaking news story out of fairfax county and we now know one person died in officer night apartment fire. >> this happened mosby woods drive. "fox5" jennifer dave sis live with the latest in this story. >> hi there, guys,
5:31 am
and two children are displaced because of this fire and those children had to run out of the apartment without shoes. they're out here at had hour an one resident died. firefighters were able to get this blaze under control quickly to keep it from spreading and i'm joined by assistant fire chief andrew veto with fair favrm s yet. tell us whated. >> good morning 2:45 units from city of fairfax and fairfax country were spotted here just 10, 171 monthsy woods drive for apartment fire there was smoke coming from the apartment and they advanced hose line conducted search and pulled one male out of the building unconscious. they tried to resuscitate him and were unsuccessful and he died at this time. >> he died at the scene. is it a challenge in apartments to keep the fire from spreading hoy did you do that. >> we got luckych the window in the apartment deposit fail and therefore was contained t
5:32 am
apartment apartment and didn't cause additional damage ar allow the smoke to get through the other building and get to the other of course pants. >> good news for residents they're outside now and may belittle time before they go back to their apartments the damage was contained to the one apartment building where that one gentleman died. back to you guys. all right. still developing out there more at the details as they come. day four of the note row safe track program and agency urging riders to do what they do for yesterday's commute again toda today. >> first series of track work underway in arlington many traingz single singling and many experienced crowded trains yesterday. paul wheatfeld plans to adjust efforts as safe track moves forward. >> metro safe track plan is expected to be more complicated today. >> airport airport is here with a preview what you should expect when you head out the door today, erin. . >> that's rite, 5:32 now and we've been telling you about
5:33 am
lot of folks on vacation for monday morning and federal ply ease working for frem telecommuting and anticipating hev yevr morning rush as tuesday morning continues. every 18 minute orange and silver except additional lanes on the orange line. i would say leave an extra hour early once we get into 6:00 hour so make it to work on tim time. if you want to tate roads keep in mind 66 near secondarys coming from arlington and may see increased volume as folks drive and take metro. dale city to 123 we're seeing some volume cop juston slowing us down once you get to ewington you're good to go towards bottom of the beltway. 267 quiet. 66 wide on if you want to drive in instead of taking orange or silver and again through west falls in arlington north 95 to 610 that is another slow zone this morning.
5:34 am
times next. >> this morning a bring george country woman looking for justice after her husband died in police custody. >> samuel shields died in 2014 and his widow is sharing with fox5 video of his last the video record by a prince george county constructions officer inside the county jail. you can hear 49-year-old shields yelling murder are as officer try to get him to put on a jumpsuit. officers speak into the camera saying shields is being combative and threatened with pepper spray and his widow released the video after she finally got it from the count yes hey allegations her husband was beaten to deaths he suffer aid schizophrenic episode. we cannot see what's happening inside the room. dd
5:35 am
and quick. shields is pulled from the room unresponsive. for nearly 0 minutes officers and emts performed cpr and ultimately shield died. his widow says it didn't have to happen. >> i think it was unfair. i felt they had no re340rs in their heart for anybody. and if this type of things goes on in jail all the time i mean he only went there one day. on the justice for samuel shields facebook page friends say he was aspiring reggae artist and his wife says he suffered from heart problems and asthma in addition to schizophrenia on the one year anniversary of of his death she filed a lawsuits against the county despite the medical examiner saying he died of natural cause. so far we have not heard back and we reached out for comment comments. melanie alnwick, "fox 5 news". >> time to talk weather and michael thomas back again to give us a little
5:36 am
going on outside, hey, mike. >> hey, wisdom, muggy, humid conditions again this morning and big changes on the way by tomorrow morning. 1 thing i want to mention is despite the chance for showers today we'll have a lot of sun and uv indexes will be high. let's look at what we have later today. high uv index nine out 11 later on this afternoon. peak sunshine hours between 11 and 3:00. if you are outside for any extended period of time make sure you throw the suncreen on. satellite and radar clear this morning. more clouds south and east. clearer north and west. we have a cold front headed our way to give us a couple spotty showers later on this afternoo afternoon. there's your temperatures at this hour. 71 washington. 7 annapolis and 68 dulles and your forecast for today 85 for a high temperature. will be a warm one. that's a look at weather. erin has the roads. erin. . >> all right well take it mike. 5:36 is the
5:37 am
education department is out with data on public schools. >> and numbers are head ising lighted in the racial differ need classrooms. numbers come out every two years during the 2014, 2014 school year 2.8 million students were us is spended those numbers down from 2012 and race is still laying a role. plaque students four times more likely to be us is spend as white students. suspensions have been linked to higher drop out rates and likelihood those troubled students will some day become criminals. >> the state's casinos again rated revenue for the second straight month n may they brought in 104.4 million and construction continues on maryland casino mgm national harbor resort in prince george county said to on by end of year. >> coming up on "fox" news morning fbi believes it should have right to check your web browser whenever it wants. >> and we all preb the 15 minute rule in school. if a teacher doesn't show newspaper 15 minutes class is over.
5:38 am
i have a bad grade after doing that a couple times. now uber has a similar rule and it's going to cost you money. >> oh, boy as we head to break. live look across the d.c. region now. it's a little overcast. but mike says a sunny day will be on top. time 5:38 we'll be back after ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> officer ceasar goodson opted for trial by judge rather than jury. he was driving the van that gray was in when suffered a spinal cord injury. >> fbi wants access history and internet browser wouldn't a warrant. they made a similar effort 6 years ago and dropped it after concerns made by privacy. the legislation is to fit a typo in the electric communications privacy act saying it led some tech firms to refuse to provide data. >> d.c. mayor bowser will announce a deal reached to increase the minimum wage in d.c.. >> proposed legislation to increase district min wum wage by $15
5:42 am
>> and also this morning a list of guidelines to better serve d.c.'s transgender community in the workplace has been release released. d.c. office of human rights and national lgbtq task force published guide of best practices for business when's it comes to hiring and making sure transgender employees feel welcome in the workplace. >> 90% of transgender people experienced harassment in the workplace and also found that nearly half of d.c. employers prefer a less qualified applicant not transgenderd. >> coming up on "fox" news morning department of veterans affairs wants to provide service to all service men and women even if they choose to change their gepder. >> hot hugh sickal production on broadway is to take a turn. you'll never believe how much tickets to the last show will cost you. >> and as we head to break little music for you
5:43 am
tuesday morning to get you moving. we hope you like the play list. if there's something you want to hear tweet us call us, facebook us. ♪
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> look outside, it's 5:45 tuesday morning. sun is coming up. it will be a great day, right, wiz. >> that's right and to bk
5:46 am
that up let's ask michael thomas. >> i got your back. >> how great of a day will it be mike. >> 8 out of 10. >> that's impressive. >> it's an 8. >> 8 is good, 8 is enough. >> i was going to say that. 8 is enough. that's a catch phrase around here. clouds at times. spotty shower later on this afternoon. good amount of sun today as well. all in all 8 out of 10. broke from the humidity coming our way. later tonight and into the day tomorrow and through the end of week we're looking at drier conditions. we won't have that sticky feel next to it the next few days will feel like spring rather than early summer as we get to end of next week. breezes pick up later this evening even bulk of next two days gusty winds from time to time. satellite and radar here we're watching with lester colin down to the south. and into the -- well really straight down south here. there's a cold front off to the norm and west as well. colin is not very
5:47 am
let's look at the latest observation. winds sustained 50 miles an hour. bigger story has been heavy rains dropping with some places picking up 5, 6, 7" of rain and good news it's out of here and will jet rocket north and east and it boneing a major player for us in washington at all. back outside. taking a live look at testily town there. good morning to everyone out there. 71 to start the day. relative humidity high. 90 prosecution. starting off sticky out there this morning. closer view of the satellite and radar. that's the front. few showers aropd the charleston region as the front works its way through the area later today. lots of sun 10 a.m. and here comes the front. scattered showers around. 3, 4, 5:00 this afternoon and right back into the clear as we go into those evening hours. with the fronts it will clear out this humidity. sticky today again this morning and cold front comes through and drier air moving from north and west and we have a great couple days in store. 85 the daytime high today.
5:48 am
occasional clouds if time to time. spotty showers. no washout. nothing to be too concerned with. later tonight cooler than the past several down to 60. skies turning clear. much less humidity in the forecast it will be good. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. 73 tomorrow. lots of season ship. 77 thursday. 70s we go. zip trip friday going to be a good one. that's a look at the forecast. erin airport. >> i try. 5:48 now breaking news if you make your way to stafford and 5 northbound by 610 crash bloc blocking shoulder that just in. could cause more delays. right now as we take a look at inner and outer loop headed to american leemingon bridge things cruise ago long seeing late volume out there. i like what i'm seeing. increased volume across the american legion bridge on that side of inner loop right there coming up from 66. let's look live right now from there moving over to our maps. we'll s
5:49 am
against this morning. as i mentioned 5 north jammed where the crash is 66 east gainsville to centerville in really good shape and through west falls church and arlington moving along way at speed green zone and to the beltway problem free. volume building dale city to wood brim and as we look at maryland 270. 70 truck scales and slows down congestion as usual and 5 icc to beltway and 50 inbound 410 to 201 mrob him free new york inbound look going and 295 dealing with can usual congestion now takes five extra minute to get from eastern to pennsylvania southbound side. northbound beltway to laboratory road cruise ago long 210 as you make your way northbound to the beltway you hit typical john juston. things look going on 4 and 5 starting to slee down 301 as you make your way to clinton. we'll keep up updated metro single tracking between east falls church and boston to and those delays. maureen, wisdom. >> thank you, happening today
5:50 am
it sb will meet to discus probable cause of deadly small plane crash that killed three people inside a gaithersburg home in 2014. >> maureen and her two small children died after a small crash into their neighborhood causing a plane to go up in flames. her us and daughter survived because they were not home at the time of the accident. >> security administration will go through house security to talk about check ins and aviation concerns. >> ward 7 will introduce two bills aimed at limiting secondhand exposure to ecigarettes. the legislation will prohibit smoking electric cigarettes in restricted areas. >> the other bill called the gasoline prohibition amendment prohibiting service station from selling or dispensing bill meant for any alter
5:51 am
dirt bike vehicles. there's similar laws in place. alexander does face a khaevrping one week from today. >> time now is 5:51 let's look at stories you're engaging with the most on social media using realtime tracker. >> department of veterans affairs conferring covering sex reassignment surgeries comes as military allows transgender to openly serve. they say it's a serious medical condition with severe consequences if not treatd new york governor cumo signing an executive order that pep li liss people and businesses that support non violent boycott of israel and state office of general services must now compile list of groups and individuals supporting that movement and afterwards executive branch companies will be ordered to distance themselves from anyone on that list. some say the list could create a black list of human rights advocates. >> finally new jersey
5:52 am
photo series celebrating kids with down syndrome. she was inspired by her sister born with down syndrome and died in 201 4 . >> here's news for you if you make an uber driver wait if will cost you. that's happening to rideers in new york, new jersey, phoenix and dallas. when you're there uber drivers have the power to charge riders extra 5 to $10 if they wait for passenger for more than 2 minutes f uber driver is more than five minutes late ride kerz cancel with no penalty. >> waiting for flight at bw airport you can learn about cp nrxt five minutes at interactive kiosk and kiosk is at gate b 7 and has touch screen and practice man kin and there's four other kiosks around the country. it's introduced during national cpr and aed awareness week and national portrait gallery hon org the great egg
5:53 am
it will be on display in museum memorial space on the first floor ever the hugh seem. three time world heavy weight cham peep boxer died friday at the age of 74 after battling parkinson's disease. >> love that photo. >> hugh heffner's neighbor now owns iconic playboy mansion. business owner bid toe purchase the playboy mansion in escrow. playboy bought is for a little more than $1. today the estate is valued at $200 million. the sale price will remain secret until escrow closes and as part of the sale hugh heffner will stay at his long time home for the rest of his life. >> taking a bow. the star of the hit hamilton is leaving, mir apd aannounce sment is sending everyone into a frenzy.
5:54 am
much as $12,000 it's the hip-hop musical about amex an ander hamilton. . >> wow. okay. time to say hello to facebook fan of the day♪ todays is his birthday. happy birthday tailgate ted. >> he wakes up to "fox5" every day at 5 a.m. while having morning coffee. even dvrs good day d.c. and watches wild cooking dinner and fiancee watches with him every single morning thanks for the boilly. keep watching. if you want to be next facebook fap of day hello there. >> tailgate ted. >> detail tailgate ten. >> come back and bring fluid. >> happy birthday. >> all righty. >> let's go get over to michael thomas now. he said earlier
5:55 am
10 was good and when i said 8 is enough he had no clue what i was talking about. >> i grew up on power rangers and ninja turtles that was 1980 something. >> just dot weather, mike. it speaks volumes there. >> okay. good amount of sin shine here and cold front coming through today to scatter showers around the region. i don't know the show i'm sorry i'm sorry i really am. clear skies come back in tonight and "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast looks fantastic. back to the 70s we go. maybe on the cooler said tomorrow. 73 for a high. 77 for a high on thursday. 80 degrees on friday. >> all right. that's a check of traffic. erin airport has the roads. hey, erin. >> hey, right now we have delays building in virginia right now. 5:55, 267 in clear from 20 to beltway and 66 gainsville to september areville and red zone congested in don't causg
5:56 am
an hour and 5 northbound courthouse toss 610 dealing with close zone and another early volume delay beginning 66 east from 7 to fairfax drive this could have somethinging to do with safe track causing single tracking orange and silver line east falls to boston. watch for additional volume 66. a lot of folks omenting to drive instead. we'll keep you updated on the roads. check in maryland next wisdom and maureen. >> new survey says 96% of americans shop online. where do they do that majority of shopping. where to fill you in ahead at 6. >> metallic atrending their take on national anthem before last night's game four in the stanley cup finals as we head to break. let's look outside. time now 5:56.
5:57 am
someone wanted to know if we can play gospel. all music goals we're going to ask if we can. >> eight is enough to build our lives with lover♪
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ks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ straight ahead at 6 breaking overnight a deadly apartment fire in fairfax county. what we know about the victim and hearing from residents that escaped the blitz.
6:00 am
twou of metro safe plan kicked off one hour ago. we'll give you an update in a minute. >> first though, 6:00 on a tuesday morning. giving you that live look outside across the dmv. it's tuesday, june 7, 2016. >> man already into june. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. good tuesday, everybody, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" looking like midday out there already at 6 a.m. breaking news out of fairfax county first uv at 6. overnight apartment fire leaves one person dead. >> jennifer dave sis live opt scene with the latest now good morning. >> high there residents distraught after learning a man that lived here older man they say appears to have died in an early morning fire. firefighters tell us what they got here they found the man inside his bedroom and did the best to resuscitate him neighbors saw that up fold in front of hem and unfortunately the man d


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