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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local new at 10 right now at 10, a wife on maternity leave and her two young children were killed whenw a small plane crashed into her gaithersburg home. a virginia teen accused of raining a 12 year old girl on his high school campus. tonight what we've learned aboul the suspect's ties to his youngu victim. plus a massive drug bust in turns up mills of dollars of heroin, where it happened and ha who was supposed to get thehe drugs. fox5 local news at 10 starts right now. > we begin tonight with breaking news in potomac, maryland. a body has been found in the potomac river. department of natural resources is investigating whether o this may be a missing boater from frederick. earlier today the body of another missing boater robert lee was found in frederick. the two men went missing on sunday when their boat over ov turned on a
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marina maracco is on her way ana will join us with a report as soon as she arrives. now to the masstive bust in d.c. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. 10 people n are in custody and a seizure of nearly $4 million is off the streets. fox5's teisha lewis joins us us life from police headquarters with this story. teisha. >>reporter: tony and shawn, what an investigation we are are talking about tonight. what type of police work happened here? well, police sas their investigation revealed that payments and proceeds were funneled through personal and also commercial accounts. acc let's talk about this heroin that the folks here were able to cease. we're told that it came from fr india and africa before being transported across the united ar states in cities and suburbs across the country. why not? >> because
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things and people do things, but i walk away from it because i be know it effects all of us, butut i'd rather not be around it. we're in the heart of southeast d.c., benning road. it's where look variety a juan has called home for more than 2h years. it's also where police say they busted a drug trafficking ring n funneling mounds of heroin tof the area. i've seen people that are obvious heroin addicts becauseeu they have the needle marks and on certain days, like now the n first part of the month, a lot a of them if they're getting a ge check, it's gone in a couple of days because they've shot it all up. you can tell it's because you see the needle marks n and theia hands swollen. on monday, a dmv area
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intensity task force arrested ten people and served fourerv search warrants. wa the outcome more than 80 pounds of heroin worth mills was ceased. this investigation spannednv several months and the suspects involved in this case coordinated trafficking efforts with sources of supply in indiaa and africa and elsewhere. e the heroin was reportedly beingi sold on benning road in southeast. there's a whole lot more that could be done, a whole lot of lo things that should have been done a long time ago. it just seems like poor neighborhoods are forgotten fo these daze.daze deborah williams say the bust ii a start even though most agree there's a long way to go. you can bust them, but there's always going to be another person that is going to sell. it's like a continuous cycle. there's always someone who is going to use and there's alwaysw someone who sells because they need to now what was noticeably missing from our story
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d.c. police about this is the video in the picture showing the bus they said that they do not o have those pictures or video, but obviously d.c. police being very humble tonight because this is a huge bust and a hugeitakeia down amid a heroin crisis that h is happening across the countryn teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > we are following developing e news tonight out of fairfax county. a high school student is under arrest accused of sexually sex assaulting a 12 year old girl.i. police arrested 18 year old juan crews at fairfax county highount school. he is accused of inappropriate relationship with a teabag girlt they learned about the allegations last month and contacted police. crews is currently we go held at the fairfax county adult detention center. cen a mother is outraged tonight out after she says a young girl was attacked on the same trail she warned school officials about. b it happened around 7:45 this morning in already den, a mann,a grabbed a 16e
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behind as she was walking along a path on silverbrook road.k the man took off when parents the girl started screaming. one mother said she had school d officials walk the path with her and even ask for behavior her he daughter could avoid the path th and take the bus. b they denied her bus. she said, ma'am, it's save because nothing has happened.ape that was their quote? >> that is an e-mail here that h it seemed safe because nothinge has happened. hap today was a proven point that p our concerns were valid concernd and it was only a matter of time until this was going to happen. fairfax county schooll spokesperson told us that the ta school official will review the trail again to determine if it's save and they may grant exceptions to students who wantn to take the we now the cause of a plain crash that took the life of sixf people, including a mother and child in gaithersburg two years ago. the national transportation safety board announc t
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plane failed to use the deicing system causing the plain to crash into a neighborhood,hood fox5's sarah sip once is lifes where the crash happened with wi more. sarah. >>reporter: that's right, tony, the pilot failed to follow basic safety procedures. that's what the ntb investigation report release r today. where we are at right now, thish was the gemmell family home that we are standing in front of. it pretty much took a direct hit back in december of 2014. you can see it has since been repaired and is now up for sale. but the wounds, they will be there forever. marie gemmell and her two young sons ages three and two months old were at home when the plane crashed setting the home on fire and damaging two other nearby homes.mes. kenneth gem be and the couple's five-year old daughter were note home at the time. the three men aboard men aboard the plain also died in the crash.
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pilot did not perform thethe required checks before leaving north carolina and he did not use the deicing system during sy the flight. by not taking possible icing ic into consideration, the pilot pi ended uplanding at speeds that were too slow for those weather conditions. the plane crashed less than a mile present the runway. here is what the chairman of the ntsb had to say during a publicb meeting about that crash today. their calculations must be as precise as possible and they th must follow required procedures applicable to their aircraft. pilots cannot skip a checklisthk or cut a than coulder even once because any flight can turn deadly. time and again that we have h whether in a commercial airline error in a private airplane the cockpit is no place for come for place answer i and no place for bypassers. kenneth gemmell reacted to the report posting
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his facebook, while i knew most of the information beforehand ie was still hard to see it again t and to be reminded of everythin thatof went wrong that fateful day, first step in bringing br closure to this all. a the board also recommended somed change essay long with this report, recommending to the faa that some sort of alert system y be put into place in these planes alerting those pilots to use the deicing system in sy certain planes. p also, they're pushing for the faa to also step up their training and their guidelines for pilots when it comes to working in these winter weather latest in gaithersburg, sarah simmons, sim fox5 local news. ne > still ahead tonight at 10, 1, d.c. city council approved a plan to raise the minimum wagema to $15 an hour. but could it have negative effects on businesses? the concerns that some businessusin owners are raising tonight. t i am just honored to be here with you today, to thank you foo how you
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plus, a woman's heart felt thane you to d.c. first responders who came to her husband's aid when he suffered a common, but potentially deadly medical emergency. sue. >> tony, raise your hand if youf think tonight is the nicest night we've had all spring. i do.i temperatures have dropped and even better as you can see with our weather headline. the humidity is going to be taking a break. will it come in without any additional showers? that's theh rub. we're going to give you a first look at your wednesday when fox5 local news at 10 comes right back.
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the afternoon rains made way for an absolutely gorgeous sky fox, take a look at this. shot this video of the washington monument earlier today. isn't that pretty. >> we are also enjoying someso cooler air that has moved intome the sue palka is standing by withby the forecast. hey, sue.he i love that shot. sh it's almost as good as drone video. >> it is. you're right.ig > it's >> they're allow to do that.hat it's a beautiful evening.ven i've had so am people tell me online and on
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tonight that they think tonighty is one of the nicest nights we've had all spring and that's because this frontal boundary came on through earlier today and it's doing two things. not only is it getting rid of the humidity and the moisture wi had, but it's kicking tropical storm colin further out into the atlantic and we're not going ton have on worry about that anymore. it did produce someome thunderstorms and showers earlier today. not everybody saw them.ybod if you did get one you might have had some hail and stronger winds. it took some trees down. but for the rest of the nightthe now it looks like it's going too be cool and comfortable andfort while we're still in the 70s now itself it's absolutelybsol delightful and to the north and west we're already into the mid 60s. for the first time in a while i think you can shut off the air-conditioning. 64 is the current temperature in frederick. 67 in martinsburg, winchesterwic you're also down to 64 and 73 in quantico. the best part of all these gustl winds that we've seen aroundseen tonight that are getting a little bit better now. we did have gusts to 30, but0,
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arrows they're coming in out oft the northwest, a dry directiondy for us and that will also bring in much more comfortable air overnight. we're thinking overnight we'ree' dropping to 60.60. 54 in hagerstown and guess whatt they posted frost advisories up around the wisconsin area for ae tonight. can you imagine in june they're worried about losing some of their early vegetation. we also expect a beautiful breezy day tomorrow and that's because there is a dip in the jet extreme that is going to reverse the fortunes and bringea in the kind of weather we missed in may because it was so chillry in may. we didn't get the low 70s. i also have to say with this dia in the jet extreme we've had little pieces of energy rotate around it and there will be onee more tomorrow morning so don't be shocked if we start out withi nice bright sunshine and then as we get to nine or 10:00 a quick shower, maybe even a rumble of shower in a few spots. h this will be from the colder air coming in aloft in the wholt
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these will disappear very quickly by the time you get to 1:00 across the bay and we'ree'e back to full sunshine.ll it will be a brief interruption with a couple of showers here he and there popping on throughough with that one last piece of energy in the atmosphere that is going to come you through.roug rest of the day looking breezy.r we'll take you forward through the weekend coming up in just a about it. i think a lot of people aring going to enjoy the wednesday and that beautiful drop in humidity. back to >> mixed reactions tonight to a d.c. council vote raising the city's minimum wage.age the council voted unanimously to slowly raise the minimum wagege until it reaches $15 an hour in 20206789 d.c. mayor muriel bowser says she'll sign thehe bill. the hike is needed to allow people to live in the critics say some businessesines can't afford to pay their workers that there are families working dayay in and day
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three jobs, but barely making ends right now can see a lot of home- depot, cvs, you see rite aids, you have self-serve where you can't even find a cashier anymore. you have to ring up stuff yourself. i think in 20 years, maybe all the employees be robots. the district joins new york andd california in agreeing to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. connecticut, massachusetts andt, new jersey are m consideringcons similar measures. staying in the district, d.c. council member yvette alexander wants all terrain vehicle also and dirt bikes to stop riding on city streets. it is illegal, yet atv stilltil roam the city. many residents complained thaten they are ats nuisance. alexander produced a proposal ts make it illegal for gas stationi to become illegal to sell
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if georgia stations provide it they can face a $1,000 fine and/or three months in jail.ail. > there is an effort underwaynr to recall a state judge who handed out a lenient sentence. thousands of people have alreade signed a petition to remove judge aaron percent ski. he sentenced a former swimmer for six months behind bars for range a woman. they haven't whatted him tohim serve six months in turner butut the judge disagreed. he said he was less accountable for his actions because he was drunk. that sends a message too everybody across this country. go drink and you can sexuallyexa assault a woman and you can usee alcohol as a defense to lessen your sentence.ente a stanford law professor is leading this petition drive to get percent ski recalled. he needs 81,000 signatures froms santa clara a to get that recall
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a woman's heart felt thank you after first experiences savedrs her husband who was suffering from a stroke. a tribute to the late pop icon i prince. declared was declared prince day in his home state of minnesota. the governor urged everyone to wear purple.urp today was also his birthday. he would have been 58 years old. we'll be right back. k.
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memorial services for boxing legend muhammad ally will get underway later this week in kentucky. the former heavy weight chapel w opinion smith will be among
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ballbear. he played the former boxer in the movie. ally will be laid to rest onn friday in his hometown of louisville following a public memorial service.memo now to the district where the wife of a man who suffered asuff stroke last month is thanking paramedics for their quickick action to serve her husband.husb when a person suffers a stroke it is a raise against time toe get them treatment. otherwise they could experience debilitating affects that could last a lifetime. jim lokay knows this all toooo well. i'm not a big fan when we talke about ourselves but i feelhsfeel is something can help. i know this family was in my family's situation. it reminded me a call that i got a couple of years my dad a couple years ago suffered a massive stroke. like my dad he was stricken on the job. also like my dad it was quickt thinking and awareness that
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saved his life. mom, dad has fallen at the senior citizens home and they'vy taken him to sibly. si yvonne johnson shares that call from her son the moment of her husband of nearly six decks aides suffered a stroke. he was gown on the ground and h wasn't communicating and that's a problem with his speech. a telltale problem with hisblem speech that under looked him un here. when it comes to matters of the brain, time is of the essence. this was a result of a clot andc thanks to an injection called a tpa it saved his life. ischemic strokes are essentially time sensitive. the medication we give called tpa we have to give usually within four and a half hours. so to get someone in the field, fall down, call 911, get them tm the hospital in less than ann hour and treat them with this clot busting medication is truly a good thing.hin that wasn't
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stroke my father sloped. his was the same, a co-worker saw him slummed him over unable to move his mouth. time space and time is so important. today they presented the members of ambulance 20 withmb certificates of appreciation. mrs. johnson knows n her case it was a true effort. most are from above, but truly from here. you heard me mention the signs, there they are easy to remember, fast, look for changes in some h than would's face. their arm. can they raise both in the air and speech, if there is ais problem with communication, definitely sign there. and remember time is of the essence. fortunately for dad this happened back to a great trauma center back in burg. he is going to see this. he watches this every night. but it's important because iause think, you know, you don't thint about those sort of signs all the time.time >> sure. > it could be the
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of something else.of i appreciate you saying that. how is your dad doing?ing? >> he's doing well. i shot shawn a message. took him to the doctors. he is able to take some steps, which is good. his speech is fantastic most of the time. it's a convenience way to ignore my mother. there is that. it's doing quite well and it all comes to somebody seeing thateig something was wrong. so they called paramedics and here we are.e. it's been a long road, but we're here. thank you, jim. still ahead a look at tonight's heated primary raises. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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this is fox5 local news at 10.0. we're back now with a look atat tonight's top stories. we begin with a drug bust atbust several d.c. homes that turnedtn up mills of dollars worth ofof
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teisha. tony, that's right, we'ree're talking about a massive drug bust, heroin.oin. we're talking millions of dollars, worth $4 million worth$ of heroin ceased. here's what being told so far. it was coming from africa and india and being funneled into cities and suburbs across the united states, including right here along benning road.enni ten people were ared, fourred, search warrants were issued andd police say that they are still investigating. there could be more. that's the very latest.a we'll have more on this story. shawn, back to you. >> in fairfax, virginia an 18 year old high school student is charged with range a 12 year old girl. juan crews knew his victim. he met her on two occasions anda they allegedly had sex.ex police arrested cruz last week.k a his toric busy day in the world of politics. the national transportation safety board announced todayrd that the pilot of
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that crashed into a gaithersburg home two years ago failed to use the deicing system. marie gemmell and her two young sons were killed when the plane crashed into their home that december day. they are now recommending they develop a system to alert pilots when the deicing should be turned on in planes. back to you. and it has been a historic and busy day in the world of politics. six states held primaries today, california and new jersey carried the most weight with the largest numbers of delegates upg for grabs. hillary clinton won the newth jersey primary which adds to her momentum as the projected democratic nominee. bernie sanders won north dakota, and donald trump won new jersey, new mexico and south dakota. we have current d.c. republican delegate reena ah
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about all things politics. thanks so much for joining us. sure. >> let me ask you first, you are a gop delegate here in the district of columbia. but some folks were not so thrilled that something you said since we were talking about donald trump right there. he's been in the t he's been who the the last 48t 8 hours. i made some comments. i wasma elected in march by our state convention i was elected back in march. i was the number two vote getter and in april i was given a hypothetical what would happenap if in november donald trumpld t versus hillary and i said i'd consider hillary. after i made those remarks well, many weeks later a prominent republicans came out saying the very same thing. in those weeks i'd say i was the subject and target of am pro trump and so the anti trump came to my defense. they tried to get me on a technicality. you're the gop delegate, but you said you would
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voting for donald trump. so that means would you vote for hillary clinton and as a woman what do you think -- this iss history in the making here.akin she's the presumptive nominee, the first woman of a major political party. >> like it or not she madehe history tonight. she is that person and she'll go down in the history books of that. i haven't made up my mind about november and i a lifelongifel republican when i get to that ballot box, id it's simple andad easy to me. me i would have to write in somebody. i can't vote for hillary knowing the record, the server, just thinking she's above the law anw i think she's demonstrated thata in am ways. wa am of us republicans have had serious concerns about herbout involvement in benghazi as well. i don't think i could get behind her. i considered it because i see her of the lesser of two evils. can you yourself at all getting behind donald trump and if not,f why not. >> i've been part of t
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trump and i've never waiverredne onve that. there are people who fell inell line and said we have to get behind him, but i put country before party and i think today a lot of top choices were made by senators in the us senate right now mark kirk was the first to pull back and say i'm going to uneven does this guy because he is a racist. the speaker of the house has come out and said that mr. trump's comments wereere textbook racism.ism. if you could still support that in good conscious i don't find you to be a real republican. if you don't mind, you mentioned paul ryan. let's play what paul ryan had to say today. i regret those comments that he made. i don't think -- claiming a person can't do their jobr because of their raise is sortt of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. i think that should be absolutely disavow.avow it's absolutely unacceptable. do i believe that hillary clinto
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no. i believe we have moreve common ground on the policy pol issues of the day and we have more likely of getting our policies enacted with him thanim we do with her. it almost like what he said there, he came out and i completely disavow what donald trump said but i'm still behindl him and we have to support him you're a member of gop, how inn good conscious can you standou behind someone who has come out with these sort of commentsmmen against mexican americans orr medication cans against muslims against women and still supportt him and thenil on the other hand say, okay. it seems like a weird balancingc act. it is a weird balance. there are two parts to this answer number one, these same legislationors are wondering whi this has gotten this far. they are looking back and saying these are my constituents whos made this guy the nominee. so they're scratching theircra heads. secondly, there is a reel issue here and it's about donaldnald trump's conservative record. people are
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that we can get to the white house and do the conservativensr work that we hope he would do oo is he going to remain t thisthis way? i think today is a reel turning point people are talking about cleveland being a toss up again. maybe somebody coming up off the floor. we did see donald trump try to t make a turn. he did something he has said that he would never do or thats criticized hillary for, delivering a speech with a tell prompter and backtracking about the judge and the mexican comments and that kind of thing. is there some hope out there that trump might turn this corner and become morere presidential as he said in the past. my personal opinions aside i don't think there is any hope. this just shows you exactly what he has been doing all along. he starred the campaign with the attacks against medication cans. it's been a nightmare for his campaign because they know
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remarks because they don't know how to turn the corner becausecs he's a flip-flopper. he always goes back. the unpredictability prevails. he also put out remarks miss remarks were misconstrued. as part of his remarks earlier today, the statement his campaign put out i am friends with thousands of mexican did he sent. i feel justified in whether i'm receiving a fair trial going back to the judge who is deciding the case over trumprump university. i want to ask you because you talked about possibly a third-party candidate or writint someone in. we heard senator lindsay gram come out and say i can't bactrim p.m i am not going to back hillary. i don't know who i'm going to vote for. similar on what you said. who might you write in. >> at some point it was speaker ryan, but i want find senatorin grass. trump means never. look up the definition of never. i think he's been a great conservative, him and billnd crystal who is th
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weekly standard. bill crystal did t try to find an independent third party candidate. mitt romney, i believe, was also part of that effort. that train has left the station as well. for those of us who feel conflict bad this gentleman making it to the top of the ticket we're going to go in andn say, look, let's hope he doesn't take our party in the negative direction that we've been going in for many weeks and months now renne a sharp area a.a sh thanks for coming in. still ahead tonight at 106789t the tsa said it's made changes to alleviate the wait times at airports. the question is why are there still long lines and we'll be right back. let living in kansas might youmh have saying there is no place like home.home a new study showing wichita, kansas is the city with the lowest median rent.ent folks there only paying 470 buci a month fo
10:39 pm
apartment.t. that's less than half the median rent across the country. in case you're wondering, san francisco has the highest at 3600 a block. ralph lauren is going from fro designing clothes to redesigning its business.usi reports say the company is closing at least 50 stores and cutting around a thousand jobs. that's about 8 percent of its workforce. the price of oil closing above 50 bucks a barrel for the first time since last july. j of course the rice in oil is the big reason why gas prices have p been going up lately.atel americans are packing on the o pounds. the government saying the obese p tie rate for teens jumpingjump over the past decade and woman, i hate to tell you, but more than four in ten of you are now considered obese and that is aa record high. as for men, it's more than three that's business. i'm steward juan i.
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the tsa is getting mixed reviews after rolling out new. wait times were down after hundreds of additional cleanersa were deployed over the busy memorial day t weekend. most passengers said they were satisfied, but lawmakers say the agency needs to find a new balance between security and convenient. some might even be temperatured to say that we can't have both. effective security measures invariably bring with them inconvenience, lines and even mixed flights.mi i disagree. tsa is now for the first time in memory critically assessingriti itself on he ' deficiencies in an honest and objective light. the tsa says it is fill waitingt for house lawmakers to appropriate $28 million inn in additional funding on top of the 34 million already approved. > we are continuing to follow breaking news n a
10:44 pm
potomac river. is it a missing boater from frederick? also tonight, calll it a wardrobe malfunction during a bank robbery. the mistake that this suspect made. well, you see it right there. also coming up tonight, stop making me laugh, sue palka. how about this, a hero's welcome for a local wounded warrior. we will check out the new smart home that was designed for himor and his family at 11.
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> we want to take you back to t the breaking news in potomac, maryland. that's where a body was found iu the potomac river. fox5's marina maracco is lifecc now on the scene. marina. >>reporter: a that body actually was found about a milea down the road here out onto the potomac area in an area that is called platters thatll is
10:48 pm
a call was put in from someone who was at the observatory decke at the canal off of great fallsf they came out into the water from two different points. the old evening letters in which is in potomac, maryland and hern from and eventually theelinned on that body which they believe had traveled down the river fror frederick county all the wayay here into the cross of the potomac river at great fallslls between virginia and maryland. m earlier today there was a a recover riff a body that was identified as robert lee, a mane who was a fisherman who was actually found missing back onn sunday from a fishing trip and at this point, montgomery county investigators believe the second body that was found at about 8:00 tonight here at mat gorge they believe was the second fisherman from that boat that bo went missing back on sunday. su now, on sunday the two fishermen were reported missing by other boaters on the river who had spotted them having some sort of
10:49 pm
distress in the water. one of the men they believe wase clinging to a tree, the other one out in the water. when divers went out and boats went out searching for them unfortunately they could not find them. they tried the recovery effort e on monday and now today one of e the bodies that have been be identified is one the fishermane robert lee of frederick and now the second body which they believe to be the second person in connection with the missing fisherman, but that has yet to be confirmed. they're still going through the identification process. pr of course we'll have the veryry latest coming up at 11:00. thank you, what was once tropical storm column i'm is now a post tropical cyclone but it's still churning out at see. it caused plenty of damage downo in florida. caitlyn roth is going to tell gi you about.out. the center of it made landfall in cedar key, florida and from r there
10:50 pm
water on shore.on the majority of florida is fl feeling the impacts of colin's passage. in tampa, heavy rain and high an winds continued through early tuesday. flash flood what goes problem for morning commuters officials closed several roads due to flooding. it was quite a disorganizediz storm, but still had plenty of moisture. gainesville, florida saw overll, five and a half inches of rain,, their second wettest day on record for june. more than 10,000 customers weree without power this morning and yesterday florida governor ricki scott declared a state emergency in 34 counties and a flood watch remains in effect for central florida. folks in jacksonville were we cleaning up following colin. they saw winds up to 60 miles an hour. a possible tornado was reported in the area and is being investigated. crews worked to fix power linesf and clean up the trees. the good news is that colin moved offshore earlier this th
10:51 pm
cyclone and thankfully very ver little impacts with us with colin, but hurricane season sea began on june 1 and we've already had three named storms so far this us. u it's sometime in july, maybeaybe early august before we get our first named storm.rst this year out of the box. in january with hurricane alex. that did do quite a number on florida organizing howow disorganized the storm was. glad it was a fast mover and itv is out of the picture for them.h meanwhile we're going to continue to see an active a hurricane season this year. our forecast is for 12 to 15 named storms. on an average year we would see about 12. definitely keep an eye on the topics, but there is no area being investigated right now. what we did investigate is anv frontal boundary that came th through the area earlier today. there were a few stronger thunderstorms, some severe storms, too, down among stafford.rd. there may have been some tree
10:52 pm
also some reports up small hailm up towards frederick. we had a little bit of a breeze. boy, oh boy, is it going to do a great job in lowering the humidity. overnight temperatures are goins to be much cooler. some of you are heading for ther 50ss tonight. we're going to get a big break from the humidity and kind of of pay back for all the wonderful weather we missed in may becaus it was so cold and wet and temperatures stayed in the 50ss for so much the month much the next few days will feel like thi spring we didn't get in may. ma it's going to be beautiful. if you thought tonight was spectacular we have a few more w to you'll notice the breeze back tomorrow. there will be colder air coming in a aloft. there could be still be a fewew showers around tomorrow morningo pay attention to the dewpoints when the humidity is going to p do. we certainly had uncomfortable levels of humidity over thety o weekend that fueled up the storm. tomorrow that humidity is going to be comfortable and it willill remain like that forth rest of e the week.
10:53 pm
73-degrees but look at how many places are already into the midi 60s. we head for the mid 60s and maybe even lower 60s. we have cleared out beautifully but tomorrow expect the breezes to pick back up.back a mix of clouds and sun. we get up to about 73 degrees 73 and there is still a possibilito with one more piece of energy en coming through tomorrow morning midday to about 1:00 that we we could get a brief shower.howe it's the kind of thing where iti start out beautifully sunny and then you will build up the clouds in the middle of the daya it will rain briefly and then an back to sunshine. high pressure is back in and iss going to be in charge for theor rest of this week.s top's high 73 for the district can, 72 for dulles, hagerstown about 70, gaithersburg 75.75. if we can run through this quickly, morning sunshine a feww showers bubble up mid morning. it looks like some of thier ones
10:54 pm
of here as early as noon we're probably back to a good amount o of sunshine. it's full steam ahead. show you what we're expecting we through the rest of the week. we it looks like our friday zip trip, hope you'll tune them in. friday still a chance of showerc with a temperature of 83. we're taken the shower threat th off sunday. sunday looking great. gr gorgeous monday and tuesday. it looks like we're on the role in the weather department. de how about in sports, jim low came we are heading down to the cope a america. team usa facing a do or die scenario, a win to stay alive. l they are facing costa rica in chicago. right here at home, the american outlaws d.c. chapter setting upp shop. they were over at the laughing a man. that's a strong sock game. a lot of strong usa paraphernalia represented there. they told me the turnout even bigger. but for a rk
10:55 pm
pretty impressive. seven minutes in a reason to get excited. the us award the penalty kick. could they bury the kick to make it 1-0. it looks like they're going to keep the band together perfect a little while longer. lon germane jones on a field at midm field. a rush up the middle l to the box. he passes over to jones.ones his shot, finds the back of the net. there it is. there it is. us in front 2-0. the five minutes later demsy on the inside. he finds bobby woods, shields wo itself it goes in, that's the goal. another goal in the 87th minute, the us wins 4-0. 4- next up pair gay. tiger woods tweeting today he will not be able to play in thee quicken loans.icke he continues to make progress pr with his back problems but
10:56 pm
not physically able to play. he will host and attend the quickens which takes place pl june 23 through the 26th. he hasn't played in a pga tour since last august. fox5 news will be right back.
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unlimited card earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy. the cash back is unlimited and you can spend it on anything. like, whatever the next ad is selling. get the new chase freedom unlimited card. this is fox5 local news at right now at 11, a teenager arrested at a virginia highhigh school, what he's accused off doing to
11:00 pm
heroin from india and africaafri ceased here on the streets of d.c. the giant drug trafficking ring that investigators uncovered. welcome home.ome. and a smart home for a hero.o. we'll take a look inside the high tech house designed for aor local wounded warrior. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with breaking news out of potomac, crews have pulled the body fromm the potomac river. ri we thank you for staying withor us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. the department of natural resources is investigatings whether this may be a missing boater from frederick. earlier today the body of another missing boater, robert lee was found up in frederick. both men went missing sunday sun when their boat over turnedver during a fishing also breaking tonight, pollsoll just closed moments ago in california. the biggest surprise in tonight's primary contest, rotor in six states. bernie


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